Dueling Decades
June 17, 2020

Star of Police Academy & Master of sounds, Michael Winslow guest judges this battle between 1974, 1984 & 1994!

Star of Police Academy & Master of sounds, Michael Winslow guest judges this battle between 1974, 1984 & 1994!

Dueling Decades returns with another nostalgic clash!  Legendary comedic actor Michael Winslow steps behind the bench to judge this fantastic episode you have to hear to believe!  Marc James is bad company as he brings the best of June of...

Dueling Decades returns with another nostalgic clash!  Legendary comedic actor Michael Winslow steps behind the bench to judge this fantastic episode you have to hear to believe!  Marc James is bad company as he brings the best of June of 1974.  This week Mancrush goes crazy with June of 1984!  The host of the Miscast Commentary Podcast, Joe Findlay returns to the show with June of 1994, brother!  

Micheal sounds off about his great film career, from working with Mel Brooks to Rowdy Roddy Piper.  We get the inside scoop on the making of Gremlins and hear what it was like voicing one of the iconic characters.  Joe tells us how long it took to download an Aerosmith song in 1994. Mancrush finds genes from extinct animals as Marc James uncovers the birth of the Seahawks.   Michael tells us how he landed the role of Jones in Police Acadamy and if Rick Moranis is really as cool as everyone says!  Mancrush makes us wonder what happens when you leave Gizmo out in the Purple Rain. Marc James takes a trip to Chinatown and The Juice is loose!   We have a little bit of everything in this one and you never know who is going to show up!  Michael invites some friends over to help him with his judgments.  Red Fox, Pat Morita, Hulk Hogan, Ice T, Snoop Dogg, and even his old friends Cheech and Chong make a joint appearance on this one.  We explore the longevity of music and the reality of reaction videos and was Chuck Norris really supposed to be in The Karate Kid?  Do you agree with Michael’s rulings? Play at home and judge for yourself! While you're at it, send your rulings to our Facebook and pick up 20 points on the Dueling Decades Leaderboard!  

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formaymediapeople encage up Jewlin can the pictures o PLA, but I dot OA ran again upon that cap. UT, stop te power, got Com fike for what you love, Nwho Co, O Poepi, Copi Encreta, PA e Te boteco would take grave a a Baly, a sick. I hav made a TNO comefight for what you love Yoin EAS broadgasting from the podcashe New York Studios. It's the adult only retro game show where the decades badtle for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dueling decades. I am Mark James, and this week I will be competing with June nineteen. Seventy four, alongside these men, first off dualing with June nineteen, eighty four say hello to mancrush IAM so excited to have this episode. Finally, like it's been a couple of weeks, a couple of weeks back, we had RJCTON and he practically begged us to come on this episode, but he had something else to come onto. Who knows he might show up he's got the impo if he does, but yeah I'm battling with June of eighty four, and it was nice to have an entire month for once say that also joining us on the panel this week is the host of the miscast commentary, podcast dueling, with June of nineteen. Ninety four, please welk eme back to the show Joe Finley everybody I am thrilled to be heres always- and I am just so down with dipping our toes into the past for a little while and stay in an getin out of the present for a few minutes, and as always here on the show, we need somebody to judicate all of this awesomeness. So this week, celebrity guest judge is the actor in comedian. You know in love from films such as Police Academy, spaceballs and Grimlans MIS. Also, one of the founders of beat boxing please rise for judge Michael Winslow te like D for everybody at home, Michael Winzowl, has the biggest microphone I've ever seen. 've got balls coming in Hare. I is fantastic all right, ladies and gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dueling decades. Rules, the judges coinflipsholl the side, who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories, movies, television, music, news and hut products. A judgeis ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points, a piece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all, five rounds, regulators mount up it's time to play more Othans. That's a lay all right. Let's go right down to our special gets judge, Michael Winslow, for the coin toss for this game mancrush and Joe Finley. You guys are going to toss for this one joe. Why don't you call in the air all right, I'm assuming it's in the air, I'm calling heads the answer is Ait's never going to be able to be togh nobody's ever give you ll top of coins. Now, when next next time, cant Tellbrek Codfrek to help you fow thats, O, I c all right, so you won the coin toss you take control of the board. What category are we going with? First, O we're adding some pressure here. I didn't think that was actually going to work and it worked really well. We got O Jeopardyi'm writing down my my question. I'm going to go with hot products Alex, Oh Alex. All right nostalgia did not start with this wonderful show: N Nine Teen Nd. Ninety fourth June fourteenth of nineteen. Ninety four, our good friends over at Gameboy, decided to dip into the Nostalgia Pool A little when they released donkey Kong. Ninety four just renamed donkey cong for the Gameboy. The game features some of the classic levels from the original game, as well as some new puzzles new level environments, different goals, including a battle level where you could either use the barrels against donkey cong to take him out or still try to just rescue pauleine. This ting came out just shortly before Dunkaon country as a Ledin, which each game helped each other. The Games sold more than three million copies during its release and it actually received an eighty five percent on game rankings. The the aggregator it was number sixty, seven on electronic gaming, monthlys hundred best video games of all time. I N ninetee ND ninety seven. It was also named Gameboys game of the year for ninety four and yeah a big deal for a game that was in part Orenic, but mostly a brand new challenge and a lot of fun and a gigantic cellar for Nintendo and Gameboy. So that is donkey com for the game. Boyoy, N, nine hteen, an ninety four yeah, that's late! There were still Nintendo Games. Se Yeah, I mean yeah didn'tten to sold forever. I feel like anyway, all right, man crush. What do you have for hut? parons go o the eighties June eighth nineteen, eighty four, this product, the whole line. It comes from the first movie that I ever went to the theater to see, and is it it's like amazing how you can recall things? One thousand nine utdred, eighty four, but I can't remember what I had for dinner last night and but you know I still remember like everything about the theater that day and it's wild at the age of forty two. I still remember almost everything about going to the movies. That day, I saw a bunch of movies at the old middletown cinema and I pass it all the time now. It's a golden cral and every time I pass. I reminisce about the day that I Wento see this movie, the Burgady carpets that are in this place it smelled of old popcorn and the lobby. But anyhow the movie itself was a pop culture phenomenon at went on to take a hundred and forty eight million dollars at the box office, which is around three hundred and eighty million dollars in Thueand, and twenty even featured Mer, Michael windslow is mark mentioned before as the voice of these popular creatures, but a little story behind this. So much like stepen Spielberg's et they applied like the seame blueprint to this classic and they went all in on the merchandise and let's face it like who wouldn't want their own cute little mogwy that didn't have to abide by all the rules, and I posted the commercial for this little figure. Kinda like this guy right here, Oour facebook page this afternoon and already has ten thousand pleas from five o'clock. So people are really fond of this people even shared some pictures of their old gizmos that they still have, but until this movie was released on June eighth, the studio put out an absolute blackout on all picture likenesses of Gizmo after e t and the e walks. You know the studio, they knew exactly hod to build this market and keep it from getting stale and they didn't want to flood the market before the movie was released. So just a couple images were leaked out of Gizmo and it went viral in a day before the Internet. I mean just t think about how hard that was in nineteen. Eighty four to just release one photo and then freereleased to this movie. You already had brimland's knockoffs, which I'm sure I had 'cause. My parents didn't buy me the GRUDLANDS doll, but you can go to the store and get like tshirts pyjamas shoes books, anything else Bu. Once the movie h was released on Junly, eighth, they put out the Gizmo plushy and that's the Wy how product is and the stores just could not keep these things on the shelf. I found ads where, like movie, theaters were raffling off one GIZMO. If you went to go see the movie, they had one that they would give to one lucky kid: The audience, but for eleven, ninety nine or about thirty dollars and twent ad twenty. You can get your very own eight and a half inch Gizmo, and that is if you could find one and then they also became like a huge Christmas gift in eighty four is one of the best sellers for Christmas time. So I bring you the Gizmo plushy wow from June eighth nineteen and eighty fow, one of my favorite parts about that was the packaging. Wasn't that the one that came in the box with the holes in it and stuff? But it was, it was a Cara Lord box, like a shoe box, but they made it. Look like the ACTUAA, like a creet, the one I had I found on the like. We were at the mall and it was in the parking lot. Somebody had dropped it in the parking lot. It was dirty. That's the one I had my momwas like Im, storing in e wash machine. Be Fine; no, no! No! No Ye! I think I'm pretty sure like talked if it was bendable or something don't get Awat you could have made them multiply and then sold them off made a fortune ygod. I wish I thought of that back then all right. So what a e you got mark for, N, nine, teen, N, ninety four or nineteen. Seventy four, my bad all right! Well, you had a product that was kind of embargoed and they held back until the release. My hut product had the same thing happend to it, except mine's, not a cute fuzzy, little creature: It's actually a book June, Fifteenth Nineteen. Seventy four! We had the release from Simon and Sheuster of all the president's men, the book written by Carl Berdenstein and Bob Woodword that uncovered the Watergate investigation. This book was remarkable and ground breaking. Not only did it give you the inside of what happened with Watergate, but it also gave you the insight of how journalism really works and how they collected their sources and for over thirty years, the identity of deep throat was kept a secret. So I went and found an article here from the Boston Globe, O June sixten, nineteen, seventy four and the opening headliner for this was is just chilling and I thought I'd read it. It would be difficult to understand decades. From now when the word water gate is mentioned, how much immense consequence could stem from uncovering such a simple wrongful act, and then it goes into recounting the book that is from June sixteenth nineteen. Seventy four this book flew off the shelves within by the end of the month. It was number one on the best seller's list and, of course, Robert Redford made the movie shortly thereafter. A Matter of fact, Robert Redford was in talks with woodword and Bernstein, who weren't sure if they were actually going to write a book. Robert Redford said to them. If you write the book, I'm Gong to make the movie, it was kind of a deal together. So that's what I bring for my hot product, all the president's men. So let's go down to our guest judge, Michael Windslow, for the ruling very difficult choice. You know why 'cause each one of these is excellent. Hes Hen he's CHOIC Togum, well W W W. What the thing is. All the president's men is what you call historical I's, a it'. The book itsel is an historical Documena, so that gives us so much reach I enjoyed. I I enjoyed donkey Kong. You know why 'cause I had learned how to make that noise. You know so you remember Tha t that Hadan Effect Oi going had F FECTSOI space invasers. You know I was there baby. Oh my God. It sounds like you're in the game exactly well, I'm doing video game noises. Now I just wat. I do but um the odd thing about that certain movie that t that that it so well with that Plushtoy I was in that movie gremlons and I had to sign one of those forms really one of those nons Goin tolack out I had I had the sign one of those black out AF greements. I had the sing ine. I had to sign one ever everybody hat. We weren't allowed T to speak to each other. They showed us one picture and we had we had to agree. You know you kN W. We were, we weren't allowed to script, to have the script and what what pieces we were allowed to look at. We had to sign Bour we esigned we had to sign just for the for the sides. Wow Wow was o seriously wr 'cause MSS billbry. He did not want people ripping him off, because people were ripping hem off becauseafter. He had made the movies that he had made to that point. People were ripping he had enough. There were so many knockoffs I mean once once. SCRIMNS came, I mean you know before that there was spaced invaders. There was, there was batters, not included and then w. There was so many different knockofs of things that really annoyed people, you know, and so he he's enough. So I had tosigned for it. We weren't allowed to speak o the other actors and we weren't allowed to see the other thenes that we were'n in. We weren't allowed to see certain things, so I got to be one of the stripes. You know you know the one, the one that Goesnak yeah my favorite yeah 'cause th there was a bunch of here bunch of of actof Howymandl was was Gizmo Malgwi. I think Mr Welker had one of the main gramas and I was one of the other ones. Ha was the one I had two lines: One was mel and the other one was outside of the real estate M it W S hist. This is actally Christmas movie when you think Oh yeah, olderly, yeah yeah, so so it's it has just the same right as die hard to be a Christmas meer. So absolutely the other line for me was MDON'T, eat ires, so OI got a couple of limes out of it. You give me goose bugs as hearing that, so a lot of people didn't want T, you know, didn't, want tolook under their beds and they hated me for it, which Wasnh't I didn't write it te Jo Dante, wrote that Dont Mak o ket on my e, in my case about it, but it was true: It scared people. So did you get to see the character before you did the voice or they just said they showe a bank of voice. They showed us a line drawing, and we had to forget that we saw t wow. Oh Man, no, they were quite serious 'cause. He was right, yeah yeah, we weren't even allowed to know who else was in it. That is wild, so I got to choose N. This is these are very, very, very, very tough choices. Um, I'm trying to figure out if I should disqualify myself, because I was in Granmons O no, you don't have to or that. Well I M I'm I'm stuck between all the president's men because I saw the movie with a with Robert Redford, an Duston Hoffman O. Yes, because because one of the lines was whenever, whenever the Edir would get mad in him, he'd say what Tay is because Yous jus didn't want t say both her names, so the editor would always go Danit. What Stan cating Hair Ysoso? They had to Cwe it eas, I'm trying not to be partial, but but but in terms of the Um well Gran. The GROMANS thing was wit so well was so well described, I have to say, but I have to go with the because of what's happening in our world right now. I have to go with the Oll, the presidents men th t that was that was a historical. If Document and an historical event that is still affecting us now, in fact, rihes even more so because Gulegs, because now I I it got legs again, it's been given new set aftires and now it it's being it's being it's being driven around. You know the gate portion of it has been applied to other things in society and and other other scandals. So th t everything else has a gate to it. Besides, Chissina Apple Gate, CHR, Sina, Apple Gate. You know so ev everybody's got a gate to it. You know yeah. The book actually showed back up on the best sellers lest like last year. Again like like Etho Merman, said everything, Oh is new. I Ge all right. Well, I pick up a point for that one. So I get to choose the next category. You Know What Gentlemen, I think we're going TA head over to the TV round, h right so for my television selection, I found a newspaper article in the Charlotte Observer June. Second, nineteen, seventy four and you know in June you get a lot of summer. reruns all of the shows are are being rerun, so there's not a lot of debutes, but the TV industry is a buzz nonetheless with some ground breaking news, ground, bricking news for at least the last two two seasons. People have been wondering where the first fen off from the Merry Tyler Moor Show would come June. Second, Nineteen and seventy four: they announced that it would be Rhota who would be moving and not only she would be moving to a new show, she'd be moving to a new city as well. This article, that's in the newspaper written by Lawrence Learnit, was a little hesitant, though he's not too sure how the spin off will succeed. He writes in here that the show was sold without a pilot, and he seems a little too skeptical that now that Rog is going to be moving she's gonna. She finds a man who has a son and they're totally changing the character of Rhoda, and he isn't too throlled about it. He ends the article by saying Rhoda. It shouldn't be miserable this year. Rhoda would go on to win two prime time ammy awards and two Golden Clobes and be most one. One of the most love T v shows of all time. That's what I got fror my television round, Joe Finley. Let's go over to you all right, I'd like to take you to Orlando Florida to Disney's M jm studios on June, Eleventh, nineteen, Ninety four on an episode of wcws Saturday night, and that was the day when an episode began with a parade when Hulk Hogen was making his very first appearance on WCW television being led in a parade. He was in a he was in a red and yellow corvette being led through the quote: Unquote streets of them D, tuios brother, school brother, come ith, her neckl brother, and he had the mouth of the South Jimmy Hart in Toe with him. They led them up to the stage where he signed a contract on this large stage and he did an interview with meangene Okerland, and you got to hear the. Let me tell you something: Man Gean for the first time in a long time, this led to a match that followed the next month where he actually won the world championship off a Rick Flair, his very first match and then kept it for a record for the dcw four hundred sixty nine days. He certainly wasn't the first wrestler that C scooped up from the WF, but he was certainly the biggest his time there. He received six championships and also became the leader of what was called the Nwo during what was the infamous Monday night wars, so the signing of Hulkogen into the WC W A major leap in pro wressling, probably one of the big sone of the big personnel shifts of all time in the company in a couple o years, Wa that 'cause, it didn't happen like right away like in the beginning. It was kind of lame yeah, he left Thunderind Paradise and he just it was just. It was just the news itself of Hull coking like he, he let his contract expire and then a year Agoi and th N. all of a sudden, he just appears you're forgetting the important thing he came into WCW and he banquished the dungeon of doom important. That was big man. That was big as her remember. He mamber he also turned down the form and grill because he was so big L, I'm sure he kicks himself. For that all the time are you. I always do y her all right, man crush. What do you have all right? So, let's go to June. Fourth, nineteen, eighty four, it's not too often in the eighties that we get a successful show from another country that gets pourted over to the? U S and we actually like it. It's it's one of those rare occasions outside of aneme. We get like a popular cartoon that was created elsewhere and we like it. You know it. It just doesn't happen, but this showed debute on the BBC in nineteen eighty one, but it began syndication for Nickelodeon on June. Fourth, nine teen, eighty four and it s were kind of took off at least stateside, but, like I mentioned before in the show, I've never really watched many cartoons as a kid, because I was already watching adult movies as at an early age 'cause, my parents didn't care, but the adult humor on this show it like it made it stand out for me. So I totally remember watching this. It was on Nickelodeon like all the time and let's face it, no one does spy fiction like the Brits. You know like we ha, they gave us Paddington bear, but he's got nothing on this Roden. So this is what we got here. This show it would end up running all the way up: One ousn, nine uneen, N, ninety two and included ten seasons in total and then, with its popularity soaring from coming to the United States in nnet four, there released two video games for it in nineteen. Eighty four then another one in ninetee, eighty five and the cartoon it's kind of like a an cartoon equivalent of James Bond or better. Yet the the British show that a parodid dangerman and even the monster media that is channel four in the UK has said the show is reated. The third greatest kid show ever on television at least that's coming from Channel Four, the show came back in Twenty fifteen. It's been playing on CBBC ever since, so we got legs here for a cartoon. It's the classic cartoon series. DANGERMOUSE S got four of 'em. Technically I guess I never stands on on the other. I got to take a drink every time. Something's got legs on this show yeah. Today there might be a loay all right, let's toss it right down to our celebrity gest judge, Michael Winslow, for the ruling on the television round. When I think about these T v shows 'cause. I grew up watching all of Hem. I watched a lot of dangermouse a lot, but I watched mighty mouse, also Um. I got to work with some wrestlers, so I I G, I got to say I had a good time D, with E, with the entire wrestling wrestling universe, ecause, I got to work with random Tex com, okay, Rando Tex, and I made his really really really horriblem. This movie wasn't released. It has escaped all right, wait. What's the name of this one by and cell it was me Rano Texcob Ben Verene, Ro Rowdy Rodty Piper, my other Budy Ri Roudy Rity, Piper emajen Coca Um, a lot of fols. It was called Bian and Malco McDowell as rnemohous. It was a prison movie called by and Cell and and also for the comedy relieve because they had to have two of us. I don't know why dot ASME, why Fred travelina wow his name was VCR. He was always rewinding stuff and just going nuts, so you can catch it on you to it's free, bad man. It's Oh wow. Some of those are the best movies to watch, though, especially if you've never seen it get a couple of Poun ogether and you watch a movie that you've never seen or Rano. You'll have fun. With this thats 'cause 'cause Rowdy Rody Piper he's you know, he's he's great cowboys. His name. An the N and e and Ben Varine was being very, very Broadway, very, very Broadway isit hi. There was a lot going on and Malcol mcdolays was being his cockw orange self. You know so it was nus and least cut her one of the first movies. So there was a watk going on what was roddy like to work with. Was He as like? Crazy as he was on television or Ye 'cause 'cause? He in te would sit together. We shot this in Rome at the Dillerenti Studio, so they built the entire prison wom scratch 'cause. They could Oka okay, swingit AHOM. I do it Agaiso it was. It was on man. It was great 'cause. We spent all of our time, you know 'cause, they reallytook care of it. So Roddy and TEX would always sit. You know they would eat four meals a day, but it was always like caus. Okay, Signor, why? Why can we gatit for you? Okay, is go a Negro here. Bout Elsi need two stakes: T two four seconds: N A fou plane up in e Bosta, Andyou nw and like WBOR Contaorzo, I t: What do you want? RUTDING althe same I'll, have three chickens, a two places: Ta, Pasta and, and one really really big soutin cause'cusethen. They would go train an just beat t not out of each other. Now, oh my Gwow Wat wow here was wh h, Erdid. You say that was waiting, six seven eht six, eighty seven o man, so that that's when Roddy was actually pretty big too yeah man. There was a lot going on so so I had a experience with a lot of this Um. But, to be honest with you, I I that was the biggest you Kno as much as I love, dangermouse and and don't forget H, I I got a chance to meet the other dangermouse, the one, the one that produced a the black Olbl, that the bootleg blackoutum and he ended up producing everybody and remember narls Berkley Yo yeah produced by danger Mouth, Oh, the other should danger mouth. So I got you know what in erm in terms of how big it was, I got to go. Wis Wrestling 'cause, it's still live, maybe yeah Um. I mea I mean I I don't mean o tolin anybody else's choices, but I got to say, wrestling is still going on and don't an never tell the rest of it. At stake owe had this conversation a couple of weeks back when R J city was on and he was much more cavalier about the whole thing where he's just kinda like it is what it is like. Yeah the K FA and Theyti her. They still get injured this Oi. As I mean, I it' it's like plain, you know, proball man, I don't care what kind of prol ball. It is prois bro You still get hurt. You still get injures. You still get hurt, especially that time period in the eighties. You know you had like the whole John stossl thing and you had yeah. You know like if you told those guys who war Stanke, Oh you'R beat up Remembr theri bells with it owhere he had to get stitches and his head and got choked out. That was a what was the name of that. That show, I think it was just his show. Was it like a Richard Bells or show y AH yeah, because I remember there was there was a few thereas, a few T v shows in New York in New York. You know t at realsaous to the area and I remember seeing hem on a lote of those shows, but I remember when that happened, and he woke up. He just suddenly woke up. He didn't know wh t he said he didn't know how much time he' laptd everybody was still standing there and he said it must be. Okay are Yo, going back, there's like blood ripping fomback of his Ha aid, we'll be back 'cause. He woke up and he said okay. Well, I can handle thisyou know what I'll shut this down now Manande. Then he bought a chateau on vinces diner. Ah Man that was different. Wasn't it e it worked out for him. I guess a couple of stitches got a chateau. At the same time. You know he became he became an overnight hero for that yeah, except for a show, as showed him lass, no, but ed up getting Lon in order. So, Oh yeah, is he still on that with ice tea, Yo man ttthat's for you has been on forever. I know that man, it's Icety it alemonade all right, ICO, righ, where's, Co, where's, Coco, Coco da Coco bring me a lotta cocoa, all right, Joe Finley. You picked up a point in that round and your tiethat came up with me. You take control aboard what category would you like to go with next allright? I think we should go and we should all just have a little San together and let's go into music around three, I'm going to take you to June twenty seventh anineteen nd. Ninety four, it's a single released by the venerable rock Cambo erosmith and the single was called head and first it was actually an unused track from their album to get a grip. I was from those sessions now doesn't seem like a huge deal. The track itself is in one of their big heads or something like that. But here is the RUB by friends. This single was not released in stores and it was only released for one single week and it was the first ever studio released single released on the Internet. Gevin records did a a little PR stunt and anybody who was a compuserve, a subscriber I', got to say a lot of things that anybody WHO's under thirty they're, going to be scratching their hends for a couple of minutes. But what's Copis, sir, what's Copyserv Dude copy serve my space Ho a Ol to twenty twentyeight, eight dude at that's one of the first moies. I learn how to do man do it. I missed this hand. Shee we first there's roadary downit kind of went out and went out like halfway through exactly what it'as supposed to do. Somebody called Whil you had your double Lif Gma can o oamazing twentyeight eight baby that sounded like you connected at twelve hundred bod got whats Tabot Youl. Give me what no no B Aud, I think I know ham yeah man, Bod compeserve. I remember Compu Seban. Whatever happened to them, they went out yeah, I hopefully it wasn't. Arrom FAULTR ' going to lose this route, but but yeah so anyways. If you were a copy ser, a subscriber, you had access to this episode for one week, starting on June twenty seventh. It took subscribers sixty to ninety minutes to download the four point. Three megabite a three minute. Fourteen second wave file after typing the command go arrowsmith into its command thing. So go go to bed an wake up the next morning and go to BILJAC oted BA with Johnny Carson wake up with Arosman. If nobody called your phone line, Yah and arismits frontman stepen tyler was quoted, is saying: If our fans were out there driving down that information super highway, then we want to be playing at the truck stop. This is the future. So, let's get going so write. The first ever studio song released on the Internet, arow Smith's headfirst. It's pretty! I got a good copy, serv story. This is like probably about ninety ninety one, my cousin came over from Germany and we showed him the Internet. Well, at the time like O we're going to take ou copy serve, he immediately wanted to see the Americas most wanted. We go to this list and we get the one. The Guy who's number one and it says print photo and I had an Oki Dada like dot matrix enter and we set it to print. It took like two hours. It was just goinglike when it was done, you couldn't even make out who the hell of the guy was, but he took it home with them y. You really enjoy. You can tell Youe got to stand really far away, Dundot Matrix man and then and then you had a paper Jam and the whole thing go. Just O got a head o ltle terr, Sie, LYEA Yah. He worst. I used to have my level out to make sure that it wasn't like slowly like carening to the left. All right, man crush. What do you have for the music round? All Right? So, let's go to June twenty fifth nineteen. Eighty four, this album was this artist six studio almem. It was also a soundtrack at the same time, and even as the soundtrack, this alum became this artist's first ever album to reach number one on the billboard two hundred and it stayed there for twenty four consecutive weeks. Only seven other albums share the distinction of being on top of the bill board. Two hundred for that long and a matter of fact, the top one was west side story was on top of fifty four weeks, just throw it out there. You could tell people at the bar a C, be a cit. Oh I'M! A jets fan so be a shark mwhen you're wretchet you're at check for life when you're Raye you're, not a resk in Thas hype. I T this album's better, though I'll tell you that right now, how only did this guy make this album? He also starten the movie that came out the next month and that pulled in sixty eight million dollars of the box office. So, if you're looking for pop culture like impact, it goes beyond just is album. This album featured five singles one number one hit on the billboard hot one hundred the three others they found their waist in the top ten one didn't make it but of the singles is what we have take me with you. When doves cry, let's go crasy and I would die for you and the album's name Sake purple rainand. Let me ask you guys a question out of all those. What's the number one hit, tthat's really tough, I want to say when doves cry, but I know that's not right. I just know in my heart: that's not right. I'm GOINTA say let's go crazy, just 'cause of the Guitar Solo. What do you think, Michael? Well, it's between purple rain or a Little Red Corbett or something Um see I I was in the same boat until I went. I went to Paisley Park last summer, Oh and they tell you during the tour that actually the number one hit mark was right was: let's go crazy. I I thought it was purple rain, but purplerenonly made it to number two because Waam held onto number one and they could be this Michael, really, yeah. waitwake me up before you go, go wiebeletit Letit, I a place called LOVLIKEA Gret life. I gotto tell you man, I I wish I could have met Prince Man, man Di you know what I would have done. I would have taken hem for a snack to see what kind of stuff yo like have you ever been to Paisley Park. No, I want to go so bad o, that's so awesome. Well, this is for the folks of Pazy Park IV youthe picture. If you're eating hershes kiss hi is well, it sounds like when you deep France. This is feeling less like a podcast and more like a Makawish for me, Soso, just O fjust, to rap up on this one. The the album actually did end up winning two grammy wards. They got best rock performance and best soundtracks, for they were nominated for alm of the year. They didn't get it just like a couple of weeks back when I had sting or the police rolling stone would actually put this one as number two on Allo of the eighties, it came in at number two and of their top five hundred ever it came in at number. Seventy six, an academy warned for that too. So what he ma, what he lost in a Gramman he made up on the academy. Exactly he's got everything here and he showed up. He should have ps he showed up for that fan. He cat me wards, he showed up and he actually took his glove off. You know what I never realized about him, though how short he was. I never knew how small he was till I went to Peisley Park and saw his like clothes. Yeah he's like five three or something right. He was a tiny guy, yeah he's still taller than Keving Hart. But I remember I remember that movie, the the album is prince in the revolution, Purple Rain for anybody that didn't put all that together, bacter and that that's that's where windy and Lisa came from an Appalona, an an odio, a and Shel E and banity and Wol there ar a lot of girls, Loto great great performers, yeah. Actually, the first single that take me with you was written for Appalonia and he didn't end up using it with them, and he just took it and released it one of the best songs that he wrote that wasn't even for him. He wrote it for Um Um, the young lady out of Ireland ncnooeitercover, you know what's a great son, a great version of that is Cris Cornell doing it t Soh yeah. Do it oof a very self serving fact vanity and Joe Finley born in the same hospital reate same doctor. Babe, who knows we're both orn in Niagara Falls. Ontario ohmy doctor was notth. My Mom's doctor was not that interesting, Sixy DANC wow man. All three of these stories brings back great memories. All three I got I gotto say now. I I have to acto make one mention about the aerosmith thing that that act, W was was attempted again with, with with a very, very mixed results when you two put their album on everybody's high, tombs, remember them yeahwithout people's permission and people got really man when everybody had an eyepod Iyeah. I remember I remember that Ay that happened. It Wast it wasnt. You know it isn't to good with you n try to make sure that eveyone got go to co cover of the song. You know, but it's just quit. DITO look out the way it is so anyway, Ifo you there in Arland, hello, what's the crack. That means Wa, so o w. what's cracking, I that's ust the phrase sure yeah exactly everyth everything everything is. I is rhymes like Um, itsa, cabbage and potatoes. It's called Bubbllan squink Dhisis sound good at all, nat. I wouldn't want that. So it wasn't appetize, but you ain't, tasted, the squeak, yet com home mi get something totally different if you saidactually. Actually, I ambeen o the scripcup in a long time. I don't know what about Thein squeake. I bet you they weren', I bt Y because they got hem plastic too, but they got on proctectors and everything. Ok, buttguards and everything is probably going Orin there're a couple of cocoa's friends. I hope so Ho man. He may no be making jokes O my Colco man, all right so from my music selection. I have an album here that this album was recorded at headley grange and was the first album released on lead, Zepplins Swan Song records. The album reached the top of the billboard two hundred and was certified five times platinum, becoming the forty six best selling album of the nineteen seventies. KARAING magazine listed this album at number, forty among the one hundred greatest heavy metal albums of all times. The singles can't get it off moving on and the namesake for the band and the album bad company was released June. Twenty Sixth Nineteen, seventy four little interesting tidbit about this is UH TAT company in their second album would go on and have a song called feel like making love well in nineteen. Seventy four. At the same time, bad company was releasing their debut album reberta flak released te song called feel like making love. That's the town, ican Not Makin, oh P. I just want to me yeah. I remember that ever both songs not the same song, totally different songs and oryenough for an album that was one of the greatest heavy metal. Albums of all time they say can't get enough is one of the most danceable songs everywhere. If you grew up in the seventies or eighties and you went to a dance or a wedding, that song was played, guarantee Tomakeit, Lo, Oto ob can't think Abou you get so so that's my pick. The supergroup bad company with their debut album bad company WOSO. Let's throw it down to our judge, Michael Winslow, for the judgment on the Music Roun. You know what shout out: I've shot out to Brian who just passed away from bad company. He singer Ut, passed away and and hey man m. He had some. I really think he was most underrated, theunder, one F, one of the most underrated folks. Brian was one of the most unrigid folks. A bad company was a great ban. They should they should have had the the same acolades that they like Boston. Had you know, because stotesstoltty himself did that record with a couple of buddies to help him out. But you know bad company WASW was heading towards Boston territory with those songs, man, Um, yeah wow. It's a lot choice wise. I I have to go with with the effect that it's still having on everyone prince. No, an opany is a great second, an as a it t fact they're going to cont to continue to develop anevol. You know now that now that people are paying attention O to bad companies, music, now Dell started to get the attention that they should have gotten. When Brian was alife right, th they'll get there 'cause o remember. People are still finding out new things about price and they' fining out new things about about bad company and a lot of books. You know 'cause. Now they have what you call reaction videos now people are quicky watching them, folks that had never peed folks that have never even even heard Boston before r freaking out, like the those two guys lost in Vegas, great and Jaman Cajmal, Listen Lis, Jo to listening to Freddy Murcury. For the first time, good stuff should imagine being intreused that now oany other reaction, video is, I saw a young lady. Her Name Is v UTB reacts. She watched with George Carlin for the First Time College. A young lady had never seen had that GE, wow offended or funny. No, she was laughing O. I mean she was like sriously wow, and she said I love this guy to so she decided to d to review every single George, Carl and BIA. She saw I mean, there's like twenty of 'em and she jus s. She had to watch them all 'cause, that's what that's what the effect s, especially Mon. I comes to music Um that that was, it just makes you watch samething happened with Abon Costellof, the College Kid's love who's on Fur Yep, but the big thing now reaction, Vigos to te bad company reaction, because Cran th t that's a igest thing, not here, like we had this conversation like a year or two ago. It's one of those things like I felt like when I was a kid. I woke up one day and I knew who Bruce Le was yeah a s like one year old. You know t I don't know where I found I like how do people nowadays with the internand everything else not know who prints is because they have to practise their comfoold. I just posted that picture of Veu orthes book right before we came on and you know people are. I just saw what that AC and this just too heavy metal, guys that listen to Boston, R ore, the rirst time they couldn't believe it yeah. I watched a reaction video the other day and it was a guy for the very first time hearing Eddy Van Haylin, and then he did one with the almond brothers and just seeing their mind explode halfway through amaz Yeah Het Coul got to cu up the wall, man, you you'll prain, all over the Lla, they couldn't a and they heard they also heard steely Dan for the first time. These guys did not know how to react and Jamal had a great react. ND when e, when they played Johnny Cashe es hurt, he was in tears. He had to stop the song, he had to stop son change. Me Ah saw the video and he listened to it for er for the first time and he was in tears, he ha he had to stop he sa D. I got Ta stop. Did you watch the actual video? Where he's got like the black and whites of his wife and stuff in there who he h a he was he started to cry Y, it n Tren. So that's that should tell y w what the power of music is, especially if I, if it has the intent of of reaching and not hurting anybody, die for sure O. I gotto go a printsmas Yeah Cana, an crush that ties the game all up at one apiece, but we're heading into the two point rounds and you have control of the board. What category are we going with all right? Let's go, let's go news, so we coul fish up with movies. I think it's only fitting that we do that and let's go back once again to June fourth, nineteen. Eighty four, it seems like a lot of stuff was going on that day and the title of this article that I pulled out of the New York Times as scientists clone bits of jeans taken from extinct animal and let me read you a portion of the storiy. You know where we're going, I'm not a scientist, so I have to use what they tell me. It's is a fragments of jeans from an extinct animal, a relative of a Zebra and a horse have been found and reproduced in a laboratory scientists of University of California at Berkeley reported yesterday, they said the gene fragments are the first to be extracted from any vanished animal species. The genetic material DNA was extracted from a scrap of dried muscle, tissue found inside the skin, and the animal called a Quaga. The skin preserved for a hundred and forty years had been kept at the Mains Museum of Natural History, an West Germany. The species died out about a century ago. That being said, the revival of said species is remote, and I get into this court right here where they say. The initial success reported today may open the way to recover intactjeans from the muscle of frozen mammeths, as well as the bones and teeth from other species that died millions of years ago, and that's an announcement from the university they said, but to even contemplate such a feat. Doctor Allan Wilson, a leader of research, he said even with living animals, for which they know the genetic material is available and intact. The feat of making a new individually artificial, like product from DNA, is far from being present by their scientificabilities. Now this is nineteen. Eighty four, so let me give you like an onsolved mysteries update, Michael you're, familiar with onsolve mysteries right, of course. Alright. Can you give me an update when they give the update? Oh you mean th. The TV show ewith Roberts stead. Yes, yea update right so in nineteen. Ninety six, just to like Spring Board off what they did in eighty four, they successfully cloned the first mammal, which was Dolly the sheep and then in nineteen. Ninety nine, the Chinese cloned, a monkey, but it Didt make it- and this is where Scot legs to drink joe in twenty eighteen, the Chinese produced two genetically identical monkeys that were healthy. So, if you think about this Li scientific marvel that started in nineteen, eighty four just imagine where this is going to take us in another thirty years they went from like finding the skin and doing this DNA and trying to bring it back to bringing something back, and now we got something living, that's cloned, so just think Ou. They can use that with like alteimers like whatever so, hopefully that's where this is going growing organs, a growing going, a liver, grin someone, he lives going an ear huge. So what was the name of the company that did that it was what Ingen no. This is. This is this. This particular story, though, was done at the University of California berkly. It's not sky, not Skyin Oky. It was in cooperation between Ingen and SKGINA. That's coming yeah and Snok too yeah Manthe jkis is a joint collaba. She is the second episode arow that snoop his come up Sheis. My my Dan ize snip should just come up on every episode. What are you doin animal clesennit, Yo Youall Watch, SNOOP V as as Funn as Hal, you alligt Joe Finley? What do you have? Okay well June? Seventeenth, Nineteen Ninetyfour Pretty Big Day in sports news. It was gamed five of the M Ba finals between the Houston Rockets and the New York Nicks, but that took a back seat when two people were sitting in a front seat, O J Simpson, with Al Cowings behind the wheel, driving on the five highway being in a low speed chase for roughly sixty miles. The coverage was insane now La News, l, a news. I has a habit of capturing high speed chases, but this one captured everybody's imagination. Every single broadcast network broadcasted the entirety of the chase, including scnn in Fox News Tockit, I dat Veroa, don't go to Las IAS O go a Eer forday its en e carooth suitcases okay, and we were talking about the NBA finals. The NBA finals aired that night in Split screen being the smaller of the News Greens, while the main coverage was given to the o j chase in all ninety five million people saw this news footage it is. That is more viewers than the cheers Vanale who on who won the game? Not the Nick Oj. A on that came, but yeah this this took over networks that didn't even have news were breaking in Espn was break a basket, don't fit you most acquip. So this was a gigantic thing in a Nielson survey. This footage. This coverage was rankd number six in the most impactful televised moments of the last fifty years. This was just following. This was in two thousand and two that this took place. The verdict itself was actually number three as well, so I mean O J had legs in this survey. Yes go out Jako, it was a gigantic thing that started the grand spectacle. That was the O J trial, and this was the beginning of it. Ninety five million people saw it and it interrupted NBA Final Andg, Gay Cable News, the gasoline to do what they doing now twenty fivs ago, cause the CNN lower. Did you guys o ever see the the captain jenks prank to Jennings, where he's like ICOJSCAR turned around it turns around? Oh, that's! It's like what is he doing. I don't know he's just got his head down. He looks scare, he looks scared and then he's like Bababu. Oh, my God, Howard Man, O so funny, Ou n. We couldhave solved that whole problem just bring the dog in the courtroom, bringing the dog. Let him go and see what happened problem solved if it bites him. Ok, if it run, if Herne, if it runs away an Hieson, the judges, robes, okay and a d. If it just looks at Hem big deal, that' thts, theg, yea, OK, okay, too it'll tellus a lot they never. They never never put that dog untderoat. They should have E. do you swear? Do you promise Resoraai? Remember I remember that was BOP newheart Noyeah Ubu sit good dog with that paper, just floating down, yesoh yeah, mtm man, I miss those shows hell yeah. He do. That was when t V was real allright. So for my news story, we're going to got over to Washington state on June fifth, Nineteen, seventy four and the daily chronicle e. We have a headline that reads: Seattle, gits, NFL franchise. Twenty Eighth Grade Club opens in seventy six. Seattle got the twenty eighth NFL franchise, carrying with a healthy initiation, tab of ten million dollars from the owners in Tuesday. They also announced that Tampa who was added in April. Both teams will start play in seventy six. So that's what I got from my new story: It's the birth of the Seattle Seahawks, the Hawk Na the tmwul go on to win the superbowl in twenty thirteen, of course, but h yeah the birth of an NFL franchise. The article goes on to talk about how they're not done with expansion. Other cities such as Phoenix Honalulu in Memphis, are still in the running. I can't imagine them putting an NFL team in Honalulu. Oh my God, especially then he meg hey'll, get like the jet leg would kill you. I mean they couldn't pe to go. Watch the PROBOLL game once a year there. I can't imagine an entire season. That's the thing with those hot, like the hot cities like Miami la it's hard to fill those stadiums. 'cause, it's nice outside! Why would you want to go? Watch football? You goo be a giant crown of people, hey work in Green Bay. It's not snowing HAT'S GOINTOI! Let's go fese and watch football. It's like the complete opposite, barely bringg their shovel all right! Well, let's go over to Michael Winsow for the ruling for the news round. I'm going to have to go with the W H H with the split screen, Basketball Story. I have to have to go with it because 'cause now there are repercussions of that going on. No, so it s again been given legs t it shouldn't have had blaks, but it has legs again. His in is back again, but you know what it is. It is so I'm writing a song call. The sixties came back again. Yes, yeah wew're, talking about this the other night. It seems like we're at sixty eight right now, sixty nine, maybe well, it's like it's got to be sixty nine B'cause. We just had the space shuttle launch. Oh that's Rie, yeah EA! Then, if it's sixty nine, that means the jets and the mets are going to win the world series in the inzubowl I'll. Take it and don't forget, on TV, Lookin, Big Denny Liewlook, I hate you Rao Conel, PA. Look here, Ester he's so ugly. I can take your face when its bore batte and make reala cokes pay suffer your old bosom. My God do that, how do you get it so spot on with everything you like Practici, all these like a lot or what o I'm not giving one o you to Cross Your Lip Ama because Cau'cause I had Red Fox records man, but I did't no, like I hav like Thi stuff there, I can't mimic anybody's voice to make it sound. Ie d. Did the record store, give it to you in a paper Bag h? No as casette generation, myself, itsats man? In fact, I remember watching I'm wathing Mis Listeng to George Carlin on cassettes, Yep, that's what I grew up. W th was. We were just getting out. My parents had like a bunch of eight tracks. We're getting out of the eight tracks into the tin, was on a trials and Mo Matahopo and Jepro to, and they had like the meedles on etrack and like Elvis Onah, and it was unheard of an and some the the rich kids had an eight Trak recorder h. We didn't have that the Raio the radio stations had hem 'cause. Everything was on Everythingwas, a treks everyoneas Tzay track in the Rado Station, and then you have the old junkie t track player and the atracks start skapping, and you get a wedge like a little piece of PA otr in there that'Sowe had a piece of cardboard that we kept next to the eracclar. He had a jam on the top. It was like the equiaent of putting the Penny on top of your record player, yes that', and if you don't want to scratch, if you want to scratch your records, it was a dime, that's ing, don't you ru my chase round record, so pretty back allright Joe Finley. You picked up two points in that round, giving you a three to one lead and heading into the final movies round. All right. I think I might pick movies this keeps happening to me. I never get to choose the last one 'cause we I I always win the second last one all right. I want to talk about Disney for a little bit. They obviously a high standard of H, animated movies over ther lifetime and on June Fifteenth Nineteen Dninety Four. That was no different and it was the release of the Lion King. I was a movie starring James Arl Jones, Matthew, broader at Jonathan Taylor, Thomas Nathan, Lane Jermy Iron's Woopie, Goldbird Cheechmarin and Roan Atkinson people like actually you mentioned Frank Welker earlier. He was the voice of all the Lion Roars in that particular movie. This was actually made by what was considered Disney's B team because they put all of their eggs in the basket that was pocahonus and their top animators, and all of that were working on that movie at the time. But this one was the one that ended up clearly coming out. On top it was the highest grossing film in the world for the year it was number two in the US. It was number two two fores Gumph in the: U S, but was overall number one. It was the highest grossing animated film of All Time, until two thousand and ten, when toy story, three took over that role. It totaled seven hundred sixty three million dollars worldwide and it is to this day the highest selling home video of vall time as well, with more than four five hundred twenty million dollars in sales won two Oscars nominated for three total for all for music for best original song, bestscore and one three Golden Globes Elt, John and timroice like, like, I said one, the original song wards for Kanfielo love tonight, but were also nominated for Hakunamatada and the circle of life. I they are on one of only four movies to ever have three songs nominated for best original song and yeah the line king, I mean still a classic to this day playing in our house. IAD spawn multiple cartoons, animated series, aspond a live action remake only just recently. It is again it has so many lenks, just that will to be seen alone with thousands of lette. Don't forget the farting Hedgehog, the farting Hedgehog is goot all right, man crush. What do you have for the movies round? I get say to this day. I still have never seen the wide king good for you EEPI. That way, I'm telling you like with my parents, letting me watch movies at like a I was watching like Friday, thirteent at like age seven, so I never got into the cartoons or anything like that. So it might be a fantastic movie and just never got to see it so maybe one day even watching Hem, like with my daughter now we watch cartoons I just can't get into it. I don't know what it is. It's tough well, I'm sure, there's a knock I' sure. There's a knock off of Lion, Queen Sh, I'm sure in a bargainebasement it's an Australian film. You know: I'Sur t Otta go through the Bete curtain to rent that one yeahyeah wn May Oka. That's fife, Carrol Fran! You know it. It's like it's a women's prison drama from like the late seventies and it's apen. It's a Marthal arts film to you have to throw that in there wellit's a musical. On top of that. That's ear. Man Talk About Hin, note that Wow Tsower, oh m, that's t ll Hie, then frenty merchant wow. Are we all writing a movie right now. I think Pam greer was in that she should have been O. I would have watched it then o would ave wache that I wouldn have been at the top of my list all right. My my pick is going the other way I so, let's Go June, twenty second nineteen, eighty four, I I diff had a difficult time with this selection, because I had a juggernaut month for June O. Eighty four, the pick that I I was originally going to choose was gremlins being that that was the first one I saw in the movie theater Bun. I ended up using it from my hot products round, but just to demonstrate the sheer magnitude of June eighty four we had star trek three search for spok cone and the destroyer Bachelor Party and then ghostbusters. I didn't use ghostbusters, though, because mark just used it like a month ago an we had fllicarose on for that horror episode. So I couldn't go there. I didn't want to touch on that one, but this is a huge month and we got another movie. That was big, and actually there was a gigantic documentary. Don't have the name in front of me: It made like almost three hundred million dollars from that monk, which I never even heard of. I never even knew what documentary can make that much money, but apparently e was in the list there too. So it's a big mone but anhow this movie you're right here that I'm going to pick it brought in a box office. Ninety one million dollars, nineteen four! So that's about two hundrd and twenty five million dollars an Twenta twenty off of an eight million dollar budget says pretty much, nothing, it's an entire franchise and it begins right here. I don't want to say anything about legs, but this one does have legs. Take a drink joe. It went on to have three sequels. It had a reboot cartoon series toy line. Video Games had a TV series most recently and we recently had one of the villains from this. The third sequel, an a second sequel. If you look at it like that as a guest judge just a couple of weeks ago, so yeah we e talking about legs. We got legs here, your original alone, the original franchise alone. So it's four movies that equalled out they made about six hundred million dollars and it had every kid in nineteen. Eighty four trying to prain kick their friends in the face after you watch this, and it was a movie that was inspired by Jeffrey Juantro and saw a story on television about a kid that was getting bullied at school and learned karate, and this is the Patmarida Ralph machio classic the Karati Kid Somebody Get toacar denoon you to much. You took go lear your stuff on you, ther would change the whole dionatic. Maybe you you guys, might actually know this or Michael, you might know, maybe mter meagi. I read rumors online tha. Chuck Nos was actually supposed to be John Creese, and then he didn't want it because of the whole like since a he didn't want sen a He'as being looked at in a bad light, so they ended up going with Martin Cove is that did anybody know if that's what happened? That was in my research? I had heard that, but I wasn't sure, and besides chucknors was was- was- was still coming off, Gway of the dragon with buslate. So a even though hat thet had been a few years earlier, hewas he was still building up, and I don't know if Walker, Tha Walker, Texas, Chuck, Ranger and started get now. This is like right around the time of UH invasion. USA. Well, yeah, it's like eighty five, so yea be beltaforce and dela force and all those that's like eighty five. Eighty six missing anaction juck was on Fria, so yeah, so he they probably m. They probably weren't able t to get ahold of m. That would have been weird, though too I can't see. I know he played a bad guy and enser the dragon, but I can't see him being bad. He only lost he onl HEWS. He played e bad guy once and lost once to Bruselee, and he wouldn't g. let that happen again. It would have totally altered the end of that film. We Haven, Martin cove, goes to punch miage and he misses and he breaks the cwindo of the wilsers y. If that was Chucknorse, miagi ducks Boon, car explodes exactly everyone dies and a movieg, no faay turns goes to punch, Meai again misss again Oom other car explode, N T, that's a Michael Bay Movement, exactly Michael Bays, karate kid somf like every transformer. It's like. Can you imagine Han Michael Ba going to work every day and everything he touch blows up and finally he gets onset and they goes action and the explosion does not happen to explodehe's. GOINGDA tries to make his low budget opis and everything ends up costing twenty million ehhet AD nd his assistant director blows up. You know like that Ne. It's an interesting phenomenon, though, with martial artists not wanting to portray bad guys 'cause, that's famousoh ye, even casting demolition man, a lot of different pairs of people were brought in and nobody wanted to be the bad guy, and it was all these like known. You know it was your Sigal. Your van Dan Jackie Chan was involved in that and nobody wanted to be bad. All of Hem said No. You know what Wesley Snipes, let's just go. I tell you what let's give Westey Snipe's blond hair that will work, that'll, workw, we'll put him opposite, Sandro, bullock and make sure make sure Oliver, all all of Er custums are half a size too small. Okay, we got tellision man actually like demolic too. It could have been so much better, though hi, Oh, my God, I'm Liin Huxley Nice to meet you Johnsparton Levan be well. I still want to know how to use the three CSHELLS ONO ID like to know myself, and now it turns out that that whole highfive thing it's now o totally bu the three seashells. There was an instruction thing that was put out and stalone and the director both signed off on as being the thing Ba, meaning you use two seashells to cup in scoop and the last one for a final cleaning scrape and then, where it was placed, was a self cleansing station apparently and use the other side of the show to kind of smooth stuff oll. We need a demonstration. There's got to be a UTU video out there, soebody try GPER Godfred explan it you a shell and put it up yard. WHR MORK did you go yet? Oh sorry, go ahead. We all forget the seventies. So quick. I know it's tough, sorry, all right. So for my movie selection, you know the AFI did their one hundred movies for one hundred years. Lest a a few years back, this film came in at number. Nineteen, just above one flew over the CUCKOO's nest. The Jack Nicholson, classic that I picked on a previous episode. The movie I'm picking tonight is another Jack Nicholson classic this is the Roman Pilansky movie Chinatown. It was released June twentieth, nineteen. Seventy four, this film's screenplay is actually the the prototype screenplay. If you go to college to learn how to write films, this is what they base everything on. They say that this is the greatest screen play ever written. A lot of critics have said that, and you know what I'm going to have to agree with them: The castest phenomena as well Jack Nicholson, FA, dunaway, Diane, Lad, even director Roman Palansky himself, Mike a Cameo in the film Itis, a total throwback to film the war and it just kind of reinvents the genre one of the interesting things that Roman Polonsky did in the film that we saw in all the other classic film, The war movies is he dropped out the inner dialogue that was actually supposed to be in the original script. So the audience figures out the clues the same time. The character does totally changes. The way the MU movie is viewed was made for about six million dollars engrossed about twenty nine million dollars doesn't sound like a lot, but that's nineteen. Seventy four currently has an eight point: two, an I MDB, it's Chinatown by Roman Palanski and Jack Nicholson. That's what I got for the movies round all right. So let's go down to our judge, Michael Winslow, for the final ruling on this game. Well, this is a very difficult. This is. This is a really really tough section. All three all three of these were excellent acand films. So it it's it's rough for me now the thing of Chietown gave me a nightmare watching it ecause. I was a little kid. You know I was a young guy. You know waching that Golm 'cause, my parents used to take me toe movies. All the time I M N, wh N, remember being in in the Theatr, seeing a James Bond movie trying to understand. Why have they so man at each other, so that' scene in Chinatown got me man with Jack Nicholson h. He had that fedor on he's gening and then Nemsthis guy shes up hey just a second hery kitty cat, oh hejust, he just ejust do just put an ichof slice. His nose ha makes you cringe every time. You see it. In fact. That's a outueclip and it starts S. all you have to do is Chinatown Kitty cat. That's all you have to do with that. Everybody knows all the niht on the nose scene, yeah just a secondery, Kannicat, wow and then, and he wouldn't shut his mouth. He Kep emess, with those guys later on they're going well Wyry a YO thatno statue inisto. Yes, it is you pig Tomoki. You should not Acecalle be com. Oky 'cause Ma said that the guy went and he wakes up in pay, dunaway's apartment or the House woks up. He really shouldn't call him in a Dumboki. Isn't that where we all wish, we could wake up every day. Eah there there's worse places, you can? U The other thing about tha other Abo th thing about the film because you're right about about the screenplay abening a classic. Now they used to they used to detest people in casting offices. They used to take like, like, like Cassablanka and Chinatown, and H, put different labels on them and send it out to the casnues to see if people were paying attention to see if the Sholmans woare being attention and a Lat p wrote back what a horrible SCRIB Aooh it's too outdated and a couple o felt going hey. We know what this is, how dare you wer? We were paying attention, so I I got ta say Ma'am. I understand that Lin king had a huge box office thing, but in terms of Um the genretself chinatown wow, because that was one of Jack Nicholson's. I mean that that that I mean Lis. An easy rider was a great film with Mr Fonda and everything else that that was a groundbreaker, but this one cemented him Yep. This is before the shining and by W that the shining now can be can be considered. Well, the reason why the'e shining so relevant now it's just a guy trying to work at home people keep messing with it. I feel that every day it's usually the dogs, though like every time you're in a meeting the dogs start fighting or oh God or or the Catnee, the cat needs your email address. I had a ne, but I I got. I gotto go with the effects, and I got t admit that Chi that that linking still has you know lot o buttos Pin oftin. I know that there are traveling plays and everything else you know, but in terms of of of Bertha Baganre, Johntown yeah for sure Al Right, duelers, you know what that means. We're tied once again me and Joe are tied at three apiece, so we're going to have to go to a quick bonus, wild card round. So Jo, do you have an extra pick that you brought? I do I'm rending to rock and roll all right. Go ahead! Ok! Well, here we go we're going to go back into the movie's category and we're going to go just a little bit earlier than the Lyne King. I going to go back to June tenth a movie that was originally s written to be a Jeff Speakman vehicle that was going to be straight to video. Somebody read the script, had some faith in it and actually got Jos weaten to come in and do an ununcredited rewrite of this script. Then they started to get some bodies. They started. They got Yan debant to direct, they got kiano reeves to star and they got, as we've already talked about Sandra Bolic Taostar, with the wonderful Dennis Hopper as our bad guy. I'm talking about speed, the movie did huge box office numbers. It was the number sixth movie of the year made two hundred and eighty three point. Two million excellent excellent popquiz established kionareves as a lead actor he'd, been in a lot of great things. Prior hed been indireckinly, he'd been Tst, a Bilt Lse, Prostinento Billin Wo Gospel stocks, a lot cool, but there was not a lot of faith that he was going to be able to carry a movie like this and and the movie came through. I, the story was that they, a lot of these sequences for this movie came up when Yondermont was the cinematographer for diehard, and they were thinking that initial elevator scene at the beginning was actually conceived. Then they just didn't have a movie to attach it to at the time and so yeah. It was a gigantic movie and it took a lot of people who were not very bi and we were not very big at the time and eventually became giant superstars, so speed, wow, great trivute, great data, all right we're going to go back to the music round, and I have an album that was released June. Twenty Seventh Nineteen, seventy four oddly enough by the grateful dead. This is from the Mars Hotel. This is the album that gave us the iconic songs. U S: Blues China, Doll, Loose Lucy and, of course, scarlet Begonias, one of the band's most popular songs, it's one of those albums in Nineteen, a d: Seventy four, the dead was just on a roll. They were really creatively. They had just come out with an album in the wake of the flood about a year or before, and they followed up immediately with this album and the grateful dead's albums always didn't, sell the greatest, but it was the songs and the lasting longevity of the songs on those albums. A lot of those songs that I just mentioned remained in their repertoire for the rest of the bands runs. So that's what I got released June: Twenty Seventh Nineteen. Seventy four from the marrs hotel by the grateful dead. I will get ba all right. So, let's go down to Michael Winslow to see who wins this game. Oh! This is so difficult because I'm a deadhead Fan, you m! I'M A fan Um this! This is, this is real hard Um, because right now, parallel osandrabullock is is bigger than ever biger bigger than ever now us like make a big come back bigger I mean I mean she never like never left I mean when you think about the space move she made bit: George Cloney so she's there and then Ciano. W is back in the Matrix, they're shooting at the Matrix spor in San Francisco right now, so wow yeah and it's Gongnto be good 'cause. I understand that Y. They decide to shoot six extra weeks so also they're, doing reshoos and whatnot. So it's it's getting ready to t take back over again. Someone telling me that the Matrix for is going to be back with a passion, but with grateful dead I mean, when I think about all the other, it's Ben off groups from fish to everything else and everyone else who listened to them from back to everybody else who listened to fish and grateful dadn- and I remember I was in Australia when, when Garcia passed away because they were planning to go to Australia, tha the dead were planning to go to Australia. Now, if that had happened, if he had lived, they would never come back. You think you think they would estralia think I think, because they would have fallen in love with the place and they would have stayed and everyone would uld would have got the entire Dazhhad caravan would have gotten o on on steamships or whatever hen they would have gone. They would have followed t I'm ready to go now. Everybody Wou d would have immigraed Tou Australia to stick with the did. That's what it waswhat would have happened. Man and I remember all- The dead fans in Australia were completely been out of shape n when he da he died the country it was it. It was like a natinal day of morning yeah. I remember that day. Vividly wow and and the debt of this Isthis is it's d'. I wanted O r time, but damn um it's two genres. You gotta mix it together a two D. These are two different generas. Both Boshud Wien Bosh should win and stand on their own Um. God is difficult. It's like comparing apples and dogs. Never would you think you'd be comparing the graceful, debd and CIANA reeves together. You can't, though, I have to admit the ACOUNTERES I did play in bill and teds so go so that was their market oi. Remember, Georg, remember, George Carlin W was in bill and TEDS SSO gotto go with Hem. I've been in your exact position or it's the more o Les. Let's s say it's, it's a difference. Is it's a difference of one one, one, one hundred thousandth of a point: Um, it's like it's like Adam Lambert, you know still being a superstar. Even if he didn't win American idol, you still got to sing with Queen Ye Excuse. What I mean you see what I'm talking about. That's why I'm going to go with canderees 'cause, 'cause 'cause, every single one of the folks that are in that movie still have. They still have a story to tell and if the dead oer decides to t to to resurrect themselves and maybe get get offspring of the original members to play, you know like, like Jason Bongan, that kind of thing. U I W, I would if, if they had come out with something recent now I would go for the dead, but right now matrix is happening again because, because other relevant, the relevance F of time and History e. If concerts ever get back and going, you should go check out dead and company. You know all the IE members with hotel, burbridge and John Mayor Amazing Show really y all right. Joe Finley O know what that means. You picked up the wind and this one feels good. It feels real good. I said that just made a P, I mean th t, that's four, that's four losses in a row for you yeah, I'm on A. I think it's either three or four I'm on a streak. Ynothis is the first time. Is that why you brought me back 'cause you've been you've been quitein the floor with me. Lately Gosh. Well, it feels really good good hi bad, not goingto lie bichael before you get out of here. We did have some fan questions from our facebook. If you don't mind I'll throw, I can throw a couple of them at you. Okay, go ahead! Go ahead all right cool, let's see Michael Charles Williams, he says what started you on the path to sound mimicry and also tell him the Internet clips. He does of lead Zeppelin Ore awesomeness incarnate ohdon. Thank you. Ver Much bless your heart young man um. What got me into doing t is watching the old T. v shows 'cause. As a kid. I watched a lot of Um everything I used to watch Um m hate to say this, but the Adam West Batman when I was a kid because yeah, because because every camera angle, whenever there was a criminal that gosh too exactly yeah man and then the monkeys came on and then and then star Trik came on my brother used to make me wash dartrict ecause. I want Ta Watch some monkeys, but back then you couldn, you had to choose one or the other 'cause. He had to wait a damn week for the next year to come around Si. My my brother forced me to watch star trick so to get him back an learn. All the noises never mess with me again man, but but watching all those t v shows you know, had a big effect on me. Pok Up the poppy T V shows I don't care, it was copy cats with frank, corsion and and Arthur Godfrey. You know there was there. There was the Bakmn t V, show and then the Green Horn that used to used to east to crash that man set on their way, someplace else ruce Leek, and then there were tw o and then then there was a show. They came on before lost before losw. Even was a concept in the sixties called the New People, which was a DC three with like a hundred and thirty college kids crashes on an island and they have to survive. Oh Wow, I never eve heard of that. It was called the New People check that one out and and also also g growing up watching them shows. I remember I know e- didn't make no noise but jack, but but H, but Jack, Lord's, hair and Howif. I I owe his hat was talking wo'LD, it sound like it. You know ththee W le Majors had the SIXMIEN dollar manuaw Steve, don't cet over that truck to Youoso Damn so I get in Ha car pitch IHA. I mean there was so many er there was so many shows, but B ut, but for me e was it was listening to the sound tracks of the shows 'cause we had cheechin Chong reckers back new and before that the firesigned theatre. I think that's how I gone introduced to you. Michael Windsoit was even before the police academy, stuff Wese, seeing you in nice streams which you can talk. U You remember that man, it was Fareman yeah man, I'm really glad you guys saw movieg. It was really col ther as to lep bye by I. I got a second question here from Thomas comes, he said h. Did you audition for the Jones character on the police academy, Animated Series? They wrote me into the picture. Originally. I wasn't in the original screen, plag written by it, Neel Israel and PAT PROMT. So Hugh Wilson wrote me Nto the picture 'cause. They saw me at a Cheechan Chong Film Festival, 'cause, I'd shown up intwo of the movies and just made made stuff crazy, so they went to they went to see one of my live shows and I was opening for Count Baisey and his orchestra making jazz fusion noises and they wrote me into the picture. That's awesome! That is awesome. That's great! This one! You probably let's see Edmund Lougo. He says h just see if he remembers me from booking him to play a show at Onianta in N, Nineundren and ninety eight. He said I was his host. I mean from Ni ninete noon. There II do only auto gratsa grate school yeah. I actually he's my barber so that shot out to Edmond for throwing that Question N, Yaa and Sun in New York too. What's up guys with up kids last one, I got here, there's a bunch of other ones, but I know e out heare. It says h what was it like to be in a movie with melbrooks and Rickmeranus and is Rick as Nice? As everyone says he is yes, it takes palls to admit up. I didn't know what you guys were chering for B'cause. I didn't see his window, seeing it onthe happy cust cause Youre Aspacemal yeahactually actually act. Actually, this is an actual, hardly difference in Bell Helmet. That's hat that we we thanks to insurance, CA for doing this. For me, but yeah I got M. I got my bowl. That's that thing is awesome. You should wear that to go food shopping with a mash iwere ride, a motorcycle officer w what direction the bleevs in the sces he wants to know if Rickmeras is, is nice, as everybody says? Yes, one of the Nice fooks I ever met. Was I ISB moranous? U A very concise knows what he wants. You know a professional actor o professional all the way when weare on the set of spaceballs he was tr. He was in the process of getting his DGA certification, so he actually helped milt B. I was like the assistant director, unofficially so to get his djs cortification. He and Mell work together, wow and a d. As a result you know and when his wife passed away. I don't blame him, you know it. Jo Much stress and too much abuse to put up with that when you have o have two kids to raise a MI em like crazy. When I respected the decision s who's Gont, it's gonna, it's Goingta come back I's. Just that H. ' Yu all got to get in something good. In the first place, I've still got my Bob and dudge Mac, Kensi Vinyl, so I I'll be okay. For now, Oh yeah you're going to be just fine, don't be a hosary yeah, Oh yeah, as as the Hoser of the group, I can say that Oh yeah, you'R E. OH, that's right! You areall! You are a Canadian aret, Oulat, O where's, your too! I don't know I got the opposite. I've got sunburn going on right now. Oh Look! Good man! You Got A Co. I D. I now nothing to boot. That man. Do you Michael? Do you have anything else you want to plug on your way out. Yo, like your socialmedia. I just would like for folks to go ahead an and go to my Michael Inzl TV on you too 'cause. We just revamped it and we just we just- did a bunch of new things with the bit bux championships. You know I'm doing reaction Vidos for those have some new things coming up in the next couple of weeks. I just joined the twitch universe, so I'm going to make I'm going to make video game noises and disrupt everyone's Gan. It's funny. You bring that up, because all right I had mentioned that I got introduced to you through the Chichinchang Films Weright after that shortly after I saw a police academy. I don't know why this is stock in my brain all of these years, but every time the name Michael winslow comes up. I think of this. I have a vivid memory of going to the mall going into a radio shack and then there on the display rack, they had all the computer, software and floppy disks, and there was a a floppy dis set called Mr Sound fx fecturing Mar yes, Mister Sundethanks. I remember this as the greatest thing ever and I never had the money to buy it. I went back a couple of weeks later it was gone but yeah that that was something that I always wanted. As a kid was theoh sound effects, floppy dis, I think, proconus. I think they may have it yep yeah. As long as you have a window's three point: one machine yeah, a go: wor aloalog with the early early hybrid, a Roger Rabbit game and cat. Also that's right: Yeah COIS'CAUSE! All that still came at the same time and and teload the Roger Rabbit game took twelve minutes. You don't Atar me had the Atar, the Atari computers, those were the days the Atari computer, and then then there was the Commedo was sixty fou. That's what I had. I. We actually had the one twenty eighth, so we got both MOH. You never used one twenty eight! Well, there was nothing everything was made for sixty it's okay. I still got A. I still got a video toaster, eyea Tok. It was great back in the day we an a commoner sixty four two and it drove me. No you'd spend three hours typing stuff out from a book only to hit run and find out. You have a syntax. AORYOU have to go back and reread everything and reach online, nine hundred and eighty and then pay the sintax and start over after four hours of typing the cod out your parents are like. So what does it do? Oh it just spells my name across the screen: Ing Colors, like wow three hours of typing fort that Nice isn't that Nice Amai've never seen my name in writing from red to blue before so yeah. It was wgood stuff thanks, mom thanks mom. Well, thank you. Michael winslew. You've been an excellent guest, Judge, R Asow, and I'm not just saying that, because you know you gave Joe Win and he hasn't won forever. I know I I I I needeti I I'm a needy, fellow and but to receive it from you as well was just such a treat. I thank youll very much. Man appreciate the and just just make sure you practise your noises hot's to make sure you practice your noiseas, you N, it's important! That's Rightright! I ony have the Fart nowayse down all right. DOLER'S WOWILL end this episode right here. Once again, I want to think our special guest judge, Michael Windslow, for coming in and being the judge on this episode. But if you've missed an episode, don't worry, you can always head back and go to duling decades, dotcom where you can subscribe to the show on Itunes spotify wherever pod casts are available, but in the meantime, ha on oven, Ta facebook, dotcom forward, slash dueling decades, where you can join our private group and share some of your very own Retro Memories. Soontil next tin, tillers, RN t in piece Lome, Lightene Tejoy have a grateful week. Everyone youmay not and her transmission Y INFRMAYMEDIA