Dueling Decades
Dec. 18, 2019

Take a nostalgia filled trip back to the first week of December 88 vs December 91

Take a nostalgia filled trip back to the first week of December 88 vs December 91

Everyone's favorite adult retro game show is back with an all new episode. This time around we bring you a December Week Experience duel! Carlos from the Be Kind and Rewind Podcast is back with full fighting spiri,t as he duels with 1988. He takes on...

Everyone's favorite adult retro game show is back with an all new episode. This time around we bring you a December Week Experience duel! Carlos from the Be Kind and Rewind Podcast is back with full fighting spiri,t as he duels with 1988. He takes on a returning fan favorite to the show. Beau Becraft makes his triumphant return to the program and brings the best of the week for December 1991! As special guest judge this week we have another loyal lister and trivia leaderboard mainstay. Tom Coombs joins the show and tries to make sense of this one! Marc James is out on vacation this week so Mancrush is flying solo in the commentary booth for this awesome episode!

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Infirmarymediapeopu gans the Pixe Oplan, but t tot o an ran again upon that cap. Ut Tot the power GOPCOM fiht for what you lovewhocom, O Poe pecope en prita pae to Poe CP Woul, take grave a o Bala Himti. I ammad a Tano comefight for what you love ANA froadcasting from the new infirmary media studios. It's the adult. Only Retro Game Show Er the eighties and Nineti s do battle, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dueling decades. Let's meet this week's doelers and the decades they will be fighting for first off hailing from Denver Colorado. He is the host of the bee kind and rewind pod cast it's Carlo Saingenz. What's happened, fels thanks for having me on. I will be representing December fourth through tenth nineteen, Eighty eight and his opponent he's back. Ladies and Gentlemen, the big slice of midwestern man meet dueling out of Quinty Illinois, the Voice of God himself, Mister Boby craft. That's right! It's Morgann Freeman! No! It's good to be here. The Star of everyone's favorite hallmark H, Christmas movie, Snow White Septum, which h stars Dave, Coolia and some other check. Maybe I don't know candace Bergen or something I representing the week of December first through seven nineteen. Ninety one tse are close, very close, and that's always here on our show. We need someone to adjudicate all of this Awesomeness, so let me introduce to you tonight's judge. He is a loyal listener to the show, a trivia leaderboard mainstay and a fellow podcaster himself, please rise for judge. Tom Comes E, guys how's going Um, I'm come from the TPIF podcast for a thank potit's funny or thank potits Friday or, if you're, not really a believer in all that, thank goodness all right, theyre ais that piggy puinus sure. Why not? Ladies and gentlemen, the following contests will be held under dueling decades rules, the JUDG's pointflip shout theside, who picks first out of the five duelling decades categories, movies, television, Music News and for this weak experience battle, hot products is replaced with sports. A judge's ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: Apiece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all, five rounds- Hey delers- I may not be here this week, but that shouldn't stop you from playing INS, I'm nickmaand, Crosh and I'll, be taking over the hosting duties. wildmark is away on vacation, but luckily I got a couple of my favorite players here that we haven't even seen in a while, probably like a month or two off to the honour, a Thomas combes or Tom Combs. I'm we're going to go back and forth an Allnightte Oterary, Shawn, ditty combs w one Sean coves give us the official Tosa couty combs. They have courtesy of our friends at VHS, ps, a copy O th nineteen. Ninety six Tarry Blat Classic Santoith Muscles owelsom. I was't Gon t flip this. But if you don't mind I'd like to try something different, just do gently, you don't want t, you don't want to hurt that hit's a relic, what they do it. They just Pisse. They copy the V jest box and the original pricepoint from cabin fever productions is on here and it's got an unusual pricepoint and taken from man crushes inspiration of hist CNS, tap tand. It's pretty high the price one. Here's pretty high for a n nine hundre N inety, sixty hs Um. Could we do whoever gets closest boct going over MMT's? Do it Pi r rules? Ok, okay, so Carlos you wan to go. FIRST YEAH CARLAS GO AHEAD! You can go first! I want to go. Seventy five dollars, Shit Bo. How about you I'm on Alandaan, the Ballpark of Twenty six twenty six fifty closest about going over is Carlos. It is I don't Kno Yu can see that seventy nineether of Gonat yeah hes what year did that come out N. ninety six! So that's like a hundred dollars, yeah fucked in VHS. It's a Shitti mury too. How many Oscars did it win at that price? Jesus? Actually it didn't. It didn't get a theatrical run, so it doesn't even qualify. How many houses do you think purchasing that film bankrupted back then, good God, sorry, kids. We can't eat this month. Tad bought the new whole cogan movie, a multiple copies, all right, Carlos you ere up first, and you get to decide where we go all right. Well, I'm going to jump in to news always a good one to ask an start off with the solid ones you know. So this one is on December, ninth nineteen. Eighty eight everyone's heard of good old Nelson Mendella, you know, was in prison for a long time n on this date, though yeah the vector or the Victor Prison, where he was you know where he was staying. Ther was giving a larger warder's house to t for him to live in with a swimming pool and a big garden and also lifted the restriction of his solitude. So he had got to have friends and family wherewle come and visit him at this point in time, but it wasn't complete freedom, but it was a step to toward that poor Nelson Mandella. So it was a slow Newsweek, but I think this one is huge because Nowsomandela anon want to hear about Hem at this point. No one! No one! You know this is before presocial media. So you had to get your news, the old fashioned away, Um- and you know I think this is just a nice- a nice lift up for the for the country, like I said, not a full freedom of Nosa Mandela, but an I lifted restrictions in know that our man is, you know, living a little bit easier, Kinda like Poo Escabar, when in his own prison type of situation, it's definitely better than the Peliton story. Oh yes, W isn't everybody's wife h making videos wor them, God was it most of the dark night rises based upon Nelson Mandella's time in prison, Ome was positive, e did climb out. Jy happing is back D, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah and so, like I said, Christopher Noan. It's not it's not freedom, but it's it's a step in the right direction. All Right! Well, it must have been a slow Newsweek. What's the second one, you got second one Huh. I did not bring myself a second one, so I lik I'm going to go with that. One! That's HA second week in a row that we actually last week, Julie brought one movie item and she kicked the shit out of me in that round that, as the only round she won. Oh I'm pretty much going to be that situation in almost every category feels like, but h, yeah all right. Let's see what bow B craft as for news seferse through seven nineteen nd. Ninety one, pretty slim pickens here as well I'll start with this one pan American World Airway is commonly known as Pan Am once the principal and largest international air carrier and the unofficial flag. Carry of the US ceased operations on December four n nineteen. Ninety one over sixty years after its founding in March N Nineteen, twenty seven, the airline credited fror many innovations that helpe shape the international airline industry, including the widespread use of jet aircraft, jumbo jets and computerized reservation systems. I feel like this is really Dejavu 'cause. The last time I was on here was talking about a lot of these same picks. I I don't know if it's the same thing or what but Wyou had I don't remember you having Pan Am it was it was n, but it was somebody like that implemented the first like electronic registrations or something like that maybeyeah. I guess I'm just drawn to airline stories all about the aronautics and then, let's see number two right. Second, second pick he's already going for two: We go to the we go to the STAR press from Munsi Indiana, everyone's favorite publication, Sunday December first, nineteen, ninety one. This is one of the e lead stories, Rob Poletus or Palatus. However, you want to say it. You probably know better as one half of the discraced musical duo, milly Vanilli in the news for slashing his wrisk taking pills and straddling a hotel's ninth floor balcony rail Saturday before he as taken into custody by sheriff's deputies, the Disgrace Singer Age, twenty seven admitted to a hospital for seventy two hours for observation deputies arrived on scene after he called the Los Angeles Times switchboard, because that's the first person I would obviously call if I were attempting to take my own life. He asked for an editor and told the operator he was tired of his family in Germany being bothered because of the whole Milly Vanelle lip sinking scandal. The operator was unable to reach an editor at the publication and when asked, if he could call back, he stated he couldn't because he'd taken pills and was going to commit suicide. So the operator also said that he was. He was rambling. She did manage to get the name of the hotel he was staying at and subsequently called the sheriff's department. Sherif's deputy said he came out onto the patio straddled, the railing four or five times seeing. He was despondent over his family's welfare and Germany and that wasn't the end of this disgraced artist would also struggle with substance abuse in a three month, STI prison later on for assault, vandalism and attempted robbery. Eventually, he ' returned to his native Germany before his death in nineteen. Ninety eight attributed to what was ruled an accidental overdose of alcohol and prescription painkillers. What's interesting, though, is last month somebody came with the news story of them getting their grammy taken away and you're a year away and in that twelvemonth Timesban had a quite a spiral for this young man. Yeah seriously, when you said stratdle all picture in this dee doing is like humping the railing like. I can't even get a a good grasp out of what he was doing. I don't think you want to know no. Actually I kinda do I mean I think the worst part is this whole time I' wanning like what is he wearing? If anything, they did put that the article fucking early nineies newspapers, no, unfortunately, the whole time I was reading. I was like what is this guy wearing right now, ryo was out there like who are you wearing those crosses underwhere, I'm going to be wearing the pavement here in a couple of seconds actually now that you said that it makes a lot more sense, aright, so we're off to Tom. This is your first ruling and I'm glad these guys picked up around one 'cause. If this was t a two point round, it woull be a long night. So now we have Pana Pan and shutting beon correct. This is like the end of pnam Um. No, when I think Panam, I think, like you know the Golden Age of flying, like you know the fancy dinners the wide first pessege things like that and Um, then you have Mlivanelli or robe Eveno who tempted suicide, which, like is albeits. Even though it's dowtor news. It's still a really pectulal story. Then ythey have nosamandella's family business. H The I was like Bafflehow, a Worleans notinit confidencenelson Mandela's family visits. them sounds like the worst after school special ever made. Ybut it wasn't for long. He only got an hour. It was just two fifteen minute segments with a libby's juicy Jews commercials pwace between 'EM. They don't call it the weak experience for nothing. I just GOINTA leve that there um o yes ID, go with ninety one 'cause. Those are really actually heavy hitting stories for that year and sist O indeligeting visiting jail, so yeah Bo gets itwell. He you know it's strategy, he' he's throwing away the trash of the news and when moving on bow, you have control of the board. Where wee going, do you hanmen to just go with with one pick 'cause? I don't. I don't want to be like uneven on balance, you know what I mean: Caust D, You have one pick for everything. Yeah, honestly, I it's an honest mistake. I've done it too Yeah Ke, Oh yeah ISA. One of us we're just going to do one back and forth en that type of thing. Alright, so Carlos just dropped a bomb on us and he actually thought he was going to be in a tag match tonight. Elly brought one pick around, so you know what fuck it bow just bring your best of your two picks, so you don't completely destroy hem for the Hae. Well, I got four for this next category. Can you SAR them with Garlo? It's Gointo divy hem up here. You know it's interesting though 'cause you guys are close. You know with eighty eight ninety one, so I suspect, you're probably going to have like the news everything's going to be Kindof, similar 'cause, that time period. You know it's very closely knit between you know that three year period, 'cause you're still in like an eighties hang over in ninety one. So I'm interest to see where you got so. Where are we going allright we're going to go to sports and back to Pan American Airlines nom kidding? We are going to go to sports, though it's not my strongest suit, I'm not a very sports oriented guy, but this one really uh. This one is an obvious choice for me, Hel December third, nineteen. Ninety one we go down to San Antonio O ho Fraan CA, see em for the WWF, Tis Tuesday in Texas, pay per view, a special feature, a main event in which wholecoga defeated the undertaker to secure his fourth WWF heavyweight championship, stacked card other matches, included, Greg Valentine versus the Brooklon brawler, the nasty boys versus the Bushwhackers, the allegion of Don versus the beverly brothers. With my good friend, landy PAFFO, rickflair rotty, Piper Randy savage jke Roberts. The bulldog versus warlord and, of course, everyone favot, the repoe man versus Ted Dbiasi, now negative pointof. This whole thing h, despite that rock and roll card, with an attendance of eight thousand people, they earned approximately one hundred thousand dollars in ticket sales. So by today, standards. That's that's garbage. This was a whole attempt by the organization to establish Tuesday as a secondary paper Vewnight, which oldll knows what they were thinking there lukewarm reception in a disappointing one point: Oh by rate rentered, the experiment of failure. COMPANI shelved its plans until October, two thousand and four when had again tried to resurrect the Tuesday night paper view with taboo Tuesday, again no idea, regardless based on the reported time, so the matches this event still lasted about three hours less than a modern W PA per view. Did you ever look it up and see what the thinking was behind Tuesday? I don't know you know, I don't know if that was like a a like pivot because of Monday night football becoming really you know I I don't know. I honestly don't know- and I don't know why hundred thousand an four they tried to do it again as if that was going to be any better Lli. Guess you're coming right to the end of the attitude ar so they're trying to figure out a way to like change things up. I guess we're actually going towards the ATIAR. This is KINDOF like the new generation era in ninety one. Oh No, I was talking about two thousand four Oyeah yeah t the the bringback. I don't know man it just it's not a strategy that makes a lot of sense really for anyone mm. That's a vince thing right there. They don't even O, put football on Tuesday nights. Well, who's going to spend. You know, you're paying you 're still paying a decent amount of money for paperviews back then who's going to spend fifty bucks on a Tuesday night to watch a pay per view. Terro! That's a shit one, all right, Carlos off to you ar on December nint, N Nineteen. Eighty eight, the New York Yankee sign a twelve year TV contract for a five hundred million dollars, which is a pretty landmark deal because, of course, you know T v deals. You know Theye Lockin a they're going to get their ad revenue. Of course the Yankees are the Yankees of their own huge brand, as it is so I mean it's just printing money at that point and, of course, that s pretty much that the you know they've been a long rain for a long time, but you know we started getting a lot more of our. You know bigger players in the mid nineties and to early two thousand, so I mean I think tits is perfect timing. For this I mean five hundred million dollars doesn't seem like a lot now when we're hearing like these billion dollar purchases o seems like a deal at this point, especially for the Yankees, with Steinberner at the at that time. But Yeah I mean pretty big deal for that point. I don't know Howe many teams and baseball at that point. We're signing their own huge T v contracts. I know maybe a couple, but I mean the Yankees probably sign the biggest at that point. Yeah. It's actually kindof interesting, because one, the Yankees were not that good in nineteen eighty eight towards the lanet eighties. They didn't become that Dynamo until what ninety five ninety six, yes a plike seven years later, yea thatsay was that with MSG or wpixs, with them r that was with MSG. Okay, that's so that's before, and now the Yankees have their own network for, like the last like ten years, they have yes, so that's kind of a precursor, that's kind of a big deal right there moving to cable five hundred million dollars, I mean shit, that's got to be close to a billion dollars. Now it's almost like easily yeah. I say you think about it. I mean just thirty years ago, so n, it's just like that money is tripled or Quadroopo. It's kind of a big one, all right off to Tom For the judgment on Sports Ow. First things. First, man crush. I can be serious. I you for a second yeah, I'm not good with sports stuff at all. So I w went. Thank you for making this interesting early sound, interesting, iy have wwf doing a Tuesday night paper view which failed miserably. They have the New York tenkis contract. Neither of US wins an a landmark decision, Ay yeah now before I make my decision this bell. What was your other one, my other one, I'm not going to choose based on that ut, I just wan know it was actually December first to contest against the Washington Redskins at Joel Robbie Stadium in Miami Dolphins. quarterback Dan Mrino sets an NFL record as he reaches three thousand yards passing for the eighth time in his career. They would go on to depeat the red skins in the contest, a final score, O thirty third, thirty thirty, three to fourteen lot of threes for old, Danny boy that game the first thirty third point came ever that's actually interesting too. I mean it doesn't count not probably should have gone with that one realistically Itsfoita big deal anymore. I know like three Ni Yard, I mean eight times in your corr hat's. That's pretty impress appy Poi, no matter of beao before the juice. I hope that Damro gottery and Burns and hell laceis out Dan splike little football more- that Gummies, okay, I'm a no I'm going to go to New York jackees contract. That's a wise choice! That's a solemn one! If B Watat to the worst of episode, I think that would have won the round. That's that's kind of a solid one! Nobody really talks about those Tuesday night paper views anymore. They got swept on to the car why one day they weren't talking about Hem when theywere, promoting hem, Oki ilarious, it's so bad. It's like such a vince thing. He was like H. Tuesdays are going to be great, we're going to charge fifty dollars. I can farely make it to wheel a fortune on a Tuesday night, let alone a prime time paper view. I want a Shit Soo now Vince asked me if Tuesday nights were a good ideed for paper views, I would say no chance in hell. I get it all right, Carlos you have control of the board against. This is the last single point round all right. I want to jump over to TV right, allright, SOFOR, TV December nineteen. Eighty eight we had the first installment of the roots. The gift series is broadcast on ABC. This is not the original, but a a Christmas version, a movie released later ten years after the original series, but it did have a Lo a good. You know a good rating and I had a good audience. They didn't actually have the numbers for that one, but they had the numbers based off the root. The original routs that you know that you know they're kind of going off of the you know that that whole wave of of popularity- you know amongst everybody, 'cause. It shows that the mini series was watched by original many series, O wathe by a hundred and thirty million people, and this is back in nineteen. Seventy seven, two two hundred and twenty one million, the largest viewership ever for a? U S series so like I said it wasn't this series, but you wouldhave. You would think that there 'LD still be a lot of people interested in seeing you know, maybe what cutecite and what the other guys ere up to after after the factins like that so updat aversion. That O was a SAR yeah like at Christmas time. WIF. He in there t askd me hey w. What should we make a Christmas special out of the last thing that comes to mind is oh, let's do roots, maybe they wanted the bandroots and they just fush it up. It's the Roodt Christmas mess, so everyone too didn't see the roots Blay they like wo. Oh, it's quest, love te Ct. Your name is Tobay. So, yes, that was the the big Christmas special Pani Fer, the igd nineteen, an eighty eight w th roots the GIF JODB. Do you have the the viewership for that? No no trie looking up, they didn't have they USA H, Grea turnout, which you know that's just their way of hiding, maybe not so great, but I mean you would think with the original routes, the way they had a hundred and forty hundred and thirty million people watching that you know a portion, a decent portion that would still watch it ten years later, even ten percent of that is, you know a solid turnout for for TVs. I'm sorry! I can't rent my otor on that concept. We got you cold again. I I just you know I I remember watching, like you know, in high school, routs is almost like required watching and you just like the gravity of that whole series, and then I haven't seen the Christmas version, but I all I'm thinking is e. He that's the roots Christmas. Coming up this Saturday after it's Christmas, Charlie Brown, you just Gotto, hear the hear the jingle bells in e background. Yes, t'sit is a little Biz. I'm GOINGTO have to look that one up. I wonder where it ranks between the Star Wars, Christmas and other. Well, they actually have the cantina music in in the roots Christmas. One too, probably I don't think Sanis going to come this year again, all right bow what a e you got. Let me see here on television right UH. Let's see, I'm kind o torn on this one. I these were two of my favorite picks as a kid, but I'll go with this one ending at the close of nineteen. Ninety one, the cartoon adaptation of Tim Burton's, Beatle Juice, which came to an end on December sixth, after four seasons and ninety four episodes became a pretty top performer and a pretty big hit for ABC uppon its arrival in September of eighty nine thanks, largely inpart to Tim Burton's involvement as an executive producer. So this show I mean kind of maintained, a lot of the same elements and characters that the the theatrical version did made it successful, but they kind of tweaked certain things. Obviously, to make it more kid friendly. You don't have Michael Keaton Honk at his balls and sat nice fucking model you get a little more marketable stuff. They had a lot of merchandise, falling this action figures, training cards, that kind of stout and emarkable I mean fror me it would that's. That was my favorite part of the movie as a kid they'd be a great McDonald's to the show would actually do pretty well M, not only like successfully for critics and kids are like, but t one, a daytime, emiard. Nineteen, Ninety for outstanding animated program. But it closed came to an end December six N, nine teen and ninety one Tim Burton's beetle juice, the animated series I'm curious again. This won't count, but what's your second one since you liked it so much. The second one was wish kid, which was the mccoli Colkan cartoon and I didn't realize it lasted a super short time at debut in September. F. Ninety one ended in December of nineteen. Ninety One mcoli was busy in ninety. One was yeah thirteen episodes before they cancelled that, and I remember that show like it seemed to have gone on forever 'cause I can remeber watching it. Maybe they just replayed the same episodes over and ever but thankfully friends of the show, millcreek entertainment have released e series on DVD in February two thousand and fifteen, so you can pick that up any type of want and watch it all verll Lov plugter, all thirteen episodes. You can watch HEM IN THIRTY MINUTES YOU NO! You know what I realized the other day, kid roksbeen all over the news, ecause of the whole Oprah thing. If you look at Kit rock an adult, mcculli colk inside by side, they're, the same fucking person, have you seen the mean where it' The kidrock looks like Haerfill, Dr That's, the one I thought o you re again, O I'm telling you like. I I'll, get the picture of later and show what you guys and actually, if you take Steve, Busheni and put him next to those too and he doesn't open his mouth to show his teeth. He also looks like thit's fucking crazy. They should have a new home alone where they're the new wet bandits, fantastic anyhow off to tim for the judgment and wish kids does not count. That's just uh, throwing that one out there t at was good thing. It doesn't Coue 'cause that would have u put Bo, I I would have given it to Carlos. If a Bohad played that in his hand, I actually remember that he aa baseball leve would grant him one wish per episode, and I remember as a I think it was like six or seven thinking like you know, wow. This is really really lame and, as a kid I had Hari had decent taste thowas on around the same time where MC Hammer had the show with the talking shoors. Yes, well, you're, also talking about a kid who ate pickle, an Mayonnaise, sandwichis and watch marice Sundax's little bear religiously. So I mean I I got really nothing going for me as far as taste s. You know when a kid comes around so l we have the lassup Soobil juice and the root's Christmas special. I have five members of Beatle juice as a kid I can remember watching actually on Fox in the afternoons 'cause, I think syndication rates for that sh were scooped up pretty early weren't. They it felt it felt like it lasted Yoyeah as Youyeah as you would say, macrs it had legs yeah it had her legs d. You remember the episode with the skeletons in the closet that and the video game. Those ivso scared the crap out of me. So I'm giving are you talking about roots or a you're talking about Beel? Well, the roods up with the video game kind of scared me also, and the skelots Ino, the clot that was very Trendli I'o with the Delian in there. Yes, I really got at Updat in fhouand nine TDRE N. eighty eight with the hot electric drum theme, Song, toby, hasn't any es, but M nanyone gets it I'd loved the Belde Shel, I'm glad they also kept the Elphin theme just iit the bad maiamade series TV show. So a big part of my childhood beetle juice all right, so they have it. So we're going into two point rounds. It's two to one: It's anybody's game. At this point Bot you have boared, I feel just a sense of incredible pressure here to perform. We have music and movies left, so two big ones. Ah, you know what I'm going to go with the movies ohis. Actually, no, no! No! No! No! No pick that back. I won't go tot music. Oh thebatan switch shit. He wants the clothes with movies he's pulling a John Cross no way. I was close. Thank you. I'm praxiing, I'm just I'm just torn 'cause. I feel like these could really go either. Movies might be a little devisive for some AH shut man. Are they very close together? Is that what it is Um, I don't know ones one's pretty hard to don it. You know what is a cop and a half? No Do. I wish, though, my friend Norman can piss eight feet all right, I'm going to go, I'm going to go music, I'm going to end up going music after all, all right, Switcheroo, let's see this song, l Pik Number One ond, the billboard, hot one hundred on December, seventh, an n nineteen. Ninety one, the first single released from his eighth studio, album it would become the fastest rising chart topper, since the Beatles released, get back in nineteen sixty nine staying atop the charts for a total of seven weeks. I'm talking about the single from dangerous December, seventh n nineteen. Ninety one thi song peaked on the billboard, hot one hundred black or white by Michael Jackson. Mccolikolkin again, what's your other one? Just for us, ther music kick ight, yeah kicking off the North American leg of their tour in support of the recently released, use your illusions, one and two guns and roses and supporting x, Sound Garden performed in Worcester Massachusetts on back to back nights December fifth and sixth Markdeban's longest and one of the largest concerts in music history, consisting of one hundred and ninety four Shas across twenty seven countries. I was also one of the most infamous ones got all the riots associated with I, the notoriously late starts that yeah, the date cancellations and just axel rosebeing axl rose, so that was my other pick could have gone either way. Really those are both pretty momentous moments in music, yeah speaking of people coming back to see that Motley crew is doing an arena tour. I just saw the nowow desire to find that rude, deaf, Leopard and, like somebody else like please just give. Actually I take that back ECAUSE, I'm in n arena to where it's a stadium tour. How are they haling up? Adao hi, like Tom, you know this h right up by you is Um. What's Montagh Mountain? Yes, over there were, they should be playing there yeah at an amphitheater, not at a fucking stadium. Even I don't even think he could fill that DET wepot. I know I an yeah deaf leopard, I saw a few years ago and they were amazing. I saw Motley crew ten years ago and I wanted to leave halfway through because they were just hey sounded like shit. I saw Duff Leopard with a journey back into thousand and six, both great Qoth Frah, all right, Carlos off to you, buddy all righty. On December fourth, nineteen, Eighty eight legendary famous singer Roy Orberson, known as the big O and nofor songs, like only the lonely running scared crying. Oh Pretty woman gave his last concert in Acron Ohio Hefor, his deat from a heart attack. Shortly after CR s made fam, you know only lonely. I gr. If you grew up in the eighties nineties, you hurd the song so often in whatever movies and Montoo, some sor, you know Rom coms, Oh pretty woman. Of course that's you know, prewoin made that Thas even more famous at the time and then, of course, in Bobby Buchet. You know bt Mamma, don't know, won't hurt her if, if coach has got Tattoo wor perent O on his butt cheeks, so that's having legs right there. That is having lag like it. He th t that was a whole decade later and still to this day, you still hear his songs running on. You know on commercials and movies, and just on the radioas as well, so were as an big big name for sure tough loss. But you know, like you, said: Shegot legs he's still going in heaven this. Actually this is tough. It's tough for me. I don't know how I would do this Tom. What you got I can use it. This is tough for me. Also just requestion, though MHM that gunsbo toward sandgarden this asn't going to get ho any points, but was it Sangarden's first tour like the first time they ever pored, don't think it was their first tour. It was their first like Arena and stadium tour, Um, Michaol, jrackon, black or white. I remember being psyked for this video for a week. They were like commercials everywhere. I think I remember I'm sureg you on M td fox B, t like all the networks at once. It's no threat, there's not a threat. No thrillr, then you have royarbersand, which, like you know, sounds like pretty woman. Only the lonely. I was alwas going to Ay DROPP EAD legs, but I was thinkig behaling not to see a person just drop traveling whillbears you can make up for that. The e Bs o the Bat at drow up a sin for this one, I'm giving to Roy Orberson because Michael had like you know, he had thriller than he had bed and he had smooth crim smooth criminal is my favorite brot Micejecxon song and video, and this one to me this one isn't as memorable, and it doesn't stick with me as much as the other, his other hids did and MI. This was also in in the air where I can remember this was when he started to look a bit more white than black. If that makes sense and Irpye remember thing who was that, as like a six or seven year old was an appropriately time single folks, it was done intentionally. You remember the video, though, how bizarre the morphing was at the end, Woh yeah, with all the people and the faces, and I mean and like he just kept going from one location to the other. He ten into a Cougar Bat e CRA, Ot of e car a and then Peter Weller shows up yeah. That's that's the one gen from that song. I'm not a big fan of that song, but I would say they were probably one of the first videos to use that kind of effects in the in the video itself. But Hey you, can' can't go wrong or Royorberson, so there it is. CAUS is up three to two now we're coming to the last round, and this is for all the marbles shit right. So wer is it's Mi go ther, N movies. Then here wor you can defert, above whatever you want to do I'll, go ahead and rocket out. I think I feel I feel fairly confident in this one, so I wih Shu as to it soon December. Fourth, Nineteen Eighty Eight Academy Award winter actor Gary Busi at the age of forty four was severely injured. In a motorcycle accident in Colger City, California, which he was not wearing a helmet, so this fractured his school and doctors feard, he suffered severe brain damage and of course the odd thing is that busy at the time had recently been lobbying against the the law that they're going to put into require helmets in California. So it's Kindof one of those coincidence kind of things you know, but it's unfortunate on the lesson and we all kind of saw pre morcycle busy and post Morcyclo, accand abusy- and you know there probably definitely was a subtle change, but you're still a great actor. I just you Kinda, had to take a different approach at that point, but it shows a resilience. I mean after having such a brain fracture and they basically said e- has brain damage to be able to continue in a in a field where, like you, have to memorize lines and have to kind o do things over and over that he's able to do that. So I I commend him, even though he has been the but of jokes for years. In regards to how kind of Cork he is and a lot of people don't know that you know it was because of a motorcycle. I think he just became crazy for no reason, but you know I think people need to give them a benefit the doubt and if they knew more about this, they probably give Hem. You know, like I said, more benefo the dept doubt now, but I give Beusi my love because you know he he's stuck around for so long even after this B'cause. This is eighty eight, so we're up thirty years later and he's still still putting out material yeah. You know, what's really crazy about that too. If you compare the two sides, you don't ev have to go back that far go back to lethal weapon where he played Mister Joshua and he has his fight scenes and stuff. What was he doing after eighty eight? You know that was it. That was the end of that. So it was like the last time we got to see him do like a full roll. What Year was was the point? PRPRA Utah give me to yeah exactly and then he 's, you know he's like the like the desk over the Tim h yeah over the top guy some sort, so he kind o he kind of leaned into it for sure but m. He just had o adapt. You know, and most people just thought he. He went crazy on his own crazy shed. All rigt now did tha have any effect on the law. At that point, did they change it? I think it did. I think it did go into effect eventually, but I don't think his lobbying you know kept it from doing anything like that, but it was just coincidental like around that same time, Hehad been going to, like you, know, events and charities to like lobby against the the law itself, man to be nuts if they would have flipped his opinion on the whole thing and then jumped to the other side of the board, which I don't know, Maybea tator an sure had some effect yeah. I didn't I didn't read up on that, but I'm sure it had some effect for sure shitall right Bo here we go movies, feel quite as confident in this one now Um dmit December sixth, nine teen. Ninety one marks the release of Star Trek: six, the undiscovered country, the six feature film, based on Star Trek, a sequel to the nineteen sixty six to sixty nine television series as takes place after the events of Star Trek, fivedthe final frontier. It's actually the final film, the future, the entire cast of the original series. So it does hold some significance. There garnered positive rviews from audiences and critics a like perform pretty well the box office to it earned just shy of ninety seven million world wide had to go back and checked US ou. The budget was twenty seven million so made about seventy million dollars in profit actually earned two Oscar nominations for best makeup and best sound effects, obviously not acting star Trek Creator. Jean rodenberry actually died shortly before the movies premiere just days after viewing the film. So there's a little poignance to this to this film Shos drawther one. I have honestly never heard of this film. It's called at play in the fields of the Lord, a good thing right. We oeven go into it. I mean I've never heard of it, but it's got Tom Barrenger John litcaw Darrel Hanna Tom Waits and Cathy Baits. I think I know this envance, it's like something in the south right they're, like yeah sort of it's KINDOF, like a parable from what I understood 'cause. You know one of those between the lines. Time movies yeah it Wa. It was a flong that made about one and a half million, a thirty six million dollar budget, damn all right Tom. What are you going to do? Man Gary Busey, getting going mental after the motolycle accident or Star Trek six I've ACUALMEA USI before he is a very intimidating man, wellon the subject of Tom Weits, real quick. I was once in a record store n. They put a Tomway truckered on and I thought it was a moppen album. Tom Waits is like an acquired taste and I haven't. Nor do I expect to acquire it at any point in my life he's an aquirtes not for me for most others for the twelve people that really enjoy his work. Now Wa Carles was talking. I did some restrict now December. Second, would have fallen into Carlos's LAPP for this one right, whatd, you ve t the fort. Fourth, through the a I think yeah I was going to say if you had, the second naked gun would have qualified. I, yes, I was like I had the twelve before the third. I Li e had so many things I could have coe like deabut. Yes, I feel the pain and two serl a scrooge cat, which is my favorite H, Christmas movie Um. Well, I'm sorry for like questions Um in generation. I don't know, I don't know the answer. What you want for me Tom? No, no, really, he doesn't know I'm going nine ty one on this. One causelike Star Trek the impact that it had on pop culture and everything nd. This was like the last real time that the main original cast was altogether center stage. I was never big star trike an. I don't know that much that's. Why I'm going to ask you, but this seems like it was last real big time for that wh. What was the question you had because now I'm curious ere thealn that one with Um pet n generations, God I I I have no idea you're asking he wrong. Guy Tom, I don't know bt fin fact at the end of H, startric six, where they all sign their names and the credits they do that for the latest vendors movie as well, which apparently dhrew inspiration from Star Trek, uh six, so ooh yeah him gulegs Nice little ice, little nod there, Yeso Shit ourtreck gets it poget, the Bummerham, sorry Carlos Carl Agar. I thought Gary Busey's insanity was enough. Man, I feel better than somebody. That's got moderate to severe plaqs Ariye. I thought you were coming with like diehard. When you said you ere, I get this slam dog. I got this Asay e Heuse, it's like they're all here busy. It's still good. It's got Teth, it's a turning port in his in his career I mean and t e Academy Award. Winter actor gets their brain damage and they to keep it going, but hewen the Osker for H, buddy, Holly Storig, Oh yeah, that's right, Dr No! He that was like early eighties right was really on the screw yeah. Well, a lot of people don't know this, but Gary Busey actually died in the same plane crash that buddy hally did really that's how we won the Oscar. Gary Bausy has a postumous Oscar. Even though he's alive, I did a great job. I was in te Plak ipogod. Have you ever heard that guy on, like a radio, show Terrifyn? Oh God, I I can't imagine, listen to Hem unscripted. I would imagine if they were to reboot MSRED. They would just have him. Do the voice, AI, no Wan Te. I have heard him talk in person. Do not make eye contact with that man. I am deadly serious. He is a very intimidating man. Yeah he's got that crazy eye like all the time, but too all doing something. El, like this guy, got to kill me whers he's Achemei iys movint his natrals or going I different directions. I S IUST freaking me out. Anyhow, we got a closest one up, so this this went to bos close contests four to three. What are you going to do, but guys plug your shows, tell us where we can find it Carlos? What a you! What are you doing these days? I I am still releasing episodes. We got the B Kano Rewin pod CASS. We got an episode coming out next week, we're getting down to it, we're getting into our YTWK scare anniversary, Om, Ne Thousand Nine hundred and ninety nine, and we have our end of nickelodeon nineties Nelodian era episode coming up, so yeah got a couple of cool ones. Coming up and IMEA will ust slide bessligdtand some Christmas stuff in thereas. Well, like the roots Christmas special, exactly you should do a full episode on it would just do a fool commentary. You know Te fol series, you know twelve hours, fourteen hours Howelong, it is check out theeser EGS about thirty three minutes in what about you Bo. What's going on these days, not a whole lot, you can catch my new series, the witcher on Netfliks, that's coming up pretty soon other than that happy holidays to everybodythank you it's it's the trainer and top thanks Ogaine for coming on and judging the show a close one. So it's always tough. Where can they find your show again im on the TTF potcast, which search for it's under horror, movie, Barbecue, TPI S, I'm also n twitter at Classic Comedy and UH. You know this. It was graping par. This I'd love to be hopefully ob back sometime soon, like not tose like whenever you're ready, nother. I lew that oo tomorrow. Are you good? If you need me? No, I'm joking thank backso right now. I gotta say this is like Com like guest refering, a ww Tch with the Rock ferss Austin. They got jr the Kingon commentary on Jesus Special Guest Referee David, our cat O P, Yo more likely got to like Duke Drosie and Doink the clown. I agree: Thn Gus g efinitey creat, an artsnamis you're really up so on us here, buddy, Hey Carlos. Do you have a win? Yet I don't: Oh man, we gotta get a. We have one in the doubles, but not individual. I'm like one for like nine at Thiis, just gon. You know what? Let's just do this word, I'm just going to keep booking you until you get a win. I mean I'm Mo allpejurity work, but if you guys are looking for that S, because at this point I'm just like give it to me let'Si'll do te make a wish. You can call make a wish episode. Whatever you want. I 'cause, I think the last three individual ones like I've got to this point where I'm like. Okay, I'm GOINGTA lead the last question and I was going to switch over. I think my ie stated my good points here and then the other person like a so crush city, so I gotto get an individual win. It happens, but you know what it's the weak experience. You don't get anything great, you get a week and it might be good might not be, but in the meantime, Goveror fasebook page facebook, dot com forwardslash doing decades, and if you haven't yet played Trivia asked Tom it's fun at the end of the month, we are resetting our all the scores going back to zero. We announce the last week, I'm just going to keep saying it to the end of the year. We're given a belt out at the end of the year, whoever's in first getting that belt from the twenty nineteent championship, and then we were resetting to zero. So at that point, if you looked at the scores and you're like Holy Shit, there's no point even playing January first you're starting from scratch, so you might as well get in on it check out our fiecebook stories twice a week. You got the Audiotrivia and the culmination put it all together for fifty points. You have no idea what I'm talking about. If you don't play, Sogo overnoour facebook or go to www, do doling decades dotcom and I bid yould do Wai. Have this mark? Do it? I bid you a Pece Love Light Poa, O joy, we're out of here. Everybody INFIRMARYMEA