Dueling Decades
March 24, 2021

Taking a Million Miler with Tom Higgenson of the Plain White Ts in this battle between 1978, 1986, & 1996!

Taking a Million Miler with Tom Higgenson of the Plain White Ts in this battle between 1978, 1986, & 1996!

It's not every day you get a Grammy-nominated musician willing to guest judge an episode, but this week we got lucky. Although his band Plain White T's didn't blow up until the 2000s, Tom Higgenson is in love with the 80s! Matter of fact, he loves them so much, he started his own synth-pop solo project that's just dripping with nostalgia! So after you listen to this, head out and take a listen to his new solo work, Million Miler. Tom is a fantastic judge, and he calls em as he sees them! First up this week, back from returning tapes to the video store, Mike Ranger delivers a late "week experience" with March 1978. Mancrush drew Tom's favorite decade, but will it help? He brings the best of his third week of March 1986. Marc James rounds out the competition with a dandy offering from the third week of March 1996!


If you're wondering, the new Million Miler album is coming in May, but you can already listen to a few of the new tracks on Spotify. Get ready for a real straight shooter, Tom has pretty even-keeled judging parameters! In this episode, you might hear something about: Not Jim Morrison's cousin releases a hit track, a platonic love story between coworkers, phone sex operators, Billboard chart-toppers you forgot, skanking made easy, Mike Ranger brings Cheese and Onions, a musician falls while another is almost fired, yoke filled aliens, Mike will win around with a little luck, the aftermath of Suge, suing psychics, balancing acts gone awry, HBO knocks out the competition, Michael Stivic's mustache, karate champs wear singlets, Delilah goes to the Grammys, Tom's new work with Milly, iCarly, Ringo Star, punk rock, and can I get a little cup of wrestling to go with my mayonnaise and shredded cabbage?


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PODCAST NEW YORK S up doing decades is is wax piece of all you guys and thanks for having me on the show, will it be the s or the AITS Beeni babies or crack babies, really Paner, Bota or macdon? Maybe Bricty? Maybe Whitney. Do you like new mittle, O new wave, dave, ro or Super Dave? I don't know, but now the vattl begins duling decades. Let's see who wins: JOAS broadcasting from the podcast New York Studios, it's the adult. Only Retro Game Show where the decades battle for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dueling decades. I am Mark James in this week, I'll be representing March seventeenth through the twenty third of one Thousan, nine thundren and ninety six. In this weak experience battle, let's meet the other dewellers and the decades they will be fighting for. First off firing up the flux capaciter and going back to the EITES, say hello to mancrush. What's up, it's man crush, I got March sixteen to twenty one thousand, nine hundred and eighty six and just Wa, I say: There's some big things coming to the show. People have been asking US for months. Judges have been asking US for months. Why isn't this? On Video? Well, I mean coming very soon we're going to haveen on video. However, after next week's episode, we will be shifting to a biweekly basis, so we can focus it kind of developing the video product more because u'mfortunately with doing the show and the research week after week after week. It takes up a lot of time and way too much time to develop video correctly. So please bear with us, and after next week's episode spend some time you can go through our back atalog there's over a hundred episodes and also we are starting our patreoon as well. That's GOINNT, bwww patreooncom forward lash doing decades we're going to have lots of extras on there. You can already check out the different tears that we have we're. Goinno have live, trivus going to be coming back daily, audio trivia and once we get enough signups we're going to start Mike, and I maybe mark I don't know who elseis going to be involved, but we're going to have that grimy. Seventy show that we've talked about a little bit on the show for our patrons and also we have already started releasing some of these on there, but it's the dueling decades, origin episodes there's a lot of cool interviews that we did over the past eight years that we're going to start putting up there that aren't available anywhere else, except for on our patreonon. I think mark what was the first one that we put up there. I was it Larry, Kinney, Larry, Kenny, yeah, Lin, Kno, thunder cats. You got to catch that one I guarantee you, you stick around to the end. It'll raise the hairs in the back of your neck. Once he does a thundercat call, it's pretty damn awesome, but we're going to have all their stuff. You coul watch is record live you could pick the years. You could be a judge if you get that fift yere. We're gonna have a lot of cool stuff on there to check that out, but in the meantime, we're here doing another episode for you, but that's what I have and also joining us on the panel and trucking with the S. welcome back to the show mic: Ranger, hello, everyone, I'm my granger, and this week I have March Nineteen Trough: Twenty Fifth Nineteen, Seventy eight and as always here on the show, we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness and you will know this week's judge as the gramy nominated front. Man of the plan, white teas and now, with his solo project million miler all rise and welcome, Judge Tom Higginson wheris up you guys, I'm Sto, it's up, I'm still, I'm already like debating like what, like you know, you got the frecking and those are like you know, arguably the three best decades ever so I'm excited to see what you guys pull out. I don't know it might be toss up here, I'm kind of partial to the s with my that million miler side project like Ye said, but I don't know the s were like. I was like in high school and stuff a lot of good memories. Yeah you're right around our age, though, like your, what are you forty, two and forty three just turnd forty, two yeah all right, so yeah you're? You grew up in the same era that we did so this should be fun. Oh Yeah can't wait. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules. The judges coinflip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories, movies, television, music, news and hot products. It judg's ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds, four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie. After all five rounds, we will go to a final wild guard round. Remember deelers, to review the show, listen subscribe and play along an home, it's time for more doin S, all right. Let's go right down to our celebrity gainst judge Tom Higginson for the coin tows. So I've got this. This deballoon straight from the goonies here: Okay, there's a cross on one side, so we'll call that headi's like x, marks the spot and then there's just like a random dudle on the other side. So heads is the ax tales is the other side in a flip. It go for it Mike. I'm Goingno go tailes, okay, it is actually heads it's the cross, tecks, so heads it is all right. Man Crush you on the coin toss and you get control the board. That means you get to select our first category, all right, let's go music first! I guess it's fitting. I don't know if this is my strongest pick playing with a little bit of. I know how this game works, so we're going to go with the weakes first for mind. So let's go. Let's go music. Let's Go March, Twenty Tse, one thousand nine hundre six and I mentioned his last week and it could never be more true this week you need to have a connection. Your picks tit really makes them work, and this week nothing spoke to me. So I found this release. It's a single which is one of billboards. Songs of the year oe Thousnd ninenry six, and I honestly had forgotten all about the song. Honestly, it's not my cup of tea, but then I listend to er three days ago and the fucking chorus has been stuck in my head ever since, no matter what I've listened to afterwards I'll just be sitting down eating lunch and my head just wanders off to on my own. Do you guys know the song I ho E, like? I can't stop, but I don't know if I don't know any of the other lyrics, except for that. So hopefully it didn't affect anybody else like it did me, but if it did you're welcome. But as I mentioned before, this is the number four song ine thousand nine hundred and ight six billbort song of the year chart it reached number one on the billboard hot one hundred for three weeks and it's actually Pattilabelle and Michael McDonald's biggest song of their careers, which is absolutely criminal. I think Honestley, but the funny thing here, like Patty, Labelle and Michael McDonald. They never actually met one another until after this duet was already released. So after this was done was the first time they met. They both recorded on separate coast. They never sung the song together until they appeared on the tonight show together, which is wild. I mean that's like common place in two thousand, an twenty one for people o be in different places like we are now we're sitting in four different states. Doing this o one thusand, nine hundred and Ihty six. This is a pretty big deal, but I mean thinking back to the meat of the song about being on your own. I suppose, like Bert, backrack who's, actually the producer a songwriter for this one. He wanted them to literally be on their own, so they did that even the music video was filmed depart. I don't know if you guys remember the video, but it was one of them sweet eighty split screens where it was right down the middle and they did the exact same thing. Andi'll just give you one last time, onmyown Tom, do you do you know the song? You know what I don't think I doti don't know if that's good, but you know I totally know what you mean. I was going to throw one more thing like for the S it's kind of like a feature right. It was like those two artists yeah from what y the way you're describing it, which also was kind of ahead of its time, because, obviously now it's commonplace to have artists together, but back then not so much so that's kind of cool all right. Well, that's sucks s. You didn't know, but that's why I picked in the first round. That's what yeah I was Goin ta ask: Are you guys trying to like, like you knew? I was going to be the judge. So were you like thinking like okay, what songs or what things Ar Tom Gen like? Is that how you're kind of Lio, like I don't really usually gear for the judge, especially when we have celebrity guest judges, because we don't know what you guys are thinking? We don't know your lives n. We have our friends on like when Daves on here John was on here back in the day, all the time we know what those guys like, so we would kind of hander them to them a little bit, but I think for you guys, we don't know like Shars, you don't even know this song you could have been. You know I wi be op Yor sure you would be like Oh plan white, tease, Patty Labelle, saying right up the same alley and Im gnalove in the show for a while. It's just something like we've picked. A television show that the judge was on or starry. They forgot and lost the round because they didn't want to pick a show that they were on. So you never know where it go either way. SURSO true that was vernon wells man crush I'm not going to count you out, I'm not going to count you out yet because we'll see what these other guys come on with no yeah, let's see, let's see all right, Mik granger. What did you bring for the music round? Well, Mark, let me tell you because March twenty third one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight Bob Marley and the whalers released Kaia the tenth studio album from Bob Marley and the wallers featuring the popular songs. Is this love and satisfy my soul? The album takes a less militan approach with most of the songs containing themes of peace, love and marijuana. The album was remastered in two thousand and one and had a delux edition in two thousand and thirteen and peaked ad number. Fifty on the billboard, two hundred wow can't go wrong. WITHS SOM BOB Marley man yeah. Now that that's hat I know I know those songs, so I think Mike might already be be taking the lead on thisground. So far, okay, yeah you're right Bob Marley its like you definitely can't go wrong. You know one of the greatest all time, I'm disputed, so so yeah, okay, okay, I feel this one all right, fellis. Well, my music selection is a song that was released as a single march eighteenth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six from a German born artist, and it's just one of those songs that upon hearing it, it just instantly takes you back and you feel like you're walking into that college party or high school prom or even middle school. Gym buzfeed listed this song at number, forty eight, as their one hundred and one greatest dance, songs of the S and Mat deal from entertainment weekly said it was an infectious new Jack Variation on Hay, Joe. It toppe. The UK singles charts one month after its release and it also reached number one in Simbabway in America it reached number two on the billboard hot one hundred and went platinum selling. Over one point, four million copies stylis magazine rank the song number forty on its list of top fifty one hit wonders- and you know this song this one's for the fellows. You know because the song tells the story of a broken hearted man regaining his swagger and getting his groove back and if you guys haven't figured it out by now. It's not my fault because, well I tried to tell you so yes, it did, but I guess you didn't know, as the saddest story goes baybe now I got the flow. That's right. My selection is return of the MAC by Mark Morrison, Morrison wrote the song and he co prodoced it with UK producer Philt Legg and it actually features back up vocals from Angie Brown. The return of the Mac bee now that's built almost entirely out of samples taking the guitar sounds in the drums from genius of love, one thousand nine hundred and eighty one dance classic from the Talking Heads Offshoot, the Tom Tom Club. You guys are going to remember this one because Maria carry sampled the same thing famously in fantasy and they also sampled hiphop mainstays such as run DMC, digital underground and the treacherous three kind of the approach they took with return of the Mac was: let's take familiar samples that are already in popular songs mix them all into a great hook, and that's what you got return of the Mac March, eighteenth, nineteen and ninety six God. You know what makes Mi hate that song. The first job I ever had was at this place. It was at the malls called home image and that song was like on the loop. This is back in the day where there was no radio stationwas, just a loop tape, and that would come on like every single hour. It was horrible and that, like thinking back to it like, why would they have return to the Mac on a retail tape? Yeah, it seems weird kind of weird it was a huge hit, so maybe it was something to do with the record company. I don't know it's true. They also played fine young Cannibal. So what can you do? Wow? They always drive me crazy, AASO, okay, so mark I'm going to say that was a really exceptional. I mean that that hitch and tat the the details and the information really really interesting and really great presentation don't be mad, though I don't know I not this song either like how is it that big, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six and I'm not even it's not like bringing a bell- I non, I think perhaps mark- should sing it yeah for sure you give thim the chorus well, I gave you the opening lyrics. Do you want me to do the background music return of the MAC return to up the MAC e Teetope? That's what it sounds like when I hear it Odoo! Yes at it! Yes, AI! So everybody knows this one, but me. How is this I'm, like the word judge? Well, listen! I wish I didn't know it because that's all I fucking here right now and I hate it. I love how Tom's the singer and where the guys singing to him so weird all right. Well, let's toss it down to Tom Higginson for the ruling on the music round. Okay. Well, like I said Mark You had a great presentation, a lot of good information there. I feel like I know the song, even if I don't know the Song Mancrash, you know Patty Labell, you usually and Michael McDonald. You can't really go wrong there to two legends in their own rights, but I mean I got to go with Mike on this one, because Bob Marley is, I don't know, he's my favorite out of all of all those artists out of all those songs. That's that's my winner. I'm sorry you guys, but but Mike killing it so far. Nice work. Thank you. That was an easy one. That's strategy right there Mike handed you the D, I'm glad you guys started with music because that's like you know, that's prob. You would think that would be. I should know that Shit, but you know I'm excited to see. What's next we got. What else is that music or no movies TV shows news and hot product hot products, cool, okay, yeah, cool, all right, Mike Ranger, you pick up the first point but, more importantly, you take control of the board and get to select our next category. Where re we going man well, I think I'm going to go with movies, which tells you how good my pick is. Oh man that yealy how to get this one out of the way. Well, on March twenty second one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight on NBC, aired the TV movie and Beetles inspired mocumentary spoof, the ruddles. All you need is cash directed and written by Mony Python's, Eric Idol, starring Ariccodle, as well as some of Saturday lives finest such as Bill Murray, John Blushi, Gildne, Radner, Dan acroid, as well as Paul Simon Larn, Michael served as a producer. The mocumentary follows the career of a Fatiche, a fictitious rock group. The ruddles, consisting of band members Dirk Ron, Barry and stig any resemblance to the Beatles, is purely and satirically intentional Parre. The movie parody, some of the Beatle's career, highlights, for example, Yellow Submarine Becomes Yellow Submarine Sandwich. It's also important to mention that despite critical claim, the broadcast on NBC earnd the lowest ratings of any show on American Primetime television that week, but fared much better. In the UK, the film released a soundtrack. A later came to home video. A semi remake in two thousand and four and in anthology spoof album in one thousand nine hundred and ninety six wow Yah the ruddles, the ruttls that I never heard of never heard of that one either. I have indeed heard of that one yeah, so yeah, I'm a yeah, I'm a big Beatles Fan, so I've definitely heard of the ruddles. I've always chose to avoid it. You know just because I was like I can't have them making fun of the Beatles. It's fucking criminal right. Well, here's I'm a huge Beatles Fan as well. I actually NADE my son Lenon, but but- and I fe here's the funny part, though I don't know if I've seen the whole thing, but I've definitely seen parts of it and yeah. So I'm obviously very familiar- and I know you're the only one to go so far, but you know so far. You got the lead in this round so way to go. Mi. Add a lot of good information in that one. You know all the set all the SNL thro I like at the best part was you know any any t. What was it any? Oh, that's, actually, a quote from TV guide any resemblance to the Beatles is purely and satirically intentional, intentional yeah. I love that Nice Mike. Let me ask you: Is it better than Kiss Phanom at the park or, worse? I don't think anything can beat Kiss Phantom at the park. Famy the park is fantastic. I don't know what you're talking about man, you guy O, you guys smoke before the yeah, but that's beside the point. All right, man crush. What did you bring for the movies round? Oh Man, nothing! I could let's Go March, twenty first one thousand nine hundred and eighty six and a few months back. I made this pick for return to the living dead. Part three and I said then, that usually a franchise when it hits sequel number three. It was all she wrote and they usually weren't that good, and on that episode I did toss out a couple examples of part threes. They were actually good, but I totally spaced out on this franchise. I don't know why, but this particular third installment is actually my favorite of the entire franchise and I wasn't sure if that's because it was on hbo every day growing up in the S or because I actually liked it better. So I rewatched the first three movies of the series, the other night and sure enough. I do like this one, the best. So, let's see, if, if you guys share the same sentiment on this one, so at the box office is moveme Dav, it debute at number one at that week and it brought in just about forty four million dollars. Overall, it's about a hundred, an six million dollars in to thousand and twenty one, but over the course of the seven movie franchise. This one actually ranks third, obviously, but overall the entire comedy franchise. It brought in two hundred and thirty nine million dollars in seven movies. So it's not too shabby, but this movie this always struck me, is bizarre. The original movie in the series was rated R. Now that one it came out n March, two twoent Te thousand ninehundred and eighty four and the PG rating didn't go into effect until July. First, one thousn, nine hundred and eighty four, so that one make sense they were a little too racy for PG. So it was slap in then all rating. Then the sequel came out in eighty five and that was met with a pg thirteen rating and that again that makes sense. Then films, three through seven, all rated PG, and to me like a rating of PG. It's like a little kids movie like I just I clearly. This is not a little kids movie so where they motivated to make a couple extra box or something I'm not really sure, but if they were completely failed miserably because each movie dropped drastically in the box office totals after the second movies. That's why I brought up this. One was number three and the lineage of seven, but each one went down and down and down I'll, bring out those numbers if we need them later on. But I'd expect that in two thousand and twenty one, but you know definitely not in the S- it seems like the s they put everything over the top so very puzzling, but if you're into like gritty crime, action dudes without eyebrows wise cracking cops the most incredible ass, Kisser, you've ever seen: Kunk Food Voice, Dubbing Law Enforcement Academies with Zero Standards, Mahony High Tower tackleberry Calahan hooks and a touching best friend story between zed and Sweetchuck, then police academy, three back to training is the movie for you, fantastic, I'm a huge fan of three as well. I love it jus because of Bob Cat, I got to say I thought you were going nightmare and elm treet when you were talked about having so many of them and then you threw comedy in there and I did figure out it was the police academy series I had to tag. Let me ask you this so part three. That is the one with Bob Cat. I yeah he's in two hundredand, three, okay, yes, citizen on patrol was that to that's four, that's four! That's that's for yea, but what's part to hs he's a bad guy in to and then in three he's like read, you know revitalizing himself or whatever rehabing his personality, so he goes to the police, cademy and actually there's seene at the very beginning of the movie after the whole crash with him and sweet chuck, where they're in their dorm and he's screaming in sweetchuck's face and then Calahan walks in she's like what's going on and he's like this guy is an asshole whatever he says and she's like no, it's fine he's here to rehave himself and the entire movie with those to it just makes the entire movie. I think, for me at least totally nice well excellent choice. I think I was if I had to choose. I remember loving the second one, the one where Bob Cat was the bad guy like in the gangs yeah, but yea I mean you got to love all those characters, great great series, so cool, so good yeah, you know, what's actually crazy about the entire series is a whole to which you don't see very often they actually kept twenty one cast members for at least one movie Ind, I the franchise they stayed before and after which, I think it's one of the only franchise to do that with an esample cast etpic. It's pretty nuts all right gentlemen. My movies pick brought together some of the biggest up and coming stars of the s names like John Toturro hally, Barry, Isaah, Washington, Ron, Silver Teresa Randall, Demi, Mazar, Quinton, taring, Tino, Michael and Perioli, Naomi Camell, Richard Belzer Madonna, and it's the film debut of Gretchen Mall, and it had a soundtrack done by the one and only prince and to top it off, it's a spikely joint release March twenty second one thousand nine hundred and ninety six and opening on one thousand. Seventy seven screens earning two point: four million dollars its very first weekend. I gave you the story of a phone sex operator and the men who loved her and spikelees girls, six Pikeley's first feature and well cheat in which he did not contribute to the screenplay. He actually just directed this one, Roger Ebert wrote about this film. I am prepared to suspend a great deal of disbelief while watching a movie, but during girl six, I found it difficult to believe that a phone sex girl would get addicted to her job, to the money sure to the power of the men who call her perhaps but to the sex. Even though Spikeley's girl six was written by a woman, it seems conceived from the point of view of the male coller who would like to believe that that the woman he is hiring by the minute is enjoying the conversation just as much as he is now remember when I said that it made two point: four million dollars it's opening weekend. Well after that weekend, nobody went to see it because the gross was just under five million dollars total for this movie. That cost twelve million dollars to make so I'm phoning it in on this one. It's girl, six March, twenty second one thousand nine hundred and ninety six. I love how you brought up the two point: four million in the beginning, like you made it like it, was this gigantic total. They made two point: four million the fit is that's a huge opening weekend, but after the opening weekend the reviews came out and nobody went to go, see it. Ten Years Prior, when police catemy came out, they made eight point four in their S, throwing that out there all right. Well, let's pick it down to our celebrity gest judge Tom Higginson for the ruling on the movies round, yeah, so spikely joint. You know you can always count on Spike. I feel like girls, six was maybe kind of start. You know started when h. You know his career started slowing down a little bit. Maybe you know, if think, obviously he had some some huge and very important movies in the late s early s but yeah that one that one seemed to fall off a little bit and I think you know Mike Nailed it with with the ruttles going for after my beadles heart, of course, but I don't know this round, I think I got to go to Mancrush just because you know the police academy movies a very soft soft spot in my nostalgiac Hart. So I got to give this one. The man crush Nis very nice yeah. If you rewatch it, though, that PG rating does not like, I don't understand how it got a PG rating and I ta six doesn't make sense. Well, it's kind of like you know the Goonis. It's like the first. Some of the first words are like Shit and, like you know so much Lik, O aring in that and that's whered PG. Obviously so yeah the s were a different time for sure all right, man crush. You picked up a point and we're heading into our final one point round. What category are we going with next man? All right trying to keep the strategy up here. Let's go, let's go hot products. Let's do that one! Next in this Tom, this is probably something you know a little bit about, maybe not the band. Well, you might know about the bands. I'm sure you did but you'll know about what they went through here so march. Twenty Fr e thousand nine ten, six and good Lord. This is the first time in doing decades. History I actually believed I wasn't going to find a hot product. Obviously the smaller the calendar window is the fewer options we have, and typically we all kind of know that if there's nothing major there's a couple things that we could fall back on, like no big product releases, no problem, let's see what came out on vhs that week. So that was my thinking. Last night I sent mark a text message and he was like: Oh Jo, look up vhs and I came across and ad for the Goonis going on sale. However, sadly it was coming on March, twenty O, which is outside of my window, so that was a I kept trying to Hav the instant vote if it was Goni so dude like I saw that- and I saw the IT- was a full page ad for a VHS release for eighty buck wow- and I was like ah this. This is it right here, but yeah apparently outside my window, so I kept digging. I kept digging and last night. I stumbled upon this tiny blurb in this newspaper called the morning. Call out of Allentown Pennsylvania T is is what it said. So the notorious ozy Osborne and his heavy metal band are headidg back to the valley April eighteenth at the stable arena, opening band will be metallica tickets, go on sale today at the arena and other local ticket outlets, and this right here was the beginning leg of the damage ink tour, which started March, twenty eon thousand nine hundred and eighty six and went on for nearly a year before fishing up February, thirten, nd, nineten, seven. Interestingly, the tour began with Ozzy headlining and metallic as the opener. For a few months before metallica officially took over is headliner that summer and supported the masteraf puppets album. Sadly, though, this is actually the tour where cliff Burton was killed in a bus. accient happened on September, twenty seventh, it was a day after they completed a show in Stockham, Sweden and obviously numerous dates were canceled and the band got back together mid November to finish out the tour with new basis, Jason newsted- and this was interesting, though, like prior to to Cliff Burton dying, Perk Hammot. Just a couple of years ago he had a interview, and he said the METALLICA was considering firing Lars Orick at the completion of this tour and Kerk. He doesnreally go into it much. But then, if you look at Scott Ins, autobiography I'm the man he's got kind of like a wholed chapter, part of Ha chapter about it, and he said I didn't, and I quote, I didn't ask why they were going to kick lawrs out. I figure it was because they wanted a better drummer, but apparently there was also business related stuff going on behind the scenes that they weren't thrilled with other than that I mean go and get your tickets to one of the hottest hours of the year got the damage ink tour, but I do have another little clip from his book. Where he's talking he's talking back and forwrth to cliff Burton, I just thought this was interesting to I'll thow it out there. So this is from his book. I'm the man, of course, talking about Scott Ian Anthrax cliff explain the plan. The three of us have agreed- and I quote when we get home from this tour, we're going to get rid of Lars, even if it means we can't use the Metallica name anymore, somehow lawrs own the name at that point, or at least they thought he did. I looked at James and I said this is crazy. You are Metallica, everyone is going to know you. Even if you change your name and at this point everyone Alra knows you. It doesn't matter what you call yourself. It's still going to be you guys and your music thought that was interesting. I never really they never exsponged on it, but I never heard about that before. So that's kind of wild, HMM yeah. I didn't know that that backstay, that's that's crazy, because lars you think you know you think Mentalica. Obviously you think of James and probably lawres would be second person. You think of you know, huh crazy, all right Mike Ranger. What did you bring for the hot products round? Well, looks like Paul McCartney and wings release the first single off their album. London town called with a little luck on March twentyt, one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight reaching number one in the United States and number five in the UK, described by Billboard magazine as an optimistic and Sollartip Tobet. Well, that's a word that I'm not going to be able to pronounce so we're going to move oun. The pop song is regarded as one of the best songs of Pal McCartney's postbeatles career and was featured in the closing credits, one hosand nine hundred and seventy nine films sunburned starring, fair Fausit, the be side of the forty five has the tracks backwards, traveler and cufflink. So that's exciting, and with a little luck, people forget that I fucked up Nice Nice. I pulln my pulln my beetle's heart again, I like it Mike Learne, the Panyea he's like I'm pretty sure he was working. Another story he wasyou know quickly, searching for more Beatles, related, picks all right guys. So for my hut product, let's go to the The Times News and Twin Falls: Idaho March Twenty Secon on thousand nine hundred and ninety six now e're going to go over to the best cellar section by the Associated Press. These were the topselling books this week. According to the USA. Today, the number one book for that week was a paperback and it's the forty second book in a series of books that was just absolutely inescapable growing up in the S and for a while it was the best selling series of all time selling four million books a month. So let's open up the pages of goose bumps, I give you the best selling egg monsters from Mars by RL Stein. Now arlestein himself said that this was one of his favorite books to write, as it only takes place in two scenes. So this book is so s that it actually references American girl, dolls, teenage Mootin, inja turtles and who can forget the Great Game Battle Chess. So the description for the book reads: An Egg Hunt: that's what Dana Johnson's braddy sister brandy wants to have it a birthday party and whenever brandy wants brandy gets Jane, is not big on egg hunts, but that was before he found the egg. It's not like a normal leg, it's about the size of a soft ball and it's covered in ugly, blue purple veins and it's starting to hatch we're all twelve. So without spoiling the shocking ending, once Dana takes the egg to a mad scientist who tells them that there are more of these eggs, they came from Mars and when they hatch a Blob, like substance, comes out of the egg and artist Tim Jcibis who did the covers for the Goose Bun series actually considers this to be one of his favorite covers because he thinks it's kind of cool and scary to work with something ordinary like a carton of eggs. You know it's not really what you'd think of a monster or something that's a scary imagery, so he was able to play with those things so Ermigard, it's Gerseburns egg monsters from Mars. It's the best selling book of the Week March, twenty second one thousand nine hundred and ninety six, very nice, very nice cool. So I man this is you guys all kind of I'll kind of nailed it in this round? I will say you know like going for my McCartney heart, although I don't I'm not sure that I know, or I'm super familiar with that wing song. So you probably should ve just went with your original thing that you had ready instead of googling beadles. I actually did not change my pick, II'm just ceasing ot but yeah. So I think that one is out now. This is tough. You got the freaking Ozzy Metalica tour ticket, but then of course you got classic Goose Buns. You know series having a kid right now. If who is eleven years old, he's all about t e, goose, bomps and all about you know, I'm trying to encourage him to read and to you know, get into things like that. So I don't know you know he could read Scott Ann's book. If you that' ind out allthethe drama, you know. I think that the the ticket is probably slightly cooler, but as far as hot products, I mean a ticket to one show or a bestselling book that sold four million copies. Would you say a freaking a month yeah a month, four million books a month, that's unbelievable, and so I'm Goinna yeah, I'm Gointo have to throw this one. You know for my son, my eleven year old son, I'm gonna, I'm going Ta go with marks, pick on this round with the boos boss book all right, so the game's all tied up now heading into our two point rounds. I have control the board. You know for our next category. Let's go over to the News Round Gentlemen. Now I found my news in the Los Angeles Times March, Twenty Seon, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six we're staff rider, chuck, Phillips Rights, Rapper Dr Dray, to part ways with death row start new label in a move that will reorder the architecture of the Rap Music Business Rapstar. Dr Dray, the producer of the booming hip hop music market is splitting with death row records the controversial record label he cofounded four years ago with partner Shud night dray, whose real name is Andrea. Young will launch a new label yet unnamed that will be founded in part and distributed by Westwood based interscope records. According to sources, dray WHO's, thirty years old will be chief executive and produce records exclusively for the new label. Death row also is based in Westwood and has sold more than eighteen million albums and has dominated the nation's pop charts over the last three years with gangster rap music from stars such as Dr Drayimself Snoop, doggy dog, the dog pound and to Pok Chacor. You know the company has attracted national attention in the last year after violent and sexually explicit lyrics, set off a political uproar causing time order to dump the labels distributor interscope. So this company, of course, would go on to be known as aftermath and see twenty of its twenty eight releases go platinum as well as his own albums after math was produced by Dr Dray and for good or bad. He gave us the artist anm fifty cent, the game and Kendrick Lamar so March, twenty second one thousand nine hundred and ninety six, Dr Dray is straight out of death row. Wow, that's pretty good! That's that's a good newsbit right there. I love that. I feel, like you threw you pick that one, because you knew the music connection with me. No noao with it had nouhthing to do with it. It was literally the best new story I could find. I mean that's pretty go no. I am a huge MNM fan, so I meew right where you were going with that, so very cool, all right man crush. What did you bring for the news round? All Right? Well Tom? I brought this one just for you since you want you want to this one's just for you all right. So, let's go march, seventen Ne Thousand Nine hndred and six, and there was a lot of boring political crap going on. Let's be honest, like I think we touched on a year's worth of politics. Last episode, we brought up the whole Howard Stern story, so I kept lipping the pages and I came across this article out of the Philadelphia inqhirer that read more like a story from the national enquirer and I definitely had to dive into this one be aware this actually happened. This was this was not a tabloid Bullshit Story. This was legit like this actually happened. So the title of this article reads: Women says: Cat Skan die, killed, psychic powers, so this lady, her name is Judith Richardson Haymes we're going to call her bullshitter. For Short, she went on the stand and she claimed that she offered psychic counseling, and I quote because it's the most random group of people ever to mailmen grossers doctors, lawyers and Indian chiefs, but she concluded by saying I can't I can't think of any walk of life that I didn't counsel. She also testified that her best skill was the ability to read Oras and that surround people. Supposedly she helped find police pot or she helped police, find bodies, Sheshe held saances and a more than one occasion, the famous English poet John Milton had spoken through the bullshitter's voice. Oh Yeah and bullshitter was in the prediction business as well, although many of her predictions did not pan out all this occurred between the years of one thousand nine hundrend and sixty nine n one thousand nine hundred and seventy six. Then, in October, on thousand nine hundred and seventy six bullshit was scheduled to have an MRI, a temple university hospital and that changed her life forever. It's funny how she couldn't predict that this was going to happen, Thoug so prior to the Cat Skan, she was injected with a die that apparently caused her to have issues from that moment on after getting the die, she vomited for two days suffered bad headaches for three weeks waltz broke out all over her body and she lost the ability to read Oras as she attemptis user Psychi Gabilities. She would immediately fall ill rending her special gift useless, so she waits ten years and files this lawsuit about losing her magic. She brings no concrete evidence of anything and tha E pospital denies everything they're like we don't know what this woman is talking about. We don't have any of this documented and then the initial article that I found this in kind of treats like this storiis like a gag, and they include the article by saying this trial is expected to last for a week. So I took a chance- and I went to the next week and I found the result of the trial. bullshitter wins a one million dollar settlement, O yeah and before before the jury deliberated. The judge specifically told them- and I quote- disregard bullshitter statement about losing her magical powers and only consider her negative allergic reaction. Clearly, they did not listen and I'll wrap this one up right here, O fast forward to Augus one thousand nine hundred and ighy six. I dug forward in a couple months: COMMAN, please Judge Lion or Leon cats. Who is the guy that I just gave you that other quote from he overturned the One Million Dollar Award and stated it's so grossly excessive as to shock the courts sense of justice, and he took five months to rule because a jury's verdict shouldn't be overturned unless it results from clear error, and this does so this lady who's, a psychic, loses her powers due to the cat, can die, get a million bucks and then everything gets pulled back Wel I was just like I have. I have to bring the story to the table. This is ridiculous. That's pretty good. What was the headline again. That was the best part. The headthe headline of the story is woman, says cat can die, killed, psychic counts, and this is a real newspaper S. not it's not the national enquirer insane very nice, very nice, all right Mike Ranger. What did you bring for the news round? Well, gentlemen, I bring to you today said Tal. I found an article in the Daily News on Thursday March twusenty Thn ND, nine tuneren, nd eventy, eight titled Greatest Wolenda Falls to death. The article says Karl Willenda. Seventy three, the patriarch of the greatest high wire family in circus history, was caught in a gust of wind, while walking across a cable strung between two tall buildings yesterday and plunged a hundred a twenty feet to his death. Walenda was the founder and leader of the Great Wallendas crowds gasped women fainted and someone screamed Willenda lost his balance, made a grab for the wire and fell through the air landing on the roof of a taxi breaking his fall. The witnesses on the scene say the taxi did have his light on, but that the meter was running and that happen in tsd nine een, SSIN, Seventy San Juan. If bullshitter didn't lose her powers, she probably could have warned him that that was going to happen. Yeah the thesturbing part of this is that the the news outlets that covered this actually, you know, show the fall o. So it's kind of I man, it's something to watch, you can go on Youtube and you can and you can watch this whole thing happen. I was actually calling my parents up and, like you remember this wow yeah, it's so depressing to watch stuff like that, you know yeah. I have to watch something like that, especially if it's like for the show or something you know I just mess with it and I download it and then I watch it and reverse and it's kind of uplifting to see somebody fly up to the top of a building, a Li yeah yeah that probably would have been thebetter way to go, and instead I was like you know it was really. It was actually kind of upsetting because it was one of those really cool taxies, like those old ones, a like. You know, n the cartoons with the checkers on the side, the bubbly yeah. You know a d now totally ruined. You know, yeah, that's the worst part for sure the card yeah just mush out like an Roger Rabbit, yeah is gn, no didn'tid didn't make its way to Tunetown, but other. The other sad part of this is that his seventeen year old granddaughter was in the crowd. Did you guys ever see that movie man on Wyre by any chance? I didn't. I know what you're talking about yeah yeah. It was like a documentary made from some French. You know high wired guy, who it was. He had him and his friends had this big, like you know, plan they kind of schemed it out to put a line between the two twin towers and he was up there. I think for a matter of a couple hours just doing this, and you know people of course witnessing it and everything and there was police officers on each side of the building or you know each on each rooftop just waiting for him and he just stayed out on the line for hours and then finally got off and you know got arrested in everything, but man that was a it was. It was thrilling to watch that. Just because I mean you know, you know he's going to make it okay, obviously, but what kind of I mean? Just I don't understand you know I'm not a big thrill seeker guy to begin with, so to just do something like that is just wild to me and obviously sometimes, as you know, Mike just told us, sometimes it doesn't go according to plan and yeah. That's the fears. Just imagine witnessing that. So I I don't want to go google that and look at that, but just watch it and reverse man just watch it s yeah, you know what what's even more crazy is that this is not really like th the first tragedy to hit that family there's been other members that have died there ar paralyzed for life or something else so yeah, and that's not even the first time is that's well that particular story, that's the first time, but it's not the first time that somebody's fell. We had somebody not too long ago. We were talking about walking across the AG of falls or going off, ind like what how was a guy in like like a barrel or some shit and got crused and die. Hmm Yeah, always good good time, all right Tom. Let's hear your verdict for the news round. Well again, really great, really great everybody's psychic woman, I mean that's just a crazy like, like you said it's almost two too crazy to believe it. You know like, but totally real. I love the fact that judge overturned the decision. Months later. I didn't think that was even possible and obviously the the high wire accident crazy, horrific that's going to give me nightmares tonight. I think, but I mean you know, this is a millenium of after math Therain't going to be nothing after that. So I'm going to have to go with mark on this one with the the Dr Dray story, all right, a with those two points. I jump out to a three to one lead heading into the final round. The television round so for my television pick will appropriately go over to the pages of the Boston Globe, for an article by Renee. Graham NBC must think a great deal of Boston, common, an new comedy series premiering tonight on channel seven for the next six weeks. The television network has loaned the show its lofty eight thirty PM time, slot normally occupied by its highly rated freshman series. The single guy clearly executives at the peacock network believe that TV viewers are such slabs of cheese. They won't even bother flipping the channel from anything sandwich between friends and Seinfeld. NBC could put a Sitcom on starring, Pat Buchanon and the village people in that time slot and have a runaway hit. So when Boston common gets huge numbers in its debut remember, it's only the time slot, not the series itself. Now the show itself, its stars, standup comedian, Anthony Clark as Boyd Pritchet, who drives his kid sister from Virginia to Boston, to study communications at Fictional Randolph, Harrington College. His sister can't wait for boy to jump back in his car and hide tailet below the Mason Dixon line. When she moves back into her new digs in the Commonwealth, she coops I'm going to have a lot of sex in this apartment. Her brother doesn't really want to leave his sister alone, so he kind of sticks around for a little while and he warms up to a local BOSTON, school teacher. So that's the plot of this one. If that doesn't sound like a recime for success. Two days later in the Boston Globe, we get an update, Anthony Clark, stand up, comedian and star of the new show Boston, common called his old pals done at the Boston comedy connection, to say that he got word from NBC President Warren Littlefield that the network had ordered four more episodes of Boston common. That makes this the program. Six episode try out a tend show run. It then got renewed again for a full second season now, unfortunately, that would be the last of Boston common as they only delivered. Thirty two episodes in total the show itself was set at a fictional college, which was based on Emerson College, which is actually the college that star of the show Anthony Clark and Creator Max mutchuck actually attended. So I give you Boston, Commons March, twenty Ose, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six. I totally very nice very nice all right man crash. What do you have for the television round? Man? I got something better than Boston Commont, so let's go artw yeah. I know hat's my mall UST, LET EVERYBODY ELS! Let's go on March twenty t on Thuand Inete, a six. So Im like mark I'm not going to pick AP midseason replacement this week. Two weeks in a row was definitely enough for me not that there weren't any there was, but there was no way that I was Goin Na pick. Another show that only lasted night episode, so I kept digging through the TV listings for my week and obviously just a small plug here. A you haven't liked our facebook page yet go over to wwwdfacebookcom forward lash doing decades and join the other. Seventy five ousand people who have already made it over there and were continually going through newspapers, fror, the show or for content for the page. So what we do nightly is we put up these TV listings to show you what was on television like for a particular night in the S and s mark? What Year did you use tonight? One thousand nine hundred and ninety eight one thousand nine hundred ND ninety eigh. So you can go there. You could see the top six choices, at least our top six choices for that year and see what was on TV it's fun to do, but we do that. Just about every night so make sure you go over to that page check it out anyway, I'm so I'm digging through, and I find an ad for something that was premiering on Hbo that Saturday night- and this was huge like right round this time in the ts like boxing, they started to take some hits a few years prior, arguably the most popular boxer, the time sugar Ray Leonard, he suffered a career ending, I injury. Obviously he would come back several times, but at this point he was retired. Then you have the sad imagery of potentially a brain damage, Mohammed Ali leaving a hospital which is huge news on thd nine Ted ad six, then a few days prior to this a event you had boxer Steve Watt, who died after getting knocked out by rocky Kelly, like he died like three days later, but he never woke up after getting knocked out. So, needless to say, like the public was either all in on boxing or they wanted a band at this o thsand, nine hred six. However, you had amazing young talent that was coming up right here and this event it pretty much turned everything positive. So one of the other plan, one of the pains in the asses here was when it comes to boxing. You have all these federations and they never agree on anything. So you have like forty, seven different champs, WBC, WBA, IBF, etc. So Hbo Spent Months Negotiating with the big three to organize event. There would unify all the belts and name one single champion and at this point Ithad been eight years since there was a unified champ and that last one that was Leon spinks, he defeated Mohamedally, one thusand, nine hundred and seventy eight. So this was a long time in the making. So after twenty million dollars and months in negotiating HBO Heavy Weight, Unification Series was announced in a legend was born at seven PM March. Twenty se ton O ninet a six, the first fight ind, the UNIVICATION series kicked off. It was an upset. You had undefeated WBC champion Pinklan Thomas at the hands of Trevor Burbic, but you fast forward six months later, Mike Tyson has his first match. In the tournament verst newly crownd WBC Champ Trevor Burbick and as of we all know, Tyson knockedout burbick. I think it was like two rounds. He takes the WBC strap six months after that. Tyson Beats Bon crusher Smith, for the WBCHIONSHIP and in the finals of the tournament. He would go on defeat Tony Tucker to become the first unified champion in eight years and a boxing legend all because of the HBO Unification Series March, Twenty Second Ne Thousand Nine hundred and eighty six fantastic wow, not bad, not bad, who doesn't Love Iron Mike. You know yeah all right, Mike Ranger. What do you have for the television round? Mike's? Looking he's looking for beetles Newsa, he can evviron Mike well mark on Sunday March, nine te Ne Thousand Nine hundred and sevty eight on CBS America said Goodby to Gloria and Mike Stivick in the twenty fourth episode of seasonate of the iconic show all in the family. The episode is titled that the Stivics Go West. The episode is a heartfelt good bye, proving to be just as traumatic for Archie and edith as it is for meathead and archies little girl. I found an article in the Ashbury Park, press titled, Just like Old Times for one more all in the family. The article goes on to say that it's a breakup of an American institution that took television by storm seven years ago, Mike and Gloria or leaving Queens for Santa Barbara California, both rhyner and struthers, are leaving for shows of their own producer. Norman Lear will also be taking an extended leave after producing sixteen series and seven hundred hours worth of shows. All in the family ran for nine seasons. Two hundred and five episodes gave birth to spin offs that, in turn, gave up birth to their own spinoffs rob bryner and Sally strullers appeared in a hundred and eighty three episodes and did reprise their roles and season nine, as well as in Archi bunker's place and, of course, Gloria got her her own show that lasted a whole season. Yeah Yeah is anybody ever seen Gloria the now t the spinoff have not I've afforded it. Well, let me tell you, for those that don't know glory and Mike do end up getting a divorce and she moves back to New York and then they ship her. She goes up to Duchess county to work for a vet office that is owned by burgus Meredith Wow. Yes, all the good showis go to Duchess County Yeah. It makes sense because Archie would sometimes reference Duchess County in the show, so it kind of Yo know be up there en duches couunty up there was beautiful weather all right Tom. Let's hear your verdict for the television round. Okay, so I got to say, im not familiar with Boston. COLLA is a Boston, calling Boston, Common Boston, Common Commons, although I you know, I like the the idea, you know the sister that wants to have sex a lot in the apartment. You know that sounds like a real nice family. You know coming together kind of a thing when brother, but yeah that one I di really know and I would go. Then we go to man frush and I mean Mike Tyson. You know a staple of, I think, all of our childhoods, probably watching all those fights HBO and everything. My only issue was that in your selected week I know you tied it in with Mike Tyson, but Tyson didn't fight that week of your. You know s the Hbo Unification Thing, which I know you kind of you kind of brought it in with with Tyson, but without that Tyson you know without that reach, but without the unification week you have no Tyson. That's true! That is a ture. It's a catch! Twenty two! It really is so I'm going to have to go. I mean all the family. I spent you know a lot of hours as a kid watching watching reruns of that show- and you know thinking about the the the finale and everybody kind of splitting apart. You know, I got to admit, made me a little sad. You know, thinking about all those characters and everything so yeah. I'm Goinno have to give this one to to Mihe because all the family, as my shit, all right Mike. You pick up two points in that round and that actually gives you three points which ties you with me. So we're going to go to a final wild card round. I feel like I need, like the remote controlle chair to flip me back yeah, all right Mike Ranger. What did you bring for the wild card round? Well, this is this is going to be interesting, because what I'm going to bring is woutd was actually going to be my movie pick, but there was a lot to unpack and I just didn't feel like you know, writing all that down so and also I liked what I pick movies I like to go with, like American releases, or at least North American releases. So this is actually a movie that came out on March, twenty third in Hong Kong and it's actually it's called game of death. It's Ba! It's basically Bruce Le's last movie right yeah, but they take kind of pieces. You know and mix them together and like do all this kind of crazy voice over work, and then it does get released in America and seventy nine and then it comes out again a few years later, where they do like another cut of it so and then I think they changed the name again so yeah. That's that's what you get a pick that I didn't want to use: Hey Nice all right! So from my wild card pick, this is actually a news story that I was going to use for my news until I found the story about aftermath and I'm so ecstatic we get to talk about this one. So we'll go over to the Times Tribune in Scranton, Pennsylvania March, twenty Secon, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six for an article where the headline reads: Toplass, wrestler, thwarted by video, Greensburg Pennsylvania, a woman healthy enough to wrestle topliss and Colslaw was not injured seriously enough to sue the state. A jury ruled it took the jury only about two hours, Thursday to decide that Sarah Milican forty eight a grandmother, an aspiring mud wrestler did not have a valid case when she sued the Transportation Department for injuries suffered on an icy road. The department only offered one piece of evidence in its defence: a video tape of milicin grappling with another woman in a pit of coal slaw. Her strange husband, Kenneth, Kressinsky taped her in Daytona Beach Florida in March of on thousand nine hundred and ninety two one year after milikin's car flipped over on an icy road in suburban Pittsburgh. So I think this peers up fantastic with your storyman crush. It does I kind of wish you bought that to the table, so that's my offering for the wild card round Tom. Let's hear your final verdict on this game. Well, you know when you went a topless wrestler I mean I couldn't help. Thinking of like you know s wrestell wrestle. I know you're in s but like I was thinking of guys. You know like men, noplis wrestlers. So when you threw the twist of the the topless woman wrestler in Colslaw by the way, that's interesting, you know interesting detail it definitely, you know only in Florida right, but then you he ou, know get to the forty eight year old, grandma detail ulne twist to it. So I will. I will have to say that you know the the brucely movie sounds awesomely awesomely, weird because they probably had to haunch podjget together, but I will I'm going to go with you mark that's rih yeah mar wrestling winds for sure. Well, what was her finishing move with those flapjacks? I don't want to know like it's bin around. Oh Man, Tom. I think well, thanks for for only choosing one of my rounds by the way, but I think we we need to talk about like why you're here I mean we we need to talk about aside from, like, like friends of the show, usually like we have wrapper wax on. Most of our guests are like notable figures from th s and S, but now you're, basically the same age as us, so you catch all the same. Like nostaga nostalgia feels is us, so it makes sense. You also have this new solo thing going on with million miler, which spotify calls dripping with nostalgia, so I think it fits right in with what we do so now it all kind of makes sense to the people at home, but tell us about milly yeah, I'm basically, I'm in my mind. I've got my own deal in decades going out because I'm still going, you know going strong with Plan White Tse twenty years into the teas stuff, but yeah. I started this side project. I think it was kind of you know, push forward a lot with this last year. You know serybody's, just stuck it home kind of nothing to do. It spark my creativity to finish an album and so yeah. I have this project called million miler and I call myself milly as a little nickname but yeah. It's basically just my love for, like we've, talked about all episode, the goonies you know and all these ehtes you know not only all the movies back to the future. The last boys- you know ghost busters all that stuff but of course, also the music from back. Then I mean I grew up, as we all did, I'm sure, with Michael Jackson and Bruce Springstein and Medonna, and all those that that s just such a sweet spot for music, so yeah. So I just my heart- was kind of pulling me in in that direction. So I just made a record of songs that kind of have that that nostalgic vibe, but are still you know, personal and kind of about me and my life as it is now, but just literally dipped into that into that s sound in that S, aesthetic so yeah definitely doing doing decades in my mind. But but it's I don't know it's like this, this year kind of showed us, like man, just kind of do whatever feels right right, there's kind of no rules, it's like everything's kind of everybody kind of hit the the pawse and resent buttons. So it's just kind of do what makes you happy and and have fun right for sure. That's why we both have mustaches exactly, but you have- and you have a mullet too, which is pretty damn sweet for the people who can't see it just check it out. It's Higgy pop on instagram right Yep at Higge pop and yeah. I will say I think the s are winning in that duel right now. For me, you know kind of leaving more s than than two thusand andis right now, but definitely like when you listen to you have that eighty cent pop feel to the new music. But I can't put my exact finger on like who it sounds like, but I can totally hear like Zoma beach as a song that they would use for like Cobraki yeah, because it almos. It reminds me of like a scene in krati kid where they use cruel summer, where they're coming out of I forgot what it's called like like the sportatorium or whatever that place was called that they were coming out of like what it yea bands kind of inspired you most to make million miler did. Were you listening to one thing or another? Not Really! That's! That's cool that you that you, you know N, that was my goal by the way was to definitely instantly transport you back to the S, but not with like it. Oh that sounds just like Michael Jackson, or that sounds just like Aha take on me or something you know the idea was to yeah. I mean I love all of that stuff. You know, there's there's actually this this bar in La called Brak Room. Eighty six. That is that I stumbled upon one night a few years ago, that is literally T S speak easy! That's like the theme of the Bar. You kind of stumble in through, like a a secret passage, vending machine, it's so crazy and its feels, like you walk into like a John hees movie like theyre blasting s hits and everybody's just dancing. It's like the funnest night of your life. Every time you go there and so that definitely fueled my kind of passion to want to make a project of like current, like new new ates music. So to be to answer your question, there wasn't really any artist. In particular, it was just getting inundated with all these classic at songs that just made me made me feel so good and just all the memories of just being a kid and- and you know, hearing these songs on the radio, seeing the videos on MTV, it just brought it all back to me like crazy and so yeah. I just I had to write some songs in that vein. An put it out. What were you listening to in the TS like? What was your thing so well? My mom was huge on like the s pop stuff right, so you got a lot of Pat Benettar, a lot of Madonna, a lot of Michael Jackson, more of the stuff that was on the radio right and then my dad was like, and this is goingto you guys are going to totally be like so where the hell did plane. White tes come out of all this, but my dad in the s was listening to like, like Scorpions and Halloween, and Mana War like some weird obscure, like metal like pop metal stuff, so somehow th but dude. Some of that that pot metal is so pop, it's so good. You know like I got saipans wenastic. I saw them. I saw them like four years ago and they were still amazing, damned yeah, I've never seen them live, but and then he of course you got to throw in you know I bought you know then I'm coming coming to my own and buying, like I remember, have like appetite for destruction, guns and roses. Sure you know, and I loved at that time. I remember being a kid. This is not s at all, but like the monkeys were on TV Yep, and so I was like. Oh, I love these guys and these songs are so good, so yeah, just a big. You know mishmash of all that stuff, I think, is kind of finding its way into into a million miler. Well, I think that kind of makes sense then, because, like I love punk music, I grew up on the s like straight through everything listening to Punk, and you also dabble with that, because you have your band Tlb, and so you got pop, you got punk, you got sinth. What don't you do? Man Like? What's your FA to perform? You know it's interesting because I've always had you know. Obviously, like I said plane win. Tese has been going for twenty year, twenty plus years now and so the planwite teas. I don't know if you guys know this, but when we started our first couple albums, we were kind of more of a pop punk band. You know we would do wark tour and tour with bands, like you know, simple plan and motion city soundtrack and just these more kind of emo pop punk bands, and it wasn't until you know. Obviously we ought. We would always do these acoustic songs and every record that was just. I don't know something that kind of came natural to me and obviously those are the songs that kind of struck acord with the audiences. You know Heythe Delilah, on o three four songs like that, but plane white tease, it's like we didn't know. Once we had these hits, it was kind of like well, we still kind of want to play this like punk music, but we know we got to do more of these acoustic songs. So it kind of became this thing where not that it has to be pigeon hold, but you know just kind of like you know. We kind of I don't know navigated more towards what worked for us and I guess what connected with with with fansmore. So there was these other facets of me. That was like man like. I just want to frecking place some freecord punk rock again, but we can't really go there with playwine teas, so yeah. So I I formed a band called TLB with a couple buddies from high school, because one of my buddies went through as really crappy breakup. His girlfriend was also in his band and they were like starting to sell out, shows and stuff, and then she left him for the bands manager. So it was like saster yeah, so our whole group of friends just kind of had this weird, like, Oh, my God, shake up, and so we just decided to write a bunch of breakup, songs kind of like an Ew to her, and so we started doing that as Tlb. It was almost like a therapeutic thing for him and for me too, because it's like cool playwin tes are like doing this thing, but, like this gives me a chance to like just kind of have fun and play some punk songs again so yeah, that's where Tlb came from and then again I kind of told you guys a story of million miler. It was like man this s, this sint vibe was just oozing out of me and like every angle, I would just be obsessed with it over the past, like four or five years and again, plangwite teas, we kind of dabbled in O, with a little bit of that stuff on our latest album parallel universe. But obviously we can't go full synth pop. You know that that's not in grand for us, so that's how million miler was born so yeah. Just kind of I don't know having fun it's like as I'm getting to like, I don't know, dare I say you know Middle Age, we're all. You know right about the same age. You said it's like. I don't know I'm finding when most people kind of burn out with all that creative stuff, I'm just kind of like igniting and finding my way into just being inspired by a lot of different things. So so I'm just super happy that I get to make all this music and then you know just get to get to play it and there's actually people out there that want to listen. It's just so cool, so yeah, I'm having fun with it. Yeah Dude, that's so awesome and, like you know what I think you're our first mark correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you're a first grammy nominated judge. Ah Nice ever, I believe so e. You kind of do you recall when you heard about being nominated for Song of the year for sure yeah I was driving. You know it was like the grammyes. You know that year was so huge for us, with hey ther Galila on the radio, all the time and everything the song hitting number one in like thirteen different countries. It was, it was like a you know, e mind blowing year, of course, so when grammy nominations it was like. Oh Grammy, nominations are coming this week. It's like you kind of like well shit. I ca. You know we could get freaking nominated like this, so cool so kind of preparing myself to either get super excited or super disappointed. You know and yeah. So I got the call from our publicist. The label saying Yeah Peter delylas nominate for two gramms, and so congratulations right. So it was. It was amazing, but the best part of it. I don't know if you guys know this story, but I actually calle the Real Delilah who I never dated it was. I met her. I was super. You know just really kind of crushing on her, but she had a boyfriend. She went to school in New York and she had a boyfriend. So I was like okay, I'm just koing to like you know. I've got ta like right, write this gors. She actually begged me to write a song by the way I kind of joked with her that I had a song and then she kept asking me where's my Song Whereis, my song, Blah Blah Blah long story short. I wrote this song knowing full wells. You know she had a boyfriend and nothing was probably going to ever happen, but anyway we kept in touch as the song blew up and became this big hit and when it got nominated for two grammes, I actually called her and said: Hey, Hey, they're, Delila, yeah, Hey, hey there, hey there! No. I asked her to the Grandes and she said well believe it or not me, and you know whatever his name was just broke up, so hell yeah, Gothe Grammy's with you. How could they not? At that point? No, I mean. How could you compete? I mean yeah come on. You would think you wuld AE youere number one and thirteen countries and he was not. He was yeah. He was number I don't know. I don't know what the hell he was. evybody sold vinal signing yeah right yeah. He was big in the in the the housing market, but no he. The point is, though, so it was like this moment and I'd written the song like four years previous to this you know, so it was like this weird moment of like Holy Shit. Is this like weirdly, like Goinna, come full circle, and now I'm like me and Delila are going to become a thing, but by the time the grammies came, you know a month or two later she was back with her boyfriend. I was actually back with my girlfriend who I was dating earlier that year, and so we decided to just go anyway and just have fun with it, but yeah. So that's that's Tu Gran! That's an hold on to tie it in with with Mike over here, met Ringo Star at the Grammis, which was pretty cool. So I had a little bit of beetles connection there I met Ringo and it was after. I was right up. He was sitting right across the aisle from me and you know. We're waiting song of the year is one of the last award. So I'm getting so nervous, like, Oh, my God, you know come on, come on and so song of the year a ended up going to to Rehab by any winehouse which shokay great song she's a legend, all good, but a little bit of course, disappointment. You know, like Oh man, I lied, and so at that moment I decided this was going to be the time I go sa Hydo Ringo, you know, and so it'as like a commercial break or something right after the award, and so I go over to him and I say: Hey you know Ringo just wanted to say hi. My name is Tom. I just lost that last award, you know and he's like. Oh well, smile man, you her and it was like. You know the perfect, you kno. What else would you expect from Ringo Star? You know the perfect advice, just like the Beatles. You know they said so much by saying so little. You know it S. just the perfect perfect little beatle send off there. So that ended up being my my highlight of my Granmis, you know getting that life and vice from Ringo Star. That's fucking awesome man, but that's so that so sounds like something that he would say yet right, ythat's, just yeah, that's great! I kind of remember the whole thing going down now that you described everything. Were you guys like on the red carpet and somebody was like giving her shit about like how can you not be with this guy? Did that actually happen because I kind of remember it. She definitely did the red carpet with us and all. I really remember, because, obviously, that whole whole experience is a doer blur right. But I just remember her saying, like the word meat, a lot like people also what' it, like you know being out here with these guys and she'd say like Oh, it's really neat and like it was kind of that moment because remember I didn't really know her that well, just like I met her. I was kind of crushing on her. I wrote this song because she went to school in New York and that was kind of you know the that's kind of all. I knew about this girl and it was actually on that red carpet and all these interviews that I was like yeah like me and Delilah, probably wouldn't have worked out too well anyway. You know, but yeah everything was was neat so yeah. I don't remember that Peron specifically, but if probably people are probably like. So what's the deal, why are't you with this guy and she's? Like I don't know, I'm like everything's Neat, I don't know what year that was two thousand and nine, because what year were you on, I carley yeah, so that was, I think the song was huge on the radio in two thousand and seven. So I believe it would have been two thousand and eight with the grammies and yeah I carley. That was the you know. The most I get. The question I get most is is Delila a real person and then number two is what was it like being on? I Cari Ol. The only reason I knew is because I have a fourteen year old, so she yo go yeah. You know it just ten etflix recently. So now there's this resurgence of I Harley. I'm getting all these instagram followers, I'm like what the Hell's going on and it's like, Oh yeah, I Carley, but yeah that was it was cool. We actually filmed that before ever aire. So we had no idea if it was going to be good if it was going to be. You know just some you know like crappy, nickelodeon show or whatever, but we got asked to do it and we're like how yeah, why not just like one of those opportunities- and the thing obviously became this- you know pop culture phenomenon, sure so yeah. It was just everything like around that time of Delilah blown up on the radio doing in Carley. It was like literally the perfect storm like to that between two housand and six in two thousand and eight, like we've, never worked so hard and just been so all over the place, like, I honestly think, the summer of two thousand and seven like the summer of Delila, probably like took years off my life, because we were just non stop and just going we would play. You know two shows a day. soundcheck parties go around during the day to three different radio stations to give them all their acoustic version of Hayter Delilah, which was already a Goddamn Acoustic Song. You know, and then we would get on an airplane to fly to the next city, literally sleep on the plane, land and just go instantly to the next radio. You know the next wave of radio stations and it was creat like when the song became number one like. I don't think I heard it on the radio once aside from like walking by some like random, like stores at the airport, like that's, that was when we heard the song. You know we were just so on, Tho go and just so just busy and working our asses off. It was crazy, you'd think, like the years grinding touring living in the van, you know making enough gas money to get to the next city. You think that's the hard part, but in reality it was like having the hit was like. We were working way way harder at that time. You'd think it would be the opposite. TBAT no way so were those fun years, orther. Those just like balls to the wall work years like Dea, I mean work both for sure I mean it was. You know it was balls to the wall working but dude. I mean it's like that's the dream right to be able to to go and play these shows and the play for Cro I mean Tho go sing your song on the radio. I know I'm bitching about it, but like how fucking cool? That's why I asked you because, like I think, a lot of times, we hear the option. You know it's like yeah, that's what everybody's shooting for, but then when they get there. Is it worth being on that plateau? You know that pinnacle above everybody else, so it was roarly yeah. It was definitely worth it yeah and I mean, of course you get super tired and at times it's like, Oh God, I gotta go. You know. Why do we got to go on this awesome radio station right now and play the song to millions of people O so lame? You know, but we definitely I mean I especially I'm always an optimist. So I'm pretty much always able to see you know the silver lining and situations or see the you know, se take a step back and actually see the situation. So while there were moments of you know moments of just being so tired that I think we were, you know a little bit grumpy. There was never never really anything that that I didn't realize was like man. This is pretty fucking awesome right, thats, that's so awesome o! Here I mean that's. It's cool though it like. Everyone knows it's work, but at the same time it's ai mean that's what you do it for like Youyou're doing it to be there apenatly and the whole positivity thing like Kaitlan, the one they hooked us up. She actually asked me to go and watch one of your instagram live performances. I think it was. It was actually on the night o your birthday, so I a no t on there was it was a night year birthday and you did like a release of Zuma Beach. All right was it a release on that night it was Yah, something Ly Dude. You come with like a lot of energy you're like bouncing around playing the song singing the song. Your son was there with you, it was really cool. So if anybody like OOver to your instagram, do you do that all the time is that something that's like weekly or Yeah soat's? Be that release so on Facebook, I've been doing a weekly thing with play: White Tese called the Wednesday club every Wednesday night at seven PM central time I go on and I do like a little live concert, just acoustic five playwhite tea songs in the fans boat and everything. It's Super Fun trying to keep that. You know, since we can't tour, obviously trying to keep that right, immunity, alive and just connected and then yeah with million miler. I usually go on either at hingy pop, which is my instagram or I go on million milers Instagram, which is million dot, miler dot, music, usually I'll, promote these events on both instagram. So if you follow one you'll see about the other one and yeah, usually every every two or three weeks I'll do like a Dan. I Call Hem dance parties because I basically just make like a little s, playlist and by the way spotify or I'm sorry. Instagram he's always like flagging me and I'll get these like warnings like you're playing copyrighted music, we're going to shut you down. So then I got to like pause the song and like talk for a little bit and then I'll like go back and play. That's why people do it yeah yeah, so it's just like I just have fun with it play a bunch of eighty songs mix in a few million mier songs and yeah, literally just dance and like just I don't know it's like man, especially this year. I know things are starting to open up again and you know shows are going to. I think this summer things are going to start kind of you know. People are going to leve their houses again and feel comfortable as the vaccine rolls out and everything, but I mean basically, it's been really fun to figure out these ways and still staying connected and being able to entertain. People, like you know with my with my phone and just what the following that we have on the social media platforms. It's definitely a weird different experience, but I think I'm going to like evel when things open up like I think I'm going to keep doing this stuff as much as I can, because it is so fun and I mean intimate too. I think fans really dig it when you do stuff like that, because it feels they're not sitting in the crowd, theyre yeah you're, seeing their messages and and things like that, it's cool, absolutely is really immersive and you know were connected. I mean probably more, you know, even though we are our separate homes or whatever, probably more connected than being at the concert. You know right because it's like yeah, I'm actually seeing like. Oh what's up spunky Alex like I know who you are from meeting you at that one Playnli t show or whatever the case is, and now we have a you know a little conversation and yeah in a weird way. It almost has brought the connection with me and fans like closer because of all these little intimate things so yeah definitely sure that's awesome man and dude thanks again for coming on and Kat lenera scheduled you you're coming back again in May. Oh How yeahy I so you I think you worked out perfectly. You got the game, you figured everything out and this is really fun thanks again bro for coming on, and this will be out next Wednesday and cool we'll be in touch and we'll see you again a couple months. Hopefully, by the time you come back on, we have the video set up and that's going to be ten times better yeah. This mustache is going to get you guys good ratings and promise Yo noas. By that I'll be touching my ears, you guys will al be like okay. We just need a bunch of like beetles and gonies what fin strick pandering to the judge. Yes, all right! Well, awesome! Yeah! I had fun man. Thank you guys so much. This was so cool. Thank Ou thank yougain Tom, be well all right, see you er night man, you too all right, dolers. Well, unfortunately, we're going to have to end this episode right here, but don't worry if you've missed an episode. You can always head over to dueling decadescom, where you can subscribe to the show on Itune spotify, really everywhere. PODCASTS are available. Now, like me and crush, was talking about earlier. You can always go over the Patreoncom as well and check out dueling decades there. We appreciate it. If you support thes show you can go to over to our facebook page and join our private group, and you can share some of your very own Retro Memories with all the other duelers. So until next time we're going to bid you a piece, love, Lightin, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone ask o Your Askober