Dueling Decades
June 24, 2020

The Dueling Decades' crew stays "Up All Night" w/special guest judge Rhonda Shear in this B-movie battle between 88, 91 & 93!

The Dueling Decades' crew stays

This episode was extra special to all of us on Dueling Decades because, like many of you, we spent our formative teen years watching Rhonda Shear on USA's UP All Night! Not only was Rhonda amazing, but she also introduced us to a whole new world of...

This episode was extra special to all of us on Dueling Decades because, like many of you, we spent our formative teen years watching Rhonda Shear on USA's UP All Night! Not only was Rhonda amazing, but she also introduced us to a whole new world of movies that we might never have seen. Had it not been for Rhonda and UP All Night, we might've never found the love for B-Movies that we have today! Our parents also thank Rhonda for being a free babysitter on Friday & Saturday nights as we sat there until the wee hours of the morning watching Reform School Girls and Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death, much appreciated! Sit back, relax, and re-live some of the best B-Movies had to offer. Brent Hand from Hysteria 51 is back and brought the very best of B-Movies from 1993, Mancrush delivers with B-Movies of 1991, and Mike Ranger of the Video Rangers completes the competition with B-Movies of 1988! 


There is a ton of B-Movie madness in this episode, and lots of Rhonda stories to satisfy! In this episode, you might find stories about monsters, bad wigs, creepy ex-boyfriends, Rhonda's first episode on UP All Night, cannibals playing instruments, schlinging schlongs, B-Movie mockery, slithery tentacles, Cannon Films, the man responsible for the death of the B-Movie industry, stars that should never get naked, killer clowns, top-secret projects by the government, Gilbert Gottfried, zombies, lack of sleep, lingerie, foot fetishes, Mel Brooks is a good guy, destroyed master tapes, killer bimbos, entrepreneurship, all of our listener & Facebook questions for Rhonda answered, and what sitcom star got Rhonda fired and is a mega douche?  


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Informary MEDIAPEOP GATOP JUL can the Pixur o plan, but I oto Ranagan upon that cap. Ut, stop the power. Gop come fight for what you love com, O Poe, P, Tropi, Tencrita, aetete POECP would take a grave bat, O Bala Han Tick Iammada Tano Comefigt, for what you love Nes roncasting from the podcast New York Studios. It's the adult only recro game show where the decades battle for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. I am marked James and welcome back to dueling decades. Let's meet this week's dolers and the decades they will be fighting for in this week's Bodaceous B, movie Betel, first off Dueling Te, nineteen, ninety one say hello to mancrush. What's up that's right, we have B movies o one thousand nine hundred and ninety one- and this is probably something we should have told Roda before the show each round is all going to be geared towards B movies. So it should be something you know a little bit about you. Wer Ta Lie Yeah. You would think list'Iese. Also joining us on the panel this week is the host of the video Rangers podcast representing Nineteen D. Eighty eight please welcome back to the show Micrainger Ey. What's going on guys, I'm very excited to be here. I guess you could say that I was up all night and our third competitor for this B movie battle is the host of the hysteria. Fifty One podcast computing, ith n nineteen. Ninety three, it's Brent hand. What's up, I'm feeling I'm feeling FROGGY, I'm coming up a win after, like I don't know, nineteen losses, so I'm a contender, I'm a cornder. You are and I'm coming off like I, I think ive won one somewhere in the middle, but it's like a good three losses in a row. Barely meet you last time I was on the show and it was O cointos at the end to see who was we oalrigt? If we? I don't want to hear any of this complaining. I've been on this for, like three years, I've won like one fucking time. Your luck is going to change. I feel thank you and, as always here on the show, we need somebody to judicate all of this owesomeness. So this week's celebrity guests judge is an actor author, Comic Designer and entrepreneur who you'll remember as the beautiful host of usas up all night. Please rise for Judge Rhonda Sher. Now you threw me off 'cause when you said beautiful host of up on I I thought we were going with Gilbert. I O o a JI right now I mean Gilvar, profably Wel Grin this one ecause. He is truly aner, truly anhert. That's what we have you as a judge, though, there's nothing to worry about you. You got this. THAT'S WHA! We venteg you out. We're like Rada. Has this she'll get it she'll, be perfect? IM EXCITED! Look all my friends like like Glinea, quickly, she's, a good friend of mine. She was just on the show on my little life show too so yeah. I know I know the actorwas, probably not the e name of the films e Hay. Let's do it. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under duling decades rules, the judges coin, Flip Shol, the side who picks first out of the five deelling decades: categories, movies, television, music, news and hut products. A judges ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: Apiece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all, five rounds, all right, dolers, shlock and load. It's time for more oin S, all right. Let's go right down to Rondis year for the coin toss to see who gets to go first, an this game. So for this battle we're going to have miceranger and Brent Hand Micranger? Why don't you call it in the air? What are you flipping? Do you have something I'm actually going to slip my grass, the girls? So so has he got a cold rider left? Oh they're, Kinda long now so it'll be lar sor fourteen year old, Beis so proud right now, so you just get to call longer smort one higher than the other, all right so calling it. I guess, call it in the Ar Cainrapaall right looks like I'm coming up long. You Win. I think we all won aoerlie there'snoer Han, that all right Mycranjur you want to toss off. You take control of the board. What category are we going with? First? Well, I think I'm going to go with music, but I gotto admit I think I may have taken the B movie thing a little bit too literally 'cause. I went with the soundtrack for beaches. Oh Yei'm, just kinin interpretation, no j, really what I went with was so so I have no official release state on this one outside of it being Release Inn nineuteen and eighty eight. I did find an article from May Twenty nint n nine hutered and eighty eight in the leisure section of the news and observer titled Local Musicians Go Hollywood as they benefit from the state's growing film industry. The article features j Mitchell, who had written two songs on the soundtrack for a salt of the killer, bimbos released on May sixth, nineteen and eighty eight. I have no sale numbers for this album, but it featured ten tracks by no one. I've ever heard of give me that name, one more time: Salt of the killer. BIMBA, have you signe e in TTo that one actually played on? U S, it ait a lot. I can't say I remember the soundtrack at all Y. Well, I've got some great memories. I've got plenty of stained sheets, fom, Hefrom, the soundtrack. Well Ha you soule seen the cover he's really inte bas, too guyal right prinhand t do ou igt, so eepain o little picture here, the Solsurvivor of an ill fated mining expedition tells how his taste for gold was replaced by that of human flesh through the art of Song Nine teed. Ninety three saw the lodnching of the career of a newcomer to Hollywood, one who is still incredibly relement today and one who is as much known for his music infused with all his other works as he is for the works himself. The writer producer and director Tray Parker brought US Cannibal, the musical yeah. A lifestage version was performed at Crr College in May of ninety eight and then its went on to play off Broadway and two thousand and eleven it was produced and showin off brigdway. Again it's been kind of their Colt phenomenon and this is actually what launched uh Tra Parker of South Park, if you guys are unfamiliar and the Book of Mormon and Orgasmo and basketball, and all that stuff, so et's see a b movie musical. Oh my God, I probably have I probably have Tribia for you guys. I actually won a B movie of warring. Of course you should 've, because you were the Queen S Movie Day Ero. I did one I ditid one in the early two thousands and I actually won best actress for it. Oh it was called prison, a Gogo. You have to look it up. Well, I can tell you that I love you in basic training, wow ther, you go I'vegot. I've got a copy right here. ONM, the big Onyou guys are sucking up to the judgeaeady. It's only the first round. It's pronounced, pandering, I've got props handering, tell you that Wa. I actually signed a contract. That said how long my now they're not long the oretlong run, but how long my breast would be on camera and like from what Angl 'cause. I had never done anything like that before I never done new tody. Well, you look like a natural. They actually like put that in the contract like how long you're going to be like Doan, the moon. I did. I was mortified, I i. What had parents to see Y and they did, they did ragic this little hot love. Seeing I hm did you La Owt, O watch it with them. I watched it with my parents in New Orleans at a premier, and I thought I was going to die with my Boni's bad enough when your kid and a love scene comes on, but a Lttleon you're sitting with your parents and your insenls, it wasn't t whatdif they. What did they say to you like? Who was the first thing out of their mouth? My Dad was Eyou know he just wanted me to be a star blessed little soul. So then io I didn't say my acting was that good, but he thought it was a good start. Oyseing out. Listen everybody involved with that film. If you go and look at the directess and the producers on that, they all went and did huge things. Did they bring me with them? No, they do not enter Shuremin still out there. What's the other g look at the name of the Jill Ji, Jil Adler like he did see, I'm so bad with this. Oh my gosh. She had a huge series. Gilbert. Oh you talking about! U Tails from the Crypt, yes, and just because I didn't date him we never put me on the Fuckingi Meanoh. You can curse Y, U go for it. You could drop her FBOMB. You want or Ao producee Ciran returns and Constantine, which was a pride prety sng out yeah and I o Om Produce Your names. He was serious about me, but I was like Yo know. I had some. I wasn't into him. I wasn't into that at the time and Antrew Sugarmann ad o crush on UN. He was married, the director, but he's still out there too. I don't think he went as far as galadly, though I think you lader still pissed out of Atne 'cause. I did Dat em, we should contact hem somebody get his number, let's call em right now, all right man crush. What do you have for the Music Rom before I get into my pick? I just want to throw this out there, because I know people are going to be like Oh b movies or this or that I think everybody's got their own interpretation of what a B movie is because, historically, what a B movie was in the Thirties and forties was a movie that was played before a regular feature. There was made for a little bit cheaper. You know, t e, the movie theaters would get like a flat rate and they buy these movies and then, of course it changed over the year. So there's a lot of different interpretations of what you take is a b movie. So when you're hearing our picks, don't get mad. If you're like, Oh, I fon a B movie because to us they are. You know what whoever throws it out. That's to be movie. No one would ever mistake any of my picks for anything but perfect, so that I don't mine either. I don't think what you never know like lookan messages all the time and I'm like hat. It is what it is like th, that's just what it is. But L, let me get my picture ast. We Got October, eighth, N, nineteen, Ninety One and, depending on how you view this movie, this is either an amazing flick or a terrible one, but I was fortunate enough to have a soundtrack. It was done for a movie that was released the following week: kind o like Mike, but this one you might have heard of and whether like Universal Studios, want to admit this one or not. This was just an attempt to cash in on a musician's, instant popularity. This guy was a wrapper. He had just had a monster oltmout seven months prior to the film shooting his huge album. It was released in September of Nineteen Ninety and they began filming this movie in April of ninety. Once you C L say that things were moving extremely fast for this guy, but somehow this album ended up Peking at number. Eighty, nine on the billboard, two hundred from which sounds pretty impressive, but when it's a far cry from his previous album, which spent sixteen weeks at the top of the billboard two hundred- but you know like in retrospect the writing was on the wall. If you looked hard enough and from this movie, you know what I'm talking about Rob Ban Winkle would write four songs on this sound track, get with it, which s sounds awesome, never want to be without you, the People's choice and then the title track cool as ice everybody get loose, which I hate songs. I have two titles, but it is what t is the titl track would also get nominated for Razzy for the worst original song of the year, but it would actually get edged out by MC Hammers Adams, groove wheras, the theme song to the Nineteen Ninety one Adams family movie. So I guess that's a little small victory here, but is cool, as I soundtrack is just about as amazing as the movie for which it was made, and I recommend this movie to everybody. If Ho've never seen this gym, you absolutely have to. I don't care if you watch this version or if you watch the rift tracks, it's just it's hysterical, it's so bad and there are a two, like mostly famous lines from that movie, that I always think of the one everyone I'm going to throw one out of you right ahead, ready right, I'm going to go across the street and shlingling Asan clock and then, of course the. Why don't you drop the zero and get with the hero? Get it the hero, Oh God so horrible, it's like did they even have a script to this movie and like Mike, I have to ask you this, like yes, sir, how would you describe this movie? Is it like a music video on mushrooms or well first of it's shot by somebody that had only done commercials or music videos 'cause, it looks like looks like any time he's going to turn. Ut with like mentos and yet, or something like that, ththe dialogue is dreadful. There's zero story! Somehow I I think it's supposed to be like kind of like a a weird modern day, take on rebel without ouhaws, or something like that. Yeah like W Lik, the Wild One, I think is, is what it's supposed to be like he's supposed to be: BRANDOM whateyeah he's Brando on a crossh rocket. It's just dreadful. I know yeah, I just oh man. Even when I was a kid. I was like Oh Obad, so talk about a movie that feels the need to abbreviate. The word go and somehow make it just as long N he's got all the words all over his coat yeah, Hey e's, ridiculous where's, the sugarshack. I can go, I'm sorry, okay, that it's Jus. I got a LTHAT's. Why I wan, because it's such a monumental, bad movie, then I think it fits that beam old, even though it made it to the theaters. It's terrible. It barely made two million bucks, but this is the soundtrack for the nineteen. Ninety one classically horrible movie, teeshering Vanel ice cool as ice, and that is my pick or n nine Hutden and ninety one. It's definitely a B movie and interesting thing about about H, Villelie, Um, iyeice baby was actually the B side to his his actual single wow. At the time a nother Y had to had the DJ, not flip that record over. You would not know who he is and there would be no cool, asice wow, that's good good! No, all right! That's my pickmark all right! So, let's toss it down to our judge Roun this year for the ruling for the first round. Okay, so I get to kick who wins? Oh definitely, mancrush! Shortsweeten to the point. No! I really liked that cause. I I didn't know that trimiand I I love. I Love Tha ice what'. I Love Ice Ice Baby, Bob Man, winkle eah, no that's whosomehow, looks exactly like he did then just with tattos. Now he really does there's that new movie r called the wrong missy. They just came out in Neflix and he's got a little camio towards the end of it and he looks exactly the same. He played uncle rob in that one, Adam Sandler film. He played himself yeah you you guys have to have Gilbert on. Have you Mak Gilbert on no, I we love that, though that'd be great I'll cat in, for he would love this caus. He he is, he wouldli. He knows Tribia, and he knows all those movies. Like he's a major movie Bo that'll be socastic well I'll, Ma e I'll make that happen far her or awesome Al Right. So that means I get control an. I was not expecting to win round one I know. Well, it was it was. It was the love you put into it too. It was the passion of the presentation I I try to do. I try it sometimes et'sh. You know what let's go t V, I'm going to go t V on this one, because I think, there's more to be said on my pick and it won't be coming from me. Let's put it like that January. Fourth, nineteen. Ninety one, you know like not too often do we get to talk about a show, that's in its third season, but this was just too good to pass up. I just landed on this one. We picked these dates ahead of time. I don't know what I'm getting and initially I didn't even think to look this one up, because the show a arreay been around for a few years. It was already pretty popular. However, I think had this not occurred, we might not even have Rondaon today, like she might have been doing something completely different and Aingi said: I'm not going to go into too much detail N in depth on this selection, because I want to heare directly from Rhonda and I'm sure everybody else does as well I'll just preface it by saying this is season three episode, one of usas up all night. I can't do it as well as you 'll, let you do it in a minute, and this was Rada's debut on the show. What do you remember about like leading up to this? How you got the GIG? Do you remember anything about like hosting basic training and the girl? I Wat? I do I actually I actually. First of all it took a really long. They had another girl on Carolin chlit who was on before me. I thought it was really funny when, U S se network actualliyg back in the day wanted to go even sexer. I think her her humor from what I saw was marry was more today they went, but they wanted old school. They wanted Maryland, they wanted, they wanted todise. So I created the character and I wet you- I say all night in my kitchen, one day and m. So there was a producer rooting for me in New York and it really took a long time. It was like a six month time like they interviewed me the took six months later before. I actually, you know heard anything about it. What was kind o Sta Hes, some tribute tha, you probably don't know- is Tim Conray, junior who's still out there doing things was the original was producing and he produced for Caroline Schlitz. So I thought he was going to be my producer and I was reall excited about it and then, when they hired me and they let caroline go they let tim go too and I'm really sad. It was horrible. I mean it was just I mean I have to tell you. I probably went through five different producers, for some of them am really still friendly with to this day, which is really cool, but anyway leading up to that show Um. You know I was playing around Wi the character and and if you watched all the years it changed ecause I went to New York and I ended up with Um Gilbert's producer for a year and he he really made the character completely different. But I really when I looked back at the New York years whe I was there for three years. Those are my most favorite in terms of challenging myself, but I di love the sex of years, and I think those were the ones that that brought in so many teams and that's what Kn I ok, that's why I was there was to keep people watching these really bad films and M A and promoting you k o what was the beerd was budwiser and had snapples. So you know, and up all night, UK Oll night was a major cash cow for the network. It cost nothing for them to do. I can tell you that, and it was bringing in tons of money with advertisens, so they loved it, but anyway getting back to your first question. Yes, I do remember that first show whend. We did it n a studio. We created the bedroom. That was my idea. We wanted to go out onto the town e Ang, o start in dedroom, Wudwis sexe said because it wanted to get away from what the other gown had done and M, and I said you know I have this film that I was in and it was in their library, I mean basically, they they bought a bunch of stuff and t was in their library, so they they put it on for me to actually err tos, that was kind of Oo, Egyeah that were Ol Ra and the Pirse to host myself, even though the character when I see that very first Aran I mean I almost posted the promot of thatmy problem was that I had a really nice acting career going on befor up all night, but I used my own name instead of like Alvira Casandra Peterson, who used Alvior, I probably should ave use like you know some sort of r. You know randy or something, but I wanted to get my own name out there, so it it really stuck with me the character for a long time. I think it's just recently and now you're back doing this o know what and it's fun it's the first time. I've I've had the burls out like a years us like O Ol and thyre they're long and coldn they when they're therean ar natural kind of n. So anyway, that's that's my story, and so guess I did have something to do with that, and I did have a lot to do with writing and the ideas bon th different shows and and you oust she network, really weever watched you s shows we could get by with like really making fun of the network and like really doing crazy stuff and then at the very end when they finally cancelled the show- and I'm just talking to someone who produced promost of the show online. They just destroyed the tape for the tape I mean you know. I know everything's digital today, but badgain everything was like O weequarter on e tape, Tik just astlike Uncle Lu. It was in my contract to get a copy of every show. So I was able to down you know: They're, all UN, just bu done, we've been downloading them. I don't have them all up, they are, but we ke down. He actually just asked us that today, when we posted the picture, they wanted to know if it was ever going to come out on blue ray the way that it was presented on the show, because I think, like a lot of us like Mike and I we have big collections, but we have the Moran exast I actually have somewhere in my files. I could tell you the name of every film. You know you know that I you know with each show every dumb Wen I hosded and then back in the day they gave me. I was supposed to watch a refilm, so I literally had a collection of every single fellow, but I tossed them. I mean I lived in an apartment. I couldn't keep this this large, you know, but I have it would never come out because I'm the only one who owns them all, I literally except for like a few- maybe ten episodes at least of mine- and I don't think, there's people that taped them. That's why Gilbert show up in myself, but uh, there's, no one who ha USA, deswrite all of the they're always beat up quality when they release too 'cause it's. You know. These tapes have been sitting around for twenty five years and people are Ritping Hem off the V. I dinl have them and my husband kept them in. Like e created thislake, you know they were in refrigeration like in a studio. I in L A for years, like you know, a storage facility, and then then, when I got married and we moved to Florida, sident get married too much later in life M, I to my junior high school speed, hard, no less but m yeah. That was Kindo Great Oo 'cause. I couldn't handle those crazy producer types out o there, but he kept them also up some. The tapes I have are still in really good condition and H. we're trying to you know it just takes time, but I've got Oh, my Gosh I've got commercials. I'm like one of these P, I'm like a worder for my career or SOM OT. I would love to see all thes like it'cause. You can go back. I me like I said before you find stuff on you too, but it's so beat up and stuff's all cut up or it's missing section Rigtis, not the same right. I didn't I didn't. Have the films like, I didn't, have the right to show the films, but U Sa up all night, actually relieased the name up all night to me, which I I own, I actually we had a little lawsut going on. What was there was a sitcom for a minute in in the early two, thousands all up a night, and we said: Hey: we've got the rights to it. U S Ey passed it on to me when they gave it up and they went yeah. Well, we have deep pockets. What O you want to do about it mys. I think we need to let them just go wit, Hes, a major network like that, but I now have a name within my wine. You know there's different you own different names for different things like products or you know a TV show, but we have the name up all night for one of our LAUNGA RAI lines, which e, which is our sexty ear, Ladgury Li, which I don't fell on Anceu ot, so he has a little Chivi for you alrigh that wl that's way better than what I could have said about the show Swho G, who who's that Nextba all right, Mikce Ranger. What do you have? FROR? The television round, all right? Thank you, Marka! Well, on Thanksgiving Day November, twenty fourth, Hu nine hutdred and eighty eight on Ktma TV, Minneapolis, Minnesota Mystery Sciene theater three thousand aired it's first episode now everyone listening knows exactly what the show is: Uh The riffing on B movies continued from eighty eight to ninety six with seven seasons, eventually moving to comedy central and then for another three seasons on the scifi channel. The show returned after a crowd, frunting project in two thousand and fifteen, that brought it to Neflix. The series also has a movie adaptation from Ninety e thousand ninehundred and ninety six TASANOPSIS book, covering every episode. A comic book and live shows dating Ba on thousand nine hundred and eighty nine, so yeah mistery Sin Theter, three thousand wow and it premiered on my birthday. So that's what matters wowtthat! That's that's cool and Fou! It's just like Jo orings! I still here, but I didn't realize that that show- and I remember it well yeah we had his the Severdoo. What's her title, the severed penis expert, the mangled Dicke mangle DIK expert felisarose. She was on a couple of weeks back she's when when he needs an expert about mangled Dick, he calls FELISA. That is a resume builder right. There yeah. I can stay a lot. I may behave. I can atinly go down there, I'm not going there all right Brenthand. What do you have for the television round? I had march fifth Friday. Think wee all know where we're going with this nineteen inehty three. On episode of a show that we've been talking about, you was up all night. It played two excellent B movies that night and the first one was okay. The second one is amazing. It's really awesome. The first one was hot chill wore anoliscent used travel to seek out employment opportunities at a resort in Mexico and hilarity ensues, including see ot chilis shily hot chilli. It's a Canag, I gota. I got that imved earlier then ive got the poster with a crown jewel of that night outside of Ronda herself is a movie that came out originally an nine hundred and eighty nine it starred. This is a bonafied B movie, but it started Billmar, Shnan, tweet and Adrian Barbott Hanbell women in the Avocado jungle of death. The latest title of a B movie that I've ever heard in my life. That's Ta Grat Tile any moon night. Ever that's pretty always about the! U S. government grows worried for the nations of vocado supply as there one to do after some confrontations, with the Parata dribe of Cannibal women who live in the mysterious avocado jungle and richly sacrifice and eat men. The gorent recruits Margo Hunt tweed a professor of feminist studies at a local university to travel into the OVOCADO drungle and may contact with the women to tend to convince them to. You know, move to a reservation conde in Malibu as what is to do and along the way they meet up with a shovnes guide mar and just all that stuff batd. Here's a little bit trivia, that's kind of interesting about it. The films plot actually parallels the novel heart of darkness by Joseph Conrad, as well as a pocket lipse now, which was based on the heart of darkness and both heart of darkes and apocalyps, now feature a character named Kurttho was going deep into the jungle to become a deranged leader of a group of savages the same as in this movie. So it's a little smarter than you think of, and it had sheand and Twee kindof coming out of her. She was more mainstream and then she went into her her Um sexy funtime movies, and this was kind of like right in Tskin him, axl yeah exactly and Bill Mar was a buddy of the guy who made it so he he just you know, got Castin it. It's a lot of fun. It's all is this funded by the avocado farmers of macioli. The entire thing was was shot on a university campus in California, survrobably funny all right. So let's go down to our guest judge Ron Ti year for the ruling on the television round. Well, you know it was closeiniss one. It was really close. You know Um Mike Cadme, but frent got me at the Avacana Thet's Tannibal women in the Avocado jungle of debt. I know- and I hostat are many times, and I also dated Bill Lauran. I do to show and he's really a Crea Nand yeah and that too- and he probably wouldn't want to talk about it, and he also had another show which I had a little Hart on, which is how I met him called pardon. Not. Yes, I had a little that was in that period too, so he was doing shit as well right. Why was he such a creep? I mean he comes off as kind of a creep on TVs, so not hes snobby. Then I mean I trash the guy I was dating. He just thought he was so brilliant and and then het was mad at e ECAUSE. I wouldn't go out with them because I just aw the boyfriend, but I was kind of loyal to Theohe wife kind of Lik you through that, like a six out of Tem, hes, Ol snobby, and the last time I saw, which is a few years ago now I ran antement the playbay mansion at one of the last events there 'cause, I actually did a line of intimate apparel for he last wife and Um. Anyway. I ran into bill and I said, let me look, you know they. Let us take cameras back, ut phons, so I said I'd left lleme. I let to take a picture with me because I have no pictures. please. I lie my dog you serious. Now only did I see you in your bath row, but it was open and a d you had like really bad onden. Are you trying to tell us that Bill Mor has skidmore is kitmarks, but you know he's ing, Bimar Isa, Kimer HR, that's what I thin. I think so all right Brendhand, you pick up a point and take control o he board. What round are we going with for our final one point round all right final one point around: Let's move to hot products: right, okay, so I I tou a little bit outside of the box on this one. My hot product is actually a Lucas Arts game and it's a video game that plays out it's based on the style of a B movie and it's a sequel to another amazing game. This one kindo have has its life of its own and it's very much become the the the name sake of the whole franchise. But anyway, a mutint monster and labysist created by Mad Scientist, Dr Fred Edison Drinks, talksix sledge from a river behind Dr Fred's laboratory. The sledge caused him to grow a pair of flippers like a flipper like arms, develop vastly increased intelligence and the thirst for global domination. Doctor Fredz plans to resolve the issue by killing Purple Tinnicle and his harmless, but friendly brother, green tenticle. The Green tintacle sends a plea of help to his old friend and the nerd Bernard Bernuli, enners and Hilarinian Su isn't always does peral tynical escapes at the end to resume his quest to take over the world. This is, of course, the Game Day of the tentacle or Maniac Mention H two day of the tenticl. It was a big commercial sex. Te sexit was a big commercial success and it's had special editions. It's been remastered and it was this Pointin Click, monstermad scientist coeds an danger time. Travel was a huge part of it. W BASE IT TO BE A B movie on on a point, click game and also here's a little trivia. Daythe tenical features a forman, long, animated opening credit sequence. It was the first Lucas Arts game to ever have anything like that in this huge intro and because it was like you were going into a movie, that's the way that they they based it off. That's where they got the idea day, the Teia inprecene. I ha that anice Commodore Yeah and you can still pick it up. It plays. If you have a scum emulator scum was the the the engine that it ran on and it's a fun game. It's a it's a lot of fun way here was that n nineteen. Ninety Three, Oh, I thought that was old nop. I might have had that on my piece: Mamaniac mansioned, the first man when e did have a cynticle monster in it, but that was older. This was the Sokay yeah, so it's not as good 'cause it's to see. No! This is the one. No one remembers Maniac Mansion Maeert. I got a copy in one of these boxes, yeah exactly Coni Authur I cat Loyd cauhman on has he been on. I've had loyd on three time we had another show before this for years called poop culture and H. Lloyd was on that was it three times so it was on. I think so, yeah and h Yeah Lloyd's, Great Yeah. He is Gret, I mean he was not. He e personally was on up all night. You were you you're, introduced to be to tromavill movies and all that stuff, an that's where I'd heard of Hem ow wow yeah nucamhi too tis the one that St that and the first time I saw a toxic ofvender and I rented it the next day 'cause I needed to see all the shit they took O. I really think they must have haired those movies every we man ser. Some I mean I think I saw what's that, one that I was talking about the other day like the frogtown movie ocom to Brogon Yeah. I think I seen that really. Yes was that remember when I did Y, but I see on up all night a lot, I'm pretty sure it was on a art, INA, secondone Yep, don't ase, I oka thatthatleads into my pick. Then all right, man crush. What do you have for the hun products around all right? So, let's go November thirtieth. Nineteen, ninety one and this one was tough, but being that this is a b movie episode. I had to go with a VHS release and I was about to pull the trigger on a movie that was released in nineteen eighty seven and they took four years to release it. But then this I found this movie has such a huge Colt following that had to go with it a a matter of fact. The following is so strong that they had a sequel come out in twenty fifteen. So we got some legs here which I like to say on the show. So you had Hollywood royal pictures productions its a mouthful. They put this one out and h. They have. It is one of the worst films of all time and it's funny that wee talked about frogtown and everything, because this film star is the incredible Roberts, ador, Matt, Hannin and Mark Frazer, and after we just give you a little background on the movie. If people don't know where I'm going with this, but a director Amere Servan, he met Mathannan and he immediately knew that this guy was the man for the job and he like handed him the script. Basically, like that same day, it was like here you're the guy, we're going to begin filming next week. Well, the problem is the movie's titled Samurai Cop and Mat Hannon, who is the Samurai Cop, had zero fighting experience which is Aweso? You just know how amazing this is going to turn out to be, and Haden Hav'n said that the the fight scenes in this movie, they were typically planned by the actors like a few minutes prior to the sun, Hashly Bun shop. So you know that they're good, but the best part of this movie. For me- and I heard this- I don't remember if it was in the sequel that I heard the like on the extras or whatever but Haden W talks about this, and he definitely notice this in the movie. He has this long Brown mane of hair and when shooting ended, he thought that he was done. So he cut all his locks off and little did he know they were calling for reshoot in early nineteen. Ninety one so a mere servan. The director hooks him up with a woman's Brown wig o the rest o he seeds and it's a bad wig. I mean it just looks like it's sitting on top of his head and when you watch the movie it opens up with a scene where he's in the car which it's like so nonsensical, but, like you could see it immediately. He's got this really shitty wig on nd, so you just know that it thi is going to be good stuff and the movie it's like so unintentionally, funny that, like Hanin said there was times during the movie that he would mess up his lines on purpose, because the director didn't give them any opportunity to do. multile takes so e was like fucking, I'm just going to do it wrong and see what happen and these the fucked up takes are in the final Cos, which is e M Hav money for film. Oh Yeah! Well, that's exactly what happened. They ran out of money, they stopped and they came back like six months later to do the rest or a year later or whetever. It was, but you had like overdone sex scenes. You had the horning nurse scene where she askd him. If he circumcised, you got the got like. Of course you got a Samurai with no martial arts experience. You Got Robert Zdar in a scene that I still remember this day, where he's hiding in like a hospital hamper with a Samuraie sword spoiler before he cuts the guy's head off in a bed. You have amazing dialogue. You have the fucking wig, it's the Gif that keeps on giving the hardest working chin in Hollywood Roberts, Tedar Ohe, Oh dude. When that guy died, I was I had a tip. I had a tipsome beerful man. I tell you what mania cop criminally underrated love. I love gemally underrated mccordeles should be up there with Jason Bortys as far as I'm concerned, but that'wow all right. Well, you got thathe's really selling my pick. No! No! Not that movie the One I was talking about. Nineteen. Ninety one co Classic Samuri Cop on Videocasette, some some Polish company actually picked it up because he tried to get this thing distributed and couldn't find anybody, but some Polish distributor o was like Yeah Wat's Doi this. I don't know why that sounded like I came from South America or something, but that's what o I all right, my cranger. What did you bring for the hot products Oud well mark? I found an article in the Dayton Daily News on February. First, nineteen and eighty eight titled Video Stores Should Be Prepared for spring releases, and one of those releases would be on February tenth when a scary, German guy would offer a group of friends their last chance for Pie and the COPN classic. The Monster Squad brought to you by vestron video at the lowlow price of eighty nine dollars and ninety eight cents, so graba virgin the nearest VCR in a few cases of holy water for an epic battle between a monster club and the universal monsters. That'll. Have you screaming give me the Amulat you bitch. The best part of that movie is it's PG it's made for Ki. It's like a horrid movie for kids and then there's the older sister Yeahwho, they think is a virgin, but then like she has to explain that she's, not a virgin in that scene. Before going, he doesn't car coacoutait. This is for kids and they the bitch word. It's it's the gonis meat, theasoma yestht'sbasicalybut. It's amazing! I actually had a screener copy of this. When I was a kid and it's my favorite part of that movie is when, when they're like tunsoons neats, Tay Yeah, it's actually a really. My favorite thing is like they're, trying to figure out how they can kill. A AWAREWOLF is, like I don't know, throw 'em out of a window with a bomb on the power tools or whatever. Then they end up doing that and he blows up and the MES back together. Yeah they tried everything the names Oyeah, I always loved that they, like you, know that he lives so close to the driving movie that he can sit on his roof and watch it. That was like Mraning, awhil ill. Just move next to a movie product place, yeah, amazing movie, all right. So we've heard all three picks for the final one point round: Let's go down to Rendechir for the judgment. You guys just amaze me with your knowledge of everything, don't be amazed. It's all research, yeah T's, it's a wasted life! No, I have friends like you guys, um another really hard one, but I think I have to give this one to Mike for his accent, an acting it out. F, if avery in there that I saw V, natthat's rendom act that that was like a film that the the bitch word was used, but it was for kids like I love that and Vergihim yeah and taking pictures of Atopliss Hioler, the House crostryeahwell they're, all watching er in the the tree house, yeah a lot of good stuff in there. It's it's a wonder why our womans a fuckd everybody would just watch the movies that we watched in the eighties and nineties. I think we'd be okay. Yeahwe have but then we'd also have an issue with you know, showers or Pannyraids, or not that Y Uttat Mvsthng, O th yeah. I mean I miss a good peny Rad exactly well. On that note, Mike Ranger, you take control of the board heading into our first two point round. What category are you going to go with Aig Goy? So I'll go with news M. I found an article in the desert. Son located in Palm Springs, California, on April Twelfth Nine hteen and eighty eight titled Investor to take helm of troubled cannon group. The story tells us that a European investor will assume control of the canning group and that the entertainment company, headed by Galin and globasts Wuld, retain directorships on its fourteen member board, but would no longer jointly control. The company Cannon's filmentities would become the Canon, entertainment group, a series of box office disappointments from masters of the universe to Superman for, and massive debt, where all factors in the demise of the production organization that, unlike any other majors as Roger Hubert, said, had taken more chances. So you basically have cannon. You know getting themselves in es, so much financial trouble that they Gallan globists lose control of the company, and you know they didn't leave, but a few years after that N is so famous with that. I always just think of the the logo yeah you owthe big Yepit's, my favorite Y. I mean really like when you really think about it. I mean the eighties was the best time for Hollywood to take chances on things. You don't get Aho Howar the duck in anyother era on get a garbage pal, kids moving. You don't get that stuff and orn over the time you know like everything Canon was doing was so different, thon whateverybody. I none of us are wearing our hats right now, ecause if we turn them around. It's like we're. Turning on a machine e, you know it's like a sway. It just SWI like a switcl like a drug machinelike, Atruta she's like what the hell are. You guys talking about t a no. I was thinking about cannid films, because I I think that they were on Wilsir Boulevard close to where I lived, and I I can't remember the names of the films, but I went there for a few auditions along the way which I never got. I Canon film, but I thought they were much. It was a big DEA it as us. A BIG DEAL BACK: you probably wanted too much money 'cause from what we've heard. We had people on fo Canin a couple of years back. We had, I think diae Franklin was on and yeah shop Duw and they were just. They were telling us out like how just how cheap gon glot Waro he was cheap. No, no! No! I don't think so. I mean that wasn't the reason I think I just didn't get te the Empir but Um, I'm sure I would have taken it for literally a dollar ninety, but no, but he was known to be cheap, T, definitely gaes no to be cheap, and I can't say I had any uh run INS with him with casting house yea. We never heard any bad stories about monocim. It was just like yeah. Just se e was cheap, not you Kno, nothing, prazing right, exactly all right! Brenthan! Let's go over to you for the news round, all right, so this comes from the New York Times February: Twenty Eighth of Nineteen. Ninety three: This is a story called the rise and fall of the killer, bees and it'. Certain, sadly, B movies were dying as cost rocketed and taste for changing H. domestic box offices and reviews of B movies plummeted. Seventy six percent from ne thousand nine hundred and eighty nine nineteen. Ninety one said David Davis and that's a redundant name and awsome. He was n analysts with Paul Kag an associates, a media research company and he said similar home video sales for the B movies have fallen by more than half in the last five years in nineteen ninety one, the entire B movie industry took in only thirty three million at the domestic box office, estimated to compare to four point: Eight billion for the film industry as a whole, and it goes on to talk about the Wie. And if you know what could happen and uh, they said many b movie makers can be found this week at the American film market and Annual Sales Convention for independent film studios being held in Santa Monica Alifornia and Mark Damon. The director of the American Film Margeny Association, a D predicted that one third of it's a e hundred and twenty four members won't be around next year because of the decline of the B movie industry and the a number of men already got out of business that year in ninety three and H, they talked about how like major directors like Joe Dante, Francise, Forcopola, gens Cammera. They all had to start and be movies and they made movies like the trip with Jack Nicholson. The rocky war picture show the nineteen sixties version of l of little shop, a horrors from Roger Coreman. Ancormon said when I started the average major studio, a picture cost one million to two million dollars, and I could make a movie for fifty thousand to a hundred thousand. But now fifty thousand won't cover catering costs on a major film and Budget Blue Ain those movies yeah, and it just killed the B movie genreesaid. So Ya, that's from ninety three it. It certainly didn't hurt to be movies in there after life running on up all night and all the other. Well, I think the thing that they weren't thinking about is the world changed to where we it became so much smaller, because we had the internet became so prolific, and we have you know digital copies of things now and we're going back n watching these movies that you know Mike You, you know how hard is it to find some of these movies on vts? You might pay hundreds of dollars, then now you can also go and buy a torrent or download a torrent or buy it online, or things like that that that were available bef previously and it's given these. You know I hate to use the cliche but C, following to a lot of movies t a probably wouldnh'te went by the wayside, absolutely absolutely and the fact that they had I meanwell. Why did they have all these host of all these Bei mean e. It was huge ye h at Jogos I mean I went to m many American film markets that it seemed like there was a lot of business going on, so I think they're talking more about theatrical releases and things like that Strai as vidego right round. Yeah right round that time, that's when straight to video started a really skyrock and it was like all right. Why bother it's like now, rightlike, how you know Universalis pulling out of the MBANAO IN VD? It's coming right back round again, it's like! Why are we going to do? Why are we going to deal with a middle man, but we could just release it on our own and make the same amontimal that was nine three and then you're. Looking at ninety four one year later clerks comes out and that's I a B movie on paper that skyrockets, because you had someone doing it on their on that open to a tiny amount of theaters, but still open, and now here we are all these years later still talking about it, so they never really went away. I think theres, I think, there's a major thirce for them. I mean I I get so many. You know people reaching out that want to go back. I think it's ISAMATO, you know! That's at's! Also, like reliving your childhood like they were, they were like. Some of them were just mindless, and some of them were just they were just fun and everything is very different. Now, like everything's just on I don't know, I think they were great and by that, by by the way back then special effects for real special facts. If someone bledto death, they had to put the chocolate thing in your mouth and Youd have to explode it and it was disgusting and it tasted bad. Now all the special effects are done afterwards, so yoere going to say they really killed Hem. It has killed em, he they found a guy that they didn't like and they were like fuck at yeah, the bier him in Tom Sevinis of the world r are going by the wayside. Sadly, yeah, of course, practical effects are still fantastic, yeah theat the best, the real one they hold up better than anythine you kind of just accept it. You look at it like ar that's a puppy, but it looks pretty Okan t yeah, all right, man crush. Why don't you close up this news round? What do you have all right? Well, I'm glad that both of you brought the effects of what happened to the B movie. INJE show I'm going to give you the cause right. I this was not planned, but I'm going to tell you why this happened all right so August, twenty Sixh Nineteen, ninety one! First, I got to go back to July thirty. First, nineteen, Ninety one there was a movie called hot shots that came out and it was doing really well at the box office, so United Press International Soed to do a little like fluff piece on John Krier, who was in hot shots, and I was looking for stories about various film studios from Nineteen Iety One. So while I was looking for a story about twenty first century films, which is a spin off of cannon films, I stumbled upon the article- and this is just something that had to be shared and the Titaly article is hot shot, Star, labeled, studio killer. All Right, I'm going to read you like first paragraph. This thing just toprmp, now give Mo the examples and then well know why all of this happened: Okay, actor John Tryer has left some of Hollywood studios and ruins crier a high energy talent has been in two big hits: Pretty and pink, and the current number one film hot shots, but like most actors, a number of his pictures had flopped unusual in his case is hat. A handful of studios have closed EIR doors after producing his films. Prier wonders if he hasn't set some sort of record for shuddering studio operations with such films, such as hiding out dudes and Osee, and sticgs trier offered her review of his carnage. So letme, let me give you the guy. This is great all right, Osee and Stiggs is this first film and it's so bad that it's considered a masterpiece in Europe and MTM I put mgm on the rocks. The film was shot in nine utndred and eighty three and it didn't get a theatrical release until nineteen eighty eight. So five years later, his second movie no small affair with Demi Moore it bombed superhart. In the box office, the director Marty writt got sick during the shooting of this movie and he wasn't able to finish so. They essentially just started over from the beginning with somebody else. So this was a huge fa ailure for Columbia pictures they didn't even make back half of what they spent on the movie and then to picky back off Mike said his most notable superman, four, which completely decimated cannon films, a was they were in huge debt at the time because they had a lot of loans that were due. They ended up like releasing the movie sman for early just so that they could pay back loans. They wanted that quick cashgrab, so they get paid back the loans. However, in doing so, they shouldhave had six months of post production time. They did everything in four weeks, which is why you see fucking wires, while Christopher Reeves is trying to fly iave not even finished. This is how bad this guy's career was up to this point. Then he did Morgan Stuart's coming home, which is like a fairs Buler rip off, and he said this is his self proclaim it's his biggest disaster. It killed King's robe films, but they also fired the director. They rewrote the entire script and then they put a nude scene in for him who the fuck wants to see John tryer naked. I do that's why on a cop God, oful yeah, and that part of the tape is all worn out, give me a break. I wanted to see his ducky iit sucks 'cause every time he gets to it, just as tracking Trackya Ato, macaltinas manglepasomebody call Fiaros. We didn't expert all right so then, after that he did dudes which killed the Vista Organization and which was really hard to get on Vhs for or on on digital, rather even probably Viv s for a long time because of the sound track and stuff, then, after that he did hiding out which killed dlenor. What is it d, Lornitis, entertainment and then Tok ran tiis ransus, a Dalorete, that's it s, he killed them, and then he did a Sitcom for CBS called the the famous teddy z than only like. They filmed twenty episodes, but only fifteen aired and he like in this article. He says that H, you know cebs hasn't been doing well, since you know I did this show, which was in nineteen nine to ninety. So there you have it the man responsible for killing some of the biggest be studios around Jotryer. Never kick a gypsy! That's why and he admits all of this yeah yeah it'sit's a whole in this article. That guy is just a walking disast. If he ever teamed up Wat Charle. She I ulfortunately for him. He he had a good string. There yea two thousand good retucsall right. Let's head down to our judge, Rondis Yer for the judgment on the newsroom, I'm telling you you guys are really good, but this time man crush crushed it. Actually, I think Jon Crier Sha try es. I mean that was just a whole lot of research and crushing and pretty much the end of that's how the end when they called me Tome up all night. It was over at's how I fell. You know so yeah. How did that go like what was that like when at finally came to Iedowell it was the presdent. The network was trying to save his butt in trying to say budget a little budget 'cause. The network was just having financial problems, so they were just getting rid f. They were tossing, shows and getting rid of a lot of shows. So was it because of wrestling at the time? Is that kind o? I wasn't that wasn't the excuse. I mean that was not the reason we just thought there was like. The presient was just trying to save his butt. Everybody was just trying to save their butt, so his frienot fonof her for producer friends down the line, so he thought by cutting a few of the shows. I don't know if weird signs, I think that that stayed on, but Um we were just a little sho, so he just cut it and he called itwas very funny, though 'cause e Han a phone call he's like well, you've done so well. For US PR is cause. I did everything. Ie went out on calls t for them whe trying to get advertisede. I would actually go on these with their account managers. To like the head of Budwiser, I mean T bt, Ao Se talk about trying to keep your job, you know, but anyway Um. So he just called, and he said you know, you've been very loyal, so you know I could just like drop your contract and just pay you for three months y ony give you six months afterwards. I wanted to say it shouldhave been longer but E it was. It was sad. It was sad, that's a long time, seven years and mean it was Aoy Qia long time, there's a little piece. Tof Me that was like o good, like to move onto something else, and but thon. No another piece of me knew that it was going to be really hard to away from that character: Comfort as o. You know, and repetition, and now yeah I mean, but you know I I did a lot of stand up comedy. You know I headline standup during that time and I continued to just stand up afterwards and my stand up comedy Ke, my husband, and I I mean when we got married, we both Wen doing very well financially, but when we got together, we had a lot of dead so um he had a business and- and I had a lot of stuff going on so anyway lost tery short, my standup comony kept us alive until we got our new business one and it's all in my book, which happens to be right. T wh is that out already or is that something that's com o you can get it through Rondishr com or through Amazon, and it's called up all night from Hollywood bombshell to luxury mobile life, lessons from an accidental feminist, a as that's great. So No, it's really good. It's got a lot of uoe, my kittures in it, and also I it's it's actually very inspirational 'cause. It T it tells people how to get a product to market. I mean it does have some upple nice stories and it has some some. You know of me two moments in there, but it also has a lot to do. t like how I got started in business, and you know finding love later in life, so it's good come until Tocare it it so um anyway, Gus I'll Sendyou, one I'll have Mari fend to one bossom, yeah y great there's, probably some Col Ribian there. I think, there's from Pervia avaltil Chamberlain's, Magle Pena there you use it that many times yeah exactly. I think there could be random penis stories in there, not that I ever saw them, but I just heard about im well when mark reads anything: it has to have a random penut story, he's not into roseall right man crush. You take the lead three to one heading into the final round. What ' Yo got man or go to movies last round, we've had movies for the whole thing Lif. We might as well finish up with movies, so we got August, Twenty Third Nineteen, ninety one, here's a movie who was done by Veneran, director and Markleester. It is the same guy that gave a sfire starter class of eighty four and one of my personal favorites, the right of passage for every young man commando. But anyhow this amazing action movie. It would get a short lived, theatrical release, but it would really hit it strive when it hit the rental market and, depending on how you see a b movie like Wewe talked about before this is historically what a b movie was all about. Yet a small budget movie that was tailor made for the straight to video market. They put it in theaters, but hit's, not really where it belonged. At that time, you get Dolf Lundron in the lead roll of this movie, and at this point his career he's he's getting better with every movie. He did and I think for all tinds of purposes. I think the typical movie g gover would only know dolf from rocky four, but all of Tus tape heads they were like living in the trenches of these video stores. We already knew doll from like masters of the universe. I come in peace, OA, sure, etcetera, etctera. So to me it felt like he was already a pretty big star and he like to the video store. This guy was like a blue chipper. You know in nineteen ninety one it really was. Then the package hus went up and it's an amazing martial arts buddy cop action movie, you get his partner brananly so like, and I think one of the amazing parts of B movies is sometimes you get like a star in the making and Brananley was at in spades in this movie. SONA legendary, Bruce Lee amazing marshalaras charismatic. You just saw the star power, you know developing and Branan Len. Of course you know he had a couple more before his untimely death and then to put the Cherry on top. Then you get legendary actuall you got carrid to GAA is the head of the Yacuza faction and what's a B movie without a Gorgeous Female Se, get Ta carer and she also gets nude in this one. So motal wind win for everybody, this fantastic movie, it o it would only pull in about two million dollars if the box office, but, like I said before, its legacy, resides at the video store, and this is the classic showdown in Little Tokyo with Dulf, Lundon and Brandonley H, iike, good stuff, all right, Mik Ranger. What do you have for the final movies round? Well Mark, let me tell you on May twenty seventh, a anine ten and eighty eight audiences found out that in space, no one can eat ice cream when they met some alien Bozos, with an appetite for close encounters so step right up and see the greatest show in the galaxy killer, clowns from outer space, written and directed by special effects. Artist, the SHIATA brothers who designd the chrits and critters the SCIFI comedy inspired by B movies of the nineteen fifties and sixties, featuring a blob like story of a shooting star intruding on a datenight and bringing panic in Mahim to a small town killer, clowns from out Er space, the B movie with big shoes and big tea, another one. I saw in you s all I rememberd that title I aways Thinkin, the cop in that one was the dude from hunk another one of those b movie. Oh God, the movie that, where like no matter where they are th Y, when they have to change scenes, they just put up a he had different collect yeah no it'small right Brent hand over to you for the movies round. So my movie came out on October, twenty ninth of Nineteen Ninety three- and this was the third film in a filmd series, and this was a huge departure, at least in tone and feel from the original to. But it is still an awesome movie is directed by Brian Uzna in the starsn Melinda Clark, a j Trever, Edmund Kentmccord and Basil Wallace, and if you're a fan of accupuncture, nipple, piercings or spinal cords or Trioxsan gas. This is right up your alley because, of course, this is the third entry in the Zabi ranchise return of the Living Dad returning to living ded, three and H, having recently witnessed the horrific results of a top secret project to bring the deadback to life. The STRC youth performs operation wit his girlfriend after she's killed in a motorcycle accent, which brings her back and she's noted as saying the pain keeps the hunger away and guess what the Zambis weren't kept way and the entire movie is her. Just mutilating herself sticking needles to her nipples and steain him under her fingernails and- and I I spoke about the spinend- she actually gets in a fight with tha guy and grabb his head and rips it out so the spines out. Then he turns into a Zabi and E has like a flopping around Zambi head. It was one of my favorite Zondis of all the time, and this one was weird because this one actually was the military trying to figure out how to kill Hem, because you coun guys remember in return Living Dad Shoot Hem in the head doesn't do anything, they have no way to get rid of them, and then they did go on to make a couple more sequels in the two thousands. But this was nineteen. Ninety three return of the living dead free with nipplepeerings always enhances Anyson Osure, but let's see what Ronder Shar has to say for the final verdict on this game. The you know all three of those were great stories and great research and Zombi films are. You know I love Zambis, but I have to tell you um we're talking B, films and classic and N Nineteen and eighty eight it's got to go o Mike. It's got to go to killer clowns and out of space, we'll be back with more killer cons from out his face on USA. I came right back to you. O Know Fun. Fact about that movie. The brothers actually thought that the shower scene would rival Alferd hitchcocks of Sheras and Satarkin yeah. I don't know if they were serious, but that's what it says in the back of the deae played like the chief p police and that, but he was just terrifying. I remember. Oh, it was uh Vernon from UH. The House. Yes, Yep yeah was that the guy that he like handcuffs the h the clown and takes his hands Yahyeah yeah. He was on double secret, pomationall right jewellers. So you know what that means. We once again have a tie: EHBETWEEN, miceranger and Mancrush at three apiece. So we have to go to the wild card round right mancrush Mike Ranger. Do you guys have an extra pick? You can give a quick take on sure it may crush. Why don't you go first, all right. So this is theres news story from August nineteen and ninety one and the title of the story is Pentagon demands flattery for film and they go on and on and on but I'll get to. The best part here says the Pentagon claims that cannon had welched on three pivotle points that they had agreed upon. They wanted to have the Chuchnoris. Do a national guard recruitment, commercial that had been promised by Manocum, but never followed through the Pentagon, wasn't allowed to preview the movie and a voiceover disclaimer was omitted from the final credits. The disclaimer was to say it is not the intention of the producers to betray, in this motion picture that national security would or could ever be in jeopardy. The American military is here to protect every citizen, so they left out these things that they, I guess the p anything with like war. I guess than the eighties with Uh. You know like Ronald Reagan or whatever they wanted all these things and they wanted the Pentagon to look at the movies and cannon just said: Yeah we'll do that and then they released it and said yeah we forgotte so and then afterwards, th Y, they send this article that Chuhnora said if he knew about it. He said nobody had ever told him. If he knew about it, he definitely would have done it for free, but of course it never happened but think about the recruitent numbers. If chucknors was doing national guard commercials, what could have been hey? It's a good palchuck Noris here as long as he doesn't tell them all thate yeah allright, my ranger. What do you have for the wild card round? Well, Marca. I have a another movie that was released in Nineteen and eighty eight called Hollywood chain saw Hookor and this movie's about a detective who embarks on a mission to track down a woman in l, a CD nightclubs only to come face to facewith a bloodthirsty cult of letly, beautiful prostitutes, yeah that old, Shattow, there's there's it's in Hollywood, there's Chaneo hookers the tag line. is they charge an arm and a leg? And the funny thing about that when I remember turning on ssaaple night in like kind o like the middle part of that movie- and all I remember- is this one guy like gets laid down on the bed. He gets like this cool ass strip teas. He thinks everything is going great, chainsaw to the deck ont again with the mangle Diger e wims. It always done in my life, everybody else's life, apparently alright. So once again, let's go down to Randis year for the final ruling on this game. In let's see who wins this B movie Battel, you know I love each and every one of you with all my heart, 'cause I've known you for such a long time and I'm completely just amazed and impressed with your knowledge of things that no one else gives a shit about, and no it really is impressedin wh. I have many friends the producers who do my show that would be in love with you guys. I feel, like my wife, is trying to give me a Complimentno, I'm I I'm truly impressed and I'm impressed with the love and research and your love of the genre. But you know Mike keeps just going after my heart and up all night and bring Hem back those memories of me going Hon, Cha or Hois. I E ae Wer Bonda Onoi, so my i Lo Outo you I mean I mean. How could you not love someone with the name Mancrast? How could you not just love being lovable nut, big but Brent? You know he it' like a teddy bear. Obut make you win it's about time. All Right! Congratulations, Mike rige TAT! Why has it been a WI? Has it been a while I've won, like maybe twice in three years right? No you've won more than that rnot, giving yourself tray. He knew how he knew how to play up to the GAST O I've. I've been waiting for this for like twenty years. Man, as I gave you your first ever episode, You dn't even give me that round. I did that's Dall recount it's a recount. I tout a GAE that one that's all right. I'm used T I'm getting used to losing. Now it's been a month, I'm vering. I am impressed with the passion you put into it mancross you do there's because your stories they go on and then the stories have stories and and then those stories have Morelik Trivia. So I am impressed and I would love to come back again. You know and leave me entrink alcohol. The whole time, yes, that would be excellent if you could do that, we actually have some. We have like ton of people on our facebook to have some quick questions. Do you mind answering a few of ehow? I have them upright here. I I posted a picture up on Eur fecebook earlier, an just said. If you got questions for Ron to throw hem down here, so I'm just going to read them all we'll go on by one see what you want all right. So the first question here is from Adam Roth. He says: Is it true that you used to date, seawn Michael's? No, that was ww, that was, that was USA network. That was just a big promotional thing and we we did work a lot together ND. I did a lot a lot of stuff for them B. They were broadcast exclusively on USA, so I did a lot with them. It was nd, it was quite fun, so we did all these peuto shoes like he no like we were dating, but Um we were friends. We did become friends from that. No, I do remember yeah. There was like a picture of view in him, like you guys did like a Limmoshya yeah like we did a few things together. Hexauton then you were the timekeeper at restell mania too, exactly that Walat right mhmall right. So we got one from Anthony. Sampson said: Did it hurt when you fell to Earth from heaven? Gasi did and it's still hurting yeah itwewher it Hu it h it hur t once I on it's either ptus is her breast. It hurt my breast because I fell on them feeling better. Now tell him. I love him very much. munmangled non mangled breath. Nonbagal ball. Sower were good, perfect, playbin nipples! Oh there there you go, let's see Seaun Bowerman says H. does she still stay up all night and if so, can you pass along by contact Infok? I do I do I didn't used to 'cause when I first married ban. My husband, like you, know, he's a business man so get like normal hours t, and so I started going to bed at eleven thirty and then then my hours kept creeping back. So I I may get in you know, get in bed, but I don't fill asleep till like three a and during this whole shut down like I'm away, I'm doing stu I's my fre. I see my way I do my Mo. I do my best thinking and creativity really late at and O. No, when I didt stand up, I was late night. My whole family, like I have one brother, that's that's not nocturnal, I'm the baby, really oldch cits, but thyre they're all alive! There's four of us and all of us are O tornelts, very weird. So, yes, I do stay. What time do you wake up in the morning thenum I was getting up really early for a while, like eight thirty nine and I get it, I get up about eight thirty, nine, but I stay in bed like two hours with my five Chahuahas. So I mean not two hours but like a good hour so until they starte bigning it. So the a Youdon't get your seven or eight holrs, but here's the funny thing N. I don't get sevenary anymore, neither no probably five, maybe six, maybe six but um during the US, a network we taked all thour shows for the most part in the daytime, like orn studio. Some were done on location at night, especially the ones done in L A in h early from like ninety one to ninety four. But you know when we moved to New York, we were joing, sometimes two in a day or two. It was like crazy scheduling when the show moved to New York, but lik myself, H, yeah. I did stand up comedy. So no two or three shows like Invaga, so you don't go to bed, you wired, and so now, when I'm on you a I mean Nigt, you would say just ten itjust used to be twenty four hours a day, so I would do shows of three. In the morning four in the Mornn five rn, I mean it's all scheduled by what theyd buy for my company. So now they go to tape from a two to seven, but I still have these crazy stupid hours like I'll, be on like withvr a twenty four hour period June, twenty third. So a long time, oh my God! Well I'm glad you said that 'cause I'd, never sleep either and you look fantastic. Hopefully I can stay. Looking all. Thank you! That's sweet! It's just just TAK lashes same Wawell, it's not a fake mustache! I just haven't. Actually somebody did ask how my beer just coming along and I shaved it 'cause. It looked fucking ridiculous, but I haven't shaved my goaty or moustache. I Like I look like Raleighs youngers now so ireally like Im, you look like a bad guy from an earl flyni. I tell I I usually don't like I wan to twist those little curls. It is fun to do, but, like the more you do it the more it twists like I don't I don't want to mess with it too much Ye. You look like an extra and cut throughane island. That's what I was going for actually were to wouldid. You tell me the other day. You said. I looked like I was going to pitch a no hitter for the age in nineteen. Seventy Sai O you looked like you were going to pitch ou no hitter for the pirate tha was GOINGTO. Ask You when you were going to report the spring, trying all right. Let's get back to these questions here we got Eugene. LANKFORD says Yo still keep a can of Awkuiette Harrspray. No, not even when I was doing you was saying network. I think owar nut was out long before that I mean I used to spray my hair a lot but aqua neck goes back. I'm not that old. I mean I'm obut notcome on Eugene. They still selt in the stores. I have a can of it down. I think it is. I I think I think it like really holds everything you know. ICLUDING like it', a roof is sleeping. It might hold that I don't use hair spray anymore. No, your your hair looks very natural. Ye doesn't look like it's not teased up or anything. Well, THAT'S ECAUSE! I had somebody come over and do the roots. It was bad. Oh just for us. Yes, just benthat's, we Hass Em, yes, just Jo lets. Let's see what else we got here, some guy actually e posted a picture of you and him from the nineties. H. I don't know if you know maybe he worked on the set. I don't know, let's see, ask her if she askher she ever hooked up with Gilbert Godfrey. No, not that way, but we he definitely always wanted to borrow like twenty five cents. ECAUSE. They didn't have cell phones, whe. You know back in the early days and he's really cheap, so he would he'd Wanto Ma pay phone calls 'cause. I think he'd lived with his mother back then, and so he's always borrowing money, Frochi t if he called Ot soking out that was eanly Mestler Thaaaan. Maybe he saw me En Ogh Comedy Club, because I have a lot of I get a lot of pictures of people Postin, the post from Me Jong Standup, oh, it could be, it could have been. Let's see what else we got here after cameowas on so many classic sitcoms like phonsie's girlfriend Ateam threhs company married with children etce, which was the most fun to Ha e unset Um, probably three married with children, was really cool. I enjoyed that a lot and Henry wrinkler's a Dick. You know I read your whole story about that Tasyeah, but he's he's denied it and n one day. I'll have my moment, withow Corsin wa. What did I miss? What is the story? U, I was doing happy days on a regular basis. I was really young was in my twenties and you know I was getting really lucky my they started using me without even calling me, and so I got an episode where most of this particular part Whi. Just like make ovisis girlfriend. I Wa just naking out with Milana having maybe two lines in it, but they had used ly so many times. You know they would start just calling you directly anyway. losttery short, I got book for commercial and they rehearsed on Thursday and they shot on Friday, live in form a live audience. Well Thursday. I got a churchist Briht, chicken, national commercial and your young actress. Then that's a lot of money. It's residuals, so I asked Gary Marshall and I asked Hot Hoffman. Hi was the casting director and I asked everybody. Is it OK? If I take off Thursday since pretty much, we had rehearse all week and you know pretty simple to make out with someone, but anyway Henry was inssense, so I go N. I show up one Friday to my dressing room and my name is down and hough. I called to tell me that I was let go so Henry decided to cast the girl. Who was, I guess she stood in for me who, just I don't know who she was made, her screen actors Giled on the spot and then when I showed up, he pulled me into his dressing room and he gave me this Nastiass lecture. Like you know when I was in college. I did something like this and if you really want to be a stirranist at you know, you don't take a commercial, I'm like N, I'm I'm bawling. I am crying like, of course I would have done this. I asked everyone, he goes well, you should just know it was right. I mean no one would take redit for giving the time off and he, you know, he's a stor. He was a star, you know, so they let me go and they wanher Mite Henry and he's denied that didn't have the power to do that. No, he just told them let her go, but anyway yeah. It came up in in an interview, precently and actually called him. He denied it, but it was sure he was Dick. He was a Dick and he has a Dick and he's not a nice guy at he's not, and he puts the Nice person's act on, but he's not well, that's good to know, talkhimg never come in on I mean he rea, I mean ssteriously what he did and I didn't realize that this kime was what I really wanted out there. I Love Comedy, you know Gary Marshal, Labor joine mark in Mindi and Levernon shirly. So once they took me out of happy days, I wasn't even allowed to read for any of those other shows anymore. You Got Black Lofod and he didnit. He said Det with a mangled Dick all right, let's move bok to a happier questoning. What uh do you miss the limelight? Do you receive back then? Do you miss it or do you enjoy taking it easy? I don't think that he relies no Howo you're busyes shit. That's a great question! 'cause people don't know on my nature' tend so it's a great it's a great question. Um and you know here's the funny thing like in the very beginning when I first got married, which was in two thousand and I moved 'cause, I'm like this old fashioned chicken, I moved 'cause. My husband saw the business en to lafiette Louisiana, we're originally from New Orleans, and I did and I took plays- and I did all this stuff 'cause. I kept telling myself that I did missit, but we kept a place in L A for a long time and then eventually you know in my mind, because I was over. I was forty that I was done, which is obviously not true when you have jlow and all these people that are like getting much older anyway. When I got married, you know I committed to that. So when I wanted to do something else, and I want to start a business and I just thought you know my time was up in l a you know and it wasn't, but I just bought that o myself 'cause, I obviously I could have ghrown out by showing good acting that I I could have moved on from the character. But you know I I got married, so I moved on Knockfrom Wood Um, I mean I'm saying it all ended up okay, but I never turned around and felt bad about aging or being a certain age and not not. Having that moment 'cause I did I mean I did have like PUPPA Rotsand, all that I had that little taste of you know of starnum and it was cold, but I don't look back at it. I'm happy I did it I'm happy. I did Clay Bo and Wena did all the things I did, but I've been really lucky enough to then have a second career which is really cool, and so I mean I don't think if tey just sense the line light. I think it's its sales, but I I love doing it. I love healping women and I'm really getting I mean I'm enjoying this little live, show that I'm getting ready to do, and I like that, I'm doing it from home and my dogs ere at my feet. So I ave no regret. So I do not miss the Limewiy, but I always keep like a little tiny toe in the shopis world 'cause. I think once it's in your heardts in your heart, like people, try to get me to go back and just stand up, but I don't have that in I don't have. I just don't have the desire to write. I did want to write the book and I did right abroad and I thought that was a big deal and it took me two years to get it done and thats cool. It was a long answer that was kind of like a mancrush that was like a man. crushingeveryone says that I don't know if it's good or BACD allright. So let me move on h last one I got here. It says thiis from Dj Hitdall, which h good listener. We'V we've known for a while he said, is she in contact with any of her sex symbole dynasty, coastars? Well, linea quickly, the other girl Mamiga riawl. She was married to this guy who got her into the porn industry and he was a nasty. He did some sleazy thing so um I lost track of. I knew she moved to Florida. Linea had moved to Florida Linea. I just had on myself on my show. She's great and I stay in touch with her. The other girl was from the prices right, Jaan Parkinson. I don't stay in touch with her and Julie Strain. You know about Julie. Straying right, I mean, do you know W Julis Julie String, as also like the Queen of the later be films and gorgeous, and she has dimensio like really. She fell off of a horse like I guess when she was really young and it doesn't look, it doesn't look like she will have a very long life, so eydeal or something so Um. She also she took over that world. I mean, I guess they were later films and- and I never really kept up. She married the guy that created n inja turtles. She was married to him for a little while and had a child by a surrogate mother or asserated person, Yas a little Tribian, but any way so the only one is Linea Dhot. I stay in touch with him, she's Awsol and then some of the other girls, like Michelle Bower, like a lot of e e people like they reach Aud to me, so I woild probably end up having them all back on my show ecause, I think threthey were always on my show. They were great. There was a lot of questions. Will you marry me or anything about nothing about my feet? Nothing about your feet: Whyis, ther shoule! Oh my gosh up one night was based around my feet. We started playing into at I'd squished things with my feet. I'd show my feet: I'd have people painting. It was like whatever I hed fans like asked for, like we did it like. We were like we were just so over the top, be not so silent, footfinishes out there. Oh, my gosh. He used to send y gift. I got champagne, that's hilarious! 'cause, I remember it now that you're saying it. I remember you doing stuff and as as a teenager, I didn't know what I I know, what I mean it'ske you'ren, either you're into it or it's like gross. You know people hat see Thi in the meantime. Still to this day I would stand mail at my home, I d n't How they've gotten ADDRESSD T. I guess you find ot enty now I beg it. Stan Mail um at least like three times a week like a nice bundle of mail and a lot of it has to do with he sodn Myour dity socks. Iget, your tonail clipping aid ajar, you Olie to loo ground pictures, an a diffrent, backout and I'll probably be doing more of that now Twath, the show. Will you know now that we'll end up doing it? It'll live on a website, we'll se, with your apparel line, you got to come up with a line of rondecher socks. I ask for that segment. It's not sothey like they want dirty. Hosaries, O noone wears anymore and they want Yeu. shoops are just lancrust. Didn't you play base in dirty hosary in high school at's, just fucking weird, I disliked the whole foot thing. I don't get. You kind o go back and find that film and watch it. I think you guys will like it the one that I wan Um won the award for the I can't think of the name of it, but you'll see it. If you go to my I mbd or IDBM, or whatever the fuck as all pay Mbe ye prison, Agogo Pris Te Gogo like it has donbis these guys. They were my husband N. I lived in Dallas for like a minute and a half when I first got married and this young director, like she did it w at they did it with film shorts 'cause. They they did. I it like thirty five million meter, but they were short. I guess it was like the end of the rolls from real films, but they did the whole film that way so you'd be in the middle of Ta sceine. All I sudd it 'd be like we're out O film. Oh, my God, that's the worse than then you gotto wait for Hem Tho re. DO THEY HAVE MORAN AA? Probably not they. I thinkthi mean they were actually really good. That was their first fill F. They were really young, um and anyway lostor short. They had they had the the shower scenes. They had Ningas, they had zonbis. They had everything, it's funny, it's it's it's a parody of itself and loi coffin's in it an I minute. That's awesome, I'm I'm looking at a picture. That's it's! It says it's from up all night though, but it's under oway. Maybe this is from your idv page. It looks like you're wearing like a letex dress. Oh yes, that was actually it truly a rubber dress that block all your pores. You have to use armoral to clean it and it's I wore one of them. t s the pink when that was when I wear to Wrestlemania ten, Oh, my God, you have to use armor all to clean it and wd forty to get inget it on. It was very, very hot and um I'd like to be able to get back into that as well. You ont know it was in faceballs right, Yep, Justhad M, Michael Windsow was just on. Oh my gosh, that's cool Y H, I mean W. I guess I get more attention from doing the one fricking line where I ordered a lunafish sandwich than from other things that I've done. I mean you know when I did that I mean it was really cool. 'CAUSE MELBRO, everybody meant nill rock. That was auditioning and he looked at me and he wanted me for the waitress team. He goes, but I can't cast yo as the wait just because you're a Brut you're Overnett, I'm like I'll put on a wig. You know he's like no, no inete blind and, like he's really funny, so he goes just so up and um I'll find I'll fre some light that day and he lanted me, but he that's what he did threw me SOM. You know in that one damn line. It's like people still make over that 'cause. You know people no. Now that filled my heart yabsolutely. Well, that's cool! That's even better, like he made a a role for you, Ou e spot 'cause. He likes you so much so that's even better than Thati mean just to be able to meet in audition and work. You know I mean melroxt. I used to have wis really sad. I had a poster from it and m the president of HSN. Her husband was a big baseball fan and I had my name on it and I signed it and I gave it to him now an depressed ecause. I can't spind it anywhere bay ot on any. It was just really cool, memorability 'cause, remember, biit goes really Yo Kno, it's a big deal from space, all for sure for sure you mentioned this a couple of times like especially through these questions. Youwere talking about this show that you have that's starting to come on before you go. Tell everybody where it's going to be what it's going to be on, so they can find a ir all these people that are asking these questions want to know. Yes, you guys have to come on. You guys have to come on as a three SOM I talking but anyway, to tell you where you can find me every Saturday night. So after this week we're going to be living on it's a website, page called Rondishi, not with the s just rondesher social hour dotcom and then from that page m. all of these shows will live on that page and that will have links to all the celebrities and people that we have on and then it will also be broadcast on you tube and facebull. At the same time, hopefully, and then hopefully, we can turn an entropod cast as well, but right now just gron to sheer social hour, dotcom and weere invited for three SOTHAT's. What I heard allright so congratulations to Mike Ranger again for pulling out the victory on this episode, and I want to say thank you very much to our special guest judge Rondesyer. Thank you boys. I can't wait to come back and stay I'L Hate Ot, you all right, doters! Well, if you've missed an episode, you can always head over to doaling decades dotcom where you can subscribe to the show on Itunes. On Spotifi, everywhere, podcasts are available and then surfin over o Tha facebook dotcom forward, slash dueling decades, where you can join our private group and share some of your very own Retro Memories. So until next time jewelers were going to bid you a piece, love Lightan, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone informemedia

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