Dueling Decades
Feb. 17, 2021

The team behind the Nickelodeon documentary The Orange Years returns to judge the stupid criminals of 1974, 1980 & 1998!

The team behind the Nickelodeon documentary The Orange Years returns to judge the stupid criminals of 1974, 1980 & 1998!

We had so much fun the last time they were on the show we could not wait for the return of Adam Sweeney and Scott Barber the duo behind the fantastic documentary film "The Orange Years: The Nickelodeon Story". This time around we turned off the kid-stuff and threw them a curveball for some fun, as we investigate the idiots of dumb crime and capers! Mancrush swings into the 70s with 1974 and a slew of “hot” picks. Marc James is on a mission from God and hopes all the dumb criminals of 1980 can help him steal this one. Trevor Gumbal returns to the show with 1998 and some half-baked criminals caught in the act. 


It’s always fun to have returning guest judges on the show and as of late we have had some triumphant returns and Adam Sweeney and Scott Barber are no exception. Even though they are veteran judges Adam and Scott have their work cut out for them because the cast this week dug up some of the most crooked crooks committing some of the craziest crimes you will ever hear about. The judges are not the only returns to the show this week as a James Caan classic comes back but this time on the big screen. Find out the best places to steal music in 1998 and was it Buttercup or Butternuts anyway? Bagpipes blared as the police are Breaking The Law and everything else in a hotel room apparently. Thieves steal some sacrificial knives and 28 cents worth of brass. A famous singer gets caught with his pants down trying to Wham someone and a London heist gets caught on camera. Did a policeman have a sixth sense or was he just a racist? As well as their movie, Scott Barber wants everyone to check out the music of Westley Willis! We hear the story of an AWOL Huey Helicopter and you won’t believe what Jerry Springer wrote a check for in 1974! 


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Podcast New York up doing decade is is wax piece of all you guys and thanks for having me on the show, will it be the s or the AIS, Beeni babies or crack babies, really pane, Bota or Madon? Maybe Bricty? Maybe Whitney. Do you like new mittle, O new wave, Dave, ROE or Super Dave? I don't know, but now the vattl begins duling decades. Let's see who wins Jo as rodcasting from the podcast New York Studios. It's the adult only retro game show where the decades battl for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dueling decades. I am Mark James and this week we investigate the idiots as we look at dumb, ceepers and crines as I'll be representing one thousand nine hundred and eighty alongside the other jewelers and the decades they will be fighting for first off and swinging back to the s say hello to mancrush. That's right! I am swinging back to the en something like that might actually pop up, but I have one thousand nine hnded and seventy four and I actually wanted to give a shout out to all of our new listeners in Ireland. I don't know where youall came from, but it's like an epidemic in the last couple weeks and welcome to the show also joining us on the panel and representing the S. please welcome back Trevor Gumble good evening Gentlean's going to be back. This was the ar I became a legal adult, but I assure you I am still functionally immatureor and as always here on the show, we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. So this week's guest judges continue the recent trend of returning judges. Please welcome back the team behind the documentary film, the Orange Eers all rise and welcome judges, Adam sweeny and Scott Barber, who how's it going to everybody. I did the same thing Scott and did a Solu. Can you hear? Yes, you can hear us now weare saluting everybody in Ireland and yes, we're so excited to be here. Adam sweeny. Are You IAMAN? Irish last name? I that's why we brought we brought on Adam sweeny for all the new Irish listeners, yeah S. I was handpicked or born in born and bread for this, so I'm very thankful to be here. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules. The judges coinflip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories, movies, television, music, news and hut products at judges ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds, four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie. After all five rounds, we shall go to a final wild card round. Remember deelers, to review the show, listen subscribe and play along at home, it's time for more doin, a all right. Let's toss it right down to Adam Sweeni and Scott Barber for the coin toss. Here we go trever, you call it heads teds, all right Trevor, you won the Coin Toss and you take control the board and you get to select our first category all right. Let's go with hot products, so my hot product, premiered in November, one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight and it's not a physical product in general, it is a software. Actually that started a trend that became a phenomenon that became a lawsuit. What I'm talking about is the Premier of audio galaxy, created by Michael Marrige, originally t wash an FTP search engine. The AUDIOGETICC satellite peer to peer client would reach one million downloads in two thousand and one, but in May two thousandand two. It was soothed by the recording industry of America and it would force audio Galt to the block. Sharing it illegal songs in June, who doesn't to audio galaxy, would settle this suit for an undisclosed amount and making services up in in September. Two Thousand and two autio galaxy would discontinue peer, topeer services in favor of rapsody o the Pastry evning service. So this kind of beget the whole file sharing napster kind of thing, and you know it kind of blew up and then fell so my hot product for one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight is the premier of audio galaxy peer to peer client, helping people still music everywhere. Luckily, they didn't have to deal with large Olrich. That was Sha. That might be the statement of a lifetime. Everybody right outside of METAICA napster stole on mutuce without asking they never saw out of permission that that's my baning mor pretty. Well, though yeah I mean, and he ended up owning like a piece of facebook, so I think overall worked out pretty well for that. Do you got played by just in Timber Lake, so yeah and and not a bad way to go. Our movie's been out the orange years, nickelodeon story for a couple of months now, and you know occasionally I'll visit the dark parts of the Internet for purely educational reasons. I've never part a movie or song my life thand. I never would because I think it is just wrong, but it you know, we've we got an itens. We got on Amazon, but it was whenever I saw it pop up on the pirating websites that I felt like we truly made it because wanted our movie so bad. They broke the law, an I kept checking and I was actually kind of offended that we weren't on there I'm like I'm an guys, teler stuff orely, two ceders were you tempted to just put the movie on there yourself, just sewoul Tke Ebat, I was gonna. I was going to say we actually just like took profile pictures of us with, like the big noses and fake motherishes and glasses. We're like I hear this is a hell of a film. It's called I Tel Yup, y'all gold, all right man crush. What did you bring for the hut products round? All right so first a little backdrop on this week. So with this week's episode being that it's about crime, we decide to change our hot products for hot products, just which one of US could deliver the hottest stolen product. But let's find out here, you know: Trever just gave his, but I think mines could be pretty hard to beat Feruary even ten hosand, nine hundred and seventy four. I don't have any file sharing going on, but in the we hours of the morning we had a United States Army Pfc Robert Preston, who buzzed over dozens of midnight commuters on the Baltimore Washington Parkway. What ar you pos? What did he buzz over them with you ask that would be a stolen, huhy, fucking helicopter that he lifted from Fort Need, which is roughly thirty miles away from the White House, and then you might say well. Why did you mention the White House? Well, Private Preston? He decided to fly to the White House and land on the White House lawn with his stolen Hughi and, as one would expect that landing was very brief. He immediately was met by two Maryland State troopers, who had helicopters of their own and he flew away and then, from there Preston led these guys on an aerial cat mouse chase. It lasted for thirty minutes, went for fifty square miles, leading one officer to say afterwards. He was one hell of a pilot. He proceeded to Hover Near The Washington monument nearly colliding with it before returning to the White House, where he hovered a hundred meters away on the South Lawn, and then he took Shok UN and submachine gun fire and then Presston. He put the UE down, he attempted to escape on foot. He was tackled and promptly arrested D as it turns out. President Nixon was not in the White House of the time he's actually in Florida, so nobody was actually there, so even if he did something whatever, but even though he led two police shoppers scores of law enforcement personnel on a high speed chase, he broke tons of laws, military regulations. He only served six mother fucking months in the Brig and he received a general discharge. People have heard this point. I was in the Marines. I knew dudes, who did far less than this and reserved way more time in the brig and got dishonorable discharges like what the fuck like on one thousand nine hundred and seventy four. I guess, but I give you the hottest product hotest product F, one thousand nine hundred and sevnty four, it's a Huhi helicopter wow yeah, it's pretty hot yeah. He only stopped whenever it's like once machine gun fire Thi garted happening he's like. Ah You know what I'm good yeah he was and they were flying low. This is Yui helicopter he's. He was flying like twenty thirty feet off the ground through traffic and just picture this, and that's a no fly zone in downtown Washington to just picture the streets and these UES and helicopters from the State troopers flying all over DC and a a college age. OJ Simpson was holding up a sign. Telling him to keep on keep go fly. White boy fly yeah, it's pretty wild. The story was and because obviously a helicopteris hard thing to fly, but there's no key, so you can just jump in, but most people can't just jump, INTOA helicopter and take off you know, but this guy he actually went to pilot school or whatever they happened to call it in the army and he he washed out. He actually failed the flying exam like twice the final exam, so he never became a pilot. He became a mechanic and just one day he supposedly a couple of the articles. I read, I don't know he got into I with some girl that he was supposed to meet atd a just bar and ended up stealing the chopper ecause. She stood him up and then picked up the chopper and drew it and like drove he flew to that bar and landed in that parking lot and then lift it off and then just went to the White House. That's what you do, wow pretty dope story. Th! You know we were so arcaic back in the s. You know you got people like rushing into government buildings and bizarre costumes and stuff nowwe're. You knowjustecomg soar. It's amazing, though, like yeah. Obviously we saw that happen. You know last month, but this hap none thousand nine hundred and seventy four and it almost seems like t the places you would think would be the most heavily Guardi yeah. Those who do not understand their history are doomed to repeat it. Could you imagine if you had a helicopter and like a Buffalo Costum, I feel like you could go well. They didn't say what he was wearing in this. So I'm not okay, I'm not sure. I'm sure it was probably fatigues for him to because they did say this was pretty telling to at Fort Med. There was only one security guard at the like the flight portion of the base or Whateveri. Don't know what it's called it wasn't in that type of airwing, but there was only one guy guarding all that and they happened to see this dude go in there and he just thought it. It's Weird Tha guy didn't give me a flight plan, okay, and he waited like fifteen minutes before telling anybody that is. Do left the base with a Hugi, but it's like in a way it kind of makes make sense right, because I mean like with nine eleven everybody's like well. How did that happen? It's like! Well, it had never happened before right, so we didn't know what to expect, but something that did happen before and I will say with him going to that bar in on a helicopter. He is continued, a long line of men trying to do stupid things to impress women that dumped oni so check me out all those guys holding up boomboxes outside their beloveed homes. Try harder yeah, I wouldn't even want to get in a helicopter, that's like piloted by our professional, like they just scare the hell out of me, because you know like if you get in that plane and something goes wrong. It's got wings and you can kind of like glie down but a helicopter. If something goes wrong, you just fall craft. You know, so it's like just being in a helicopter scares me, let alone like stealing one and flying it down streets and into machine gunfire like the tuds bonker. All the helicopters I see are the ones with like one end open. You know, Y, U, you know the the ones where, like there's no door on the other end, you just like fuck. No, I am not to go in that. That's what e Hui is. I mean picture like the Vietnam Helicopter Yeah Yeah, that's what she got and that's something I would like. So if this guy needed me to go with him and be like you know what, if you're on your own I'll, be at the bar, making the reservations like I'll buy I'll have a drink for you as soon as the sub machine. Gon, O Yeah Okayhel Talk to the girl, and he goes. How will I know which? What guy it is? He goes trust me, you'll, know, thi all right guys so from my hut products we're going to go over to June twenty eight Ne Thousand Nine hunded and eighty in the Miami Herald for an article written by Harold Staff Rider Ellen Hampton the Baron's house, a glass and stone cage hidden in the jungle of cocoanut Grove where Linda lovelace made film history in deep throat has fallen victim to burglars, and the Self Proclaimed Baron sculp their SEPPI debroni wants his stuff back de Brony. Fifty eight wants return. The one hundred and twenty pound Ivory Tusts from an elephant that he had shot three animal skins: six Tibetan Yak wool, rugs two Neppales Lion: Statues for Tibetan sacrificial knives and a forty five inch high painted Garuda Bird, which is a bird, that's half eagle and half human also stolen was two nude sculptures made by the artist one of Roquhel Welch and the other a bridget Bardeau. Those idiots thought it was gold, he said, but it was brass. Twenty eight cents worth of Bress, it's worth nothing to them at exhibition, that's a different story. They took one year's worth of my work. He said they took my whole show for the fall. He put the value of the uninsured goods and over a hundred thousand dollars. Debroni is offering an unusual reward for the return, a trip around the world with guaranteed fun at every stop. He says: Hey it's something different. He figures. Eventually, the burglar will have a girlfriend who squeal on hem one day when they get into a fight. Although they do know that the estimated costs of the reward is approximately two husand dollars, a playing ticket is included, but details such as accommodations and food haven't been worked out. So for a hundred thousand dollars worth of goods, he is offering a two thousanddollar reward, but therewill be fun at every stuff and little cavyout there army, PFC Robert Pres, former Armry PFC Robert Qeston, is actually the pilot of that plane. That's guaranteed fun, but but mark. Would you really want to take a trip with someone who collect shit like that? I Don' know. Yaks yaxrug sounds pretty cool, I'm not too sure about the sacrificial knives thoug. I draw the line there. Well that that's the fun that's to be had they're, going to sacrifice you what it Linda lovelace have to do with the whole thing. Well, she fee she filmd scenes of deep throat in the House that was burglar, Roud. That's a deep cut right, all right. Let's toss it down to Adam sweeny and Scott Barber to get the verdict on the hut products round. May We get the mark? Would you give us the name of the of the sculptor again, please SEPPI Debroni, to my my family and my community and Ireland. That is not a name. That's foreign to us ar the not name that's familiar to us. I just want to hear it again. Just fir: Tetbe Difet, I'm probably totally butchering the last name, but it is for all intens. If purposes I can tell it's debro not like one of the rocks failed insults yeah, I was going to say he also was the showrunner for the Sabran, the SAPRANA Scott. What a e you? What or you thinking man m! That's tough! You know the peer to peer stuff is pretty cool. But honestly it's like that's, not really a crime. To me. That's is me personally, it's you know, satin, it's a stfit's, a tatus Ting de Broni man, that's pretty crazy, but then you got you know flying a helicopter down the street nd landing it on the White House. Pretty intense, I feel like. I would be a hypocrite if I were if I were to choose the peer to peer, because because I was a huge fan of Lam Wyr, an Kaza in the twenty eight different siblings that I downloaded plenty of, probably like evvanescence or mid Radio head mid career ridio had albus from I'm Torin Scott. I defer to Youman appar of peer is also where I found out about Wesle Willis, who, if anybody doesn't know about Westle Lewis, please check him out. Yesterday. There were found my friend found something on appeard o peer, pirating website that was called Metallica or Nirvana covers metallica. It is Ike what the hell is this so yeah yeahloaded it and it was Wesley. Will someone Wa just putting Wesle Willis out there and calling at all this crazy stuff like that's what we need to do for the orange years, yeah we need o be like tenant covers billy, Madison Yeo like what it's the orange years. What you think Adam you want to you want to you want to. You, want to cast the winning vote on this one. The judges are deferring to each other. This is like yeah, we are we're the most diplomatic judges of all time. You know I'm gonna, I'm Goingna go with I'm going to go with with the UE just because I'm to I'm, I'm too scared, just like you, Scott, I'm too scared to get into a holicopter. So for that man to risk life and limb and such a timely fashion. I think that that I have to selute that as a very a very hot hot product on hot take, all right may crush. You pick up the point for that one and you get control of the board. What category are we going with Nexk? All Right? Let's go with movies: Let's knock the movies out early Eitier, you have it or you don't right. Let's go December, twenty fifth Christmas Ay, one thousand nine hundred and seventy four ad. I watched this particular movie last night for the first time in my life and I'm ashamed to say that I'd never heard of it before I selected it as a TV pick probably like over a year ago, maybe two years ago, it was a botched failed attempt by TV to make this into a TV show, but how's that for a hard cell on this pick. But that said, I was initially going to pick something else, and I could still keep that one in my back pocket if it comes down to a tyebreaker, but as soon as I saw buddy cop movie, I had to know what this was all about. So I actually I liked it a lot. I've seen lots of movies from the s with the edition of the S. to this show, I feel, like I've, opened up the door to a bunch of new movies, so if you're bored with reboots, you know sequels that comeaout thirty years after the original. Just like me. I hope this opens up a whole new avenue for you as well to find something original and worth seeing and if hey, if Hollywood isn't gonna, be creative, I'm glad that there's a slew of movies that feel brand new to us that we haven't seen before, and I think this is one of those. So if you have seen this one before, maybe this will motivate you to go and see it again. So this buddycop movie, it's got to be one of the first of its kind. This movie, it's a product of being trapped in between, like the bubble, gum movies of the s and the buddycop movies of the s that we grew to love like leave the weapon. For example, you have like that really grimy s action feel, but then this here's, my thing with this one, whoever was in charge of the music, should have been taken down the alley and tuned up after this is released. I'm a hundred percent honest with this right hear if you took a musical score from any S, buddy cop movie, lethe weapon an anything like that, and you just dubbed it over this one. It would have been ten times better, but instead they filled this movie. With this goofy slapstick comedy score. The maybe you'd expect on like the three stooges. It was that bad it just didn't fit. So let me know after you find out what it is, if you guys gon a watch it. Let me know if you felt the same way, and I want to ask you guys, because you know you're, both filmmakers, who is the final say an score, is that the director Ecaus. I honestly, I want to know who's responsible for this. Somebody has to answer to this. If it's Richard Rush, the director I want to know, I mean, if I don't know if it's Ota retorical question, but I would say that I mean I would say that directors usually probably have have the final say on it: Bastard bad bast. I don't know what he was thinking, but you know what this film did really. Well, the box off is pilled in just over thirty million bucks, so it's a hundred and seventy million dollars in wo thousand and twenty one. So, even though I hadn't heard of this movie before I had as a selection, it did really good numbers, one thousand nine hundre ND evnty four. So if you're in the mood for high speed, parchases car crash es James Konn playing an absolute scumbag cop cross dressing, villains that are schooled in karate main characters with no real names, they all go by nicknames cops engaging in bondage to coerse criminals, wives running around with landscapers Alan Arkan faking his own death to pull off a gag two shootings in restrooms, more extramerital, conspiracies and two crooked cops that are really hard to root. For then Freebie in the bean is the movie that you need to watch. Oh Freebie in the bean makes its way back. That's right. It does and why it was good man. I'd never watched it before, and I e much better than the TV ver. I didn't yeah much better. Was it like they made the movie and it was such a success. They tried to do a TV spat like six years later e. They put out a pilot and we had that. As a section. I don't remember the details of, I think it was NBC te put it out. It obviously didn't last same actors or no O. No, this was James, Kan Alan Arkan. Not Neither of those two are in this yeah they neither of them but yeah that didn't last at all. That was out the window, but this movie really good, if you're, if you've never heard of it before or you're, just in the mood to find something new go out and watch Freeb in the bean it's worth to watch, even if you have to suffer through the musical score. Like I did last night and I was kind of pissed I was watching. I was like okay. Surely this is just this one scene they're going to do this in Na they did it multiple tod everything just very slapsticky stupid, didn't didn't fit, but IAH REV at I long for the days of the S, an s whenever you could make a movie called Freebie in the bean like like the fish that save Pittsburgh like just stuff that you're like wait. What? So? What so? Is the movie actually about a fish that a no no Dr Julia Servant is in it Dotor Jay, there's a story behind Freebie in the bean, though so Freebe, who is James, Kon who's, a scumbag cop who, like kind of courses, people and just to Finagle Free Shit from people like there's a scene where they go into this high end, like men's clothing store, and he he comes out with like an expensive jacket after telling the guy that his fire, like the fire, he's not up the fire code and ING, call somebody, so he walks out with that and then being I'm guessing, and this is Verey one thousand nine hundred and seventy four hthey had allen. Arkin play a Hispanic, so I'm thinking they called Hem Bean. I didn't even think of this last night, I'm just putting it together right now, yeah, but which is weird because Alan Arkins not Hispatic. I don't think right. I don't think Soo, my last, I know I'm goingto guess nmay, maybe probably not, but he play inethousnd nine hundred and seventy four. They did a lot of things that are little Kooki, yeah, yeah, eah watch bad news bears everfisher Stevens in short, Serre Yeah, Oh yeah, yea, and that Wasn' even that was like what eightyseven yeah eight six seven Yep short carcet and he was in the second one too. He was the only character they can wel. If we can at least get him back, be cool pair him with Michael mckein and you've got gold goodburgs out Alisheti, not interested in they're like, but can we get Fisher Steven? They couldn't even get the guy from police academy to proprise his role for this, and they just went straight with richer Stevens on Michael mckein. Eyhe got that cocoun money, yeah and but they did have oh got that movie Aoo a body cot movie that went in reverse what like TV to film years later, like dragnet, you know we with Comid Dan Acaro. That was, I thought that was kind of cool. I thought we W'RE GOING TO SAY cow. Fifty four: Where are you? Did they ever make it o ther? Did they make a reboot of car? Fifty FY made the movie of Ar Fifty Four. Where are you yep with Fred Front Fred? Glem was in it right? No, it well. I think he might have been in as ACAMEO, but it was the guy from the New York dolls. Oh really yeah. It was you handson, David Johanson and John Tmcginley from scrubs David Johanson, who appears in our film the Orange Years. The NICKELODEAN Studio, the nickolodan movie, the nickelodeon story in Arcivol footage very nice all right trevor. So what did you bring for the movies around the movie is round before we started recording. We were talking about Happy Gilmor Right, oh no, Billy Madison, we were talking Abou Billy, Addison and my film comes from the vary same director, Tamer Davis. This film involves three friends who have to get their buddy out of jail because he killed a police horse who was diabetic and they have to find a way to come up with the money, so they can bail them out of jail. So what they do is they start selling the weed that Dave shapel his character gets from the hospital he works ot as a janitor, so you guys have figured out. My selection was released in January, ixtene thousand nine hundred and ninety eight. It is half baked. It earned only seven million dollars opening weekend ranking number six and, by the end it only grossed about seventeen point four million. But it's become this huge cult classic on video, it's getting a blue re release. Finally, but yeah I mean H, t what's a dumber crime than killing a police horse is diabetic by fibutto butter at was buttercop yep butter go not to be confused. o butter nuts for butter, STA, Harlen Williams, wasnat underrated, underrated, comedic actor, all right guy, so for my movie released June, Twentieth, Thousan, nine Huneden and eighty is a film that tells the tragic story of two orphan brothers, one of which was just released from prison for holding up a gas station just to pay back his friends on a mission from God. The two brothers put the band back together to try to raise five thousand dollars to save the orphanage they were raised in. You haven't figured it out yet we're talking about the tragic tale of Jake and eltwood blues the bluest brothers. Now, when I think of stupid crime films, this classic is one of the first that comes to mind, and this was a movie that was a complete staple of my youth. Some of the many crimes committed in this film include, but are not limited to driving, with a suspended, license, parole, violation, evasion in resisting arrest, reckless driving, driving an excess of a hundred miles, an hour theft of windshield wipers theft of a public loudspeaker disruption of a permitted protest in personation skipping out on a one hundred dollar bar tab, destruction of public property, destruction of private property, destruction of a shopping mall and jumping a drawbridge, and during the making of this movie itself, Dan ackright admitted that part of the twenty seven million dollar budget was actually for cocaine. Yes and O spin off movie made about a hundred and fifteen million dollars off of that less than twenty seven million dollar budget. But it's legacy doesn't end there because it has become one of the most iconic franchises spawning. A sequel, video game and one of the best soundtracks you'll ever find, including many live, shows from the band made up of acroyd and Ballushi and then a bunch of bonafied top notch musicians. That's what I got fom my movies pick. You Got Ta go with the Blues Brothers. It actually held the record for most cars destroyed in a movie at one hundred and three. That was one last that was then destroyed in blue's brothers, two thousand N, one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight. Unfortunately, both of them were surpassed and the record was broken at one hundred and twelve cars destroyed by the all time movie classic Gi, Joe The rise of fucking Cobra. That's a given! I give to you the blues brothers, all right who wants an orange WEP, orn, whit orange bet. I was GOINGTO, say it's interesting because, while a hundred, what hundred and two hundred hundred and three cars were totreait in the original blues brothers, a hundred and three careers were destroyed and blubors tozand so come on how many careers were killed into the rise of Cobra? Oh Josie, Werd loveind made it out alive. I think that might have been enough all right. Well, let's throw it down to Adam Sweenni and Scott Barber for the ruling on the movies round. Real quick, the Blues Brothers had a video game. They did on the SNES on the Super Nintendo that Os like not very good g. It really that doesn't surprise me all. I feel like all of the like games that were like that, like I had a ghostbusters two game on the intenot is real bad, like all of the like franchise type Games, it's like they relied on the name and ia we can make it. I remember playing Grillans to the game and playing a three stooges game and back to the future. That's the worst. No I'm sorry t is the worst yeah I meani'm talking like NYS, but yeah et's, pretty bad, like yeah, we're not going in try yeah mand, I'm torn because you know I love. You know. Obviously, Love Half Big Love, blues brothers, and I mean you know tha. We all love Previe and the bean howdould. You know I never saw Freebie in the bean, but I accidentally downloaded it once from shop file sharing services. It was mislabeled. That's flicking the beam US James Cod Shit, oh Scott where's, your head up, so I'm excited about Freebie in the bean, because I learned something new. That sounds super interesting, glues, brothers. You know it's hard not to be biased, because that's such A. I mean all those old sndl people, I just love it, what a great cast, what a great legacy half baked Jim Brewer awesome. He meber goat boy from snl what what an ununderrated SNL got. It's a tough one personally, I'm leading towards Blues Brothers because one it's blues brothers and also there's the kind of like dual layer of breaking the law there, where they break the lot in the movie and they're also doing some crime doing that Cocyana. Behind this it kind of works on two levels. I agree. I just saw that I think was from Red Dawn. I've been passing around that clip of arm Schwarzenegger, pulint the leg off with cocaine and he's like Coo Kinono Ye, so yeah, I'm gonna, I think loose brothers. I think Blues Brothers. You know just if only a chance to tell people to remind people how Amazin aread the Franklin is. I was going to say you know what I forfeit my pick just give it to blose brothers because I'm not goingto. I will say this though, and I don't know if I don't know if he'll listen, but Scott knows my mommy. We all grew up together. So Scott knows my cousin Greg who he grew out of it, but whenever he was in high school, Everybody said that he was a dovle Ganger for Harlon Williams, so tough times. But the point is we all we all grow, we all grow. We all move on, so no Freebie in the bean loves. I used to be a coug I used to. I was a markting director for a Coffee Promo like a coffee company, and so I think that if we Haf there any promos going on, we would from now on called Frabi and bean I'll. Take that I'll. Take that and I'll take that point from that round and control the board. So you know what guys I think for the next category we're going to go over to the music round yeah. So for my music selection, I give you a song that tells the tragic story of a man whose life is completely wasting. He was out of work and down feeling very frustrated. He drifts from town to town. He feels that as if nobody cares, if he lives or if he dies, he turns to a life of crime in order to put wout some action back in his life and thanks to our good friends, beevus and Budhead, who years and years later, would repopularize this song and give juvenile delinquents everywhere and anthem and a battle cry released April, Fourteenth Thoand, nine hundred and eighty on the album British steel. I give to you breaking the law from Judas priest. British steel would go on to end up third on rolling stones list of one hundred greatest metal albums of all time and breaking the law sits at number, forty on vh one's list of greatest metal songs and also vh, one named breaking the law, the Twelfth Greatest Hard Rock Song of all time. So that's my pick brecking the NA April fourteenth nineteen eight, and that makes two episodes in the last month where you brought up beevus and butted soundtrackoh. I know how weird is that is weird: it's Kot, toally, totally different t n genres by the way see that Mark See what I'm wearing my shirt and you happen to be wearing Bamus and mudhead. That's that should be a loss for the round. Then that's a good stuff. That's a good sice! Pretty on the nose, too. You were talking about breaking Alaw and this song is called Breakin. The Law Rob Halford, one of the greatest heavy metal front, man of all time, heavy metal people they kind of get a bad rap. You know sometimes they're kind of backwards. Thinking, and I thought it was kind of cool how when he came out, the metal community was just like dude you're awesome. We could care less man yeah bad assen. I thought that was a chance that the metal community was able to show that there they are super, tolerant and super progressive and- and so I thought that was cool anyway, and it was also one of the I learnt I was learning to play guitar when Bevas and butthead was on, and that was one of the first songs. I ever learned that Don time time Tav done than that Thafunny Story About Judas priest. I don't know why this happened, but in sixth grade chorus they were looking for a new song, to like add to the mix of our songs or whatever, and our teacher was like. Oh we're going to we're thinking about doing these songs and on the list. This is. This is Ike thousand nine hundredand ninety somewhere around there late s early s and she was like we're Goinna. Do these songs or we're thinking about doing these longs? I Love Bites was on there, but it was the deaf Leopard Love Bites, which I, which would even nose Le Ctually, look at im like how the what but I was like love, bites, Judis priest sweet and she was like no, no, not not that at all. She was like no. Instead, we are actually going to do turbo love, yeah, all right, man crush. What did you bring for the music round? All Right? So, let's go, may eleventh thusand, nine hundred and seventy four, and so as it turns out finding stupid crimes in Mus. One thousand nine hundred and venty four er few and far between or incredibly boring. This is, until I found this gym, thers a little story that ended up making national news and entitl the article. It pretty much sums up everything. It's bag pipes, turn on off duty policemen and those bagpipes. We heard Dur one thousand nine hundred nd eventy fours home of the National Police Week, which is being held in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. This little ordeal occurred at the Romodian just after midnight that evening the NYPD bagpie band performed their epic set and by all accounts it almost sounded like motorhead was in town. I witnesses at the ROMATA and identified a dozen off duty, Boston, police officers as among those whos stripped nude, while skipping and frolicking in the motels nightclub and lobby during a drug entyrane. This entire sure, last until dawn during the several hour span, these men, pissed and shit on carpets, smash, chairs and tables set off fireworks sprayed fire extinguishers. Car Tires stole liquor from the bar storage room through all of the Motel Lobby, pictures into the courtyard and caused well over a thousand dollars in damages. During this drunken fit of joy, brought on by Bagpipers Peter Stilfin, the owner of the Motel said the officers were identified through pictures provided by the Boston Police Department's internal affairs unit. Stilphin said that the trouble erupted when the newer police department, Bagpipe band, showed up and performed at the RMADA's nightclub. Still, the noted everything was done in good fun, but they clearly over Tegen, clearly overdid it motel manager, Gen Lawler, said the police officers initially dance nude on tables inside the nightclub before making their way into the lobby where they were also nude Boston, police. Commissioner, Robert Digrazia has ordered a full probe into the incident. Hots a mistake, O the batit was a gather. It was a festival or the this one's back yeah. It was national police week and it was like. I guess it was like a national thing and they had like all these bands and different events going on during the week and they just happend to be staying at the Ramada in so the the Nypd Bagpipe band came out and they had a set that they were playing at the ramadends nightclub. That night and dude people just lose their shit for the NYPD Bagpipe Ban and obviously the Boston police partment. It's like fucking fuck close and let's just do this shit and they did and this what happened so so is police week the NYPD Bagpipe ban played bagpipes and it caused them to just get naked and poop and pe all over the Romata Eng, amongst other things, yes, wow yeah. That happens every time people play bagpipes like have you guys ever been to a dropkick Murphy show that's when tha was Fixin, also being partially also being partially, not just Irish, but Scottish. I can say that this is a pretty accurate description of what happens. I brought this for all of our new Irish listeners. I, when I do actually know do Irish people listen to bag pipes is the only Scottish people. Well, I'm sure they listen to it, but I don't know if they play Lke. Only the Bosto Police Department likes it a lot yeah. The retional title of the dropkick Murphy Song after that incident was called I'm shitting up to Boston, yeah, all right trevor. What did you bring for the music round? Well, gentlemen, I will bring you to April e One thousand nine hundred and ninety eight will rogers momorial park, ind Beverley Hills, California, it was a nice beautiful day and everybody enjoying their picnics and all that stuff, but a certain musician decided. You know what I need to get some release, so I'm going to go inside a public bathroom and see ifand see if I can get get some action well, apparently that action was offered by an undercover officer and of my headn Nic, I'm of course describing George Michael being arrested for engaging in a lewd act. He was rrested by Undercoe, policement Marcello Rodriguez in a sting operation using so called Pretty Police in Empty v Interview Michael Stated, I got followed into a rest room and then this cop I didn't know it was a cop. Obviously he started playing this game, which is, I think, called I'll. Show you mine. You Show Me Yours and then, when you show me yours, I'm going to nick you so Michael was arrested and in the subsequent in the subsequent days he decided. That was the best time to just finally come out and say, I'm gay. So apparently he was in the closet until this arrest and he decided you know what fuck it I'm gay so was was thet was Marcella Roderigaz, a member of the NYPD GAG pipers yeah. He was on a they trasfered him to Beverley hills and they decided o. You know what you'd probably be his servicees for probably be more ofuse there, fair enough fair enough anytime, you do anyth bad blameit on the Bagpike, guys sit a don't know what happened that first Notei was like whatxact yeah, George Michael, he thought Bagpek was a euphemism, but you know all right. Well, let's hear what Adam Sweedie and Scott Barbr have to say on the final one point round: Wow have you guys ever heard o the legend of the Brown note? You know a note that you can supposedly hit, and it just makes people crap mate. Yes infamous South Park, osod yeah, okay, you know, maybe the secret is it's got to be on a backtipe and they found ownup. That's what made people just take off their clothes and just to clarify in the news article they did say deficate. I added Pissing Shit, this'e Justinow. I needed to dumb it down for myself down and on that was not an actual journalistic rinto just to clarify. Well one thousand ine hndred a D S newspaper, it's true, that's true. They show like murders on the front age. Next to it was like an ad for freebe in the beam. Oh Man, God I defer again, I'm GON NA ask Sgott like what are your thoughts. First Man, you breaking the law, Youtus briest awesome song was, you know the George Michael Thing Ali. You know it kind of reminds me a little bit what happened o Pbe Herand. You know where it's like a little bit like entratment. You know if this ded straight up was like hey come on. was you know getting him to commit a crime? It's like that kind of that kind of blows. Well played. You know it's like they like. Couldn't we focus on crimes where people are actually getting hurt, as opposed to you know something like a police officer was a real cerkoff, so you know I'm also. I am an unabashed Wam fan and a fan of of George Michael, I think George Michaelis like under, like in the next slate of biopiks that come out. I think, George Michael, it's a matter of time before before he gets one and Andrew originally yeah, yeah, yeah, of course. Of course, Oor guy he's always gonna be known as like the other guy from waamthe other guy. I remember watching really quickly. I don't know why this reminded me of but like Ellen degeneris had before she came out had done, I think, had done a like special, where they were watching a bunch of music videos like with the rest of the group, so I guess Jeremy Pevan may have been on there also, but I think itws Jeaan Comin, but or a guy who looks like Jeran Fun and they were showing Wam and- and she was like- Oh man, George Michael He's, amazing and so talented, and they were like what is the name of the other Guy Io. I think his name is WAM. ACTUALLYAND ELLEN goes well. I hope the way I'm saved his money. So it's Rou. I you know, I initially, I would say Judas priest initially Scott, but I think that we need to carry on the legacy of George Michael, and I do think that he got I do anything. He got a raw deal. What do what do you think Scott Yeah? So does that mean that that's a good choice or a bad choice, because he didn't really commit a stupid crime? To me, it was that the officers that were kind of being stupid there- True Yo, Oh man- I don't know I don't know Iot. I went my hand to this. I'm like Rober Te, zero and Copland yeahat the time personally that just pisses me off, because you know I feel like they could have been doing better things and saving people that are actually getting hurt instead of intrapping people, and it also, you know it forced him to come out when he wasn't maybe ready. Yeah Michael is awesome. He got if you guys ever listen to that right. After Freddie Mercury died, you know they did the big Queen Tribu, where they had different people. Seing yeah, I mean he was awesome. A lot of times in George, Michael Yeah, he's known more for his personality and his s is just his style, but I mean the fact that he can sing a Freddie Mercury Song and do a damn good job shows what a tat ass he is. Personally, I got to go with. This is just me, but I got to say, bagpipes, making cops, coopand pe all over ther ll over the hotel ar crime right there. That's- and I didn't know anything about that. So I'm I don't want to say fascinated by no fucking, I'm fascinated by this. I think that might be your next documentary. I Wa I'd watch it all right. Man Crush, you pick up a point and you take control the board heading into our first two point round man: Where do we go? What do we have left here? We have television and news all right. Let's go, let's go news. Let's do a two point round with news. I don't know how news got stretched in two points. It usually never does, but let's go to July Fourteen D, nine hunded and eventy four and I'll tell you one thing. Looking for selections that generally aren't pop culture. Elated is a much different animal. I don't know about you guys, but it's completely different than totally. Oh God it was. It was rough that being said, like my peepers, are always on the lookout for things that could be pop culture related, and I don't know how our other contestants here go about, selecting their stories, but when I'm sparked by things that could be made into like a movie or TV show, I feel like like a rippd from the headlines type deal, I'm all over it, so I was digging through the Philadelphi inqhuoir and thanks Newspaperscom for giving us the opportunity to do so. I saw this headline and I immediately knew this is going to be good and just keep in mind. Ths Ine thousand nine hundred and seventy four- and this could definitely be a S. TV show an complete synopsis right here. So the title is Article: Is Policeman, develop six cents spotting stolen cars at a Wilmington, Delaware. Detective Rich Brown was cruising around in all black West Wilmington neighborhood recently, when the word Italia brought his foot to the Brak pedal and just like that, he found another stolen car detective. Richard H, Brown is considered something of a phenomenon by his superiors and colleagues and the Wilmington Bureau of Police. He has an oncanny neck for locating stolen cars, often with the thiefs still inside, although some of Brown's fellow officers believe he has an instinctive ability to spot a car that has been stolen, Brown feels it's just practice and concentration, just like realizing an auto with an n intalia bumper sticker, probably doesn't belong in a black neighborhood round's abilities have brought him honors and benefits unusual for an officer for only four years on the force he's been betroed he's been promoted from patrolment to detective in the city's auto theft unit and has been awarded the police departments highly coveted outstanding service Roon. As a batrolmen. According to Lieutenant John Dardy, the Wilmington Police Department, Public Information Officer Brown is recovering more stolen cars. In one year, then an average patrolman does 'n five and to make the point really stand out. Wilmington Police Department has a recovery rate of ninety two or ninety five point two percent, and he says- and I quote, our patrolment are no slouches. When it comes to this one time, brow was shopping off duty when he spotted a car he suspected wath stolen. He surprised the two occupants in the auto and found out later that the two men had the way that this is written is just terrible. He found out later that the men he arrested had just pulled off a robbery. I just made it my own matter of fact, one thousand nine hundred and seventy alone, which is his rookie year. Brown made nine apprehensions of stolen cars with the thiefs still inside of those a murder suspect it was ward, wanted for sniping and burglary a fugitive in a holdup and multiple burglars, and I'm just I'm Cherry picking this article here get to the good stuff. It says Brown usually picks up at least one car a day, sometimes as many as four or five since bras joined the three man card. Since Brown has joined the three man car theft unit, stolen vehicles are down from twothousand to nine hundred and thirty five on this fiscal year. So I give you its detective Richard Brown and stolen Parsquad catching stupid crooks with his sick sense, but yeah dude. I, like I went through like a bunch of newspapers, trying to figure out what happened o his dude and he was still in the the police force still with Delaware, so with Wilmington all the way up to like Ne Thousand Nine hundred and ninety, I found articles still in the same division still cracking down cars, and then I found an article from one thousand nine hundred and ninety five, where his son became a cop and his dad's footsteps. So it was pretty crazy. So I figured give him some props and there's a great picture of him here. I can't show it to you guys, ecause it's on my screen, but he's holding up a ring of keys of all the cars that he's like found. Hundreds of keys in this ring and he's on at the point of this article he's only on the force for four years. It's crazy did the force ever suspect that maybe he was inonit. You know. I was thinking that when i read this, but the fact that he and that's why I kept going forward to see if anything popped up, but he was still all about it in the same unit. You know twenty some odd years later, so I don't think that's Ta case all right Trevor. What did you bring for the news round? Mine is actually a new story, literally called stupid criminal strikes again from December tent onethousand, nine hundred and ninety eight. It actually begins as a deer and landers letter. It says, Dear Ann Landers, here's one for your stupid criminal file actually might have to start is new category for unusual victims. This newspaper article is written by Dana Dante, Diana Trazalka and appeared in the Chicago Tribune, and I roarede and I read it- laugh thing on lake shore drive it's called dear laughing, so did I my readers will love it here. It is police say there are'. They are close to arresting a man who allegedly robbed his former boss at gunpoint and then forced him to strip and wait in the office rest room while the robber escaped with the lute. What brought officers to the scene was not the fleeing gunman, but the nake it boss, who refused to wait in the restroom, ventured it as the parking lot got into his car and chased the robber briefly, although the robber apparently did not see his victim before driving away an alarmed maile carrier and other witnesses did and called the cops, the suspect also managed to make things easier for police, his name and a dress, as well as the names and addresses of his relatives are listed on his job application. Police are attempting to pit down his whereabouts and expect to file charges soon. This suspect nineteen year old, Chicago man had worked for a couple of weeks before quitting his employer, told police. On Friday afternoon, a man wearing a ski mask entered the office. He displayed the gun tuxked in his pants and told the boss to give him money. The boss handed over two thousanddollars, an jewelry, the rubber directed the employer age, twenty four to remove all of his clothes get into the resturooman count to five. The boss told the police. He thought he recognized the voice of the former employee. His suspicions were confirmed later when he saw the rubber pull off of the mask where he left giving the boss a clear view of his face. Instead of waiting in the restroom, the victim followed the robber to the parking lot Crouchyiu behind a car. The employer watched the robber sitting in his car counting the money that is when the passer, by called the police, reported naked man in the parking lot before the police arrived, the employer still naked, got his car keys jumped into his car and gave chase police docot decline to comment on the case so yeah. That's my stupid, stupid crime, news story, a man who not only took off his mask while still in the scene of the crime, but should have known his application with his name and his address would be on file and he caned the monny. He was counting the money still in the parking lot. Is that yeah he took off his mask and started counting the money wow you gotta know when to Count Your money, and you got to know when to run this guy hadn't been listening to enough kinny, Rogers and real turn of events detective Richard Brown actually rested him in the car which for not to be stolen all right, gentlemen, so for my new story, we're going to go to the front page of the spokcan Chronicle December, seventeenth thousand nine hundred and eighty, where the headline reads: Foiled Lights, camera action, money, Heiht, put on film out of London. Six gunmen thought they were out to pull Britain's biggest heigst since the great train robbery, O o Housand, nine hundred and sixty three. They had no idea. Television cameras were rolling. Thirty detectives and police officers acting on a tip from an underworld. Agent were waiting with guns and television cameras. Today they had no chance to use their guns. One officer said we were on them before they got the money and it was all over in a matter of seconds, investigators refused to say how much cash was in the armored car, but they did say the robbery could have surpassed the great train robbery of August aiht, one thousand nine hundred and sixty three were a gang of bandits escaped with two point: six million pounds or five point: two million US dollars. Police said they had known for about two weeks that a major robbery was being planned and by Monday they knew exactly when and where it would be made. Officers were hiding in a nearby Shrub when the Compact car pulled up alongside the armored car that was loaded with cash from a series of bank collections within seconds the abandans jumped out, but the would be robbers were surrounded before they could use their shotguns or an electric chainsa to cut open. The armored car six men were taken into custody and detectives said. The film of the arrest could become a textbook lesson on how to catch a gang of armed robbers. So yeah I go over into London, England for a while am not so great train, robbery or Bankheist, I guess but December Seventeenth, n thousand nine hundred and eighty it seems appropriate in London that they were like that e. The cops decided to like Hidin a shrub yeah could be anywhere right. It's like should we be in the cars, perhaps in case like we have to give chase? No, no! No. We will hide in the shrubs trust me on this. Just imagin IM wearing there little bobby hats, twirling the night sticks. You just see the bobby hat sticking up from the tops of the shrubs, because it're so tall, yeah, yeah theryea, the robbers are sitting there. They're like Hey Loyd, do shrubs, usually have hats. On top. We don't have time. We have to do this and you hear the Shrub say: No, it's just a Shrub Paydo yeah. You heard it lets, go back to it all right, Adam sweeny, Scott Barber. Let's hear your verdict on the news round. HMIT man crush your your got Richard Brown. That was his name, Richard Brown, yes, detective, Detective Richard Run was it? Was He trying to imply, or was it implied that he had some sort of paranormal ability? Or if you read the Article? Yes, but I don't thit was for real. I think they were just pushing it out there that this guy, so damn good. He must have a sucsense at first. I thought there was almost like a little bit of like, like we were going to hear like a tragic into this. whereit was like racial profiling. He's like Bo Italian car, Wuld, OA backand. That's why I preface I by say it was one thousand nine hundred and seventy four totally totally totally he's, not a good cop he's just incredibly racist O, and so so we had okay. So we so we had six cente cop. We had naked, remember my face: countthat yeah and then and then we had this trubery hmthese are some stupid people right and real quick trevor. The Dude was naked because the robber had told him to take off all his clothes and get into the bathroom while he had escaped. He thought that at was deterrin right. Basically, he thought. Okay, he's not goin have enough time to get his clothes on and chase me and find out. You know what my car plate is, so he figured you know what, if he's naked, that means either he's too embarrassed to go outside or he's going to take too long to get his clothes on and find the plate S I'll be long gone before he gets out there. So he didn't account for the boss having no shame and we'll turn out. The Guy had a twelve inch cock, Owa yeah yeae actually like this is my time to show. Yet the twist was the boss was actually Harry reemes. He was hurting for money, since the set from DETRO got robbed, I was Gonto, say witnesses were shocked to see George Michael Walking out Minnesota, allegoaallegedly it' yeah. You know and I think, to kind of shake it up and I'm always a fan of going down to the going down the wire I'm tempted to go with, with, with the the stupid the stupid, jaded, formerformer employer or Formr employee. I Scot what D Yo Hig. Second, that, because that guy's, an idiot like that, if we're talking about like stupid, you know stupid crimes. If that's the theme that I mean Po Thawas, the ony thing with mine, I didn't think my guy was stupid. I just thought it was a cool story and I couldn't find anythin anywayou know not not to get to off the rails here, but I just saw a movie called mind. Horn. Have you guys ever seen that no it's got Julian Barrett from the mighty boosh in it and he's a he played a cop who had one magical eye that could see the true final. You can see them truth with this one Magica, your storyman crash brought up some good feelings, because I just watchd that movie that reminded me, but one can see the truth, was magic. Ey One can find, I guess, stolen cars as long as Considere Racist Way. I was tying my damn ust to stay, and I told this guy to Thez. I told this to these guys beforehand. I was trying to stay away from the Patty Her story because that's stupid crime. That was basically all of seventy. Four, so this was something different coints for that yeah for not going for the obvious for sure all right. So let's get a score reset here. Mancrush has two points. Trevor has two points, and I have one and we're heading into the final who television round trevor. You have the option. Would you like to go first, or would you like to defer? You know what I'm going to get this one out of the way, because it's it's what I got my TV pick is a TV movie that premiered on March twenty ninth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight, it's a Disney original starring, the King of stupid, Leslie, Niilson and Bug Hall. If that names ses familiar, he played alfalfa in the little rascals. This is a movie about a middle school student who aspires to become a member of the schools safety patrol. He teams up with Leslie a Nilson to take down this seft ring, who apparently it's a couple of teachers of the school yeah. It's a stupid criminal movie called Safety Patrol with a cameo by Weird Allangevik, wow yeah can' go wrong with any weird now yeah. No, we can't really all right guy so, for my television offerings will once again go over to our good friends at Newspaperscom, for an article written by Mike Royco of the Chicago Suntimes, where the headline reads. Television may just be the spot for cooks and dumb criminals out of Chicago a trend appears to be developing among some dull witted Maronic criminals. They like to surrender to TV stations for a while, the acknowledged leader in accepting surrender was rushuing a reporter at the local channel five. Here it seemed that hardly a day would pass without some second rate, hysterical, wife, kicker holding up as an apartment threatenend to shoot the world unless he could turn his worthless bone over to yeuing thednt. The article goes on to talk about how channel too, is now getting into the action by interviewing. What the author of this article described, as unlike any interview he had ever heard before, were some dumb ass at a birthday party, where they ware getting drunk on the Front Porch, which tells you all you need to know about. This party got into a fight with his brother in law and shot at him missing him and shooting a pregnant lady, wounding her and wounding the unborn baby in the leg then wanted to surrender on live TV wearing a hat and sunglasses. When the TVER reporter asked the idiotic question, do you consider thes shooting to have been an accident? The clawd summoning up some tears blubbered, something like yeah. It was an accident. I didn't want to shoot Mary Ann. This article is just absolutely ridiculous. It goes on to talk about how just this trend of has to be stopped, that there is no good way that they can do it. The law should be Passat. If anybody surrenders to a TV station, this TV station should have to keep them actually that might not work too bad. The article goes on to saying they could actually wind up doing the weather for them. So a recent string in one thousandninnded and eighty of people committing stupid crimes and then only wanting to surrender to television stations live on the air. Was this the inspiration for the movie airheads? It probably could have been t'a great movie. Actually, it reminds me of the scene from Freebie in the bean where Getin they get, they get into a gunfight in a dentists office and they accidentally shoot the nurse and they're in the car after they leave, and he goes you shot. The nurse he's like it was an accident like it was no big deal. You know I'm Gointo, I want to start. I want to keep doing saying that from now on. I hope that that becomes a trend. You know reminds me of a scene from freek in the beam when never explain it to anybody just say ever ever and nobody elseill, except for us, will have seen it right because went have to watch it. Obviously I haven't seen it before and then other people would be like. Oh yeah, they yeah totally Freebie in the bean yeah. I remember that that was a game change. Oube, like remember when he trie to course that dudes that one criminal by taking his girlfriend in the bedroom and like tie her up with a belt and just like taking an apples in her hand and he's l its so weird, like what IIT's a weird that's a weird fucking scene. I don't even want to like give too much away. I likeis going on all right man Chrush. What did you bring for the television round? It's obviously not going to be the premier of Freebe in the bean. No, it's not that's. I need be six years later, let's Go April, twenty Ninteh one thousand nine hundred and seventy four and I was initially going to pick an episode of Yfivo, hear about an xcop son who was like caught in a math lab sting and spoiler alert at the end, the father catches them regd handed and the sun blows them both up inside the Meth House. Crazy Shit Wot, like the George Michael Story, the little bit little bit, but they, but he actually blew them up that blew him t. But then I stumbled across this little blurb at a Cincinnati about a politician that held a press conference and I dropped that fucking episode like a bad habit. So Anyway, on Abril Twenty Ne Thousad, nine hundred and seventy four a young up and coming democratic politician, he resigned his position as a Cincinnati town councilman in a press free thing held at the Hamilton County Democratic Party headquarters, Gerald Dorman, springer age thirty, he shocked the city of Cincinnati with his unexpected resignation. Apparently the man who once served his campaign adviser for Robert F Kennedy, was caught in the middle of a Cincinnati Vice Ting like every time I saw that cincinnativice, but he was Calltin. The Cincinnati vice sting at a local, massage parlor, this massage parlor, which was notorious for their infamous rubbin tugs. The thing is: Gerald: Wasn't actually there at the time of this ting, however, being short on cash one day, Misr Springer ended up paying for his happy ending with a personal check and when the vice squad ended up, you know doing the Rai. They ended up finding the canceled check at the massage parlor, and I mean this is just too damn stupid. I wonder if, like he wrote in the remarks field like hand, relief or like for services renders or some shit like that, but as it turns out, you know his constituents they weren't even that mad about the handy. They were more upset that the fact that he was stupid enough to right to check and leave a paper trail put it didn't end all bad. You fast forward a Yeur, Mr Springer won his seat back on the town council matter of fact he was so popular town counseil ended up making him the Cincinnati City Council mayor in one thousand nine hundred and enty seven, which is basically like the mayor of Cincinnati, and he served that for a year nd in one thousand, nine hundred and eighty two Gerald would run for governor of Ohio and he ran a TV spot that in acknowledged his guilt, and this is thiris a quote from his ad. It says nine years ago I spent time with a woman I shouldn't have and I paid, and I paid her with a check. I wish I hadn't done that, and the truth is I wish nobody would have ever known, but in the rough world the politics opponents are Notto, let personal embarrassments lay arrest. Sadly, he finished third in the Democratic primaries, and that was basically the end of his political career, although he would consider running for the Senate some years later, however, with the negativity surrounding his TV show, the Jerry Springer show he decided against it. So I give you Jerry. Springer, gets a hand job and pays with a check. Oh my gwow and now he's now he's a judge. Actually he tas that show see that it all comes full circle, wout a twist or a pull. I remember that story. Man Crush. I was like, I know where this is going eaus. That was one of the stupidest stupidest ever things, I've ever heards like you. U, you get a handjob and you pay with a check and it was a tendollar check. Well- and I mean I'll say this- like this place- is known for the like infamous Robin Tugs. You know I try to stay, keep a classy and stay above you know I mean I only go to places to perform famous rubs and Tik, so exact at least have some class I mean well, he wanted to support small businesses yeah. Yes, I think that I was going to say that would have been a part like he could do a perfect like Bitcoin, like promotion right now be like I once was caught with this. Now we don't have to use checks. We don't have to use this. We all do that and he can just get paid dodgecoin. It's the people's currency, all right, let's go down to Adam Sweeni and Scott Barber for the final ruling on this game. All Right! So we'LL RECAP: here: we've got the guy that gets a rubbin tug, pays with a check and turns out to be Jerry, springer and then mark years was the story of the the whole trend of people turning themselves in on live TV. All Right, I'm just trying to recap here: The NTHE Ththerewar Safety Patrol with bug hall and Leslie Nilson Yeah, but I know you're not going to pick that one justit doesn't iill say this. You know this is luck of the draw first off, obviously with the topics right, so I mean that one could have gotten alltheway. First, it's never you know and as a veteran judge. Thank you for your service, which is weird because Jerry Springer actually said that also whenever he was walking out that there you go. Thank you for Youso. It's usually probably not a good thing. Whenever you have to start with well here's when I got Lik Hiwhat, I got yeah. That was that was my bad. No, no! No! That's not your bad! It's Disney's fault for making safety patrol, that's not on you yeah, but it had weird Ou. So I was kind of no I get it. I get it if it's weird out. I have to pick it because God damn that Mans Weird out yeah ther's somebody when you think for the service, you know Scott, I mean I think I know which I am leaning yeah go for it go for it. I think it's the it's. You know if there's one thing that we have to hold on to it's, the American dream and yea to ve a politician who falls from grace after so humbly, putting himself into the hands of his constituency, returns to politics and then ultimately becomes a Sousayer and the voice of the people. I mean, I think that we have to. We have to lean towards the Ur, our men of truth, Jerry Springer, yeah, agreed agreed, which is to the right by the way he also was part of the first ever surveillance. Camera Thou had been released that year also so, which is how we know that. Thank you, Newspaperscom all right, man chrush! Well, you won this game by picking up those final two points in the television round, who I'm glad I didn't have well. Actually, I'm a little disappointed now, because my other story that I was going to save for my tyebreaker was about the streaking. The streaking epidemic of OE thousand nine hundred andseventy four was that the year that the guy was at the Oscars and did it it dod this happend, I swear to God, like I like, I said before, about the Patty Hurst thing being. You know all of seventy four, most of it streaking all of seventy four wow Itas crazy tho sok about it. REMEMBER: IY! Oh Yes to Calles Street hode, Buda, Yeah Stevens! It was a sommer of love all right well before we get out of here. Let's toss it over to Adam Sweeni and Scott Barber tell us what you guys are UNUP to and where people can find all your latest projects feel. Like you guys mentioned. You know we directed a film called the Orange Yeears, which is a really fun documentary about the origin of Nickelodeon kind of follows it through the S, and s takes it all the way from a really super bizarre, obscure piece of technology and Columbus Ohio. All the way to the point where it was a Bonafie jug or not, and it's out on Itunes, Amazon, Fandango redbox digital Google play you can get a DVD. If you still do that kind of stuff, it's just anywhere and we we ere so happy that we got to work on this film an were so happy. We got to work on it together and we sure appreciate it if you'd check it out, it's a really geis film. It's awesome, fi! It's really cool and Hou. Go back to the past episode these these veterans, veteran judges you go back to. I think it was back in October November, somewhere around there when you guys were on. We talked about it at length there and the whole episode. If you're Nickelodeon Fan, we talk about all kinds of nickelodeon things and kid things and all kinds of stuff from our childhood, so go back and check that out. But to be careful, if you go on torrents, though, and see it because it might actually it might not be the orange years it might be freebe and te bean all right. Well, once again, congratulations! Tomancrush ee pulling out this episode, and I want to think Scott Barber, Adam swiny, for coming back and being against judge once again. So if you guys have missed an episode, you can always head back to our website. Dueling Decadescom, where you can subscribe to the show on Itune, spotify, really everywhere, podcasts are available and then, while you're on those inner webs and going to file sharing services head on over to facebookcom forward dueling decades, we have a private group. There join it. You can share some of your very own Retro Memories. So until next time dewelers we're going to bid you a piece love, lighten, O joy have a grateful week. Everyone Ges New York Yor be heard

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