Dueling Decades
May 12, 2021

The Media King of the North Joe Findlay returns to rule over May of 1974, 1984 & 1994!

Dueling Decades is back with another live episode where we examine the best the month of May has to offer!  Mancrush flips through the pages of May of 1974 and finds a really big pair of….Umm,  picks!  Marc James is poppin’ and lockin’ his way through the best of May 1984.  Rounding out the field, "The Professor" Drew Zakmin is back with the best of May 1994 in another stellar repeat performance!  Behind the bench this week is the host of Miscast Commentary and the man known the world over as the  Media King of the North! (and by the world over I mean the import store in the mall) It’s The Honorable Judge Joe Findlay!

It's always fun to watch Joe work his judicial skills while simultaneously producing the show! That's right, "watch". If you didn't know, you can now WATCH the fellas on their YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/duelingdecades). Anyhow, in this episode, you might hear something about Clint Eastwood's cheery demeanor, the reason Marc used to carry cardboard everywhere, The Professor becomes The Repeater, Mel Garner throws his chips at Jodie Foster, the NFL gets a 15-yard penalty for thievery, Dick Clark on a pyramid of women and tiny pickles, Fonzie has to get a job, Bruce Campbell like you've never seen him, Prince giveth and taketh away, Lee Dorsey gets his Yoo-hoo Guaranteed, ganja jams that lead to optical inventions, the biggest bust to ever hit Playboy, fat boys, Holly undoes his sweater in the garage with surf wax and Jonas, and the debut of Stanley Rosiello!

Do you agree with Joe's rulings? Play at home and judge for yourself!

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this is podcast new york what's up dueling decades this is wax peace to all you guys and uh thanks for having me on the show will it be the 90s or the 80s beanie babies or crack babies will it be nirvana or madonna maybe britney maybe whitney do you like new metal a new wave dave bro or super dave i don't know but now the battle begins dueling decades let's see who wins


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and your levels look great here all right everyone says we're good all right we apologize guys let's do this again so [ __ ] happens drew just go right into you and like like mark just pitched to you

okay hi guys i'm drew well actually just start over because they don't even know what years we have or anything that's true right they couldn't hear mark oh yeah okay fair enough do you want me to go right back to the other yeah no just start just a mark okay back to mark all right broadcasting from the podcast new york studios it's the all new dueling decades the adult only retro game show were the decades battle for supremacy because it's your history we just fight for it i am mark james and this week we marvel at the miraculous may duel where i will be competing with may of 1984 alongside the other duelers in the decades they will be fighting for first off swinging back to the 70s say hello to man crush what's up take two is always the best correct uh what i said before yes i have may of 1974 but do us a favor i noticed nobody did it because they couldn't hear me before but go ahead and uh hit the like button i know it's redundant but we got to do this hit like hit subscribe drop a comment make fun of us we don't care the more we have the more people come into the chat and watch this so please do that for us if you can but yeah i'm coming to bat with may of 1974. also joining us on the panel and bringing the 4-1-1 from the 90s it's the professor drew zachman what's up everybody it is me drew from songs gone wrong and i am talking about may of 1994 which is actually when i peaked and it's all been downhill ever since

and as always here on the show we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness back behind the bench this week is the man who is battling the burger king and the king of donaire for the title of the one true king he is the media king of the north all rise and welcome judge joe finley are we ready to do this guys i know that most of what just happened is technically my fault because i'm also the producer of this lame youtuber but it's fine i do blame youtube because like honest to god the two thing i i'm not going to get into it this is my own personal [ __ ] sesh uh let's have a fun game i'm going to keep it fair keep it simple keep it simple stupid

ladies and gentlemen the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules the judge's coin flip shall decide who picks first out of the four out of the five dueling decades categories movies television music news and hud products a judge's ruling will determine who wins each round allowing the victor to choose the next available category the first three rounds are worth one point each with rounds four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie after all five rounds we will go to a final wild card round remember duelers to review the show listen subscribe and play along at home it's time for more dueling decades all right so this week the coin toss will be between myself and drew zachman drew you got the honors this week why don't you call it i'm gonna well what are we what are we uh tossing off today all right well i'm going to be tossing off i noticed somebody said i had the love making lights on and seeing it since there's a desk where i sit by myself you're right but today i wanted to really bring the media king of the north last couple of times i've judged i used a digital app and i didn't want to play that this time so i went full canadian and i brought a toonie suny all right all right so the queen's head because you know his heads the polar bear is tails because we [ __ ] hate ourselves all right okay guys so you're gonna call it near right yeah i'm totally going polar bear on this one polar bear okay oh yeah oh i dropped it oh [ __ ] no we're fine we're fine it is

her majesty

that means i just control the board and i get to select our very first category all right gentlemen you know what uh let's start off with the movies round oh damn oh wow all right so i am so excited i have the opportunity to select this film and talk about it you know we're just going to get it out of the way first you know in if airplane friday the 13th in greece on the man crush 3 this movie is definitely one of my top three growing up so i wanted a little retro perspective on it so i dug up an original review and a first impression of the film so let's go over to the miami herald may 9th 1984 for a review with the headline that says break-in a happy street-wise musical break-in is the first of what is likely to be a wave of movies about break dancing in its several fermentations lochen poppin hip-hop often to the narration of a dj and though break-in follows the flash dance formula as if it was blazoned in concrete and worked from a script that would make a 12-year-old snicker it's exuberant and it's light-hearted that works for proper enjoyment what you have to do is ignore the flash dance inspired story which involves a series of painfully contrived plots development developed when street dancers are repeatedly frustrated at the hands of los angeles street dance establishment it is sufficient it is it is it is sufficient to treat the story as kind of filler in between the appearances of the men known as shabadoo and bugaloo shrimp when they are on the screen dancing breakin has a special joy to it and i couldn't agree more with that lucinda dickey an actress who can dance she's an adequate foil for shabadoo and bugaloo but it is they who can do the floor spins and their choreographed robot walks a bugaloo chambers has a wonderful comic touch as well he is in near constant motion throughout the picture and many of his best moves are used as throwaways instead of actual dialogue or punch lines there's a splendid spirit and presence on the screen through though breaking assumes a world which no one takes breakdancing seriously one suspects that the filmmakers were last to get the word if you can sit through this one without fighting back the urge to dance in the aisles it's time for a checkup so that's what they were originally saying about breaking and i kind of agree with them that's why i always like the film if you look at it these are just a ragtag group of guys who did they have nothing in life except their art their dance kelly on the other hand she has absolutely everything and she chooses to dance because it is just their passion so with its may release date strategically placed in may of 1984 by canon breaking was the first of the theaters beating the uh harry belafonte produced beat street by a whole month and uh breaking and starting off the break dance increase of the 80s so guys it's breaking it's may 4th 1984. it's a good choice all right drew zachman over to you what do you have for the movies round all right so i had may of 1994 as i stated previously uh so this one was actually based on the tv show from the late 50s and early 60s it was a western comedy it was i actually thought it was pretty enjoyable to watch i remember the first time i watched it which wasn't actually until it came out on vhs but i always thought it was a fun movie now if you like mel gibson uh then you probably like this movie uh but you probably hate everybody else if you like mel gibson uh but this flick starred mel jody foster and james gardner who played the original title character in the tv series and that title in case you haven't figured out already is maverick and honestly i love this maybe it's just like a fun flick to watch it's about maverick who's a card player and con artist who is trying to collect money to enter a high stakes poker game and this movie basically kind of follows him along his adventures or i guess misadventures uh and uh alfred molina's in it too james coburn's in it so a pretty good cast in this one one thing i did not know was that randy newman actually did the music for this movie i had no idea about that had i known that ahead of time i probably would have never watched it but i'm glad i didn't know because i watch it and i like it so now i can actually give it a pass um it had a budget back then of 75 million dollars and it raked in 183 million uh or nick in 2021 that equates to about 19.3 trillion yen so i think uh it's a pretty good pretty good haul and uh the film was also nominated for an academy award for best costume design so i'm going with brett maverick which came out in may of 1994 may 20th 1994 to be precise man i wish uh beau b craft was here because if you listen to the episode a year ago we had robert tepper on yeah i remember that one yesterday randy newman that was that cop show he was talking about top rock [ __ ] genius that was hilarious i i was driving home i i'm pretty sure a little p came out when that came on i was cracking up the whole right that's just because you're getting old well that too that too all right man crush what did you bring for the movies round all right so let's go to may 24th of 1974. let me just say this like the 70s are a different time for cinema it's not a bad thing at all but you have these pockets during the decade where the films are focused on one type of a movie or another and a few months ago i had march of 1977 back in march obviously and i came to bat with uh airplane 77 and that was right in the midst of all the disaster films and the whole disaster film craze but my my personal favorite period during the 70s it has to be like pre-1975. you literally have scores of exploitation movies during this period if you could think of anything to exploit there just exploit it i mean there wasn't just one movie for that exploit there would be a series of movies for that exploit and i only bring this up because selecting a movie right here was extremely difficult for me because i had 1974 not because there were a lack of movies but because the amount of schlock was really hard to pass up and mike watched the movie today i was gonna pick this movie called the teacher about a teacher who seduces one of our students i mean i couldn't find a good copy but otherwise i probably would have picked that with that being said i went with a different type of popular movie of this time period and that was road movies so you had like five easy pieces with uh jack nicholson uh two lane blacktop duel the getaway slither uh dirty mary uh crazy larry which i could have picked here because it was released in may of 74. gone in 60 seconds and honestly there's dozens of movies and that i'm leaving out here that being said i did go with the road film here at the box office someone brought in 22 million dollars at the gate in 1974 and drew you'll like this one it brought in 121 or 120 million dollars in 2021. it's good yen we're going all us so uh this one it actually did get considered for uh an oscar it had some oscar buzz around it he had a young jeff bridges being nominated for best actor in a sporting role unfortunately uh he lost out to robert robert de niro for godfather too i mean it is what it is uh coincidentally this movie right here was supposed to be directed by clint eastwood but they ended up going with a virgin director on this one the writer of the film michael cimino who went on to write and direct deer hunter so not too shabby on that one obviously like i mentioned clint eastwood so he stars in this as well it's probably the most relaxed role of clint eastwood that i've ever seen in my life he's still got that classic eastwood like stoicism which you expect from him but every time you think that he's just gonna [ __ ] slap somebody for saying something he doesn't but don't worry he still throws down fisticuffs in this movie he's not harry callahan but you know here's the other thing like what 70s movie is not complete without george kennedy and i think this is the third time i picked a 70s movie where george kennedy's in it of course airplane 77 like i mentioned before earthquake and this one i think there might have been one more but i just can't remember anymore uh so if you're on the move for anti-heroes car chases bank heists cross-dressing big guns fist fights rural montana pistachio ice cream cones midnights at the drive-in double crosses guys name red unexpected endings and a very very early gary busey and stories that would never ever take place with the inception of the interwebs and go out and pick yourself a copy of thunderbolt and lightfoot and i mentioned that that part about the internet i don't want to give away spoilers if you want to go watch this but if they had the internet there would be no story it would be over in like five minutes like oh that's where it is oh done but 1974 it's just simpler

all right let's throw it up to judge joe finley for the ruling on the movies round oh man it's a tough one uh very different movies being kind of brought to me and not one that was like a real like punch in the face like huge movie uh maverick was a fun movie i remember going to see it back in the day uh good cast it was just that it's that fun version of uh mel gibson that you know often gets overshadowed by the less fun version of him he was so happy back then he was so happy back then everybody seemed cool i mean but until they but man it's uh it's good but it's just i i don't know like of all the the mel gibson joints as it were i don't know if it's the one that gets me the most excited uh and then you have thunderbolt and lightfoot uh there's a lot of things in there i think where you may have lost me man crush is when you said so if you're looking for and in your list you included rural montana who the [ __ ] looking for rural mines it's a road film dude you know i know i know it's just very funny it's like if you're looking for something probably wrong right ladies amazing but it's amazing lakes mountains hey i've been to montana i've been through my have you really accurately uh i went through a bunch of states very quickly while i slept in the back of my grandparents van but that's neither here nor there i have to go with the one though that to me is the most indicative of its decade in this scenario as like one doesn't really like just jump out to me i gotta go with breaking it's the it is the one that is the it screams 80s whereas like thunderbolt and lightfoot it's like does it like it's obviously 70s but says it screams 70s does the other one does mavericks was the last time you saw a road film well i've seen plenty of road films fast and furious doesn't count i'm sure a [ __ ] dude this don't make me puke that's a short road bro short the tenth or what the ninth one is coming out i lived my life thunderbolt like quarter mile at a time yeah see if for those 10 seconds or less i'm free you did that in thunderbolt and lightfoot now you've got instead of vin diesel you've got uh clint eastwood going i live my life 275 miles at a time get off my lawn that's right i bring the impressions too it's only a matter of time before clint actually shows up in the fast and furious i mean his son's in it for crying out loud yeah he might just wander on stage how old is he now like 90 seriously he's his spry he's a spry 90 something i think he i think he is hey that actually works out perfectly that mark took that round we're gonna do our first giveaway at the end of the round so this is the way we're gonna work it for everybody here not many people watching right now so you have a pretty good chance of grabbing this thing uh the first one we have up is a star wars nesting doll set from the force awakens that's awesome this is how we're going to do it mark is going to write down a number mark if you write down a number between we only have uh seven people in here so write down a number between one and ten actually i'm sorry let's do it one in twenty and we'll go with the closest person in the chat mark's gonna fold that number up and he's going to hold it so you know he's not cheating

all right there's that number if you want to get in on this put a number between 1 and 20. the closest person to that number will win this just message me after this let's see what we get so go ahead and post them in the chat hit us with those numbers they will be waiting a second there was a lot okay we got a 13 we got an 11 we got an eight please don't vote more than once i'll throw that out there yeah um and is this a price's right rules closest without going going over oh just closest in general we'll see how close they are we'll decide that one

uh we only got four people to put in numbers there's three people watching that aren't going to do it all right so we got 13 11 8 and 17. what do you got mark three number three so we're going uh spm league david schultz no he's a westing dog there we go you can hide your pot in there your cbd or something just hit me up later dude i'll mail it out to you

all right guys well i'm so excited i won that round i pick up a point i take control the board you know what this might be the first thing breaking ever won so you know since we're talking about movies let's go to the news round you know so for my news we're going to go to an article that was in newspapers across the country the first week of may 1984. it was announcing a special preview of an upcoming film the headline read indiana jones helping kids movie producer george lucas and director steven spielberg are previewing indiana jones and the temple of doom the raiders of the lost ark sequel in 19 cities on the eve of its may 23rd opening the screenings will benefit a variety of causes a variety of causes involving children's diseases and charities it's george and steve's way of giving back to the kids said a lucasfilm spokesperson who added that none of the stars are actually expected to appear at any of the benefits now the article does say that it's a sequel but the movie of course is actually a prequel having taken place the year before indeed squabble with all those nazis so it's the debut of indiana jones in the temple of doom which would get its worldwide reveal release on may 23rd 1984 but the night before they held a special charity preview and this is a tradition that would actually carry carry on and they continue raising money for children's charities well into when they did all the new star wars movies as well so temple of doom would go on to sell an estimated 53.5 million tickets in the united states so how do you compare that to today i just couldn't figure it out so i wanted to compare something else from 1984 to kind of give you a little bit of perspective on just how popular indiana jones was at the time so i compared it to the upcoming 1984 presidential election so indiana jones sold 5.53.5 million tickets now walter mondale the democratic nominee only got 37.5 million votes now of course ronald reagan won this election in the most lopsided election we've ever had with 54 and a half million votes

so indiana jones actually almost could have beaten ronald reagan for president it's basically what it boils down to that's how popular indiana joe's that's a lot of tickets sold almost as many votes as ronald reagan got for for president and in case you're wondering the chilled monkey brains those are actually made from custard and raspberry sauce hey it's indiana jones and the temple of doom it is an absolutely fantastic film it is a gem of our of our youth can't look and you know the fact that they went out there and raised money for kids that's kind of cool too so that's what i got from my news story raising money for kids go indy i like how you [ __ ] on mondale right after he died

i think it was just like last week way to go all hail vice president short round i would totally vote for indiana jones you kidding me oh yeah hell yeah well he was a president i mean right that's true off my plate yeah wow man that would explain a lot of the things in that in that movie if it really was indiana jones there you go all right drew zachman what did you bring for the news round so for mine uh i'm going with it's kind of it's kind of a big deal but for the first time in the history of south africa a black leader was elected as the head of state so the great nelson mandela after serving what this is like the 17th time broken record drew zachman i'm changing his nickname i've only no i've only used nelson mandela once before i think like four times four times now it's well you know what it's a big deal the guy did a lot and you know what next time i'm on i'm going to [ __ ] bring him up again i don't even i don't even care i'm going to find i'm like looking like his archives like the nelson mandela archives and whatever like it could be the weak experience i don't care i will find something he did that week in like 1973 he was probably sitting in a jail cell back then but i will find out what he did in that jail cell and i will [ __ ] bring it in for my news round how about that i stan nelson all right what's what's the difference from what you're doing now

i have i don't think i've i haven't had the 70s yet i think that's because whatever he was he was elected as the president of south africa whatever next

just go back to the last episode where you talked about it you can hear all the details no that was the thing that was probably like that was a while ago i think it wasn't that recent now that's like what a nobel prize winner nobel peace prize you probably brought that one up it's like your nelson mandela was like the princess die of 2019 for us it just kept coming up i was like god just retire already yeah 2019 man we had so many princess dive pics come up that i got yelled at one time too much that's a loss oh fantastic but it is it is worth bringing up nelson mandela i mean he is somebody that uh deserves a lot of respect so he only fought racism yeah you know no big deal helped raise a lot of money yeah he did a great job and and aids hey he tried he tried i go of all the love for him for trying trying to fight poverty and hiv and aids through his foundation so i give mark props for that because that usually that's something that i would be like dude and mark did it

you're growing on me man crusher what can i say all right man crush what did you bring for the news round all right well i am going to the 70s so let's go uh may 2nd 1974 and uh what did nelson do in his jail cell that i don't know i didn't look at i didn't look that one up but however in may 1974 it's it's plagued with countless articles about watergate and richard nixon however like those stor that's all drew zachman right there it's not for me so i kept digging through newspapers.com and i stumbled on a bunch of stories about the world football league and if you weren't aware the world football league was one of the first startups to challenge the nfl's reign at the time now when it was all said and done the world football league was a colossal failure it was a dumpster fire of extraordinary proportions if no one's done a documentary about it yet they should certainly look into it but i'm not going to dive too deep into the world football league but i will say that it was so bad that teams moved their franchises to new cities during the season like not just one like multiple teams did that and there was an owner that was financing his team and paying the payroll by selling cocaine and he got arrested afterwards and all this [ __ ] so there's all kinds of gems that come out of that story however i'm gonna go with something that has a bit more legs here uh dave you'll like that one so here's a quick summary of an article that was titled new rules of blessing by larry stevenson and he says without a single down taking place as of yet the world football league has already experienced some alleged theft at the hands of the national football league the world football league hollered robbery yesterday claiming that the most most of the new innovations unwrapped by the nfl were indeed heisted from the world football league's rulebook that was released the month prior even though they they clearly stole some of these changes from the world football league and we'll get into those in a second everyone everyone including the author of this article because i read different articles about how boring the nfl was at the time everyone was super pumped that the nfl was starting these rule changes apparently during this period in the early 70s the nfl product was just stagnant like everyone was like what the [ __ ] like what are we doing there were games that ended in ties the goal posts were literally on the field of play there were hardly any kick returns because kickers were booting the ball into the stands from the 40-yard line and the teams that were playing they were playing like this conservative midfield game that was predictable larry stevenson himself in this article he's quoted as saying this anytime my mother can sit in front of a television and accurately predict what the play coming up is she might have been watching adam geese i don't know but she said uh in the next play coming up in the super bowl it's time for them to go back to the drawing board and that is exactly what they did because they stole the following rules from the world football league one there's no more ties kissing your sister is a thing of the past they're introducing the sudden death rule still being utilized uh the second one the goalposts are now being moved off the field they're being moved to the back of the end zone still being used now this one's important if you miss a field goal outside of the 20 yard line the opposing team will get the ball at the yard line like your yard line like wherever it happens to be at the time if you missed a field goal over 20 yards it just defaulted to the 20 yard line the opposing team's 20 yard line so that was pretty shitty like people were just trying to bang 60 yard field goals and they'd be like uh it's almost like a punt take the ball you're 20. uh the only thing that they've changed on that now it's from the spot of the kick but basically it's the same thing uh in kickoffs they move those back five yards so they're now going to be taking place at the 35 yard line instead of the 40. so no more kicking the ball into the stands which translates into more kick returns which makes the game more exciting and they're still doing that so i gave you some legs with that one the nfl robs the world football league and introduces some new rules and they're still around doing pretty damn well wow fantastic all right judge joe finley what is your verdict on the news round well first off drew i love i love the uh or i feel for you only because i've been in the same situation i don't think that people who don't do this show understand uh that it's tough sometimes a we don't oh if we're not on a string of episodes we don't always catch everything that's been going on and similar years or close years uh will come up and somebody will be in the news for a long time oj was a big thing for this princess die was a big thing for this i got yelled at for uh celine dion i got yelled at for a lot of things but that's nice i think i i used to uh go with bill clinton i feel like i i've used bill a few times yeah yeah so bill bill and nelson i think are my two guests now if you can find a story between the two of them and nelson mandela together instant win i'll just keep hitting the points button until i run out but but i i feel for you i get it but yeah it's it is what it is uh and then uh mark the indiana jones thing it's cool uh i not as meaty as an of a news story it's just hey we raise money that's cool i'm happy they raise money don't get me wrong but uh like it's better than like uh you know uh harrison ford kicks a sick child in the nuts and then puts you short round and it is better than that he calls him a douchebag but uh so it's it's much better but it it's fine it's just movie comes out roughly on schedule and kids get money uh but i'm gonna go with uh it's a great summary it is uh i'm going to go with uh mancrush on this one because i just recently actually watched that uh documentary about the xfl where basically a lot of the same things were happening where the nfl nabbed a lot of ideas basically without the uh the world football league the xfl other places like that uh the nfl wouldn't be the nfl that it is today they've stolen a lot of stuff from them at the expense of these smaller leagues so i give it to nick and i didn't bring this up in this because i didn't think anybody gave a [ __ ] because who cares about millionaires but this is actually what got players to get paid because they were getting paid nothing at the time and when the world football league came around they were throwing out these big contracts like guys like larry zonka at the end of their careers and [ __ ] just got wild after that so the nfl had to do the same thing uh however guys i do have uh some more stuff to give away however since i won this round mark will you do me the honors and write another number down um i got these apparently these are collectors items uh they're old pez from the early 90s uh i wouldn't eat these i gave these out to somebody before and they're keying out on my green screen we got a a snowman and some kind of rudolph or some [ __ ] again don't eat them maybe sell them on ebay i don't care what you do with them but yeah do let's do the same thing throw in a number between 1 and 20. mark's gonna write it he's got it in his hand already so go ahead and write that in the chat now putting up while they're writing down numbers i'll put my producer hat on for a second uh we're not responsible if you do eat them but if you do please get it on video and let us see what happens all josh mccooga who was on an episode last year unfortunately eating history has been cancelled he uh i had a discussion with josh unfortunately they cancelled that show which sucks because it was pretty damn awesome that was a great show if you want to reenact it oh we're not telling you to but if you do record it right it can be well you know yeah i've eaten gum out of old packs all right so these are the numbers we got so far we got 11 12 and 16 anybody else we're going to go and oh there's a 50 oh there's a 15. so let's go in five four three two one mark what do you got for the number there

stacy just hit me up on uh on facebook just mail the uh

www.facebook.com forward slash duelingdecades you know how to send a message there and uh i'll get your address and mail it out to you all right all right man crush you picked up a point you tie up this game you take control of the board where are we going next man all right let's see if i do this right because with live it's a little bit different but let's go television

you tell me when to go joe all right yeah you go ahead alright so let's go may 6 1974 and we've covered some like television network snafus on the show before and you could file this one with the rest of those so this show it actually premiered in march of 1973 on cbs and it was initially a ratings juggernaut cbs aired this game show at 9 30 in the morning every day and it was absolutely destroying the competition at the time so at the same time nbc was looking for a way to get back into the ratings game with their own game show jeopardy and for years jeopardy was like one of the most watched game shows on television but the ratings were starting to dip so in december of 1973 nbc moved jeopardy from their typical noon slot where it had been for years to a new time slot 9 30 a.m so with all the excitement of the move to 9 30 jeopardy started to kill cbs's game show in that 9 30 slot and after three months of their rating sagging cbs just decided to cancel the show altogether because that you know it's only three months if i could get rid of it which is hilarious because nbc canceled jeopardy in january of 1975. so it like you couldn't wait that out well you didn't know that was gonna happen uh but it's just like a tv pick i had a couple months ago when i had three's company where abc swooped right in and they they stole the show on may 6th of 1974 on its new time slot at 2 p.m dick clark hosts 10 000 pyramid or pyramid as i like to call it because it's gone from ten thousand dollars to twenty thousand dollars twenty five thousand dollars fifty thousand dollars and now it's a hundred thousand dollar pyramid and over the years it's it's crazy it's gone all over the place like pyramid it switched from cbs to abc from abc to syndication back to cbs then back to syndication then to the game show network and now it's back on abc again so mark your calendars because this one's got legs dave schultz may 26th is the season debut with michael strahan as the host now of the show it listen this is a captivating show mike ranger and i were at a podcast new york studios last night and i told him that i was gonna pick pyramid tonight and we got stuck on a pyramid rabbit hole like for an hour straight just watching these little clips of the show if you've never watched a show before it's basically there's two teams both comprised of a celebrity and a contestant and each round one player gets to select from one of six categories and one of the contestants has 30 seconds to convey clues to the other contestant about the whatever that item might be and that contestant needs to guess as many as possible it's simple it's genius and it's crack like if you watch one on youtube you just keep going and the ones with dick clark are gold we watched one last night where he was literally the lady said something as the buzzer sounded and he came running over and she thought she won and he's like nope nope so go watch that video it's fantastic everyone's heart is in their stomachs at that point um it's not quite as cool as dueling decade but it is legit uh but we got the premiere of dick clark's 10 000 pyramid on abc wow what's it gonna be called this time like the four bitcoin pyramid one bitcoin it's gonna be uh dodge coin yeah yeah there we go yeah the one the one dogecoin rocket to the moon

all right drew zachman what did you bring all right drew zachman what did you bring for the television round all right so um this one's almost kind of a big deal i remember watching it uh but may 10th uh nbc aired the inauguration of newly elected leader nelson mandela and i'm just kidding i would have given you this round without even hearing mark oh really damn it i should have i should maybe research that one more but this one so this one this one's actually a little this was actually a little sad for me um so it actually marked the end of the show that my dad and i love watching uh we love watching it so much we actually have the dvd set i have it right here i'm talking about the adventures of briscoe county junior i love that show um it only aired 27 episodes which is very short but holy [ __ ] those 27 uh those episodes were glorious uh the show starred the incomparable bruce campbell who played the title character who was a harvard educated lawyer who became a bounty hunter it was hired by a group of wealthy industrialists to track and capture the outlaw john bly and his gang now uh yeah the the eventually briskly county junior so much fun i mean if you guys know bruce campbell i mean you know everything he does is pretty much amazing uh and so this show actually came about thanks to indiana jones and the last crusade which obviously is an amazing movie uh what happened was the executives of fox looked back at some old shows and found like a lot of them fell into kind of two genres westerns and science fiction uh which gave them the idea to combine the two which is what they did in briscoe county and they actually uh so kind of tying some things together here uh they actually used the old episodes of maverick for inspiration on using humor in the genre for briscoe county so i give you the the very last episode of briscoe county junior high treason part 2 which aired on may 22nd 1994 much to my chagrin good show check it out

pretty cool show man sure is bruce campbell

all right guys so for my television offerings it's may 8 1984 we're gonna settle in to watch a couple episodes of happy days now this is a two-part episode called passages part one and part two the 249th and 250th episode of happy days now these two episodes of course serve as the series finale for the legendary tv show although five more previously unaired episodes would air out of continuity later on nbc during the summer of 1984. so happy days was ranked in the top five nielsen ratings for three straight years peaking at number one for the 1976-77 season but by 1984 the show had plummeted to number 63 in the ratings the series finale was filmed at the famous stage 19 paramount picture studios where they filmed happy days the same stage believed to be haunted by lucille ball's wardrobe lady in the series finale joni says yes when chachi finally pops the question then the entire gang gets together one last time to prepare for the wedding fonzie becomes a dead but not for the reason you think he decides to adopt danny his little brother from the big brother big sisters program now potsie and ralph are the only two characters from the original cast who didn't attend joni and chachi's wedding

excuse me naturally fonzie was uh chachi's best man at the wedding and in one kind of like final awkward moment for happy days if there wasn't enough of those on the show already in his toast to the newlyweds howard mentions that both of our chil both of our children are married now he says completely forgetting about their oldest son chuck now if you remember richie was married by phone in season eight after ron howard left the show but you know they totally forgets about chuck what happened to him man so it's the series finale of happy days may 1984 just a landmark landmark moment in television history all right joe finley it is time for your ruling on the television round what you got oh man uh it's an interesting one i mark right off the bat with uh our dear friends at happy days uh did you know there was a show where a guy actually jumped over a shark and it was the best one no it's hot i know man just that one loses me only because it it was such a fizzle at the end it was such a weird like nobody was there it's like showing up late to a party and all the people you know from the party like it's a friend of a friend type thing and all the people you know have already gone home and now you're just stuck with all the like who are all these people that's what that one was and uh

sorry um what else do we got we got uh man crush in the ten thousand dollar pyramid uh great show tons of legs just like you said now it's a hundred thousand dollars or whatever it is uh it's a fun game i like a fun simple game show it's a good background thing to have on you know i like jeopardy and things where you you know you got to be smart and you got to have a skill set but it's also just fun to watch ones like that sometimes and then briscoe county junior another good one i love bruce campbell uh the creator behind the show like you said he did indiana jones he did what tales from the crypt all sorts of cool stuff um

i wasn't in love with that show and again it just kind of it was on and it was gone um

it's close i think i'm gonna have to go with mancrush and uh the ten thousand dollar pyramid uh it's just because it's still on the air and i do love that kind of story when uh you know something kind of gets crapped on by the networks because of low ratings and then somebody has a little more faith and it comes in scoops it up and uh it becomes a big deal so that's why i go there sweet so we got something else to give away then i got some movies and i'll let you guys choose whoever wins this you can pick from one of these so let me just throw these up to the camera real quick show you guys we got here to the uh andy sedaris fans we got do or die with pat morita classic uh we got opportunity knocks these are from uh mill creek it's like they're again my camera is keying out the greens but very cool retro uh blu-ray set uh we got legend of billy gene nothing needs to be said about that one

do i need to say anything about chuck norris nailed it uh we got double team

solid one from mill creek so go to make sure you guys go to millcreek.com got hard bodies yeah again that's from mill creek and the last one we got here another andy andy seder andy sedaris this one's guns so we'll let you guys choose whatever one you want we'll do that for the uh the final couple rounds uh so go ahead and put a number in between one and twenty marquee write one down and just hold up that paper all right come on guys give us some numbers you know numbers right is this he's got the paper hold that up mark all right dude nobody had put down a new number because yeah put it on a new number because mark is adults and put showed everybody it's not a one sheet to hold up the number crap oh you're not watching the youtube

all right mark's got a new number mark hold up the paper without annoying everybody choose a new number from here yeah choose i'm sorry choose a new number right now yeah put a new uh put it to your head like karnak and send it out to the people all right so we got a 14 that's our first new number so if you're looking at the chat we'll start there power glove we got 14 16. tom thinks he's doing the same number again can i give it up to powerglove who said can we choose a new number we said yes and then they chose the same number stacey uh she's trying it again she's got number seven that would make it easy if she won again put him in the same package who else we got eric uh oh eric what's up man eric scott at number nine that'll be fun to send to canada and anybody else anybody and we got uh dave schultz coming with the number one i think that's it let's go five four three two and one mark ahead and show the number four number four dave schultz oh wait no oh [ __ ] it's between they're both three apart all right so now we're coming into the problem now it's a real toss-off now it's a real toss off so between stacy and dave all right pick a number between uh one and ten stacy and dave stacy and dave mark just throw down another number

and just post those in the chat just stacy and dave

who picks for

stacy and dave what are you guys doing like stacy's stacy's got hers i want to give a lot of love to eric though because he's kind of the big celebrity on the show right now because his name is just always on that banner because youtube doesn't update their subs fast enough

it looks like dave's defaulting he's not even putting anything in so uh stacey wins good go ahead

stacey that works out perfect uh in that email or message you're gonna send me let me know what movie you want and i'll throw that in the same box see look at that you skipped your cooking show or whatever it is that you wanted to watch and you won two things dave schultz don't eat another 14 is the girl between 1 and 10 that i've ever seen all right man crush you pick up another point and we're heading into our first two point round you have control the board we have a couple of categories left where are we going uh first off dave that was very nice of you i think you did that on purpose he knew he he did that on purpose all right so let's go let's do music let's do music let's finish up on hot products which hardly ever happens everyone jams at the beginning or in the middle so let's finish up with hot products but uh let's go may 20th 1974 and when i first drew may of 1974 i was actually very excited to look at what albums came out for the month and i apologized joe if i came out too quickly on that one but it is what it is we're going music all right uh there were several great albums that came out but surprisingly there was no juggernauts that spoke to me and we've talked about this in the past if something and music doesn't speak to you how can you pick it uh however there were some solid singles that were released that month and the single i decided to go with it was released on may 20th the thing is when i think of this song i think of george michael uh the rendition of this song it's timeless but i remember seeing old george do an epic version of the song and that always stuck in my head uh but in addition to going two times platinum in the united states this particular song it came off of an album that went number one in most places around the globe the billboard 200 in the us the uk album charts canada australia and it even hit number five on the yugoslav album charts so you know that it's good that said the single itself it sold one million copies in the u.s alone uh and it would climb a number two on the billboard hot 100 in 1974 but it could never top john denver's stranglehold at the top of the slot there with uh any song so it only got to number two however the duet of this song with george michael which was released in 1991 that would basically hit number one everywhere in the world literally like every country it was number one like zimbabwe like everywhere is number one so as i like to say on the show dave schultz this one has legs not to mention being immortalized during live aid with sorel and john playing on piano arguably one of the biggest pop duets of the time or of the 80s at that time but speaking of collaborations the chorus on this hit single it includes bruce johnson and carl wilson of the beach boys they originally planned on having brian wilson dusty springfield and cat stevens among others but apparently they all sucked during the studio sessions and they were never used and like i guess everybody has a bad day though because that included elton john he allegedly he also was pretty terrible in the studio and he initially hated how the song sounded the first time that they played him the rough cut of the song he called it and i quote a load of [ __ ] and he almost tossed it out as a demo track so you want more legs dave schultz this one's for you want more likes matt sorum the drummer of guns n roses for uh usual illusion one and two he said this song right here huge influence behind the drums on mega hit november rain and don't cry from those two albums and estranged so it's pretty good legs right there you got double legs i give you sir elton john's hit single don't let the sun go down on me this is the first single that came off this album caribou may 1974 wow fantastic and is that that's just a great song you know one of the one of the greats there from elton john all right drew zachman what did you bring for the music round well um i actually have a whole album not just one song but i'll tell you what else i have uh i got more rhymes and i got gray hairs and that's a lot because i got my share now there's a couple routes i could have gone with this pick here 1994 on the whole was an amazing gear for music and the month of may was no exception i'm picking this album since i listened to the living [ __ ] out of it and i still throw it on pretty often not only that i think parts of it have also aged well and it's actually hit me a little bit differently as an adult as opposed to a 14 year old jackass like i was but uh this album barely made the criteria as it was released on may 31st 1994 gave us four singles two of which are widely popular uh overall these guys have just under six million monthly listeners on spotify and their most stream song is actually off this album having been streamed over 202 million times and while i love that song it is a little bit overplayed but the video for that is insanely iconic and that song i'm talking about sabotage and the album i'm talking about is ill communication from our good friends from new york the beastie boys now this album is included in a book a thousand and one albums you must hear before you die and i would strongly agree with that the sound hit number one on the us billboard 200 this album is perfect i mean i i don't skip tracks on this one it's so good uh besides the big singles right sabotage uh sabotage and shore shot shore shot by the way is amazing other singles root down get it together also great get it together is one of my favorites on the album b boys make with the freak freak such a great song as is flute loop i mentioned earlier right this album hits a little differently as an adult and one track in particular is the update which i liked when i was younger but now it's it's it's actually my favorite track on the album uh so just do yourself a favor and give it a listen rest in peace mca also with rap right there's a lot of talk about in like in general rap as you know the big picture here there's a lot of talk about degrading women things like that but in sure shot right mca says i want to say a little something that's long overdue that disrespect to women has got to be through to all the mothers and sisters and wives and friends i want to offer my love and respect till the end so these guys they stuck to their morals love the beasties also happy mother's day call your moms um but yeah so i'm going with no communication from the beastie boys wonderful fantastic album i love that album the instrumentals on that everything's good yeah it's fantastic start to finish not not a bad second on the entire album all right guys so for my music selection i have a a single not not a whole album much like man crush i brought just one song but it's a big one on may 16 1984 prince released his very first single with the revolution although prince actually played all the instruments on this song himself and for a song that has like no bass in it it has one of the most unforgettable grooves of all time the single was released a month ahead of its album in two months ahead of the major motion picture that it was written for i give you a song that rolling stone lists at number 52 in its 500 greatest songs of all time

and it's the second highest song on that list from the entire 1980s next to the message by grand master flash it's my music selection i give you when doves cry prince wrote the song at request of purple rain director albert magnoli who was actually looking for a song to serve for for a specific scene in the movie lyrically however though a prince biographer has gone on to say that it was most likely inspired by susan moonzee she was a member of vanity six that uh friends prince had an on and off again affair with so it was prince's first billboard hot 100 single it stayed at number one from five weeks from july 7 84 all the way through august 4th of 84. and then it was ranked number one on the hot 100 billboard year end top 100 singles of 1984. so prince actually used his trusty l1 drum machine to create the unique percussion sound which is actually now on display so man crush when he took your trip a couple years ago to paisley park you would have seen this that's what he created when dove's cry on uh it was included in the rock and roll hall of fame's 500 songs that shaped rock and roll the b side was uh the cult favorite 17 days which was originally intended for apollonia 6's self-entitled album but much like i told you a couple of weeks ago with kiss prince wrote this one and then tried to give it away then decided no i'm just going to keep it for myself so purple rain would go on to sell 13 million copies in the us be one of the top 30 best selling albums of all time it's when doves cry may 1984.

all right number one huh i said also did not hit number one because of who uh springsteen right i think it was wham was it william yeah gm all right joe finley let's hear your verdict on the music round oh man all this has been the best round so far all really good picks um man crush i'm going to jump on you for a second because i feel like you were trying to confuse me a lot you were showing me a lot of different decades you're like hey remember this song in night in the 90s it was great it was a big hit in the 90s with somebody else oh hey in the 80s it was this and then you started playing off to a different judge dave's not judging daddy's joe let me ask you a question if the song was written in 1974 and the guy re-released it with somebody else in 1991 yeah the same song yeah i was like that confused you no i just i just say you were hitting a lot of dates and all that stuff all at once but uh you're doing a little dance for me uh but it's a great pick uh i'm not gonna deny that by any means uh but don't let the sun go down i mean i i won't uh but the uh but the other two picks man prince we hit a lot on here we have prince and princess die um but there's a reason because prince is a hit factory and uh when doves cry was one of my like favorite songs growing up i absolutely loved that song and one of my favorite albums growing up was ill communication uh i hurt right now because i feel like i'm kicking a part of me in the soul if i pick one over the other but i don't know man my

the little dude in me the little teenage dude is saying pick ill communication and give drew some points right now so two points goes to drew all right yeah that's the music still applies now man i'm telling you listen one song of the update so good no i listen to that album all the time drew and i can't argue with that now now if you want to bring the beastie boys every time as a pick i'm gonna have a hard time dinging you for that one i have to see if they wrote a song about nelson mandela i don't know if they have no but nelson mandela wrote one about the beastie boys it was weird when he was when he was in jail in 1972 same ryan probably all right drew zachman we're heading into the hunt products round you have control of the board so that means you get to decide if you want to go first or if you want to defer to one of us i'll go first i'll kick off hot products here

all right now up until may of 1994 in order to view a movie at home you had to either wait for it to come on tv or cable or have a box that gave you cable which i didn't but i i know someone who did um but either that or you know you could own the vhs or you know um there's a couple other ways but uh usually like waiting for it to come out on tv or like vhs they were the more popular options at that time uh or you could do what i did just wait till it comes on tv and then record it on vhs which i think made up like 97 of our vhs collection but um i feel like we also should have bought stock and tdk and kodak in the late 80s but may of 1994 that was all about the change two monster companies sony and phillips you may have heard of them decided to join forces for the betterment of humanity and develop a new kind of high density medium that's right high density medium cds are already out but they weren't big enough to hold a high quality resolution for an entire movie although 14 year old drew was probably looking at 16 bit boobs back then but whatever anyway sony and phillips joined forces to work on this medium some kind of disc for digital video if you will or perhaps a digital video disc that could be used and this digital video disc would hold seven times the amount of data of a cd 4.7 gig on one side compared to 680 megabytes for a cd and i'm talking about of course dvds and this would eventually be released in japan on november 1st 1996 and then the united states of america on march 24th 1997 but what i'm talking about is the initial concepts of creating the dvd so that happened in may of 1994.

wow all right guys so i'll go next uh my hot product is actually an album it's a compilation album it was an album that was released may 8th of 1984 yeah and it sold over 25 million copies globally that's why i'm considering this one a definite hot product so since it sold that many copies that means that about one in every 312 people on the planet own a copy of this album and it's an album that would that was ranked number 46 on rolling stone's list of 500 greatest albums of all time and it's the album that first introduced me to this artist and why it's so special i remember hearing it for the first time my junior year in high school in the students lounge and shortly thereafter i went out and i purchased my very own copy of this and it's an album that's still in my my rotation today it's the best selling reggae album of all time i give you legend by bob marley and the whalers sold over 15 million copies in the united states it's the 17th best-selling album overall in the united kingdom and it holds the distinction of being the second longest charting album in the history of billboard magazine only surpassed by dark side of the moon i mean all the hits are here on this one this is love no woman no cry you could be loved three little birds buffalo soldier get up stand up stir it up and then over on side two we have one love i shot the sheriff waiting in vain redemption song satisfy my soul exodus and jamming now if you picked up the cassette version of this album you got two extra songs punky reggae party and easy skanking not quite sure what that one was about island record executive dave robertson who compiled the tracks for the album actually said actually said that the tracklist was deliberately selected to appeal to a white audience and some of the more political songs from bob marley were left off the track listing so if you're looking for mass market appeal to secular progressive america you don't go and include songs that invoke the collective guilt over the slave trade so legend was released in 2014 yet again in celebration of its 30th anniversary and to this day into the date of this episode the world has been without bob marley for 40 years as he died of cancer on may 11 1981 so i give you legend by bob marley and the whalers just an absolutely epic uh compilation album and uh was a definite hot product for me all through high school

all right man crush what did you bring for the hot products round all right so let's go uh may 1st 1974 uh listen when it comes to the early 70s it's extremely difficult to find a hot product and after doing the 70s for the last year we figured out like where what to explore to potentially find something yet sometimes you just come up empty but this month i didn't and i think both of my competitors here did so i'm gonna throw out my product here so after i exhausted all of my you know my searching and everything i decided to look at some magazines that came out for the month and now i personally i wouldn't usually jump to magazines because you have to find something that stands out and like what exactly makes this magazine more special than another magazine that came out that month so after lengthy research i decided to go with may 1974 issues of playboy and obviously any playboy magazine is going to hold a special place in somebody's heart but what makes this particular playboy like what makes it stand out and i'll be honest initially i was drawn to the cover because obviously it's smut so who wouldn't but the cover features a shot of a scantily clad got marcia k and she's wearing a very very very sheer bra that's 110 see-through i like i wish i knew where this was being sold in 1974 because she might as well have been topless know whatever that's all well and good right but special probably not that special then you open up the magazine and you look at the interviews okay so we have an interview from the beloved hammer and hank aaron okay that's cool but like not uber special uh keep in mind we talked about this earlier this was released at the height of watergate so you also have a q a with woodward and bernstein about how they broke the watergate story again it's pretty important and super important event in us history but i'm sure everybody was covering this at the time then you get to playmate of the month marilyn lang and let me just sum this up with one word whoa

marilyn is so stunning she eventually becomes the playmate of the year for 1975. so this is where the extensive research comes in if you google you guys are in the chat right now google an image of marilyn lang may of 1974 and you will see what i saw marilyn is a very well endowed woman so well endowed she wore a 39 f bra f 39 f so this i went through every playmate of the year in the existence of playboy and miss lang has the largest press to ever hold that accolade at a 39 f i've seen big so so i give you playboy may of 1974 for the low price of one dollar which is around five dollars and 37 cents in 2021. how many again a lot unbelievable painstaking research thank you for your sacrifice research for mancrush 50's and go all the way to 2020. let me research playboy countless hours of research of digging in carpal tunnel it's like eric just said in the set he just said stats don't lie so there you go all right joe finley we're gonna go over to you what is your verdict for the hud products round okay um sorry i i googled some images and now i'm flying he's doing research yeah no i have i i have marcia kay in front of my face right now but that's uh neither here nor there let's oh you didn't even get to marilyn lang yeah i did but i went back just because i i felt like the cover i i'm i'm judging based on cover right now she couldn't last that long did you say you were looking at pictures of marsha clark oh if only i did say i i hope i said marcia k but either way hey it's all it's all hot products baby but um anyways i'm sorry uh so we'll start with uh drew and the dvd um i'm hesitant with this one because it was the concept of the product not the product itself they're for it wasn't selling yet therefore it starts somewhere buddy i understand it was i understand the technology was very hot oh it was very hot there that digital versatile disk baby that's right but i look at the next two i'm gonna throw you under the bus for a second man crush because i know these two aren't watching the chat and uh somebody was trash talking you two a lot during uh during your picture but um he has a point though okay so the music it's it's a hot album it's basically the best of bob marley without actually being a best of album um it doesn't get better than that full disclosure on me my first reggae album was the best of inner circle oh wow because we're gonna make you sweat man that's actually precisely the reason why i got that album because we were up at a cottage and there was like a little like community area and we were hanging out with the kids and the all these kids kept playing that song over and over again and i ended up getting it was one of the first four cds i ever bought and maybe i'll reveal the other ones another time but folks here on youtube i've been watching you yeah so a lot so a lot of that but it's it's the music round but it's also the hot products round i get that it's a hot product i go from there and then i go to man crush and

um i've given it to the playboy not just because of the picture i can't stop staring at but the um it's an interesting one because again it the difficulty finding stuff uh like this uh especially in the 70s is tough but then to find one that had a lot of because it's supposed to be the gentleman's magazine and these interviews and stuff like that and there was a lot of things of cultural importance all kind of going on at the same time all falling into the magazine as well that you know uh even the more stern businessman might have picked up you know and said i'll tear this cover off so i don't see this woman's breast and i'll pray for her later but i gotta find out what woodward and bernstein had to stay um so yeah so i'm gonna i'm gonna go with that for my hot product for my win and that gives fan crush the victory that that's like what you do that's like your edging is the the one reversed hey i have a great idea because i think they're both their picks were fantastic they're just i didn't necessarily see them fitting with hot products however i think it's fair let's all go to the wild card round throw out a quick wild card let joe pick it and see what happens and then after that we'll uh we'll give away the rest of the [ __ ] that i have sitting over here i do like hearing people's wild cards all right guys so for my wild card i had another album believe it or not and i had to try to slide this one in i was gonna pick it for my music round but i decided to go with dove squad doves cry this is the debut the self-titled first album of the fat boys this is the fat boy's first album may 29 1984 did it you know it had jailhouse rap stick em up can you feel it fat boys the human beatbox you can't go wrong with the fat boys you know we we lost uh prince marky d not too long ago uh rest in peace and you know i i was a huge uh fan of the fat boys growing up so i had to go with their the debut album that's what i had for wild card drew zachman what did you bring for wild card uh so for mine uh also i did an album also self-titled album but it's not known as that uh basically this album is known by the color of the album and i i was torn on this and the other album that i wound up going with the beastie boys but i feel like i like the beastie boys and ill communication much more than this salam although this album is fantastic too but uh may 10th 1994 is the greatest hits from uh nelson mandela but now it's uh it is the blue album from weezer so that one uh i mean weezer i don't know if i need to say much about it i mean say it ain't so has been streamed over 240 million times on spotify buddy holly over 186 million times these guys have over 10 million monthly listeners i mean when people talk about albums from the 90s the the weezer blue album is usually one of the ones they bring up so that was my wild card awesome one of the best produced albums i've ever heard thanks to rick o'kasick of the cars that's right great album uh mancrush you won this game but uh what did you have for the wild card round all right since you guys both came with music let's go movies i got um a group a group of kids like a group of kids in brooklyn they form a gang and from this moment on they do everything together which makes their life easier but at the same time now they face new problems and it just so happens to be the big screen debut of sylvester stallone and not only that but henry winkler was also in this movie also his first major role and he bases fonzie's performance or fonzie's character off of the performance of stallone's character stanley roselio so this is like a double banger and it's the movie lords of flatbush wow

that's a funny name

it's the 70s bro all right joe finley i know this wasn't an official round but if you had to make a ruling on the wild card round where would you have gone

i mean look at her

does she have a flat bush i kept her covered up though hopefully nothing slipped but i think if the video version i will blur it if it if it did but i think we're okay um it's interesting i always love this round um obviously a little bit more when there's some more stakes behind it but the having two music and then having a movies one uh we're comparing apples apples and oranges

i think i would lean and again i think that this actually has a distinct advantage because kind of my coming of age is right around the year that he's talking about and i would go with uh with weezer and drew in this round only because it's like it is my frame of reference and it's uh where i'm coming up like i know the fat boys and the fat boys are cool but uh and lord the flatbush i've seen but you know kind of like you know if i'm looking for a sylvester stallone thing i'd be looking for more of a breakout than that but all good choices i just lean i i go with my adolescence uh as per that uh you know if i count with kitty and studs party that would have been more a line maybe tonight i don't know but uh but yeah so i'd go with drew with this round but it really doesn't matter no it doesn't oh wait wait oh wait wrong remote um let's so let's do another giveaway but look at that i'm the winner like my lights can you see the lights i'm 12. all right so you guys saw the movies that we got here chairs bedazzled uh let's do another one so actually you know what so i can pull your movie out stacy can you tell me which one you want from the last round you had uh guns by andy sedaris you got do or die uh double team opportunity knocks legendability gene uh silent rage hard bodies which one would be all you and i'll pull that one out it's i i feel the pressure on her because it feels like a judgment is going to be put down on her when she makes it we're all watching i'll watch it you can't make this one secret you got to tell me or die very nice well done you're gonna enjoy that one so if you win again i would suggest to go with the other andy sedaris guns um but let's do the same thing um let's do it um drew do you have a pen and paper in front of you uh i can easily get one all right let's switch it up and have drew write down a number don't put your numbers down just yet this will be the last one we'll do for the night i got so much [ __ ] to give away though it's just the shipping that sucks but yeah all right what are we doing one uh one to twenty again all right write it down and just hold up the paper folded we're not judging you stacy don't worry you took a pat merida joint it's great drew's got the numbers so post your numbers in the chat right now a number between 1 and 20.

all right there's a yeah there's a bit of a delay which i'm not sure why i fixed all the other number nine eric with the number nine we got a number seven we got number 13

i really i don't want anybody obviously giving out where they live on here but i really hope one of them is far because i'm not paying for shipping we got a number one is that all we got let's give it a five four three two one drew show the number what do you got can't see it move it to you number seven seven power gloves 79 congratulations man what uh what do you want which one no pressure but pick guns yep pick the movie now no oh wait oh tom you came in late anyway but you didn't get it bro it was number seven sorry tom that must be still love you next time we got we got more crap

yeah there's a slight delay we apologize for that i don't really i think i mean this is just there we go nice because if you're not watching a movie that stars dennis rodman do you think that's why he was he befriended kim jong-un he wanted to recapture the magic that double team brought him in the first because he likes his movies i think kim jong-un was just trying to get into the nwo and you know dennis rodman was a nwo member so i feel like virgil would have been a cheaper choice

dave said he was trying his prices right by going with his

it's a total guilty pleasure simon says oh my god yes it is horrible but i i i love watching it though it's just so it's terribly amazing do you not love the times when hollywood's just like let's give this person a chance and they get a few movies in a row and then all of a sudden and then all of a sudden it's just gone not even straight to video it's just no you don't do movies anymore yeah you're actually done please stop making movies you you go home you'll rebound

well that he did right all right power glove is trevor so that makes that makes sense i got i think i still have your address so that makes it super simple uh stacy you're the only one i don't have your address so just uh shoot that over in messenger and we'll get that sent out but um do us a favor before you guys leave if you haven't already here's the annoying pitch to you guys hit like drop a an actual comment or just chat just write some [ __ ] in the comments that's right nelson mandela yeah you can write that and uh hit subscribe and we'll do this again in uh two weeks i think we're gonna do it right joe you're uh you can't do it next week and we need joe the producer and in two weeks i think that would be krista makes from less than jake sweet excellent well congratulations again to man crush who pulled out another victory on this one but if you've missed an episode you can always go over to duelingdecades.com it is now your one-stop shop for everything on dueling decades we have all the episodes are there video and audio you can subscribe to the show on any platform of your choice so in the meantime duelers we're going to bid you a peace love light and a joy have a great full week everyone i want to say thank you to everybody who uh tuned in live on the live stream

that was a lot of fun

all right shutting off recordings stop record yep stop record

good crowd out there today are we still on or we'll be off well it's still streaming i can turn it off if you want yeah you all right bye everybody we love you