Dueling Decades
Aug. 26, 2020

Time to face the music, the real Princesses Diane Franklin & Kimberley Kates judge this most excellent duel between 1972, 1985 & 1992!

Time to face the music, the real Princesses Diane Franklin & Kimberley Kates judge this most excellent duel between 1972, 1985 & 1992!

Bill and Ted Face the Music comes out in a few days, but today these gents will face the music from a couple of Princesses! That's right, joining us with duel gavels in hand, the original Princesses from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure join us to decide which decade did it better. Diane Franklin and Kimberley Kates, the REAL Princesses are here! These sisters of 15th century English royalty are in for more time travel, as they judge this "weak" experience between mid-late August 1972, 1985, and 1992! First up, Mike Ranger is back to kick things new school with a triumphant August of 1992. Marc James also climbs into the phonebooth and dials us all the way back to August 1972! Rounding things out, Mancrush brings a totally bodacious August 1985 to the fold. These Princesses are as sweet as you'd expect babes from the past would be! They don't always agree with each other's selections, but they are most harmonious. There weren't any heinous picks on this episode, so no melvins were issued! That said, this episode is packed with lots of stellar stuff such as: a rocker receives a dead man's belt, living the American dream, the ladies give their thoughts on reboots, imposter Princesses, the machine that started it all for Mancrush, flaccid linebackers, a musical homage to the 60s, attending high school for seven and a half years, cult classics that stand the test of time, Kimberley gets a movie idea, cellphones killed Hollywood, find out what happens when the FBI stops being polite and starts getting real, a woman fixes daytime TV, HIV can't stop Magic, a famous Bird rides off into the sunset, a movie that makes Mike Ranger's blood boil, Barry Manilow is pissed at Brandy, dude Kimberley got a Compaq, cereal that came with diabetes, musical refugees, Betty Lou is packing, Diane's thoughts on rebooting a virgin, never buy a used coffin, the lack of 80s period pieces, and would you rob a bank for your lover? Do you agree with the Princess's rulings? Play at home and judge for yourself! While you're at it, send your rulings to our Facebook and pick up 20 points on the Dueling Decades Leaderboard! Also, don't miss out on our live trivia! Friday, August, 28th! Check our Facebook events for more details. Please don't forget to subscribe and review! Want to share some of your own 1980s & 1990s memories? Join the other thousands of people in our Facebook group and get more original nostalgic content every day! If you're into the 1960s & 1970s, join our new group! Links below:








NFORMARYMEDIAPEOPLE Engat t stop a JEWL CA te Pixi Oplan, but tot o a ran again upon that cap. Ut, stop the power gop come fight for what you lovehcome to pot e CA, copin Hancreta, PA ethe, ate pote COP would take a crave: a O Balaasic Iam Mada TNO comfit for Wat. You love rinteas broadcasting from the Podcash New York Studios. It's the adult. Only Retro Game Show where the decades battl for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it, welcome back to dueling decades. I am Mark James, and this week we are back with a most excellent weak experience battle, as I will be representing August nineteen. Seventy two, alongside this week's other duelers, first off dualing with August nineteen, eighty five say hello to mancrush: That's right! It's actually! It's the weak experience! So it's August eighteenth through the twenty. Fourth, I got a seven day window of nineteen, eighty five in nine huteed and eighty five is a jug or not. It's GOINGNA be tough for you, guys and whon t. You know right now. It's coming also. Returning to the panel this week is the host of the video Rangers podcast Duling with August nineteen. Ninety two please welcome back to the show micrainger ello everyone, I'mlike ranger, coming at you from the top of the Agro Crag with August sixteenth through twenty second nineteen. Ninety two, and as always here on the show we need somebody to make us face the music, so straight out of fifteenth century in England, all rise for judges, Diane, Franklin and Kimberley, cakes, O and itwas. Just on Nice to see you here, and I you two: What have you been peing today, just trying to stay safe and not get cooked? I would say that I an waright. I Faw you with your mask your golden mask. Yes, have a Gilden mask and a Gilden Gilgen glubs, that's the new things. WP princesses were going to went golden glops in stead, ut plastic fa thanks for Havingt, O be back one by the way eshall coming back on Hamingis all right. Ladies and gentlemen, the following contests will be held under dueling decades rules, the judges, coinflip Shoul deside, who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories, movies, television, music, news and hut products. A judge's roling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds, four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie. After all five rounds, we will go to a final wild card round. All right. doelers two heads are better than one: It's double the pleasure and triple the fun. So let's play more o right, whos who's, doing the toss. This time is it going to be miking me or you, and the Taus this week will be between Mancrush and Mikeranger? Okay Mike we you want to be the FRONTIC, a BILLANCAD's, excellent adventures, video or the DVD or the back. I will be on the front all right, so you're the front, and then man crusheur on the back, Yep Gess, so ran to toss in weeks. So, let's see what happens here, okay, ready here we go, and I guess Mancrush is starting. Oh Shit did not expect that all right man crush. You won the toss. You have control of the board, what category ill be going with. First for this weak experienced battle, you know what, let's start off with TV all right, let'Sgo. There first start with the weakest right: Let's Ge August, eighteenth, nineteen, eighty five and here's a show that actually premered a weak prior to the week that I had on HBO. So we get the second episode of this hit series. The premiere is a bit bizarre though, because- and this is probably a signe of the Times- see they actually snock a couple episodes of this into their programming in December of nineteen eighty four and I'm guessing it was like a pilot test. I just didn't think that cable ran like that, but this nineteen, eighty four nineten, eighty five. So I suppose it's possible, that's why they did it and they must not have believed in this show at all at the time, because it premiered August tenth and that Premier episode was slated at eleven thirty at night. On a Saturday I think isrio wis, probably a little apprehensive at the time. 'cause up until this point, all the cable networks had failed to create a hit comedy series, but that all changes right here 'cause. This is kind of a pivotal change for H, b, O programming, this HBO SICOM right here it starred Bobe, Craft's, favorite, designing woman Delta, Burke, the infamis Donald Gibb, O J Simpson and o j Sipson even got Al Calensa ging on this Gometuzic had John Caser amazing and er, very old princess judge, Kimberley cates appeared on Thi, show Andan episode Kim. Can you tell us what you played and what you remember about HBOS? First and ten: Oh Fir Centen. Yes, I remember what I played. I played a very sexy kindod girl, J jumped out of the cake, Um Dancer and I would have a scene with John Casker. I thought T I did that after billantetes, though I don't know when exactly your episode was you weren't in the premiere, but you were in the ship. I was in it yeah later on M yeah. I thought I did it actor villantites. But yes, it was A. I I remember yeah. It was fun. I just said I don't remember a lot with it, except for I remember that John Casger and we had a fun dancing sene and I was the girl that jumped out of the cake and I remember meeting I think I met O J and I think I met Oh Gosh ow. After her h played the football player, he was a the quarterback and he was Oh when you were on the show. Maybe was it Christopher Maloney then yeah the quarterback changed on first and ten every season every year, which was kind of weird, because every year they won the superbowl, but then they changed their quarterback anyways. Yes, so I remember, I remember doing the show and I remember it was just a lot of fun and it was one of the first things that I did. So that's all I remember is Lik. I just remember playing a girl jumping out of a cake. Well, the show if anybody did know the show actually parodid professional football with the fictitious California Bulls. It would actually it would last for seven seasons. They would get nominated from multiple ace awards and they would actually use footage from the now defunkd usfl to use during the series. So a matter of fact, if you had over to prime- and you play episode too- that I'm talking about right now, you'll see the l a express on the field towards the end of the episode. It's not actually the California Bulls first and ten. What was cool about T is. They would tackle some really progressive stuff for to television at the time which the major T v networks couldn't do, yeah deltaburk's character. She won the team in a divorce battle after she finds her husband in bed with the team's tight end. He didn't see anywhere and that actually happened. Then there was lots of nuduty in this show you had like lime. What was the lie? Backer there was like a lympdick lie backer and they talked about him through the whole series. I forgot, which guy was that that you had the the kicker would get deported. I mean the show did everything at the time, but I think the version on prime, if you're going to go watch it. It is the horrible syndicated version which everything's cut out and there's an awful laughtrack on it. So just be aware, if you're going to see that, but this right here this is episode to first and ten Augustn eighteenth nineteen. Eighty five with the episode called the opener and finally a successful HBO original comedy and since then they've had plenty. So that's my first day, wll all right micranger. What do you have for the television round? Oh well, let me tell you margaets something very exciting: 'cause O Augus, Sixteenth N, nineteen, Ninety two, the television drama Secret Service, debuted on n BC and ended twenty one episodes later on November, seventeenth, nineteen and ninety three, the show was hosted by President Geeral Ford's youngest son Stephenford. The show was a reenactment of secret service cases. I found an article in the arts and entertainment section of the Orlando Sentinel by Greg Dawson that called the series watered down reality and said that the scenes inside the secret service are less than riveting. Each episode had two stories over the course of an hour. This article went on to complain about the abundance of reality. TV shows from cops to rescue nine one one and the many more slated to appear in the fall. The article also says that the secret service is proof that reality programming may finally, mercifully be reaching the end of its TV shelf life. So I'm glad he was able to predict history. What do you have? Nineteen? Ninety two, I ame nineteen, ninety two and apparently at that time there was too many reality. T V shows yeah what I don't know that was like, where a kicked Weit when did real world start, wasn't that ninety ta around there Reah that Guy's weigh off me Wal ad, all right so for my television offerings, we're going to go to the Los Angeles Times August, Twenty Seon n nineteen. Seventy two in T E headline that reads a lady calling the shots at NBC. The article reads: When work got around that N B C's Big Burbank plant last week led that Lyn Bolin had been appointed director of daytime programming for the network, a producer who was male and one of the daytime shows whom lymb had never met before burst into our office and said, thank God. They've finally got a lady at last to call the shots on women's programming, Lynde added with a smile, thank God they're, finally, taking a women seriously at last. So this is the first female vice president of a network television station, Lyn Bolin, she was promoted by NBC. She originally started her career working in commercials, producing documentaries about twiggy and Chrisis in America and Martin Luther King. She then went on to NBC where she took over daytime television. She expanded the formats for days of our lives in another world change those two our long running formats expanded both of those shows that attracted new viewers and helped boost NBC to the number one ratings. She did have a few setbacks where she canceled jeopardy, and we've talked about that on this show a few times. Of course, that was brought back and a few other game shows she stumbled with. But everything else on the daytime programming was a complete success for linbolen. She unfortunately passed away in twenty eighteen, but leaves a lasting legacy on t V that we see to this day. So that's my pick for the television round. I have the first female vice president of a major TV network, and that was when she was promoted August. Twenty second nineteen. Seventy two, that's inprassive all right! So, let's kick it down to our celebrity gest judges, Di Ane, Franklin and Kimberley Kates for the ruling on the television round, a right I'll go for this one m. okay, still my feeling is- and you can tell me what your thoughts are- my princee sister Um, okay. So at first h you know Um, I'm sorry Mikeo're just out he said on M M bad Croshi. Actually you know I was going to go for Mancrosh, because I I I really like to know the idea of you know. First intent like starting to you know, have you work in the show, and I like the detail that you had on that information, but um I'm going I'm going to vote for mark. I really like. Obviously the idea of Lynn Bolen was this major female person who was able to produce her? was she a producer or was he a development or well? She didn't ware of everything she started in commercials and then went into production and then ended up becoming e vice president of daytime, okay Vice President Djrt, especially during that time, I have to give him credit for finding that piece of information, because you gotta you got am backtat. I don't know I I'm voting for mark, because I really feel that he found a really wonderful, interesting piece of history that promotes women, impowerment and also women, taking control and being able to do um a man's job in in a decade. Perhaps where that wasn't something that was thatcom all right. What's your thoughts, my aunts are Sookay mark go back. What was the show that she promoted because you're talk, we're talking about individual shows we're not talking about a time in history of correct it can be either or she workd on. She worked on a number of shows earlier in her career. She did some documentary series about Martin Luther King and the actess twiggy, and then she went on and really what she was known for was expanding the daytime format, especially for the soap operas to an hour long format. And of course we know how the soap opers all took off in the late seventies and the eighties, and a lot of it was responsible because of those decisions she made as the head of daytime and Mike your show was about. Your show was about Reagan m no mine was about the secret service, and it's okay, that you don't remember it 'cause. I don't either Ur. Nobody else does. I think your show as really relevant and so forth, but I don't think that you' presented it like in a way that I really Irealy impinged on me M Mancros. He presented his show in a very m interesting way and I like Ta, he brought in, like my you know, weird sexy character, whatever that I played briefly, I totally forget about. I know that was one of my first things I ever did by the way Um and anyway, but I I think that mark. I agree with my sister, because I think that mark appealed to what's going on right now appealed to the fact that it is. I mean it's a tremendous thing that they NBC was the station and BC promoted. This woman, I mean I wouldn't a hundred percent, say: Oh great now we have people watching soap operas for an hour, an a Haf Aon that a great thing, because it's just like a lot of drama that we don't. But you know it does people way from their life that is like whatever Monday- and this is like this problem's worse than mine great, you know who's having an affair today, but that'swhat a like, but you know it. I have a lot of friends on soap operas and a lot of careers were started on Sop operas. You know a lot of really big careers tha people that I look up to started on set Popera, so ias IAP, I almost plad a couple of s poppers, I came close to begun general hospital. I think I did some days of our lives really early on when I was doing bill anteadswell when I was rbillent Ias in Da Arlie, I was playing of high school students playing. You know it was fun it's the I was in it was in Italy and they were looking for me to come on the show because they would just call me randomly. There was lekt no set schedule, and so they would call me like. Oh you know, and I'm sorry, I'm in Italy now ei can't come on your show, but um anyway. I do I'm with your sister and with mark, because I do like I do like mb c being so progressive on pushing a woman to the you know, and I'm glad she got credit for these things as well. 'cause. I'm surprised that a man didn't take credit for her work mark. What decade was that again was that I was nineteen. Seventy two seventies OKTHAT's, a deep din. Can you get tont Atfrom each? I wish I could trust me I wish I could but but mark you know, you also got a kissasspoint evwe go. They know about the pantering. Oh I I deal with people in the business all the time I'm familiar with sycaphant obsequious behavior. I love it all right. So I pick up one point for the first round, but I do take control of the board and I get to select our next category. You know what I think we're going to do. Some news we'll go to the news round for the second M. IO really want, but trust me probably news is the way to go with. MEWEEI was looking through. I actually stumbled upon this news story completely by accident, and I read the article and I'm like this kind of sounds familiar. Why does it sound familiar? So I went to the Daily News: New York, New York August, Twenty Third Nineteen and seventy two and the headline that reads pair holds eight hostage in Brooklyn Bank, negotiate with FBI for an Algeria flight heavily armed homosexual and his accomplice, who stuck up a Brooklyn Bank yesterday afternoon and held eight hostages, negotiated with the FBI early today for a plane to fly them from Kennedy Airport to Algeria. The gunman took over the branch earlier in the day and obtained the release of another homosexual earnest aron from the psychiatric ward of Kings County Hospital. I know John Waderwittz twenty seven year old, Vietnam, veteran. Yes, of course, this is the story that inspired the movie Dogday afternoon where John Wadewitz broke into the bank. He robbed a bank to get money for his lovers. sexchange operation, that's love! It is an absolutely fantastic movie and a more fascinating story. If you look deep into wh John Wadewitz Wiz as a person and as kind of a character, he was very much an eccentric. They Ori. They recently made a documentary on him and it covers a lot of what the movie didn't cover. But that's what I'm bringing from my news story. It is the original bank robbery from John Wadewittz. I had no idea that was a true story. Yeah, that's theting! That's INCRECDBLE, good research! I was wondering how they knew they were homosexual like do they tell he asking well, he was robbing the bank to pay, for. I guess if he asked directly H t. How else would they know? Well, remember remember: In the actual movie he was trying to get money for his operation right and this that's. What really had happened in real life. His lover Ernest Aaron, better known by his name after he changed it became a woman. Was Elizabeth Eden. Elizabeth e unfortunately died of AIDS complications. I in Nineuteen an eighty seven at the age of forty one, but the word is that the money for the sextrange operation actually came from selling the movie rights. Wow. That's fascinating! That's a really Ey Nice Tad line to that whole story. Yes, so she, finally, she finally got to become who she wanted to. She. Finally did yes, absolutely after her boyfriend robbed the bank correct. I mean that Godjon Atea. That is, and that is an insane story it is. It absolutely is, but you know what it gave us dog day afternoon, which is you know just one of the Best Pacino movies out there all right. So, let's toss it over o Mike Ranger for the news round. Well I'll tell you mark I'm even more excited about this one 'cause. This is literally the only pick that I have any confidence in this evening. So on August, Eighteenth Ninehtden and ninety two Larry Bird retired. After thirteen years with the Boston Celtics, the Hick from Salt Lik was the six overall pick in the nineteen. Seventy eight draft and number thirty three was a three time: NB A champion two time: finals, MVP three time, VP twelve time, a'll start rookie o the year, it's Larry Legend, larvery bird retires end of an Erra and then Jordan finally gets to win. That's so crazy! No, I don't think a lot of people put that together that once he left riing out Tha orden really takes over pretty much theywer. Ire was obeven with the back injury. He was still amazing. He was still putting up twenty points. I got TA check myself. The Pistons were also dominant, so there were other TV he was in and a little gentleman by the name of Irvin Magic Johnson. He was kindof there during that time. CAN'T FORGET ABOUT HIM WY! It's all right he's all right too. I guess he did have a man. You get Onson well actually. Well, he did get rid of aid somehow like which is Amazit's Ecause, it's magic. It was CR. I remember when that story came out when I was in t eighth grade, eerywheeveryone was devostated and that guy's healthier than all of us. Now it's crazy. He owns part of the dodgers. It's it's nuts! That's a good one! Man AEA end of an Arri'm sure he used a lot of. He used a lot of western end eastern treatments to probably get rid of that out of his blood therre ar ways of doing it get rid of Nyofthis. But anyway I don't want to go there Y. I was R by the way I was et in school, just as like a Amplayi, oh aligt, I tel fasciated, by a Iwas like always wondering where she's Goingwit, it's like. Oh, you can er now a do. I do a lot of medical stap. I work with a lot of animals still like sort of my side thing that I just do is a rescue stuff and I work with a lot of animals with diseases and just the thing that I love to do. Norno, no there's there's nothing rewarding other than just seeing an animal. You know Beter, that's the worst thing in the world: Sick Animals- Oh my God, yeah! It's like any movie! I pen communicating yeah. I mean that's the worst th like if they put that in Hollywood they put it like John Wick. I love John Wick spoiler when they kill his dog, they kills puppy at the beginning. That's so wrong is, is sus worse to ever. Animals, animals and children theyr innocents, and you just can't stand it and it's we've become so desensitized in movies to see people die, but it's so horrific to see an animal die, which is why it's still effective Um but yeah, but you know, but then we eat meat. So it's like come Onas, you know, Utthey, don't live in my house Ryeah! It's like it's a weird thing, but anyway yeah so B T it's amazing that Magic Johnson is Um. You know free of any kind of virus. I he never had it like. He never had anything like WII mean for people that grew up through that era, and we know about it and we saw it all over the news and whatnot. This is even Mike's story, but like it's such a side Bar, but the fact that it's never talked about anymore. Th He's just better. You know he's it's all gone, and that was a huge, huge thing h in the early nineties. When that happened. Well, imagine how much money he could make if he actually wrote a book on what he did to get rid of it, that WTRE or Patnet O so ot somebodys, luncin, like as whatever he did you know, obviously would interfere with a lot of really expensive medications. Didn't you just like inject himself with chlorox? No, don't say that E R- you can't say like that, but but he probably did Ozon therapy, I mean oson therapy has been around forever Nicholas Nicola Tesslet, invented it so m. it's it's actually pretty effective. I I've actually done it in my blood and I have an noszon machine. It does give you a tremendous amount of energy mygo. Is that what I don't know what O Talkewa? I son Ab now ozanajs it's an extra molecule of oxygen and they could learally take your blood out and then they add some air to the blood in the bag. The Acer kind of like ozone air into the bag and they e they put the blood back into your body, your own blood, it's all done like in the office like thus right there takes about an hour to do. They take your blood out and Um Anyway. It just puts more oxygen in your blood and you know: Oxygen Kills Pretty Much. Everything kills viruses. It kills bacteria S, it kills a lot of different things. EMMES called IOIT's an alternative therapy but alternative medicine, but it is extremely effective effectev at killing things that use ozon machines. So sterilize things an T, hospitals, oafor Um. So it's that, but it's just using it in your blood. So I'm not going to get political here, but you know there is the concept of cleaning your blood is a concept that is not sthe guy who said it didn't say it correctly and Clorox doesn't work Mor. No. I not oanything like that. That is just horrendously stupid. All right, man crush. What do you have for the news round? All right sosince you both brought well your's a semidowner, and I mean really larrybird retiring. Is it's not like? He debuted he's gone now he's gone M B as Chan, so I'm going to change in August twenty second nineteen. Eighty five there's always a ton of stories en we do the news round about like politics. Basically anything Joe Finley would bring as a dowter news story. Mark knows what I'm talking about. I decided to take the highroad here because I'm sure we're all burntd out with the consabrage politics. Everything that we're hearing nowadays. Thir is a feel good news story and it's about the largest lottery prize in North American history at the time all right. So it's at the time forty one million dollars, which is about a hundred million dollars in Tweand, a twenty that was the largest at the time in Augus nineteen. Eighty five now by comparison, the largest jackpot ever now, was in twenty sixteen, and that was the power ball AAs one point: six billion dollars: Myo AIIT'S INSANE Werewhere we've gone, but they sold thirty seven million tickets for this lottery at the time was the biggest thing around everyone wanted to get in. It was in New York state lottery, so we had three lucky winners: A rightsomebody from Brooklyn somebody from Albany and Celso Manual Garsette, and his twenty immigrant coworkers at a printing press manufacturer in MNT Vernon New York barset with by the ticket. He agreed to split the winnings with twenty coworkers and they all pulled in one dollar, each garset and all twenty of his colleague they're, all naturalized. U S, citizens! Nobody was assists in the United States, so this is like living the dream for real. They they go. They win alright. So since it was spl three ways, the assembly line, workers from the name of the company was George Hand, Show Company, which I'm sure changed after that, because all those guys were working on Thi'm sure they worked there for a little bit, but theye probably left the. They received, thirteen million six hundred and sixty six thousand six hundred and sixty seven dollars, which is kind of a weird amount, but they agreed to split that up over twenty years, so cut twenty one ways that would pay these guys, roughly twenty five thousand dollars a year. Twenty four thousand N, seven hundred and ninety two dollars a year and that amount would equal the amount that they made working overtime at the assembly plant that they all worked at. So they basically like just up their lie. They doubled their lives by doing this garset's wife Marda. She went on to say this because Garscett didn't even speak: English allright, so his wife was on the news and she said you know we work really hard, but we give thanks to America. This is a beautiful country and then the other guy, one of the other guys had one John Ming. He said it's like an American dream and that's what it is. You know you come to this country d. You want to make it big, and here it is. It happened overnight and that's these twenty one guys that worked in a printing assembly plant than all just chipped in a dollar each and they won the biggest latto up to this time I mean now we look at the one point. Six billion dollars is much different, but in ninetee five this forty one million dollar winnings. This was huge. It was national news, that's what I got a great story: Wel Yeah! THAT'S NO DOWNOR S! Now. How am I suppose to how re we supposed to judge the new story like what's the best thing that we like? I mean 'cause this you guys all have great stories by the way. I cannot it's like I wanted like 'cause. I I hear something as I really love to like find what's great out of things, because then you, coal, you know bring it into your own life like. I don't want to criticize thing so much so I lie probably not perfect for the show, because I don't like to link I like to go. Oh, this is great. This is great and like then, you cand have in your repertoile on your brain, but I think that I, like the Larry Birds Story, the MOUST. Oh thank Ogsthisis, really Ong e Potin. I A I'm going to tell you why, because he did something great. You know the guy was a great man. The bake robbery thing is a great story, but he didn't you know they didn't do anything great. They weren't doing something for humanily winning a lot. I was fantastic, but again I've like people to work. I like people to be productive. This is a cool thing that happened to them, but this Guy Larry Bird Hee did something outstanding. He did something that we all know his name, and I think that you know he's is a greatest one of the greatest players around, and so I think that I have to go with the Larry Birds Toy 'cause. I think that he did such remarkable things in his life that we have to. You know we have to give them Kudus for that. That's my feeling, and he was the best wrapper in that converse: commercial absoutehe rabbed way better than everybody. I don't know that, but I I think that you know he did great things and that you know you made like such an frnt in basketball and M, and I know that he encouraged a lot of a lot of guys to play ball and that's playing ball and playing sports is just the most amazing thing. People can do it's a very uplifting thing: it's more uplifting than you know, making money, and all of that sort of thing is like playing sports. You learn so much about life, so yeah I got to go to the sports guy ic Yan go head a Ar Iann, I'm so just o I overwiled Diane. I'm sorry Dian Arno I just wanted to Saye at I. I actually Um. All those three stories were quite wonderful and I learned so much and h. You know I just I had no idea dog afternoon was was fromatrue story and my Gosh, what a lovely story about the lottery, but I do agree that Lno Larry Bird is an amazing. You know a player and role model and I love basketball. So I second you DASSISTA and there you go Mike Ranger. You win that round. You pick up a point, but, more importantly, you take control of the board, get to select our next category. Where are we going? Well, it's a very good question because, to be honest with you, I haven't quite decided because it's all terrible soum, that's why we call it the weak experience. Yeah. You know what I'm Gon, I'm going to go with hot products on August nineteenth, nine hutded N. Ninety two on V S and Lazer Disk, the donbloth animated picture. Rockadoodal hid video stores across the country with some stores selling it for as low as nineteen ninety nine, and also receiving a five dollar coupon. For Whisk laundry detergent with the purchase the action, animated musical was loosely based off the nineteen ten comedy play, Chancellor, and with such a commercial failure in theatres, it forced Don Blues Studio into liquidation half a year after its release. Now, what's important here is not so much that this movie's terrible, but that my mother brought it home for my younger brothers and I had to fuck and watch that thing at least ten times h, my God. Oh my God, not a fucking trip to Florida. Did we not go down the high ninety five countin wafflehouses and watching this Fuckin Mili? It's Rockadooa? Is this Abo? I don't even remember this movie well, I actually think that Baw likes this movie. Oh of course he likes coping a halt Y. Well, who doesn't I mean bur, renol, Ergyou aothink, about that. You know: Hey kids watch this video, I'm going to do some laundry, maybe lean up during the driver. You know maybe catch spincycle, oh Godworras! I don't know that's what they told me in great outdoors. It's a John Candy movie, at's, True Iknow. It's a funny concept, God! So for my hot product, I went to the Des Moines Tribute August, Twenty Third Nineteen, seventy two and found yet another one of these review sections in the newspaper where they talk about new household products. It's the member of the Tribunes Women's page staff they've been reviewing new products that they've been finding in the grocery stores, so one that they point out here is a new release of Square Baloney, which I guess is the first time to hit the stores. But the products I went with were a pair of new cereals. The article reads: General Mills has released two new sereals that are the Berries Baron Vauan redberry is a raspberry flavored, oat cereal with raspbery marshmallow BITs, or there is sir great fellow, a great flavored cereal with grapy marshmallows. Both of these h serials were released by General Mills as kind of compliments to each other 'cause. Of course, if you know general mill, cereals and the story lines for some reason, they always have competing rivalry, serial characters that are fighting each other and Sir grapefellow and Baron van redberry. We're no exception to this. Now they both were World War. One fighter, pilots, a WHO, for some reason, endorsed cereal, so you had sur great fellow, of course, which is. It is a great flavored, oat, seriol, plus sweet grape star bits that starbits are actually marshmallows very similar to what you would find in lucky charms. So you had these two competing cereos, grape and berry. They were around for a while. They were part of the marshmellow madness cerial of family from General Mills, which of course includes lucky charms, bouberry dinopebbles and the bill and teds excellent serial adventure, cereal. All in the same family, I Lov- I, I love the Marthal cereal as a kid. Oh, my goodness, it's like all that sugar was said divine. It's funny. You say that because I was reading the ingredients lists for both of these cereals and you know they're relatively the exact same other than rasbery versus grape, but it lifts off the first ten ingredients and the number one ingredient in this cereal is sugar. So you know it's good o! You know it's good, no, that it's Li the worst thing to eat before school ecause. Then you crash. Like your first, you know your first class is you're crashing yeahit's, like it's brilliant, those minds that make that staff God. So that's what I got from my hot products, more sugary, great breakfast cereal introduced to us in N Nineteen. Seventy two man crush. What do you have for the hut products? Roundso is your hot product diabetes. He could have Gen, yes, Oen, O Jack, alright, Juven, nineteen, seventy, he th August, eighteenth, nineteen, eighty five, this one's near deer to my heart matter of fact. Had I not received this from my parents? I honestly don't think I'd be on this call. Today, Honestley the day they brought home the Commodore One, twenty eight. It changed my life forever for real. They previously brought home. It was an IBM, compatible, Olympia, computer and nobody knew how to use it. This is like nineteen six. Nobody knew how to use it, they returned it and I'm pretty sure my mom bought that ship from home shopping. Netword came in a box, they put it on the Dimi Room Table and I just sat there for like a week. They sendid out, and I was completely bummed that they send. I out. I was eight years old at the time I wanted a computer, so bad. My friends were get starting to get computers on computers and, a month later, they brought home the Commodore one twenty eight and they put that thing right in my room and I have to say that somewhere around like it was probably late. Nineteen six when I got this and I've been using computers ever since that day. So thank you, mom and Dad. They gave me a career out of this commondare one. Twenty eight I had the commener right up, til, probably about nineteen. Ninety that I got my first IBM three, eighty six, but that's another story, so they innounced the Commodorle one, twenty eight an may of nineteen eighty five, but they didn't actually start selling them until August eighteenth, the the one twenty eight went on sale for eight hundred and forty nine dollars that included the CPU. A thirteen inch color display, which is bawsom a five and a quarter, double sided. Floppy disk. Do you guys remember those they actually flopped yeah? You had to flip them yeah, you could flip, that's expensive, isn't it yeah? That's a I mean today, that's about two thousand dollars, Ind twent and twenty so a, but it also did come with an epsendo Matrix xprinter. So you got like a whole pack of as thing I, and I have no doubt- and everyone listens to. This show knows that my parents are notoriously cheap. I have no doubt that this ship fell off the back of the truck ause it just hoed up one oday. There was no talk of it. It was just like here are boxes, Commodore Boxes yways this computer. It was technically it had doubled. The Ram of the Commodore Sixty four heads is why they called at Ti one twenty eight. But that said, this is basically a glorified commodore, sixty four, which is the most sold computer in the world. Ever they sold like twenty million units or something I didn't even Nai, commen a leds like that popular Oh yeah. In the eighties, it was huge, a matter of fact, this Ptiaino n ten off came out. It did INETEEN. Eighty five t's, that's right! You should know that and this one it got this continue in nineteen, eighty, nine, but not before it sold five million units worldwide ow. This is probably one of the main reasons I didn't get in any es until nineteen. Ninety, because the commodore had a ton of eight bed games and I was totally fine with it. But again this one was close to me, so I didn't go digging anymore once I started to fond the ads, and I saw that the commodol one twenty came out. I was like this is mine. This is my hot product, so, whether I when they're round or not it's an important product, I think this is a pretty easy one dian. What do you think? I think I absolutely you and I are reading in each other's mind. You I'm GOINGTO, have to say it's Te winter is men crush, but if yes, we both love the idea of a computer yeah, I lov it. No intent relative syreal is very exciting and I feel bad or your whisk experience bit your mother put you Trough Mike it's sad and tragic, but you know it. I have to say computers, a e with us today. It's amazing, you know it's great to remember when they started and how how far they've come. You know I remember my Eemember, my first computer, my first computer was in n Ninetden Ninety seven and it was a computer. Oh my gosh, this was it a four eighty, six TATSI SE. You know who got it for me for Christmas, some Bodyo Guys Migt, not M Dean Devlin. Who was my woyfriend at the time iindependence day, and so he got me a computer for my Christmas present, which was awesome, but at nights Ahit was a NICEP. I think I had. I think I had inherited an old one before that, but so he gave me my first like real computer, it serts with a SE. What is it? It was a Galpan how, as it Paba Come, O Bot come back Yepanyway. So he got I thist computer and I just was. It was the most exciting thing ever was like to be able to right- and I don't know I just loved it. It was just so much better than anything that you know. I had to hand me down before so computer. All the way had changed our lives. Didn't it did that come with an a O, WLL disk. Yes, it came with all sorts of Ir a you know. It was like it was amazing to like. I think I saved a lot of stuf. I say you know, like my grandma, save all these old little things that, like I opene the door, I'm like Oh Gosh, Thi stuff that looks so old. Now I have like these old videogames that you can only play on that compact. I don't even know what we'd ever do with them, but Yes d. You all remember when, when electric typewriters came in because I remembered that Didr when they came in, I remember when they went out yeah, I love typewriters, don't you I mean I still if I've found typewriter I'd be so excited right now I don't know why. Just I just love the concept of the typewriter. Just it also feels like nobody's watching you some sort of like anonymity with it y. Ah, we were talking about this last week with Richard Goodbye where he wrote the original script for assault of the Party nerds on a typewriter by Liiing nollege. He started off writing scripts on a typewriter with C cards, and that was nineteen, seven yeah I mean talking or nineteen eighty eight whenever he started writing it, but that's crazy and they're all gone lik yeah everybody uses a typewriters, they're don H, n haveit. My basement, I do have one all righ. Well, man crush with that victory. You Tie the game at one point apiece, but you take control of the board heading into our first two point round. Where are we going all right? Let's go to music finish up with movies. We have two actresses. Excuse me princesses, so we should finish up with movies. But let's, let's go to music right here and we got August nineteenth nineteen e Gh five and once again the Internet is all over the place with a date tor this one. But I was able to confirm this week a a matter of fact. It was the last week of August utilizing our friends over at newspapers. COM- this is this artist, eighth studio, Alman honestly, this was not something that I was really into back. Then I was seven and I had like. A year later I was eit and got or no nineteen seven. My sister bought me appetite for destruction, so I wasn't listening to this, which, but now as an adult, I really dig it a matter of fact. Any time I throw one smotterfy, if I put on like an eighties radio or a playlist, the Ky's songs always pop up, but this whole album. It was allomiged in sixties, rock it saysthis album, would peak and number two in the billboard two hundred it would only get edged out by the Miami vice down track of all things. I mean Jan Hammer. It was a real mother, focker in in nineteen. Eighty five, so he's a force to be recking with he can this guy cannot top him, but this alum would be certified five times platinum and spent a total of twenty two weeks within the top ten of the billboard top ten n nineteen. Eighty five et would have three singles, which sould also find their way into the top town of the billwoard hot one hundred he had small town, which is reach number six lonely all night, which would also reachd number six and rock in the USA, which would climb all the way to number two. It is not too shabby for an album. It's only forty one minutes. Long and rolling stone with pegged scarecrow by a job. Melon camp is the ninety fifth greatest album of the eighties, which is not too bad for a week. Experience episode, wher. We only get seven days to pick, but this altum, like I said before, is in Omato the people. He grew up. Listening to that shaped him, so he mentions in this album. He mentions James Brown, young rascals, Jackie Wolson, Mitchryder, Frankie, Lyomon and Bobby Fuller, amongst others, n o anybody knows is listen to shop. I'm sure some people do a bobby. Fuller was the guy that performed. I fought the law and he died mysteriously like He. They just found him one day dead in his vehicle, with a bunch of weird like hemmorages, all over his face and his por soanes his legs or whatever. They never knew. What happened h matter of fact on his autopsy, it's checked off as, like you know, weird death suicide with questionmarkause. They don't know what happened so it's very weird but anyways when John melicab would go and he'd play in Fuller's home town in Alburturkee. His Family was so appreciative that he mentioned bobby fuller on his album that they gifted John meloncamp the belt that he was wearing when they found his dead body. I mean that's Kinda, weird IAS, like H, Wheni'll I'll tell his crazy stuff, though this is the classic album by John meloncamp scarecrow and that was released August nineteenth nineteen. Eighty five, Oh all right, Mike Ranger. What do you have for the music round? Oh well, just nothing but more. Continued excitement mark on August eighteenth, a aninetnden. Ninety two, the STVEVI created teen metal band, bad for good release, their one and only album refugee, while the album did hit number thirty. Nine on the billboard. Heat seekers chart it was deemed a flop by INERSCOPE, the one in only single nineteen failed to chart, but the video played on MTV frequently the members of the band were Thomas mcrocklan, ow Lee Guitar Za Young on Bass, Brooks Wackerman younger brother of Frank Zappadrummer, Tradwackerman on drums and Danny cooxy on lead. Vocals. That's right, Budnick was the lead singer. Mister Sam mckinney, whose first appearance on different strokes marked the beginning of the end of the series. He was the lead singer of bed for good somebody get the plastic sheets yea. I did watch some of their videos, he's actually pretty good the band's, not bed, it's just little weird Whi Tevevi was in the band or he is hevy M, discovered like one of the kids and then ended up producing this album and putting this band together and all the kids are actually they're, really talented. It's just that they're. You know it's Kindof like that handsome thing where it's like yeah they can play, but I don't want to listen to. DID MISER DRUMAN finance us? No Mister Drummond, unfortunately, was doing what he normally does a where he doesn't supervise his children. You know an they get kidnapped or caught up in e BA record this in the bike shop, they tried to finance the abum through the bike shop, so mter Horton was executive producer on this bed for good, a good ces all right. So we'll go over to my music selection, which could be bad or could be good depending on the way you look at it. 'cause this song is definitely memorable. It was the Twelfth Best Song of nineteen seventy two and it only reached the top of the billboard charts and held on to that number one position for one week. Only oddly enough, it just happens to be the weak. I Have August Twentih through the twenty sixth F Nineteen, seventy two and it's by the band. Looking glass, it's the Song Brandy, you're, a fine girl. Everybody knows us. It was one of the most requested songs by radio, djs and all of nineteen. Seventy two and if you were born in the early seventies- and your name is brandy chances are- you were named after this song. The name Brandy was the three hundred and fifty third most popular name in the United States in nineteen. Seventy two it jumped to one hundred and fortieth and by nineteen seventy three, the first full year after the songers release. It was the eighty second most popular name in the United States. That's very funny, so run ir with a song and Front Man. Eliot Louri didn't interview not too long ago wher. He talked about the inspiration behind the song. There's been a lot of conspiracy theories behind this. Who Brand hy? Is this a woman who was? She is a character of course the song itself is kind of like an old sea shanty who tells of a barmaid who is in love with somebody, but his one. True love is not brandy, it is the C and he just can't be with her as he ships off back to see. So there's been some speculation that it is about a New Jersey, woman who kindo had an affair with a a sailor and there's like this big tonbstone and monument to her. That is not true. It was actually about a high school girlfriend of his. He had whose name was randy, but he didn't think that singing a love song about randy was goingto fly too well. Much like when kiss wrote, the Song Beth it was about his girlfriend becky and he didn't think back would be a great love Song B'cause, who you s, thinking about Jeffbek. Well, he didn't want to sing a song about Randy, so he changed the R to a B and we get brandy- and this was just an amazing song. It really is Paul Stanley of kiss who I actually just mentioned, wrote that brandy actually helped him write. The song, Hard Luck, woman and a Berry Manilo Song, Mandy very similar to Brandy, was actually originally written and released as Brandy. But then, when Brandy Youre, a fine girl by looking glass came out nd with such a huge hit. He changed the name of the song to Mandy. So I mean that totally destroys everything. I've learned from can't hardly wait about the Berry Mannelo Song. It was originally brandy and not Mandy. So that's what I got from my music bround Brandy, you're. A fine girl hit the number one spot on the billboard hot one hundred charts. How does that go? It goes brandy, you're, a fine girl. I don't know I in no in my head. I just keep singing mandy several ockups above my voice range, but that's my music pick bratty you're, a fine girl hitting the number one spot on the week of August twentith through twenty six nineteen. Seventy two that's hard and whatwas yeur John Mallen Capsong was what actually I had the whole album. I had these. I actually came with a debut not just one week where t hit number one is marked Ed. I came with a whole dBW of an album. It's John ellacamps scarecrow that actually had three great songs on it. Actually, the whole albumis pretty good, but a small town, lowly old night and R ock in the USA. RSO came the USA. That's a big song! That's a good son! I don't know this is a hard one. Isn't it Dian most difficult, O Difficult Yeswell? I think why don't you pick for you I'll follow up this time, although I could. I have an idea. Okay, so John Melinave had R O in the? U S, Awa wit, the other songs on the album small town. How's that one go. I grew up in a small town. Come on. You know, that's ondn, lowly old night lonly. All night is it's one of those songs. When you just see the title, you don't know it, but when the song's on you were like, oh it's way more upbeat than you would think yeah yeah for sure, Oh, my goodness. Well, the John Mellingcap is like I. I love the Brandy Song and I love looking lass t because it was a compilation, Ecauseyou'r you're, presenting more than one song, our presenting that this whole throw back to the sixties and the frigging belt I mean the belt is the thing that did it in a belt o the dead guy. I mean. How can you get amat? Isn't that wild like they came up to hem and they were super excited like he actually said his actual words was, it was like he had given them sixty million dollars. He said, that's so excited they were and they were. They just presented him with this belt that he wore when they found his body 'cause. He sold the belt on Ebay and got sixty million dollars. Well, anyway, um I I'm going to have to say with the John Melanchom, because the songs, obviously they those songs resognated with me- and I know those songs so well and I still would sing them. You know rscin to the USA, is such like a really upbeat song and a Happy Song N, like really goets people going. So Oh can really why not brandy who is Wat ten, both Bandy and then he could have been mandys eusing. It's like there's too many debariations, as I make your Mindmandy Brandy Randy come on. I'm like I'm fascinated with this story, though this is like you know. Now my mind is blown with brandy. I can never hear it and Youre Brandy in my head and O. I don't know this is it's hard I I actually would go with mark. You know, but you know um it since it's your boat, I'm G I'll, say man crush too bu boy. Can I I want to tell you you really made it hard for US Mark Tro marcies. I love. I love the Song Brandy. I absolutely love it. I'm going with the person who is like representing the whole album because there's so much on it, there's so much crativity on it. There's a lot of different songs that I'll probably listen like okaythat y. u know, there's a lot of meaningful things with the Jomellinat. There's a a one hit wonder verses a whole album, so I'm going to have to go with the the whole compilation of the album. Even though I do love the song branded onremind. I hate to compare I reallypart that I hate 'cause. I just I love the artistic creativity of everything. So this one's tough. I'm sorry, it's like I'm sorry, grandy creators, you guys did a great job too, but nobody gave you a belt yeah exactly Bun. Nobody gave you a melt that they died and it was like you didn't, go, throw back to all these great legends, which I also love, and it gets Ma Te Fifties also Rama. All those great legends is also it's hard to get around sure. John meloncap, like you know, this was part of like the cell thing. For the whole the whole a a a movie tesel for the whole album is like so throw back to all this and it's like. Oh, it makes it cooler and it does make it cooler so, and it was also about like believing in yourself and like corporate greed. There was all this stuff that went into the songs that he wrote about in the album, so they sound a really upeat. But if you dig into the lyrics on Hem, some of them are about some dark things. Kindo like born in the US, a like a lot of people, think that's like a really positive songread, the lyrics. It's not that as positive as you think it is no not at all. It's a mix, I'm going to go! Listen to these lyrics now, since it's so easy just to look up the lyrics on line and Oh yeah, you don't need the cassette anymore to like open up, read the print real small and the liner notes, O say Alex. read me Telir Elen Cas, Oh God, she's talking to me right now. Alexit now stops literally talking to me right now. She can hear everything scares me. Doesn't that did you ever think about that? That thing listens to you all day, just waiting for you to say her name waiting and also she can hear me oea. It's Kindo, like my wifeexlywell. Why I'll be getting a text any Moneryeah? By the way? Do you know that Alexa has a feature that I found his Ha. This weird thing come on a couple a month or two go. I was talking really creatively to somebody. The next day Alexit comes on and says she wants to Chs a Beta programfor, an AI. She wants to converse with me, which was kind interesting, so I conversed with her. She mostly talked about sports and I think its his Bata Program. Now, when you talk to her, you could say Alexil, let's talk trash about so there's somebody, that's a trash talk and it's all about sports trafh talk. Have you guys done that with he o yet Alexa has a sports trash talk and she'll. Tell you any trash talk that people say about whatever trashtonk is, but yes, sheill tell you like what I said Alepso. What do you think of the L, a Lakers in trash talk and then, when Johnson comes on and says like some really Yeaho Nowbut, I have to tell her to talk trash and it's just it's hilarious. I'm sure, like you know, especially sports. A will love this. I've never done that, but I did waste money buying the SML Jackson voice on my Alexa. That doesn't really do anything, so I just wasted ninety nine cents or whatever it was but h. The sports talk, I think, is the sports. Trash tack is tray, I'll, go upstairs afterthis and talk to it. While everybody's in bed yea, shecess, oe, monny things I mean she said Soe plenty of things. When I asked her some questions about Michael Jordan and yeah, it's funny all right. Man Crush you jump out to the lead heading into the final movies round. Let's see if you can hold on to that lead. Well, since I won that round, I'm going into the last and Mike didn't really get talked about at all last round, I'm going to let mite go first, US I'm in a differ! Well, look at that and I'm just going to give you the gift that it's gonna keep on giving all year long, because on August, Twenty First Nineteen, ninety two we saw the release of the notoriously hilarious, comedy the gun in Betty Lus hambag directed by Allan Moyle and starring penelopean Miller as Betty Lu, a small town librarian who finds a murder, weapon and confesses to a crime. She didn't commit to get attention because she was nobody until they found the gun in Betty Loo's Hanbag. The film was panned by critics and gross three point: seven million against an estimated thirteen million dollar budget. So this movie sucks. But more importantly, I was watching the trailer for this thing and it dawns on me that penelope Ann Miller plays Brenda in adventures in babysitting, which is a total fucking mind blow 'cause. I love that movie. I don't think I ever saw that and I sad e venters and babysitting Noi seen that I'm confused wait, wasn't adventures in babysitting Elizabeth's shoe yes, Bu ponebliaan Miller plays Brenda in that movie. Who wants her best friend WHO's stuck in the bus station loses their glasses milarity ensu tkeithcugan gets tabbed in the foot, gets one stitch, WHI H, yeah exac one steech. I like her as an actress I think she's good. I like I like a lot of her stuffshe she's, been in a couple of really good things: Yeah shes in Coroledo's way, she's in freshman, choosing a bunch of stuff and what's funny about this one is I really I remember this movie like. I remember the trailers before things I would rent like it seemed to be like kind of that movie that I y always kind o saw or heard about, but you didn't actually watch you know. So the concept of that sounds good. They could do so much more with it now it sounds like you know like. I see it now like a lot of visual effects and I see it more magical. When you tiy give me the log line, I got all sorts of other images with it, but I can imagine if it's none, you know I can imagine it Iwuld trulyr actually look like. I want to see it after watching t e trailer again, so I actually am going to like order a copy off Amazon but yeah the gun and hetty loose hambag. Just another fantastic pick from what's been a fantastic evening for me IMI can I have an awful problem where if we talk about a movie, we have to buy it or f somebody else. In the episode talks about the movie, then we have to buy it. It sounds like you know: Hey, maybe you guys can do some remakes here you're like stirring up some imaginations here bit. We have talked about a prequel to over the top. That's come up quite a bit, there's so much that has to be bland. How did he get into arm wrestling? When did it start? I don't even know over the top. Is that wit semester, Sonyea R, rustling movie ohey? That's where twenty twenty needs now we need more arm. Rustling movies. You know you cound pretend to arm wrestle of rezume right, I'm sure, there's hour, no, that he could probably do look at my hand at the camera, O probaly o get arm russels anymore. They just use a nap on their phone to do it had to bring back the real deal and we'll bring back Thi PRECO, but you did mention like redoing the movie, so I wanted to ask since you you Guysha both been in movies for so long Keith couin explained this whole thing about three or four weeks ago, how the studios Redo everything every thirty five years. Otherwise they lose the rights to the writers. And what do you guys know about that? Because now there's more, you know what was that one with Willsmith that's coming out, willsmith and plane strains and automobiles with will smith and Kevin Heart cabin heart and the people in our facebook group, if you guys, aren't there yet wwwfsbk otcom fords last doing decades, there's over eleven thousand people in the group over a hundred thousand people on the page so to listers out there if you're, not there go there but h. A lot of people have brought that particular remake up and it's been bad. Like the comments. People just don't want it. What are your thoughts about not waising Eout, which may be just any movie in general, like just any like that's interesting that Keith Kukin said that about. I see I thought they did remax it just because theyretyou know they don't have much imaginations on the studio level a lot of times. THAT'S WHA! We've ha, you know, but there is truth at that, but I thought it was every ff years or every seventy years I mean with the something going into the public domain. It's easy for them to like a relicense that all they have to do is like take the product and relicense it out on a DVD or like remaster it, and then they can still maintain the copyrights with the legric Congress. So that's not exact. Why accurate? What Keith said? Maybe there's truth to it. I don't know I mean th he's touching on something that could be true, ecause, that you can lose it into the public domain, but not after thirty five years after fifty years or seventy years, it's a lot longer than that I mean every single like a book is different than music is different than a movie, but yet you do have to. He is right, I mean otherwise you could lose the right. There is a there's, a tremendous amount of old films and things like that in the public, dom a now which is always fascinating to look at and see what she can. You know brings them life to Um. I think, there's a lot of classics, Tha just really shouldn't be touched. It just uh and there's some brilliant movies out there that just it's not so much the story that makes them grate it's the people that are in them that make them great likethe contissroom. The chemist, if is so many different, there's so much stuff, there's alchemy that goes into making a movie there's just so many things that you try to recreate in a sequol or another one or like a remake. It doesn't always happen. Occasionally you can see something that actually gets better, but you can't focus on the past. You have to really focus on the present and finding like what's happening right in the presennt a lot of times. I feel that people try to bring in what happened in the past and they're, not in present time and bcause you're. Not He present time the magic doesn't happen. Well, I tat thatisa. Really, that's a really good point. I I have to say that one of the reasons I think they are brought back is because when audiences saw it and they were a kid or they were a teen, it brought back such strong members thatd if they bring it back Thir to five years later. They know that they have the audience interest because they saw it ithere kid and they're going to go. Oh my gosh, I loved that movie. When I was kid, I'm going to watch it again whether it is what it was when they were younger, isn't the point. The point of the people go see it because it was something that they saw when they were younger. I think a lot of sometimes people who produce things they're, not looking at what made it great originally and then like like bringing back some princesses. I don't Knowi'm goand my Gosh Hor Larousi and it would bring back those memories. I think that that's really the the thing that would make that if they got that, that would be great but welllet's. Just let's throw this out there. What movie has ever been remade that you guys thought was better than the original morphy Thi thing? The thing John Corvert is the thing, and I actually like the original a lot, but you like the Remak IFG, the thing, John Carpenters. The thing is a Rema. Oh okay. I thought you were talking about the remake that they did in the totand. You said scar face, but scar face was the one that was done in the thirties or forties right right and I, like the remate, better yeah. I don't even know that they remade that a lot of people Roabtley, don't I'm talking about probably movies in the last fifty years at a all, be made little shop of horrors Wa better with Reckmoranus Than Jack Nicholson. Yeah Yeah. I think that's a good one. I can't think of any modern reboots, though that I would watch no that I actually enjoyed. I like the remakof judge, dread so you're the one Yehdon't sit here and tell me that everybody likes the original judge, dread 'cause, that's groopy, but it's it's judged read like the other one. I it's good, but I don't. I don't necessarily think Carl orven killed it in that movie. I think it was kind of dry, I'm hoping for billion tents to be better, but I don't think I don't Knowa Seepl, that's not really, I'm just. I Tak e e Ben Ei, a talking about movies that have been remade and somebody comes with a really creative. The thing is a lot of people that are have a a lot of creative visions are a lot of times. They don't like to do remakes, and you know the stepen sodabergs or the m a lot of these like inventive directors they th Y, take their ow materially, do something new and fresh B'cause. You have to the Quinton, you do something new and fresh bbut. You have to spend so many years on it, and so they don't want to be compared to something in the past like like the really brilliant Uyes, unless you get hired by the studio as a remake and they pay you a ton of money, it's just you know what are you turning out and you have to really just ask yourself creatively: How can I make this? My own unique vision and make it better well how about I I just use my owmaterial that's a lot of times where I think that they would go to is I mean J, St I'm just thinking on might fee Y. I don't really know, but that's just what Ye, but that's true. That's really trouan! You look you're always going to compare them and you what you would get investedto doing. A film CC Parrison is inevitable. You know, and it's hard it's like it's a lot of pressure for the filmmaker. I wouldn't want to have that an I'm going to remake this great piece of work, ours, an actor or every aspect of it tha edit arming and look at hows beautifully shot. Some of these movies were in the seventies. Oh, my God, Oh Yan, like Redo, that ' like they're lit, beautifully they're shot on film and you just really can't recapture that beauty was hd for the most part. I mean my opinion, but a lot of people wanted to do. I know for a while Ratner wanted to do the last American Virgin again, you know and a lot of people who had mixed feelings about it. You know they wer, like you, can't do ai Ren. His name up right now want to strangle you in the screen. I'm Strangling Dia for bringing that Guy Nam, Yeh Yeah Izg zirstickhing about Um, with a thro needle downyestitching, heur mouth up, itthat's rl, that's got a suck though like. If you have a movie, there was a hit, how? How would it feel if they did remake last American virgion with a different actress and everything else, and you went and you watched it and you didn't like it? How would you feel about that after? I think that I had thought about if if they did a remake of it, I think the good the good part about it for me would have been that that story continues. The story doesn't change, but is for a new audience. You know- and I would I my thought was it would have been like with the texting and the technology. You know w we'd introduced all that to the the new generation Wi h lot of the technology, but but the Corse story stays the same so that I think wouldb have been very interesting, Um and then other than that. You know it wouldn't matter, because I think again you know th what happens in the past the films that the older films will always be beloved to the audiences of watch them when they were growing up. So I guess I think technology ruins that stuff. Though, when you look at old eighties movies, we cn have cellphones, you know you're going to pay phones like communication, wasn't instantaneous yeah you go and you add that movie like plan strains in automobiles. How can you make that in twosnd and twenty we have to bake up a damn cellphone in a TIRD REVERNO Yo right? It's like that's what I deal with all the time with working on scripts and working with wriders and even things that a'm creating is everything is solved with the smart Phun. You know if I GIV a question you Hav this you're stuck somewhere. The only thing you do is be stuck in the middle of nowhere and you have no reception which still occurs or your phone dies, because you always have to have that sense of urgency to make your real lkanyplanautomobile than you have you take that away? It's like it willl be interesting to see how they give. U Sense Emergency and that's why Um throwback shows like stranger things where it's kind of eighties, where you don't quite know exactly where it's at what time it is. It is the eighties that's why those shows are fun to work on and that I have even a script. I'm working out right now, it's it's sort of paying homage to the eighties type Bibe, and then we have some of the characters like with old clippones because of the the story line of of the movie, but it's it is so challenging to like deal with h technology 'cause it just. It really solves a lot of problems that you face up against in Um. You know in a t, V in a movie or TV show type thing I did see. I did see a coldcase Um show where a girl was trying to call nine one one with her cell phone and all she got on the phone was nine one. She couldn't get nine one one out, and I thought that would make a great title by the way for a horrofone is nine one. One owhite get nine one one out, because somebody you know takes you before you can get the nine one one out ISO that is kind of like something I just came up with recently. I just like watching that. But anyway I just thought that it is so true with like technology. Everything is solved unless somebody's just like out and get Yho and grabs. You like what happened to this girl somebodys, just you know, said: that's like a real horror that actually happened, but that's what you have to put into a script or a movie is something like that happening where you are ripped away from your cellphone or you ripped away from it, and just you know you have to escape. That's a good horro film. That's a good like let's indanger film danger in the wood. She has to escape and get away 'cause. My girl would not die. Wy Wan be railing. The last round, so go ahead. Mark I'm sorry for derailing your choice, not at all, because we talk about remakes and we've talked about movies from the seventies, so this fits right in because this is a movie from the seventies that I hope they never remake. 'cause, it's just a classic. Now this movie came out August, twenty fifth nineteen. Seventy two! Now it's a familiar story about an African prince named Mama Walday, who travels abroad, not to seek a wife but to see count Dragula to have him help him stop the slave trade. Now, unfortunately, Mama Walday gets turned on by CAUDRACULA and turned into a vampire and renamed BLACULA. So I give you the classic Black Ploitation Film Blacula, one thousand nine Huteen and seventy two, my gosh now two hundred years later, a pair of interior decorators find the coffin o Blacula and transport it to Los Angeles where he awakens with an unquenchable thirst for human blood. Of course now, if you guys are interior decorators- and you happen to buy a coffin to decorate in your home, wouldn't you check to see if there's a dead body inside and wouldn't you notice that wow this seems a little heavy for it size and you' look, but they never look at what's in the coffin until they get it back to Los Angeles, open it up, and of course, blacula comes back, so just an absolute cot classic you can catch it online. Now it still holds up. No, no! No, it doesnotit does not hold up whatsoever, but it's a great time it it's fun. You know, take yourself out of present day, put yourself back into the time period of nineteen. Seventy two and just enjoy some BLACULA. It's all good fun. My Nember Wene went to go see that Hundy five me was going to just say that man, l e, it was cool to see it in thirty five millimeter, but a don't, beat usly yeahit's, not a fast pace, movie whatsoever, and that was one of the things with like seventies films. You know a lot of those horror movies. Was it was a slow quiet burn but wer the actor in it the actor and it was actually it was a William Marshall played blacula himself in the sequel. We got Pan Greer in the sequel and a few other, none actors, but this is the original BLAC ULA that came out August, Twenty Fifth Nineteen, seventy two wow and when I say ours is beat up, I mean the print was beat up, it was add up to shit and we missed like half the movie 'cause. It was so like tore up, but that's okay. We didn't miss one. That was a long day, man that was like fifteen hours like we're getting down into the worms all right, man crush. Why don't you wrap up this game? See if you can hold on to the lead? What do you have for the final round, the movies round? All Right? So, let's go to August twenty third nineteeny, five e. We picke dates for this show we do a couple of things to make sure that we're not overlapping with old episodes. After we checked out, we make sure that we're using a date that hasn't been used in the last like six to eight weeks. It's a needless to say, it's pretty random selections. Then we just when we decide on a date, then we decide what we're going to do like we experience best of worst of Gonrebasthaor Etcta. So when we land on a pick like this one, it's purely by chance, it's Serndopius this movie right here, it's a staple of my collection. I probably watch it every couple of months. I actually have the postal right outside this, the dungeon studio here and while it was not a box office Jugornot, it does have better staying power than some of the top movies of its time and, as we talked about last week with Richard, sometimes numbers do not tell the entire story, and in this case there were juggernauts this week that this movie had to compete with yet back to the future. It was number one of the box off. You had return of the living dead. You had ghostbusters serious competition of the box office. I'd say this movie challenges the popularity of those movies now, but it also blows away the other top box office movies of that time. During that week, volunteers this movie kills you're the Dragon. This movie kills summer rental I'd say it killed, and then I would give it the nod over teen, Wolf, pwee's, big adventure and cocoon and European vacation, all those movies yeah o of Nin and Sommen. I N Nineteen, eighty five, it's probably one of the best movie seasons in history, and we can add this movie to that list allright. So this movie it brought in just about ten million dollars of the box office, which is about twenty five million dollars in thosand and twenty, but the aftermarket and cable like the cable networks. They just completely cemented this movie in cinematic history. So if you're, a fan of skiing, ruthless paper, boys jackets made of pure ardvork gelatinous, mashed, potato Snordi, jello international languages of love, Banhalen Hamburgers, blowing up your neighbor's mother, throwing away perfectly good white boys attending high school for seven and a half years, John Tusak, Curtis, Armstrong and Diane Franklin, then the savage Steve Pollen classic better off dead is right in your rhealhouse, so released August. Twenty third nineteen, five better off dead, Oh Gosh, you made this so difficult. Yifmy mouth is: dropped, open, II've, friends with savage eve, and another person in the movie will remain nameless. Hi Dian, Oh my Gosh Wow. I know that othat's, how I new Dian, that's how I was like super excited to like Bein, a movie with Diane for Bill anet. I was like Oh my God, man with this girl. I just was so excited because I loved that movie. So yes, well, that's Mancrashi love! I E there was so many things I didn't know about it and I I'm so honored to you have a poster outside your Mala. It's right over there w finaway what studio released that movie. It was warter brothers, CBS, Wiltenius, borer brothers, I don't know the same thing but yeah togoter Um yeah, and it was. I remember, the coolest thing I was when it came out. They put it on the big born of brothers. You know like Toy, have a Bobillpor somthing had those big posters outside f the big billboards outside they did. They paint your picture up there I was like phenomenal. I was like I was ribing bying them in the middle of painting it, and I was like Oh my gosh. It was crazy at so pol. Yes, oh my Gosh Mae Ust. You are a doll. Thank you. So much for finding that will go on. Tell me more Du all right, so this is who youere capr more more. Tell me more about I top pen, one week after you've already been in the box office. You guys were not in the top ten, but this is the top ten back to the future. Still Woteen, wolf and number two PWEE's big adventure was at three and volunteers. At four five was a year of the Dragon. Six was return of living dead. Seven was summer rental, then ghostbunterwas still there at e, then he had national Y amponed European vacation and ten was cacooned around out everything else. Oh my God much a great movie yeah, Weird Science was there too tihouse was there and they weren't, even in Ha topten either. No Hot chily on that list. Hachile did not make it, but American Inja came out the next week we're talking about caden films, wow, that's that is phenomenal. That's unpleasing, yeah that film still holds up absolutely. I think it does. I mean I mean I hope it does. I'm writing a book about it now. So I hope that people will h. You know check in and chicken with me. You know M I'm trying to get it done before the end of the year. Um S F, I would love to go t I'd love to go to a drive in movie theater and saw movies that you just listed would not be fun, not not in one night. Obviously, but I would love it, I you kno. I would love it if they had, like all those movies at a drive in and we could just 'cause those e. those are fun movies. Back to the future. I haven't seen that in so long yeah and tacoon- that's a wonderful movie, and just I don't remember, Heur in the Dragon and better off ye on the big screen. That would be a MA. I would be so M Imon, that's really fun. I love dravons! Oh my gosh for great memorie Si you Guyhave Drivein, Byalay, you'd ting up an have a lot of them because the real estate's so expensive. You know it's a lot of property to take up for a Drivin here, no should O, but I think I think, there's some probably down in Orange County area nat as much as there should be, I mean we're at I heard somebody's bringing them back recently. One of my friends told me that somebody's bringing back more drythan movies- I hohs whole covid thing. It's a lot safer obvious. We just went this past Friday. Well, I'm going to just have to say: mancrush crushed it. Ryou were in the movies kind. Nice see I'll, be e, rekod vote for that movie 'cause. I love that movie. I Love Diane in it, and I love Simon to Poland. I Dave met John Kusack is a really cool guy. So yes, I have to say definitely that movie, you guys all did really great, though Mark Myk, guys really presention well M. Mark. I still think about your first story: The new story with the whole thing with the bank robber. That is so incredible that was based of on true story, interesting, hit's, just fascinating the stuff to come up with, and the dewework brilliant research. You guys, you guys should write some movies or screenplays, I'm sure afterwards, you're going ta be how many years have you guys been doing. This show two two. So after you're five, I expect you guys, like start producing our writing movies. Our both we just we just switched over to to Sounderot FM, is our new host for podcast and they transcribe everything. So hopefully we C coll those transcriptions and we can get ideas from those that would be awesome. I was thinking about that the other day. But what do you think of that idea for a Forfilm, nine one? You Need Toe Dash in there throug an e like Minh'cause, it's like just and you just have like the cover its just like it's just t the fo it just like the nine one butt's like not the whole thing, but igets the CONT IN O. Ask you guys this: Why do they not do 'cause they're always successful when they do it? Why are there not more eighties, like they have time pieces and they do time period pieces from the eighteen, hundreds in the forties and the fifty? But nobody does like any eightyes stuff. There's like a couple here and there: Why don't? They do more of th 'cause we'd watch the hellout of those we do when every time they offer it one Tann! That's what I do so. Wait me a second. What a you! What are you talking about Youre talking about remaking, eighy's movies, O one Ananer I mean like put make a movie Ranneu but said it just like stranger things put it in the eighties. Give me a movie that sets place. INE thousand nine hundred and eighty six N Nineteen N, eighty nine or nineten tht like right there, but nobody does that like th, they go foakip the whole nines. You know hit's weird. I actually did an artfilm that actually I mean it's like a thriller that took place in the eighties and it's not been it's just being released. Now is like a special release. U, like a aspecial Um like they're, just putting it out now, but it is bizarre and that's why I got hired for it because it took place in the eighties, so it is kind of unusuall y right. It WASN! It's that common yeah. I don't that'sa good question. I don't really read many screenplays that take place in the eightings. I don't go. We we had the guys on from summer of eighty four. It was this horror movie that was very gritty and these guys did their research. They everything in the movie down to like the GI, Jo Walki Talkies, and they did a fantastic job and it was an indi movie and it was great- and I haven't seen anything else- Ono, yes W. I I did. I produced a forror film called Babysitter wanted, but we made it in like two thousand and seven and Hasan eight and people watched it and they thought that it was supposed to be set in the Nineteen d eighties 'cause the car was really old and things were like out in the middle of nowhere, and because thit was an old house and an old car people thought Oh you're, trying to make in nine teen and eightes like Kindo carry type, you know throw back to Carey, but it wasn't really I mean 'cause. We did make it n two thousand and seven it', just thatd. It could have been anywhere USA, any time you s say else, which I also like doing that I don't like, but a time on movies. If you can get away with it o fills. You can do that with like, especially if you kindo make these horror films like out in the middle of the woods where it could be a tent any dead attent from the eighties or it could be attect from now hey got a colman stove. Well, that could be any time and yo got the scary guy, so those kind of M. I like the timeless element of things as well, but ye a the eighties films. Eighty films actually do that. But it's always one thing that gives it away, which is technology which o guys talked about, is technology that gives away the era and everything you gotto pick up. The phone and you're done Youa end of the movie Oh you're you're here to kill me hold on a I, no my line. No on reception, your parents have like band you from the phone, that's wher, you don't have it because you abused it or Um Block your battery ent en theree, all APPS, where you can like block signal for a small area, so Thata Tas od an if you have a really good bad guy. He could do that like a to Bati, he wean it. He could ban the whole town, a small town. F, you get rid of the ELEC to know you're right. Even if you get rid of electricity, your phone is still going to work. So it's so shitny like just go back. Just do it seit it in the eighties or the nineties, and we're Gooyo. Have People get people beepers butething? Is it's only going to get more sophisticated? It's only going to get more challenging Yep, that's so true, but thank you very much for for giving me the victory of that Ye. That was a lot of fun that was so fun and you guys are wonderful amazing, we'll Tok Youan once again great facts and great stories. Thenk you very much yeah. It's UNUNTO like walk down. Meorylan like this and like it's good, it's creative. I really enjoyed it and Diana always Ogood to see you and love you siter Yo lovely. We we have these great adventures together. So this is another adventure and I hope the audience appreciates and likes it 'cause. It's it's really fun for both of us. Are you guys going to watch the movie together? No we're GOINGTO face the music. You know I like Tony Arkan a facetem face it together, yeah! No, I I'll play some queen and I e start dancing as like. I'e got to get myself siked up to watch it and then yeah. I won't say anything, but is I ie lab away? Sir? Are you like not excited that it's coming out, though, like you have to be a little bit Exi I mean listen. Alexnelic met with me back in two thousand and ten about the movie. He told me he's that a scrip I mean I really felt like Alex wanted mee to do this. You know I was like I've been close with allivs for so many years. I love him. anmeesjust he's a genuine like wonderful guy but and Diane, and I you know it', we got closed and we did some. We did some events together with Alex and with even ad, I think ador Scot Anyway. I don't know, but I'm excited for them, because I know how hard they worked on it and from a creative and a producer and just a human perspective, I'm so happy that they got it mad nd. I know there's like so many fans that are excited and it does have such a great message, especially for now, with a whole b excellent to each other, and it is. It does remind people of like the fun part of their childhoods, and so I I do love that they have that they have a new one coming out and it's it's a nice book and I think to t to the first one do Diana and I wish we could be part of it, of course siming who wouldn't want us to be, but anyway M yeah. I mean there's a bit of melancholy there, but at the same time there's eighty percent of me uslike really happy for them, so yeah so you're got to watch it together. So Yo guys, you guys can vo D watchit 'cause. I think it's coming out on both I heard yeah aern in movies. It is it's like coming out all the same day, day and date, release which is smart 'cause, that's how it should come out, especially movie like that word. People would probably pirate it anyway, if they didn't. have it like that. SOIT's, like you, know, Piat, like crazy t that so it's it's great that it's coming out that way, so they can hopefully Um. You know wecruple lot of their money and all that sort of business stuff, but also get a lot of people to watch it I mean honestly, I would just like being it out for everybody to watch and have billantine sitting there watching it with the audience with everybody. Like you know, e people by I ther way. Yet people are going to love it. I mean I would go to the movies and see it if it came out non cobed times. I hope that they re. We must, U Benmanand. That would be fun. Oh, my gosh that'd be fun. It'd, be fun to see all three of them wr nephew ar all free them together, I'm sure somebody's going to do it. Somebody some drive in especially over here we go to Mahating all the time, which is like two hours away, even though we have closer ones, but that one there's just something about it with a thirty five millimeter and how they do everything there and it's so historic. So that's why we go that Wel ov, that that sounds so great. I wish I could do that right now. It thanks tog and if you guys have anything you want to plug right now like go ahead floors, yours, no! I I'm not plugging anything. I'm just tugging away at, like my shows that I'm creating right now and Diana I, I will say that Diand I have created something that we're going to be probably announcing in the next couple of months M. There's no rush on it, but something that we've created together that we hold will appeal to a lot of people, um yeah. It has a lot of possibilities, it's more than just a movie, which is great excellent, alesome, no hints Ilinten as United Kim Andi in a very wonderful way in the most Exi didn't d wat Ye. It has united us and it has like it. Given me a lot of concepts and, like you know it's it's always, I think everything that happens in your life. I challenges challenges a person to look at like okay that happen as so. How am I going to deal with this and it's challenging, and I I was watching Cinderella the other night that wemake with my favorite Lily James, who was so gorgeous in the remake of Cinderella. I don't know if you guys saw that didn't. I I've never seen any Cinderilla, oh my God, Iwa sorry anyway. It's really well done, but I thought that I related to Cenderella not being able to go to the ball. That's all I can say you know when she was like the evil stepmother, like forbid her from going to the ball, and I think that's how Diana and I kind of felt in thi scenario. Oh, we can't go to the ball. We weret genfited, so well gets back to those cindersall right. You guyswell! It was great to talk to you and Bunshel Yeah. Thank you! So Mat evoing on. We really appreciate it. E One loves it and we love you guys. Yes and watch Villantad, three and whats them all. Yes, watch Aa an three all right or I mean PA, Take Care, stay safe, Isurre, Byebye, all right, doelers! Well, I guess we'll en this episode right here, but in the meantime, you can head over to dueling decades dotcom if you've missed the past episode subscribe on Itunes, spotify everywhere. PODCASTS are available now dolers, keep in mind if you're listening to this on Wednesday on Friday we're going to be having our live trivianight. If you want to check that out, O head over to facebook, dotcom forward, slash dueling decades and you can preregister and subscribe now- were capping the Trivia at one hundred people, so spaces are filling up fast. So if there's any spots available head over to our facebook, page you'll find the links where you can register for that. So until next time jewelers were going to bid you a piece, love Lightene, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone informedia

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