Dueling Decades
April 29, 2020

Three’s company as the 80s and 90s clash in this triple threat throwback match!

Three’s company as the 80s and 90s clash in this triple threat throwback match!

On this week’s show, we add a new twist to the game as 1980, 1986, and 1993 compete in a terrific triple threat match. Joe Findlay of the Miscast Commentary Podcast joins Marc and Mancrush for this epic battle that has more twists and turns than...

On this week’s show, we add a new twist to the game as 1980, 1986, and 1993 compete in a terrific triple threat match. Joe Findlay of the Miscast Commentary Podcast joins Marc and Mancrush for this epic battle that has more twists and turns than your old Hot Wheels track!  Dave Schultz from the Selling Out show once again sits behind the bench for this one, as he delivers his own brand of justice. We take you from The Sandlot to Waco and make a stop at the Boston Marathon just for good measure. Will Joe get trapped in the Iron Maiden for once again bringing the sadness? Only one way to find out duelers! Listen, Subscribe & Play along at home!  Do you agree with Dave’s rulings? Send your rulings for this episode to our Facebook and pick up 20 points on the Dueling Decades Leaderboard!  

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formarymediapeople in ca to top Jewlin CA, the Pixin oplay, but Te tot O im ran again upon that cap. Ut stopthe power gop come fiht for what you love Whoco to pot the PE COPI, an Cretas PA ee, Ote, Porte Cop, would take grave a O, Bali Him Tin. I A PA, a TN O Comefigt for what you love Eos brondcasting from the Pocash New York Studios. It's the adult only retrocame show where the decades paddlefor supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it, welcome pack to dueling decades. Let's take a look at this week's duelers and the decades they will be fighting for on this special throwback triple threat. I am Mark James and I will be representing April of nineteen eighty against these men. First off with April O nineteen. Ninety three say hello to mancrush what up it's man crushed, I feel like we were just here like thirty five minutes ago with Vernon Wells, but it's actually been a couple o days and I'm glad we're doing the game the way this is today. This is a triple threat match up where we only have one pick apiece, which is fantastic, because I would not have had time to do another to pick episode in the same week. So, let's get it onvells in Duling with April nineteen. Eighty six, he is the host of the miscast commentary. PODCAST welcome back to the show Joe Finley, hey everybody. Has it going well, this might not be the ideal three way I would have asked for. I will say that being so isolated that it's a lot more tempting than it would have been. Maybe six months ago, you're in the middle, that's all I'm said. I know I am in the middle too, like Jeez, you guys know what you like Tas, always here on the show. We need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness so he's back. Ladies and Gentlemen, the bad boy from beantown, the hilarious host of the summing out, show judge, Dave, Shultz, hello, hello, hello. I am happy to be back and, to judge all three of you, we missed you, I'm sure you did he's not even interested in hearing our picksis, like I'm going to judge you yeah, that's right, he's already been judging since we started that's right by the way you look and you've all lost. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under duling decades rules, the judges coin, flip shell Te side who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories, movies, television, Music News and, of course, hot products. A judges ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: Apiece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all, five rounds, all right dolers, who said only bad things, come in threes. Let's play some more Jun ens. Let's go right down to our judge, Dave Shultz, the official toss off. Okay, right on, I brought something really cool and it's actually ratier than man crush es beard, but it is of VHS copy cover rather 'cause, I'm not going to leav the cassette in there of n nine teen and eighty nine that man film. So on the front we have the Batman in the signia say no more and then on the back. We have a picture of Jack Nicholson in full joker garb in the smile and um who just turned eighty three this week did we put the pictures together on our facebook, and I always tried to find one of you know them in the eighties, an the nineties and paired up with a a recent picture and if you type in, I didn't use this picture 'cause that h atwas mean. But if you go to Google images and type in like Jack, Niholson twent, an twenty there's, a bunch of pictures of him at Lakers games like stuffing his face and there's one and it's all over the place. The bottom of his stomach is just sticking out of his shirt and it's just like fat like Kindof like if I was just like slunched over and he's just stuffing his face with chips or fries, where the fuck it is it's the most unappealing photo ever live in the dream: Maby Olivia at eighty three, you don't give a fluckin en professionally sitting and watching things for the last fifteen years. He'Shis kids are young too fuck all right. So how we're going to do the coin toss this week is the first round Tat's going to be me versus Mancrush, and then the winter will face joe to see who goes first. Somehow I got the by week Manchrush. Why? Don't you call in the air for this first toss off all right? Well, I don't know when he's throwing Ito I want to. I want you to pick first, you want the the Batman logo, I'm to fucking Jack Nickak Nicholson. Okay, all right here it goes up in the air juniabird man. It is the front cover, Batman, insignia logo. That means I on right. No, you pick the JOK. You done all right! So it'll be me versus Joe, Jo Wy, don't you call it this time all right? Well, I'm going to go for the Batman, Ansignia he's what we need right now and this one. I guess what that man logo again. So you go jo. What doyou know it's waited it's an important day. All Right Joe, you win the toss off. You have control the board. What category are we going with for this? First triple threat match all right: Let's go with Qte, unquote hot products. I am going to start with a hot book. Onner New York Times number one best seller, one that is known to all, not so much for the book, but for the movie upon which it was based on April Twentieth, Robert Ludlans, the born supretacy was the New York Times number one best seller. This book finds Jason Born, who has in the book, recovered his memory and is teaching in Maine under his proper name, David Webb finds out that somebody else is out there, killing people under the name, Jason Borne, and he has to get back into the game to find out what's going on and while all that's going on his lovely girlfriend, who is not European but Canadian in this version, so ther there's that and she has been abducted, so sh he's going to figure that out as well, so the born suprenacy, which leads to the big trilogy and that and continuing on from there a series of movies in the early two, thousands and continuing until today, but yeah all the way. Back then, on nineteen. Eighty six was the sequel book. ornispremacy sounds terrible: fucking girlfriends, Canadian, Oh my God yeah. So she probably didn't exist right sh NA ugly, a sin you kidd me those girls, north of the boarder. Let me tell you AAll right, so I'll go next for hot products. I went over to our good friends over at newspapers, DOT COM and I'm flipping through some newspapers from the bildings gazette out of billings Montana April thirteenth nineteen. Eighty and I find an ad here in the paper from elies records and tapes. Great Ad. I don't know if you're from billings Montana- maybe you remember Elies, but there's an ad here in the paper for a brand new video game that you can buy for your Atare twenty six hundred called space invaders. He ad read space invaders. People have been standing in line at Arcades to play space andbaters. Now, thanks to Ratari, they can play at home space invaders game program, cartridge a blockbuster new video game for your Atari video computer system. It is you against the fiendish invaders from an alien Galaxy Youre objective to destroy them before they can drop their quote. UNQUOTE: Laser bombs on the Earth. It's not as easy. The invaders are quick, clever and protected by nutron shields, but if you're, quick enough, you might even gun down their commandship special price, while our first shipment lasts this price to thousand and nine ninetyfive elies sal price. Twenty four: Ninety five for space and beaters. So that's what I got from my hot product, one of the greatest games of all time, the great space invaders now available on the Atari Twenty six hundred for your disappointment. That was the thing man I mean. Of course, space invaders came out in seventy eight monumental game and then, when he got it in the Atari, it just wasn't quite the same, but you know what it was one of these top sellers for the Atare Twenty six hundred and the game's gone down in history. So that's what I got from my hut product man crush over to you all right, so I'm the only onl with the nineties. So we're going to go to April. Twenty eight N Ninehteen ND inety three- and here is the first video game to feature the CD Rom. You know, as you would know, n the early night. U C, Roms Yo were still pretty early in their domestic lives. At this point you know people are just starting to get them in their homes, but they're still fairly pric in nineteen ighty. Three a drive would cost about. Four hundred bucks, so it's like what like a thousand dollars and tweand and twenty to get one of these things. This was during a time when these drives they still had cadties. Do you guys remember that you'd have to take the disk put it in the caty and then slide that shit into your computer? Oh, that wasn't a place to put my soda. It was not. I had a good story about that that I'll tell one day, but I'm not GOINGTO, do it now, but that's how long ago this was. I think I had that cadty drive up until like the mid Te late nineties, obe, honest, but up to this point there were no games on CDROM at least none that featured real life actors. It had an actual like cinematic feel to it. The game was, it was a big deal at the time it was heavily talked about coming out. It had a massive video game budget. At the time these people speculated that. I think it was trillaby anvirgin interactive that they spent over a million bucks on the game, and this is nineteen. Ninety three SAT's a lot of money to put it on a game, but it was also. It was like the first game that I remember they had like an adultish feel to it and not like the Leizure suit, Larry Style, adult, but more of like the horror, feel to it. Everything was prerendered three egraphics it had two disks see: U Know It's good hand, real digital music. It had real live action. Video billgates even called this game. The new standard of interactive entertainment would go on to sell two million copies for the PC in Mac, whin, iand, nine hteen ight. Three, that's an amazing feat to become the top selling CD ROM game, O one tousand, nine hundred and ninety five and this kind of lead- and you could find this all over the place online. They kind of give credit to this game, making that whole CD ROM market, just because people were like, Oh shit, that can do that, and I don't know if you guys remember the Ilfated, Philip CDI. The compact disk interactive was superexpensive. They made this scheme for that too, and it pleaded the best on that, but they made it for pc mack. It was on for everything, but this is the horror adventure puzzle, game, the seventh guest yeah. I thought that was the game you were going for at first. I thought you were talking mist. welmissed was the other one that came out after Greatlis was e, the original it was, and then it had five fucking sequels or some shit too. That was the thing with those games is the graphics at the time there was nothing out there that could touch it because they were actually using video, rendering yeah. There was real people yeah, it was Amazin, they had real actors in the gamandship. It was a big fucking deal. You know like some of these games, it's kind of like a movie, I'm not like a retro Gamer. I talk to like ranger about thes stuff. Sometimes how does it feel Tho play these games? I think if you're a retro Gamer, it's cool, but if you're not- and you just go back and play an old game like this fucking garbage, I wonder how this game would hold up. I don't know any game to me like in space inveders. I think that's part of that whole retro game aspect where it doesn't matter. If it's bad, you could still have fun with it. Yeah. Well, the Games so simplestic that it's so yeh so easy to pick up and play exactly and then on the complete obstinate and you got my game which was way more difficult, and you know it was all puzzles and y people would never figure out that game. Now the graphics are just wouldn't hold up t, even then, as Ald as those graphics were, they wouldn't hold up to what you have now, and people wouldn't even be able to figure it out like what what's. I thinkat part of the reason that the retro game- S N Rou and nineteen eighty and since they're so simple, they weren't trying very hard. So it's okay, but like the early nineties games where they're trying to render real graphics and Real Peto and they look like total shit or like Weir robot box, Weirdos that they have in the Games. You're like this is weird. I can't play this, but anyhow, that's my game. It's the seventh guest for my product from April Twenty Eight Nineteen N. ninety three ill write. All three picks are in for the hot products round. Let's toss it over to judge Dave Shultz for the ruling. You know man crush, never guessed at the fucking point whete these things. He he leads you around and he t I mean listen. There must have been some guy or there is some guy right now. Listening to the show who is a seventh guest fan boy who the whole time was getting wet going yeah. I know what he's talking about man. I love that fucking game t a you know, but for me you talked and talked about it. I mean I have no idea what the hell he's he's talking about T en. Finally, he just go yea so anyway, by the way the game's called the seventh guest. So that's my pick. You know you didn't namedrop the product in the beginning, but hey that's boring to me. If I come out of the gate and I go, my game is the seventh guest and you've never heard of it, you're going to be like what the fuck is, the seventh gas garbage. Well, I mean all the details are still the same right, you're still going to hit us with all that that juicy inf. It's not the same, though, because you know what it's like anything else like. If I was listening to a show and somebody dropped something I didn't care for were or I didn't know what it was. I might just skip it and just forward this way they can. They got ta Wi'll, defend Mancrosh, he's giving you the the madmen pitch. With that whistle building a fucking picture, teve drawing a picture like Bob Ross. You just got to wait for it to fucking. He done. Oh, I can't wait to get lost in your happy trees, mancrush, especially the ones growing, on your face right now. I E I got more on the the right side than I had to do on the left, fanc more of a sh than a tree ATGO. I gotto get Propston Joe for actually bringing up a book. Remember Thos people, a book even though Mark and man crush came both with video games, Mok Um space invaders released on the Atari Twenty six hundred. You mentioned it's, not the original reliefe of the game. It came O N, I nineteen and seventy eight joe back to the born supremacy book, real quick. This was the first book. This is the second book. The second book. Okay, now see m. You know where I'm going with this. If it was the first book, it been much more impressive to me, as that was the catalist for all the things that you mentioned, that followed yeah. You know what I mean. I don't control time. No, you don't! No you don't not! Yet I'm working on that he wishes he did, but looking at all this right now, I'm going to have to go n nineteen. Ninety three and man crushing his long winded explanations of a CRODUC before he reveals the name of the product, because the CDROM, the first CDROM game is very impressive feet and it set the table for a lot of entertainment that we all enjoy to this very day. It wasn't just that too. I mean the part of the point I was trying to make. Is People bought these CD ROMs, not just for the gaming aspect, but they were like Oh wow. It can do that I'll buy one, and now they have a CDROM, and then programs started coming out on CD ROM. So it wasn't just that it was yeah but kind of a catalyst for a lot of other things. Yeah. It was, but I mean it's still enjoyable to this day I use my copy of the seventh guess as a Frisbee, so still rocking and rol that fucking C D Rom, I love it. It's like my buddy e was throwing round his dad's Ari Clapptin on plug CD. I remember one summer we were at camp and I had an argument with this guy. When CDs had first come out, he had a beasty boy, CD and he's like man he's like it's bullshit people say these things, don't scratch that's bullshit they're, just lying to you C ds, do not scratch he's like. I threw it up against a cement wall still plays SDS, don't scratch dude, I'm like whatever Im will tell on this one. You GTO tell you you're wrong e H, new slash you lose. Maybe he just thought that beasty boys, Oan Wen takall, right man crush. You won the first round. You take control of TE Board. What category we going with next all right. I think we're going to go television April, twenty first nineteen. Ninety three, here's a debt, a it's a CBS classic it was on it, lasted for eight or nine seasons. It all depends on how you want to categorize the pilot season. 'cause. The first season was like one of those wheres like four episodes. Obviously it started in April. It also had a spin off called these sons of thunder fucking jugger. Not there came back in two thousand and five have a TV movie and it's currently being rebooted on the old CW. So we got real legs on this one. You like that daywe got kicked that off early, it's got legs keeps moving wow, the show would routinely get ratings in the eleven on twelve million. An episode typically Yo would be found in the top twenty for the week, which is not too damn shabby, and I'm sure Jo, see if you agree with me on this. It's a show that aired Saturday night at nine PM, which is what it's relegated for like dead air reruns in old movies, but not for this nine year period. This show was kicking ass at that times. Lot, for whatever reason is that kind of accurate Saturday, nice yeah, it's M it's a little different now than it was then, but definitely back. Then it was I I would say that that would be considered kind of a dead zone exactly and but the show did fantastic being th. They had a consistent flow of watchers and they had I, this awesome product placement deal with dodge in the show where all the good guys drove dodges, all the bad guys drove forwrds or GM and supposedly anyone that died drove as shabby. I don't watch show enough to know this I'll have to hit up micranger talk to him about this, but the the female coasts are on. The show Alex Cahill is her name. She played the district attorney. Her life is like worse than fucking John McLean. She was kidnapped twenty two times and Shot Multiple Times in eight seasons: OL She's, the fucking Da, the district attorney and she's getting kidnapped fucking twenty two times. Is that not happening to Peope name another DA? They get kidnappd that much like Wat. fucking like s Vu did that Da get kidnapped twenty times. I think Shi, really sh. She got like abducted E. think every other episode Right, Oh fuck! Well, there that's outh the window, but she wasn't boning. Mother, fucking, Chuck Nors, like this chick was hound, which is, which is why she got her ass saved on each one of these fucking. Twenty two attempts on her life, but this is the debut of the chucknors classic for Old People and Mike Rangers Brother Walker, Texas Ranger, and U Hvea, that is the b one of the best things ever Walker told me. I have AIDS ICAN'T get over that! That's why that's amazing, but that's it h. y e April, Twenty First Nineteen eghty three, we got a Walker Texas range, all Rihe, Joe Finley. What do you have so little bit of background here? I want to talk about her all the rever. For a moment. I am just coming off of getting fired from his TV show for what he he says. Originally a he was trying to leak a story about the relationship between Marilyn, Monroe and JFK, and then he was Leco from his network and he had this big special. He wanted to break back into the world, and so he syndicated and produced his on his own. This special the two hour special that was that aired on April Twenty Irst, I o o anine hundred and eighty six, and it was called the mystery of alcapon's vaults. Oh that that's come up before and yes, it is obviously about opening a secret vault in the alcapone's vault in his Lexington Hotel, which was abandoned, and they had discovered this. Basically, the entire special was leading up to what's going to be in the vault. That sort of thing it actually is credited for inventing that sort of theoretical news that still exists to this day, where you just have a shot of an empty podium and they talk for two hours about the press. CONFERENC, that's about to happen so, as we all know that ended with them, opening that vault and only not but some dirt and bottles were in there. He tried to spin it. It didn't work. He ends up apologizing at the end, disappointed it himself, but thirty million people watched that special. It is to this day the highest rated syndicated special to everair on television beating out the frostnixon interviews. It is a giant special. Most people know about this. It is a pop culture reference everywhere, the simpsons references, all sorts of things, it's a pretty big deal in TV and it's one of the go two things that Haraldo is remembered for other than getting his nose broken by Anazi or revealing some some military locations while embedded in Iraq. So that's what I've got is the mystery of olccupone's vaults from me, O twenty firs n nineteen, eighty six right FROR, my television pick we're going to go to April, eleventh nineteen. Eighty on the ABC network for the debut of a brand new late night comedy T v show called Fridays. I don't know if you guys remember this show at all, but you know it gave us Larry David and Michael Richards for the very first time of course, of Seinfeld frame. Now, what was great about this show, as it was almost kind of a complete copy of snl 'cause thats anl, was kind of feeling at the time matter of fact, t ey even brought in a lot of the same special guests such as Andy, Couhfman, billy, Crystal Mark Hamel, George Carlin, but unfortunately, the show did not last as long because of mother fucking Ted Copple, yes, Ted copple. They gave him an hour long show at the end of the night, which kind of absorbed into the time slot that Fridays was in because they were doing updates on the current situation with the Iran hostage scandal, and so what happened with Fridays? Is they tried to move it to midnight to Thursdays? No, this wifridays technically, as the first show on Saturday Saturdayso like that's, not going to work, we'll put the show in prime time so they put it in a prime time slot. The show failed, miserably didn't find its audience yeah, that's the unfortunate reality of Fridays, but the show still remains to be a cult. Classic people love it Um. It was kind of just unfortunate that it got stuck in a horrible time slop, but it did give us Larry David and Michael Richards. Later on after the show fulded Dick Abersaul actually asked most of the cast to join S, and now the don't want really to do. It was Larry David of no so and he got Shik Hand Yeah Smart move there. So that's what I got April, Eleventh Nineteen, eighty, the debut of Fridays, what a Shitte lead in! Can you imagine watching Ted Copple, an watching comedy after that? Well, well, that's what happene! Eventually I mean Coppel was only a half an hour and then they're, like you, know, we're going to give tet a full hour. Everyone fellasyeah after watching an hour, a Ted copple, no Om's a week. So all right! So let's go down to judge Dave Sholtz for the ruling for the television round MM. These are all noble, good choices. I like all of them for individual reasons. Now Fridays, I love Larry David. I love Seinfeld, curber enthusiasm. So for that reason alone, Fridays is impressing to me, plus it's a great restaurant. I love their appetizers ar the flare, the waiters and waitresses wear can' get enough of it. Don't ask Hem about their flar, though th y never ask about the flar ninety three Chucknoris, and that was Walker, Texas Ranger. I say that right, yeah see, I never really watched it, but you didn't mention the DA g kidnapped twenty two times and I just say: trybeing a d a down in Mexico. That's probably not even touching the numbers that they experience self an the border and Jo came with eighty six, the AL capons vault the failure there by Heraldo- and that is just I mean famous everybody- knows about that- and that actually, for maybe some cudo's points or bonus po points in this round. Do any of you have a favorite talk, show host from way back when Bordon, Oh mort, Morton, downy junior? IS THAT WHA? You just said: Man Crush Mor Daa Okas, you like loud chain, smoking asshols. I just you know why. I liked it 'cause. I watched it with my dad. Okay, it was like the late night wor. I think it was on it like ten or something but yeah it. It was great. I Amin knew him from his bit with Roddy Piper and Rasamenia. That's the only reason I knew him was. I was too young for for that. So that was the first time I came across him and then I heard of Robert downy junior and I'm like. Oh, they must be related and Thatsyou can probably watch it on you tube, I'm sure, there's clips or Maal episodes it', dude literally smoked the entire time he was on the show. Se Grat US dangling out of his mouth fucking grade. I actually attended a taping of the Heraldo talk, show once but truth be told, I'm more alfilled onnahew fan. Oh that's a good one. That is a good one. Now, Joe, you know north of the border. I was just talking about the DA south of the Boder th didn't have any sally, Jessie raffl A up there ayhere they did, but I mean we got. We still get all the shows you guys get. You do know that right, no listen! I get it. Butthewhat you're saying is not foreign to me d. It sound like Joseph Bangla Dash ors. No I'm not trying to apply es on the other side of the world here Bot. They must maybe have some more local. You know they do and actually right when Mark Taid, he had attended a taping. I was going to mention. I went to a d. A double taping of one person's name was deany petty and thet. Another person was Camilla. Scott Camilla Scott was more like the Ricki Lake of Canada Yeah. She is thick yeah nthe episode that I went and saw introduced a young man from Ottawa who was doing a cable access show where he was pranking his parents. A lot in that cus named was Tom Green. This is before he was famous. Did you get up and call him a Ho? No, I did get on the show, though I got a comment on the show and my buddy tried to make a comment too, and he thought he was being really funny and then, when it was finished, n looked at him she was like. Is that it and he was and then he sat back down and N, he was cut out in the shelf wow look at that. We can try to find Joe and mark in their TV debuts on someone else's talk show you know, that'd, be some good points for the listeners to try to dig up and Find Huh you'll, never know who I am with hair. Well, listen as much as I respect. Larry David Mik Friday's is off the board, I'm sorry, but the show had no staying power whithwhatever and when you're talking about Chuck Noris here, there's this unspeakable power. There's machismo there there's so much. You know legendary action, this savury coming from Chuck North, especially in a cowboy hat. So right now, I'm looking at Joe and man crush es pick and both have cultural re relevance. Here. Oh mine's got legs yeah yours has legs. You said they're going to reboot the damn thing right: yeah, it's it's thedude from supernatural, Jerad, Padawuecki or whatever tuck his name yeah. He was on the Gilmore Girls. My Wife told me that yeah he's going to be the new H, walking somebody lost their shit in our facebook group, facebook, dotcom forrds last doing decades. If you're, not there yeah, we always H V, othrow it out there, but somebody lost their shit on a post. They're like what is this bullshit liberal America and you can't have JER PAS like I had to ban the guy you're so mad about tetlink ocame in sorry, Hey all right, sorr at least they're, arguing and pitching about Walker, Texas Ranger. He was really mad. He was upset about it. Ll Hope he calme down. No still going. It was me, you didn't recognize, Thim B'cause Ho had hair, you see he was uh, but yeah guys great picks here, but it looks like I'm going to goninety three again, just because of the longevity of the program. Yeah Holy Shit is right and plus you know how it's a show that people seem to just love for some reason. I couldn't tell you why, but when you bring it up, people always have memories of it, whether it's about AIDS or one liners or anything else, that'll. Lo that'll, no, that shouldn't win the round, but I mean that's one of those notable things but yeah I'm going to have to give it again to ninety three, but this one's close Joe is right right there, Oh man, okay! So where do we go from here? U, let's go to movies 'cause, I'm a little concerned that these guys are going to have juggernauts and I'm up two points so fuck it. Let's do movies now right, smack DAB in the middle with April, seventh, nine Utnen and ninety three and this one it's a time period movie and I'm not usually big on time period flicks, especially when there are decades that I didn't grow up in it's not a film near like Vernin Wells s talking about last week, just movies in general from decades they like they have to be really spectacular for me to get into them. You guys feel the same way like if you're, not from that decade. You have to be like really wold, because you don't know the Shit. That's going on no see I kinda like period pieces man I think, do I think it's nice to kindof travel to a different time, for you know at least a couple of thats 'cause you're high, all the time. So good point, I I mean I get that it's just like. If they put out a movie now about the eighties or nineties, it could be a total shit bomb movie, but I'll still watch it because there'll be things in the movie that I'm like Oh shit, looat that fucking Gi where Im jet, but like these movies. This one h any I mean this one. It took place in the summer of nineteen sixty two and and even though it's it's a positive upbeat movie. It reminds me of stand by me, which is another sixties time, Fra Movie, and I really liked that one too, and even though they have a few core things in common stand by me. As Stephen King, for example, this movie Has Wendy peppercorn and James Ral Jones, all right little differences. This one went on to make about thirty four million dollars at the box office, which is about sixty three million dollars in thosand and twenty. It's spurned off two Directov video seqals. So that's success right there. They gave us lines like this. Kid is in l, seven Weeni, you play ball like a gear and, of course, mark you're killing me smalls. That's exactly, and that's all I gotto say it's in nineteen. Ninety three cold: CLASSIC THE SAND! Lot: FUCKING FANTASTIC MOVIE! I think the one nice part about these timepieces anything that doesn't have technology in IT. I feel like dozen age, like you can't fuck it up. You can always go back like stand by me. I can watch 'till, I'm a hundred years old, Wendy Pefercorn, never ages! No! Well! THAT'S WEIRD! That's Ye! She does tat if you go back and watch the movie She's the same age now as she was when I watchd it in ninety three, I get what you're saying but theoretically that's wrong. Remember I'm high all the time man! So that's true, all right! So who's up next, all right I'LL! GO NEXT! I'LL! Tell you what guys my movie for this one stars, the Beautiful Hilary Summers you're going to know her from such future films says Flash I in Onine Huteen and eighty two beauty and the beast and, of course, urban cow girls. It also has Eric Edwards, who you're going to know from twin peaks, an night of the living bed and a gentleman you will know from a little movie called Ghostbusters Mier Ron, Jereny released April, twenty third nineteen, eighty, a young woman, andgratiates herself with a movie star and then takes all she can from her. I give you the adult film, The butning of bree rated X. for the first time I o Cickades, a porno has been troppe April. Nineteen eighty did not have some of the best movie releases, the best one I could find to no was H. Wer the Buffalo Roam with Bill Murray, but you know that's not even the best movie about Honter Restanson. So you know what can't maste made to that. Well, Youare Ancorn, the bunning APRE, was directed by Henry Packard and guys. I don't know who your favorite directors are, but I can guarantee he does not have the body of work of Henry Packard, who has three hundred and sixty four credit stay's name and, of course, the legendary wrong Jeremy, who has almost sixteen hundred films to his name, his I MDB pages, almost as long as his Schwong. So I give you the butting of Bri, released in April of nineteen. Eighty just a ground breaking film I'll, tell yo it's a himan breaking yeah. It's so got ground breaking it's really hard to find a copy of it matter. Of fact, the movie itself was shot on thirty five millimeter. So you know it's quality. If you go on to you tube and look up the butting Abri, somebody has actually edited the whole movie together, minus all the fucking scenes, and it's only about five minutes long so enjoy. It's got a very young, wrong. GERMY ANE! You can't go wrong. The butting ofbri April of nineteen, Eighty Joe, what a e you got man. I got a little bit of an erection now, but I think i Hoa Pass to Won. We can talk about this all right. I will see Youre prolific director and I'll. Give you another one. I want to talk about Reley Scott for a minute, a couple of years removed from his previous movie of Blade runner. He directed some shorts in between that and he also directed apples, nineteen and eighty four commercial, but he had another movie. He was making across the pond and it was that was actually released in December of eighty five. But in the U S it was released April, Eighteenth N, nine hteen, an eighty six, and that is the movie legend starting ton. Cruize Tim Curry, the feature film debut of Miasara, best known for far feeler's Day off and everybody's favorite l, P, billy bardy. It's about a young man named Jack, who has to stop the lord of darkness from turning the world into darkness by killing, unicorns and stealing their horns and a lot of awesome, fantasy stuff like that it did win a best in a matography award. It got a lot of praise for its beautiful look and all that stuff. It wasn't a gigantic success. In the box office it became more of a cold hit afterwards when it came out on VHS and it's just it's one of those ones when it comes on. I still I still pop it on and I'm like hi man like it's to see young Tom cruwse before he was Tom. Cruise is kind of a mind, blower and yeah. It's a great one, legend April Eighteenth, all right. Let's go down to judge Dave, Sholtz Oki Doki I mean Mik bringing up Pon Holy Nack and noly. You know balls in the SCO. Well, Hey e!! now you know the thing is you said that you could only find a version of it on you toob without all the fucking in it right? Well, of course, they're not going to have all the fucking on you to right, but did you watch it? Yes, you did. Okay, did you like it? Absolutely not truction Q. I mean it's thirty five millimeter porn with Rong Geremy acting. What do you think not exactly Martin's Scorsasa Ere? I happen to have a copy of bunning of bre on two cdroms. I will sell to you for a very low fright: idoafive dollar. What do you say Mac you want to win this round. That is amazing and it's CEEDIROB, the seventh guest broad us, this Moen hey'll even give you the cauty Oyea, okay, the Sandlot nineteen n Inety, three God I hated that movie. I can't believe it's it's a cold classic. I don't I've, never liked the SANDLOT. I never really enjoyed it always thought Hi's about this fucking kid who's, a pussy, who's, afraid to fuck and get a ball from his neighbors fucking Yag 'cause he's got a big dog. It's like just jump over the fency piece of shit grab the fucking ball movies over and biginty band, Bigany Bom. I think you've missed the whole point of that moviee. I did O oh coming of at story in the summer and Oh, my mom Ha married a new guy and I've Goin to adjust to life yea fuck, all that shit just jump over the fence or grab the Guyda Mar. That's it. You know B I if he didn't, though, then you would never get benny the jet 'cause. That's how we got his nicknee O, so it destroys the whole story Thak Day. Sorry, that's what I'm here for okay! So now ont nineteen D, eighty six legend tin, curry, is absolutely fucking terrifying. You mentione that wasn't a big box office hit, so it really doesn't. It doesn't have the same status. Is the SAN A lot, but I'm Gona I'm going to bring up this. Is that mancrush mentioned how you know it's like a period piece right. He looks back and he goes I like this movie because it reminds me of a more innocent time and even if I didn't really necessarily live in that era, it still brings warm enjoy happy feelings that that ring over me right. Man Crush San Lo Co. Yes, but I'm going to say the same thing for me and legend. I know Legon isn't a period piece, but even though I don't think it's a good film when it's on, I am compelled to watch it. I I cannot not watch it because it's from my youth and I wouldn't want to watch the butting of bre if it was a period piece. I saw that coming a billion miles, ofayou shouldhave stopped hem in right, so just a guest yeah. You are you know this one again, you guys are great man. This is fucking tough calt and I think your face book group is going to really have a fucking field day on this one, but for nostalgic reasons and the young Tom Cruise and, of course, sloane. Oh slow and she's in this film I' go with Jo Ian Nine hundred and eighty six. I would have wone with a porn. He already owns it. So I do it's a for that reason alone. I think you should have given mark a little bit. My catty doesn't work anymore because of that film. It no had mark seeing the film with the boning in it. That would have been some hardcore research worth reward. Would you want to know that mark wants that mov? No, I want to koweay track it down. I want to know you hit the streets during this cuacking t e corona virus walk down. Looking for a fucking born one thounine Teen D. Eighty T, an elemeter piker bark with his flucking, face, mask on going to like these little thrift, shops and Pokin his head in you got Butimari no, but without the face mask Gointo, be like buring. A Bra likedowe have Crembrulei, no, not a restres. Guy Has a boner kick him out of this pawn shop, ICAN COKINOOER AIG Joe Finley. You Win that round and you take control aboard. Where are we going next we're our first to point round as they're both two points? I guess it really doesn't matter. This is usually where I get to choose is when it doesn't make a difference but IAM ill guess I'll go ahead and go with music. I want to talk about April first ND. This is not a joke. A little bit of background a man named Maurice Star who had recently discovered new addition. I discovered in Dorchester mastmassachusetts this fifteen year old boy who he thought was a really good wrapper and wanted to put together a boy band, and so he took this guy and he suggested some of his friends and actually his little brother mark at t at the time was part of this band. It had changed around a little bit. Some personnel changes here and there, but it got us to n nine uteed and eighty six April first, when nucl new kids on the block debute their very first album self titled Nukens on the Block, it featured the line up that we know of Donny, Welberg, Jordan and Jonathan Night Dannywood and Joyy McIntyre, but that wasn't a joke. Mark Walbrug was one of the original members of the band and he left the band before they ever made an album, so yeah Mauri Star, who had created new addition, helps Dohnny Walburg create this band and he wrote most of the songs and it was a fairly regional thing. It got regional airplay, they did regional touring and they did all that. But it did well enough that they were able to convince the record company to let them make their sophomore album, which was hanging tough, which is what you know, launch them into the stratosphere. So the debut of n Kotb somebody who is still around still touring, for you know whatever reason and still marrying people. I had playboys of Donny Walburg with I jenuire carthe there, so yeah new kids on the block dbw into the world on April. First ar I had the the other album, the hang was hanged: Tough Hangi, O yeah. I had that a couple o months back and I remember you know talking about how the record company was going to like Kicke them to the curb, because thet album was so shitty that they almost didn't get that second album. It was actually what the story was and they like they kind of. Was it ke want to call like our Patrick Star, the Pugis Toin, a star Moresstar he's nocked, the fugging starfish from the SPRENGEBO, and I guess he like sold it all up and was like you know. These guys are going to be good and sure enough. You know th Y, they went fucking gangbusters on the next one cos lead into the whole Mari Star, discovering n Ko t V. I was a little bit creepier than mix Wendy pepricorn obsession. He met a young man who can rap and he introduced him to his little brother and his friends Marqui. Finally, a boyband that doesn't feature some old man finding a young boy. He tokto the bike shops to take photo show him his new camera man, if Mo Wolbert, would have stayed with that ban. Can you imagine how famous he'd be today? Oh Man Coan you imagine wow man, they wet out a big career. He probably went ove like a burger store transformers revenge on the pollen might not have happened. He could have saved us from that piece of Shit Aright, so we're on the music round, man guys I'll, tell Yo. I had a real sopish choice for April of nineteen and eighty 'cause, of course, for this triple threat round. We only could pick one album, so I passed up on an album. That's one of my all time: favorite albums s a matter of fact. It's a album that gave us a song that I named my cat after, but we're not even going to talk about the grateful dead on this one 'cause tank round, another album that was released in April of nineteen eighty. If you're talking about dead, you gotta Talk About Eddie and we're talking about the debut of iron, maiden we're talking about the very first album self entitled Iron Maiden. This was the album that started everything Steve Harri said that this album was actually completed in just thirteen days and recording, and then iron maiden took to a tour of Europe in England, and this was actually the first time they ever played. MAINLA ind Europe and, to their surprise, they're, actually popular outside of the UK matter of fact, ard. Maiden touringwise is one of the most popular bands in the entire world. They'll draw sixty seventy thousand people all throughout South America all throughout Europe and it kind of all started with this. Album Paldiano was the original vocalist and he was the vocalist on this album. Their big single from the album was running free and Paldiano says that the song's actually very autoo biographical. Of course, he says, he's never spent a night in an l a jail, but it is about being sixteen and just running wild and free. Then he goes on to say yeah it's about my skinhead days, so yeah, okay, so iron maidenman. I mean this. Album is just absolutely massive. If you look at some of the songs that are still played off this album fam of the opera running free sanctuary and, of course, iron maiton itself, all played in Ev. Almost every concert they played an matter of fact iron maiden. The song itself has been played in every concert of the band and it signifies when Eddi comes out on the stage at the end of the show, of course, Eddie being the undead mascot of iron maiden. So that's what I got from, I picke the start of iron maiden April of nineteen. Eighty like how you didn't mention Bruce Dickinson one time through that hole: Si he wasn't part of the hand sthat's WT, they fuckit Tokoff and eighty two correct and I'm a big Fan of Bruce Stickinson. I know you had him a couple of episodes back, but you know this was Paul da all storts here right this as Aldiano's iron, maiden that this was the the foundations of the band. So that's what I go. Man Crush What da e you got man all right, so l, let's go April. Sixth, nine hutdred and eighty three: this is this ban Jus like Marx, is their debut full length album. I still remember how I acquired this. I still have puns. I have like hundreds and hundreds of CDs right like close to a thousand just collecting dust yeah, but that's good 'cause. They don't scratch. I don't eet, no of them don'tit's, like a p. The way that I have them stacked, as I'm impossible to get to any of them, but I was in like every CD club, knowing o man at he time, BMG Columbia, House and then I had friends that yeah they worked at like local, like record stores like mediaplay Shit like that, so they would give me their discount. So I'd have those. I was on like bulletin boards, like Bs's back in the day, and there was these message boards, where you can like locally like kind of trade or swap CDs with other people. So you can get rid of that mark, and I were talking about this the other day where sometimes with BMG or Columbia, House you'd just get fucked and they'd. Send you some CD that you didn't want, but you were too slow to contact hem, so you just get it. So I would take those CDs and I'd always go to this board and be like Heygot this this and this trade for whatever I remember this day I had. I got a for side CD. I doN'trmember, which Farside C D was, but it was like early nineties. So I had this Farsie td and there wis guy on there and he was looking for wrapping hip hop. So I was like yeah. If you got rock, you K all trade you and he shows up when we met at the Galleria and he showed up with a sound of white noise from anthrax and and this album all right so he's ready to Bo. Both these fucking amazing albums for fucking Farside, which I'd never even listened to t, was like still new in the package. Anhow. This album featured two singles. I ended up going double platinum, which is to me, is a bit shocking 'cause I figured it would have sold way more because is ISNAN ICONIC A it's one of those CDs that, like you, could listen to all the way it's got ten tracks on it and you would listen to all ten tracks without stopping it doesn't matter what the singles are. It's an amazing elum. I know people bust my balls over owning physical media still, but this band didn't even start to stream until last summer. So you couldn't even listen. These songs in your car, like sober or prison, sex or bottom or Underto, without owning some kind of physical media or some kind of medium. You could play in your card because they weren't on spotify or anything they just toured this past year and this show was sold out like everywhere, and these weren't like little venues. They were playing big ass places like the staple center and shit last year, and, of course, if you ha this one ut it's tool and the album is undertoe, they got loyal following and it all began here. I now like some people are going to be like, oh well, you now O ba was there first 'cause, there's always somebody that has to well with Thei fucking head Bob like wel check, tecody. You know what that only had fucking six tracks, so it's not a full fucking full length album and they weren't recording the studio either. So that's why I say: UNDERTOW is their first oll length so and it's this is a fucking amazing Olm. I don't know if you guys are big fans of tool but like when I got this, and this was in the summer of ninety three. When I picked this up 'cause, it was right after sound od white noise B'cause. I remember that was like brand new when he gave it to me, but they were both like new and plastic and I had heard sober, ready and Shit, and I wo just remember listening to the rest, O th s like it blew my mind, I was like fucking amazing yeah, that's what I got so it's Underto released able six nineteen ninety three I'm a big tool fan! That's why I like the butting of Bree somuch all right! Well, let's see whath our judge. Dame Schultz has to say about this round. Okay, well, Mancrush KINDOF blew my mind twice here, because it kindof relates to Marx's pick here with iron maiden. So let me, let me tell a story if you will is that- and this is where everything is kindof crazy- is that you brought up the music clubs right BN, G, Columbia, House. You were a member of all of 'em. Well, wo was the third one. There was another one bu I couldn't remember the fucking name of it Brainf, I don't know I used to smoke as much wheat as Moke does now so ITW's Kindo hard for me to remember, but I'm pretty sure everybody else does remember or participated in the scam where you would sign up for these CD clubs to a p O box. Did anybody else? Do this or ye okay and get the Big Ass box? And then just th? You be gone, you just close your Po box and they got fucked, so they may have set you the Firside C D, but they got plenty of fucking Ben over too trust. You me, but beyond all this, I used to do something very similar, also at my local library, where I forget to return a library book an rather than pay. I just go and and sign up for a new library card at one time when I did that I used to use aliases and one time I used David Dickinson inspired by Bru stick and some from an iron maiden, and I I might still have that somewhere. The David Dickinson Massachusetts Library card- I probably shouldn't- have mentioned the town, because I ow monumental Mona that out barred oui be beleave that one they're going to come after me, Um also quickly. Nineteen ND. Ninety three, the tool pick I like tool, but when I saw them live, I hated them and I haven't listened to him since real theyre, the worst band to ever go drunk to a show because they have these really long segments or their songs is most of you know, which are very artsy, part Sey and just doesn't really they're not conducive to someone who's. Just like fucked out get well getting hammered. You know, you're like come on. Do I'm falling asleep over here? You know so: Hey it's Kindo like the metal version of pink fluid. Yes, Thiyeah, the mine, fuckery yeah. They often call tool math metal. Just because of you know some of the timings and intricacies of the music. It's actually from a composition standpoint. It's kind of mine, belowing orheavy middle. Well, I failed Algebra three times in high school, so maybe that that explains the whole thing here, Joe with N K, O T B s a mass achusets born and bred resident. I don't live there anymore and that is all n K. O T B's fault. I had to leave the state to disassociate myself with that fucking terrible group, but I will sae this that phenomenon and I think we've even talked about this. While I was a judging thes show before yeah Yep, it was just UN fucking believable, so um who great choices, it's creepy as the whole Mari Star, finding little boys and doing I don't know making rock stars out of them. I guess I was going to say something much put a perverse, but I I don't want to do that. I don't want to sound like MOC, I'm actually going to go with eighty six on this one wow yep, you completely discounted mark's pick altogether did not mention it. No, except for the fact that you ad a library car named Deve Dickens, who was even in the fan he didn't mention Bruce Tickinsin during the whole thing. It's 'cause, he wasn't in the band. I know I know he wasn't in the fucking band mark. I ge the skinhead was in the fucking band. I understand, but still that you know when you look back on the great iron maiden records. I understand, there's a debut, but how many people cite that one in particular is being the all time great. You may have been the beginning, the start, the seed, whatever the hell. You want to call it, but it's not it's not the first one that comes to mind matter of fact. It's actually considered one of the two best iron maiden albums, the other one being number of the beast. Well, who whoas this whois, this rotten tomato, Hos, music site, you're, looking at or whatever? Actually No, this was rolling stone who listed it. It is one the one hundred greatest albums of all time. Oh well, good for rolling stone. All I Gota See oeand that wasn't on that record, so fuck'em. No, it wasn't all right, Soi Joe Joas control of the board. He takes a lead. Yeah, Jo Aste Lee Jos up three to two one you're in a three way: it's best to come from behind it's how you finish Joe knows from experience yeah after thinking long and hard about this. I think I'm going to choose news. How'did you come up with that. I don't know it was. I didn't even just ha little background. I already told the guys this I did the wrong year. When I did my research. I was so fregging tired when I was doing it and then it was my wife who actually reminded me that I was doing the wrong year. So I could get the right stuff ready in time for the show. So that's where I'm Jatjjj Joe Allright, what you got for fucking ne all right so towards the end of the month April, Twenty Sixth of Nineteen N, eighty six, a power plant. I was having a safety test and that safety test went awfully wrong. They cut the power to reactor four and never was able to get it back on, and the reactor superheated a steam explosion, a large fire massive evacuations. I'm talking, of course, about the curnobal power plants accident in the Ukraine. Twenty eight people within the firt couple of months of the accident had died from the radiation poisoning. Another hundred thirty four people were in the were in the hospital from a C radiation poisoning over three hundred and fifty thousand people in this surrounding area had to be per permanently evacuated from their homes. To This Day, three point: five million Ukrainians receive special benefits for the from the government from receiving different radiation sicknesses, and I t h and things related to that. According to experts, it could potentially be so certain areas. It could be hundreds of years before you're even allowed to go back there, and it is considered the largest nuclear accident to date, Fukushima being a close second as it was, but it is again a very well known thing. Obviously, HBO just did their special talking all about this, and there was a lot of deal with cover up in late reports on on Thi stuff in the Soviet Union at the time and yeah just a gigantic deal. If you want a story with legs, this one's got extra ones because of all the radiooactive deformities o. You have to count a joe to bring the fucking sadness. I noo do it in the last round. Well T I was, I would say I was really I was getting o happy, so I could make you real sad at the end, but yeah. That's where I mat. TENOBLE has its massive reactor melt down on April, twenty sixth, a right. So for my news story, man, I've been waiting for this news story to come up for a long time and I was doing research for the showand and for some reason this just popped in my mind and I'm like man. When did that take place and of course it was on April twenty first nineteen eighty, I know we don't talk about sports too much on this show anymore, but we're going to talk about sports and not just any sport. We're going to talk about running one. That's never come up we're going to talk about the Boston Marathon April, twenty irst nineteen. Eighty rosy roes runs the Boston marathon and she wins with an incredible time of two hours. Thirty one minutes and fifty six seconds matter of fact. Her Time would have been the fastest time in Boston Marathon history for a female in the third fastest time overall of any marathon. So, what's remarkable about her when is well Rosie, Rois kind of cheated when she kindo just ducked out from the crowd near the finish line wearing a number on her chest, she actually qualified for the Boston Marathon bcause. She was in the New York City Marathon and she only got a pass into the New York City Marathon because she claimed that she was dying of prain cancer, her time of two hours. Thirty one minutes and fifty six seconds was an unusual improvement. It was actually more than twenty five minutes faster, Thaner time from the New York City Marathon, just six months earlier matter of fact, in the post race press conference, they were asking her questions about intervals and her training regiment, and she had absolutely no clue what intervals were she actually asked the reporter what our intervals? Another reporter just asked me that N, of course, if you improved your time in six months by twenty five minutes in a marathon, you know what intervals were she had no sweat coming off of her. She didn't have the normal runner's legs, so unfortunately, this story probably doesn't have great legs either, but rosy rowee cheats to win the Boston Marathon. Of course she got caught. They stripped her of her finishd from the New York race and her win from the Boston Marathon and, unfortunately, Rosa Roes did die of cancer, but in Twenta nineteen mind you so she was arrested in nine teen and eighty two for embezling sixty thousand dollars from a real estate company, and then, of course, she moved to the Great State of Florida where she was involved in a cocaine deal in Oaninetneen and eighty three. So that's what I got for the final news round: Rosy roes cheating to win the Boston Marathon, anthat's cooking, that's pretty good! I thought you were going to say 'cause, you don't like back in the day like- and this is probably like just prior to nineteen eighty. They thought that women couldn't run marathons because they thought t t their uterus would fall out. So I thought the story was going to be like no, it really happened or Praly Ha Mile. Eighteen is just fulking dropped out. I don't have a uterus, but I won't risk him Jose heard all about these rumors ye pucging runnin. Twenty six miles that point too, the thro okay. So you gin to cap this one off with the little sadness of my own April, Nineteenth Ninety nineteen, ninety three and I'm laughing, and I shouldn't be after a fifty one day: Siege by the FBI. Seventy six branch dividiens die in a fire near Waco Texas, including twenty five children, two pregnant women and David Cresh. Only nine people escaped the building during the fire. The rest were either suffocated burned alive, crushed by debris or shot it's a real fucked up situation that unfolded for two months on live television. If you were alive in nineteen and eighty three, the shit was on every day it was on everything. T was on television, it was on the fucking radio. Like matter of fact, we used to listen to Um k rock is the one that was in l a there was another something rock. It was another like national. Maybe it was K rock, I don't remember, but they took their music. It was like a hard rock roxetion, and that was one of the things that they were blasting out. The speakers at all hours of the day to Piss off the people o Camp II, and so they used to talk about it on this station. All the time I don't think it was KROCK is definitely one in L A so I can't remember somebody listis a show if you remember what that station was. Let me know I'm fucking old, but yeah. It was a crazy time for us, though, because a couple of years prior to that, we lived like an entire war on television like desert, storm and Desert Shield wherver the fuck they called it like. That was non stop. We saw that whole war on television and then two years later we see this whole war on our own land, like domestic war, go on for two months between the F bi, the ATF and the Camp Tovidians. But the story that I have here it as dying in araging fires, a gruesome death to choose, but COT experts, say Monday. Suicide. Bun More than eighty branch dividians indicates the depth of the whole that David crush had over his followers still severedat. This is from the day after it happened. This is like Tuesday morning still several experts believe investgaors probably will find bullets in some of the bodies beneath the compound rubble. There's two feasible situations: either they were willingly. They went willingly into the flames where they were forced to go there by guards or by Cresh, said Marcha Ruden, the director of the International Co Education Project in New York City, Ne, F, iheard. It Monday's mass suicide near Waco has drawn camparison, tonthe nineteen, seventy suicide, N, murder of nine hundred and twelve followers of Jim Jones in the jungle of Guana, South America it. But this was a big fucking deal. I mean this was on television so much and it came out of nowhere. It was like yeah, the war just ended. You know we got like a little time or we're just watching M T V and then boom. This was on every channel M TV used to fucking have like updates on the shit, and they were just every single Da. I actually have I'm not going to go through it, but I clipped out of the paper from the day after and it's a timeline of all the shit that happened during this and at first e I started clipping it. I was like. Oh that's, not too bad, there's, probably just like five or six highlighted things thereis, one two, three: Four: Five: Six: Seven: Eight: Nine Ten, eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen. Sixteen Seventeen, Eighteen N, nineteen, twenty there's twenty six like bullet points of different, like highlaghted things that happen during that two month period: Wow, it's fucking, crazy, yeah. I remember watching that on TV man it was that was insane to see theyerla rolls through that building yep and they like remember. He had like a Comar like his prized Camaro and they, like fucking, ran into it like they were. They pulled the the book out on this and tried everything, and I think you know Yo you bring up, and it's KINDOF funny that we had just seen all this footage of the war, really what we were able to see during Desert Storm. That was war coverage like we had never had before. Maybe you know the American audience was a little desensitized to that and it wasn't as shocking as it would have been before yeah cause ye saw the full fire right. I wish she was on television. They showed everything they showed the fire. The buildings burning, the tank crashing through the building. Only thing they didn't show was people on fire burning and running out of the building because they didn't they were already dead. Yep and it's all shit like you know like we look at stuff now we look back to like nineteen fifties and nineteen sixties on television like. Oh, they couldn't do that on TV and then you think about it now, like Youo'd, think by now we'd see all kinds of crazy shit on television were in the media, but no, I think all the fucked up shit was more than ninetys. Oh Yeah in the late eighties say a year later, yet o j in the high speed chase yeah ell that's gone h y. They don't really do that anymore. Now, it's it's just a bunch of Ik. You know propaganda shit on every fucking channel. Whereas then it was just aw like fuck. It like Hiraldo ship, ut, put it on the air. Why Not Nazi's sure fucking throw EM ON T v? You know it was just a crazy fuckin time. You couldn't do that now. You couldn't have fucking cameras rolling for two months outside of a fucket and like Camp Dividians, so wall you couldn't because it 'as burnt down but like if it was another one. You know you couldn't have that either you know it's o its. I was crazy. Let's just get a compound and try it out. Hey, I'm already held up indoors. What's the big deal be like hey, can you guys turn that K rock up a little bit turning up man? This episode has revealed just how Creepy Mok really is. I mean O showall, the Shit you're revealing and now you're like let' starn, a compound, Oh boy, Wendy peppercorn will be there yeah. You did just kind of impulsively start a cult. What else is going to happen when you're quorantine for over a month dude we're already all in a Codono I've been baking a lot of bread, bring the cameras outside of Mok's house while he's in Quarintine? You can watch that for two months. Instead, I let you know when the fires start raging, Dave he's just smoking all day. There is smoke coming out of the bedroom window. I repe thers so coming out of the bedroom, and it's still coming out of the bedroom still coming out whatever's in there was definitely dead. His wife just walks outside, like she's, doing shit, it's like going on, but the fire's still going. It's just macy smokang wed go away. It's like sleeping cows in the fields. You'l leave my cows alone. We now were witnessing his cat t. He named after a grateful dead song. We see him now in the window as well. He is a live ladie's and gentleman. WHEAS n eleven all right well wrap this one up mark all right. Let's go down to judge Dave Shulz for the final ruling on this triple threat, match groovy Groovy, Groovy, nineteen. Eighty six, Jo you mentioned Fukushima. Now- was that the second largest or did that srump, I shouldn't, say the word srump defeat, you're noble! No it it's considered the second large, Oh thank God, sureure noble Ti need to change any of their signs. This is wonderful. Okay, that's great we're! Still the the number one nuclear disaster site in the world. Nineteen Eighty Ma came with the Boston Marathon M. I mean almost similar to Joe's mention of N K, O TV earlier growing up there, who didn't know about rosy, Roi she's, a personal hero of mine, FO, Cris Sary and a whole marathon without uterus, unimous e went on actually running or even breaking a one single bead of sweat, Shewas, just a pathological liar, and it was a ' Ch. The age try! Oh my God, what a wonderful thing! Nineteen, ninety three Wako I mean: What is there else t what else is there to say about this? You know there is one thing: Tim Daly Starre in the TV movie and played David Carish wow from wings. Yes from wings, O deep cut, it is, but I l at the time I love that movie, but unfortunately he's on thirty five millemeter film and it's really hard to find. Now you can get a you can get the whole thing edited down. Witho you can get only the fuxy s so much worse, see the puck seems to wake Ou. You can put the Foxscenes from the Tim daily movie into the cut version of budding bree. The fucking is called got a mash up Christ, that's terrible how many CD robrs does that fit on es or t IAS one get that once seven hundred w AAs it seven six hundred and sixty mix yeah a got to Zippi. First, you better see it before the CIA shows up that you doit them. Okay. So I'm looking at all three of these they're, all very impressive tror, noble, of course, being the most fucking depressing Waco, of course, is no ray of sunshine either you know living in Texas now, the first time I passed by Waco because being kid in the early nineties or a teenager. Rather I mean I was gripped by this. I thought it was an amazing news story. I was hooked lining e sinker, like everybody else, so when I first went there I was like wow. This is so weird that I'm here- and I saw this on t v Al You know so many years ago now I didn't go to the the site that it happened. I mean I'm just sfucking driving through, but even then the history of that you know kind of affects you. You know what I mean is that that's like a a suburb or something or's that out in the middle of nowhere? No, no, no it it's not very far from Dallas. As a matter of fact, it's only I want to say, and I could be wrong about two and a half a me three hours away. They have a, I believe, th K, Dr Pepper Museum. Is there so you can go check out some smouldering ashes and and refresh yourself with some, Dr Pepper and cream soda or something, but anyway, still pretty pretty wild stuff and guys you really brought it this. This show IAM, proud of all of you, big pats on the back, but uh mancrush you win this round. I believe you win the Ho Dam, Kn KABOODL WITH WACO in ninety three. You know what I really liked the format you know this was just kind of like we'll. Try it we'll see how it goes and I think everything steamrolls this way. I like it. I think we'Le Bring this one back. You like it 'cause you're on no, you know at Iwe. Had this talk wof Berninwells last week before we got on the show, we were telling the rules and stuff like I used to get really upset like when I lost just because I'm I'm very competitive. I don't really fucky care anymore 'cause. It's not me that you're, judging like it's the fucky time period, you know things that happened, that o have no fucking control of that. Well, let us know what you think about this new format head on over to our facebook page facebook, dotcom forward, slash dueling decades and then, while you're on the INTERWEB head on over to deweling decades. Dotcom, where you can subscribe to the show on I tunes ample pod casts really wherever pond casts, are available want to think our good friends for showing up this week, Joe. Why don't you tell everybody? What's going on on the miscast commentary, podguest all right? Well, miscast comentary we're just wrapping up our continuation of the mcu marathon, just the supplementary movies that have come out this week, so we'll be finishing in about two weeks with Spiterman, far from home, and then we're going to be back to our old favorites from the eighties and nineties. But you can also check out our new podcast. It's on the same feed. It's called the binge watchers on the wall. It game a thrones pod cast where I take my coost tod through game of thrones. He has never seen an episode, he doesn't know a single spoiler from the thing he's reacting to the entire series as we go along and then I try and explain it all to him as we do it so those episodes dropp Sunday and then miscast commentary episodes drop on Friday. All right in our great judge, Dame Shultz tell everyone what they can be hearing on the selling out show. Well, we just didn't celebrate episode number fifty, because we forgot it was an episode number. Fifty we did pitch sequel ideas for wanes world number three, which never happened. That was my pitch and my cohost nate came up with a Sitcom idea for big trouble in little China and you can find us in all your social medias and all that good stuff. A selling out show I'd watch that yeah. I would too well listen to my show. First, okay and then we'll see where we go from there. We still have to flesh out the the PREEK Woll to over the top Y H. I don't want to like yeah. I got to wait because I O't want to teal any ideas. That's got to be flushed dowt, his old trip to Mexico, how he gets into the arm wrestling, how his wife gets cancer from somewhere in Mexico brings it back now we can have a whole pandemic and ill come o find Outa, kids, not even really Simon, his loses, which is really fucked up all right, deelers! Well, I'n that note we're going to end this episode right here. So until next time, duelers we're going to big you, a piece, love, Lightin, a joy stay, safe, duelers, Infirmarymedia,