Dueling Decades
Aug. 5, 2020

The judging is done, man! Keith Coogan raises the gavel on this duel between 1979,1982 &1997!

The judging is done, man! Keith Coogan raises the gavel on this duel between 1979,1982 &1997!

We're totally excited to be joined by the star of YouTube's new show, The Quarantine Bunch! Everyone, please rise for our special guest celebrity judge, Keith Coogan! Adventures in Babysitting, Don't Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead, Toy Soldiers, Hiding...

We're totally excited to be joined by the star of YouTube's new show, The Quarantine Bunch! Everyone, please rise for our special guest celebrity judge, Keith Coogan! Adventures in Babysitting, Don't Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead, Toy Soldiers, Hiding Out, The Fox and The Hound, 21 Jump Street, Silverspoons, Growing Pains, Mork and Mindy, CHiPs, Just the 10 of Us, Tales from the Crypt; Coogan was in everything, and he was a fantastic judge to boot. Keith's here to make sure "The Judging is done, man", and he'll be judging these men: First up, Beau Becraft, the man with the voice of an angel took some time away from doing voiceovers to bring the very best of the final week of July 1997. His first opponent, Marc James is back from vacation and ready to beat these gents with a first-rate offering from the final week of July 1979. Trying to get off the losing path, Mancrush changed into a new "lucky" shirt for the week, but will it work? We'll find out if his offerings from the final week of July 1982 will do the trick.

Keith Coogan drops some serious knowledge on the guys this week. Having been involved in Hollywood his entire life, Keith has some tales to tell! There is so much great nostalgia in this episode! Fast soundtracks, creatures that spray children, Tom Green's favorite vehicle, turtles with baboon arms, highways to the netherworld, an album close to Beau's heart, prostitutes who cook eggs in their underwear, houses that kill, a cosplaying John Leguizamo, the financial realities of motion pictures, Universal strikes a deal, Keith's uncle plays a priest, the real reasoning behind reboots, getting punched in the nuts, the Battle of Los Angeles was actually drug smugglers, Keith loses his virginity to ACDC and then gets caught, more stupid network decisions, Letterman watches a man get the taste slapped out of his mouth, gameshow disclaimers, a school for dicks, The Rolling Stones get paid a lot, The Fox and The Hound, listener questions, and who was Keith's favorite person to ever work with?

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formaymediapeople Inca Jeli can the pitin o plan, but te Doto an ran again apon that SHAP UT stop the powergrap com fihe for Wat loco to Potopi ANCRETA. Ba eote Borteco would take grave a o Bali Hasi. I Ama a TNO comfit for what you love yones broadcasting from the pogcast New York Studios. It's the adult only retro game show where the decades paddle for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to doing decades. I am Markd James and for this weak experience, duel I'll be going back to the seventies as I duel onine teen. Seventy nine, alongside these men, first off dueling with the final week of July Nineteen D, eighty two say hello to man, crush at's up the TRAI. I Got July twenty fifth through the Thirty First Nineteen D. Eighty two, I changed my shirt once again since I'm on a three game losing streak and I'm not en going to tell you what's on it. 'cause I'll probably have to change it again. Next weet, but I'm good. Let's go also returning to the panel this week and Duling with the final week of July. Nineteen. Ninety seven is renowned voice, actor bobe craft. Ah, that's right. It's great to be back and h good to be representing just shy of what would be my tenth birthday in nineteen ninety seven, and as always here on the show, we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. So this week, celebrity guest judge is the actor writer producer. You know and love from pclassics like the Fox and the hound, don't tell mom the babysitter's dead adventures and babysitting and toy soldiers all rise and welcome. Judge Keith cougan pushing went further down my quitter profile 'cause. It gets better ges in e coby Hunter quirrel enthusiast, Medik, wet nurse, all of that and Thentour Guide and one O. Those is true, so I was a little concerned with the wet nurse beyones. Now you don't understand how many medical accounts followed me after I did that nurse mad at Mr Fast nurses, it was just I was. It was unbelievable, so there's definitely some bots out there looking at that stuff. What we really need to know is that is that pure Canj in rank Doyou AERYTHRO. This is a beautiful Um wha. We like to call a real sugar, coke OOO man, he's going to be e's, Gonta, be all coked of lugging, an shugging away, a nothing all right. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules, the judges coin, flip Sholt, the side who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories, movies, television, music, news and hut products. A judgis ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds, four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie. After all five rounds, we will go to a final wild card round all right, doelers, it's time to sit back, relax and drink. peppermint snops out of a scope bottle like it's nineteen, ninety one, because it's time to play more o an and talk on the seond on all right. So, let's go right down to our guests: Judge Keith Gogen for the corn toss. You know what this week we'll task it between mancrush and Bobi craft. What an honor I'm going to! Let Bow Calli B'cause. I called it last time and I lost actually. I won the flip, but I lost the Games. I'm trying to change things up here, I'm in Leboga, okay, here's for the loss, Git Bo. So I got this new copy of Tevineo Ya. Onrasers, dad sound track, ONA, Salaanterste up and MOA te last face down, which which would you like? I think the only valid answer here is getting her face down. So I'm going to go with tha wow that took e turn Siin on Cao and fuld ot. I lit alow Letreaski, unfortunately Mamma's the last landed face up all right mancrush. That means you take control of the Boardr and get to select our first category all right. Let's go to. Let's do hot products, something that everybody enjoys we'll start off there with July twenty ninth nineteen and eighty two I was kind of torn on this one 'cause. Initially, I was going to pick the Tran arcade game, but the dates just weren't lining up for me. That would have been an amazing pic, considering that the arcade game close to fifty million dollars in nineteen enghty, three, which is more than the movie did, but I couldn't find the right Dat. It wasn't nailing down. So I kept digging and I found something and when you're digging through newspapers- and I know, market Bo Kno, exactly what I mean it just doesn't say just released on Things Lek, you got a like, dig, dig dig. However, I got lucky this time. I actually found something from stands in Shrevport Louisianas. So thank you very much. Much appreciated they put it in black and white just release. So here's a game that I owne from the Atariy Twenty six hundred as a kid and I loved it. I did have a problem breaking joysticks with this game, though- and I remember that all too well- I did have two joysticks from my twenty six hundred and the paddle that bullshit paddle thing and I recall, breaking both joysticks and trying to play this game with the paddle. It was impossible, it was miserable experience on one of my first chores as a child was my mom used to make me dust the house, and if I dusted the entire house, I get five bucks, so I could buy a new shit like a new joystick or whatever, but she would go through the House afterwards with a white glove to make sure that I did it and if I, if I didn't, I have to do it all over again, but I guess it's The p, the price you pay to play video games, but anyways. This is the Parker Brothers Games, the seeme, guys that make the board games and it's the first released star wars game to come to the market. Since that day, there have been over eighty store wars, games produced for variou systems, but this one is the empire strikes back fror the Itar Twenty six hundred at the time the graphics blew me away. You can actually see the imperial walkers, they kinda look like turtles, maybe with like baboon orms, but it was close like you knew what it was. The gameplay was fast or simplistic and honestly, aside from the detographics, I can actually see kids today playing this game. If it was an APP 'cause, it was Super Fun. It reminds me of one of those cellphone games, t at the kids play today, but the game it was pretty damn hard. You need to shoot the Imperial Walkers Forty eight times and I'm not making that number UC, that's legitimate, you hat to shoot them forty eight times each to blow them up. But this is this star wars, video game empire strikes back all began right here with the release of that game. On July Twenty Nin, ninety two, all right, Bolbe craft. What do you have for the hot products round? Well, gentlemen, you know, I love me a good hot products round and unfortunately, nineteen ninety seven didn't yield too many results like it normally does. So I'm going to go with this. The San Pedro newspilot in California boasted multiple classified ads for the luxurious Chrysler Lebaron fresh trade ins offered customers their choice of either a nineteen ninety lebaran loaded for year, forty nine, Ninety five from best by motors or the option of a ninety four convertible model at Boulevard, buack for only eighty nine. Ninety eight there you go: that's IT hot product, not it. Nineteen, Ninety, eight N, nineteen, ninety seven, but a a previous THROWBAC N, Thousan, nine hutdred and ninety four. The Chrysler Lebaron used models persoa on the Baron O see Tula Barons, Freddy I'm the number one son, all right. So from my hut product, I went over to the Handford sentinel from Hanford California July thirtieth, nineteen, seventy nine. I had the final week of July Nineteen, seventy nine! You Know California, in the summer it's hot out and for hot products. I wanted something that Kinda resognated with that, and I think I found the perfect one 'cause. I rememberd this toy from my youth. I found an advertisement from Floretta's toys and hobbies. Lorettas introduces two new toys: Willie Waterbug only eleven. Ninety five from WAMO, it's cool, splashing fun. Now, if you guys remember this, it was a giant yellow bug, you'd hook your hose up into its butt and then it had like little pieces of hose for hair and it would whip around and spray water absolutely everywhere. I remember this thing: it was cool and freaky. So that's what I got it's a brand new toy that just came out willywaterbug. It was o actually only eleven. Ninety five, that's a pretty good deal in nineteen. Seventy! Nine Yah! That's like five hundred dollars today! Well, if you go online, these things are collectors items now and they sell for a hell of a lot. More than that, I don't know why people still collect these, but I don't know they're pretty cool iy had a it was a yellow bug wearing a blue baseball cap and a little pocadodded vest, and then he had like plastic dreadlock, hair that wars hoses and then it would whip around and spray water all over the place so big hit at acid parties. It was man, it was g good times for all all right. So that's our hot products. Let's toss it down to our celebrity ganst judge Keithcugan for the verdict for the hot products round, so we'll go we'll go backwards. Everyone loves a good lawn toy. I slippan slide the new. I remember the noodly Duye landarts, where my favorite Um actuall Elia, Inn Crepanatia, but thaalso. I Chrysler. I know my grandmother who was an earl carrol girl, so she was a dancer in Hollywood in the thirties or so m. She had a a convertible white Chrysler Lebaron, w h the license plate, topless 'cause, she's Converti, so hsis, Rhowever, classy, paraclasuaste greatest anything revolving around the origintory twenty six hundred, especially tied to Star Wars. You got me there, that's going to be my shortan curly right there as star wars Um. I do remember the game, I don't remember going nuts over it coming out or the release. I think I eventually bought every single TITL LEA to get on its on Atary. Twenty six hundred, I think I had microvision, which was a hand held Elsie d screem an you would take the whole face on and replace it with different cartridges like I was a video game. obsess would go over a friend's house to play in television nobody owned both at the same time, so my voge goes towards Everis Trech back on the Attar Twenty six hundred. Thank you and remember at that time, and I I think I've started picking up the Games too, because it was right after the whole et thing, t bobed out and all those games plummeted. I remember going to this place called Lloyd's and the Games were like three. Ninety nine apiece and you know like every week e can get a new game. We got hip to developers. By that time we knew that kitchen, Gary Kitchen had left Atari and an established activevision, a d. We knew any activision title was just gold. There were some other kind of cool games. They made some like Gystopian stuff, an ufo Su. It was all very defender like, but um there were some other cool. I ranch off, not Atari that got away with it, so it depended on. I was just savveof who made the game 'cause? Yes, trusting a movie license after that was not easy and also you have to understand th video games. If you fire up your most aricade M, O of what's main Stanford, multiple arcade machine, emulation, oe, hireup name and look at titles from eighty two, you will, you will say anything that you're only playing to tr twenty sier of the game play and using a lot of your imagination for o the rest of it. Um The an Al Donkey Cong had already come out and and by then we could see the difference between home versions and what the arcade versions were. And so I think at that point the original, vetrexs or laser star wars had come out where you're driving the original star wars, CP o Arcade, which was amazing, and so there was no point in trying to get a starwars Gamean, homethats ha e Iherd 'cause. You knew it wasn't ging to equal like an archade EXPERIENC. That may have been why I didn't run out of the GRO absolute. It was fun, though it was a fun game and I won that round. Some fucking, let's, let's move on I'm going to go, I'm going to go music. So, let's Begie with July thirtieth, nineteen and eighty two and I haven't gotten to pick a decent soundtrack, a while. I I can'te remember the last one that I picked so when I saw this Albem it was list I jumped on it. It's definitely a great soundtrack, and that being said, we were talking about eightes movies. I'd say this particular movie. Rount here is Mt Rushmore Worthy Eighties Flick. If you look at it, if I'm building Hem ount Rushmore, I'm going to have like adventures of babysitting hiding out cheat and then fast times, Rich Mont, High Btbefor, this movie, it defines the early eighties and the soundtrack's no different. The the album would actually peak in number fifty four on the billboard, two hundred, which is pretty solid for a soundtrack, and it's really good for sountrack in nineteen. Eighty, two, because most of the movies I was watching in the eighties at least that early in the eighties they had music. That was like a step above like seventies, porn music. You know you certainly didn't have anything as cool as Jackson, Brown's somebody's baby, which was a single that was released from this soundtrack, Thay, climbed all the way to number seven on the billboard hot one hundred. Then you had Sammy Hagar, the Gogos Don Henley Ongo Boyango Billy Squire, and then they even added like some classical stuff to this you had dona summer ye jowash, stevie, xjimmy Buffett. They've really had a bunch of everything on this, and I know people at home they're going to message us and say well in the movie. You know I heard the cars I heard Tom Petty, I heard Ledzeppelin. Unfortunately, those were not on the soundtrack. I just wanted to be a hundred percent clear on that they're, not on the soundtrack, whoever we do get the greatest Soundtra guy of the eighties. This shoull win theround on its own. The man behind meet me half way, dangeris own fot loose and I'm all right. He wrote a song on this soundtrack, the legend the legendairy Kenny logens. He wrote the the track, never surrender, what a GIG that guy had he's like the soundtrack Meistro. But once again this is the sound track. Four fast times of Richmond High and Ne, it In't. Do it Itwasaloutrush Tis. You said they had to holdoff a Zepelin. I knew exactly which the movie you were talking about. I it had to be a money thing, I'm sure that's a right to money thing did you know in adventures and babysitting we're driving into lower macrodriving, Tobasson's garage and a cupe comes on and it's the beginning of gimmy shelter by the rolling stones. It's just the GUITARIINTRO and Garel goes. This is weird and, and the babysitter says you're weird and we have a nice laugh and then it fades out. Just before MC Jadger's vocals come in touchdone pictures in Disney paid more for the rights for the first sixteen bars of gimmey shelter. Then me and Anthony wrap salary combined, and they had to cut it off before mehestarted singing 'cause. It would have been even more expensive to use the music if they use mixe vocal, so tha rumor was fifty grand is beginning of dimmy shelter without mixd vocals and I'm in the wrong business. Now you got to go back to the really Sik TEC, an stor te ro band and in a pesoldyo exactly yeah one day. One day I got a pretty free weekend. That's a pretty good uh pick right. There that's going to be tough right there, one of my one of my favorite Seltin, all right, bobe craft. What do you have for the music round? I found in doing all my research for this particular episode. Th. It always works out this way. It's always the week before or the week after the week you have that has all the good stuff Um. So my music pick is going to be kind of self indulgent. It's July, twnty, Nin, nineteen. Ninety seven, the arrival of these second studio album from old countryban whisky town, which H is fronted by Mr Ryan Adams, with a big fan of h, stranger's ALMANAC. It's it's got more of a an interesting story behind it than the actual album success itself, just plagued with with issues throughout the whole recording process, including the departures and and contemplative departures from the core members of the group, but ultimately finally kind of reached the retail shels. There were two sessions that produced what would come to be known, as you know, Stranger's Almanac, as it is today, thirty six songs recorded between those two sessions, which is just ridiculous prolific, to say the least. Thirteen made the final track listing, but the band ultimately broke up September that year, during a pretty tumultuous, show down the road from me and Canit recorded forty six tracks in the studio, they're Goingto go R, everyone's had enough they're exhausted, but yeah. This would actually be the pretty much they. The ban did put out very many albums, and this was definitely their final one. But since then it's KINDOF become an olf country, staple kind of a CU class. It was actually reissued as a dilexedition bonus tracks, all the additional stuff in March of two thousand eight H so, like I said, there's a bit of a personal preference pick for me, not a whole lot going on that week in nineteen. Ninety seven, but my pick is stranger's almanact from muskytown the weak experience very weak experience, N osanine hundred nd. Ninety seven, it happens man you get what you get all right, so for my music selection. This is the sixth studio album by this band. Now, if you listen to the shel a couple of episodes back, I actually picked their seventh studio album as my music selection, and it's actually an album that I have here in the Podcash New York, southern campus studios up on my wall to satellite release July twenty, seventh, nineteen, Seventy Nine lasion, gentlemen. I give you highway to hell from AC DC, just one of the pinnacle albums of rock and roll. The final album with the late great bond Scott singles off of this one. Higwa e Hell, girls got rhytm touched too much. Now Girls got rid of them much like the other ACD C. Album and the bad company album. These are tactically heavy metal, hard rock bands. There are album cuts on these albums that you would find in any dance, cluber bar in the seventies and eighties man for metal songs. You can get down and Bogieto these songs and I think that's where mainstream America really grabbed on to it. You go to any pool hall man in highway. To Hell is there it's always on. Everyone plays that song. The story behind this is they're actually going to be paired up with South African born Eddy Creamer, that's known for producing Jimmy Hendrix, Zepplin Kiss. He was all over the place with them actually wanted them to cover. Give me some love in and I'm a man by the Spencer Davis Group ATC wasn't having it. They brought in another producer. Mister Robert John Muttlang, one of the most legendary, produces of all time worked with the band kind of rereformed and reskulted what ACDC would become, and unfortunately it was bond Scott's final album, but yeah highway to hell released July, twenty, seventh nineteen, seventy nine, just an altane classic. How do you keep getting these? It's re episodes Y. I had back an lack, and now I got highway to hell. It's IT J, St. I couldn't believe it if you listend to the show we sayeit all the time all of the dates on the show completely picked at random. So we get what we get elp every time I got the seventies, I get disk yeah and I ended up. I end up Ahazy. I hate you yeah. I hate you Al Right. Well, let's see what our judge Keith Kukin has to say he might hate a CD C. I don't know well respect to whiskey, town and H old country. Absolutely, and I mean the h soundtrack to fassines Um. You know just I mean it's tremendous and and how it's used in the film and how it you know, speaks o how Camerakro is used music in his film since then Um and then we've got we've got Ayut. So now, okay, it's a tough one. I I th the ACDC is a good it's a good band. If it was if it was back in black, it would have been my choice. Having lost my virginity toback in black, so but it wasn't that was you know seventh Alem we're talking about six that I would hels great, but it doesn't have that connotation to me personally, Gat back in black doys so and I go with the sound trap to fast times. Average Mone hig final answer, wo right. 'd call: Are you gonna, like elaborate on the the losing your virginity story to tall right then keep you secrets to say her parents AK Robegne all right, H, Shit. Where do I go from here last single point round? What's stronger, I'm Gong to go? Let's go movies. Let's fish! It up with h single point rounds, an movies here, let's Go July, Thirtieth Nineteen Nghty two and I had a few movies to choose from here. One of them was a huge movie that came out, but it was it's a movie that I just cannot bring myself to watch and that's ASER and a gentleman. So I didn't P. I did not select it. Instead, I decided to select something that I found to be a good movie, and here is the second major motion picture that this Oscar Ward, winning director released I'd, actually consider this his first major motion picture since he starred in his directorial debut and that that's like cheating right, like you're, directing yourself an you're, an actor. What do you think thits all entirely depends on who you're talking about I'm talking about Ron Howard? Oh, he directed himself in Blacktop, h fever or something like that yeah. Something like that. I was like Inan. It was under the perview of little world and Roger Coreman. Pramous words are you know you really do need at least three days to make a good picture and yeah I mean look. That's that's pretty amazing run hour, Tec Wat, a director right all right, so we'll, let's move onto what the movie is here, se can guess what it is, but this comedy would go on. It would make twenty one million dollars ot the box office, which is roughly fifty six million dollars in twenty twenty, which is not too shabby. The cast is great, though we got mark's, favorite cheers Hotty, you got Shelly Long, Yougot, Michael Keetn and what', probably the movie that put him Ain Haf, all the way, nighfor movies. He know where real again with Michael Keen he was pretty much at this point was knowon for television, so this is really his first, like big movie movie, then, like H, you were just saying he had Henry or Henry Winkler was in this, although after the Ren decer episode that killed my entire image of Henry Winkler, so I just I just see him like not in a good light. Now I don't know like it just a bad story. Sheis if you're lost on that one go back and listen to the randashere episode. She tells hus Incredible Story About Henry Winkler: It'll change worlds, man yeah it's but I mean he's in this and then also you had Richard Bells or Clint Howard. And then you had a couple of big names really and a couple of their first roles, very early roles, Shannondority Visiciavelli and then the amazing Kevin Cosser, who plays Frat boy number, one which is pretty awesome. Just like you said this is the movie night shift, one thousn, nine Teren N. Eighty two, if you've never seen it Richard Bells or kills a pimp of all people, Richard Belzer is the muscle I shu not real. He's like the boss of the muscle and like gets the guy toss out the window. Then you got a shock and bill who work mortuer or no, it's ortuary. I know I more mortos, it's more yeah work in city, Orgn Yeu got like Michael Keton News, basically like his own entrepreneur, stealing the car to do like weird trips and shit like that. So hes ID an't check it out, he's always a total bulshit artist, but he's a good one he's the idea guy. He comes up with the whole thing. To start the BOOYYEA he's Theidea guy at the end of the movie hs dressed like Tarzan. This was mad at a time when movie thought that prostitution was a great subject matter like Arthur or h. What were the other ones at that time. Do Business Angel? Thank you very much trading places Um. It was just fascinating, Oh and, of course, the CREMDALACREM doctor Detroit staring Gan Ecro Egropthis is great comedy gold. Even Bachelor Party touched on the prostitution. Why was this so anyway? Moving on and you got, you got shelly long, cooking breakfast in her pannies, which is pretty decent for that movie H, but it was rated rs so check that out, it's nineteen too, so I'm sure you're going to get good stuff there and that's July thirtieth. Nineteen, two, it's Ron Howard's night shift all right, bulbee craft. What does nineteen ninety seven have for the movies round? I just remember being absolutely petrified by this movie when it came out August. First, nineteen. Ninety seven, the cinematic arrival of spawn the onscreen adaptation of the Popular Comic Book Series from Creetor Todmcfarlan, not to be confused with the guy o created family guy, Michael J white in the title role, one of the first films actually, the future, an African American actor portraying a major comic book super. So it is notable for that to picks the origin story of the title character, also stirring John L, John Legazama, who is the most horrifying character in this entire film H, to look at and just H, think about and have nightmares about. Grossed. Eighty seven point: nine million dollars worldwide. After a budget of forty to forty five millions, I would guess that's a a decent hall, I'm sure Keith could speak to that more aptly than I could yeah. Everyone always forgets this. What does m the movie theater do with half the money, spend it on prostitutes, I'm guessing. No, the movie theater chain, so e box. Offfice number is the entire Gross, but remember movie, theaters keep about half of the TICKETSSO. The studio only made about forty two and a half million dollars on that. So that's rithat's accellrly. I never think at all EA the best deal they've got out. There is sixty forty, where the studio keeps sixty percent, and this is an a picture, a marvel release where they go. They have a little more leverage on a big picture like that and they can dictate the entire schedule. For the year NTO a theater saying you're going to get this for six weeks and you're going to get this, then we're going Ta give you this. They have to leav gaps in there, otherwise it becomes a Monopoli M, so always cut the box office in half and then that's the real money, the studio's kind of working wer and then take the budget given and triple it, because youv got um the PNR pend a public relations, an advertising P na Spendes, what it's calld and then in the old days there was a physical manufacturing of thousands of prints, it need to be shipped and that cost was really expensive. Now we could put a couple of master DC, PS, online and boom they can be sent out and so the distribution cost are, are narrowed, Um and the price hasn't gone up too much. I mean ticket prices, especially if youre looking at downlaing online, and now you got to fight for TV. That's basically, I remember going to cineplexes where the screen was about five feet: Um, so it it. You know Kindof Bouns, I triple the budget and then half the box office and those are movies that actually did well for a studio that madethat's that's great insie. I got a question for Yo. I do want to point out 'cause, I'm sure people will throw this out. They love to correct us. I am sure th Keith meant image. Comics, not marvel comics thereas image, comics thav put out spawn so don't kill Kodo. I meant today they're horrible fucking nerds that original spawn was post, Matrix, vilm making made prematrix so whety had ha e hunder world vibe. It had that kind of just slick night. You know glossy look plus Um a truly evil redition of mccarlan and had great cell through on 'cause, horror and Scifiin. Comic cans are the most feticistic. When it comes to movies, they will buy the Hocky mask and the thing and the action figure and the all the props and box sets and all that stuff- and I remember, spawn being heavily merchandise in ninety seven. Oh for it's Kindo interesting. I mean it mostly got critically pand and, and surprisingly enough, one of the few positive reviews that that I was able to find was from my favorite review, chair, Roger Eberd. He gave it three and a half out of four stars. He said the he likes to watch leve. He does and he's good. I been Goin a home. He he said it was. He said the plot was sappy and little more than a set up for some of the most innovative effects of the era, so much so that spawn verged on s as you kind of touched on. I A surealistic art film and he said as a visual experience. It's unforgettable but see this. This kind of contradicts with how I've come to no, it's almost got co classic status. It seems like anymore, like it's. It's more of a you know like one of those hard core faned favorite films that you know critically yeah it kindof bombed, but it's a fand favorite in some circles it seems like before we go too far. I wanted to touch on this 'cause. You mentioned it. What's your whole thought process ind the whole thing right now with universal trying to pull out of all the movie theaters you're not trying to but doing it and putting all their stuff straight to Vod. You think that's going to be the way of the future or what are we going to not go to movie theaters anymore? They just made a deal. Oh did they I'm not current. So yesterday on the news I read, but universal an AMC have struck a deal. They are now narrowing the window of theatrical reliese exclusivty to seventeen days and giving MC theatres a bit of the profits off of the vog sales as soon as they become available, so am c'll get it for seventeen days. So you got Ta, wait two and a half weeks, and then you can buy it on vsod or whatever, and then there'll be another window where it'll come Ondor your cable channels and then the Onamizon frimes were free and stuff like that. So they they h Y- and I don't know if thit's, temporary or not, but it's kind of like it seems like something that audiences were already ready for day an releases as a matter of fact they were before thependemic. They were talking about day and date, and I know movie. Theater exhibitors were very nervous about that. But then we showed how something popular or net flix like Okya could be then distributed in theaters. 'cause people wanted to go, see it and they would sell out those screenings Um. There is no normal. Nobody knows how, and I think that the goal is- and this made me because I M Morktresonias- A tour guide at the Sony Studio Touris in Los Angeles, California, is that Sony Um finds out how an audience wants to see their movie and that's why they quickly changed the trolls. They were going to go big and be like Balon and be leutenant, and they were going to hold fats to. I theatrical release, that's how you make your money and they went screwitg we're going to make these kids watch this thing for forty eight hours straight ECAUSE we're going to sell this package where the parents can, I anyway they were ganous. Is they made a hundred million dollars? onjust Viodi, that's crazy! I think that's going to change a lot. I mean it doesn't bother me. I have basically a studio it. The basement. You know I have. I don't even know how big ex creen it's like fifteen feet, yeah, which is big enough, but you you do kind of miss out on the movie experience. I think if it's going just Vod, so I actually really liked that that they're going to do it for seventeen days. There is a site. I can't remember it. KINDOF fell out of trend, but it was where that people would prov propose an event or a movie to be released or Showin n the theater, and then people would all come in and if so many soany people said they were interested in going. They would book that event and get the licence and screen it, and I feel that that can be a way like really on demand and you can almost have it reversed where theaters are on demand and groups can pull up and you get private screenings for birthday parties and read on jaws or rerun raiders, or something like that. That's wit's huge right now, yeah the fire festival, was insent to be like Cameo, where you could just rent a star or Anat to not go through manager Agens, but what's their cost, fifty grand fo at a Salato, an island and they do a show and lift the fire festival, was terrible and Yo k w that W that fellapart but Camio was working and cameo. You know hostall. The videos makes it really easy for the celebrities, an the by the way visit, my cameo profile. U, and so there could I've seen you ow, you got Kevin Smith and you've got what's the name of the film funding group Um that was behind. They did the gap financing for Um Jan Bo Riboo MMEGA, something is it something it I coul picture the Loga Yeah. Thank you allegin Legnmugeam Legiamm, so the Universaly came up with about forty percent Um subondn entertainment came up with about forty percent of the budget and then the LESA did abou twenty percent of the budget to produce the film and that's how they were able to afford to get you in it yeahand and h. So then they with the road shrow Tor, where they went instead of fifteen dollars, a ticket which they did for two nights. They showed it nation ride in about seven hundred theateres in two nights, then they went a rodshow which was sixty cities, and you know eighty days or something like that where they made and paid back the gap, financiers the LESR M financers first, and they did it in about three months and it was nanot only usually gap PA anything gets left out, 'cause the studios, the big dog's Goin to take their bikes first ye, so it that was very interesting and of course, tthey've now got a slave. You know more films that they're making an people can invest in so it'll, be at one point: you'll be able to cameo and pick your cast and then submit a script for them, and then people can record it and do it whatever and it'll be at some point. People will be able to be Um. True or yes, that's awesome. Now we can actually make the prequel to over the top. We could now. That would be amazing under the hood under the Ho, where he', where he's he's arm wrestling in Mexico and an underground circuit, and they pinn drug dealing on him and he goes to jail. Lo, Oh man, we can go nuts in this. You Get David Man in hause characters younger he's only like five or six an he gets kidnapped. Oh, it's perfect, all right, sorry to derail your pickmark, but it is the movies round and Keith Kuga nos movie, so I had ask not a problem: alrigh Guy. So from my movies pick, this franchise all started here with this movie release July: Twenty, seventh, Nineteen, seventy nine! I give you the all time classic the aminyvill horror. I mean this is a franchise that still lives on to this day. There's been several reboots t v shows sequels everything, but this is the original, of course. It's star James Brolan and Margo kidder. For me, this is where haunted house movies started. It has that really creepy element, not everything is explained. They never explaind the Red Room in the basement or why that's there or why demons take on the form of animals. Now the back story of this is based in reality. As they say it is based on a true story. You know there was a a killing in a home ere a child killed his entire family, all Rightso. This is what I think have really happened and it's the greatest scheme ever this couple bought a house and they had the biggest case of buyers. Remorse ever Oit, I ri, then you're rigo, no one's ever tried this before the house is possessed we're getting out of this man, I'm telling you this is Aminy. VILLHOROR is the biggest case of buyers remorse ever and it worked inspawned a franchise is that is that the whole case with skin Walker ranch too, don't know e. It might be, but yeah that that's honestly, that's my belief. I don't, I don't buy into all the supernatural spooky stuff. I look practically at things and I I think it's buyers remorse in a great story. So that's what I got for movies, the Amineville Horor, the original one July, Twenty Seventh Nineteen d: Seventy nine wow. So let's go down to Keith Kugen for the ruling on the movies round. Those are all incredibly tough picks if I'm pretending, like they're all out on one weekend, and I can go see one of them and I'm trying to like make my you know Solphi's choice. So I um, although I appreciate spawn I'm Gonn, I'm going to park back for a second- were a ges, very strong comedy and probably definitely and it's one of those things people don't think of when they think of franchise, horror, Amiry, Bilwaer, aspawn, an tomit didn't see in the theater, maybe caught a bit oncable. You know what I mean. I was bad, I'm a bad bad fan, but I read enough about it to be familiar and go oky I'll, get to it in some day. That's my bag. I did like the underword world films to tell you anyway made ship Um. This is you know, I'm now aware of great comedy like Aeroplane and Um who Michael Keeton is, and Ye got Mr Mom coming up uh, probably in the next year or so Um ut, we had Z, channel out Malibu, you know like a box, wof, ABCD and then Z channel, which is atoria on by cokbiened Um. You know, guy that we get like the original print of Heaven's gay and like directors, cut of Supermantoo, all that cool stuff and then air it for you, and so it would nerer be a gap of a year or two sometimes for movies to catch up like by eighty one, I'm watching alien. That kind of a thing, so I I mean I loved it. It's great now. Here's Vramodoville whor personally fits into my world. One of my grandfather showed her wive as an the cormet and she had a a son from a previous marriage, Don Stroud who played the priest in Amideville home. So my uncle Don Stroud was in Hes Wat the flies when they'r the room, an he flash, O my davs and flinded. Oh, my God, He Hu find it so I'm giving Enu to am tevill also because that movie scared the crap out of me the pig. What is it? Jenny, N, the pig Jell Jakon that and not explaining it perfect the Rin renold ones? We were like years o a her's why it was like Pulter, guys too, don't explain it. Man Ite just ruined it now see. Daminy Vilhora is really how the money pit should have ended when the money pit, when they bought that house, they should have taken that route. T'd be like all right, we're just going to pretend Theis ghosts. The money pit is a perfect film. Thon'ht wo. Dare talk about bnpit yeah. Keep that out of your mouth mark two weeks. That's a briing joke with my wife, no longs going to take F. Two weeks. Two weeks, that's everything when you're a home go amor car a crap out of me. I love every sequel. I saw the three D one. I saw the one with the doll house. I I mean loved Hem. They really didn't never made a bad one. It knew what it was and it never because it had um. Just this scary supernatural element, I don't know they always kind. I did. I actually did a marathon once and watched them all back to back to get the continuity between hem and I like the new one. Okay, it's okay, wh! What's Your Tho? What's Y ur, what's your real thought on reboots and and everything? Oh well, you know why we're seeing a lot of reeboots right now. I don't know 'cause they're trying to make money ecause. Nobody has an original idea anymore. All totally the reasons I had kind of talked until I learned that Um in one of the last writers guilt, contract renegotiations, they talked about ntellectual property rights, and one of them is now in contract that, after the movie comes out Tha, if the studio doesn't do anything Withtaut property. In thirty five years it reverts back to the writers, intellectual property, so there's a window right now go backwards, thirty, five years and Gee. Why are they remaking foot loose ghostbusters h? What were some other ones c? Is it like Beverly Hills, COP, getting a sure, Hart turry that feels about right, they're like the Spidermans? Why are we seeing Spider Mans? U Origin Story over and over and over again, because marble and Sony had a trunk mated version of that where they had to make one every two years or three years they lost the rights Um. So that's why we're seeing that that before e we're seeing them look at they readed inventons of he babysting already? Is He channel original movie they're, looking at don'tellem on the Babysitter's dad to be rebooted? I even heard of toy soldiers in there was Queen Latifa and an all girls school and is just so that they can renew the inetual property rights and then hold Undo Hem. So that's why we're seeing this rash of the remates from these particular years? No Shr wild, that's gids, wo, know now: WH N everybody's bitching in our in our facebook group, an Yo, can tell them this is why deal with it and, of course, Kevin Smith, Lad, actually Jason Lee laid outbetween, remate, reboot and Rodvery well and he's got on all right. So I pick up a point in the final one point round heading into the first two point round. I think we're going to go over Tom. The news round. From my news article, I went over to the San Francisco Examiner July twent y nth nineteen. Seventy Nine D found an interesting article, called pot smugglers. Take the high rooad thos article goes on to talk about some new methods of smuggling marijuana. An the United States, and I thought this e was a little. Creative drug runners have found a new way of smuggling their contraband into the United States by firing a rocket. The odds are that marijuana missiles are being taken seriously by the Drug Enforcement Administration and air defense officers. It has been revealed that there were suspicious flights aroused about six years ago when mystery missiles were tracked down over the Mexico. California border, so they have tracked them on radar they're shipping marijuana over the border in missiles. I don't know if this is the way you want to get high or not to me, there's a there's, a risk factor here. You might lose some stuff and missiles have a tendency to blow up so hat you just going to aerocolize the whole area. I mean this is nineteen. Seventy nine! Today they just do this with drones. This this is like the little rockets you fire off in your backyard and they're, just like tire joyous to them. What do you think the battle of Los Angeles was? Is that what it was? Was it marijuana missiles it MUSTV from the ocean? They were just firing shit of H, man there's another movie. We can make God we can cameo movie these things. They did. Nineteen forty one BASBS pilbergr. Now the article goes on to say that, although the information that they have received was a little sketchy, it was complete enough to show that smuggling may have occurred on the night of the unidentified missile. So the May, the North American Air Defense Command in Colorado has confirmed the mystery tracking. So there was smuggling that went on that night. They know that for a fact, but they' they're not sure if it was the missile, but it could have been that completely ee's. What I thought right from the get go. You got two spots on your boarder, you got point a and you got pointb point B. You Got Twenty guys that you're going to get over and you're going to figure it out an point e. You Go. Let's distract them with this. Damn rocket o thy like they said Theyr Border Patrol they're, very interested in the rockets. Thege alwas tear fire six of 'em Bo, oh over here, and then run our guys in over here when no one wheneveryone's over there. Looking at the rocket easy easy there's, no way, that's really Yiu it was actually it was. It was a weather balloon! That's good! Though Lok we had, I lived in L A so we'v Got Rafts coming up Zobiac, you got tunnels being built, drons Um, it's it's a mess and we you know. I know that there's talk of and people fighting over where there should be a wall built along the. U S, Mexico border: We have one in Los Angeles and San Diego and you can still fire rockets over it. They're, not rockets or weather balloons, O wel in nineteen, seventy nine. They were marijuana missiles. They were launched H, launched by Grassa. They were all aimed at El Poylovzo establish that's my news story. Man Crush has forbete over to you. That's a good ro, Oh man, all right! So, let's go to July thirtieth nineteen. Eighty two and I was fortunate enough to have gotten this story. B'CAUSE. I don't think many people give it that much credit for its impact in the world of professional wrestling bow you'll like this one. I know you, will you hear a lot of people talk about how Vince macmann created wrestling entertainment. He coined it. That's his that's his deal, many people. They were point in N, nine teen inghty five. They point at Russelmania as the launching point, but that's not really the case. This event right here is what propelled wrestling entertainment and, I would venture to say, Vince, took an he took notice of this and he went after it and I'm sure Vince Junior was kicking himself because his father actually shot down this idea and this whole thing took place in Memphis tendency instead and here's the abriged version of these events that happen so everyone's familiar Andi Coufman, he loved professional wrestling. He wanted to be involved with it at one point and the s at the story goes andh little background, hew's superpopular. At the time he was on taxy Saturday night live huge star, so the story goes. He asked Vince senior. Of course, I'm talking about Vince mcman senior to get involved with the WW after nineteen. Eighty, two and Vince said that he didn't think it would work. People would think it's fake, so he said all right, so he walked o and he walked off. So Somehow Andy Kaugman knew bill after who worked, or he was a photographer for professional wrestling illustratiat at the time Pwi and he hooked him up with Gerry lawler down in Memphis and were wallers. Basically, a wrestling God down there, so andy calls jerry up without hesitation. Jerry says absolutely. I want to work H. I want to work with you, so he comes down passe forward a little bit. Andy Coffmin is working for C W a down there and he's fighting women from the crowd, and then it eventually builds up to a feud with the king, so Jerry Laller, he ends up pile driving, Andy Coughman. He gets hauled off in an ambulance months. Go by after this right months. Go by Andy Caufman calls Jerry laller again, he said: Hey Man, you want to come on the late night show with David Letterman to continue our feud. I think the first one was in like April now, it'h July. It's you know, beginning of July nd they're scheduling this baller probably didn't even hang up the phone. He just left flew right up to New York, tetee guys get on the show together. Amyyou got a Hollywood star and a professional wrestler in a feud on lettermen I mean that alone in n nineteen and eighty two is amazing, but then these guys end up arguing on the show and Loller decks. Coufman knocks hem over the chair and then couman drops a bunch of Fox and he calls lall or a fucking asshole and the whole thing they didn't think they were going to eir up, but they ended up airing it that night throwing a bunch of quacks over the top of all the cursewords, and then he tosses coffee on Jerry, Loller, literally the shot hear round the world at this point makes lallor a household name. It links Hollywood and wrestling and develops one of the best and most creative storylines in professional resting history, because this it didn't just end there. This shit went on for years. I mean this is the abridged version of the story. If you really want to tig this up, go online, it's fucking fantastic! What these two did so the next time someone asked you when wrestling entertainment really began. If people actually asked that, I don't know if fucking, if anybody would ask, but if they did, you tell them July thirtieth nineteen. Eighty two when Jerry laller slapped the shit out of Andycoffman on late night with t David Letterman. That's when the shit started, there's so much more to the story in the feud, but I'm going to keep it at that man. But the feud ran right like right up to his death, an like t was like nineteen. Eighty four so went for like two years. Amazing Shit, Amazing Shit, but that's what my my pick is for the news rigt here, a right bulbee craft over to you, I feel like I got a really bland pick compared to those two but July Twenty Se, Ven n nine Hutden. An ninety seven paper view welcomes UFC fourteen show down H, pretty run of the mill event for UFC. But this one is o note, because this marked the first occasion in UFC history and mixed martial arts. For that matter, an which fighters were required to wear padded gloves, gloves, weighed between four and six ounces and up until then it was the fighter's option as to whether or not they wanted to wear gloves in in the Octagon Milton bone being the first UFC fighter to choose to wear gloves back ten ten paper views before t UFC four, so now modern day official Emima, uniform rules now say fighters must wear commission approved, open fingered gloves must weigh no more than six ounces. No less than four larger gloves may be warned with approval. Gloves must be supplied by the promoter in Te. Mayfighters cannot supply their own gloves. So this really kind of was one of the first major regulations to be implemented in UFC and obviously it's you know. I guess, for safety, even though UFC is probably one of the less safe sports on the market, but at least they're wearing gloves now mom. How many ouses wher did you say four thou're going to be between four and six, no less than four, no more than six stil kill a guy with that yeah gown up in Rican. I'm going to start requiring that I wear ankleweights. When I do mixed mmartial work, I only get some girth behind my kicks. I loved it there, like. You, can't do this specific. May you know you can't do but grounding and pounding a guy. You can just pumble the shit out of a guy. An bearelbows are cool. You can use your elbow just not your fist d. You guys remember the first couple where I think it was. It was either: U S one or two: It could have been even three where I think it was old leg. Taktaroff got like either he punched the guy in the nuts like five time. I remember thet. I was like what do you do? You got the Ron, Ritten Role, br thats back when, when grace used to use the Gei joke and would take his gey and just wrap it around the opponent's neck to yea anchoke 'em with it's so much better, though Chris O go back wow. So this is. This is an incrribly, tough choice, 'cause, there's so much legit news going on right here: Um, big respect to firing weed rockets over the border e respecte at and UFC. You know no one's Grewin around in friends when Rachel's boyfriend wants to become an ultimate fighting champion- and you know it's a big joke, but then he's really going to do it. That's when it got you could get murdered in the ring. Doing this forget having your arm pulled out a sock on er, woolky style H, you know that's the real deal and I think that so and here's why pin of I'mleaning towards Anni couer? Okay, then here's? Why? Because he legitimized both first of all, people went Annie, fighting women, that's not good, but he'she's. Wrestling though I thought everybody called Wrestling Fike. So wev got a little cognitive dissance going on for audiences, and this is great. Then we get laller who'se, obviously a plant. This is all set up its genius, IT'S BRILLIANT! It's theatr! You get two people who will never break character, loller his interrupted meat and greets like the beginning of wrestling matches and taken them over Um. He is the king of talking shit before Mach lollers. Also amazing, in the ring and onscreen you get coufsman who will not break character, will not laugh, and so now youv got this. This is dangerous for costment right 'cause. He could get murdered by Jerry Laller. Well, this takes the whole idea that wrestling is fake and it puts it way in the back of the Mi ht, the reasonable suspension of disbelief hold on one second sure, sorry, I was getting more dishes ordered, so I can sign. Dishes are done, man ELP is to FAM legitimazing, Coffman and lawler. You Tot, of course, if you continues never is drop. Coftman goes to his grave saying whether this is a bit or not. It doesn't matter, and and that's the beauty of it. 'cause acting is a gag n and so is comedy. So you know wrestling professional wrestling. I don't think people really wanted to they loved the show of it and they love the stories of it and the characters of it, and it's also something ncredibly difficult. You could get incredibly hurt trying to do it until you KINDOF learn the gags. The movie the wrestler helped us learn how hard it is to sake it umand. So I want to give it to that, because canti comedy, I love Anti Humor. I Love Shaggy dog stories. I love the journey of it. An Koftman's bits were- and this was one of his most elaborate bits, so I'm going to give it to coughmin o a letter vow eltstanding yeah. I mean d like when I was doing the research of this and I I literally watched there was like a twenty five parked series of everything that they went through for like two years. So I watched all these bits and it just never ended, and I think that's one of the things that we lack today was professional wrustling. It there's no long game like that. That was, he looked at the long game and he went like there was a part where you know he goes into a fee, Jimmy Hart and he he convinces Jerry Laller. That Yo know he hates heart and he'll quit wrestling if you know and the whole thing's just a double cross, and nobody bought into this like this- do as so ahead of his time, and he wasn't even in the business. He wasn't one of the guys he just was there and he was just an actor and he just did an amazing frigging job. You don't see especially now. So thank you, but let's Uh last round, there's not going to be any ties with this one. So, let's US go right to T v I'll. Kick this one off July: Twenty, ninth, Nineteen, two! It's still summertime, so there's no new relevant, shows debuting or ending on television in July of Nineteen. Eighty two, since I seem to never get anything from the man crushthree and which, of course, R, the movies that I grew up with Greece, Fria Thirteenth, an aerplane. I decided to go with the closest thing and I'm going all in on this one with a rerun. So, in March of nineteen, eighty two ABC took a chance on a show, but this is wild to me because they innounced the cancellation of this show in March, after only showing four episodes of the show and the trio of David Zacher, Jerry Zuccer and Jim abrhams, they were highly tolned to shop secret, no ws the TV around oi mean I'm sorry, your clothes, you know you know the lineage, so they just came off of Kentucky, fried moving an airoplane yet ork, leace God Ganet, but thell a naked gon. It's not Acogo, and it's on its way. There go on, Oh God, on Cok rock. No, it's! Actually it's POLICEIT's police squad. Thank you! Tan Denne, yes, cause! The naked gun was naked gun from the files of Gri files of police squats, and that's one of the reasons I picked is so. This is what happened, though, and that's why I wanted to give it kind of props, because I don't think a lot of people even realize it was a real show, because it's such a short stint, so a B C canceled to show four episodes in they did manage to play the last two episodes that July. She got six in total in nineteen two BU at the time the A B C present. He said he cancelled the show because the audience had to pay too close attention to the show and it demanded too much effort to which teeny Guyde had a rebutle of this e end of nineteen. Eighty two- and they said that was the stupidest reason a television network ever gave for the cancellation of a series. A TIVA guide is right, obviously, because you never cancel a show with Lesley meals in Youre inidi. If you do that, but this show, like everyone saying it's, the series tha focuses around detective frank, Drebon, Captain Ed Hockin, and it would end up being a huge Hollywood success. Of course, it was adaptod the silver screen in nineteen eighty, eight with a hugely pothe naked gun series, but the show police squad it only matrsed to have six meshly episodes. While the movie had two seekness, they had three movies and six episodes cause some dipshit said: Oh people have to think too much on this show and let me throw this out there. The three movies made two hundred and sixteen million dollars of the box office. But, as we know now you got a slice Ecshin up and they find me ighteen dollars, but it as still better than the six episodes, but once again it. This comes up along the show network decisions that are just Miranic, though demograthic theywuld play in that the ratings were probably in, but even if the ratings were a certain number who were those ratings, those ratings were anolescent males, probably not a lot of Um liquidity, ear, Etuna, forty nine cash theseare guers, like man, Youre Ecesucker, brother, fams, Um, and I don't know you know that you know how many people watch Silicon Valley weekly. I would think alot EA, it's pretty funny. I showbe a couple million eight hundred thousand now the Ano I o e TV Nin in t e show about minlow park and San Francisco and Silicon Valley and startups, and Google and Yahoo those people probably work in that industry and can buy a testlet tonight catch. So trseight hundred thousand people, which eight hundred thousand people enjoyed watching Silicon Valley, and then you can kind of market to them appropriately and, of course, there's no commercials on caple. So you put the products in the show: Characters hold them they're in the background they're in signs behind them. They're mentioned in dialogue. One of the things you gotto think about, though this is nineteen. Eighty two we had like five channels- cable didn't really take off yet so somebody's watching this on ABC an eight o'clock on was it like a Friday night they've got to watch something and then like H, one of the examples that the president threw out, which is ridiculous. It reminds me of wh I watch my daughter Watchin. She watches like bingewatches like Vampire diaries and shit. She has no idea, what's going on 'cause entire time, she's staring at her phone and one of the examples this guy gave this president gave and said people couldn't read the newspaper while they watch television. Well, then, why are you watching television if you're reading the newspaper I mean to me: That's ridiculous. Those new cars are going to put horses right out of business, but anyhow this did end up leading to the naked gun series. So, as we like to say on the show, I did have legs, it had legs nineteen. Eighty two, six years later we got the movie and then we got the two sequels after that, but it all started in ninety to but this night that I was watching it was a rerun because they were rerunning the series. They ended it on July, eighth and H, N in July. Twenty ninth. They started all over again with episode one. So I I still think it's stupidly. Why six episodes it's a great show it. If you never watch it though go on you tube, they have all six epsons you watch 'em. All. I heard that the Colin brothers were inspired by the opening sequins for the scene, where he's chasing with the Pampers and the dogs and raising Arizona Yeah. I could totally see that an you see that yes, absot similaarhousin Esi thou the House and he zecer brothers were inspired to make airplane from a bad B serial drama zero hour and they actually bought the rights to it just so, they could use the sound of the prop plain and put it over the jet engine plan. Just for that one joke they could have gotten away with even calling the movie zero hour 'cause. You can't copy right a title of a movie, but they felt they borrowed enough plot elements and dialogued that they said find oh look who bones it the same studio owned it. So they just quickly got the rights to it. We have the greatest horror and comedy in the early eighties, with airplane and Friay Thirteenth Yepfrs routinth at Halloween blaving saddles. I mean we had some of the most amazing young, Frankinstein, great comedies and great horror, ha ha ha really. I mean alien come on Alamin for thirteenth amazing, but that's why I got. I mean it's not it's not a glorious pick. I had to go that way for multiple reasons not to win around, but I had to give them props, O that's one of good stuff, Al Right, bobe craft. What are your television offerings h? Let's see July twenty eight n nine Huteen nd. Ninety seven marks the debut of the massive hit game show I'm talking, of course about comedy centrals when Benstein's money, just a knockout, H, she'll feature three contestants who computer dancer General Knowledge Questions H, so they could win the Grand Prize of five grands from the show's host, which seems like a pretty minimal amount based upon the game, shows that we have today which are offering contestants like a shot at a million dollars every week, but uh yeah you, you could win five thousand of Um Benstein sex YMBOL Benstein's money. He also participated as a contestant in order to defend his money, fror being taken by competitors. Yes, it was a game show, but it actually got some accolades behind it at one six daytime. My awards with Steine and Jimmy Kemmel, the show's original cohost, a sharing the outstanding game, show Hosto an Oand, nine Tuteen and ninety nine. So I guess I never really realized this, but there there's a disclaimer during the closing credit, so prize money, one by contestants, was paid from like this prize budget that the producers of the show had and any money left over in that budget at the end of the season, was given back to Benstein. So if the total amount paid out during HA season exceeded that budget, the production company paid the exess. So as a result, steine was never really in danger of losing any of this actual money. But you know, like I said I on some awards, one a couple of daytime mies and it actually spawned three international versions featuring prominent people from Australia, the UK and for some reason, Hungary, but after six seasons and seven hundred and fifteen episodes. It came to an end January. Thirty, first of two thousand and three, so a pretty decent run for a game show on comedy central back. Then I would think win Benstein's money July, Twenty, eight n nineteen. Ninety seven, I don't think I ever got to watch an episode of that. I always wanted to. I never saw it was that on V, H, tone or MTV Comedy Central, Oh comedy, central. Sorry by that might bet or comedy Cha. When did they change? It was the comedy channel back then, was it comedy central that might have been right on the CUSS, but I'm pretty sure ninety seven was comedy central yeah. I think it was all right. Gentlemen, we'll go over to the Orlando Sentinel July, thirty, first, nineteen, seventy nine in the television section of the newspaper here they arereviewing a new television show that is actually debuting in the summer. I was so rare on the show to find a debuw during the summer months, but I found one but don't get too excited this one called detective school. The headline reads: a Detective School comedy or the case of the missing laughs. What do you get when you cross a Sitcom with a detective show? Well, in the case of detective school, which begins its four week, trial run on ABC tonight at eight thirty, the result is a comedy mysteriously short on laughs yeah. The season the T V show only ran about thirteen episodes. It was a bout a down and out detective who kindo just starts up a detective school and very haphazardly his students kindof get him into actual investigations. It was it's very reminiscent, an Barney Miller matter of fact, one of the big standouts from the shows was an actor from Barney Miller himself, but I think the shining moment of what we got from the thirteen episodes the legacy of detective school was the introduction of Taylor. Negron Taylor, Negron's first TV show that he was ever on. This was before he did fast times at Rigmon Hih. This is before he did E R and the Stone Age Faris Puler's Day off easy money. This was his very first television role movie roll. This is where Taylor Negron got his start. Such a good actor Johnny Dangerous, see, I absolutely loved him in punch line, but this is where he gets to start. His character was a universal studios, tour guide, who was taking detective classes, who was never afraid to let you know that he once got coffee for somebody who wrote an episode of Columbo. Still, it's seven more episodes of Pener squae, no go figure. That's what I got July, thirty first, nineteen, seventy nine! The episode was called a bear on the house. It was the very first episode of Detective School. There was only thirteen episodes. You can't even find 'em online, but you can find some nice commercials, but no actual episodes. So unfortunately I think the show might be lost we'll see, but let's toss it over to our judge Keith Cokin for the fowing on this game that is ter tougfle. I man I have to say this is absolutely tough. We've got H. Well, let's cover Benstein's money first, which is a great show. I probably saw about hapfe episode te ever did it. I love to show of huge fan. Mine, Benstein nd win my money m. He h he did. I remember reading that exclaimer disclaimer. At the end of the episode trying to figure out how you know the money came out of Benside's pocket y? U W! I know him from th the zeris commercials. Of course, clear eyes. Yo got he's an actual like economic teacher or something he was a speech rider for Nixon. The eases speech that that's what I said and Faris feel is day off. You know come on one scene and it's no, that memorable and it truly is wos. The third show the detectice school or Tener school yeah. I mean I really love. You know my detectives are tend speed. An Brown shoe come on afte Sur. You got to thing back. Definitely we talked about that show a couple of episodes back. Oddly enough, there was a bad show about a robot cop. Do you remember that one and he lived in the garage and it was? It was the three camera Sitcom where the COP is a robot that sounds familiar, Bu can't peg it now television series and the main networks will do orders a full season orders. Twenty six, a half order, is thirteen and then m. When you're not really sure you giveit a test six and I can inlude the pilots, you could have a pilot plus exepisies. That gives you yo about seven episodes, usually on those often times when the shows only got six probably doesn't have a chance, and they sometimes only err. Two three four F: The episodes totally shelf ill, never airem so in the case of I'Mi, am going to go iswali squad because they didn't finish airing their original run and when they did the second run they out of the other two episodes. I think there was a big deal about that. It was very hard to produce that show week after we after we can keep it up. I don't think they could have gone further with it, but three hours, a police, quad and h. The I think, all of the movies are pretty funny eeach one I think they're pretty funny. They would give you a joke in the trailer you go AIG that Looks Pretty Beaver, joke Okayi'll go see it dliver on that sold, topping over and over again Ou O. go high: this is a Pretty Frick and funny movie had that same visual comedy that element ware is going to be straight drama, going on on the foreground, some sort of visual comedy in the background some puns you got to keep up with you, cald still wash them today and still cantch stuff that you never caught before. So I'm going to give it to police squad althoghthe other picks were fantastic and I actually want to watch them all right now. Keith and thank you like that's my first big win in like three weeks. So is this the new lucky shirk it's the new lucky shirt. It's a two thousand one got a good year, yeah every once in a while. You get something decent. I've had a string of pretty shitdy years the past couple of weeks, but we UH. I wanted to ask you. We have a a bunch of listener questions that they sent in tree while we were recording. Let me just go t thiis on our facebook page. So thank everybody. That's in our private peacebook group! If you're, not there, Ye go to facebook dotcom forwards. Last doing decades go to groups join the eighties and nineties group. There's over ten thousand people in there joing the sixties or seventies group THR, that's much smaller, it's still growing, but yeah. If you ever have these questions, we throw the People's picture in there and Weill try to ask as many as we can so go ahead, and do that, let's see the first one we got here is from Brent hand, whoas, actually it Brent hand from Hi Stereo. Fifty one he's on the show. Quite often he said WHO's your favorite actor to work with o. Who Have you worked with WHO's, your favorite actor, wow rput you out there you want to really Gi, I mean: Do you go Lloyd Bridge is ACO Clek Uloker. I did a six episode series with clue. Guliker well because of Preise Cope, John, the winners. Rabpet H, Robin Williams, did ye go one of the girls e lizabehshoe, Christina Apple Gate, the Idon't know M: Do you go for people like dreamlanders people that have worked with Um John Waters or people that have worked with Andy Warhall, Susan, Tairel and Um? You know it would be hard to pin down any one single person. I think Um. My fondest though you know we never officially did a project together, but during a twenty twenty interview, so it was kind of work me and my grandfather were miked up and did a little walk on the beach. It was right when I was doing like a chips episode or something and little shrt conversation, and that one time I got to work with my grandfather 'cause, I loved him very much and respected him very much. That was my favorite but uh Um. I don't know a lot of people, though my goy like if you look t your imdv and all the television shows as well. You were David. HASSLOP was the greatest guy in the world, but did you make out with Hem at the top of Magic Mountain? Save that one from Lidia Corto? I got to ride on a love boat. I got to take a Hitterballooon, a fantasy island and I got to live in the Walton's house. For a year rop in the blind school, an little house Um go to Ricky Stratton's House on silver spoons and visit the seevers and date Carroll I got to just play in every single T. v show that was on that you know I did not get it. Four in perconts of chips at is et off twiceum, so I love television, especially seventies and eighties tellersion, that's my niece! That was where you know my parents wete same teeny guides if it had my name in it or something like that. Um shes still got a tat old junk and I used to read TV guide cover to cover. We get it on Fridays whatever, and then I would pour over that thing. Um and we read it next week every morning for breakfast and of course you get a T v Guide in Irs Ting Y. U was looking the back for shows or movies that you might be in that are know. residuals are coming, it's a weird, it's a weird kind of a thing: Se, not a fair question from Brent 'cause Bren should have looked at your I MDV for us and wrints on this show enough. We we'll give it back to him when he's on Ye en cocked out brand yeah works with a lot of people sees choican, O t allright s. This question is from Rebecca Cassella. You did mention her. She said how did you enjoy working with Christina Applegane? Great amazing dream was a friend before doing the film Um throug groups, circles, Af kids in Hollywood that had really parents really weren't watching them, and we just ran the town fifteen. Sixteen years old, they would go to the school called Excel Er. I did not. I went to public school, but I took the test to Graduatea Sixteen, so I'm running around sixteen years old, with my old mobile cutles supreme brome diesel, with teatops the uncoolest car on the planet, AH NN and running round Bi trying to gate like Mila, Yovavich and drewberry, more and Um hanging out of his appes house and h. You know it was a it was fun being in it, there's always a bigger fish and so I'd always be eclipped like Beldminor Haime or you know, slater or Phoenix or whoever. I didn't really care. I was happy with my little corner, an happy dig jump from T V and finally, Crossover into movies M was great. You know, after after babysitting Um. So but I love T V, I love the language of TV. I Love Gon, a network. I mean I Hav toop the studio wall once with my mom and signed in on the sheet and shes like well you're, not on the I w well take yo in anyway, and en an no work on I um. So you have to have like I say you don't dress up in a cat woman's suit and stockd the director from the lawn across the street from his house an I guess. You didn't really want the part. It's called stalking, but ho o work. So I was really t was good m yeah that TV they got to make it easily more accessible, and there were so many throwaway shows that they didn't really make that hundred episodes they're not going to have box sets or DV DS, they're, not even going to be on Amazon or hoolu or Netflix or apple plus or whatever, and I think that they should do like twitter will do a real time, moonlanding and they'll tweep at the time that t really would have been like its going live and they should just bring flashback weeks and literally something that is playing everything that was on that week. Good bad, you know, throw it in there, news recorts everything commercials just so that we can get kind of context. I love video channels, that's why we love doing this yeah. I love Videotea Yo to that have hours of Likem TV with the commercials and Everything Y. AH WE'V we've talked about that so many times on this show I mean that's just that's kind of what we try to create here for the audience. Is it just that just relive the moment, especially when we do episodes like this, when it's the weak experience and you're picking stuff? That's you know within a week and it's very graular, you really get a snapshot of what that period of time was like and we started doing that every night on our facebook page at eight o'clock, you could see what was on t v whatever date like tonight. We did July thirtieth nineteen, ninety eight and it's a run down of everything that was on it eight o'clock and T go. You know pick what you would watch and people seem to love that stuff. But let's move on this question, there's a weird one, a Vicky Scobek she said: Did you ever go to the buffet at circus, circus, backn, ninetee and eighty eight? I swear. I saw you there. I was a kid and looked just like him. Possibly, although I couldn't drink, I think you could be on the gambling floor. Ateighteen. I don't remember. I wasn't twenty one until ninety one so but it's possible- and I was totally into Vob stupax gaming, world and Um rovegas world and circuis circus. I love that area, the DALLEYS, an old dead end of the Strip Um, so it's possible ily highly possible in eighty eight. I was there yesyes, that's a great question. Let's see we got Richard McGregor Nash. She said Hey, Keith and all of your movies. What part was always your favorite? Well, that's a different question than I usually get some of. What's your favorite movie, the other one's. What's your favorite movie to work on those are two different things, and now this question is what part was Omar. Favorite was my favorite. I don't know if that means what role or yeah no- and I think, embodying embodying Kenny to play such a selfish completely did not care about the family self serving openly you mean you've got to bribe your friends yeah. It's just the way that it is he's very pragmatic. Oh Shit, Momsley Wen ton. You know, love him Um and and ite. I love the blackout and I love the also steel scenes and so like twece soldiers, I first day of shooting I go to will beaton like one of the first things after we did the cellar scene which, by the way the voice of the sexscene, you know the Nexina to of coursethe actress was there on set in a van just outside of the Bolo, and the actress was the wife of John G Alvelson, director of Karate Kid and Rody? Oh, my God, Wow! That's the second time he's come up on the. When we had San Cananon, who was in Trodikid three, they were now. He was a director for that. That's wh that scene cracks me up in and I gea film with San called limelight and h. He plays a greedy agent and I play Rabi a manager and we'Reyeah. We have fun a lot of seans together. The best point of that that's seen is like I forgot WHO's talking, they're like yeah and I'm black and she's like Oh, what kind of Caire do you have and he's like? It's Blonda she's like on blond, hair, an flack allright. This one looks a little bit more in Dept. this is from loyalist or Bria Mereno. He said H, do you know any other programming other than Java, since she majored in Jaba Programming Fox and the Hound was my favorite movie? Is A kid? Can I get a shout out like Diane Franklin Day? I shot out absolutely we'll always be friends forever. Won't we Fox of the Hound quotin there, and now I never usually learned another language, although actually I did I learned Um DLS, it was A. I worked for a lot of phone rooms and call centers, and I I I sold callsent. That was, I did sales for years and then eventually moved up to actually selling the coal center itself in bound outound, mostly inbound emergency fire rescue port of Los Angeles government, stuff, Um, seriff suicide hotline, some pretty serious stuff um anyway moving. He went digging deep, this one's from Mike Ranger. So you know it's going to be good. He said H. How does one know exactly when the dishes are done? Man when theres when there's none left you tol bastard? How d you not know that when there's none Laut, yes, think that's it! I never really considered that it's C Kenny don't know grateful. That line was in the trailer like, like I said. You know, that was one that was right at the end of that trailer that they just played to death that summer and Um, and what of these movies doing with teenagers releasing them in July summer releases. It just wouldn't happen today, you're not going to see a smaller budg bid. You know movie like that M. go up against. You know the big summer picker, so that was uh wewre we were lucky. We got we. We did not lose money on any of these movies. Well, book of Love Book, an love lost money, s, a matter of fact, pobsha Charman Meland cinema would have an annual party with the cast and cre and producers like Rachel Taloley was one of the prusers on the and he would announce how much book of Love has lost. Newline cinema at these part 'cause we're one and a half million. Are I that's g El See Zackery mcaliser said thanks for being part of Fox and the Hound, the one Disney movie to make me cry as a kid. Damn you my pleasure. Of course you know who the Voice of the Hound was. I I N Keith. When I grew up. You heard the man cross three before I was talking about my parents. Let Me Watch like Frive R, thirteenth whene. I was like six, so my cartoon days were very limited and I never watched them like ever so I have a very small recollection. I I'm always harping on this see, and this is something you would love 'cause once you find out who it is. E Hound was played by none other than the star of alloween four, the final chapter little. Is it Ricky Jarkis? Are you talking about Fiv thirty yeah Y Ricki, the thining Ame Ja? F, I serches Tommy Yaors Yeah Tommy Garbis played the hound in the Fox of Ouncory Feld em, so yn man yeah, I still wouldn't watch it. 'cause its a roony hurt hostel come on PA bicaning IRL FOR ALL theretime. They look great but, like I just can't get into cartoons, I blame my parents 'cause, it's still going to be dry, you watch it now as an adult. You will try on Flox Oan how long before that one gets the live. Action Treatment, never wins. A thirty years up. Thirty BI Y O ine that'd be digging pretty deep but see that's the thing about that movie. You know, Coreyfeldman plays the young comper and, of course, curt. Russell plays the older version of the same character. The older version of your character. You get Mickey Rooney, which I ge Biky roted. That's great, I think exactly a great cast. They both my grandfather, ind, were both under contracted MGM. They both went to the same school on that lot together. I think it's perfect. I think, I'm more related to Micky roony than almost anything THA's. Just perfect. I went to the theaters to see the Fox and the Hound on it's original release. I remember seeing that it was a double feature with Winnie the Poo. I we were really grateful that they rereleased it like seven years later it made more money again and then they put it as the last in the original Black Dimond labl big PFBHS ocollection. I was really happy. It was considered in that kind of classic collection, and it was it had everybody on it. The original seven Wise Men that had done Pinocchio and Snow White and these new guys Bradbird Ron, Clemensdon Blu and some background artist, a Tim Burton. It had so many great animators. Oh John Lasciner yeah just these kinds of names, so it was really a hand off the old annivters. On the new animators te went wildly over budget 'cause, Don beef's left production and Foxneheun cost. It was the most expensive animated film at the time it cost ten million dollars and then it made drawor. If ORTX million dollars in box office, an Disney was very happy and it's sad it'll get you as an adult it'll get you comin it'll, get you going. There's two guaranteed chri spots in the fild is: Are there any animals that die in the movie? That's what I'm feeling it's a Disney movie yeah see. I can't handle that the mother dies in the first ten second yeahe. I don't like people cel die all day when they kill animals. That's like come on like why ve we got to do that like I feel like there needs to be a livestream of you watching this movie. For the first time t it could happen par. How I looked at cute baby, facin that Wei the hound grew up and his dad's a hunter now they're, hunting, God o'l tell me don't tell R Ino ot going on that would be good. People would be screaming. I'm going to do this with Mike Ranger. We have a studio that we're opening oubecause, O cobid. We've been blocked out of there for four months and we just got to finish it. I was actually supposed to record there tonight, but I was running late. So now I'm in my basement, but let me ask: I got two more questions from Tommy Combes, another great listener he says: Do you have any cool memorabilia from the Adams, family or little rascals Um, the amasbamily? We had to thing boxes, which are little coffin, shaped boxes where the hand would come. They got a hole on the bottom. My grandmother put hem up to a Christie's auction. They got maybe four seven grands or something apiece for them and what was the other one little rascals? Oh so Jackie Cooper was a great star of little rascals. My GRANDFA was a little bit older and was not involved in the little rascals in any way shape. orform. Okay, but I love me. I love both arguing a little rascals, the reason that they have ore getting all the rascals, because one of the producing partners left Um, the coverlock were left the law where they were doing Um. I rascals started his own and um named it Arga, so there two different production companies competing with basically the same storylines and that's why and they'll swap actors back and forth and then finally, they got back and they couldn't under one banner agains, so we can enjoy them on and they're heavily edited the ones t a we grew up watching are already heavily edited Um because times change. You think they're going back and trying to look at movies like song at the South. Now some of th, even the stuff they left in little raskers you're, like Oh, my God, we just talked about song in the south like three weeks ago. I think was that the pick thing you had on the worst O. No, that was a treasure of the Madacumbay which has the Cuclo Ana till yeah, still bad still bad. All right. He last question: I got from H listers here. This is from H, God, I'm blind, Chestin Greenwood. I think it's his Chestan Chestin we'll go with that. It says what D, which did you enjoy most inventures in babysitting? Oh, this is a tough question when they askd us, but which one did you enjoy most ventures babysitting or don't tell Moma babysitters done two totally different times of my life, one, I'm sixteen turning seventeen grossly in love with Elizabeth Shoe and on my own since Ti take in this California high school. Pes Examination allows me to work an adult in Hollywood, which is really big deal that you don't need the tutor on set or the hours of schooling which take you away off, set like ye or close up an Kindo Hamm it up more Um. So my brutn and Antho a rapt had to do schooling on said I didn't, and I didn't need a guardian. So here I am sixteen flying off to Toronto for two months and then Chicago for a couple of weeks and then finally, back to L A to do this movie, and it was just it was a great adventure. It was Y. U know huge rolling, thunder trucks and lights and you know Disney money, Um, touchdown pictures, EAC, oethe, touchdown pictures was funded by silver screen partners, three and they rely stuff like steak out and outrageous fortune and splash um SI silpers partners. Three is in the GITISBOOK world record is the most profitable film investment company in the history of the entertainment industry. It was a six hundred percent return on your money. If you invested a million dollars in silver, spreen partner Stree, your return would be six million dollars and asked because they would do movies for eight million dollars, make thirty million at the box office RINTE and Roockie. That's like bizarro cannon, that's like the EXACA came well, they were going for a while and then in Nineteen D. Eighty seven I and they were like- let's just dump all this money in Thi Ti thes Ong, the cannon made movies. You can watch while you're drunk Undo Tru, just I I'mgiing aftepro cannon, make really good soul searching three o'clock in the morning. What's on? Oh the trucdoris movie, this one's pretty good actov death wish five still lie. Yeah. Absolutely S. I mean and Ann don't tell mom, I'm were you know, eigt movies, into my nainstree movie career. I thinks I worked for most of the studios tat this point now at Warner brothers and was just about to go. Do twoi soldiers after that, so in here I'm like entrusted in t e character that so far from me, Brad inimention, babysitting, nervous, Geeky. You know teenager got it Kenny. I don't know it was another world. It was a complete like let's create this thing and see, if I can do it and see if people buy it or e y know I got it was on. I was very proud couple of years ago I saw spotted me on a list of the five worst movie stoners and filme me his drink h, I was afraid of was falling on my face. Those little touches in that that people have noticed that I appreciate that they noticed them. You know there were something F, an idea. I'd come up with onset to kind of bring Kenny to life. I felt way more, although in invention of babysitting we had two weeks of rehearsal and we put it on its feet and improvised and would would would you know, write down all the great lines that people were coming up with like? Could you drop us off it em all um? I got no ball no way. Where do you think we Hav Boys, the Idaho Tha lot of these lines came from the rehersal process and don't tell mom everyone would just bring so much to every day. They'd already have all their KINDOF bt. An business worked out, we're all in the same universe we're like kind of already talking on the same heightened reality. You know it's a it's kind of a broadnd fun comedy. It doesn't have to take itself too seriously and I Hav so much fun doing Kenny h performing it the only other set. I was on that. I liked more was cousins because Jowel shoe mocker and that cast was pretty amazing but M. I'm going to go with don't tell mom, because I was a little older felt. I was noing knew A. I was doing took a big risk and Um from the feedback. I guess it resognated with people and and paid off now Elizabeth Shoe. is she a big back and Black Fan as well? I see what you did there didn'. I don't know on tell you HSENO, Wat's great about don't tell mom I as watchitg again last week and like the whole, movie's Great and then the end ingcomes were the fashion show, and you guys it's the one part where what's her name Nicole, it's like Kindo, like your love interest, oucall. She comes on to do her bit and they play the music and it's the most cringeworthy dance that she does on the stage. But I'm just like stop Lookai was just like. Why did they now? They said that in our facebook group someone's going to make a gift of that nicoled dance and it's just to be on an endlessly Otin. It's your new cover photo for the group. I still love. Thank you Patrina. They eetrea it's just one of those things where you're watching movies. Let me ask you this question: Before you go 'cause, I you get all the easy ones all the time we asked Dian Frankliness and she didn't really have a hard time finding. It was it like two weeks ago, out of all your rolls, you dshyou done a shit ton of stuff. What was the one role that afterwards you were just like? Ah, I didn't like it. Oh easy forever, a ghost of a love story: Um coastering, Sally Kirkland, Seaun, young Um, it Ebreis back Diane Lad. It is a awful film but Um. It was difficult to make we shouted in like eighteen days. It was the one that I learned never do a project just for the money. I learn my lesson on that there was good money. Thank you guys. Um Was it's horrible. We watched it on some st on Amazon, prime or whatever the other day, and I just was like wow. I saw all these kind of missed opportunities of not really getting on top of it kind o letting the situation eat me alive, Um, and so I would love to go back and try again, but I learned my lesson from it. I Alsto had a period where my fills were cursed. People were passing away on me every time I did a movie or got another movie, someone would die either in I or in my personal life, on the set of Dontel mom. I get a call from the corruction office. I leave the house, I go up to the office and it's all in a real location house, and they tell me my uncle just passed away n a terrible motorcycle accident and then we lose Christopher Petit who play Za. Um Dies a couple of years. After making the film we do twice soldiers and we lose John Faylan who played yogurt and t a and Thi this point, I'm starting to feeld thers kind of a curse. This is kind of a good bad thing. In Hollywood wear you went an Oscar ovet, your husband, cheaed doctor Sanderbull, or you know, oh great. You KNO got this big movie deal and then your white get cancer. It's just there's always an updown up down mayit's just te fane brings focus into somebody's life, and everybody's life has a little bit of Bot but forever it was tough ha a dear friend Di he was twenty three and decided to get his life together. quit drinking quit smoking, weed and start running wens up ANA comgenal heart defect in drop dead, running on the jogging, Hou and h. So that was tough, tough space in my life and it went from a Friday dinner where- and I love you corey, but felman had dropped out of the project, so they said. Will you jump in and do it? We start shooting Monday and they winde Dimi Friday night and, I said sure I'll do it and I think this a I've gone up with cory and will and Shane Age everything I was up for goonies and Gremlins and et and Christmas story and stand by me. I even read for Sayng Anything Sixteen candles Um Lord of the rings, we all kind of get t the parts that we get yn money. We should see this a onoacoventions were all that movie. I wish I was in that one, no IHA t one was there anything that you just missed out on. Like I know like years ago, we had William Caton and he missed out on being luke skywalter drug. was there anything like that that her? It was down to me- and I have a few other kids for Um, some movie that wasn't really curer on the script. It was called a boy's life, and but this director was pretty hot Um and H and it was et and it was an ambland and the audition was in this conference room in Amblin and video game stacked around the wall, an e Vidoo game nut and they had Battleszo, and I got on that battles of machine and I'm like this is the greatest thing. Only got free credits and sceelbig said come on. Let's read the scene and I'm like hold on and I'm like playing battlesome. That's it it matterd how Irad it was a Tesk and I read an AIRORVEU. I was H Henry Thomas or was as Spilberg where he said. He'd put those games there on purpose to see which child had the focus to stay on task and stay on the work, and I did I love being onset every day. Onset was fun for me, so doing dramas and crying as Tuff as the kid was like. Why am I doing something that feels uncomfortable and such a fun thing? So I tend to do a lot of fun, comedies and stuff, and if I couldn't cry they'd bring out the glisterind and just pan't go on my face. Yeah Y, you cried intoy soldiers. Didn't you after no, no, no belly, John askan cried he's all raal talented actor on. I is up there with the UM. You know: River, phoenixes, ND and corihams and stuff that I have an actual gift, an emotional connection to human beings. I'm a comple complete sociopath, so I just bake it. Acting Ive never felt anything that I've ever done. Acting. Sorry, it's just trut! That's good man! You don't get that! Often I love it. Y great grandparents were both in Vauneville. My grandfather was, you, know the kid and Uncle Fester, my mom even wrote, and in sand up comedy and Um. Here I am- and I just did you know- commercials to TV to movies to you too, which brings us to the quorantine bunch on you too. Hey you toos good. Well, since you said that slug all your Shit, a Ho quorantine so farmer, child stars have a secret society, xchild actor, se o society and we have meetings and we we parte each other's houses and we talk and we commiserade and tell war stories and help each other out now 'cause of quarantine. We can't do these meetings in person, so we take our meetings online on the zoom and this series has a chance for you to tune in and crash those meeticgs aftey're taken over by my stocker fan, debbi from Tharzana Costeiran, Scotty Schwartz from a Christmas story and the toy and Kidco Jerry Miller from growing pains, Denni Pontaro from WHO's. The Bos, Judy Norton from the Lulton and Dean mcdermitt from Scotte, makes five. He was not a child actor, but we made up one and gave them Scottish hackcent for the show man that is freaking anit's a great idea when you brought up the coufman bid. I was j talking about coufind ecause. I was talking about the quorentine bunch. The quarantine bunch is more akin to too many cooks, tth one twenty three minute, Cromo that air at two o'clock in the morning one night and drove everybody: absolutely nuts, it is anti humor. It's not what you expect. Please give it a try, the darker and twisted, or you are the more you will apprecus. So it's an actual zoom call that you allow people to come into Nowe. We shos episode, it's completely fake, but it's a circe that would be frigging. Hilarious too. If you guys did it and had an open zoom where people just join, it would be Craz wholly that's gold, real horror, thatwould be great Zumar Bout. Anything else, yougot going on man that you want to plug. We gotta get you back, do you're a awesome judge. You know a lot of shit and I think like, like I said you didn't know the game coming in bet. You got it right away. You figured everything out and you're a smart guy. You knew all the stuff wet were talking about love having you on Xan appreciate man im still at it. N I've been doing this for forty. How old am I I have forty four years? I've been doing this and I never lost my union status. I've always had an agent and still go out for stuff. I just went out for Um some Ford Ferari movie got to go out for this other bradpit movie, that's coming out and Um, and so I get these opportunities and I'll get it o nail. The thing that you know it's supposed to be. My biggestest point was not getting in Hollywood h because Um they did a story on Um the kid that played huck Finn with my grandfather and apparently there is a story on junior Dirkan within Hollywood, and I was like you, kno u'psetting Youhav, a legacy of Jackie coupand, I'd love to continue that Goncidentally gmy grandfather was fifty when he played uncle fest n Oninetden and sixty four I'm fifty as this year, so iam the same age T my grandfather. He played oncoefester Bu. I don't know why they're calling Nick Crol or anything like that call some Kugin I'll ben fast. Her it'd be a Forcisha Shue Im in the back store a hash tag, so Cukan Forfester, two thousand and twenty. Yes, let's do it. Let's start this up Hash Tag, Kugin for hesteraoer member EFORE has to get around. Everybody can get behind this. That's right, yeah, absolutely make me shave my head and eyebrows an put on twenty pounds. Make me do it Andi'll? Do It do anything? In Hollywood, H, yeah I watch orniyatuve channel Keith and pinkies Hollywood Tales. My wife likes to get selpies with celebrities. She has picturs with over five thousand people, including Bradpit Man, afleck Leo Madamen Name. It she's got 'em, Um and she's asking hey. Can I get a photo with you? So we do. You know going to Sundance Autographi conventions, any events where I'm just slowly building the channel and loading some weird stuff on there. We have a weird life round on this side of the rope she' Ben. On that side of the rope we came together. N Actually met her at at my first autograph invention. She was not a fan of me. She was there to get Jeremy Miller. I wet really ha fun doing this and like blaring, that line between being a Finkans, I'm a big Fan, I'm a big fan of movies on t V, and but I also do the Um, and so I'm pulling her on this side and showing how the sausage is made. It's not pretty and I don't think she wants to know, but it's it's so it', that's whan, quaranting bunch and Um couple of things, sdreaming and stuff new, whatever I don't know just like cukand keep cooking into whatever and your cameo just go to cameo dotcom and just AIO. I love 'em love, doing cameos Anna at my website, Keeth Cooking Online dotcom. I do sell autographs and all that stuff, but I also sell the dishes. So you get a signe dish. The dishes are done, man, Kenny Kicog and his Kenny and do those and U welse and be safe, everybody lock down. Hope we get the unemployment continued. That would be great Um. I finally just started getting it. It was months to get it in California. For me as an actor, because I tell that my last employer was warner brothers for a five dollar residual check and it doesn't really water with the unemployment system, but I had a straight job as a TOR guide at Sony and, of course deserved. So it took a while to work in out N Com. Everyone was to be help it unemployment, but I frankly want to get back on the lot. I missstanding on the same lot that my grandfather made movies on. We have a street a few blocks away from somony studios named Kuk, an circle Ght to bio, stand there and tell people stories, my grandfather and of Micky Rooney and Judy Garland and Kerry grant and Marno Lloy and Grenagarbo Um that to me I love doing that every single day, and I do that Monday through Friday, nine to five, whenever I can only if I'm doing an AUTOCAR commension have an auditionor being pulled other than that I love just being on the lot. So I don't want everything to open up, so I can get back to Workh my wife as an imagineer at Disney she's been furlowed. I'd like her hear to get back to work too. We just love our jobs. Really, THAT'S AWESOME! So it's Lik een, like you're working you're, just getting paid and do shit. You Go have enough work from seventy six til now for residuals Um. It is great it's cumulative. It's not like. I did any really big. I have a friend who had four lines in a pullo thirteen and he gets thirteen thousand dollar checks for residuals. I no learer anything like that, but I did a lot of shows, so they all addup and they roll 'em. So all of my Disney stuff will be on one check. All my warner brothers stuff will be on one check: universe, etcetera and at's Nice, it's nice to have that and wit II conser, that a great luxury- and I don't want to squander that Um, so yea, just always hustle on the side and go to go to Ey, Bras, a love being able to meet the fans and beat other stars and stuff it. Those autograph cinventions too an I want those to open up people are dying for it, hopefully in late Augustobe, coming to Oklahoma City. If that con goes on Ndthen an I think, October, maybe Jersey- I don't know- maybe that show was pushed to next year. So a lot of those are pushed, but I can' WAE to get back out there and see the fans as well. Well, next time you come back out east if you're coming to Jersey or whatever. Let me know yeah we're going to go Atlantic city. I think they moved the show. Tof February, I don't know yeah. I don't even know everything's closed down here so to the frenals, but thanks man. I really appreciate you coming on and we got to get you back. You were great thanksman. It was funy o having on good stuff. You guys have great taste thanks. Fou E Guy Staye Care, F thin. You two men thanks ive a good night e, all right, tothers! Well, I guess we'll in this episode right here, but if you've missed an episode, you can always head back over to dueling decades dotcom where you can subscribe to the show on I tunes Apple pod cast spotify everywhere, pondcasts are available and while you're on the interweb as men crushe that earlier head on over to facebook, dotcom folward, slash dueling decades, where you can join the group of over ten thousand other duellers and share some of your very own rent, Roa memories. SOM until next time, dewelers were going to bid you a peace, love lighting, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone informymeia