Dueling Decades
Nov. 11, 2020

The Creators of the new Nickelodeon documentary The Orange Years slime 1977, 1988 & 1997!

The Creators of the new Nickelodeon documentary The Orange Years slime 1977, 1988 & 1997!

Did you grow up watching Nickelodeon? We sure did! Sure, Mancrush was watching Friday the 13th when he was like five, but he still watched himself some Nickelodeon. So the moment the boys saw mention of a Nickelodeon documentary, they jumped at the chance to get "The Orange Years: The Nickelodeon Story" directors' Adam Sweeney and Scott Barber on the show. First off, if you're a fan of Nick, you really should find yourself a copy of this documentary, it's packed with some green, slimy nostalgia! Second, Scott and Adam were amazing judges. To make sure this episode fit the bill, these guys had to decide which decade was "The Best for Kids". Our boy, Joe Findlay from the Great White North is back, and he came with the best options kids had from 1997. Playing the middle of the Oreo, Mancrush came correct with a snapshot of a kid's existence in 1988. Rounding it all out, Marc James rides in the rear of the wood-paneled station wagon with no seatbelt on as he delivers with 1977!


As judges, Adam and Scott are hard to beat. You can feel their passion for each and every selection that was handed to them. This one is tight, but they managed to make that final call! In this episode, you might hear something about: getting slimed and loving it, pandering to wives, hooking up with your girlfriend's friends cause she demanded it, Hakuna Matata with a side of sax and violence, everything needs more Teek, bad movie reviews, cartoon fetishes, a classic is born, the origins of a real piece of trash, analytical football for kids, the king of cellulite, the grandpappy of livingroom gaming, magic sticks, critiquing Mom against Donna Reed, tie-breakers, some behind the scenes stories from The Orange Years, and who sported an Emmanuel Lewis fanny pack?


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Infirmary media ar people engage UF, Juwlin CA, the BIXIC o Plam, but I dutbo an Ranagan fon that cap ot stop te power, gopcome fight for what you love you, who com, Yo, P, Pi, Cupagrena, Ane, Ote Wu, take grat a a Bala, her sick. I mad a GN COM fight for what you love, Youn Broadcasting from the podcast New York Studios. It's the adult only retrogame show where the decades battlfor supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. I am Mark James and welcome back to dueling decades. This week we find out what kids had it best in this special children's theme duel I 'll be Representen, N thousand nine htueren and seventy seven. Alongside these other duelers and the decades they will be fighting for. First off represent N, one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight say hello to mancrush. What's up yeah, I a one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight and it's who, whatever kid, had the better life in these decades, and that's probably something I should have told these guys before they came on to judge the episode. So now you know it's you're, just like whoever had the best kids life out of these DECKA knoes hot battle, we're in also on the panel this week in Dueling wit, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven welcome back to the show Joe Finley. Hey everybody picture. An almost sixteen year old, Joe Finley looks pretty much the same, just a large baby in general and he's ready to rock and roll and defend his decade and as always here on the show. We need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. So this week's celebrity guest judges have been working in film and Television for over twenty years in front and behind the camera. Their latest project, the Orange Eers, looks behind the slime at the origance of Nickelodeon all rise and welcome judges, Adam Sweeni and Scott Barber yeahgrood to be here. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules. The judgees coin flip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories, movies, television, music, news and hut products. A judge's ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point, each with rounds, four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie. After all five rounds, we shall go to a final wild card round. All Right, stop what you're doing, because I'm about to ruin the image and style that you're used to as we play more Duin as let's go right down to our guests, judges for the official coin toss all right, Joe. You call it all right and call it tales. It's tales, you better welieve, it's tales all right, Joe Finly, you won the coin toss this week and get to select our first category. Where are we going? Oh, this is a tough one. This was a really interesting year and category. I think I'm going to start with music we're going to start in January. Seventh, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven was the beginning of a movement that lasted well beyond the year, but this year in and of itself, was a gigantic her. It was the year of Spice Mania, the spice girls on January. Seventh, release want to be in the US. It becomes the first UK female group to top the US charts and the first British act ever to top the US charts with their debut album. They were also the first British Act since the Beatles to have two albums on the same US chart simultaneously. In addition, there were the first act in history of the UK top forty to have four straight number, one singles all from that debut album may eleventh. They made news when they did their first live Gig in the UK when they broke royal protocol by Kissing, Prince Charles and give him a little pinch on the bum. As they say over there that same year, their movie spice world came out as well as their soundtrack, which was released on November irst, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven, and it went number one and fourteen countries, and on November seventh, they kind of topped out their year by firing the famous manager, Simon Fuller. You know him as creatore of American idol and many other things and they became their own managers, but this was a year when girls learned about girl, power and boys learned a whole hell of a lot about themselves as they watche the spice girls and just watch their like meteoric rise, all Wathi, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven spice up your life, all right. All right, man crush. What do you have for the music round? All Right? Well, I'm glad Joe went there, but let's go back to August twelvfth, one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight and I had to be completely subjective. With this pick I come through the entire year and there's no discounting how enormous this album was, but I could have went with tiffany weird Oul, fresh prince. There were a lot of like mega albums or kids CENTRC, N nine tnen eight. However, I'm married to a woman who is not only a diehard fan of this band now, but back then she walked miles. She told me the story today because I told her what I was picking. I'm sure Mark Nos where I'm going with this Washe her dad drove her up to Saratoga and that she walked miles to the Sarah Toga performing art center. On June twenty fn Ne Thousand Nine hundred and ninety to see this band. She said that there ere cars backed up along the highway and people were just pulled over and they parked there because it was so backed up, and this was also the same show where Donny Walberg he fell through a trap door in the stage and almost broke his neck, but luckily for donny he walked away with a couple minor bruises. But Luckily for my wife, this occurred at the very end of the show. So she said that they saw him jump and never land and nobody thought anything of it and s the show ended. But here's the thing like, even though, like a lot of guys hated, this band hated ind Ita, like despised, Girls Love Them. You had huge buttons, jackets, tshirts dolls, posters, t even had a cartoon, but this album right here it sold over fourteen million albums worldwide and went eight times platinum in the US. It had five hit singles, not just one like spice girls. Five, they had. Please don't go girl, you got it the right stuff, I'll be loving you, which was, of course, the number one hit number one of the billboard hot one hundred hang ing, tough, which is everybody's favorite and cover Birl, which reached number two on the hot one hundred there were boy bands before this, I'm not going to discount that, but new kids on the block solidified this genre for the next decade, the cash cow that was nkotb. It laid that groundwork for insing the back stree boys, maybe even the spice girls. My wife still goes to see them in concert o this day. I'm not sure exactly how many of these concents she went to, but millions of other women around the world still go to see these guys on tour guys too, but this is the release of their smash, hit album hanging tough by new kids on the block impressive. Oh, my God, a like it. This is like the class of the titans like andto underrated. Like I mean like, I, don't know how they're underwrited, but if you would have asked me to name like the quarterstones or what you know like Scott, if you Wung to ask me a name like the biggest things that happened in you know, ninety seven or eighty eight or nine, like Oh, my Gosh Ye, so yeah, I'm excited to see what what the next one is yeah. This is going to be a tough one, anytime, there's like a full year. I think everybody brings it oh yeah, so this is going to be tough. I'm telling you right now. What do you got more all right, so my album was released on June, twenty fifth e Thousan ninetude and seventy seven and ended up winning a grammy for the best album for children, although this is a soundtrack for a television show, oddly enough and not even a television show that came out N, one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven it's from the television show from the previous year in seventy six. This album reached number on honded fifty three on billboards top lps and tapes charts. The album was also a number one hit in the UK knocking out the Beatles live at the Hollywood bowl for the number one spot for this soundtrack from the muppet show. The muppet show soundtrack absolutely phenomenal: release on Vinyl Cassette Ang track. It was available on all of them. Hits from the TV Show, plus some originals that they had rerecorded just for this album all the hits are on here. Of course, the muppet show theme my personal favorite Manomena Ye had it's not easy, being green sack and violence, you had a monologue by fodzy bear with assistance from Karmet the frog, of course, veterinarians, hospital, tenderly, Simon and Simon, I'm in love with a big Blue Frog, just an absolutely phenomenal album if you're a fan of the mumpets. Of course. So that's what I ad Fro oethousand nine hundred and seventy seven, the gramy award winning soundtrack from the television show, the muppet show wow and real quick rainbow connection was not on that right. Now, that's a mupat movie, one! That's the muppet movie! Okay just had to double check all right, all right, okay, a couple of things. You know one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven. I got to give it to you. The late S, in my opinion, were not a good time for music. There was a lot of new metal. I in that, when creed kind of came out not not to knock on anything but verser here te as wide ope and then you know you had some Batty Mons, Tommys a Bab, Uzy Budube. You know anytime. People say that music is that an all time low I always bring up like wait. Wai Wai Way Way Way wayway you know, so I got to give it to you, Joe that to find a bright light in such a dark time. I give you credit for that. Man Crush okay, new kids on the block wow. So, first of all, my wife is a huge new kids on the block fan as well, and she actually has the dolls to this very day. When we go back to her house in Arlington Texas, you can find a box from her childhood and they're, like kind of like kin, dolls of the new kids on the block, and when you get that Donny Walberg little action figure, I guess not at whatever kin doll. It looks just like a kindoll, but but it's Donny Walberg and it has a real hair rat tail on the back like real air. It's not plat like the rest of his hair is plastic, but that is actually real hair. So that's awesome and me and Adam have a little little experience with rattails. Oh Yeah, Oh yeah, like I Scot Scott, what rock one of the best mullents that I've ever seen in my life and I had a break, not a cool like Padoon Jedi style. Like sidebraid, I had a full on raptail and I wish that we had pictures of it. Walbirds yours would be ringing right. Yeah, Hewul, Yeahlik, yeah! Well as he goes on tour, makes more money yeah. We always talk about how like Nickolo. You know. We made this Nickolodean documentary, Al Sart, Ha nickolode and brought us together, but maybe it was also like. We were like the weird haired kids at our school. You know: you've got a rat like a really long rattail I've got a mullet, let's just be friends, because that makes sense. So we are, I have to say we are partial to new kids on the block. Because of our close, you know the love of my life and one of my dearest friends both have have our rattails are very, are very important. So I do have to say we there might be a first time ever yeah there's a conflict of interest there, and then I mean mark that I mean that the mupet soundtrack I mean. That's just amazing WHA. What do you think Adam? What do you? I don't know, I'm my head's spinning right now. You know I mean I remember playing four square and I remember many many of my crushes having new kids on the block shirts, yeah and me going. I wwould not be cool enough to qualify to be the five hundred newest kid on that flog, Ri Se. Waukee watching from far far away I owman I I do. I love what the spice girls represented. I was actually today, you know. Whenever I was going to my instagram, I was looking at. I was looking at the you know, just images and they were showing I forgot, if it's the anniversary or whatever it basically showed all the spice girrels, and I was just like man like what they did then, because, because there's a lot like you know, there are different boybands, but there's there's only one girl power right like s ie girls like that's it right. That is like t one before destinies child before I'm sure that you probably name others but like they were amazing, I mean you can who can name? I mean you can name like scary, sporty Ginger, Pash baby right like that quickly, even if you're not a fan of them and then the legacy the muckets have, my goodness grations, you know and Saxon violence. I mean you want to talk about. I heavy hitter Lik. I Scott, who you go, pick rol, quick. Who Are you? I don't know I'm trying I'm trying to think with my head, not my heart, because also I had this girlfriend in high school. You know, I know I'm basing so much of this on the on th e women in my life you know, like my wife, having a the new kids on the block, I mean she woes reading, every song we alluse got. We all do, but I had this girlfriend in high school and she told me she was going to go, see spice world with her girlfriends and it was like come on, it's going to be this girl power moment, but then, instead of going to go see that movie, she was actually was cheating on me. So Oh okay, girl, power, bro girl, power, yeah Whoopsi, yes, Piseeng up your life go well. Maybe you just couldn't get with her because you didn't get with her friend ISGTHAT's, the secret you got to get with. If you want to be, my lover got to get with my friend. I never understood that int either. What does that mean? Like you only Hook Up Oer, you want me to like Giv along like cortally, like Itd, be a nice yeah or both O ye. If you can't be friends with my friends, you can't be in my life because they're more to me than you is it like a ye like a tran like a lost in translation thing, where dit with means something different in the states that it yea like fanny. You know to I always thougt fanning it, but but it means something very different over in the UK enland not in England. In that instance, I would think being a little more direct would be in your favorite, because that's a big mistake, ju ca up. How many guys use that as an excuse, though, in the nns at least o I mu A. I was just trying to get with all your friends Yeahlcaus Thay cits, because you know I mean it's like. I could go await a second making loves forever and they're like yeah friends that never end, but friendship never ends. I really really really want to Zigazig British yeah Soscott so who a you who you choosing man, I'm going Ta go. Eighty eight in Kotb, okay, happy happy, wife happen: Yo, wife, hapy life. I got those you, I don't want to sleep on the couch, all right, man Chrush. You pick up a point in the first round and take control the board. What categoryill be going with next t'sman much like Joe said it is difficult to select. Let's go with, let's go with news: Let's knock this one out of the park nice and early. Let's go to September Thr, one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight. This is something I pulled out of the Asbury Park Press and the title Ihis article is Nickelodeon is changing its lineup for the TV generation and they said this fall and that of cor. One thousand nine hundred and eighty eight NICKLODEA will be expanding their full lineup to include more old comedies and a new but old style cartoon series created by animator, Ralph backshee and that would actually go on to become Christmas and Tatortown. The Patty, Duke show will be added to nick an nights line up lineup. That already includes Mr Ed, my three sons, the Donald Reed, show and made room for Daddy. In addition, this was cool. This is what I remember. I also remember, Mr Ed, really good. I used to watch that night too, but they included the best of Saturday Igh, live and SCETV back to back from ten to eleven o'clock, so it's kind of cool to be kind of head of the curve. With your friends and especially at the time I was ten years old. But by doing this nick a night is targeting the new American family. Their demographics are telling them that both kids and their parents are watching. These shows they aren't exactly sure who is dragging who to the TV set but NICKELODEON. Vice President, Linda Kan, said it's either. The Mom, who loves the DONAL red show or the kid who just discovered Mir ed and additionally, Nick and Knight, will also be adding the setrical new show called Global Village. The motto of that show is: If we don't cover it, it doesn't matter and Nick isn't ending there, because they're also adding kids court to their daytime mix and eurekus castle for the preschool crowd and again that's an article out of the Asbury Park Press September Thr, one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight wow, obviously that that means a lot to Adam and I working on a Nickelodean documentary. Yeah, that's great! Should we should we leave our comments till the end of the round and just kind of know, you can say whan yeah, that's cool, you can if you want to throw in a little bit. I know this on this round. Probably that's why I try to bring this one in there. I wasn't completely trying to Panderane judge Buti figured if I figure towards the late s mark- and I said the same thing before this was kind of like our Haday for Nickelodea. So I was really kind of looking for something nickelodeon newswise. It meant something to me and I think at the time nicket night and yeah like I, was starting to get away from the daytime programming, but at nick an night was kind of my thing a little bit. So that's why I went. How impressive is that you know because the whole t we got to talk to the people that made nick at Knight. You know who made that a thing and basically the channel that would go on to be AE. That was part of of Nickelodeon after nine o'clock and they left theyre like hey, guys, we're going to go form our own channel, so they were left with nothing. So they said what what do we do? You know we got to fill the airwaves and we have no money. So how genius is that to just get a bunch of old shows that nobody else is playing and just and just play them and, like you said you know, coviewing with you know shows like Pixar. You know things like that were like the parent and the kid likes it it's everywhere, and that was really one of the first times. We saw that and also it's playing in in nostalgia, the same way, we're all nostalgic for es and stuff adults in the S, and s were very nostalgenc for those s and sity shows, and I loved watching all the I love even Dobi Gillis. You know, Mr Ad, all that stuff, so I had nick Nickat Nickonye was genius eurekas castle that, yes, she always gets overlooked for Nick Junior. Everyone always skips forward to like the blues, clues and stuff like that, but man Eurekas castle was like awesome. They covered so much on that show like I was totally passed. That by TI was ten yeah, but you know they went over stuff like being scared in the dark in like using your telephone and things like that, I was ahead of its time. You didn't see that anywhere else I mean unless you were watching mabe pbs, but nickelodeon like really brought it in that point that you just made. That was huge tying your parents in because then you kind of had something to talk about as well. Wee oher Yeyu know because they weren't going to watch. Maybe they weren't going to watch double there with you, but they would watch Mr Ed Wirh, yea or you know, bestor saturdight live and he had something to kind of talk a fun back to about. That is that they put Mr Ed on first, so that they figured that if there were kids that were still awake, why not put a show on that they would kind of like and they figured a talking horse would be one. I thought that was kind of genius. You know, instead of going leading in with like drag net or something like that. That's like he very procedural kids to be like Whan. Is this say the first nick when Nicka night would come on the first show as MSTR E. I thought that was super genius. It's after fantastic, also really quickly that Ou that you mentioned that, because I was going to say we're actually following up the orange years with Mr Ed documentary, Yeah Wai. THINK THAT'S gonna! No, that's not true at all. Did you imagine if we were like we're? Not hehere for nickelode anymore were overit we're going to talk about all the edheads. They come on edheads I was like. Did they really stick a carrot up his ass? Don't you want to know how did they make him talk? Yeah? We got an exclusive interview with with the Horse fromhe horse's mouthall right, Joe Finley. What do you have for the news round I' going to take it in November, twenty thr, oethousand, nine hundred and ninety seven and it's a review from the New York Times, and I give you a little teaser here. If you like talent, you have to acknowledge the magical accomplishments of Julie Tayner in transforming oe thousand nine hundred and iety four Disney cartoon feature to a major Broadway event. The result is one of the most memorable moving and original theatrical extravagances and years and enterprise that can only make the profit propelled Disney organization even richer. I give you the release of the Lion King, the musical on Broadway the original date. The premier was October, fiftenone thousand nine hundred and ninety seven featured all the original music by Tim Rice and Elton John, as well as additional music written by Han Zimmer. They brought this animation to life, with the use of puppets on stage and elaborate costumes, and they turned a movie into a culture and, frankly, as a anajaded teenager, I remember thinking- Oh that's not going to last at all. Well guess what jaded teenager you were wrong, because this thing is still running. It has run more than ninethousand performances in its run. It is the third longest running, show in Broadway history and is the highest grossing Broadway show in history with more than a billion dollars than ticket sales. This thing was just a Mamith and I just take you to one last quote from that from that article, the review and the Times says, look out for the stampede of wildoughbyse the be prepared for the moment when the birds fill the theater time and time again, Miss Tamer seduces the audience into Seei. What in reality isn't there? That is theater, and so I give you the lion kingdom, musical from one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven, that's awesome and that's I can say so Scott and I both have like a theatrical background. So you're, probably speaking like you, you definitely like talking at the Hartfar things for us and I know exact what you're talking about and yeah. So I mean linking, obviously, is amazing, any time that you can do like a great retailing, a hamlet like and then take it to another level right. You know they could have done like lanking by itself. Right like like the line King Dos, the aduptation that just was done right where they're like. Oh, it's live and animation. It's like. I don't know what that means, but yeah what j? What Julie Tammor did was absolutely phenomenal, so props it up. Yeah Julie, Tamor. I have a super big sof spot for Julie, Tamer such a big fan of hers. Can we also talk about her, follow up to the Lion King Spiderman, into into dark, where it was like into darkrinto the dark I didn't realize that was her. That's Holy O was her. Where you to did the Youtu did the sound. I think it finally got made after a couple of people got like really hurt, yeah yeah that one wasn't so good, but but lion king. I mean yeah. I was the same way because I was about that same age. It's like Oh man, I don't want to Lion King and then you see what she did with it. It's like, Oh, my God, and that was that was my first experience with Julie, Tamor. Since then, there's a a film. She did Tito Sandronikiss that I saw I wa a huge fan of her version of Titos SANDRONICIS and her film work and her I mean she's, just again, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven. Everyone has their own opinion to me in a lot of ways. It was a dark spot. You know for art, but and that that's just me, but so the few shining spots like her. You know I give a lot of credit, for I love, Julie, Tamor and actually the fact that I'm kind of I talk bad about into dark, but I have a super big sauce spot for that too, in a so bad, it's good kind of way. So it's all plus. For me, I love Julie, Tamore, and I love that her Lin king adoption super cool. How can you hate a picked that Hans grouber was the composer of? I didn't know that he was a composer, I didn't say Hans. Gripper did I? Oh you didn't Kno. I said Han Zimer hanallright either way, though I mean like, I would definitely listen to Hans groupers. I would yeah hell yeah the review all Hans on deck. She took she took something that could have been really boring and made it like a p, like you said, a piece of art: That's what that that that musical is a piece of art and it made me think it was cool. When I was, I was the same thing jaded little punk teenager who was like good like Disney, and I saw that I was like damn. That's freaking, amazing all right. Well, this is pretty amazing. So let's go into the darkness for my news story now when I took a look at this topic in the news round, I really wanted to do something a little different with it, and I thought you know looking for kids, things allowed me to do that. So I remember when I was a kid picking up. The newspaper I only cared about two things: I'd flip over to the sports section check the box scores from whatever game was on last night, and then I went straight to the comics. So that's where I went with this, so I found an article January third, one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven he's follied. The Green Goblin fought teenage pregnancy and chased more women than Hugh Heffner has business. The Amazing Spider Man, the popular web crawling web slinging superharo, is arriving to the Tribune comic section. Today, though, he is being launched for the first time in the newspaper Comic Strip, he has been a best seller from marvel comics since his creation by Stanley and Steve dikco in one thousand nine hundred and sixty two so January. Third, one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven, the very first time we started getting spider man comic strips syndicated in the newspapers. I remember it. It was one of the only cool comics. I mean you had like all the little kitty comics and you know you had family circle and Dilbir and all of those, but I was never into those characters. I was into comic books, so for me, Spiderman was in the newspaper now. Every week it was really cool. Now this series ran for over forty years once, unfortunately, Stanley passed away. It was handed over to somebody else for a couple F more years and then they wrapped it up, but a forty year run for a spiderman in the newspapers. So that's my news story January thr, one thousand nine thundred and seventy seven, the amazing spider man Itstanley wrote it that whole time yeah he did. He started on writing it and actually Steve dikco was on the project for the first four years and it was, it was still them. They tried to actually launch it earlier in one thousand, nine hundred and seventy and the newspapers didn't bite and they came up with a few panels and they nobody would buy it so years later they tried again and in seventy seven. Finally, they were able to get it in the newspapers. I'm a huge spidermain fan like I love Spederman. So much and I remember reading the comic. I'm surprised that I mean you know granted, like publications, are a little bit different now print mediais different now, but I'm so surprised that there hasn't been. I transition over to Myles Morallos like his story, because it seems like there would be a lot of room for that yeah yeah. That was one of my favorite favorite things to do. I was N. I was in the same boat mark like I love reading sports. I read the lifestyle section because I because I was into like music and pop culture and Mopese and then I would also read, and then I would I would go to the comments right right and so, like ill said like I would see doonesburry and I was like hey. That's political and I'm not very smart. So I'm going to skip past that one and then I would go like rekfe to spider Mam and so the fact that Stanley did that for so long, like I said Steve Vitco as well, speaks to the power of of not only not only spiderman the comic itself, but just the fact that it was able to stay there for that long. Scott, what do you think yeah? Well, I was in the same boat as well in the lates early s, when I would read the comics in the newspaper I would mine was the turtles. The teenage meeting injure turtles had a comic Strip and I would always read those and that's kind of what got me into comic books and the majoriis funny the majority of the Spidermain Comon books I enjoyed as a kid weren't written by Stanley, because this was already s, and so it would be cool it. I love reading stuff, that's actually from him. You know it's a real treat so yeah. That's that's! REALLY COOL! I'm with you. There I loved reading comics, like comic book type stuff in the comics. Much more than like. I mean, even though far side is awesome. It really is, but like that's what that was always the first one I did again. Mine was turtles, Not Spiderman, but I feel you in spirit the overall spirit of reading a comic book in the comics. So we got TA cheat. We got to choose the winener. I brought the axe down last time, so you do it this time. Oh my gosh, like personally personally, I love Sputterman so much, but for the for the sake of us in being community, I have to ask if you can fill the love tonight, so we got to go with Lin King on this I give a shot out the SPIDERBAN as well for yeah, it's kind of a little bit of both yeah. I want to watch it like. Have you? Have you actually seen it? Scott, like I mean not live obviously, but have you actually or have any of Yo seen like have youall seen any version of it, not the whole thing now I've seen chunks yeah it kept getting rewritten and rewritten and rewritten, and it's weird to think because this was right before, like Superhero Mania happened, I think it was even before the Spiderman movie, where it was like. Whoa people are going to see him and they were going to do all these tricks and people were getting hurt and they were trying to shut it down. There's a youtube video that I watch where they kind of give. You the history of what the hell happened with that musical, because I think it it didn't. Last it came out it kept saying it was still in a preview period and they lost all there's NA crazy, expensive, Toiam, the most expensive they lost all their money. Yeah, like I said you two tried to do all the music and even you to it. If even at some point of Bano is going yeah, this is too Dooshi even for me, like you know, you take a couple of steps back and rethink, go to YouTube. I'm pretty sure you can find one of the late night shows had a performance of it as like their musical actat the end. Okay. It feels very much like the Roger Corman yeah, fantastic T. Yeah like it has that you see the Green Goblin going around and You'e like I'm pretty sure I could buy a better costume than that like o. Now I really want to see it. Yes, it's really in talk about, because I remember seeing the pre I remember, seeing like a preview o like Keyzer of it right or whatever like when they released it, and I remember seeing him- and it was just like he's like yeah and I was like that is not intimidating at all Idon' knowhat, the hell that is like Selindion, says it's all coming back to me now, I'm remembering like they change it, where it's like a spider God. Instead of and listen, I alfor. If you want to rework things or reimagine things, I think that's great, like Adams talk about bringing in Miles Moralis, that's a great way to kind of revitalize, but the way they did, it was not right like instead of him getting his powers and it just being this random thing. WOR A radioactive spider, there's a whole spider God that kind of is serves as a narrator. Yes, it's just a very bonkero story like it does. It was a rat. Her name was like a Rackna Oryeah. Yes, like the Greek court, there's a whole great chorus like wait. What for Spierman? I don't know because if it ain't broke, don't fix it like was was the spidermans story like something people didn't like, like it's kind of been around for like forty fifty years at this point anyway, yeah yeah, all right, Joe Finley, you picked up a point tied the game heading into our final one point round. What category are we going with? Next? All Right, I'm on my way. I just can't wait to be king all right. I think I'm going to go movies actually, and I want to talk o one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven as being a lot of things. A lot of dark movies came out this year, not a very kid friendly year. Ere talking things like a lot of the dark SCIPI, your Gatacas, you had your devil's advocate. Things like these are coming out. You titanic comes out not a not a kid friendly. They weren't down with the sinking ships at the time, which is why they weren't in the Spiderman. That's Piderman, Mesicall, it's a love story. I hear you, but you know an until you can understand billy's how awesome billy Zane is you don't get to watch that movie all right, so w one housand, nine hundred and ninety seven was in film to me- was the twentith anniversary of a very special movie and the release of a special edition of that movie and the first time I got to see it in theater. I'm talking about Star Wars, but not just star wars, empire strikes back and return to the Jedi. All in a ninety day period were released for viewing by the fans and by an entire generation of children. The first time they ever got to see this movie in the theaters. It was a huge deal when it came out because it was the special edition and they had made changes. There are obviously opinions on each individual change, some fir for the worse, some for the better in mcdarmon being added into the empire strikes back to kind of consolidate. The whole thing was a was a good edition. They did some little CG things here and there, and then they did ones that were too big, and then they did one the big musical ot number in return of the Jedi, which maybe wasn't as well received, but this brought in the Doh folks. The first episode four brought in two hundred fifty six million episode, five brought in a hundred twenty four episode, six brought in another eighty, nine, it combined for seven weeks at number, one these movies, but just like, I said the main thing was this: This introduced star wars to one group of Children Introduced Star Wars on the big screen to another group of children, and then somebody who liked me who had seen it dozens of times and loved Star Wars. I got to experience it in a way that I never imagined I was going to be able to because we weren't talking about prequols. Yet we weren't talking about sequels, yet we weren't talking about Solo. You know it was. This was to me my only chance at getting this experience and it was life changing in ways. You know. So that's what I've Got Star Wars, episode for, and it's happy littl sequels coming out January, thirty Finte February twenty fint and March fourteenth. Ninety seven so Adam knows more about star wars than almost anybody on the planet he's a member of the fial first, he can talk about that Nice. But so I want to ask you a question Adam. If I'm remembering this right, when these movies, when that those came out, was that kind of the first time people realized, was it kind of like a sign of things to come, like with the CGI and the constant, reedits and stuff like that? Like was that kind of the feeling there were it wasn't that whenever they put like Jaba, yes yeah s yeah, so they did they put Jaba in they did the additional WAMPA Monster, like like Jo, was saying they putting in it wasn't a CG. Well, it was, but putting in the emperor Popatein was amazing right, like the sun, skywalker yeah, I know like e'll, join us or dies such an amazing amazing scene to edit that a little bit but yeah that was that was the precursor o to phanamenais right, and that was like George Lucas is for better thows who knew that that was going to be the precursor also to mcclunkey yeah, which is everyone loves. Now everyone loves mconky yeah because he reedited that right where he wanted to reedit were Han. Yes didn't shoot, Buthatsigh Y Edo. We do have to consider that Thouh we got to take the good with the bad is that that was Han shot that was Han shot first right like, but that was Greedo shot first instead of honshot first, but it still bears. I mean I can say around that time. I remember going also and man. It was amazing right because, because we hadn't seen it before then right- and so you didn't have the context of it so like when you get to see them going right to like on the desk, our trench run and you get to see all the xling espoils opening right, which was added into it. Also yeah. It was a powerful pretty on Tota, it's a poper trilogy in ninety days, though less that's yeah. I like it great pick Joe. You know those ree releasens of those movies were absolutely phenomenal, but you know W at was better than that. The original releases. Yes, that's my boy, so let me sneak my pick in here. May Twenty Fifeh, one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven, we get star wars, a new hope. So that's my pick for the movies Rit's that so I'm going Ta go to a article hit in the Courier Journal out of Louisville Kentucky now here on the show you know we use newspaperscom exclusively to do a lot of our research and one of the things we always find is a lot of the reviews. Of the same. I wanted to find something a little different and try to find kind of a bad review for Star Wars. So I found one written by Scott Hammon Burnham yelled, one of the teenagers behind me as the spaceship was gunning down another with laser beams. The occasion was a showing of Star Wars, a new science fiction film that had just started the other night in showcae cinemas. Now the article goes on to say Star Wars, never climbs above the level of Saturday morning. Television shows programs intended for no one older than fifteen, but thanks the special effects in artisstry. It can entertain the same audience much more efficiently. Monsters abound the forces triumph over good and evil and there's an abundance of extaecttarestrial violence exceptionally well executed by the movie studio. Now the article does go on to say occasional, comic relief and primarily in the form of two robots who do a kind of Laurel and Harty Act. Don't help much so yeah a bad negative review for Star Wars. He ends up closing the article by saying that there's nothing too objectionable in the film, although, if you're an adult, try to go see it without children, you'll enjoy a little bit more. So that's what I got FROR my pick: how to sneak that in there may twenty f one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven. We Get Star Wars, good one, that things work out for George Licus, so yeah, I think yeah. Okay, I mean, as of this year, two thousand and Twenty Star Wars. The franchise alone is worth: Seventy Billion Dollar Oyeah. I so two things really quickly at first, when you said burn him, I thought you 're going to say that was the entire review about Gos. He kind of does burn him throughout the oer o. It is fitting yeah AEER IE. Whenever the PREQUELS, the attack of the clonhes w were coming out, and somebody are he had that was whone. Ever George Lukas decided to go to digital film right like he started telling all theaters like you have to show my film in digital technology you which in digial prints which ended up actually paving the way for like the ability for us to make fons right right. But I remember somebody going wel. You know the reason that he did. That is because he's broke, and so he can't afford actual film, and I was like I don't- really have the Internet right now as much, but I think you may be wrong. Ye slightly could be slightly on yeah, the Og E. I was wondering if that was going to happen. I was wondering if the the Rg was going to come out Scott. What do you think about that? Real Qook Bepore get the mancrush? I love it and I love the fact that you chose a negative review. That's so awesome just goes to show how it's like whoopsee, like I love doing that, reading old articles and pretending as though I'm like a time traveler like you downass, you know, I read an article about Green Day, saying like Oh the day. We start recording with like Acoustin, guitars and stuff, we'll just hang it up, because that's stupid. It's like Wel, EP see. I love that that you're, like Oh yeah, how the guys saying ar to dto and cee through Po, don't really work. It's like yeah! So obviously- and I love I love Star Wars. I love the fact that you chose the negative review. That's awesome! All Right! Man Crush what star wars thing. Do you have from ninety? I will throw out that I was going to give you a perfect segue before you went. It would have worked out much better. I was just going to say to Jo. It would have been so much better if they rereleased it in thirty five millimeter, because then it would have felt like the real thing in one housand, nine hundred and Ningety seven. Instead, I always felt like that was a cash grab which it was to build up to the new movies, which is fine, but it didn't really take you back. It didn't give you that real feel of seeing the movie in thirty five millinmeter and, if you've never done that before for any of your favorite movies, if anybody's ever playing a thirty five millinmeter cut of whatever you need to go see it because it will take you back, it's like traveling in a time machine, especially if you go seeted a drive in because you're not in new movie, theater. Anything like that, and it just feels like you're in the time when it was released. So I highly recommend that if you get the chance to do it, if we're close enough, if you're in close to the PA area, mahaning drive in fantastic placos do that they always run those thirty five millimeters. But let's go to a totally different movie. I will not go in Star Wars, we're going to go to June twenty Secon, one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight. I was ten years old when this came out and for as big as this movie was. I will be honest. I was not one of the kids. It was flocking to the theater to see this. I've mentioned this on the show plenty of times I was already watching, like Friday, thirteenth at like six, so I was way less enamored with cartoons by the time I was ten. So if I had to personally seect like a kid movie, one thousand nine hundred and igty eight personally, I probably would have went with like license to drive or something like that to give me something with the cors. You know, however, it would be an absolute travesty and it's funny because before this episode came on marks telling me about his picks and he's like I don't want to go with anything that might have been brought up before there was too big and he brings star wars terrible impression only one I didn't want to go with all of them. I couldn't ignore Star Wars, so I don't feel bad about my pick now, so I don't feel bad about it at all because for the normal ten year old, this probably was like every kid in it. Markd this down in their calendar and they're, like I'm going to see that movie- and that sounds exactly like mark in his pick. So my impression suck, but here's a movie, it's Tookin, roughly three hundred and thirty million dollars of the box office- is about seven hundred thirty million dollars in two thousand and twenty. So you could see a lot of people went to see this movie. Doesn't not me, I waited til, it came out n rental, but so much so this was the second biggest release of the entire year in Nineee Ghi only behind Rainman, if you coul believe that- and I hardly use es detail on the show harly ever at all, but you guys bring it up. Sometimes I think it fits here. This is a ninety seven percent, fresh rating and rotten tomatoes. Usually don't care what you know the critics say, but I think it's important with this one, so it overwhelmingly had a positive sentiment for this movie and also won Three Academy wars, at God, best film, editing, best video effects and best sound effects. So not only did people love it and they still do, but it carried some serious accolades along top of it, and on top of that it was owned by Disney. So it was expected tons of merchandise with this movie, and I believe somebody on this show might have been mark over this summer had brought this up for merchandise in a hot product, so you can attest to that when you, you know what this is. Maybe you do already, so we got Disney Steven spiilber example and entertainment and Robert Omackuson, I'm pretty sure you could have a movie about like a flaming bag of turds. If you had those three, they would manage to make something spectacular happen and that's what they did here. So, if you're in the mood for some film Te War where cartoons live amongst real people, female cartoons or drawn to develop weird fetishes when you're older, suspense wit, comedy CGI. That was well ahead of its time and Bob Hoskins then who framed Roger Rabbit is the movie for you. It's not starwarus. Hmm Bob Hoskins was all over Star Wars. You just didn't see. I was a little disappointed because I got my hopes up because I was thinking what Star Wars. Film was in the S, and I thought about me and Adam's favorite battle for indoor, and I was like, Oh my God, we're going to get to talk about teek because we love teak, but then I realized I had to look it up and that was it'slike. Eighty five first yeah it was eighty seven battle. You KNO A lot of people think there was only one Ewalx, Movietoyour Caravan, ICCURN, airvet yeah and then Batfret your battle for indoor. There was two Inteik, ah Wilford, Brimley yeah, who drops the FBOMB by the way in the movie and Somehow got away with it. He's got diabetis because he had to be that yeah and if we, which you know like the the odds are the odds are definitely not in our favor. If we ever get attached to any star wars, property, no matter what it is cheek they're getting his aspect, we're bringing teik back yeah, that's my biggest problem. You know everyone, oh they ruined luke or oh, raise too powerful. Our our biggest complaint is where the hell is teek. You guys blew it, but you blew it right. You'll bring back the pitctroids on Mandalorian, but you won't Brit like have cheek, like you know, like have them? Go to to indoor right, have have ban tol mando go to indoor and they're, like I'm, gonna have to Y. I'm gonna have to put a put together a crew right and they're like I think we got some people for you and then Haw Cam just go pick pocket and grab baby Yoda Grab, Camandos, Glausester or whatever and yeah teks right there done I'll, be frank. If any star wars, property would do it, it would be, then they are yeah in on the fan service without being too heavy. Oh, my Gosh, you, you just see things in you're like they did it again. First episode. This is amazing yeah for anyone listening who doesn't know who Tik is he's kind of like an ewalk that has the power of speed, and that's really easy to remember, because he looks like an ewalk on speed WHO's. Maybe done. You know, Meth for like twenty years, like just a melted, weird ewalk who can go like run really fast. I always found a strange parallel between him and the the crazy fast grimlin from grimlan's to yeah yeah. I think youver like cousins or something well and baby Yoda Angigno are definitely veryonsiblings right. Like I ean no question, you just shaved Gismo and they were like here. It is right, crossover yeah, but but we need to go back. We need to go back to to whoo frame Roger Rabbit. We had to talk about the actual movie that you actually chosee Cos that we've now taed bout welike five minutes we just droute, we ere like so, let's talk about Teik for a little bit who framed Roger Rabbit. Oh man like Assu when you started talking about it, because I was thinking about it as like what what was one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight like what was such a big deal, and I remember having a hoop framed Roger Rabbit like talking doll. That said like like, like PLA, Eddy right and like without a doubt, I don't as strange as it is. If you were to pick like the most like voluptuous like coming of age, actress, animated character, who cost players emulate all the time to this very gennerous turn is like Jessica. Rabbit is amazing. Bob Loskins is incredible. The editing is out of this out of this world. Like you said Robert semeccus, it's just it doesn't get enough law of it reminds to be of another ambum film. I don't think a lot of people talk about et anymore, and I think that that's just insane, I don't understand it. Man Who Frame Brougt Y. U round e had to judge before you go to far. We had a judge. This is like two years ago, Mark Nos Ari'm, Goin witg, this Oh yeah, John Cross. I don't remember if it was our pick wet. We used to do tag team battles in this too and mark, and I we're like we got this round. I got et. Is Slam dog this Guy John Cross from the after movie Dieter Podcast, completely shit. All over et said is the worst movie overrated. What we're almost sat there like in an argument ensued. Whett was like dude. What in the Fuckare you talking? That's just somebody trying to be contrarian right there, yeah is, is actually a horrible movie. Citizen can was actually poorly edited in my no F that man showing me ceilings with low angles, please et out then therer. It's called college so who friamed Roger Rabbit Hen. When I was a little kid and my mom took me to Disney world and weere eating at this little diner and there was a little gocart af ugly, looking gocart thing that was in the corner and you could sit on it and take pictures and then, above it was a picture of Bob Hoskins in Herby that little car a and that's what they actually sat on and then you know they drew herby over it. This little ugly. It looked like a little for wheeler with a crappy little seat on it, and I remember being fascinated with that. Going wow, that's like that was the first time. You know when you're a little kid you don't really think about how movies are made. You know you don't think about like Jaba and there's actually like a bunch of puppets in there. You just think that's job of the Hutter, that's C thre po he's probably a real robot y. u you don't, and that was the first time I thought about behind the scenes. Like oh that's cool. He was just sitting on this and then somebody else was driving it and then they edited it so that that, for some reason that that always stayed with me and made me want to like make movies. I know that's a weird thing to make you like go wow, but it's like that's cool, like the idea of trickery and stuff like that, and now you know, editing is what I do for a living, so I definitely have a soft spot for who framed Roger Rabbit, because it was the first time that I was old enough to think about that and think about. There's a there's level of trickery like magic. You know to making movies all right. I think we might have a situation right now where, like at the Oscars, you know whenever, like Gina Davis Nsun an Srandon were like splitting the vote think the skalwars they might be doing. I don't know Cott, I'm gonna, I'm Gong to hand it off to you and let you make I mean you got to make the cut on this one man I on like to close. I'm too close to that's true. That's true! That's true! That's you know these are. This is real hard pictique you Wun pokto yeah, you know, let's, let's go with seventy seven. You know what especially, I think that SAR wars amazing. But what took you to the next level is the fact that you chose a news article that was negative. I just love that burn him. Barnham said the boy behind me: They tuned for our new show where we cover nothing but bad reviews from no ther people in the back really quickly. That's a fantastic yea really quickly. I my senior my senior thesis was about Star Wars. It was about the impar strikes back and its tall like an impars, the empire fhecks back a journey into a galaxy of sexism, racism, the American dream, and I looked up in empire, sthrex back negative review and it was insane like it was just so wild how people are like this is the death of the popcorn film, this pucket by Frank, ods. If you want to call him an actor and you're just like whoops Lik utit, look's yeah doesn't hll but but yeah. So I think that would I would absolutely I be almost like a. How did this get? How did this get made on the other side right? I thought about it before because of John Carpenter movies and every John Carpenter, like tons of them. Like you, go back John Carpenter reviews they detroy him on some that I found and I'm like. Ah Man, I just want to put all these people on blast e, probably Ye said but e. You know right way old, but that fuck him they wrote it yeah. What you do is you do dramatic readings about tha, like the reviews HEU like from the perspective of that person. Hence Furtherbo Righ. We just we just did a really quick. We did a Halloween double feature drive in and on Halloween that we hosted, and that would have been great to come out and to just do like John Carpenter. Readings like if somebody like you said just basically like going off in a very dramatic manner and then being killed by Micael Myers immediately yeah bcause John Carpenter is the king, so yeah everything you touches certain school. My opinion yeah SAR wort in all right. Well, I pick up a point. The game is now tied. We all have one point heading into our first two point round. You Know What Gentlemen, why don't we go over to the television round? So for my television selection, I went with a TV movie that actually debuted November twenty seventh n tousand nine hundred and seventy seven. Now this was a movie that I watched many many times growing up. It is the absolute classic by rank and Embass the Hobbit sure you guys have all seen this a hundred times. This is what introduced me in an entire generation to the work of tolken. I actually prefer it the animated to the live action, one they did a few years ago. You know it's just an absolutely fantastic film, Rankan embasst at a great job. With the animation, I found an article that was in the Los Angeles Times November, twenty fourth on thousand nine hundred and seventy seven and there's a quote in here at says. I didn't make an educational film here I made entertainment since Arthur Rankin. He and his partner Jewel's Bass, turn out about four films a year. This one was made for about three million dollars. He says it is the first animated motion picture that has ever had a world pemier on television and it's the most expensive one that has ever been done. Much like theyre frosted, the snowman and rutolh the red nose raindear Christmas specials. They hope that the Hobbit will soon be an annual tradition as well. So that's my television pick the animated classic the Hobbit from ranking and bass debuting on television November, twenty seventh one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven. I have to hand this one over to Scott, because I love look. I love, I love Brankin and bats. I love the Hobbit, but it's Scotts giving credit t about me for Star Wars. Scott is t the dude whenever it comes to a bit of a ringings, I'm a bit of a rinhead but a Tulkin head, yeah yeah, that's fascinating and I'm the same way. I saw that when I was a kid I rented it at blockbuster watched it, and then I checked the books out A. I checked, the Lord of the Rings Books Out, because I wanted to find out more of the story and this as in Fifth Grade I and you're right. You know because there's a Lord of the rings cartoon and that was done by Ralph Baksky and then I wals say that wrong Ralph. I said it wrong before as well. I think back she boxi Ralph, Backshi, okay, yeah, think it POC, and it's weird because the to the two companies kind of had a back and forth right, like Rankin Bass, did the Hobbit and then Ralph actually did the Lord of the Rings, and it was kind of the first two books together. It was kind of fellowship of the Rings and two towers, and then Rankin Bass took it over and did return to the king, so it's like, but there none of them ever say h. They all go together, it's like! Well, then, why did you all choose the one right after very bizarre, but yeah you're right? The hobbit was much better than the hobbit movies. Those hobbit movies were not not great as good as the Lord of the Rings. No. Nor of the rings movies are some of my favorite movies. All time the hobbit movies took a pretty hard core nose dive down. Maybe if they just would have included all the singing and dancing like they did't e animated on Eah Yeah Mark Martin Freeman, everybody was great, but it just wasn't enough to to bring it up. So yeah, I do lo that that film, that might have started at all and there's a Russian live action version of the hobbit that you should watch out there. That's super weird, if you're into things that are not good, but you can, you know, Helllaugh and have fun so yeah. I that's awesome. I love. I love that version of the hobbit. It definitely was what kind of gave me a love for fantasy for to this very day, all right, Joe Finley. What do you have for the television round, all right well April, frst, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven, but this is no joke. We had the beginning of a movement for children. I mean kids became obsessed with this. Then kids have been obsessed with this. Since kids are obsessed with this. Now they used to be afraid of monsters until you learn how to train them. I give you the debut of pokigmon follows the story of Ash Katchim, an aspiring, pokemon trainer and his journey through the world befriending the adorable Pikachu, along the way the cards weren't actually introduced into the US until the following year. So people were being exposed to this before the toys, which is actually kind of backwards for a lot of us us things, transformers your gi, Jos, heman stuff, like that, it's always the toy and then the show kind of like Ilaing together. So that was about a year removed and to this day is a gigantic collectors item. It is a like anexpensive, you can go, get this rare card, but I still see kids buying the cards today. I still see kids when I drop my kids off at school playing the game playing the card game and it's just a huge thing. The show has run for over eleven hundred episodes. It is still on the air it ran. It would run fifty two episodes of season some seasons and it is available right now, both on demand and on you know, regular TV, I being a broadcaster in children's television. I broadcast POK IM on every single day, and so I see it all the time, but this is available in two hundred sixteen countries between those channels and Netflix and all these other things. So you think about the adaptation of language. You think about how many children that this is touching and how long it has been touching them, rephrase that hit nope. It's like the Jack Block right in in school rock. Whenever he's like I've been touched by your children, Yor Childen and I'm pretty sure they touch me to or like you now mean, I'm pretty sure, I' Co y yeah. He US immediately runs out letshe's, like Yo. Also pikachuw played by Ryan Reynolds alsoon known for Deadpool and Greenlander got his start on Nickelodeon on a show called fifteen. That's really awful, but you should check it out. Wow Yeah! I was working in a mall when all that stuff went down so I was I was in the thick of it people trying to get those cards and stuff and, like you said you know, there's something to be to be said for something that lasts. That long I mean what it came out. I ninety seven- and here we are two thousand and twenty people are still going nuts for pokemon and and with Pokimon like I it's like iiso, so I remember going to the theater on a date because the girl wanted to see the Pokimon movie, which I think was the introduced, introduction of mew or MOU to, and then I remember now, Pokimongo like a couple years ago, was such a huge thing. I remember going in near the University of Texas and the state capital like midnight and there were hundreds of people out. Obviously I would not advise to do that this year at all, but WAT. That said, it's absolutely been a movement right and it's something that they Goshis Enantic, I'm blanking on the the creiantic yeah, the ones that ad that that they have found a way to reintroduce it to to just a new generation. I would be ablling to bet that it all loves us all, yeah, all right, man crush. What did you bring for the television round? Well, Mi is not a cartoon, so I got that so I'm different from you guys once again. So, let's go to November thirtieth, one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight we get the debut of a show. They would only last for a single season under this title and this particular show a debute on the Disney channel, but it was actually produced by NBC, which might sound a bit weird, probably because it s probably one of the first times as ever- occurred, especially with Disney being involved with this, but this particular show it went through a bunch of changes in the onset. So initially NBC ran this pilot in the summer, O one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven. I think it was like right around the time like it took like facts of lice slot or something one day ndalthough. That pilot was vastly different from the actual series het NBC would produce for Disney. On thousand nine hundred andigty eight, they had actress Haley Mills, which was gon the show and initially was focused around her, and she was the only holdover from that pilot. But there were some interesting names. Hat actually started on the initial pilot you had Brian Austin Green was on the initial pilot. You had the late Jonathan Brandis was on the initial pilot and Jelial White was on the initial pilot. However, one thousand nine hundred and ighty eight they were replaced when this went to Disney and they they adda tk Carter and Lark, Vorhees and Dustin diamond and Mark Paul Gostler. For some they were like. Oh let's, let's just Redo this, you probably know where I'm going here and you realize that the show is retooled again in one thosand, nine hundred D, nine, with Disney cancelled the show and NBC decided to broadcast a show themselves, but this time around they would eliminate Focu, focusing the entire show around hale mills matter of fact, just getting rid of her entirely as a teacher and would focus refocus the show around mark, Paul Gosler and his new Pierce Mariolopez Tiffany, Ambertheson Elizabeth Berkeley and, of course, Aur farhes and Duson diamend were still there. So this is the debut of good morning. Miss Bliss and thirs a show they would transform into a classic series. Everybody knows as save by the bill, and that's like I don't have to sell this one much I mean this. It was an enormous show for kids at the time and, like I said before, even myself, who was lready watching horror, movies, age six, because my parents were just delinquents or something I still watch save by the Bell, and I liked it a lot and when my daughter was probably like eleven she' fourteen now she binds the entire series and she liked it. The original from the beginning good morning, Miss Bliss all the way into save by the Bell, and then the suckers got legs now, because AC slater and Jesse Spanno they're reviving their roles on the new series. It's actually going to begin later this month on, NBC's Peacock Channel, so Zach, Zach, Morris and Kelly are both back he's the governor of Califis Kell they're, not on for every episode, though right it's just going to be like not that I know yeah. I think it's mainly is Maria Lopez and Elizabeth Berkeley or going NAO be on all the episodes. I think there's only like ten episodes that they did, but we'll see how that goes. But again, it all began right here with good morning, Miss Mliss all right. Let's throw it down to Adam sweeny and Scott Barber for the judgment on the television round wow. You know I went down a rabbit hole once of good morning, Miss Bliss and watch all of that stuff, and it is crazy how much more they focused on the teachers and then just ere like and never mind. Let's just get rid of them yeah, it's it kind of takes back, and I watch your documentary last night and it I think they got it right because when they initially did this, you know focusing on the teacher for a kid show, didn't really make much sense, no and kind of like what you guys are talking about Nickelodeon with the documenter and everything it should have been focused on the kids and the I you know the bad kids or the cool kids or whatever, because that's what was going on and I think y they finally got it by the third try. They were like wait, a minute, H t. What are we doing something that work? Not The look, a amazing, no she's, oshe'sshe's great, it's just it wasn't as good. You know when you got the kids that were t the focal point, and then you had you know Mr Belding, who became kind of like the antis antithesis of you know, th the kids and it was kind of like their role model and they got rid of the individual teachers which they got back later on with boymeats world with Mr Mami and Im thing yeah, but we didn't need that then, because they went into like Miss Bliss is like love, life and yeah and those yealy ones. They really did yeah. They showed a lot of her life. It's interesting to. I tried to watch save by the bell like the last couple of seasons. All the way through with my wife, and I love how they're just like contnuity, we don't give. A Shit like like Kelly, will be on an episode and then because I always remembere D I was like. Oh then, who was it Tory comes in yeah, there's like Kelly will be there and then Tory will be there and then Kelly. It's like what I remembered it as though Kelly like moved away or something and then Torikid. They don't care at all. It's like they're, back and forth. Okay, now they're off. They did that one little bit where they were like working at like a beach resort, yeah La with Liramenia yeah is there back at school, then they're back at the beach was or they just were like whatever like there was. No, you know, especially this world we live in now, were you know everything is serialized where we watch shows that have one long, you know like the office or breaking bad or whatever you know. We have one you know or whatever TN one overall yeah they did not have that you had don't. Think of. Every episode is its own thing. There was no continuity overall, so so I used to work at a radio station and you know, as Yoall know like in programming you you have. Of course, you know you have people that come on that th a made products and films and TV shows and Suff, and so we did so marcall Goseler and Brock Dmyer came to promote TNT, show called Franklin and Bash Yep and the line of women down the hall to see Mark Call Gosler was absolutely insane, and it's just ridiculous because I was like I mean he was Zack Morris how long ago, yeah like no e that have you seen him a second ago they're like Theah he's still just as good looking and they're like is that screech, okay, like right, an Zack Morris and so yeah, I mean say by the bill: It's while it's one of Thoe shows that you n, you know, especially I mean even g the morning, Miss Bliss but like when you take a look at it like. I love that what is it the the site? That's like Zack Morris is a is a garbage human being or something sec. Morsis Tra, ack bars. I trash it's amazs like everything that he does. It's like you're, a you're, a future serial killer like absolutely like, like the one with the handicapped girl, like itue Tri to Han aylitte sister yeah igh. He like the with the with the first nation's person or the indiginant right, like Cendigono prnthis person. He basically like coops his entire culture, so that you can go run track really quickly. What the Hell is wrong with you and yet we're all like that's the dude, but when you were when you're in middle school, that yeah like it's not so much. You wanted to be him, but I think when you're in middle school in like yeah, maybe a freshman, high school or even a sophomore yeah, you don't care about anybody else, but yourself, most kids. So when you're watching those shows you can kind of identify with him because you're like yeah, I do that you know, but then, as an adult you're like that's doshy like what the right right well, because it's like it's like at that point time. It's like popularity right, coming N H, first place in the science, fair, whatever it may be, and then getting the really really hot girl or Guy Right, and so that's all that matters right Yoo. Why he's yeah exactly if ite checks all of them? It's like a TV, it's like plus. He gets to do things that it's like fairs bill or on TVN, because o do the things that would never be able to be done. He gets to order pizzas like Jess Tacoli in the class. He gets the time, freeze everybody somehow right and Everyon, and we were good with it. Didn't screech stab somebody later didn't screech Grou to stab Someoewa in real life or on the show. I think so. I think his name is Justin diamond. I think he stabbed a dude or Somehin yeah. He did. He was actually a guy that comes on the show. A lot ther were good friends with Bob Kraft. He actually had him, for it was like a signing. Whatever was you remember? What do you had him on? For was I just a signing thing mark or like picture op thing? I think so yeah and he had told us that the whole time he was just trying to get with chicks iht that sounds rigmaketat story checks out completely yeah. I experienced that with Robert Dobby at night from the Goonis and Hiagara Falls Comoh, my God, just the whole time he's like check out that girl over there hewas next to jop an TALIATA ND. He just had you go that girl, I'm like Oh jeesy you're, like I thought you were going to say hat your friend got stabbed by Byaan Diamon Ohad. I come in this cock. Our our producer bill parks that set this up. He has a story. I will absolutely not repeat it, but he has partied with Mr Belding before you'll have to have him on and maybe he'll tell the story. I W. I tried to get him on like a bunch of times and he kind of ignores Mr belving messages. Yeah denw rude of me yeah, should I should efer to him by his real name: That's yeah! That's all right! We'll call! Mr Building till he comes on the show, yeah and then well. Yeah then can callim by his name and then Sal scree Samel is a screech. I was Goino Se SA screech cars, an Dusn diamonang come out stab him with it. You know ys kind of s e. well, I got to say, like Lord of the Rings is one of my favorite movies. Lead. Zeppelin is one of my favorite bands and they sing about Lord of the Rings. Lord of the rings is like one of the first dates me and my wife went on, so I feel this time, I'm too close to this one, so Adam. Why don't you choose? That's? Oh, my goodness, Gracious! You know what I'm going to go ahead, I'm I'm going to because I don't know why I always cheer for the underdog I'm going to give this I'm going to give this one up for for Haley Mills, I'm going to give it up for the diolets of Tory for who were Unsun Heroes, so we're going to go to good morning, Miss Bliss, who probably is never one an award in their entire history and tyeathe one time sweet, real, quick, but before we move on didn't even though they're the same characters weren't they like in like Indiana or something and Miss Blissan, then magically we're just in California for safe by they just moved yeah. They don't explain whyeit's like okay, all right. Well, maybe that's why the checks out it kind of makes well. Actually the only thing I don't remember was a bay shore. Did they use the same name and good morning, missplus Thatoh, Yeah Bayside? Maybe not so maybe it kind of makes sense, which I never thought about before, because if it was a different school name, then it's like Zack moved and that's why everything is and Lisa ecause what yeah? Why Yeah Lisand ry greese were there never mind unless they moved wit? Maybe they all moved together yea they wanted to stay together, yeah they jus all hopped in in a van like Te partage family and they were like. You know what it's a manifest destiny. Let's go weth my friends also in that movie, there's a movie where Zack and Kelly finally got married and Zack definitely gets a job as a male escort in that and doesn't tell his wife. But yet it's still love story that we're supposed to hall root for them. So that makes sense. Remember the college years. Oh yes, Oh yeah with who was it with? Was it Bob Golic Yeah Bob Go Lik? Who, I always think is Lia Zado, yeah yeah. I can see that and then that and then the guy who I his name, is escaping me, but he's in better call. Sal Now he's that lawyer, but he was the teacher who was having like a relationship with tifpany to w hat oldkirk. No, not POB, borden Kar he's The guy who's like the head. Yeah he's like the the lead partner in the in the big Wateroh, okay yea, it Wu looks like the same. He has an agendict Musen, beautiful God about the college years with Bob Solik, the he's the other other white meathead that Youre it's plug. Ind Play l yeah pretty much recipe, sleitato, yes for real all right, man crush you jump out to a lead heading into our final round. All Right! I you know what, since I got the opportunity, I will defer my round, but I must say before we go anywhere. You guys are great judges, the enthusiasm and everything else. I love it. You guys come back anytime. You want but saying that I'm going to pitch this one over to Jo. First all right. Let's do it I'm going to tell the story of woman down on her luck and she was. She took a job as a substitute teacher to make some money while she was trying to achieve her dream and that dream was to become a writer and even while she was writing or while she was teaching her class, she would take out her notebooks and write her character sketches out and do all these different things. And after quite some time, she made a wopping twenty five hundred pounds as an advance towards the book that she had written and that book was released on June, twenty eone thousand nine hundred and ninety seven and it was called Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone, jk rollings, beginning of dominating literature for the next decade, or so to come, and still just selling books on books on books interesting little tidbits about it is she obviously wrote it under her name, Jo Anne Rolling. She does not have a middle name and the publishers told her that women can't sell children's books. A female author cannot sell a children's book, so they told her to hide her first name by using her initials. She didn't have initial, so she used K for her mother's first name and that's where that came out. Now we can talk about the legacy of this movie forever and obviously came out and became a seven book series. It became an eight movie series, then spotted. You know spun off into a whole wizarding world, where therare two movies into another five movie series. If we ever get the rest of those ones made- and we can you know they have potter more, which is the gigantic online world that they've created for Harry Potter Fans Harry Potter world at Universal, but the book itself being a hot product. It is the third highest selling book of all time behind the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit and think about like it only has about twenty million less copies sold than those ones and those ones have a forty five and sixty year head start on her. Damn so that's saying something, and obviously I'm keeping the Bible and Koran out of this book sales thing, but I'm talking just about you know just regular Sh, B fif then she'd be fifth, so she'd she'd still be doing fine. She is the highest. She has the richest author in history now toppling everybody toppling Steven, King and all those sort of things, the books. The series itself has sold more than five hundred million copies worldwide. I mean it was a phenomenon. Then it remains a phenomenon. Now I mean I'm in the middle of decorating my daughter's room and Harry Potter. I bought that defhnitely hallows waned display, and you know she dressed his harter harmony granger for Halloween this year. It's just one of those like once in a lifetime events, and it just started all one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven with the Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone sorcerers stone to by American friends, and I'm just I'm blown away like because because I forgot that it came out in one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven right, yeah I'd heard about it like about three years later and you're right like if you think about cultural, touchstones, there's star wars and then there's Usord of the rings on the Hobbit right and then there's it's got to be Harry Potter. I would think you know up to be like if you were doing like kind of like the big three, and I mean she is amazing- and I didn't know that I don't know, I don't have a lot of Harry Potter. Knowledge got like it's. Cot may have more more than me, but I think that that's a I love those little like tidbits of like information, you know and and the fact that she like followed her dream and found a way to make it happen. Yeah, it's pretty damn impressive in its own right, so that is super cool. I love that I didn't know a lot about her either, but I did know the whole story of her struggling everyone thinking. She can't do it. She wasn't making any money and then all of a sudden you know like, even though she's not American, like that's the American dream right to do something and then have it be this big huge success so es definitely an inspiration for everybody. So I give it up to that. Harry Potter is huge at my house, I'm not as much into it, but like my wife and kids love Harry Potter, so yeah you can't. You cannot deny the magic. Like Adam said, you know, Lord of the rings that's been around, for what are we had a hundred years? It's been around for a long time and then you know Star Wars. It was cool to have a new one. You know you think, are we going to see any more of these and then you did. You know that was tei cool to have somebody else join the ranks of that. So it's only a matter of time. It's only matter of time before we get a biokick abover right, like I mean him an Thompson, Laura Lenny somebody will play her pretty soon. I would bet I would put money on that in the next ten years. Maybe give I a little bit more time but it'll happen. Yeah, there's a very corny kind of TV version that starts popping myr, Popo, wow, okay is jk rolling and that's actually- and that was where I first kind of gained any kind of purview of JK rolling the writer you know it' to me. It was just it was a book and is JK rolling and I'm like. Oh and I see a picture ofver one time, I'm like Oh that's, jk rolling. That was the end of it and then you start hearing about these stories. So then you start reading it yourself, because you're not trusting this wo. Your TV movie have to be you Soll Sourte of information, but yeah. It's it's Corny, but I would say, like the first half hour of it is a is a worthwhile look into what her life was before Harry Potter came into her Orhil Yeah I'll, definitely watch it. That's awesome! Thank you all right, gentlemen. So for my hot product you know this is a product whose legacy kind of speaks for itself. So I don't have to go into too much detail. But if you look on the Internet dates for the release for this kind of all over the place, most places say October or just fall, one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven. So of course I went over to Newspaperscom and I found an advertisement in the Los Angeles Times August eighteenth on Thond, nine hundred and seventy seven in the three quarterpage Jad starts off with the headline. We have it. First, a video game. You won't get bored of playing with over one hundred ways to play. How could you it's Atari, the new video game, computer system and it's available now at the Broadway? It gives you more ways to play than any other system available in the games of the same ones. You play at an amusement arcade, just change the cartridge and you have a whole new set of games that you can play wow. So I then went ahead ten days and I found another advertisement from a another retailer that I don't think we bring up enough on this show and that's Bradley's Yeah Ritdld Department Store staple of my youth br Adl ees right Yeh, so they have a an advertisement n here for the Atari, the itaris video computer system, a hundred and fifty nine ninety nine says new challenging TV game, not a toy, but an advance system that accepts game program cartridges with the comparable ease of eight track. TAPES QUOTE UNQUOTE: Combat Cartridge included, has twenty seven action: Pack Game Variations, other exciting game program, cartridges regularly, one thousand nine hundrd and ninety nine seventeen. Ninety nine watch future ads for new games and additional functions of the video computer system and of course the TV is not included now thereis one picture in this ad for the Atari twsanty six hundred or the Atari video computer system, as it was originally called that kind of hooked me on this. I have no clue what they are showing in this advertisement hang on. Let me see if I can send this to you guys in the chat here. Are you talking about? What's in that hand? Yes, all right. So what the picture describes is. It shows the ITARI hooked up to television like you'd, see in most ads and then next to it, there's two little squares and it's a diagram showing you how you put the cartridge into the Itari. Well, the second one is of an open palm with something that resembles a va, JS tape, but the size of a quarter in the palm of the hand. I have no clue what that would be. It looks like they're trying to make you think that an Atari cartridge is no bigger than a quarter. That would be something. The funny thing is I'm not in the studio, and I I'm in my basement and I'm looking at this on the thirteen inch screen about. I don't know five feet for me and it looks like he has a deer turt. In his hand, that was the original name of Atari. If they were going to go with her, like it's Noll Ned dear turn, yeah with Padtle Wood Yeah sold, and that was the end. God O. What do you? What do you tay? Like your, I know, Scotts a huge Gamer yeah? Well, the vintage Gamer, specifically yeah and my brother. I have a brother, that's seven years older than me, so we had an Itari and it was big in our house and I love how Atari is kind of like the story of ICARIS who flew too close to the sun and had his wooms melt off and crashed and burned. They were the only they're, the only player at the table right and then they started letting everybody make games and they started making too many games. Of course, the big one that always gets brought up is Ett. That's the one where people finally were like I've. Had enough of this. The quality of Games was so low and you know n every Itar Game. I don't know if you guys have played in Itari recently, but all the cartreges look different because they really they were letting anybody make these games. The Parker Brothers Games, I like the they werd, looked fancy. Yes, they did. Yes, they did and yet a little lip on them, the Yeah Yep. And so then you know people got sick of it and you know there's a huge chasm somewhere out in the middle of the desert, where all the et cartriges are buried and Itari. You know they single handedly kind of created the home video game, console and also completely destroyed that market single handedly as well. You kitd of give it to them, and then you know they kind of taught everyone that came after them. What to do and, more importantly, they taught everyone else. What not to do, because you know when you see Nintendo coming out, they wouldn't let anybody. If anybody else was going to make games all their third party developers, they mintendo had to be included. They had to make them on. ENTO know how to sell you, the cartridge that you could then make it on. So all the cartridges looked exactly the same. You had to make it to nintendos specks, so yeah Atori is a is a is, is a big deal for lack of a better tur, they're they're a huge deal, and I certainly that that weird black and almost look like dark vaders helmet, but with the wood paneling. That brings back a lot of nostalgic memories. For me, I just bought my brother, an Atari for last Christmas, so yeah Thetari, all right, man crush. Why don't you wrap up this game? What do you have for the hot products round? Well, I do have an Atary twenty six hundred in the room right next to me, that's Goinna go in the studio with were with my turbographic sixteen and the genesis and the Ns and everything else, and that was the first gaming system I ever had. I think we got it in like eighty two and I had a million games because by that point all the games were shit like you were saying, and there was this place Lloyd's supermarket around the corner. For me and all the games were discounted, they were, I don't know the exact price, because I was little but I want to say they were less than five bucks and my parents would just buy them for me if I brought him up to them and I had at least a hundred games for that thing and half of them I never played because they were awful games, but this this game right here that I have from Jude of ninety, not awful, not awful game and, unlike the Itar Twenty six hundred the crashd and burn, this did not all right. This is a staple of my childhood right here and my adult years. For that matter. I was an absolute beast at this game until it hit x box and then I was getting my shit pushed in by eleven year olds. Holling me a pathetic loser on Xbox live, however, back in the hayday of computer games. I was completely hooked on Electronic Arts Games and initially this game was release Ninetegh on the apple two, but nowadays is title, is available on everything. We're talking about a football game here. However, unlike games that we're used to now, this version actually have didn't have like players or team names associated with the game. They lackd the licensing that they have today S I one thousand nine hundred and ight. Eight EA was not what they are today and since computer storage was limited, you didn't have a season mode or anything like that, whoever it was pretty customizable. One thousand nine hundred and iy eight compared to the other Games are around. You could create teams, you can- and this was the coolest part that I liked you can make your own plays like. There was a playbook and this ship was high level plays, but you can make your own. You can select the weather conditions, you can customize how long the quarters were. These were not things. You got an stereotypical football games in one thousand, nine hundred and Egty, eight or years before that. Of course, I still went and made the jets. Probably the only way I'd ever get to see them win a super bowl, but one of the things I loved about this game was you actually got to see stats. So there was nothing like you know, doing a game and trying to rack up like three or four hundred rushing yards and one game, and initially this game. It was focused around strategy and the analytics of the sport itself. Electronic Arts. They tried for years in the early S to get players attackes game. They try with Joe Montana, but he was already talking to Atari they they talked to. I forgot what his name was. He was a Coacha cow at the time and they couldn't pay him what he wanted for the game, which is absolutely crazy, but they kept going down the line, asking people and asking people until they landed on my boy, John Madden, and when they got my mat involved, he was. He was enthralled with this entire idea, this game, but he wanted to use a game as a coaching tool and that's why this initial version was like so analytical. If you look at the play design and everything else, especialy, if oe thousand nine hundred and eigtyht it'll blow your mind how it's set up and it's as a ten year old, it was. I was like what am I looking at, like football players do this: This is insane, but after like playing for a while, I got good at it. I started playing doing games and I actually coach football for a while, and I think it was because of this, but this S, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four, when those those talks with John Madden actually began. So the development of this game took nearly four years before it was released in the reason for that and madn almost walked away. Because of this EA told Madden. They were like it's impossible to do an eleven on eleven game. They were like pitching him like six on six seven on seven, but there were like eleven that's impossible and he was like well, if you can't do eleven eleven I'm out, and so now it took three and a half four years before this game actually came out, but they got it to Elevenan eleven and it did make the game incredibly slow to play at the time. But if you were into the details and you're into it was almost like a role playing game for sports. In one thousand, nine hundred and eighy eight when you're playing the Sucker, but you know what forty one different renditions or so there might be a couple that I don't remember, this game prints money these days like you, don't even need currency, they just make currency Afthi. This game is insane, so it's a damn good thing that they met. John Madden's demands: here's the release of John Madden Football June of one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight oh wow its like wow. So so I can speak like I'd say so. Some of my background, I used to be a journalist for like SI and ESPN, and we all the time talked about matten and you know to this day there. I remember reading a article probably about two three months ago, although it's Covid Sho could have been twenty five years ago, foraud so true right, but they talk, but they talked about how Madem is making smarter spectators of football now, because now that you're playing when you play the game, you're studying all the schemes right and the NFL has adopted so much of it. They, I don't know if they do it this year, but they other years they've integrated madden into it right into the game itself. When you watch ESPN, they specifically talk about like they'll. Do Projections of the Games right all the time like the Super Bowl in the playoffs, and you know it's become so iconic I mean yeah as a Gamer on the other side and Scott, I don't know like if you played Maden as much. Maybe maybe you have, we haven't talked about it a lot, but it's without a doubt, one of the greatest gaming franchises of all time I mean, and it's a no briaht and to think that it is yeah based upon like a coach from the s who in be ecoming a commentator right like is yeah incredible, but it was that type of insight and that type of detail that you had to have for the game to be special and now that's. Those are the elements that are being judged now right. But you know in the new game, when you see the preview of the Mar Jackson jumping and kin kind of crossing the pot like reaching out for the pylon. You know that type of like real life, like kind of Animat, like I guess you would say like animation- is what you want from the game, which is why you know ea adopted that right, they would say, like I, it's in the game, it'Si the game right right, Yeah Madden is amazing and I don't even play the game anymore. When I played I just like playing like franchise mode right yeah, you coul be the GM right which is so fun right, and I hope that one day they actually updated again- and you know because, like you said, a prince money, so they don't have to do it, but at the same time you know it was up a literal and part of the Pun. It was. It was a game, changer, yeah and then yeah this. This changed EA sports to because like they did have earl weavers baseball. That came out like a year or two before this, but like that I mean that didn't have the legs of this like. Without this, you wouldn't have electronic arts still making games. This is electronic arts. I mean I, wouldn't you know I wouldn't call call it too soon. I mean Earl Weavers Baseball, good yeah. I may still have its day or wovers baseball had nothing on hard ball, three hard balls, the Shit harde basis loaded. Oh yes, always tried to do the braw like it was like IRHAP. It never happened. I was like this is bs, because Intino power told me it could happen. I liked how the the the EA sports genesis cartridges looked a little different than everybody else's. Do you remember that they kind F had a little yellow tag, Yelo and I looked up why that was, and it was like ea sports just knew they could do whatever they wanted, like sego wanted to do. What Nintendo did where all their carture just had to look the same and eas like now we're going to make them like this, because you need us, and so you know they. I love that they knew they had the power, because really EA is what put the genesis on the map. You know. The NINTENDO was kicking, Sega's, ass and and once saga kind of developed that that kind of reputation is being a little cooler, a little a little more for older kids, and it was really their relationship with ea that that you know gave them that helped that it it was mutual for them to, because it took it, took the analytics away from the game and made it in arcade style with Yeahi involved yeah. I think also, like you know you, you know, nick you were talking about like te jet. I remember when I forgot what year it was, but I remember playing madden with whetever. I was staying over at my cousin's house and I remember playing you talke about like a never living to see a team win a super bowl. I played with the Houston oilers against the Greenbay packers and I remember it was like five seconds left in the game and we accidentally hit half back draw and we were like seventy yards away from like the inzone, and we were like a what the no no were call someon call Timout wer like we have no time of. We got nothing and Y God. If Alonzo High Smith Di High Stepp his way to superbowl glory, we still talk about it to this day, I'm I know this is probably a surprise to you, but you know I an Scott. We never made it past high school athletics, so madden has given us any many opportunities, toive bout, those dreams. So thanks to John Madden, thank you. Toyea sports for everything, they've done yeah, it's it's so amazing. I love that game. Like I said, though, now you pay, you can go online. You play like a nine year old and they just know all the little intricacies of the game and your ass gets sacked like every plant you're like where the. Where did that guy come from it's infuriated yeah, it's insane, but still fun. Yeah still amazing, still amazing, but also a reminder that a reminder that a lot of these games are now ho being masterd by the Yar by the year. Lik We let's get on techobole and then I go and get my ass kicked. Also. That was a great one too. I thought you were going to say Tegmabl, I thought You'ere going to say technbal techmobile. I did love Dude, the raiders and techmabole bojackson absolute domination, but you only had four plays right. You Know Yeah Right, you had a twenty five pers Youhat, a twenty five percent chance. Every time I get that shit shut down every time, we're going ninety yards for touchdown, yeah yeah, but no in terms of lecacy. For sure it's got it's got to be. I mean it's gotto be Maden, so man this is. This might be the toughest choice I think, of the entire night yeah we got Harry Potter, Atari and Mad Ad Cott, like I II'm Ligh, just toff to I might have to defer man. I don't know man. That's that's! Really! Tough, I don't know man the Itari kind of started theway for everything else, video game related do do we do a con flip, because Harry Potter so show Broa, props we're gonna get we're going to get levioon. I that theoon t no, it's the elder one. Of course it's the other one! Oh Jeez, okay, all right! Okay! Just do it just do it just do it. I can't I can't pick just do it we're G, I'M gonna GO 'M GOINNA GO Harry Potter, I'm Goingna go potter because we got props and I appreciate aseciate a good visual AIG, so ry poeothe props, always Hel yeah ye all right Joe. You know what that means. You've tied up this game with man crush and we have to go to a final wild card round. Is it sad that I that those are the ones that belong ton? Th No is hat my daughter's wone? This was this was what this is one of my three lanes. I have Voldemortzwon Nape spod, a all right, so you're looinor, like like before rise Skywalker, I had to like with the Fiv like I'm a member of the FIVEO first right and so like the like, so I had to like get a custom, my cyloran blade custom maid like to make sure. So No it's not too much. If anyone tolls you it's too much e tell them large Bart Sinsa tell Hem that Adam Adam ad, it's not and they'll go 've, no idea who the all that is. I never thought that this episode would devolve into Joe and Adam comparing sizes of the Othin orts us as big. As my that means. I have to pull out my all right man crush, so we got to go to a final wild card round. Why don't you start useff with your selection, all right, quick banger? I mentioned this before. I could have picked this for the music round but, like I said before, happy wife happy life, so I went with new kids on the block, but on this one I'm Goinna go weird. Al Yankevek, even worse, was released a day before my tenth birthday on April Twe, one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight. So that's where I'm going Sall right, Joe Finley. What did you bring for the wild card round all right? Well, I'm going to take you to June O oe thousand nine hundred and ninety seven. If you back up three years, three titans in entertainment came together to build their own company and that was Steven, Spielberg, Jeffrey Cattsenburg and David Geffin. They created dream works skg, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven was when the first dream works. Films were released among them were the peacemaker Amitod, not the kids parts and then, and then mouse hunt was their first family film and then obviously dream works goes on to actually be a viable Disney contender. Maybe one of the first ever as far as family, film and animation is what doe they do N. ninety seven. What did they do in I ninety seven? They released their first, they released their first films, we waitwhich kids. Film did Theyre at lease in Niney, seven NOWs hot, all right, so we're mouse, OT, verse, even worse, all right. So, let's go down to Adam sweeny and Scott Barber for the final ruling on this game. You talked about Sabe, Hey, don't sleep on Nathan, Lane's, Performanan, MOUs Scott. What do you? What? What are your thoughts man? So it's even worse by Weirdal versus mouse hunt, but also the keeping into consideration what dream works would become right. I love me some weird Ou. I got to say that Weird Al is amazing and so that album had what his fat right. That was the main fat Lasania and there was a third single, but I can't think of the third one Ol top of my head yeah track listing right here. Yeah we had fat stuck in the closet with van of white. This song is just six words long you make me, I think, I'm a clone now lasanya, Melanie alimony, remember the alamone Velvet Elvis twister good old days. Oh my Gosh! What you think Adam? That's that's a beast. I mean fat whenever he blew up into that that fasy, you Wain't fat, you ain't fat, you ain't nothing and did you get the same guy from Michael Jackson's, bad like he? He literally got those same guys that were in the beginning of the bad music videos yeah. It was the same set same guys, everything it was amazing and fat, one, the Grammy Award for best concept, music, visio, my God s, incredible yeah. Also it also made it into the billboard hot one hundred like I mean this was this was like the beginning of lifetime legacy right like it's like Kelly Carkson said, like some people wait a lifetime for a moment like that. Like this yeah, I think we gotta go. I think we gotto go with ardals, even worse, even worse, for the Wind Yeh, all right man, Chris, you pick up another win, that's two, an a row! That's actually for that's Fornaron, Damn Yeah, I'm fucking racking up now. After, like I had that dry spell for a while, I'm back dude three you need to you need to like a Pat Riley trademark, the threep you got to get on that, whatever you recall before, whatever I don't know what it be call pet for that we gotto Koll with some better than four people figure it out. Pte Petan reep Erye go yes, I love it. That's it done. Joe Is Tran Barking at right. Now, as we SPEA I've got, I've got it Jo Iwas, like you myou you minimized my starting of dreamwark pictures. Andid Nos, I knew wher you're going. I was like this guy's trying to know he's wheeling it back. No is the start of a company you, but it's really Ba. That's a gigantic company. You can not come on. You can't go bawards! No, but no dream Tree. Morks pictures started in ninety seven. We got to go with three months. Skg Was the whole company. They were releasing one thing at a Tipe as dream works TV, then dream works, music, Vengury, mork pictures which te out in ninety seven: okay, yeah, it's still weird. Now: Okay, yeah, THAT'S CONVINCIN! I know we're after the I know after t e after the bell right like, but that's a good, that's a good one. Oh No, don't get me wrong. Wer Ai feel, like Joe, you were really. You started at an extreme disadvantage here, because I mean you know you got the late s and the mid S. those were great times and the late s I mean. I just think about that ban. Like new radicals. You know like what was that, like wo, you love in Mirland mad that because we might have that guy as a guest or somn yeah, amazing yeah. They said you think about that guy and it's wonderful. It is amazing. Ike Ember that lates like wood stock. That happened, that was just like it was byline right. Yeah like that's yeah. The S were a decade that, for me and again this just me personally started so strong with, like the whole, like death row, records and then also like Nirvana, and all that awesome, music and then just ended with you know kid rock atd, Jusgo Yeah. It did get weird. It's one of those things on this game to and mark and I've been doing this for years were in the very beginning. We did this. Do you remember how many times in s lost the S, because we used to just be s vers yeah, and there was a streak where it was like an entire year where the s one like five episode, but then it changed. I mean once people started digging up more stuff and like going really deep. If you look at the S, it's big for other things like if you look at the Internet yeah and you can find the important things you know like websites, it started and things like that yeah it blows the EES away with technology. You just got to find the right thing and I think, but forfirst off, like this game like this is awesome. Like this is so cool like I love, I love everything about it so you'all do it yoall do amazing second Laressa Elinic. I don't think I don't think it makes it mad. It didn't make it into into the film, but we talkd to her a little bit. You know afterwards and she came to thet she an she said, she's, so cool, and we were talking to her at the at the festival when we frommere a dock in WYSC, and we were talking about like oh my gosh. You know that must be so awesolesome o the Tralics maic right like that, like how cool to be that child, like you know, and- and she goes, it wasn't cool for a while like she is like there was the long period where it' sucked to be Alex Mac. You know it's kind of like, like I think about that, and I think about bands like even new kids on the block right or like Hanson or maybe even a spice girlsright. I'm sure there was a time around like ten years afterwards, right or maybe five years before it became cool again that it hadn't had time to breathe enough and thet. It was just like man, this sucks to be handsome right, and then they grew up right like and then or like when new kits on the block, like their fans, grew up and had disposable income, and then they were like okay, we're going because I had a Cros Yor, Gon Er Right Right. You know what I mean right, it's so cool! Now those people they're all in they make tons of Mi like do kids on block, has a damn cruise O my yeah all they did prior, I prior to covid they hus yeah, but yeah shits. While I wo, why wouldn't use it? It's like absolutely not like I mean because yeah there's others I mean Donny Walberg. You know who has had a decent acting career right. I mean Hesin saw in some othing CBSSES and stuff like he was in yea sense: sic, sensive e. There you go he's a good he's legitimately, like he's good actor right like if you're. If you're, you know, if you're whois, that there's there's Jordan, there's John Right, Johnton yeah yeah, yes, if you're Jonathan like- and I don't know- maybe for all- I know he probably is actually like as accomplished a million times more than you know like. Maybe we ever will but like behind the scenes or something I I'm terribly embarrassed to know this, but it's be, he had crippling anxiety, actually stepped out of the linelight. That's why he doesn't that's at tae a still involved yeah. He came back, but he a he stepped when they kind of were on their back end like in that period. That's why he stepped away. I don't think I don't think it's embarrassing anow that stuff man like y'all are like yea culture. I mean like that's what affisha exactly right like I'm like like. That is just ridiculous. As you see me like over here with my life, Nice shoe dog book ride, ier, like hat like Rilok, you know what I mean. It's like yeah, we're the last people yeah. We made a whole documentary about Nickelodeon like we're Ri with knowing a lot about that stuff yeah. My gizmo yeah by the way this weekend, real quick, I remember like we were whenever gattn ready to do the drive, and I was trying to find my Michael Admiers, like O twosnd yd eighteen mask, because we did dress up and everything and like pull out this double bag. For my from my I fitte a ducfle bag for my trunk, and I opened it up- and I was like- is it in here and I just randomly pulled out like an Alf doll from like the the talking out, I was like Wel. When did I okay pe in a Gizmo? Don't you have an autograph? You have the autograph one right from Scott. Do you still have that from from billy yeah that you go yeah like that was awesome, O yeah yeah like what's his name, is at Galighan yeah, Jackallegan, yeah man, I'd love to get him on the show we actually had Michael Winslow was on here. who was the voice of some of these gredlones and he dude Walwer, I'm giving the pick, and I had gremlins. He was doing in the background he was making the noises of the GRUND yeah it was. It was wilehes completely surreal. He was wonderfully distracted. Every time you try to talk, he would he'd be nailing something you're just like this is the best he had a microphone that was like this big. That yeu would just like put his head in Itd start making noises, it was wild, that's so cool, so cool. Remember how his character billy hung out with Corey Feldman like it was like a fifty six year old kid. Li e hung out with like a eight year old. Like that's interesting, I don't quite get that either yeah t now that you talk about because at first I was like it's his little brother and then it's like. Oh No, it's just a random neighborhood kid who's like hanging out yeah well, and it's not even his neighbor. It's just somebody from the NATI PICL RIGHT LE, not in L, billy worked at a bank. So, like he's like a grownup, basically he's that much of a laser O he has to hang out with the kids yeah because Cory felven. He looks like maybe seven and something like that in that FAC, like he's like a little kid and he yeah the s loved, an age. Difference, though, because think about Duck Brown and Marty Yeah like how did that happen. Hi's not like he was his teacher. Some Shit, that's another podcast that could be started well did have a fan on some candy questionable friendship. The biggest one Adam and I always bring up, is how Michael Jackson would always walk around with emanual Lewis, like on his Yeahyeh, and no one thought that was weird and Emanuel Lewis is like that's not his child and I think Emanuel Lewis was not even really that little he's like thirteen and he'd walk around holding him at events like s like a purse, and everyone was like. Oh that's, thit's, just the S, that's what we that's like. What people held the manual IALROU lobster stronger people carrying Gary Hom George Papadopolis did not like that. No, he did not did not approve at all like yeah yeah, like we yeah what I forgot about that yeah. He took him to the grahmmes. It's like what the hells wrong with you like, like nobody, just walks around with E, with a grown person on ther oarm s like yeah, but Michael could do nothing wrong. Then right manual, Lewis, the whole times like I wanted to say: No, don't do this, but it's Michael Jackts, Michael Jackson. I had to yeah there's so many there's so many questionable things like even goonies we yeah bring up. You know the cories and Corey Felman in there. He ends up what are they in like eighth grade, maybe in middle school, maybe even late elementary school, and he ends up it's a deleted scene, but doesn't he make out with the girl with the glasses I'v Got Rie yeah when they were in the water, yea yeah. So many weird thing: here's a lot, an the s that happen, like you said, like question relationships like it's like the license to drive right where they're, just like, like Mercedes Lane, gets drunk and they're all of sudden just like and her boyfriend's like thirty five, a e go fi year old, Italian dude, the guys like I'm beginning to perspire right and he's just like her takeher You'e, like what the hell are, you talking about yeah, same thing and adventures, and babysitting she's in high school and she's, dating a guy who's, a senior in college, weird or even even fat. someons, a richmond high, like it's like what like Jerever Dason, LE's character. It's like that's right, that's just FUC yeah and he he gets a pregnant he's just like revenge of the nerls another Rit, Oh yeah be yeah and it's like. Oh well, he's wearing a dark, fater mask and Yeah B. We actually had a guy in our we had it was before worms or came on, but we had posted something about revenge of the nerds and we had. Somebody in our facebook group tell us that the movie was a piece of shit because he was like. I don't like any movie that pushes like rape Lige, it does nd. I was like Yeah Yeah Yeah. I I mean it's bad but like I don't think they were going for that in the movies defense. If you follow the, I guess Trilogy Quadrilogy, because there's like four of them, they do end up getting married and having a kid together. So wel yeah well in the movies defense like who else can can match lbars Limpres ID throwing style, no one. So it was very. I mean it was very enclosed for you back then I would counter no at they may maybe not, maybe not yeah it's hard when theyll fun is Oll Yeah when that guy brought. That out was like okay Y. I was like it's bad, but I have no argument for it. I was like Okay Hwell won when we did our commentary for my show about it. Wai We titled the episode of Bill. Cosby was a colles pretty much pretty much right, but it's it's it does. I mean it's like you, don't you can't excuse it, but at the same time there are things that you watch like back in the day where you're just like yeah, okay, like they, you know it's not that they didn't know better. It's just like this was a. This was a commentary on that time period. Right, like porkys was the thing like you can anifand and if you say hey, look like this is not cool at all. That's just I mean that's. That's okay, right, just don't watch it, but at the same time you know what I mean. It's like you could say the same thing about star warrs right, even though, like you, knowh Princess, Lea, like obviously, is like a great at what the beginning, she's a great like icon by the time that you get to the return o the jetey right. It's just like it's a joke. You know what I mean, and so you now I don't know like you just yeah, so some people take it way too seriously, but, but I mean 's great, what's all like this is awesome like when you als said, like run, do sheers like flipping her breast. I was like what for the record. She didn't actually do it and for the people out there who thought she did it. She just said she did it. She didn't actually do it. We, if you want to see it, you can google what woul he tails, but the yeah did know I mean you know as it always is but like when you said the fact Thatronto Shar Imean, like what I ar saying is like that's like this is Scott. Like my jam like when you're talking about, like I mean you saw how long we talked about Teik like we love us, some teak man dude, you guys could totally come on anytime. I mean you're, fantastic judges, even as a pair, even single. Either way you guys are fantastic, tell people where to go see the orange years and all that toll about that before you go for real okay. Yes, so you can preorder the orange years the NICKELODEON story on itunes. You can rent it, you can buy it. You can do all that and it's again November seventeenth, but you can preorder it now come November. Seventeenth, you can also rent it or buy it on Amazon, and if you want a physical copy, you can also get those at targetcom or Amazoncom. You can get a blue ray or a DVD sent to you on Amazon, fantastic. I really saw it. It's great. Thank go check it out, like especially if you grew up through those years and mark- and I talked about this before we came on the show- and we kind of we outgrew ourselves nickelodeon by like right after the Double Dhar years, pus O, probably Ike engh iht, eighty nine, but even just to see the beginning history and how they got it wrong and then they rited the ship and everything else and kind of just took over it's cool. That's an absolutely fantastic documentary guys, thank you, so my loved all of the interviews and kind of the little tidbits and stories that you wouldn't normally get yeah guys getting this and there's just so many things. Youre like Oh, my God. I can't believe that happened, or I never would have thought of this- that this would have happened on this show or they did this. This way, you guys got all that. So now thank Yo great great great great film appreciatid. It was DU. It was definite when I saw that I saw you guys an Instagram, and I saw you know what it was that you put out. I was like all right. These guys perfect come on the show we got to do this and when I watched documentary last night I was like this fantastic, so go check that out. Thank youall like I can. I can speak on. SCOTTS BAAP- and I can say definitely were really thankful that you know that you'll have us on and that you you know gave us can give us high praise because t it takes a lot of work and it's to the it's to the credit of all the amazing people at the nickelode network, Tha change in shape generations, so you know ye they deserve all the credits got and a ton of other people on the team deserve, like all the world of credit- and you know- and this was amazing so so much fun. I think the only way that we can actually close this out is by singing pin wheel e the entire thing Lokin, my Sp. Nobody see what I found PN WIS morning to night. I only know the COYEA ACUAL HA at Aa pick in a pevious episode and the one thing I remember more than anything about penwheel was just the little cut scenes that you would have with all the kids just screaming, pin wheel to topofe. Your like my brother was my brother was seven years older than me, so he was like way too old for and I love penwheel and he would always Lok shot up. Sho O. I will kick you in the teeth, because he would always do that. He La Pemout, because there was one kid that did that day. I just look a theik pem out, can't even talk right he's like a cranky. TES Lie thoihed and seventy turn it off and then, whenever I grew up and we made a movie about he's, like still haveto, I played Hin the movie and he's like still making me listen to this like thirty years later. Actually this is the bi like this is theen biggest behind the scenes. Little known fact before we before we close out, is that the entimeir film was made to Piss off Charles Barber Cott's brother, my brother Yeah. That's why we we did. We did it. It was worth every pin. We did it so it just success. It', Eread, yeah. No, we actually love Tro, Chalsis, amazing yeah. He's Super Ci Cool. Well, thanks again for coming on guys. That was fantastic, guys, our pleasure. Thank you all right jewellers. Well, unfortunately, we're going to have to end this episode right here. Once again, I want to think Adam Sweeni and Scott Barbara for coming on the show this week. Now, if you've missed an episode, you can always head back over to Duling Decadescom, where O can subscribe to the show on Itunes spotify wherever podcasts are available, but in the meantime, you can head over to facebookcom forward dueling decades, where you can join our private group and share some of your very own Retro Memories. So until next time duelers we're going to bid you a pieace love. Lightin, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone infermary media

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