Dueling Decades
Dec. 30, 2020

The phantom phreak himself Renoly Santiago picks the worst of 1975, 1989 & 1997!

The phantom phreak himself Renoly Santiago picks the worst of 1975, 1989 & 1997!

Hack the planet! This week, we have the King of Nynex, the Phantom Phreak himself, Renoly Santiago behind the gavel to judge this "worst of" episode of Dueling Decades! Aside from Hackers, you'll know Renoly from such classics as Con Air, Dangerous Minds, and Daylight. After a last-minute call out, Trevor saves the day by joining us as our first contestant in this retro skirmish. For this one, Trevor came packing some heat with the worst of December 1989! Apparently, Mancrush traveled back to a year where he really enjoyed going to bars. In spite of that, he brought back a six-pack of Zima and the worst of December 1997 with him! Rounding out the competition this week, Marc James did his research from an abandoned farmhouse in Walnut Grove, Minnesota to bring us the worst of December 1975!


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PODCAST NEW YORK S up doing decades. His is wes piece of all you guys and thanks for having me on the show, will it be the s or the AITS Beeni babies or crack babies, really pane, VOA or macdon? Maybe Bricty? Maybe Whitney. Do you like new little new wave, Dave, ROE or Super Dave? I don't know, but now the battl begins doling decades. Let's see who wins Jo as broudcasting from the podcast New York Studios. It's the adult only retro game show where the decades battle for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dueling decades. I am Mark James, and this week we have a worst stuff battle, I'll be bringing the bad of December, one thousand nine hundred and seventy five. Alongside the other duellers and the decades they will be fighting for first off Rollthem with the homies and representing the S, say hello to Mancrush Yeah, I'm in some weird air area. I haven't had the S in couple weeks, but yeah. I got the worst of December of one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven also joining us on the panel this week and going back to the eities. Please welcome Trevor Gumbole, Hey guys, I am wrepping one of my favorite years, but the worst of it so but a lout of my wheelhouse, but we'll see what happens: Decemberon thousand nine hundred and eighty nine, and as always here on the show, we need someone to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. So you wuld know this week's celebrity guest judge from films like dangerous minds, hackers, daylight and con air all rise for actor, singer designer and now judge renally. Santiago. Welcome. Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen. The following contest will be held under dueling decades rules. The judges coinflip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories, movies, TV, music, news and hut products, a judge's ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds, four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie. After all five rounds, we will go to a final wild card round. Remember delers, to review the show, listen subscribe and play along at home as we commence another episode of Ons all right. Let's toss it right down to Renalley Santiago for the coin toss now, do I do heads or tails or a whole? How does it go? Who calls what or do I do it, and then I call out what trever you're going no call in the air okay, so I am going to call tales. Do you say action all right, action, beautiful for Wel, Treva, all right rever? You won the coin toss and get to select our first category. Where are we going all right? I think I'M gonna get this one out of the way and pick news all right and my news of December Twentyeth, one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine, you guys all remember in the early s Dan quayl had that whole thing of misspelling potato with an es was a whole thing, was a whole debagle. But little did we know that wasn't the first time he did something like this Decemberto twoe thousnd. Nine hundred and eighty nine from times wire services quail no beacon of spelling bobber Bush's literacy efforts could start close to home with Christmas card sent out by Vice President Dan Quail and his family, a misspelling of beacon was in the holiday message handwritten by the vice president's wife, Marilyn Quayle, who has a law of gree from Indiana University, her staff and the printer who recreated the holiday wishes failed to catch the error. May Our nation continue to be the Beacon Bea K, O N, is how they spelled it of hope to the world. Mayor lies continually be guided by the light of the Lord's love. May He bless you and keep you during the soliday season and throughout the New Year reads the card sent to thirty thousand people at the expense of the Republican National Committee. It is sided fondly the quails yeah, so thirty thousand copies of this card, with the misspelling of beacon, as bea kon instead of BEA con, and nobody noticed it. So that is my news for December, one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine dank wall misspelling. Another word all right: Man Crush. Let's hear what you have for the news round, all right, so let's go to December Frs, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven. This is a story that was literally everywhere for months. An this was an enormous story when it occurred. It's a big story since incidents like this one, they rarely occur publicly and I think I it sufficed to say Fon, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven. No one was running around with a camera like they do today. So had this occurred in two thousand and twenty we'd probably know one hundred percent. What had happened, but since it didn't, we have an idea. What happened, what some of the team said and, of course, what PJ Carlisimo and Lechale spreewell said when the whole thing was over, but I bring this up because the team did initially try to sweep this one under the carpet, but the league ended up finding out a few days later and that's when the story was plastered in the back page of every newspaper in America. But here it is from the Daily News on December: F, onethousand, nine hundred and ninety seven and the title. If story is sting, spree, NBA Commission suspends beleaguered Letrelles Pre well for one year and I'll sum this one up real, quick, apparently, if you guys are familiar with the NBA PJ car, Lisa Ml, he's known for being like a ballbusting, hard nosed head coach and a few weeks prior to this parly SOM. He Bench spreewell for an entire game because he was laughing on the bench when Golden State was losing, they were getting blown out and he whispered in Spreewell's ear that he was a joke. So I guess that didn't sit well so fast forward. A couple weeks. These guys are already on rocky terms. Carlisimo again he shouts out sprewell AF practice and tells them in front of the rest of the team that his passes were weak. Now, to someone telling that to you- or I it's no big deal, but when you say something that basic to a three time, NBA all star and ruffle some feathers. That would be like mark telling Joe Rogan to move closer to the Mike Cax, I mean so the trial he lost his shit. He Starts Choking Carlisimo in front of the entire team and dragging him across the gym floor. The team breaks it up. Spre goes to take a shower situation appears over then twenty minutes later spre comes running out of the Lockerg Room and of course we don't have photographic evidence whe on video or anything like that. This is just here say, and he punches Carli semo in the jaw, and this is where the story gets kind of weird and fuzzy, because some people say he connected in the jaw. Other people say he connected in the neck. If you saw the pictures of Calisimo afterwards, he definitely looked like he was attacked by somebody either way. Letralles e well he's spended by the league with no pay for an entire year, which at the time was the harshest punishment in league history. He ended up losing over six million dollars. Of course, he would end up getting traded to the Nik one thosand, nine hundred and ninety eight, where we totally embraced fer Yo. Well, sadly, this pretty much tarnished his career at that point, because it's usually what he's remembered for the best part of this whole thing, aside from spretaking the Nicks to the FINEL, one thousand nine hundred and Nigehty nine, and that shortened season, which was awesome. We didn't win, but you know it what it is, what it is, but a couple years before this actually happened. Spreewell was in an antiviolence PSA. That was on television, which is like. How did this happen? How did this guy flip, but that's what happened December, Frs, onethousand, nine hundred and ninety seven e worse in the news, wow, all right guys. So I know we have a rule on this show that we don't like to bring this sadness. But this is a worst toff episode and I have n thousand nine hundred and seventy five. So not only am I bringing the sadness, I am bringing world record breaking sadness, so we're going to go to the Salt Lake Tribune on Christmas Day, one thousand nine hundred and seventy five to an article where the headline reads both of lightning kills. Twenty one Salsbury Rodesia lightning kills twenty one people when it struck a hut when they were seeking shelter from the rain. Rhodesian police said here Wednesday, the dead included fourteen children. Three people survived the incident which occurred Tuesday in the tribal lands of Eastern Rhodesia. The total number of people killed by lightning this year in Rhodesia since October first is now fifty three one of the worst periods on record. So this is still to this day. Is A world record for the most people killed by lightning at one time, not the world record, you will no. It is not the world record you want, but it is world record breaking sadness. So that's what I have for the worst of December, one thousand nine hundred and seventy five. Let's toss it down to runalley Santiago for the ruling on the news round. Well, I think it's the vice president. I one thousand nine hundred an seventy five lie. Come on. I mean hello. Mark came with the sadness and Roundea at o go dud way to bring it down. Dudemark you wait for it. You brought it talk about brain cloudy days. How like? What's the odds of getting hit by lightning? Isn't it like the same as winning the Lato and they had fifty people in one seasonty, three people, since from October to December, actually fellis. That record was Brok N in thousand nine hundred and eigh eight by a man named skunk who was hit by lightning sixty six times in on the head. WHOA? Is this Real Noi, Reber Sig? You ever seen the movie The great outdoors with John Candy and Danacroyd? Oh, my Gosh Rarotthsey all right! Well, I bring the sadness and I pick up a point in the first round but, more importantly, I get to take control of the board and select our next category. So you know what we're going to go straight to the movies round: Toh God thatsrely all right. So for my movie release December Fifteenh, one thousand nine hundred and seventy five, I give you the all time classic in the first sequel, in the line of many many unnecessary sequels and Manuel too, a Manuel, the joys of a woman. Yes, this is a follow up to the original Emanuel Classic, I'm sure you've, all Av seen it really late night on skin, O Max or Hbo Sylvia Cristel plays a Manuel and in this adventure she actually goes to visit her husband, who, of course she has an open relationship with, and they go on a journey where she has many many many sexual encounters with all the different people. She meets matter of fact during the film she masquerades as a prostitute and a Hong Kong brothel has a has sex with a tattooed man in the locker room of a Polo Club and then in the climax of the film nope Pun intended th. Her husband actually ends up having Sax with this woman, Anna, Marie and taking her virginity, who previously in the story they established, was the stepdaughter of one of his former lovers. So his ex girlfriend's step daughter, he then deflowers class yeah total. So that's what I'm bringing for the worst sof December, one thousand nine hundred and seventy five Inmanuel too coming to a theater near you, you had to go there. Didn't you all right trevor, let's hear what you have for the movies round, all right now we're all a fan of a good underdog sports movie right yeah. So what better? To get your juices flowning? You know root for the underdog, then the adrenalists pumping high stakes, worled of college debate. This was actually the released on Video Decem en Thousan nine Ne Ver, one o husandnine hundred and eighty nine guse me and it stars our favorite Christian Kirt Cameron, a Manpeterson Jami Kurts, one of my altime crushes and RAC shider. The movie is called listen to me. It involves a college debate team headed by Kirk Cameron as they seek to debate the abortion issue, which is a pretty heavy thing, one thousand nine hundre and ight nine for a PG thirteen film aimed at mostly teenagers starring the biggest heartthrob of the time it didn't go over very well leoter Molton said it was a slick travesty set on the kind of party campus where Dick Dale and the DEL tones wouldn't be out of place. The climatic abortion debate is cheap and Hoky and roughly equal measure and beware of Kirk Camera' shifty Oklahoma accent. Actually the marketing was going to focus on Cirt Cameron, then at the height of his popularity, but the producier Jerry, Winedram, overrowd them and assisted that the ads emphasized the abortion issue. So I mean this film was kind of doomed at the start because they wanted to rase controversy and get people talking, but it didn't work it only gross like four million dollars. I'm actually surprised, kirt camera was in the film Becaus. I mean this is around the time he had converted o Christianity. So I don't surprise. YEU would do a film that even touched on the debortion issue without like being staunchly Perl Life. So my pick for desteome Ouand, nine hundred gh nine- is the film listen to me wow now. Do I have to watch it too? or Can I just listen o? I didn't watch it. The only way I was able to watch. I couldn't find it for streaming. It was only avaiable for like tw, Ninen or mental, and I don't want to waste my money. Probably a good decision almost hard times, or I mean I love Jamie girts, but I don't know if I love her that much you love Jamie girts, just not wo. Ninety nine worth of Jamie Gerts, all right man crush. What did you bring for the movies round? All Right? So, let's go to December twelvfh, O one thousand nine hundred and Ninghty seven. Now this is probably a movie like scarlet Joe Hanson. Probably does talk about this as social gatherings or anything like that. That being said, this franchise it has brought in nearly a billion dollars worldwide. However, ninety percent of the total comes from the first two movies alone, the final three movies. And yes, there were three of these. I was todeygh years old when I realized that there were actually two more than this one. They made absolutely squat in comparison to the first two and you have to question like how did John Hughes go from making the breakfast club and plane strains in automobiles, Fars, spul or weird side Christmas vacation to making this piece of Shit, I mean God rest his soul, and us just discussing this movie- must have him. Turning in his grave right now, first oflet's look at the box office where this movie made around eighty million dollar worldwides, roughly a hundred thirty million dollars in two thousand and twenty with a budget of about thirty two million, so the numbers weren't bad. Unless of course, you compare it to the last film in the franchise it took in around three hundred and sixty million OL l, one thousand nine hundred nd ight two. So obviously this movie didn't have the desired effect on the audiences. But this wasn't the original plan for the movie either. Apparently part three was supposed to be filmed at the same time is a second movie, but plans fell through four or five years went by and now they lost the star of the film who quit acting the directors of the first two movies are doing other things, and even the brother of the lead actor, who is Goingto, be the backup he didn't want to do it. So what do they do? You hire the guy. There was in charge of editing for the first two movies and you get him to direct in his drectorial debut. This is the same guy that made the classic Beverly Hills Chihuahua and you get dead ringers of Catherine O'Hara and John Herd hired an unknown to take over the lead role you sprinkle in espionage, because that always works, and on top of that you add in a case of chickenpox and don't really make this a Christmas movie and waste the opportunity to fully utilize scarlet, Jo Hanson who's just plays the sister. So if you want to see a movie where the pruits neglect their young Sung Alex more than the mccalisters did by leaving their son home alone, they leave a son. This kid has chicken pox. They leave them home alone. Like forty seven times it's like I'm going to work like they just keep, leaving this kid at home alone after he calls the cops multiple times for seeing burglers it houses across the street. Nobody believes his kid, but if all that sounds good to you, then go out get yourself a copy of homealone three amazing movie, but you know what I did find e newspapers, so I was doing research that Roger Eber actually called homeloan three better than the first two wow, which leads us like what is wrong with Roger Ebert. Well, he did like cop and a half so so does Bo be craft. So what shouldn't then mccauly Colkin didn't do home alone. Three now see this is the first time I ever watched. It was the other night and I always skipped it because of the fact that he's not in so I guess at the this point. He was already like fourteen or fifteen years old and he was focusing on going to high school. He didn't want to act in hi which, by the way, little trivial, we went to the same high school, really no shit yeah. I went to school with mcalli and his brother. So that's why? I'm just curious which brother played the role it wasn't. They wanted his the brother that was in home alone. What's the the younger Karen Yeah, they wanted him to be the the new guy and they were going to do it as like a family member of the mccalliters and continue with the franchise. But I guess he didn't want to do it, so they just pull in this kid who I don't even know what his his name was Alex, something or other. I don't even remember what his name Alex D, lyns e H, Alext Lyns. He had a couple small roles and things over the years, but they just pull them in to do this movie and the movie is so campy compared to the first to you can't see it as a John Hughes movie. It's I watched it without. Even knowing was Johnn yuhs movie, I watched it first last night and then I did the research and I was like you got to be shitting me that John Hughes wrote this movie. He must have been drinking like a bottle of Scotch when he did this like constantly it's the weirdest movie ever, but then there's two more there's a four and a five and how they're rebooting of it, of course, so wow wow yeah, so guys. Yes, I did go. I went to professional children school, which is a small private school, for you know young actors and whatnot, and so mcculleague was in my school and and his brothers and stuff so yeah. That's why? Where you guy, were you in seame classes or you know, head of Yeah? That's it's a very small private school! So there's only two hundred students in the entire school and it goes from kindergartento twelfth grade. Oh Wow yeah in the in the same building, so some classes like it could be a first grade class. It's all the students that Targ in the first grade are in the same class and whatever so each grade has like maybe one or two classes, depending on the Sidze of students. So, like you know, depending on the year too, so it could be like if there's only twelve third graders, then it's a twelve. It's you know third grade class, that's twelve students, you know yeah, so he was. He was in the elementary school and I was in high school. That is not so obviously everybody knew him at that point. Yeah. That's got to be weird right like going to school, and everybody knows somebody. That's like a mega star like that. That point. Yes, well I mean professional children. School is a star. A young star lie, so he wasn't the only you know famous person in the squad wit te school with Soura, Michelle Geller and Donald Phase on from scrubs Wutin myself. I was already you know on television a little bit. You know a couple of people, so it wasn't like you know: Nobody treated a Michael Star right, so nobody' getting star Struck, then Nono Yeah. No that that's wild who, as in your graduating class donalds Fason, O scrubs yeah. I was just talking about him with my wife earliwe're talking about Clueis, where he's getting his head shaved. I don't know why we're eating dinner and my hair was all screwed up and I was like I'm keeping it real keepit, Irel and she's, like I'm gonna. Tell your mother Ia like Gowwo P. Yes, Donald was always the nicest guy and he's just like so approachable like the way he appears on TV he's just like that. He's Hilarious, yeah, yeah, Nice guys so nice I mean it's weird. We were very close friends growing up to because outside of high school, we were part of a theater group that was so much fun and we used to do a lot of performing and a lot of acting live a you know, stageacting and stuff, so yeah good times, man, small world, very yeah, all right, gruntily. Let's hear your verdict for the movies round. Well, I do have to say that listen to me sounds like a freaking nightmare and a wasted life. Two hours of your life. If you watch it, so I would say that and I'm not being biased, witmcolles movies or not, even though he wasn't in it. But yeah. Listen to me is like what yeah I mean that sounded bad to me to yeah horrible, yeah and great title for like if you're falling asleep, at least the titles trying to tell you like, listen to Meit's what Kir Cameron says when he's trying to do a sermon yeah. I want to know what side was Kirt Cameron on in the movie. I hope he was on like pe lifeside, because thit would have been weird well, I don't think he would have done the movie if it was on a if he was on a proch choice. Yeah, that's what I M! Okay, I mean that would have been very bizarre. Yeah too bad. You know, I guess you could say his career got left behind. Well, I mean the thing about. It is do that I mean you know, I'm all for woman's rights, so I mean I can imagine people like seeing something like that and just being totally turned off an yeah yeah yeah, and you know, even if it's a movie you don't want to like who wants to see that debated in a movie yeah, especially by you know, I don't think a man would be debating women's rights, especially in a film, because that would turn a lot of people off. You know having a man talk about women's rights, yes, especially kirt Cameron, yeah, yeah and Voy shider like what a cask wow. So it's perfect for a worst suff episode. Yeah. Thank you, I'm not even mad. I lost that one so trevor. Congratulations! You pick up a point, tie up the game and you take control of the board heading into our final one point round. All right. I think I'm going to go for hot product and my hot product was released December. Thr T one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine actually made its film debut before it was released to the public in the classic cult classic Frend avage Hilm the wizard. Every kid wanted one of these things. Even I did this thing was, you know, looked cool, it felt cool and we wanted to do what it did in the film which was control everything without touching a button which is like motion control, like Lucas did in the film. Of course, I'm talking about the power globe. It didn't go on sale till the next year, but it premiere in December, and I actually got one of them for Christmas that, following year, I remember being so excited to put this thing on and play Super Vaw your brothers without haping to do anything I's like yeah jump, jump jump. No, it was garbage. So I kept thinking o myself. Is this set up wrong d? Is the censors not done correctly, so I ended up calling the the Nintendo support and they were no help so edded up only using it maybe once or twice and never using it again, but I did keep it because I thought it looked very cool. It had that kind of Cyber Pug asthetic, which I was really into Sid Beprora. Of course you know well about that renally. So My pick R one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine is the power glove all right. Man Crush. What do you have for hot products? All Right? Let me just preface this first by saying so what we did for hot products. This is a worst of episode, but we did a little bit different here. We went with the top Christmas item for that season and rentally you get to pick whit. The worst one is so whatever year had the worst top product, it is what it is so my year, one thouand nine hundred and ninehty seven. I just graduated High Chool, Ninety six, so I did not have one of these. I knew about it and we discussed this on the show before I think somebody else had as a pick, but it was more than just one, and this is virtual pets and I'm not going to throw out just one because I'll read part of this article right here. This thing it took over the globe. It says they are hungry, they're lonely. They need to go out. Their bark is definitely worse than their bite. Then again, these pets don't actually bark or meal they beep virtual pets are the latest crazes holiday season, with three different brands, ranking as the first third and fourth hottest toys in Doman. This is, of course, in one thousand: Nine hundred and Iet seven. According to a list of the fifteen, most wanted Christmas toys compiled by Toy manfactures of America. So pretty much you had, you had Tamagachi, you had gigapets and you had nano babies and that out of the top four toys, they were three of the top fours you put all those together, one thusand, nine hundred and inety seven was a year of virtual pets, and I watched the video earlier because, like I said before, I didn't have one of these. I think they only went for like ten bucks or something they've ranged, depending on which one you had, I think Tamagachu wis the most expensive and then I went backwards from there. But I watched this video earlier on Youtube of these two. Ladies Ore, probably I know it's hard to to label a woman, but I'm going to say they were both like in their latees and they were talking about having grown up with these, and I was a big part of their childhood and as adults they made a bet with each other who can take care of the one the best and it was going to live throughout the week or whatever. Who would want this thing? It like it was beeping in the middle of the night, while she was trying to sleep like it needs to be played with all day or a dies. You got to feed it and it's not like this is, of course, isn't a time before cell phones. So this is what we on thousand nine hundre seven. There were no games on our beepers, so people were wearing this on their backpack or attaching it to their key chain and carrying it around, but it doesn't even seem that fun. I mean you look at the thing it just had like icons. It was like remember those really crappy games, yeah OES, to get what are those called those LCD games like the the the tiger handheld games, yeah yeah in that's what it looked like. I like it didn't, do anything like. Why were they people so into that? There were anxiety, inducing a one thousand nine hundred and inety seven? I was going to bars yeah now. What do you mean about feeding them? What I, what dod they mean by t so so there was three like on Te Tamagachi, which is the one that I I primarily looked at. It had three buttons on it so like if it needed to be fed, you had to hit the button, so it wasn't like you really had to feed it or do anything any actions with it. You just hit a button and it beeped at you until you did until you do until gave it enough food or whatever, and then you saw how much it grew itwas like what okay, but that was that that's what they wn, one thousand nine hundred nd inety, seven virtual pets. You had three options, and you probably had more than that, because you know once there's a company that put something out. That's amazing! Forty six! Other companies do the same thing. So, aside from these three, I'm sure there were other ones, but here's three alone. How many more you need! That's what I got virtual pets, one thousand nine hundred ND, eighty seven Al Right, so we'L G on one thousand, nine hundred and seventy five, and they liked a different kind of pet. So we'll go over to the Miami herold December, twenty seventh on thousand nine hundred and seventy five and an article that reads in case you've just returned from a sleg dog expedition and nome or you've, been out of touch with civilization. For some times. You may not be aware that the pet rock is a four ounce stone sitting on a layer of Hay and a hamstersize box, and it was the big Christmas item this year. Its promoters promise that each rock pedigreed, of course, can be trained to follow obedience, commands, do amusing tricks and roll over skip, play, dead, fetch and even attack. Throw it at your friends. The car and trending of your pet rock Hamdbook does not explain why it is such an amusing thing to play with, but it does tell you that it has attack training both for long distance and close range attacks. The easiest way to teach Er pet rock to roll over. It's to place your pet rock on a hill, then give it a little push and it should roll right over for you and says gwow wow. It is, though, unfortunately, slightly more difficult to teach your pet rock to come. It says Ben Down, like you would talk to a dog, but then you have to it says to step closer and closer towards the Rock, and you will see it come closer to you. So Yeah, the pet rock man. It sounds like r doing all the work. You are it's absolutely horrible. This is like one of the worst products ever and the descriptions of it are just as bad. It was mame one thousand nine hundred and seventy five by an advertising executive, Gary Doll he made about ninety five cents per rock sold and he sold millions of them lover. So that's what I got for the worst product of Ne Thousand Nine hundred and seventy five hot for Christmas. It's the pet rock! The funny thing is when we were talking about this I said to mark. I was like yeah you'd pick like whatever you know: Ousand Ninedy, eventy, five, a pet rock or something and sure shit. It was tos the pet rock wow, it's better, the lawn darts. I guess I wonder when the guy invented it did. He think people were going to fall for re like you know what I'm just going to fuck with people, let's see if they actually buy this thing, and Lo and behold millions got sold and he was like what the hell did. I just do is Muney yeah totally. It sounds. It's actually kind of genius. Believe it or not. I mean hearing it, it's it's totally because you know he was basically I'm sure he had to be in on the joke in the sense of you know the whole thing about the pet wrong. I mean anyway, so keep going. Let me know when I got a decide: anybody want to fight for ther, I'm not goingto fight for Myn, BA, it's a worse stuff, I'm not going to defens crap I'll fight with my power glove. How wos that I'm pretty sure that your toy is mine and like theyre, the same thing? Yes, it migt just Ne Thousand Nine hundred and ninety seven version of the pet rock. It really is e, it sure is 't weird way, it definitely shows a market, but it's so funny. Well, I've definitely made my choice, though, do you want to hear it all right? Brunnaly, let's Har Your Ferni well having my little dog came into the scene while we were doing this secnent to protest so, and I don't know if you heard her barking, everybody, you pocket devais, that a Lassa Che's, a Yourki, Yorki. Okay, yes, he's a little pocket, a Tea Cup Yorky! Oh She's, adorable! Thank you. I can't get down the street without her, causing a stirshe's more famous than me. Basically nobody just about like they don't even look in my eyes. Theyre like Oh, my Godi. I O you are in hackers. Oh M Godthat, dog yeah, I'm er manager, SOI did'T, want to book her get in touch if it helps my case rentally. The power Glob was in hackers, Wasay yeah, the it was the same. Where they were interrogating, Joey and they're, going through his computer, stuff and and one of the agents has a power glove on his hand which Onala I don't know what that has to do with computers. But maybe the producers thought look cool, absolutely well the art designer, by the way which he was amazing. What was his name Roger Burton? He just did a museum. They just did a museum for the costumes of hackers. So there's like this whole thing. So, if eanybody out there wants to look that up, just look at packers, costume, museum or something, and so he was really amazing. He did also a movie called Brazil, which is very famous, and so he was a very out into you know, obviously, with the costumes and all that in the movie, so I'm sure he hadn' picked that just to have it in there, for you know, Wenostalja whatever it was, you know, but of course the faith, the fake pets I mean got to take it for the worst, which one though yeah my fate pet or marks Fak bet, I I would say the the compuner one, the virtual pets, the virtual pet pisses me off. No, so you don't want this Sik beeping at you and T E at three o'clock in the morning because it wants to get like medicine or some shit. I would smash it. No, no! Don't mess with my sleep. Are you kidding me I'm going to Fegue to my hammer it does fit in though I it kind of fits in with hackers a little bit. I mean we're talking about that time period in that movie. I was a like. I read, Religiously Twenty Six hundred magazine growing up. I've been I've been using computers since one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight. So when hackers came out, I was like I got to see this because I was like at my high school. I was probably like the only kid on the Internet at the time, so I was like all right got check this out and as soon as I'm watching the movie, the first name I see pop up. Of course, Matthy Littlard is Manuel Goldstein, who is really erecorly from W twsany six hundred magazine. So I was like Oh shit like what is going on and then they're pulling out. All the you know the books, the Big Red Book and this and then the scene that got me- and this is something that I had- and I don't even know if I should say this on here, but whatever it's been a long time, but when you're using the red box on the payphone, I'm not even sure, if you know that's what it's called, but when Youre you take that little box, you hold it up to the phone and go di and it like makes the tones. We had those that was like real shit back then, and I remember like using it at high school day of work. Oh yeah, it worked especially with the old. There were different types of telephones back then thereere different types of payphones, and if I'm boring you guys, let me know, but there is the easier ones if it it was labelled like Nix or like eigtnt or something those were hard to do it on. But there were other paphones who were called cocots and what a Cocot was. It was a pathone that was independently owned by like mark like Mark Oens payphone. He puts it at seven eleven and those are like the lowest level. So you can like take that red box and especially like in the later S. maybe in the earlys was a lot easier but like by ninety six. Ninety seven around that area, you had to find a Cocot and usually you'd, find that by Youd look at the label at the top and it usually would say the phone number on it and it would say like whoever owned it, and if it was a Cocot, it would just be like some random name instead of seeing like Nynx or you know, whatever bell you nwi had been living it at the time, so it was really wild and watching that movie, like there's so many references to things like your character, you're, the fandom freak, did you ever meet like? Obviously I'm guessing that you were supposed to be like nynx freak right, the king of Ninex Yeah. Did you? Do you guys ever like meet those guys to because they were all MO dn wies? There was a guy called Nix freak iu mean that was a real yeah yeah. No, you know, no, I didn't know no, we didn't meet any of the people that we were based on. I this is the first time I even hear of Nyx Freak, because I always thought that my character was sort of just you know the writers. You know cre te mad it up or something yes, because I know a yew of the characters sometimes were mixed of different people. You know real people and stuff. So No, we didn't meet any of those people because you know it was about a film ofout crime and you know, and all that kind of stuff. But we did have people that trained us about hacking and the culture and that kind of stuff yeah it was. It was wild watching it because yeah, it's basically like everything's, based on MoD at the time ISAS masters, a deception ere like whatever they wanted MoD to stand for that day and it's a great book. If you guys want to go out IV read this one was in high school, the guys from MoD got arrested in the early s was his name fibroptic. I think his name was. He went away like in the earlyies and he got out like ninety Fou ninet fundre nd, ighty five and they put out a book. There was master's deception, the gang that ruled cyrer pace and it came out my senior year and I remember, reading it and I and knew about those guys early on. They were like gods of the underworld back. Then it's just crazy so like when you actually say something in a scene and that's why I thought you were Ninx freak because you say something like well again. I say I say I'm the King of Nynax King of night, okay, yeah, so that I think that's where I probably tied the two together but yeah dude. I love that movie fantassc one of my favorites, it's one of my absolute favorites. Thank you. Thank you and Trevor Trevor said nobody's allowed to say this, o Wen the say it now hack to planet AAll right an I say it then am I allowed to say it. Then, if everyone else, if anarchy, Hado so nobody's allowed to say it'. So now you can't say it. Well, I ain't. Nobody! NO GO HEAD! G Dyou have to yell it, though, as loud as you can hack the pletet. Okay. Now I feel like a fol, but why don't we all bring it for NISTAGEA? Why don't we all all four of us they hace the planet? Then you got the real Pantom Freekid ri its ton, two three, my wife's probably upstairs like what the Fuckis o wait a minute guys because we were talking about rocks. I how I want to introduce my pet rock, oh because I ho o you have a pet rock. Yes, that's why I was like that's not bad, that's good! So I lot se you ready to meet it. Yeah Hank and I have several, but this is my the pet rock I want to introduce you tob. I thinkit's going to like blow blow your mind a little bit. Okay, it's is my pet, rub very cool wow, now you'e ready now before I strike it, because it's going to hypnotize everybody that listen to the show and I'm going to hypnotize you all and hack you all. Okay. This is the tenty four that's going to play a see which is going to cause me to hypnotize you already before you change your mind. Listen to my voice. Go into your bank account etty out your account cash out he's like transferred Noi'lltake, whatever you got, which ain't much it's Christmas forever. It's all Goneman, that's wild, though I didn't even realize they made sounds like that with those things. Yes now the beauty of Thit, which is why you're going to see why it's worth being called Ta pe rob is because this is a diamond. Oh Wow. This is a broad dyng, a Wran dimond. That is absolutely massive. It's almost the size of your head, never seen of those before. Actually that's incredible, amazing, yes, so this is why I can strike it cash, APP and Itwa doing that man. Thank you guys. It was the leaser yeah but yeah. Now this is, you can buy them online or whatever and trethey're crystals. Basically, but it's you can also get a raw diamond which, in the crystal world, have rocp world nomaking fun deasing. You know the dthe diamond. You know how people like use quorts crystal and stuff, like that the diamonds is the Corh, the stone that transmutes most clearly and and receives and gives out the energy that you're trying to give out the most powerful, so very cool as got a pet rock. I should plug my sisters shop, but she pobaby rentally has a shop, so I mean if he wants to pluy his shot. Yes, like plug your shop. Thank you so much yeah. Well, I have Phantom freecom awesome. Thank you where you can get autographs and Memorbilia and- and you know, merghed from from hackers themes stuff that you know I personalize also, and we got beautiful stuff on there and thank you so much to all the fams that have you know gone on there and- and you know, are just keeping it alive. But yes, it's called Phantom Frekcom and then I have my own design website. where I sell my own tshirt designs and my sneaker designs and it's called renally nyccom very cueet. I have a habit of buying stuff from every yest, so I'm sure I'll be there like. I just got. I just got Chris Ballu's from presidents, the United States of America. He does drawings, awesome drawngs and I just got it. We hung it in the studio. It looks amazing, so yeah I'll probably definitely pick something up from there as well. I've been thinking about blying, one of those, the flappy disks. You sell the yellow ones. I think that would be. That would be so amazing to have as a collector. Well thank you yeah. Those are flying off the shelf and I love I love signing tem. All of them are uniquely signed, my knee, so it's great. I love it. Let me ask you: Where do you get the disks from anymore? Well, you know, I'm so grateful that it. I was approached by someone who does website developing and merchandising and stuff, and so they said like we can do this. We can do that and we loved the distance ideal wand. They were like we can get these disk, the floppy Jists, and then you can sign them if you like- and I was like yeah. Let's do that. So that's how that happens is like do. They have to be yellow when you sign them. Is I te preferred? You know we there's different choices on there. You could get yellow blue red there's. You have like you con PA, that's very cool trever. If you want to follow it, it was the twenty fifth anniversary. What back in September right yeah for this me is it you got ta, Go Yellow Man, he that's that's what I lkt I mean come on all right, Oyou for everybody else, all right, very good! Oh yeah, I mean some people get the yellow and then some people do get the other colors. I mean they're, adorable and they're like really stylish. So it's cool. Do they come preloaded with the garbage file, only half of it? Okay, yes, but be very careful because you don't want the FBI on your tol. Don't blame me. You know what I'll just rat out I'll just write out. Man Crush because he has that box. So I don't have that box anymore. I that boxing, I do have matter of fact, which is pretty funny and we can get on with the game here in a second. But this sits by my desk. I just realized. You see that o six hundred the book this is like a combendium of like years worth of twenty six hundred. Is that a hard cover yeah? Oh, very cool Nie. I bought that like a long time ago. That would be awesome to get signed by one of you guys sure Yeus Kan. Well, you that's the other thing you can go. You can write to Phantom freakcom and we also do special Lorders Theso. What they do, of course, is they, like anything they hear outside. They make a big Fus soforsome of guys, but then nobody knows they're like wagging their tail behind the door, but it works menacing Yorkies, all right man, Chrus we're heading into the two point rounds and you've tied up the game at one point: a piece: what category we going with next all right, let's go! This is where it gets. Tough, let's go to television start out there, let's go December tone thousand nine hundred and ninety seven. I found this one interesting and it's it's not the show itself, but it's something that I found that Tony Dansis said afterwards and I'm going to Harkem back to an episode. We did like a little bit over a month ago, with the fellows from the orange years. We ere talking a lot about nickelodeon on that episode and one point we were specifically talking about nicken night and I can't re recall if this was Adam sweeny or Scott Barbar, the protess up. We were talking about family television and how there ere certain shows on television like on nick at night. Do you remember sitting around the television with mom and Dad and watching these shows- and this quote that I found from Tony Danzer here and Resonet with me. For that reason, but I'll give you a little background on the show firs so in Septemern, thousnd, nine tundred and ninety seven NBC debuted, the Tony Danza show, and I'm not talking about the two thousand and four Tony Danzis show, which was a talk, show exact same name totally different show. This was a sitcom. Once again, Tony Danza he's a single parent he's. Takeng care of two daughters he's got a rebellious sixteen year old and he's got an eleven year old who's. A super hypochondriact she's got a disease every five minutes as NBC. Typically does we've gone over this, their poor handling of shows on this show before countless times they debute the pilot going head to head with a ratings jug or not. They had the country music wards Ron. This was during the pilot and then after three episodes, they took it off on Wednesday nights for the entire length of sweeps, so the pilot was barely seen because it wa had a really competitive time slot. Then they take the show off the air for basically six weeks before bringing it back on December. Third, so really NBC never really gave the show a shot so anyway, so I found this article. It was from December fifteent, where Tony Danza he's talking about trying to fight to stay on the air and keep the show alive. I'll, give you a spoiler, it didn't work. The last episode was actually played on December tent and the show ended after five episode, but I mean here's the part that resinated with me. Let me just find it from this article because I think there's a great point: I'm bucking a trend, Danses said in resignation, people clamor for family entertainment, but they don't watch it and that's true of movies as well. He cited a recent screening at seven PM on a local channel for pulp fiction movie filled with violen sex dope and obscene language, and he says thiis from Tony Danze. I don't care if Quitton Tarantino, editd the whole thing over and redubbed every line. Danza said the movie should not be on at seven o'clock the kids, usually at that time, ere watching fresh, prince of bell air and then going instead they're seeing Sam Jackson shooting a guy in his head, and he said I'm doing a show where my daughter is getting her first phone on the other networks, they're doing penis, jokes and everyone's making out. There's no such thing as family hour anymore, and he goes on to say, like he's, trying to sell a show for this family hour, which it kind of was, and it really took me back to that episode- What we were talking about, those guys, because that's not around anymore they're, like I have a fourteen year old now and there's hardly any family, shows that we sit around and watch. So I thought this was like it's bad for multiple reasons that one NBC totally fucks up gives this guy five episodes really puts them in a bad spot. You know just from the pilot on he's climbing up hill and then on top of that he's trying to make this family entertanment show and nobody's watching it NBC cuts it and it's kind of like the end of an era right there Decemer one thousand, nine hundred and ninety seven Tony Danze show ending after five episodes all right trevor. What did you bring for the television round? A family show? Actually it's not the show itself, it's more. What happened in the show December Fif t ne Thousan, nine hundred and eighty nine. The fourth episode of the First Season of family member matters, the debut of Erkel, everyone's favorite, annoying neighbor, who was charming and kind of funny for a couple years. Then they gave him his own dance. They gave him ind. Some cereal is talking toy. Exactly that's what I was Goinna say he had the yeah that talking Irkel doll it just it was. It just became oversaturation yeah, so it was way too much of a of a semi okay thing and the character. You know. I don't know. If really, you could get away with this kind of character right at this time, because he didn't know how to take no furn answer. So I mean he was a little stacker very and kind of gas lighty. So you know the premier of Irkel was kind of the start of a downward trend. You know it became less about the family, the windslows and more about Julio White and Ergel. You got to have to wonder if the cast resented him for that. You know it was this really Nice family show about a working class African American family and suddenly they bring in a sterotypical nerd and suddenly he becomes the talk of the town and the biggest thing in television. So my choice for Decembe, one thosand, nine hundred and eighty nine- is the debut of Irkel. Let me ask you this question: If they didn't have Ircle, do you think they'd be mad if they got canceled after two seasons for not having Irkle, because he kind of carried that show he did carry the show he did, but I think they were trying to do something different. That's Tgi, F. Prime time baby I mean Athis is back in the early S, Ltee Earl S, where the only notable Africanamerican family on television was the COSBY's. They were diversifying the Tgif lineup and I think that's a great thing, so I mean I think they wanted to do that on their own without having to rely on a on a catch phrase. Yes, what was this cat' freeze? Did I do that? Okay, good acting drever? Thank you and I didn't go to school in New York. I went to high school and shorline wow good, acting good, acting for soralined, absolute being all right. Gentlemen, all this talk of family television tonight makes me feel right at home, because we're going to go to a television show that I was forced to watch as a young child, because my sister and my mother were huge fans of this and its wholesome family television. Or is it we're going to little house on the prairie episode entitled the Gift? Now in this episode, Mary is entrusted with all of the revenue that's been collected from her Sunday school class, so they can buy the reverend a birthday present. Now they find this incredible Bible. That's leather covered can get his name in Boston golden it, but it costs three dollars and they only have a dollarsixty seven. So what do they do and out of a magazine they find they can buy a whole case of holistic medicines for a dollar fifty and then sell them at twenty five cents. A bottle tey'll have the money in no time so, basically, Laura and Mary become drug dealers and pushers to try to earn money to get a better Bible for their reverend. They start having a hard time selling all these elixers and vils and a conman happens to come to town and, of course, the angles mother gets taken in by him and she feeds them and falls for his woves. So the girls they pick up a few tips from him, so Laura disguises herself as a poor child who has been orphaned and is just trying to sell these holistic medicines to save her family and, of course it doesn't work because in the town of all of fifty people they recognize who Laura Angles is: Trug, oer right drug. So That's what I'm picking for the worst of Television Little House on the prairie episode entitled the Gift. It was December, seventeenth, ninetueen and seventy five. I can't watch that regularly. No matter of fact, I watch this episode twice for all of you, duelers the first time. I only got halfway through it because it put me to sleep and I woke up and it was playing like three episodes later and mark. I thank you for your sacrifice. Now it's on your algorithm gn keep hopping. We see you like little house. How would you like to watch DCR AN OH, my goodness, all right, so let's toss it down to Brenalley for the verdict on the television round. This is the tough one. Well I have to say I mean I know it was a horrible episode, but hearing about Little House on the prairie only gives me nostalgia that I'm so proud of, and I just want to see little Laura Right now, uneed a fix Ar fathen. You know I mean Ircle. Was that character drove me? Not. I never liked and I never watched the show. I thought it was just enoug obnoxious, but as an actor I don't want to down. You know: Jeleo White, I mean Iyou, that's her and I mean he mad yeah. I he made the money good for him. You know I mean I don't Ou know so. I'm gonna have to see the worst one would be the twenty Danzer cancelation that shit sucks right, yeah, it sucks and I'm sorry I dropped the shit word. Oh No, you n, you could totally curse, you can that shit sucks man up, he waited for the two point righ and you know I know what that feels like a little bit, because the first thing I ever did was a TV show called City, kids and it was a darn good show that broke a lot of ground. It was very much like before the whole glee thing I mean it was like a singing and performing and the songs. You know we look at. Sometimes you know what someone was staying touch and they play the shit from back in the and the fucking songs were amazing and the you know the singing and everything. So I know what Tony Danze went through in the sense of like when a good show o good production is going on and the network just keeps dropping the ball and they don't know what to do with it, and then it was ate kids on was. That was that Fox ABC eight nose. E morning I remever see yeah. I remember the show yeah Saturday mornings yeah it sucks like ABC. We don't bring up as much for for fucking things up NBC is notorious like we've come across, so many great shows that they've just actually it's one of two things: it's either a great show that they just stop abruptly. So you never get the second Seasyo, never get. He the you never find out what happens or they just do a really awful pilot where you're like. Why did you do this yeah and then they'll? You know they'll. do it for a couple episodes, but that's what NBC does, but that sucks like t when I was reading that article and and seeing like how dancer was like going a bat for the show Lik you wanted to keep it on the air. So I watched it it it's hard to find because they did like, I think, a dozen episodes of the show, but only five airs, so they obviously Itsit's not going to get a blue rate release or something so on Youtube. You can only find the pilot episode and the pilots, not bad. I've seen much worse, pilots and it's your typical Tony Danza. It is what it is, but it definitely deserved more than hat episode, so I had to give that that well, Tony's anceas always been kind of the family friendly kind of lokable he's like Joey without the sex drive. I guess you could say right: Onfrient, yeah, yeah, Ye h, Oh no, absolutely twenty Danza was a freaking star. He was such a great Sundy Seo such he's always come. OUP He's always seemed like the nicest guy he and I can kind of understand where he's coming from and he had a pedigree to I mean a guy came from taxi and then who's the bosses, R, both shows were on for a long time. Yeah. I would you give him five episode, just let it play out totally dvies an idiot at ABC Igula. They canceled my show. What's going on, I was on APCC Angela. No, this one was NBC but well. ABC is also for forget rid of your show. Their assholes and NBC also assholes for getting rid of the show thanks all right. Man Crush we're heading into the final music round and you've jumped out to a three to one lead. Would you like to go first, or are you going to defer yeah, I'm goingto differ. I will defer. Let's go Trevor Alrighty, you get the music okay. This album made its debut in one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine, but the single from the album Madis tobew December twre, one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine Davym was called hooked. The ALPUM WIS rereleased, actually one thousand nine hundred and ninety thoug. You may know it better as to the extreme. The single released was called ice ice baby and it was a big hit single and it was our fault. We all did this. We have no one to blame bout ourselves. For this thing I mean we gave this guy a movie. We gave H M ACAMEO and an IDGA hurles film. You know there's a worst of episode yeah, and this is the worst because we all got sick of it, W as Zigos. We all got sick of it. So drop that zero and get with this hero, so I'm going to need youralf to stop collaborate and listen because my pick for the wors one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine is the release of the single ice ice baby by vanilla ice wow. Man that that's almost his triggered to pick is drew Zachman picking Christmas story. In a worst of episode, a couple months Aga I came to play guys. I came to play all right so for my pick, we'll go over to the Anderson, Harold December, seventeenth, Thond, nine hundrend and seventy five in a section called accent on youth. They reviall kinds of new albums and in this particular issue they review equinox by sticks and the review reads all right. I've been sitting here for twenty one minutes and honestly, I can't think of one good thing to say about this: Album we do five guys from the south side of Chicago get off singing with English accents. The Promo meterial included with the record bost their recent single lady, which sat in the Ben for three years before being rereleased. The material on equinox sounds just as old, worn and outdated. The article then goes on to describe the album track by track, ripping each one apart and then closes with at the risk of belaboring the issue. I challenge anyone to explain the significance of this album's title Equinox and then there's the album's cover photo, including a burning ice cube as all of you literary Buff Snow. The sticks is a Stinky River that flows through hell, which I suppose tells more about the group's music than any review. Could so that's what I have for the music round. It's equinox by sticks. It was the band's fifth studio album. It stalled that number fifty eight on the charts before eventually going gold in one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven only on the heels a release of their next album, so yeah random sticks, album. There's! No that's kind of like that Rio speedwagon, album that I had there was only released in Japan, was that the one couldn't find anymore, not even on spotify yeah yeah. It's like very, like it's notn spotofiesin the streaming anywhere. He guys can I take a break real quick, be right back yeah. Where are you going? The hathroom put that on the episode IPL BE O pack? Oh, we will oh man dod. I just watched while he's gone. I I just watch hackers again do I I love that movie. I mean I've seen you in like a ton of stuff. Obviously, like con airs Great. I saw that movie like Multiple Times in theaters, but hackers is fantastic and it it's probably because I grew up on all the computer stuff and I just loved how everything rolls in the movie but like down to the style. Like everything h t you guys were doing- and I know it's like it's over the top, but it's still great- it's still fantastic, even today in two thousand and twenty I'm watching it and it holds up which a lot of movies. I can't say that for from my youth, so thank you for that T. it's fantasic movie. Thank you! Thank you! So much I I you know. I I never get tired of hearing something you know positive about that film and thank you. I mean it really was we had so much fun making it and it's it's always like, really really meaningful. When people say that, because when we were making it dude the Ta yeah, that's you know one of the ree, I think Itas always Awayslieoh in the furs. Now Yo, hey were always ing were not using our handiike everyonewas. They wer trying to imagine you knowcmters Bu Wes Gonto get their ashion Wacho. I think we guys werehead e curv on their Imagiaiif youid the way that we were really doing ha twenty five years, because I was on like Irthi the Internet, s hey wanted to doerthingaut beautiful hing. Unless you were like AOL or something, and you weren't going to do a two hour movie sitting on IRC, which is Internet relay chat where it's all text and your website or all tat, it would have been boring as ell. It would have been great for a worst of episode. Yeah. I probably still would have liked it because actually sneakers is like that Reme, the movie spekers yes, sneakers- is very much like that. But that's like a very deep movie and it's you know it goes over a couple decades and stuff so, but yours is a very time: sensitof peace and everything that was going on. That's why I always tied it back to that a whole MoD thing is because that happened like I think it was like Onninete n ninety one when they all got busted so don't know if they pulled pieces of that to put the movie together, but it always resonated so that it's really awesome man. So as soon as that's when I came across your name and somebody was like promoting your stuff on our facebook page in our facebook group, and I was like Holy Shit, they're actually they're selling stuff from the movie and and then I went to the website. The Fan of Frek website- and I was like this is awesome. So that's why I sent the messages like we got. Ta Have M Mon. I ye as excited to be invited on totally not disppointed, all fantastic, all right ban crush. Why don't you wrap up this game with your music selection allright? So I just finishe pantering to the judge for five minutes, but I'm gonna, I'm gonna do my thing here. So we're going to go December. First, one Thousad, nine hundred and ninety seven now normally like I try to consume all of my picks. If I can, if it's a movie or a TV show I'll watch it if it's a hot product, I'll try to get my hands on it, if I can I'll get it if it's music I'll, listen to it, however, after just looking at the cover of the CD there was zero fucking chance, I was going to listen to this listen. I share my spotify account with my immediate family, so my daughter and my wife to just having them see that on my history like, and they know that I do this show. So I don't think that would be hard to explain. I think the worst part of this, like I don't want spotify, to know that I listen to the CD like I said the mark before, like I don't want this fucking up my algorithm, where they're like throwing it out there, like Oh yeah here. Here's this album- you like this, so you like this, but anyhow in one thousand nine hundred ad. Ninety seven, this kid is he's like the David Haselhoff of kids, music. We got Aaron Carter, he's the nine year old brother of backstreet boy, Hartthrob Nick Carter, and he released his debut album, which is called Aaron Carter, they're they're, really trying to double down on that Carter. Name here and I said he's like the hassle off kids music because much like the backshee boys debut, which actually I had that pick. Maybe last year I had, I think, one thusn nine hundred and ninety seven as well. Maybe it was a summertime episode. They also released their album first in Europe. That's right, folcs, US Americans. We would have to suffer for one more year without Aaron Carter's musical prowess, because we wouldn't get it until like some time, one thousand nine hundred and inty eight. But matter of fact they release Tho sucker twice in Europe before the US ever even got it. They released it in Europe and then they did like a remix and added like a song, but the album in the US. When we finally got it, it would Pak at number seventeen on the US heat seekers chart. So you know it's huge. However, this was a Jugger, not overseas. It would go number five in doorway number. Thirteen in Germany number eight in Denmark number five in Taiwan and number sixteen in Sweden leading US leading to ask us a question what the fuck are they listening to overseas like why? Why is this debut album that high up overall, this album? It would end up selling over a one million or one million copies to adoring fans worldwide, Yeai'm also Woun, to have four amazing singles, including crush on you, crazy little party girl, which is kind of weird coming from a nineyearold kid I'm going to miss you forever and then rounding everything out completely butchering Surfin USA by the Beach Boys. I mean that itself is reason enough to win this round. I mean that's just Blasmius for a nine year old to put out serving USA like no, but that's what we got. We got Aaron Carter with Aaron Carter, and that was December. First ninee. I you know how you criticize me for my vanilla ice pick. Oh Stop, you're, NOT HAING ISA COUPLES! Eran Carter, songs on my Eypod from his debut, Oh, not from the debut from the arrant's party, come get it era. You know where he did that son, that no I don'. I don't know that one either. If you throw out a backery boy song, I probably wouldn'te new it, but like aarin Carter, I have no no clue. It's it's a guilty pleasure. It's stupid team, Bob Bullshit, but I still Bob my head to it wow. Well, I would want. I got ta hear some an Carter now I don't know why you imean curious Obon to sing it for you Yeaha you got to come, get it! Everybody got IGAA come get it Heritas got to come, get it Whatsi it again from the lft Hn m gt it. Okay, that's not from his debut, though that' sone polished. He didn't say he wanted to hear from his debut. He said he wanted to hear her an Carter, so I gave you got ta give her aliht Yeah that works yeah! Well, you know weirdly enough, this son is going to sound super weird to you guys. If one of you can look this up, but I wasn't seeing things I remember reading this once, which is that Bruce Willis for some reason bought Aaron Carter, Acar, like that's Wana, birthday, presdent or something or that sounds like a payoff. That's weird I mean I'm like that's what I'm saying. Yeah like Aaron Carter needs someone to buy him. A car, Birst Willis should be buying me a call right. I don't know why that happened, but he must have had a guilty pleasure. I don't know. I found something like that on ready, Soun Dantiful, what it is: Bruce, Willis, Butt, Childpopstar Aaron Carter, one million dollar worth of gifts when Cargerwad in was in his early teens. It's very bizarre yeah I paying for a silence. It's listening guys and I read it on page six, which is the New York Post, which they totally you know they don't really lie about stuff. So yeah, that's why I never forgot it. I was like wait. This is I'm trying to make s and listen. I know Bruce Wille. I've met him before when I was before I made movies and hit was very, very, very nice, but I mean I'm not trying to say nothing, but you know, but he didn't buy you a car. No, he wasn't that Nice. It was not well, I mean it wasn't an AR. I wasn't unknown star, then or anything, but I actually just weird things of like you know back. You know funny things that happend I sang on stage with him once well, because yeah because of Demi more was involved with city Kius, the theater group. I told you about that Donald Thason and I were part of, and so then we did like a fundraiser and she was involved in Bruce. You know she brought Bruse and- and that was that you know, and then, since we were performers- and he was a singer for a moment- Remeberou Yepyea under the boardwalk- that's right, he sang in a was it a beer, commercial. It was a Wa wicooler wine, Cooler Bar James. Yes, he sung in a w faln jams, commecial class, and he had that albumer return of Bruno, which I on Vinyl ystherical. It's all coming back, I know. Actually I thought respect yourself was a kind of pretty decent cover. It was, you know he had a decent voice, it's just that he got. He took him way too seriously. You Right. He took it way too seriously. He should have had more fun with it, and maybe people would have been a little more adaptive to it. But you know you are so yes yeah. That's so true, I don't know if you saw a clip of him back in American bandstand like in the S or s way before he you know got in television and movies and before the other later music career. But did you see anything of that trevor? Didn't I don't think so? Okay, well, just to back that up, he was on American bandstand. He getting you know he got a shot then and like the SS or whatever, and he had a he had a tity attack on the on the show because, like somebody played something wrong- and you know instead of just being laid back like yeah, okay, let's do it- he was like no MIT Youi. You know what you're doing that's kind of his ret, though it's still kind of a eitation even today, right well, so guys again, because I've met to me many times and Bruce was nice, I'm not bashing the POS, I'm not sing, you know Ho we hear it. We got e, of course, tem rining off that he spent a million dolas on Aron carder, which is weird go figure. I know I only spent ninety nine cents. Let's go down to our judge, renally Santiago, for the final ruling on this game. I would have to say it's very tough. It is because ice ice baby- I thought- was pretty cool. Believe it or not. I mean I got on the bank wagon of being annoyed by it when it was over, but I liked that, let's face it, let's give them. propsy was one of the first white wrappers right and he kind of broke that ceiling open for people like amanam and everybody else. I feel you know what I mean yes and he was a legitimate hit and he was a good looking guy. Then we got what we got. I think sticks takes it for the worst. I saw sticks in concert about three years ago, the one of the opening acts for death leopard. How was it and they were Tommy, shot Abazin? He has got such a good voice. Yeah Dude. I was shocked because we see it like we live by Bethel up here. So BETHEL will get like you know, a decent size band and then they'll have like an older band. Is the opener usually and some of them kind of? Let you down a little bit. They did not. They were fantastic yeah I mean all heli. Listen, all of them were competitive, but listen. If you get a million dollars from Bruce will is your fucking hog. Then, if you Saii Baby, you know what I mean and then sticks unfortunately hod to take the front. I'm sorry, I'm sorry sticks all right. Man Crush well. You know what that means. We're all tied up. So, what's between you and me to go to the final wild card round, all right I'll make my I'll make mine quick, because I only picked one thing and again: This is I'm GOINGNA. Go Television on mine and I'm going Na go with the show men behaving badly. Do you guys remember this Onlth Rob Schneider Yeah. I thought it was a great show and it only lasted two seasons and it got canceled on in December. Only last thed two seasons yeah. They used to play it on like USA in the mornings. It was like a block with that and the Single Guy Carolinea in the city, all right guy, so we'll go to my wild car round pick and we're going to go to a little college football action for the blue and gray football classic now this was a classic. That's well, not even classic anymore, because they canceled it. It was the college football all star game, but on this one they split the teams up between players that played for schools that were part of the confederacy and players against schools that were part of the North during the civil war, and that's not even the worst thing about this. They couldn't even hold on to getting the the game broadcasted on television regularly so one year, even in on Thousan, nine Tundren and seventy five December twenty eighth one thousand nine hundred and seventy five will go over to the gazette and see to rapidzio where they talk about this game. An independent TV network recently ordered officials of the blue and gray all star game to shorten the first quarter from fifteen minutes down to twelve minutes to avoid paying an overtime bill for using the airways past ten pm referees and timekeepers not only obeyed the directive. They followed the networks later directive to lengthen the fourth quarter, to compensate for the Games, rapid bace. So of course, fans were completely outraged by this because it althered the gameplay and because they slowed down the fourth quarter. The North team was allowed to mount a big come back and when fourteen to thirteen wait, how many? How much did they extend? The fourth quarter? To it doesn't say it's a half hour, just a they elongated, the fourth quarter, so yeah that's what they did to try to get the hold this thing on television and luckily it hasn't been played since two thousand and three. So that's what I got from my wild card round pick. I was saying before I got my power dipped out here. I am Rob Scneider. This ropsnhider was on the show we alsaid Justine Batman was on this one and Rot whatas his name Ron, Eldar, oh Ron, Ron, alter yeah elder great, show T it was on again NBC screwed the poots on this one only got thirty five episodes in was over in two years, all right, so we're DUNB with the wild card round. I guess there's only one thing lest to do and that's go down to our celebrity guest judge, renoldly Santiago for the final ruling on this game. I would have to go with I mean my goodness, especially with the year we've had we're talking about bad, that football game sounds like a crop, Ta Shi Right, so you know what that means. Duelers. I actually pick up a win in this one, so thanks a lot to our judge, rentally Santiago, for helping me out on that. One can't believe we went all the way to the the wild card round and I had to pull out the blue in the gray football classic. I wasn't yeah. I wasn't expecting to get a tie. I'v Never expecting to get. I ninety seven, what you notice a lot. I mean we cover the s quite a bit like especially Lik. I get the EIES quite a bit. So when I get the NTHERE is a lot of garbage in the S, but when we try to do a worst of NS episode, I didn't have that much garbage. There were some stuff there was garbage, but it wasn't like a plethera of garbage, but I got close closee. That was my Oson. That to that was my problem too. It was like really hard to find like shit in my year. It really was. I was like music, I mean I've never heard these bands, so I can't really assume movies. Okay, what came out in December? She devil the wizard. I love the wizard, so I can't do that. So I was kind of kind of up against a corner here I was actually. I was a little shocked that home home alone, three didn't pull off a movie round. I thought that was. I thought that was my best pick of all five of my picks. I know, but since mculy was in my school and stuff, O a curol and just goes to show you never know what the judges here on doing decades are going to choose like having them on. But do you have anything coming up or anything o you want to plug before you get out of here, which tor? What definitely you know check out my site, Phantom freakcom and renally nyccom, and I do have a movie coming out next year. It's a small role, but it's a cool film is like a Wolf Warewolf movie type of thing. It's called three days rising and Maki. Rorck is in there too nice, so yeah it'll be fun thing, and then you know I'm recording I'm getting ready to accourt more stuff and then we'll see what else comes up very cuool. It's tough here, yeah yeah have: When did you guys record that movie like prior to the pandemic or you did it this year yeah? We did it this year before the pandemic. That suck so do you know the date that this is going to come out or they don't even know yet with the whole O, no they're still they're still editing it still in post production. So I probably would imagine II think that I'll probably come out in two thousand and twenty one, that's cool. We had this conversation with Keith Kugan like months ago, and we were talking about this last week off the air like what are your general feelings about, watching a movie that just came out at home as an actor and somebody that you know your movies go to the big screen. What do you feel about like people just like watching it in their houses? Does it lose the feel? Does it lose the luster? What you guys creat it for or does it not matter to you at all, I'm grateful to see that a lot of good material has been coming out, so it doesn't feel as bad, but yeah I mean it. Does it e it its the magic of seeing something in a theater is always the best way to see of you know film and when it just comes out, because that that gives it like its best medium to be really like appreciated, and it's like such a grand kind of you know setup, but I'm you know, I'm glad that the transition into like television with the films and stuff hasn't been so bad and then there's like really great stuff like on hbol, Max and stuff, like that and Netflix. That has made it easier. You know I'm, but it's tough. When you watch a film at home that just came out, does it bother you that, like say a movie like tenant, it was made for the theater and then it you know. Were we rent it on Vod and it doesn't have that same feel when you're watching it at home yourself? Do you feel like kind of let down by a movie like that? Or do you have like that wanning in the back of your head to just wait until the theaters open back up, so you can go and watch it in a theater and just forget about watching it at home. Yeah I've just been trying to accept. You know what I mean because, especially since I do work as an art as an actor, an an artist and stuff, I don't want to have a very big on now negativity. You know what I mean like I'm yeah and I feel that that can affect you know. There's a lot of people, cynicism out there and stuff you know, and so I don't want to get you know in that mood. But it's definitely you know a drawback in e sense that it's just you know a shame, but but I'm grateful at least that there's a way. You know what I mean it would be much worse if these films didn't have the way to get out. That would have been like that Wal, a worse yeah for sure yeah, especially over the summer wewere waiting, and we really didn't, have anything lined up and we're like like didn't even feel. Like summer there was no big blockbesters coming or anything yeah. There was like a whole month and a half for just everything stalled because they ere waiting to see and nothing got released. We're like ging towe were. We were like in a holding pattern for like half the summer, yeah speaking of negativity, a roll Thof yeur in this is actually a pick of mine. Like maybe like two weeks ago, three weeks ago, I had daylight as as my movie pick, and this was on a best. TUFF episode- Wasn't ot a worst of episode, Love that movie Sawid in the theaters, but the scene where you're scared, a shit and you're on the bus and ifalways forget our first name but Brennaman Amy, Redman, she's, yeah she's. Trying to talk you out do what was that like because you look scared, O Shit and that scene like there was no shit like a electric cable like flying all over the place. How D you get in the mindset to even act that way because you wouldn't move you were like I'm not going, I'm not going! I'm I going yeah wow! Thank you so much. That means a lot man I'. That really does, because I really put a lot into that performance and a lot into that that film and it was leisure to make, but it's a very emotionally draining because imagine imagining you know having to step into being in a catastrophe like that and you know and being in the fire so with that scene. That, ironically, was one of like that scene was shot in the first week. H of the of us, making the movie mean it was a nine month shoot. So yes, so I'm just amazed that you brought up that scene because again it was like the first week. So it's like any job, even if it's a movie or a regular job. You know you everybody's basically just getting to know each other, and you know if you bid you're new, you don't have any really ties with anyone yet or anything, and you got to go in and do this heavy scene, and you know all this other stuff. So I just remember I did my research, you know on addition and also you know what like disasters, and it was just that I mean I just totally gave myself into the moment, but I do remember and it's funny that you bring that up, because there was also a lot of movie magic and pretending. So that's really cool that that scene, I've never heard anymody mention that scene. So you always like not that I try to en. You know worry about things, but you know I always like it's good to know that it came off well enough that somebody like yourself, would remember it and stuff. You know, because you know really honestly like that wire. That was just US pretend it was like. You know when you're acting it's so funny, but it's like, as somebody grabs a bell. You know right. Look just preternd Iu on you, not okay, so so that that cable wasn't even there, it was there, but but it wasn't obviously wasn't live or anything well. It had like you know like little thip like in real life. It wasn't a threat, it's just the FRIGG. It's a b. You know cable, rubber, something eah yeah. So I'm glad that we built suspense around that Damn Satin, just the freaking dead, cable that we you know you got to like you know, that's the movie magic. You know yeah that whole scene, man, like Ab Bredman, taking her boots off yeah and using them like gloves to grab that cable, yeah it'sit's a great scene like you watch it, and that starts out the movie after the whole thing happens. Hat's like one of the first things you see, yes and you know before stalone even gets there, and you know it's just you guys. Yes and IW. You guys are building that up. Thank you and I remember when we shot it and you know as an actor watching her, you know thinking okay. I hope she feels O, like you know, knowing that she's Goti, because when she grabbd at that cable and had to do she had to physically, you know that wire was not really moving dancing around. She had to make move her body around like he was fighting with the wire. You know what I mean, and so that was all her. You know faking it. You know that is incredible. Like daybody gets sick during that, I always think about that in water movies. Yeah, because you guys are wet like all the time right, great question: The the water was heated, no shit e Wen, you guys are just faking being cold. Yes, etid pools. When we did the scene, the water seems it was just a lot of changing in and out of clothes because, like if the scene starts a certain way and you're not as wet and then by the time all this happens, you're soaking wet once they call cut. We got to go back into certain sections. This was a huge set. So when it was in Italy they did a model of the Holland tunnel. That was actually ten New York City blocks long, which is you know, the the actual tunnels it come over a mile, and so they didn't a curve. So when you look at it, it looks long. You know what I mean that visual righ yeah and so h y. We would have to walk off that set go into these cards where they would drive us back in these golf cards to dry up again to change back into. You know your your costume again to go back and do that scene again, so that during that section we were getting wet like nine times a day like changing and drawing up again and stuff. So that was like you know what the best part of that movie is, though, and T, and I'm sure they delivered it like this. For me, it was the best part because the dog dies, but then the dog comes back. The End Thi was like thank you like the guys, a spoiler. If anybody hasn't seen it spoiler turn it off, but like the Coole, wife, Diesdon and you don't yeah, you don't even care about the wife dying anymore. You just want you're like, but the dog drowned it's like D, But then the dog comes back and like this is the best it's like Domad. It's like the Independence Day rule. Basically the dog and Independence Day like no don't kill, but don't do kill the dog and hot you can't. You can't kill a Dogno, you can't kill a dog and he does this incredible leap into the like Rollin Americk was like I'm not going to kill a Duk in my disaster movie I'll kill thousands and thousands of of people around the world, but no I'm not killing that fucking dog. I love it. Well, I'm glad you brought that up to because the director of the dog thing was a big deal to the you know: Everybody in the director too. It was like the dog we got, I with the dog, you know, so it was. He knew that he was hoping that you know people would be attached to the dog, and then you know when that happened, that they would get. That kind of. You know reaction yeah and it was so low te the way they did it too, because the dog didn't have like a were talking about a dog about a movie that Ame on one thousand nine hundred and ninety six and it wastey used two dogs Ohas to Oh, really. Yes, they gave him hat. You know break in the the way that they did. It, though, was so great, though, because it was like a low key like the dog was there, but it wasn't really mentioned, nobody's really worrying about the dog and then all of a sudden, the dog just vanishes, and everyone was like what wait it just et gets you iwas like right in the stomach you're like no way the dog just died, and then you know, of course the life dies, but then e dog comes back, save you know everything's good again, but the effects in that move, Ne Thousand Nine hunded and Igety. Six that I talked about a couple weeks ago is amazing. Wyes done and we wit the beauty of those kinds of things that I love is that it's you know they really build. Those sets- and so you really are in you know a firepit or really like in water, and you know that that moment when the ground gives in and we got to go runn in to save the the security guy in the truck falls. Yeni, remember Yep, that was intense man. Hi really was and it was acting, but I was you know when you got to play that every day and real and you got to put yourself there, I mean I almost feel like I've survived this a you know disaster. You know, I know what that feels like you know. Well now, if this ever happens, you could just be like Stalo, which is the funny part about that movie is like they. The only reason that he was able o to fix this whole thing is because he was in this like terrorism in service back in like ninety four, that he keeps pringing up, that he was there. So he's like you know he could take care of this because he was at that inservice for for terrorism, but now you could be that guy so IV, you ever in the tunnel. People are going to find you because you're going to know how to get out of that thing. If I'm ever, if IEMVER stuck in a tunnel, I want rentally to come rescue because that's the only ran. I will trust to get me out of trouble. Lord Forbi Lords Forbid. That won't happen but DODE. Thank you so much for coming on and come back any time then go check out your website. You will see an order for me, I'm sure yeah me too it wild k. You thank you guys, all of you each and every one of you is amazing. I really think you guys are great. So many less T. U so much and you'R your payment to cash appill, be there in yeah ru pleasure to meet you rentally. It really was have a merry Christmas, a a happy holiday, Ankou traver! You two guys merry Christmas happy New Year. God bless you stay safe and and stay in touts following me on social media, an now you have a new friend I'll. Remember you guys, you know all right, fantastic TAT, OBIA! Take it easy! You well all right dewelers! Well, I guess we're going to have to end this episode right here, but don't worry if you've missed an episode. You can always head back to dueling decadescom, where you can subscribe to the show on Itunes, spotify really everywhere. PODCASTS are revailable, but in the meantime, head over to facebookcom forward dueling decades, where you can join our private group and share some of your very own Retro Memories. So until next time deelers we're going to bid you a piece, love, Lightin, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone, Yes New York, your beheard