Dueling Decades
Nov. 6, 2019

There is No Easy Way Out for Special Guest Judge Robert Tepper! It's all about Sports Movies 1981 vs 1993

There is No Easy Way Out for Special Guest Judge Robert Tepper! It's all about Sports Movies 1981 vs 1993

This week Duelers, we have a very special show for you as rock legend Robert Tepper joins the show as a guest judge! Marc and The Mancrush battle once again over the championship. Marc James comes ready to fight with the Sports Movies of 1993 to try...

This week Duelers, we have a very special show for you as rock legend Robert Tepper joins the show as a guest judge! Marc and The Mancrush battle once again over the championship. Marc James comes ready to fight with the Sports Movies of 1993 to try to overtake Mancrush and the Sports Movies of 1981! Who will win? Will we have a new champion? Only one way to find out! Listen to this great new episode of everyone's favorite Adult Audio Retro Gameshow - Dueling Decades!

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Mediaain Te pixe O play, but e Tut for im ran again upon that cap to Powergap Co. I O A P Copetepritat B Ete Pote Cap Woul Take Gran a o Baly Tcomfie a you love rocating from the infirmary media studios. It's the adult only retro game show where the Eighties and nineties do battle, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dueling decades. Let's meet this week's duelers and the decades they will be fighting for first off dealing with sports movies. Nineteen, eighty one he is the current duelling decades champion men crush. What's up I'm here, am I putting the belt on the line again to you. You are absolutely man, Oa Freebie here, I think, destroyed you like three times in a row, but you know, what's weird last week was the first episode that I've missed in like five years yeah. It feels like I've been gone for like two year. I don't even know what's going on right now and for this sports film fight, I Mark James, will finally get my rematch and another shot at the title, which we've already discussed. As I step up to bat with the sports films of Nineteen, Ninety three, and as always here on our show, we need someone to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. So let me introduce to you tonight's special GESS judge. He is the rocker best known the world over for his classic hit songs, no easy way out angel in the city and now better than the rest. The title track from his new hit, album duelers and do debts please rise and welcome, Judge Robert Tepper. They Die Yeron, I'm sitting in the ring right here and can't wait to judge this thing. It sounds like it's very contentious. I'm ready our ladies and gentlemen. The following contests will be held under dueling decades rules. The judgees coin, flips shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories: movies, television, music, news and hut products, a judgeis ruling we'll determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: Apiece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all, five rounds, doelers feel the rhythm feel the rhyme get on up. It's Tona, no likei like it. I like, so we GOITTO SWIP. That coin. Do you need me to flip a slip? My do sed. I'm ashameless Tomotor. So don't worry about it. I have no all right mark since you're the loser, a lot you get to pick all right. I gotto go with Sidea man, siht. Okay. What do you think he's flipping a cassette tape, we're gin to see or something s I'm going to old school, I'm using a CD? Oh, my God. Do WEOOH GEEZ YOU'RE! Lucky I'm not running into the old VRIDAL. Here we go, it is o. We gotto pit S in a Callat. You gotto call it in the air. I'm Gong to call Haras tells I'm so sorry o Yeah Robert Before we get started here. I I got a couple of questions. We want to talk about you, real quick, ICAR O get started. I I need to clear this up, because I've heard you say like back in the day. You were talking about no easy way out and en you said it was written for rocky four and then I saw a clip of you playing live and you said that it was. It was basically written for something different and the people around rocky foor kind of forced you into saying that no easy way I was o like what's the store force, is such a strong word but yeah. So so here's exactly what happened. I las you know I'm this Younkin from baone Jersey. I get my first recor deal I get signed by Scotty brothers and I'm making my record H in in L A and I'm out here making my record and Te. One had some kind of relationship with Scotty brothers and Stoti brothers, and I wasn't in on this meeting, but they sat down and they played him some of the stuff that I was working on. He hears no easy way out and goes PRAC and he loves it. Wasit my contention was and- and it wasn't Aven it wast advancing, because here I am getting cooked onto like one of the greatest franchises in the world. He loved it. He he uses io rocky foor. He takes it all the way down to the fade, but did he say Ey? Rather, this is the lone. Would you write you a song? You know no, that didn't happen. The song existed, she cheatin on it. He saw h, he must have seen the vigials in his head and the restof Aranor Histar. That's that tats an interesting story. That's why I figured I'd. Ask it so what what is the story behind the song thensince? It wasn't really ing n Song, I it's it's. The lyric is all about. I I was just answering this question to somebody is to what's telyric about and why is it lasting so long? I said E it's about my first divorce and don't ask me how many, but it's about my firse, who was and a and and the break up of my marriage, but what people hooked into was was that the lyric was about overcoming adversity. You know that t this was Li. It was not going to be an easy thing. It's like when relationships go bad when things go bad and people lookd at this Dong like okay, the universal question: How are we going to do this? A? How are we going to do o we're going to keep on fighting we're Gen? I CEP on going we're going to try to create a lihe, even though all the odds are against us, and that is the universal struggle and th there. We are that's why people keep loving that lyric. You know it's. It's amazing and there's two different sides to this song. I think, because you have t the plugged inside right when you you, like the one in the movie and everything the one we see in the video right and then you have the acoustic side. Yech, I think, is extremely powerful and raw, which one do you prefer. You know it's so funny, because my friend sat came down and nobody was filling that night and I was producing a guy. Anthin want to come down open up and play about. You know placeand song, so I did like. I don't know forty five minutes an hour and I started playing it. A D he ran his camera and that was maybe one of the earliest times. I did it as an acoustic song. You know and- and I do write a lot of acoustic music. I mean that's a big point of who I am I love. You know I have. I did this stone called N. I did this record called Newli story. You know a bunch of years ago, which was basically an acoustic driven record. You know and I still still write a lot of acoustic, music and but that performance of the song kind of caught on with people. We got a lot of views over that kind of crazy yeah. It's do the emotion and that song and like you could see when you do it acoustic compared to the video I mean both of them. It seems like you're, triggered from something L K where something is jefially driving you, you know absolutely Bu. You still get that that trigger when you're doing the song live now itis the thing with me. You know. If you get hey Robert, I got a stong to you. I want you to sing it and is gets down a little kigotistical and I probably think Tis on you go. Oh really good job go on. Let me get another singer. Everything W MTMIN nature is, you know umemotionally. I have to be emotionally invested in the SOM infidlyno way out. You have to remember to me it's it's. It's still a very emotional song to me. You know many of the SOG. I I approach lyrics. I eproache my dformantus like that, and you know I I can't sing any other way. I sometimes wish I could Buti car. That's that's how it's amazing and it comes across. Thank you, then. Thank you. So Much Robert, you just told us that no easy way out was about your first divorce. Yet please don't tell me that better than the rest is about your current divorce. She took everything, but the blames of it. No, no! No! No! What about Um! You got hooked up with stalone Yr Scotty brothers, and then, of course, you did angel the city for Cobra. Was that strictly for Cobra or did yo? Was that something you had written as well? It was the same thing it was. You know, SI obviously liked me. As an artist I mean when we went to the opening F, no easy way out. We was sitting with you know there. I am W t his wife, you know, is soon to be divorced, wife and rob low and me and you gotta Ree, I'm like really green. You know I'm just off the Boad from New Jersey, and here I am hanging up with all these people and he's Pointn me goes Yodasoin tenix and I said wow wow wow and no easy way out. Doe this thing and it's kind of magical here I am I'm involved with this franchise. Then he he he wants to do the same thing with Cobra, but with no one realizes. I have the defended picture of me crossing and I is a time square, but maybe five blocks up rike coming out of the coming out of seeing Cobra and people loved the movies. It came out, they liked Tlon, and it came out pretty not that long after and he tried to do the same thing you know and the element wor does. So what happens to Angelin the city is the formula? Does O work as well ae? Second Time Tbat? It becomes kind of a colky mov, because people fall in love, wit, talone and thenl watch anything he does right and so people know that saw an he got to bid. I leave angel of the city out of a show or out of a concerert people like Amer, with the funk up wit that you know what are you doing? You know no coin o play ano the city, but none of that Tu was written for the movies, which kind of hurt me in the WAA because they wouldn't even let me release my record until all the singles came off o rocky floor right. So the blessing was the blessing. Was Hey you'r you're in a lone franchise that maybe we'll feed my kids' kids? You know the the ban news was is by the time I reconsated to get dromoted and Andy attention got paid to it. It was it was. You know, nobody was interested. I O so shad story, everybody cheer up on. Ok, soulike Youre doing fine wther, and this is a question too. We have bobe craft comes on the show sometimes, and he asked this question. It was something that I was going to ask you anyway, and I thought it was perfect. Were there any other songs you did. They kind of like fell through the cracks for any other movies that we might have been like. Oh Shit, that would have been great in there, but it just didn't happen. Well, Um and recently I thought better than the rest would have been creat for the new create and I try to anic to Hem, I mean, but it a they. They they were only going to use Um, arovy, music, I'm pretty sure it was all rappint orb. It was, I thought ID even if they used it as a promo. I thought it was really good. It wous drae those kids that Kindo hurt a little bit. You know they didn't turn it down. I just I was kind o told like don't even bother, you know, don't even bother. So that's you know how great wuld that song did. I think they would ave got. I mean, with thirty million plus years of no easy way out. That's a nice group of people to try to appeal to you know what I mean for a new movie and not that they needed me in any way shape or or cool form, but I think it would have been a nice touch. I MEA and a kind of Nice. Not You know, yeah, it's a nice tie, bat, especially at a rocky foor, and then my kids would have been sloking better pockan theyre smoking. Today. Wellthis is an interesting tidbit that I picked up about you and I feel like this myself as well. It seems like N, not even seems like I heard you say this you're constantly like reinventing yourself. It eems W WSO, proud of this new record h. They always say: Oh man, you Gott have a producer. You can't do it all you, so I mean Paplo and ipob is a guitar player. We did this whole freaking record or fucking record ourselves. You know I recorded it. I mixed it e played guitars, I sang it. You Know Imean, we did everything. I played Bas on it. I did all the vocals you puart of that is h, n. You Know Whan thrills me. I wear a lot of hats. Now you o remember. I've got five boys spanning three wives, a lot of generations. One of the advantages of this is, which is not financial, is that I guess you hear the music of every. What's going on. You know my nineteen year old. I did too imno less than Wi florified shows within in the last six months. You know so I get turned on to all this cool stuff because- and I may have one more kid- and no- I don't have it in me, but if I did it it's Kindo cool. You know what I'm saying it's it's Um. I do wear a lot of hads. I like a lot of different kinds of music. You know I I love doing what I do. I really do. I know it's Corny and it's like straightforward, but you know you don't start at thirteen and be sixty nine years old d basically be doing somewhat the same thing, but in it you know noot at all. I think it's Corny in the least it's Kinda like a couple of weeks back we have MSR skin on you know, m r skin is Ki Ho. Mr Sk is this gy that he's got a website, Mister, skin dcom and all his business. A million dollar business he's got this website where they find nudes in movies and they post the nude to his website thaaving. I might have ron across it. insome Pointbo, O M Checki Browser history, Loki by history, didnt Teru, just like him, he loves what he does and you love what you do. It doesn't feel like wording it's just living. I want to hang out with M skit, though that sounds like hard. That sounds like a really good tin, I'm not always so much fun. I mean I'm having fun right now, but I'm not always that much fut. That sounds like a lot of pos TAT's, pretty cool well he's in Chicago, so you'd have to travel. He travels a Lotwewe'll, try to hook something up. If You'e we'll have a double Jone, you know episode, which you judges start fighting about. Who is Hwho should win this thing. I like it on. I did that once it's very hard to I n introduce Im Ikin eter. It was a good idea going in and then we started were like what th. What do you think? What do you think about this one before we get started into this whole thing? And you mentioned it a couple of times you even flipped the CD tell us about the new albm better than the rest. It drops September. Twenty seventh, like you, mentioned earlier, it's available on spot offy and I'm sure it's sdreaming on every other relevant platform. Yet Apple Music, Amazon, ao R, heaven is my label better than the rest was something that took a year to make my friend Bob Lopadine goes Roban, so seen Obo CATEPOSSL. What do we doing? He goes. We should do an eighties reond. I go yeah here Y H, I've! Never! I haven't done Anta Om Tro, a Ar record in over twenty years, and because I was getting into engineering and producing and doing other things, but I always write. I love to write music, Bu Pobla, so Pablo starts coming over or writing songs. We're writing! SOIN! You now US behind my house in my studio, Wewe, get like four and five things and he starts playing this better than the rest. Like you know, we did like I'm not going to say so Damo, it's a little better than the DEMMO, but we're getting together and you know upto what Limpic is a rider. I could sit down. I mean we', not ging, he's playing me. Some music, I'm not going to a tell ite some lyrics and, like all the same night and we're look at at each other. Like I don't know if this is going anywhere but wor having a fucking great time. You know this is like Yo ow. The DEVIB is good. You know the music is kindof good and think things are going well, and so we get this better than the recues playing it fompophes eeat. So people are flipping out over their, so they love to Sowan. They think it's a great soi go SIAS going fucking car PABO. You know what I mean, I'm fucking sixty nine years old, who gives tha shit. I just keep doing what I do. You know and he goes no. No Nono Lie Ket e, so we keep doing this regord we' getg, together the writings fun. There's a label called frontier who um th there's not many places. You can go with this kind of music. You know like toto and Whitesake, and you know and got left an any money, and you know there's a couple of places that play the AORM adult oriented rock. I love. I don't know what that means, but yet that's what I called makes me feel old. So we get em together, Wi h, W H, wet making this wekond. We go we'r kind o like we havenit such a good time to go. What excited us about that Pero? What is something that you still hearing the influences of like you know rave and you're still here and went dance music and you're hearing the stents and the guitars and you're going people everyone's Boi? What's green about now, as everybody wos Borowin from everything you know from the history of music, you hear it. You know and there's no real barriers and there's no rewalks, I said, won't woul. It be like if we made an aon record like Awar, never stopped, you know, people just kept making those records, and now it's two thousand and nineteen at would have brand nede Ale or they'll ail or record sallage in two thousand and Ninetee, and that was the question we kept going back to. So we were really careful about the REVERBS tetelavs, how the drum soundand vocal placement those records sounded like lodies they would. They had Taik Keyboard, huge guitars, I mean Directle, I mean, if you remember, and then I'll get off the sofas. You can have back all the directors of that turned ot all of them, but a lot of 'em stole what was going on MPV as slided and made a video right f right and put it right near Modie. Here you go yon hers, a Tong. You know o John Poror and Rober tepper and Kenny Wog and Peter Gabriel, and all these people you know in and those sons were so identified with the movies and God less to me. I would came up at that time. I said I want to make a very big sounding cinematic y of recond and that's look better than the rest. I hope we accomplish them. Foar people have been writing about it, they've been getting it which makes me ittrilves me to death. I so HAP Oblan, I just trill right now, the it's just really great. I I A hundred percent agree with that whole statement, because when I listen to I listen to you on Spotifi, okay- and I just I start from track like from your most popular, obviously no easy way out or- and I just let it go- you know like it just plays it shuffles it, and I cannot tell the difference when it when it shifted to anything from better than the rest. I couldn't tell if it was old or new, Oh well, that is great. That is great. That was on ha to go. Look, that's so great an that's a really NEX compliment. Thank you succeeded there, you oreally succeeded the production on the new record was just dynamite really, like you said it blended, the the old style with the newer production techniques just seamlessly, and it just had a nice crisp pop to ank you an you know. I just e Tun, a worts mies. We worked out yeah, I woulk BA e Tregor. You know it was. It was so worth and so to poblem. It was just like, and en t was so great when we did signe with Ar Heaven. So I was telling you about Frontie Front ieoistan been there from Italy and they go you kno theyre the kind of the way, but like they're, going to tell you who's going to produce it they're going to tell you how much money they're going to spend they're like you know, you te a. We don't really hear it at this time. You know and Alon ever was like. You know, just keep us surprise Ma we we're on board. I played em better than the rest and maybe a couple of others. I meen Tindof this time, which is to me one of thes strongest songs on the record had iput on. You know that was a Gemo and they said just KEP US up we're doing this. We're releasing this, and so we did our own thing. Nobody bothered us. We mixedi Wei had jonpd the tournal masterdta. He did a great job. That's awesome, man, whatever happens W it, and it's already it's already past my expectation. So many people have been contacting me. The REVEWSA bit amazing people ware listening to I people geting it and now you're, judging dueling decades, Aand. What what wor could you want? And you know now, I'm a O that case, which I, with the other thing that Woich I hate to sor it. As on my bunketlist. It was Almy foce I got. I got one listener question that they emailed over to me this from a listener: Brian Merena, okay. He said I used to have no easy way out on rotation on cassette tape, while working out for baseball and high school. Would you ever work out to your own son uh? I guess so because I'm practicing for a show- and I got coming up in Germany- S twove Tweg, indecember, first to heat, Senseo Hem. So you know I I'm very physical when I play so I'm I'm moving around in my studio and I'm singing the whole set, and it's Pare Tho said so. Yes, I would yeah you watch the no easy way out video you make me sweat, werewatching that Veahouse Ive, I'm still as crazy as everw. I still can move Oky on stage. I wouldn do it. Otherwise it's funny that you say that 'cause I saw an American band stand that you were on where you're going Apeshit and afterwards Dick Clark comes up to you. He says I'll come back to you, ecause you're, just L. I can't talk to you right now. I never to you talk Bot. I know it. Look on your face. You're like what like I'm fine, O can card. I Wu Fr. You know I toe jus freak idown a little bit. You know cause you probably have so som move so much on T v. You know that's funny all right. Let's get into this won the coin. Tis, let's see. Where do I begin? Let's start with our shortest one: Marklet's go high products; first, H Woald, he say alrighy. We go alright top products. Now what we did for this one. We had a very niche thing here: Sport Movie Hot Products, so you really had to go digging some arc. Andi came to the conclusion: Let's just find something that was released on video that year, okay and for me, it worked out well because nineteen, an eighty one. This is where the whole video market is hitting its tride. It's it's going to its peak all this stuff's coming out, so the first one I have is the release of Catisaqon Vhs for the mere price of forty seven. Ninety nine, which equates to o hundred and thirty six dollars, wow in twenty nineteen, pretty steep for Videotam a class that came out the year prior, so they actually kind of rushed that one out and then the second one I have- and this is something that I grew up on- It was released on a device to it started my whole love of movies, and that was the R ca disc, the CEDS and it was rocky coming out on ced en nineteen. Well, so I I'm coming about hot products, rocky on Arsiatis, okay, catishaq on VHS. What do you have mark all right? Well, let's take a trip to our video rental store February, Seventeenth, nineteen, ninety, three: okay, two sisters join the First Female Professional Baseball League and struggled to help it succeed and miss their own rowing rivalry in the penny marshal classic a Legue of their own MHM February thirteenth. Ninety three: You could stop into the store and finally, rent that picture. Of course, Illegu theyre own one of the great sports films of all time and then on April, fourteenth nineteen. Ninety three, you could finally go to the store and rent the brand new Disney classic or purchase it for yourself. The mighty duck sow W. I come with the mighty ducks and a League of their own available at your local bhs retail dender, okay yeah, that's pretty solid ninty. Three. All Right, odoror judge Robert Tepper for the ruling for round one well you're on a bus, I'm working for a Guy Nad Benny, more donus. We we Rod Osong into the night, we're on the bus. What movie do you think we're playing like it's smuckand going at style? You couldn't even walk into a room without quoting this thing. For years and years to gocannyshack roles, you undenast, you CAn'ti, I apologized with a mighty dog. DON'T NO TI! Okay, don't get the Lihe hockey a whatwas e Al Man, I'm sorry to Shok it down so hard and cool, but come on. The stak still has mark where the jockey was hitting right. Tominea remain Crushyou, take round one and you have control of the board. What category would you like? Next man, all right, so that was our trunk caded Roun? Let's get into a real one now so that was we went hot products, let's go with newna. No, I don't e want o o t, let's go with music. Okay. This is something he should know stuff about, so at's themamen. Let's do music all right so April. Nineteen D, Eighty one and I I tried not to double dip. My picks too much if I culd help it, but this one was too monumental to pass up and it's going to come up again, iguarantee it the outm top the billboard, topd two hundred for four weeks n, an nine hutdred and eighty o one. It was certaified platinum, including one single which topped the billboard hot one hundred for one week in May of nineteen Y, two, the name of the single was titles, but it's more commonly referred to by its namesake chariots of fire. Okay, BOB! Exactly there, you go it's a Charios, a fire, sound track which came out April. Nineteen one. It's amazing to me that an instrumental song like this went all the way to number one on the NOORD hot one hundred. It blows my mind: e Op, the song, about five months to get there debuted at number. Ninety four, but still a hit number one in more appropriately number one on the billboard, adult contemporary charts, and it was the number one selling single in Japan for all nineteen eighty one toly hitthat's freaking Abe, listen to any, but don't listen to anything but Goahad e H. I I guess- and you know which onumental about this song though, and just like you started to hum it- they still utilize us at sporting events all in the world me now. So even if you've never heard the song, I guarantee that you probably have- and I don't know it you know so I know so charry e PR it. It ran a long way. I I ge, okay, what what you got foe with Mex all right. Second pick here this one. I had dig a little bit deeper October: Nine Neren. Eighty one okay have to practice this again by saying it's extremely hard to come across sports movies, music as a categroser mark's Goin Na go into this as well, but it's a sound track to a movie called body and soul. It was a boxing movie about this dude who goes through all kinds of personal demons on his way to the top of the boxing business, and I actually watch it the other night. It's pretty good it stars Leon Ees, a Kennedy who also wrote the movie is that Soun Famliar, a boxing movie, that's written and acted by the same guy yeah ha it very fi kind of the same premis anyways. It also starred Mohammedal Lees in this making his acting debut in a movie wl playing himself as a trainer, and then you know and Leon Isa Kennedy's involved in a fourway in this movie. So there's that inyhow, let's get to the soundtrack O, give oet about the movie ecause, I'm certain that you shoul as debox, I moie t pickt. It is just like rocky. I wish the souttrack features a bunch of disco. It also has with you I'm born again by Billy Preston and Sereta, but that's not why I pik it okay, because the soundtrack also gives credit to the Miller brewing company, because the Miller High Life theisused in this movie, which is you've, got the time. We've got the beer. If you got Toda Cash E, I al rights, Whati got body and soul, soundtrack and chariots of fire sound Drak. What do you have mark for ninety? Three? Oh right. Ninety three, you know you take a look at sports movies. Music, like you said, that's a pretty tricky category it I it really late! Really IT'S LEAN! It is lean. Luckily, in Nineteen, ninety three though we got the great movie cool runnings and the soundtracks was also released that year, yes, Jon, Candy Yeah John Katy was in that you know N, and it was absolutely inevitable that if we got a movie athe Jamaican Bob sled team, we would have a reggae soundtrack. Yes, but what was really great about that is it was they kindof put a spin on the regae music? There was a lot of different covers on it. Diana King Covers Bob Marley stir it up. The whailing sols cover the talking heads, wildwild life and Jimmy cliff got his first chart hit in twenty three years with a cover of the twenty one year old song. I can see clearly now originally done by Johnny Nash. I remember that in my second selection you know you take a look at ninetyes sports films. One of my favorite was this movie about all of these high school football players on the final day of school, and they were really trying to prepare what they were going to do for next season if they were going to play football for their team or not in dazed and confused O Nheir Soundtrack released September, twenty eighth nineteen. Ninety three, of course, this sound track is epic: It had recked Aran, Ger fog, hat alice, Cooper, Blackoak, Arkansas, zezitop, ted, Nugen, Leonard skinnered, Kiss Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and sold so well. They even released a second edition. The flamming year, Canyou Dae, fill song that came off of that short yeah. They had rock and roll Hochi. Ko saride was on ther schools out Jim Dandy. Tush love her stranglehold, Cherry Bomb Fox on the run, low rider, Tuesdays, gone highway, Star Rock and roll all night and a Bohorse paranoid, but did it have the Miller highlife themezong it didn't didn't. They were going to put that on the second album. There's a bonus track. Bu was a remake. It was areit, it's so limital. So that's what I come with for sports movies, music, the cool running soundtrack and the soundtrack from dazed and confused Great Football Movie. I got to give it o you because you you took me over with Jimmi cliff. You took me over with Git Gara Juroko Roluciku. I know probably Cheri the fire had a bigger offet, because there hadn't been a lot of you- know, instrumental music and but itst, always kind of boring. To tell you thehat's why I tok. I Second Ron Low motion bullshit as INE AO Toan. Then there was Sirt Ling in your face and you were like Oky. Okay and you know, but it's more as music that move you har an you. Gotto give a shotof Jimmy cliff any day of the week as Jimmy Cliffs. Do it stir it up, and we just showed that movie to my nine year old, my my granddaughter Ava and Leo My son Leo. We just showed that movie to them about two months ago and they loved it. Oh Wow ogase, so I have a personal investment in that one. I'm going that way. All right man crossed the game is tied, one a piece and I got control of the board. You know what let's go to television all right. In my first pick on CBS nine o'clock October, Fifteenth Nineteen, Ninety three, you could have sat down and watched the man from Leftfield, a maid for television, Comedy Drama, starring, Bert Reynolds and Reba macinti. Oh, my God go ahead, hold on. I need to do a Sthotus wisky before I even give the rest of his gard. Well, people magazine gave it a SA minus and gave the film two out of five SOCs. So that's my first offering ll. I is like a thing wher, you do if you offer the shit and and then be God far so second, so it's so bad that the next one's going to look amazing, Ei right, so we go from one television movie to the next. Luckily, this one was put out by HBO IN N Nineteen. Ninety three HB was around in ninety three and we give you the Holly Hunter Classic the positively True Adventures of the alleged Texas, cheerleader, murdering mom Rom, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three, it's the true story of Wanda Holloway, who tries to hire a Hitman to kill a cheerleader and her mother yeah. I remember this being on HBO ON REPEAT: I watched it a dozen times really fun film for Holly Hunter, but it's based on a true story. If you're into true crime, this is old, school, true crime. Ninety three right here, ohthee positively, true adventures of the alleged Texas, cheerleader, murdering mom, and that Television Bert Reynolds Baseball Movie Oyou, really brought it for this rounddude. I here we go. This is not a hard one! A March first, nineteen and eighty one. You know a B C could not wait to put this into a three hour: TV movie hm almost a year to the date of winning a gold metal and hockey. It's the story of the nineteen eighty men's Olympic hockey team miracle and ice with Steve, Guttenberg, pre police academy, of course, not to be confused wit, the two thousand four movie miracle, which is basically it's almost the same except Thatas, more irgue with the coachteteam like the coach in this one who played God and not a big name at all, and the guy is much older than the coach should have been Ohyeah, but he did. He did okay from what I remember in this movie. I actually always feel bad for Finland in this whole thing, because Atiser al Te Calk is always about the United Stat, a beating, the Soviet Union. It's classic Underdog Story. I know of a few people who think that that was the gold metal game and it wasn't spoiler if you didn't know that, like they beat Finland Forto two in the Gol, a rim and nobody talks about them. You know sorry, Finland, but I've giving you props right now they had a big Fidlin to get to Russia and they had to beat Russia to get to Finlan Finlin was in the finals. You know it's the worst place to be, especially in this situation, because who remembers them coming in second play: Isn't that funny? How you accomplish all that? And it didn't matter too much? I need a Beina NOBODR evotersheuropyou w. This is one of those things. Obviously it's Daved and Goliath here. I think yes, ovet union at the time had won like the past four Olympic gold medals in hockey, UAT TOA point so Itas a huge deal. You know you had a bunch of rag tag: Amateur Kids in Nineteen Teighty who beat this dominant Russian squad. So that's my first pick march, first, nineteen, eighty one mericale on ice, an then the second pick. Now I'm going to take a little bit of Libertyes like mark, did on his last pick. We he won that round. 'cause. I knew that W with the football players Rigt Sothis one may Fifteenth Nineteen N. Eighty one NBC put something on television that nobody asked for. This actually sounds like something that would happen in twenty nineteen. With all these crazy reboots and reunion shows Gilligens Island Enden, Inn nineteen sixty seven, so in niney eighty one they decide to bring them back. Ormial appearance together with the Harlem Globe, trotters Ylow Violend, here's the thing I remembers. I've never seen this and I'm not sure. Like I'm sure, it's not good matter of fact. I couldn't even find the ratings for this one wh is impossible. I went through every newspaper can not find it. The sad thing is: Is it's not even the best t V appearance from the Harlaar Thats soclearly? No one was watching this, but it's a hour for another reason, and this is where I'm going to stretch us a little bit, but I has a lot of sense and it makes this pile of crap into a great pick. NBC had been like a ratings landfill for a few years, leading up to nineteen one you had like Sheriff Lobo on there, which is the BJ and the bear spin off when you' Meanin, that Yed Lor Valley PTA, which is a show based on a country Song Rom, one Thousan, nine hutdred and sixty eight and then in May. You have the Harlem clobe trotters with Gilligan's island, and at that point the fate was sealed for Fred Silverman, who was the head of NBC? I remember that they axe Fred silvermen and they hire grant tinkler in Junehm. So not even a month later they hire grand tickler grant. Tinkler was the Guy Behind Hill stree Blues Lu, grant the Mary wower Moorshow, who actually really goes wife at the time y have real shows o. This is where it becomes big, because Tinkler took over NBC and Turnd the ship around. He brought in the cosby. Show family ties golden girls tears nightcourt. So every time mark you watch a cheers rerun. I want you to always think about the Harlem Globe. Trotters, I'm Gong to Di that's the to lete, get the straight guys. So you're telling Im sinkle, who has this tremendous Gran or TV? Obviously right he brings in cheers he brings in Hill Street Blues. He bringst all these amazing shows and what got him to it. An his idea was: let's get Gilligan Diland and the Hallem Glove tracte together, not him that was fret, Silverman's idea. So that's got back at riht fire pretty much. I mean that was like the final Straw 'cause. The ratings must insootiate. It was not even in the list. Okayi am sorry. I know you got. You got a great HBO Reference There in Hbo, you know is still a very important part of our life, an when we were talking. I didn't even think that H Bo was around by then, but obviously they were Bot Kakler. I got to go a Tangler and I got to go with getting a Silverman fire because there's nothing worse than seeing a reunion like all. These shows. What Wat that show of the gay show right now that they they all got back. Togeterat will and grace will andgrat. I Saye those sows. Ok, I culd the end of because those people, the those when they be great back in the day, but they stuck now. Okay, it's like we're Oll people trying to do what we did, but here we go, I'm going to go tink EER, getting the job and putting some God an something to watch on. Thank you more all right, man crush you win this round. Take the lead two to one heading into our first two point round: What category are you going to take man two point rounds, I'm going to start off with movies, because you guys pretty much already know where I'm going to go with my first movie, because I already mentioned it: Okay October Nith, nineteen, eighty one kindof sad to say- because I probably haven't seen this movie in ten years, although I have it on my list for next month, but like we had this horror, watchlist going on for our listeners and everything so pretty much. All October was dedicated to Halloween type movies to the season. Okay, anyways sports movies- and this is an ongoing thing. What a niche for nineteen eighty one! Let me tell you it's not a movie about boxing: It's not a movie about football, it's not movie about soccer. We got a movie about running and not just about any running Olympic running. So you know this is going to be an instant classic true story about two English runners competing in n nineteen. Twenty four Olympics end up one four Academy Awards, including best ICTURE OF N Ninetee, ighty, one and really for three others. Yeah surprisingly, the way he pulled in fifty nine million dollars worldwide, which is roughly a e hundred and sixty seven million dollars and twenty nineteen. So that's really good for a movie that won an Oscar 'cause, usually th, they don't make Shit, and why am I not knowing this movie? You should know at. I just told you before the movies chariots afire, it's o a Carridin, all series. It is a pretty damn solid movie, I'm usually pey. If you know when it comes Tohind, Hes Wat, movie, ebotsit's fantastic, it's unique because not only e the two mainy characters fighting the odds, but it's also it's a post war movie where England just suffered like terrible carnage in the great wars who r wiped out like an entire generation of young men, and these guys the two guys ha are in this. They have like all this stuff going on and they're, basically like the best of what's left over, you know going to the Olympics and they end up winning the gold spoiler formemsokay for some thingan. I thought it was a war picture, but you're right. It's about the Olympics. I remember a little bit now. Yeah, you do see, I think, there's there's a lot of talk about the war, leaning up the Great War and all that stuff, his nineteen twenty four. He got me ant to see it again. I'll tell you that was for sure I was. I would have saw it if it was on prime or Nethlix, but it wasn't- and I don't own it in my collection, so I'm going to have to like run it from somewhere, but definitely on the list. It's a good one. Okay, all right this! Okay, second movie July thirty, first nineteen ighty one once again, it's another timepiece for nineteen, eighty, one sports movies; and again it's not the biggest sport in America, but it's the biggest sport in the rest of the world. It's a movie about soccer, Oh wow! I just watchd this one last night because I'd never seen it and I wanted to know what the Hell I was talking about and aside from this being a sports movie, it also stars sevest alone and his first real ensomble cast. Of course, if you don't count like the party O Kitian, studs, Rit or O tit's kind, o weird, seeing him almost like in a supporting role, yeah but alo O, he was also in a Movo, a Woodyalla movie. He playsd the themes and where he emong somebody she's the munker and Aoelde. I think it's Ano at I'm not positive. I think it might be yeah. I was just going to say, like I've, never seen them in another on Samplcasso. If it existed, I'd, never seen it it a it. I a bit he comes in. He jumps over a wall. He seals his woman's pocketbook and jumps back overload it an SA, definitely go ahead. I'm sorry go no, no Ho worries, but between this movie and Night Hawks, which is also nineteen n one. These are really the first leading rolls outside of Rocky and Paradise Alley. Where he's not playing like the dummy character, you know he's like he's actually playing like a POW in this one and the movie also costors Michael, came which who's fantastic and he can't have a soccer movie Witho. Arguably the best soccer player to ever play the Gat Alay. That's right and the movie I'm talking about here is victory. Well, I don't know if you guys have seen this t's in a crude way. It's almost like a more dramatic and less funny version of the longest yard was instead innsead of a prison. These guys are they're in a German prisoner of a war camp where, like you, ow, there's various members of the allied forces that are incarcerated there. Michael Kane plays like a former pro soccer player, turned captain and he gets approached to put together a ragtag team of prisoners to take on the German national team and then that's also an escape story and all that, but it made eleven million dollars in the box office aboutthirty two ine dollars, twenty nineteen. So that's not shabby for a Sports War drama movie, Tanewer Al has there ever been a sports movie where it wasn't a rag tag eeneg as that iwh. I V that, as I said it, that's Te Wat arotet. I set an on 'cause. It was also miracle and Ice Realy. Even the bandos ter tat, a rag tag Heo you know, but those are my two chariots a fire and victory: okay, wow o Rih, a te Pickman GRALP. What Yo got Foro Rihe sports films? Nineteen? Ninety three we're going to go to the theaters on April, seventh, nineteen. Ninety three to go see a movie that I'm sure everybody holds near and dear to their heart 'cause. It gave us so many wonderful things, so many great lines like you're killing me smalls and it all gave us a a crush on Wendy peppercorn. Of course, we're going back to the summer of nineteen sixty two with the sand lot and good one, just an absolute classic movie and really a movie. It really hit that after video market, you know it wasn't a maby that blew up in the movie theatrs and won a bunch of Oscars, but once it was released on home video in television, it's an instant classic, and I really don't know anybody that can't quote several lines from this movie. So that's my first entry, the SANDBOT. Okay, no EXAC is any kids moving te San, it's kind of becase move. Is I that ye? I think anybody coul anybody would like it, though I think it's not like yeah y h directly for kids Y Okand, my second selection released October, twenty second nineteen. Ninety three: it's the story of Rudy Rudager in rooting. Oh my Godain, SEAN ASTON! I mean when you talk about sports films, Rudy and the Sandlot, always pop up in the top five, with the exception of maybe major league, my favorite, two sports movies. There's really not much more. I can say about Rudy, I'm sure it's a movie, everybody who's listening to this program is extremely familiar with and we've all dreamed for playing and noter Dame, and we even like this movie. So much litens of the show won't even realize this, but before we record each episode to sink up the audiotracks, we do something we call touchdown Jesus, which is a call back to what Rudy. So those are my two picks rudy in the sandlight wow Goda Cag, a Faras Pik Ista, a AC of I sesi. I want to love that movie, but it's like you know, and it went in a candeda water and it does Gratul to some reason you don't have you have a a vision of something wh wh when you're talking about it. It's like I picture, might t sto taking me Ttin Bagole wit shrthere. I A fucking prayer. You got do well Pon. How can I get out of here o play the music and rudy an didn't et just have a commercial like Lek, a couple like a month, a se s yea he's now the colonel he doesn't want to play for Norder Dame anymore. He wants to be the C. CACT want o b the c Coe, but a as a as as a movie that just soked through so through our society in everyway shape Erformang. I didn't even love the movie, but Rudy is roudy man and you just can't get away from them. I mean I think the guy had a career on one movie ti eat, I'm going to go with realgay right, man crush. You know what that means. It's three to two I have the lead were going into the final round that'. You know what I totally agree with what he said when you threw out those two, I think just with chariots of fire, there's no leg with charits of fire. I mean it's a running movie. It's got legs but ihave likes to twenty nineteen. It would have been a way better movieman if they didn't have rin and it was a running movie, ooi angry ithing about it. It's like everybody knows it and I think they know it more because of the song than the actual movie. I don't sor O Ri. You know, I think they do Ol Chari tapar because they play in all the time. You know and- and you hear it, but as a movie- It's like okay. I remember I remembered it really well, but you know ruly like every I it's like. Oh he rooted it. You know what I mean. I it's like part, ofo, Noben cature. You know it's great he's got repeat. Watch value too, like I think chariots a fire's kind of won and done Ye. I watch it, you like it, but you probably aren't going to go back and see it again for no and T'. I BIN really interesting. You know because it's history, I love history stuff. I do. I watch it all the time I really like that, but I gotto go the rute. It's just so you know, I don't know what it is with that MV, I'm Gon. I want to watch it, I'm I'm going to try to download. I watch it. I really want to see it there legally, legally de I, as you guys something so like to this, show you guys like. Are you on all the time like when you're sitting, home and stuff? It's like you're Kindo, always working you're like yeah, pretty mind what kind of yeah pretty much I've watched it? Oh, I could use this on this shoo. Oh of course, I'm GOINGTO WAC US o Nasurmedia. Now, like our facebook, page N, www Bok com for right doing decades, an Goin to drop that. But if you haven't been there, you know we have like over thirty thousand people there so like Otn Yo have to like update that content all the time. So, if I'm watching something- and I find it interesting it- maybe it doesn't make it to the show but it'll make it to our social media pages n right right, a private group or something tat can Saya you. You must have an insistent do you have some kind of assist somebody w o else o with this yeah mark, and I that is great al. I finish it up with news: the La and Bio Al Right, Mancrush, it's three to two IHA to lead. I've never been this close to the gold and I can smell it. So I'm not even going to differ. I'm going first with the news room. Okay go for it all right, so we're going to go first right to the newspapers, the cocomoe Tribune from Cocomo Indiana da to July twenty secon nineteen, ninety three, and when I think about sports in ninety three, I remember when I was watching and that was the n B A. I was watching a lot of basketball because my favorite basketball player at the time was the hottest player in the NBA. No we're not talking about Michael Jordan, we're talking about shakill oneal and he was about ready to start filming a brand new movie and it would be his on screen debut as they started, filming blue chips and he would star, alongside his soon to be. Orlando team. Mat Anthony Penny Hardaway so yeah July, twenty second, ninety three and that summer they started filming blue chips with Chaqiloneal, and one thing that people don't realize is when they filmed all of those basketball scenes. They filmed all of them in one day. So all of those real life, basketball players played four or five consecutive games back to back and they just had the cameras running. So if you watch real close towards the end, those guys are exhaust at Mesidof scenes. So that was my first newspick and my second newspick is a little more SOMBR and it is a story that I remember straight out of the headlines from when I was in High School October, Twentieth Nineteen. Ninety Three Disney decides that they are going to delete a scene from its brand new movie. The program after a teenager was killed and two others critically injured. While trying to imitate one of the scenes. There was a brief sequence near the film start that involved several drunken teenagers and college football players lying in the middle of a busy road, and you know they're playing chicken with the trucks. Now I remember this when it hit the newswaves when I was in high school, except I heard it, you know second third hand and wasn'n a truck. It was a train, but yeah Michael Shingledecker, eighteen years old was was killed in that in the sad part about this that nobody talks about is the lady who was driving. The vehicle was only seventeen years old at the time, so yeah Disney pulled the scene from the movie and if you go ahead and you watch the film now that scene is not included in the film, you can go online to view it, but yet the program having to pull a controversial scene. Now, oddly enough, the the kid that died from doing this did not play football and his friend said that he wouldn't have copied the movie. This had nothing to do with it, so take it for what you will, but Disney still pulled the scene of course. So that's when I got maand crush, can't wait to hear what you got Wat Gongit all right, like I I've said this a million times as you. If you bring the sadness, I'm just going to say that I go IAS Havitg a great time to be brought up it here we go I'll start out late and we'll get to my big story. Second I'll do that one for Robert Tepper, like he was talking about before July, Sixteenth nineteen. Eighty one riteal of the story is many new home video titles set for release. T doesn't sound very exciting, but let me get into it to make a long story short on this one. The whole video market, like I mentioned before it's hitting intr n nineteen and eighty one all these companies were clamoring for old pitals to release on video in order to sell the general public, get it out to the video stores and, of course, the rental market. A'm suremark went through this tooe trying to find sports movies news. I think this is probably the most difficult one EAH. Oh absolutely literally like looking for a needle in a haystack flipping, every single page of a newspaper Toyoave found something but then Lon N. behold I found this article. I started looking through the mentioned movie titles loan. Behold in the article one of the movies, that's coming out isnineteen. Seventy four is- and I mentioned it before Bert, rundold's- classic the longest yard. Then you carr him out for actually giving me a second story to the bring to the table on this one. But let me get to my first story all right here. Actually this is my second story, but it's the better of the two may seventh, nineteen eighty one, the articleis titled Salone, goes another round with rocky three. Well. Why is it important for sports movies? Because up until this point, steloned said that rocky too would be the last movie of the rocky series. So this is pretty simple here Robert had he stuck to his guns, there would have been no rocky for that might have led you down. I completely di't, Lo breaking SLOLEKTTII Tus, we out antering tandering to the judge you man doing music for his other nineteen. Eighty five film first blood, part too, which mighnothat was his brother right and his brother get to put I dog on that one h. He I think he did. I think you'd D acal Wella not a bad singer at all, no Hej's actually pretty good. But let's not forget this. Also wort ave meant there would have been ra rocky three noraky shore, N, O Rocky Five, no rocky Belboa and possibly no creed or creed. Too. Could you imagine a world without any of that franchise? Existing? No, absolutely not x, especially in your case the it's like this article's talking about how he changed his mind and decided to do rocky three and how they were going to GE begin filming later on in that month and Yaaadyada. It goes on and on and on, but the whole premisis article is he wasn't going to do it, and now he is no Yanga three and there you are. There are my two stories to my choices. Are Some dumb stock id out o the Road Uckin drug, an getting this pit of punched trunk and getting runed over by his body part and not te Disney saying we CAS show that Tif they showed the movie. The kin went a lie down in the fucking street ID you. I watche that Di. I, like I said, have young kids and they are poisoning America, men, David Basebook. I can't statumption, you know it's like Dinney is Sucha an empire and the fact thi the Yanke at see. Because of that just pisses me off to know in you know, Ike. You know, I'm sorry t we're going to take the part out where Moses, PARC, the Red Sea, because we got't really GAD cheep after yeah we're going to go back and Reedit ben her, because some of those horses get injured at the end Wa to Plang with the lamb. You know epending the night right, O it tas so or t more. Do I take well first of all, let's such as jump over birt rentals come on that was e great as Movi now a thin as movie anit and you K Ow. It was a grateful. O is tally top by soball movie absolutely and the other one is. If I don't look into the rocky series, I wouldn't even expept, we wouldn't be hemen talking here episode. Whatn't happened that goes to show you how Howfo Hollywood is one bad decision by him and ID ONL Xist. Well, I can say that for my parents too, one bad decision by theman- I wouldn't be stor any of US anyou. So I got to give it to him in. I got to give it to o he writ like shoull. We do rocky three en, for I think you should and birfriend I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I got to go that lat. This way, sor an a the title. SLEPS through my hands again bring the sadness. I Will Lok up a booby with it. DONT MK s down in the rook in gets on oe, okay. I would definitely get it to that Oy later, oh, my God wow. I guess that means. Mancrush keeps the title yet again we're going to have to get someone on this show soon that can defeat the mighty man crush. Oh, my Goy, the mighty Bangue, you kind of handed tovet. Yet ten you have, if you had it all going o I got to talk to you. You need a coach I'll, Coac you! It's such a Downer of a story with the program, but it is a news story that I absolutely remember straight. I had headline so I had to go with it, man, you appeal to your depressive's guide and that work not rel. I like how it worked out that that's the very last story too. I wasn't planning on that being the very last story, but it worked out fantast it were no. I would have pulled that category out a long time ago. Man, you got the Fugen, because so great amazing game, Robert Temper, thank you so much nomiatin show and being a judge tell our guests and our listeners where they can go to purchase your album and to hear your music okay. First of all, I was made aware today that this is a Russian sight that sells bill legs of my new recolar te o out to Buz an ther, mind. Starking me TA, fair. I don't like that. So if you really care anything about music and supporting artists and keeping creative people going, go to Abazon Sodo itunes go to Um a or heaven and there's probably a whole series of places that Shell this on the level and that would really just make my day. I would love that I'm Gonta go I'm going to buy one right after this. Thank you. Thank you man. You know I appreciate it. I appreciat, like I've known you for like ten years abecausewwe're, not that different AREU gon to tell o older vers. This is what you're going to be like sixty except I suck in music, but ote, Thani culd, see it going down that Pa your guy just fun. Tebut when's, the robber tepper dueling decades teem going to come out rater ever doing Teca interesting interesting. If I get something that would be good to you guys, you know ive at the same theme for like two years. It's time to freshen it up. You need a fresh Tan, tere Thet, O til yeah somebody's gotta use better than intrestme everybody telling me it's a car, commercial and a VMW commercial would make everybody happierround here. Thatw'LD be great, you know, but um I don't know I got ta take on it and- and I will get back to you on that- let's see jeelling decades, it's tough. It has kindo like a thee. Doing we got to get doing. Doling is Tatageword to sa now it's Oo ykthat's. Why doeling Ban Yos with an instrumental? You know, will you mull it over? Maybe you come up with something that'LD be frinking. All you never know. I write a lot. I do wriht a lot that would be great thato'd, be so funny and we sh you gotta come back to judge another episode, man. That was fun. If you thought I did OK. That makes me Hando what I'm sorry I I don't want him to come back to judge another episode. I want hem to come back and beat man crust, fit the title. Wow Wow, oh, my gosh are dyou regular. I be GRE curving CHACKTO carryel. If you want to do it, man, you want to do the research. Well, we're down you guys. Really. I would love to see I behind the scemes of what it takes for you guys to put on the show, I think that'd be fun. That would be really fun tap. You don't want to see how the sausage is made hold on ie found a ting where kid was five tigers in Niy. Eighty P, we nede to have a sad episode worth nothing toshity story. He what, if you guys co, pull that off like the most tsatis great bancrush, that would be hysterical. Man That would behen we do have have had a worst of, but if we did not like a sad one, a Great Depression Bot this show you can't go. You can't go to the bed. You got to stay happy with this because it's like people go ohyeah. That was cool. You know, that's the fun part of this. I like that part. That's why we got into Thot. I have a lot of fun guys this was great, did Yo. Did you have a little farter hope? I did Okayno Asan S. Thank you. Go okay, SANTESTI ALL RIGHT GENTLEMAN! Thank you! So much it was a Lotdo F, Thankyo man, you oer very much appreciate it. Thank you, brother. o Ca Te. You Robber, take Camantoiba Byebye Al Right, Dulers! Well, I guess we'll end this episode right here again, I want to think our guest Robert Temper for coming on handing me the loss. But Anyway, if you've missed an episode, you can always head over to dueling decades docom, where you can subscribe to the show on Casbox on spotify on eye tunes wherever you get your pod casts and then head over to facebook, dotcom forward, slash dueling decades, where you can join our private group and catch all of our other retro content. Someunetell next time, duelers we're going to bid you a peace, love Lightn, a joy have a grateful week. Everybody