Dueling Decades
Feb. 12, 2020

Time to flip the tables on the 1980s & 1990s. Which was the worst month - February 80 or 91?

Time to flip the tables on the 1980s & 1990s. Which was the worst month - February 80 or 91?

We're always covering who had the better week, the better month, and the better year. But, every once in a while, it's fun to see who had it worse! In this battle, we're going to take a retro journey back to February 1980 and February 1991! To help us...

We're always covering who had the better week, the better month, and the better year. But, every once in a while, it's fun to see who had it worse! In this battle, we're going to take a retro journey back to February 1980 and February 1991! To help us adjudicate all this awesomeness, we needed an unbiased judge that would rule this in the fairest way possible. To accomplish this, we called upon fellow CLNS Media radio personality Ari Temkin! Ari might be a sports guy, but he's got his pop culture down pat!

We got comedic superstars releasing awful movies, horrible sequels, scandals, songs that got stuck in your head, bands that live after their name, something we all got in elementary school, the loss of an icon that was special beyond the limelight, and we even got celebrities kissing butt on national television, literally! It's an action-packed, fast-paced, nostalgia laced adventure to celebrate who was inferior. Do you agree with Ari's rulings? Play at home and judge for yourself! While you're at it, send your rulings to our Facebook and pick up 20 points on the Dueling Decades Leaderboard!

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INFIRMARYMEDIAPEOP GT jelcavs, the Pixi Oplan, but toto a ran again upon that caput tot the power gop com, Fihe for what you lovewho com to Poe, PA, Copi, tencretate, Paee, Ote, bote cop, would take a grave ao. Bala HIMSIC IAA TNO come fiht for Wat. You Love N, an rougcasting from the infirmary media studios. It's the adult. Only Retro Game Show were the eighties and nineties battle for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dueling decades. I am Mark James, and this week we whipped up a worst month duel. I will once again flip back to the nineteen eighties, as I bring you the best of the bad February nineteen. Eighty in my opponent, what's up it's man crush. I have February of Nineteen Ninety one I'm going to bring you the worst month ever trust me cause as I'm going through this every time I prepare all my picks. I prepare to win and I have a really bad feeling that this is so shitty. I don't even know. Let's do this February nineteen, ninety one and as always here on the show, we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. So tonight, Howar judge you would have heard him on the Dallas Cowboys Radio Network, the big twelve this morning on serious x m, and he has also heard on e SPN. U It's Judge Rri Tempkin, just as an aside guise April of any year is the worst month ever. My apologies, because I know I'm pretty sure you said in e last episode, your birthdays in April. Is it not? It is yeah, but it is it's literally the month where everything horrible in the world happens. Abraham anition was healed in the titatic SINC, it's hittler's birthday April showers bring mey flowers, it's the worst Bot, it's horrible, and this year my birthday's on a Monday even worse Yesso. Maybe this episode won't be all that bad. Since we're talking about February s hope I don't know. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules. The judges coinflip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories, movies, television, music, news and hot products. A judgeis ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: Apiece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all five rounds. Duelers, it's never bad to be good, but sometimes it just feels good to be bad. So, let's play some more o Al Right. Let's head right down to our judge, aritemping for the official tosssoff. Did she just go like this? The hadjop ocean that will be. I will be flipping a SD card for the festivities, so who's calling into the air mark. You can go this time since I went this past episode, You'r ready here, ogo jails, tals, never fails wit. Only this time it didcmeit is the worst of Mancrush you Hav control of the board. Of course, what category would you like? First, you know these are so horrible that I don't even know where to start. So, let's I'm just going to go at random, let's start with TV, and so just so I'm on the same page. Here I'm voting for the worst of the selecton Ride Yep. This is like Gulf, the lowest score windstrustrive for mediocrity, yeah, we'll see what we get here, all right so February, six, nineteen, ninety one, you kN! I usually I hate bringing up death on a regular episode, but since this is a worstof episode, I think it's a fair game. I talked about this the last time we did one of these, but last time around, I actually had John Lenton getting shot this one's, not that bad allri. It's sad nonetheless, but it's not that bad and I feel bad for whatever death you're talking about her. It's like it's, it's a death, but it's not like John lented t nobody's getting shot here. It's bad keep Mark David Chapbin in prison by the way, sorry just have tothrow hat out their yeah s like Y al. I like please nobody's pleased nobody lent about why, but why? Why now all right, so the world lost in act or producer, singer, comedian and finally philanthropist when we lost Danny Thomas on February six, nineteen, ninety one DU to Hark, failure and I' think many people. I know RHE's, probably trying to look him up right now. 'CAUSE, it's way before is the weddies just the wedpings guy. It is not not Steve Thomas Danni, Thomas most people would probably recognize for his work and his why it's a TV thing on the Danny Thomas Show, which was on television for eleven seasons throughout the fifties and the sixties, but there's more to him than just his work in t e entertainment, which lasted over fifty years in the business. Most importantly- and I think this is something that we know here too often ar he probably doesn't even know B'cause, he doesn't even know who the guy is. Danny was responsible for the Sait Jude Children's Research Hospital. When Danny was just like an up and coming comedian, he said that if he ever made a big, he was going to open a shrine to Saint Jude, who just happens to be the seint of hopeless causes and once Danny made a name for himself, he began like fun, raising in the fifties and sixties all around the country. So you could build the SAT, Tude Children, research, hospital to help children in dieore need and because he also believe that no child should die in the dawn of their lives. Just like he said he was going to do. Man of his word. Danny ended up opening the hospital in Memphis in nineteen sixty two and for those that don't know the hospital services children from throughout the entire nation. You know a lot of stars say that they're philanthropists this man actually was, and he left us with a lasting legacy, not only his entertainment stuff, but he left us with that hospital, which is you w? It's crazy. That probably I'd say. Ninety percent of the people don't even realize that when they see this commercial on t V, they don't tie it back to Daany Thomas Yeah, no idea- and I mean I would imagine saiint Jude's Children's Hospital is responsible for much of you know the research it's being done on on many pediatric diseases and pedietric cancer. So THAT'S PRETTY AMAZING YEAH! It's IT'S A big deal! That's why it was sad news. Television, Relat O, had to bring it now for the funnier stuff February. F, F, nineteen. Ninety one, this one comes in the aftermath of the ICONICS Oroll that took place a week prior, I was to boll twenty five. You were about six years old at the time, but I know you'll remember this one I think any NFL fan there was alive at that point. We'll remeber this one, probably one of the best games in the history of this oubol. This was the giants. They ended up defeating the Buffalo Bills. Twenty nineteen after Scottn Orwood went wide right to end the game. I personally, I think it's one of the Best Su Bulls of all time and I'm a jets fan. Also, I mean it gave us this. The SCOTTNORWO miss gave us Rafinkle. Did it not gretpretty much? I mean it's a great bigest Gra Tas Aron Hem, but that's not the news story here. Oso before the Super Bowl, radio, legend or better ye is. We know him now the King of all media Howard Stern. He made a bet with giants defenseilyme in Lennard Marshall that he would kiss his ass on television if the giants beat the bills. So, on February, Fifth Howard lived up to the bet and he didn't just kiss Leonard's ass once he went back for a second peck and he appears to really enjoy it. If you want to check this out, go to youtube and look it up it's on there, and this falls under T v since Howard was actually on late nights on wwor channel nine. At that time, not a lot of people. I don't know if people remember the show was on o Thousan, nine undred and ninety two consisted a sixty. Nine episodes go figure one hour one hour each, but here's the amazing part and what makes us show like legendary it makes Howard even more legendary just to show how big he was. This stern show on WWOR, which is basically like a local channel. It wasn't outside of the New England area. I don't think it did get syndicated the show, but his ratings on Saturday nights would double Saturday night live routinely for two years. Isn't that some shit and the production value of the show was garbage? Well, I was only out for two years. I guess it cost more to produce it than WWR was making back on the show so y. They killed it and think it was mutual and he ended up leaving going TA cable a couple of years later he went to the e network, for I don't know like ten years or something like that. So it worked out for him, but they gave him more creativity. He was allowed to do stuff on that show like kiss e giant Slimemans Ol, there was way worse shit than that. Believe me, this was like prime years of Howard Stern, but yeah. Those are my two picks. We Lost Danny Thomas Actor philanthropist and then on the fifth of ninety one. We get Howard, sturned, kissing, Leonard Marshal's ass, because the giants beat the bills and superbowl man. How am I going to beat that mancross? You get the king of all media and then not only do you bring somebody great like Danny Thomas, you bring millions of dying, sick kids with him Jeez. That's I. How E is aess S, a sick Teye of children, thanks Menr Atleast, nobody gets shot true or stabbed it's true, but John Lendinon Save ity kids' lives mean, but the greatest musician, e Er but Hedi say ID kids lives, but you know where someone did often get shot or stabbed in my television selection, Oh boy, all right so for my first television selection, debuting February, fifth, nineteen. Eighty, the show masterpiece mystery, also known better as just mystery with an exclamationpoint. It was on PBS. It was an adaptation of a British television series and a shoot off of masterpiece, theater now you're, probably thinking I have no clue what he's talking about. But yes, you do 'cause, you just like me and everybody else got duped to watching the first two minutes of this show 'cause. If you remember the opening credits of the show, if you watch doctor who or anything on PBS late night, this show always came on. The entrance sequence was an animation sequence done by artists, Edward Gory, and it was all black and white and it was like in a cemetery with a graveyard and there was like a Damsel in distress and she was whining and moaning. A D people were getting stabbed and there was like a wedding and a funeral procession and you're like this looks really dark and cool for PBS, and then the show starts and it's basically British Agatha Christi Mysteries. I, though you we going to say boobs were in the the first to minutes. No, I mean that wouldhave been great too, but it's like this really dark and gritty animation you're like Oh. This is going to be spooky and then it's like murder, mystery, Agathar, Christi, murder, Ce road stuff. I caavm like tits before, like canual Tikan en a Walcin PA one. You know like it's o before ever previous show it's like hour, SSB stree at first Tis. Just look at these. This show actually has a very long legacy. It went away for a little while, but then it came back after it had its funding trouble. It went over a slight format: Change as they incorporated it more with a masterpiece, theater but mystery. That's my first television induction. It's a mystery! I've never heard of it. If you go on you to just look up mystery with an exclamation point at the end opening title sequence you'll be like. Oh, I remember seeing this on PBS, it's kind of a disappointment how much great art comes to us from from Europe and more specifically from from England, you know it's like we won the war like. We should be sending shit over there. That's good! I think we do. I think, just some of that shit slips back Y. AH, like maybe as a favor. I don't know th e. There is some good English shap that comes over everything ot PBS, I feel like was Aprio show at one point. Oh absolutely, maybe it's just P BS TAT e, Damn all those great artists like DIVINCI and Michelangela, for being born in Europethat's a long time ago. doesthat count I'm going to head over to my second television selection and h this one. If you were very familiar with the ABC after school specials, you might be familiar with this one. This was the boy who drank too much starring: Mister Scott Bao, Obular, high school hockey player, who has an alcoholic dad. Who then decides to take up the bottle himself? You know, and his friends fight back and forth with him telling him that man, you got a drinking problem and he's like. I don't have a drinking problem. Then they go to a party and he pisses himself. All over some lady's face wrdaes. He piss himself, you Leavi, guess I suspensi they go to a party and he pisses himself, and it goes all over this lady's rug. This girl at this party belts Ot. Oh you Peei. All over my mom's rug, you know- and it's just like this horrible scame, it Scott Peo and of course he has to go to Rehab, so yeah, the boy who drank too much currently with only one hundred and seven ratings on imdb wow that that's a class it grewand. I was a junior in high school. I also knew a guy named Scy who drank too much and at a house party he got naked. This dude was like probably as big as you, maybe maybe, bigger like three fifty ish. He got naked at House party H, just pulled his pants down, stands on the coffee table and just starts pissing everywhere and while howing like yeah, like a par oet, wow a Puroett at three fifty Da, it was sloppy that was a Slocgy faowet. He was also holding his cock. He must have been a lineman for the giants. He peed on my fucking rug, Dok at Ot, the ficking rug, Wellah, that's what happened with Scott Bao man. He pissed on this person's rug. That's Damn Bok Taaro, a Piglabowsky Man Walt my Brug bag. So these these after school specials, these efter school specials. How were these like long movies? No is Lik an ou hour long made for TV movies, but who watched them like? Did people willingly watch them ore as more like it? Heur parents like this is this: is a ish int to SA. I think in the eighties, when you were young, like I had a pick last year, that was after school special with the the Phoenix brothers yeah where river was dyslexic so like Faeis, tackled e problem. Like this kid couldn't read good and his teachers thought he was just dumb and then it turned out at the end of the episode he was dyslexic and they were just bugging hem over, but there were better stories I mean the one mark brought up. Obviously it's e winaue. I thought they were more like that more like they're trying to teach you a lesson about like not doing drugs, no draaner not to make fun of the dislexikid pretty much and en the boy who drank too much they. Basically, they just make an example out of Scot Beo. You know just because his dad's an alcoholic doesn't mean he has to become an alcoholic too. All of his friends tell him he's got a problem, but he doesn't see it until he pisses all over himself and all over some Nice. Ladies Rug beed of a Po Ro, and that's usually like the pinnaccle of the episode too, like him pissing all over himself is the worst thing that he would do in an after school special like he's not dying or something. How great would it have been if that was the pinnacle of every episode of after school special somebody pisses on somebody's wrong t's, 'cause he's dislikeit he's disleiting everywhere. I think they should just wrap up all of the A B C after school specials into one story: it's like eight hours long! So that's what I got the boy who drank too much and mystery from PBS. Let's head it over to judge re tempken for the ruling for round one well, this one seems easy if I'm going for the worst of these two, so the winner in this case would definitely be Marx. The boy who drank too much an mystery masterpiece, masterpiece, theater mastery, because I mean I mean with apologies to the eighties- the nineties had some pretty cool things going on n in in fil, in nine teen. Ninety one and Howard stirred kissing at ass and the Saint Jude's research guy, th Dave, Thomas S, Dave Thomas, no, that's Wendys, Dandy top is Ave tois as a pretty big Badass, so ll et got that spicy chicken, in this case the winters, the loser and the loser, Hereis Mark Dan. It all right! You control the board man for the next category. I think we're going TA head over to the news round. Okay, so let's do some bad news, Scapeo pissed himself. So from my first news story, a d man this this is a heartbreaker because it was the end of an era February. Second, third. Fourth, all the days kind of run together with this event and you'll understand why in just a moment, because that was the days that studio fifty four held its grand closing party and it's last night in business 'cause, it nineteen and seventy nine Steverubell and the intriguer were arrested for tax evasion. The club closed down in February of nineteen eighty with an end of the modern DIG Gomora Party, that's awesome, were they giving herpes out at the door, so rubell was quoted in the newspapers saying that studio. Fifty four had made seven million dollars in its first year and only the Mafia had made more money. Well, of course, that sparked the attention of the IRS who looked into the matter and they were arrested for skimming two point: five million dollars that night Diana Rosh and lies Teminelli, serenaded, steverubellate intrager among the guests that night in attendance, Ryan, O'Neal, ferrofasset, Muriel, Hemingway, Jocelyn, Wildenstein, Richard Gear, Jack Nicholson, Reggie, Jackson and sly himself, sovesters stalone at the closing of studio fifty four December. Second, third, fourth, it was just a grand old party, nobody slept no. I wish I was there man why no kidding they there's no way they could ever throw a party like this, the modern world right like 'cause. It was just like smart fos, like just imagine toto fifty four today with like everyod H, se every always have their phone biming everything. That's why you can't do harrible right. It was a safe space studio. Fifty four was your safe space studio. Fifty four going down from tax OFASIAN IS KINDOF like John dilager, going down for taxivation ORLIKTHERE's, so much shit going down in studio, fifty four that it's like they got it for tax ofasion Iy like just walking there Ay night and see hookers, doing lines of cocaine off the floor and yeah rests right. There do himselves. I can only imagine the shit that went on there, all right so for my second news story, not quite as cheerful and as Upeso great for this episode on February sixt, nineteen eighty. That was the day that the trial started for John Wayne Gasi, who was set on trial for thirty three murders, Gazie attempted to convince the doctors in the court that he suffered from multiple personality disorders, but his lawyers ended up opting to plead not guilty by reason of insanity. It didn't work. They it took about two hours for the jury to deliberate. He was eventually put to death in ninety four but yeah. The trial started February, Sixh nineteen, eighty I'm not going to go into too many details, 'cause it is Kindof Gory and disgusting and disturbing. So even this being a worst episode, I'm sure everyone knows who John Way Gasei is and about the tunnels dug under his house and the clown he dressed as a clown. I grew up in Chicago, which is where I grew up in Chicago in the Chicago suburbs, not in the same suburb, but that's the area where John Way Gasy was yeah. That was the Horse Tor a I was grng man that was I used to dress was a clown and he was like thisy O he's like Oh you's, such a good guy. Ever y know, in fact, he like reportedly told people he was doing this and they were like an en me ridiculous yea. He had employees of his digging these tunnels underneath his house and they never knew what they were for IIT's, a really creepy story. You imagine, the smell, yeah you've heard stories of the police going in there into the crawl spaces and the smell is just you can't imagine it's. I don't want to imagine that spellman and this coming from a guy who will willingly use a porter party at a festival, and I don't want to smell that house, man so yea, that's what I got from my news story, the trial of John Waynegasey and the closing of studio. Fifty four really not sure which is sad or Wowso Ma rush over to you bring the bad all right. Well, I don't have any cerial killers, so there's that B February nineteen- ninety one et'SSee. What date we got here, we're going to Febuary, eleventh nineteen, ninety one, this one hits near ad dear to the heart of me x: Toys are US exacts or buying child world. Storyaoavon Massachusetts, the parent of Childworld Inc, said Wednesday that it plans to sell eighty two percent of its stake in the financially troubled toy retailer to the group led by former executives of the pramis BAS toiserus inc. The story goes on and on basically childworld to me was my toys Arus. So, unfortunately, for kids, like myself, who grew up with child world, this is just the beginning of the end, because once upon a time I had no toys, orus close to where I lived. So my parents would drive me all the way down. INANUET and wed go shopping and they would bring me a child world, and this place is amazing. Let me let me describe it to you. Auyou probably missed out on driver heard of Chil world, never heard o child world looked like a castle in the front, so you would pull up the whole front. Facade looked like a castle, I get still picture with the inside this place. Looke like and there was all kinds of tunnels dug underneath tho be at Jeffarey. The giraffe is underneath the basement. They had like their own weird guy. That was on roller skates, a panda. It looks like it yeah. It was a Pan, Ta Freaky Pad Anro Yeah. If you look up the commercials, there's some freaky Shit, 'cause he's just like child world childworld and he's doing this like weird shit on his rollerskates. Ba this place is amazing. I remember getting my Atari Twenty six hundred here. I remember getting my turbographic sixteen from here, but all that joy, it would come to an end. Even with these toys ar rust people buying in they could not save it from financial ruin. They would end up going bankrupt in April ninety two just over a year later and they closed teur doors for good in September of ninety two, and that ended an era for kids like me, who were forced to travel to go to Toysurus, and then we finally get a toyo us and the fucker clothes actually l of them close, but supposedly they're. Coming back. I don't know what the story is. Yeah the child world also complained about. millennials is the reason that they had to close. I hate wone like ttorus, loses, and capitalism and they're like were s going to blame illenials, it's like o. that's how capitalism works Wi sks because of no. They, they just owred a lot of fucking money like rlike like four five hundred million dollars at the time, so they were just big in the whole and it was probably because they were trying to sell empty hammer dolls that came out in Buck in nineteen, ninety one for eighteen dollars and nobut. He wanted that piece of shape. It's like. Oh look at this psy hammer doll for Christmas. Let's buy eight million units. Somebody'll buy these an now. You can find them in Ebay. Yeah can't touch it. I the reason I brought that up is ecause. I hadn't had from childworld that I I pulled up my notes and they have side by side. They have MC hammerdoll for seventeen. Ninety nine, an a Vanella ice doll for seven. Ninety eight in the same here that is awesome man, Boor basker! I you know it's weird when I was doing the research for this yesterday and I posted in our facebook group. If you guys, aren't there yet fasebook dotcom, forrds lash doing decades go to the private group and you'll see all extrashit that we post, but I put a clip from an article that actually compared in Lice in Fi February of ninety one to being the Elvis Presley of the nineties in it didn't really work out. But it's somebody brought up a great point in the group there, like wow after fourteen months of the new of the new decade, they were already saying this: Guy Was Elvas prestly. Well, I'm thinking. Maybe you took that a little ot of context, mancrush 'cause much like the elvist stamp. If we're going to compare vanilla ice to elvis what Elsis, so we talking about young helvets or old El. This really, I think, they're talking about the trendsetter that took you know what all the the African Americans were doing and then popularized it. This dude is going to be like the next big thing. Well, he was for that album. Okay, so not not! The washed up, debd on a toilet evsi, was going to say DII Tefi camparable to Eldist, taking a shit nd r te noise was just like Elvis only like a thousand hits less than him, yeah exacty thou. Maybe that comparison works a little better. In retrospect it does at the T. that's the thing at the time you look at it, you're like really and now you're still like Aly, but now you coan look at it and go no at all l right S. let me get to my second story again, no, no serial killers here, but it is somebody that was found guilty of something February. Fourth, nineteen, ninety one- and this is something that people argue about. We posted this in our facebook group too, and I hav people going back and forth with me. This is my opinion with this and it's going to stay that way, but it's I'll get into that. But it's February. Fourth, nineteen. Ninety one titled the article is Rose Band from hall of fame. You know you CD, just give you a short clip from the article. Actually, let me just make this bigger cause. I can't see this Yit. I can't even make it bigger than this. That's what she said right. This comes out in New York, just after baseball's investigation began, Pete Rose was asked if his troubles would affect his election in the hall of fame. His response was four thousand two hundred and fifty six hits twenty two hundred runs. That's all I did rose said on a sunny march morning. I'm a whall O famer Gequte wellnot. In the eyes of the all of fame, the doors te Cooper'stown were slam shut on Pete Rose when the halls directors voted twelve to zero. On Monday to bar and ban the baseball star for life from being the whole fame. I won't go too deep in the rest of that article, pretty much 'cause. I can't see the fucking Shit 'causeit's too small, but you know at the time. I believe this was warranted, but here's a deal. It's been over thirty years, it's been almost thirty years: Righ O sn Nineteen. Ninety one twenty nine years, yea. Let the man in the hall fame his numbers as a player they're undeniable. He never bet against himself or his team. The whole thing is Bargiamadi had like a huge hard on to SHAFP rose and seriously. If you look at the Baseball Hall of fame, it's filled with CEETERS Yougot, guys, like Whit, Ye Ford. He admitted to the Muck Ball turpentime and baby oil micky mannel. You know they talk about him in sixty one doing steroids, kipace with Maris, Taikab, Gazilian things, ANA giant, Dickuad, Gayard Perry. You know he admitted to juicing the ball and then at one point they said eighty five percent of major league baseball, we're using greenies and I'm sure this is far before anybody's time, but I think they were doing this, maybe up until the early two thousands, but they were eating these shits like skittles and basically the greenies their dekodream. So they would speed up your heart rate. They would heighten your senses, your alertness, your aggression and your reaction time. So it was basically like these guys were taking speed. Willia Maz was taking these fucking things by the handful former major league, baseball catcher, Paula Duke has said, maybe like this one is paying for the dodger. So maybe like fifteen years ago, they were talking about greenies and he said: If any modern age player had the choice, they would have picked a Greeni over steroids WSO. It's not like. We got a ton of saints in the Hall of fame. Let him join the fucking club. But those are my two stories I get Hem off my soak box there we o on Ao, say Mar I was going to say hell. The Great Pitcher Doc Ellis threw a no hitter on LSD, which is ridiculously are to do. Ell almost worked against him yeah. So also on this. By the way Major League Baseball was kind of established in the late eighteen, hundreds and then the American league and the early nineteen hundreds, Jackie Robins, was a first black player in nineteen forty seven, so you could argue it was cheating to not allow black people to play in the game for nearly a half century. You have a strategic advantage because there's a beally good amount of players, they are nt en able to play in a league. So it's it's funny. This story actually comes full circle this week, because Pete Rois, actually his petitioned again to get in the whole fame and right, I'm with you, it's it's, it's a joke and I'm just like baseball writers are so holier than Thou. The idea of like we are the gatekeepers of this magical kingdom that is, the baseball of fame like keeping Berry bonds, Roger Clements, it's a fucking joke. These guys are hollow famors. The whole fame is the story of Your Sport and the store of yoursport includes steroids. It includes p Ros, cheating, he's one of the greyest players ever and the thing thehtoois. These are the fucking writers that were complicit in these guys taking steroids in that era they benefited from it. They got huge contracts to be writers for different different publications, they're still benefiting from it writing books about it and they were there and they knew it was happening. Then it to shit about it, so Fucke them and OK, the baseball, hallof FA Pete rose a Fuckinghall famer. Yes, it's a horrible story because right herelet's not get too far away from my gain here. Dave voted him twelve to zero. These mother fuckers th e're not allowed in and he's still banned this day and, like you said, and that's why I brought this up because it wasn't our facebook group 'cause. I posted that article that you just mentioned how he's petitioning try to get back in after the whole world series scandal and everything, and that too I mean these guys won a world series by stealing signs and that they're, not the only team to do that. WELIT's like they say. If you ain't Cheen a try, you know. So I just look at Bill Bell check. Don't get me into that, I'M A jets fan! What's Lo Po Bo, BON CHECK UCK we'll be talking for hours. Any series of new stories includes John Wenngasey is the loser so so marks the winter hair wow man crush. I jump out to a to nothing lead on this. One H man, you just say that name and I'm like yeah, see that's why I didn't want to go into too much detail because everybody knows who John Wengasey is and there's a million other true crime pod cast where you could hear all the gory details and what it comes like capital punishment. For me, I'm like no except for like then you tell me about Jaga, I'm like yeah, kill him like four times. Here's a fucked up thing and it's like mark said before so he went to trial in nineteen eighty he was probably convicted shortly thereafter. They didn't kill this fuck til nineteen, ninety four: What were they doing for fourteen years? It's crazy! It's crazy, T's, crazy! How long it takes to kill S, especially in that case it's like! I get it, but not with him. Just? U Do it right away exactly get shit over with him Ted Bundy, all like t s just years and Decki remember reading that they did something with his. I think he got the lethal ajection and and like it's normally supposed to kill you in like minutes, and it took him like thirty. Twenty four minutes or something to die, which is like it's actually really a painful death, apparently B'cause. It's like you're, just a class to of your insides. So we could all rest happy tonight know Hoe die up very, very paifully, all right mark. Where re we going all right. Well, for the final one point round, I say we do some hot products, Ol right all right. So for my first hut, product February, nineteen, eighty, the biggest news story out there, what everybody was into was in lake placid, of course, the Winter Olympics. It was the biggest thing, so my hot product is Ronnie the raccoon. Now, if you guys remember this, he was the mask got for the nineteen a d eighty winter Olympics, and he was absolutely terrifying. It was a raccoon and they had like a stuffed doll of 'em and he has, of course, these huge eyes he's Kinda waving his arms about with a kindof creepy smile on his face, and that's just the stuffed doll version for the kids. They also had a full on mascot suit of Roni, the raccoon that would walk around during the events and hang out with the fans and everything. But if you look closely at the mascot suit, it no way resembles a raccoon. It looks like they actually took a wolf and just said it was a raccoon, because I've never seen a raccoon that has a red nose and pointed ears like that it was like placid. What fucking money do you think they have have like a nice MASCO and to make it even worse that Ronni, the raccoon is just the worst Olympic mask otever late plastic had a living mask, ot raccoon called rocky the raccoon. Unfortunately, rocky died just before the game started, so he was replaced by Ronnie the Raccoo, his illegitimate redhead stepchild brother. So for that one month in Lake Plassid New York that we had the winter Olympics Ronni, the raccoon was printed on every type of merchandise. You could think of caps, scarves mittens every single type of button, an accessory you could think of, and that was the hut product for that one month. After that, no one gave a shit about runny the raccoon and rightfully so well, come to think of it. The the runner up was actually the panda from childworld they're going to put hem on Ice Skates and call a day when you, when you first said Rodny racn. I thought it was like a Weirdl Yankevitch version of rocky Rackoowrd, ous Weirdo White, album vershat of it why the fuck would they useerect, like a raccoon, is the worst possible animal to you like what who was like. Let's go with racoon here, it's the worst TAT wel know Tomad. Well, the reason they pickd the raccoon is 'cause. It's a familiar animal from the ADARONDAC mountains, where, like placidis and because of the native American population in that area, the raccoon has symbolism, and that and Ronnie actually comes from the word. The nitive American word four raccoon. So I guess they tried to tie it into the local flavor. I guess that was a good one, all right! So that's my first hot product, all of the merchandise featuring the horrible Ranni, the raccoon. Now, for my second hot product, I'm going to start off by asking you guys a quick question, if you guys could have one superpower like from a comic book, What would you have Ari? Well, I mean I, I always thought I want to g an to be an x man. So I guess that's, not a superpower. What would your power be if youere? If you were N, there's a lot O xmen right? I guess I'd be Magneno, so I would have I'd be able to control metal thoughuldbe. Very awesome man crushe. What would be your special powers? Oh Man, I was always a big flash fans. I'd say super speed, all right! Well, re you're going to be super excited because in February of nineteen eighty we got a new x man, brand, new character, debut and so you're like. Oh, this is going to be awesome. What are her powers she's featured on the cover gorgeous body, long flowy, reddish, blond, hair, tight body suit? Yaslasan, gentlemen, I am talking about the debut of Dazzler. She just came from studio. Fifty co nodasler is a character. Her mutinability is to convert sound vibrations into light and energy beams. You guys both pick some pretty good x men powers. This is probably one of the worst ones ever great. If you're going to a dead show or a fish show where you can take the sound and convert it, inthe lights and tripballs that's great, but if you're fighting magneto not so cool, she joined like the Pink Floyd Staging Agam her special powers just to distract people any time. Ou like explain your special power like in multiple dee, like multiple sentencs Thi, it sound, and then it becomes line. It's like wait. What that's fom math problem on a chalkboard like no, but here's, here's Yer's Ou go! It's like this is too much it's just like: supermank can fly and man. What would sound Tel ot even sounds how waves with the FUCKINS AC. Could you imagine dazzler's grandma like what are you doing? Tget a new career, so dazzler the character was actually commissioned by cassablanko records, N Oand, nine htden and seventy eight as a project with marvele comics involving Jim shooter in drawn by John Ramide Junior. Now they wanted. Originally the character to be the disco queen and they were going to do a followup movie on the Disco Queen, but what happened is castle. Blank of records ran into some financial problems had to drop out of the project. Now, originally John Ramina junior wanted the Chartr to resemble the Actress Grace Jones B during movie negotiations with Film Works, filmark's actually wanted to promote Badereck, so they Haro Baby Yeah. So they had gen remeda junior change, the lightness of the character to more represent Baderec rather than Grace Jones. Was She riding a horse, nude sh? Unfortunately, no so not only are Dageler's special power's pretty lame. She was whitewashed on top of that. So that's my product, the debut of Dazzler February, nineteen, eighty, probably the most lack lost or x men ever not to be confused with B Dazzler as her brother Baeos like I survived, the Holocaust got like a PDISCO binge and I can turn Soud into blateit's like fire. That's what happened if you went to the three straight days, O suo fifty four yo up with those power, so fronnie the raccoon and Dazzler. What O you got? Man crushed for the hot products round, all right so February in nineteen. Ninety one little history, lesson O we got the Gulf War began August. Nineteen, ninety and it didn't officially end until February, twenty eighth, nine Huteen, Ninety one, which is my month there, but I'm sure you remember this mark. Just how, in your face this whole war was, you might actually remember t are Yo. I meanyeah it seemed like. The entire thing was aired on television, not like the the one. The early two, thousands, the one in the early nineties was all over the place, and not only were these T v outlets cashing out on the war, it or retailers there were operation, desert, storm training cards and I happend to have about. I don't know fifty unopen packs of these that I should probably give away on our facebook remind me o that maybe unopened backs Oh yeah dude ther God, you might be lucky enough to get like a Norman Schwarzkoff rookie case, geneal, Schwarzcof, Abe, amazing or Saddamcard, or some Shit Gijo even did it. They had the desert Apache the desert scorpion they had dusty and sandstorm. Everybody was trying to make a buck on this warp, but here's my high product there was also a lot of talk about all of Saddam's chemical weapons. Obviously, thist went on for years afterwards and the things that he could do if he was able to get these chemical weapons into the? U S. So what do I find an ad for for twenty four ninety nine or about fifty dollars in Twentad? Twenty? You can get yourself a genuine Isreli gas mask walsays Saddam is insane. We have many other survival supplies, also vwel how's that for the first top product you can get your very own Israeli gas masking. Let me tell you from wherein one of these in two thousand and four they suck ass, they're terrible. You can't breathe you fog up the glass so for twenty four. Ninety nine. This thing was probably the biggest piece shit ever now. Does the Israeli gas mask hold an advantage over l? Let's say the Swedish gas mask. I think I think 'cause it was like cheapily done. I mean if you look at a picture I'll, send it to you. Actually here LD T wasn't actuall. It was the Isrally Gas Bask Bate in China. It could be there you go mark, you could buy. Your very own. CENUWINE is look at the little soldier on the side with the little caption. Ok Joe says Saddam is in SA o. So that's an Israeli gas mask, that's what they called it. I always thought Thait's more of like the Larami tunsel model. You know, that's the one that you can like turn into a kidnacponexactly. You can connect a Bonb to it man. I know what you're talking about now. If you're familiar with the NFL draft, it is the same exact one that larame tunsel used about three years ago. It had em sliding down the draftpoard an he became. One of the best left tackles an football man, wat o Astar Weird he's like ninety percent of the rest of the league that smokes sweed weird. He just happened to do it the right way, but the important things is going to be safe from chemical weapons. Maybe he picked this up for twenty four. Ninety nine! That's of a deal man yea! It's cazy how commercialized the Gulf War became Hoit, Iser, sad and it's it e crazier 'cause. It's essentially like the rapifications of that war were obviously still dealing with. You know you could siy that the birth of terrorism I was looking for toys am flipping through newspapers, Dotcom and I'm just going page O page. Looking looking looking 'cause, I knew those g Ijo toys came out, but I didn't know when so I had to go page by page to find it and when I came upon that I was like that's fucking horrible, that's a horrible thing that nobody wants in their house, because it's frightening. Looking anyway. Anyhow, let's get on to the the funter of the two again February, Nineteen, ninety one I'm atkuy on a trip back to elementary school, and I wonder how many people ever think back to Valentine's Day when they were in grade school. Maybe if HEU had kids like, I don't know if my daughter ever brought home thirty Valentine's daycards, but back in the day, thosurest hell did. Yes, we Wul, our parents would buy em and we'd we'd sling them things out in the little envelopes and you K ow. You had to be careful who you gave what card to in Shick? Is You don't want to give off the wrong bibe? You know you didn't want to give your friend one that said B. Mine and your boy would be like what the fuck, what anhow since Valentine's Day is next week. Here's the pick so in nineteen ninety one, you can get yourself a w WF Valentine's Day Card set came with thirty two cards in the box to give out your classmates and just think how weird it is to give each person in your class a special Valentine's Day card like for stuff like what the hell were. We thinking doing that like giving a card to everybody, but L. let's look at this amazingly horrible set from the W have Valentine's daycard box. You could share with your teacher your crush just the rest of the whoole. Again I h third grade right to the first one that I came across. I found the box first and then I had to dig hem up to find each card from the set and they're fucking great. You can give a special friend a picture of Holcoge inflexing, with his eyeballs literally popping out of his fucking head with a caption that says you're my number one whol Kameniag Valentine, cre, fucking class and drink there. It gets better or you can give somebody the MISTR, perfect Valentine's Daycard, where he clearly looks like he's trying to Fart but he's also judging you at the same time, and it says you're the perfect Valentine for me and he's also topless. You know no Shiredon. These guys have no shirts you're giving Tese to other second graders or better. Yet you got the ultimate warrior card where he looks like he's. High on fucking Meth were screaming with his arms in the air. For no apparent reason- and nothing says I love you, like a half naked adult man and spidos standing on the rope saying wishing you the ultimate Valentine's Day or then you had the rockers with their feathered mullets and having a rock and Valentine's Day or carry vaneric saying this one. It Aid February fourteenth is the main event, of course, wearing nothing but speedowas ind, alluding to some special event. Looking Weird, then you had this one. This one takes the cake, though I think actually, no, the last two taped cake yet jake the snake straddling adude, probably some jobber in the ring and letting his snake just slither on the dude's face. Sayshere is looking at you Valentine I'. Let you touch witm a snake, then ve, the very last one that I came across. Maybe there was more cards in the set, but I dise the only ones. I can actually find pictures of my favorite right here. It's the WW Valentine's Day car to share with your second grade friends, a picture of the Liech Gina Doom clotheslining, some dude and starting to flip over, and it says what a rush Valentine or Alikewhatfox so yeah. So we TWW AV Valentine's Day cards for your friends in first grade and H, Israeli gas mask just in case you get Gasse by the way that was not the only year they made those cards like they cont to make those. Sadly hords. It was just an awful year, though, because if you looked at t t e selection of the people that they gave for these cards like Jake this snake carryvon Eric itwas, just l e a weird year- I mean I know it was Kindo like transitioning out they didn't get Rick Flare Until Ninety two. So it's I don't know it's just weird 'cause. Nobody really liked Hogan anymore in ninety one he was really fated and then you know you had the failed warrior, a champion experiment, so it's just a weird year to have a fucking Valentin's Day card from WWF, Avivalentine samps of steroids, all right. It's the final one point round: It's hot products: let's go down to judge rre temptin yeah, this one's going to go to man crush it really t e. I mean it's. This is like the ultimate succitude of of hot products here, what you talking about? Israli gas mask for Toie Jus, just amagine, getting like your eight year old and gas mask you look at the backyard. There is like with a gas mask on t s like is this sort of nuclear P nuclear apocalypse? What the hell is happening, anytime, somebody's merchandising marketing and trying to turn a buck on a war, yeah you're, a loser, America and then the WWF stuff. I mean what what doesn't say Hav Valentine's Day other than shirtless men Broy it up with weird sayings h. You know they would never say s like at like I was writing these. They were just like an intern they're like hey. We have these valantise a cars. We had a market CAE just write some captions for these the same people that write the rest of their programming tit's. True these days, like a tug bark that Shakespeareia drama God w. We watch it re religiously and it's just it's gotten bad again. It's just it goes back and forth and right now not good all right man crush. So it is two to one. You have control of the board heading into the first two point rounds. What category would you like? Next Man, all right? Let's go movies, alrigty, you're up all right February, eight n nineteen. Ninety one, when I was looking for my selections, I was actually hoping that when I was looking for movies that there was at least one sequel 'cause, you know. Obviously, let's face it like most sequels suck and the perfect pick for a worstof episode undoing decades would have to be a shitty sequel and uh Hollywood didn't disappoint. Here. I was surprised to find a movie that I hadn't seen since it came out. I actually forgot all about this movie, which M it makes it even a better pick. Actually, I believe I waited to see this one on cable 'cause. I was already close to fourteen years old at the time, so seeing a sequel to this classic from my little kid days. Wasn't that important to me and 'cause like any teenager at this point that was like thirteen or fourteen. I wanted more skin flicks? U Kno! I was watching skin and Max. I din't want to watch a fantasy book adaptation for my childhood. So that's where I'm going with this one anyhow. This movie came out six years after the original, which actually seems like a long time for a good movie to have a sequel, but that's because the author of the novel that it's based upon was suing the studio because he didn't like the first movie so at the box office, this one actually took in about seventeen million dollars, which is around thirty five million dollars in thusand and twenty, but it had an enormous nineteen. Ninety one budget of thirty six million dollars, which is about seventy five million dollars in thoeand and twenty. So this is a massive flop. H The film cast a young Jonathon Brandiss in the leading role as Baston, and I'm not sure that everyone is aware of this, but John Thon Brandi actually took his own life in two thousand and three T s sad 'cause. He was actually while I was looking at this. He died at twenty seven, so he's a member of that twenty seven club yeah, which is pretty fucked up, he hung himself yeah. He actually GE newa. He goes of that movie, it's possible, I'm glad. You know where I'm going with this. This is the follow up to the classic, Never Ending Story and it's titled, Never Ending Story to the next chapter. Ou and Hollywood didn't learn. They ended up, creating a third, never ending story that was even worse than this one. A couple of years later they had nothing to do with the book. At least the second movie tried to go over the other half of the book, even though they did it like haphazardly, and they left out like the basic message of the whole fucking book with fantasines yet, and then they revived it again in two thousand and one as a TV series that was all received way to go Hollywood. So that's my first pick. Thank you for giving me a sequel is never ending story too. The next chapter they should have just left the book unfinished and they would have been fine what'. They e running story, three piece of Shit stillnostill, not a it's th, the third one is got off. I remember seeing that on Cablei twenty years ago, it's fucking off the never ending story. Three redundant. I remember just the fucking do, of course ierealy remember is the giant flying dog yeah. Of course, that's all I remember about them. That's why you can't follow it up with the second one and that's why I forgot all about this movie until I was looking it up and I was like Holy Shit- that's right. They did try to fop this UV with another movie and it led to this dude killing himself, but I mean it was other stuff he had. I don't want to blame that movie. He his career, just Kinda, spiraled out of control af after the nineties, and he actually had a pretty good career in the nineties and it just withered away it's a pretty sad story, but you always see hem like you'll, be reading a sports article or something you know they have all those weird stories at the bottom. They want you to click. He has always a picture of Johnhan brandiss and it says here are celebrities. You didn't know who committed suicide and it's like a picture of him. fucking weird. I hate those stories. I know it's it Wa's weird. It's like they go withheadlies the people, A. I e click out. It's like. Why are people so morbid and always click it like, like I'm going to find somebody new out, I'm like no it? No it! No! It Oh he's dead. So did he win by the way? Did the writer win in his suing e the producers? I do not. I think they settled that's why they ended up getting the second movie. I think part of it was he wanted them to finish the story because they stopped it halfway through the book, but you know Hollywood, Heaven Ho Shit. Ah, but this second one. This is like the Mona Lisa of fucking shagarbage sh shit, movies, H February, Fifteenth, nineteen, Ninety one- This is a movie. I wished that I liked back then- and I remember I hated it so I went back and I watched it again today and I still fuck and hateit and after I go into it. If you want it's on you tube the entire thing, just listen o this cast. It's almost inconceivable that this movie could be bad Chevy Chase Dan Acroi, John Candy Demi Moor and, let's not forget, Humpty hop and Tupoc Er. Also in this you, how could this cast of just amazing comedians when a Razi, which is like the equivalent of the Oscars for Shit movies, Dan acroid, one worst supporting actor? Then they were nominated for five, more azis worst picture, worst actress, more supporting actress who is actually John Candy playing the role in drag and then worst director and finally wore screen play, and then they want a stinker award. I an nine hundred and inety one for a worse picture. Those are some fine acalades, especially for this round, and let's look at the box office for this, which is fucking blows my mind and even after watching it and seeing this number and how much they paid for this. I have no idea where this money went cept to Chevy Chase's pocket, as you could expect, with this cast the budget massive forty million dollars for a comedy, that's over eighty million dollars in Thousan and twenty it took in a wopping eight million dollars worldwide, which is about fifteen million dollars in twent and twenty se, a piece of shit massive flop. They could ama seriously. They could have made this movie with any cast and done it for thirty nine million dollars cheaper than they did and had the same exact fucking product. Maybe better. I don't know it's a midnight movie at best straight to rental type movie at best, and if it was, I totaly respect that, but it wasn't. It went to the movies, however, nothing but trouble by Dan acroyd. An friends is a monia mental disappointment again moving nothing but trouble. I rewatched it today. I still didn't like it. It's a giant turred sandwich the best thing I read about this movie. That sums it up. Somebody wrote a review and they wrote deliverance meets Texas, chainsaw masker on an acid trip with beetle juice and honestly I would watch that incarnation. Ten Times before, I ever watched nothing but trouble again. It's a fucking there's, not one part that I laughed at see. I quite enjoy that film, Oh you're, a fucking AE. You did not enjoy t the juking crap. The judge is Grat. He's got the little penit tip on his nose. The only fucking funny thing in the entire movie is that I, the tip of his nose, is Dick. therest movie is a huge pile of shit and ded aoy. It wrote it and yeah you'R he scree play and he directed it and it's that shitty. Oh, it's fucking see I've heard of this movie. I haven't seen it. I did not know that the cast was that good. You know why you heard of it because of the Hump hops or hop e help had a song. They had a video on m domilance yeah a with two two pocket that was like the first, the W asay in the video from nothing but trouble like on m TV would say it underneath in that little box of information, and I would always look at it as a kid and be like what the fuck is nothing but trouble 'cause. It must have been in the movies for like three days and H. I remember renting this back way back. I was in high school at the time I rented like years after it came out, maybe like ninety five. Ninety six and I was just appalled at how bad it was, and there's people like mark online that are like. Oh this, it's so like underrated. No, it's it's a piece of Shit! Well, interesting fact about that movie. It actually was the first and he last time Dan Akroad Gon to direct a film Wow shocker yeah o. There are actually a couple of other people that have that distinction, Jack Lemon did it in nineteen, seventy one with Coch and and bancraft actually did it. In Nineteen D. Eighty with the movie I have first for my movie selection. I bet you t's not as bad as this piece o shit release February. First, nineteen, eighty directed by Ann Bancroft and starring Dam dlouise. I give you the movie fat. So now I don't know if you guys have ever seen this. I distinctly remember when this movie came out when you are two W okay. I should revise that. I remember when this movie came out on vajazs, because I had an aunt who would rent it all the time she thought this was the funniest movie. Ever it's a comedy, starring, Dom delois Argtso right there, two thumbs up great guy. Well, the movie mostly consists of close up shots of him eating and or crying. The movie starts off with a close up shot of a baby, breastfeeding full titand mouth and then cuts to a small child young, Dom Delaise, looking at the child as the child pisses full stream right into his face, dothat's funnier than the entire nothing, but trouble movie. Well, that's were the comedy of this film ends because, after that, it's basically dome delouise's Uncle Sal dies and that sets off his uncontrollable eating disorder. So he tries to get help. The rest of his family keeps telling him that he needs to stop eating so much. He needs to lose weight so the reason he eats. So much is it's that emotional attachment ever since he was a little baby. His mom would always just give him food to make him happy. So he goes to this eater's anonymous group like Thi Self Health Group. They try to help him. He has a brother who tries to help hem. He actually chains up his refrigerator and tells his brother do not give me the key and if I ever ask for it here is a phone number to the to my help group and they will come over and help hem. So of course, Dome Delawes, not only a doesn't ask for the key. He holds his own brother at gun point to get the key just to open the refrigerator to get something to eat. So his whole support group comes over. They all just chill out for a little while calm the situation down, end up talking about food and then rip the fucking cabinet doors off the chains and eat all the food in the House Sa this is Fatso with Dom Delaese an is an absolutely crazy movie. It's basically dom delawi stuffing his face and crying forg most of the movie. And apparently this is the first movie produced by melbroks's production company, correct yeah. So it was. It was a failure to begin with, but I don't know how I mean the Great Anne Bancroft. I mean everyone remembers her from the graduate in her directorial debut she made so many missteps there's just scenes of this movie, that cut from scene to scene and they jump story lines. There's no continuing flow to it. But did you have three like Allstar Comedians? In a massive flop? I mean hall of fame, Comedians Chevy Chase Dan Acri John Candy. In a giant piece of Shi. You had one comedian, he had one Iharee, but much like yours. My one comedian wasn't funny at all. In this movie, either so b t there was piss in the face, that's funny of the entire movie, but it wasn't even dom dlaes. It was just so like some little kid was like hey. We need a kid to take a pitch shot in the face and the worst part is is the mother comes in, like the whole thing shot, p LV style, which is kind of eerie to begin with. So after the peace dream is gone, you just see a hand come in with a towel wipes the face and then shoves a doghnut in his mouth, like Pitts, still dripping off his cheeks and everything so yeah, that's fat, so dom delaise H, don't bother going to check it out. It's atrocious! I think we're going to stay with this eating theme on this one, all right, so this next movie, actually ten days after it premiered in Milan, the film was seized by Italian courts and the director was arrested and charge with obscenity. He was later charged with murdering several actors on camera and face life in prison. The cast had actually signed contracts saying that they wouldn't appear on any interviews other movies anywhere in the media. So when Director Ragero Diadaro filmed the movie Cannibal hollocaust- I don't know if this is a film you guys are familiar with. This movie is absolute trash, but maybe all in the best wells. It's not that it's not like. It's meant to be like that, though, okay. Well, let me tell you why it's trash. Of course, none of the actors were really killed in the film, so thank God, but who were killed worth dozens of live animals all the animals that you see killed in the movie. They actually slaughtered real animals on film. So yeah you can. You can guess how well that went for the director. He actually says it's his major regret in his film career, putting out this movie so yeah, it's a very difficult film to watch. It's very graphic, very violent. It kind of blurs the line between snuff, film and reality, and that's where a lot of people thought that this was real. Some of the scenes of violence and decapitation and disembowment are so realistic. They actually thought that those actors were killed so check it out. If you dare it's Cannibal Holocaust, it was released February, seventh, nineteen, Eighty! So that's what I got for my movies round. They actually killed animals in this movie yeah they killed like their pigs. There was pigs and turtles and a few other one wildlife yeah. They actually hurdles, pigs and fine with 'cause I eat bacon. I love it so this movie gets a sixty five percent of rottod tomatoes and they're killing animals on it, like that's amazing, to be sixty five percent of Rod Tomatos ar like ea but actual animals diet it. I don't care, it's still pretty good. I mean it's one of those things Tho like back in the day, they probably did shit all the time. Riht like now, you'd, never see any animals an a matter of fact at the end of the movies. Now that says, like no animals have been harmed and Blah Blah Blah Blah whatever it is. Wow that I was this s, this round was totally going to mancrush until you got to the Cannibal Holocaust. However, however, the never ending story, part too, which I thought I had just hallucinated as actually happening, and then nothing but trouble, which is in all starcast of Comedians and directed by DADACR, just fucking sucks. So it's it's even though Cannibal Holocaust, which is a great name for a movie and that's a crazy subplot and story. It still has to go to Bancrush, because that's just too just giant tured sandwich of movies, Cannibal Holocaust, don't shit on it, though. Like is it's? Actually it's not a bad movie. It's I mean it depends on what you like, obviously, but if you're looking for like that grindhouse, you know like reall, like you said with it, really is kind of like a snuff film and as a film, it's pretty fucked up, but it's that's what it was meant to do and just the subject matter alone is really weird, because it's not about what you'd think it's about really. The subtects of the movie is about media exploitation and about how movies and the media exploit people, but the film in itself is an exploitation film, but they're bashing people that exploit other people in the media. So it's kind of a a play on itself, which is who sided stor. It kind of cannibalizes itself really yeah. It's. I think it's on, prime, if you haven't seen that go to go to prime, I think it's free still ten. They kill a Bola constructor with Machetti, which is actually I kinda want to see that although a Squirrel Banke cabitated with the machedy- that's I don't remember that scene. I, the Turtle, one, is kindof sad, yeah arch, Churle, the capite, its limb, Shell and and trails removed yeah, but they they also H, think. I think this is that movie where they cut a Dude Dick off and they put it in his mouth, but not actually, but they didn't. Actually I don't know n you'll have to watch it spoiler. All right. Man Crush we're going to the fifth and final round. It is three to two: you are up. We are up to the music category. Would you like to go first, or would you like to defer I'm going to Deffer o'mtired to talk in Utah Again, all right? So for my first music entry, I got an album releas February. Second, nineteen, eighty and it is the final album we got from Andy Gibb entitled after dark it had one minor hit on it called desire and a couple of UH songs that were duats with the Libya Newton John. The album is currently not in printed all, but you can catch it on a few streaming devices if you dare to listen to an Andy Gib album right yeah because of the album's disappointing p performance gibb was actually let go from his RS l records contract that and his mounting drug problems that he had had over the years. But after the failure of this album they just couldn't keep hem on any longer, and this would be the final studio, full lingth album that Andy Gib ever would record so yeah. That's my first music entry, not a very good one I'll give you that it's after dark by Andy Gib. So if you're a big B Jis Fan- maybe you can get into this one to me, I listen to a little bit of this album all the bji stuff sounds the same, whether it's so low you, Cen, datedit's allth. You know they hit those notes: EALLTHE fucking Sutgest Oomao, which is ust slow down of the others, yeah all the songs of the exact same. So so. For my second song, this is going to be a song. You guys are going to be familiar with, but I am going to completely destroy it, for you go and I'm going to tell you what this song is about. It's actually about a boy who's sitting in his room with a just a photograph of a girl who just broke his heart. Now he's staring at this photo and he just doesn't feel like himself anymore. He feels like he's turning into a different person. As he's staring at the picture, he wishes that he had a doctor that would could take an xray picture of her, so we could look inside of her. So that's a little creepy. You guys catching on to this this song, and is it oun familiar? No, that's what this song is actually about. Thi Song that was released February, nint. Nineteen. Eighty as a single is turning Japanese by the vapors. That song is actually not about your own face. TOAE Panese, a tthe riters of the song, actually claim that it's a mishmash of teen anxst and that turning Japanese could be turning Israeli or turning Canadian or anything it's referring to turning. You feel like you're. Turning into somebody else that you're no longer yourself, I think that's just the bullshit story. They came up with when they got caught that they found out that they wrote a song about the face you make when you fucking come, but ey so yeah this song. It was a one hit wonder for the vapors. They never had another hit after this matter of fact, the very next year, the band disbanded, turning Japanese would also go on to be just be one of those songs that just get buried in your head and you just cannot get it out of your head. So for that reason to include it in the worst of so they didn't want. I seem like they wrote a song about the face you make whilyoure Fockin, which is the Japanese face, so they made up this combalent story about like wanting to see the insides of the girl, because they're so obsessed with her weird yeah that it's about a boy who's just heartbroken about a breakup and he's staring at a girl's picture. Then he feels that he's turning Japanese he's turning into somebody else. I think that's just some bullshit he made up on e spot because he didn't want. I be accused of running a dirty racist song. I I don't get it and that's a SAB by the way. That's so fucking, weird that you never like you sing and you never questioned why it's so weird, like I've see that song so many times and like now, I'm thinking about, like that's a fucking, weird thing to sing, like that's just a weird thing, to say, without wondering why the fuck at I singing this, why am I turning cappinway? Am I turning Japanese? Why do I really think that I am, I really think so all right. So those are my two musical selections for this final round, turning Japanese by the vapors and after dark by Andy Gib mancrush over to you all right so Februany, nineteen, ninety one! This is the eighteenth studio album by the ban Uri heap, trying to find a worse pick. Yeah, it's really tough, especially with music 'cause. You don't want to like pick something that's creaty you can. You can kindo just cheat and find something. That's super obscure that nobody's heard of and you win taround. We don't want to do that. We want to try to bring something that you guys have heard of before. So on this album with Youriheap, you guys some people musically like dry heap. However, this is their first album out of eighteen. This is thoir eighteenth auamn. At the time they just release ing Aeman twenty eighteen by the way that's Craz, b t this is their first album that they released that never hit North America. This album only was released in Europe in Japan wow. We just said we don't want it. Y They'relikesad Butthis is at the P at this point, Tis the only album that didn't chart for anything the ALTUM's name is different world. Obviously it's a different world that they didn't release Eshit in North America or Hewel actually buy CDs. It only was released in the same world that they lived weird, but the seed insert. This is odd too. If you were buying CDs back in the day of the nineties, you would always open it. Your cdin Sert would have the lyrics some information Baba well when you bought this album. If you did, if you found it, you weren't buying it n North America, so hopefully some Europeans are. Japanese people are listening. If you opened it up that see, the incert was blank. It was just plain white had no information in the inside of it, not something you'd expect from a band that put out eighteen fucking albums to this point B, t obviously Um. You know I couldhave grabbed something more sobscure than this, but Youre I heap releasing their eighteent studio, album to like a limited selection of the world and not putting any information into it and never charting on anything with this album when they did. For you know, years and years and years and like I said they just came out with another album, an they're still doing shit. It's just very bizarre. So that's why I threw this one on there as the first pick and that's Riah different world. But let me get to my second pick February, eleventh nineteen, eighty one, and I think everyone has a few songs when you're growing up you just cannot stand them like mark was talking about before you know, there's always something get's stuck in your head or th. They could have been hits a quote unquote for a certain period, but the artist or the band that releases them. They usually flame out like right. There afterwards, never to be heard from again and I'm talking about songs like BOP, for example. You know well, here's my nineteen ninety one version of BOP nineteen, ninety one, their band name, another bad creation. It meant something totally different in n nineteen, Ninety One, but in twosantad twenty I think the meaning is pretty spot on 'cause. They were definitely another bad creation, albeit on February eleventh nineteen. Ninety one they released the annoyingly titled C D. I fucking hate this. I don't even want to Tay at all ha pooling at the playground. You know that's the name of the CD. They couldn't have just left it and cooling at the playground. They had to add. You know makeit. Even worse, Sitty, hopefully shitty enough to win this music round and uh, but let's get to the annoying singles. OARE played every fucking day on my bus ride two and from school. Since my bus driver was a lazy, fuck and left on K, ne O four, which basically just repeats the same shitty nine songs all got M Day. The first song, of course, is playground which was written by twenty three year old, Michael Bibvons of Belbiv Deva and new eddition fame, but it was performed by kids that were like nine years old. She had this twenty three year old write a song for nine year olds, who were dressed in like these air brushed overalls with no shirts underneath which is fucking weirdest fuck anyway, it's almost as weird as as ww a Valentine's Day cards, and then you know, then they had Ayesha. I don't even get me started on that fucking Song 'cause they trie to like harmonize, Oh God awful. But let me just read you some of the lyrics from playground, merchilling cooler than a squeak kicking dirt. All my sneakers suckers on the corner, looking down at their beepers. They couldn't get a job or a nice home, so they want to stay and wait for the paphone. Take Joejo he's the youngest girls jock him 'cause he's reverse dressed strolling through the neighborhood sweating their brother. Trying to see why he's doing good sounds a siren, tit rolling through the park trying to make another hit. Little do they know soldiers legit, I'm not sayin this to put nobody down. It is what I see at the playground and I'm going to fuck it up for you. You know so the see ow these fucking bars are written by some twenty year old and he's given it to some nine year old wrapping about beepers and the sneakers, and God knows what, if I wanted to hear kids do rap or any song in Nineteen Nety one I would have just turned on kids incorporated. I didn't need this, yet you know at this point I'm in eighth grade. If I want to listen to rap and listen to ice cube or fucking public enemy, I'm not listening to another bad creation. No, I was more of a Cris Cross guy, oh Yeh. This is what I thought of I thought exactly Chris Cross when ere talking about him, Mimeer Eng heard of another bad creation. I always wanted to see them fight. You know like at a mall somewhere just throw down another bad creation versus Chris Cross. Well, it just seems like there was just not like just a very uncreative adult that was like R I' going to make music that's going to be really Shitty, but if it's kids Theyon't think people will like it like that's. That was the idea here is like. If a kid says these horrible Erics, then people will like it more. Oh Man and I'm sure I butchered it even more than they did, but the outm actually iy went platinum while in in nineteen ninety one 'cause we're all fucking weak and we decided that it was good. But then they came out with Thas is what I was talking about, like these bands that come out wi h these really terrible songs that get stuck in her head and then they come out with a follow up and they came up with their follow up. I N Nine Ted n inety three, where I don't know where these kids ca turned like seven years old. I don't even know how old they were at this point. They still look like they're that young literally theywere handing out fucking Valentine's Dacard tat school, but it was so awful that no one cared it didn't hit any just nobody cared athis album came out and the band just disbanded shocker no more another. Bad creation had one and done man just like the vapors man. That was it one and done an thedand the next year. This one is tough, this one's very tough. The only way I ever remember another bad creation is the random ABC name drop in Motown Philly by boys to men. whers, like ABC BB D, See if this was the best of month, I would have killed it in this month, like I had so much yet to came out Feborin. Anyone and one of those was boys to men, came oufr their debut album, Yep a bcbbd. It all came out of like the same people, not to help you out with your pick or anything, but you had on one high end. You had boys Tomen and then from the same producers. Yalso had another bad creation. This round goes to Mancrush, because the very athle named another bag of raicant, arcue wit s token shitty band, was wit heik would ve it better believe that this album sold a million copis to go platinum like what to fuckw like. Why were we listening to this going? Oh, this kind o catchy Ino, it's not, and if you watch the video and once they got to Aisha, Oh God that was actually, I think I usualy came out PR. I think I hit my freshman year like later in ninety two, when IISHA hit, probably like towards late summer and God, what a terrible fucking song that was, I don't know how they sold that many albums you're right man, nd crush. I think the only thing we can compare it to today are all those like Asshole, utube, kids, like dam, gdm and stuff that have like twelve million subscribers, who the hell is watching that shit, what ye H, who the hell as listening to another bad creation. I you know honestly like a couple of weeks ago. I think I messaged you when Wewere doing this, my wife, my daughter and I wewere listening at like old night and like music, and these two were like dancing to it, and I was just like putting on random music. I did not put on ABC purposely. I saw that song in my spot offynand. I was like no that fucking shit o going on and we might have done Chris Cross 'cause. That's the wickedy Wegey Wekeo back but H. no, we didn't do ABC no way all right. Well, once again I fall to the mighty mancrush and lose yet another battle that was close, Il sweating yeah. That was a close one. I was very surprised. I H. I lost that one. I thought I was going to pull that out there, one with Cannibal, Holocaust and FATSO. I thought I was getting that momentum, but you know what 'm just turning Japanese. I guess I don't know, but wow don't worry dolers. If you guys have missed an episode, you can always head back on dualing decades, dotcom where you could subscribe to our episodes on facebooks spotify. I tunes wherever you get your prodcast really now Ari. I want to say thanks a lot for coming tonight. Being the judge tell all of our listeners where they can hear your programs appreciate a Matya, serious exm on big twelve Radio Chan, three, seventy five, seven to ten M, but following Hou to uter at Oura Sports Fyou're, a cowboys fan, dals cowboys, Fan, Goceko yto Pge O do a lot of great cowboys videos there. It's Utu dtcom Fort Slash, Ra sports ar it already thinks again for being our judge tonight. Now, if you're going to be on the interwebs anyway, head over to facebook, dotcom forward slash dueling decades, like Mancrush Seid earlier enjoin, our Private Group there, you can share some of your very own memories and join in on our trivia as well. So until next time dolers were going to bed ju a piece, love Lightin, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone infeirmay media