Dueling Decades
Jan. 29, 2020

The return of legendary rocker Robert Tepper and a Rock n' Roll '80's vs '90's duel for the ages!

The return of legendary rocker Robert Tepper and a Rock n' Roll '80's vs '90's duel for the ages!

Everyone's favorite retro game show is back with an all new nostalgia filled episode! This week we have an epic Rock n’ Roll duel for you. Marc James shakes his money maker with the rockin’ tunes of 1990! His opponent this week is fan favorite Beau..

Everyone's favorite retro game show is back with an all new nostalgia filled episode! This week we have an epic Rock n’ Roll duel for you. Marc James shakes his money maker with the rockin’ tunes of 1990! His opponent this week is fan favorite Beau Becraft shows us just who made who with the rock of 1986! Dueling Decades Champion, Mancrush joins us on commentary as we hear the return of a true rock legend. Robert Tepper makes his triumphant return to the show to judge this head bangin’ battle!

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infermary mediapeop Julans, the pixe o PLA, but it Toto Im ran agan upon that Capu tot the power Gopcom fiht for what LOVENHC, Topo pecopiencrotat pae te Poe cop wild, Tak Gran, a o Balyitin, I ampa e TNO come fight for Wat. You love OA broadcasting from the infirmary media studios. It's the adult. Only Retro Game Show where the eighties and nineties Bantl for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dueling decades. Let's meet this week's duelers and the decades they will be fighting for in this rock and roll battle. Joining us on commentary is the dueling decades champion Mancrush it's up d just here to to watch what goes on and remind everybody, gover towww, dtfcebook, dotcom, foward, slash doing decades after you've. Listened this episode, you're already listening to the episode judge the rounds for yourself message it to us, and you get twenty points on the leaderboard said simple. I am Markd Jamesand for this rock and duel. I am going to roll with nineteen. Ninety, as I take on a big burly slice of Midwestern mand meat, please welcome Botbe Craft anladies and gentlemen. Great to be here great to be back it's another snowy evening in the Midwest here and I'm just Goinna, I'm Gon a I'm going to go for the fences swinging right for the fences with nineteen. Eighty six tonight, iand as always there on the show. We need somebody to a judicate all of this awesomeness. So let me introduce to you tonight's judge. He is the Rock legend known for his classic songs, no easy way out angel of the city and, better than the rest, the title track from his hit new album available. Now, where music is sold, duelers and Dulets, please rise and welcome back to the show judge Robert Temper O a guyit's pleasure to be back. It's nothing, nothing but fun in it seems like I got. Ta Kill, AF category this, this Mon, so Osi Wel you di, like sports movies. The last time we had sports movies last time, there's like three of 'em Ias, actually a review of the best sports follies yen. Ladies and gentlemen, the following contests will be held under dualing decades: rules, a judges, coinflip shoutd, the side who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories, movies, television, music, news and hut products. It judges ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points, a piece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all, five rounds duelers be excellent to each other, because it's time to play tos all right. Let's go down to the very special guest judge for this battle, Robert Temper for the official tossoff Oky guys, since we are talking about this time and what format was popular at this time C ds. I will flip askda perfectly. There is writing on one side and there is nothing on the other side, but some kind of Zeros and once OK, so who's Gon to call it in the air Mobe craft. Why don't you call it when I cat the three I'm going to flip it and you? Let me know what you think: It is what two three shiny signe up. I am sorry Thereis riting on riding in my face: Damn it always and Eon, it always happens. Sorry, I take control of the board here for this rock and roll battle, and you know what I'm going to throw a wrench into this game right off the bat we're going to start off with the music roundoal the coming into this battle. I had no clue what year bow had, so I found out, along with the listeners of the show nineteen nd, eighty six rock and roll, I'm a little scared, I'm going to throw out the music round first, a little bit of a strategy well see if it bites me in the ass later I don't know I like it. It's a good strategy in eighty six, that's going to be a doozy. I like it all right, go so for my first music selection, I'm goin to select an album that came out June, twenty first nineteen, ninety by the popular rock band, poison, entitled flesh and blood the album spun, two top ten singles onskinny Bob and something to believe in as well as three other singles on the album ride. The win life goes on and, of course, flesh and blood sacrifice. Fleshanblood was certified platinum in nineteen. Ninety in triple platinum in Nineteen; Ninety one, if you're a fan of poison. This is an album. You are very familiar with r Michael CC, develp bobby doll and Ricky rocket, just absolutely brought it on these tracks. Unskinny Bo might just as well be the anthem that kicked off the nineteen nineties. It was kind of that hang over from the hair metal leaching into the early nineteen nineties. That's my first music selection. My second album was released February, thirteenth, nineteen and ninety, and this February will mark the thirtieth anniversary of the release of this album, as this band gets back together and goes back on a nationwide tour to celebrate this album as the black crows reunite to celebrate the release of shake your moneymaker. It peaked at number four on the billboard two hundred charts with hit Singal hard to handle. She talks to angels jealous again twice his hard and seeing things also charted later in the year off that album as well. The album would go on to sell more than five million copies and certified five times platinum, so yeah the Black Crows. This is just a phenomenal album. It's just over about forty five minutes long, it flows from beginning to end. There is not a bad spot anywhere on the album. It is just their magnum opis from the Robinson brothers. So those are my two music selections: Shake Your Moneymaker from the Black Crows and flesh in blood from poison over to you boby craft, not to be confused with flesh light and blood right right. No origt! That's that's! That's! Ninety! Nine onhear about you sex, lightall, right down to the well here, uh nineteen, Eighty six in rock music I'll lead off with another kind of UH. I I guess you'd call it hairmetal. I would anyway, you know like glamrock something like that. I'm talking about the August teenth Nineteen D, eighty six release from Bonjovi their third studio, album slippery Wen, wet instant commercial success, featuring songs that are widely considered, probably their their best known throughout their career. You give love a bad name: Liveit Ot, a prayer wanted debt or alive eight weeks at the number one position of the: U S, Billboard Two hundred Chard and due to its performance throughout ninetee. Eighty six also named the billboard top selling album of nineteen. Eighty seven now the band's best selling album todate a certification of twelve times platinum, which is quite a feet. That also makes one of the top one hundred best selling albums in the US. Well, it's a doozy. It's Aozy Cetuzzi, not my kind of Doozy, but a doozy, no less tially speakair, also going out until that summer sfun it is a doozy. I will say that what Hare you got for your Second Music Selection Balcis here, I'm going to follow this up with something. That's that's more something I would probably listen to these seventh studio album released March, twenty fourth N, nine Huteen and eighty six from van Halen or in this case, Ban Hagard's. Fifty one fiftyold onethe first of four albums be recorded with H, Sammy Hagar, who er placed David Lee Roth, the albumas named after Edivan Halan's home studio, fifty one ND fifty, which is in turn named after a California law enforcement term for a mentally disturbed person that the way impaired is Wat's. RICI number one Ouon, the billboard. Two hundred once again stay there for three consecutive weeks produce a number of massive hits for the new incarnation of the band, including best of both worlds, dreams, love walks in summer nights and my personal favorite, the best scatting ofo nineteen and eighty six. As far as I'm concerned, why can't this be love? Er bety be ut certified six times platinum since it's release, so there you have Advan Halin's, fifty one, fifty! Ah You guys acilley. I know it's a tough one that'. How could you laid off with that? She sayou always lead with SCAP. That's dueling decades precedent. That's you always laid Wu scat as right. Never hide from the Skathat is good. SCAT is good, all right oes, it might turn to judge. It is let's go down to judge Robert tepper for the verdict for the music round? I it's it's so hard. I can't even believe what you did to me, because people are going to say pay tepper. Aren't you going to go with? I mean bonjhovie come on men. How can you turn your back on by Jovy? How can you turn you back on Davidly wroth is not the lead singer of Van Hallen anymore. Aren't you walking around just a little man? Isn't Thi skyscreaming just a little too loud onhisak you know. Can you sing any ofthat? I can sing ir okay, so here's the thing. Then I got to take the Black Croast because I love to fuck in black crows right that album to me. I know it's nowhere. Nearr the rock royalty, but that first record was perfect and the onl reason of slipping poison in there who couldn't even find what two and four is on the draw. Ta Reason: I'm slipping. Those guys in there is because I go to a concert one time in Arizona and Davidly rotth has his solo rekand an and I'm invited backstage a guess who opened up for Davidle you byit would have been better if you did look around and me and twelve guys are picked to go back to Av to the show it was Nerivana. I still don't remember what happened, but it was amazing, I'm going with Black Crows. You can't be mad about that wow. Out of all three of those bands, though, out of black crowse thing about it, they're all back on the road now, so you got Black Ros they're Oltg you GTHAD, poisons out and then got bonjoviout right out of those three I'm going to see black rose. I saw poison a couple of years ago. Oh hands down, hands down. Tell me why? That's how I feel that Guy Wis, an e heard him on tern. He hasn't Lost Shit. He sounds great he's listen to his stuff with Chris Robinson Brotherhood and it's phenomenal itsomething about I'Mso. I feel bad though 'cause now I can see your face. I can't is squat. I CTHIS is my face. Every doing decades, contest forever name F, some kind of empathy but ive bee. Read about that, though black crose is a solid pick like mark sade, th the stuff with Chris Robinson and the Brotherhood, that's great rich robinsons, Sola record was really good. I I re T hafoe time in what I was just something more real about that and the Bunomi think it's like you know: Do you like the Star Wars, adventures y Lik? I liked them. When I first came out now they o sh know what I mean. It's like Ou know it's good against evil. We've! Never seen that before you know and it's the same thing. You know h with the othe Daviitly wrotgh I mean those albums a had 't kind of learned to like you know what I mean because they were, the plan was brilliant. The singing was was kind o great, but I don't know. I never I can't drive fifty five. The tone of his voice always felt a little bit like Shawl town of blackwor. To me you know, and but he makes a great dekealer o her okay com, Hav mark you, you got control of the board. Surprisingly, and one point lead here, iwill row that in wherere you going all right. You know what let's do. Some rock and roll hot products interesting used condoms. No, you know rock and Roll Ha hot products that that's a hard category to do: Research Ohn. So at nineteen. Ninety I took a look at you know if you were a rock and roll fan like all of us. Are you know what were we purchasing in nine teen? Ninety, what couldn't we wait to buy condoms heroineyar? The condom is time. Was We still right? Fuck use SOTEKIND explains why you have no Yi still using the dollar general brancs Orran rap ruter bad looks like you wrapped up a what paint roller San wit a, but it's one of the edging rollers so to purpose whole different kind, O edging allright so getting back to rock and roll hot products right. You know this was a hot product that I remember 'cause. We had it in our house and I remember when we purchased it and it was a big deal September. Seventh, nineteen. Ninety, the lead, Zeppelin box set, gets released, I'm sure you've all seen this. It came out in a big box and the cover was like it was crop circles and then it had the silhouette of the Zepplin over the top of it, and it was the first compilation of songs the band had ever released. It was all remastered and supervised by Jimmy Page and Atlantic records. It had a thirty six page booklet that came with it. It was on four compact disks, six vinal records or four cassettes. In my household we had the four cassettes my sister had bought this box set, and this is what introduced me to led Zeppelin just going through every side of those cassettes, all the hits. We hear whole lot of love, heartbreaker black dog, custard, Pi, cashmer, Tangerine, no quarter Achilles last stand starwith a heaven the list goes on and on. It is just the ultimate compilation. So that's my first hop product, the lead Zeppelin box, set, I own that thing and that's the H it'is. The first time I discovered the song things called: Is it ten years gone or ten years after yeah, too fantastic track that doesn't get enough credibility lent to it? So my second rock and roll hot product is another album, but this one's a little different, this one's a little different, because if you remember rock music in the eighties and the nineties, how you botch your music wasn't? Always you just go to the store and pick something out. Sometimes you bought these albums off te TV 'cause. They had some really bad ass commercials, so my first one is one from time life called Guitar Rock. Now you guys all remember the guitar rock series. There was twenty seven volumes, there's like forty something different disks that came out, but the very first one was actually just called Guitar Rock, and it's actually referred to as the prototype 'cause. It doesn't even count as volume. One volume, one of Guitar Rock didn't come out till ninety three, but the prototype came out in nineteen ninety and was the only one ever to be released on Vinyl. The track listing for the original version of guitar rock is absolutely stellar from Jimmy Hendrix, Heltin John Bochman Turner, overdrive, Mountain Leonard Skinnard, Peter Frampdon, derekand, the dominoes Eric Laptin, the WHO cream canned heat, Joe Walsh, the James Gang Leonard Skinnard, Alice Cooper. The list goes on and on with the hits S, if you guys remember the commercial for this one. As soon as I say it's going to pop int your head, because the whole commercial is a spoof of risky business. It's a guy dancining around his house in his underwear and socks and he's jamming out to all the tunes. Now I remember these commercials whether it was Guitar Rock or Freedom Rock, or you know, Cock Rock, whatever the collection, you know, the one thing that drove me nuts about all of these commercials is they ruin the songs for me, because you would start singing the song and then automatically. If you ever heard it you jumped to whatever the nect song o the commercial was on the WARL had Lod. I still remember that Shit Yeah, absolutely I did it for years and for me it all started in nineteen. Ninety, when I started seeing that guy dancing around his house like Tom Cruise and risky business with Guitar Rock, so my two hut products, Guitar Rock and the lead Zepplin box- that's eyting, Wis, a deep cut, that's good! It makes me want to listen to monster ballads or at least watch the parthe track listing is so phenomenal. I'm actually going to make this all in a spotified, playlist and I'll post it up in our face boot groups, O everyone can go and listen to it as well. No, can you throw some random Chet Atkins in there too 'cause Thaa Mells, a grandfather of guitar, rocks fingerpicking Finger, picking good, all right, bobey craft. What you got for hut products, man, it's Kinda hard to ignore hot products being albums when you, when you're going by a you, know like a musical genre for this. So I discovered really that nineteen, eighty six as hottest products were kind of the onset of rap rock, had two albums released in eighty six that were could be classified as rap rock I'll start. With this one H, Queen's New York's one run DMC their third album raising hell released in July. Eighty six immediately jumping the number three on the US charge containing, of course, the reworked aerosmith cover of walk this way, which became the first Rapong to go top five in the: U S July. Eighty six raising hell the third album from run DMC, it's tricky! THAT'S IT C! You got short and sweet. I I'll go to the next one here, AC, another New York, hip, hop and rap group would enter the scene with ha release of their DB album. On November Fifteenth Nineteen N Eighty six talking about the Rick Rube and produced license to ill from the beasty boys, Daby futured massive hits, including Paul revire. You got TA fight for your right to party brass monkey. No sleep till Brooklyn and girls became the first rap LP to top the billboard album chart it's one of Columbia, records, fastest selling, Daby records today, certified diamond by the Riaa and Twenty fifteen forshipping over ten million copies in the United States. So there you go, run DM CS, raising hell and bsty boy's dbut album licensed to ill hurry. Oria. Your onnerdl Robert, is still here and is what I'm thinking. Okay, so I had two pet ripes in in this tind error. Right there should have been like. I was praying radio would stop playing lead Zepplin for just two years, so we didn't have Eroh, my God. If I mean talk about burning out a band ere, we are STA haven, 'cause, everybody would go and get high when they put it on right, we'll be right. Back we' GNTA take a O, you know, so everybody runs own at the studio, so theyr puting together a box set because Lord knows there weren't enough c Ds Rolling around you know put it all in a pot set, so you could just choke on it. You know and the other thing th was it Time magazine, put those out right, yeah time, life a so time, life put those out, but they didn't tell you that they were Temafia, because as soon as you, you gave him your credit card, there was a guy in your door. Goingixisso much funny and you'll never be able to pay US and they'll. Do you know and come and take the outts from your house Andchoi you like Hunglyb, Ot Moey. You know fociny playing in Oo, I'm still getring oldigyfivedollars. Who could s? It was insane once they got your credit card. You were excuse the expression. You would screw it right. I mean it was unbelievable. They were like the Mafia, okay, Hay boat. You got this ran brother because you know who can because listen. The first one I mean come on man, that's Rick, Ruben too. This was the beginning. I mean the beginning for us to know about Rick Ruben Right. This was his the start of his life than this was a force n music, which is who still anfords o music. This was his joining together rock and the New York hihop that he loved so much you know and licensed. Are you kidding it a Besi Bu? I mean I don't care, how old you Werei. That think, would recuscitate an eighty year old. You know what I mean it just like, and that was the beginning of those maniacs. You know and- and that was those two were like huge movements. You know and it was new and it was believable and- and it was great so boround too goes to you OALSO. I speaking of Rick Ruben later that year you had and it was a deaf jam. I know this 'cause. It was one of my picks, but I don't know a couple of months back, but he actually did rain in blood by slayer. Oh Wow yeah you produce t at he produced that for death jam well Wewhat's. The other man that that came out was that around then too talking about l didn't Tel Im, love removal machine who is on the Colt so cold. That was on his label too. Wasn't it I mean that one I don't know I have to it wasn't one of my picks. I only know what I picked. I don't know anywhere else h. The Rick Roban vibe was about to enter Ame ame music scene. You know the American music scene and you know he's got his own potcast now, and you know I mean Rick's amazing. You know he's he's a monster all right Bo, so you tie up the game at one apiece and take control of the board NCATEGORY. You want to go with NECs man. Well Boys, it's all downhill from here. So let's get television out of the H nineteen. Eighty six was UH. The Year of a couple of pretty large award shows. I would I would consider them the thirteenth to Annua. American music awards is what I'm going to lead off with took place January. Twenty seven nineteen, eighty six hundred and eighty minute ceremony, hosted by the Legedary Dianaras produced by Dick Clark productions and found it home on ABC among the nights biggest winters in rock music or Bruce Springsteen, who took hom three awards huwelos in the news they left with two pieces of hardware, other big winners on the night included, Wittny, Houston, Tina Turner, Willy Nelson and one of my favorite country. Supergroups of all time, the highwaymen Sir Pall McCartney received a merit award. Michael Jackson, took home an award of appreciation for what I'm not sure and everyone's favorite super group. This is probably the biggest news to come out of this AARD Show USA for Africa taking home song of the year, for we are the world wow, which was also produced by Rick Reuben like quify Jon. That's right! That's right! Did you happen to pick that one because Wenhe Houston just got into the rock and Roll Hall fame it ly? Yes, I don't know how do you feel about that? You know you're you're, a rocker yourself and they just put in in the rock and Roll Hall Tin. They just put in Whitney Ouston and notorious BG. Okay, it's I think what happened to the rock an roll whole of famous they're running out of people to put in you know they chose not to put in Dave Matthew's band right right, okay, saying hate to make a segregated thing, because the problem with music today is it's so safagain I mean when I came up, there was ffan radio and they played motown. They played everything. You know what I mean and now you know, wrap his rap and rb s rb and Papha's pop and heavy metals, heavy metaland, the dinosaurs N. Ninety five point: Five K Oos, you know, but I mean- Is Winny, Houston, rock and roll in any sense of the word, no Oky. In my estimation, was she a monster mother, fucking, Singer, a o fregking wootly that girl th absolutely sang er ass off, and so I think there should be another award show, like you know, Deva Devis throughout the age which you know because there's not enough award shows. We all know that you know and the Rockeroll Holl of fane is W. I used to go back n way back when the whole idea of the thing was to give money. I believe I you know to give money t to groups that didn't get the proper exposure like the marvel at so or people who didn't make any money, so they would put together a check o twenty seven dollars e ep it Thati Gav it in a movel entoday. Look at you and go. I think. Thank you very much. You know so the early ones. You know I used to go to when it used to hang out, and so I don't know what it's become. You know it's, it's not like. It's, not you N W! It ain't ha football home, O fame. I'l tell you t O know, so I kindof you know not to drag it out too long, but I I don't know about wit, bin the Rock Ooroll S. I just don't know about that. You know it's KINDOF ware. They should just change the name, ready, just call it the music all the fame. Then you know what your that's a really smart thing to say because I feel like I don't want to exclude people, but on the other hand, it's like you know I, if it's rock e Rol, then it's then it's rock o role, man, it's the stones, then it's you know it's it's it's people who gave us that rock thing not, and there are people giving us many other things and that's fine, but it ain't the rocket all just have different wings man. That's all you got to do. EXAC e Kes Te wrong and roll haul of fame how it is with rock and roll and then build a whole another connected Yeahiam. That's the you know: Music Hall e Fame and then the Jazz Hall of fame and and whatever absolutely can make it a con of money too. What the fuckare they doing. Let's put Bill Init at put John Coldrain in the Rockeo. All A pat, you know he's a genius M: How About Miles Davis? Why is it my cale? You know what I mean it's like: When does that line? Stop and Wedsdat Lin Egin? It's! I think they messed it up, they kind of blew it and its definitely Nike Tass. My opinion yeah. I I kindof agree with you m sorry about what's your second pet gentleman Tuck the Tucta rock and roll hall of fame feather for now we'll come back to that and just a little bit, but my second pick we're going to get another award show out of the way here: The twenty eight en yeaol Gramy awards held February, twenty fifth nd Nineteen, eighty six Teshreiauditorimin Los Angeles recognizing accomplishments by musician from the previous year. Of course, in Nineteen D, Eighty five, a song of the year, going to Michael Jackson and Linal Richi, for we are the world. The night's big winter was, of course, USA for F'cause. We are the world four awards. They wanted the grames, including song the year. The latter was awarded to its songwriters, Linal Richi and Michael Jackson. Another big winner, though, for the year was Phil Collins, whose no jacket required LP amassed three winds album of the year producer the year and best pop vocal for male the event hosted by the incomparable Kenny, fucking Rogers in echepomences from Sting Whitney, Houston, starship, hughwy Lewis, in the news, stve, wonder: Aha and several more so. The twentyiegh Annuel Grammy Awards February Twenty Fifth Nineteen, eighty six Interestin right off to mark James for round three, the television round. Hopefully you don't have another award ceremony Mark James in the Sondel ceremony. No, I don't have any award ceremony, not what I was watching. You know back in the day in Nineteen Ninety Ou know when you come home from school. You wanted to watch things that interest you like scrambled, cinemax like after school specials on the PBS. No see me. I go straight to Mtfrom four to five o'clock. You had UM TV raps, so if you were into hip hop at the time you know nineteen. Ninety a lot of stuff was happening in the hip, hop movement. You got all that on you m TV raps, but you know what, if you weren't a hip hop guy, if you were a rock and roll type of kid like I was the hour before from three to four starting in the summer of nineteen. Ninety you got a brand new show on MTV called totally polly huch introduced us all, polys sure this hit the airwaves with major fan, approval polyshore would come on and he would host different segments and he would introduce different videos. The first video he ever hosted on the show was billy. Idol's rocks the cradle of love. polly was also he. He was an after school distraction for kids. At the exact same time, general hospital was on of all programs. That was his competition. You could come home and watch general hospital or polly shore before m TV raps. Those are your ub, that's what you watched. That was the counter programming. At the time they should ave known home to mark's parents o o str. Like he's he's always telling her a screen up. 'cause he's got to get home to watch his shows WHO's. This hokan Lara. He keeps Talki out, hs keeps saying he's got to watch his stories. He was Sayg Oria, Craann Tso. You could find polly short hanging out on the streets, but some of his rock favorites like Alice Cooper, the Black Crows, Lenny cravits, Sam Kenneson, CC, develop poison even once interviewed a a six year old Bruno Mar nnow on one occasion and unfortunately, only one occasion he's Sang Cherry Pie with the band warrant. So if you've never had the displeasure of checking that on you too go ahead, hat's worth a good laugh. You know totally polly ran for six years and led him to a huge career in movies where he would go on to star ind movies, such as in Sinoman son in law, jury duty in the army now and biodome. So that's my first entry totally polly bud. I all right so for my second television selection, you know, I'm sure you guys are all familiar with the smash. HITTELEVISION show H Hill Street Blues, perhaps La Law, NY PD blue, the BARASS of Dennis Frones. Yes, the creator of all these shows stepen Buco went on to win ten prime time emy awards. Unfortunately, none of them weres for this show that I'm about to talk about, and it was because of Hill Street Blues. What had happened was a Broadway producer actually came to Stephen Buco and they said to him. You know: We'd love to Adapt Hill Street Blus to become a Broadway musical. So for a few years they tried this. It never happened, so he decided to bring it to television in what the help of Randy Newmen, we get the drama cop rock buing in ninee. Ninety, if you have never checked out coprock or have heard of it, hes go on you tube. This is a show that was forty years before its time. An the show was incredible: It's basically the any just like any cop drama, except occasionally they bring ut breakout and song and dance and what's truly remarkable about this, is Randy Newman wrote the song for the Thehune Song and then all the songs for the pilot, all the other episodes from the first season. They had a writing staff of songwriters. So Robert you'll understand how hard it is. They wrote five songs per episode for a total of fifty five original songs in th first series, so they had to come up with not only the stories for the the television show, the drama part, but how they could take key parts of each story and turn that into song, and they did fifty five for the first season. It was a monumental undertaking and UH. You know they consider it one of the worst T v shows of all time, but you know I just think it's before it's time so that I give you cop rock Av, a Erl idea that ranny newman was remotely involved in that thing, but, like I can only imagine like how terrible this always could have been. Could you put you hay an t? A Yo now stepped you back there. I like Bane, blues the the track listings for some of the songs. It's pure comedy gold y. You can go on now. I'd highly afvise just go out and purchase the complete first season. I'm sure you can pick it up on ve dollar. A comedy gold, though, is the fact that it's serious, it's not man taken in satire and it's bucking hilarious. Listen to it now, 'cause, it's so bad POTNA got shot to be from a production side. One of the remarkable things about the show was all the songsre actually perform live, so the actors were actually having to sing them on the set and then they put in the musical companiment after so not only do you have to know how to act and sing in Dan, you got Randy Newman barking down you if you're fucking t wow only on the pilot doin, the game s e's one for the show, it's called to Geta cusong too Tithey Call The Lights, Cherries and berries. The STATI Melaation, there's there's one clip. I watch today Werit's a a male officer and a female officer in the squad car and she starts hitting on him big time, and then she bursts out into song about how she just wants to do the bump bump and it Isabsolutely Hilarious, the glass of this tolet Wa. We need to bring back cop rock, maybe starn, Robert tepper. Oh my God. Thanks orotther an my career, so I don't even know where to start it. It was like so Bo gives us he's mazing these. You know we are the world, you know in Africa and all these things t like. Oh, how much do we hate? How much do we hate those kind of shows? Ten? It's like these people went awards for just preething. Okay, we got to see this every every year. We see this okay. What was the other one boat he gave me two award shows right. I got the GRAMMAS and the American music, a Waerican, Musicwor Sai, Dick Clark, man, you know he's dead, but I still think he host him. I'm not Surei wont just string hem up on some wires and bring them at en te like still making money from Ara. Oh, my Lord, that is Hilarious, okay, but your first choice. Well, your first choice was that was the American music word. So the second choice was the the Grammy Awards, Thirte PA ANA works, and we had that up against Steve Peccoccio, who those Hillstree Grup lose was amazing, show, but Po porly shore right now is doing. Is doing game shows throughout America, okay, so Polli e turn in to that Big Star? Okay, you have something against people who host game shows Rubbi. You know I, except for this crazy show, my God this is Excae, so I I got to go with the with the mptv videos, because I would go home and do the same and cop rock you know coprock was so bad. I remember Tena I mean you have no idea people like at that time and it was right there at the meat of me right was you know, hillstree blues and what was the other show and N Y Peuty blue? I mean these were like first time like havy drama. Show you didn't miss it man, because it was. It was bee. You know I mean it was real, but it was great. You know, and this show comes on. It was like somebody dropped acid and put this thing on a watching e. So you go. Oh, no and like you know that feeling like when you're watching something and you're so embarrassed inside that, like you're, like Oh egjust, do that, like I, the pain is shooting up into your brain. That's how bad this show was. Okay, it was so freaking horrible. It was let me let me ask you a question: Abobert Ogo, all right. So at this time you were telling us earlier before we started the show you were living in Woodstock New York and you wanted to get out so bad. If somebody from the oprock called you up and said, Hey Robert, we want you to come out. We got this sypremise for the show e Wanc you wrot songs and that'll, but Tatou stock. I tell Yo, I think t' freezing to death in SOE might have been better IMEAN. It just cost to show you like the bad ideas of that idea. I mean brandy nomand. I had no idea. He was I you know he was t a voice behind that and it's like so my wife calls me over. She goes IES. This new show on you too, that you have to you have to check out. I go really she woes. Yes, really! It's really good and sh. She loves musicals. God bless Herman. They most of Hem. Make me cringe. I've been involved in Hem I've written some stuff for 'em, but it's like you know you get guys who Gohey did you see oil spell oi po? Oh, that was brilliant e. What a great musical oil spill is. You know and people write like fifty songs about oil. You know what I mean: it's like how they do it. I don't know so she puts on this show and people, people with bad voices, singing horrible songs. Just as enough to make me Wanto like throw up in my mouth. You know, and that show did all that for me, and I can't thank it enough. Okay, it was so God thavn awful, I think, go chancel e e OE shoi think before he was over. It got canceled. It was so bad, yet it wins around you. Wandeoun is because you w empty V. Then we can't watch videos anymore right. Where are the videos? I don't see 'em, you can VI em my TV yeah dooth. You know I want to be you emember. That feeling, like you didn't know, what's coming Yeh, so it was great. You know, Y, U N know what's coming next, you know you didn't go out ten to ne printy spears, video. You know you didn't know what they were going to play next you go. I didn't hear that. I love that feeling. I missed that feeling that's kind of my problem with spot a fie times like it's. Absolutely it's too easy. You know you culd just be like Na. I don't like it skip. You, don't give anything a chance anymore. I don't I personally. You know I mean I don't know what they're paying me. Probably nothing on spot of. I pot if I gets away with fucking murder, but you know you know, I I think you get a mill whan. Is that, like point five cents of a penny, every kind oglad you sawe e, you got a hat. Ayou know a woodn't Nicklget, you a beer token for your nearest country club. You know you know what I'm saying like the MPTV Vive and H. Poly was great on that stuff. I thought he was really great on that. So that's what one year around is is, is the videos Ben A and you know, Hill Street bluce and all that was great and Coprock was just you know hilarious. It is now it was. then. Let me tell you it was like you never saw anything die so fast at you, noits Lik. It was over before be it was unbelievably but fifty five songs, an you crazy. An patienty e should even writ what, though terrible, all right duelers. So that makes the score two to one, but don't worry it's still anyone's game, as we still have the two point rounds ahead of us and we'll play more duealing decades right after this commercial interruption time life presents the music of Coprock Chinagrove Fom, one time three thousand dollars, you'll get every so erfruit rongfifty songs spread across nineteen epod shuffling. You know it's fun, you know it's really fun. You ever like roaming around your house and all of a sudden you, you find like an ipod that you had like, like a brave on RT and and e put it on. I go. Oh Man. This is great. You know this is like man. I was really into John Teshback then, but it's kind of fun to do that. I don't know about you, young kids, doing it with eyepods, but I occasionally find a mix tape like on a casette a know, but I know young kids doing the stuff with a HIPO. I glow some dust, O Ike sill marks like Oh yeah, the best of endy rabbit. I love Ha rainy night read all right, so I got control of the board. It is two to one and I think we gotto go to some movies and do some rock and roll movies rat for the first two point round. Allright so for my first movie is a movie that I brought up a few episodes back when we talked about the soundtrack to this really influential movie on myself, an an entire generation and that was released August, twenty send nineteen. Ninety I give you the Christian slater, classic pump up the volume. Nothing to me says rock and roll more than this movie. It's just the attitude, the spirit not to mention the killer soundtrack, which had you know, e, sound garden, Leonard Coen ice t. It has the descendant sonic, youth, the beasty boys. It really just shows that rock and rolled youth spirit- and I I tells the story of Mark who is that runs a pirate radio station, I'm sure you're all familiar with this great film. If you haven't stoppd thi episode right now and go listen to it and then come back and finish this episode because pump up the volume is a life changing film, another great rock and roll connection to it. The film also featured I'm Exzapah, the son of Frankzapa, so can't go wrong with that. So that's my first movie selection h released August twenty second nineteen. Ninety pump up the volume my second movie selection came out, May Twenty Fifth Nineteen Ninety and is thee. While it's like the third in this series, it's a time. Traveling movie, I don't know if you guys have heard of it. It's called back to the future part three you're, probably wondering what Hell does this have to do with rock and roll? Well, if you remember the movie, they had a nice little Western hodown sequence in the movie. The band that was playing in that sequence was actually zizitop and they were playing a a western up version of double back that came out that year on their album recycler, so h, yeah, it was their very first movie appearance. Billy Gibbons would of course, go on to do more acting. He billy gibbons appeared on bones. He was one of the characters dads and he played himself billy gibbons, a zoozitop kind of a stretch there, but so yeah back to the future three great rock and roll movie, just because Zuzi top has that really cool cameo and come on. If you didn't how you not know that that was Zuzi top there's, even a sequence in it whereh they spin the guitar and the drums, and they got the long beards. They said they wanted to do. The movie B'cause semecus was the only director that would let them show up in their own clothes. They actually said that in an interview was corneas. That sounds but they're like we got to do this. While Frank Beard is still sober. Well, he's still clean shaving, damn it. So those are my two movie entries pump up the volume and, back to the future, part three, all right, Bobee craft over to you, what a e you got. Man, Oh, let's see, gentlemen! Well, how could a anyone forget the the machismo that nine teen and eighty six pond for film soundtracks, I'm talking, of course about the ultimate yacht rock hitmaker, capsizing, his water vessel and turning to the payment for danger zone? Yes, that's right. The Kenny loggins hit thet would become one of the pillars of the eighty six sound track to top gun course. Logins. Wasn't the only one to provide the stellar sound track to this Tom Cruise classic that took flights straight to the hearts of America, yeahmulsm included, succulent cuts from cheap trick lover, boy, Myami, sound machine and, of course, these sint duched ballad from those rascals called Berlin that were from Actually Orange County. Take my breath away. The logansbob actually would reach all the way up to number two on the BILLBARD hop one hundred Wellberlin, although not rock and roll did fare much better. They received an academy ward for best original song and Golden Glod forbest original song as well. Overall, the actual soundtrack at self portop gun was the best selling sound track of the year and ultimately, one of the best salling sound tracks of all time. Wow was it really. It appears so ID appersize it sold that much well. You know you know. People Love jet plans and Tom Cruise and valkilmer before that hole on his throat is all tond of bact to that's right, the second one not not quite as popular this is pretty forgetable kind of, but the soundtrack from ACDC released may twenty. Fourth, nineteen and eighty six, the album who made who which served? Does these sound track to the Stephen Kingfilm maximum over drive? Actually, only three songs on this record were newly recorded material and the other ones were taken from the Banc'e previous album. So it's kind of a cop out, but the titular song homade, who became the ban's most successful single in years. Reaching? U Number thirty three in the US. If you want to call that successful h, the almum sold five million copies in the? U S, though, which is way more than I would have ever estimated it had so who made, who, from ACDC, O Mayoo, O Mawho wrog that who, who bade that tit ol five billion ee eigt DC ACDC, oh nothing on Lik that and that was like their first albm in years right. I think so. Yeah Yeah they hade a bit of a brace before that yeah all right, you're ready. Let's go down to judge Robert Tepper for the rolling all right mark that second movie man. Could you dig any hardormen? Did you break a shelkin? I I did I dug and dug for nineteen ninetyes rock and roll movies trying to highlike Azy tops movie career lm SRE of you, I mpdame. Whenever the hell, in is say it goes on from ages. You know I I I Kinda, I kinda gotto go Bo again on this one, then that album. I had a funny story about that. Album which may be which made me pick all those songs. I thought were were really. What was that Frankin it? Who Was it frank in I, a German producer? It was his like huge debut. He did. He did some of the tracks on there onspacing on his name, he's really like a big like kind of pop producer, and that was like some of his early early early work. You talk about the the top gun, sound Tra at the top sit was guy's. First name was like Georgio Gogio NATO. J Marodo right was t eayeah, that'I gomarader yeah, okay, so I come here as a young writer right, they're hooking me up with wriders and this guy they hooked me up with, and I forget his name. He was the guy who wrote as song and they told me Co, take my breath away and I said: Did you write the Music B'cause? That's a great os! Now No, he goes. I was the liricist on this. I said really. He said Yeah, it was always I just t, agwe started working and was werewriting his song, and I said so. How did you get hooked up with Georgiomarado to to do this e goes? Oh, I used to clean his Ferari just fucking creat this onthe fucking winsar s O funy grabbing Shinin Ou Ferari. It's like I was a little resentful, but we met is this. I don't know if we finished the Oll or whatever, but I never forgot Li going. Damn an never put that anything you do for anybody ECAUSE. You never know what it's what it's gel lead to, but you know he just didn't feel like like a big typewriter to me, an he's probably going to hear this and go in my hole: Ive Ut, eighteen thousand, great songs, you just never listened, you know so I you know that and both of your second choices were really lame. I just want to tas a Yoan. I'm GOINGTO have to go with the topgun thing, especially since we're about to I hear an theyre one supposed to look amazing. I thought the first one kind of Suckd, but the music was God younow all right, that's it. I got to give it to you, Bot that Guy Alsa did a danger zone as well. Yeah witl AG oan yeah, yeah, yeah, fucking crazy, with Kenny loggins, the the soundtrack Meistro of the eighties yeah, but b again guys en it was like music and song and film were so identified in that period I think more than any other Iperior, which is why you're sitting here talking to me at all. You know what I mean it's like. We really had blessing of like you thought of a song you thought of a movie. You know they was so interconnected. You know we, you know, I ca, I mean it does happen. You know you know, Lady Godgot movie, I mean it went away for a while, but I think it's coming back. I hope so yeah. I hope so because I think people love that. I think that that's what changes people's lives wher, they can identify it with a song that is hooked to a movie like that. I think that's! That's. What gets them really wrapped up in it? You know there'se certain Oldy, classicy kind of feelings. You know that that still were oh absolutely last night I watched this movie called long shot with Charlies, teran and Setrogan, and they had a throwback scene where they're they're listening to rock set it shouldhave been love and they're talking about Um, you know pretty woman and Shit so they're throwing it back to nineteen ninety with this. So hopefully it does come back because they're bringing that ship back in movies is like memories from the nineties, I'd loved when movies had that Tiin, I m a of course. That's why you're on here 'cause, you had these two great songs that were tied into these movies. Exactly exactly a and you know I still think it works. You know, but W it was so exciting about that time was that directors were looking at MTV, which is why I voted for you on that, one, its because directors were looking at that and making little music videos of songs and stinking them in movies. You know it was like it all worked because they saw how powerful M TV was at that time. You know so yeah. Well, that was the thing with polly shore. You know I mean I he got on T V and people are like wow look at the ratings he's getting. I wonder if they'll pay, eight bucks to go, see him in a movie theater, and he got all of these movies- and I mean eay was a brilliant, standup comedian to begin with, so it was only a natural progression for him. All right so were three points to two Bo was actually on top he's got control of the board we're going to the last round. It's anybody's game, liver winds. His last round wins the entire game. So everything all the Weigt is on Robert tepper shoulders right here and we only have Onei dit an Wul it weird. This is so bizarre to me, because we've never had news for the fifth round that I can remember so this is going to be fucking, interesting, O okay. So this is a weird topic in a weird category. For this point of the chail. Yes or sure don't bring the sadness 'cause, you know what happens if you do that, Asgrt you make me cry, you automatically lose it a Bo. I got a fifty fifty sho we're going to win this one for the Gipper I'll lead off with a at least a positive thing. I said: Tuck the Tute rock and Roll Hall of fame induction into the CAF forlater. Let's see the Rock and rol Hallo fame, holding its anagural induction ceremony to honor the contributions of those who were touted as heavyweights in the recording industry, so they're Anaugra class took place io and ninehutered and eighty six January actually um first class to be inducted, included. Chuckbarry James Brown Ray Charles Sam Cook, fats, domino, the everley brothers, Buddy Holly, Jerry Le Lewis, little Richard and the king himself, Elvis Presley. This was also the same year that they decided that Cleveland would be the physical home of the Rock and rol hollow fame. So you got kind of a a toufer on that one M: that's a notro class, the freshman class and the h. The physical location settled is Cleveland, Shit, BRINGIN Y ot. That's right! Yeah his wryan yeah and it was a tos. I it's a fad toss up really for the other one, because there were two pretty significant rock and rolled deaths in nine teen ad. Eighty six, I'm going to go Ikno, I told you fifty fifty shot, what im working overdo the other wat, a massive Hart Ata a murder suicide. Well, you know h this one. This one probably is still probably the most prominent or relevant. Today I would, I would say, at least, among rock fans the European leg of their tour in support of their album master of puppets September. Twenty seventh nineteen, eighty six, a tourbus carrying metallica crashes in Sweden, killing the influential basis cliff Burton in the process accident caused by the driver who ran off the road skid it in the grass crashed the bus and Burton was ejected from the Bush and crushed beneath the weight of it. So the et of cliff burden. My my alternate one for this one not to be counted h: The death of Phil Linot from ton Lizzie who died at the age of thirty six on January. Fourth, ihow did he: He had drug dependency, but he there was a. He had H E had overdosed essentially, and then he got sepsus from that and then H, sepsus caused pneumonia and h what was t e n PNEUMONIAN heartfailure as a result of the sepsist. So he had a lot of issues going on there, the boy's not back in tail for sure he is. He is not Ho man. I have a feeling marks, also bringing the sadness to even this yeah Bu. I'm going to see your sad news and raise you or is it lower in this case yeah? It could be because, on Monday August, twenty seventh nineteen ninety we lost an absolute legend in rock and roll, and that was the day that we lost Stevie, Ravaugnz, Stevie, Ravon and members of Eric Claptin's band were touring. They were actually playing Alpon Valley. Afterwards, they took the helicopter, which is the common mode of transportation in and out of the venue, because there are narrow roads and with all the fans, the bands just use the helicopters. Shortly after take off because of the weather, the helicopter crashed into a nearby ski hill resort, Vaugn and four others on board pilot Jeff Brown, agent, bobby, Brooks and bodyguard. Neigel Brown and Toure Manager, colins Smith, were killed. Initial reports say that everyone did die instantly. Unfortunately, well, I guess fortunately TAT'd be horrible. I guess if I had to go out I' hopinot marks World Oway to kind of want to see what happens to everybody else. They survive for six days. I Guess Wen o know you're going to help. Every las Steva Ravon's funeral service was on August thirty. First, nineteen, ninety Jeffelis Zzi top Stevie, wonder Bonny Rate Buddy Guy, all in attendance, dv Ravon's grave marker reads. Thank you for all the love you passed our way had a number one hit single on the hot mainstream rock Jacks, with the song crossfire and of course he had the legendary band double trouble which was introduced in which was inducted into said rock and Roll Hall of fame in two thousand and fifteen. So that's my first bit the passing of STV Ravonn, all right, damn two SADNESSS, so it evens out yeah all right, some fror. My Final News Story: Man Kinda, have to dig for some of these things. You know so I I looked at different bands that were around at the time in nineteen ninety and I found a band called scream out of Washington DC. You guys familiar with this bigly Y, the they didn't have a whole Hodof success matter of fact their drummer actually left the band because he got a suggestion from the front man from the ban. The melvins this was the guy went to the melgis. No, no, the guy from the Melvins buzzosborne actually suggested to this person that he should quit the band Ri t that he was in in DC and go out and try out for this band is grt in Washington. So H, get out of here. Cha channing had wait. ECAUSE on October, eleventh nineteen. Ninety Dave Grol for the very first time with the band Nirvana Hoo now odave girl, of course, would go on to win sixteen grammes and benominated thirty nine other times. Of course, Nirvana's success was just monumental, there's a great article here on jam base and it actually has the complete setlist for that night October. Eleventh Nineteen. Ninety on Youtube. You can actually watch video footage in that concert. Basically, it's all the tracks from their bleach album with Dave groell instead of chat, channing and instantly like I haven't watched an IRVANA video, probably in fifteen years. I put this one on today and I instantly remembered why I liked Nirvana. There was just that raw energy that dave girl immediately brought to the band that match what Chris and Kurt were doing at the time, and it was just pure magic, so October, eleventh nineteen. Ninety, the legendary Dave grol plays with the legendary Nirvana for the very first time. So that's what I got for the Rock and Roll Music News Round. Oa Back you guys a kill, oter pipper is torn, I'm so torn then, because, first of all, so here I am I'm singing he easy way out and I get invited because people say hey. I am pay is going to design this building in Cleveland Ohio and we need people to show up and support. We got you, we got Eric Corman. We got a bunch of other people, the NFL, the football. You know the browns are going to be there, we're going to be in the flats in Cleveland and we're going to raise money tha this unbelievable thing: Oa, rock and rollifright. So I'm there I'm doing it an partying card with football player or six eleven pounds and they're on their fifteens drinking. They go wit's a manatepper. You can't handle it, I'm going then you're killing me guys Youare, absolutely killing me, but it was a very memorable night and all thes stuff Wasi mean thin Lizzie. Who wants to hear? That's so sad? I mean you know this guy's a total tragedy. That was just horrible sorry, but that and the other thing you know you know stevie ready long Di and know I had O stedarave ons story comes up to me at this restaurant n n after the grannies one night and went downtown and e comes up to me. He goes man. I just love your fucking movies, I'm going WHA Yh Ayou are amazing in that movie. I G just like Y. AH thanks Mahe thinks I'm Christopher Lambert in oeone ide, who I was at Albe Know Id. I waswachrstopher labefuck SI. I guess that's Beenan Aduto Yo know o that was lary it night, but you know deve girls, one of my favorite drummers an all fucking time, an and you're right, and when that guy sits behind the drums s, you know because for me, as a Musicia as a musician, I sing son out ther are Guis that bring us certain energy like especially tremrit. How many drummers? Can you really identify? And first of all, this story about wh? Who is the guy who told I'd love that ban my son, my son took me: We went to see them the other. The other week Melvins the Melvins Man, I love the Melvin. The melmins was so good there. I am old man and o man in Clb, okay, I am the old man in the club. The melvins would create and the fact that Jave Crol- you know he did he bout. You know otherwise they're just heroin songs. You know what I mean. He brought that energy to it. That was just a phenomenalmen mark. You dug deep men and I got to give you this Ram. I gotto give Yosave GROA. Thank Dave, not you thank Ye. I avenge my previous losses and I' pull out a victory here by the skin of my teeth by the Skinnyer grol man cuthank you, Robert Tupper, wow oatd. As usual. You guys at so easy. This is so fun it probably at be, but o I aid. Last time I feel like I've known you for like Twenty Years Yeah I swear to God. I feel, like you know, a we sittin here with nocking football, we're talking about Posi, stupid, Shit, booby's, stupid shit. I love it. Listen. I've had we've had plenty of guests on I close to a hundred, probably over the past seven years and there's always like a bit of nervousness. You know you get on the episode. You don't know what to expect. Last time you were on, you came out, you were early and I was just me sitting there. I was waiting for mark to come on first 'cause. We weren't expecting you to come on until time. We gave you and it was just you and I, like you, just come on, I'm like all right he's on all right so and then we just start bullshitting like hey man, wat's up, like you know, like Wewe've known each other from back on the block and Shit and Really D, I think thanky, you guys are great. You really are o very funny and Rai oe Presi tit is great. I could have somebody call you up with time and say: Hey. I got rady on the phone like a wrider hut and he heard the Songl just go. He's got something to tell you how good for you ar it's so funny, come in Oan every great well, since we lifted you up that high. Where are you at on the dueling decades? Theeme Song? Oh the Dul? U De is what you' say: Help K in amazing dude. If Robert COPORD or Om sow, I mean ine song now is great. I love it. The guys that did er they'd never know like what you know. Let me, let me think about it. I just got thee assignent and Coprark just got I just gotn off the POA shop. RITIT's oionly got to write fifty five Sontil, fifty six. What would have Taah so other than writing? The new duelling decade theme tell our listeners what you've been up to wrong. So what's been going Oni I went to Germany right. It went amazingly okay, it's called the heat festival not to get like bushy and stuff, but I hav you know I hadt been out there. NTO working on this record and people are singing the words to the new record. People are like loving it and I it it was. It was moving. It was really a moving show for me. I literally we just we went there. We rehearsed we did that show. We came back okay, so it was like Oveogo and- and I got to tell you- It was a true highlight of of doing this, because when Youre, I think what happens when you get older. It's like you, realize it's going down and you're going appreciated by the FUCKIR, because you're on stage right now and these people are loving what you're doing, and it meant a lot to be really really did, and so we got with this Aa Indrian hoks, music management and they're, putting a tour together, which is going to probably be late September October. We're looking at Spain we're looking at Sweden looking at England we're looking at who knows you Kno we'll know more about it, and I will announce it. You know like crazy o face, but when, when it all comes when it all comes real, you know like in all inother word when they put the money in Ge Careso that that's in the cord Padlo and I sat down and started writing for the next record already, because I'm a Righti fool. Okay, I love to write the so who knows? Maybe we could grab you a doing decade. It soundlike a good track. Three for the newel Bacdea te people ther. What trackit is on the P call the Col soj written and recorded by Robert Temper and produced by Rick Ruben Hetring Randy Newman. So all that's going on. We just had a huge write up in music connection. I don't know if you know that magazine out here in L, a which is a huge youknow. I don't get a ton of American press and I'm on there with what's his name, a squeaky. Oh, this wrapper is on the front page and it says Robert Temper, my kids are like holy. Do Dad you're Ol with the fucking wrapper I go yet now I'm happening iij 'mhip. I know it's going ookay. We Gong back to our rooms to smoke some good Doue T. I saw that on your instegram actually drop your instogram for people, othe instagrand Robert Temper. I mean, I think, that's it see. This is where I technically fall down. Thankslot I loo for Whil you're talking, okay, look for when, while I'm talking 'cause, probably ten people had to set it up for me, so I'm onistogram face book. I can't take anymore Um. Have I have too many followers, but you can come and see. You know you could come and view me on facebooking. Usually everything that's going on is on there. You know, and so we got this great article written so a couple of he things were going to be doing a show March Thirteenth Papo and I is probably going to be an acoustic set of seven or eight songs. My Son Julian, has a newbook coming ut between the records. Now they were in a band called the natural history and the they wrote a song called. Don't you ever, which was for spoon and Soi, was a great ten of big sor for scoon right and my boys broke that song and the book is about it's going between the records bat. This Gu, these these brothers, who have who have a dad in rock and role WHO's, a drug addict and an Assole, and I don't know where they got this information Beroand, so sto and it's being published in it. So that's the release state of that book and there's going to be a night of them doing they're going to do their. That record is going to go along with the book and ther're going to be a boot soup in L A so and I'm presently mixing and that's what I was doing today and what I've been doing pretty much for the last bunch of weeks is. My son brings music programs to with kids throughout La, and he just did a kid's record, very cool one man and I'm mixing that I recorded that and produced that with him, and I'm mixing that and that should be done and out. It's like well like the we like the fucking osmonds man we got likei go creaoeverywhere only were a little more left of the osmonds. I think all right. So this is what it is if you guys want to go and follow Robert On insregramits R dot tepper on Insogram, and if you want to go to a spacebook, it's Fasebook dotcom forward, slash Robert tepper music. THANK YOU GOSH! No, I got Yo, you do you ntryread Thoug, tractory Oitthan, you its always fun. This goes by like like really quick, and you know what it is the best way. If, if, if you're going to go on o promote yourself and do suff, I mean how much fun is this compared to like sitting there and answer so en you metstorm? When did he say to you ctly? You know like, and this is what we want to do. We wantto get more celebrity guests to do the judging and I think it's it's a lot of fun. Instead of getting the same canned questions, you've got it a seen. The last thirty years come on Judgang an episode and shit just comes out organically. I Agree R, I agree and you give me plenty of rope to be my idiotself and I appreciate and us to work Toa all right guys as usual, so much fun, I'm going to go back to my l, a life you guys go. I think Bo has some choveling to Dogot some shoveling to do and I'm I'm rehearsing my one man acoustic tribute to Randy Nuanis, cohiating, theaters, OA, ISO, goodwork, all Righ Guy God, Lessmano Abert! Thank you robber! ALL RIGHT DOLERS! Well, I guess we'll end this episode right here, but if you've missed an episode, you can always go back on dueling decades. Dotcom where you can subscribe to the show on Castbox. You can subscribe to the show on spotify overever podcasts are available and then, while you're on the Internet, sed ot over to facebookd dotcom forward, slash dueling decades join our private group where you can go on there and post some of your own Retro Memories as well as take part in our daily and weekly Trivia Challenge. Now mancrush we got some big stuff going on with trivial challenge. What do we have? I don't even know wh in addition to the tribiare right now we actually got this scavenger hunt, that's going on that'll be over by the time we postus, though Oh still, comng, on man. It's got on right now, but it won't be going on next week, but we'll have another one. 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