Dueling Decades
Jan. 6, 2021

The Last Blockbuster director Taylor Morden judges this B-movie battle between 1985, 1990 & 1995!

The Last Blockbuster director Taylor Morden judges this B-movie battle between 1985, 1990 & 1995!

We're going to make this episode, a Blockbuster night! You may not live close to the last Blockbuster in Bend, Oregon, but we'll do our best to emulate a Friday night walking up and down the aisles looking for the perfect movie. To do that, we have the director of The Last Blockbuster, Taylor Morden as our guest judge this week! If you haven't seen the documentary yet, it's a total walk down memory lane, and we highly recommend it. To deliver nostalgia to the max, we're also going to cover B-Movies again! Which year had the best B-Movies in your option? Let's look at our competitors. First up, our resident tape head, Mike Ranger is back with the best B-Movies 1995 had to offer. Marc James is smack dab in the middle of this one, with the B-Movie stronghold of 1990. And rounding out this battle of the decades, Mancrush comes with the early days of rental lore with B-Movies of 1985!


Again, if you spent your days in the aisles of a rental store, you need to go out and watch The Last Blockbuster. Regardless if you liked Blockbuster or not, this documentary will take you back to the good ol' days. In this episode, you might hear about Chuck Norris putting Mike Ranger to sleep, gooey white stuff that tastes delicious, never ask Lloyd Kaufman to introduce himself, exploited Goblins, rated "S" movies, Roger Corman can make 47 movies with a hundred grand, our last B-movie judge moves cross country, adult movies spur children's cartoons, secret B-movie headquarters under a mall in Jersey, magazines for cinephiles, the very first straight to video gem, thirteen dollar tomatoes, The Last Blockbuster in Bend Oregon, rental night nostalgia, our relationship with movie consumption, Mancrush serenades, Marc James bends the rules, 35-year-old high school seniors, magnificent bastards, how Taylor scored a Kevin Smith interview, Jamie Kennedy and Samm Levine make appearances, and is there room for a rental store resurgence?


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Podcast New York as up doing decade is, is wax piece of all you guys and thanks for having me on the show, will it be the s or the ATS Beeni babies or crack babies, really Paner, Bota or Madon? Maybe Bricty? Maybe Whitney. Do you like new mittle, new wave, dave, ro or Super Dave? I don't know, but now the vattl begins doling decades. Let's see who wins: Joas brodcasting from the podcast New York Studios, it's the adult. Only Retro Game Show where the decades battle for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to juwling decades. I am Mark James, and this week we are back with a bodigious B movie battle. I will be representing n one thousand nine hundred and ninety. Alongside the other jewellers in the decades they will be fighting for first off and back to the S, say hello to mancrush. That's right, I'm so happy to be back in the S, because I was in the s last week and it was kind of bizarre and I lost spoiler but yeah. I got B movies of one thouand nine hundred and eighty five in this episode also joining us on the panel and still racking up the late fees from the S. please welcome back to the show the incomparable micranger Wello, everybody I'm like ranger from the video Rangers podcast, and I am so excited to be here and as always here on the show. We need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. This week's celebrity guest judge is an awardwinning director producer known for pick it up, Skon the S and here's the life, the story of their refreshments, and now you can rent and watch his new film, the last blockbuster all rise and welcome, Judge Taylor morden thanks BAE oimportant. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules. The Judges Coin, PIP shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories: movies, television, music, news and hut products. A judge's ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds, four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie. After all five rounds, we will go to a final wild card round. Remember delers, review the show, listen subscribe and play along at home as we commence another episode of all right. Let's go right down to our celebrity gest judge, Taylor Morden for the official coin, toss O Gotnaae VHS tape here to flip sweep Mike you get to call it in the air this week. Let's, let's go with the cover all right. Ever it is its. It is Mie Ranger you win the coin toss and get to select our first category. Where are we going? I think we'll go with movies Mark Oshit Yeah! That's how bad my pick is, because on April twenty et one Thousad, nine hundred and ninety five Chuck Norris would star in his last theatrical release before kick starting his Directa video career in the Canine Buddy cop movie top dog, but unlike Turner and hooch, or even canine. This film had movie patrons and theaters across America checking the bottom of their shoes. Chuknoras Playe Jake Wylder, who has teamed up with Areno a police dog whose handlers killed now this film does feature a PG thirteen rating, but it is mostly targeted to a family friendly audience check out some of these family friendly plotpoints. Here we've got neonazis white nationalist, racist murderers, terrorism, the film actually opened nine days after the Oklahoma City bombing and the parallel. Some felt e directly impacted ticket sales, the film gross five million on a six million dollar budget and has a zero percent rating on rottend tomatoes, wow yeah, it does have chuck in it. I mean you have to have. I feel like that. Those are pillars of his career. If you didn't have any of those things in that it would have not been a chuckne worse movie. Well, remember when I texted o you a couple nights ago, and I said I was watching something awful, that's what that's what I was Gotca all right, man crush. What did you bring for the movies round, all right? First of since we're doing movies, I just want to start out by saying teylor flipped. A blockbuster tape was that your blockbuster tape for the last blockboster- yes, sir, that's the the ths tape that we made for the movie that we took around while filming it showed to everybody t at as Yi see in the movie and then after we finishd the movie. I recorded it on to that tape. So it's so one of he kind has been touched by Kevansman. That is wild, and now it's been flipped on this show awome all right. So all right, let's go to movie, so we're going to go June, fourteenth one thousand nine hundre nd five, and somehow this is the third time this year that I've selected this director of all the directors we choose from each week. It is amazing to me that Larry Cohen is the dude that I recall picking on three separate occasions. I picked him once for one thousand, nine hundred and inehy six classic Uncle Sam and then the last time. I think it was for his writing of MANIAC COP. I think like maybe a couple months ago. I can't remember what the second one was, but it was definitely there either way. I wish I I wish the show had some kind of like stats person, so we can keep track of all this kind of Shit, but whatever I just rewatch this this movie a couple weeks ago. It's a solid horror, comedy matter of fact. This is another one of those movies that you'd always see the cover of when you went to the rental store like you'd, always bypass this movie. I recall passics for years, and then I finally rented it when I was in high school, which is probably the for the best, because I would not have understood the underlying stuff in this movie so right from the Getgo on this one new world pictures, they hated this movie when they initially brought Larry Coen on to do this one. They wanted a straightup horror movie and instead they got more of like a satrical horror movie, and in spite of that, like the movie only received like limited theater release and although, like new world, they wanted a real hard movie. Coen wanted to make a movie that shined a light on corporate greed and consumerism. In the United States S S, ine thousnd, nine nr gh five after all, but he was specifically focusing around the news about all these various products that were pulled from shelves because they were hazardous. I mean Shit's been going on forever. There's I forgot what product it was, but if you go back on Youtube and look up like commercials, the s there's some crazy shit like kids, eating, asbestis and shit like that, like that's serial, so it's been going off forever. So, if you're a fan speaking of food, if you're a fan of desserts, junk food, thick white, fluffy, Goo, parasitic organisms, peer pressure, Paus Ervino and uniforms, kids who eat shaving, cream, dude to taste, shit coming out of the ground and the strangest trio of heroes and cinematic history, which is a a child, an industrial saboteur and a marketing executive, then the movie, the stuff is right up your alley go see that I came out June, fourteenth one thousand nine hundred and eighty five Larry Coen classic all right guys. So for my movie selection, I wanted to do something a little different here on the show than we've done before, since we're doing a B movies battle- and you know we have a director here from the last blockbuster. I thought it only would be fitting for me to give my pick solely based on the back of the VHS box. So I got this title here that I used to see all the time at blockbuster. It's a film that when it comes to B movies, this is in the upper Ashelon of B films. No, this one has achieved cult status. So, let's look at the back of this Vajess box gives us the tag line, there's nothing more frightening than a little boy's nightmare until it turns real. The terror returns in this horrifying sequel, one little boy's nightmare becomes a hellish reality when no one believes his warnings about the evil that is coming to destroy his family. Young Joshua enters a world of darkness where witches brew their spells and evil trolls deliver them only through his belief in himself can Joshua fight the malivolent creatures of the night and save his family. I give you the all time: Cult Classic Troll to released October, Twelfth Nineteen, ninety man. This is a bad movie in all the good ways you can just rewatch this movie today. In no way does any of it hold up to contemporary filmmaking, but that's what's great about it. It's slocky goodness, and they made a Secuel to the movie troll. Well, not really what they did is they moved made a film called Goblin and said: Oh Wow, look the goblins in this look just like the trolls that were in the movie troll. Let's just call this troll too. The rest is history. It's actually gone on to have a documentary a made about it as well called the best worst movie. It's absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend checking it out and out of all the things in this film that you could pick out. The one thing I'm going to pick out that makes absolutely no sense- and I got to put my foot down- is the fact that the Goblins in this film, of course, because there are no trolls anywhere they're- all goblins they're vegetarians, but they take people and turn them into vegetables to eat them, but isn't that just like eating the people? No, it's that's like me, like I've, been a Vegan for the last two months and everything that I eat is just fake food right, but you're not going to turn a cow into a plant and then eat the cow. No, but I'd EAD, a fake cow. Okay! I was made out of like some plant shit. I don't even know what's in the stuff, I so that's what I'm bringing for the movies round. It's troll to wow! God, you have the sweet spot, dude s like the sweet spot yeah. There were so many great shlacky films that came out N, one thousand nine hundred and ninety all right. But let's find out what our celebrity guests judge, Taylor Mordon has to say for the movies round. Those were all some really great movie picks. I have seen none of them, but based off the descriptions I mean and I've seen the cover of all of these in the the video stores, except maybe the check noris one. I don't don't remember, seeing him on AU Bhs box with a dog which I assume is what the cover is exactly what it looks like yeah wit, a giant at least badge on it right Ye, H, yeah and it's like he's- got Benji with them, because you know that's how they sold you on this Neonazi family friendly movie. They put Benji there instead of a you, know, fucking Doverman or something. I love that Ilove that I want to see that very badly. Do you, though, but I also rely, don't want to se next documentary. My next dog second best was. I have seen the documentary about tol two, and that is an fascinating shit right there boy, the way they made terrible movies back in the day and they spent so much money, woulh Yos, say six million on the check, nois Gong Yeah Wow. I can't get anybody to give me any money to Mo Mo and somebody gave them six million Wat was what was your budget on the documentary? Don't think we're supposed to say WBIT. It was less than a hundred thousand ow Sosixteh of that cuck nos movie, and it was way better than the Jok Horse Movie Ya. Don't know I haven't seen it, but it's bat man, that's tough, so I think just based off of having seen the documentary I got to give it to troll series because I've seen more of it, it's more. It's the most absurd, even though the stuff is very iconic. I think that cover that Fox cover. I walk past it a hundred times, but I think when it was on the shelves. I was too young to be allowed to rent anything like that. I re our local place had the stuff it was in horror, but I remember it having a comedy sticker on it. So I think that's why I never actually watched it yeah until I was older, like I remember, it was like that this green sticker remember that they would just like stick it to the front of all the friaking covers, and I remember that thing right above like where the dudes mouth was open and stuff. But I is a great movie, though, if you haven't seen the stuff go check out the stuff that these are all on my immediate to watch list now, maybe I'll come back with a second second opinion, but for now I'm going withal to aright. When I pick up a point in the first round, but more importantly, I get to control the board and select our next category. Gentlemen: Let's go to the news round so for my new selection, we're going to go over to the Orlando Sentinel April, twenty seventh ousandninehueen and ninety an an article that talks about the very first movie to receive an acrating. First, there was Frankenstein and then there was the bride of Frankinstein and then there was Abbean Costello Meat Frakinstein. Now the movie that will still be grossing us out twenty years from now now I'll go further than that. This is the movie that is more disgusting than let me die a woman one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight classic, showing actual surgical footage of a man being turned into a woman. You've heard about it here it is a perfect one hundred on the vomit meter, I'm talking about frank and Hooker Ohyeah. I know this is a big fan, favorite of Man crusshier and Mike Ranger, so I had to go with the classic Frankin Hooker. So what happened with this one is when they submitted the movie to the MPA Ratings Board, the head haunther over. There called them up. He was the head of distribution and he said I'm going to read I'm going to do you guys a favor, I'm going to rewind your film and send it back to your office and return your treck for your screening film and then we're both going to act like this never happened, because we don't have an ASC rating over here and he said what do you mean acerating? As for sexy? It wasn't sexy, he was talking about. The film should be rated as for Shit, so yeah, that's the very first film that they ever said should be rated s for Shit, frank and Hooker, and they've wrote this in a newspaper. Yes, they didn't say Shit. They just said it would be something else, but yeah it was shit. I looked it up. That is not a shitty movie, that's Great Yeah! I like that movie and I like the whole promotions behind it. You know, like the box that has the OU K ow the voices on it, and it's so good. We saw that an thirty five millon meter wit the original print of that, and it was had me totally hooked yeah, it's a good one, man yeah. It seems like such a tease, though, because she doesn't even become frank and hook her till over fifty minutes into the film who cares. The whole movie is about like him, searching for the body parts and putting everything together and like making the plan dude. You know it's funny. It's just like. I wonder what they said about. I, like his followups, like to like basket case two and bask haste: three, because those are fucking awful, like those are like hard to watch like the first one. I like a lot. I don't know how they can say. That's a shitty movie. I've seen way. I think it's a good movie, but I've seen way way away worse movies, that I wouldn't even label shit all right, man crush. What did you bring for the news round? All Right? So, let's go to March thusant y nine t ninetn five years, an n Article From The New York Times, and it's entitled Really Boring Article. It says film sales abroad hit by strong dollar. The strength of the American dollar has hurt sales ind American movies abroad, just as it's hurt sales of American tractors and soybeans. A fact made obvious at the recent annual American film market, held here in Hollywood, attended at the market where producers go to Hawkteir films was filled with independent producers representing such titles as fraternity, vacation cave girl and land of doom, amongst others. Movies like these are vying for theatrical and video releases around the globe. However, buyers are being extremely cautious this year, where sales in Europe were down seventeen percent and also down eight percent in the Far East. Last year. Around this time, European currencies were worth thirty to forty percent, more Tan, one thousand nine hundred and eighty five, so that year, buyers would so one thousand nine hundre and ighty five buyers would rather lose a movie to somebody else. Then overpay for it and losehis shit ton of money. So the article it kind of goes on and on about all these foreign movie markets they're backing away from these American movies. One example a they givin this article, as certain fury was the name of the movie and there's a movie that starred Tatamo, Neil and Irene Kara, I think, was in the movie. It's got a five point, three, an IMDV with like less than five hundred votes and it's movie by Steven Gillenhole, Jake and Maggie's pop there, but they weren't able to sell that one. This is what they're talking about here: Thet they weren't able to sell the movie at the market, but they're, saying in years prior that this movie would have been heavily competed for all over the place, whether that was for a theatrical release or for video stores, but the one thing that they do note in this artigle, although the like foreign studios they weren't buying the Americans were so basically all these movies that are historically generally made for the foreign market, they're all getting scooped up by these straight to video, like rental distributors. So you remember that time period from the mid to late hs, where you can wewere talking about the stuff before but you', go to like your local joes video, and they were like a ton of these odd ball movies that you had seen previously. This is why they, just these movies, were made pretty much to be sold overseas and now who's going to buy them. These rental stores are buying them put on their shelves, so I thought it was kind of. It was a boring article to go through the whole thing, but it does make sense and this things it had legs for the time. So that's what I got for my news: Arcle already Mik Ranger. What did you bring for the news round? Well Mark I found an article from February Twele, one Thousad, nine hundred and ninety five in the Daily News, tiled sheer pleasure. Look out. Ronde Cher is coming to Manhattan. The Glitzy Glamb Cleen, who an upatill now is hosted the west coast portion of the USA networks Friday night B, movie series up all night will bring her act to New York, starting may twelfth. The past four years Rondes been doing your duties on the left coast, while Comedian Gilbert Goddvrey his hosted Saturday up all night, which you will continue to do so yeah. Basically, my story is Ron Deshir, switching from the west coast coming to New York and finishing out the' pretty much the remainder of like the SE Wason for another three years after that yeah pretty much all from New York, and she just put out. Did you see that she started releasing stuff on our youtube with videos from up all night, so she talked about it when she was on the show back in what like April or May or whatever, how she had those videos she actually started, putting them on our youtubes to go to a yutube. If you want to check out all old USA up all night stuff, all right, let's throw it down the Taylor Mordon for the verdict on the news round, man, that's a tough one and honestly mark, I kind of forgot what years was already gratties there and it's alays purely just based on me being like a teenager, watching you a say up all night, O Frao. You know that was my cbessent jam back then yeah, but prior to that Manchris's article mentioned one of the VHS movies. That was very, very formatevt. For me, fraternity, vacation Trou. Eighty five was wow one of the first, if not the first experience with foods, you know always igh nine years old or something. When I came across that tape and yeah I mean I worked out that that pause and rewind button over and Oer Hep is all beat up, itwas ruined that Dape ruin that date, so just like sitting here, thinking back to like praternity vacation and then USA up all night. That's like my entire love life until the age of sixteen. You know, thank God, your love life wasn't Frankin Hooker there you go! That's what you were talking about, also very formative, but for different reasons and at a different time, but because F, one thousand nine hundred and eighty five and because of the video storehook. I got to give it O mangres on this one, because you know that it never occurred to me that they, those straight to ths movies, were made for foreign markets, but that's of course they were R Ght and then, when people didn't want to buy them, you know we got all those in eighty five was the year blockbuster video open yeah. That was the beginning of the end for the mom and pop stores and the beginning of it all for Yoom mask video rental tuns. All over the world and those movies I mean that's what was on the shelves, because the big Sturios only put out you know whatever twelve movies a year back then, and we need a content so f here we got these absurd straight to the HS movies. That clearly were intended to be Omeson an DU by or something don't worry, nobody will ever see you naked we're going to sell this in Bangladesh. Nobody 'll ever see it and then faternity vacations. It like every rental store of the United States. Yes, and has some of the scenes that I have seen the most of any movies, AP At's fantastic. I didn't know that that so crazy when stuff, like that happens, all right man crush. Will you pick up a point? Tie Up the game but, more importantly, you take control the board heading into our final one point round. All Right: Let's go, let's do television right here. I think it ties in good what we're just talking about. Jes Go to January Fif, one thousand nine hundred and eighty five, and before one of all like this, we've all said it now. One of our all time, favorite shows, I think, for everybody here was on the USA network. They had a similar show. It was on the air for four seasons, just warming up the seat for old Gilbert and Ronda. I'm sure I wasn't the only one, but I was' a very big USA fan back in the- and I didn't realize this until I was doing the research a couple months ago actually, but they literally had like everything that was in my wheelous a had Ron di her like we talked about that wrestling obscure movies. Amazing, I don't even know if it was original but programming like the renegade. They had nightflight boxing Kungfu Theater Duckman. They literally had anything you can ask for including this show, which featured the amazing Jim Hendric, whom they dressed up as like a bargain basement version of the comedian from the watchman. They named him commander, USA and, unlike up all night, the show would air during the day. I believe it came on around like one pm or something like that, but it would go on for a couple hours. They would play two amazing movies back to back all of this while airing this from his secret headquarters under a New Jersey, shopping ball, at least allegedly, but we get commander USAS, groovy movies, and you could always bet on getting like two awesome movies, like back to back and back in the mid till Ath s. If I couldn't get my parents to bring me to the video store for what, like, whatever reason or midtalts. Rather this was like my go to. This is what I turned on you know, and obviously I was a lot younger, so I didn't have up all night untill, eighty nine, but over the course two hundred episodes commanded USA. You could see movies like the hearse, which I also had for a pick just over the summer purse of the doll people, the hills of ees to toxic zombies, Shud, my bloody Valentine, a my all time, favorid own here, a Polish Vampire Burbank, I mean literally. This was like the B movie hub on television until up all night kind of took over one UAND, nine Teren, h nine. I do have an article here that talks about this at length, but the one thing I do want to pick yo out of here, just one little spot: SIS, the USA network, continues to impress as a home offbeat cult programming. It's pop culturius delight a network whose programming mix includes Paton's place. A rustling talk, show hockey the Gong show and now commander Usas groovy movies Saturday afternoon, series that is a must for all B movie fans. So even the newspapers agreed with me, N, housand, nine hunded and eighty five Yo can't beat that all right Mike Ranger. What did you bring for the television round? Well Mark? You know it's kind of hard to talk about B movies without mentioning the the Great Roger Coreman and thankfully, for me now, and anyone who's Alie, one thousand nine hundred and ninety five show time brought us. Roger Coreman presents a weekly series of thirteen movies armed with forty years of experience in a budget of one point: five million per film Corman's team developed all, but one of the scripts in house and at Shiltime's request remade and updated two of his earlier films, Om, th s, the Wass woman and not of this earth, found an article quite fiddling actually in the Sacramento B on July Nie, one thousand nine hundred and ninety five, where Coreman is excited about a bigger budget and a more time because he can build a bigger, better wasp and that the original was shot in only nine days. And then this one would have much better special effects and be far superior. The article is actually kind of slightly confusing, because if you do look up the films that are in the first season, there are other remakes of some of his other films like Parana or bucket of blood. In total, there were two seasons and thirty episodes with the Roger Cormen presents banner continuing to release movies, sporadically up UN tl one thousand Ninehundre Ne. Ninety nine. The series also featured the acting talents, the likes of Anthony Michael Hall and Richard Belzer, the the first film arid on July Elevenh at nine thirty, was called a suspect device. Yes, O one thousand nine hundred and ninety five and show time and Roger Coreman bring the drive into the small screen. How many movies did you say it was first season was thirteen, so I'm just going to factjeck. You was that one point: five million in total for all thirteen movies, because that would sound like a Rogecal, no O. It's one point five per film wow, that's imagine what Roger Corner could do one point: five million dude he can film the fucking takeover of the Roman Empire with three guys in a Bush. Do Thirteen hundred movies all right guys. So for my television selection, you know this was a cartoon. Actually that was one of the very first cartoons on the new Fox Saturday morning line up on the Fox children's network in the fall of o thousand nine hundred and ninety, and it almost wasn't even a show to begin with, except we have the muppet babies. Yes, the mumped babies to thank for this and the reason we have them up at babies to thank for this is because of fosy. He used to do this segment. I guess on the MUPPA, babys called the Weirdo zone and they did a parody called the attack of the silly tomatoes and it became one of the most popular episodes of muppet babies. Matter of fact, it became so popular that new world pictures, owner of marvel productions and the muppet babies approach four square about making a sequel to the movie attack of the killer tomatoes, and then, of course, they had to have a spin off of that back into a cartoon. So the whole thing comes full circle and in the fall of Oe thousand nine hundred and ninety, we got attack of the killer tomatoes, the animated cartoon. So we'll go over to a article in the Monitor in mcallan, Texas October, twenty Thrd, housand, nine thenden and ninety and an article titled. It's nine am do you know what your kids are watching and it goes through and it describes all the new cartoons starting in the new fall lineup. And then we get to attack of the killer tomatoes, a bizarre cult film, which does not translate too well into a cartoon. An evil scientist grows mewtane tomatoes and hurls them at the residence of San Zukini. The cartoons producers tried to keep up with the movie cynical tone where the tomatoes are invading the city and they bre cavoc and lower property values. Basically its gentrification by vegetable. The TV show kind of strikes an odd note, but is strangely familiar. I always thought the animation style and voicestyle was very reminiscent of Ninja. Turtles might have even have been done by the same production company. I don't know that's what I'm bringing for the television round. The unlikely cartoon of attack of the killer tomatoes based off the Origina n thousand nine hundred and seventy eight cult film attack of the killer tomatoes. So that's what I got for B movies, let's throw it down to Taylor Morden for the ruling on the television round and again guys those are great, great poales and that that was rager, comman movies man. I've seen some of those movies, but I didn't have show time back. then. I didn't know you know I didn't know they were on TV and the USA stuff, that's a little bit before my time. I'm sure I'm sure I've seen some of the movies that were on that show, but USA was already doing up all night by the time my family had cable. So that's a little bit for my time but mark. I was really hoping when you started that lead in with the cartoon mesided moning cartoo that we were headed towards a toxic crusaders. Yes, that's what I was thinking yeah. I was kind of hoping that too, and I looked for all the toxic crusader stuff, but a lot of that was dated ninety one, so yea yeah. They were probably working on it in ninety, but go to think of what you know. I was nine ten years old, one thousand nine hundred and ninety, and I watched the shit out of the killof tomatoes, Cokin anmotot of pesates Cartins, probably two years later, I'm twelve thirteen and I finally watche the movies that they're based on that it was like. It was like a revelation like, oh, my God, what Arit they tried to do that with the INJE pitls movie right. They made it darker and Gredier, but it was after the cartoon was like based on it, so it was still PG. Thirteen Yer PG, probably, but you know those movies theyre, nothing like the cartoon. The cartoons were th. It was a stretch to even name Hem. The same thing right right, especially the taxic Chrisaii, was just like it's. You know kept in planet but Ta Insane and then the action figures to and didn't they have killer tomatoes acting figures basion, I dide yeah, there's even an Nintendo game, Yep Yepyea it all because of fozzy bear from uppit babies. That's amazing! I had no idea. I love nother babies too thanks my the babies. Well, they'll be there for you, so igh. I thought the exact same thing when he first started that he was talking about toxic crusader and you had loyd Coffman was in your documentary yeah. How was that we've had loyd's been on the show, while he was on our old show like three times yeah and we talked to him at length, and I never seen him as heded, although like some of the stuff that he brought up when he was talking to you about like something tof, redstone and stuff, like that, he was pitching that back to us in like two thousand and seventeen right when something to redstone was still alive, and he was telling us all about the sex, stape and shit like that, getting very heeded about it. EA We had to plef all that stuff. We had to plep all that, and that's really you know we have like a ninety minute interview with them for the movie and we used about a minute and a half, and that was about all we could get away with, and you know I love Uncle Lloyd. It was great hanging out with them. It was great before the interview right up until we pushed record great guy, just super fine and were talking about me until you asked him to say his name and then I'm like all right. We're making a movie tell everyone what your name and hes basically like go. Fuck yourself when I saw that I was like yeah editor, had a goot idea to just leave that part in like that's, that's what you get with Lloyd and I think it's great. He has more disdain for blockbuster video than anybody on this planet so much so that people not like he famously hates blockbuster people keep giving him uniform so that little bit in Heur movie, where he's wearing the blockbuser uniform and like welcoming you to his home, he had that. That's just like he was like we finishd the interview and he said: Hey I've got a blockbustter uniform you art, Gme, to just wear it and will do a bit it yeah. I want you to wear. The uniformand would do a GIV light. Where was this guy? We were doing the interview, you know ygod. Do He go? He goes into character. Sometimes yes, we're talking to him and you don't know if he's being serious or if he's in character and you're like Shit Wedid'. Luckily, both times we spoke to him, one time was after the two thousand and sixteen election it was the day after othe Onei. Sixty election, he was like mark was a big hillary supporter and he was just like why IHE just he was going, it was funny was it was pretty hilarious, but he's a great guy man that guy can talk about all kinds of stuff and he's very passionate about the things that he doesn't like yeah, and it's very entertaining to hear him talk about that stuff. So I think, if you're a fan of Lloyd check this documentary out just for, I think it's like I forgot what you guys said like a hundred and twelve seconds of Lloyd, Kofman or something like that. I think it's a hundred and twelve seconds with Lloyd and actually ran it. I think it's on bloody disgusting. They ran that of an exclusive qlip, so you can just check that out and and if that's fun then check out the movie, but Yeah Lloyd was great and toxic Crusaders. TATS IC canvengers, that's that's my jam, but also toir, tomatoes, man. I got to give you the point on that one. That's those fucked up children's cartoons, one Thousa ed again, so we had so important Rambo it. The forces of freedom like what likewhere is that now where's Ou, like crazy, aduptat where's like midsummer, the children's Correcten, you know yeahyout. You can't do any of that now right all that! That's all gone man y I mean, unless you're going to put it on Youtube, but it would probably get taken down in a week yeah. But you know it's rough fack. Then there was so much more freedom to do stuff like that and it like. We posted that on our facebook cap page and if anybody, if you haven't been there, I know we'd be say I all the time: wwwfaebookcom forard Lash duling decades, and if you join our group, there's I don't know like another. Almost fourteenthousand people in the group and ththey always post stuff like that, and somebody posted the other act. I think we did. We posted some Rambo in the forces of freedom cartoon and somebody made the comment like how the hell did they make a cartoon for a movie that we weren't even allowed to watch yeah a lot of them a lot of them, though fantastic with the days all right. So I pick up another point heading into the first two point rounds and I get to select the category Um. You know what let's do some hot products all right. So for my pick for hot products, I picked a magazine that you know you could commonly find in a blockbuster or any video rental store or video sales store. Really journalist, Tim Lucas launch, the video watch dog is an article series in October, O one housand, nine hundred and eighty five, when it became the first consumer guide to home video releases in the pages of Video Times magazine. So, of course, mancrust could have picked this for the same category, but then in Jun, one thousand, nine hundred and ninety Tim's column was reborn as its very own magazine called Video Watch dog. It was subtitled the perfectionist guide to fantastic video. This magazine was an immediate success with anybody who collected old films, Vhs or just movie lovers. In general, the pages, a video watchdog, you could find interviews and celebrity guest columnists as well as Pieacis, written on all walks of cult cinema for movies, like blade, runner and twin peaks to metropolis in the universal monsters and the Classic Hammer Horror, films as well yea. You would also find ground baking interviews with people like Vincent Price, Oliver Stone The afer mentioned: Roger Coreman, David Cronemberg, clive, Barker, makeup Legend, Dick Smith and even Quitton Terantino sat down for an interview. All that aside, video watchdog is probably best known for the outstanding film reviews and critiques that it had over the twenty seven years of the magazines run. So That's what I'm picking Fror my hut products round. It's Video Watch dog magazine very first issue coming out June in one thousand nine hundred and ninety all right, man crush what did you bring for the hunt pronucts round all right? So let's go to my one thousand nine hundred nd Ih ive you guysare, going Ta have to follow me a little bit on this one, but this delivered directly to your rental store this movie rightyear for allegedly the first time ever. We talked about this earlier, all the studios. They were taking charge of their own distribution, and this began in a way like really heavily on these smaller distributors around the world. So one of those distributors is a small company called United entertainment out of Tosa alcohol. Tulsa Oklahoma, never say that too much w nothing happens until Sokohoma, but United Entertainment. They were having a hard time getting any movies that they could distribute at a time. So this guy his name is Bill Blair. He gets in touch with a filmmaker named Christopher Lewis, to see if th he could put together something possibly create a movie that he could distribute. So Chris Lewis said: Okay sure we can make a movie and Bill Blair from United Entertainment Handed Christescript for a horror movie called blood cult that he had actually cowritten with a a doctor that lived intol so Oklahoma. So basically like this, how it breaks down he's like Hey, I still have all these connections to home video stores around the country, but I have nothing to sell them, so you create this movie for me and I'll have something I could sell these stores. So since this was pretty much the first time this had ever been done and I looked pretty hard. I looked very hard outside a porn. This might actually be the first directo video movie ever created, so that he's like, let's keep the super cheap budget was twenty Fivek and let's also make it a hard movie, because right, N, N, Hoand, nine hunre and five they're over popular, we pretty much do anything W we'll get it out there. So they went down to Tosa Oklahoma, just like Roger Coreman. They shot blood colt in all nine days using dual video cameras, Beda cameras, video camera. So it looks like a soap opera. It's like one of those right was all said and done the movie. Actually it made around half a million dollars in profit and that's according to Chris Lewis, the director and actually found an article about the movie as from September, one thousand nine hundred and eighty five in the New York Daily News, the claims that they sold fifteen housand copies and just that was that three month period, four month period for fifty nine, ninety five, each so just quick, math right there. It's like nine hundred thousand dollars roughly in three months of being available, and that would it would havequate like now in two thousand and twenty it like hundred and fiftyars a casette by the way, but also these numbers. This strictly sales figures for those four months. This article from September states that the video was debuting at rental stores the following day, so this movie for twenty five grand they put it out there. They made their money back. They made a lot of money, movies, total pileofshit. So if that's your kind of scene, I would totally suggest going to find a copy. Nough, if you want to watch it for pure comedy that I would suggest, if you just want to save time, they'll go to youtube and search for this. Just put blood colt cafeteria scene Thaif. You can watch that it's like two minute three minute clip. If you can watch that scene and get through it and think it's funny iu think it's good then go ahead and watch the entire movie. If you don't, then don't bother it, but here's some weird shit about his this whole movie in the production so usually tell her. I'm sure you did the same thing when you have a movie, you test it. You know you do like a private screening. Right did ou, do a private screening for your movie kind of Yeah Yeah, okay! Well, this is what they did: Unit United Entertainment. They found a homeless dude. There was sleeping and this in Tulsa who's sleeping against the dumpster. So the production coordinator sat down text to the guy. It said: Hey, buddy, Ey buddy, get a load of this and he pulls Itto capitated head out of a shopping bag and the guy freaks the fuck out and sort. He just runs away that right. There was good enough for them as their screen test er like it works, Yei liked it little ps there. The homeless dude did come back allegedly fifteen minutes later with a friend of his and asked to see the head again. So obviously it worke the second great bit of this United Entertainment. They actually did this lasher movie to raise money to expand the business of United Entertainment, but what Wese the? What was their business, that they were trying to get it to push videos out for religious Christian videos? That's that that was what they made this lasher film. So they can get a budget, so they can do more religious movies and then the last bit Chris Lewis, who was the director he actually squirms at the sight of blood. So he had a look away while all the kills were being taped. I mean what can go wrong. The director of your movie. He can't even watch the kill scenes he's directing I mean anymay, whatever it's blood colt the first ever straight to video movie right to your video store and it looks it. But it's it's pretty big deal all right. Let's toss it down to Mike Ranger. What did you bring man well before we get started mark ut. Let me ask you: What do you think the farmer said to the Vegetable Garden Wearing Yoga Pants? I don't know I can see your tomato. I actually I like when this happens like when we're you know sometimeswe're five years apart and something that somebody else talked about kind of kicked its way around to me and I'm five year. This is actually relates to something you've talked about mark and IM on tousand, nine hundred and ninety five, and I found a segment in the Palm Beach Post on September Fif, one thousand nine hundred and ninety five titled. It's the end of the world, and these are the latest developments in the continuing decline of civilization, the directors cut of one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight slot classic attack of the killer. Tomatoes goes on sale, Wednesday for only twele. Ninety nine. It includes a free grow, your own genuine killer, tomato seed packet. This was compiled by Ron Hayes, the directors cut, restored, cut scenes jokes and dialogue, but also delete some scenes. One thousand nine hundred and seventy eight parody film about tomatoes, revolting against humanity, much like hitchhocks birds and it's pretty much a spoof on b movies, but yeah personally, I actually prefer the return tof, the killer, tomatoes and the cartoon to the first one. But you know you ever y ever get a hand job to puberty love. What's incredible about a tack of the killer tomatoes is that predates airplane by two years, yeah they've come a long way, yeah alrighty. Let's toss it down to Taylor Mordon for the judgment on the hot products round, wow guys again, crazy, shit, crazy shit. I mean movie magazines, great and he's been around forever, but that first grate to video movie- I mean that's, that's bananas and I kind of want to watch it just out of the curiosity of like once upon a time you could make nine hundred thousand dollars up to twenty five housand dollar severae head movie and that that's inspiring you know tac today's version of Twentyiveans and teeven did that and got a sequel out of this at they. They call it blood cult to they named it something else, but it was a sequel and they also did the ripper and I think, eigty, seven off the money that they made from this off the profit. So they didn't just make like fifty more movies off the money. Now you would think they probably should have, but they fucked up yeah. It was blood. Cult to electric Bugalo is great, but that was at that time right when ths tape was, you said, fit nd, ND, ninety nine, and that was cheap. You know the big studio movies were a hundred hundred and ten bucks because they didn't want people done o them. They only want h mental stores to Oen so like what is that in today's money, like what would I have to charge for a copy of my movie on Bhs to come close like two hundred three hundred Ollar? It's ridiculous. What Year did? I know you guys mentioned this in a documentary, but what year did the REB share start was that eighty five? No it couldn', have been eighty F OIS blockbuster started in eity five. It was. We didn't actually mention the year that rebshire started, but it was early on, I think, probably late S, Ike nd, eight UE and eighty nine, because it's a big contributing factor to how blockbuster took over right now how they became what they were, because no one could afford to have a hundred copies of any movie because they were so expensive. But if you had a deal with the studios, you know and and Loy cofman will rantand rave about this for hours. If you let hem but YEP it Imean, it was some Shane Shit likethy they just s like Bodbuster, got their movies for to Uded N. Ninety nine and split the profits wit. The studios and every mom and popstor had to pay the fifty nine ninety nine for copy, so they and that's why the local story we ever had one copy of you know anything of earplane and then the rentals, the blockbuster would have fifty or a hundred copies and they didn't have to pay one, and so that's just not tir. You know that that's one of the things that you guys went over, I hope I'm not spoiling too much either and if you're into this kind of thing, you want to see the whole documentary anyways, but one of the things that happend the mean the mean character of the documentary there. What's her name Sandy the whole part where she's going out and she's buying her stock from stores and things like that, yeah who's paying for is she's paying for all that stuff out of pocket like I'm, not ye h entirely clear how the whole thing she's paying for all that yeah, there's! No so thi. The story that we follow was an independent video store that got kind of forced into becoming a block buster they get their own twisted. You know like you're, going to be a franchiser, we're going to open the store next door and put you out of business, so they've always been and it's the same famy that ran ut there and it runs it now. But it's now that corporate is gone. You know spoiler Loarto, blockbusters out of business. Everybody knows that, but they they don't get any support. They're. Still using these old computers t their operating system is on a bloppy disck and there is no updated version and everybody you know gives gives them a hard time of gling just use ipads or whatever and hey that's ruins it righ. You don't want to go ino blockbuster and see somebody on an IV ped but b they would lose their database, there's no way to transfer it over. You know, except hiring some kid to like type in every customers number and like everything. They've rented is tha, it's never going to happen, but there is no corporate support now, so it's just sandy really going out and buying the movies. And actually, since our movie came out during the pandemic, their last couple of distributors whe used to bring them their DVDs have gone out of business or at least stop distributing due to covid. So now she used to get you know some of the movies woul come to a distributive, like I don't know the marvel movies or something like James Bond or whatever was coming out, but now it's literally every movie on Tuesday mornings at five am when the movies come out s e D drives over to Walmart and they know her. You know they know it's for blockbusters. Their limit, like you, can't buy twenty coffies. You can buy Fiv Cups andit's just to go to target by five more hes just to go to the other target in the next town. OVER ND buy five more and that's how they fil up their new release wall. Now and it's it's like this crazy small business. You know blockbuster is now a small business run by this point. Family was ore, woman, whos stocking thechelv all by herself. It's so incredible. The one thing I was thinking about the whole time. I was watching it is. How does she stay open like because I don't know what Bend Organ is like like? Are you guys far away from everything where you have to rent videos and there's no t like there's no good internet or something? So it's just people going there because they like to rent videos, yeah, yeah and- and you know, over the years it's become this tourist destimation to they were kind of barely staying afloat just on locals and it is a big tourist town. So a lot of people will come. They go skiing to ski town, Orthey'll hang out in the summer and float down the river or something and they'll stay like in an AIRBNB, and maybe the RBNB has a DVD player. Oh there's a blockbuster in my google map, says: There's a blockbuster in town. Let's go check that out, so they do rent movies to tourists and to locals for sure. But now it's become this this tourist destination, it's on like the city like Tor. If you come here and you know, drink a beer right around town theyre, like here's, are there's our old mal and there's our you know, City Hall and there's a blockbuster video. It's great do you think I mean you did all the research for this. You did the documentary. Do you think that there's a market for this like there's enough people out there that Woere, I think I would I think Mike- and I have talked about this before like I totally- would go because I miss it. I missed the whole experience of it, not so much as just picking a movie out, but just the hour of walking around and debating with whoever you're with like what about this one, not shit. What about this one? You know like just it was it was date night yeah to just go there I mean it sounds lame to our young audience who didn't live through that, but for everybody else, Hi was that age that that's what we did that's when we went out it was like, Oh Friday night. What are you going to do? You have a girlfriend we're going to go to blockbustwe're gonno rent, some videos. Do you think now tthat would come back like there's enough people that would keep these stores afloat. I'm I'm not putting this all on your shoulder. So now all these people are going to go out and open them, but like what do you think like? Do you think? There's enough people? I I do, and I don't people like to compare it to record stores because record soures Av at this huge resurgence and now vinyl is outselling CDs for the first time you know, since the s and riht that's all well and good, but people interact with movies differently than music. In my opinion, I think it is so hard for video stores to compete with the convenience of a netflex and Amazon prime of Gulu. You know torrents Hirasy, whatever ever you get your movies, even Netflix, distto of Male, which a lot of people still view which I found out recently. It's it's so hard to compete with that for this mom and pop video store and it all across the country, Moinpub video stores, havebeen closing steadily. Since you know two thousand a two housand and five when they were at thei peak and it's hard for me to imagine that there would be a resurgent, but there would be more of them like that, someone's going to open a new video store in on Te Hande to or whenever we can yeah ye storage point, but at the same time, it's hard for me to imagine a world where we don't have video stores right because, like you're saying it's not about the movie, I don't really care what movie I end up watching it's that experience and everybody. We talked to Yo for the movie AF, these same Youkow, fond memories of going to video store and picking out a movie like with their family with their girlfriend or boyfriend, or you know, with their kids when they got older and all these things that when that goes away, I think we're going to have a different relationship to movies. That really bums me out, like ther. Are People now grown as people who can vote and buy alcohol and cigarettes who have never experienced a movie as a physical object to them? It's always been inside of a device, it's always been at the push up a button and then, when Netflix takes the movie away, that movie just disappears. It never existed at all. That, I think, is what we're going to lose as a society like this makes me Snow Ik, an Al Cranky Guy who's, just complaining about about Programs D, But I think I think you're right. I don't think it is progress, though, because you're taking away a social aspect of life, yeah yeah, you know and you're you're, placing that with sitting on your couch and just flipping you hitting a button five hundred times until you find something to watch in Netflix or Amazon, prime right, whereas you know you would walk around these places and look at the cover ar pick it up and it was a whole experient. You'd have r your friends with you or you know your girlfriend love one. Whatever we're not going to have that anymore and now you know there might be a time in the next five years, where movie theaters aren't even around anymore five months, yeah or five months. I'm just waiting for somebody for like the oculus rift or something to design an overlay for Netflix. So when you're picking a movie, it looks like you're walking around a video store and you can pick up the movies and read the back of the box and are they going to add thes smell that'll happen? Somebody will do that yeah, I'm waiting for hit man. It's an experience, though I think like where we're headed also is now th, where you have the ability to watch movies. Add your fingertips and you no longer have to actually get up go, spend the hour in the store, find the thing you know you came home with that movie. You watched it whether it was good or bad. Now you're treating it almost like the way you consume music. Now, where you don't listen to the whole album you can skip around. You know. You know like it's like. I, like the difference between going from a vinyl to a cassette to a CD to where we are now with digital, like things are so disposable now. So if you turn on a neflix movie and it sucks in the first ten minutes, you just go to the next thing: There's no skin in the game. How many awful B movies like that? We all love that you know a lot of those movies there, their low budget and there's genius in there, but you just got to find it. You know like there's some like director that you know like you, get your James Camerons in your Joe Dantes and these guys that are able to to take nothing and turn it into to something. That's exactly right that you think about how we make movies now and how it's made for the sodens like there are way more filmmakers than there ever have been. But now there's this rule, like you got to put everything into the first eight minutes of the movie, because if it doesn't Hook, people in they're gone yep because they didn't pay for that movie. They didn't walk to the video store. They didn't. You know, Esthey're not invested. Nobody cares like it's, not exciting that it's a movie. It has to be like. Oh, my God, I had all the cool things in the first five minutes so now I'll watch the whole thing and you're right, like people aren't going to watch movies that aren't you know, quote unquote good and whor going to lose out on on so much so many movies that we watched in the s that were terrible that have these cult followings now you know like. Can you imagine if it an evil dead came out now and it just went straight to streaming and it woul just flap and no one would watch it and because there's so many equally low production value movies out there that nobody would even talk about it, and then we would go into the future. Thirty years later and Theye's just being no evil dead, pretty ject it'sso crazy, that's kind of like when entre galer was on a couple weeks ago. When we're talking about the monster squad, documentary and Monser Squat and everything else. I always stawted growing up. The MONJASCAU was a huge movie and he had to tell me he's like no dude. It was N. I mean obviously through research. I knew I wasn't, but he's like it wasn't, and people didn't come back to it until the twohousands, like is that wh we're in store for now, like people are going to release a movie, and it's going to be good and nobody's going to discover it for thirty years well, and how do you discover it because, at least before and when we were walking through blockbuster? In my case, you know a video ranger? How many times did you just rent it just on the cover alone, like they don't even put the effort into the covers anymore o. You know we've gotten a way, and you really do see that as you exit the EES and go into the s to where we are getting into more of a corporate machine and movies are no longer allowed to fail, and they have to do these things that where, if you look back in the s like you, you don't get it out, Howard, the duck in any other era, you know or fucking garbage, Pail, kids movie or some Shit like that classic well, Netlix is getting that way, though, now because they're releasing so much shit on Neflix that even their new stuff I couldn't tell if it it was new or old or if they made it if they bought it from the BBC. I have no idea, they add so much sfon. There is impossible seeital, and I think it's easier to your point like you could walk around the store and look at all this. You know different boxes and whatnot. We are neflix everything's in different categories, yeah right. So how long you going to flip for before you find sot, and it's almost more annoying to flip through movies, like that, it's like yeah hesthey've, taken the adventure out of it. You know yeah, like I actually remember, being in college and my fucking. One crazy friend got like three grand from his grandmother on his twenty first birthday and he went and spent that threethousand dollars on DVDs. This is this is one Thousan, nine hunre and ninety nine thou not to tell anybody about that dude. It was I'll, never forget it and meaan him would stand there and that three thousand dollars only got him about a hundred and fifty DVDs fucking and we would stand there and we would just try to pretend like we were in a fucking store and like pick them out, welit's fron one get one free night. I'm Goingno do that with my basement. I'm goingto take all those movies and put them in aisles shut, Dude. I'd love to do that. I'll, give you a card. You can come over rent, nice, but I'll charge. You late fees, ll fuck, you! You know what else we lose on on a physical media, the great gimmocks like when they ingluded a packagof seeds and kill er tomatoes rerelease in the s which I actually remember, I'm almost positive that my older brother had those seats, but he could have just got some scenes from a garden store. told me they were killing tomato seem because I was a dumb kid. He used to trick me like that. He told me: hoverboards were WEO and I bought it for a long time, but yeah I was going to give the the winning point on this round of Mike on enwe go tomatos ecaus, I'm nothing is not consistent! Nice all right Mike! You pick up a couple of points in that round: You're on the board heading into the final music round. It's anybody's game right now, Al Right! Well, thank you mark so yeah. I guess we're going to go with music because that's all it's left and that's what you just announced anyway. So anyway, I'm rambling, but on March twenty one thousand nine hundred and ninety five, the original soundtrack for the major motion picture tank girl was released. The Courtney love assembled album has a nearly forty two minute run time. This NEON PUNK COMP book film has a soundtrack companion that Janet weeks of the Los Angeles Da Daily News Calls Girl Rock Heaven and also features who weeks calls the most talked about bands like vercussalt Bush belly and, of course, courney loves hole with a few exceptions. Most of the bands are fronted by women providing a feminist theme running throughout the album, which does make sense in a Scifi comic book movie featuring a female heroin, Adam leary, who served as music producer on the album said. He and love made no conscious effort to choose woman onso woman hardest. Other bands features on the album AR devo l, seven, the magnificent bastards ice tea and a collaboration with Jon jet and Paul Westerburg, the Soundtrack Peak Tan number. Seventy two on the billboard two hundred, but while New York magazine wrote that the soundtrack was getting more attention than the film Ron, Howard of towor record stated that the album sales were disappointing and blame the poor performance on the film just caseibod. Doesnt know a Lauri petty plays tank girl and it's about a girl in a tank who fights for water wow before waterworld before yo o e world. Yes, yeah that wouldth had a pretty good soundtrack to it. Remember the opening title sequence was a really cool cover, but then they didn't put it on the soundtrack. I was kind of bummed with that yeah. I think there's like four four or five songs that appear in the movie that aren't on thes Outri heat. When that happens, they fucking got me when I bought my revenge in the NERV sountrack. I remember that that movie had an odd release date. You know, when movies are gigantic they'll put him out on a Wednesday yeah, I'm almost positive that they put tanker all out on a Wednesday good move, yeahgood move. You know I mean well at that time you know. Larri petty was in a League of Ron. Go all right, man crush. What did you bring for the music round all right? So, let's go to July twenty six, one thousand nine hundred and eighty five, and when I oroe thousand nine Hunde and Ihty five for this episode, I knew exactly what I had for music without even having a look this one up. This is one of my favorite eties movies that HBO seam to play this one like three times a day for an entire decade or at least part of the decades came out in eighty five. I probably watched it every damn time it was on to for not a very large movie. They did have quite Wul'd, say it's a perfect Soundti. It's great! It fits this movie perfectly. It's not filled with a lot of household names, but the music fits. If it's perfectly, I can probably recite each one of these songs. So when I read them most well see what happens there, but at the box office is movie, it didn't do too. Well, that's why categorize! This is a B movie. It had a theatrical release. It was probably out theaters for, like two weeks, t only grows around three point: eight million dollars, but again this movie. I found its legs on cable TV and the video store, the stars a thirty year old, Lewis, Smith playing a deceased high school kid, and all that, like I watched this again last night and I'm really not sue I've seen this like fifty times at least. Is he supposed to be hold on? Let me so I'm talking about the Jason Gedrak Classic, of course, the heavenly kid here, but is he supposed to be in high school? Who Bobby Bobby Yeah the beginning of the movie yeah they're in Ice Wol? I mean he dies, driving off a cliff spoiler. But, like you, don't know exactly that, he's in high school, but I'm guessing that he's in high school yeah he's a Sgreacer yeah he's like a fifty olright. So that's the other thing like the timeline on this movies, so sho, I was hoping that you were going to get there asynopsis of this movie. It claims at Bobby dies in the s he does. I think I one thousand nine hundred and sixty, but I don't know why he's listening to Jerry Le Lewis, because I think that Songis, like three years old at that time and, like you said, he's clearly like a Greaser so like, even if we give him the benefit of the doubt, and we say that it's like early s, how the Fuckan Lenni be his son in one thousand nine hundred and eighty five, even if he dine n, housand nine hundred and sixty five, that would make leny twenty years old, an the's in high school. I mean it's the s so like Elthi's Lenny, so yeah letmes. I weird all right. So, even if he is twenty and fail two times, there's no way that that opening seene one thousand nine hundred and sixty five, it's one of those things ot this movie, but it's the S so cotnuity and y time, Cott new that doesn't really matter who cares. So, let's look at the the soundtrack for this fantastic movie begins off. You got heartless. You know the scene where he's got like the the check he goes on the date with and then the best song this whole album there's tons of great songs this one, but I don't even know how to say his name. John fory is that his name John Fierry for but then it's the heavenly kid song out of the edge JS myway well wn to me got to stay out on the air, the fucking greatest God, Damn Song from an s movie ever you and they play it's like a cannon movie. They play that Shit like ten times. Well, they Salo on the hour ind twenty six minutes. That's but yeah, like you mentioned before Jerry Lelewis, probably the most notable name on this whole thing, but some great songs on here man like cruising tonight where they're driving in the car for the first time they just pick up chicks, an a bar. But then, when you realize t it bobby, is not really in the back seat. It's just to check so lenny actually picks up three girls to go driving with, which is weird animal traction there's. So many of these and I'm not going to sing every single one of them, because I don't want our numbers to go that crazy. But that's what I got. I got the soundtrack for the heavenly kid wow fantastic soundtrack. I was a huge ieor that movie it's fucking amazing. I might watch it again tonight, all right. So for my pick for the music round, much like mancrush. This was a film. I grew up, wauching on repeat nonstop, because it was on either hbl or show time constantly. Now, with only a two and a half million dollar budget, this movie made twenty six million dollars ind, despite being released on only a mere seven hundred screens. This film became a cult classic and had two sequels launched the career of its stars and, as my pick had one absolutely bang and soundtrack that happened to be released March, nine Ne Thousand Nine hundred and ninety the exact same day the film es released. This album was one of the albums that introduced me into hip hop and it became a staple in my walkman for years. My pick for the music round. The original Motion Picture Soundtrack for the Movie House Party, with kitten play absolutely fantastic. Soundtrack, of course, can play, have two songs on it. They have fun house and then they have the kid versus play rat battle which is featured in the movie, which might be one of the first songs. I ever memorized line for line and word for word, but let's look at the track listing for the rest of this album yea. Why are you getting Funky on me by today? What a feeling by arts and crafts and then jive time sucker by force MDS great track? Get the House Party title track done by full force with Lisa Lusa and cult jam? Let's so we also have. I can't do nothing for you, man, one of my favorite tracks off the album by flavor flave, and then we have fun house by Gid and play, as I already mentioned, and then to the break, at dawn by ll, coolj, absolutely fantastic, early, lol, cool j track if you've never heard that one you're going to want to check that out the album kind of wraps up with ain't. My type of hype from full force, who of course, was featured in house parting as well. So that's my pick for the music round, one of my all time, favorite soundtracks from House Party, Nice Man- I actually I listen to Ami type of hype, all the time yeah it's on my phone. I blasted I dance around fuck. I love that movie. Whole soundtrack start to finish. It's got a really nice flow to it and you know: There's there's some love songs in there there's some jams. You know it's not just the fiel good party music. You got your slow jams in there too, so you really can't go wrong with the House party soundtrack. Now, if the whole House party franchise were to take another turn and it was going to be cast the way it was originally supposed to be cast, we might have still had a bang an soundtrack, because kid and play wasn't the first choice. It was originally written for DJ, Jazzi Jeff and the fresh prince there going to see Chris Cross, hoping you were going to say Chris Cu. So that's what I brought for the music round. Let's go down the Taylor Morgan for the final ruling on this game. Ohman such good soundtracks, you guys so great my only little clibbl heres. I don't know that I would call House Party of B move. Yes, that's where I was. I was gonna, throw him under the bus, but I know he loves that album or he loves them. I love that album. I thought about that and then I looked at the budget two and a half million dollar budget off of seven hundred screens. I mean there was other B B, True B movies that had a much higher budget than that so for sure, but I tend to think of be movies as having that low production value, no matter what the budget is. You know, there's like something cant be or something that they couldn't quite afford, and I can't imagine how do you make House party better within a million dollars Chris Cross with the fresh prince in there and Chris Gross? It is what it is, but no I had that soundtrack O on Cassette tage Andi had the tan girl soundtrack on CD, and I got both of them from Columbia House an it theyre like for pe casettes for a penny, and then fifteen CDs, for you know ninety nine cents or whatever it was, and it was like for whatever reason you know you could go in there and if you like, the movie, you just get the movie sound dracks, because you had to pick twelve and they only ever had like four things you had heard of and then it was all nonsense. It was like the other five Gar frooks albums. Why are those or you get forced some shit that they would just maily you if you didn't pick them all and that's how you end up with six Kenndy j CDs? Oh my go! Yani CD that I Hav. I literally got kenygcds in the mail from Columbia House. Why cause you could tell them the genres? I be like only Ende hiphop arock, and they would still send you the pick of the month and it was Kenneg. I breckwess tin, that was onconset, though than you man, Oh man, soits down to those two antank girl is a bass movie and thsoundtrack has so many bands that I'm such and Ninis like Music Fan, and you got Bush and hole right there I mean not very far apart. Are they the jokes right themselves? Right who doesn't love a bushy hole? I mean in the s nobody surprise a landing strip wasn't on the album right, hidden track, yeah they play airplane music plus that sounds like has, you said, had Debo on it right, yeah, Devo, recreates, one of their songs, yeah anddevo, Jerry from Devo, was in my first movie that guy is cool, and yet I still think House party is the better music. You know you'e judging it just on the music, I'm going house bit all right, so that means I pick up a win in this game. Thank you very much tyleht, because I don't always pick up a win e specially, not with House party man. House Party needs more wins, in my opinion, can't do nothing for you, man, I'm totally going to get a message on Wednesday when this comes out house party's, not a B movie guarantee it. You know, but that's it is slightly debatable because, like B movies have changed over time yeah you know I mean so we Hav this conversation a couple on yeah. I Kin' You can look at it a couple different ways. I mean people mil not might not think of it this way, but star wars is a B movie right. Oh Man, that's what it is. When I looked at my year, one thousand nine hundred and ninety B movies were the a movies because things changed. There is nothing more B movieish than teenage Moton Inja turtles and I'm sure so e Gonto say well. Why didn't you pick teenage MUTIN INJA turtles because we've talked about it several times on this show. We've talked I've picked the action figures. We've picked the movies before and Yeah it's a B movie, but it went mainstream and became a blockbuster and Theyjustarto. The soundtrack is fire. It is. I had the what you want jest that they sold of the music videos of the soundtrack of the Minja Turtles Movie. Did you have the Pizza Hut One? I still have the pizza hat, one of like coming out of their shells on coming out of their shells tour. I was like ninety two. Ninety three M sc. I do all the words all the songs up en igtils coming out of their shelves to a Neu Jes. That thing was magic man. It is, but you had. You should have won this, though, because seriously like ninety, I seit it. In the beginning of the episode you have the hot spot, yeah for B movies, like you're right in the middle everything was shifting and I think ninety one I think Mike- and I were talking about this a couple like last week or when we got these dates. They like towards the mid to end s, it's kind of dying out like your martial arts movies, are kind of like your last of the B movies yeah and your you know, van dams, kind of going down that route now and you like. Ninety seven. Ninety Eight, but in ninety you had kind of everything still like you had still had some tean comedies. You still had you know some action movies and everything, but you had a lot of it, yeah right in ninety. So that's you know. If you didn't win this uld be tough. You had. I come in peace on one aspect and then you had Ninja Turtles. Like I just said you know there was just so many good b movies. You Got American Inja. Four can't go wrong with some of those movies. I mean Dick Tracy's, a genre movie, that's basically a B movie that was a total B movie Yeah Supper Party massacre three. I think what happens is as you as you go throughout the s. You just start getting these bigger budgets and then you get these big movies, with B movie aesthetics kind of like like, like total recall, you know something like that. Yeah were these things that they used to do in exclusively B movies. You know now they've got like a budget and they get a big actor and like fucking bee movies, used to really just be like the B side of a record like to a double feature. It would be like the lesser known kind of movie, but like yeah, it does kind of suck that, like now it's like, where do you find your B movies yea? You know now they make the movies bad on purpose and it's not a fun. They do still carry the weird like. I guess he still coln be movies, but at blockbuster like I go there, a lot O jes. I can because I'm lucky, because I live right down the street and I'll still walk through. I want to Hele release section as often as I can, and there's always like a movie or two in there that I've never heard of, and it's got you know, tovolter an a cage or some they're doing the formula from the s of like one star put them on the box, and you know name it something weird and a lot of those movies because of the way everytong works now they're. Never going to be on Netflix, you know they are made for four ign margets, but because lockbuster is blockbuster they're still getting at least when they have their distributes. They still get these DVDs or these, like Batshit, crazy movies that people still make us a cheap. The MAG have you seen the one with Steven Segalland Mike Tyson Thay came out. I think it was last year. Maybe two years ago saw the box covered odd. It's it's an experience. You should get that one okay, I fornow what it's called it's, but how many movies is Mike Tyson been in, but it's probably pretty easy to find, but yeah dude, like you, you miss all that and those guys just do those movies and they throw their on the box and they're only in it. For like five minutes Y. AH yeah, you know they're not really in the movie. The Bruce Willis isn't a lot of those too. So every once in a while, you strike gold, but it's not like in thousand nineunded and nine onethousand, nine hundred and ninety one where you had like Brian Bosworth and stone cold. You know and Shit like that, like Y, it was almost like your action movies were made for the be audience and the you know. It's not like that anymore and there was a big connection to would b movies it paralleled the video mental industry, because it was those movies, never went to theaters for the most part of they went to. You know very couple leaters, and so they were made for these low budgets, knowing that they'll make it back at the home video. You know the rental stores. You know you see that, like the budgets went up in the S, because the video stores were expanding and they were making more money so straight to video movies had higher budgets because they new world blockbuster will buy. You know fifty twothousand copies of this on day, one and Hollywood video will buy another fiftyusand or whatever so you'd, see the budgets kind of parallel the industry and then like DVD came out and DVDs were way cheaper to produce. So you know you had this whole other, like straight to DVD sepls like even Disney, was making tume. You know in the later s and it's none of that stuff exists like it's like similar to how the reason an album is the length that is is because that's what would fit on a vinal record, it's dictated by the physical media, so movies, the same like the budgets were dictated by these mental stores and now budgets, a dictator just completely arbitarily like I guess we could sell it to Netflix or Hulu, or you know, maybe get enough ad revenue from Youtube to justify making some B movie. But it's it's like not predictable in the way that it was. You know you used to be like. If you you got Vandam, you knew you could spend five million dollars on the movie and you would make fifteen million dollars on home video, so they just kept doing. I man, I sto, miss that but dude, like your documentary, is fantastic. Tell people where to get this, because if you want to walk down memory, lane and you're into this whole conversation that we're had in the whole episode. You will love this documentary, I'm telling you like. I was sitting there last night and I was doing other stuff and I totally got hooked and then I had to watch it a second time because the beginning part I was, I was a little bit busy because I was working on the episode, but then I was like I'll just watch it again and I watch the beginning again and it doesn't feel like you watch the second time, because it's it's so nostalgic that you're, just like a whatever Il Watch. It again tell people where g they cound find it. I picked it up on Amazon, I believe last night, when I rented it so obviously you can get it there, but where else can you get this thing yeah? Ironically, it is available, worldlide, digitally on Amazon, itunes, Google play Bandango bootu all the places, but my favorite way people can get it is we actually have it for rent on DVD at blog boaster and you can go to their website by the DDD from them and it's actually shipd from blockbuster video from like a kid in the blockbuster uniform to pack it up and they sent it out. ATS. The first blockbuster exclusive DVD since two thousand and Leven is there any way you can get that I'm sure that every person that touched that tape wanted one. Are you guys planning on releasing that yeah? We actually the DVDs out now, but the VHS were planning for January. Were hopeful it'lll come out, then vjsis take longer to make turns out, yeahwe make them in real time, but we are doing a bhs release with company O lunch meebhss Na yeah, YEP and I'll be ot in January. We totally know him he's been on the show a couple times: Yep, that's awesome. Yeah Josh is a good dude yeah and all that stuff you can find on our website. It's last blockbuster moviecom as linkd to all these things, including the blockbuster escliciv dteg. That will be touched by a blockbuster employee before it comes to that. That is crazy. You know tha the one thing that I noticed lat. We talked about Lloyd Kafman. Before he's been on the show, and now we just mentioned Josh from lunch meat who you also know you also had Sam Levine who's, also been on the show. You also had Jamie Kennedy, that's also been on that show twice like who should I like hit up from your show, because I think we're getting the same people like. I think everyone would fit this perfectly. Who would you recommend from all the people? You spoke to Whill Kevin Smith? Obviously a probably is not going to Havpen yeah good luck with that one. We barely got it B, Yeah Keis supposed to be great, but you know I really love was just hilarious. To Talk to is non bunches. You have media Ron, bunches, Hes, Yeps, NTO, mivies and stuff, but he's he's my favorite from the movie he's. I just think he's just a hilarious dude yeah that guy's learous and he loves wrestling and he loves video games and he's like pretty old school. Perfect perfect. I think that would work out. I saw ione sky in there. I was like a that's great one, we' love to have. How did you guys go about getting all these people d? They were they people that you knew through other people or what a little of that my producer writer on the movie music is like an old, not old, not much oler than me, but he used to write for TV and Hollywoo wrote on the Weirdal show and Dexter's lab Po op girls, so he knew some people. He was connected to Jamie Kennedy and James Zonald Taylor, the Voyce Actors in the movie and that kind of splingered out- and you know, people know people, but a lot of people. We just git up on social media like ye split into the DMS, with the hey we're making a blockbuster video moving. You want to be in it like the same thing I did to you heythere you got that that Shit looks good. You want to come on the show. How did I, How d you Get Kevin Smith? The same way? No, that was real round about JC Rifenburg, who owns the Scumminbilndan Cantina, where Kevin does his podcast, where we filn the interview used to be a manager at Blockbuster Video Andso, we sort of bonded and we we shot with him He'as on the DVD. You didn't make it into the movie, but you know we just talk to him and like Kevin, would be great worked at a video store. You know I grew up watching Kevin smikh movies. I probably wouldn't make movies if I hadn't rented clerks a hundred times from my local video store, so we just kept asking- and he said yes right away, but he's such a busy Guy Hi took over a year to get the interview shotd. Damn we kept telling people now celismitit's Goin to be an our movie. We Wild Wu, pretty sure you know he said yes and we live up in Oregon. So now we would get like a call on a Wednesday. That's like you can come Friday. You can shoot at two PMHUCK. It's like it'sa, three hundredar flight, we're Indie dimmakers and we actually did fly down a couple times and it got postponed and we're just out the money. So we go and shoot something else. Wow that's same thing with dug Benson now doug, I loved Doug loves movies, because PODCAST is isazing and Hes Jus, so cool like we reached out through the podcast and said you love movies, we're making a movie about movies and about loving movies. You should it's very metal wet. You should be in our movie about loving movies and Lae Bo and he was down to do the interview and during the interview we just asked him. Would you want to come up and visit this last blokbuster? Because a lot of these people we interview, we told them were making a blockbuster dack. They didn't know there was still a blockbustter cosn that on them as we're talking, TCOA everybody as soon as it's gone right, and so we told him that was one left and he was so excited to come up and visit the STOK. He blew himself up on his own dine and came to blockbuster and just let us Bo te experience, and you know that bit in the movie, where he's experiencing blockwuster video for the first time and yer, probably fifteen years. That's exactly how I felt when I first walked in there and you know in two thousndand sixteen and it blew my mind or you walk around and you just like it's the same. No one told these people that blockbuster went out of business and they just kept it going and so that iust I love the bitts like that and the same wik like the bhs. We hand people to VHS tape in the movie, because I knew from my personal experience. We made a veajust copy of a movie. I help it in my hands and I felt something like Yep there's hand, there's a feeling that comes with that. So we handed the people and you can see you know your Sam Livins and your having brodies and you higon these skys, the Hannim of Hajes tape and it cinstantly takes them back Theye, like one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight. You know we're watching tremors or whatever it is on DHS and it's not about the movie, but it's alike. You remember like who was ion the couch with wood. I go to the video store with and like that connection to movie that's what we're losing with all the streaming like no one's going to give a shit about you know whatever the top movie on Netflix was this month, because they never helped it in their hand. Yep they never, you know, didn't, have to work for it, so God it's so shitty. I had that ACPOCIATIG two years ago I walked into, I went up to Minnesota and I drove past a family video which I didn't have growing up, but I was like holy Shitts, a video store, so I went in so I kind of had that feeling that you're describing, but the fact that I didn't have a family video. It wasn't all the way there. So I would love to go to that blockbuster in Ben. I think that would be Mike. Would he saylike will go now during covid? Our flights will be like twenty flights got to be cheaper. will plenty a legro ro trip just a six hour flight with a mask on and will go rent a movie. People come from a lot farther away, I'm sure from Australia stain and they come just to go to blockbuster and it's weird as wild, but dude thanks a lot for coming on and before you got here. Do you have anything else coming up that you have another project or anything like that or you now? But if people are nostagic for the S, my other doc about SCA music, anybody likes scams, a check that one out that con moviecom it's also on Amazon, but you know love that ninety stuff, very cool who did we have? We had Ska guys on before, but I'm going blank who the held real big fish, real big fish, yeah yeah, real big fish. What's his name Johnny Christmas, Oh see with the mustach yeah yeah he was. It was right before one of their shows, so he actually did our episode while waiting. While somebody else was on stage. So like the audio was a total tird, but he's super cool super cool. We couldn't get EICAS. It was with scheduling we had a, I don't know, we can only get one of them, but yeah dude. That's awesome! THAT'S ON NEFLIX! What's that called it's on Amazon, it's called pickit up, gon in the NNS and both joining Christmas and Aron, or in that movie sweet all right, so that o came out people liked it and I'm a trumpet player. So I asked him if I could play like a show with them, and it was John Christmas is to com the players. So he was like. I don't know man she can hack it. They. Let me- and I got to play trumpet with Real Big Fishburg, but one song one time at one festival, Dude that s so awesome. I wanted to see them a couple years ago. They they played about an hour away from here in East Rausburg, a a place called the Sherman. It's like a really small old theater, and there was like a I forgot: What happened? It was like a snowstorm or something so we couldn't make it up there and I was so bumped because I've never seen them live and from all the videos. I've ever seen like all their their live concerts, look fucking, amazing yeah, that's awesome! I will I'll check that out right after I watch heavenly kid for the sixtith time tonight and then I'll throw that on it's a great double feature, of course, but thanks a lot. Do we really appreciate coming on no problem I's fun, all right, dolers? Well, unfortunately, we're going to have to end this episode right here, but don't worry if you've missed an episode. You can always head back to our website www don doing decadescom, where you can subscribe to the show on Itunes, spotify, really everywhere, podcasts are available and then, while you're on those inner WIBS heat on over to facebookcom forward dueling decades, where you can join our private group and share some of your very own Retro Memories. So until next time duelers were going to bed to you, a pieace love Lightin, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone ICAST new Yorka ou be heard