Dueling Decades
March 31, 2021

The Monster Squad’s Andre Gower proves he’s got nards when he competes in this battle between 1977, 1986 & 1993!

The Monster Squad’s Andre Gower proves he’s got nards when he competes in this battle between 1977, 1986 & 1993!

We're back with a special episode of Dueling Decades! It's one thing to ask one of our celebrity guest judges to part with an hour or two of their lives to deal with the Dueling Decades crew. Trust us, that in itself is a serious undertaking. When Monster Squad's Andre Gower joined Dueling Decades back in November as a guest judge, he told the crew he wanted to come back to play the game. Andre wasn't just being polite, he ACTUALLY showed up to compete! With that, Andre brushed up on the Dewey decimal system, dusted off his encyclopedia Britannicas, and brought the very best he could muster, from April 1986! Coming off a crushing loss last week, Mancrush looks to rebound with his second offering of April 1993. Rounding out the competition, holding up a peace sign, and smoking a doobie, Marc James is back with a righteous April of 1977. Oh wow, I forgot to tell you who the judge was! Our good friend from the Great White North, the future producer of the show, Joe Findlay steps behind the bench, and does an amazing job!


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Now, for THIS episode, you may hear something about: a piece of electronic equipment you can use to anchor a schooner, Mancrush unearths an unopened 28-year-old gem, Hildegard teaches Andre to juggle, home renovations gone awry, MacTaggert drops the feather duster, stupid people in love, cucking for a million bucks, backlot basketball with Woody Allen, being late isn't always a bad thing, honeybees around the fruit cage invade MTV, iconic 80s music videos, psychotic stalkers named Darrian, Rivera goes primetime, what you'd probably watch if you only had four channels, an iconic band goes on its final ride, the midnight Barbarian debuts, a regional sports network gets extremely brutal, the cold war, Wolfman's got nards, double-dipping dates, sweaty coke parties, huge mouths, and who is all going to the Mahoning Drive-in next month? All that, and much, much more!


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Podcast New York Sup doing decades is, is wax piece of all you guys and thanks for having me on the show, will it be the s or the ATS Beeni babies or crack babies, relly, Paner, Boda or macdon? Maybe Bricty, maybe whitne. Do you like new little o new WAV, Dave, ro or Super Dave? I don't know, but now the battl begins doling decades. Let's see who wins Jo as broadcasting from the podcast New York Studios, it's the adult only retrogame show where the decades battle for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to doeling decades. I am marked James in this week we hop into April with the best of Duel I 'll be representing April of Tan ninetuneen and ninety seven. Alongside the other dewellers and the decades they will be fighting for. First off. Gagging you with a spoon full of the s say hello to man, crush yeah. It's up. I have April O One thousand nine hundred and ninety three and for the first time ever. This is the second time that I have apron one thousand nine hundred and ninety three. The first time Theye were ever repeating a year and a month, but everything's new, also joining us on the panel and for the very first time ever, a former guest judge returns to play our game. So kicking the s right in the nards. Please welcome back to the show the amazing Andre Gower good good to be back. This is different, I'm ready to rock, and I have April of Ne Thoan, nine hteen and eighty six and I'll. Just let you know now. The game is over ase I have some good stuff and, as always here on the show, we need somebody to adjudicate. All of this awesomeness listeners will know this week's judge as a show regular who wants Hi Jack the Dolorian just to go back in time and bitch slap judge. Our banks he's the media, King of the north, all rise for judge, Joe Vinley. It's sticking the media, King of the north. I couldn't be happier I told my wife that you called me that and she's, like Oh you're, going to make that a thing. Aren't you and I'm like you're, damn right, I am so. Let's get it started tonight, Cattoo, that's a TAC across my entire chest. I was thinking more tramp stamp I've now that space is already taken up. I will not tell you if what, Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules, the judges coinflip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories, movies, television, music, news and hut products at judges ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds, four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie. After all five rounds, we will go to a final wild card round. Remember jewellers, to review the show, listen subscribe and play along at home, it's time from ore Doin, as so, let's go right down to our judge, Joe Finley for the coin toss all right. Well, as a Stut listeners may know, I've been judge one time before and I downloaded an APP. So I might flip a coin, and I have that AP with me to day and I have a silvered. I have a dollar piece on there and you have John Quincy Adams as your heads, the Statue of Liberty is Tals, so Andre. Let's have you call it in the air of course tales, because I am a rule following contrarian. I love it. Unfortunately, the former president of the United States does not love it. Jon Quincy Adams, it is heads proceed. That means man crush you Wen the coin toss this week you take control of the board and you get to select our first category all right. Let's kick things off hot with high products. Let's Go April, sixte Ne Thousand Nine hundred and Eigety three I'm going to make this one quick, because I want to get right to my big unveil here, which is thirty years in the making or twenty eight years to be exact. I'm sure most of us are aware, even if you don't collect comic books, that Superman was killed by doomsday in oe thousand nine hundred and eighty two. This was insenely massive at the time. Fans common folks alike were captiviated by the death of Superman. But let's face facts. We all knew you eren't going to keep superman dead forever and even though this issue, it's marked June, O oe Thousan, nine hundred and eighty three actually hit shelves in April, O one thousand nine hundred and eighty three and looking through the archies, it looks like most places had adventures of Superman number five hundred onsale mid Aprin, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three. The ad I have is Abel. Sixteen so right around there, but much like the death of Superman, which was a massive commercial success. I think it sold like seven million copies the return o Superman equally popular, whether people are comic book fans or not. Everyone was scooping up copies this the place that I bought my comics from it back in the day. It was this joint called TJ's, comics and cards, and they couldn't even keep this in stock and Ey had a limit of two per person, and I know that for a reason, I'll tell you that in a minute, much like the Death Superman, which came in the remember it was the black bag and it had like the bloody superman. Amblem yeah life after death came in a similar bag, but this time it was in a white bag with the regular Superman ambum. Much like this one right here. So not only do I have the comic book. I have the bag from TJ's comics that I bought it in this was it's a superman shopping bags? This is what they did back then, and I have my two copies: Aand they're, both pristine condition we're going to go ahead and they have been open in twenty eight years. So, let's, let's open one of these suckers up, there was like a special like silver foil, one of the covers umber that one, let's see if I got that right tops open first time, Thi thing is getting air just is it the snyner cut of the comic yeah? It's it's nine hundred pace. It's encyclopedia right does not look like. I have the silver cover, but I still have one more left, but it looks like it's in fantastic shape when I was researching this the other day, Eah, look at that. It's got a coneheads AD in it to show how data this is you're. Actually you were not supposed to keep these in the plastic covers. You were supposed to open them. Up from what I read online, I don't know true. This is because this looks like it's in pretty pristeine condition, thatwithout getting air- I don't know the cover, would deterioratt or something, but it looks. Okay. There is like it's in great condition: Yeah my Idventor superand number, five hundred supermands back and now there's like four of them or some shit, but this is this is where it's at and one of them was Shaquilonio wow man crush, I'm so glad you went to the comics rack because for my hot product, we're going to give the old comic rack of Spin in one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven and we're going to land on xmen number Onde, O four. You know this is actually a landmark issue where we see the all new, all different xmen lineup. Now they were previously assembled in giant size, xmen number, one by legendary writer Chris Clarmont. This time they face off against a villain who has not been seen since defenders number. Sixteen all the way back in on Tsand nine hundrend and seventy four when he was accidentally turned into a baby by another mutin he created so in April of thousand nine hundren and seventy seven. The new xben consisting of cyclops storm Wolverine Night Grawler Colossus and Banchy, find themselves at more McTaggart's research island when they are attacked and met by their greatest foe, and he says greeting zx men. I bid you welcome to the sight of your final battleground. You are going to die here, mutens in neither your powers, nor your skills can save you from my wrath. Look upon me Xmen, for I am your oldest deadliest, foe, master of the Legion of Evil Mutans and soon to be Lord of all the world. I am Magneto. This marks the return of Magneto in the first time the new xmen line up would face off against them. In this issue. We have the first appearance of the Sr. Seventy one blackbird the famous vehicle of the X men, and then it's also the deduw of Lelondra, who is literally the woman. A professor ax's dreams, and the big one here for me, is the debut of the star jammers in their leader Corsair, who would later be revealed as syclops's father now, the star jammers, if you're not familiar with them, they're kind of like the Guardians of the galaxy mashed up with ice pirates and their leader Corsair is their swashbuckling space pirate leader. He is absolutely fantastic. Overall. This is just a great issue. It starts off a great storyline, fom, magneto ind, the XMEN, and it gives us the introduction to some great new characters that later on, are going to have a major impact on the marvel universe. So That's my pick for hut products. It is x, men number one four April, one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven all right, Andre Gower we're going to toss it over to you. What is your pick for the hot products round? Well, I'm goingto go dorky in a different route, no comic books. For me, in eighty six, I am going to go more tech, bathway very nice and with the introduction of IBM's first quote, Unquote Laptop the IBM PC convertible, which was technically released in April, one thousad, nine hundred and eighty six it it ran on Doss, Nice Ersis, I n. eighty six and a couple of the highlights is: It was the first laptop computer made by IBM for sold in April O Eighty six. Like I mentioned it, was the first laptop style computer following the Lugable IB importable, which was more like a brief cate like that big luggage, type thing that you I don't. I don't even remember seeing any successful businessmen walking around with that. This is on Wul, maybe, but it was still so big. They just put it on their desk and left it there it some of its and what it did. Is this computer introduced the three and a half inch floppy disk, O Mah, so that was kind of cool to the IBM to theirs. Its key feature was that it had power management and the ability to run on batteries which they hadn't had before. I do well. Lenis, that's right. I Thi like somkuow that crappy flip up LCD screen and you know a giant full keyboard and like like a a mini brief case type plastic housing. It wasn't. I was trying to get some. It weighed thirteen pounds. I see U work out with it. That's right, yeaus! Well, that's why it had the handle. So you just trying to do some curls and you know somewhofe, like some del Tid flies and things like that. U That Chabsolute hy airport, that's right! Just like Sir! What are you doing you like trust me? It's my it's my cardio and that's! You know it really wasn't received well because it was a poor value for its money, because other competitors mostly made in Japan had more features. You know I guess, for what everybody wanted there. You were either. You know typing out a letter that you could print on your IBM, dot, Matrix, pitter or you were playing Oregon trail or something ellyoo. I don't know, but that was a cool time. I mean look technology changes so vastly every year, and these were kind of some predecessors of some Rad stuff for sure man. That's how much Di that cost did you have a price on that one yeah? I think it was two housand Shit. Wow I o could be wrong, but I wrote down twosand becas. I think that was so wi yeah. I dos like no that's Lik I've grand today Yesh. I know that wasn't worth it scene, so someone could fact check me on the price, but I did write that down when I found it somewhere, weird either in an ad on old newspaper or an obscure kind of tech magazine article but yeah. So I'm going on hot products for April of eighty six, the IBM PC convertible IBM's, first laptop, very nice man that Nice great job and that's why I started with Hotproxas like let's see what he's got we'll go hot proks the hardest round, get it out of the way. My Shit only gets better from here. It's getotpoucts out of the way, all right all right. Let's kick it up to judge Joe Finley for the ruling on the hut paronics round all right. Well, I'm not going to suck up right off the batcjest, because I'm a fan of him, but I do commend Andre for coming in. This is a tough thing to do. I remember my first time doing this. This formaut of the show and it's hard as hell and so to to jump in, like God blesse you, but he barely asked me any questions. I mean ID sent to multiple emails like Dude, Yu. Okay, like you need any hell like not God it man, I'm Gonto, go so hey good job, ro, yeah and I'll. Tell you and I'll tell you I screwed up once I actually instead of hot products or I picked sports or something like that and I had to like on the fly come up with one and man man crush was like no, no, that's not it! I'm like Gosh Shit and I had to Emphovizet, but so now my hat's off to you. It's a good product. I've got to start, though, by comparing the comic books. Whenever you got two things similar, it's best to just kick one of you assholes out two big comic books. Obviously the the xmen one was a big deal. It was a new lineup. It was a return of a major character. I was an introduction to the jet, like you said, which is a major thing. It's really interesting that you bring up the star jammers, because my co host Todd Murray was just in the midst of rewatching. The xmen animated series on Disney plus and the star jammers appear in one of the story lines on there, and his first thing was, I feel, like James Gunn, just watched this and then made Guardianto the galaxy he's like there's a lot. That's just straight from it. There's a lot that similar, but this is but going to be the only time you're going to hear me pick DC over marvel. It's the significance of the return of Superman is just too big, throw in the fact that when you're, when you're talking about a hot product, the person pitching it owns the product doesn't just own one owns to to baby. There's only one collector's item. I own two of and it's actually the the Star Wars Force, Awakens Vinyl Soundtrack because they carved in a Hologram so that when you watch when you play the record, when you turn when you spin it, you see a Hologram of a ship going above it and it's really cool. So my my wife bought me one that I could open and use an one that I could keep sealed. So I know the importance of a collector's item like that, and you opened it for us. So I'm going to eliminate the x men right now and then to go between Superman and the computer. I mean the computers cool. The introduction of the floppy disk is great, but this man prevers a hard drive, so I'm still going to go with Superman. He might not be able to see through that laptop. But if you drop that laptop on Superman it would kill him it might it might it could it could at least hurt him. I mean you know the one thing that was pretty cool that I saw in these articles when I was going through Newspaperscom all about this, because there was a lot of stuff about the death, and you know his return. This actually put DC ahead of marvel for a little bit. I mean, obviously I didn't last that long because Superman wasn't even a top like ten comic at the time, but the market share shifted from twenty eight percent towards DC to twenty seven percent towards marvel for that one six month period, and it was basically all because of you know. Soups so was it was pretty cool and you know the other thing. Is Everyone bought these and we had multiple copies because everyone thought, oh man. In thirty years, this thing's going to be worth hundreds dollars and I'm going to put my kids through college yeah, it's hundreds of dollars. Well, I N, depending on how many you bought, I suppose, but yeah this one right here. Looked it up on on Ebay, it's like ten bucks, five, ten bucks, and if you have the silver one, it's obviously a lot more of the whatever the hell. It is the special edition one that was only in some of these envelopes, but I do not have that all right man crush. You pick up the very first point, but, more importantly, you take control of the board. What category are we going with? Next all right? This is a weird spot to pick this, but we're going to go movies in round to we're going to go to April. Seventh, one thousand nine hundre and eight three in this movie right here was not up my alley in one thousand. Nine hundred and ninety three and you'll see why, in a minute, however, this was like the talk of the town in the spring, one thousand nine hundred and Niney three, and that's because it was a particular serious premise that surrounds this movie and honestly. I am glad that I never watchd this movie when it came out, because I totally wouldn't have cared about the premise as a ninth grader at all and honestly like I, I would have you know I probably only would have been in this movie for the nudity I'll, be honest. That t'sthe only reason I probably would have liked it, but our favorite movie experts of yesterday year were split on this one, Roger Eber. He he actually gave this flick a thumbs up so take that for what it is if they both had given this the thumbs up, wed, probably think it was shit, so the fact that they were split on this one. We might have something here- and I watch this movie last night for the first time in my life and as a married forty, three year old. Actually I'm still forty two for a couple of weeks, but we'll give it I'm forty three almost, but it kind of hits home. You know I went in thinking that this is probably it was going to bore me, but I was actually pretty and thralled. I watched the entire thing and I was like Holy Shit, not bad at the box. Officis movie, I absolutely cleaned up for a drama. This moving brought in two hundred and sixty seven million dollars world wide, which is nearly half a billion dollars in two thousand and twenty one, and it took home the coveted best kiss at the MTV Music Award. So you know this shit's good, but on the flip side it also on three razzies, which I asle I feel like they weren't warranted, but they got worse picture worse creamplay and we're supporting actor. I mean I sometimes I think they just do it just to get some press because it doesn't make sense. This is one of the first times we get to see. Woodi Harolson play a serious starring role in a movie. You know, I know he's in white man can't jump an it's a little bit more serious than that you get Robert Redford who's, exactly what you'd expect of an amazing actor, and then you have Demi Moore who's. Absolutely stunning, in this movie, sturt like gorgeous in the S I thought Demi was all right, but damn she is hot. In this movie there were a lot of names who were associated with her role. They had Nicole Kidman, Andy McDowell and even Julia Roberts was was in the running for this. One whate was like the fortieth choice for the role they initially offered this one at John Ksack, Charlie Sheen and Tom Cruise. The three of them turned that down, and then it was also rumored val kilmer, Johnny Depp and Tim Robins. But that's I think they nailed this one in casting. So if you're in the movie or if you're in the mood for a movie Tha, it's based on a book about billionaires who get whatever they want. Yea Topless Demi Moore woode, as a miserable cuckold billy Bob Thorton playing a jobber bizarre Camios by Billy Connelly and Ripthorn Pornstar Randy West playing Robert redford unnecessary, lipstic smearing, a remake that was snuffed because of the meto movement and the age old question. Would you let your wife have sex with an old billionaire for a million bucks? If you do do yourself a solid and go check out in decent proposal very good, I was more of a honeymoon in Vegas type of Guy, an indecent proposal, but yeah. What was the last time you watched? I never watched it and I, like, I think everybody I'm looking at your reactions in the movie that was mine going into this, because I already I did this once before. I thousand nine hundred and eighty three eight one iety three and I had totally different movie that I loved so going into this one. This wasn't exactly the movie that I would typically pick but watching it. I was like I kind of felt for Woodi Harrelson, his movie, it's pretty fucked! Well, man crush. You know you picked a movie, you wouldn't typically normal normally pick. I kind of did the same thing so we're going to go over to the Tampa Tribune April, twenty eighth touand nineteen nd, seventy seven and we get this nice big ad, just above the fold that says Saturday in Tampa at eight o'clock, you can see the next big smash comedy before they see it in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Rome or anywhere else in the world special Hollywood preview in big, bold letters all right. So, let's go over to the next day's newspaper, we're an article read sneak preview, misleading. A spokesperson for United Artists confirmed yesterday that an advertisement placed in the tribune promoting an exclusive special Hollywood preview was a little misleading the ad which random yesterday's part, four told readers that they would be seeing the film prior to its release in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Rome or anywhere else in the world. The film is Woody Allan's latest release, Annie Hall, also starring Dian Keaton and Tony Roberts. The United Artist spokesperson yesterday said the film had already grossed nearly half a million and its first seven days since its actual World Premiere on April Twentieth. Annie Hall was originally scheduled to be released. May Six the spokesperson said, but anticipation of that opening you a launched an ad campaign that would permit a number of sneak previews across the country, including in the Tampa area. However, after the advertising copy was prepared in place, the newspapers executives moved up the national premiere. The spokesperson said the advertising campaign could not be revamped in time and thus a number of misleading advertisements about the snake preview who were placed so I'm only picturing the guy who went and saw, Annie Hall and he's, like God, that movie sucked all right next week. Man, there is a special preview. This is going to be great. He goes. He sits in the theater lights. Go down, camera rolls it's Fucking, Anni Hall again! Well, any hall would go on to earn a little bit more than he half a million. It started off with grossing thirty six million worldwide, but Annie Hall. Success was never really based on dollars. The film would win for Academy Awards, including Best Picture and become one of the best love comedies of all time and his two thousand and two book Roger Ebert added it to his great movies list and commented with surprise that it has an instant familiarity despite its age. So I give you Annie, Hall April Twentieth, One Thousand Nine hundred and seventy seven I like how we both brought like romance, which w Never Evero ever weird all rightlet's go over to Andre Galler for the movies round. I had two to pick from going up against indecent proposal wow and going up against whowas your crappy movie, Oh yeah, any hom ber the salesman both are very hard to get like to get through for different reasons: Yeah in jus P in Thi, Ol opinionsine. I remember indecentpropos. That was a tough. That was a tough time. It's a tough watch, but not telit's a bad movie, because no no, no, it's a well done movie! That's why it makes you feel is just really it's a God punch, it's a god, punch for Yo. It is, and you don't feel torn you feel Gut Punche because they make the wrong decision yeah and but you know I guess, a million dollars wins every time, but now I think a million dollars means something different like if you had this movie today and et was some young superattractive girl walking around Vegas with her dufis surfer, boyfriend and Elon Musk came up to the crafts table and said I'll. Give you a million dollars that ticktock influenceer kind of really attractive cirl would be like. I made a million dollars last monthand I HAV OT, ten billion. I didn't have to get icky with you, so he you know, the tech billionaire would really have to up the game. Annie Hall can't be updated. Just people walking around being annoying that they're never going to get together. It's just goto wish fulfilment of people that just shouldn't know one another. With that set, I'm going can't be funny kind of other route, because this isn't a giveaway. This is not my wild guard Elbert, but I didn't have a lot of choices. You know April's a tough month yeah, you know it's unless it's an Easter weekend kind of release or something, but you know they wait for the big ones for July Fort Memorial Day July. Fourth, going Ino the summer, you know with big with big blockbusters and eighty six was a giant year for movies, only to be topped Byu. Eighty seven, you know no, no Bo is there at all because our moving bumbed, but you know eighty six had top GU. I got a lot of lot of crazy, huge movies but April it had like critters and it had the money pit which I have because of numbers and star quality names. I have to go with the money pit, so money pit apparently had a ten million dollar budget. It did five and a half million on its opening weekend, which technically isn't bad. That gets you at least one more weekend, an the theaters apparently, and it made fifty five million world wites in it an its opening month, so that that's pretty good when you have thethe cast that you had, which is phenomenal, but not necessarily as established as they are kind of today, namely being Tom Hanks, who makes whatever movie he does so much better. Maybe he should have been an Anni Hale. Why didn't waall think of that Esho? Only if he plays Diane Keetons Riyeah, I was Goinna say he could alo absolutely Wai we's going to Lalk Down Dyan Keaton. He was guard right and Buson buddies. Wih Hehe was buffy or h. He was yeah because Peter Scalary, who is one of my favorite human beings, was the other one yeah. So I think he was buffy. I wish pe was buffy and Peter was Hildegard, which was the Hilarious, show and launched a career and ironically, com. If we're on a BOOSOM BUDDYS tangent here fellows, because I don't have a a lot to backup money pit. So, let's go with this for a second Peter Sclary, who is starred with Tom Hankson Bosam buddies, of course, hit show when that jhoke got canceled, guess who out of those too, if it's not obvious. Now, with the leading question, got his own network show as a leading man right after a bosom buddies ended was not Tom hecks, it was petersclary. Peter Sglerry did a show, I believe it was ABC. Called baby makes five about a young accountant and his young attractive wife. They already had three kids and she's pregnant and low and behold in at the end of the pilot she has twins. Hence the name baby makes five. That is a deep ass cut right there. All it gets deeper. Hang on a Phon Hang O. I mentioned they had three existing kids before the twins, surprise, arrival and he's just this harried kind of you know working journeyman accountant, but the way they spiced the shop is. They had two great character: actors, Priscillla Morrell and Blanche, not blan. Oh, I'm thinkig, I'm thinking the other grandmother's name, two polar opposites almost like like a swinger, clubbing grandma and the other one was the you know, sit and knit you know hats on the Sofa. They were fantastic at odds with each other, and then they brought in great recurring roles with like Eugene Roach and Joe Regubuto, because Joe Regubuto was a New York, theater buddy of Peter Scllaris, and he brought his buddy in as a guest pot and did one of my favorite kind of scenes in any show ever because he's always having it's almost like Chevy Chase on sndl he's kind of having always sexy talk on the telephone at his deak and he hangs up- and you know, Peters always living vy, CA, peters characters, always living bicariously through hi he's like who is that some new daye he's like? No? That was my cleaning lady, and so it was just hilarious and then Joe Reglubuto shortly after baby makes five only went one midplace on rern season. Midplacement re mid season, replacement season jumped on Murphy Brown and became Joe Rige Buto. So this was a launching pad for that. I did mention the three other kids. The younger daughter was brandy gold, who was obviously missy and Tracy Gold's younger sister and my agent's youngest daughter. At the time the middle sister was none other than the redhead awesome force of Jenny Lewis, who was a big rock star now, and the ten year old son was, of course me hats. Awesome. I was like how that would you read is auto biography, like this obscure show that no one knows no. I was there, but what was cool about that is, you know his buddy hanks and all these other cool actors, you know d would come by and hang because Peter's on a huge network show and no one else is they're all working at or starving actors, and but this was a great experience for me because Peter was you know, he's a performer and kind of a circus e guy and he's a he's, a Master Juggler, and that's how I know how to Juggle, because Peters Glory taught me on that show and we used to warm up the audience of perform during breaks and Peter. Because of that show was the reason I got to do the show circus of the stars twice because he brought me over there to that, and we got to do that. So that was pretty cool now back to my so I'm hoping to sway the judges with that OOne background tangentral story, because the money pits sucks, but you know with with the you know. I mentioned the cast. You know with Tom Hanks Shelley Long Yogt, Morin, Stapleton Joe Mantanias in it, and you know a bunch of other characters but not to be overshadowed. You always have a winter movie if you have Yakoff Shmard off in us, Oh, so this is what puts money fit over the top and I think it just goes. If you go back and watch money pit, shelly long huge at the time. You know big TV, you know TV career, starting with you know everything else, but you know obviously cheers and then Tom Hanks. They were a great duo and you know money pit. You know when you'R we were all kids. When money pit came out, it didn't really make sense. We just so. Why would you buy your Shitty House, but then you grow up and you buy houses and you're like insectons, you gotta Yea, see I can't watch money pit o the same reason. Mancrush can't watch indcly tie together because, like when you watch that as a kid you're like who gives a fuck, but when you watch it as an adult both those movies, you get punched in the gut because you evera like man, that's tough, like what do you do? That's right and with with money pit personally, I had more of a successful venture, but I bought and gutted and renovated a house on my own as well. So I feel the pain, but I had I had a much better outcome with it than than they did that's and I didn't have a tub fall through the you know the knock on wood, but I did. I did the only way I could get the existing old S. Jakuzi tub out of the master bath is, I had to chop it up with t a salzall into pieces, so there there you go all right, Joe Finley. Let's kick it up to you for the ruling on the movies round. Wow, it's actually a really tough one. They are all coming from really different standpoints like if, like verthey're, all very different movies, Andy Hole. Yeah Y, okay, fair enough, but Annie Hall is one of those ones that people always look back on as a classic. I've never really got woodie Allan and it's only aged poorly thanks to you know things we know, but I don't know his one of those guys where it's like you know, you see a movie and it's like the really weird looking guy with the really hot girl and you're like. Why are we doing this like King of Queens? Can quit any ED? Well anything with that. That was a huge early, twohusand trope I mean look according to Jim King Aqutwas, a thing ye absolutely and it just happens over and over again and I'm just like. I don't get it and I mean his humor was never my humor, with the exception of bananas, which I really enjoyed so great, okay, Anyhal, sorry, fuck off mark, I would say like from classic perspective. He brings the biggest movie, but I just didn't care, and then you look at indecent proposal. I think that people more people probably know indecent proposal as the reference that other people are using in their own movies. Then they even are aware of the movie they're like. Oh, this is an indecent proposal situation, that's going on or whatever, and not even clicking into the fact that it is this movie that they're talking about not everybody, but it's it's a thing as well: Money Pet. I loved it is full of again it's full of these like kind of iconic comedy people and whatever and Tom Hanks is amazing, and this is before he just skyrocketed to the moon. It's a movie I've seen of all of them. It's the one I've seen the most, but again it doesn't maybe have the leg. So what I have to do is I have to. I have to go with the movie that I am taken back to the most, and that would be through that reference and I'm going to have to go withindecent proposal on it because it's like of all the people to like and of all the movies that you know made that reference or spoof that bit one of them was a woody Harrilson movie kingpin when Hersalliot does the indecent proposal, and it hurts me a lot because I know that my wife would take that deal for a fifteen percent off coupon at bed bath and beyond, but yeah. That's what I got to go with Doit, you know like I can't complain. I can't Co. It is a much bitter better movie than the other too, but you know you're only were hamstrung by the month that we cet that's right. That's the tough thing! Then you got the cars you're dealt now now joe. Does it sway voting for me in the future? If I bring a boody Harelson story up that sort of ties in with his time on cheers, which was shot on the paramount lat while I was shooting a show called. Mr President, right down the street on the paramount lot I was on stage nineteen, which used to be the happy days stage which happened to be right next to webster, but at lunch, if you've ever been to the paremount lot behind the big like fake sky kind of mural wall is like a storage area and there's this huge, pretty well made halfcort basketball, court and me being a basketball player. Of course we used to play at at lunch time and I would play almost daily three on three with woody Harolson. Oh that's, WHA IGOT! Does this nut o? I get my do I get do I get? Do I win? Yes, yeah, I'm putting all the points on the board. L All I've got is all I've got is stories except for my next stup. My next stuff is pretty good you're gon it'Sgnbe hard to compete with my next. I'm going to be honest that one I mean given my mood, I could have gone any way on any one of those because, like I said, Annie Hall is definitely the most classic of it. I would say that of the three movies Mi, the one I enjoy to watch the most is money pet, but then it's just that you know that reference where the its. If you know what Macar says all the time, it's got legs baby yeah and I mean in it's a tough and it's got redford. I mean which you know this dude hes. This was sort of shortly before he started phoning it in, even though he was still good, yeah yeah I mean he had he had hackers, then he had this and then kind of just Didi can't even remember mean sneakers sneakers. Yes, nea such a good movie bless. I love sneakers, I oestly doing everything lions for lambs again at you could kind of tell he was phone in that one and it's still, unlike he's, Nahe's kicking the crap at everybody in this moviahe's amazing you and before he gets an next round seven degrees of Andre Gaoer. I just mix. I JUST MISSED THIS ONE MARCH: Thirty. First one thousand nine hundred and Niehy three. They recorded the final episode of cheers were Shelly. Long came back for that ht and I read this whole article because it was actually the article was released in mid April, so I was, I had to keep digging to find out when they actually filmed this and it was the last day so it was completely out, but the arso. What you're saying is? That's not your TV choice. No I' have NOIT'S NOT TV choice, but it was. They were saying it was very Ho home. Nobody was very, like you know, is touchy feely, not touchy filly like they just they weren't very, like loving to one another. According to all the articles, they just didn't give a shit. They were like, Oh yeah. No, I bet it by that time. I think there were so many big. I don't Owsay Egos, but big orbits. You know a lot of gravity with individual. You know rilestial beings right by the time that show ended, including probably Woodi, but even all the other. You Know Gorge Wenton and John Ratsenburger and Rio Pearlman, and all that who wes again, we would see each other all the time at lunch like in the in the commissary and stuff, and I remember the first time I ever met Danny Devida o. You know, I'm fourteen years old doing a TV show and I've never been tall and I turned around and I was like who is this gystand but who's? This Guy Stam is Danny Devido and REO Pearlman and their kid I was like who's in the stroller. Is that Danny's l ait a minute, and so it was but yhers was a huge show. Yeah and, ironically again, my ten gentle stories is all I have here folks, but when I was doing that show, Mr President, it starred George C Scott, who hoald come to television for the first time ever and the show was produced by Johnny, Carson and Ed Weinberger who's, one of the biggest names in television and George C Scott. I guess is you know his openness to Dotai elevision was DOI'll, do to I'll do television if I'm the highest paid actor ever in the history of television, and he got something like five hundred and fifty thousand dollars an episode for this new Sitcom on Fox and Ted Dancin was three stages down the road and went wait a minute. I just want all the awards for my show. I want a fucking million dollars and that's when Teddan, I think that's when TID DANCON started getting a million dollars an episode Isand now people make Bouko books. Yeah, I mean a million dollars a week was a huge number back that what it still is. FRIS yeah like I would yeah for you ma, maybe les you're on tick, Tock, yeah, all right, man Chrush. You pick up two points heading into the last one point round. What category are we going with next allright WETL, the all that television talk? Let's go music, let's go April, twentit mark's favorite day of one thousand nine hundred and ninety three and yeah. This album has a SAFC spot for me, because the bands torrent support of this album was the first concert that I ever attended: Sand's parents. So it really stands out for me almost every morning that attended high school little storyed. How I got these. I was late nearly late like every day every dam morning I would be waiting in my kitchen for my friont Brent to come. Pick me up. This dude lived on the block right next to mine, but he was late every fucking day. So after a while I caught onto the fact that our local radio station was always doing giveaways around like seven thirty in the morning, which happened to be the time that most kids were in school already or on their way to school. So since I was sitting in my kitchen like a jerk off waiting for Brent to show up, I would listen to WRRV, which is my local nine two point seven, and I would wait for these contests and think about it. Half their listeners in that demographic were busy doing something else, so I was right there to win whatever contest they had in the morning. Color number: Nine Shit, no problem. I probably won over a dozen CDs from them and I won concert tickets to this tour being late sucks, but it worked for me, so this album right here it as the bands eleven studio album. It was their first album in four years the album would go on to sell twenty million copies worldwide went seven times, platinum, the United States it had the first ever digital download. It was from an onle unreleased track called that head first, which I think was a Brent selection. Not Brent did the DICK head. That was always late. Picking me up fo cool to brink hand from his sterio fifty one I think yeah I think, last year it might have been the episode with with Ron da Shir on it. He talked about that right there, but it this album also featured seven single seven. Seven. How many albums do you know what seven singles? Not Any? Not me I don't either, but surprisingly, none of those seven singles would hit number one of the billboard hot one hundred. However, most of these they would layd around the top twenty and they absolutely lived on MTV and let's face facts. I mean at this point the decade MTV was way more important than the billboards were, if you dominated say like DIALMTV, you were played all day every day and these songs did just that, and not only were the songs catchy, but the videos were also like mini movies, so you had living on the edge withad forlong eat the rich crying with alisho silverstone, amazing werhe, the least our silverstone again and Jason. London was in that one at to, I think, and then crazy, which featured Steven Tyler's daughter, lived, tyler, HMM and Alisia motherfucking silverstone again by now. I'm sure everyone is figuren G, this one out. It's get a grip by aerow Smith. Do you guys remember how much they dominated the MTV ar ways? And it's it's weird because you had the Grungera like ninety through ninety two early, ninety three and then erow Smith, just fucking killed it for like a year yeah it was righ stopped liking. Arow Smith, you just kind of got. I got burnt out, they were they saturated the airwaves, they saturated MTV. They were in Cameos and movies. They were on Saturday night live everywhere, it's Amar N, but yeah. That's what I got. It's get a group, not bad! You CAN'T! You can't go wrong with live tyler and elicious Dogerson. So it's multiple COESS. So it's it's weird though. Now because then this is we're talking. Ninety three and I think that was their last video, the last single that came out from the album, which is late, N, ninety three, so Lisha Silverstone and live Tyler R, both under eighteen at the time so like at the time all of us were like wow, they're, fucking hot, like everyone was like. Oh, this is great video, but now you watch the video and you're like this is bad. I can't even I can't watch that yeah because we're GRUNGY old dudes. Now it's like t Nigo, then we were teenagers, so it was okay and even with the you know, the live, I'm a huge live tyler fan, I think she's, absolutely celestial. You know back in back in you know o a Sur now, but even even even more so back then, but I think they were playing. There was a theme going on at that time, and Alisha Silverstone was a little bit more down to Earth homy girl next door, even though you know you know, being you know and clueless was you know, has air hetdy, but because she was in a ton of video. So not? U, never any e, including arrows with videos, but everything else as well, but it was this kind of maybe oversexualization of actually really young girls right, but they're so beautiful that you almost given a pass, but it wasn't deared towards the adults at the time, but live tyler, because the other one that they really kind of Caus so striking when you see them on camera, like like a young Milajovovich, was absolutely stunning and she's in two moon junction you're, like what who's. What is happening here so that was u sort of like indicative of that time. You know what e to about the Alisia Silverstone thing, sorry mark the she ad mancipated from her parents at fifteen, smart sus, so she didn't have to go by the Child, labor laws and all that kind of Shit. So she was in everything at fifteen sixty years old yeah I mean this is aarow Smith. We're talking about here. Stepen Tyler did get the parents to basically sign over a fort their fourteen year old daughter to Stephen Tyler, so he could take her on the road with her. So is that allegedly or do we need to use the Legie? Let's use it anyway, sallegedly yeah choking on my tea all right, gentlemen. My music pick is a tour. Now it's actually a tour that was set to start on February, twenty seventh in Fort Worth Texas, but the tour was delayed due to the singer Contracting Larangitas. So fortunately for me, led Zepplin's, Monumenta, Ne Thousand Nine hundred and seventy seven tour of America began April. First, one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven at the Dallas Memorial Auditorium were according to ads and posters. You could pick up a ticket to this show for the low low price of seven dollars and fifty cents. Now, if you wanted the premium seats, though you got to be prepared to shut out upwards of nine dollars and fifty cents, so we'll turn it over to kalidoscope guest reviewer, Doug Pullan for a local review. The spot light hit Jimmy page his arms extended warmly into the recent sold out Dallas crowd as if he wanted to embrace each and every member of it. As page in the rest of his group, Drummer John Bontam Basis, John Paul Jones and vocalist Robert Plant took the stage the predominantly adolescent crowd went. Wild quickly, lead Zepplin was kicking off the first. Its first American tour in over two years with a feverous version of the song remains the same in April on Housand, nine hundred and seventy seven. The tour would roll through most of the Midwest ending the month of April at the PONIAC Silverdome now for a show that at the time was the largest audience ever for a single act, rock show, the tour would actually be cut short, unfortunately, Ancome to an end July, twenty fourth: When Robert Plants, five year old son, died of a stomach illness now the song, all of my love, is actually written as a tribute to his son. So that's my pick April, music of e Tousand, nine hundren and seventy seven, the start of the final United States tour for lead Zeppelin. Why is it that every time lead Zepplin comes up on the show? It's something horrible I mean Ano, but the fact that you had to bring up his five year old son dying and I think every other time that they've come up. It's like the you know John Bottom dying in eighty and then the awful live aid. Appearance, I think, was the other Yeahtheyv Gome in this tour. This seventy seven tour was just plagued with problems from start to finish, so you culd actually do a whole episode. Just on the seenty seven tour, which we might do when we start well, actually our patreon is started once we get fifty people on that Patroon, I'm going to drop a little spot here. We will start that grimy sevent show wr go in depth on some fucked up shit from the S, because there's a lot of it. Yeah, like Annie Hall, Eah, all right. Let's toss it down to Andre Gower for the music round, okay, so for music, you guys picked man cross. You started out with a tour, but it was really about the album a get it grow with aerol, sniffh and March abouter tour. You know, because that's how we experience music and that's the way everybody wants to go and listen to these rad bands. Or these artists is here: Life Performancees, but man cruss y made a good point even in ninety three epecially. I ninety three, that if you were big on MTV you that's where it was at the time for a og for a longer an and then MTV stopped showing music and they started building houses or someshit. But I mean atleast. It was vanilla ice, but it's this is. I think this is an obvious, no brainer. It is one of my all time, favorite songs personally, but is also released in my birthday month of one thousand nine hundred and eighty six, that's not my birthday year. That's UST, my firthday, and so I will I will tease into we all. We all know what it is. You know in April of Eight six song released by English rock musician, Peter Gabriel. It was released as the lead single from his fifth studio, album. So on twenty first of April, which happens to me my sister's birthday mines, the twenty seventh in case anybody wants to send me a hundred dollars. That's my parents anniversary it quickly. reache number one in Canada. It weeks number one on the billboard, hot one hundred charge, the United States and number four. Oddly being a native ly, we went the number four. The UK singles charts, mostly thanks to the popularity and the world, crushing attention that the music video got, which of course, is sledgehammer. So when sledgehammer came out everybody's mind was blown, we all record. You know we all set our vcrs on. You know either Friday afternoon, to catch Richard Blade on vh, one or Saturday afternoons. We know we maybe get Sledgehammeron FTV and the thing about it. Obviously, it's the song, the album, you know kind of did okay, but this song was just galactic. I mean it is the song went because it's a good song, but the video just blew everybody's mind and it won nine MTV video music works, which is still the most all time of any single video one of the best British video the next year and was nominated for three grammies, including bestmail rock performance record of the year and Song of the year. But again, all of the attention is really on the video and the visual representation that they did with all the pixelation stop motion and clamation of PTER Gabriels. Apparently he was under a sheet of glass for like sixteen hours, while they did all the other stopmition on top of him and then cut all that together with you know all the technology and and maybe an IBM. You know PC convertible super computer, but it's considered number four on mtvs hundred greatest music videos ever made. It's also been declared MTV's number one animated video of all time and there's been quite a few animated videos, because it's a great way to you know express kind of some media there it just I mean you almost don't even need the stats, but something that's really cool is in that year. It was nominated for British single of the year it one British video of the year again. Thits could be all videos, it was nominated for three grammes, didn't win any of it, but it won all those nine MTV, video music awards which were best editing, best art direction, Best Visual Effects, best direction, best overall performance, most experimental, video, best concept, video best male video and, of course, video of the year, but what's also rad is that it was nominated for best video of the year at the Sol train, music warns, which means the video everybody liked Yeaheah. So it's and it peaked as a song at number one. You know, like I said, very quickly, on let's y just calle US billboard but, like you said man crush, you know if you're on MTV killing it billbird doesn't really matter, except for that helps with sales, and you know radio play. But this thing was crushing it everywhere. You know, and so it went on. You know to number one, an three or four different US dillboard jarts all at the same time. So my music choice from the album so is Peter Gabriel's, sledge, Hama, yer, Yo, goall, right, Judge Joe Finley swing down that gavel. Just like a sledge hammer on the music round, all right, well, another great round, guys again breaks down to a giant band, a giant album and a giant song, and so I mean I look at all of the things. Obviously, the the lead, Zepplintour being a final tour. Having t that death being delayed, all sorts of stuff with that tour, is it's a crazy story in and of itself get a grip that hit me right at the right time. I was just going into high school, no, not quite even but it was. I Lik you Joe, I don't know so what you what's your year again: You're notninety three Ninnether, ninety three okay yeah, so it was just before I went to High School, I'm thirty, nine, so II. Remember hearing that song all the time or the songs. On that thing, all the time I eat the rich, still slaps O great way to start out that album- and I heard so much just I heard so much aerowsmith in that Parien because, like you said they were all over there things I don't get MTV. I've got much music, but they were all over that too, and you know I've Alisia and live changed my life, but that curpl tunnel that year no yeah it was. It was rough here. But but I was, I got carpl tunnel playing revolution x, the sure the aerow Smith Gun game where, when you lost, he said, don't you that Oh man, but so I mean that album's fantastic, but I have to give it to innovation and that music video is insane for the time I mean like it's one of those things where looking back on it like you, could get one of your kids to watch it and Ou'd be like Oh, my God, this thing sucks and you're like no, you don't understand it's like showing the Pong right. You're like no. Do you know what this made like everything you like is because this had to exist, so I've got to give it to Sledge Hammer. I can't fault you on that. I think like especially in one thousand nine hundred and eighty six, so you had what five years of MTV at that point and what videos stood out, not the songs but the videos. What what video stood out during that period besides thriller- and that's the other one you think of- is sludge hammer yeah. I think I think there's three one thriller, because it was a mini movie. We, you know what the extended Yep you know land and they sold this shit right and you know it had creature ffacts and you know, is you know, then the album was huge, obviously and and then sledgehammer, but wedged inbetween there and slidge hammers, really actually just camera TAC with Piculation, Litale, animation and claimation was was nosly kind of thes stop movwas a lot of stuff going on, which was certainly innovative, but just more kind of creative and time consuming, but remember when everybody lost their minds over moneyor, nothing by Diatres, Oh yea, that Wa Itwasin all computer generated and people weretheyre like. Oh, my God, the computers are taking over. Like Oh, like it's all over. Look how awesome this is. But you know Joe, you made a point: it's like you watch, kids, see a you know: A computer generated image that donody for soing, it's so bad. I justonw the guy just gets up out of the chair and it's it's so siiar like like there's three year olds on an ipad right now that have better kind of animated animation. Fiels Haen money for nothing, but that's a great song too, because die strace was a great pain but yeah. I agree good choice. Sledge Hammer was absolutely it was gae. It was game, changing yeah for sure all right, Andre. You pick up a point heading into our first two point rounds. What category are we going with next? Oh, I get to pick Huh all right. Well, I think I'm going Ta 'm. I know what to do here. No, I'm going to play strategy. Yes, TV alrightet's go with TV, okay! Oh I go first, sis I paid you, okay, honestly! There's! I really don't have a lot to say about this because there wasn't a lot that opened in a you know. TV stuff for someing comes ax, it's a weird time, so utheyre going with movies of the week or like a special or some sort of interesting kind of syndicated produced thing, and that's really all your choices and I almost went with turn to Maybury, which was you know. They brought back a TV movie for Andy Brarrer of the show, which probably could have staned stood alone as my choice because it brought back sixteen original gas members and it was the highest grossing or highest rated TV movie, one thousand nine hundred and eighty six for all the networks which it was only three whicshs only three, but that was on NBC. Even though, when I love it, I love Theandy Griffe show you know one of the original og kids. You know former chillede tar thing round Howard. Can you can you whistle the theme Song Yeah? And, if you don't know, mayberry is actually a fictional town, of course, on like the Universal Lot. But it's formed after a town in mid North North Carolina called Mout Ari off of highway. Seventy seven by in Andegraphith who's from North Carolina and mout areas, kind of rhymes with Maybury, and that's where you get that show sorry. We got on Maybury, that's weird, sorry we're CANSA again, but that was the only one with kind of some history and some coolness to it. My actual choice, I think, needs no like explanation, because it was probably the most hype thing ever on television that had the most disappointing conclusion and that was Horalda Ravera's opening of Alcapones Valt Yeh, which is that has come up on the show before, but it wasn't in a year battle. It was it was a genre thing and they did find some boxes in a dusty room, its right, an some broken wine bottle, but you're a hundred percent right, there's not much to say about it, because there's there wasn't much. That was the the highest rated thing: E television, I think of all of oe thousand nine hundred and Niney. Six absolutely was that's its only acclete because it was so hyped for weeks. But what I don't get is like, because it was sort of supposed to be live right and it was a whole live thing, and I don't know if it was truly live or it was little bullshit like the original reality TV like they know what's in there, but I think they probably would have planted something. At least you know like a pair oftee sff like yeah skull or something, but it was so Mars. It mihtt been live because at one point Jerry rivers was an actual journalist and you know would cover some good stuff, so I think they were doing it. The you know the kind of journalistic way and break through the brick wall and go in there. There's nothing in there. How disappointing to have this hype and be like W Dani Dot. EDUPTA kidding worse, I ha. I think that was my selection as well for the whatever episode that was, I think, was La. Was it the true crime episode that we had if a might have been yeah if you'll go back, you'll find that it was Joe Finley's pick? Actually, Oh, was it yes, it was. Oh. Okay. All right was it: No. You weren't on the true crime show. Oh yes, you were on the true crime. Show I've been out of that episode. I've been in a lot of episodes. Now I was starting to look back and I'm like. Oh Man, maybe you guys are going to get sick of me. You Know Whith Laty, coolthough, that I've noticed if you do. This show a lot you're. An excellent judge. Joe knows how to break it down, and he knows what the lookuy like it. I thankyoui like it, I'm not paying I'M NOT NOT PANDERING! You all should be that's the problem, I'm very susceptible to that. Well, you were Ba. You were giving them a little shit there by say, like you aren't on that job, when your picked, that was my daaa waiit he's the judge tonight I saw it ti t there. Man, I saw it switch Wat, a Futte, your, what a white a butter, your toast, I butter, my roles that, if all right well, let's see, if Judge Joe Frienley likes my pick for the television round here, because the biggest thing on television April, one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven- was a six and a half hour to part television mini series that began on April third and ended on April tent. Just in time for Easter nominated for two Prime Time Emmy Awards and starring Christopher Plummer, Ian macchine, Ernest Bordnine in the sexy Ann Bancroft is Mary Magdalen. I present to you the television event, Jesus of Nazareth, WH, the first half of Franco, Zepyrini's television, film on the life of Jesus Christ. It swamped all competing programs on Sunday night, according to the neels on overnight ratings for New York and Los Angeles. The telecast, which covered most of the prime time period on NBC, drew a forty six percent share of the audience in New York. In a fifty three percent share, in Los Angeles on the basis of those ratings. The NBC research predicts a total audience of ninety million viewers for the entire presentation now side. Note the US population in one thousand, nine hundred and seventy seven was only two hundred and twenty million and this program gardered. Ninety million of that now the director originally considered Dustan Hoffman and Al Pochino for the role of Jesus but settled on Robert Powell, who looks so much like Jesus, an pictures that the crew actually refused to use foul language around him, beginning before the Nativity and extending throughout the crucifixion and resurrection the Miniseries Rings to life. Together all the sweeping drama in the life of Jesus, as told by the Gospel spoilers he dies in the end is Jesus of Nazareth April, one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven did they nail Robert Pals O thacross. At the end of the bet. How many of those ninety million people actually stayed awake for the entire thing ah would have had higher ratings with Pacino Yeah. I I can't. I know I'm trying to picture that screen test. What we got you, what Ige, what we got, what we got, what we got! We got some Romans. We got some Romanshey. This is going to be my last supper. All right, man crush. Let's hear what you have for the television round. Oh Man, I cannot be any different than both of your sex all right. So, let's Go April, I oe thousand nine hundred and ninety three and it's not very often that we ever get to select something from a basic cable channel. Actually, I'm not sure sports channel was that basic, cable or premium cable. Ninety three I'm! I think it started on basic and then move to premium yeah, because I think I don't know it was right around the time I had the black box, but we used to watch our if the mets games wern on WPIX. They were on sports channel and we got it so I'm not really sure anywho. This show it was launched on a Tuesday night at six PM on a regional Philadelphia Feed for sports channel America. This is a pretty deep cut. I mean not on a major network, not a national feed and on before prime time. So it sounds like this. Has the makings to be a real gym, such a deep guy? I mean newspaperscom, the TV listings frm, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three did even show the correct name of the show I'll. Take that back. It's correct, but it's not the name that we knew it as I'm always looking for wrestling. We look at TV listenings again like we mentioned last week, usually every night, except for tonight we do our TV listings on facebook, where we go back. We pick a selection in time, and we put you know, six different programs and let people see what was on television and I'm always looking for wrestling when we do those and if you want to check that out, wwfacebook docom fordslige duling decades, there's almost eighty housand people on there now s it's blowing up so go and check that out. But I'm sure wrestling fans know this, but maybe some others don't so prior to extreme championship wrestling. The name of the company was actually eastern championship wrestling and in the early days before Paul Hayman, before Paul ymen took over or polly dangerously. Whatever you want to Callhin ESW owner, it was tod Gordon, he had the late hot stuff, Eddie Gilbert was, he was running the show and he was doing all the booking. So technically, the name eastern championship wrestling is the correct name in the Tblis things for what I found about a year later. That's they switched the name over to ECW in the newspapers. They droppd the full name and it pretty much stuck all the way up to one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine, when ECW THY were picked up on TNN and they were called he ecw Hardcoure TV, but this particular show right here. It would end up running for four hundred and one episodes and it stayed on the air all the way up until December thirty. First, two thousand, of course, then they were bought out by WWEOR WWWF at the time, still in two thousand and one, but even though this show it was fairly regional at the time it's super important to the wrestling landscape. We've talked about this on previous episodes. Wrestling in the early part of the S was honestly pretty Shitty as a whole. I think we just talked about this a couple weeks ago. It was kind of like Noman's land in the early s. It wasn't great, it wasn't super bad, but it was like kind of in the middle. Nobody, like some people, Watch some people didn't you had WCW. They just ended things ith Jim crocket promotion, so they weren't an Nwa spot anymore and the wwfthey had a few bright spots, except for the fact that they were regurgitating like all these s, wrestling personas that just didn't really inspire new viewers, so ECW comes along and they completely changed the game. This right here. This was the attitude era before the attituder and honestly. I believe this. If you don't have ECW on television, you don't get the attitude era there. I mean there's tons of examples that I could toss out about this, but I'll leave you with one- and I was thinking about this earlier so n, one thousand nine hundred and ninety five WCW T fire Steve Austin Austin stops by ECW for a cup of teas there. For basically, I on't know like six eight months and Austin he's still dealing with a knee injury, so he has nothing to do in the beginning, so he just has time to develop his craft, so Paul Hayman. He tutors him in the art of cutting a promo, so he's there just cutting these insene promos as he had never done before Marx. He WCW Guy was he cutting any of these probs in WCW not even closed, not even close. No, and he basically develops like this whole stone. Cold Persona during that, like sixty eight month period, while he's in ECW, doesn't call himself stone cold, but it's he's building it right there. This is. This is the foundation for that whole thing. So I look at it like this without ECW on television, do you get stone called Steve Austin and if you don't get stone called Steve Auston, do you get the attitude era? If you don't get the e like? Do you have the Monday night wars? I mean this is something the ponder. If you don't have this ECW television show what happens to the whole landscape of wrestling during that decade. Yeah, well, you bring up Steve Austin. You got to bring up Brian Pillman anwel, there's a lot Rian pillman did this similar thing. He went to ECW ECW and totally revamped his whole character and became. You know that wild man that we saw later on sure I went for the low hanging fruit here and side note. I saw a son at the airport when I was in Jacksonville last month, guy but avet. This is the debut of ECW on television February, TR, ear April, six, Oe thousand nine hundred and ninety three all right, Joe Fenley. Let's kick it up to you for the ruling on the television round wow, I nether good one guys. The enormity of the audience for the Jesus of Nazares thing can't be ignored, but it's one of those things to it's like I always kind of minimize it in the sevenes, because it's like how much did it really have to compete with? You know it was either that or chain smoking. The clergy did a lot of both yeah. I really like Jesus of Natheris. It was really good so that yeah, so that I mean that one's that ECW man. This is like my chance between these two is tough. ECW is again it's exactly what you said. Man Crush the the amount of people who wouldn't have existed in the way that we know them. It all comes through there and I've seen some great documentaries on ECW and how they struggled and how a lot of people ha. You know, went through there and you know, earn their chops one waye or another through there and then going to Wcwwwe or any cyclical way, but it all filters through ECW to make them better. There was a certain raw aspect of it: no punintended with WWe, but but yeah and people like rob, Van dam and all these people. I don't think that them as they were would have even had a spot in the other shows at that time, despite their skill, because they were to it was two outside of their box and then it was, they realized they had to change their box to kind of catch up to what these guys were doing and, like you said. Hence the Attitudera is born. Now I mean a million reasons why I like to pick for the Heraldo one, because yes, indeed that was a pick of mine and if it's good enough for me, then it should be good enough for me now right. I think it has a broader frame of reference for people. I mean you know the simpsons sang about nothing at alcapones vault. Nobody ever mentioned the DBWOR WC or ECW. So I just by this much I mean just a teeny, tiny tug of war, the rope ins just over the side for Horaldo in this one, ao. Imagine the s without the attitude era. What are you talking about? A lot of people could imagine the s without wrestling, though I could, and you imagine television today, which is all fo sensationalist journalism without Oraldos copone, vault, well, Ralto still there. I know it's all that was the beginning of sensationalism. That was supposed to be a news story. Usually you get fired after giving away military secrets live on the air, but not this guy everybod got punched by Kak membrwas a chair. He got the chair Os a CAIR FLO. Oh there you go the original ECW, originally cw with the Caroso Babe, that's where they got the Uywer stem okay. That's the attitude o him getting his nose. Broken was the best thing on air. I ever happened to him. Oh absolutely ever hhappened and he's the original social media kind of guy that and learned how to play it. Ewell and it was probably the biggest thing tot happened to the genre of Tabloi TV. Does Jerry Springer exist without that or boot Camp Sally, Jesse, Raffil, Hey Sally was awesome, sat the Sal. They were all I mean they all have their place, but it's just you know, as it developed everybody kind of started. Doing the same thing Dona Hugh tried to do it right and then oprah came in and did it right, but better and more, you know attractive to a bigger audience, which was actually your daytime audience and so those two kind of battled and then she crushed him so they had to. But that was legit stuff. Those were real, like the other. The other channels had to go the other way. I think odrect should lose a point there for not bringing up Rickie Lake. That was much later. I'm in the s you have S, come on. It's ricky leg, Bro come on my God. She is great all right, Andre! You picked up two points in that round. You jump out to the lead heading into the final round, the news round. Now you have the opportunity to start off here or defer to one of us. I defer hs inthe gate, all right, all right, Gus, well I'll start off the news round and that my new story I found, tucked away on page twenty three of the Daily News in New York April, twenty sixth nineteen. Seventy seven, a building that last functioned as a television studio, N, one thusand, nine hundred and seventy three for love of life will find new life tonight as a discotechue. Does the city need a new discotheque, the trio of owners, Stever, Bell, Einthrager and Jack Dueshy? Think so there's been a lol rout rebelle explained the last one. The open was regenes and that fashionable dance spot opened a year ago. Actually, the day that Rubelle made. That statement, yet one more discoteqe open sybils in the New York Hilton Anyway get ready for studio. Fifty four, a former CBS studio, known as Studio Fifty two, the previous name ses, seems a bit odd for the location and fifty fourth west, Fifty Fourth Street, but the networks numbered its studios in the order that they came into existence, so we're taking the venture to Broadway Rubell said, even though a lot of people advised us against it. The project is being approached from a theoratrical standpoint, with lighting and scenery by jewels, Fisher and Pall merants. They have devised a variety of effects according to rebell such as occasional snowstorms, a volcano, a solar system and a win machine. But you know not one. That's strong enough to whip dancers off the floor. Now. The cost for all of those renovations for opening night was about four hundred thousand dollars in on thousand nine hundred and seventy seven. So today, that's about one point: seven million dollars the new discotech actually did pretty well its first year in business, rubell was quoted in Sayng and city newspapers that studio fifty four had made seven million dollars. Its first year and that only the Mafia had made more money. This, though, unfortunately, got the attention of the IRS, and shortly after that, the nightclub was rated. Ann Rubell and Schraeger were arrested for skimming two and a half million dollars studio. Fifty four closed with a final party on the night of February. Second, to the third of one thousand nine hundred and eighty, which I believe was a former pick on the show of mine, bring it it back. That's what I got for the news round, the opening of Studio Fifty Four April, Twenty Sixth Nineteen, seventy seven wow- I didn't realize that so it was only open like two and a half years, Huh yeah. Well, that was the initial run. It did open up again after, but it wasn't even close to being the same yeah I went to the one in Vegas lame there was nobody was doing blow. There was nobody s! No naked people running around. You obviously didn't go to the right part. I have been to that student. That's where I hung out with carrot top and got hammered with Karrot top an studio. Fifty four, oh man, I saw- and I saw the Gogos at studio, Fifty Fo God, and there was people doing coke and get it all sweaty and naked. Oh, I didn't need coke. I didn't nead coke. I just got sweaty and naked anyway. We didn't need coke. Had carrot top right. I was having a salad. It was fine. I renewed my vows in Vegas and June, so there was plenty of sweaty of naked going on. I got married in Vegas. That's a niceing to the judge. Right there, the Luxore I've got you beat. I did as well at the Little Church of the West, Brity Spears got married, wow drive through no walk in Wucking. I walk it all right. All right, man crush. What did you bring for the news round? All Rightso? Let's go to April Twenty e one thousand nine hundred and ninety three, and as I mentioned previously, this is my second go round with aprio Ne Thousan. Nine hundred and eight three, like I said earlier, no repeats. There were plenty to choose from this month so before I may get accused of bypassing a huge news story. Please go back and check out the last time I had April onethousand, nine hundred and ninety three. I won't tell you what that pick was, but I will say it's something that Joe Finley would typically bring to a news round. So if you want death and despair go and find that episode, wherever podcast are found better yet head over to doing decades, Dot Sounder Dot FM, where you can use hour transcription service and you can search whatever Youd like whether that pick or anything else that we said it's all on there. It's actually pretty cool duling dekas. That's sounded at FM anyway. Here's the story that I found entitled: No, No, not barbarian by Bob Langford- and I quote he says a say it over and over late night, with cone and O'Brien late night with cone and O'Brien nope. Just doesn't sound right. Does it for the record? Colnin O'Brien was the editor of the Harvard Lampoon. He wrote for his new boss, Lorn Michael's on Saturday, ight live for the past two years. He's been a writer on the simpsons last week, NBC sent affaxs to its affiliates and that looked as if Gary Shanling would be the new host of late night, but Shanling and the network couldn't get together on when he could start letterman leaves NBC in June and he takes over EEN thirty at CBS on August. Twenty third, so NBC wanted shandling in place by then, but he's busy till then and he might be doing the best show on television HBO's, Larry Sandershi, then shaling offered to start in September, but MBC said no and now the network and everyone else are stuck with cone and O'Brien. When the news announcement was made, CBS was popping Champagne corks, you don't think this is fodder for Daves NBC jokes for the next two months. If these were baseball cards no six year old in the country, would trade lettermen for O'Brien straight up, O'Brien's rosme means he must be successful and a funny guy. None of it means he ought to be the host of late night. As you imagine, NBC. Affiliates are perplexed, to put it mildly. WR DCS Vicky Street sums it up by saying who the hell is he this came out f nowhere, I'm sitting here stunned. Well, let me tell you fucking Bob and what's her name, Vicky Street, who I've never heard of yeah. It only lasted sixteen seasons and two thousand seven hundred and twenty five episodes and brought us some of the funniest shit. Late night programming. As ever, had look at the network. Late night shows they've been dog shit since Coenan he was erroneously removed from the tight show Fellin. He was all right for a while now he's Mac. Cobert is a dumpster fire, seth myes's asscrap cordon man, Kimels Atturrd, I mean when Conan leaves tbs for good next June late night chows are dead. He is the last of the MOHEGANS. When it comes to lane. I chose and try up the insult dog. He says fuck off Bob, I'm gonna leave that onit's the announcement of late night with Conan O'Brian. I mean talk about timing, though had chanling been able to take over the show. Can you imagine how the landscape would have been? We might not even have gotten coding. He stuck with the right show. He stuck with Larry cander Larry Santers insed of going to late night is much more successfulsure Al Right. So this is news boy. We had the opening of studio. Fifty four, which was you, know, iconic monumental, it's crazy times and then entertainment based again with Cona O'Brien. It's interesting. Those are both big news things. My the obvious big news thing that happened in April of eighty six would h. ve should have been and would have been, the return of hally's comment, which you know only comes around what every seventy five years or so that would have been a cool. You know like we freak out over eclipses and evhin. This is even you know. This is in Coole. This is a huge astronomical event and that should have been like the highlight news event of April. You know everybody likes April. It's spring everybody's, going out, theyre wearing shorts birds are chirping until the April, twenty sixth of one thousand nine hundred and eighty six, which ended up with and honestly your opening of studdand fifty four. That was a worldwide type of thing, but basically it was in New York thing, the Conono' Brian Thing on TV, it's basically a US based kind of media empire. You know kind of slug fest. This was a little different type of event. This was the turnoble nuclear reactor. Mote do has a little bigger impact than those things in. In my opinion, right of joke yeah, just you know, and it couldn't come in any better time. Basically, it's eighty six height of the cold Werere, all cold work, kids, it's Reagan versus everybody and it's you know, gi Joe Versus Gobra, and it's Arnold Schwarenigger and stalone against all of the bad Russians and all of their proxies. But you know turnoble, you know was a crappy nuclear reactor side to Ukraine. It occurred on Saturday April Twenty six at the number four reactor of the turnoble nuclear power plant. It's considered the worst nuclear disaster in the history of the world, both in terms of cost and casualties and is one of only two nuclear energy accidents, rated at a seven which happens to be the maximum severity number on the international nuclear event scale. The other being the two thousand and Leven Fukushima Diiji nuclear hea disaster in Japan, which you know that was a nuclear disaster because of an earthquake in the SUNAMI. So there wase three things that had to happen for Ukahima to fuck it up and thernoble was just bad stolen Russian tech run by people that probably shouldn't have been running it and the the irony, let's you know, nay the humor of tenopil accident. It was started during a safety test Hmygod, so, let's just say, don't run any safety, testsbecause you're not safe, but it was crazy because I remember the news coverage of this. We thought the world was. You know this is kind of. Like I said, height of Cold War. We thought you know we watche the morning after we watch all the drill like this is coming out of it, but we're still there like, we could all be gone literally in the blink of an eye. You know stalone's not going to save you. You know Reagan's going to be in a bunker somewhere. You know and we're all literally toast, but you know huge cool word this and I'm a huge cold war kind of you know, I'm not a buff, but I'm sort of an enthusiast. You know, if you will, you know, love the history lofe, the movies love the you know the SBANASH and the intelligence service in the Gel yea like posters and shit. No, I just have all the books. That's right is just absolutely phenomenal and wet and by the way, it's still going on yeah we've just actually verted back they'e, Revertd d back to s and TS workbooks coming out of Moscow. Now and you know who knows like. Hopefully this was you know just a safety check. You Know Bobo that you know didn't work very well, but it became the biggest news thing for a long time and is on the TV was scary as shit was the cloud going to come this way which ways the wind blowing and ironically, at the time fewer than a hundred people die because of the accident and then very there's varying estimates of how many you know dozens or whatever, for you know, exposure and after that, but according to the stats, the damage control and the cleanup estimated over a half, a million personnel worked on this thing up and of course, they're, probably all dead and the EST, of course, there's no hard numbers and estimates because we're relying on Russian stats a Russian media if you never have been O ge. That number- and it's probably three million people dime from this thing you know at and you know, but there's no. You know confirmations of anything of course, coming a you know coming out of coming out of the Greblin. Just like nothing changes. You know from Ou one thousand nine hundred and sixteen one as been the hundred and five years of exactly the same stuff and we're still battling the same proxy wars and playing the cyber game and man. You know what what a different world it would have been. If you know Patton had gotten his way and I'm not trying to be. Mr Ra ro go USA, but you know fuck that Rorongoyou w when it comes to the Cold Bor right we came, we came out on top and but so there's not really much to say, like I said, there's not many stats, it just dominated the news worldwide for a long period of time and thirty years later they have a huge. You know series on on premium services now, so it still has a lasting effect. Yeah we had documentaries of studio. Fifty four and Cona O'Brien is yaht now on TBS, so those things still have lasting power. Ternoble was a groundshaker, and but you know it's funny in comparison, I'm not sure what killed more people, Thurnoble or studio TII, don't really know I' either had great statistics so I'll. Leave that I'll leave the impact of the new story up to our esteem, to judge conin comes out clean on that one for the murders. Yeah thank Yo that we know of have you ever ever watched e the youtube. It's not like a youtube series or anything but there's a lot of youtubers. I don't know if they're, Russian or whatever, but they go back there like they go through the the restricted areas and they go into the housing units and shit. It's fucking, weird, it's very youny. It's pre shit! All we have is Cintrelia Pennsylvania, they've got trinoble to walk throughs yeah, that's the one with like flames coming through the streets and shit right, yeah, that's the one H, there's a coal fire and a coal mine in the S, and then they had to evacuate the town, never stop, because the toxic and the fire still burning. It's awesome all right, Joe Fenley. Let's kick it down to you for the final ruling on this game, man right off the bat you give me that studio. Fifty four and I'm like well this rounds over. I guess we got a spoiler and I was like studio fifty four that's gigantic. Then I get hit with Conan and I'm like Oh thit's, going to be so much hard. I you know no hyperbole conen is my altime comedy hero. I would say the two people when I look back, who shaped me for my love of comedy over from childhood to Adolescence, would have been Steve, Martin and Conedo'Brian, and those Aren', the two: that's it: Where does the the master bating bear fitt in? Do that? What he taught me a lot of things it was right around was right around that time. When the get a grip album came down, I don't want to get to deep into it, but that's why it's called get a Gret ye precisely and he was right there I had to t kno absolutely. I love that, but the conings impact. It's exactly what you said. You know the late night wars between Leno and lettermen. With her own thing, Letterman has his own impact to meet. CONAN was, as per in a personality what Carson used to be, but then all these other people just diluted the pool, and he was so funny and continued to innovate and when he moved to tbs, I actually saw his live show when he was between tonight show and the TBS show. I saw him live in Toronto and it was just an outstanding live show, and he just you know doing what he can to kind of keep his people working and keep himself from going insane, and you can watch his docmentary Coneobrian can't stop for all the kind of stuff on that and then he continued innovate. He's like you know what we're taking this hour down to a half hour, we're going to cut out all the fat Hawe, a sketch have a guess get out, and then he took on the podcast game and present company excluded he's got probably one of the best podcast going. So I can't say enough about him and then Andre. Of course you bring up tenoble, which there is no bigger news story. There's no questioning that between the three I actually covered. I had a new story that covered a little bit of canoble one time, but it wasn't the actual happening of it. It was something kind of on the back end that I just got to sneak in, but I'm always bringing the bad news, but it's so hard because any like. If I pick any of these, I feels like I'm spiting in the face of the significance of the other two and they're. Also huge put it this way, Mark's already out of the game. So No, I know I know and Ternnoble that accident helped end the cold wore like it. You know it changed the world. It helped bring down the Soviet sortod coting. So I'm fine with that. I'm fine Mi cone an put it down forever. I'M CANADIAN! I live a Col bar every year, I'm doing fine, it's so hard. My Heart's telling me to go with CONAN. I know it's nuts, but that's what my heart tells me and my and my heart tells me that, and it tells me you're going to die soon, so I believe it when a timeall right man crsh. You pick up two points in that round. You steal the lead away from Andrea and you win this game. Whoo far gun ever brought that out in a while. That was a that was a close one. I didn't know where Joe is going to go because usually joe goes with the the really negative impact stuff. So as soon as you said, Char Noblewas, like you, mean like the actual news, yeah, okay, sothere's yeah, I mean there's when you look at this game and mark- and I talk about this all the time we try to keep it light, there's so much bullshit that goes on in the regular news all the time, then I personally don't like to bring anything. That's too Shitty, because just turn on TV and you'll see shitty stuff o that you know. So I try to stay away from that, but I knew like alcopones Vaul yeah. That's plenty shit, though, like it's such a bad thing that happened, Irather watch your noble, disaste T', probably more interesting. They were both empty rooms of dusty, crumbling caps, the same thing but dude. I A I'm super impressed how you came out on your foit. You did better than ninety percent of the people that come on the show, the first time that have to do os, contestint, okay and I had winged. I just looked this stuff up yesterday and I winged it I lo throug it. So it was cool yeah, an that's the thing. If you talk from the heart, I think you could sell a lot more shit than the pick itself and I think you did that perfectly yeah and I went off on tangent stories about myself. So that's always a wonner and do not get me wrong. I mean this ground or this game. It was really down to the wire on a few of the choices at is like tomorrow. The score could be much different. I just based on you know, what's hitting me that day and it's like, but like there's, no questioning how huge tenoble was of a news story, but there's different kinds of impact, and I was just I don't know the pop culture impact and the fact that I like he hit me in the Conan Button, which is a really really it's a it's a really really soft spot for me. So No, no explanation needed I'll just have to whip your ass next time. EALL the, but I do want to know what what would have been our tyebreakers. So mine was going to be the movie, the crush, which is it's a movie with Alisha Silverstone once again, which I just wanto. I wanted to cement her in becuse, onethousand, nine hundred and ninety three. She just she kicked it off, but she never stopped during ninety three ND ninty four shoes huge, but she came out the movie. The crush was her big screen, debut whas. She plays a fourteen year old psychopath. She was actually sixteen at the time when she did the movie, but Ho tries to ruin her neighbor's life after he refuses to have sex with her. But the interesting part of this whole thing with the movie is that Ali Shapiro who's, the writer and director of this. It was based on a true story that he went through and then he got sued after the movie came out because he named Alisha Silverstone Daryan in the original movie. Who happens to be the girl? The story was about so in subsequent releases like the DVD and on television. They actually change her name to Adrian. But if you I you look at the movie, there's notes that she writes to, I think his name Wis Nick in the movie he was carry always she writes a notes to him and her initials are still the same. It's still dairy, whatever forester linwuage, you use the real name. I don't know he ballse. That's ball is asking for a loss. It was yours. What were you going to bring for O r? Your extra, I think it might have depended on gamesmanship of if I went first or last, it's in music and I'm not sure if I would have picked an album. No, I think I woight have had to go n with a single, because there was two singles that came out, but Bob Sager and the silver bullet man released like a rock yeah great track, which and the album would you know which just became iconic more than just a cool single and I'm a pig Bob Siger fan yeah, so that SD out at me. But I think and here's the problem th. But there is a bigger single that impacted with kiss by Prince in the revolution. So kiss came out that as a single that reached number nineteen of the year in singles, but Robert Palmer addicted to love came out, and that was number ten e of the year. So I probably would have brought out Robert Palmners addicted to love single release and plus it was another IICONIC MTV I'll tell you. You would have one with that or kiss bu they're, both fantastic. You don't know what my pick would have been for the wild card around Mr Joe Fenley. Okay, do you have one? I do I do my pick for the wild card round. I actually had it's a little bit of a pandering to the judge, but we'll go to April Seen D. seventy seven that was a DA, the Toronto Blue Jays were born and they began play Wut the very first game of the Toronto Blue Jays on a snowy cold afternoon up in Toronto, Ethatt. That is pandering. That is candering. I think you might have actually won me over damn it. I would say that kiss probably would have beat it addicted to love as much as I love and as big as it was. I feel like Panderin could have squeaked it out, but there's no beating prince, you could have just said: Hey Prince, you know, took a Selfie and left it on a subway floor and I'm like yes Seyou in this and if you've never been to Paisley Park, go you lose. I can't wait anyway. You absolutely killed it Andre. Thank you. You did a great job, man ohpoetiton. This was fun Yod, good, good, yea, great that either gets me invited back or losing my email. No, you could come back whenever, like, like, I said for everybody out there we are bringing us to video. Hopefully I don't know how this one came out. Joe was producing this mone while we're doing it. Maybe we will release this one if it came out good video wise, but I think you know as far as these episodes go. I think you put in a lot of stuff and you put your personal stuff into it, which we don't get a lot of, because we're not connected we're. Not In Hollywood, we weren't on the same lots as Tom Hanks and woody Haroshon and shit like that. So really great takes, and I just wanted to ask. I saw a little off topic, but you're going to be at Mahaning next month. I am I'm going to be at the hunting drive in theater on April sixteen and seventeen yeah sixeen and seventeenth. They are doing an awesome, ttonight event double bill, each night of a movie called the Monster Squad and then, following up the monster squad with you know this new documentary called Bolf man's gotten ards. So it's you know, which I also have a little bit of. You know attachment to yeah. We have got something to do with it yeah, but that's going to be awesome. We were trying to do it last year. You know Laft the last fall and it didn't work out and it was sort of like you know, hight. You know pennacle of Covid dimeand. It would have been in October and have been awesome, but instead of ending their season were sort of opening their season. This time- and you know those guys have been having some awesome events over the last couple of years, but especially this last year, when driveins were the only kind of thing that people can enjoy safely and it's just really cool to get a chance to go. I'm flying in for the two nights, there's going to be like distance photos and there's gonna be a ton of stuff to sign. So you can bring your own stuff, get it signed or they'll have stuff there for you. For, for you tosign, you can find something Iten, Lo Nice, but it's mostly going to be Mesigningg. But- and you know it's Goin t jusgnn be really cool, because I am a huge drive in theater fan and where I grew up, we used to have a lot of them right and, as you can imagine, like southern California, you know built for the automobile and even in the valley, you know we had the van ees drive in. We had the WINETCA drive in and I love the driveing theaoter. I think it's such a big piece of of Americana. I think it's one of those like literally top five things when I think of Americana. It's the drivein movie theater and there's not many around, but this last year a lot of them got resurrected. So it's a cool resurrection story, but I used to go to the drive in with my dad, and that was you know and friends, but it was really cool to go, and you know you remember those movies that you see at the drive hen and I re I staw Octopussy at the drive in it was like the first one of the first movies. I saw the drive in man Grosgotzan Pussy at Te, Dr t, and it was se I was totally opposite. I went for the wrong reason and you know Bob Seger did a video to drive in you know so, look at all th ow. This is playing in right, but you know I just remember seeing MoD Adams and actually realizing what bond women meant, and you know how how I just stunning and amazing: You know they all are. Even you know. Even to this day she was my favorite up until eve agree, so good man, Yoow Mahaning's great though yeah I'm looking forward, it's going to be a blast, so you know, if you know anybody, you know throw him in the trunk and drive thimg over ILO. Don't do that and OA hang out with. Do it the right way at Mahaning, it's only it's a single screen. It's the biggest screen in Pennsylvania. It's a fantastic place. I go there every year, it's like two hours I'll see. If mice ranger wants ta go. The only thing is I hopefully it's not sold out because they've been selling out every week. They do. I know our they actually, I think they're dropping kind of like the next, just even mention of it. Tomorrow I made a little video for which is a Friday and whenever thes arers, but we haven't even they have been really started marketing and they did their original push and they had a couple hundred tickets Sol just off theire. You know on their opening on that day of the announcement so hopefully gets maxed out. I think they're capping it at you know I don't know what they're going to capaet, but yeah either show up Daov or get you know. Please come because it's going to be fun, it o don't come day of. If you, if you don't have to you, might know, you might o you Ol get turned away to, but I do know one thing that they said they're doing is usually when they have guests. They usually come about two hours ahead of time to start the signing line yeah because sometimes the movies, whatever the first one is, will start playing while people are waiting for that, but they they want me to come an houror earlier than that. To start, I guess they're, anticipating crowd, so I'll, be signing for three hours an before the first movie starts. So it's so we try to rip them out and get them there. We'll have mini posters and some production stills and, like I said, if you've got your own poster- or you know, God forbid, a team magazine- or you know stomething like that- go ahead and bring it and we'll get it signed for you know Nomenal Charkshit, so it looks like there is still tickets. I'm going to buy mine right now, because seriously once that ad goes up, they will be gone. I'm devils, you know, make sure like definitely make sure you know, like I know, ahead of time, laning out and which days ocom come sit on the hood of Your Car Fiv Saturday, which, what which day s better for your Friday or Saturday. I think they're this, I think, they're the same I'll, be there probably wearing the same shirt both days. I tin matter tit's my birthday Linca so like I know my wife say that my wife won't say anything if I buy tickets on my birthday week and ID be totally cool, yeah Ho it's nice that you're, you know you get to. You, use your birthday coupon to get out of town for me I'll, take it I'll, take it man. She won't come with me, though, this time, because of the last time that I talked about a couple weeks ago. He I was the guy in the middle of the night, where my car alarm went off and it wouldn't. I couldn't get the alarm off D. I was driving and it wouldn't go off yeah. I was that Asshole, but yeah, I'm I'm going to get these tickets and see if Mie Ranger wants to go with me. WWE'LL head up there, it's like two and a half hours from here great place, though l you'll be in the middle of nowhere and then all sudden, you'll, Yeh giant screen yeah looking forward to a CHANC, can't wait anything else coming up. I know last time you were on, we talked about. You started planning the other documentary about the lady that was stealing kids and all that stuff. Are you still doing that or what you know? That's on the list, I'm just starting to you, know kind of you know everybody's kind of coming out of their groundhog hole to see if they see their own shadow or not and yeah. That's definitely something still on the list. You know, but that's such a nichy project. You know, documentaries are huge right now, like a lot of people like them their hard cells, though you know you know front because you know, there's you just have to find the right kind of interetest. Currently I just I just got. I just drove back from La I was it was in. I was in town for a week working on a couple, other development things with some new ideas and an and a friend of mine's clients he's a manager, an and access to you know kind of network people. So I'm working on some TV concepts, you know and then just working on you know you just don't know. I mean it's kind of this thing. I love that documentary project. There's another documentary project that I like, which happens to you know affected an old neighborhood of mine. You know is a big gas leakue. You know a couple years ago. Is this huge thing? You know more uplifting, you know type of thing and very painof, traffking, kids and, like you know, gas leagues at e Natural Gas Plant, and you know and then some some crazy TV projects, but there's you just never know. What's going to pop up, so you got to have like five six or fifteen things. You know swirling around because you never know you have a meeting or a phone call, and someone goes I like that true true. Well, it sounds like yeah a lot of shit going on, but hopefully see next month and dude come back on here, whatever because contestant judge, whatever you want to do, I think you got both sides covered. I think wewere all super happy with Howtis wet because it is the first time we did it because we're always nervous about like all right who's going to come on o be contestant. It is a tough thing to do you got it is. It is an. It is absolutely a tough thing to do because you got like I was even intimidated coming in and while we were going because you guys come in w t, you know you find these great articles and you give p. You know you give a lot of the backstory and the and the stats, and you know you try to write down. You know the highlights and this new like. Well, what am I going to fill that with? You know? There's so much more. You know the so mor more kind of background information, but I tried to hold my own. I tried to hold t di fantastic. You got a grip, that's weird, well thanks again Andre, but unfortunately we're going to have to end this episode right here. But don't worry if you've missed an episode. You can always head back to our website. That's dualing Decadescom, where you can subscribe to the show on Itunes on spotify, really everywhere, podcasts are available and then, like man crush, said earlier, head on over to our facebook page facebookcom forward, dueling decades, where you can join our private group and share some of your very own retra memories. So until next time, deelers we're going to bed to you a piece, love lighting, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone podcast New York be heard