Dueling Decades
Aug. 7, 2019

Time For a Nostalgic Dive into our Birthdays from 1987 & 1993. Which day was better?

Time For a Nostalgic Dive into our Birthdays from 1987 & 1993. Which day was better?

Time to blow out your candles and grab some cake and ice cream. Because this week Dueling Decades delivers its very first Birthday Bash. Mancrush finally gets his rematch with the man who beat him for the title, current champion Joe Findlay! Mancrush...

Time to blow out your candles and grab some cake and ice cream. Because this week Dueling Decades delivers its very first Birthday Bash. Mancrush finally gets his rematch with the man who beat him for the title, current champion Joe Findlay! Mancrush duels with selections from his birthday in 1987, while Joe tries to defend his title with his birthday in 1993. Marc James pulls double duty as he also judges this one. Will Joe keep the championship north of the border or will Mancrush get his revenge? There is only one way to find out fellow Duelers. Listen, Subscribe and play along at home, because its your history, we just fight for it!


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Let's take a look at this week's doelers and the decades they will be fighting for first off the challenger Dueling, with his birthday in nineteen. Eighty seven, it's mancrush it's right back again trying to get the the title back jokes had it for a little while now working on close to two months, maybe but yeah during April thirteenth, F, nineteen and eighty seven happens to be my ninth birthday and I try to stick to things that I cared about for this. So I'm not going to be slathering you guys with any like political nonsense or warmongering or like death stories. You it's pretty interesting. You Go back and you look at your birthday. You know I really enjoy digging this stuff up so, but you know what the other thing is like, since it was my birthday, I try to do my research with local newspapers and things like that to keep it all fresh see. If I can remember some shit, pretty different from a normal episode where we'd go h globally or you know nationally so a little bit different, but yeah April thirteenth, nineteen and eighty seven and joeling tonight with his birthday n nine Teen D. Ninety three: He is the current dueling decades champion hailing from Saint Catherine's Ontario Canada, Jove, Finley ow. It's the glad handed broad banded broadcasting, pog casting kissing the ladies and dis in the eighties, I'm here voluntarily from miscast commentary it's Joe Finley, and that name is spell with n a Heyeah. Now it's exciting my birthday. This is my twelth birthday this one and a depressing day. It is because is I near the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, not the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, but near it? It is also the anniversary of a brutal mass shooting in a women's school women's Engineering School in Montreal. That happened. It's like always just bummer shit happens on my birthday and n. When you go to celebrate it, the news always brings it out hey by the way. Just in case you were happy well, at least at least I'm bringing sunshine in rainbows the no not this time, but it's funny- and I sent this to mark earlier when you do this stuff- and I dig through newspapers like page at a time- and I find like these weird stories and sometimes I clip 'em out just because or sometimes o share hem with mark or whatever two things that I came across this time. THARE 's, nothing to do with the episode no points involved, but they're worth sharing all right every once in a while. I get a newspaper that has singles ads in it, and these are always I always read through this has to be the creepiest one, that at leastthis time that I found it says the title is two white males, forty one: one: divorce, no dependence, the other single. We both have very young pleasing appearances. We enjoy meeting attractive, slim females, age, height, onimport. Please write box a eleven to this newspaper now. Why would two males want female? It's like what ecause most of these ads are pretty normal. It's Yo know like single white male looking for white female. No, this one is two white males looking for a FEME, attractive female hes Wy. Don't they just come out and say it at that point and you make it anymore obvious in the eighties, I feel like if theyre just Hadi few more characters that would be to kill and eat you yeah seriously. You don't know if they want a focker if they want Ta Mur. It's it's one of those things, but speaking of murder, this is the one that I sent to Martare ing a murderer, so I've watched the the Tupox documentary not too long Aus. I remembered that shugnight played football for UNLV, so I was like I. I came across this article and I was like Hm. So this is the article. It's! U NL. V gridstar shot to death, unlvfootball star was shot to death. dering a drug deal plea said: Andre Dwein Horn. Twenty one was shot during a dispute on a street. An South East Fresno Sunday night, then staggered two blocks, whereas the sailants caught up to him and shot him again an place it Horne was a line backer for the UNLV running rables in nineteen. Eighty five. He was expected to play for the rebels again in Nineen. Seven. Well Guess: When Shignight went to U Nov NNINE uteen and eighty five and what position did shiknight play? was he a defensive end? Oh, he wasn't a line. Backer, Othat Nat, I'm not sure O, but the dues tied to a bunch of fucking vurders. Can you imagine like jus pieces together would not shock me inslide seriously. I read that story and I'm like wait. A minute. Shik night went to Unov Nineteen and eighty five didn'te and I looked it up sure enough. He did crazy shit. You come across. You never know. You may just solve a crime here on dueling decades. serouly. That's all assumption, there's no tide to that. It was just putting two and two together and being a a little odd, yeah. anyhowits all tell Sugr we're not accusing you of anything be cool. Well, we're already established on the last time, you're on sure night, good you're end o the show isiners Aohem yeah from jail. Well, you know guys, as always here on the show. We need someone to adjudicate all of this awesomeness so tonight a Mark James will step into the box for this big birthday batnel. Ladies and gentlemen, the following contests will be held under dueling decades rules and is for the dueling decades championship. It judges coinflip shelleside, who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories, movies, television, music, news and tonight hot products will be replaced with sports. It judgis ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points, a piece and the winning decade shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all, five rounds doelers get ready to blow out those candles, as we play dinnews all right. So for tonight's official toss off, I have an audiocassette of guns and roses use your illusion number. Two, all right Mancrush, you are the challenger You Calli. Do you want side number one or side number two, I'm Gong Iside, one first song, civil war. I believe that is yeah. Let's do that all right, we're flipping it andit isside too, oh, Jo Venley starts off the game with control of the Board Joe. What category are we starting off with for one point round? This is a tough one. I want to preface this entire challenge by saying: Oh, my God, what a challenge it is to find something for your birthday on these things, which M, which I loved the challenge of trying to hunt things down. We did discuss with the governing bodies due to like the location of our birthdays. Mine was on a Monday, as was mine, Yeah Soweir O. Well, yes, O. We are looking for the nearest weekend of movies. I also have a piece of movie related news here, so I'm going to start with that December six. Nineteen. Ninety three was the day that famed character, actor Donamiti, passed away, doname cheas known for a Heaventan weight, training, space training places Cocoon Harry and the Henderson's coming to America, who was the voice of shadow and homeword bound he's one of the select group who has two stars in the Holl ywould walk of fame, one for film and one for radio he's on in that list. Whith people like Lucille Ball, Walt Disney, Alfred Hitchcock Horse and wells and yeah. It just happened to be the day that he passed away, but he was in a lot of you know classics, especially in the Eighties B, the trading trading places and con, and what not so and really starting off. On a high note, I like it, I tell yo it's December. Sixth man is just a depressing as day I can't imagine. My parents were thrilled when I was born Bu, so this is actually on your birthday, the one landit on your Birthda S, one landed on my birthday, which is why I capped it Oka, and then we wanted to talk about tat movies of the weekends. So I have the weekend of December third to the fifth, which is the previous weekend. Obviously so number five was Carlitos way. Number four was the nineteen andninety three version of Three Musketeers: that was your keeper Sutherland, Charlie Sheen and Oliver Platt version with Chris? U Odonnal S, d'artagnan ADM's, family values comes in a number three, a perfect world number two and MSS doubtfire was number one. I will give a special just little notable things. A drastic park was still in the charts after twenty six weeks of being on the is obviously this doesn't count towards my thing. I just thought it was. I just thought it was fun he was. It was ine for twenty twenty six weeks, still on the charts and the nightr before Christmas was about two months in at this point and still in the top ten. So those are my movies mark. I hope you play a SOMBR track behind Joe's pick constantly or it for every Roud, because I feel, like I started George bringing this down. I'm I'm GOINGTO bring this up. All Ih man crush over to you for the movies round. All right, that's right, movies round, not movies news, I'm in the go with the movie so released on April, tenth, nine teen. Eighty seven, like Jo, was kindo saying before we had to go to the Friday prior to our birthday, since both of our birthdays landed upon a Monday. This movie was tops that week coming in number one of the box office for the following week, and this movie ended up making a hundred and ten million dollars worldwide, which would be two hundred and fifty million dollars and twenty nineteen. So that's pretty damn outstanding for Romcom Allright, the movie itself, it's pretty good, but I'd say the popularity stems from the fact that Mj F as The star of this film- and I know Mark's looking at me- Weir, but I'm talking about the Hayday of mjf and not Maxwel, J Freedman, of course, at the real mjf Michael J Fox and the movie I'm talking about is the secret of my success, which came out again April. Ten nineteen seven you got Helen later. She was the lead actress and the the love interest in this movie pretty solid casting. Although one thing that I came across in this Christye mcnicholl was actually supposed to be that lead first and they hired her. But then they fired her a few weeks before the movie 'cause, I guess she's bipolar and they were scared of her like acting out on set so th. I don't know I've read that in a few different places. Yes, you could get away with anything in the eighties Y. We don't want to hire you because of your mental illness, yeah pretty fucking crazy that I I saw that I never heard about that before, but Um. You know this is the thing that I it's good and bad that casting because Helen slater is four inches taller than Michael J Fox. I had to look that up, ah so therewas a lot of like kissing scenes where he had to stand on Stiltand Shit like that where, if they were to cast a Christy, mcnickell who's, five, three and Michael Jfox is five four. It would have worked out. Okay, but then, if you look at them face to face in the eighties, they almost look like Fuckingd, brother and sister yeah yeah nothat is a little weird, so you know whatever. But the thing you got to keep in mind here. This is the Hayda of m JF, but he was also on family ties from eighty two to eighty nine and he did all hundred and seventy two episodes of family ties. So the only time that MJF had time to film was in the off season. So it's a kind. It's a little bit of a shame that you know he had. You know Parkinton and all that, but we got him in the eighties, but we didn't get as much of him in the eighties, as we probably could have if he wasn't on family ties, who would have gotten more movies, but again it's a good flick. It's still good! If you watch it now, it holds up think it's on Amazon but yeah. I think you have to rent it on Amazon. It is not free Aot, but let me get into my top ten all right, so we're running this a little bit different. That's why Joe did it before to keep things fair. We decide to make the second selection in movies T V and music. A listing of you know your top five or ten from that week, because you're not going to always get two gems when you're picking your birthday and we don't want to throw two shit things out there. So this is the way wew're doing it. The balancings out keep you kin of even so here's, my top ten for the week of my ninth birthday in nineteen seven, of course, like I said we had the secret of Myce success at number. One in the box office took in number one. I actually did the following Friday, so that I can. I can throw that out there two we had police cademy, four three we had blind date. The Bruce Willis Flick for I've never actually seen this one, but the Aristrac Rista Cats Disney cartoon. Of course, five we had lethol weapon is still around an. We got a six platoon raising Arizona, tin men, Nimar Olmthe street three at nine and burglar, the whoopy Gulberg epic film, with isn't Bob Cat and that I think rounding it out at number. Ten that', that's my top ten! Actually, this is a fun one. This doesn't count, but I I came across Hus I'll, throw this out there. It's actually the top video cassette rentals for the week of my birthday, which I thought was kind of cool again. This doesn't count but number one. Anybody Wante to guess, with the top rental of April thireteenth, a Anine huteen and eighty seven Ndy Semonman, I thought Mork as going to have it look like you were going to say the first word you sto, I first e disteted out Jane Fonda's workout. No, it's not it's! Not! I got nothing top gun. Ohshthat was Howon was one really. I didn't think that would have been out on VHS rental at that time. Well, it it came out in eighty six, okay yeah. I remember they just took so long before to get out on on VHS stape. At that time I thought talkgom might have been one of those big ones that they held out for a while, like et yeah for sure, and then all of these that are in the top five or aliens probably seem deal stand by me: Ruthless people and n the fly O great movies, Ra out O number five. But it's funny that you said that Jane found a thing. Top video cassette sails top gun number two Jane Fondis, low impact, arobic or ou number three Jane Fadais, new workout yeah. I knew she had to be on there somewhere didn't know she had creeped into the home rental market. At that point yet B t yeah, I don't think people were renting that shit. They wanted that long term, so they can get them firm, buttacks and thies all right. So let's take a look at this movie around here, Jo, you got a Donamichi dime man. That's such a pummer way to open the show. This is the cheeriest thing. I've got for you today, so gheeze and things for fucking ruining cocoon. For me, I thought he was going to live forever after that Shit, but at the theaters man you got some of my absolute favorites Carledos Way: Sean Penn Al Puino, it's an absolute class like one of my all time, favorites and he kind of love MSS doutfire. I think we've all seen that movie thousands of times it's very quoteworthy, so really solid choices going into the movies theaters and at Mancrus secret. On my success. Oddly enough, my favorite non time travel Michael J, Foxville yeah, I would say either that or Um whatwas, the the horror one he was in in ninety six frighteners with Peter Writers. I love that flick. I just can brain farded on the name but yeah and then for you at the theaters. You had again secret of my success police academy, four, the ARISTOCATS LETHA weapon nightmare in ELM street. Three lots of big choices there. So, overall I got to give round one tomancrush little bit more solid choices at the movie theater for me Carlido's way and Miss Doutfire, there's two choices. There's no way I am paying to go, see the three musketeers or Adam's family values, but in eighty seven way more choices and secret on mycuccess coming out versus Donamuji dying. I gotta start off the round on a positive tip, so man crush you get the first point all right, I'm glad th you're on a positive tip. No, let's move on UH Shit. Where do I want to go from here? It's interesting because, like we normally do these, I think there's always a cut in dry like your worst picks in this. I don't really see that because, like I said before, I kinda try to stick to things that were relevant at the time with me, or you know, maybe my older sister or something like that, but I don't think anything's like that far off. So let's go to Fuckit. Let's do sports since we're not we're not doing hot products this week, because it's another Trun cated version, so we're going to go with sports here and I listened this time. Jo did not come witheproe. If you did, that would be pretty fucking. In present, though I was the hot product, okay, so what I did with sports- and this is something I talked about in prior episodes. I think when I was judging before where I didn't particularly try to shoot for a game or something that happened. I try to look for something that had a little bit more legs to it. I did have. I could have picked Jordan hitting fifty points, but he did that how many times even at this point he did it seven times in his career in nineteen o seven. This was number seven who cares and then the other thing I could have picked was the padres hitting three straight home runs to start off a game which is kindo cool, but it's happened before also so, where I went. I I try to pick two polarizing figures from sports go around forever. Everybody knows in the first one- and I didn't even know this- I had to go back and lookd this up, but Boston, INC, Roger Clemens to a two year contract extension on April, thirteenth, nine teen, seven. Why is that Importan? Well, it's important for two things. One Roger Clemens was a nineteen six American league, Most Valuable Player, andsiyoung wordwinner. It was only his second year in the League. He was twenty four and four the year prior. Of course, they lost in the mets in the world series, but he was a dominant figure in his second ear. So what this guy did 'cause, he only got paid two hundred and thirty thousand dollars that year for a twenty four and four record ygot played two hundred and thirty thousand dollars, and a hundred and twenty thousand dollar bonus. So we held out all of spring training for a contract extension and he didn't come back of course until he signed this deal. The reason this is big news 'cause. This didn't really happen that much back then, and even now, with these younger players, they got ta go through arbitration and there there's really nothing. They can do yeah. You could sit out a season if you want, but that's what he was going to do here and now it's like kindof commonplace with guys in the NFL, like you had Lavyon Bell: Do it and now they're always threatening to do it when they get a franchise tag, and in this case he held out through spring training he signed on April thirteenth. They didn't disclose the terms, but bpeople reported that they think it was. It was about a two million dollar deal, which is a huge huge upgrade from two hundred and thirty thousand dollars for a guy that got the MVP and the SI young award. But the thing like this guy was such aduce and both of my stories about two guys that are re amazing athletes are just both kind of dickeads. It really slums it up in this. This quit from him ND. He said, I'm very happy. This Day came, I don't have any hard feelings. ANNYW things would be worked out for the best for Roger Clements, wow good thing, you're playing a team sport rowh. I wish every interview he gave was always in the third person. Oh God at some means now question for you, man Crashe, before we get too far away from that. Was this clemence's final Red Sox contract? No, I I think he did get another one in Edeno. I wasn't sure if this was the the first extension or second. So no so this would be his first extension ever right. You know at this point 'cause he should be playing on his rookie deal, but since he held out they they kind of bent the rules and I'm sure this probably led to other things where the league, you know, building the arbitration system and all that Shit. You know along the line. I didn't get into all that, but I thought it was Kindo cool that this was the day that he did that and, of course, he's still not in the whole of fame, but the guys, probably one of the best pitcheres ever, but he he kindof played through the teroid era, so yeah they're, they're kind of fucking turning their backs on 'em a little bit they're going to put them in that special sterroid wing of Kupu Yeah. Eventually, you Gotto, let those guys- and we talked about it before it- Migke et length. It's the most exciting time in baseball, open up the gates. Already for these guys, yeah Becausei'm serious man build a whole new wing of coopers down. That's just the steroid wing make it a little bit bigger and bulkier than the rest of the museum. It'd be great. All the lights are shaped like asteriks there you go, it'LD, probably be the best thing to see there 'cause after you've seen it like once or twice it's pretty boring. So what else d you got for sports all right, it's a second one here is a Browt, a guy that we just had. If you pay attention to the page, we do this Tribu thing all the time. The tribute is like our bridge between our social media and our show and we're running like every day. In Our facebook story we have a picture trivia for points every week before the episode. We have one audio trivial question for points and we have this leader board. There's thre over three hundred people. Now on the leaderboard, there's a lot of people playing an this past week we had an audiotribica question and nobody got the answer for four days and ended up going for forty points, and the answer, of course, was Brian Bosworth, and that's where this story is about so basically Whit, Brian Bosworth did April thirteenth. Nineteen and eighty seven was the deadline to apply for the April Twentieth N FL draft. In nineteen seven, but he did not do it because this is what he wanted to do. He wanted to go into the supplemental draft, which is a second draft in the summer, an typically it's used for guys that got booted out of school or Theyre on a academic probation or whatever. Have you like they're in trouble with the law or some shit like that or they graduated early or late or whatever. So he wanted to go there because he wanted to control the team. He was going on 'cause, of course, in the NL draft, the worst teams draft first, he didn't want to play for a shitty team, so he figured by doing this. He would control where he went so along with not applying on the Twentiyeth. He also sent a letter to all the teams in the League that he did not want to play for saying I don't want to play for you. Don't pick me in the supplemental draft because I haven't graduated school. Yet if you draft me, I'm just going to go to graduate school and I'll go to the draft next year, you'll lose your rights, so he goes to the supplemental draft, as we all know in the summer and gets picked by the Seattle seahawks. Who happened to be one of the teams that he sent a letter to Fuc, but you know what it did work out for him, even though he only played two years in the league. Of course he had a shoulder injury and never played again after a second year, and of course he got run over by Bojackson and had nic came is clips ever Monay night football, but he got a ten year contract with the Seattle seahaks for eleven million dollars. Now I don't know how much he actually got paid of that after the injury settlement, but nobody at this time was getting ten year deals now. You don't even see ten year deals, but he parlayed this skipping. The draft to go to the supplemental draft and actually you know, got a decent deal out of it. Even though he's playing for a team that he did't want to play for, he actually wanted to play for the raiders cuse. He felt that the raiders fit his whole Montra, but that did not work out for him, but he got paid all this should happen, but it didn't really pave away from many other players, you'd figure over the years that somebody else would tried to do this. I think the only other guy that tried something similar that wasn't newsworthy. It was maybe like Maurice Clorete from Ohio state, try to do something sort of similar and didn't get drafted and held out ti the next year or whatever the fuck happened with him. But this does not happen. Often the nofell's, a jug or not you if you're getting picked you just take whatever team is going to pick. You you're not controlling your destiny there, but he did unless you're manning h unless you're manning yet well, I mean quarterbacks is a different store. I awaited elway did the same thing true, but that's where I got to we're going h: The contract holdout, not even who contract hold out just a straight up, holdout for a contract from Roger Clemens and the the skipping of the NFL draft and not getting his stuff in for the deadline. Briane Bosworth, going to a supplemental draft in the N. F, l all right, Joe Finley. What are your sports offerings? Okidoki? Well, a Monday in December is not a sports heavy day. I'll start there, so choices weren't abound. The first thing I got here is a bit of an oddity. More than anything, there were two NB a games. On This Day I, the Utah Jazz Ren against the Nix Seattle Supersonics, went against the bullets. Now this is kind of the peak of all of these teams, carm alone John Stockedin Shan Camp, Gary Payton, Patrick Euingd, John starks they're. All there they're all playing George Mirison of my giant on the bullet ust in case aneen cares. Butthe. Only thing was just in this game. In this one day, where only two games were played with all these major stars, both games ended one hundred and three to ninety six. It was hs, it was just a strange oddity, wow that was, it did get covered on on on ESPN. For the thing, just being a hey just these two games, it was like, essentially, all star Games on both sides because of all the amount of like future hall famors you potentially had. I no Shan Ca, probably blew that Opportunity B. It blew up his weight B, t yeah. It was so. It was just a weird thing, that of just having the two games like that end in the exactso in the exact same score, the other one. So now you you've got football and you've got Monday, so you only have one choice as to what the Getas, but this ended up being a very interesting game. Dallas cowboys faced off against the philad Philadelphia Eagles Ond Monday night football dal cowboys were in a two game losing streak and where I in in danger of not winning the NPC east, the giants were ahead of them. They ended up winning this game to thousand and three t seventeen and this began. This was the first game of their five game, winning streak for the remainder of the regular season where they beat the giants by a single game to win the division, and that is the year they went on to win the superbowl for the first time in fifteen years. This game was the was kind of the launching pad for their path through the playoffs and eventually the Super Bowl, all right, all right so mancrush you had Roger Clements, holding out a contract and Brian Bosworth skipping the NFL draft to enter the supplemental draft and Joe. You had a couple of random MB, a games that didn't end so random and a one, oh three to ninety six score on both games. That's odd and then Monday night football with the cowboys and the Eagles. Not a huge eagles fan, not a huge cowboys fan, but it was big game for that season, and maybe just that particular season. But Jeez, it's really difficult. To judge this 'cause, you got two live events versus two sports happenings which had more impact. I'm probably GOINGTO have to say long term, eighty seven on this one, what were more people paying attention to at the time? Probably the Games rather than the news, but I think in retrospect men I think I'm goingto have to again go with man crush in eighty seven for another one pointer on this. Just because I think that Brian Bonsworth thing definitely has legs. Like you said it's not something that happens quite often, and I think it almost kind of set a reverse precedent. If it would ave wen a little bit better for Mer Bodsworth, I think you would have seen more people try to play that that Madonna card you know and try to determine what teams they were going to go to. But, like macrus said, I don't think, we've seen M as much of that, because again it didn't work out that great he didn't get drafted by exactly who he wanted to go to so, and he just missed out on the USFL too. So he lost that leverage right that he had right e tried to leverage the situation. Much like Herschel Walker leveraged hid situation, and I it just didn't work out. I think that's a little more important, culturally than a random Monday night football game, even though that was a huge game for that day. So, for on those reasons, I gotta get this one for Mancrush, just for a little bit more staying power. I hear that that's Hegh Yi got the staying power ank on it all right, so mancrush you retain control of the board. Where would you like to go all right and I apologize if I'm a little long winded on these? I had a problem with my note systems. I have no notes on this, so I'm just spurring off the top of my head with the sports new. So if I'm just going with it, I'm going with it, so I'm going to go back to the other one that I have no notes for, and that would be news for April thirteenth of Nineteen. Eighty seven and I'll begin that off- and this is where you can see- where I'm really there's a lot of things I couldave I could have picked. I couldhave picked where they were giving out condoms in prison, so aides didn't get spread, but that's not fun. Nobody wants to hear that Shit. That sounds pretty fun. I could have picked youow like somebody like declaring for the presidency like E. Nobody fucking cares and they din't win anyway. Su Cares. So let's go to something that was more fun, and this is the announcement of the ALF cartoon to NBC I'll. Just read the news story. B'CAUSE. I actually have the new story: Olf Mb, CS Fuzzy owcast from the planet, Mailmac is becoming a one, alien growth industry. This fall, the puppet will become a cartoon character on M B CS Saturday morning schedule and a script is being written for a big screen, Alf movie, but that probably won't begin rolling until the siccoms second season is wrapped. Both will almost certainly be prequels to the aliens Earth Bound Adventures on monoday nights in the Tanor household. Meanwhile, ALF' ratings keep improving in sales of dolls and posters are booming with the oltposter reportedly out selling such hot Daws as Bonjovian top gun, don't be surprised if the sarcastic haireball starts appearing on pyjamas lunch boxes, bedspreads. What have you? The alien invasion has begun, and I will tell you this n nineteen and eighty seven, every kid in my school either wanted or had a talking, alf dull, because whether you believe it or not, I n Nineteen Eigh, seven for kids, the Alf show was enormous, they all wantit. So I I remember, even in our class, we we we got a camera that they lent us and people brought their alfdolls and not every kid had one but, like I said, every kid wanted one, but there was probably like five of them that we had and w the teacher. Let us record our own Alf, like kind O, like Sitcom, with the dolls as the actors, and we had enough of them where each one had their own name and shit so like this was huge at the time. But the thing I found interesting about this is they did have this cartoon came out this the following September, but the movie never happened. No, I'm corsew. We got t yeah, they gave US project Al in ninety six, but we never got the big screen. Alf Movie. I guess there was turmoil on the set like the the cast didn't get along or whatever, so it only lasted like four or five seasons, but we never got that movie and it was planned to g. You know get started after that, second season, so I think that story in itself is kind of cool 'cause. Now wev got this cartoon that, starting in September they went off, for I think it was two seasons and twenty eight episodes and I'm sure it was syndicated forever. And then you know the mention of this movie that never got started or never transpired, which is cool, to go back and and see shit like that and just validation to the end of that where it says that you're going to see it on Pajama's lunch boxes, you did, it was everywhere. Alf was everywhere yeah can I I don't mean to interrupt your thing, but can I interject with a with a positive ALF story? Gofort we had. I had one of the ALF talking house when I was a kid and we had the tapes that came in same with the Teddy ruxpins and all that kind of thing, but the main thing we used it for my grandfather had just recently my grandmother had passed and he moved to Arizona, and so he would send every now and again on audiotape. So you know just to beat the long distance. He would just like tell everybody what was going on and just let everybody hear his voice. So what he we would do is we would regularly get together all the family and if one of those tapes had come, we would sit down alf in front of all the kids and we'd pop his tape in and then we' listened to, GRANDPA talk through Alf Thasing, so that that was we still talk about that. To this day. Actually Yo still have a haps. I don't have the tapes, so I don't even they weren't like for us, they e like were given to my parents or like otheir parents and stuff like that, and they just I don't know if they recorded stuff back and sent it back or if they made sick, mixd tapes. I don't know they just staped over it done with this. That's a good story, though man, that's that's pretty cool, be we should get one of those talking ELFS and get a teddy rockspin and just record ourselves for the show and then just video to Jeddy, rucxbeen and Alf doing the show for us. That's not a terrible idea. It's funny. I think, for this birthday I wanted an Alfdall because, like I said all all the kids had one one one and my best friend Brent had one and I wanted one and I'm pretty sure I got gobox for this birthday, almost positive, that this was a Gobo birthday which was already long in the tooth. 'CAUSE thatshit came out like eighty four and my parents d just buy me gobots and I'men transformers. Anyhow, it's get on of my second story, and this is where my my locality will we'll show up here. The article is beastes wo Party INPICHIPSI, CIVIC CENTERBOARD cancels groups Offensive Act. So if you're from this area the Midhudson Civic Center Kipsi New York is probably the biggest outside of New York City, then you were going to get act like the BST boys or you know, Mariland, mas or playe their con and all these big bands back in the day. But what happened here is they scheduled? They contracted beasty boys were coming off licensed ill, their first album's huge and they were playing at the civic center or supposed to, but during their tour they had these blow up cocks on stage huge blow up falaces and they were drink beer on stage t e had girls dancing around a bikinis and Pekipsi found that to be too vile of an act and went and cancelled the c. This whole concert, so they had to like give back. You know, give refunds o all the people that bought tickets and the kicker was. There was a contract, so they still had to pay the beasty boys, even though they didn't play. They had to pay them to come out there and just think of all the years forward that they fucked this up were the besty boys, I'm sure never came back to the midhus civic center after this, and if you look at the nineties, I remember Plaines Day thin. It was like ninety four ninety five, maybe whenever Marylynd Mason first really got popular like beautiful, not beautiful people, I sweet dreams came out. He Played Atmihuton Civic Center and lit the fucking dressing room on fire for like thousands of dollars worth of damage. Yet they let him play there, but the basy boys did not in nineteen seven. They cancelled that whole thing pretty fucked up and the BC boys in nineteen seven were huge like I was only in like second grade at the time and I still knew fiforyou right like you know, everybody knew this shit but because they had blowup penises and Gills, F, bikinis and drinking Beer Shi got kanked. That's my other story. Heaven Forbid Yeah sercly. What is this? Twenty? Nineteen? All Right Joe, what are you got for news north of the border, all right? Well, the news is all over the place. I've got a good news and a bad news. Mancrush I'm going to let you choose, which one do you want to hear? First, let's go o the good news, plet's her some good news. First, okay! Well, on this day in South Africa, criminal convictions that were considered human rights abuses from aparteid were deemed eligible for amnesty by the Truth and Reconciliation Comm Commission who were formed as they were slowly becoming a democratic nation. So at this point, so you know literally, you would go to jail for interracial marriage. You would go to jail for any number of horrifying things that are in no way crimes because of you know the rule of apartheid and stuff like this, and now as they were becoming the democratic nation and other people like Ambstin t, international and such had stepped in, and they had finally worked towards getting justice for the people who had been placed behind bars for all these injustices, and so this was. This was the first day that you were able to claim amnesty for these quote: Unquote Crimes. There were some lawsuits that had taken place that I tried to get it extended and later on, it did get extended and it went o nine teen and ninety four. But during this period the M C was still, you were still eligible to claim anesty, but that was one of the first major steps into undoing apartteide and just on doing a lot of injustice in South Africa. So that's good news. That is good news. What is the bad news? Oh, the bad news, we're going to have to go to Massachusetts in a really rough time when priest, so we already know where this is going. James R Porter was convicted of molesting twenty eight boys in sentence to eighteen to twenty years in prison. He had actually started doing this in the sixties when he came into Joe. You know this is not the true crime episode right. I No! I won't even lie to you if you, if you research, th what happened on this day in these are the two things that happened on this day, other other than Donamechi dying so was just he might have died of shock from this. But I I didn't see what he died of so it could have been this, but he had Benatus for quite some time. He had been arrested in nineteen sixty three for doing this and they put him in a mental institution because it wasn't treated appropriately criminally at the time and he got back out and got right back into his church and in the seventies he actually directly contacted the pope and was asked to be released as a priest, and he did that and then he ended up getting married and having kids. And then, after that marriage went away. You found out that he was. He was mentical mentally and physically abusive to his kids and his wife, and it was just this guy was a legit monster and then finally, an altar boy came came through in nineteen ninety and exposed him for this, and then he faced trial when all was sat and done, he was convicted for the twenty eight counts. But when I was then done, he was just shy of a hundred cases. F, Him claimed against him. I this was one of the biggest individual cases in the whole Catholic priest, metwo movement, God I hope so you would yeah. You would hope so and I his crimes were specifically noted in the movie spotlight, which was all about uncovering that, as you know, that scandal as a whole and he w that was one of the key cases that was referenced in that movie. So this is my two pad good news and badness man. I shust startet with bad news all Rightso. Let's go to the ruling for this round. Mancrush the AUF cartoon and the beasty boys burning. Some bridges outside of Brooklyn Alf was huge really like the alf cartoon, not as good as the series and a huge beasty boice fan. How can you not be? I don't know what was up the city of Pekepsi's ass at that time. I think that would have been an incredible show to see Joe. You had t the first day of being able to claim amnesty in Africa and H Jeez the Boston, Priest's scandal. Both of those stories has major legs so joe. I got to give you this final one point round. Both of those stories have legs and were made into movies, but on man crushers side we never got the ALF movie. Maybe if we got the ALF movie, I would have given that over the priests just because it'self but Finley you get this round. Where would you like to go for our next category? Oh, I kill me Um. That was my best Alfi Apologize. If it was not good enough, let us check out the world of music already, as we start with the album release, it was the cross of changes by enigma, with their famous track return to innocence. I doesn't reer Hisee I was. I was silent ecause I was hoping you'd sing it ee does that after he does the the priest, molesting boys, I feel actually, as I'm doing this, I'm starting to feel like this. Album would be the perfect sound track to the news that I'm delivering in as yes, Tereo that' mbut yeah. That is arguably one of their most recognizable songs and it's a little more new wavy than I usually go, but such is December. Sixth, in releases our billboard top five songs number five we have dears in the gangsteleen salt and peppar's shop was out on this week, a ace of bases and all that she wants number three Janet Jackson sitting at number, two with again and actually the following week took over as number one, but in his final week at number one after five weeks of being a number one, the song that was the bane of my existence at school dances meatloafs. I would do anything for Love parenthuses, but I won't do that. What won't he do? It's definitely pegging, but it's docking is what I heard. No, I actually heard he will do that him and Gary Busey did it on the celebrity apprentice so yeah, so that actually was Meitlo's final h week at the top spot. There, like I said, Jan Jacksons, again took it over. It was actually a really interesting period of time. Ah, for for this stuff, I think I think it's also a little interesting 'cause. This is kind of that age where you start to kind of discover: Music like you're, aware of music at a younger age, but now you're getting it your the beginning of your adolescence and you're starting to discover it. So I remember like hearing all these songs like a lot 'cause, you listening to the radio a lot and then we wanted to talk about the top album of the billboard. Top album for this week was Pearl, Jam's verses. So don't call me daughter, no, it's Donk, ome dollar OTER, better er! I I did A. I did. A Pearl Jammed concert the other day when we were just at a pool party, and I just sang like ten Pearl Jam Song Zero. Without saying a single lyric rely wes her Y far. I don't think anybody enjoyed it but me, but I was not stopping show up Joe, so ye enigma or my top five songs, the top five albums I didn't have the top five Album Oo II. Looked it up and it only had the top album and I couldn't find any place UNLI. I had seen a list GOTCHA ARIG man crush over to you for the music round, all right. So when it comes to music, I I didn't get the luxury of selecting something that I'd listened to as a nine year old here, because we had to pick the date and actually some shit did come out on the date. So I had to go with it. However, there are singles from this Zalm that I've heard on the radio- and I'm sure t is stuff that my older sister was listening to at the time. So on April thireteenth nineteen seven, we get an album that has four top twenty hits. Three times platinum went on to cell fifteen million albums worldwide. It's actually the bands second largest album of all time. So it's not too shabby, and it's also their last studio album that we get from Lindsey Buckingham Stevie, Nicks, Christiic, V, jomc V, a mcfleetwood otherwise known as a most successful line up as a group, otherwise known as fleward Mac with their album tango in the night. It's not it's not as big as t e rumors album, but it did sell. Fifteen million copies- and this is the last time, but these five did a studiob together hits from this alm. You had little lies, of course, TM Hes, reo Ta, that's the only one. I really know that and actually no, I know everywhere everywhere yeah. I I that in t e bathroom all right, th n, he had a big love. Seven wonders a huge album in the UK actually went eight times platinum over there and after being on the charts for so long, they actually ended up releasing two more singles from the AL is'T. I a midnight and family man, pretty big alm, nothing that I was listening to at the time. BEFLEWAD MAC. You know it's epic group and the last time that they were together. Of course, they were all doing cocaine at the time and shit, so Stevie Nix's voice is quite different from the way she sounded. You know an Rumorsan everything else, but you know it was mostly. I Lindsey Buckya putting this Oltan together and I think the story was that he was going to do this as a sola album- and you know everyone just put aside the cocaine for a week or whatever and then recorded this, for. I think it was like eighteen months or Someshi forever, O record this thing, but it was a big almum. Anyhow, it's getting the hot singles top five. We had died in your arms from the cutting crew at number one. We had looking for a new love, Jodie Wotley, Great Song. Here, don't dream: it's over crowded house, layisla Bunita from Madonna and then ryting that out we had signed ot the times by prints, which was actually recorded at Paisley Park, which we had was a tribial question on our live trivia that we had just TWAS. That last week that was last week, we had our live Trivia on casbox. We're going to do that again, probably in a couple weeks. So look out for that on our facebook, then looking at top L ps- and this is where it's it's fucking monumental 'cause. My first two are Bo certified diamond. My third one is twelve times platinum and the fourth one's three times platinum, so we ot Josha tree at number, one by you, two of course licensed Dale by the beasty boys, which we just talked about slippery when wet by Bojoviat. Three look what the cat dragged in by poison at four and then five roundtin get out which actually did go a multitime platinum too graceland by Paul Simon, SOS my top five on either side. So that's what I got more Al Rodty. So let's take a look of this round. H, wow JOE ENIGMA, really wow! So yeah wait. How does it go in again? You got. I have one day to deal with and it was this or there was another live album. That was like a mess that I did at. I can't remember who we almost would have been better off pulling out a commercial jingle that got released tat day, because enigma might be one of the most atrocious songs from the nineties. All that she wants ace of base. That was actually a beside from the single. I know this 'cause my dad went out and bought the cassette single of asa base and then shoop that's a solid song right there I mean you can't go wrong with some salt and pepper Soin, peppa Sen, peppa and Melo man that songs just annoying his fuck love it though, but yeah you're right, it's one of those. It's the Baine of every high school dance or Middle School dince. Ever and I'll. Tell You why? Because I did have to dance to this thing a lot. It was a long song. It always ended up being a song where you would get roped into dancing with somebody, and it has the craziest tempo changes in the history of music minus, maybe saint anger from Metallina, and it's just like 'cause you're sitting there and you're. You know you're, swaying to a beet. You don't really not a da You'r twelve year old, you're, not dancing, and then all of a sudden e go Wu. Do Aand like now you're, just swaying to that bet its theyr vaulting yeah, pretty much when that came out in ninety three that song replaced another song. That was the had the exact same problems and issues as you just described at every high school dance and that would have been Stari to heaven, which was always traditionally the last song, an every dance. But it's got that weird tempon chap junking and dances hi'd stairaway to heaven and Asit every dance I haer. When fun did you go to school and then in ninety three, all of a sudden it stopped and it was always fucking meat loaf and you never heard stairway so kind o sucked and then and then it was a couple of years later and then it was Um. Brian Adams m the Robin Hood' Song last that that didn't have the awkward tempo change that the previous to had. So all right. So let's take a look at this. You know you got Mancrush, you got fleetwood Mac tangl an the night, not a solid, solid album from fleuwood Mac, but it did have a couple of good singles off of it, which, in million copies worldwide, it's pretty solid UCIN. I'm saying, like you said not as big as rumors and where I'm going at's monumental, big though, and where I'm going with this, I really hate to compare the two, but I'm gongto make the comparison 'cause. It's the only time. You'll ever hear someone compare oe wood, Mac and Pearl Jam, but verses, not the biggest pearl jam album. It was kind of a disappointment for me coming off. Ten much like tango in the night was kind of a disappointment coming off of rumors. So I know it's a stretch to compare those two, but that's what I got to go with that, but man crush everything else that was playing on the radio at that time was absolutely huge. You had the cutting crew. I just died in your arms tonight, which I always thought was a song about flatulance, Yo, Kno and it just yet poison on there. Just that's the stuff. I wanted to listen to not fucking enigma meat, loaf and ace base, so man crush a man. I'm sorry Joe IV, Gotto give this one to Mancrush, just because I think some of that music had longer staying power. The Pearl Jam album is absolutely huge, but for me it was kind of a let down. Much like the Fleetwood makfing did so those canceled those out. So I had to go with what was on the radio. What was being played? What was your top songs and singles at the time more? I wanted to listen to an eighty seven. Let me just get the straight: our albums or fleetwood MAC against Ennigma, oh Jeez, wasn't heveen against Pearl Jam. No, no preol gym was just on his his topout. That was my top how Jeez well, that makes it even fucking. Worse man, you culdtarry Hem, I I almost gave it to him. 'CAUSE PEARL JM Oue, but I'm like it was so disamorning, but enigma, I'm sorry it not happening man and Yo. You missed out. Second, on that thing, I I know Joso Trees, one of those albums like people love it or hate it. I think you don't like it, but second, you got lices to ill right there yeah! That's that's one of my aldnine favorite albums right. There, like, I said just an that. Eighty seven time frame just more songs that I think became more iconic when you think about the eighties as a whole, and when you think about the nineties as a whole, I don't think any of those are showing up on a mixed best of the nineties CD. No, I I would I would canssay it is what it is you're victim of the times when you can't like when you're just listing. What's there instead of picking absolutely but yeah. That's all good! I I'm on board. With that license. Tal I mean Jesus Orr man crush we're down to the T V round. Why don't you close us out? You Got Control of the board. Would you like to start off the round, or would you like to defer? I can do what's Ta score. It's course. Four to one right now rig score is four to one. I didn't want to bring it up, but it is four to one: that's right: E W'rewewe're playing through good joks, I'm curious what was in ninety three o Kidoki, so my big piece of TV News Gointo take you to Monday night raw and what was bobby Henan's final, regular, like pfinal performance as a regular t, v performer with the WWE FBE and whatnot, where Geriliman soon came out at the end of the broadcast and fired him on Air, took him out by the scruff of his neck and threw him out the door and threw his luggage out behind him. Now the story behind it was bobby. Hinan had been in bad health. He had broken his back quite some time ago, almost a decade prior, but he couldn't handle the strenuous schedule any more of being a regular performer on a weekly show and he had basically asked to get out. So didn't he go to ww after well. Here's here's! Where we go so his intention was to retire. Then the WCW comes up to him and says we would like you to come to us and he says No. I I left for a reason, and I can't do the schedule Blah Blah Blah and they said we can provide you with a much more lent schedule and we will provide you with health insurance mm, which was something that the WWF was not providing anybody at the time. So there you go so that's where they stood and he, I guess just didn't, have a choice. He did not have an enjoyable tenure at ww or WCW. He was known to be pretty unhappy there. One of my all time. Favorite moments was when he was announcing. It was a match between a Scott Hall and Rotty. Piper and Rotty Piper had stayed in Alcatraz prior to the fight, and then he leaves out co, Tras and then Scottholl comes out and he's got some shirt on. It's got some sponsor name on it and he goes dusty. Roads is the other and answer he goes, whatd's that say that' se Alcatrez and that was o Einit and Bobby Hein. Just you can hear him just go no slike thats how an you could just hear the frustration of his voice and then like and then go back to. Desy Ro had jut sayin, that's wayhs mind's being and like all that kind of stuff, and you just but you you could hear he was unhappy the entire time he he took it due to circumstance and due to opportunity. His intention was to leave and be done with wrestling and at be the end of it. He had since appeared on multiple wont prior was passing. He had appeared on multiple reunion episodes of Ra and the like, and Restemadias and hewas W hol famer and all that good stuff, but yeah. That was the final time he appeared regular on their program and he was one, the greatest manager of all time, arguably and argubably, one of their greatest announcers of all time. So that was that was my t v News, and then I've got my top five rated shows for that. For that specific day, number five was the an episode of the fresh Prince of elair. The nanny came in at number, four, which I'm shocked that fish prince didn't beat the NANNYADS on them. I Guess Murphy Brown comes in at number. Three very popular show at the time had a very high rating only was just eat out by the two things in front of it. Number two was a special CB s, presentation of frosty. This done snowman the nineteen sixties, Christmas classic and Monday night football, as it usually does wins out the night with a twenty five point. Six share! That's what I was going to ask you. What was the share? I was just curious in the year difference and ill give Wan. I I was yeah. It was twenty five point. Six frosty the snowman was twenty. Two MPUBRAN was twenty point. Eight, the nanny was eighteen. I didn't see the point. What and then Frensh prinse was sixteen point. Eight okay, wait to see the disparity it his years, because obviously there's more channels, ou, ND, nine, uteen and Igehty. Three. Then there is an eighty. Seven more people got cable and all that stuff. So it s it's quite a bit difference. It's interesting all right! Man Crush over to you close out this game. What a you got for T V, it's interesting from what just WHA Jeogia said: Llight, so we had BGOBA was a rerun. Alf was a rerun. Valerie was new. My Sister Sam was new. NEWHART was new, as was designing women W. That said, my eyes were locked on one program: Onaprileeth, nineteen seven, and that was ww F, prime time wrestling, which appeared on the USA Network at eight PM, and it sounds pretty damn familiar to what Geogia said. That's because this is the show that led too raw matter of fact. The last week of this show the week after it became Monday night raw. So we had prime time wrestling. An USA came on from eight to ten that night. This episode falls within the Henin Monsoon era. So this is where these guys were the only announcers on the show, of course, th like later on. They brought in Rotty Piper and they brought in Vince used to pop in and then like towards the end. It was like kind of like a round table discussion, show and then m ther was man, bocter wil. It was weird, but this was probably the best era of prime time because you had Henin in monsoon, which, in my opinion, is probably my favorite two commentators together caus it was the perfect baby face neutral and super heel, and it was fun you know, but anyways we got April thirteenth, inteen seven. On this episode. We got the tag champs. We had a heartfoundation versus the Rougos, then we got Mister Fuji for the first time in face paint because now he's the manager of demolitions right h. So we had the killer bees versus demolition. On that episode we had the famous j. In my opinion, he was a jober e was like glorified jobber Coco. Beware versus Danny Davis. Remember that whole referee, Ye Angerou, a Dangeris, Daddy Davis, who's, the worst fucking wrestler terrible and it the funny thing in this match. It took cokobi worth fifteen minutes to defeat him and then afterwards, monsoon was going on this whole tirate of how could it take him? Fifteen minutes to tefeat a guy that doesn't even know R to wrestle and then to finish out the episode you had as monsoon would call and back in the day, the not so macho man, randy savage versus junk yard dog for the intercontinental title and how did that Ma match end? You ask Wathey, began with m monsoon interviewing Elizabeth and machaman coming over to hem and wanting to start a fight, and then the junkyard dog jumps out of the ring and they just chase each other around the ring until junkyard dog is counted out and gets the loss, that's the entire fucking match and, of course, macho man keeps the interconental title, and this is right after wrustlemania three was a couple of weeks prior but Yeh. That's that's what I had there. So it was pretty interesting that you picked that but yeah l ESS count out backwards, like you did it. So my show number five we had growing pains came in with a twenty three point: two at five, for we had moonlighting with a twenty three point: Five cheers with twenty five point: Three at number: Three family ties again. We got another mjf popping up here with a thirty one point one and then of course, on the top the cosby show, which dominated the eighties at a thirty two point: Four, which equated to twenty eight point: Three million homes watching that show fucking Sene, but that's what I have for April, thireteenth, nine teen and eighty seven and the week that was off to Yeu mark all right. So let's recap here the final round: men Monday night raw from Joe in ninety three, with a Henan's final episode of Raw Ma, l Bobby Henton, my all time, favorite wrestling commentator. You know the best heal ever in managing and on the Mike, in my opinion, and then you tok a look at tha. What was on the the Boob tube that week had the fresh prints, the Nanny Murphy Brown? I frosted Te Snowman because you know it is December and Monday night, football again always dominating in the ratings we'll match it up, wit Mancrush, had you had the nanny and Moonlighting Cosby and there at number one family ties and of course, my all time, favorite te I didn't have the nanny, though I had growing, pains, growing pain. Sorry, he had that would have been a little weird in ninety eighty seven for the nanny. It would have been called MTER, pelvader, very true and then, oddly enough, more wrestling wwf prime time, so this is kind of a hard one. I gotta cancel out the two wrestling things, so I gotta go. Look at Wat's on T v. You know you got. The fresh prints, growing pains moonlighting the nanny cosby versus Monday night football cheers Murphy Brown for my personal dollar. For me, I'm going to go with eighty seven on this. One cheers cosby show family ties. I think when we think of television in the nineteen eighties, those three names pop up did all the e shows there. On the same day, I don't know if they were the same day. Yeah now this is, I only I did tops for the week. Is that what you did? I did tops for December e Tousan, nine hundred and ninety three. Oh, I couldn't get tops from one day. They were just the neelsons were like a week. Okay, so yeah, I'm going to have to go with man crush on this one. I'm sorry Joe, you lose the championship, congratulations Bancrosh winning the championship back on this one, but in the long run I think fom my viewing pleasures. I was not a Murphy Brown Fan. I've seen that episode of Frostya Thousand Times by then I could give a shit and the nanny. No. I I value my ears way too much than to watch that show, but I will watch family ties, moonlighting, the cosby growing pains and a little show called sheers and then in ninthplace I had who 's the boss. That was a ninth place that was in ninth place. That's 'cause, there was there was so oh and golden girls was in six 'cause. He had like sixty minutes in there that, like kind of Knocke stuff out, there was a Chrysler show case that came on Ya B. Yeah who's, the boss was still on there and golden girls a huge shows. I just think ninety three for Jo really fell in that weird time framer. If it was just a few more years, you'd have some of those iconic ninetes TV shows that we remember that would have matched up so much better with the iconic eighties shows that you had nick, but you know I know we got the Hresh princin there, but you know that was kind of the start of that. For Joe, I think if we woere have went ninety four or ninety five, you might have been able to take this round, but mancrosts congratulations. You are once again the dueling decades champion it's nice to matiation. So that's where we're going to end this episode. Let us know what you think on social media. You can head over to facebook, dotcom forward, slash dueling decades, where you can continue the conversation online and while you are on our facebook page pay attention to dueling decades. Trivia there's different ways: You can play Trimia and climb the leader boards. Every day we have picture trivia on our facebook story, we're also doing dueling decades, Audiotrivia right here in the RSS feed, along with the podcast. If you answer these questions, you can climb the dueling decades leaderboards and prepare yourself for when we have our next live trivinit. So until next time deelers were going to Bitt you, a piece, love Lightin, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone infirmay media