Dueling Decades
Nov. 25, 2020

The Leader of the Monster Squad, Andre Gower determines if 1979, 1985 or 1998 had the finest Nards!

The Leader of the Monster Squad, Andre Gower determines if 1979, 1985 or 1998 had the finest Nards!

Just so happens, Monster Squad was one of my favorite movies growing up! Not only did I get to see it in the theater, but I was also in a dorky Monster Squad ripoff club at school called "The Monster Club"! Needless to say, I was looking forward to this episode. The leader of the Monster Squad and director of Wolfman Got Nards, Andre Gower joins the crew this week to judge this ghoulish battle of the decades! For the occasion, Andre gets to judge which decade had the best Monsters! Fan of the show and Monster Squad superfan, Trevor Gumbel joins the crew this week and brings a Monster 1998 to the table! Marc James wore his Member's Only jacket this week and brought along a classic helping of Monsters in 1979. Riding a five-game win streak, Mancrush rounds out this eerie episode with the best Monsters of 1985 he could conjure up.


If you're a fan of Monster Squad, you need to see Andre's Monster Squad documentary, Wolfman Got Nards. Until then, listen in as Andre channels his inner-Sean, grabs the gavel, and judges this episode like a boss! In this duel, you might hear about Liam Neeson stalking the set, Mancrush runs into the real Godzilla, Lestat isn't Sting, a reporter goes full-on Jack McGee, terrible marketing, killer chickens of the sea, a virgin tells an unlikely tale, the best mullet of all time, Marc trades in his socks and sandals to go horror punk, Vincent Price is in everything, Tobe Hooper butchers Stephen King, Disney tries to be scary, your TV made you miss parts of Monster Squad, Fred Dekker rocks, two stoners release thirteen ghosts, a legendary franchise is born, Trevor brings a real downer, a middle-aged vampire swoons over Marcy Darcy, Andre answers listener questions, Dustin Diamond trades baseball cards, and did Andre really kill Atari?!


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Infirmary, media people engage up, Juwlin Deca, the BIXIC O Bla, but I to Bo an retegam on that cap. Ut, stop the power gopcome fight for what you love. Your wh come to p Te Pi, copin Ha Griad, ane OC, Wi, take gray a a Bala e Si gcom fight for what you love Os broadgasting from the podcast New York Studios. It's the adult only retro game show where the decades battle for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it, welcome back to dueling decades. I am Mark James in this week, I'll be representing nineteen. Seventy nine in this special monster theme duel. Let's meet this week's other dewelers and the decades they will be fighting for first off with a monster five game, windstreak say hello: Tomancrush, that's right! Let's see if I can make it six, I don't know if I've ever done that before Andre there's a lot of pressure on you, I have monsters of one thouand, nine hundred and eighty five. Also on the panel this week he's a dueling decades fan and a monster squad mega fan. Please welcome Trevor Gumble. What's up guys today, I am reppin monsters for the year nineteen, Ninety eight and as always here on the show, we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness you'll. Remember this week's celebrity guest judge for his betrayal of Shan in the Monster Squad. Now you can see his new film Wolfman's Gutnards, all about the power of cold cinema all rise and welcome, Judge Andre Gower. It was the smal uttering of a Plaus, be seated beseeted. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules. The judges coinflip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories, movies, television, music, news and hunt products, a judges ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds, four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie. After all five rounds, we will go to a final wild card round. All right, jewelers load up on guns, bring your friends it's fun to play more Doinas all right. Let's go right down to Andre Gower for the coin. Toss to see who goes first in this game, trever, you call it. I will go with heads. It is tales trevor you're out. What exactly did you? I would just want him to tell everybody. What did you flip there, because that's a first, Oh, I thought this was our secret. This is my this is my bite size, soft black Licoriche, that I have taken a little nibble out of one side which I declared as heads, but it came up as tailes, not quite as good as Rondashir's titty that she flipped, but it's that's second best, maybe third, after the the slice of pizza that somebody flip, but that's a good still, not sure which one would taste the best all right. Man Crush you on the coin flip and you get to select our first category. Where are we going all right? Let's start with music and we don't normally start with music. That's a good place to start. Let's go to June, first one thousand nine hundred and eight ive, and this was the hardest of the bunch to five. For this episode. I couldn't find any like classic monster. Songs like monstermass or thriller, so I had to go really deep in thes selection right here. This is from a holl of fame musician, and this is his first solo album and probably the furthest person I'd ever consider to pick for a monster song hint. This is the third time this year that I've selected this guy. Although the last wo were from his former group who basically disband on thousand nine hundred and eighty four, they did get back together, brieflyne six and they were ran remaine apart until reuniting and two thousand and seven, which is a wild story all in itself. Considering this dude left this band at the pinnacle, their success mark might know where I'm going. But let's see any who this is this guy's? First Solo effort, it did pretty well, he sold roughly ten million copies worldwide went three times platinum in the US. Had five singles reach number two on the billboard two hundred and was nominated for two grammyes and as t e story goes police guitarist. Andy Summers gave sting the book interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice force and that inspired sting to write the Song Moonover Bourbon Street and a few months back, I discussed how sting went and he wrote the I forgot, which song it was, but he sat at in Fleming's desk in Jamaica and then this time around. This dude pens this song, while hanging out down in New Orleans, not a bad life but in sting zone words. He was a big fan of Lewis's character in the book. So sting goes on to say this, the idea of being a vampire and being a Predator, but regretting it all the time, knowing that there was something morally wrong with the lust and hunger, and I love the struggle that is going on the character's head and there was kind of a movement of people who thought that the listat character when he became a rock star was which happened later on in the books, was because of sting, and he said he wasn't because he was not the character that he was interested in all. It was Lowis, and this is the most unlikely album to be found on this episode. This is sting I dream of Blue Turtles and his song moon over Bourbon Street, about a suffering vampire torn between killing the innocent or dying himself. That's why I got for my first pick, all right. Let's go over to Trevor Gumble. What do you have for the music round? Well, for my pick Fr one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight, this album was released on May nineent, one thousand nine hundred and ninty eight containing three hit signals. It is a soundtrack containing the signals. Singles come with me by Puffd, Daddy and Jimmy Page heroes by the wallflowers and deeper underground by Jamariqoy. This album went two times went platinum in the US and picked it number two on the billboard. Two hundred my pick for ne thousand nine hundre and EIG eight music round. Is God Zilla Soundtrack Nice solid one yeah? Definitely it's got the isn't raging ats, a machine on that too. Yes, it is, and there is a lyric actually kind of criticizing the film Godzilla, which it should yeah that's kind of what they do. You know if you're going to put rageon machine an get tse machine on your soundtrack. You better be damn sure your film's going to be on the UPBA nut politically or something like that, or else hiy'll call you out on it. I was in New York City when that movie was just coming out. There were billboards all over New York City for it. It was like a week or two before this happened. This homeless guy came up to US wearing a plastic bag, and we gave him money and he's like. If you give me two bucks I'll, show you the real God Zilla and we're like all right. We gave him the two bucks and he just starts going in this. Like plastic bag. It was frightening, but that went in a completely different direction than I thought it would go non. No, that would have been bad. I never actually saw God zill and its entirety until like a couple months ago, and I remember thinking yeah pretty much- I mean it's Rolland Emerick, so you know what you're getting and it was kind of the simpes movie beward the Simpsons Movie, considering that he had hank Asara Harry Sher and Natty Cartwright in the same film, but it was just yeah. I agree considering how much it was like hyped. It was like going to be the big M, O e n Housand, nine hundred and IG Eight. They were teasing it for over a year in theaters they had buses, they had buildings with you know, and it was like it comes out and people left it collective. Okay, when are my gun coming out, yeah, which was so much better compare to the comparatively it was crying Ben Affleck, will always be better than Godzilla. Thank you for it's. So no deep in pick, I agree. No Iam, a deep impact fan over armagedn any day. Yeah deep impact had a lot more emotional depth to it and you know less explosions. I guess what do you have mark all right? So for my music selection, we're going to go to the fall of one thousand nine Hunedren and seventy nine. Now this band was about to go under a major overhaul. They were going to introduce a new logo that logo would be known as the Crimson Ghost, which is now famous. It's a nice skull logo and you know with the new logo, Kimman new look. They decided to put on a little more makeup and they had the devil, lock, hairde, some black clothing, skeleton shirt and gloves, and all of a sudden, the misfits became the icon of horror punk with their fourth release night of the living dead, which they actually released on Halloween night and really cool move. They actually pressed about two thousand copies of this on black seven inch vinyl and you could actually buy them there at their show at Irving, plaza and New York City. Now, I'm sure the record labels would be thrilled that they R ere pressing and selling albums at the door, but you know what this was released on: Plann nine records, which was Glen Dancing's record label. So that's what I got for my selection. It's night of the living dead inspired by, of course, not athe living dead, the George, a Ramiro classic by the misfits released October, Thirty First Anninetuneen N. seventy nine damn, that's a good one. That was the first band that I looked for: one thousand nine hundre and h five and I think theyre close salbums like eighty three yeah and see you probably should have had this one, because listeners of this show will know me picking the misfits is like you picking the grateful dead. I KNOWHAC I have. I know nothing about Punk, music whatsoever. This might have been the first missmit song. I've ever listened to that's solid, it's and how was it it was. It was no, it's actually a really. It's actually a really good tune. What kind of makes the song I wouldn't expect to get out of a punk song and that's harmony, harmony, yeah, lot, there's layers in background vocals to night of the living dead where they harmonize and then at some points, because it's more of like a a horrific scream, it kind of is staggered a little bit and it kind of creates a really eerie. Feel for the music- and I didn't really expect that Ou of a punk song, the harmonies, so it's kind of cool actually well. It also means that you now know more misfit songs than an the kids who buy the missfith shirts at hot top O. Well, there we go thisis, true all right. Well, let's toss it down to Andre Gower for the ruling on the music round, aactually all good choices, the god Zilla soundtrack- is only a good choice because it's I mean Gonzilla, which is one of my favorite. All Time characters, let alone monsters, but is God Zilla Monster, he's a monster, but he's a good motring l. He didn't want to be Godzela. You know he got zapped like he was like hey minute, just like vampires. You know they struggle with that. Exactly very deep! On the you know, the intellectualness of man crushes kind of choice and the fact that it's sting ta that was impressive as well, going out of your box mark and going apparently way out of your pox and going punk with the mispits. You know we can all relate to being misfits at some point. In our life, but you didn't go out of your box. That was you know. That's that's got to be there too, but if I have to make a ruling- and I don't get help from my licorish bite- I'm going to have to go with last tat yeah, you know like, and it's a very jazzy album. I listen to it for the first time because I listend to it back in the day. So, first time, probably in years, I'm a bigger police fan than I have a sting fan, and it's it's good, but it's kind of like I see how thes Song went and it goes but the rest of the alum I just couldn't get into. But that's me personally and I know what marks thinking with when I picked graveful dead. That time you really have to dig when it's a band that you don't like, but you have to make the pick, because it's just too good to pass eactly. I know how you feel Oyo, just your Heart's, not there, but your head is right and everybody God. I was doing a rockand thing right, yeah, all right, man crush. You picked up the first point, but, more importantly, you get to select the next category. Where are we going MMAN? Let's go. Let's go news on this one. Why not so January? Eighty five, you O, I was looking for some creatures from the water because, let's face it, Gilman was frightening as fuck in that movie I mean Wolfman gets like all the attention there. I think, but Gilman he was like nightmare fuel in that movie, So one thousand nine hundred and eighty five there was lots to talk about like the lockness monster and there's like a plethor of ripoffs, from like every lake in the entire United States and Canada, but that's boring. So I went with the only legitimate new source when it comes to monster. Sightings, weekly, World News and the title of this article here is diver attacked by mermaids by a man that digs way deeper than the folks at CNN, the infamous investigative reporter Mickey Mguire and here's a story right here. It's Scuba Diver Maria Kashta Hora, I'm butchering her name, I'm sure she was calling a nightmaris fight for her life when she was savagely attacked by legendary creatures believe to exist only in the minds of shipwrecked sailors, a band of Mermaids, the twenty four year old Brazilian beauty. I love how she had to be a beauty Cuba diver. She said her only fear was that no one would ever know what happened to her and that gave her the strength and determination to survive her incredible ordeal in the crystal clear, Caribbean waters off Mexico's Yukatam Peninsula, and this I a quote from her directly. It says I'm really lucky I didn't die. There were four of these beasts and there was no doubt they wanted to kill me. I've never believed in Mermaids, but in stories that I've read Theye're supposed to be irresistiblly beautiful women, the creatures that attacked me were definitely female. They had human breasts, but they were horribly ugly things. The human part of their bodies was covered with slime and swarming with tiny sea animals. Their hair was like long oily seaweed at first. I couldn't believe my eyes. I thought I was having rapture of the deep, but I was only forty feet below the surface. Then one grab my mask and I felt its slimy skin. It was ghastly like the flesh of a corpse. I tried to get back to the surface, but every time I started up, I felt an icy oily hand grab my leg and pull me back down. At that point, I knew my only chance was to fight. I just kept kicking and punching with all my strength, but I knew I couldn't keep on fighting for much longer. She figured she was GOINGTA run out of air, and all I kept thinking was about my parents and my little sister grieving for me and would never have any idea what happene to me and just like that they were gone now. Sometimes I ask myself if it really happened. I tell myself such things are impossible. Then the terror comes rushing back and the reality is something I can't deny it'sdiver attacked by mermaids by the only legitimate source, four monster material, weekly worldnews wow. That is compelling stuff. Man Crush it's real. It's got to be Gotto, be real. Everything in the weekly World News is credible. That's why it's the news. You know yeah, of course, train all right trevor. What do you have for the news round? Well, just like Mancrush, my only sourceful or truthful and honest monster news is the ecly World Nans, and for this for this I go to April Twenty Fr, Oe thousand nine hundred and ninety eight I'm having big foots baby and apparently a hairy creature, rescues, college coed from rapist and now she's in Love, Oh grage, Oregon. I am pregnant with big foot child. That's my boggling claim of Abigail Hutch, who is expecting the baby in May the teen who says the assigning connect conception took place after the Harry seven foot. beest saved her from a near rape when Heg not only her gratitude but also her love. Abigail Nineteen told reporters that she shured the father is big foot before him. I was a virgin. She said the bazark encounter took place on September, Secon, O USNDNINE teen. Ninety seven as she was checking home from college. She was picked up by a dark haired man in his late IES. Everything was fine until he started talking about his ex girlfriend Abagail said, and now the whole at Miss aready started looking at me. Strangely then he pulled overside the road and turned out the ignition. The man started, making crude comments and attacking her ripping her to clothes. She was unable to escape from the auto mabile and began to run down the road. I could hear t ingaiting on me. She said all I wanted to do is get away. I was creaing for help when, to my astonishment, big foot suddenly emerged from the shadows and flew at the man was chasing me. The two of them struggled for a minute or so then the main man ran back to the car. I've never felt such relief. Big Foot, save my life and preserve my dignity. I would have done anything for him. I fell in love and, to be honest guys this might not have been big foot. This could have been a guy from burning man because she never can tell yeah. I the story sounds completely feasible, except for the fact that she was a virgin and a seven foot tall, big foot, andpregnated her, I'm pretty sure seven foot tall, Big Foot would splitther and hal yeah. It was like ninety seven that was just like some look from a fish show well actually on the next actually Ma Correctshe STK on the next page. There's in our article big foot, splits, woman in half so and she still has his baby wow, it's a good one, I'm glad we went with the same source. It gives it more credibility. Well, unlike you guys, I did not go with the weekly World News. I went with some credible journalism how about some Gonzo Journalism, we're going to go to the Rock Island Argus out of Rock Island Illinois, newspaper January thirtieth thousand nine huered, and seventy nine and the article reporter goes on monster hunt by Dave Hill Sammer. I never dreamed I'd go on a monster hunt, but I did near Texarcana Texas. During a recent vacation, I stepped into a gunshop in Texarcana, and I got talking with the owner Dick Barton, one thing led to another, and he made mention of the Fok Monster about which the movie monster of Boggy Creek was made. Barton was a hunter and a Texan. He admitted that he thought the Fok Monster was a hoax until several years ago, when they went out hunting and they found plenty of tracks, they said, and they even took imprintments of the tracks. Now experts examined them and they said the tracks had to be made by something Wang Up to a thousand pounds in nearly seven to eight feet tall. The article goes on here with the with the journalist, of course, inserting himself into this article, so he goes actually hunting with Barton himself. They go into the woods looking for the fock monster they're in the woods they have guns and tow he's got a a winchester with them and a revolver, and they start hering sounds in the woods, really not sure what it is. So the article goes on what the hell was that I asked Tom sod up and he said all too calmly. That means it's time to get going home. I agreed he later then asked Tom was that the monster and Tom replied? I don't know, I ain't never seen him, so all of that he takes them on this whole monster. Hunt through the woods shows them the plaster cass of the imprintments of the foot marks or claw marks. Supposedly it's out there somewhere. He believes it, but he's never seen him so we're going to some real down home Gonzo journalism from Texarcana Texas via Rock Island Illinois January thos, nine Tueen, seventy nine all right. So, let's toss it down to Andre Galart for the ruling on the news round, O say the fact that all three examples were suitbo fictional, fantasy monsters instead of actual real ones, and no one went like some political. You know you know calling a politician Onteris the IIN IAS. I was waiting for that, but luckily we kept it. You know in in the fun stuff. I don't know about the fuck monster. I think that's what big foot ended up doing. Apparently big foots gotten arts bi. They apparently he does because they work our our nineteen year old. At the time. T should be, you know not. Nineteen now, and maybe you know, baby big foot is out there and maybe that's a movie. So I hear by option the rights right now and we can all you know, share and producer credit. I will say I have. This sounds very, very, very not good. I use my goodens, but I have swam in the crystal waters off the Eucaten Veninsula Ey Waly, women, grabme and God damn it. I did not find any half clothed, mermaid oily hair, icy, handed women swimming in the water. All it was was four dorks. I went to high school with consider yourself, so I think your storyis total bullshit man car it's legitimate, Jurand, the fuck oster I mean it's sort of is a Texas S. IS IT Arkansas? You know they both care for each other out. Sometimes I think that's total bullshot, I'm going with big foot. I'm going with big foot got ta, go with Big Foot. That's a solid one: Did anybody follow up? Did the attacker actually also get inpregnated by big foot because we never forknow about bigfoot like we just hear the girls in love with bigfoot, we don't hear recoprocity here. I could read the rest of the article Andre if you want. Oh, no, that's, okay, all loo! It's really a sad story of Stockholm Syndrome and Yeah 's part of depression yeah. It's bet in the beast. That's the second part of the story. That's fishy. It said a couple minutes went by like would big foot really take a couple minutes to put a dude down we've seen those Jacks, the slim gym? No, what's the it's a Jack Langwuag' Comectye Che fucks people UV in like two seconds, but those are fictional man crush. This is the real big foot, not some bullshit, soommercial, big foot. You stay with the truth. Man Crush or you don't talk at all. I forgot that it was weekly world new. As a sad thing is. It probably did only take two minutes for him to impregnate. That girl, though look I mean boodfoots in a Ru, just like all the other animals in the forest too. You know it's it's by a lot. I don't know yeah big wit's gotta get his he's. Gotta get his great coming soon. How big foot got his groove back Harry and the Henderson? I mean this is the alternate ending of Harry and the Henderson at you didn't hear about so equel I'd watch. It no and I know the girl that was, I not want to Pu these to together, Goheno she's, beautiful and he's a singer Ian. I know visualis terrible yeah, okay, yeah, okay. Moving on, I am mad tat myself for continuing the all right trevor. You pick up your first point here on dueling decades and you take control the Board for our final one point round: Let's go to hot products O okay. Now my hot product was introduced at T, one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight toy fare. I couldn't find an exact date of when it was released, but forty million of these things were sold during the firs three years of its original production, including one point. Eight Millin Onethouand, nine undre and niey eight alone. I mean it was the hot Christmas proctuc of Tha Year it a inspired by the Timemagotche and it pretty much made Ebay what it is today, because people were buying these things and reselling them for God awful prices, and even though it only cost like thirty five bucks, they were selling them for, like hundreds of dollars because thiss this was like the cabbage patch kid of the time. If you guys were never cabbage, has kids probably do because we're all eightys children here the product I am referring to is the monster that is ferby. I recall this yeah. Those things would not shut up as much as you tried to, and the only reason I have one is because it was a Gizmo for me, weren't, those the ones who were banned from bases, I think so becaus they like they repeat it stuff, I think yeah. They repeat, they recorded stuff and repeated. That's. I had a Guizmo Ferby, I put batteries in it and I instantly regretted it because the thing would not shut the fuck up as much as I tried, but yeah. That was the only reason I wult on one of those things: Yeah all right, yeah forve likely story. Man, don't judge me. Oh we're not we're. Judging for everyone had one at some point, O everyone did not myou're you're older than you're a little bit older than we are. I didn't have one, but my my wife's brother had one and he graduated in Oh one, so raters like what around that r one high school an a what is her little brother, okay yeah, so he had one in like ninety eight. Ninety seven- and I remember that thing and he lit it on fire good for Yi. Remember so yeah! So it wasn't all that sure he's got a cerial killer by now. I hope not he's a hero, our ferbes monsters in a different way to you now, Andre other than the fact that I look like when are they a monster in your head? I think what they are just things that wake you up at night and not because of the actual physical toy, but the fact that human beings respond so mironically do things like Ferbi that they could buy them on Ebay for hundreds of dollars instead of paying I'm sure, everybody could use that money gun something else, but they had to have a ferbe either for themselve or for their kid iyeah. It's just it's fascinating that we as humans get caught up in something like that. That's why I occasionally cheer for the Meteor Aray. To that. I said: Damn impact. It's like you know, beanerman, whatever tiny one, nothing all you did was killd Taleone Taylo on it was only one I wanted to live it just missed. U Scott Te Tamit! Maybe next time again, all right, man crush. What do you have for the hut products round? All Right? Let's go back to various dates, one thousand nine hnre Ght Ive. I've never done that on show before so. For the first time I got baries date S nd, ninetty, five and instead of finhding a physical product. I went with something it's a bit outside the box and I I mentioned various dates, because this event was so popular. They ended up holding it in New York and Los Ange S, thouand nine hndred five. They had new Yorks in May and then Y had La's. I think it was in November both events sold out- and this was considered by many as the first considerable horror convention at the time, at the very least, is would have been the largest since it was put on by Fangoria and creation, entertainment adre- I don't know if you guys were part of this couple years- laterwe'll get that in second year, but when I think conventions now, I'm literally lost in the sauce, because conventions there's tons of them for any genre, and they are diamond dozen these days. But in back N IA IE H, five people were really excited for the chance to share their love of guts and Gore by attending the very first Vangorias weekend of horrors, and that initial weekend of horrors was headlined by horror royalty. We had west Craven Toby Hooper Tom Savini, Rick Baker, Alvira Robert Unglin was there friend of the show William Cat. was there lots of other people? This event was so popular. In fact, fangory ended up releasing the footage of this event. Actually, it was of the California event to VHS One thsand ninere six, which goes by the same name and if you're interested in checking that out go to youtube the full sixty minute time capsules there for you viewing pleasure and if you're like an avid convention, Fan and you've betrapped in your house, all two thousand and twenty, I suggest watching at least some of it. It's pretty damn hilarious to see some of the old school cosplay, fone thousand nine hnry five some was pretty legit. There was one dude who had like this body with him with a eye ripped out, which was amazing Looku. I thought it was. I don't even know who made it. There was also a dude. I swear to God. I was watching this if you're watching this and you find a guy in this documentaty that looks like Howard Stern. Please message us on our facebook. So I know that I'm not the only person, I'm pretty sure it wasn't him, but it's a complete doppl ganger again wwwfaebookcom forward lash duling decades, the other events they had for this weekend. They had a preview, the upcoming nightmare ind ELP street, to they had the trailer for that. Obviously they had the panel West Craven in Robert England, promoting that movie they had signatures photoops panel with special efects legends. They had Sevenian Baker; together they had the Alvira panel. Obviously lots of vendors and the other part. If you're going to watch that documentary, there's a live auction and the guy that wins the first live auction has the best mullet I have ever seen in my entire life. His whole entre, like every part of this insovel, is just amazing to go and check that out and then the whole thing they had movies both days and then it was headlined by George Marros, one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight classic Donna the dead and finally, actually, the last thing that they did was the world's most disgusting slide. Show I don't know it was on that I wish I did but tickets for this were nine dollars, a ticket Ron, nine bucks, twelve dollars of the door. Compare that shit to t givventions of today. You can go like twenty five times for that amount, Weken a horrors, woeld go on fom, multiple decades, two thousand and eight Fangoria. They ended up splitting off from creation, entertainment, but creation entertainment continued it and it looks like there's another one happening next year in June, and that's going to be at the New Jersey Convention Center, so be there for another weekend of horrorse Nice all right. So for my hot products round, you know I kind of looked at all the different products that we could find monsters in. In one thing, just always came back to me, and that was the world of comic books ND in one thousand, nine hundred and seventy one, the comics code authority, kind of relax, all their long standing rules on monsters and Vampires, and they started to allow Vampires back into comics. Now Marvel had kind of tested those waters before with their character Morbius, because he was kind of a vampire kind of nod. He was the living vampire so to speak. So in one thousnd, nine hundred and seventy nine marvel decided to launch a new title and they decided to go with Bran stokers classic character, Geracula, partly because it's a name, everybody knows for a vampire and it happens to be in the public domain, so they launched the title. The Tomb of Dracula- and my pick is the end of this run in on Thoand, nine hundred and seventy nine August, O Thoa nine Huneren, an seventy nine. We saw the burial so to speak of the Tomb of Dracula, the series ends with the main character: Harker, actually killing himself by blowing himself up and burying count. DRAQULA, underneath the rubble of Castle Dracula, so kind of becomes the hero becomes like a suicide bomber affn to take out Count Dracula and himself. It's an absolutely stunning series in terms of art work, the style, an interpretation of count deraculiness the shading, the colorization is phenomenal. They still consider the tomb of Dracula to be one of the top ten series that marvel put out in all of e S. Now, if you look at all the characters that marvel had during thn s mean you have xmen everything tomb of Dracula, they're still putting that right in there. So that's my pick for the hot products round the end of the tomb of Draqula from Marvel Com. I didn't know where you 're going when you said Harken blew himself. He did. He blew himself to death to death and that's how it killed Jaqula Man Ey if you're going to go out yeah. I guess that's Me Huh. That's me deciding yeah. We already know Ferbes out he's on fire fire. Sorry, try! Ten! Your hatred! Your vitrial is like there's something ind. Something happened to you in your past to make you just completely fucking Kate, these things. Well, I don't, I think, what it I think. You're right, I don't like talking dolls and I certainly don't like dolls with the eyeballs that move like that. No that's out out go away the well! You know you're much better. Looking than a googly eye gull that closes I'm putting that on my faceboo Hin al. Thank you. I think dolls or things that talk aor sketchy, and you know what I think, the the seed of that is talking Tina. The twilight zone episode who I did not like talking Tina. She scared the shit out of me Lo, my name is taking Tina and I don't like you, no see a imaginal LEXA had eyeballs, because that's that, basically that's two thousand and twenty like Alexa, is the Ferbi of T, wo thousand and twent. Just without the body we that bitch comes on anytime, like we'll be sitting in the living room and she just starts spining the light start, spinning, yeah and she'll sometimes just starts playing music. It's like nobody even asked you the other day. My daughter Textto me, and she goes. Did you just put a rap song on at home, and I was like now: I'm o work. Yeah she's, like I was sitting downstairs and Elexad just started playing some rap songs, so I'm hiding in the closet. In my room, that', that's just conditioning IMEAN curswil was right. He called it in the s I mean the machines are going to take over and jam at all. The ferbies are going to come out of someone, storage, locker and kill us all. Let's see okay, Ferbes on fire out. It's you know it's tough, because I'm partal to Fanguria. I just did a conversation on Fangoria, which is awesome a you know. It's got, you know rebought again and is launching awesome things and a lot of the stuff that we all enjoy, whether you're monstrerit or not a monstrer kid. I was technically more of a Scifi kid. Then I was monsters, but I love worror and I love Scifi. That's why starlog is cool but having the first convention is Pretty Bawler right because was at eighty five. It was eighty five first pade en five yeah started: That's pretty tough right there! Now, not the first conventionor, no, not the first convention but Jondop in this space of what we've turned into and conventions and was nine dollars and I've been a guest at a convention that it cost you nine hundred dollars to go meet the cast from back to the future. Let's see so, I can also either hate them for starting off this current modern Lavin Convention. Craziness, you know E, I love all the commiten. I love meeting fans. Son conventores are better than others. Sometimes there's no irony in the fact that you can't spel convention without con and that's what's tough, I think that's a I've heard. I hear that I think that's a unfortunate. I think that's an unfortunate thing that he's evolved over the last. I don't know, maybe ten or just just ten or twelve years. I think I think over the last, like five years, has gotten really bad yeah like like there's popping up like everywhere and they're, more Walmart style, theyr kind of big box. You know some are very cool. I love when Moma pop things grow into popular. You know popular things, but boy theyhad Tu say it: they had avior, they could Sanda Peterson in the first one of those are their great names. That's tough that you know. That's a that's a thing, but I think I'm leaning towards I think I'm leaning toward Harker blowing himself up Yo Save the world from Dracula, because I can relate to that make sense. Now what I was going to ask you: Did you guys ever get to do that convention in eighty seven? No, because our movie bombed this, like we had this conversation, there's another guy that comes on the show, sometimes he's big into movies mice ranger, and we had. We both had this conversation because at the time one thousand nine hundred- and I seven when this came out in New York. This was like a big deal and when I didn't realize it wasn't as popular until I watch your documentary- and I was like really because, like everybody around me, was up in arms fo this movie, I went the opening weekend Wen my friends, pattent Brent and we went and saw that movie and, like all the reviews, I pulled a couple whiles going through stuff and this from Kipsi Journal, which is right around the corner. It SIS MONTER squad is for the kid and all of us. It got three out of four stars in the Daily News so like there was a lot of big news. Do you think Aare a lot of bigg reviews? Do you think at that point, if you guys would have waited till eight, maybe like eighty eight once the lost boys was already released? Would it have been that big hit because I think it would have because in my neck of the woods it was huge? Who knows, I think, probably yes, if you released it it any other time than it did and also had a completely different marketing campaign than it actually had, because it had kind of two or three parallel very contradictory. You know marketing put coasters and stuff, and it was you know. Another interesting effect is you know Ou. You mentioned something: That's not unfamiliar that everybody that saw it or certain people that saw it just thought it was this huge thing and they loved it and they went on and they talked about it with their friends in the cultasack or in the schoolyard it's an interesting phenomenon. I think it was technically a word of mouth movie. That's how you know when you recorded of HBO and Shared It with your pals or you, went to the video store and just went back every weekend until they finally just gave you the damn tape. You know which happens, thousands and thousands of times the problem is back in eighty seven, you have seventy two hours to make your mark and that's it. If, if it doesn't happen, then I got to move on bleak and it's gone. I think Monster Squad was a kid in the school yard. You know kids in the neighborhood schools, you know kids in their backyards and three houses and on their bikes talking to their buddies, and you know you went to see it and you said Hey, then you got to go and see this movie and then your friends are like yeah. Let's go next weekend and it's not there because righ doesn't get a second weekend. I think the most it got was three weekends somewhere and that's that's not a lot when I was when I was looking at my neck in the woods today, because I was, I pulled up that PKIPSI Journal, which is like maybe forty five minutes from where I grew up, because my local newspaper isn't in there, but they actually had it through August into the beginning of September at the South Hills Mall. So I thought that that to me was a pretty big deal, the biggest problem. I think that happened for us was that was released in August and in New York. We go back to school in September, so like who re you talking to, except for the kids in your neighborhood you're, not talking to the kids in the playground because you're not in school yet and then, like you said, I guess it could be out the door by that point. Absolutely and then you know they, you know being a kids movie. They wanted I'm sure, release in the summer when schools not in play, but that's where you don't get the word of mouth, so you're, relying on marketing advertising and reviews, and Luckily Pukipsi, I guess, had a favorable review. You know that ratio was very low. You know most of the revews in eighty seven, where this movie sucks and the kids are dumb and the story stupid and all of those people are. You know dead, yeah Ondead, but they you know they need some hugs or something. But you know what all the movies that they said were great. You know, probably don't have the lasting power that Masa squad actually had and has nothing to do with me or any. You know, Reang the cast we're just fortunoug to be a part of this story that somehow connected and impacted with people on some level that they would not let go and never will, and you know that's what we look into in the documentary. Woth fens got narns check it out at the squaddock Andrei. Do you mean this? Oh yeah, that one right there as trevor has okay, Hey? You can also get it on blue right, Amazoncom and check it out your any of your favorite vod platforms. Very deafly done was that not very scool? No, that was nice. It was like we plugged it in there like yeah. You know, and that's one of those interesting things where you know who knows would have been, but because of the stories, the heart, the authenticity, the archetypes, the the things that the kids saw and heard in this movie that they instantly related to or wanted to learn about. Or you know we R wanted to be a part of that's what keeps it lasting, and you know there's an interesting conversation that movies like the Mansha Squad and Mone Quat. In particular. You know they still work today with second generation kids, because those basics things still connect, but original fans that now have five six ten year olds, twelve year olds watch this movie in a completely different perspective. Now because they have their own kids, so they're watching it from an El level. Now they connect on on a whole other paradigme, and these you know conversations are now popping up in the last couple months that in twenty years from now, the monster squad and movies like monster squad that have these kind of archetypal connections and things that kids or whoever watches can relate to, will still be watched and will still be appreciate, an and admired and connected to other than giant Super Slick, fun, animated movies that we have currently that no one's going to give a shit about in twenty years. Absolutely W talk about that on the show all the time. One of the things I brought up with WHO's WHO's on that episode with us. When I said numbers, don't matter, it was at Sam Levin and he like kind of he kind of killed me for it. But he kind of understood like dumbers, don't matter in the time, because if you look at a movie over the long run, there's lots of movies hit made tons of money like in the s you cul, pull it like the pelloking briefers, like some random movien. They made a ton of money. I would never go watch at again, I just like: Why would you buy now? The PELLACAN re does not me at the Second Watch or Third Watch yeah, maybe not at all and there's there's lots of movies like that like. Why would you watch it again, but movies like yours? You know well, watch it again and again and again and one of the great things- and you guys said it in the documentary how you guys talked like kids. You know you didn't sound like robots, you sowt, you sounded like asshole kids that went to my school. There were. I was those asshole kids, like we kind of had that thing, that we were the same people at the time, and my daughter now is fourteen. So I kind of grew up with like all this new stuff, that's on Nickelodeon, now or Disney channel. These shows that she'sed to watch and they're horrible theyare, totally written by like a fifty year old yeah, and it comes across like that and that one didn't it just sounded like Shit. We said on the PLAYGROUMD I kind of had a different experience with monster squad. I remember seeing like a TV spot when I was like seven years old on TV and I was like Holy Shit. This is like my movie. This is my kind of fucking movie. I'm like I didn't say that because I was seven but I was really excited and like, but the seven year old me didn't know or realize the the that there was a time between theater and video. So I would Hav constantly asked my dad to go to the video store for a movie. I just saw on the television commercial for and check for monster squad. I'm like, I would tell him everyday dead check. The mosis right is Monjur quier, the Am Montresqui. Finally, one day he comes in clamshell case like you know how they used to do, and I see that I'm like, Oh, my God and I watched it, and it was like everything I wanted to be, and I C and my mom's friend actually ripped the rip the movie onto a Cape. For me, sorry, Andre Didt, mee to cut the PROPITS, hey didn't go to me, don't worry about it, and and well it got to the point we were watching the movie E. I got to the point where the Wolfman exploded and my mom leanes over to me and goes: Are you sure you want this recorded, I'm like yeah and it for the longest time it felt like? I was the only one who really knew about this film. I didn't really talk to friends about it and like monster squil. What's that only when the Internet was invented, and I kind of realized that there were fans out there and like I would check IMDB, because when they used to have message, boards and people are like. When is this getting a DVD release? How come? No one else is hever to this movie Ou. This is a greatest movie ever finally, lines get released at amazing two disk DVD, and that was my first can actually when I met you, Ryan and Fred Atilly San, Diego Comicom, yeah, Yeah Thousand and seven yeah. Actually, I first met you like. I was stuck ing, Yoor, nothing! You're, taking out your trash garbage day, no, it was out a screening in Santa Monica Iat, the at the aerow. That was just like the week before a couple days before yeah yeah. Well, I wanted to see it on the big screen. It wasn't cause you guys. Well, it was kind of CAUZ. You guys were there, but I thought I want to see this on the best screen. Finally, and it was really cool to see and Stevhen mockd actually comes up to me and goes what is? What do you think is the appeal of this movie, I'm like well, he wasn't ask me like he didn't get, I he was Askeng me. He just wanted my opinion and I was like well it's kind of funny, but it's kind of dangerous, it's kind of mixed and what I also liked about the movie is that well, yes, the kids talk like kids, but the parents weren't stupid. They weren't like they don't know they what they weren't parents as like. Oh I don't know. What's going on ith, my kids and oh we're just silly kind of I mean it dealt with a heavy subject with the parents fighting so, and I think that's one of the things that you know we were talking about for that relates to kids that were watching it, because a lot of parents were having issues. You know when you were eight nine, ten, twelve thirteen years old and Everye was like Oh shit, the kids in the movie ore going through exactly what I'm going through. You know my parents fought just like that in the other room the other day my friend Newman was like. He went with me to see it and he had noticed something that I didn't notice. A worhand is like there's there's a scene where I think dale comes homeasking where the kids are, and he knows thik there was a suitcase by the door yeah and like I didn't know that before that she was going to leave. So I'm like that's kind of heavy stuff for a kids film and what's interesting that you mentioned one that thing that you'v noticed is you won't see that unless you're watching then on white screen yeah, because that luggage gets cut out of the shot on paynment skin or on even the HBO or your Vajestic and a lot a lot of people miss that until they see it in whitescreen an luckily the two thousand and seven twenty Aanniversaries Whitescreeng, you know proper ratio, and you know there's there's a handful of visual things that you miss not in white scream. That's the key one and then the other one that I always get annoyed. That is missed. Is it's a great payoff to as set up with the great scene, between phoebe and emily when they're talking about the lightning and monsters coming and are you going to yell at him? And you know it's the whole family Tiim Cain. She goes no, I mean John, and but that whole conversation was as long as the candles burning the monsocial stayinway was just you know, an easy, just kind of thing to make your kid settle down and go to sleep, but when the mothers alone and things are shorting to ramp up down in the Lower Corner, the candle blinks out for no reason and that's why she turns around. But now, if you see that in not widescreen, you don't see the candleblink out and you just see the mom turn around the closet. For some reason, it makes no sense. There's there's a lot of stuff in there for sure that I don't know if Shane and Fred were planning on these things, landing and being archetypale or visserole as they are. I think they were just writing in a realistic and authentic way. With heart. You know, I always say hard and authenticity kind of the adjectives that describe this movie for me, but they also weren't that much older than we were. So it wasn't, like you, said fifty year olds, writing down to kids and trying to be like. Oh, when I was a kid, what did we say that was funny? Oh yeah, it was Gollegy Willakers, like you sucked on my lobby pop. You know it's like and that's we get a lot of movies that have ensemble kids or one or two kids, and it's you know, dentist the minners and leave it. The beaver were great in their time. Because of you know that thing, it's easy to write them like the little rascals. You know, and that's I mean that's really whath the Musquad is, and it had the kid had the kid edge to it too. Right if you watch it now like, if my daughter watched it she'd be like Whoa like did they just say that yeah, you know, but to me like, we grew up on movies, like that. I have trever. I've had this conversation with before, like there's language that are in movies, an the even up to like two thousand and ten, where in two thousand and twenty you could not do it and like this movie would jaws would drop if they didn't hear they be like Oh wait. What did he just call him? Like yeah, it gets a it's, you know, there's some dialogue, that's problematic, now, and, and and that's okay, that it is you just need to have. You need have a reasonable conversation about that. If you're going to discuss it, you can't just yea, dismiss and delete something when you were, especially if you weren't there to even get us. So you need to you know at least GAINL, I'm not trying to change your mind about anything, but you a least have to have some sort of critical thought or reasoning in a conversation about it, which is fine. I one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven yeah at the end of the day right the fact that we still recognize that there is something wrong with these movies that just shows how much we've grown as a society and a culture. So why go back and change the art when it represents the current time that it was created in right? And it's not you know it's not just the as with certain group oops these the on these are the groups dejure. You know that end up a you know you can. You can basically pick out and put in a basket whatever you you know, whatever you want to have, and that's I'm not saying that's. That's that's bad, but basically the depiction and treatment of you know pretty much. Most women onscreen has been shit forever and you know people just kind of go along with it and we don't really have the conversations about that, whether it's the you know kind of talk down to just secretary vibe and you know being mistreated. You know by the boss or if you're, going into the horror Genra. You know, you know how sometimes poorly they're treated or their Dismester Tho, the first you know they have the most really, you know vicious penetrating quote: Unquote, kills you know in horror, and you know that's a reason, and you know why you know most teenage guys in the S or eihties watch these movies and like them. They don't realize you know what's happening, you know when they're subconscious there, but we don't get. That kind of you know now we're having that conversation and understanding that how that affects. You know you know fifty one percent of our population and you can go back and is like what are you, but are you going to erase every single movie ever made or song or TV show, or book or piece of Art? And No, you can't and you shouldn't, but you can certainly have you know upfront and updated reasonable discussions about this and then learn from that like we were talking about with you know, all the other. You know things that pop up and that's just like you said, that's, I think, evolving as a species evolving as a society anthropologically. You know, or you release a little bit. I think we got a long way to go. You know I'm not quite there, yet I'm still rooting for the MEDIEOR, but you know that's I'm with you on that one all right. So what did you pick for this round? Oh yeah, no, the FIRBE was out so we were going with Fangoria or the the tomb of Tracula, oh Ou. I finishd that I'm going with too MC Racula yeah don'tco drackler, because I related and it's cool. Although I do the the FANGORIA convention gets honorable mention all right. Well, I picked up a point in the lash round. I take control of the board and the game is tied at one point: a piece: You Know What Gentlemen, I think we're going to go over to the television round, so for my television selection we're going to go over to November seventeent and November twenty fourth of one thousand nine hundren and seventy nine, and if we flipped on the tube on CBS, we could check out some monsters and stepen kings, Salem's law debuting on TV as the maid for TV movie, now stepen King, the Master of horror, Andre you might have heard of this guy before you know Stephen King. So I have, I have heard a think: it's individual apparently he's okay yeah an hes Ar Yeah. He writes ver. He frigts very, very, very, very, very long book very quickler Igt like how does that tour out? He was on cocaine, that's how we did yeah so we'll go to an article in the Bangor Daily News November, seventeenth, Thousan, Ninetueren and seventy nine says: Hey. That's my guy said Stephen King Gleefully, as he sat watching a preview screening of Salem's lot a four hour. Two Part TV movie based on the novel he wrote about Vampires, taking over a small main town, so Salem's lot, it's kind of like this epic novel by Stevhen King. They had to condense it down a little bit and take out some of the key plod elements. The big thing that's missing, and it's kind of something that I did see. Some small parallels in monster squadwith in the novel. One of the main characters is the town ther's kind of the foreshadowing in tha. The story that not only is the vampire draining the life from the people he's draining the life from this small New England town. So it kind of shows of the effect of what would happen if these monsters, in this case af vampire, really existed what they would do to some of these small towns. So I think that's something that, unfortunately they didn't explore a lot in the TV movie, but none theless Salem's law. I think it was the first time I ever saw a vampire portrayed on TV and it scared the living daylights. Out of me, I never even finished watching it. I was horrified as a young child. So that's my pick on CBS November, on thousand nine hundred and seventy nine Stephen King's epic Salem's lot mark. I love it when you figured out the soft spot and a judge, and then you pander to it like you tune it. Oh yeah, it's kind of like monster squad like we're. Just Isti've noticed that I want to you I'm on. Don't don't worry guys. I am impervious to do Gullshit Andre. Have you gotten mark check in the mail? Yet whatever he been movme like an hour ago, you sent o check Trevor Rookie all right trevor. What do you have for the television round? Okay? Well, for my television rout, just like monster squad, this film has become a Halloween staple it premiered. On October eve, T ne thousand nine hundred and ninety eight on the Disney channel. It is made for kids just like the monster squad and it's spuwn, three sequels, unfortunately not like monster squad. Its become a kind of a Halloween tradition, they show it on free formulat. During there it starts Debbie, Reynoldson Judith Hog, those, the only two I could remember other than the guy played the principal in summer school. It's about a little girl who finds out she's descended from a family O, which is and goes to Halloween town to help her grandmother save the town from this dark force. That is sucking the life out of it. So just like monster squad and sals lot and stay onwa. So my pick for the tellevision around is Halloween town SOS all right, man crush. Let's hear what you have for the television round all right. So, let's go to September seventh, one thousand nine hndred five. Here's a show that I love growing up- and I know I've said this many times on the show. I never really got into like many cartoons because of all the adult oriented movies that I was watching any OINRT and I'm talking I'm talking regular movies, horror and whatnot not porn a like baby, a little bit later: R N, one thousand nine hundred and eighty five. But at the time there were some cartoons that I would watch it was like Heman, Rambo Gi, Jo and Scooby Doo, and you know basically all the cartoons that I'm sure would aid. In my evolution of toxic masculinity, at least that's according to vogue. What they tell me that, but this particular cartoon it's an ABC spin off of scooby do and as a kid I felt like Scooby Doo, never actually ended from one show to another Bethtw, oe thousand nine hundred and sixty ne thousand nine hundred and ninety one. There are roughly eight different iterations of Scooby Doo, but it never felt that way to me. It just felt like it went from one to the other. I hardly ever noticed the new titles with the excepsand, maybe of like Scooby, do and scrap you do because I know like some people hated scrappy, but this particular spinoff the thirteen ghosts of Scooby Doo. I figured at the time that this was just more scooby new, but I was wrong and I could totally differentiate this series from the rest for one. They added two characters, this one, which I really dug. You got the eddition of Flim Flam who's like a con artist street kid basically like the human version of scrappy, do but less annoying, and it was nice to actually finally have a character on this show. Besides shaggy and scooby, who weren't like completely wholesome, and then you had the legendary Vincet Price, voicing his own character, Vincent Van Gul, who basically uses a crystal ball throughout all thirteen episodes of this, like he's using facetime to talk to the Scooby's crew, wherever they were in the world and to the biggest part of this whole thing, there's actually an overarching storyline to this there's cotinuity from one episode to the next, which ever really got in scooby. Do is just like one thing would happen next episode. Noth thing would happen not in this one so in this- and this is the great part about cartoons, so the gang is heading totanalulu and they end up landing seven thousand miles away in the Himaleyus. I don't know how that happens, but that's what happened in the cartoon and then the stoners that they are you shaggy and scooby. They open the chest of demons and they release thirteen of the evilest ghosts and demons that are that have been trapped inside of this chest forever and so from there every episode they have to Catcher one of these ghosts from around the globe and then return the thing to the chest in the Himalez, which seems logistically impossible, but they managed to do it. Hence why it's only thirteen episodes, I suppose because teteare thirteen gosts, but if I remember correctly, they actually failed to capture the thirteenth ghost and they ended up leaving flimp Flam in the Himalayas to like fend for himself like they were just like. Oh, we didn't do it. Sorry, Bro Onow, we're going home, and he just like this fucker there not to worry, though this has legs. They brought this back last year and scooby do and the curse of the thirteenth ghost they bring back. Flim flam supposedly he's running like a tshirt shop and the Himalayaz. I Don' even know that's the thing, but he was, but that came nout last year to close things up, so it's nice to have legs and some closure. But this is the release of the thirteen ghosts of scooby. Do Hmm you get a lot of people in the Hemala is wearing tshirts, hey it's a clartoon man. They landed seven thousand miles away from their destination. You didn't question that okay, well, all right, so we got, we got Salem's lot. We've got Halloween town and thirteen ghost of scooby do. I am certainly partial to Scoobi. Do It's like Monster Squadlin plan with Flinpfla? I had to get it in. I had even the playing field. It's Lkmaigh yeah there you go thesee Ti, can pull it out of her bits. Grat. I just give him the side eye and it just happens now. If Monster Squad was scooby, do I mean we did have a dog yeah? who was the scrappy of the mssh Eugene Uia and Pete Wash Scooby Doo we had Daphane was Patrick' sister we had Velma. That was for you would have to be Fred. Although I didn't wear scarf. I guess that was prety. We actually had a real fred. We had a friend, Dekor, yeah shaggy would be rudy. Shackyu would be routy all right. Actually you know. I don't know I think shaggy might be Patrick Ese, I think, Patrick, you know kind of grew up and just hit the bowl. A lot he's like Kay man Youknow, like I'm twenty two now and like you know, like ten twelve years ago me and my friends in our town, went through some major shit and like it was awesome when we save the world an like o. That was amazing. What did you do? WCAN Patrick's, like I mean business card. Well, he had to smoke a lot of weed to get over the PTSD. Maybe that's what it is and that scene ever reminds you of stand by me where he brings the comb Lik et it's so parallel, like the you know. Probably stand by me is tied for my favorite kids adventure movieg of all time. It's amazing! It really is a good story, Stephen King. Obviously oh that's gets go to the round and then we'll talk about that. I'm going to go just because I'm afraid I would be off brand I'll, but it was also deeper scarier and the seventies I'll go Salems lot. All Right, WHENL! I jump out to a lead three to one heading into the final round, which is, of course, the movies round. I think I'll go first on this one, I'm not going to defer all right. So my movie came out June, twenty second Ne Thousand Nine thundred and seventy nine and you know we're not even going to beat around the bush. It is the most terrifying movie monster. I remember seeing as a young child, because there was so many incarnations of it and it constantly changed, and that is from the Ridley Scott Classic Alien found. A newspaper article in the SPO can review July, six, one thousand nine Tundren and seventy nine isays alien it ain't from New Jersey, not even Rosanne, Rosanna Dana Saturday night live, would be able to blunt the terror that cuts through alien. The Summers grotesquely beautiful monster movie. What is this stuff? One pictures the FR frizzy haired Roseanne, saying when she encounters the alien you from New Jersey before she has a chance to roll the words off her tongue, the alien flashes, its razor, sharp teeth and she's gone alien, which opens and spoke an at. The UA cinemas is one of the most talked about films and years. It debute may twenty fifth, two years to the day after star wars opened and grossed, eight point five million in its first two weeks that broke the opening records of Star Wars as the all time box office champ. So this is the start of the monster alien franchise. This is where it all starts. For me personally, the sequel aliens was my favorite, but you know what there is something so raw and scary about the original. I just had to pick it in the ZENOMOR. Is there more a more terrifying movie monster? I don't know if there is just because it's constantly changing you can go inside you yeah, don't even get me started, but that's what I get alien June twenty second one thousand nine Thundren and seventy nine to start off the movies round. had a great jump scare, one of my favorite Jum scares was from alien for the alien just goes like I'm like Wuck. How does it howoes it go? I'm not doing it again all right trevor. Well, let's hear what you have for the movies round Wellwell. I went kind of in a different direction with this one. My movie came out actually fermaded Sundayas January twenty onethousand, nine hundred and ninety eight and Premieri in the US wide in Jegramr Fr one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight. It was nominated for three Oscars one for bassadeup to scream play for bill condon, one for best actor e mckellan and one for best supporting actress, Lan Redgrave. It actually won for best adapted screenplay. Exactly I didn't know this. It was executive produced by Clive Barker of all people based upon the book. The father of Frank is Tine by Christopher BRAAM. It's about the friendship and kind of the final days of James Wale, director of Frankenstein Bride, an frank insteint and his Gardener Clayton Boon as he recalls his childhood and experiences in World War. Two. The film, of course, is God's and monsters released. Like I said November for one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight a very uplifting flick, yes, EA, actually don't think I ever saw that I watched it last night, it it's a downer, Ita Yeah, it's ave see it's. I think that your don't remember most of it. It's one of those movies that Andre said you don't need to we're not going to watch it again doesn't get a second view: it's not the havorybody. What should we pop it? I know Gods and monsters. It's dirted by Bill Condon, who did who went on to do like Kinzy, Chicago Dream, girls- and I believe this is- is Bagnoopis. The twilight, Zoga Breaking Don's part one into can't beat those I think bill, condon reach, Heis peak with those films and that joke died. I didn't know if you're a serious II was gonna, go with it. It's it's like Al Ri, at's good, because I love Chicago I'm a damn good actor Andrey. What can I apparently you got me with the you sold that you got. That was, you know it was that was good there, a jump, scare, Yeh o you did it again for him. I did it just forgo just for him. I appreciate that I appre thank you. Ere You're welcome all right man crush. Let's see if you can tie this game up and keep your wind streak alive. What do you have for the movies round? All Right? Let's go to August. Second, one thousand nine hundred and eighty five, here's one of t the best vampire movies ever, in my opinion, at least matter of fact. I was curious when the last time I watched this was- and we had post this to our facebook group just like a week ago, so went into my watchlist, and I found that I've watched this movie once in July, once in August, once September, once in October, and then again last week, go I posted in our facebook group, so neils a say. I like this movie a little bit. This movie made roughly twenty five million dollars of the box office, roughly sixty one million dollars in to thousand and twenty. So it's not too shabby for mids horrorflick. This happens to be the directorial debut for Tom Hollan. He also wrote this one and the same guy that wrote Clok and dagger, which I covered a few months back and the same director of child's play. So you know you're in for something good here: The movie stars a Young, William Ragsdale, who ended up beating out Charlie Sheen for the lead roll of Charlie in this movie, one of the other lead roles. This movie was actually written for Vincent Price, who was talking about earlier. They had him in mine was written for HM. If you haven't figured out what this movie is yet it'll be a buntly clear soon, but during the mid S, Vincent price no longer wanted to play in any horror movies, because he was so severely type casted that he would only do like TV spots and commercials and things he didn't want to be in this movie. So that's. Why he's not it matter of fact the character in question in this? His name is Peter Vincent and he's named off a combination of Peter Cushing and Vincent Price. Little Omage to both of those Harr legends. The film would also Garner a sequel and a Reboot, with Colin feral in two thousand and Leven and a sequel to that one. So if you want to see Marcy Darcy as the hot chick vampires who try to steal your underage girlfriend, the j gyles band, phony, vampire hunters, annoying friends, you want to die amazing, practical fet effects and the illegitimate lovechild of the BERBS and Brams Toklers dracular then frightnight is your movie, am good choice, all right, let's toss it down to Andre Galler for the final ruling on this game forever. I just want a little I'm a new recount this election balloting in your county right now, whatwas there other what was your other choices for your year, and I want to know why you picked Gods and monsters. Well, I pick God damn it there's! No justifying that drever there is o. that's not a it's you don't you know, I'm not going negative here. This is okay. This could help you I like. I was only going to pick God silla. I was because I thought when, when I was given the year in Nntnan like Oh, my God, I got same thing happened. I'm like I got this on, Lock, God sill, I'm Goin to pick Godzilla, then I was looking at the musics and I was like Shit. There's nothing for music that Ti do with Mos R, one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight. So I was kind of in a bind tever just say it. Brandan Fraser is damn sexy in one thousand Nin hundred and fiftys bathing suit. Well, he's a local boy to e. He went to college at he went to college in Seattle, so I got to give it up to a local boy. E went to college. He went to the he went to a cornish, Calle ofarts Downtomn, Seattle O. I thought ATS, an all boy school yeah, he player to didn't. He yeah, that's what I thought and then he was like. Didn't Jo Peshi livein his incor. Well, that's when he was in college ohyeah that was the next school yeah. I thought you were. I thought you were going to school ties rener out and I was like: Oh my God. This is going to get dark Yid on by the way I love with honors. Thank you for that at's good movie great. Does anybody ever notice that you know because the thing that Brendan phrase their Anoa seen dicky Roberts, it's fraser? Isn't it's a great little throwoway line, love Davidspag ind with honors, though you know, there's the whole thing he stays home because he breaks his leg. Yeah right, yeah, you ever notice throughout the movie the cast which is which is yes constantly it's one of the biggest fuckups I've ever seen in just wardrobe or anybody that's on that. It's like they had a different crew every day, but then it's still not excuse because you're, the fucking actor, that's putting the cast on the opposite leg later on in the afternoon after lunch break. Do you not notice this and I like Brendan Fraser, I'm okay with Brendan Fraser, except for he never fucking noticed that leadidn't go. I was too busy. Looking at Moyra Kelly, I was way to Uye. Looking at more O, I did I didn't even notice. I guess we have to pick here. I so I'm going. The pick is it's a bold choice because you could have gone with other stuff? Obviously, alien is alien. Fright night yeah great, you know, set set the bar for a lot of things. Alien launched. The whole thing is too obvious of a choice. I'm going with the bold deep dive of Gods and monsters. Well done well done. T Sir reme well Ye eers like Whac what the Fuck Right Trevor. Well, you know where that puts us that ends man crushes five game, one streak, but we're tied Aly we go to the wild card round. You verses me to see who the ultimate winner of this game is. Sorry, man, Crakyer, Vinmo, didn't go through check your Wifi. I didn't send one suck up better next time, all right, so I wasn't expecting to get this far in the game. Neither was I my wild card round. Pick is a little interesting, but bear with me on this one we're going to go to a newspaper article in the News Journal out of Wilmington Delaware November, fourth thusand nine hundred and seventy nine, where they're talking about the upcoming release of the brand new fleetwood MAC album. The album is yet to be named, but they're talking about how the album there's a lot of pressure on fleetwood, Mac, inlindsay Buckingham, to write a new smash hit to have an album that changes, the music industry and be a you know, just this big monster of an album the whole article, they're kind of like softening the expectations. They're saying that it's you know the album's not going to be as big as people would think the album hadn't even been named yet well. The album in question would end up being tusk that was released November twelvfh on thousand nine hundred and seventy nine and the reason I'm picking this for a monster battle. Oddly enough is because of the headline the headline for this news. Article is Max Double, isn't destined to be a monster, but oddly enough, many years later, it was because this song by fleetwood Mac, was a huge inspiration for Kevin Smith when he made the movie Tusk. Not only is it in the movie, it was the most expensive thing that they used in the movie. He also listened to the song on repeat, while writing the script, so I thought it was kind of funny and ironic that the headline just reads that it's not destined to become a monster when, yes, indeed it was so that's my strange pict for the wild guard round trever. What ar you got? Man, okay, got to be honest here. I didn't expect to get this far where's everybody's confidence going an like that it I'll just get sucked out of the room gone okay, IAS! I Walk Eah, we'll get back to your confident we're good we'll go to. I want to hear your wild card anyway. Go ahead from it. Okay, so I'm going with movies one touand, nine hundred and Ninty Eight, and this movie has to deal with a monster asteroid coming to Tomy Pack, r. One thousand nine hundred and inty eight monster is deep impact directed by mini leader, starting Tayly, Oni Morgan Freaman, ever wow well well played way to bring it full circle. That's that's well well played and so well played that and you're convincing, because you didn't have that prepared, because there's no way you could have had that prepared, because I've been rooting for the medior the whole time and we've said deep impact, damn it and Tayleoni we come on such a big Taylyoni Fan, she's fantastic man crush. I want to hear your. I want to hear your wild card for for shits and goiggles anyway but' your fas. My wild card was going to be the first Friday t thirteenth game. They came out for the Commodore Sixty four wowt five and I want to say no, because I never had the commotor sixty four. I wasn't cool enough, so an he had the Atari with the ET game. I did et what a game I was mentioning et because wellecause Andre was in the he was in the comshow, for it is trepor the only one that knew that here. That's I I didn't know you had a okay t trevor, you win because of that and deep impact, so ere good. It's actually kind of a deep cut, a lot F, a lot of people. A lot of people know that I was the kid in the ETATARI commercial and a lot of people. Don't now a lot more doom, at least three or two. Is that one of those things th? You want people to know, I'm totally fine with it, although it's funny, because it's a good conversation and some cool shit came out of that. But I have I got asked or not asked, because in a youtube thread of that commercial in the confents, someone said, I wonder if that kid killed himself for making the work game a all time and my wife was like dude. You have got to respond to this fact. It was like I am not responding to this guy on Youtube, and that was like ten. That was like ten years ago, twelve years ago, so we chimed in and said no I'm doing just fine. Thank you wait to title this episode instead of like it will be God, Nars Rightthin we're GOIN NA be like we have the kid from the t: commercialstotlly Sudgy, that's totally fine, just as long as you go to the squaddogcom or at Squadda Okaand Sethe Trevor Already has this Blue Ray Bea Trevor Beiru. Thank you I'll put that on a Shire, shrivers Awat you and I you and I both know grace right, Ydrey gracechant yeah, but it was funny because the recent another reason I mentioned is because the latest issue of the fancy and had this on- and I thought that was kind of brilliant on her part kind of A. I don't know if it was a Jabb or no. No, it's an it's an inside joke that you Kno, because it's me- and I think Syro Nelli is the artist that did the cover art for that and the et ad one of the fund. He has an actual twenty six hundred cartridge in a box and he wanted me. I thanks, but he wanted me to sign. The box is like. Why am I going to totally ruin your collectible piece? He goes it's so Meta, it's Hilarious, just do it he's got he's, got he's, got some cool stuff and that in et game actually stated by me is weird and right now he currently has rudy's Bou from the monster squad which Rhyan and I brought to his house and gave him to to hold for us for a while. That's thats that guy from doesn't mit guy from anic col new still have the amulate ortist fore. No Eric Vespy, formerly vaanical news currently at Roosterteeth and of the king cast podcast right now, along with everybody's palace, got Wampler, I'm pretty good these plugs. He has the amulant which Fred brought to him at that very first Alamo drafthouse, two thousand and six reunion screening met kind of launched everything we have seen. He has brought it out and we have had the the amulate out in the open, along with some of the cool shut. That's pretty since he mentioned Fred. One of the things from the documentary that I kind of picked up on Fred sounds really bitter about the whole thing. Is it? Is it really that he's bitter? Is that just like his demeanor and how it came out? Well, it's I don't know, I think bitterness may come in. You know it came in years ago and it comes in waves and goes away. I don't know what it is. It's not my really. You know Fred's the only one that can have this conflicted relationship with this movie and he's been. You know, figuring it out, for you know really now the last, but fourteen years now, since that CCASTREUNION screening, where p when it started going bonkers- and you know really over the last ten or twelve years where this resurgence is just grown and grown. And then you know some Schmub goes out. A D makes a documentary about it, and you know what Guyis that I, you know some some Dork that was in the Tiatari Commercial Henry Thomas Henry Thomasis. His awesome he's in blid manner, which there's a MONSA squad, poster N D. You know starting an episode too in the kids room. That was pretty cool, but I think you know with Fred. You know it's he's the only one that can have and would have the conflicted relationship that he has. He loves AMANSHA squad. He thinks thiss his best movie it's and it's a good movie and it's a great story. The problem is, is you know it was held to an impossible? You know barometer of a seventy two hour window, whether you succeed or not, and then unfortunately, that's your success meter. You know, and then you know a year later he made his third movie before he was. You know twenty seven or whatever you know. We made three major studio movies by the time: He' twenty seven and they all don't do phenomenal and so do not pass go. Do not collect two hundred go straight to director Jainal and you know that kind of sucks. I think that's. Not only does it suck for the individuals that it happens to in this case like Fred, but it sucks for all of us, because we don't get to see all the cool shit that they had in their brain that they wanted to wroit out. And you know if someone like Fred Decker had made. Mr Mom, he would have made thirty other movies by now, and it's crazy, you know, thehe, you know no one's wearing. You know Mr mom rules shirts right not at all. Well, it's I think it's I think. Well, obviously I mean it's nice to have recognition twenty something years down the line for a movie. You did in eighty seven, but you know it's kind of better to have recognition at the time. So you can do more things. You know you kind of you kind of want to be recognized, for you know something you do right now, rather than waiting twenty years for for a screening for a cult following which is great the you know, it's great that you guys have this. You know, but it's kind of unfortunate that it kind of got lot. It absolutely. Isn't I mean that's, you know it's not only unfortunate for Fred as an individual, but, like I said it's always it's unfortunate for all of us that you know would enjoy all the stuff that he would have made. But now you know now there's cool stuff that he gets to work on. So we can at least make up for that, but you know look. We were very fortunate enough to you know, there's a version of Wolfmans cottnards that doesn't have fred interview. There was the last or the second to last and it took a while. I don't say it took some ribbing or cajoling. That's not what happened. What it was is, I don't think Fred you know, knew really what Henry and I an in the production team were actually doing with this project. I had told them about it earlier in the year and we didn't really get into he discussion midway through. You know he was like okay go make the movie and then like send it to me I'll, watch a rough cut and then I'll jump in and give you what you need to wrap it up, and I was like no that's not what we're doing here and because I know that there's that's not what I'm at tit's, not we're, not making this little kind of you know. You know soundbite type of thing. You know his. What we're actually doing is we're not making a documentary but Masasquan we're making a documentary that looks into how things like a film whatever the film is, can impact somebody ght and change their life and everybody. That's in this movie has a story of how this movie either connected or impacted or change their life and you're one of those people, whether you're a fan from Florno, where you'r Fred deck ar the man who Koroan directed the damn thing. You know no one's on camera, really, you know sayit's a couple, a couple of faces, but they're setting up s e some concepts. You know they're all affected and impacted by the film themonstersqon and the goal of that was to go wider with it's, not just about mansher squad. It's about any type of thing that can impact your life and we got very lucky because we had to do an event at fantastic fest and they ad. They wanted a thirty minute rough cout of the dock, and we were in the middle of shooting it, and so I had to tell Henry and the guys like look. I need a thirty minute. Rough cut, we ended up only meeting like we should have just been ten, because the event changed, but it was still awesome. But what that did is that gave us an opportunity to cut some pieces together, send it to Fred, and then he saw the thirty minute cut, and you know he you know he got in touch with me and was like all right. I see what you're doing here and I see it doesn't look like shit and I think it's really what it was. You know it's like. I Don' want to go in there and talk about my conflicted relationship with this movie when someone's making some crappy piece of documentary and or you know, crappy piece of Dudo metery or something- and you know I'm sure I would have had that same. You know skepticism, but he saw what we were doing and what Henry was putting down and how we were trading it and approaching it, and that's the best thing that could have happened because shortly after that he said you know. Where do you want me to go? I said: wher are you most comfortable? He said: Let's just do it at the House said fine, so we went over and sat him down in his living room and you know didn't really change much. I think we had to change like a poster in the background that we wouldn't have gotten cleared and one of Henry mcoms's favorite things about. This is the experience that he had as a filmmaker. Listening to a filmmaker tell his conflicted story about a movie that he really likes and thinks is his best work, but no one gave a shit about for twenty years and how that can impact somebody, and if you watch it's very interesting that you know from someone that was a little reticent to sit down and actually open up and be that vulnerable about it. You know, and I sured I was like look, I'm going to use what you say: I'm not out here as a hit. You know not it's not a Gotcha thing, it's not a really want to turn on the you know, kind of get the bitterness going. I didn't want any of that. I just wanted. You know a fair true. You know you know kind of you know, discussion about his abteence and how how affected tig and ties in perfectly to everything else, because you get his real feeling for this thing and you're like wow, like I felt at the end of the whole thing I felt for him, like I kind of felt bad, like after all of his discussions and everything else, because nobody hears that over the past. What is it thirty years, whatever YEA thirty three years and now you hear it and you're like man that sucks and, like you said just like five minutes ago, look at all the stuff that we might have missed out on over all these years, because that didn't take off, and I never even thought about that. Yeah! That's, that's the that's! That's always MI TAKEAWAY! When I consider that and like I said we were just fortunough that Fred was comfortable enough to sit down and if you watch we start cameras rolling like in the middle of the day and in the background he is a skylight like e in the den like behind him and as before. By the time you get to the end of our on camera time with Fred, it's nighttime, and so he sat there for hours and we just sat there and it just went just went throughthe years right, thathat's a good segue here. I don't want to keep you that long because, were I know we're already running O. I'm fine, you I'm good, cl right cool, but this this is a good seg. I so like I asked people in our facebook group at they ha questions for you and stuff, and one of the first comments tit's up here. It's this is from Jamal Young. He says Mansa squad better than the goonies very first comment up there, so I figured out well eljowall. I think you have at least one or two on this panel. That would agree with you. I I stay out of it because you know I don't want to come across like that guy, but Gony is a great movie, though I don't Ango. I would not never shit on the grouperfially enjoyable and I love gooties. I love all the kids in the Gunis and I love Gooney's fans. So you know that's great, but yeah, you know. Look, you know, ultimately, what ID? What happened with the Guinies is they were. They were the ones that stepped up in the neighborhood, for you know a seemingly impossible task and it was kind of toful, but really what they did. Is they saved their neighborhood from a developer right right right from Uckin the drack? So you know you know, I'm not! I'm not. You know we're not. You know weighing anything here, but there's similarities and there's differences and gone's fans cand, be monster, squid fans and vice versa. That's cool! If that was the first comment, Thar was thrown up here. Here's a question from somebody, this one's it's totally different, but somebody said when you were making fathers and sons. Were you expecting that to be the next big thing? who was that who just aske that question? That's Thomas Comes, we know Tommy pretty well, yeah tobys, good listener. Tommy. Thank you that could have been itd should have been a great show, two reasons why that show didn't continue past its initial five or six episode, midseason replacement arc there one. I think it was a, it might have been a little head of its time, but I think it would have worked if it had its chance. You know, as about you know four boys and the relationship with he r fathers. I don't think we had seen that beside. You know, since my three sons, you know BAE wit, that's definitely yeah and then maybe the rady bunch. But this is really specific about young boys which again we went. We ran the gamut of that onsemble cast. You had the you know short nervy kid. You had the Thunky Kid, you had the cool kid which I was and you had your a minority. Kid I came. Hakin was part of this. You know amazing. RNB group called the boys if you remember their singles, they're awesome, but you know at that time. This is also led into kind of Montesquad. You know I played the cool kid with the awesome, clothes and the great hair and a lot of hair product, and you know, being you know these four boys and their fathers. I think like Hakins, dad was a cop EANS. Dad was a doctor and he was the you know the the kind of small nerdy kid Jason Late, who played oh my gosh, I'm forgetting the characters names, but I remember the real kids name. His Dad was Merlin Alson, who was coming off of little house in the prairie and yeah father, burfy and, of course, was an NFL player, haul of fame, ouhall, a fame, medafilm player. Thank you, and you know he was the. He was the bigger kid and then my character was like. I said, the cool kid with awesome, clothes and great hair e hair, and my dad was Ricky Nelson, who was returning to television for the first time in forty years or thirty, five, whatever it was since Ozy and Harriet, and you know he is an Americcana icon, not only of television. I come but music icon and he's coming back to television. This was a big deal and the relationship between I belelieve my characters name was Sean on Fathers and son and his dad was his parents were the ones that were divorced and his dad was sort of a skirt, chaser and kind of like you know a Lady Hound there and he was always absent and even in he in the pilot episode, it's all of the the kids are getting together at the one Kids Beach House, and they all going to you know fhave a fathers and sons weekend and my dad is driving me there and as we're getting gas, he meets a Gal at the gas station and he ends up going with her and dropping me off and saying you'll be just fine. Hang Ont with Yohe leaves you in the immalay L Amala as te Fon plan with Flimplao, and you know nd. So then you know, but you know my character, just that's just water off his back, because that's all he's know, I think it's a great storyline. I think it's a great storyline with all these other characters. So that's the pilot and the pilot goes in. The show gets picked up for like five episodes: midseason replacement, ASIS, all back in regular network days in between shooting the pilot and airing the pilot and the show getting picked up. Ricky Nelson dies in a plane crash igh, and there goes one of your big hitters and whone of your big storylines in the show, because you don't have one of the biggest TV names of all time. You know Vermasi and Harriet. You know on this show as an adult playing this absent father to this. You know younger kid and I think that that kind of bruised the show, although they definitely wove it into the script, that it's called fathers and sons and my character, my dad's, never there. So I'm always just on the phone with them and he's always disappointing me, so they actually brought the mother in and so on, fathers and sons. I had a mom and you know, but I think that was also a part of the bit that was ahead of its time, because how great would a show called fathers and sons and one of the his father's not there, but because he's so absent in such a just, a Dick that you know he. This kid has to grow up with his mother that have been a fantastic storyline and I you know I think my you know. Susan Walden was my mother on a shoe e was fantastic gorgeous. You know gorgeous actor and actually did another show with her years later. But it just didn't work, I think, is the Ricky Nelson thing and then I think the show itself was ahead of the time and networks were like yeah. Let's, let's move on, and that was unfortunate because that was a really cool show that could have been it could have been. Pretty bitching could beecause. You could have grown up with these kids. You know the story lines Sok it stale, you know you go from junior high, andto high school and go on. was that like eight eighty? Eight? No, no, that was tyeighty five. Eighty six S Tha was leading right into moster squad because of that charanter to lighten the mood up a little bit. We try to get Nelson on. You know the the side of the twin yeah and yeah. They blew us off and their agents said no they're, not Interesteng. Somebody posted a picture of Nelson earlier and I told that story and the guy was like well. You should tag this post, an get him back on. I was like its parter. Like said water, you Bancrush, did you tell? Well, you probably could convince him if you told them that you could not live without their love and affection. Oh Wow, it's wow it it's not for everybody, it's not for everybody. Let me let me move on with some of these other ones. I want to try to get these ones inso stacy landing, and this is not a question she said, but the quote Wolfman got nards is the way that my daughter introduced herself to her seventh grade teacher love. It said, that's pretty awesome all right, let's see any ideas or plans for a sequel. This is from Jeremy Johnston. That's like a that's sous like a movie character. Name, that's a bad ass name! Jerby M Johnsto! Oh No, that ruins it the getting Germany look. A sequel is always cool. If it's done, and in this regard, I think it has to be the right people doing it. I think it has to be the right story. I think a story has to have the right tones and touches and truthfulness to the original story. If it's going to be a sequel to our eighty seven story, I think it has to have certain elements in it. I think it has to be also a passing of the torch type story, because then you can, you know continue with you know the t e the kind of the fun with it right is. If you're, just talking sequel, orround tell anything else. I think it's one of the things now you know who knows it's always been a everything with monster squad. You know everybody as Askng. You know why? Isn't there merch it's more famous now so I'mgoingt be making millions of dollars on merge and I'. I lookat it's a rights issue. The rights to this movie has always been in question like who owns it. Who doesn't own it? Do you own it? You know it's always that right, I think a Bunche quad rights. I think that Spiderman Pointing Att Spiderman, you know- and you know what's interesting- is I don't know. I think it's this year or beginning of next year of two thousand and twenty one, that there may be some answers on that. I don't have enough imfo to actually talk about it. Becue, it's not like I'm hiding in the guy, just there's a thing that something mad brake a gloose on that there was a time where, when fried and Shane were doing, the Predator, the latest Predator ironic full circle with new line and they asked if they had a sequel script want to Domasha squad because they greinlight it tomorrow, and that was at the same time where paramount had the rights, but they were working with Michael Bay to remake it not do a seqret to remake it, and then they went over there and said you know we're looking at doing a sequel and I think Michael Bay said Great. Let's do it and everybody said, but no, not with you and which you know. I don't know, I mean, look everybody on blows up, everybody, his rosions. It's like we got explosions and great camera work and it's fast pay, except of a instead of a Wolfman blowing up. It's Gonno be the whole fucking building, that's right. It's yeah and Wolfman standing and like it's just shilabuff, which would be crazy, there's so many options, though, with the age of you guys now, where, obviously you guys could be parents to a new generation of a monster squad who learned from your lineage or whatever early, find your old Shit, and you know there's so much that can happen. There's so much an like how much how many? What is that every Hundred Years Yeah I forget now what it is. It's EVERII years that happen in the lower ever hundred years that the you know the you know the balances is or the evil and good is balanced, and you have a chance to you know to change that o another sixty seven years well get to see, go well, you know. There's always you got. You know a thing called creative license in cool storytelling, where you can always break into that hundred years and fine ways. Oh, am I saying that there's already a story written like that? No, that would be awesome, though I think a lot of people would be excited. Actually, I think I heard I heard a little scoop. A little spoiler that it's going to be a monster squad versus Ferbes, it is, and you know, lial opens up and just all these fucking ferbies fly out and it's great it's funny. You were answering that question very serious and I was reading the next question this. What this is from a guy, his name is John Cola. We Call Him Classic Cola. So his question, obviously not he's Gan. Ask Him if he's accepted the Lord Jesus Chrisis is savior thanks in advance, and he follows that question up with. Also ask him: If you produc his cream, which is what started to make me laugh, you don't have to answer either one of those I figure Il just read them because a mead them and give them the Dovet Il. I will abstain for fear of n incriminating myself question. Here's theother question. Another one from Jeremy is a folloup. Actually he says were there any movies that you audition for that you didn't get the Ou wanted all of them? Yes, ther Shuout! I start the list shit et. We got the commercial thanks and killed Te Billion Dollar Company right yeah. I got you know I got blame for that. All I got out of is a twenty six hundred and an awesome dirt bike, which was a great story, but I think you know you go back. You know when you're of that age you read for just about everything and you now you either get very close or you don't. You know t s and the ones that get very close to coming down. I think one that sticks out with me is dead, poet, society and stand by me. I screen tested for the Teddy duchamp Rul and I remember it well and there's a reason. I didn't get it because feldman is fantastic in that role and he's Teddy Dushio. You should have went full board and cut your ear off. That would you know that would been a great audition thing. I didn't think about that that, at the time look Thak Lot man crush g, he totally could have had it. Maybe nothing else. Yeah. I think I would say I would say yeah the two that stick out the most ar dead poet society and stand by me all right. Last question I'll get you out of here: Do you have any plans to do another documentary after this one, because this this is really go thanks, sure from the well Ting? What do you got? You know, interestingly enough, I never would consider myself A. I don't necessarily consider t myself a documentarian. I you know I eproduced a directed a film, that's a documentary, yes, I've always loved documentaries. I always told myself. I would never do something like that, because knowing myself it would never get finished, it would never be bright. It would never be good enough. We can always get much more and you know we fought with that with this a little bit, but I was very fortunateough to you know, hook up with h. You Know Henry and the production team at pilgrim studios. There is actually something that if I was going to make a documentary, what would it be- and this is aside from things that people have like asked me to like- would you be interested in doing and which I won't? You know, I'm not going to you know mention those particulars, but there's one that you know is a very interesting story about prap. I just forgot her name, but in the the S, a D S, The lady that ran the Tennessee State House for children, which is the State Orphanage unbenounced to most people that either drop their kids off or kids got put in there. She was selling kids for decades ad. She had e the local, you know heriff and the judges all on kind of the pay roll or either you know favors, but she trafficed kids, all over the country for thirty years and Georgia Tan, that's her name Georgea Tan and interesting enough. There was a weird Hollywood tie in with her traffic in kids to people in La in the Hollywood area, and there was a a guy, tired, toniyh, I'm forgetting his name. I think it again, but he was sort of a bee actor. You know came over from Nashville because he was sort of like a CAn'tbe plunky chunky. You know country, Western singer and the in the S, and he was sort of this condi it because he was from the area, knew the network in you know, people that wanted kids either in Hollywood that couldn't have kids, you know biologically or couldn't have kids, because theire studioo contract or something you know forbade them to having kids, but they needed kids for the PR you know whatever it was right. I think when you feel the onion there's so many stories there, but you know it's an absolutely true story and the reason that I'm interested in that story is my dad and his sister were two of the kids sold by this woman, wow and shipped out from Tennessee to California, jees heavy. That's what to bring down the episode man! Oh yeah, whatl, a well ut! We want in on that go another one, but that would be a very interesting documentary to go back in time and now not to put it Downer on it. But if I had thought about it you know my dad. My Dad died in two thousand and fourteen, and while we were hanging out with him- and you know the last- you know you know, I ended up being a hospice caretaker for three months, which is something I don't recommend unless you really want to do something like that, but there wasn't any other. I wasn't going to not do that and if I had been in producer mode or in creative mode, I would have put my dad on camera and you know just ask some youners Tellhem, you know tell the stories back if those days because he would tell the storys, but I was 't thinking about recording him. I WASD just spending my l, you know the last weeks with my dad and had I done that because I thought I could have been a cool. You know kind of remembrance thing not just for him, but then you go track down and you know go find the kids. You know, because you can track them down now, because there's actually like a yeah like a social group, it's like the the kids and actually the descendants of the kids. They of you know that were affected by this Georgia, Tan Lady and her network of selling and traffick and kids. They get together like there's, there's a some. Some guy from Teca wrote a book about it and you know I thought to go, get because they're all getting older now they're. All I mean my dad did en seventy seven and you know most of these kids are, you know getting to the end of their run and we can't get them on camera. So if I was going to do it, I needed o start a while ago, but in anyway it's still an interesting Tian, and it also has a sort of you know say what you will o creepy Hollywood connect chat is a wild story. She get caught or she die. No, I believe shhe got arrested somewhere in the S and she died while she was awaiting trial or something shehd Cass hers for dying good for her. I don't think she. I don't think. I don't think that Puis Renling Kirk punishment with, as was good enough and that's. I don't think that that's s crazy, all right say something funny or good. Before you leave it's not a complete Downer asthats, something funny or good, which means I haven't said anything good or funny. Al Night, thanks Bo that yeah, that's just like that story sounds fantat like it sounds really riveting, but it's a doubt. That's a dower stuff. It's a total! It's a total de man crush. Can I ask one question? It's a lighthearted question. Maybe that's a good way to yeah heard the episode. No more shitty like Downer questions. Trevor like it's got. I heard o rumor, okay, the guy who picked gods and monsters. I don't know Abot you yeah, you did yeah, that's okay, but it's that was funny. They a crus said funny. That was funny so we're funny. Okay, is it true? I heard a rumor that Jelio, white and Duston diamond were cut out of monster. Squat. Is that true dust dgleoight? I have no idea but justin diamond. Yes, he was in the you know, opening opening sequence of present day when we're in the principal's office and we're ralking down. You know doing Mr Medsker and Mrs Cathead in that kind of hallway scene. I think I'S N T holway, like a kid, runs up and goes hey shon I'll trank you to D down thit's like we're trading cards, and it's like a little quick thing. Okay and like I pull out a handful of like I don't know neither of either trading cards or dndcards ar garbage field kids or whatever, and we trade cards, and then he runs off and that was Dustin Dimond yeah, I'm still hoping to see that or the Liam Neson footage. If that ever was shot, he wasn't shot. He was there on sed apparently, but he was actually never shot. So that was eas. That was an easy paycheck. You go ou saying you do nothing. What was he supposed to be? Well, he originally auditioned for Draqula and was very good and would have been awesome, but Duncan Rigir came in and nailed it, but they remembered you know this Guy Lean Neson, who was as Irish actor, who had been in a movie named crawl like the year to before, which is one of my all time: favorite fantasy es, but in the scene, where we go into the old house to get the ambulance. That was a much bigger scene in multilayred and we go in and it's me and Eugene and the dog and and Horace and where theyre hunting for the ambulance- and this is you know the shadow Brook Road House- and I don't remember in the Scry, I got ta look at it like the scripts on a box, but whether he was like a realter or like van helsing's grandson or something and said Oh come on in you know, maybe you guys can help me onm here. You know trying to you know, do something or whatever it can. You help me and let's go this way and what this is is. This was the scene that ends up being the payoff to scary German guys. I do know about monsters if you thought I was a vampire, but I wouldn't have a reflection, yeah and it ends with the Holocaust Tattoo in reference, but later on five minutes. Ten minutes in the movie we're in this house in he's leading us down into the bowels of this house, and we walk past this big mirror in Sean, my character, Seez everybody, but him and I s it was like a floating face or something like a like a bad like a mask. And then we realize we're in trouble, and I you know it's like if I Beiev was like, we got ta, get it, let's run, but we're trapped in the catacombs of this house, and it ends up being like this multi level, because every we encounter a monster on every level of this house and trying to run out, and it ends up being like an episode of Scooby, do which I aways hought woul have been really cool and because a produption time budget timing, or whatever they had the actor on the set to do that initial scene and it either got rewritten or cut as we were going and then they mushed that whole thing. You know in the House for the week they were shooting that into like. You know one level and we see all the monsters and then we go through the trap door and then we get out. It was a much longer cooler scene and I aways liked it because it seans character that you know realizes it and figure it out and thet was one other example of the knowledge of these kids of you know how to deal with monsters in their neighborhood plug your stuff. Before you go, I feel bad keeping y'ADDS so long. Sometimes we get people that are we love to talk to and they're on for so long and at the end, Oh yeah. No, I don't know I I'm. This is fun, so this was fun plug my stuff. Well, you know I'm in the Tiatari commercial and yeah that's everybody's favorite. I was in a show that only had five episodes go. Fathers andside go, go, look on it ever seen. Mathnet on you know, pbs one of my favorite things, oer, no with the real stuff. You know look it's all the social media. These days, you know the ways bangs and the ballbearings and the kids. Oh my God, I'm old, but foll you know flee. I'm on twitter and INSTAGRAM. Twitter is at Andre, Gower and Instagram is at Andre, galer official and please follow the squad dock, which is what Wolf Man's got nards kind of social title is because it's shorter, it's a tough social handle, tisay Wolf fans got in arts, but you go to squaddoccom check out. You know media reviews articles where it's playing. You know your viod platforms that you can choose it from links to order t from Amazon and beliefe and or you know, at the squaddock on instagram and twitter, and you know one of the things that you know we kind of started with Fangaria during the release week and something that I'm going to continue doing with the fans is. I want you to send in your Hashtag squad story, and you know, just you know, give you know twenty seconds thirty seconds of you know your either first viewing of Monstra squater what it means to you, and you know I just want to just want to see that on Instagram er on twitter and then we can connect that way and it's like you're, a part of the dock. You know in the in the bonus features. Well, I just gave you mind so kind of Wat you, yes, we jeust got trevor, so I that's our cive tears. That's awesome so again be a trever and you know be like that. It's an Onort, I no intvusted by you Andre. Thank you do. Where did I Orainteste F early? It was just earlier. I hold grudgs story about it. Oh okay, yeah! No, I have to be. I have to be careful with stuff like that, because I like to have fun and you know, don't take it the wrong way. Oh No, because I certainly don't mean any malice in any of that. Oh No, it was a OT. I feel comfortable. I feel comfortable with you guys, so we can shoot the shit and make fun of each other. It was. It was truly an honor to to do this. PODCAST with you man. It really is oh well! You know thanks for having me, I think it was fun. You know the dualing decades thing is is certainly unique angle. I think it's fun. You guys do a ton of research. That's I can imagine contestants coming on and not watching stuff or nothing. You know I that would that would drive me bonkers, but hopefully I was a fair judge, but anyway you know let you guys go wlhit up we'll do it again and and we'll talk about stupid stuff that matters to no one, but us you know for another co on I. This was a blast. Ataga blast, you guys have a greatawsome and I will be talking to you these guys. I appreciate it you to all right. Duelers will, unfortunately, we're going to have to end this episode right here, but don't worry if you've missed an episode, you can always head back to dueling decadescom, where you can subscribe to the show on Itunes, spotify everywhere, podcasts are available, but in the meantime, while you're on the INTERWEBS head on over to facebookcom forward dueling decades, where you can join our private group and share some of your very own rentro memories. UNTIL NEXT TIM deelers we're going to bid you a piece, love Lightin, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone Infirmary Media

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