Dueling Decades
July 24, 2019

Time to get into the Abnormal! A Supernatural Retro Encounter between 1989 & 1999

Time to get into the Abnormal! A Supernatural Retro Encounter between 1989 & 1999

This time around Mike Ranger takes on newcomer to the show Brent Hand from the Hysteria 51 Podcast to duel over the Supernatural. Brent comes armed with spooky selections from 1998 to try to squeak out a victory against fan-favorite Mike Ranger and...

This time around Mike Ranger takes on newcomer to the show Brent Hand from the Hysteria 51 Podcast to duel over the Supernatural. Brent comes armed with spooky selections from 1998 to try to squeak out a victory against fan-favorite Mike Ranger and the Supernatural selections from 1989. Marc and the Mancrush serve as dual judges for this great unforgettable battle! I may not be psychic but I can tell you are gonna love this episode of Dueling Decades! Continue the debate online at facebook.com/duelingdecades


Informay mediapeople engaged Juli cave the Pixi O Pla, but tot fo Im ran again upon that cap, ut top the power gopcome fight for what you lovenwho com to Poe pe COPI, Tancrita, pa et to Poe Cap Woul, take a grave, a O, Balla hisick. I am mad a t, Ano comefigt, for what you love Onas rodgasting from the Bioba Day, studios wher water. Does it better? It's the AJULT audio retro game, show where the eighties and nineties do battle, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dueling decades. Let's meet this weeks dolers and the decades they will be fighting for. First off a newcomer to our show he's the cohost and producer of the hysteria. Fifty one pod cast rent hand. What is up how's it going y? I I am here for the nineties and I have nineteen ninety nine we're going to party tonight, I think, is the the only thing we can do and his opponent is a vecturindoour program and the host of the video Rangers podcast fan favor. It is back Mike Rainger Oeverone, I'm I'm Mike Ranger and I have been sorting through all of Robert Stack old underwear, I'm a big collector and en I'm O Salv the mystery. What's the genre, what are we doing? Did you say? No, I didn't no. I was asking I was asking Mor remember if he said it. No, I thought they were going to introduce the allright. Well, we did a terrible job. We suck sorry Gosh had one job, that's fine, we're doing supernatural this week. Yes, I think you guys ca y. u you pandered to me a little bit a Litt alittle bit Justt Ol. We figured we'd, give you something in the wheelhouse Bein a rookie here on the show yeah 's, it's my first time. Be Gentle! That's all! That's! Why you're going against me? Man 'cause! I don't Never Mike you're coming off a fucking win man! That's that's debatable! Ohi Trust me. I can debate on that all day long and has always here on our show. We need someone to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. So let me introduce you to tonight's judge, or should I say, judges yeah on this episode mark in the man crush, will team up to be the Walldworphin statler of the supernatural. That's right, 'cause! I don't know if I could do this one on my own. This would almost be like true crime. wher itd be bit confused. So I'm glad I have somebody to bounce things off of come to an intelligent decision on each round. You know Kinda go from there. ourenlines and gentleman. The following contest will be held under dualing decades rules. The judges coinflip shall aside, who picks first out of the five duelling decades categories, movies, television, music, news and hot products. A judgis ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: Apiece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all, five rounds, listen up. Duelers you smell something it's time for more Jew Taos. Sorry, I was me you have something to flip y I'm looking around. I don't have anything good to flip. I have the old fashioned quarter, oh even better. I don't think, oddly enough Neve, all thee tons off we've had on this show. No one actually ever used he quarter. This is the first I'm a big fan of toss off. So I'm glad it came tonight. The loser has to do the toss office. That's how the game goes. All right, Horri brank call it heads Ar jails, Al Igh tails and it is heads his head es, Alra, I'm off to a race and start already all right, Mikce Ranger! You have control of the board. What will be our first category? Well, we're gonna we're going to go wit news there more, I'm Gong, to tell you why 'cause, I only found one topic, O C, but don't worry I'm Gong to talk about it for like twenty minutes, so we because on June, seventh n nine hundred and eighty nine on w PIX channel eleven if you're in the New York Trie State area ered a two hour TV special called the exploring psychic powers live, the show was hosted by the incredible hulactor bill bigsby and offered a cash prize of a hundred thousand dollars to anyone who could demonstrate genuine psychic powers. The show had performances by Penn and teller, but it was famous magician, sceptic and debanker James Randy, basically like interviewed all these psychics and people that claimed that they had all these powers. He basically made him look stupid the entire time he spent most of his career investigating supernatural claims. Multiple People Um that claim to be gifted, had opportunities to prove their abilities and one by one the hilariously fall flat on their face, Love Wen that happen. Yeah Um Sylvia Brown who's, a famous psychic, was on the show and she's going around the audience and she's telling people like that. She can feel their Ora and she she she's asking people like all these questions about people in their life and like at one point she's like is there anybody in your life named bill? That's likeyeah and it's fucking great, just watching or just fail N, not a one, no bill! Sorry, Yeh! No, sorry, I don't know do you know anybody, that's tall and athletic? Oh Yeah, a man, you know what you meant that died: Yeah Nothe Guy, I'm talking about the guy with the nose and the hair t used to wear shirts and ha sometimes Wen. You can't hardly wait reference E had hair and we're shirts, sometimes as they're fucking licking the Watermelloand, Pat Nice, classic Jason Seagall right there all right. So you only have this one. Let me, let me ask you a question where you geting further. Is this? So it's more of a news story or TV story H! That's what I was thinking about like for a while, because it did air on t V, but it's really kind of more of like an investigation or like a trying to like prove that a lot of these psychics that claim to have all these abilities are really just fraud and Li e, I believe, sylv Sylvia Brown, eventually in ninety two. She was proven guilty of fraud- nice. It's just amazing because, like they had this in eighty nine, but then through the nineties, where we grew up, we had the psyche, Frence and Wcoino theswhich funny, as I actually went back, and I watched this whole special last night. It's on you too, and it's pretty interesting and at one point Randy's quoted, is saying h. We can conclude our brief examination of predictions with this observation in the week. Prior to this show, it is especially interesting to know that no one, known or unknown predicted the unspeakable bloodshed in China, the death of the Atola Kamini or the horrible explosion, an train reck and Russia, which claimed over eight hundred lives. It makes you wonder, doesn't it right didn't see that coming nostradamas? But you picked everything else I wa ill on that train. Do you know someone who once rode a train now was this before or after Penn and teller? Did that whole thing where they exposed psychic surgery and the myth behind that actually early toot? That was bullshit right, ther tolshit yep before they had done it in bullshit? I know and like they d go into it a little bit in one of their earlier movies, and I didn't know if it had spawned out of out of this Mike so well they they are on it. They do a bunch of like they do their act, pretty much e they're KINDOF, like entertainment, but there is some of that stuff on there th like that kind of surgery, people walking on hot coals. You know a lot of that. A guy that, with these like two weird sticks, who claims he can find water, dowzing Aot, O Ayeah, we know a, we know all about the dowzing rods. Am Our friend CARALUSHA UNA, all right! So Mike has one story. Couldn't ee find us a bat boy story? That's a big negative there, but I didn't want to go with any faink news. I'm glad no pas no patterns in the news. No time I was worried about the integrity of the show, all Righta right over to Pren and Bren. Well, preserving the ATT integrity. I did find two stories. The first one. This on was a huge one. I remember all this going down H and you'll understand why it falls under supernanural, so judge Bunett denies. This is back in nine Teen D. Ninety nine judge Benett Denies Damian Eqell's argument that his defense team was ineffective in the original trial. ANANIES ECO echoes a peal for a new trial. That's might sound familiar because it was the West Memphis three. They were tried for Satanic, ritualistic killing of three boys back in the early nineties and the Westomenpas three are known. They were like. I said they were convected as teenagers in ninety three for the murder of three boys in West menpis, Arkansas, damenackles, Jesse, Miss Kelly and Um Jason Baldwin accls was actually sentenced to death and they were all imprisoned h for years and years and years until N. Two thousand and Tin, a decision was made. They they took an Alfed plaand were finally released from prison and AWFRD PLA says M, I'm still guilty, but I'm I'm maintaining my innocence and they're going to. Let me out- and I don't know if you guys ever saw paradise lost or any of the documentaries about them. They, these kids, listen to heavy metal and- and you know, read stuff by Antone, lave and stuff like that. So theye like well the worship Satan, so we we they had to have killed these boys. Absolutely no questions aske. This is like you know, heart of the Bible Belt, Bs back in the day, yeah Fr Dude, that's now. This is probably the third time that the West Memphis three is popped up, and the last timet was during the true crime episode two epercotes ago Joe had that I think it was his movie pick and he was talking about Um was they that paradise loss? was that the O that he was talking up yeah and it's all come up for completely different reasons. It's not like the same instance or same Dat. It's all been related or tied to something else shows the importance and the cultural significance of that event as it really reached. 'cause we've talked about it in movies, Music News, it's really yeah. The other episode was the horror episode that was Dave picked out. I think now, if somebody pulls out a WEST MEMPHIS, three hot product, I'll be right. West menwas, free, signed, Satanic Bible that we wordered off O amoon. I get the commemmorative plate, damn th, that's a huge deal of the nineties and Oh man, what it extends on. You know, n well until into the two thousands Um all right cools. That's your first pick! What's your SEAIC, so my next one! This was kind of interesting to me and it falls right in the Seveneno in ninety nine, the library of Congress added Nihtof e living dead to the National Film Registry to join other films deemed culturally, historically or aesthetically significant, and if you're not familiar with, that is s the original Ninetnen and sixty eight movie by Georgea Ramero, but it made the news because it Wa the first crazy movie like that that was put into the library of Congress and it's Sombis who who doesn't live a good Zombi. That's such an important thing, exactly Wel, my God. It started the whole genre yeah and whether you realize it or not, we all own that movie, that is public domain everybody nowns not to the living dead, so go watch it burn it to DVD, have fun with it with your family. It's a classic, make make your own rift tracks know and post on you to Bou can go to town with it all right. So there are two from Brent and one from Mi. What are you thinking on this one? Hell? Let you kick it all all right? Well, Mike, you only came with one news story, so I'm really wondering what else Yo really could have paired that up with. It is a good news story, though, because I remember a around that time. Eighty nine. Ninety there was a big push in the media to get rid of. You know this. This psychic Ora n supernatural and kind of expose it for what it was, and you know that it was shenanigans. You know I remember a lot of different news stories like that, but you did only come with one Bren. You got the West Memphis three again for the third time on our show, an important story and not as a living dead come on. You can't argue with that and not as a movie, but a news story, a your story, but that's Kinda, Weird S, I have to say man crush, I'm kind o leading to give Mi the one point to Brent on this round. Yeah. I think it's. It's definitely teetering a lot that way and for you now two reasons: one, the West Memphis three thing like growing up through the nineties. I really didn't care too much about it, so it wasn't. You know I didn't really notice it. I know it was in the news, but it was just a story. Whatever you don't care about, that Ntil you're become an adult yeah exactly it's not like a story that you care about when you're a teenager- and you realize these kids, when you look back at this and adult you're like holy crap theyere like my age, yeah ex, not really that different than me- and it is kind of scary. So, but just in terms of the show- and this popping up three times in three different categories on three different episodes with completely different genors just goes to show how much legs this has. So I I have to also go wit, Ninete, ninety nine, on this. Just for that the other story. Obviously, if you pair that up against Mikes nothing thatil also beats that so and it's Niall Right Bren, you got control of the board. What category Iranik H, let's go to television this time, so the first one supernatural in ninety nine Buffy, the vampire slayer spins off its new show angel. It runs from ninety nine to two thousand and four and the show deteils the ongoing trials of Angel David Boreanus, I think, is how you say a vampire who got his soul given back to him by Gypsies. 'cause, that's you know everyone's got that story and he's he is tortured by the thoughts of all the horrible things he's done. So that is number one angel. I do you remember what you look like. He always looke like you was smelling a bad fart in the o when he turned into the demon they like pushed his nose up a little bit. Oh Yeah, all the vampires yeah. The makeup was the same for all of them. Yeahthey I seen so yeah. That's my first one. You know nothing too crazy there. The number two because we're doing supernatural I had to throw this in x files season, seven started in ninety nine and it takes place after the destruction of a syndicate which I don't know if you watch the show as huge and you finally find out that season. What happened to molder sister David Ducovany Played Fox Moldar. The whole show he thought his sister was abducted, so you learned the the true fate of his sister Samantha and the season concludes with moulder being aducted by aliens and Denisculli learning that she is pregnant with his child. Spoilers Yeah, hopefully, you've had a little bit of time, spoil alert all right Mike Ranger. What is your T v offerings ht this time. I've got two, so that's a plus yeah I've already lost it, so beedle juice, the animated series ran from September ninth ninehuteen and eighty nine to October twenty six and nineteen ninety one on ABC. There were four seasons in ninety four episodes. The series followed Lydia and her best friend Beatle juice in the nether world, a supernaturalistic realm inhabited by monsters, gols and ghosts. The series was produced by Tim Burton. It was one of the first series to be broadcast across multiple networks and on a daytime emy for best animated series in Nineten nd ninety, so it was just yndicated. Basically e was doing so well for ABC on Saturday mornings that they ended up, showing it on Fox, like the the reruns as it was going, and it was one of the first times that something like that had happened, wow so thatthat's good right. I don'teven know of anything else where I've seen, I mean, obviously, we've seen syndication and we see it pop up on like UPN and WPIX, and all these like butaoe an Ern Sho. No, no, it's it's a little weird, like I kind of remember that G, not at that time, but when Seinfeld was still on. I do remember that Kinda being on other Charlie Yeah. I never did thet used to say like also in syndication or something like that. It had something across the bottom of the e something there was something I can't remember exactly what it was, but yeah yeah all right what you got for your second one Mike All Right and my my second pick. Thank you mark Um was uh on June tenth Ne Hosan, nine hundred and eighty nine on HBO launched a Horror Anthology Series called tals from the crit, based on the comic series of the same name. The show ran for seven seasons in ninety three episodes hosted by the unforgettable cripkeeper voice by John Casser. I I hope I tell you say his name I'll always bee with that. I always thought it was cassier, but I could be totally fucking wrong. Some guy named John, which we always are in pronunciation so ye I'm horrible m. The show success led to various spin offs across cartoms films and a game show and also a radio series. The complete series was reissued in a box set on June sixth, two thousand and seventeen tails from the cript and two movies. I believe yeah came up that too answer them. Izonedhelping you out you're rigt along G, all right, so l, let's take a look at theese mark. No, this is a pretty solid round. Man Y I mean we got angel and X. files versus Beatle juice entails, from the correct, I'm really urious to see what you think all right. Well, I a I have to give the edge. I always give the edge to debuts over unless it's like a real hallmark like watershed moment and I think the x files it Kinda is because a sister thing and the other watershed moment. I think in that I think season eight is where moulders gone right. Is that where he finally eight on nine, I get like contract dispute and Hesyeah. Actually, it must be because that's why he's abducted and he's not as he comes back, he wasn't on for twenty episodes. Yeah H, if you would ave, threw out the season with Um the tw one thousand th re. What's his name Um Oh yeah, Yeah Robert Yeah, Robert Patrick Yep y. If you were Threu that out, that's an automatic loss 'cause that I lost the she I completely stopped when they brought him in and then they brought that other chicken that show went to Shit. You knountil boulder came back. You know it's KINDOF big, but I don't think it's it's bigger than tails from the cript. In my eyes, I'm going tells from the cript over that and Mikes pick of beatle juice being the debut I gota len towards eighty nine, really yeah yeah wow. You know what I actually saw the exact same way, because I one I was never a huge x files fan. I'm sorry, you know it just wasn't a show I really got into so I can't speak on it with any knowledge 'cause other than O, so many fans would fight you right now, but ye yeah. Well, if you want to talk about cheers with me, I can go Chotato, but my wife and I are rewatching the entire sears cheer sears that cheers series right now we're on season. Three. Isn't it right best show Everman, it's so fucking good! I love cheers holds up. Let me let me ask you Mara, what didn't you like about xpile? Did you ever start it from the beginning? I did. I did I again. I just the pacing of the show wasn't a huge fan of the company's acting when he was younger. I saw him and I'm like what is this fucking Spooky Red Shoe Diaries? I don't know I just I couldn't get into it and the story lines jumped around too much. It wasn't a continual story, like you saw with the Sigyam yeah it g. It gets there's an overart arking thing that goes on, but and I didn't realize that inte time yeah all right, fair enough, but beatle juice, the animated series. You say what you will about that cartoon. It was a success. I really dug the animation style on that so entails from the corript. Absolutely legendary one of my favorite T v shows of all time. So micranger ties up the game at one apiece and takes control of the board. I'm sorry, neither one of US mentioned Brent's other pick. Ah, was it out because it was OAIA, Yoi wouldnt like to say about Angel. Besides him, always looking like he's smelling Afart, how is it I David Boriane? She talk about bad actors that dud sucks and he gets in these roles. Ben On ifteen watbones, I think, is his sho that he's been on forever yeah terrible. It's because he's housewife, masterbatian fater. That's that's the reason man ask my life. She knows, but that Wasnat debut I got A. I got to give you that ECAUSE, I didn't say it before so o it was the debut it was DAB. allright go ahead. My all right we're going to go with my my next worst ca category, we're going to go with music. Oh, I can't wait. Oh I've been waiting for this category. Okay. So on August first, one Ouan, nine hundred and eighty nine Madonna released the third single offher like a prayer, album titled Cherish and a song called supernatural was on the B side. H. What's interesting about that song is that it was recorded during the like, like a pair of sessions, but was not released on the album. So the only way you get it is on that single and then they rerelease it later on spot offie, yeah, so supernatural, nice, good fines, big hit Um and then on June twentieth, nine hundred and eighty nine. We saw the release of the ghostbusters too soundtrack producing hit singles like Bobby Brown's on our own and ghostbusters remixed and performed by RUNDMC. Yehwhich is horrible, litly, atrocious man. They ruin that Shit. The only time RUNDMC has ever sampled something and made it worse like for the purpose of their own music. It was bad is like that new. Have you heard the new lion, King Song and trasking me if I've listened to the new linging? So what's that song, it's like can youyea. What's the name of that son is t, can you feel lovinside whatscan? You feel the love tonight. I think tonight, whatever insil John Right inside yousobthe new one sucks balls like it's terrible. The newso people are like sucking its Dick. I don't know why fucking bad, that's Becausep, people's musical tastes have gotten so fucking bad right God. Anyhow, I I sorry didn't mean I goo O change a so. We got madonnas release of supernatural and Gost Munsters, two soundtrack. I actually like to go o spreces to soundtrack. Oh my God! Well, you know Hos have that Um. I, like the Bobby Brown jam, et's catchy a shit dude yeah, but it's also got this aw on that place. At the end, when they're in the fucking statue of Liberty, like Yo Lov, is livling in methat's Grean, that's a great t, like God, guys it's Jackie Wilson, the toaster loves it tost. There was a fan, alright, prent, all right, so music, my first one, a huge, huge album. So many so many singles came off at Carle, Santana supernatural. Ninety nine smooth is played everywhere. Rob Thomas was on vocals, also Maria Maria, and put your lights on with Everlastwerewe're huge H, singles out ther commercials sucessit reach number one, an eleven countries, Includin the: U S for twelve weeks and it certified platinum. Fifteen Times the fursong smooth the first h charting single off there. It was actually charted h on the billboard hot one hundred for twelve weeks. Maria Maria was in the U S for charts for ten weeks and it sold over thirty million copies and it won a whole bunch of grammies Eigt grammyes. He actually tied Michael Jackson for the most grammy's in one night off of Taa. Yes yeah, so it was a huge, huge album and you couldn't escape it, and you know the first couple of years after it came out. I got a quick story about that right when that album dropped. I was in college, and I had my radio show, which of course focused around Jambans Hippi bands, so putting together my playlist, I would contact the publicyst for all these different bands and artists, so I contacted the publicist for Santana talked to her about my show, and she sent me Santana's press cit and a bunch of his CDs to play on Thir Station, and she was telling maybe yes Antana's, about ready to come out with this new album and we think it's going to be pretty big the next month. It was supernatural that drop Soyeah yeah did he come on? No, we couldn't get him on because of the album she's like Shit's, going to get pretty crazy. I got the press cat and a bunch of the greatest hitc stuff to play and a little preview of what was coming on the album, so that was a Gotem Yeah God, those normous. My second one H is the battle of Los Angeles by rage against the machine. Now, if you're not familiar, battl Los Angeles was a February twenty fifth and forty two battle in Los Angeles, also known as the Great Los Angeles air raid, they were rumors that it couldhave been in Japan that was attacking along story short that night. They fired over. Fourteen hundred twelve point: eight pound anti aircraft shells into the sky, thousands of fifty calibr round a gunfire at something it's a famous photo. If you look it up, there's a bunch of spotlights that are are on something that looks like a ufo. So people said it was a UFO. They fired at it for over an hour and it slowly left the AIRCS brace and they hit nothing and there's also videos off of that. OThe vie testify has aliens in it and it was produced by Michael Moore, so kind of a double on the the supernatural part. They ever figure out what it was now peop. So the official said that you know if it wasn't the Japanese people, it might have been a weather balloon, but the last time I heard weather balloons aren't you know, impervious too y notonly that antiaircraft shells that were just exploding and is was not ninety nine. So it's not like Hologram technology and herwell excels were that good. This is o forty two. This happened in forty two, but the the the battle of Los Angeles rage you against the machine. They named an Albu Aso, so forty two or even more yeah, and it it just destroyed all all sorts of things in Losangeles ecause. These shells go up and they come back down and it destroyed cars and- and I don't think anyone died, but uh yeah horrible horrible thing, God it's so amazing that they love using the weather balloon. That's like their number, especially back. Then it was always ohs the weather lyoh ar fifty one dollars O weatherin. They still use that shit. Man, man, I tell you what it's funny we had a guy call in. We talked to me send I some Stuf Sese pictures he's like I'm out in the Desert Mane. I don't know what this is and it's it's Movind, it's spinning on its own and he senenchis G PSCORDINE and we put it in the Google and immediately there is a radar balloon that people always mistake for fo there, I'm like it's pretty much a weather below e, I'm like sn. I don't even want to say it is, but ye we just start making weather buns that look like Ufos Rightwell. Obviously they already do yeah ther's that UFO identification post. I don't know if you've seen it and every one of them says like weather, balloon, weather, balloon, weather, Blo, swamp gas, weather balloon and there actually is a weather balloon is: Is UFO WHYDON'T? They just write, fucking weather balloon on IT S. nobody questions the fucking thing: they're, not shooting the bullets at it. It's because weather balloon is actually alien for attack vehicle, so they go. It loses something in the translation, atiole e. Why wouldn't the aliens just come here in all weather balloons in atact? You would never know they're impervieus to to shelling and fifty calitor fire too so aho. I fan crush start off the ruling on this round when he al see well Mike started out with you know the supernatural by Madonna. The Bee side to cherish, I believe, is what he said. Yes, so yea T, I give him credit for that t's, a nice deep cut right there that he found, but you know putting it up against supernatural by Carlos Antana, is like bringing a knife to a gunpoint like thes. There's, no comparison I actually didn't realize. I knew it was huge, but I didn't realize that it's old thirty million, as as fifteen times plat um, its fucking nuts, I mean when you think about m the last morset album that we talked about a couple of sodes back, which is like, I think, the number seven all time, and that was thirty, five, thirty six million. So that's huge numbers, that's you know top tin figure. Then the fact that it had et war AAA granes to go. You know, so that's huge. I I definitely definitely got to go. Nineto nine yeah reminded me of a westside story, T in the shocks yeah. I gotto agree with you on this one. You know the ghostbushes two sound track was kindof cool and that's a really deep cut on the Madonna one, but supernatural's just one of those great altime, albums and BATTL. For Los Angeles. That's just a really cool story: Man Yeah! It's a cool story, A D: That's that's a good fine man that dig that up and obviously you would put two and two together. I think a lot of people o just you know: Yeah Yo, don't know what that means. You probably would have just overlooked at sure during owner appreciation month, well qualified returning, Grand Chekee lesses get a low molage lease on select Twentyn, twenty Grand Churkameo e, four by four models and dealers stock for two nineteen a month for forty two months, WIRH, three thousand and seven. Ninety nine to I signing tax title license extra call, one eight O eight. Ninety Five G POR details requires duo, contributintly, Surprisereu capital on old this twenty percent inventory of twenty twenty twop Cherokey and the ratal models. As of one three, twenty twenty and doer stock, Curlis Mustn by two one twent, a d: Twenty one extra charge for miles: ofe, thirty, five thousand residence Istricks on supply, Teni by two O Thoen twend and twenty cheap as a register trademark. All Right Brent, all right, two point rounds. Well, let's start it off with hot products. Here we go Mike's Favorite, the first one. This was a big one huge and it even got bigger. After this, the book Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Ascavan as Coman, I think s Yo say, is released. It's a third Harry Potter book in the series by JK Rowlingh and that one that actually follows: Harry botter, young wizard in his third year at Hagwartz, along with his friends, they are trying to investigate serious black and escape prisoner from Askavan, who, they believe, is one of Lord Voldemordt's old allies. So, and that was actually one of my favorite movies of that they made into wothat's a really dark one right, liit's yeah, there's yea dish right, you don't know, what's happening and the kind of flips and twists at the end and yeah. It's a lot of fun. It was a lot of fun. Let it be known. This is the very first time in our program. I believe Harry Potter has ever been Brown up yeah. I always look for it. I sware every time we've had the nineties. I look for hot products. I always look for a Harry Potter book, but I'd never gotten it. So yeah. Congratulations and she's also been in the news JC rolling because she keeps going back and like rewriting people's back storyss pissing everyone off like making people gay or doing like you know so, and so as into Bety as thm shes tell all these things ontwitter and it's like freaging people out and she's like. Oh, you didn't know haggard. When he's not working these uh, you know l Ke masterbating on fungus. I don't know like where Shit like that she's doing, th pissing everyone o Tucking Lars man he's a Littl, oner yeah just keep keeps herself and those stories relevant n people talking about it right right, right, right, good for her. Nobody has. Nobody has a lunar story that would have totally one year theround. That's kind, O supernatural right, like people that have erotic fantasies about popping balloons with their asses you've, never seen it before, go one. You TUE and just look up luner yeah ballooner. I it's in isn't the same genee as like cake, fart videos, or something like that. Probably. But it's like a real deal thing like these people really love like they get off to like popping balloons at their asses, but I digressed again going off intancon all right number. Two, this one was huge, even though it turned out to be a TURRD. Hot Products was like the number one selling things that your star wars, toys, the fan, O menace came out and the toys were everywhere again and all these guys that were old enough now were buying hem and keeping them and put hem in boxes and stuff like that, so yeah, but yeah darthmall and all the new Quagonjan. They were huge in ninety nine also brought us George rbinkgs tow. I left I left it out. I was just about to say Brend, I'm going to give you extra points for not mentioning the ones we do not speak of. I left it out on purpose. I will never, I think, that's the second episode in a Roan that George rbinks's name came up, who I named a character like it was a Jarar Big's character from a movie, the remided e Carge, our baks just ruins everything di. We can't forget about him 'cause. He was pretty much the biggest piece of Shit about that movie that 'v kind of just ruined it that in the four hour fucking racing that they didn't need right right and you know Middi Clorians, it's it's IT'S CRAP! That's inside you and H, yeah. I don't know yeah, not a good one. No, no! No! But it's a lot toys any star wars. They couldhave been like lukeshit toy yeah yeah weeks. That would have been a number one cellar Mike Ranger. What a e you got for hut products, man all right! Well, in August, nineteen and eighty nine, the segagenesist launched in America with a homeport of a hit arcade game Rom. One thousand nine hundred and eighty eight packed in that game was altered. Beast the game takes place in ag ent Greece and you play as a Centurian who is resurrected by Zeus, to rescue Withthena your character uses power ups to change into different kinds of beasts. Anyone who's ever owned or playd, aseticagenesis or mega drive remembers this game. It was ported in multiple systems and continues to see releases to this day. If you buy a segaplug in play or a Siga collection, this game is always included. Who can forget Zeus's voice over in the beginning of the game, telling us to rise from your grave thiswhall romularity in arcades it was. It was not the packing game that sold the the PSEGHOGENISIST. That honor would go to sonic the HEDGEHOG. A few years later, I actually have a saga plug and play with altered beast on it, love this game, fantastic, although you never could understand what he says in the beginning, Ros from your Wols, like the audio, is so bad all right Mike what a e you got for your second offering all right. So my second one most people probably aren't going to really know what this is, but it's a lot more important than it sounds on December. Fifteenth nineunded and eighty nine Capcom released sweet home for the Nintendo Famakom. The game is based on a Japanese horror, film of the same name. The game is a role playing survival, horror, game players, explore a mysterious mansion and encounter ghost and other supernatural enemies. If any of this sounds familiar, that's because, a few years later, this game laid the groundwork for the most popular survival, horror, franchise of Alltime Resen in evil. In fact, most of the elements of the game are responsible for the entire survivor horrogenre. It might be one of the most important and revolutionary games ever released on the FAMAKAM way ahead of its time. Resident Evil is basically a remake, allowing copcom to do all the things that they couldn't do on the FAMACAMAPID system. It's influid, solvet sequels. It's not a game that most Americans are going to know, but it's pretty ambitious, considering what your limitations are to this system and just knowing that resident evil is basically everything that they couldn't get done on that and you don't have a silent hill. You don't have a resenevil, you don't have tons of other survival horror games without this or this th, the th, the engine that it's built on t the mechanics they they basically shape. The Genre Famicam was cool too, because they they they could put bigger games on there because it had the desk drive and Ey actually had a an extra sound channel too. So they could add in sounds that you couldn't get an American concil. So yeah, that's pretty cool allright mark! Ah Man, what do you think you started this one off all right? Well, you know Harry powter. That definitely has some weight, because it's the first time it's it's come up on our show when I think o Harry Potter. I don't necessarily think of the nineties. I think more of the two thousands, but technically it is a nineties thing because of the books and then the Star Wars Fan o menace toys, not my favorite star war stories to tell you the truth, but they were huge. That's all you saw everywhere matter of fact. I think if you go into any dollar general you'll still see star Warr FA, minastors th t that's my point right there mark, I think, with this one you're right it did sell a ton, but it's also the seears. I think where there was they flooded the market so much R and nobody gives a shit about the fan of menace toys. Maybe I'm wrong! Maybe there's some serious collector out there. thit's, like Oh, the third alteration of you, know: Annikins fucking, ASS doubleall. Like I D T, I don't know, I don't care. I just think that nobody's hard to find a good ass double these days. So especially when you're a kid. I know I've been out of work for years. I I agree with you on that. I agree with you. I think that's Um. I kindo canceled that one out. What did you think about Mikepik? All right, so mikes picks altered beets. Definitely huge wasn't one of my favorite games, but I do remember it and I know it's been out and it's been around forever. The second pick, though, what was the name of that game? sweethome, sweet home just because the whole thing was resident, evil and knowing that that led to that Silent Hill and everything else, I'm taking your word for Ir 'cause. You know o Shit About Games, so I think that's huge if Brent, in my opinion, would come forward with something else in that second category, I think you would have taken the round, but I think mikes paired together are stronger than just the Harry Potter. I I know if people like that are star war fans, I just can't give it to that one. that's t like such a Shitty Star Wars. It's it's almost like rocky five. It's the one! Thot don't want to add to the SES. I adn't hear no bell. I did know Bo and the other thing with that is star wars, really supernatural yeah. I I went back and forth. You know the forests and ghosts. You know. Four Co ont go bat, so H, you know and aliens always you know who knows so they're all aliens 'cause it's in race, so yeah all right. I see where you're going. I think it's supernatural, 'cause ie be ones like. If you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine yeah. I definitely think there's some kind of a supernatural feel to that whole thing and it's fantasy based TRU, which I've been told, not Scifi, even though I think it's a mixture of Bot yeah for in my opinion, I got to give this one. Eighty, nine yeah, I agree with man crush on this one two points over Tho miceranger takes the lead in the game, three points to two and control of the board for the final round, and it comes down to this. Whoever wins this round when's a game. This is it. I like theses are fun, especially when I'm not on that end so cause you have control of the Board Mice Ranger. You can choose to go first or to fur over to Brendhand. Oh, I didn't think about that. You know I think I'm going to differ. Oh I like diferring, oar movies, movies movies. This one, the Blair witch produc project, came out a ninety nine product. It's a found, foot style story of three filmmakers who hiked in the black hills outside of Maryland, an ninety for Ta film, a documentary about a local legend known as the Blair witch and the three disappeared, but their equipment and footage is discovered a year later and they purportedly the the recovered footage, is the film that the VIEWERSC a lot of people at the time are, you know, there's all these rumors and it was real or not, but the thing about it was: is it popularized pepulized the whole found footage technique that so many horror stories since then have went to this was the pioneer. This is the one that they came up with that and it was a huge, huge success as a sleeper. It only cost about sixty thousand dollars to make it and it made over two hundred and fifty million dollars worldwide and now it led shows like paranemal activity and Cloverfield, say that they came because of the Blairwitch projuct it was. It was a a direct influence and then gave them the idea for it. I think he called it Blairwitch product again, Yeah E, taking that money number two one of my favorites and supernatural you know y South Park bigger longer and uncut came out. Satan was the huge part of this, the boy sneak into an r rated film, Terence and Phillip, the Canadians, and they start cursing all the time and their mothers. I think th Y, that it's Canada's fault, so they get the? U S to declare war on Canada, and it is all a poy from Satan and Saddam Hussein to take over and rule eternal darkness on earth and you get to see partmen with a profanity chip getting to shoot people with electric molts and shit like that, and it was just it's such a fun movie and it's funny. ITD actually got an originally an NC. Seventeen rating and they had to cut some things, so they made the title more vulgar out of spite bigger, longer and uncut yeah, that's n. They actually said the one that they got through, they think is more vulgar than the NZ seventeen gut, which is what you see when you see the unrated version, wow yeah, that's two good picks and I Y A I don't know if it was on an episode, but we did talk about Blairwitch a little bit I'll get into that later. But U, Mike, what he got! ITAS GOING TA be tough to be eat. Man He's bringing it with. Eighty nine though let'SSee yea, we'll see we'll see, I'm I'm going to test my theory on eighties virse, nineties movies, righte. But let's see where. Where could I go? You now should I h? Should I go with with the ghostbusters two or perhaps a second sight, with Balki good choice? No, no! I DON'T wanna! Don't want to do that. I think what Wi'll do is. We will go with a movie that was released on April twenty first nine Huteen and eighty nine Stephen King's pet cemetery, based on the nineteen eighty, three novel of the same name, the film Gross Fifty S, fifty seven million on a budget of eleven point five and had a sequel in ninety two and a reboo in April thosnd and nineteen, with amazing SC, with an amazing score by Elliott goldenthawl. This film has cemented itself as a supernatural horror, classic grownd soul, Solitik Man. I mean you really can't GE wrong with put cemetary Classi kindo s a Ashity reboot. Did you mention that Ye Yeaa that came out this year right, yeah, very irelevant? I have not seen the reboot. Has Anybody saying I? I don't II'LL WAIT TIL! It comes out on h, vrd or something just watch it, but I haven't even read anything about it, so it must not have been amazing, 'cause nobody's like blowingdoors off, and it must not be that bad 'cause. I haven't seen anybody crying about it either. So I like I like pet cemeteres, so much though that it'll be hard to like it. No matter what you know daesor some of the especially the neighbor- you know like I said the ground FAW. He was so the guy, I can't think of his name, but he was Hermon Munster. He was so ye, so he's what I think of when I think of that am Heriright, yeah n him getting as Akhilly slashed, er ttle, Tad B, Yeah Yeah t ade, no fair ye fringe man, that's what's his name, Fred, something right: Pryeah, yeah, Fret, Gwin, Frek, Gwinlin, yeah, actually funny story. My mother in law has a relative who dated him in high school. Oh Wow, big, tolk, yeah, huge cock, huge Mathi know. She said it was bigger, longer and unt. It's a story that has gotten passed down through the generations ot around children. It's it's time to tell the Tam AAs Gon to talk about Herman Munster's, Cock, huge. I used to play base for Herman Musters, Cock and Ice Co. All right, so we got pet cemetery. What's the second movie allright next, I'd like to talk about Robert England's directorial debut released in America on March, twenty fourth, nine huee and eighty nine nine seven. Six evil the title: references, Tha, nine hundred numbers that were popular in the eighties and nineties. The plot revolves around a satanic hotline that turnd that turns the main characters: spikes cousins, hoax play by eighties actors, Stephen Jeffereys into a satanic killer, snbu, yougse, yeah, yeah excellent. The film is a was a commercial and critical failure, but it did see a sequel in ninety one and Robert England himself would not direct another film until two thousand an eihts killer pad, which actually sounds way worse than nine of them. SWHAT is that about like Um? It's about three guys that h live in a hounted house. I think. Oh, they have a killer, bad notexactly. I was thinking it was like a killer like Maxie Patorhtod. They get a killer a had, and then someone shows up with a baby. I was just going to say and then a baby and they have to sing to it, satanic him and then there's a ghost of a boy who might have died in that apartment hanging around see it all comes back to the Supernet. I would have worked see three Minein a baby. You could have shoved that one in here for work, two thousand eight, who is still calling their place a pad. I don't know like that's so fucking dated O Manyoul Come Eth, my pad shoot some Fin, what same people that were calling none hundred numbers yeah. I guess so true I mean in eighty nine everybody was calling nine hundred dubars without your parents' permission, because you're watching USA up all night and Roun O shears going to the break and all those remember the pick up the Fu. You know all the athe, women dancing and crap. We want to talk to you. Hot singles in your area, want to talk to you and they always Crang the audio on those. So when it cut to commercial, you had to turn it down. 'cause mom was going to hear what the fuck you were listening to. Oh, that was the worst in back. Then you know, you probably lost your remote and you were fucking doing everything man Yus everything manually. I Miss USALP all night. That was like the greatest thing. EA. It literally kept me up all night. I think that rackll Wen o into Shitty Movies Dat, the Jab orig yeah, Jo Bob Yaggs gas, an Te terapy. What do we do for our patrions? We call them up all night Sa d. We havent run thist year at the beginning SA and welcome in for another episode of upall Night Ya. Majority of my moving collection is from that show yeah right because you've seen all these horrible B, a lot of them, so bad they're, good movies of those days and they took they took a lot of chances. There's a lot of silly stuff. There thereseven the bad stuff, is kinda entertaining mm like deadly prey, not on that level. Bed, I'm talking like second site bed: Nine, seven, six, evil bed, so you're. Omitting that nine seven six evil is bad. So this is it's Kindo easy for me. I think I ready have my mind made up just because we had this discussion. I don't think it was on. The show might have been a side conversation that we had before after a show, and we talked about the blare witch and I think it's just amazing how a movie that had a sixty thousand dollar budget and just really great marketing made a shing ton of money and then Perrd off all these copies for years, a matter of fact they're still doing it, yeah, I'm twenty ninth Ily they're, still trying to put that formula together: Yeah N H, an shatlighting again, but as big as that movie was Blair witch sucks. Yes, P cemitary, on the other hand, is a legendary horror, film and one of the few stepen king movies that the ending isn't total garbage and then you pair that up with nine seven six evil which that's not the strongest movie. So then you KINDOF have to go back and look at South Park bigger, longer and UNCU, and for me, that's where South Park jumped the shark South Park. I remember when it first came out. I was in college. It was appointment viewing when it came on, everybody went to their rooms as soon as the episode was done. Everybody's dorm room all opened at once. We all filed outside d smoke a cigarette. Whatever talk, it was the only time when everybody went back to their dorm rooms and then the movie came out and after that, it's like well, there's nothing they're going to be able to do that's going to top this 'cause. It was shock humor. So for me anything after the movie, I didn't really care. For that being said H I still have to give the round to Mike with pet cemetery over bigger longer and Uncut in the blar witch project. I just think it's culturally significant, as Blair, witches and South Park was still pet. Cemetery is still legendary in my eyes, in nine seven, six evil, not the best movie, but it definitely has a place in horror. I think it. It opened up a lot of den nine hundred parodies like one ninet hundred Parodo. It's like what you were saying. It's one of those movies, there's nothing special about it, but it's one of those movies in that up all night, Jo Bom, Briggs era that we all really love those movies s you're going Ta give. I don't know man, Joe Bobs, rig Ye an up all night movie versus South Park. It's that's a tough cell. Just I don't see it. I could see putting pet cemetery slightly ahead of blare witch, but bl witch you know went on for so long. You know and had a shitty sequel, so you got to give it props on having a sequel, but it made a ton of bucking money and just spurd off all these other movies. It's hard for me to neglect that just not look at that, so you want to go with Brent on this round. I kida do see- and I kind of say Mike on this round. So if we split the difference and each give them a point, we have a tie actually yeah. Let's see that, let's break the time right here, you guys just will give you a minute or two look for a third movie to break the tie, how's that it yeah 'cause. I think it's so close. I see it both ways. So, let's sell let's go to a third movie, we'll wipe out these first two ready when you are all right. One verse one I already found it. I I had it. I had to look it back up to remember what it was, but I had one that I I went back and forth on and if I was going to put it in or not all right, let's go to Brent. First, then all right so supernatural I this was hard. There was a bunch of movies, so I almost put this one in I didn't, but the sixt since by him yeah, remember, I see da people yeah, you know and that started that whole twist attorney. You know and back when a Halijoosman didn't look like he had a weather balloon for ahead before yed AIDS is what happend o Damn Walker and H. Yes, exacty and I'm talking about this character and Texas Walken Ranger. Yes, exactly O Jesit's. Okay, I have AIDS, Aar told me: I have that's at yeah, just such a fun movie, the first time you watch it, though it's awesome and then, after that it's Kindof run for you and then Imni Shamalan movies. You knew what you were getting into, but that one was at slowburn where you didn't know what was happening, and you didn't realize h that the reveal was going to be the reveal. The question I have Brent is going into this round into the movies Romwe're in a supernatural battle ere. Why did I pick what I pay? You picked South Park because it's still on television and had Satan, and I figured you- would look at it and say: Oh my God, like you know, Mi Shamon had all these movies that went to crap and South Park is still a Juggernaut, that's making money hand over fith twenty years later Ann as had multiple movie. So I just looked at that as like that was the you know to me. I I agree with that line of thinking. No, he didn't agree with that. I understand it. It makes sense. I know a lot of people that didn't like the six. Since I was also going to throw. I was also going to throw in the Matrix, was my other one too, which you know and sh? There was so many movies I didn't know which way to go, so I went with yeah and the Matrix another one. The sequels were terrible, you know, but the first one was great and you know, but then I didn't know if it really went it o supernatural or not or if it's just ai and she like yeah- that that one is a little bit questionable. Great movie is yeah a question, but you pulled out and ace that one so mas you Mike Cott for this now. Hopefully it's not gostposters tool, so thires. This movie called second site hand, he's a he's in the detective bis with psychic ways. John Larquett is in. I A is that really is there veryone? Well, honestly, man, my other there's he was going to pull out. Ghostbusters too, I actually was going to pull out ghostbusters too, but I mean you've got the there's other things, but I don't think things like the abyss are very appealing really and then, like fucking, have you seen the altered it ending to the abyss? It's such a Hirher Maaent, I haven't. I I would I'd. Probably I would watch that watch it and you'll go. Why did they not make that movie t yeah it changes. The whole tone is so much better yeah I mean there's Halloween five, but I don't think anybody really likes hallowing five. No most people lean towards the fourth L is that the return of Micaobierzon is called yeah and that's where they really like start to the thorn thing comes into play. A little bit more John Cross loves Halloween Five Yeah, I'm you K Ow, I'm going to go with second sight, because you know w at the whole movie's about esp rig. Is that definitely ties into our category? I don't know if it's as strong as your other two movies, where Brent came with one that could be considered stronger. I probably should have had that at the top of my lid. Now, looking back, I hit my head earlier today, so I don't know for my dollar man Jeez. This really throws a wrench into the whole game, but I got TA swing back now over to Brent on this one, because six cents, that was a huge movie Man White, could have said. If there was no second site, you wouldn't have sicx cents. No, I go I to Bullshi Fag on that one yeah I' on have to go with six cents. That's such a huge movie and, like you said, like Shamalama, Ding Dong and the rest of hit hi stuck ind. I thought, but that was like a really good one and it was so good. I think that it ruined all this other movies, because, as you knew, it was like a one trick Pony Kayt of which is unfortunate, but Um, and it also ruins that movie. You gotto watch that movie twice 'cause the first time you go ou and then the second time you got Ta Watch everything that you missed d after that is kindof done for you youknow, maybe maybe go back to it every once in a while, but it it doesn't have a ton of of Rewatch at least to me how? How often would you rewatch second sigt? Well, I actually watch it at least once a year. You know, while I'm eating some, you know rumrais and ice cream happens in the movie cuse allright. So I guess it all boils down to that. I'm Gong to go for Brent. I think man crushes an agreement same savebrent winds, the round and the game. I'd like to think the academy. I'd like to think my m, my wife, thank God. Without Him. All this is possible. No had I chosen ghostbosters too, would that have worked out for me. I I don't think it would have made a difference. I mean I I always thought. ghostbusters too was like such a whole home sequel. I never linged. It never went back to it. I think I might have seen it twice ever. That's a movie, that's grown on me. Yet at the time I remember seeing that in the theater and my friend's being all pissed off, but now I actually liked that ne and we were talking about Ns, the INS advantage. They used that to control the statue, an liberty in th, tyes, yeah little things like that. IREALLY WE'RE AWESOME! You know also that same year, Karati kid three came out. I also SA in the theater. That's supernatural, 'cause, there's no fucking way that H, Daniel Orusao could beat up anybody te times, yn! Well, congratulations to Brent for pulling out a victory here! ISERST amparents here on our show. Now, if you've missed an episode, you can always go back on dualing decades, dotcom and listen to all of our episodes now Brent. If they wan to listen to your episodes of a Saria. Fifty one tell our listeners where they can go. You can go to histere fifty one docom we're on the facebook. We have a face, but group of stereiodnation anywhere you listen to your pod cast. You can find us. We are on Thei Radio AP. We are on casbox. We are on Pandora, we're on spot offi stitch ere everywhere. So you can't remember it Hysteri. Fifty one docom very simple, very easy! It's a good thing! You brought up cast box. This epsode will be out on Wednesday and actually tomorrow, if you listen o this in six months from now. This is not going to matter S, don't flip on casbox. If you listen to this on July. Twenty fourth just know that tomorrow July, twenty ft live on Casbox we're going to be having our live, Trivia again, eight PM Eastern Standard Time be there. It was Funi Shit. Last time we went for about an hour and a half. We had fifty questions. I was a really tight race. It actually came down to a tie at the end. Just like this one did H so come on, join us and be on the trivial leaderboard. We got a lot of people on there now and I think H, Daniel son speaking of crotde kid a guys handle he's in the first place, but I think right now with like eighty points, so anybody's game you can catch up. We haven't been running that board for too long to check that out Thursday. So, if I go on there, I can still take the name. Terry Silver, R, O A I do. thaamazing should totally do that. Man Talk, I dober sixty nine, that one's open to l, actually, the only one that you can't take that's pretty owson is serious, fucking business, which the guy was in the chat he was on the lie. I was I'm reading it and it's like written like a license place like sls, FK and Bez. I was like what the fuck is, that a serious fuckin pis well I'll, drog Iside, you guyswill know when I play 'cause, my name will be Herman Munster's cock. Well that no fellow duelers we're going to bid you a piece, love Lightn, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone Infirmaymedia