Dueling Decades
June 9, 2021

The Brazen Badass from Beantown Dave Schultz selects who had the best June 1975, 1985 or 1996!

This week Duelers, we have a best of June duel just in time for summer!  Back behind the bench, this week is the bald Brazen Badass from Beantown, the one and only Dave Schultz.  We may need a bigger boat when Mancrush brings the best of June 1975.  Marc James takes it down to Paradise City with some rockin’ picks from June of 1985.  Mike Ranger channels his inner Zack Morris and gets his homework totally wrong and brings the best of all of 1996!  This is a wild one that's even better on YouTube!

Don't miss this explosive episode with Judge Schultz, he may have the final say, but that doesn't mean that everyone agrees! In this episode, you might hear something about dead presidents, a hit song that uses the same word 86 times, hippie chicks in Baltimore, an epic trade that changes the fate of two franchises, the murder of a music icon, hitchhiking with Slash, 70-foot phalluses, B-rated DC characters, the worst game controller ever, Mr. Smith's Earth Welcoming Committee, the perfect movie to watch before heading to the beach, boobie traps, shoulders for days, a sports columnist for Newsday and his wacky family, the TV Wonderboy, and lot's more!!

Do you agree with Dave's rulings? Let us know what you think!

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funny story i remember being in a sam goody with one of my friends and he chose this album and i went with the high school high soundtrack wow isn't there a hotel on that high school high soundtrack well you know my my line of thinking was there was more variety

podcast new york what's up dueling decades this is wax peace to all you guys and uh thanks for having me on the show will it be the 90s or the 80s beanie babies or crack babies will it be nirvana or madonna maybe britney maybe whitney do you like new metal a new wave dave grohl or super dave i don't know but now the battle begins dueling decades let's see who wins

broadcasting from the podcast new york studios it's another all new dueling decades the adult-only retro game show where the decades battle for supremacy because it's your history we just fight for it welcome back i am mark james and this week i will be representing the best of june 1985 alongside the other duelers and the decades they will be fighting for first off he likes the nightlife he's got to boogie say hello to man crush were you looking at my picks no because it feels it feels like you're looking at my picks with that but he's correct i have june of 1975 lots of boogian disco and probably cocaine and sweatiness but let's see what everybody else has also joining us on the panel is a man who for most of his life has been living in the gangsters paradise please welcome the incomparable mike ranger hello everybody i'm mike ranger it's my first day on the job and i've come to you with the wrong homework assignment the best of 1996. some of my picks are in june we just talked about this at length but i think this is going to be interesting because i think from this episode we're going to see how 1996 was actually my graduation year not a terrible year we get to see how that whole year stacks up against a couple months in the 80s and 70s so for 70s and 80s however you want to look at it but way to go mike oh thanks thank you thanks for the kind words and not verbally chastising me not yet and as always here on the show we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness so he's back the brazen badass from beantown the host of the selling out show all rise for judge dave schultz hello hello hello i'm so happy to be back and uh mike actually even though he did screw up his homework kind of has an advantage because 1996 was a hell of a year now he can pick freely from whatever he wants but i do have to say this june is the month of my birthday so it's going to take a lot to impress me boys do your best

ladies and gentlemen the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules the judge's coin flip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories movies television music news and hut products a judge's ruling will determine who wins each round allowing the victor to choose the next available category the first three rounds are worth one point each with rounds four and five worth two points a piece and in the event of a tie after all five rounds we will go to a final wild card round remember jewelers to review the show like subscribe and play along at home it's time for more dueling decades all right let's go right over to our guest judge for tonight mr dave schultz all right you know i like to bring unique things to flip to throw in the air um and this time i brought a shiny object but it's not uh pointy it won't hurt you so it's not a fork or a knife yet instead i brought a um a empty wrapper for mad magazine trading cards from 1992. i happen to be a big mad fan i i don't think man crushes mock you like matt no i did i had a lot i love them oh did you have yeah i have lots of mad mac i just want to ask you though what are the cards and how long ago did you take them out oh uh i don't know i got these not so long ago but they're sitting somewhere i did open them because i just couldn't bear not to know what was inside so but i didn't keep the rapture wondering why you had an empty oh yeah i was like why why do you have an empty rap because i'm a collector and that's what collectors do [ __ ] stuff wait you have other rappers as well uh i think i might have some more mad magazines nobody cares all right let's just anyway so the front of this wrapper the shiny wrapper has alfred e newman on it i don't know if people can see it here on the video so i'm describing it on the back the card company lime rock um yeah in the upc code so heads will be alfred and the back will be the upc so all right so this week the coin toss will be between mike ranger and man crush mancrush why don't you call it this week wow i never call these uh let's go heads there's a lot of [ __ ] on the front there yeah it is very awesome let's go and it is tails you lose you stink mike it's all you baby barely mike all right mike ranger you won the coin toss you get to go first what category are we going with well that's a good question mark i i don't even know if i deserve a pick considering uh how bad i [ __ ] this up uh but i think you have to start with a june i think you're right i think you're right because i actually while we were sitting here and i was sulking and i was ready to cry i did a little bit of digging here and let's see where we go where are we going to start with uh all right you know what let's start with music

on june 25th 1996 on rockefeller and priority records came the debut album by jay-z reasonable doubt featuring production by dj premier jazz oh and clark kent and guest appearances by memphis bleak mary j blige the notorious b.i.g sauce money and big jazz the 14-track album explores the hustler lifestyle and mafia themes over the album's nearly 60 minute run time though not an immediate success the album only sold about 420 000 copies in its first year the album featured four singles which only one reached the top 40. on february 7 2002 the album was certified platinum by the riaa but remains the lowest charting album of jay-z's career despite the numbers this is my favorite offering from jay-z and is considered a landmark album for the hip-hop culture funny story i remember being in a sam goody with one of my friends and he chose this album and i went with the high school high soundtrack wow

isn't there a hotel on that high school high soundtrack well you know my my line of thinking was there was more variety yeah yeah i lost bad i lost isn't it but that has a lot of variety on it too he's got a lot of collaborations on there still doesn't he well he's got collaborations but like outside of like the producers like obviously you have biggie on there but memphis bleak is from his neighborhood nobody knows who he is yet yeah you have mary j blige you do have foxy brown on it but it's yeah it's early foxy brown you kind of well it's all songs about [ __ ] and [ __ ] and and [ __ ] either way right uh well that's a little bit more little kim okay i thought foxy did that too she does it a little bit not quite as much just on the weekends you know only in the summer time all right man crush what did you bring for the music round well that's uh that's hard to stack up against but it's june so it's fair game so let's go june 10 1975 and for the first time in a while i i couldn't find a musical track that could really get behind here and you're just dealt with the hand you're given unless you're mike ranger where you choose the entire year so you know you either love this song you hate this song but everyone knows the song and being that this is 1975 and discos are starting to take off like no other it's no wonder that the this song would hit number one on the billboard hot 100 twice uh this track it hit number one in november it got knocked out by another disco track and then it came back to regain that number one slot within the same month i think it was like uh in december so within 30 days picked it up again and apparently this is not something that happens very often so at least it had that going for it uh but when you look at the lyrics this is a sexually inspired disco track all right they use the same word in this song 86 [ __ ] times 80 i counted them one at a time uh i actually the first time i counted i got 88 but then i went back and i redid it i'm pretty sure it's 86 but if it's 88 give me credit for that too it's a short word but it's a word that it's used to express satisfaction triumph or a surprise and depending on where you look at this song for the lyrics it's spelled either aha or uh-huh all right so i'm frankly i'm torn i think it works either way uh interestingly the original version of the song that they wanted to release sounded much more sexual i had uh moans in it of pleasure uh but luckily for everyone they tone that [ __ ] down because you know the sexual undertones of the song i mean what they did actually in 1975 they lumped this in to a niche that they called sex rock not even disco they called it sex rock and apparently sex rock was heavily opposed by jesse jackson of all people who uh he was pressuring the music distributors through what he had a thing called operation push it was people united to save humanity uh but they failed to do anything so there's that but it's it the whole thing is kind of funny to me because i remember the song from a 90s burger king commercial and there ain't nothing sexual about that although mark you might remember this when we did poop culture there was a viral video going around about a guy having sexual relations uh with a big mac no it was a chicken sandwich oh it was a chicken sandwich yeah but that was a sandwich but it was a mcdonald's chicken sandwich right yeah okay lots of mayonnaise chicken sandwich good good lube obviously so mcdonald's they missed the boat excellent marketing opportunity that could have brought this back i think that was like 2016 or 2017. it is what it is but i give you uh it's casey and the sunshine man that's the way uh uh i like it in that uh-huh i'm telling you look at the lyrics you're gonna be like what uh but yeah that over jay-z probably wow nice casey and the sunshine band also the nickname for my dick and balls yeah i mean that's good i like it so it's a three-piece band all right guys so we'll go 10 years to the day ahead of man crush's pick for my music selection this week it was released on june 10th 1985 and it sold two million albums off the back of two big singles uh one is a song about a hippie chick that once told the lead singer of this band that she used to drop acid and lay in a field next to the you factory in baltimore and hallucinate about her her having like an out of body experience and just flying out of her body amongst all the houses the other song is a joyous look at the apocalypse sent to an uptempo zydeco beat i give you little creatures by talking heads with the hit singles and she was and rode to nowhere and she was it reached number 54 on the u.s billboard hot 100 now drummer chris franz said of the song it's a story about a woman who has the power to levitate above the ground and check out all of her neighbors all from kind of like a bird's eye view now the guy who's writing the song he's in love with her and he kind of wishes she would be you know kind of more normal and just come back down to the ground now the other big track on that album road to nowhere it made it to number 25 on the billboard mainstream rock tracks and it appeared in little monsters and in reality bites two movies that are absolutely nothing alike so as an album little creatures peaked at number 20 on the us billboard 200 and in a 1985 review rob tydenbaum of rolling stone said uh burning company presents an album that tries to shrug off their weighty reputation the songs are simple and clearly rooted in pop structures burn injects a feeling of lyrical giddiness that almost makes them sound like a different band so i give you little creatures by talking heads a band that i don't think comes up enough on this show big fan of their work uh june 10th 1985. it's the same way i felt about casey in the sunshine band so i brought it up all right let's kick it over to our guest judge dave schultz for the ruling on the music round okay i guess i'm gonna be the one that uh brings this up okay this is usually uh man crush's duty but i'm taking the mantle tonight with this music category i'm looking for something that has legs okay some that just survives the test of time and it's just quality goods now with mike the jay-z album i'm not really a jay-z fan so i'm not familiar with it i do realize that you know launched this monster career and this guy is loaded beyond belief isn't he on uh brooklyn nets and stuff and he's married to beyonce i mean come on that's impressive right i think he sold part his his ownership in the nets wow he sold something well he's still loading good for him yeah poor poor bastard oh no i'm just so still somebody ownership yeah that's not doing good this year yeah yeah right uh mack i like your pick i i really do even though i'm very interested in this whole yoo-hoo factory thing i really it was you know it was a girl that david byrne went to high school with and she was telling about how she used to drop acid and lay in this field that was right next to the yuhu factory and he just thought the imagery of uh somebody having like an outer body experience surrounded by the fast food and corporate world was kind of uh an interesting visual yeah imagine if she was taking acid in a field next to her k-mod you might not have gotten the same same album here you know it's really uh you who is a linchpin so that's very interesting to me blue light special 1975 man crush you know i'm a little upset with you i'm i'm displeased with you right now because why because it wasn't a wrestling pick no no nothing to move with the breasts don't even talk about wrestling with me don't do that because when i came with the mad magazine rapper to flip you were kind of giving me [ __ ] about having an empty rapper yeah you confessed to counting all the uh was it ahas in this song not one search yeah research but twice and you had it wrong the first time so you know come on why would we do it twice make sure that you get it right well yeah okay whatever and then actually i'll i'll uh the the second time i actually opened it up in a full page and did a find and realized that it just showed you the number but the first time i actually did count it but did you listen to it and count it you just look at the lyrics and count it no i look at the lyrics there's no way i can i'd be dancing all over the place yeah right you wouldn't be able to stop those hips from shaking i do like the fact that there was a uh group called push that was fighting against the sexual innuendo by jesse the music industry yeah exactly you know push think about that for a second uh thanks to your pick now i know sex rock beats pet rock this is very important to me and i actually owned a casey in the sunshine band cd back in the day i think it was actually 1996. so to hearken back to mike's year just because i thought it'd be cool like i you know i mean like you have all your cds and you're like yeah look how diverse i am look how cool i am at i got like metal rock oh yeah i guess i'm casey in the sunshine band somebody put it on you're like uh yeah well i like to listen to it sometimes i found out that's what mock names his twig and berry so i had to smash it and throw it away but back to the whole legs thing right if you ask me which song or album is going to make you get up boogie feel good all that good stuff i think we gotta uh give 1975 the win here with casey and the sunshine band that's the way uh huh uh-huh i like it no if that's a sex song you would figure that that gets people hot does it get you hot but you're asking me yeah i mean why don't you guys answer that first and i'll jump in i would i would say no okay but i think if we if they if they took that song and they put it to the chicken sandwich video it would i think it would be even more viral yeah would you agree with that if if that song was outside of a you factory my dick would be in every bottle of [ __ ] yoo-hoo it'd be [ __ ] crazy i'd be sore for months thank god it's got that wide top huh yeah i need it you

i'm glad we've established that curt loader is made of wax

all right man crush you pick up our first point point but more importantly you take control the board and get to select our next category where are we going man um man i'm gonna be quite honest uh i have a very strong june of 1975 that i think can hang with the entire year of 1996. uh so i'm gonna go to news for round two all righty all right so let's go uh first it's gonna be june 16th 1975 and how about some sports you know it's been a while since i've had a sports pick on the show like it's i can't even remember the last sports pick i had dave i know you told me not to mention wrestling and don't worry this is not a wrestling pick all right so we won't fight about it but it this one it's about basketball okay and you can fight about basketball too if you want we can we'll see what happens it's about a blockbuster trade all right uh this is a player that was drafted on a totally different name and he was an absolute man amongst boys right from the get-go his rookie year averages 29 points to gain 15 rebounds and then won his first nba championship in his second year in the league uh in the process he he led the league in scoring twice he won three mvp awards in 1971 72 and 74. however he felt that milwaukee just wasn't cultural enough for him so he demanded a trade and he would only go to new york or los angeles while on june 16th the milwaukee bucks finally gave in his demands they traded him off to the la lakers for center elmore smith guard brian winters the second overall pick in the draft who was a power forward it was dave myers and the eighth overall pick in the draft small forward junior bridgeman all right just a little background on what milwaukee got here so they got elmore smith he only lasted one season in milwaukee before he was gone brian winters he actually had a pretty decent career with the bucks before retiring in 1983. dave myers he would never live up to that second overall pick status he retired after four seasons to devote more time to the jehovah witness faith nothing wrong with that but hey four years he was number two pick in the draft and this uh this whole draft it lasted two months like these two teams were like talking for like two months going back and forth right after the draft i think it got a little heavier but the whole thing was dave myers wanted a one half million dollar contract this is 1975. so they they wanted to make sure that the lakers signed this guy before they even did the deal and he was the first one to retire was off the team in four years kind of shitty and then uh junior bridgeman he was uh the guy that i was talking about there was the eighth overall selection he actually become like a sixth man from milwaukee for like the next eight years so he was probably the most valuable of their side of those four picks or four players on the other side he had center kareem abdul-jabbar he would go on to play for the next 14 years in los angeles before retiring and getting his own pair of ellie gear sneakers in 1989 so that's pretty big caveat there uh during that run he won uh five nba championships with the lakers he had an nba finals mvp in 1985. he had three nba nvps overall during that time and 14 all-star games not too shabby i guess uh the lakers got the best of this one it's always fun i love trades because like in the moment you know i'm a mets and a jets fan mike knows this is a mets fan whenever we trade somebody away especially like it's for picks we're like oh that guy's gonna be good and i feel like we're always on this other side like we are right now like we trade away our best player or like our hot prospects but our hot prospects go on to be [ __ ] studs and we get a guy back who's like a perennial lost all-star that sucks balls and in this case the lakers uh they killed it but yeah it's uh kareem getting traded to lakers june 16th 1975. i'm uh really glad i skipped over the uh 1985 nba finals for the news pick so i did find something else and i went with that so for my news pick we'll go over to the la weekly uh june 6 1985. and we're gonna look at the the club and live music listings and we find one here for doug weston's troubadour on santa monica boulevard it says no age limit drinks and dinner legendary career launching spot for innumerable artists over the years the bar's long time hangout for musicians like elton john and linda ronstadt inside the nightclub there's long plain wooden tables that stretch out from a stage that will feature entertainment from heavy metal to the latest new rock bands cover weeknights is usually about four bucks so you then look at the weekly lineup we find thursday june 6 1985 you have three bands that night miss treater guns and roses and fine line this would be the first show with that with what would become the quintessential gnr lineup axel rose slash duff mckagan izzy stradlin and drummer steven adler now leading up to that show duff would book a tour that not only would test the ban but proved to be the breaking point for two of its members prompting then guitarist tracy guns and drummer rod garner to quit the band enter slash and adler and then this show at the troubadour and just before gnr would set off on what would become known as the hell tour 48 hours after this show the new band would all cram into one of their friends late 70s cars and the whole trip would be filled fueled by a gas card that he actually stole from his mom to transport the ban well their friend's car ended up breaking down on the way to seattle so after that it kind of became like a bizarro heavy metal planes trains and automobiles as they tried to hitchhike their way to seattle getting rides from farm workers strung out speed fee strung out speed freak truckers and then finally meeting up with a pair of old hippie chicks who bought them all food and drove them to portland oregon where one of duff's friends would pick them up only to get to the show and then have to play the show with all borrowed equipment to a pretty much an empty room so slash explains it in his book uh what drives us they shared an experience the shared experience resulting in a bonding that you don't even realize is happening at the time so it was an event that shaped the band and the future of rock history it's the first guns n roses show in the hell tour june 1985. well they reported on them in the news yeah they well they didn't report on them but i found the listing for their first show all right mike what do you have for the news round well before i get started i'd like to both i'd like to congratulate you both for picking something that actually happened in june uh you know probably something i should have done you know maybe i could have went with maybe uh ted kaczynski getting indicted on multiple charges probably would have been a better idea but i didn't do the research for that so i can't speak on it but what i can tell you is that on september 7th 1996 in las vegas nevada at precisely 11 15 p.m hip-hop icon tupac shakur was fatally shot while stopped at a red light the rapper was hit with four 40-caliber bullets prior events at prior events of a physical altercation between death row associates and a member of the south side crips in the mgm graham lobby following the mike tyson fight led to the shooting tupac was in critical care until friday september 13 1996 and pronounced dead at 403 pm pacific time the artist was just 25 years old wow jeez until i saw that documentary i always thought he died right there on the street on the strip

yeah it's still crazy that's a tough one way to bring down the show mike thanks a lot man it's the best of the month you got that part right but best of tupac dies yeah mike's bringing it all right let's throw it over to dave schultz for his ruling on the news round okey dokey smokey let's see 75 kareem abdul jabbar you know that's uh an important trade because la even though i'm not a fan of la because i'm a boston guy you know uh was really big for not only the lakers but him and his star would shine brightest on the west coast right because if he wasn't on the lakers he didn't have all that you know buzz around him would we have ever gotten you know roger murdoch an airplane this is the point it's very true very true you're still in milwaukee you know that may it never happened that'd make me sad it's got legs very long legs either so i mean yeah [ __ ] what would i be right now god 85 you get the first ginor show at the troubadour you lost me with that whole trip thing though i didn't know what you were trying to sell me on at first it was like yeah they stole the gas card they ran here and there and everywhere and well what was this whole story about and plus why why didn't you use that in the music round why'd you say that for the news round couldn't have been a maybe a better choice sounds like he's got a banger he might have a banger actually no he just did the music round yeah he was just dick he had talking heads right so yeah yoo-hoo fast the only news i could find there was a lot of downer stuff or political stuff or reagan did this anything worse than mike having two pockets yeah wow that was a huge story no i just thought that that whole journey that they went on if they didn't go through those early trials and tribulations in june of 85 they probably wouldn't have become the band that they were it was that lineup just came together that they played that one show at the troubadour and then they hit the road and everything went wrong so it was kind of a a bonding experience so i thought that was kind of a good story oh yeah it was interesting enough i just you know first i was like is he trying to sell me on the story or the show i don't know what the hell is going on here but i am clueless half the time so who knows well it all happened in in june of 85. this is correct right so you hit the month you you follow the rules i understand what you're trying to tell me here you're like i don't don't you dare pick mike because i follow the june uh guidelines here but let me tell you mike yeah he brought us all down but you know that was that was a huge story now i'm not a tupac fan but back in the the 90s and the early 90s up to mid 90s uh being a teenager you got your news from mtv right that or tabitha i believe yeah or if you're in school a lot of kids had like channel one live from the hacienda and uh did you have you guys have that in uh homeroom no anderson cooper no okay whatever uh forget i even said that but still mtv right everybody remembers uh kurt cobain kills himself and everybody's glued to mtv and kurt loader uh being all bummed out delivering that information like 85 years old now by the way is he i don't know he's something insanely old yeah still looks crazy dude's made of wax okay i'm glad we've established that curt loader is made of wax do not get him near uh fireplaces or any kind of exposed heat but the tupac thing it's huge right but i was trying to say and kind of elaborate on the fact that i did not care for tupac's music it wasn't important to me but that whole thing the whole scene again we're talking about the la and boston right the east coast versus the west coast and that feud and biggie getting shot tupac and hell we wouldn't even have [ __ ] holograms now of artists if it wasn't for tupac right so there i go on right now i'm weighing out roger murdoch versus tupac hologram which one which one was the best here which one was the most important thing and i'm not trying to discredit you mark at all that gnr of course is huge too i mean it's one of the biggest rock bands of all time and like you said this this crazy road trip is like the clay to which they were sculpted from to make this beautiful artwork unleashed upon the world i don't know what the [ __ ] i'm talking about so here we go uh yeah i'm i'm teeter-tottering here between 75 and 96. so my guy is alive still what does it have to do with anything it has legs yeah he has legs okay well listen no no no what you should have done and this is this is you know something you should have really thought about especially with me coming on the show compare what he was worth kareem abdul-jabbar in 1975 and then adjusted to inflation to uh 2021. do you want that so at the time oh geez he was making 500 000 per season all right so you're looking at 500 000 he's about 5 million bucks a year you just go off the top of your head with that are you looking on a computer i mean i'm kind of averaging what it would be based off of uh other things that i have adjusted for you for inflation so a hunt like a hundred dollars in 1975 is 500 today oh so i'm i'm guessing here it'll be about five million bucks okay how much is it which is milk but like it's crazy though because like when you when you're looking at inflation for uh for sports salaries it really balloons in the 90s and it blows it out of proportion because if you look at it if they just stayed the same keel like even keel all the way through 75 these guys would be getting paid like five six million bucks and it would still be a lot but now they're getting paid like what do basketball players get on a max salary yet now like 20 million 25. something like that we started with juwan howard thanks a lot juan geez yeah so he would have been a bargain well okay well let let's just establish this as well before we get ella gears la gears wonderful his own la years he wouldn't have got that if he didn't get traded to l.a yeah that's not as impressive as the movie airplane which i brought up earlier i mean yeah it ties in too okay so we we already established that even though mike [ __ ] up he's still uh legit so he's even keel he's is cool he's cool so all right and i think that tupac being such a huge musical icon um dying and being killed is much a bigger event a newsworthy event then kareem abdul-jabbar being traded which is also important but mike can this is a pity [ __ ] you win

somehow it's not nearly as satisfying no no it's not the way you like it no no it's kind of like [ __ ] driving and the person's crying

you butted me up and i love it i love every [ __ ] second of it that's such it's awesome congratulations i [ __ ] love you


all right you pick up a point you take control the board and you get to select our next category all right well you know what i'm going to stick with uh whatever i could find in june here because i feel like that's the fairest thing to do i don't want to just take my best stuff into the two-point rounds all right so what a gamesman yeah i gotta be you know i i've embarrassed myself enough you know i spent a whole [ __ ] week doing this doing the wrong [ __ ] thing all right here we go we're gonna go with a hot product um now this one with a little bit of adjusting here uh development for this hot product uh began in um development for this hot product in 1996 began in 1993 under the name project reality and on june 23rd in japan september 29th uh in in the us 1996 nintendo gave north america the nintendo 64. technology was developed by silicon graphics inc and was originally was originally offered to sega but much like nintendo did with sony sega passed on the project the n64 launched with three games super mario 64 pilot wings and a game exclusive to japan that i can't even pronounce originally costing 199.99 time magazine named it machine of the year in 1996. the system produced well over 300 games but chose to stick with cartridges unlike its competitors the playstation and sega saturn which stuck with the cd format uh all in all over 32 million units were sold worldwide wow nintendo 64. worst controller ever wait so it went for it went for sale then or they announced it then i went for sale in japan on june 23rd okay i like the n64 controller that's what i get that's when i got dicey for me like once it got away from that square block my game was done do you also like the intellivision controller yeah anything that's very basic like the atari controller i'm the bomb at one button [ __ ] stick in the middle got that [ __ ] down

all right man crush what did you bring for the hot products round all right so let's go to june 22nd of 1975 and here's this tour it actually started on june 1st but since we get the entire month of june to choose from unless you're mike ranger where you get a whole year i'm going to cherry pick uh from some of the dates in the middle of the month and i looked at a bunch of these dates prior and actually when the tour started even the dates before the one i'm talking about they sold out so like there were second dates added to those dates there was one where they played two in the same day but the middle of the month here it's just unprecedented uh everything about this tour it's just epic i mean you think about 1975 think rock about rock and roll and everything it's great all right so it all begins with a press conference to announce the tour in new york city and as the story goes it goes like this so like journalists fans alike they all flocked into the front of fifth avenue or the fifth avenue hotel which is in greenwich village for this huge concert announcement however instead of the band showing up to this to do the big announcement comedian erwin corey showed up instead and everyone in the crowd was just like puzzled like what the [ __ ] is going on meanwhile the press and everyone else sat in the crowd well professor irwin corey he delivers this like incoherent performance in the front of the hotel and word starts to spread amongst the crowd that the band they never actually showed up to the hotel then all of a sudden people start hearing brown sugar the song brown sugar playing in the distance it turns out instead of showing up to the press conference the rolling stones they got on a flatbed truck with gigantic amps and instead of going to the announcement of the hotel they played an extended live rendition of brown sugar while they rolled down fifth avenue to the front of the hotel they finish the song the truck drives down fifth avenue a little bit band gets out they get into limos they get jettisoned off they never even attend the press conference that's rock and roll as [ __ ] right but did it work like did that work well on june 22nd and that's why i went to this date the rolling stones they played their first of six consecutive sold-out shows in madison square garden so i i guess it did the trick right uh the rolling stones they came to new york city to disarm to charm to tease to tiddly to definite insight and otherwise captivate all of us new yorkers except for me because i wasn't born but the the concert it made musical history in these parts at least it sold out all six shows in just hours after that announcement that i just talked about the fifth avenue hotel since the announcement people they were i read multiple articles about this people had their tickets and they were guarding them with their lives if they bought it if you were rolling stone fan they had them in lock boxes like people were talking about all these different ways they were putting stashing these tickets away so you couldn't get it or they were selling them and these tickets they the top ticket value was twelve dollars and fifty cents

dave for you yeah around 60 bucks in 2021 for the the best ticket in the house right but people are selling these on the street for a hundred bucks and that's why i knew like the the calculation before so that's around 500 in 2021 so it kind of [ __ ] worked like this little press thing that they did it [ __ ] worked so this tour it was actually the first of mick taylor's or the first tour after mick taylor left and they were replacing with ron wood on guitars it had a giant replica [ __ ] on stage it had a 70-foot six-pedaled lotus flower they had a hundred steel drummers scattered throughout the audience they had a rope the mick jagger could swing on into the crowd this show was so massive in madison square garden just to control the crowds the nypd had 50 patrolmen outside of the venue they had five sergeants two captains five mounted policemen one mountie sergeant coming from each district around the city i mean like wow rock [ __ ] rock and roll dude 1975 it's the rolling stones tour of america's 1975. and i hope you got your tickets before you had to blow some dude down in an alley to get a discount because this was hot this is this is a hot product right there it's for you dave thanks yes yeah sure

all right guys uh so for my hot products let's take a spin to the old comics rack so in june of 1985 you had the x-men they were battling the juggernaut again and uh spider-man he was uh slinging around the city in his new swanky black new suit but if we go over to the dc side uh we see the bright yellow and green cove cover of swamp thing number 37 now what makes this issue so special is you know not only is swamp thing reborn or i i mean regrown in this issue uh it's also the debut of a new character from the great alan moore now it's a character that would go on to match if not past swamp thing in popularity and he would go on to star in his very own series hellblazer that would go on to be the longest running and most successful titles of dc's vertigo imprint now this character would also be spun off into movies television even video games and would be infamous infamously portrayed by keanu reeves in the major motion picture i give you the debut of john constantine or constantine depending on who you're talking to and their level of fan boyness now if you've ever noticed in the comics how john constantine looks a little familiar that's because the original design was so he resembled the singer sting from the police now in this issue constantine meets up with our hero and reveals the swamp thing that what he truly is an elemental and that he can regrow virtually anywhere so also satan's coming and he's gonna destroy us all so i give you the rebirth of swamp thing in the birth of dec one of dc's most badass characters the cigarette smoking brit john constantine and swamp thing number 37. whoa june 1985.

that's all i ever saw when it was

whoa no way all right let's toss it over to dave schultz for his ruling on the hot products round what all right dick whoa let's do this uh sequentially as they were presented to me uh 1996 the n64 i got a little backstory on that as a matter of fact because uh mike you mentioned it had the game pilot wings now back then i had a buddy who's this real sinister prick right this guy was he was rotten to the core but like any devil in disguise he had a teacher he was a teacher's pet so one of his teachers asked him to house it for a week and uh basically he threw a week-long party as we like to call it where uh we not we sorry i'm not associated with this i gotta distance myself allegedly yeah yeah uh completely trashed the house and it was just complete debauchery for seven days straight but the reason why i bring out the pilot wings because that was our barometer if you could fly through the little hoops in one of the levels of the game you were okay to drive so uh this is the logic of idiotic teenagers uh back in 96 97 around that that time period so first you have to play chuck yeager's flight simulator and then yeah basically so you can do pilot wings dude you are so set to drive allegedly allegedly yeah exactly uh i know nothing about that don't my name's changing everything you can call me uh something else now 1975 the rolling stones the tickets ticket is a hot product because uh they get scalped they put on one hell of a show like you said with giant dongs and friggin tin cans and i forgot the name they actually they called it something because i guess half the time the the giant [ __ ] on stage didn't work all the way so it was like kind of bent over so they had a name for it but i can't remember what it was called yeah it's called mark james no uh i'm just kidding jagger but dick yeah that's good too i like that now uh for extra credit maybe some bonus points to kind of help you win the round i'm curious if man crush can actually shimmy like mick jagger no not where i'm sitting right now it would be like it would be like this oh oh look at him go hold on wait hold on i'll make it better

wait um i don't know what's going on here how do you get this to go no that's not what i want there you go oh you get the lights on oh the podcasting audience you really gotta hit youtube you gotta check out these i don't think i was mick jagger that was like you having a seizure someone got a wallet so he doesn't bite his tongue save man crush hashtag i can't move yeah it sounds like you uh you can't get any satisfaction over there he cannot get no you look like you have some brown sugar in your underwear you're trying to sugar

let's go to 1985 and i gotta say mock you beautiful bastard you're the smartest man alive i swear to god you are you know you are you know you did because i am a huge swamp thing fan i collect all kinds of swamp thing stuff paraphernalia empty wrappers his underwear yeah dude no i swear to god i got everything you name it i i [ __ ] love swamp thing and the moment you said that uh speaking of seeing the show on youtube my face lit up and i was doing a little shimmy in my chair out of excitement to hear you talking even brought the constant time compared to constantine oh such good stuff uh how he was based on sting and that alan moore run of swamp thing was absolutely monumental and inspirational for the way comics would be shaped in the future now the character himself has been featured in movies like he mentioned by keanu reeves uh live action tv animation he's got legs he's got he's he's got that staying power yeah rolling stones don't have lights no that was easy top so uh yeah in swamp swamp thing 37 is one of the most sought after issues aside from house of secrets number 92 which was swamp thing's first appearance so uh good luck getting one on ebay there yeah yeah they're about 600 bucks right now it all depends on the condition yeah but i mean people go gaga over it and uh as they should so you told us you got vaccinated so just know that you have keith richards blood on you but go ahead wait wait wait this is all pre-show i'm talking about vaccinations you're talking about keith richards where how does this even get associated that's a conspiracy i'm not going to go into it cause we'll get banned off youtube but oh oh i would take his blood yeah dude why do you think uh that [ __ ] kills everything good yeah like oh you're gonna get injected with the chip right yeah the stones have been around for so long by now everybody's like one tenth mick jagger and has a little bit of uh a little bit of blood in them you know you saw me dance before i definitely have more than oh no yeah no you get charlie he's got charlie watts written all over

the drama he's he's got no real well he's got rhythm but i mean he can't he can't but uh yeah mike you butted me up and i love it i love every [ __ ] second of it that's such it's awesome why did your voice get so low oh i'm having a moment i'm so we we're by you buddies now being back this is unbelievable um so you know how i'm gonna lean and yeah a little bit to the left a little bit a little bit to the right and just stick it right in the center there and 1985 it's got to win with a swamp thing number 30 volume 2 number 37 by the way to show off my my nerdy side but yes mock congratulations i [ __ ] love you


dear steven spielberg isn't even a model of craftsmanship the way your other disappointments were

all right well i tie up this game heading into our first two point round and i get control the board you know what gentlemen uh let's go to the movies round

so for my movie there is you know nothing i can really say to sell you on this movie that you don't already know there's no beating around the bush for this one june 7 1985 the goonies was released so i didn't want to bore you with all the same stuff you've heard if you've watched the documentaries listen to the podcast all the reviews we know the goonies so we're gonna go to the pittsburgh press june 7 1985 where i found a review where this guy absolutely rips it apart the headline reads steven spielberg fails to regain touch with obnoxious goonies by ed blank dear steven spielberg now let's make it hey steve i know you're going to the bank and you'll be there all summer with goonies opening today throughout the country and with e.t returning on july 12th so we'll make this an open letter and hope it reaches you on a bank holiday then he kind of goes into like a recap of all the movies spielberg has done up to the done over the years up to that point then he gets to the goonies and he says you've given us seven kids goonies who speak and act obnoxiously are they supposed to be delightful some of them would look that some of them would look best jack knifed across their father's knees preferably with paddles flapping for plot you give us goonies comparing competing with opera singing goons who find a treasure deep within a cave why because someone is about to foreclose on the kids homes come on steve from you we've had villainous foreclosures in at least five movies just since last fall oh yeah and then there's that whole speech one kid recites to another about why they shouldn't leave the cave without the loot something about its parents time up there but ours down here now i couldn't follow it or the reasoning what the heck then you fox you dumped all kinds of goodies in the goonies with all within the vague limits of pg you put in the mouths of your babes a broad enough variety of pg expletives in name calling to provoke giggles and gurgles from every kid not already being hauled up the aisle by an orate adult oh yeah the jokes there's one about a grandfather relieving himself and another about a boy's naked mother and how about that scene in which a goonie repeatedly humiliates a spanish speaking day worker is she a bureaucrat a bully what's going on with that and why scenes of a child tied up in being terrorized sadistically and all for our amusement is funnier just because the captive is fat where's the magic the sweetness and the adventure in all of this it isn't the hardy boys stuff steve the goonies isn't even a model of craftsmanship the way your other disappointments were i give you the goonies june 7th 1985. it sounds like it was a review written in 2021 no it was actually in the newspaper i couldn't believe it this guy rips it apart like did we even watch the same movie dude what's going on

would you say uh spielberg's best movie is in your opinion i'm just wondering i don't know man he's got some bangers jaws yeah jaws indie yeah it's really hard to pick it's dude it's a it's an amazing [ __ ] career it's for that guy to even write that is like lunatic whatever yeah it kind of just all depends what mood you're in at the time somebody asked you what you're the best spielberg movie is yeah i mean like that's the thing like he went all the way to like schindler's list right which i love that movie and i could watch it all the time but you gotta be in the right mindset you gotta you can't watch that movie all the time ben kingsley's performance in that is amazing oh wow i was going to say yeah because i brought up jaws you can watch jaws any time when you depress it

jesus christ that's dark dude yeah no [ __ ] oh it's christmas day oh look what i got i got [ __ ] there's less what's going on want to watch a christmas story no i got a shimmery's list that's a first date yeah oh my god oh my god

it's a great [ __ ] movie though good folder i just couldn't watch it every day but alright alright mike ranger what did you bring for the movies round well actually funny enough my movie premiered on june 25th 1996 at the mann plaza theater in los angeles california and was released across the united states on july third nineteen ninety six it was the sci-fi action blockbuster independence day directed by roland emmerich and starring jeff goldblum will smith bill pullman viveka fox robert logia randy quaid and the guy from taxi the film was shot in a 75 million dollar budget and grossed over 800 million at the box office the film was the resurgence of the disaster and sci-fi genre and a prime example of a hollywood blockbuster absolutely amazing promotion helped make it the highest grossing film of 96 and continued its hot streak on both home video and end rental markets this is probably one of my earliest memories of going into blockbuster and seeing like a million copies of something yeah um and uh spawned books video games behind the scenes cd-rom toys radio play and in 2016 a terrible sequel so in 1996 the question of whether or not we are alone in the universe was answered on id4 in 2016 they blew off its legs yes they did they they plucked the legs and then made it walk what was the [ __ ] thing they like put up a website that said that uh captain hiller had died in 2006 or something so they didn't have to put him in the other oh god what a piece of [ __ ] that was the minute that that will smith wasn't going to be in the movie they shouldn't have made them yeah exactly like ah you know what we're good did that even make money though i i it did make money worldwide worldwide it made money but it was i mean did you guys see it it's really bad it's bad it's so terrible it's the cast it's just they don't even belong in the same room like there's no chemistry no it's it's terrible it's not like the first one that first one's great yeah i saw that i saw that four times in the movie yeah me too it was great man that was exciting time yeah and we just talked about this on episode one i oh actually was last week we were talking about wow all west like will smith was killing it in the 90s he was oh yeah he had bad destroying movie after movie after movie then he did well long west made in america god he had tons like that was just it was insane he put something out and everyone wanted to see it until uh 1999. all right man crush what did you bring for the movies round alright so let's go uh june 20th of 1975 and it's been a minute since i've had a real juggernaut but i think i've landed on one and i think you guys just slam dunked it for me matter of fact i i own this one on rca disc growing up it wasn't quite in the man crush 3. however i do have a an update about the mancrush 3. after speaking with my mom we went out to lunch last week and it appears it might actually have been the manchester five so we had uh greece airplane friday 13th of course and then the two extras that my mother said i watched religiously which were rocky too and flash gordon i mean it definitely makes sense to me uh as a kid i always prefer to see rocky actually win the match spoiler have you ever seen that because i feel sorry for you and i'm a jets fan so of course i'm gonna go rooting for the quarterback who saved the universe uh any day of the week i'll put that up against any amount of rings but uh yeah we had uh those are two she we were talking about like the rca discs and she brought up those two that i watched all the time and she left out the other three like they didn't exist so i'm adding those two on so it's actually it's the man crush five that's what we have for the full boat of that anyway this movie right here it brought in it's based on a book and it brought in about 489 million dollars at the box office you're talking about this 1975 okay so it's around 2.4 billion dollars in 2021 and at this rate though the way that we're printing money this will be 10 billion dollars by 2024. and i told you like we're talking about a juggernaut here uh if this doesn't win this round especially after what dave just said first name coming out of his mouth is an absolute mistrial uh not only did this destroy numbers-wise but this film it's also credited as being the first summer blockbuster so without this one well you know we'd still get movies but like this was credited summer blockbuster independence day summer blockbuster dooney's probably not a summer blockbuster but still a pretty iconic movie uh but going into the history on this one it's pretty amazing we're talking about steven spielberg we're talking about directors how one director can change everything about a movie right the original director for this film was supposed to be dick rob dick richards okay uh probably the most redundant name in the history of names his name was dick dix okay hey guys joe here uh i know i don't usually insert myself into an episode like this but i wasn't here to speak up so i have to speak up now i put to you in the pantheon of redundant names rip torn but in one of his first meetings with the producers of the producer and the studio executives let me let me paint the picture for you so he he wanted to begin the the entire movie with the camera emerging from the water right to show the town and then a shot of a whale coming out of the water

and he was immediately [ __ ] fired for not knowing the difference between a whale and a shark and uh but yeah this is it's a little movie it's about you know a little beach town in long island new york or or close to long island new york it would also win three oscars it would get nominated for one more so if you're in the mood for a thriller that actually feels exactly like a real life horror movie steven spielberg fish that eat kids mutilated extremities chicks and bikinis movies based on books drunk fishermen [ __ ] politics autopsies richard dreyfuss roy scheider and the great white shark named bruce then go out and watch jaws before you head to the beach this summer dave schultz in your flowered shirt it's jaws baby i like how you bring up stuff i think we talked about my shirt off air yeah i know so no one no one knows what the hell or why you brought that up whatsoever you just you're giving it contacts thank you well yeah i gotta explain it now because you just felt the need to say dave has a hawaiian shirt because he's going on vacation and that's a dad thing to do and i'm an awesome what are you gonna show with your buttons down what is it called my my boobs my man boobs no whatever you say you're hair dicky you call it a hair dicky i call it moss all right either either way my chest is completely sexy awesome and i'm afraid to show it because people are gonna immediately try to reach out and grab it and touch it and try to emulate it beat them off with a stick oh i don't need a nuclear bomb are you kidding me a stick won't do the trick no way but you know what here in this round even though like mike came with his june of uh 96 had an amazing movie if it wasn't that this round what would you say the best movie of 96 was i think that's probably there like for me that's probably it so for you that was it the biggest movie i would think yeah this makes this tough this is a [ __ ] tough round off to you dave schultz oh okay usually mark announces me this is very nice this is uh i feel special i feel unique you know um let's see in 1975 shitty pick terrible choice i don't know what man crush was thinking even bringing this up this is weak sauce i mean come on come on barry yeah piranha first of all let me just point out that it's a shark sharks don't have legs no no they don't they don't have names like bruce uh which is actually the name like uh spielberg named it bruce after his lawyer oh yeah okay one thing i gotta say about that story you gave you said dick richards yeah and i love it when people i mean he has the s at the end of richard so it's not just richard but i like when people have two first names uh is their first and last name because when i was a teenager i had a friend and i'm just going to say his name now because being on this show he's going to be famous but his name was mike paul and so my point is whenever i'd say something to him i'd say is both names i would never say mike i was like hey mike paul what are you doing tonight and he used to get pissed he's like dude dude my name is mike my last name is paul it's not two words put together i'm not french all right i don't have this fancy ass [ __ ] name i'm like dude whatever but um but you know what's [ __ ] up about the name dick richards was his his first name was probably richard so it was richard richards right which is like dick that's bad like why all right well let's uh let's get back to the the topic at hand here 1985 goonies i i actually agree with the critic i didn't know i don't like goonies i don't like that movie at all and i recently uh watched it with my nine-year-old and now i'm one of those uh helicopter parents right because i was exposed to everything as a kid and maybe that's why i swear so much now but i don't want him hearing cuss words or seeing gross stuff it's just one of those things like i even cough because i always have the captions on tv so if i see like there's a bad word coming up i just make a loud noise and it annoys everybody in my family because like he knows good words from bad words you don't need to censor it by coughing but now it's just like an instinct i can't control it anymore but even then the movie just it's not a good movie like when i was a kid i liked it but as an adult re-watching it i'm like this movie is [ __ ] sucky and just uh to let you know my kid loved it so maybe it's just one of those things like it's a generation your kid likes yeah he likes movies better than you that's what maybe when you watch it as a child you're like wow i want to be like these cool kids i want to go on an adventure but when you watch it as an adult you're like oh [ __ ] these how kids they save their [ __ ] parents whole neighborhood yeah scumbags risk their lives they go up against the [ __ ] mafia what a bunch of different kelly's yeah bullet holes the size of some monsters was the uh who was the woman in that movie because she was from uh owen uh oh throw mama from the train yes the salted ones make me joke it's wet dang it speaking of hot stuff yeah but yeah listen i mean like when you were going on about the critic just ripping it to pieces like i kind of was like yeah i can get behind that i like that it's got a funky beat i can dance to it this guy we're in the same groove but uh 1996 independence day i'm very disappointed that uh mike just would not acknowledge judd hirsch calling the guy i mean this man has had a pretty good career and for you just to toss him aside like a piece of garbage yeah everybody that watched that movie was like yeah that's the guy from taxi yeah okay all right well i kind of get that too but and he drives a bus in the sequel when i see him i go there's the guy from dear john right that's what i say this [ __ ] judd hirsch shows a great television series that uh apparently nobody watched but okay i watched dear john that was a good show man well you're a smart guy you already established that with your swamp thing pick so you're trending up mark no matter what anybody says about you you're going in the right direction kiddo uh independence day is [ __ ] huge massive i mean it's one of those uh movies where we just talk about jaws you can watch any time any mood you're in if it's on like if you're channel surfing you would stop and just be like oh cool independence day i've seen this eight thousand times but what the hell let's go for 8001 you know but man crush as he tends to do does have a good point would we have the summer blockbuster without jaws i mean jaws was also a film in itself which amazing like you mentioned it was horror but you didn't really have to see the the evil character the shark the music set the tone in many ways it was just would you show your kid that movie yeah he hates it

oh okay well that's what it's meant to do and that's what it did is [ __ ] great but i mean even the characterizations in the film the friendships formed and uh captain quint i mean god is just uh it's a mortal you know what i mean crushing that gancid oh man and me being from new england and i live in texas now everybody wants me to do the the chief brody uh harvard yad bit that he does in the film which i don't mind half the time because i love the [ __ ] movie i mean that movie is fantastic uh to the point where i actually think jaws 2 is very good too and i get a lot of arguments to people over that one because like yeah sequels are never good i'm like jaws 2 is pretty [ __ ] good it's pretty close the original if you ask me but i'm not a movie buff per se i'm just a humble guy who likes sharks but um yeah i was dissing you man crush in the beginning i was just joshing i was just playing around i was just ribbing you a little bit but uh jaws has to win here is his i mean come on we all know it right did you know that uh dreyfuss and uh what's quint's name i always forget something shaw robert is it robert shaw i think it's robert shaw yeah i don't want to but they didn't get along getting it they hated each other and he uh he talked and he had a drinking problem yeah he had like that guy had so that that whole scene remember the scene where they're on the boat and they're all drinking waiting for jaws uh he tried to do that that night after he drank and i guess um from what roy scheider said was the guy was like super nice super nice dude until he had like one drink and then he was total douche bag and uh that scene he just obliterated it was [ __ ] horrible so they they took off for the day and he went to spielberg and said hey look man i'll come back tomorrow i won't drink we'll do the take over again and spielberg told him okay he came back sober and they nailed it in one take and if you watch that scene i watched it again last night it actually you think he's drunk but i would love to see that ex that footage oh my god yeah that would be incredible and they said that's why it's so great because the the tension between him and dreyfus on the set just lended itself to those two roles which which is funny because like in certain scenes i always thought that it felt like uh they were kind of like friends in the beginning when they first met they were you know when he was like looking at his hands and he's like oh basically he's like you have soft hands you're uh your city guy but when they get out on the ship i didn't feel like that was there i felt like they were closer than roy scheider who seemed like he didn't know what the [ __ ] was going on he was like oh how do i tie this knot how do i do this you know yeah but like what a [ __ ] great movie dude even like this many years later and i just watched it i was you don't care about that there's no technologies there's no cell phones there's like whatever they're using in the water it's just amazing it's an amazing [ __ ] movie yeah and it's robert shaw i just looked it up to make sure i robbed him but uh though the whole thing the whole production was a complete disaster too like they said at the end of the the shooting [ __ ] spielberg was out of there he was on the first plane gone yeah i'm sure and uh the second they were over budget but they went too long oh the weather everything he had they have an excuse for that though because this is like the first movie that they ever did on the water i know like in the actual ocean so i mean this is 1975 it's it's not like 2021 we're talking about this so it's [ __ ] amazing what they did with that movie spielberg absolutely killed it if and that's why i brought up dick richards because if that if they went that way we wouldn't have that summer blockbuster who knows how that would have come out it would have been like piranha which is like more like a comedy like we're watching like what the [ __ ] is going on unlike uh mary effin moffat what's her name mary ellen mary ellen moffat yeah man crush didn't break my heart yeah he brought a [ __ ] nest that's a huge huge movie i mean when you saw that doing your research you must have like had a boner oh i did because uh when i had 75 at first actually going through a lot of this stuff and digging back initial we know where to look now so you look you get your initial looks and i was like ah this is not going to be good i was like i got like one round so you got you start digging in and then i'm like oh [ __ ] i got this i got this and i was like i can hang that's why when mike came with the full year in 96 i was like ah [ __ ] it let's do it because i think june of 75 is pretty damn strong so i'm interested to see how this last round boils down


do you at least kind of see my logic here no i'll get out of here no dude i'm not trying to discredit the fact that under his it sounds like you are i think you're being biased dude i think this is like the longest decision in the history of dueling decades this really is whatever i was about to give you the [ __ ] round but now you piss me off but let's take you to wild card bro no no say you forfeit we'd be [ __ ] on tv no you wouldn't you don't have to skip the talent

so almost all your picks are from uh

june all right man crush you jumped out to the lead and we're heading into the final round the television round all right with this one i'm gonna defer to mike since uh mike should have the full year on a6 with this one so uh i'm interested before i go into this see how uh how you guys fare

all right well uh it's actually a pretty i guess it's a good thing that i didn't do my research properly because had i done my research properly i probably would have went with the june 23rd broadcast of uh king of the ring uh but dave's here so that wouldn't have worked out so good for me so um what i went with wait was coco be wearing that um you know i'm not quite sure steve boston is but yeah yeah they did that's a good one though yeah i i i wasn't watching but um so uh since i improperly uh did my uh homework wrong put the wrong social security number on my application i'm going to go with uh september 13th 1996. on cbs everybody loves raymond premiered and ran until may 16 2005 the show follows the life of raymond barone played by comedian ray romano who plays a sports rider living on long island with his wife and kids and his parents and older brother living across the street the show ran for nine seasons and 210 episodes as well as having crossover episodes with king of queens and the nanny during its run the show was nominated for 69 prime time emmy awards and 115. the show was also nominated for 21 screen actor guild awards and stayed in the top 15 from season 3 until the end of the series proving that everybody loves raymond

great show yep would have been nice if it premiered in june no we're we're dealing this one in even hand this like whatever you have we're it's even keel so yeah but this is like a [ __ ] participation trophy if i won anything you go home and you feel however you want but like during this show we're going to go even keel i i can't even do slices i can't even go home and look my kid in the eye right now hey before we go there next week uh for the people that like deep dives we're going to have a genre episode since mike kind of did one this week but it's gonna be all canon films uh we got the guy i got the book right here i'll show you guys he sent me a copy it's uh canon films guide volume one we're gonna have austin truenick is gonna be our guest judge and that episode is gonna be all canon uh we haven't picked the dates yet but i think uh you guys are both on the show mike and mark are also doing this one again i think we'll just do all 80s to make it fun yeah you know uh so if you're in the mood for that come back for that next week and if you're watching us on youtube go ahead and hit like hit subscribe hit [ __ ] drop a comment call mike or whatever for uh for bringing the wrong thing what we don't care just comment stuff because it all affects the algorithm and we need to get that back because we're just starting this stuff up on video and without that youtube will never push our stuff out so we won't talk about kovid which will probably get us knocked down so mark can cut that out later and uh yeah just go ahead and comment like subscribe do all that fun stuff and we will be back for the people that come to our lives that we've been doing uh we don't do them every week because joe's our producer so we get joe when he's here uh joe is actually gonna be away for this episode right here obviously you're watching on recording and for that canon episode we'll be back i think it's the week after that uh yeah so uh just look for it

all right guys so we're in the television round uh let's see all right my television pick debuted june 3rd 1985. i give you larry king live on cnn now larry king live starring yeah you guessed it larry king would become cnn's most watched program and the longest running program with over 1 million viewers nightly uh the show would last a whopping 6120 episodes all the way up until december 16th of 2010. in his overall 53 years in broadcasting larry king amassed over 50 000 interviews now adjusted for inflation that's uh you know over 500 000 interviews

he got 10 cable ace awards an emmy a peabody award and even an entry into the guinness book of world records for having the longest running show with the same host in the same time slot so even if you've never watched the show everyone seems to remember the kind the iconic look of the set the suspenders the glasses to me larry king kind of always looked like a grouchy old owl so you know in it in the show's 25 years lifespan uh king would interview some of the world's most interesting and powerful people alongside like a slathering of salacious current hot topics over the years we saw larry king interview frank sinatra marlon brando and who could forget the back and forth trading jabs with jerry seinfeld in 94 over why seinfeld got cancelled uh his coverage of the o.j simpson trial with johnny cochran and then his almost obsession with the death of anna nicole smith and uh you know in that time in 1993 when he had al gore and ross perot on at the same time and it just fueled all the the writers for snl for like the next five months but it all started june 3rd 1985 when the governor of new york mario cuomo as king's very first guest uh they talked about his legacy of the of being the 52nd governor of new york and why he's called hamlet on the hudson so i give you larry king live june 3rd 1985. all right man crush it's over to you what do you have for the television round all right so let's go june 16th of 1975 and before we go there i think it's worth to say this is june so you're not gonna get a lot of debuts you're not gonna get a lot of debuts you're not gonna a lot of closures that stuff's over so you're heading into the summer months you got to start looking you guys started looking for stuff of course mark came with larry king that's kind of like a little abnormal coming in june um mike came with the whole year so of course he's get he gets the debut of a show i had to go a little bit outside the box let's go june 16 1975 and this one it kind of piggybacks on several picks several picks i've had over the last two months or so so when i saw this article i decided to go this rap for television uh and we always bring up when networks screw the pooch this time around a network actually did something right so right around this time in 1975 abc was the third ranked network but being third in 1975 when there were only three networks meant you were also the worst so obviously abc was looking to ignite the anything in the ratings and they did have some good decent stuff at the time which included 11 returning shows they also had monday night football but they really they needed somebody that had an eye a keen eye for quality television meanwhile let me just give you a little backdrop over at cbs they were riding the vice president of programming to the top of the ratings year after year for five years and that guy was kent or fred silverman he had he'd been there for five years he bought cbs massive hits tyler or mary tyler moore show all in the family and mash just over the last several years so this dude was slaying at cbs matter of fact he also brought in good times to destroy the new 1974 happy days which apparently was working because happy days was on the brink of cancellation and they were in 49th in the rankings or the ratings rather when their second season concluded in may 1975. so at this point it's like what was abc to do i'll tell you what they did they threw copious amounts of money at fred silverman and it worked and on june 16th fred silverman he took over as a president of abc entertainment and he would lead the charge for daytime and evening programming for the next three years so over the course of the next three years silverman took abc from seller dwellers to serious contenders to the top for example and i tie this to my pick from a few episodes ago he brought in the enormously popular jiggle tv uh like charlie's angels which was my pick from a couple years or from a couple years ago from a couple episodes ago and he also brought battle of the network star so if you were into like hard nipples it was all over that show then he added another one of my picks from a few months ago three's company massive massive success for abc then he brought in loveboat another tie-in from last week's worst of episode which of course wasn't love but it was love about the next wave but kind of ties in he brought in fantasy island he brought in good morning america he brought in roots he brought in the bionic woman eight is enough uh donnie and marie he extended general hospital in one life to live to a full hour and then on saturday morning cartoons he he ditched filmation and he brought in all hannah barbera content and on top of all that he took that 49th rated happy days and turned it into the number one show on television within like a year and then spun that off into laverne and shirley which was another number one ship all this happened in three years i mean that's pretty damn impressive so i bring you the hiring of the new abc president and savior the man they called in this article they found the tv wonder boy the 37 year old fred silverman june 16th 1975. wow just a giant in the industry yeah no [ __ ] yeah and then he actually he ended up leaving abc to go to nbc he didn't do as well when he went to nbc and then he started his own production company making like jake and the batman and like all these other [ __ ] shows but during this period like during this decade this dude killed it all right let's toss it over to judge dave schultz for his final ruling on the television round okey dokey uh i don't know man crush i'm gonna start with you where's this guy silverman right fred silverman fred freddy uh the thing is everybody's got a boss right you know and really they take credit for everything oh yes let me stop you right there whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa let me stop you right there i mean here let me throw this name out at you dick richards he would have been everybody's boss do you think jaws would have you just agree with me that jaws would have been probably a piece of [ __ ] well i mean i don't know if it's a piece of [ __ ] this guy wouldn't have been as good but i mean i mean look at all the talent like that was assembled there right it wasn't just him he's sitting behind a desk or in a yacht uh snorting copious amounts of cocaine with all that money he got and he's just going yeah sounds good okay that sounds good this is good he's just signing son in his name you know i mean how hands-on was this guy in the actual process of creating this this media empire you know what i mean it i just told you he was i mean we don't know no we do know no we don't we do because this was 45 years ago so we can go back in the history logs and see what this guy brought to the network and he brought juggernauts to a [ __ ] at abc he killed it dude i'm telling you if you look at cbs's history from those first four years that he actually was five years he was at cbs you saw those shows that like that's just a coincidence that he brought like mash to the to cbs and then he goes over to abc and picks out all these great shows swaps the the time cards and time slots to make sure that they're all huge dude come on you can't you don't take happy days from the 49th show to number one come on i understand what you're saying i get it i understand what you're saying okay but the thing is you you understand my point too wherein he wasn't uh the creative mind behind some of these these things were brought to him and he said yes that's a good idea or no that's right good idea so he at the same time if if that guy was like nah i don't like it which was what was happening at abc then what then you get uh nothing you're you're the third network out of three and you're making jake and the fat man yeah well i mean right we're talking in the 90s i understand but i'm saying like that was his peak right he had a good run and i understand that but do you at least kind of see my logic here no no get out of here no dude like get out he just i listed like almost ten again insane shows i get that brought to the table i understand and he told me he changed the time slots he did that but maybe his secretary was like you know happy days would have been better at 7 30. he's like damn right it would be shirley you got it go get me a cup of coffee and and [ __ ] and that probably did happen because it was 1975 but at the same time he listened to her and he was like yeah that's a good idea yeah no no right but you're only as good as the people who surround you as well so no i'm not trying to discredit the fact that under his least it sounds like you are well i'm just trying to establish the fact that everybody has the boss and most of them are cox seconds right it doesn't sound like this guy was yeah i don't know all right well let's move on really real quick here let's go to uh 1985 where uh larry king made uh suspenders sexy that's pretty important that's really important he looked like a skeleton he did or is my called him an owl of an owl yeah mark would have seen him in the woods and said uh mr larry king how many licks does it take to get to the center of his history all pop and larry kingwood i don't know get the [ __ ] out of here so you know but yeah it was uh larry king man that was a hell of a run that was that was something else you know andy speaking on the jerry seinfeld thing he was in a b-movie he was that's why he interviewed seinfeld on was for the promo for b movie and then the two just kind of got into it yeah was it b movie from 98 i don't know i think so it's a good movie i don't know when the [ __ ] it came out i like so they they went back and talked about some [ __ ] that was four years old [ __ ] come on live in the present larry king you're [ __ ] suspenders actually he's dead right yeah isn't he oh okay my bad yeah and uh 96 where uh mike has the entire year to graze in rome uh everybody loves raymond you guys said you loved that show i wasn't a fan of it i couldn't get into it it was never my thing it's like uh home improvement right people talk about that show like it was this great sitcom and what have you and i just i can't sit through an episode you can't do it i was never a home improvement fan but i think uh everybody loves raymond was good well i give it credit for having a crossover with the nanny that's it that was important funny story about that oh oh boy the whole reason that they did the crossover was because i guess ray and the nanny attended the same high school and they knew fred silverman they might have they might have or maybe just one of them got him coffee while he was you know or a friend silverman

[ __ ] yeah that's probably he probably just had a dartboard yeah give fonzie a better jacket opie kill him off yeah oh wait my bad that no it's send him to college whatever get rid of that other cunningham guy just have him go up the stairs and never come back uh so yeah i mean guys this round is interesting to me because when you talk about the legacy the history of course man crush came with with a big gun here but i'm all about fight the power i i don't like the man you know what i mean that that's me i want more for that i don't know what you mean i think you're being biased dude i think you gotta you gotta look at it and say like hey this guy came he kicked [ __ ] ass you yeah you have a history to go back on it's not like you you look at the opinion and go oh he was there just because he was the boss he deserves no credit they were a [ __ ] this he got pulled away from a network that he he was killing on and then continued to do that over at abc i get it i told you i'm getting a nickel for every time i say i understand you or i get it it's like counting the the uh that's the way i don't think you are i don't think the sunshine i just i just hate bosses i hate my boss adc i hate your boss i don't even know your boss i hate his [ __ ] guts i can't stand him because he's a boss right so what if this guy was the coolest [ __ ] like he walked in and everyone was like yo fred's here oh like crap

he brought for everybody maybe that's what it was that could have been it that's why abc went from the basement to where it was all those fantastic programs i i really can't tell you and that's what i mean it's like we know he was the figurehead he was the guy in charge but how much uh he actually you know what was he needing the dough did he just wait for the pie to come out of the oven he went oh look at my pie these other [ __ ] cooked it but because i'm the boss now it's my pie and it's a delicious pie you know this is tv bro they weren't doing like excel spreadsheets he was picking the shows to be on television well i mean i bust your hump jiggle tv bro that that's a question because anybody uh watching on youtube will notice that when mock was talking about larry king live and he brought up the uh anna nicole smith what are you doing were you juggling i know i was trying to hold up her boobs but i realized that i realized my camera was too low yeah you were doing like this thing i'm like is he trying to weigh something is he this is heavier than this interesting uh cast back to our last episode my movie pick was supposed to have adam and nicole smith and she ended up getting sued for four million dollars because she didn't go in the movie uh so go check out the last episode too so that was a good time back tomorrow and you're gonna get sued for four million dollars for uh molesting her virtually on this show with your with your hands she's dead yeah okay uh but yeah that makes it any better this is gonna this is like the longest decision in the history of dueling decades this really is not really i like i i love when you come on because i can argue with the judge when we have celebrity guest judges on i can't argue with them and and it's funny because thinking back on it when we booked these people they probably listened to the last episode and they listen to this and they're like oh [ __ ] this that dave schultz guy what what a prick no i meant like me i'm the prick yeah well that's the other judge oh oh excuse me oh you're you're fantastic yeah i'm just trouble

[ __ ] guy you know what yeah whatever i was about to give you the [ __ ] round but now you pissed me off you made me angry you never make the judge angry no but seriously here uh uh i don't know man the thing is man crush he's kind of like uh gets you with the words right he gives this long elaborate tale and you either zone out completely you could you could pick whatever you want into it you know what i mean and the thing is he always comes with these interesting little factoids and stuff and whatever uh but the way the way you use your words is hypnotizing it's magic that's what it is but no seriously like stop clicking your button that doesn't play on podcasts buddy like i said i feel bad for the people oh yeah i always listen to the show they don't know what the hell you're doing you know what i mean oh my god hold on you're doing the juggling you're pushing buttons

yeah [ __ ] i missed a [ __ ] man too that's my nickname uh but yeah i mean listen they're all worthy picks and stuff but again i i was trying to give you the win earlier i'm like oh i bust your hump but really it is a very important milestone that all these shows are made and stuff but then you gotta go argue with me and everything else but you're lucky i'm a nice guy i'm a good judge i'm a loving judge don't just give it to don't give it like you i'm not just giving it no no listen no it's not like that i'm giving it to you uh not because of any particular reasons or that you argue with me because it's impressive but it was listen i'm sorry mike i apologize but you weren't really in the running it came down to larry king live and uh uh [ __ ] silverman the cocaine the yachts and stealing people's ideas all right well i guess mancrush reluctantly wins this one but it is another win on another notch on his belt but i want to thank dave schultz for coming in and being a great judge on this episode dave why don't you tell everybody what's going on on selling out uh the selling out show i want everybody to follow us on instagram uh at selling out show because we're [ __ ] awesome and we're a podcast and everybody's got a podcast so you know be cool follow that but hey you know the show is fantastic by the way i don't know if i hyped it up enough so you're missing out but uh something else i want to talk about because uh um my birthday is right what what psoriasis you want to talk about psoriasis uh my birthday's in june is a couple weeks from now and uh sans man crush jumping out of a cake for me maybe next year yeah i want to let everybody know i'm an old man now i'm crusty i'm old so i got a new hobby and man crush you know about this yeah mark too because i showed you some pictures i've been making soap so just like podcasting this is uh making soap homemade soap is a crowded thing right everybody does it so i had i had to join the fray right plus like i said it's one of those uh fuddy-duddy kind of things that you can do in your spare time so uh please everybody out there all the awesome audience follow uh at schultz soap because uh that's thrilling exciting and titillating it's almost like uh virtually juggling anna nicole smith's uh rest so do me a favor you can barely see it well i saw it so yeah so follow at selling out show go listen to our show and then follow my my soap making on uh at schultzel can you send me some soap uh you won't use it you make fun of the whole process you no i don't make fun of it listen we got the one hollywood sent us soap it was just so mike you want to go mike go grab that one and then let me go grab the soap it's just so beautiful that we don't want to use it mike is in our studio right now this podcast in new york we keep it on the sink there i think it's just so pretty that nobody wants to use her soap it's not so you're saying if you get dave schultz's soap it's not i've used it so you can just use it yeah all right now unfortunately uh i i use this so it's a little wet and slippery does it get guns on it what's it what is it it's got bats bats yeah it was for halloween she said it's always for halloween mine's always nice oh that's nice it's not beautiful that's wicked nice that's wicked nice guy that's so nice dude but yeah this is what i do in my spare time it's relaxing it's joining so the more of the awesome dueling decades audience that participates in my life the the happier i'll be and it'll be a great birthday present for me because you know again without man crushing it on a cake or someone probably providing me some socks what else could you do for me you know what i mean but follow me on social media so make sure all of you do that how much are you selling those for are you i haven't sold any yet no i just do it for fun i should sell them because they're they're [ __ ] great right this is a [ __ ] right here in my hands this is like pure gold that's what this is good so maybe i can't put a value on something like this it smells like bubble gum and watermelon oh yeah this is good man well i just want to throw this out there i don't know if we brought this up before since uh the passing um tawny katane passed away a couple weeks ago our second judge or second guest over the years we've had to pass away and she made soap as well and mike was on that episode and uh mike alluded to the fact that she was selling vaginas smelling so no no i asked if she was if she was going to follow in gwyneth paltrow's footsteps and and make a vagina scented candle and then i asked her if she had to pick a cent which one would it be in retrospect i'm embarrassed by that and i feel like a dick for asking her that but you know not any more of a dick than i feel tonight showing up with the wrong homework man i wish i could have got some of her soap though i don't think she ever she never mailed it yeah no well rest in peace tawny she was uh she was fun i'll raise my massage bar in her honor oh look at this thing i call this hammer i call this in the french tickler you know can you send us one of those because i just ruined this one that hollywood gave us trashed it huh yeah

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