Dueling Decades
March 18, 2020

There can be only one! Its March 86 vs March 92 in this 80s vs 90s battle and it comes right down to the wire!

There can be only one! Its March 86 vs March 92 in this 80s vs 90s battle and it comes right down to the wire!

There can only be one! We're back to our monthly tag team matchup already, and The Viral Sensations (Joe Findlay & Drew Zakmin) are stepping up to challenge The Mamalukes. For this matchup, The Mamalukes drew March of 1986, while The Viral...

There can only be one! We're back to our monthly tag team matchup already, and The Viral Sensations (Joe Findlay & Drew Zakmin) are stepping up to challenge The Mamalukes. For this matchup, The Mamalukes drew March of 1986, while The Viral Sensations are bringing the best of March 1992! It's a real retro slobber knocker that goes right down to the wire! Judge David Schultz presides to decide which decade did it better.

In this episode, you'll find out which new lead singer drew an awful review from one "expert", what movie franchise never made money at the box office, what comedian almost starred in a hit sitcom, the technology that made a game better (or worse?), the final album for one metal legend, one rockstar requested seventy thousand bucks before he signed on the dotted line, the shot heard around the world, and so much more! This one is loaded with nostalgia and the game goes right down to the wire! Do you agree with David's rulings? Play at home and judge for yourself! While you're at it, send your rulings to our Facebook and pick up 20 points on the Dueling Decades Leaderboard!

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Infirmary mediapeople engageto Juli Gan, the PIXE oplay, but it dot o Im ran again upon that shaput top the power gopcome fight for what you love N, who come to Po e Pacopin Tan Crita, Paetto, Poe cap, woul, tak grave, a O, Bala Asick, I av mad, a TNO come fiht for what you love, Ineos roudcasting from the podcast New York Studios. It's the adult. Only Retro Game Show Wer the eighties and nineties battle for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dueling decades. Let's take a look at this week's duelers in the decades they will be fighting for as we return to tag team competition here on our show, I am marked James One half of the team, known as the Mamalukes and alongside me is my tag: team partner, mancrush. What's up guys, we got March of nineteen eighty six and we're ready to rock it's kind. It's getting KINDO WEIRD! Now! Last year I had all eighties. Then we try to do a little bit of Ninetis this year and try to do mostly nineties. Now we're getting push back to the eighties again. So I'm, like my sides, I'm all over the fucking place, but yeah we're March. Eighty six. Let's do this and our opponents is the team, no Daz, the viral sensations. Oh Hi! This is Joe Finley from the viral sensations from the miscast commentary. PODCAST we're taking on March of Nineteen Ninety two and if you think, I'm the sexy face of this team, ell you've got another thing: coming: 'cause, here's my partner! No, no! You actually are the the sexy facef the team, but I appreciate it. I am drew Zahmin from the one head late nineties, podcast and UH yeah. We are going to viral all over you guys thanks. I got my Matk, not my surgical mask. I get a role mask mothful, mop suit, mop Lebel, five, and as always here on the show, we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. So he's back. Ladies and gentlemen, a fan favorite judge the beast from the east. The host of the selling out show judge, Dave, Shulz Howy howehow. He happy to be back. Ladies and gentlemen, the following contests will be held under duling decades rules. The judges coinflip shout aside, who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories, movies, television, music, news and hot products. A judge's ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: Apiece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score after all five rounds, smack it up flip it rub it down. Oh No, it's time for more Al Right, let's hand it right over to our judge, Dave Sholz for the official Tossoff, I'm not sure exactly whan. I want to flip so I'm Gong to leave the option up to you guys. I have a flear, nine teen, Ninety One Mike Walker baseball card, and if you don't know who he is you're, probably not alone, and then I have a burne copy of hube Lewis, Huy Lewis and the news greatest hits. So this is both laying around my pod layr here. So what would you like me to flip Joe Finley? You have the honors this week. Why don't you callhe? I I WE gotta! I think I need the power of love to get me through. So let's flip that Hewelo as lik you needed and let's go hence Le Me See, and it is the blinding shiny backside of the burned CD. So that's tales, meaning you lose our right. Man Crushe! That's over to us. What category do you want to go with? First, who last couple of episodes? We started with news. So, let's start with how products? Oh right, you want to roll with yours, first sure, all right guy, so you know hear on the show. You know we love to go to newspapers dotcom, to get all of our research. So we looked back. I looke back in the Atlanta Constitution dated March twenty second nineteen nd, eighty six, you know and they always preview uh different things you can purchase in the newspaper of course, and one of the big things in the eighties was brand new, vh s, tapes that were coming out so and here they review some of the new tapes that are coming out this week and how much you can purchase them for you now follow that bird was one of the big features this week. Seventy nine ninety five! You could buy that thirty, four. Ninety eight on Lezer disc or the bloody gangster Mello drama, Yeu'r o the dragon with H, Micky Rork. You could purchase that, but you know I'm pretty sure all the listeners to dueling decades would have purchased this video cassette for seventy nine ninetyeight also available on Beta. You could purchase better off dead for the first time and bring it into your own home. You know a fellow named Steve, savage Holland, wrote and directed this rollicking farce. One of nineteen eighty five funniest team comedies, the review from the Atlanta Constitution rights CUSAC, plays lane mire a sweet but not too bright high school nerd obsessed with a bouncy blonde beauty played by a man Da Weis, so yeah. I know it's one of my favorite movies from the eighties Cusak says he wasn't a huge fan of the movie 'cause. He didn't like the finish product, but everybody else did so last week of March nineteen and eighty six you could head to the store and bring to your home for the very first time better off dead on Vhs n Batem on you for the low low price of seventy nine. Ninety Eight! So that's my offerings, Mancrush Whan! You got man all right. What, as the date on yours March, twenty second nineteen. Eighty six was the date from the newspaper article, all right, well, mine's, pretty close that March, twenty fifth, nine teen and eighty six and I've routinely mentioned movies from the mancross three on here, which you know, of course, aerplane grease in Friday thirteenth. I wish this movie was part of that, but I didn't own in our on RCA disk and, quite frankly, it wasn't even out yet. However, I do talk about and I've said it a bunch of times that there's a few movies that every young lad should see when they hit puberty marks already nodding his head. It's it's like a rite of passage. You have to see these movies and one of the movies that I've mentioned before is Predator and the other one. Is this movie it's an absolute necessity, so, basically you don't grow up to be a whiny little bitch, it's science! You have okay, let's party here, here's a movie that came out to theaters in October, eighty five, but much like Rambo too it was rushed out to the door to the tape market. So why are we running with vhs both mark? And I we have a method to our madiss here, because right at the start of Nineteen Igy, six there's a huge run for the aftermarket and here's. Why Rambo first blood part too, like I mentione before it was rushed out the door and they had nearly five hundred thousand preorders by video stores. For that, then, you had Jedi come out in February this movie that I'm going to have then Yeg t back to the future in May and many of those movies they were selling just for, like mark, said, seventy nine. Ninety eight MSRP, we didn't even talk and we have the same fucking price. I'm glad you said that and I'm glad we're we're both on the same page here, which is it's wild to me, though, because like a couple of years prior and I've mentioned us on the episode with Indiana Jones and with star check two search of Kan wrath of Kon Wrathkan, they both dropped to thirty nine. Ninety eight, but because you know everyone was going mad for Vhsa this time they jacked the price back up in the mid telaght eighties, but without further ado, it's the vs release of the Arnold Classic. You must show your your boys if they just hit puberty kindergarten, cough likethat, Commando Command, O an Predator two rigts a passage, but for this one we got commando alrighty Dru. Do you want to take the lead on this ye? Let me I'll tell you I'll go first, let me jump on this V, a JS traind. If you don't mind so this vhs was released on March twelfth the year on nineteen nd. Ninety two after a successful run in theaters, and it earned eighty three point: five million of the: U S box office, but the movie is basically the plot of. It is a cop who tries infiltrated gang of thieves, only to feel compassion for the ringleader and also fall in love with someone close, two sed ringleader and h catches, the leader at the end, only to let him go Paul Walker and Bin Diezel Starand, his wonderful adaptation of the movie. They fricking stole the entire fricking plot from just kidding its Poy Brak point break was released on VHS and I swear to you. I and I love fast and furious, and I know those movies are actually. I got pushed outs an next year, 'cause the Corrono virus, but point break. The plot is ex the same exact thing that is in h, ell, actually, their way around the fast epurious. The plot is the same SEC thing that happened in Plain Brak, except instead of surfing. It's basically cars same damn thing, but you know what I love both movies point: Brake has Patrick Sweeze, Kouna Rees, Gary Busi and tankgerll herself lorrie petty's. In there this this movie it seriously kicks Em ass, while teaching all of us about American presidents, and it is also a infinitely quotable great flick. So yeah the V, a JS release of point break. You talk, givme, tooall right Joe Fenley over to you ell, you guys are spending all your money on V, hs tapes. I've only got quarters, so I get ahead N my ass over the arcade and what I find is a revamped version of a popular video game that becomes the version of this video game. I'm talking about street fighter two champion Adition released March, Eighteenth N, nine Hutdren andninety two. It came out with improved graphics in game play from its original street fight or two version, but the most important part is the champion addition part. You are finally able to play as Balrag Vagas agot an MBIs and something that was not an option. They were not playable characters in the original version of street fighter too. This is the version of street fighter that people know people. When you talk about street fighter two people a lot of people weren't even aware that you couldn't play at those as those characters 'cause when you think about it. You're. Thinking of the champion addition, all the ports that moved on to other video games afterwards included those characters as well. The success of this box was outstanding it on in Japan. It won the video game of the year Nineuteed, an ninety two made o hundred and eighty two million dollars in sales and just in Japan. It gossed a total two point: three billion dollars. Overall, it had a lot of success in its early days. In the U S, it actually beat out mortal combat after mortal combat, beat out the original street fighter. To and then the biggest part of it all, it is actually listed as the number three arcade game of all time, just buying Packman and space invaders. We're talking arcade game. Yes, T e Auyesthis. This is but the sales of the box is. This was a box that was in every arcade and but yes, that game's amazing too bad. They released a total piece of shit movie and it just negato. I tried to watch it again, the other night, and I made it about twenty five minutes through and turn it off. I know it's a tough one, it's IT's so bad! All Right! Let's go over to judge Dave Sholtz for the ruling for the hot products round. Ok, I've just learned that back in eighty six vhs tapes were so fucking expensive. Seventy nine! Ninety eight are you fucking kidding me: We save two cents, yeah wowholy makerel. I mean these are both great films that you guys brought up better off dead and commando. I mean commando, you kill a mother fucker with a steampipe doesn't get any better than that. Spoiler. Ye H, yeah, sorry, yeah, big time there. If you got any H, that's a cobweb spoiler! If you will. I do think, though, if you had bought one of these films, you would probably probably be better off dead than your folks, finding the seventy nine ninety eight charge on their visa card statements, but that's that's pricey stuff, they'r, diners clubyou bought what Okay and then looking at ninety two props to Joe for not going the movie route and, to be honest with you y learned me on something, because I didn't realize that again, like the playable characters and all that were actually exclusive to a champion or championship addition h, point break drew brought that up great movie outstanding flick. You mentioned quotable beyond belief, great cast, so this is going to be a tough call for me, a real tough call. Both teams have brought the goods here, guys are really kind of enamored with the films and the releases that came out in March of nineteen. Eighty six love those flicks half Yep. Sorry guys. I have to go that route mm wow man crush it just goes to prove when it comes to commando and better off dead. Everybody wants some wantthe I'll, save o that por lader all right man croshd. What category do you want to go with next? What did we say we're going news? You want to do some news yeah. Let's do it! Why don't you start this one off all right, so we got Marc, eleventh, nineteen, eighty, six and prior to the nineteen eighty six regular season, N, F, l coaches had no way of challenging inofficials on field call, of course, other than yelling and crying like a little bitch and getting a fifteen yard penalty and achieving nothing at the end of the day. The beste coach could hope for was that another official on the field had spotted the bad call and picked up the flag. Yet on March Eleventh Nineten, eighty six, this would all change and we all know that officials misscalls, but most of the time they actually do, get them right, but at certain times they get 'em wrong. They completely fuck up the game so as videotechnology advance to the point where plays could be reviewed quickly with the help of these strategically polaced cameras, the T V audience would get a close look and sometimes we'd get it in slow motion. So this is where we start to get instant replay this early repl, it was limited. Only officials can initiate Ar Review. The cameras were far less amazing than they are today. Obviously, it's nineteen igty six, but still anything was better than nothing at this point, but again, just like it is Oday, which I don't understand really but replay was not that popular at the time, either with the enovel teams or with the fans. But can you imagine not having it I mean like it or not? It is completely revolutionized a sport and it's they keep adding little things to make it get better and better. Now, of course you can you know you have the flags, you can throw out, you get a couple perhalf and they can. You know every touchdown is reviewed and things like that whun. It all started right here. On March, eleventh, nine teen and eighty six, where the NFL adopted it, so it's the instant replay by the NFL all right. So, let's go over to my new selection, we're going to go back to March twenty fifth nineteen. Eighty six, my story is a band signing a contract. This band signed on March, twenty fifth, nine Huteen and eighty six, almost a year to the day of their very first gig at the TRUBEDOR. In Los Angeles, this band signed a record deal that would help catapult them to worldwide fame and fortune. They signed with Gafpan records as soon as they signed. The word of their music would spend beyond California and they would become the hottest rock band of the eighties and one of the hottest rock bands of the nineteen nineties course. The band I'm talking about is guns and roses who signed with gaffan records. In March of eighty six. At the time, Gunson Rosus was basically completely broke. They were living off, basically table scraps at the time they got alone from Guitars Rs for twenty five thousand dollars for gear and expenses, and they were able to hit the road and become one of the hottest bands in Los Angeles. So there was a record store called vinyl finish. The owner of that record store was Joseph Brooks and he urged Geffen Executive Tom Zuta to catch the show. So TT headed down to the trubidor to check out guns and roses that night, and he noticed there was a bunch of mother, A and R people, all there all scouting guns and roses. You know he recalled that Axel didn't originally strike him as particularly too savvy when he had offered them a contract. Axel said to me- and I quote: Well, if you can get me a check by seventy five thousand dollars by Friday, we'll sign with you and then it was then rumored that that he told another Aan r person that if she walked down sunset boulevard naked from her office, the tower records they'd signed with them. So it was an ongoing competition. He didn't want to be outdone, so he walked. He watched everyday to to make sure t at there was nobody walking naked down Sunset Boulevard Walt he put together a check for seventy five thousand dollars and that's how guns and roses got signed to geffin records. I guess Ho I'm going to see him for the second time in July, Ho guns and roses Gods and Rosesja Miriquy, no, all right viral sensations over to you guys all right March, third, N, nine hteen and ninety two after being part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and after it was granded the full republic status in the newly formed Socialist Federal Republic of Ugoslavia after World War, two Yugoslavia eventually dissolved and the Republic declared independence in nineteen. Ninety two, which was then followed by the basin war, which lasted until late nineteen, ninety five. So what I'm talking about is actually Baza Herzagavina proclaiming their independence and they then also received international recognition. The following month, on April six, nineteen, ninety two and then the Republic of Bazi and Herzgvina, was subsequently admitted as a member state of the United Nations on May Twenty second n nine Huteen and ninety two now the bozing war was brutal. I guess is all wors or Nado wound up getting involved in August of ninety five, which Ledo a date in agreement of December of n nine teen. Ninety five and roughly established the basic political structure of the present days state. So Lo, a lot of stuff happened there. This is like this super cliff notes here, but basically March thirn, nineteen, ninety two independence, Tey HAPP independence, day to Baz in Herzcavina now did they get attacked by aliens as well? No, no, no, no that, but if they did bill pullman was part of NATO and he would have gone over there given a a phenomenal speech. Ok, so we just actually go two weeks later to me March, seventeenth, N, nineteen, Ninety two one day before the consciousness of of a street pint or two champion addition, but but the g, the good news about my news is it's actually good news for a change. So H, l Li atus go Joe's learning ye well Y got it's gotta, be there. You can't give good news unless you got good news, but I've got good news this time. On N Nineteen, nine N Nineuteen ND. Ninety two: I was two years in the making a lot of negotiations led up to this point, but a referendum was held in South Africa, an referendum that only white South Africans were allowed to vote in, but they voted in favor of ending aparteide, which had been in PLAC since nineteen forty, eight, the institutional segregation and racist policies that hade been enforced in South Africa had been negotiated. Like I said for two years prior to the actual referendum, shortly after Nelson Mandella had been released from prison which nearly led to a civil war within the country, the reverend was won overwhelmingly by the strictly white voters. Black voters, where not wel black people, were not allowed to vote in this re reverend M, but only one of their provinces actually voted against ending Aparti, the other ones all were very much in favor of it, and that was the end of racism. Folks, we did it, but that was the end of the institutional racism of apartheid in South Africa, a pretty big deal which led two Melson Nelson Bandella becoming the president. Only two years later man, they brought some real news. I guess WOW Jeez all right! Well, let's see what judge Dave Shultz has to say instant replay ruin the coddamn Game Ca, you imagine all those alminors you're, a patriots fan. You should love instanreplay, Hey! I get no problem with it. I'm hip, I I'm cool at the Times, I'm just imagining these guys back in eighty six, when it was first initiated fucking, you know losing their their shirts over the damn thing, but I mean I mean now. Could you imagine watching a game without being on the edge of your your couch, screaming challenge that fucking play? What's the Matt with Yo Challenge, T guess o Yeah exactly you know and we'de actually go to update that a little bit I mean we gotto think of some new concepts for the coaches 'cause the flag. You know pulling t out of your sock yeah. How hard is that we should have them hold like a live grenade or something, but some real staks onchallenge. You should be in like a thirty second fight with the line judge a if he loses he doesn't get the challenge. WELLI got my money on Ad Hockeylea, tired, he's Comin Bak on Hes, back O agey and fight people he's just the enforcer dthen Maka brought up the contract, signing of guns and roses, but please, let's call 'em G and Buck in R saying it. That way makes me feel, like my Mulieah just blowitg freely through the wind. I can only imagine back in nineteen and eighty six. Seventy five grand bought a lot of hookers and blow and while mark brought a lot of information about the negotiation to the table here, I really want to know whose Dick they had to suck just to get that contract, Ol Roun, say probably do'the question should be whose Dick did they suck first right. Okay. Over to nineteen, Ninety two professor drew dropping the history. Knowledge on me would be Posnin independence, and while it was a great thing that they did get their independence, a lot of war and bloodshed followed. So that's a little bit of a debby Downer, I kind of imagine there was a guy over there who would stroll into bars and try to get laid claiming that he was the Bosnyand Bill Pullman, I think ther I think they're. Ah, if I'm not mistaken there bill Poma was sloion Malosovitch in neas he was the evil version, OFA Gridi pulmen yeah, but then always sounds a little bit like the evil version of bill. Pullman just watched ie nup, the bestards h, he's he's in there all the time, and then we have Joe's news story regarding the end of a partide I mean come on. It doesn't get much bigger than that, the impact no only there but which rang all over the world so um. I guess I'm just hankering for some history here, because the impact being so so big from both events. Nineteen, Ninety two, you win this round all right viral sensations. You guys tie up the game and take control of the board. What category do you want to go with? Next? According to our little plot, here we are going to dive into movies. I will h start you off on this bad boy, the date March, thirteenth, nineteen, Ninety two, a little movie featuring the accusation of a wonderful young after named Ralph Maccio, accused of murder in rural Alabama, and he can only call one person to help get him out of it him and his friend. He calls my cousin vinny the movie featuring Joe Peshi and Marisa Tome in her Oscar winning performance for best supporting actress, a big movie in the time it was in the top fine for the first few weeks of its existence had made six hundred percent of its budget and sixty million dollars domestic and was the final film of TV's, Hun and Monster Fred Gwyn, who played the judge in that film. The movie was met to go to actually quite a few different people. J Jimbalushi claimed to have turned down the role Danny Devido had been considered for it, but in the end, Joe Peshi brought his joheshiness to it and a lot of credibility along with that and then marisatomes breakout performance at twenty seven years of age makes my cousin Vinne a great little choice, Ou and Ninehtden. An ninety two. That was a fantastic choice, and you said that was March thirteenth right from the ATO. Well I'll tell you what one leek, one week later March, twentieth of nine teen. Ninety two we found out how much it would cost to see under sharand stone's dress, and apparently that is three hundred and fifty two million dollars 'cause. That's how much this move you made at the box office and if you don't know what I 'm talking about basic instinct, a Paul Verhovin who's, a legend directed this box. OFFIC Monster, like I said, e three hundred and fifty two million dollars on a forty, nine million dollar budget and twenty twenty dollars. That's a box office of six hundred and forty eight million or half an avengers basically, but I still pretty good, as you know, sharing stones ind that movie. You cannot forget that and also Michael Douglas, and if you don't know what this movie's about. Besides seeing what she has down under it's an American oe arotic thriller that was wrecked by Verhoven, written by Joe Butchethis name, Joe Esterhouse Missus Esterhow I'Llgo, with that the film follows pleace, Detective Nickway, Yo, Ot, Yougango, so Ester, and it was written by Joe Estherh Lik Bil. The film follows the police detective near current w Michael Douglas W was investigating the brutal murder of a wealthy rock star and during the investigation, current becomes involved in a Tourd, an intense relationship which is quite understading it with the prime suspect, O Cathrine tramelsly by Sharon stone who was an enigmatic grider. This is the fourth highest grossing film, on O N, nine Uteen N, ninety two behind Aladdin, the body guard and home alone to lost in New York, and this was also nominator for two Academy Awards, two Golden Gloves and also one two MTV movie awards for Best Female Performance and most desirable female for Miss Sharon, stone. So basic instinct March, twentit N Sharonstone was in that I always just remember for Christopher night. I totally don't even remember that movie like I remember that you mean Wannay, Oh, was it waying, owords outyeah? I always remember it for waying night yeah can't get it off the Mon nit sexy boy, all right, man crushed that's over to us! You want me to go first on this one I'll start off. I guess all right, man crush that's over to us. You WANTA to start off this onei suppose so never heard that March. Seventh, nineteen six! Actually, here's one that's available on prime right now. So if you don't aready own it, you go there and watch it if you're trapped at home during this whole Corona Irus thing, here's an amazingly entertaining movie they'll take up at least two hours of your time. Beside from the movie being awesome, it also has a killer soundtrack. It was put together by Queen and it's not flashcordon in typicalyes fashion, especially for a cannonfilm. They rel, like they wereused as one song in like a lot of scenes. Much like they do in over the top with Kenny logins and meet me halfway. They did the same thing with Queens one year of love in the song or in this movie rather pretty fucking, often or at least I felt that way when I was watching it w wewatched it last week, like I said at some prime anyway, is an awesome movie, but these guys had some juggernauts. This one did not do great at the box office at all. It took in six million dollars about fourteen million dollars and twueantan twenty on an alledged, sixteen iion dollar budget 'cause, of course its Canan, so take that with a grain of salt. But the funny thing is it flopped hard at the box office, making six million bucks, but it went on to have three sequels, an animated movie, a TV movie and a TV series that mark mentioned a few weeks back that ran for six seasons on H, USA and more interestingly, the three sequels all made more money than the original, but the original is clearly the best one of the entire series. But here's the interesting fact. None of these movies made any money at the box office. They all lost money, a lot of money which why would you continue to make them? But at the same time, if I now me telling you that you probably didn't know that, because it's a movie that it's a cold classic people like it, people always say the one lne from this. So it kind of blows my mind hat's popular series in it never mean any money. But this is the cannon classic. The ighlander her ay be one, that's right, the original, that's the only one thete could be 'cause the rest. I don't really remember anything about any of the sequels, but the first one is so good and I rewatched it last week and I hadn't seen it in years, and I was just like man. This is so good. It's such a good movie and then, when I'm doing the research for this, I'm like how is it possible that this movie never made money 'cause? It's such a good movie. I know how it made money and it's something we talk about on the show all the time and that's the after video market 'cause. If you find any fan of highlander, they have them all on video cassette DVD, whatever it's definitely something you bought and T at. You Know Eighty Bucks, a V, a JS tape, nine huteed and eighty six, that's how they made their money at'strue. I guess I mean everybody knows hislander. The Vy show was really good. I I remember watching that was a Agian Paul. He was in that that show I I love the TV show. It was fantastic and that Queen Song, that is that's so good. Well SOIC', I can do a lot. I can't do Freddy. I can't do I'm no ever going to try en you can watch part two and they kind of recon the series by saying that there are essentially aliens from another planet that th they're only immortal because they're on earth, but if they go back to the other place, then they're not immortal. But then, if another one comes here, then they're mortal an if they kill all the ones that are here then they're, mortal it's a very tongue. Twister thing! That's why they did a director cut version of it. That removes all that nonsense from the movie didn't conerie come back for the second one after he died in the first one sure did spoiler Ya mortals. Could a mortals kill of Amortals Cood Killi mortals Thatis? How the plot is crazy, stuff? So whar do you have mark? That's why I had highlanda all right, so my movie had no problems making some money. This movie came in at the top spot in the box office when it debute. So, let's talk about this one we're going to go to the South Florida Sun Centinel an an article dated March twenty seventh and Nineteen D. Eighty six says that this movie claime the top spot and the box office chased last week with this year's biggest opening weak gross nine million in a wopping one thousand, seven hundred and eighty eight theatrs. So this movie beat out Gung Ho Pretty and pink Oscar favorite, the color purple, the Disney Classic Sleeping Beauty, underrated, comedy down and out in Beverly Hills, the carebears Hanna and her sisters just between friends and the greatest finisher and all of wrestling crossroads. So if you haven't figured out what movie I'm talking about yet you know this movie is the second sequel from the Nineteen Eighties version of the keystone cops. The article goes on to describe still pandering to low browed teenage taste and includes much of the same cast: Bubbasmith Steve Goottenbirg, David Graff and Michael Winslow. Yes, I am talking about Police Academy, three back in training he's March twenty first nineteen. Eighty six. Now, when you talk about police academy movies, of course everybody loves the first one, but police academy three often gets overlooked. It is one of the best ones in the series it's t best, mainly because it has the best cast y. When you think of all your favorite characters, more characters from the series appeared in three than in any other movie. The only person that it's missing is g, W Bailey, who then returned to the series later, but please academy. Three was the final movie where we got mauser a totally underrated character. You Kill Micky. Bob Cat came back for this one, it's fantastic yeah police academy, three back in training. I'm sure everybody's watched this one. Now that it's up on Netflix March, twenty first nineteen nd, eighty six, you put the batteries. I got to do a a police academy marathon. I haven't seen them in so long, but I remember watching the shior that when I was a kid I think the first three I think the fourth one was the fourth one: Miami O no, those citizens on patrol okay. So I feel like the first four I watched and then I think then the fifth ones when I kind of Stop Bun, I remember the first three I watched pretty heavily so I feel like I'm due here's a challenge where you start with mission to Moscow and we're backwards, O the Momento cut, tiit's kind of rewarding because they progressively get better yeah, not too shamelessly self promote by t a coming attractions episode. I did a few weeks ago. I actually did a fantasy recast of a reboot of a police academy knocking New People into most of the Rolls Oh nice, who played Mahoni, I put in Ryan redalds. I did this as an ageless kind of thing, like You'e not worried about. I was like I'm not worried about whether or not the're they're the right age to be in the police academy. Se, I always thought if they were to reboot police academy, a great Mahonei would be Jason. Sadacus, THAT'S INTE! I always thought that'd be an interesting ACTA. I think we did that on a PO COSRACK, EPESHO and- and I'm glad I brought it up, it was o the topic. Whipped out your back in the day, Yep wellt's, I can throw back. I like Jo's response she's like that's interesting. It's like telling your Nana what you do for a living. She she doesn't approve of your career. Oh, that that's really interesting honey. No, I like that pick. That's a good one y! U Manuallymasterbad animals for something! GRANPA did that when he was in college for Science, my most controversial Pictois, I picked jfaraoh to replace Michael winslow because I couldn't think of another person to do sounds or anything. So I got somebody to do impressions to replace them. O It's a solid pick. I could see that yeah Micao Wynsow's allegend Loalanchila for life all right. Let's toss it over to Dave Sholtz for the judgment for the movies round, Alright Police Academy, three back in training, I will punch anyone in the face and argue police H Academy for was a far superior film, but you know what a great Gig it was to be an actor in these movies 'cause. They basically get released every year, so Guttenberg knew he was going to have a check. YEU didn't ever have to worry about what he was doing next summer. You know what I mean it was like. Well, I was going to make another one of those fucking police academy, movies, Um, highlander yeah. It's actually an interesting factwhat. You brought up how they kept making more money than each previous installment, but all of them still sucked at the box office and didn't bring back its budget at all. That's a very! I don't have the numbers in front of me, but I'm talking like big time like say, say: It was thirty million to make it they'v Made Fifteen rigtlike on on the first one. I was it cost fourteen or it cost sixteen and they made six. So it's. Why would you keep agging 'em because nerds out there need to see them? That was their life bl, lice blood? You know having the highlander franchise in their life. I knew a guy. He just loved the fucking hoinder movies he'd make phone padded weapons in his house, and I bet o owned them all too. He did. He did but mean you get into highland ere. That's the kind of life you're Goingno have Kno Lekrroni. If it's something you're into you collect everything of that yeah and you eat cold beeferoni out of a can every night for dinner, that's the kind ofyou now yeah Yo Larp, you Gavi, I racks and Rol Pani in a mother fe I am the King of my studio apartment. None shall enter Heah. Nineteen. Ninety two great films here, my cousin, vinny and props, to Joe for not bringing up the quote from that film that if I heard Wene were time this many years later, my ears may have started to bleed. If, if you don't know what I'm talking about, you're too young, so get the fuck off my law who youts you son, Ayou, son of Okay and then base, I n Ta, you no don't keep going with that. I just asked him not to do it. I'm saying it for the audience at home. It doesn't know the quoe you're talking about. I think he forfeits US round. Think of the kids think of the kids he might be. He doesn't want to live forever. This go an wants me hot to be we a we do it for the kids and for the audience just like why I kept saying guns and roses. Instead of g NR, Gee and fucking aw basic instinct, Hochi Kuchi share in stone was anybody hotter in ninety two than Sharon stone? I mean my God that was parritid up and down the board the whole legs opening scene. Unfortunately, it had Michael Douglas in it, and the problem I have with Michael Douglas. I I mean now the guy's, a great actor falling down is one of my favorite movies. I mean the guy he's supertalented, but then he said he uh. What did he get throat cancer from from Konolingus it started with this movie. Was that it yeah? This is where it all began. Catherine Zada Jones is Beon guy the rope cancer. I would take throat cancer for that. Do you know why, though 'cause Captain Zada Jones doces with aspertain thats what happened? She was also in a movie with John Connery that my I mean think about it. Think about it. You Know Munch on box or cigarettes, I was going to say if you're going to get it yeah Dru's got it right there if you're Goin, to get it anyway. You know it's like well. If you're GOINGTA GET KCORONA virus, you might as well get it kissing share in stone right rather than us being in the same room as her. You mayht as well, go all the way with him. You might as well get CARONTA virus from making up with Tom Hanks. Why Not Hey Whyi? Do I I'm going to do it right now? Im fly down to Australia baby. Now, I'm going down under anyway, I'm looking at these movies here and they're all great picks. I really do I like them all, but I think for the the sheer magnitude and the impact the films had I'm Goin to have to give this round o nineteen. Ninety two didn't go with the laungevity of all the sequels in the six seasons on USA or or s Sharon Stones Cutshot S. I think that's the ongey he's talking about little too hairy. For me, I I think that was probably an argument. That was, I think it was. It was also a wig, so it was Amerka Slik. What happened Mancrush? Should she open your legs and carrot top popped out or something o? That's too much he's got some propsin there it'slike. You know, you know if you like you're eating cookies or something and like a Crumb, falls off the cookioe Ono the floor after a couple of weeks. It grows like Moss. On top. That's what it look like. I sweep my floor. I sweep at t e floor, there's no coo cookies growing Lon about my foe's house. Oh sure, the guy who has highlander on on Betamac too no but but Marx is like yea. He brought props gallaghry didn't pop out of her Vargina. I'm talking about Karen caratops a prop comic too, not a good one, all right viral sensations. You guys pick up a point and take the two to one lead heading into the first two point rounds. You guys have control of the board. What category would you like? Next? I say we go it music, all right. What's doing too it do you want to leave us off Um you'll ea US mark, I think, you're, talking about how G Andr eventually wound up signing with gefin records. I have another another band that signed with Gepin records and they released an album on March thirty, first, nine teen N. Ninety two and I absolutely loved this album- and this was the band's first charting album, and I am talking about Lasecrecisto Devil, Music Vie, one from White Sambi. I absolutely loved that bands. They had two singles on there thunder kiss sixty five and black sunshine, phenomenal songs, other great songs and ar welcome the planet. Mother Packer, which is a great song name, Sol crusher and Cosic monsters all great tunes. This is actually nominated for a grammy for best metal performance certified two times platinum. It was ranked ninety third by rolling stone in a twenty seventeen list of the one hundred greatest metal albums of all time, and you could also y you cand only tell that was only a matter of time before rob, Zai got behind a camera and started making Harr movies. As you could hear, there were like several, like, B harror movie sound clips throughout the album and kind of mix with his dark style. You could tell he would do more than just music now the album peaked at number, twenty, six on the: U S, billboard two hundred pretty impressive and Whitzombia's over one million monthly listers on spotify and Thunderkiss, sixty five, which was h. The first single off the album 's ther, most popular song, Ondoya being streamed over thirty two million times just slightly ahead of more human than human, which came on their follow up album of astro creep. Two Thousand Afterwizabi Rob Zin Bogoonto a Sollo career where he has over two million monthly subscribers O spotify there to direct movies such as two thousand Sevens Halloween and two thousand nine hallering. Two and my favorite works of his were house of a thousand corpses and two thousand and my favorite movie he did was the Devil's reject in two thousand and five love that movie and also some fun facts. His brother is spiter one, who is the led singer for that fantastic newmental bands, powerman five thousand and also robs on his roal name, is actually Robert Comings. So there you go heres anybody in his movies go yeah. I don't think so, but I wish they' digs, I think that'd be wonderful, a perfect extension of his Mu. They just like the's like scab people, all Willy Niwly itpicked, that I I actually watched three from hell last night, which nokipe the follow up to Devil's rejecs y came out last year. It was actually not that bad and it had like this little play up, for I won't give too much of it away, but for Sidhag in the beginning, yeah ecause he died yeah, so ye cool check that one out was probably a little bit better than a couple of this past few movies. But I liked it all right and if that pick, knockd your pants off I'll, give you a moment to put him back on, but put them on backwards, because that was the fashioned style of the M of the group that I want to talk about right now. March. Thirty, first nineteen, ninety two, the Rapduo, the Children Rapdua of Chris Cross, released their dbu album totally crossed out ye h. It was written and produced by J, Germain DUPRI and headed up by Chris macdaddy Kelly and Chris Daddy Max Smith. The singles on that were jump, which was actually the number one billboard Sigal for two straight months and warm it up which came out and hit the charts a little later that year. It was the number one album on the billboard top two hundred two separate occasions during the year and was the number ninety album of the knight of the decade, so Chris Cross turning their pants backwards, their hats backwards, their jerseys backwards. I don't know how they buttond them up, but I assume that, with all that money that they made off f that album they can afford people to button it up for them. I heard they dress each other. I I dig practicality. If TRABAIN DO PR wasn't in the room that makes it sound a little bit better. Jman epreactually discovered them in a mole just walking around the mall, with their clothes on backwards and decided that they had the right look and he should sign them to a record contract. That sounds like a sound strategy. He made a couple of bucks. I bet they didn't ash for seventy five thousand dollars in cash up front Ras Yeman, to pre to walk down SONA Bolevar Nagen, I wan to GE that ship for free all right, but that is my pitcris cross totally crossed out March thirty. First, just getting tunder the gun. That is a great album. What a false cell I CREALB! No, I love Chris. I aing another. Bad creation was like the next coming of biggie. I think I was like in sixth grade when I came on. I remember like a couple of kids in our classroom like the cool kids like they went to the bathroom and they hey came back with their pant on their pants on backwards out, ther s their pants down. I was like what school o the Mrow Wat a C Richard C Crock at Middle School, sir. So gagster you do not disrespect crocket in retospect, we knocked the kids from Chris Cross, but ther were before their time. You know you wear your pans backwards. Like that lot of advantages, you get two extra front brockets and you don't have to take a pants off the shit. How do you? How do you piss? Well? There is one other challenge: Yt, Damn you just whip it out. I mean your parents are already around your ankles at that point. So does it matter yeah in Nineteen Einehty Two? Were they they're ready, dropping down that low, my God yea? They were halfway down to your Naw Dude. I I forget him getting old, pull your pants up! All right mark you! Can you can leave this one off all right Dave! I got a pick. I know you're going to enjoy because you know I'm a huge man of Jambans right. Yes, you are all right. Well, this is a band that definitely jams and this album came out on March. Third, nineteen ND, eighty six- it was their third album. This album features long musical progressions. That also has drawn out Solos. You know the songs very dramatically in tempo and they follow along with multiple croscendos. The album even has three different songs that clock in that over eight minutes and to support this album. This band decided, you know we're not going to release a video, we're not going to release a EP, nothing we're just going to hit the road now, if that doesn't sound like a Jamban, I don't know what it is and if you guys haven't figured out what album I'm talking about. If it's not obvious yet release March. Third, nineteen and eighty six, I give you the album master of puppets by Metalica, you had P people had smoke, cut aon the rear whatlunk. Is he talking about everything I said was absolutely true about this album and if you were a fan of Metalica. This is what hooked me on the band to begin with, I started with Ride Tho lightning and it's those long melodies in the tempos that Kindof just take you on that journey. If you were a fan of that, they kicked it up a Otch for this next album for master of puppets. The album would go on to sell over six million copies, be certified six times platinum and it just features songs that are still in the staple today battery master of puppets. My favorite welcome home sanitarium. It's gone down in its legacy as one of the greatest thrash metal albums of all time and one of the greatest heavy metal albums of all time. It's just still the magnum opis of this band. So that's my music selection, a band that definitely jams out metallica with master of puppets man we're going to have to uh remember how dial m TVs to have to retire songs like for like Motley crew and yeah homesweet home after a while they had that rule 'cause. They were like on top for so long, a head of retime. I think we have to retire metallicase, think that's like three or four episodes in a row. The metalliwe talked about Hem last Yeaer Y. AH, and but it's been completely different stuff like last week was we did the single, which was wherever I me in a room y a so it's different time period so like when mark brought this one up to me, I was like: Do we just do this wee didn't t it's just like thetaw keeps popping up it's the dueling decades, Mandela effect, because we've talked about Mendela. How many times on this show Princess Diana, how many times on the show and now master of puppets and Metalica we're going to have to build a retirement list they put up with four abums in the eighties and what three in the ninetys, so it's goingto happen. Yeah and, of course this was the last album that the band did before Claerton did, and one other thing that I wanted to mention is on our facebook page in our facebook group. Right before we started recording this episode. I went on our facebook group and I posted the album cover for master of puppets, and I asked people in our group review this album in three words, so I just want to gro go through a few of these Robert Grassfield said: fucking flipping awesome bill, Lebers, taid, greatest metal, album, anly, Mesler godlike. Of course, Tom Coon's junior, pretty good album. I don't know about pretty good there, but Richard Thomas says best album ever and Robert Marques, great description, Clipamal, ooh, good ones, O yeah. If you haven't checked out our facebook page yethead oner to www d dueling decades, dotcom or you can just go over to facebook, dotcom forward, slash doling jecades and joining on the conversation for yourself all right, man crush what da you got for music all right a little bit later in the month We v Got March twenty fourth, nineteen. Eighty six. This is the seventh album from this extremely popular rock band, the futured, a brand new lead singer and the once again last episode. I brought up iron mating, they switched their vocalists and they still became a juggernaut. There's another example of changing the singer, but still kiking major ass matter of fact. This one, it almost split the fans in to because to this day we still hear people comparing one lead man over the other, some fans, like one, some fans like the other one, but they still love the band. So we get this new alum. We got a new lead singer and it still managed to go six times platinum. It hit number one on the US billboard, two hundred it produced five singles which included summer nights best of both worlds. Why can't this be love, dreams and love walks in and of course, the album speaking of is the hit record. Fifty one fifty by the world renown Van Hallen- and you know what, like I love finding reviews that people are completely fucking wrong about. So let me just drop this one right here: thisis a good one from the village voice, Robb an Fuckhis last name 'cause, it fucking Mentardo, but he said a not disreputable performance, most likely a failed experiment or a pleasant piece of hackwork. The Guitar Mapans, who thought Eddi, equaled Van Halen, or going to like his firework, displays balls to the wall hooks now that Videostar Davidly wroth has given way to one of the biggest shmucks in the known business. No musician with something good to say could stomach responding to Sammy Hagar's call. I mean what's that line from ghostbusters? Yes, it's true. This man has no Dick Shit. Whatever the fuck, your last name ind, you have no Dick 'cause. This is a great mucking album. I respect both sides of the coin. If you like dlr or you like Sammi, it's like kind of two separate bands, but it's still van Helen and they're bul, fucking, amazing. So there it is it's fifty one, fifty by van Halen, that's a great um all right. Let's toss it over to Dave Shultz for the judgment. You know, although the years are completely different, you guys Kinda had well at least drew in mark had a common theme with both of their picks, and that is singer Scticx, because earlier I was making fun of Rob, Zombi's yeah well James Hatfield Kindof has his whole thing going on to Llaya at the AA Jarrula yea. Imagine doing it like Everyday Life Youre at the convenience store. Would you like a scratch ticket? Sir yeawen Ti be a WI. You know it's like come onshot that fack up yeah, it's the James Hafield challenge a chall all of our listeners of doaling decades. To do it and record your interactions with people and send them to us on a fresebook beach, thato'd be fucking fantast order, a quarter pounder with cheese, it' be n Great Er. Someone walked in with a Guitarso Il start ripping on them. Talk to your lady suck my Dickyeah B. I'm coming! Don't record that people we don't on Thati. Don't don't don't do a mancrush wow that escalated quickly y viral sensation? Okay, BACK TO WHITE ZOMBI! Again I mean I. I love that record. When I was younger. I was a teenager. I couldn't get enough of it, but now in hindsight, again kind of making fun of Rob Zombi, but the name of the album is so great because you can pronounce it in in a couple of different ways: you can sound kind of sexy and and sultry and go la sex or a seastole, or you can sound like beevas and buthead and be like Laenarseta. It doesn't matter which way you go with it. It's just a cool title for an album. Joe Came with Chris Cross, and I wish I knew what I know now about putting the clothes on backwards, because back then I just tried to do it like the exocist, my turning my head completely around and I spent my Insi my entire sophomore year in a neckbrace because of that so fuck euchris Cross Mama Lukesman, who master puppets METALLICA and fifty one fifty ven Halen. I am not a big veinhalent fan, so I can't say I dug that record too much and I'm not a Samyhagar guy either. I guess he could almost fall in the line of sticky because he really has no range whatsoever. Be Ebenso point he could scat like a mother fucker though so cand of bear Giv me a break. I need Bobee craft to back me up o. He will you know what I expect him to record his James Hatfield, O e well yea. Yes, I'm waiting for that feverishly, so yeah. Ninety two man, couple c Chris Cross was culturally important at the time White Zabi Great, but I'm looking at the mamalooks here and master pupis in fifty one, fifty just monumental records. So therefore, I'm going to give this round to eighty six, an the mamalukes all right, mancrush. We take the lead once again three to two but we're heading into the final round. It's still anyone's game. Should we go first or you think we should differ. Yeah Fuckit will defer challenge. I challenge that I can football. My bet o the flag, all right viral sensations, it's over to you guys for the final round. All righty. Are you going to leade us up on this shure I'll leat us off? You know what's funny about differring, it's not like. We could change our pick so like who gives a fuck. It builds the drama Ilio like Oh, my goodness, they deferred hat' that', that's going on. I pick a winner by whoever goes first. So that's right! Yes! Well, I mean we went first las round, so o Idon't bring this shit. Well, this one, this one's going to be good so march, thirty, first nineteen, Ninety two, this show debuted and it takes deep dives into all sorts of mysteries and comes up with answers, except the one mystery left to Sov as what the hell happened to Leter Holt's hairline, I'm talking about Dateline, N BC, Marc try, Firstonenintu, dateline DBUTT is been on the air for twenty nine seasons and it's still going strong. My wife and I will watch like an episode here and there it's it's insanely, just captivated you get sucked in and watch these damn shows it was previously the networks flaxship news magazine, but now focus as mainly on true crime stories, with only occasional aditions that focus on other topics and if I'm not mistaken, I think last week, as a matter of fact, they actually did a special corona virus, one of course, so theyl they'll switch things out on occasion, but usually it's true crime. Usually it's like a a couple where one of them like disappears and thet's like the spouse. That did it and then they always say no, and then it turns ont. It was them, that's pretty much what happens, but they also had some other special series, such as the one show known everwants to be the star of to catch a Predator, as well as to catch a conman and the rblacklist, and the initial coancors were stone, Phillips and Jane polly. But now it's run by the affor mentioned lecesterhole and his giant funking forehead, but dateline NBC makes its debut at's been on the air. For Twenty Nine seasons, twenty nine seasons still on that' thought. I got allright again over to me and I'm going to take you. If we're going to talk about March, we got to talk about March madness. We can't talk about it this month, but we can talk about it: Ne Thousan, nine hteen and ninety two and they're going to bring you to the East regional men's basketball. Final between Duke and Kentucky, wouldn't sound like any kind of extraordinary game in any other circumstances, but this one became quite a legend in NC, a history with two point: one seconds remaining an overtime, Christian, Laitner, hit's, a jumper just as time is expires to give duke the win. One hundred four to one hundred three. This game has since been considered to be the best college basketball game in the history of college. Basketball has been named the Best College, Basketball Game of all time by Sporting News Blea to report and the Daily News and Christian lightners celebrity from his from his heroism here, which there is a wicipedia page, just called the shot which is specifically about him. Making that final shot in the game got him the only spot of a person who had not played in an NBA game. Yet on the nineteen. Ninety two dream: team beating out pleet people like alanso morning and Fello, a draft class member Shaquiloneil. Who was actually the number one pick in that draft? It was moments like this that got him the spot over them, so he was on the Dream Team full of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson. You know Larry B. What have you Christian lightners sitting on that team because of this game got to have somebody to carry the towels? That's what Scotty Pippin was for that game was. I remember watching that game that was insane like just quick catch release, shot man fucking an saying that game. I still woitd everything of March madness, like you, think of that game or anything of college basketball. In general, it's later in that game such such an iconic game or performance, you know I'm a huge, Duke Fan and I have distinct memories watching that game. I think that was the game that really turned me into a Duke Fan. So all right, obedy, you GOTT war to sell their pick there fucks there for that. You can go first, Ju Fora, television selection, this show debute March third, Nineteen D, Eighty six, it ran for one hundred and eighty one episodes and had a couple of spin offs as well. It originally was produced as a television movie and then was split into parts one and two when it was part of the series. This T v show started on NBC and then later moved to ABC. It is based on a Georgi lawyer, Bobby Lee Cook Cook was known for his legal skills, his folkse charm. This television show starred classic television, stalwart, Andy Griffith as matlock as he follows. The cases of the criminal defense attorney Ben Matlock, thrifty, folksy, andcontenkerous matlock charges a premium for his services, but it's worth every penny. This renowned attorney was always clothed in his trademark light. Graysuit and driving his signature Crown Vic matlock had an UNCANNY NACK for finding overlook clues and exposing murders, an dramatic courtroom scenes. You know, I'm a huge Andy Griffath fan from the ANDYGRIFFAE show, if you're a fan of Andi Griffith. You might not even know this, but even though the andigriffih show went for way more seasons, he was actually the character of matlock longer than he was Andy Griffith, mostly because of matlock's one hour format. So that's my pick for television. They debw of Matlock ran o hundred and eighty one episodes, but it all started as a made for TV movie on NBC March. Third, nineteen, eighty six over to you, man crush all right. You know, what's pretty amazing about both of our picks? Is I march it's really rare that you're going to get like good shows the debut in March yeah. You know like yeah, you had TJ hooker, I think was March two like a couple of years. Prior to this, such most of the time yeah. Most of the time you didn't get that youe getting a bunch of garbage. Like was a couple of weeks ago. I had like bug: Juice, yeah debuting, you don't get these juggernaut shows, but I think you don't get a Sho. It don't get a show like dateline. Very often a I mean dant lights, a news show, though so hurter busiess hit's dateline, it's fucking ambient all Ri sa. This is not, though Marchermits leser hole. That's hucking, Zimbaltar, some shit all right said March: Twenty fifth, nineteen, eighty six. Here's a show that debute on this day it would last for eight seasons, a hundred and fifty episodes and, like I said we normally don't get any shows this late in the season, but a B C they didn't want a premier show in the fall w. They didn't want to premure. This show in the fall because they didn't wanted to get lost in the shuffle with all the other shows, so they waited till March and then by its third season. They moved this from Wednesday nights and they moved it to be part of a B C's amazing Friday night tg. I F line up. I think we all know that one, and this particular show would be slat in the a PM time. Slot is Deledin for full House, see, drew trying to figure out what the fuck I'm talking about, but believe it or not. This show was actually inspired by the nineteen eighty four Olympics that took place in Los Angeles H, both of the future producers. This show they're watching all these international athletes experience Los Angeles for the first time and they were looking at them and they had this crazy culture shock that just came across as pure comedy golds to these guys, and they knew that if they put this together, they would probably have a hit on their hands, but there was a little catch. His is nineteen, eighty four, the guy that they wanted to play the foreigner in the show he was actually signed on at the time with ABNBC on a show called Sarah, but luckily for them, Sara got canceled and he was able to do this show and then matter of fact, the other Costar was actually somebody else entirely. I don't know many people actually know this, but the role of Pusin Larry and was actually given initially to Louis Anderson in the pilot, Oh yeah. They did not see the chemistry between Brond and pitchut, so they brought in Markland Baker to play cousin Larry instead and, of course, to show that I'm talking about as perfect strangers. But the show is also responsible for this spin off family matters, so we got kind of a double dose. With this pick, his Harriot wins low. Of course she was the elevator operator in the building they lived in and then you know her husband was on a couple of seas. I think the same season, maybe seizon three or four and H, you N W, and if we win this round, I will do the dance of joy, wow yeah your show had to spin off my show had two spin offs, you had family matters and matlock actually had Jakan the Fatman and diagnosis. Murder were the two spin off from that showwell dateline had to catch a Predator and it's on side, specials and then there's still basketball on. I consider every bad college. Basketball game is right: OFFTO the dateline kept preditors off the streets, you're welcome yeah but illegally, and then they had to stop yeah, but it took them off the streets and put 'em on national television and put him in jail. I don't care how I donlt care. If it's illegal get those Fucker, I don't know, did they actually get arrested for that stuff 'cause. I remember reading that they were doing it. The way that they did it wasn't like legal or whatever, so it didn't didn't, put them in jail. I don't know I'm talking ton my ass, but I think that's what I had read like years ago. 'CAUSE didn't they have to stop that whole bit. They did yeah that was classic fucking Telev Yeah. I have a S. I have a buddy who's so fascinated with the catcher Predator there's, there's redit threads about it and all kinds of like they keep up with the guys that they busted. Now. Oh no yeah like one of them's teaching karate out somewhere in the Midwest, and they got like baseball cards for them in Shit with their snaps Ey migne as well: Ibe Realy, Umpty, updeep, yeah, OKA, Robert Stack's voice and everything up Dave all right. Let's throw it down to judge Dave Sholz for the final ruling on this game. I don't know if I can make a ruling, because I'm actually in shock thinking about how terrible perfect strangers would have been if Louis Anderson was on the show. Could you imagine him just being like yeah, I'm your Casenay commen and my h. They said it came across too cynical Balki he to stop playing noting not foro. I was going to say he's on that terrible, like late night game show this in syndication. Now I forgot what the name of it was, but it s Awasn't. He ow family feud, well, yeah, yeah, yeah, but he's on this other one they get like John Luvotts and, like all these other washed o funny, you should ask it's call and it's terrible it. It's Fucky and horrible. I it's just like this prescripted one liner show and it's just garbage wher. He belongs Anim UN yeah Um Anyway. I think I'm over my shock now. You guys help me get out of my Louis Anderson's. Okay. Ninety two drew was selling dateline really hard, and I can appreciate that because right now, you're giving me a soapbox and if you permit me to do so, can I use it. I hope you do dave. Okay to all the true crime. POD casters out there cut the ship cut it out seriously. How many fucking true crime pod casts anybody fucking need. You know you guys, listen to true crime, any of you. No, no good! Then you're, all my friends, I just commit it. I can appreciate it's like so many fucking people it just it just makes me angry that they're all like. Oh, we did intense research, but to bring this back to drew. IS THEIR RESEARCH WAS WATCHING DATELINE? You know what I mean and I like dateline, I you know man crush called the ambient, but that's the only true crime I can actually kindof get into. I I kinda enjoy it. I don't consider it must watch television, but when it's on it does it sucks you in anless ther hole is gripping well now I'll, never get over. That fucking forehead of his that's for sure, H, NC, double a you know, Jo a q question to here about Christian Latiner. Did he ever become a junkie sobtes like I might have bought something from him, yeah heactall? U He threw it through my car window and it was amazing. It landedhe did that fucking same shot from H. I couldn't fuckm believe it. The snack landed right on my cratch perfectly. I was like. I know who you are. Your name, isn't Paco God. I don't know. Okay, now onto eighty six with the Mama Lukes Mik, I have a question for you because I'm curious about this. You mentioned that Anti Griffith played matlock longer. Then then he was on the Anti Grivi show, but the way that you framed it wasn't based on episodes. It was based on hours like time served right. He actually logged more screen time as the matlock character. Then he did his Andy Griffith. I don't know if that counts. I mean not not for this the purposes of this round, but I mean, as far as the the debate on who we appeared: Asmore Yeah. I neew that too, who wants to live forever anyway, so I just mean like he was on people's television screens every week for an amount of time. As he end during the Andigriffhi show. You know an in Matlock. It was like. Well it didn't last as long, but he was on your TV, an extra half an hour every week you see what I'm saying there. Technically, I'm not falling for your wizhagry, my friend, your magic wnot work on me. There can only be one well H, okay, perfect strangers. I really want to see mancrush through the dance you know that was. That was tempting. That's a tempting offer boy this this one. You know I it's a Tuffy. It really is a tougfe um where's. My let's see here I'm looking at my notes. 'cause, I write everything down. Well, I don't really write all the information down. I do a lot of doodles. So, let's see who got the best little doodle here. You know guys. I'm Gointo have to go. Oh, I know you guys are waiting anxiously for me to actually Saye something rather than grunt. I mean really do Kno. Well, listen! This is really boiling down. I pay good money for that. Really: Okay, Riem right me, a seventy five thousand dollar check and I'll grunt. All all you want baby, listen just to let you know my thought prices here in real time as I'm looking at dateline and I'm looking at honestly perfect strangers. So I'm looking at twenty nine years on the air which is so impressive compared to this Mi nostalgic, noodle wiggling for the love of perfect strangers and and the great casting choices. Obviously that turned out in the end and family matters that came out of it. Well, listen, let's not get into the spin off situation. Okay, let's not do that! Becau Y B, you have to Whye. Those are the legs pro. Are they? Those are the legs yeah irakles legs we're not looking at we're, not looking at that we're looking at the foundation here, we're looking at the source and what you guys brought to the table today. Oh boy, H, yeah, so I'm I'm Gong Ta, be I'm stopping making noises and IAM going to pick nine uteen and eighty six for the wind and he's not going to do the dance he wait for it. Get your ass up. Mother Fucker, shake your Pare wigl, it's kind ohard! I got to wait till we're done an Nesbosh. I got to move my chair. That is fucking bullshit. I reverse Yo have a chance to make the switch right Ye yo can o you can reverse it. That's fine! I'm waiting for the BOKY WOOKIE! I want to see. I will I'll give it I'll give it to you after this is over. I got an listen around and no listen. You dancing right now makes for great radio because nobody can see well. I can't I can't physically. Do it right now, because the way my chair's position in the room? Well, maybe we'll have mancrush record a video of himself doing the happy dance and we'll put it up on our facebook page for everybody. There you go as James Hatfield in Public Aa, Oh wow mancrost. That was a close battle. Thanks a lot Dave Sholtz for judging this one man that was one of the closer duels we've had on the show in quite a while Dave. Why don't you tell everybody? What's coming up on the selling out? Show? Oh boy, just talking about our lives, the mundane things that we do on a daily basis, but we try to make it relatable for everybody and I'm probably I don't know sightly obnoxious. Hopefully I make you laugh it's perfect for your morning commute you can find this and all your your pod catchers, which again sounds like an SDD. I hate, saying podcatchers. So, let's say py cast platforms by searching the selling out, show all right and drew Zahman tell us about the one headlight nineties, podcast yeah, so we have just released an episode on three eleven for three eleven day and we have a nineties music march madness that will not get delayed by corona virus. What I'll be doing is having four different brackets, we'll have a thirty two total albums and four groups of eight I'll, be breaking it up by hard rock rock alternative and then pop and then I'll put the voting out Ip ot, the Um, what the fuck af those things called, poull racket I put the brackets and the Poles out on twitter and facebooks, so people w need you to vote and then we'll have prizes. If you fell all the bracket, if you can get the final forrading the championship right, we'll have prizes out for you, so I'm working ou, putting their prizes together and ill, hopefully have more updates on this by the weekends. So that way, we know what we're dealing with and uh we'll have everything reade off that pole in our facebook yeah I'll put it there for you guys, so you can h. have everybody look at that facebook dotcom forward? Slash dealing decades, make sure you join the private group? Will let you in almost immediately because we got no fucking lives and matter of fact everything is canceled now so we'll just be hole sitting on her hands waiting for you to request, get imto the group and well ad you and then you can vote on on this poll Yep when you should and you can win a prize right, Authero, Mi, Hui LEWISD is a prize. If you want it's go some scratches on him, UN, I'm sure it still plays. Didn't you say it's a burn, CA YEAH! It's a copy copy, yeah its perfect, if perfay for some road tripping back in the day, all right and last, but certainly not least, unless you're talking about the judgment on this episode over to Joe Finley, Hey Joe, what's going on on the miscast commentary, pod cast, that's just whor, you said them but H. No, I what we ha. We have just passed the time, but hopefully people have had a chance to listen to our coverage of Friday, the thirteenth being released on Friday, t thirteenth. But more importantly, we have our hundredth episode coming up, and I know that's a bullshit number 'cause we've actually done more than two hundred, but it's it's just the way we number them and so ar a hundred episodeis coming up and I'll give the exclusive. Here we are going to be doing a commentary of the running man for that episode. Ihow. Do you fuck in number of them? Is that like a Canadian thing is how did you get to a hundred? Do Youe been podgasting that trenslike metricsystem you ere segond oiously yeah, no Um, we don't number our coming attractions episodes. We only numbere the movie episodes, but then we also put out bonus episodes for the Christmas and that they don't get numbered either. So only our official movie commentaries or numbered episodes Mam, that's confusing yeah tler works. I'm figured it out. If, if I can figure it Owt, anybody can all right dolers. Well, if you've missed an episode of dualing decades. Of course, you can always ha over to dueling decades dotcom, where you can subscribe to the show on e tunes on spot iffi wherever podcasts are available and while you're on the interwebs had on opene a facebook dotcom forward, slash dueling decades, like we just told you a few minutes ago where you can join our private group and share some of your own Great Retro Memories. So until next time deelers were going to be Ju, a pieace love, Lightn, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone infirmay media