Dueling Decades
March 3, 2021

Tee off with Joel Murray in this battle between March 1977, 1987 & 1997!

Tee off with Joel Murray in this battle between March 1977, 1987 & 1997!

Everyone's favorite adult retro game show is back and we tee off the month with a best of March battle. This week we are honored to have the incredibly versatile writer-director-actor Joel Murray pick up the gavel. One Crazy Summer is one of our favorite films here at Dueling Decades and Joel’s portrayal of the best friend everyone wanted to have, George Calamari definitely left its mark on us. Joel has had an amazing career in film, TV, and animation, working on some of our favorites like Mad Men, Dharma & Greg, Monsters University, The Artist, and God Bless America directed by his good friend Bobcat Goldthwait.  

So, Make sure your tray is in its upright position because Mancrush crashes into this one with the best of March 1977 aboard. Marc James asks whatcha’ gonna do when March 1987 runs wild on you? Also, Joe Findlay is back in action this week with the best of March 1997, Baby-Baby! 


Joel swings the gavel like he swings a golf club; swift and hard! When Joel isn't delivering verdicts, he's sharing some incredible stories! So in this episode, you may hear something about the wrong way to console a widow, clueless "movie critics", George Kennedy's affinity for disasters, Danny Glover's soft voice, Sybian adventures, NASA probes Uranus, scalping specials from the Silverdome, Joel talks Heels, sex-drugs and Atari, life after death, Nickelback of the 80s saves 29 Palms, The Pauly & Corey show, ABC stumbles into a ratings juggernaut, a horrible graduation party, Joel serves Bob Weir, strengthen your pecs with a Thighmaster, Bono's sunglasses, promo codes for William Murray Golf, Joel escorts Nikki Sixx's girlfriend, Cusack's missing credit card, the life of a cheesy mascot, eight is not enough, a supernatural high school, tales of a crazy summer in Nantucket, and who skipped the Oscars for a basketball game?! All this week and more, on this week's Dueling Decades!   


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OCAST NEW YORK S up doing decade is is wax piece of all you guys and thanks for having me on the show, will it be the s or the AITS, Beeni babies or crack babies, really bene BAA or Madon, maybe brinty? Maybe Whitney. Do you like new little o new wave, Dave, ROE or Super Dave? I don't know, but now the vattl begins doling decades. Let's see who wins. Joy: DAS, brodcasting from the podcast New York Studios, it's the adult only retrogame show where the decades battle for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dueling decades. I am marked James, and this week we start off the month with a best of March duel as iw'll be representing the best of March, one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven alongside the other dewellers and the decades they will be fighting for. First off booging back to the s say hello to man crush it's up. That's right. I got March O One thousand nine hundred and seventy seven and one thing I wanted to bring up. I do realize it might have been a little bit of blowback from our new Irish listener base. When I brought on Adam sweeny thinking he was Irish, but he's actually of Scottish descent. I think this week will make up for it a little bit also joining us on the panel and bringing the four unre one from the S. welcome back to the show Joe Finley, I'm here mainly for the wealth base other than that I've been playing single dad today my wife had to take off and she told me she's not coming back. If I don't win this week, so we'll see how it Goesos, you tried that last time you were on dude yeah, no, I know and it works. So there we go and as always here on the show, we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. This week's special guest judge is the actor writer in director. You know from films like one crazy summer in God bless America and the television classics, Madmen and Darma and Greg all rise for judge, Joelel, Murray, hey hi hi, it's good to be her. I've been quiet up until now, because I thought I shouldn't speak, but from now I'm completely impartial, Jo, I don't Care Ou K. I'v got four kids yeah. Some were born in the SOMOR in th S, one more than Twosano, so I'm spanning decades on that and hundred percent Irish. When I went to Scotland went to Edinburgh the first thing they sent sis- oh you're, a Murry you're, probably you probably Scottish, and they had to leave her ahundred percent of Irish. We always thought until we recalled we were probably just criminals great. So now all the the Irish people that we had coming in that I told them Adam Switi- was finty percent Irish. I might be wrong again: N'T DON'TW NT hate us who knows yeah. It is what it is: WE'RE MARRI next week's judge, Shaqilo Neil Percent Irish secuodeal and patio furniture gn to keep trying till I get it. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules. The judges coinflip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories: movies, television, music, news and hut products. A judge's ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds, four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie. After all, five rounds will go to a final wild card round. Remember Jewelers, to review the show, listen subscribe and play along at home, it's time from or doins all right. Let's go right down to judge Joe Murray for the Coin Toss. Okay, I'm gonna, I'm I'M gonna go back to I'm goflip this free Te, Glasso CD that I just got from the screen. Acers Diel, which I'll be voting on impartial judge in that one as well, and I'm goingto flip the Tedlasto, signup or o the songs. I guess it's all the people thatare nominated on the other side, all right Joe, why don't you call it this week? All Right? Let's Go ted, laso and heads turns his hess. Here we go. Here's the flip. You saw it sorry, it's tales, Jo. I could have turned that over at any point, O in chatit. Already sorry, impartial, judge he's swinging a hard gavel, all right, man Crushin, you won the coin toss and you take control the board. What category are we going with? First, all right, I'm pressiet here we're going movies. First, JES gonna knock this one out here, EO March e Onethousand, nine hundred and sevnty seven as it seems like every single time. I get the S I get a disaster film. I take that back actually because I had freebe in the bean last time, but most times I get the S I get another disaster flick with. That being said, let's not let a good thing die, so here's another disaster flick and it's never sees like I've. Never seen this movie ever until last night and I'll be totally honest about thirty five minutes. Is this movie. I was ready to turn it off, but since I did pay three dolls ninet nine cents to rent this from prime, because I don't have it- I stuck through it and actually I'm glad that I did because it picks up big time. It's one of those movies where you're sitting in your lounger and you're kind of like it's a disaster flick so you're kind of like like don't no, no like it's one of those, so I'm glad I stuck with it because by the end I actually like this movie. This is actually the third of four movies inthis particular disaster series. As it seemed like people in the S, you grew up, I'm sure through the ES jowl. Why did people adore these disaster films because they just kept coming out and all the news in the S at we've come across? It's always bad so like. Why would you want to go see it in the theater afterwards? Why would you go INTA building? Why would you take a plane? Why would you go near a volcano yeah exactly I don't get well, I'm glad. You said that why not just stay up all night and just co yeah exactly like, I don't get it. Why is be happy because F, the rest of the news that I see in the SVES is terrible, but this one it did bring in thirty million dollars of the box offices. Roughly about a hundred thirty million I wo thosand and twenty one. It was nominated for two Oscars and two pretty heralded Oscar Categori. As matter of fact, Yeu had a best art direction, set deparation and best costume design. So it was up there and even had its own theme park, Traction Universal Studios for several years, but this right here this is pretty wild of the four airport movies, and this is an airport film here. This was the only one that didn't have a plane from the film crash in real life, so you had airport one thousand nine hundred and seventy. There was a seven Ond, seven that crashed in Brazil in one thousand nine hundre and eight nine from that movie Ar Rone Thousand Nine hundred and sevnty five there's a beechcraft baron that collided with another plane in one housand, ninehundred and nine. Eighty nine again. Coincidentally, it actually collided with the seven forty seven in that movie and then in air R, R, onethousand, nine hundred ad, seventy nine there's a concord and that concord crashed in Paris in two thosano. That is some Eerie Shit, but this movie no crash no crash so that Jat's the good of snow. No, no, not in this one, this one they went into the water. They crashed spoiler here, if you haven't seen it, but they crash into the so called the Bermuda Triangle. But if you're, if you're going to be boarding an airplane angytime soon, I would probably stay away from this particular movie. But if not check out the movie airport, Seventy seven and then let me know when you get to the scene, where the woman watches her husband, drown and then the doctor tries to force feet her a bottle of Scotch to make her feel better it just I' watching I', like he was going right. According to the rules, N thand nineted seen seenres rightout ofnd, it was probably you knowtbad scoffy was crobably, Johnny Walker, you know red, I couldn't tell it was like a little tiny airplane. Botel, so like what good is that Goin Na? Do you trash all right, Joe Finley? What did you bring for the movies round? All righty? Well, I'm bringing a bit of a biopick with me on this one. He was the king of all media and he became the king of film very briefly as Howard Stern releases, private parts in March, seven Ne Thousand Nine hundred and ninety seven. It's based on the autobiographical chapters of Oe thousand nine hundred and inety three book of the same title and Stern only wrote that book, because an original deal about his life story fell through. That was supposed to become a movie, So didn't get the movie wrote the Book Got The movie just few little tidmits about this thing. The movie featured Paul Giamati and Alison Janny in rolls the entire cast of the Howard sturn show, including a lot of producers and other personalities from the show appear and play themselves. Edi Falco and James Murray from the impractical jokers both made uncredited appearances in the movie director, Ei Roth was Howard Stern's in turn on set from modern family. Sarah Highland makes her film debut as Howard, sturn's, daughter and camill grammar of real housewives of Beverly Hills. Fame was the famed Bikini girl introducing each scene. The movie was number one when it opened, you know, doesn't get hotter than Howard Stern, especially around that time. So I give you private parts march, seventh, good one. I I got to meet Howard before he did this movie and I was doing a television show called loveand war with J, Thomas and anny potts originally Susan Day, who was replaced by any poss but stern, came and visited us, and he and J Thomas had a fake feud for years and years they were on back the back and they were actually really good. Friends and Howard came, it couldn't have been nicer or more mild matter, but he was asking questions about what everybody did on the set and like he was already thinking about making this movie and cutting corners, Alison Janny, of course, plaged my wife and the pilot of shameless the first episode, and because she had two jobs couldn't do the series so Jon Chuzak replaced her ended up being my creepy wife on that on that show, Dfalko didn't realize she was practical, joker, an brack, she's, a background actress all right, gentlemen for my movie selection. I have a fantastic film that deals with mental health and true friendship, and it was a movie that broke down racial barriers long before it was cool and it showed us all that the police officers can be heroes, and you know this movie just happens to be a damn fine Christmas movie to boot, release March six on thand Nineteden and eighty seven. I give you the little known, BUDDY COP film, Litha Weapon, starring, Mel Gibson and Danny Lover. Of course, lethe weapon is a movie that we all know and love. So sometimes here on the show, it's fun to go to our good friends at Newspaperscom and see if we can find a bad review for this now, iconic classic film and O boy. Did we this time in the news and observer out of Raleigh North Carolina March, Eleventh Thousand Ninetundren and eighty seven will pick out a few selections here from this lingthy lambasting of this film written by Scott Ross, where the headline reads: leave the weapon missfires. It was just tate up too odd. Leave the weapon refuses to rise to the occasion, lethe weapon Pairs, an interesting actor Mel Gibson in a truly fine one, Danny lover and then employs them to make jackasses out of themselves for two violent hours. Glover emerges from letha weapon with his dignity and perhaps his reputation basically intact, but for Gibson, oh, how the mughty fall. Gary Busey is the homicidal Maniac Josua has a lean hungry, look underplaying a stock roll blovers, equally understated managing to turn Roger's catch phrase, I'm getting too old for this into an eloquent lament Gibson. On the other hand, overdoes he overacts a minor freak out early in the film to such an extent that the audience laughs nervously he flares his nostrils like a maniacal stallion. He rolls his eyeballs, like someone's in the throes of an epileptic seizure in nearly fross at the mouth, as he talks about killing the same way that old ball players Brag about scoring an impossible double play. The best thing that can be said about Gibson's make shift American accent ISS that it becomes gradually less irritating, as the movie becomes more familiar. Daugner is in his element in the final half of the film we when he was able to film Mel Gibson's electro shock torture in noseous detail, maybe Gibson wasn't acting. He may have been lamenting the loss of his career, so I give you leave the leapon March six, one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven wthese guys get jobs, and that was the last time that Mel Gipson got any bad press, yeah yeah exactly he had fantastic haire in everyscene meon. Nobody had better hair daughter, directed that and then let on later that year to direct a film that included all of my brothers and myself, because he had proved himself as being a comedic holiday master and did scrooged later that year that came around hi about November. I believe I wonder what that review from that guy would say scrooge somebody screws this whole thing up: Danny Glumber, I did a small film called Mr Pigwin. I flew down to Mexico and they flew me down there and I got there and they said we're not supposed to ask this, but you could shoot tonight. We could send you home in the morning and I, like Wel, I'm kind of came all way to Mexico. No, we could do this. You could film tonight and we started like one in the morning and shot the same with Danny Lover and Daddy's one of those actors that doesn't Tori couldn't. I was across the table from him and couldn't hear him, but anyway we finished the scene about five in the morning and they pulle me on a play. In the morning. I was back in La. There goes your vacation, I think I think they save like forty onedoar in Perdume, but yeah right back right back all right, Wyl I got a you got a wear out of those you sure do. I was hoping for a different airplane movie airport movie with George Kennedy and Dean, Martin and Yeah George Kenedy he's actually in this for about ninety seconds because they brought him back he's like the expert of the plane. So when the plane crash it's very small part, but that guy loves his disaster, film IAS, a Rel Currin, we ol them. He was in the other airport as an expert all right. Well, I'm gonna give man trush the Windon, because I would be impartial to let the other guys win, because I know people on both those movies and it would seem like someone had gotten to me. earmly ten cose know. That means nothing at this point all right, man crush you fly away with that round and, more importantly, you take control of the board and get to select our next category. Oh Man, let's go news. Let's just get the news out and again it's the S. I try not to go with the dark shit because and it's all over the seventy someone wouth something else- e Go thsco March, Tenh, one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven. I figured like with the landing of NASA's Perseverance Rover on February eigteenh. This has a bit of legs to it and we get to see just how far we've come with space exploration over the past forty years. Did you guys happen to catch that footage of the preseverance landing? Yeah H S? I was thinking, that's weird, that just happened again but happend in seventy seven, no, not quite as good, but I mean matter of fact they did release a pretty awesome panoranic shot. Yesterday I mean there's absolutely nothing on the planet at all, but it's pretty remarkable either way and they set back sound yeah. It's nots, the sound of space, fine! So now you'll get to see whatin forty years. Okay, I mean aside from that story right there, the title of this article alone. If I passed it up in the paper- and I was using newspaperscom, the title is scientists, fine five rings around Uranus and the article says scientist discovered something more startling than ring around your collar. Yesterday they found rings round Uranus, while scientists cannot yet determine what the significance of these rings are they've been quit. They have been quick to hail the mere feet of finding the rings as being a landmark technological advancement and no time in the past three hundred and twenty years have there been any of the world's astronomers have been able to locate any planet other than Saturn with rings it apparently the right condition and instruments are the only way now available to observe details to planets further out than Uranus Uranus happens to be the seventh planet from the Sun and some one point eight million miles from Earth. It might well be that someday in the distant future. A successor to the space shuttle may make a fantastic voyage to the new found rings of Uranus to bring back samples to our planet, samples from Uranis t anoi'm instantly. Five again hoit gets better. It may not be till e the error that we truly hold on. It may not be till that era that we have. The true significance of the new astronomical discovery is known, even if the discovery never holds any more significance for earth than ring around the collar. We remain convinced that the future of our planet is in space. That's why it brought up the other one. Forty years later now we're landing on Mars and PS sine one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven. They have discovered thei're. Actually, thirteen rings round Euranus, so it just it all depends. I guess on how well you waite. If you really get close up to your Aus, you can really see that's when the rings really start to Seprat yourselves and forty years later, they figured out a way to make cuvly polar bears the proper thing to talk about wiping around your ates. I don't understand that whatsoever. What a polar barts have to do with this. Well, that's good news. That's good news! Good to know! Good things might come of this all right, Joe Finley. What did you bring for the news round? Well, mine's vaguely space related. I want to talk about a comet want to talk about Haley's comment, and I want to talk about a group of people who thought they were going to get on a spaceship behind it. If they all committed suicide yeah, I went dark yeah. The Heavens Gate suicide occurred between March Twenty second to March twenty fifth, roughly. According to the investigation, a group of people led by Martial Apple, white and Bonny netdles also know is known as Doh and T or bow and peep believed that they were in borrowed bodies on this planet and they needed to graduate to the next level by exiting their bodies joining a rocket ship in space and then being placed into their brand new bodies, and they brought a number of people with them. Thirty, nine and all including themselves also including the brother of Michel, Nichols Thomas Nichols, was a part of that group and in three separate groups committed a ritual suicide. They created a package with VHS tapes and letters about their beliefs and what they believed was about to happen next, and they send it to some media outlets and some people who are formally affiliated with Heaven's Gate. One of those people actually went and discovered the bodies any. If you ever seen the videotape footage of it. It is actually that person just with a handheld camera before he even called the police going in there and video taping it, and then he made an anonymous phone call thone hundred and one alearning them of the issue. It was discovered years later that it was him. So was a pretty huge deal. The Heavens Gate cult still talked about today, especially with all the documentaries that have been coming out about cults and all that sort of thing it's always been kind of an iconic one, and so that's what I give you is Third Week of March, that Heavens Gate suicides, that's dark yeah! That is Dar thanks for going there nmininus of what can happen so early in the Ame yeah, Hey, that's what I'm best known for on this show and be, if you guys want to know a little bit more about my literature, go to my website and we'll check it out. You know the sad thing was that it this happened so early in the history of the universe, because if it happened a few years later, they could have mass marketed. The custom made matching shoes. They obvously. I all had matching tennis ships to go to the Outer Space Wn, and I thought that was pretty good, but a few years later they could have had customa nikes that they could have put together, and you know guys would be pulling those out the NBA Games every once in a while on where what you want day, the NBA, but thirty, nine. Never Forget People Never Forget all right, gentlemen, for my new selection will turn over to the sports and entertainment sections Monday March Thirtieth Annineteen D, eighty seven, that was the day the Indiana hosers won the school's Fifth National Championship, led by all American standout, Steve Alford and hall of fame head coach, the General Bobby Knight who would win his third national title that Night Against Syracuse with a game winning jumpshot by Keit smart with five seconds of play remaining in the championship game and like the late great Paul Harvey, would often tell us we'll go over to the daily journal in Franklin, Indiana for the rest of the story. woosers or Hoosers alums had a tough decision. Two Indiana filmmakers passed up a chance to attend Monday's Academy Awards to watch their Almamader Post, a dramatic win in the NCA Basketball Championship. Writer, David Anspa and director Angelo Pizo, Indiana University, fraternity, brothers from s watch the IU hoosers pull out a victory over Syracuse and quite similar to the one they depicted and what else who's yours who's. Yours loosely based on Ne Thousand Nine hundred and fifty four state basketball championship claimed by a tiny high school, was nominated for two Academy Awards. While the real loosers came up winners Monday night Hollywood's hoosers came up a little empty handed hen. The article goes on to talk about these two filmmakers and how they wanted to attend all of these tournament games and they just couldn't. There was too many other commitments. They wanted to support actor Dennis Hopper, so they went to all the other award ceremonies. But then, when Indiana beat you nlv to go to the championship game, they came up with this awesome plan where they ere going to bring a portable two inch television set to the Oscar ceremony and then watch the game live there. But then they realized they're going to broadcast this to over a billion people worldwide. There's going to be a ton of electrical equipment, they won't get a signal, so they decided instead of missing the game. They're going to miss the Oscars and the two filmmakers from hosers did not go, and instead they set up two televisions in his apartment and watch both the Indiana whosers win, the national title and their movie hosers lose the award at the same time dam. So that's what I got from my new story: H, Ne Thousand Nine hundred and eighty seven NCA championship, one by the Indiana hoosers and the men who loved them well, that'sa, pretty fantastic. I was going to disqualify you for like bringing up a movie. I thought. Maybe that was cheating, but when Paul Harvey went to page free, the additional story- and we found out that it wasn't about the second best movie by Indiana Sports, breaking away, of course, Bmov and whatever happened O keep smart but anyway, that those guys watching the Oscars rather than you know, being there is only better than Michael Shannon. I believe it was last year on the Oscar sitting in the Old Town Ale House in Chicago s farly and I, but they didn't cute to him either it just. I know somebody was there say: Yeah Michael Shannon was just drinking at the bar next I was like you won sweet gdrouds on me. I gotta give that to somebody yeah yeah, no rigs round. Yourain is heard it too many times emas gate just down. I gotta give it to just the breaking away. Sorry, the story about bringing away that wasn't: Mentionedlipaul, Dules, wonderful, characteras, F, so you take that one mark ten points. Wait. A minue was what was bwas breaking away: The bicycle movie, Yeah Yeah with Yeah. That's that's a great like that's pretty good, Paul, Duly's! Wonderful, all right! So I tie up this game and take control of the board heading into our final one point round. You Know What Gentlemen: Let's go over to the hot products round, Ho Proucts, all right, so we'll go over to the Detroit Free Press and Detroit Michigan March thirty EF, one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven, where the headline reads: The mania surrounds the silver dome traffic pins wrestling fans into a five Mile Tag: team, Navin, Hallers, scalper charged just four dollars and fifty cents, other scalpers ere, asking five hundred for the one hundreddollar ringside tickets to WRESTL MANIA: three, which stuffed the silver dome and clog surrounding roadways for hours Sunday afternoon Heller got a cut rate because his scalper well, he shaved his head haller. Twenty eight said he did it in honor of King Kong, Bundy, the bald burly and belligerent bad guy featured on one of the twelve matches that drew what was announced as ninety three thousand one hundred and seventy three people. Now. That number, of course, over the years, has been disputed, but they do call it the largest crowd. Ever for an indoor, entertainment event, traffic was backed up for more than five miles. State police said they generally refrain from unsolicited head butts and Hammerlocks, even though a minor techical problem kept the gates closed until two ten PM forty minutes past schedule, a little weigt wasn't going to bother Holler. He and a friend drove from a small town sixty miles outside of Philadelphia to recline in the one hundreddollar seats that he paid four dolrs and fifty cents for and said Hey. If you don't spend it, what good is it? So? My hot product are tickets for wrestel many, a three four fifty yeah, but you got to get your head shaved by a scalper. That's pretty great and I got TA. You know I got to give you some credit, because it gives me a chance to talk about heels. The telleviion show I'll be working on I'm working out with my wife right now for the stars network like Ohmalli. My good friend is exact, producing it. My wife and I are playing kind of the sponsors of a small market wrestling, the Induffy Georgia and I own the pawn shop and the car dealership use car dealership, I'm kind of a vible thumber hypocrit, but it's a lot of fun and it's got some really good fake wrestling in it and some great actors and some surprise, surprise, breakout stars James Harrison in a acting mole, he's restlable to time super bowl champion. Yeah he's wrestling, he's really good. It does flips and shit he's huge dekdude is enormous massive check out his instagram page sometime. Just he's tillit like four hundred pounds like it's nothing, AD cruly shit anyway. It's Steven mmels in that right. That's right, yeah that I want to see that when's that when's that coming out on stars, I don't know I'm just kind of hoping for a paycheck, I'm going back to shoot the final to episodes like we're going in a couple days. My wife and I actually play a married couple, but it was suppos originally they're, going to say in April, is going to be out on stars, but I make up shit and I just say it: Ok, that's good! I don't know if you can hold me that leally, so everybody go watch stars for April, go sign up for stars for apaps right over a top, a hundred ninethousand fans, all of a sudden sugned up for stars. That day cm punks suppose has a punch of Tim wrestl yeah. Oh, he was actually was there when you're shooting he was there yeahwell I git from ro seats. You can Mak o your so Muc Ol e wrestlers. I was with cm punk at Rigley field for whathe's. What was it wiffleball classic carry would have a thing one one year only it was the best time ever, but all these celebrities and corporate people came and there was a field of dreams. T T was a Yankee stadium, therew's Kamiski, and there was wrigly field set up in wrigly field and we got to play whiffleball all day long and that is very fretty and rigly and my favorite part of that was behind home played it really. I mean behind the coaches area in the dugout at the old rig we fiel before they redid it. I was a Yar Sas, a girl, you're right behind. I gouse an an ash tra, so I anytime during the game, you could just kind of go back and then have a cigarette and take a leaas out. I lefe it yeah, it's a great! U thing you don't get to see from the fiel all right, man crush. What did you bring for the hot products round? Oh, I didn't have wrestling. I should have been looking for that. But let's go march sevent Ne Thousand Nine hundred and seventy seven I wal e Atru stay. I was looking. I was looking through newspaperscom again, they are one of our sponsors so and their site is great. If you guys want to go back, you want to do the same thing as us ant check out newspaperscom. You can dig back to like dateen hundreds or even further. It's it's got everything you need on there, but I was digging through I'm looking for a hot product and I came across a macy's ad. There was actually on February t twenty eon, thound, nine hundred and seventy seven, and that ad it was for thing that macy's had going on. It was called the show in sale and pretty much what that was. It was a sale about their electronics equipment, but to get people in the door they set up with macy's called the new product center, where they would be showing off some like new products that were coming out and one of the products that they were demonstrating in this new product center was Ha Tory product that I had never seen, and this procuct was so one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven that I had to find it. So Lo and behold, two weeks later, I find an ad in Tucson Arizone, O March evente and nine hundred n eventy seven. I found this aded electronic store called rose and they were selling this amazing product for a hundred and ninety nine. Ninety nine, which is around eight hundred and sixty three dolars in two thousand and twenty one. Now, I'm not sure how much you guys know about like Atari in the s but therere. There's lots of stories floating around about how much blow went down in the office. SHROMS LSD, basically anything that they get their hands on thet would give them a a creative edge. So I mean by all accounts Itari sound, like a wild awesome place of work in the SS. But that being said, this product right here makes a ton of cents. This product was called the itari video music. Not even video music box is jus Atari video music. This beast: It was a stereo component that you plugged in in between your preferred audio device like you're, an eight track or our record player. Whatever you use in Ba one thousand nine hunded and senty seven and the other end was plugged into this television and once it was plugged in you can put the needle down on your New Pink Floyd Animals Record, which also cam one thousand. Nine hundred and venty seven sit in your yellow egg, chair and watch the music create a kaleidoscope of random colors and patterns on your television and all those images they were determined by the mellowness in the intensity of the music waves. They are coming from the ITARI video music box. I mean, if there's one I sent this to mice ranger immediately. I was like Dude, you know about this, so I would not be shocked if I show up like to he the studio next week, and we have one of these. On top of the television but yeah hundred ninety nine dolars, you can pick up an itari music box. Oh I've seen one of these demonstrated before and shut up and take my money, man. Those things are just incredible. It's I mean now it's so simple Y, a you aniht do it. You know wh your computer. Whatever you, your computer, comes with it now: Righ your pone and Apple Tunes and whatnot, your phone, but yeah, now that's exciting stuff, and in one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven iwas a tardy guys, werfere thinking with the same type of mind that the people Saturday live thinkwe have to use as much mind expanding stuff to come up with commeting, and these guys were thinking about. You know how can we come up with better GIZMAS A games? I go. I think it's is like mind since that's impressive stuff. I got to penalize you just for mentioning March Seventeen and trying to get back to this sint petri stat, I usherstand anthen. All of a sudden minning is a February date and mar seventeen had nothing to do with o o no, the Fegur. I just had to throw that out there as to why I found it, because otherwise I wouldn't have found that if I didn't find that ad from bace's, I would have never found this product just fee about the kickback on newspapers, Docomye, exactly gyou gotta, throw the Gott throw thes spottor the bon every once in a while. HEWS papers that kindiyou see like a facebook different things were people like hey you remember: Chalk, l post up like do you have no memory? What's over? Hey, you remember glasses, Ashit God that was, it was crazy, ecause, the tire guys all fried their brain. So that's! These are just genuine questions. We. What they do make me feel good about all the things I remember Beor, one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven. You should join our facebook group than we haveplug. This right here, go to facebookcom wwtfacebook that comford Lash doing decades joined the other. Seventy three housand people that follow that and then join our private group thate's. Another fourteen thousand people, where we share pictures of Chulk that be treat andthey're all going to be washing heels on stars. Yes, they better tell themthat good good, all right, well that that was a good one. S, no WRESTL, many all right, Joe Fienley. What did you bring for the hot products round? All Right? Well, hopefully, I can top these ones very. Strangely, I'm going to bring you to the Oscar awards of March Twenty Fourth Tusand, nine hundred and ninety seven one of the only times that I can think of that a product was launched. At that event, it was the product Lodgh party for the US launch of the digital, versatile, disc or the DVD. Some people think hey, isn't the V video well, it was originally digital video desk, but all of the computer companies came out and said: Hey does stuff for us to so they had to change the name to versatile, to say that it does more than just video amongst the first of the class of fifteen of DVDs, launched in the United States were twister, which was believed to be the very first one released, a time to kill bladerunner goodfellows road warriors seven, the fugitive, the mask Wasara, las and unforgiven, and the sales of DVDs took off right away because they did something that VHS failed to do. VHS machines were incredibly expensive. You know upwards of twelve hundred dollars, you know back then at launch DVD players. At least some companies were keeping them under two hundred dollars at the time of launch to get people on these. It was actually as a kid. It was one of the first major purchases I ever made was a DVD player and my very first dvd God Zilla two thousand, because it was the cheapest dvd I could find, but they kept the prices of the DVDs themselves down to between Twentyad thirty dollars again vhs, you know. If you wanted to own a copy, you were probably looking at a hundred dollars at the beginning. It was an expensive thing, so they really did a good job of keeping the prices down and it became a giant format, change and what's crazy about the DVD is even though blue ray has been out for as long as it has been and fork blue ray and all these other things the DVD is still out there. Every new movie still comes out on DVD and that's something you know: VHS Didn't didn't last as long as wide like you could still find the odd one that was still releasing that vhs, but not like. Today with DVDs, it had been originally released in Japan, N Noveber, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six, but they weren't re using them for movies. They were actually using them for music videos. It wasn't until they came out in the US that they started becoming a feature film staple and they became a staple really fast so march. Twenty Fourth of the Oscars launching the DVD. Well, that's pretty good and that's educational, but what that is. You know I was good friends with Kenny Campbell who was on Herman's head back in the day and he he invested all this Herman Heads Herman's head money, inte video discs, if you remember those and that didn't really take off- and I don't know where he keeps his video displayer or his discollection at this point. But I remember my first DVD and it was cheap. I think I got I at a white head Pantry, but II'm gonna. Just go out of bounds, in fact the DVD also for making us not have to be kind on rewind, anymore yeah, and secondly, I want to thank Joe for just throwing up versitil in there, because I feel like I'm, going to win some money off of that someday. Just knowing that information is I'm GOINGTO. Remember that so I'm Goingto give the ten points O jobe just for making that versa count rather than video, because I would have never guessed all right Joe. You Win that game. We are in a threeway tie heading into our first two point round and you have control the board. It's going to get trazy this lash roundis going to be a blood bath. Let's go with me music. I know it's really doesn't really matter theyr Bot to points, but let's we're going to go music. I always make it seem like a harder decision that it really is all right. So I'm going to take you to March nife and on a day where rapper gnazs said rap almost died. Marchknife, the D, The notorious big, was murdered in Los Angeles after leaving an after party for the soul, train music awards, the awards were shut down early by the fire department and everybody had to leave and he was shot four times on the street and killed later ontops. He said that it was the fourth and final shot that was the only fatal one lots of mystery surrounding this death. There are theories about and allegations about, revenge for the murder of Tupak Shakor also he was. He was alleged to be involved in that again all alleged alleged alleged legallegalegl and then there was another suspect that was being investigated, but he himself got killed in a drive by while the investigation was under way. So no charges were ever filed for this murder. There was a very lengthy n one of the longest ever lawsuits by if the family or the estate of a celebrity in his death, his wife and mother, sued the LAPD and nothing came out that it got thrown out and shortly thereafter March, twenty Fih, his second album, which this bluw my mind. Actually, I didn't realize that was his only second album coming out after his death in the move and the album was called life after death h, so rearly sixteen days after his death, so yeah thenotorious, big and the great rap wars of those two, the two puck and biggie deaths and, as nod said, nearly the death of rap in March Nife, one thousand nine hundred and ninety even wow. I still remember that I was on spring break when that happened. Yeah, Oh, I remember Rememer Waking Up. We saw it on the news. Yep Hung over yeah. I remember nows missed an opportunity there. He could have been the Don Mcclain of his euro and day the music die. He could have done a seven minute song. That was a karaoke. No, no from that on, but nos didn't have a memory puffy did it instead right? Oh My gothere, you go, but thanks for keeping it dark there jup yeah right with it all right, man crush. What did you bring for the music round? All Right? So, let's go to March eight o one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven, and even though I've I called this band the nickel back of the s before I do hold a special place in my heart. For them they played a show for US Marines, a twenty, nine palms back in two thousand and six, and I still recall it was supposed to be Leonard Skinnard playing, and everyone was super stoked because nobody ever played in twenty nine palms. I think the biggest concert prior was like the Lieutenant Danban with Gary Sinnise, or some shit like that. So then, like two days before this concert the lead singer of Skinnard, he needs to get like an emergency operation S, they had a cancel and everyone was. Everyone was bummed, because this was like the talk of because twenty nine palms an hour inland from the desert there y shit out there. So anything that happens on that base is a big deal. These guys came in at the last minute two days before the event this band they signed on, they literally save the day I mean. Have they not played this one? They probably would have had us listening to like the Marine Corp, marching band or some shit like that. That's what they do, but drunk marines everywhere we ere going Aphshit for these guys was quite the show, but anyways this band. This is their debut album. The album would pik it number four in the billboard, two hundred, which s pretty awesome for a debut, was also certified five times platinum, Catapultd, this band o selling over fifty million albums in their career, including their first five albums going at least five times platinum, the albumat featured three singles and all threeh o these singles they made into the top twenty f the billboard hot one hundred, including long long way from home, which peaked at number. Twenty feels like the first time, which peaked at number. Four and cold is ice which peaked at number six. So I give you the men that save the day fifteen years ago for the Marine Corpe Air Ground Cowbat Center, it's foreigner with their debut album foreigner wow. They come up with this stuff. Well, that's great! Thank that those marines were all saved by some fuzzy foreigner were everybody? was trashed I did. I don't remember everything I don't remember how their performance was, but I remember it was really fun and who did the song thwenty, nine palms wit. There was a so name. Twenty nine point was. It must be like a really like depressing song, because that whole place is pretty depressing. It's like stingor somebody, staing solo stuff, it might be. That's actually sounded like sing when you were singing Robert Plant. Oh Robert Playn, okay, COS is Rober play. I guess I just googled it while Wewere. While we were going wellthat's, Cheaty Youre, just close yeah okathere you go is robbert plant, it's a es lex ting except he doesn't last as well. All Right, gentlemen for my music pick will go over to a few excerpts from a great review out of the record from Hatkensach New Jersey March, seventeenth, tand ninetueen and eighty seven by staff rider Barbara Yager. The difference between a good band and a great band is hat a great band ventures into new artistic territory. Seeing the success as a challenge rather than a reward. You too is a great band. The Irish group's new album the Joshua tree blends, the spartan sounds of the unforgettable fire with the explosiveness of earlier work. It also finds the four band members exploring blues and country for the very first time. The Joshua tree release yesterday finds the band dealing with equality and the crisisis of faith relationships and repressive governments, but no song preaches an easy answer. The Josha Tree is easily the best rock album since Bruce springsteen's born in the USA, and it shows that you two is poised to carry the mantle into the next decade. So let's look at this album from you to by the numbers. Joshua tree hit number one in more than twenty countries spawn two smashhit singles and yielded a successful tour that drew three million attendes. It's the band's fifth studio, album in the first album ever to be released on cassette CD and vinyl. At the same time, the Joshua Tree became the first million selling CD in the United States and it became the group's first number one album on its way to becoming diamond certified. The album spawn their first chart topping singles with without you and I still haven't, found what I'm looking for both hitting the number one spot on the billboard hut. One hundred the Joshua tree then netted you to another two huge verse. Of course their first two grammy winds. So it's one of the greatest rock albums of all time. It's you Tus the Joshua Tree March, one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven. Coincidentally, when I was stationed at twenty nine palms, I lived in Joshuah and Joshi. Coincidentally, the album cover for Joshitree was not shot in Joshritree. It was actually shot two hundred miles away in the middle of the Mohavi desert. Ahcum hat's gonna give you the Winn Til, you pointed Ta. I think I'll still give you the win, because you found a way to integrate the Irish into the scenariohaving to mention sait patricks Tay. You know for no reason whatsoever. Youto guys are Irish and of course, the fact that Joshwatree is adjacent. The twenty nine houns just kind of made me laugh like well boy he's just sticking it to you. There yeak actually, since we're talking about this well mark's a huge, even though he's Wanteng to led Zeplin shirt, he's a huge grateful dead fan huge, Oh yeah, and I heard you tell this story a couple of years ago. Can you tell the mark that stort is a great story? It's really long! Howo! I want to tell thet you two stories: Rol Quick, Oh you for for later, but so I'm going to to see you too. It was a Zooutopia tour with Bob cat. Golfwav Oni've been good friends with since one crazy summer and we're driving and it's just horrible traffic, but it's out in Anaheim Biga and we finally get there. It took us like an hour and a half to get there and we get to a parking place and we get out, and this guy is like hey boncat. I love you man, my favorite Pobca me wherere. You guys going you figr ar here on the whole Rong get in the rig I'll drive you around so e. We get in this guys. Semi Rig and drive allthe way around the Biga from our tos. He didn't realize that S was here. Instead, drol was allewey round bforty five minutes, Andso e. We get to seventy five feet to are right and follow me. I know great way and you don't have to go through security and just no come on kindand like no, but you've been Wanin a lot of fun already and there's on the side of the Anahim. Ter was like a submarine hatch and various signs. Saying high voltage don't enter and he opens this metal door on the side of the Buildin and we go in and we're duck in the whole way and we get through and guys like there. You go you're in all right, nice meeting, you take care Bob. Can You rock and we get out and we're in this hallway and we looke around and there's Bono talking to Anona, rider and Johnny Duck and we've just walked out of a hole. Literally Nucko Wyou've been doing me an your act. You should do. You should really use the real glasses he hands bog at his glasses he's like well. Well, I Gota Got Doa, show ooal, walk, Awaywhen, Oren, Johny Depp. Look at us like Andi, look at Bobcat of my pocket. You've got fotose glasses. Let's go down t the TRAPIT AIN'T gonna get any better than this. We didt stick around Isa, Great Show, Y God. How did you get to your seats from the back wash security like who probably the long way yeah it was like. Why are you leaving there as you were backstage? Well, you good seat, stone there. Sorry bt Anyway Yeah! This was pretty weird anyway right all right! Well, if the grateful dead comes up, I'll tell that story, but you know right now. I just got to play by the room, might be the one episode where I doesn't come up: Yeah Yeah for real all right. Well, like I said I got to give him that on the Youtube points, twenty points, Ta twentyteny points Wel I have the nickel back of the. So all right, so we're going into the final round, and I have control the board and the lead so we'll go to the TV round to wrap this one up. So for my television selection, let's go to the pages of the Detroit Free Press March, twsenty, seven en one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven for an article by Mike Duffy, Bir Young, isn't wild about talking to reporters, makes hem nervous, so young, the Gruff Street toughen character, actor best known for his performances as polly and sevestor selone's rocky dealt with interview anxiety by waking up late last Sunday morning and stumbling in twenty minutes. After an NBC press conference for the New Sitcom romis had begun in New York's Waldor Fistoria hotel in interviews, I feel too close to being a salesman young said, as he loosened up a bit, I'm not that I'm not Glib and that's why I rather be in bed. He said- or maybe it's just that because young realizes that Romyes, which makes its regular premier at eight o'clock tonight Gennal for in Detroit, is a total lemon young plays a middle age. Ex Marine who winds up the college roommate of a brainy young. Sixteen year old played by Newtean Hartthrob Cory, Hame Han said that young has always been one of his favorite idols, or at least since he saw the first rocky and yea young affectionately referred to his roomhis Cotar, as this pineapple. As for stalone young Colt Sli the kid in the rocky experience he said, I was able to build another room on my Beverly Hills House, so Romy's it ran from Marc, one thousand, nine hundred and eighty seven all the way until May of one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven a whole eight episodes. So that's my pick for the TV round romies with birt young and Cory Hame Cla. I miss that one altogether. I eer never saw that. I believe the first reviews were yawnies. They call I's ironic that Cory Han couldn't give b young something that would make him. You know whit awake in the morning or I wakefore in the morning ort ine awake seven in the morning, but yeah Yeaa, no miss that one. Why do you keep going to the Detroit Free Press? Is there a Detroit Free Puscom like newspaper t? No, it just happens to be all the articles I found happen to be in the Detroy freepress: okay, a interestthings all right, Joe Finley. What did you bring h? Well, I've got something interesting. I will point out, though I actually very very briefly met cory, Hayman about two in two thousand and six at the TV station I was working at I bumped I like literally bumped into him outside, because he was smoking immediately outside he door just and was just ik hey. It was like Gor, hey he just hi and it just that was the end of his glazed. Look at me. What made me realize that that was the end of that conversation, but I bring to you from March tent one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven TV show that was based on a movie created by the man who wrote the movie and was dissatisfied by the way they took a dark movie with an empowered female lead and turned it into a kind of silly thing. So he decided years later to pitch a TV show version and March tenth was the debut of Buffy, the vampire slayer on the WB. The show ran for Seven Seasons, starring Sarah Michel Geller- that was actually her breakout year because it was later that year that she released. I know you did last summer and then towards the end of the year. She had an appearance in scream too alison Hannigan, who you know from child actress all the way up to how e met your mother and all these other things David Borietn, as it was his first major role. He had had a couple of roles. You know, without even people with names minus you know just little one offs on TV and things like that. Also another one from Michell, trackedinburn and Liza Duchku Seth Green was, in this lots of appearances throughout the history Nathan Philly an made an appearance in the show, but Yeah Jos weten had written the original movie and he decided to pitch this and create this. He ended up writing about a hundred a thirty seven of the episodes yeah. It was a gigantic hit and it was a and it's still a cult classictreaming everywhere as of today and so yeah give you that Buffy, the Vampire slayer debuted n March tre, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven all right who's, your favorite Buffy o. all time I saw the original movie and it was fine, it was. It was a weird one and usually I get weirded out when Paul Rubens appears in something and he's not Pett, Guylo, Paul Rubens and I'm like Paul Rubens. What are you doing here? What are you doing to me right now and that that one was particularly weird mysterymen, I loved him, and that that one was a weird one, this one I I've, seen a lot of episodes because I used to broadcast it at at my TV station again, but I, my wife, is actually watching it right now with my son, and I see it all the time. I see it all the time and it's like I, you don't like cameras Moutin or you can spie or you just more Constar, but it is yeah, it's fun watching him see it for the first time. It's a fun show it's something that I didn't get into at the time, but I definitely get the appeal that I see why everybody was into it. I still get yilled at for having not watched it. When it originally came out. I used to hang out a bit with Christy Swanson with a k was the movie version golf tournaments or whatnot, but I I haven't been hanging out with her. So much at Seshe got Ri. She got out a stupid Blue California because she couldn't handle the people anymore and she went to New Jersey. She found out that there's a lot of blue photers and Nesur before she moved, but she's fun to follow on twitter, yeah, sheand everything's, a question Syou have to tune into that. I won't say anymore. All right, puffy know all right, man crush. What did you bring for the television round all right? So, let's go march. Four T te. One thousand nine hundred and seventy seven I actually. I was stunned to find a show that debuted in Marchere, but now that you guys both had shows hat debute march. I didn't think there would be anything but hey. There is, but this particular series it was an avadoptation from a British series or British SICOM. Rather it was slated to get a fol one thousand nine hundred and seventy six release. They were going to put the pilot up, but the last minute ABC pulled this one. They decided it wasn't good enough to get the release and they felt there were more deserving shows afor that time slot. So, while the show wis being shelled by ABC CBS, tried to swoop in and pick it up midseason and they promised that they would release it in February, onethousand, nine hundred and seventy seven, but just like that high school kid that doesn't like his ex girlfriend until she meets or like hooks up with another dude ABC jumped back in and they agreed to ear the show in March with a whole new cast. So when it was all said and done, the sitcomdy would last for eight seasons hundred and seventy two episodes and was a ratings dynamo in the first full season. frone thousand nine hundre and venty Ne Thousand Nine Hundred N eventy eight. It was the third highest rateo show in television, followed by the second highest rated show in television, and it stayed that way all the way to season five, and that was mainly because there was a contract dispute. The result in one of the stars. They didn't leave that year, but she missed a lot of the episodes for you know they try to keep her out of it, but then they after she left they rebounded. They went back to fourth the following year, but hobvestly like ABC got extremely lucky on the Sitcom. Not only did they want to shelve the series completely, they almost lost the CBS, but they also lost Suzanne Summers due to a contract dispute, then, on top of that they weren't even get initially used John Ritter, because they felt that he made Jack Tripper, look too goofy and then like also, let's not dismiss the fact that they erroneously with this is one of my previous picks from, like I don't know, maybe six seven months ago, the ropers they spun the ropers off, took them off. The show, although, like Mr Froley was great, I love Mister Furley as well, but they took them off the show to. But this is still a hit. I give you the debut of the hits Sitcom series- threes company, fantastic, show. You know, what do you do? Just drop the Mike on Hout come on wait don reder, the nicest man in Hollywood. If you were still alive an just the greatest guy ever yeah the whole the drama, the intriue there was Susan Stummens, I actually Gack Yor. I had a selling copy of Susan Summers Book Up there somewhere, but I did a her talk. Show years ago she ad briefly had a talk, show yeah Wasoni, keep the sign, copes Idi. You ever try the Thi Master. No, but I may I'v Never purchased. When I have tried to everybody's tribe, but have you ever really stuck with it and see I as als my my mom purchased one and we had it in the Howas. My mom would buy like exercise, equipment and going diets and shit all the time. So we had all this random shit from like home shopping club. So we had one of those in the House and ice actually use it. On My biceps yeah felt like it was a better workout. You could do bus ex our sises to, and I had like a D Cup in one that was quite a show, and you know he would pass himself off his game for mser Roper, which was was just classic Sitcom. It's a situation that the comedy comes out of, and that's that's that's a definition of it. You know, you know you can't really give the the prize Tho Yanis and then there's other buffies that was stolen. This is original content that various networks didn't want. I think you got to give it to freese company Gosh Start and the three of you are tied up again, except one of you is at's fat yeah I'll, just lean into I'm sorry go take care of your kids. You Co, O hat. You had shit to do like a sub plot from MSSS Doltfar, all right man Chrus. That means me and you are tied up so we're going to go to the final wild card round I'll go first on this one, a keep it brief here, my wild card selection. I actually selected a hut product released March, one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven. I gave you one of my absolute favorite games for the Nintendo entertainment system pro wrestling. This was just the staple of my youth players could choose from a roster of six wrestlers. You had fighter hi, Abosa giant Panther, King Corn, Kan King Slender Starman, and the Amazon computer gaming world named it as the best sports game of one thousand nine hunded and eighty eight for Nintendo. The game was helded for its realistic graphics and Non Stop Wrestling Action and, of course, who can forget the games, victory message, a winner is you, and I mean that became one of the first Internet men. So I give you pro wrestling. Probably one of the Games for the intendent entertainment system that I sunk the most time into you. Knon say all right: Man Crush. What do you have for the wild card I'll make mine super quick? I was shocked that I had a debut of a TV show before and I was shocked that you guys had debuts in March. I got another debut in March, so I might as well just drop that one to March fifteen o e thousand nine hundred and seventy seven we got the debut of the Classic Sitcom Eit is enough. This would last for five seasons on ABC. I couldn't go with this over three's company, but I figured I'd I'd, keep it around well, that was brief. Yeah. I only remember one thing about eigt is enough. I think about it. Every Christmas. I remember there was a Christmas episode where all the kids came down had to wanted to open the presents and the paents are like. No, we can't open the presents until we all drink orange juice. First, that's what we do every Christmas and I'm like. That's the stupidest shit. I've ever heard. Well, there's eight of them, so you had to get the vitamins into the Merley. Yeah. True is Y, have a knife, and there was about a twenty year spread between the oldest and the youngest yeah that mom she was pregnant a long time and where is where is Dick Van Patten? Getting any? You know ripping off some romance in a house with seven kids in alriht, a small house, I was Goingna just completely outlaw mark for bringing up wrestling again. It was you ow, just an eployt to get me to Puch Keels, that's going to be on the stars: Hat Wok, maybe an late apen wat and some of the worst wrustlers ever re. By the way on that game I mean no Superfli Snoka, nobody, George, the animals steal just facus could be what ait is enough screw you? It is Nough, I'm the ninth child. No, you can see me at Jo, Marie nine of nine instagram and twitter Jomrnine. Nine, because I'm the ninth and eight is not enough. It never will be. That could be a new Sitcom. That could be another one. I oncomo mark the winner. Is You elall right since Mark One? Can you tell him the grateful dead story? Oif We got time. Oh I mean. If you got time, we got all. We could stay here forever. Okay! Well, it's a long story, but again you can get it on the the Chive did an animated version. You can go o and Google it and say bill. Murry's, brother, Bil, Mary, Texas, brother, the grateful debt, and you can see the animaed version, interesting that I animate, but so I was a big deadhead. I saw that band twenty six times live all with Jerry. I never have seen them since I'm just kind of sure. That way. I also saw skinner at the last show before play H. Helicopter Plaing CR pay crashup quite crush, but so I know the debt is coming to Madison Square Garden and I'm going to visit my brothers and at this point I have four brothers in Manhattan. Billie's there Bryan's there and Annie and Jenare both working in bars and restaurants and billy knows I'm dying to see the band, and you know he's I've. Seen He's got Jerry's phone number, his phone book. You know he they'de been on the show twice on Saday life, and so I get a call at about seven o'clock. It's getting dark and Ol, hey yeah. It's till what D you want. You want to take a walk, yea, T staof too watch o sure yeah and I just want to you know, get there all right. L. What you made me is like ninety, eight and Lectington and we'll take a walk, and so he lived there at inety. Six and my other brothers sad place in ninety fith, and so I run out the door and I've got a grayeful deat tshirt non descriptly wit nother shirt over it and meet them on the corner. F, like hey, hey, llet's, get a can o no, let's fuck a Bot, we're walking along and he's taking this time and he's looking, you know: Hey look up there, Looki the Carnis on that building. Think about it. You know kraftsman spent time to do all that work and people walk out here all day, Wong think about how many people are Qi and don't even look up and bu look at the work got beaufulthat yeah, it's great! LET'S CO! Let's see you know, let's go me walking and werewhatever in the and be little hungry I' Get a little peckage. You want to Wanto, stop and get something yeah can we get something to go? or I mean since you drive all right and so we sit down and we got some Sushi and he's doing this whole thing where you poour the other guys Sushi and I'm Por, the other guys Saki, and you can't rush it. You can so I just keep pouring this forward forward. We et the Sushi and the waitress comes likecoul. I get you anything else and yeah. That was really great. Could we do all that again and I'm just getting more and more furious and okay, and so we're walking and we're in the S and we're walking and he's like you know, you know this. Guy Jams mcmanter lived in that building yeah when I first moved. He lived in that. For me, that was an empty loft like I don't care, but you know at least tell me stories about stuff that doesn't make any sense and I'. Never I'm just furious at this point as we're getting closer and closer to thirty. Third, where Madison Square Garden is all of a sudden. You see like dead heas, that you know they're selling tshirts that didn't get in the show like well as looking for a Mericle, but nothing a no, but I saw some surance and theyre just kind of trips by and we've walk by, Madison Square Garden and it's over there and I'm now, I'm just fucking Furiousyeah yeah backstage could probably be back stage of blushiand watching them yeah eahthat yeah. That would be horrible and we just keep walking and og doid you like some dessert or something I could go with your life. This place has got really good ice cream, and I now I'm just like I don't care shirt, yeah covered, Mei Co, it just killed me. I don't care and we have some ice ceaminwy. We keep going and we're down south of House thanwe're down in the village and we keep going and all of a sudden. I realized we're going to the old blues bar which I've been to before which to most people would be the coolest thing in the world you're going to Bushi apprid bar the world's greatest tute box, and we walk in and Dany a croserve. Jo Fabulos, we got a part to great great great Ba, but you relax, you take your Tangel, I need Levens, I need lines. I need everything cut up to Anan, because we're got people coming an an Al. This is of Fanys, we gotd of BIKT, ther and so hucucking lenons and lives, and you know the walk took like four and a half five hours to walk the like the Manhattan kind of thing, because we kept stopping and Wese there and I'm cutting h lines and all sudden I look up. Bob Weir sits down across the BI FROMT ets. Just start filling in right. Sow TMAKI hartwalks in ticelan walk an everybody walks in except for jury. This is the only time I solhe grateful, deat bout jury, but so, as that I goes on, I'm making I m making drinks for the graceof Det I'm talking. Obout shows. I saw an Alplane Valley, and you know it's talking bout this and eventually they get up and they play with Peter aproid on guitar apprate on her Monica Balushi singing back up to my brother, Billy Doing Leui Dei and I'm thinking. If I had a camera, if it was the future my phone, I could take a picture of these guys like seven feet away from hi playing for like two and a half hours, and it was absolutely insane how good a wow- and so now it's like five thirty in the morning and Danny acra starts up a Harley in the corer of the room and that it might be time to go yeah that could be assign everyone yeahyah. Maybe it's time to get the fuck out and the cloud is just like rising up and you can literally see the smoke from the exhaust coming up and bill is like we should probably GE coing, O, hey you see the little mestr earlier is everything ou can yeah ogod owant to take a walk and we walked out into the daylight and walked out. That's that story. Soi Thought you would appreciate that story very much. Thank you. Thank you, yeah. I'm sorry for having to put you through that. No that's noriliant storm. It's Sto, O the Youtu Onn. I got some. I have some listener questions. If you have time you want to you want to answer these or you don't have to you're sending me that bubble head, though right I will I'll yeah, it's Wolverin, you ant Tori, all right so tommy comes, he wants to know how's it being part of the Disney Pixar experience. Oh that's the Busteg in the world I was, I was Don Carlson, I'm ature stuent in Mashas University, and it's what it's like the mafio you you can't audition. They just give you the role and they call you off and say we want you're going to play this role and like yes, you are correct, I am and it's it's the greatest Gig and you like go up to San Francisco and you do a whole like four hour thing, and you know you do a lot the lines and then they would get me up to a certain vocal level and then I do all the lines again in a higher pitch and then they do all the the yelling and impacts and all the hard stuff that be very in and then theyd sat you on your way, but beforehand, they're like well. You'RE GON NA come up San Francisco Wen a fly you up. Where would you like to stay like my pick? Yeah? Well, I've always wane to stay. I don't know right underneath the top of the mark at the Markyou Nowokay and then the next time ID come up like. I always want one of those Baa Bay Rooms Temonrion, but I stayed at the cliff I stayed at like, but I went four or five different times to do this. So one time we actually drove up with my kids in my red ban, my maroom West fhilia and T it was a funny thing, but right before we're leaving we're getting in it's the one of the last drines we took in this fan. I told my kid I go. You know it go up above the TV there's these cases, their light blue cases grab both of those and he's like what are these like. Those are cassette tapes and we listen to all these premade party tapes that I had made for the years that you kno like whent in and out a national lammproved radio hour and live songs and Goufiasha and theme songs from television shows and whatnot. But we had a great time listening to dance tapes and we drow all the way up, and I think I think that time we stayed at the cliff, but no, we stayed at the place with the Toga Room with the where they have. They have a whole water show where, like a band, comes out on a boat and it's called the Toga Room. It's up there. It's a big question t's across the street from the Mark Mark Mar Jackson, Emor Davi Mark Mark Thomson Cross from the mark, Toms Oco, all right, but there's nothing better than working on a pictar thing. There was probably seventy people in the thing and I didn't work with any of them. The parties were really good, I' kind of know. John Goodman and I know day fully from it. But Billy Crystal. I met him like four times each time. eciting a new he had never met me before. What are you? Who are you again all right, this one's? This is from John Cula. He said how amazing was it to be the voice of Chester Cheeta, and can you say you were just a cool dude in a loose mood? Well, that's a! I got a story on that. One too, I was going for the audition and it was a callback and it was down to two guys and it was Dan Castele Lanetta who was at the second city, and I was just a newcomer in the touring company of the second city, but I had my mom's car and I never had a car, but I got the borrow Mon's car because I had to be there fo his calle that and we went back in the room one more time we read again and when I got done the second time, Eguy goes okay, so we're going to see yo tomorrow alike, and so I walk out and I'm like Yeah Din. You need a ride. Dack I got a car, I got a car, you, I gev you right home and we're in the car, and I remember telling Danny that. I think I think I got it. I think they told me. I got it tomorrow and I'm going to be here tomorrol and he's like. Oh well, that's all right, because I got to go out to la I'm doing this. This thing on the Tracy elmen show and that turned out to be the simpsons, so I think he e might have won in the long run, but for eleven years I was a righteous kidty in the Hara hip city till I'd see those cheap tos. Then my comedy is: would surrender to my Rerg for the chiets that goes? A Lamy Mo unh I'Snot, Easy Bing Cyeah? That was good, but my bought my first house. Basically, let's see Brian Morino, says what was your experience working with John Qsack and Demi more on one of my favorite films, one crazy summer, such a good cast any good behind the scene stories. The weird thing on that one was: I was going to play. First of all, I was in im pro in Chicago, and I we started the Improv Olympic and don't close, got me an agent and he was the Improfgu that taught Gilda and Akro and Blushi and all these people- and he was in the original second city back in the day and del, got me an agent and the first audition. They set me on this for this thing and I got a call back and they called me back and why agent goes yeah, but the call back is in Hyanis Massachusetts and I'm like is that normal h? No, it's not it's not normal, but there's a ticket for you at the airport and you're going to go to Hianas for the COL heck. So I go to the airport and I meet Jeremy Pillan. Who was an establish an you know. He was in wild cats. He had been in movies. His his chest was shape because he was in a baseball movie, trying to be a team, but a not baseball football. A football yeah, so I'm going to audition to play John Cusecx's best friend and Hevan is John Chos ex best friends. I thinking there's not a chance in I worlike I'm going to get this part, and so we read a couple times there and the director who was, I was twenty three the director was twenty five savage T. Holn was just the greatest guy said all right, so you're going to be the Nice Guy, nice, guy's friend, and he's going to be the BADGASS friend so you're, both you're both here and we're Gonno we're just going to hang out for a few days and then we're going to start shooting in about six and everybody just hang loose and have fun, because I want to all become friends and I go. I brought an overnight bang you're, telling me yeah you're here for two months Goso. I was there for two months and the first person I met after that thing, because Pian denerally want to hang out with me after that or talk to me. I went back to the hotel and Hianas and I met Bob Cat Golfway for the first time and he was making like four foot St's rockets and shooting down the hotel, Halla ut out and open door, and it was. I was like I'm gonna, I'm hanging with you a first one, and so then we went to meet Tuzac and we went to his room and Bob Cat right away. We walk in the room and he we had little regular hotoroms, which Hewas I had like a two story: Loft kind of thing, with a he had a GEP. They Renn for Om and he's only like eighteen, ninehteen, maybe and bodcast spots he's got an American Express card on the table and Buck Hette writes stone the numbers of h American Presstar and gives me a coffee, well CES, as getting change and a CAS. You just take that. So we kept ordering like Katell records the whole time Ye were making ha movie and just like thih masters and stuff, like that, we just go hase e KSA roomevery time we get done with shooting for the day we walk in and choose. I got T fellt, didn't everybody GIN, a package Toay, because I did all right man crush. We figured out a riddle. That's been boggling our minds for years, since we saw cusack of that COMICCON. We now know why he hates that movie. So much because Ityou, do you guys order like a rascal rider to his room? Go that would have been great. I never saw all the things that bobword. I just know what I got it's Fi. Let me all right. Let me love whas one, an then goahead this all right, so thisis from Mike Ranger Mikes on the show all the time he says how is cookie after Youto stop playing all those games. Kim Foster was the most beautiful girl and the coolest chick a guy on his first movie could ever get to me, and you know she was Nicki six from Motley crew's girlfriend before that, and she was just coolas Shit and she- and I will stop there but like Cu. Like I said, Shuzak was like: Nineteen Pis was like nineteen Bobkat and Demi were both Aa already Matt molhern had his wife with Hurtis ad, his wife with him, so she was always like Joe will. You go ou drinking with me, okay, Imei'll suck it up for the team and we we go out and we go to these places and people like would look at me thinking. Well, he must be some kind of sheek or something he must be Sai, because there's no way a guy looks like that gets gots a girl like that. But there's another story. That's about twenty minutes long. We went back to the Kennedy Campon one night, which is was a absolutely hysterical night wat. One of the Shriver Boys Wanted Kim foster to ould come with him and she's like Yo. Just come with me, and I can't go into that story because it gets a little bit. Ba Wean gets really really good. Oh Jesus, if you see me in person, ask me that one I will iw can't say thatone, but she was the coolest and I improvised that Lone and cool ul by the way yeah Danny Schneider. He said he just wants to tell you that God bless America was better than falling down heck you Tanny, he's you've got a point. You seem like a very sensiive, sensible guy dea. I hope you find your kin foster something this thiis from a guy named Chris Heiste just wants to know what was the name of the boat that took all the people to Gilligan's island. I saw that quest fucking Duch that was frightening, but the name of the pot in one crazy summer was the boat, the SS Mento. Of course I mean in Chicago you, Watche Illians, island, into Hogan Heroes. The DICKFON DYK show like every night of your life. So the fact that we wouldn't know the Middo, that's just you know. Dick Doner should have known better. He that's why he wasn't a comic. You know holiday genius, man, he OL funny guy there all right, here's another WHO's, the Best Golfer at O, all your brothers, you and all hour brothers. That's why we play it's different every day, R, close, no SOM SOM ar better. My brother ad was always the best. He was a scratchgolfer but yea Brian's Gett a little older billy's, getting a litter billy's, a very good coll for, but he said a million dollars more lessons than I have. I think, but he and I are good match. We have a good time and he's pretty good, but my brother Johnny he's always been definitely the worst. He doesn't put the time an he doesn't practice whatever. I was just down in Saint Augustine last week and I passed by the katishak place. What's the tell people where to go, because I didn't even know that existed until I passed asign and I knew you were coming on the show- and I sent it to mark- and I was like- I didn't even know that at a place we thought that one a long time yeah it's like it, was right there where we were. Of course, I was with my wife and my daughter, and they didn't want to stop there. They wanted to go, would have loked it she's fourteen hes, so well, there's a putting green there's. There's you know unlimited soft drinks and a food O. that's good food, murry brothers, caddy Shek, its offo was seventy five, the highway. Ninety five, ninety five, that's yeah, Sobur, twenty, but yeah. My brother, Andy kind of runs that with his buddies and I'm an investor and we're all kind of figure hoads, and we have a golf tourament down there that one is it the PGA Golf Hall of fame, Ind, the Worldgolf village and it's on a nice rotuno there ovir the pond and t's. It's been very good, it's done well during coving, because it has a huge rap around porch. So there's a lot of Ountour CEEDING, but then we've got another one in Rosmont, which is right next to the Chicago Harr airport. So when I'm flying out of Chicagoi'll go there like three four hours early before my flight and just drink and eat, because I'm an investor before my play and then we're going to open one on th in our hometown and wilnet Illinois on the Skokywil met border on Scoky Boulevar. There is the new news: That's coming, which awesome? Are you guys going to have like your own reality show like walburgers yeah, but we're not going to be in shape? That's that'll be much more relatable. I think I think people like that better yeah, no we've worked together. We've done a few figs, but no now all right see anybody want a reality. Show fameras Aro, especially after God, blessed America Yeah. Everybody else here is just saying that you know they like you, like your movie, is no real questions. I'm looking for this well, I've been I've been doing this who's live anyway. I can pitch that we're going to get back to that in the summer. I guess people are saying, but I travel around with Ryan Styles and Greg Proops AF, Je Davis, from whose line is it anyway and we travel around all the US, an Canada doing live shows and it's been a blessing to be able to hang out with guys eleke to drink as much as I do and and I could perform and don't like to memorize lines- and it's been- it's been really great perform now in all fifty states and six seven provinces again so t that's kind of a weird thing, but that's joes neck of the woods sure is O in Canadator yeah. Well, it's so sorry to not mention it earlier and this yea I would have been. I would have een less prejudice against you. Usually it works against me S. No, I love Canada. I Love the Canadian Lounge as we fly business and you know when you're having Emoton at Ain the morning because, like oes it get a better than this look at is dude. Thank you so much for coming on. Unless you have anything else you want to plug, I don't want to keep you too long, but that was fun. Ma Yeah, Oh yeah. I guess so. Els UPPO YEAHR Willambury Golf! That's what I've been spending most of my time. We have a clothing one, William Regol, sorry, William rry Golfcom, it's quality stuff, most of it isn't playing blue, but it's got a zero F skil an Logoa bill on it and all the brothers are involved and it's comfortable. It breathes and the spring stuff just came out. It's really good, some good looking stuff a lot of it has to do with Marit Legendad Lor stories that Co preers- and I guess I'm gonna- have to get a grateful dead shirt made up from that Wal. Absolutely El Yeah Mark would buy it hell. Yeah Right, dude, that's cool! I love those shirts. I did see the website before and that's why I kind of asked you and I forgot Thot Hask second part, because I knew you had the restaurant that they're not connected. Then that's just two separate enities. So don't go to the web. The website for the restaurant thinking you're going to buy the shirts. I think, if you actually go to the restaurant, you can buy some shirts. All right. I works. There is not a magical door that leads from one or the other thing. E clothing line is about ninety percent oline, but yeah. It's good going really. Well. Actually it's doing very well and this week I work on that billy and I work on a lot of the designs together. So that's kind of fun, nice very cool. I will end up ordering one, because every time somebody comes on here and plug something I end up, buying everything and then my wife yells at me. Don't let me spill any beans, but if you put jol twenty in the code, you'll get twenty percent off. Okay, she'll be happy. Sav, O twenty percent. Give it to you if I could, but I can't no, it's that's fine, but is ta guy in the eater, and this is electronics. Ili'll definitely pick one up, but dude thanks ageind for coming on. That was a lot of fun and please, if you ever want to come back on for anything, you want to plug anything. You want to come back on because it's fun please come back on. That was great. You guys are ever really hurting Givin en all. I well do man, you be well plae. All right be well car, Jo Sooby, all right duelers. Well, unfortunately, I guess we're going to have to end this episode right here, but if you've missed an episode, you can always go over to our website. Dualing Decadescom, where you can subscribe to the show on Itune spotify, really everywhere, podcasts are available and while you're on those inner webs head on over to facebookcom forward dueling decades, where you can join our private group and share some of your very own Retro Memories. So until next time dewlers were going to bid you a pieace, love lighting, a joy hgrateful week, everyone ges new Yorkyor, be Hur

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