Dueling Decades
July 14, 2021

Tom Higgenson of The Plain White T's is back for a best of July battle between 1976, 1986 and 1996!

Greetings everyone, and welcome back to another nostalgic installment of your favorite retro game show, Dueling Decades! This week, we bring back a judge that really loves a good retro deep dive! I mean, who doesn't?! But, he liked it so much, that he requested to come back for more! Tom Higgenson, the frontman of The Plain White T's is back as our guest judge! This time though, he's dropped a new retro-style solo project named, Million Miler. So once this episode concludes (wait till after Tom's great acoustic performance at the end), go and check out his new Million Miler album, "MILLY"! Before all that happens, let's look at our competitors. First up, rotary dialing it back to the 1970s, Mancrush brings the best July 1976 had to offer. Smack dab in the middle this week, Marc James delivers one crazy summer, with the best of July 1986! And returning this week, loyal listener of the show, Trevor Gumbal, and he brings the coolest July 1996 one could ask for.

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we've talked about this tv show before we've talked about this guy before for good and bad

so i pick up a point heading into our first two point round and i take control the board uh you know what let's uh let's go over to the hot products round all right so for my hot product we're gonna hop across the pond and we're gonna spend 14 and a half pounds which is the equivalent of 57 american dollars today on some concert tickets to a show i'm sure everybody has either seen clips of or has seen this in show in its entirety as it's been released on cd shown on television it was even immortalized on the silver screen in 2018 in a film so let's have a spot of tea take our seats for a lineup that consisted of an excess the alarm status quo and queen live at wembley saturday july 12 1986. now last week i talked about the final us tour for jimi hendrix well in july of 1986 queen was in the midst of their magic tour which would end up being the final tour with freddie mercury and bassist john deacon so when you think of all-time great iconic concerts this is one that always comes up it's freddy in the yellow jacket we've all seen it so the british press at the time not so favorable much like how they treated jimmy at the time so uh an a an article in the guardian said that exactly a year ago queen's uh set at live aid was among some of the best received music of the day they played for 20 minutes the show which queen are currently hauling around europe it goes under the banner of the magic tour it lasts two hours and it's like falling up to your knees and quick drying cement it seems like an unshakable argument for the restoration of of the old 60s package tours that's where you'd have like 12 or 13 artists all playing only like two or three songs a piece so although they continue to knock out the occasional memorable single excuse me queen uh live queen is a compilation of stodgy english pop rockisms magnified and choreographed with a ritualistic thoroughness worthy of nuremberg so that's pretty strong words rough yeah they come from a place where it says they come from a place where things like hip-hop reggae and even punk never even happened the article went in went on to knock freddy's showmanship and how the iconic colin response session he had with the crowd they knocked that saying it was inaudible and stupid but you know just like they knocked jimmy yeah freddie was still at the peak of his game and the friends and the fans loved him they packed the event in that tour so i give you the iconic show it's queen live at wembley july 12th 1986. tomato wasn't live at live 1985. yeah see i like the wembley show better do you really i do i like wembley better there's more showmanship more pomp circumstance it's bigger queen way bigger set wait i missed the beginning so they played for 20 minutes they paid for two hours no in the article he was talking about how queen at

and he was complaining that it's too long come on yeah [ __ ] yeah throwing the [ __ ] flag on that one critics yep all right man crush what did you bring for the hot products round all right so let's go uh july 28th of 1976 and we've we've talked about this tv show before we've talked about this guy before uh for good and bad and as i spoke about last month this show was nearly on its deathbed at the end of the 1975 season after it finished 49th in the ratings which is pretty damn low considering there's only three channels at the time in 1976 but once again it took the tv boy wonder fred silverman to turn this show around and make this into a staple of american television by the end of 1976 by the end of that season the show it skyrocketed from number 49 all the way to number 11 in the ratings and by the next fall they would cement themselves as the top rated show on television but aside from silverman this show was saved by arthur fonzarelli right after season three ended in march of 1976 people just could not get enough of the fonz i'm gonna give you a little piece of an article that i found where they're talking about uh some merchandise here so according to allison manufacturing company who had sold more than one sold more than a million fonzie t-shirts since the craze mushroomed in march of course we're talking about march of 1976 fonzie items are the single biggest item they have ever sold especially within a four-month period sales have surpassed merchandise which displays batman davy crockett which i apparently had to look this up this was like the biggest thing of the 50s but blue pass whatever they did with davy crockett and hosts of baseball players were going on in the 70s and they said like a typical like fad based marketing of like a well-known face typically has a life expectancy of about four months however the fonzie stuff it's creeping into its sixth month of cultham and this part of the article right here it says in spite of that success numerous fonzi items have been released this month to wild success fonzie jewelry a fonzi guitar and now a fonzie 10-inch replica doll by mego international this is funny coincidentally so this was also a contract year for actor henry winkler so winkler's character fonzie from the first season to now is now worth three times what he was worth since the beginning of this show started in spite of that overnight stardom winkler ends up signing a new contract with abc going from eight thousand dollars an episode of course is 1976 to 20 000 per episode which again this is like a drop in the bucket to paramount who has made a hefty eight figure sum in the last four months alone just on the likeness of his character that doesn't mean like they didn't create any of these products they didn't do [ __ ] they just said hey you want we'll license this to you you make whatever you want and we'll take uh 5-10 percent of it and they made a [ __ ] ton of money in four months so i give you the hottest product of july of 1976 probably for the entire year of 1976 that's fonzie we have sure this is all the stuff that i found in newspapers from that month shirts hats necklaces buttons pillowcases knee socks panties thermoses paint by the numbers bean bags jeans guitars dolls bomber jackets and posters anything with fancy on it if you buy it you're the coolest kid on your block so hey

do they have the fonzie bike that i picked in a previous episode where the ad said hey sit on it they probably did like dude there were some of these places were running out of stock on fonzie merchandise so if you went into the classified section which i like to do sometimes on hot products because you know you know if something's really a hot product if somebody was reselling it right in the classified so i'll go over to the classifieds and i'll see like if anything's popped up a few times dude there was like fonzie jewelry that's where i found the fonzie panties who was buying fonzie panties but apparently somebody was

he's wearing him on his head

all right trevor what did you bring for the hot products round okay well how do i follow up fonzie panties um okay this product was first announced in july 1996 and the co-founder steve perlman is credited with the idea for the device uh he first combined computer and television as a high school student when he decided his home pc needed a graphics display so excuse me we went on to build software for companies such as apple and atari while working at general magic the idea of bringing tvs and computers together resurfaced uh one night perlman was browsing the web and came across a campbell soup website with recipes he thought that the people who might be interested in what the site had to offer were not using the web it occurred to him that excuse me it occurred to him that if television audience was enabled by a device to augment television viewing with receiving information or commercial offers through the television then perhaps the web address could act as a signal and the television cable could be the conduit so this kind of was the the godfather of kind of what we see today with like smart televisions and you know using our phones and having the internet basically everywhere we need it to be um so this thing wasn't the hugest hit um it only lasted until september 2013. um it later was absorbed into msn tv ms n tv uh but yeah my hot product for july 1996 is the introduction of web tv that's right papa man crush was uh all over web tv that's how he got online oh wow all right let's toss it over to our judge tom higginson for his ruling on the hot products round okay uh well i mean again trevor i'm sorry the web tv i don't know what's quite

yeah i don't blame you on this one though i don't feel as bad because i mean you you're we're dealing with the fonz and queen you know how can you really compete with that um and honestly i kind of feel i i'm gonna go just because on a technicality although as soon as you were talking about one of the most you know biggest concerts of all time i immediately thought queen at wembley that's like i i own the dvd upstairs you know like that's just one of those iconic moments in in music history live music history um but i don't know a ticket to the concert i know it's kind of a product but i don't know i for some reason i'm drawn to the funds the fonz merch it's just an interesting and i love the idea again of like i didn't realize that happy days was kind of like tanking yeah and like terrible it was terrible for season and then your uh your little your your tv freaking i don't know golden boy was they what did he break out silverman was it just a matter of finding finding the right time slot for these shows yeah for that one because that was already on abc while he was at cbs a matter of fact he had good times on at cbs at the time that was head-to-head with happy days and it was killing happy days so when he got over to abc he was like no let's move it so they he swapped everything around and i'm just picturing this is knight you know the 70 i think he's 75 or 76. he probably had like these billboards on the wall where he's just sliding in names yeah totally nah nah we're gonna put this here we're gonna do this and dude just knew what he was doing and then like again if you guys didn't if you missed that episode i think it was like a month ago because it was a june i had june of 1975 at the time and i go all over all of the shows even when this dude was at cbs this guy had mash like he killed it at cbs and then he goes to ebc and he kills it again and then he goes to nbc in the 80s and just doesn't kill it but he had a good run he had a kick ass run for a while it's awesome it reminds me of creating the set list for like a live show yeah you know how do you do that play but it's like okay what's gonna what should we open with you know what what's going to go good after that you try to think of the flow of the audience so i know it's totally not the same but it kind of it's probably a similar thing where we've got all these shows what's that like perfect you know perfect order so that people will continue to watch yeah i i think about that all the time like how much like from show to show do you guys see do you look at one show and you go ah that didn't quite work out let's switch this one in this one or do you just say this we're doing for the tour we're gonna carry it over maybe we'll switch you know the end or something well i mean that that's kind of a funny question because for me i'm mr optimistic like i put a lot of thought into that stuff so it's like okay you know when we finally have this is the set we're going with this and then we'll play a show or two and then like demar our drummer will be like i don't know that one felt weird right there like i feel like people and then it's like son of a [ __ ] you know so now i gotta go we reevaluate it and change some stuff around even though i'm like no that was awesome but like well all right let's try some stuff you know and it kind of keeps it fun honestly to change some stuff around and you know mix it up a little bit you just went to your drummer and said you do the editing and walk away exactly okay now now that i've got that quote um it's all a totally different different game from here on out i always wondered about that though for real i always thought when i was younger i thought that it was like whatever came to your mind like this is how stupid i i was young i was like yeah they just go to the show and then they play a song and they go they turn around everybody else because i think i got it from movies which i got everything from and i went oh yeah we're doing this one and everyone's like yeah yeah we're gonna do that one and they play it how often does that actually happen or never i mean once in a blue moon there'll be some requests somebody will be you know requesting some song that's not on the set list and we kind of but it's never like uh all right guys we're doing this one let's go and we just all play it there's never that moment it's always like a wait do we know that one should we should we try it i don't know i don't remember the solo whatever um but if you guys have ever been to a bruce springsteen show that is like literally like people will hold up signs and he'll be like all right we're doing that song and the whole band like you know he's the boss so they've gotta like know all everything and be super tight and they just roll and it's like uh you know and then not only do they just kind of roll on like song requests but then they'll also just like jam the songs out for like five minutes longer you know the song should be ending but they're just like having fun jamming and throwing solos in and stuff it's it's a pretty cool experience so absolutely yeah we need to include some of that uh spontaneity that the boss brings for sure that's why he's the boss

when i thought i brought all the semen to this game you went totally topped it with even more semen

all right gentlemen so i pick up a point tie this game take control the board and we're heading into our final one point round which is going to be the television round all right so the biggest thing on television quite literally in july of 1986 was old lady liberty herself the statue of liberty so we get liberty weekend on abc it's a four-day celebration to celebrate the restoration and the 100th anniversary of the statue of liberty so the network paid 10 million dollars for the exclusive rights to broadcast this it was an extraordinary internet package all put together by david waffler who we've mentioned on this show before um but you know what they more than made up for that 10 million cost as they were able to sell over 30 million dollars in commercial times for the coverage so coverage of liberty weekend started with opening ceremonies on july 3rd uh at noon we get peter jennings and a whole lot of semen as he anchors a special 35 ship naval armada in the new york harbor so prime time coverage then goes on at eight o'clock with opening ceremonies again hosted by jennings and barbara walters and that included the lighting of the statue of liberty statue of liberty by president reagan and the presidential in the presentation of the medal of liberty as well as a simultaneous induction of 20 000 new american citizens at ellis island and other cities across the united states so abc concluded the coverage on independence day with the boston pops and performances by john denver whitney houston johnny cash barry manilow and a bunch of other people that you've never heard of but the main attraction that night was the 30 minute fireworks display it was the largest firework star display in american history and the largest at the war in the world at the time it included 22 000 aerial fireworks and 18 000 single piece sets so coverage concluded on july 6th with a sports salute to u.s athletes uh performances by kenny rogers liza minnelli and the pointer sisters so i give you liberty weekend on the american broadcast corporation july 1986. nice

all right so let's toss it over to man crush for his pick in the television round all right just when i thought i brought all the semen to this game you went totally topped it with even more semen hey when you think of peter jennings you're thinking so so far we've got to talk about porn stars and semen and

oh it gets better let's uh let's go to television in 1976 let's go to july 12th of 1976 and i was a bit skeptical going into the summer of 1976. was i gonna find another late night fred williamson movie like i did a couple weeks ago or was it gonna actually find something with merit and for the summer tv selections that we've been talking about and that i can remember i actually find i've actually found something with more long legs than anything that i've ever selected during a summer episode before i was i was a little shocked uh one of if not my favorite game show of all time present show not included of course more than 20 seasons six different hosts thousands of episodes i don't even know how many episodes exactly because i couldn't even find it online uh this show is it's absolutely it's a juggernaut and it all started july 12 1976 it debuted ab i debuted on abc monday july 12 1976 at 1 30 p.m eastern standard time but let's go back a couple episodes uh where i came to bat with the tv wonder boy fred silverman do you remember remember this episode okay a quick recap if you didn't listen to that one fred the fred or silverman i always want to call him fred savage but fred silverman uh he had left cbs for abc in june of 1975 and aside from jiggle tv that we talked about he basically took abc to the top and one of the things i mentioned during the episode was silverman also fixed the daytime programming at abc and in order to do that he goes and he reaches out to his boy mark goodson who had created the match game on cbs where silverman was for that's where he was and said hey give me something good and mark's good saying i handed him over richard dawson in the family feud and said uh here take this and uh doing what silverman does uh like i said before he started at 130 wasn't the greatest and he just shuffled it around until he found a fit and then he did and family feud became the top rated game show on television uh i'm telling you this dude silverman was an absolute dynamo he's gonna come up again in one of my other picks uh literally everything he touched in the 70s turned to gold the 80s much different story but 70s this dude like was on right uh so i doubt there is much that needs to be said about the feud you got ray combs rest in peace louis anderson richard karn john o'hurley the amazing steve harvey he's been there for like the last 10 11 years and he's brought the show back to one of the most watched game shows on tv but it all began with richard dawson in 1976 the host of hosts this dude would legit kiss every female contestant on her lips uh matter of fact he liked one contestant so much that he kissed her several times during an episode that aired 1981 after the episode was over i think his family was on for like three or four episodes they went on like a little run so after they lost she was getting ready to leave he goes over to her and says hey okay get your phone number to call you after this and kind of like the way they made it sound like kind of reluctantly she like passed it over to him but fortunately for uh for dawson she gave him the correct number and this is a score for dawson because she was 26 at the time and dawson was like 51 at this point uh like anyhow he ends up calling her they eventually get married in 1991 they had one daughter uh the former contestant her name was gretchen johnson and she was with him till the day he died in 2012. all the way to the end yeah any hoot i give you family feud july 12 1976. outstanding all right trevor what did you bring for the television round all right i also have another uh television juggernaut that's been going since july 22nd 1996 and is still going today and is still going as strong as it ever was um launched the careers of many many people including uh craig kilbourne uh steve carell uh stephen colbert samantha bee jon stewart you know the list goes on you know uh it originally was hosted by craig kilbourne it premiered on comedy central and common segments included this day in hasselhoff history last weekend's top grossing films and converted into lira sorry i that that should say last weekend's top grossing films converted into lyra um yeah kilbourne was succeeded by um said jon stewart and trevor noah uh yeah this show is still going strong it's still as relevant today as it was um it i think it's become a little less um it still has a and i just sat tired to it but it's not as satirical as it once was uh but yeah for my pick i bring you the daily show premiering on july 1986.

very nice very nice um

well okay so i damn these are some tough ones because i actually appreciate all three of these uh unlike the movies that i was clueless or of course i knew the movies but i had not seen them 1995. yeah now if you went clueless i was right right there with that one um ah man i i would say um daily show classic of course um i almost feel like that is a little bit political for me for my tastes um you know um i don't know i feel bad because all you're like right there with me but somehow i'm just i'm just dodging all of your picks for some reason i should have went with sublime probably that was great but tom you got to figure though we have it's not really our picks like we just have a moment in time and this is what time gives us so true you know it is kind of is what it is this is true um yeah we'll still buy your album don't worry oh hey well when you first started for some reason i was thinking oh it's still running now the simpsons came to mind but i'm like wait no that that was freaking 80 end of the 80s right when the simpsons started um uh so yeah and i as big of a i actually have had friends who have been on family feud um which has been pretty hilarious to watch uh over the years um love that show but oh and by the way is it richard richard dawson right is he wasn't he in the running man yeah he was killian yeah dude that was an amazing amazing movie uh and what a fun role for him i'm sure at the time um but for some reason i don't know i don't have as much of a tie to the you know the statue of liberty or the restoration or whatever but for some reason back when i was a kid there's something very like like it's this weird memory i have of like that that restoration you know and i think it was in that movie uh was it like remo williams or something do you guys know that movie yes where he's like yeah he's up on there and he's hanging off of it and it's like at that time it was all you know like uh like the restoration is happening yeah exactly it's all scaffold it up um so for some reason that maybe it's from that movie uh seeing it as a kid just the idea of like that statue of liberty and people being up there and hanging off bit and i don't know that's like a one of those weird like hauntingly nostalgic like personal memories for me um so i guess i gotta go with you again mark even though i don't know you know that the tv the abc special for the weekend i don't know uh you know don't worry for two days yeah right three days three days whitney houston freaking pointer sisters you know it must have been a big deal yeah they said that approximately six to seven million people came to new york city just for this event and that it brought in somewhere between about 500 million dollars into the uh tourism economy wow and kind of cool that you said they like you know kind of brought a bunch of immigrants into the country at that same moment like as part of it like pretty sounds like a pretty cool thing reagan lit the goddamn torch he had a machine gun at the time he just fired out here he actually just tossed up a molotov cocktail yeah damn it i knew i should have come with the bicentennial we had so much bicentennial stuff hey nancy watch this yeah

david geffen was promptly fired from warner brothers right after that

all right man crush you pick up our first point you take control of the board what category are we going with next all right this is not common but we're going to go uh movies in the second round here all right i want you guys i want to see what you guys have here because like i went i have july 3rd 1976 all right this is the bicentennial i don't know if they were not thinking about releasing many movies in july because so much crap was going on with the bicentennial and the parades or whatever maybe they didn't think they were going to make any money back so it was a little weird on the release especially in terms of being like a successful movie and arguably the best western of all time uh for one it's the 70s so you know there's fewer screens and it was quite common to get like a rolling release date we've talked about that on the show before kind of see how well the movie is doing and then put more prints out and as they come out more theaters get them and they spread it out a little bit more so typically you would get this on movies that studios are taking a chance on i mean [ __ ] like even star wars is only released on something like 30 screens when that came out because they said no and this movie it makes sense though because it's a western and in 1976 westerns weren't exactly pulling in mass crowds anymore it was more of like an early 70s 60s thing so in spite of that and seeing so many dates spread out through the month of july i chose a sneak preview of this movie it was uh it was in the theater in hollywood on july 30 1976 and i can't even pronounce the name in the theater so i'm not gonna go there i'll just tell you it's in hollywood it's like pantages pentateuch pantages is that what it is all right that's what that's where they played it on july the third uh but you know what the ruling release for this flick it worked because the movie it brought in around 32 million dollars which is roughly 151 million dollars in 2021 on a mere three million dollar budget uh the movie was also nominated for an oscar for uh for best music of all things but it did have some major accolades here in 1996 the united states library of congress said this movie was culturally historically and aesthetically significant and was preserved in the national film registry so all in all this is a a pretty remarkable movie i watched it twice this week and it's really it's an amazing western it's on netflix right now uh what i really dig about this movie as opposed to like tombstone or something else it's not romanticized at all like this is the world as you would expect you know like during uh the south during the civil war maybe a little post-civil war what it would actually look like not like how tombstone like all the stories are built up it's a lot different than that so if you're in the mood for an amazing clint eastwood western it's based on a novel and just a raw look at what it was like to live in the south during the civil war maybe a little bit after amazing quotes where he's talking to ten bear and everything and the dialogue they have going back and forth just amazing but uh go out and find a copy of the outlaw josie whales uh amazing movie but a great story about this one kind of ties into music i figured tom would like this a little bit i don't know how much you know this guy but a great story about clint eastwood from this movie is back in 2012 uh pbs did this series it was called american masters and they had a show about david geffen well at the time david geffen was this uh young warner brothers film executive in 1976. so david geffen decided to tell clint eastwood they asked like what do you guys think about the movie it was like this round table so he he looks to clint eastwood and he's like listen i enjoyed the outlaw josie wales but i would cut about 30 minutes from the film and in a way that only clint eastwood can do like glares at him and he's like oh yeah you go edit it and then he just gets up starts walking out of the room and david geffen goes wait where are you going and clint eastwood just goes again the only way clint eastwood could do it i'm butchering the [ __ ] out of it but it's across the lot to paramount to cut a new deal and then wow david geffen was promptly fired from warner brothers right after that pretty cramped i mean he obviously went on to bigger and better things but not his uh shining alert right there in uh in 1976 but yeah the outlaw josie wales that's what i got all right trevor what do you have for the movies round well for my pick it was kind of obvious july uh open july 3rd uh like man crushes um i'm just gonna say right to it it's independence day uh roland anameric his opus you know um he went from stargate to independence day it was kind of a when it comes to scale it kind of it's such an amazing it's it's a such a good movie it is so fun uh it earned 104 million in its opening weekend including 96 million during its five-day holiday opening which is in 96 especially is almost unheard of and it made an extra 50 million on its opening weekend it made over 817 million dollars at the box office and i remember um i had one special uh sneak preview pass to see this film and i remember when going to the theater and something happened that just doesn't happen very often and something at least not something i had even experienced in my movie going years people like were cheering they were applauding they were laughing they were going nuts for this movie i'm like i have never seen this before in my life this is awesome this is this is why i go to the movies you know and the theaters around seattle where i live we're doing round-the-clock showings of the film so people like would go at like midnight or 2 a.m to see independence day or you know and i remember thinking to myself wow i i got to see this on like after i saw the sneak preview i was like i want to see this again so i went and started the north gate which had a booming digital sound system then and it sounded great and i saw it at least three times in the theater and the score by david arnold is absolutely amazing it's so rousing and just old-fashioned you know

they just don't make scores like that anymore and another thing about the film was like before it even before there was even much footage they showed a super bowl ad um for it and it didn't show anything except the white house getting blown up and that was like the ultimate teaser for people so yeah my pick for july 1996 is independence day i saw that four times in theater not to one-up you but amazing amazing flick it's so much fun it's you know not critically adored but who gives a [ __ ] you know and then the sequel came out oh god i can i tell you a quick story um before we move on i had um i had a free pass to go to the movies and i went i'm like you know what i'll just go see resurgence how bad could it be i was the only one in that theater the only person in that whole [ __ ] movie i'm sitting there i'm like i could be i could be making snarky comments and no one would care but i don't even i didn't even have the energy i'm like this is just boring this is awful it was yeah there was no chemistry in that movie no none and they pretty much they cut out will smith which is like one of the lifebloods of the original right and you kill off bill pullman and the only person you have the best chemistry in the film is between judd hirsch and the school bus of kids and that's it you know not even jeff goldblum could race that movie into watchable territory and that's saying something because i love jeff goldblum so yeah that was a disappointing good thing you had 1996. oh yeah all right gentlemen so i think for my movies pick uh this is one of the few examples of a movie where the sequel is better than the original you know even though both of the movies are ranked among the 100 greatest of all time uh so coming to a theater near you july 18 1986 and make sure you bring a friend for this one because there are some places in the universe you don't go alone after a space merchant vessel receives an unknown transmission of a distress call one of the crew was attacked by a mysterious life form and they soon realized that the life cycle has merely begun in aliens starring sigourney weaver lance hendrickson michael bean and the often overlooked outstanding performance by paul reiser as just the absolute ultimate he is just horrid in that movie just the most despicable character ever so aliens was directed by james cameron who brought some much needed action to the franchise and unknown at the time cameron took all the terror and tension that had been built up by ridley scott from the first film and added all and added just an excitement and just a flare that you'd find normally in an action film so the movie was not only a box office hit grossing 131 million that's 370 million in 2021 kids but the critics they love this movie too so let's go over to the post star the post star in glens falls new york oh uh july 25th 1986 where's your 2x4

for a review by jay bobbin he says if nothing else aliens may be the truest test of how much one person can take from a suspense film happily though the sequel to the 1979 horror film is much more than that it's arguably the best realized follow-up to her previous film since the godfather part 2 in terms of remaining true to the story and the characters that have already been established yet developing its own style and intrigue as it unfolds and then he closes with aliens as the perfect summer movie it's sleek slick and built for speed so i'll give you aliens july 18th 1986 game over man game over you said that the sequel is better right yeah i like yeah yeah more than i like alien yeah yeah i mean alien's great too but it's kind of like we post on our facebook today if people aren't on facebook go over there facebook.com forward slash dueling decades and we posted uh today was actually the 32nd anniversary for lethal weapon 2. right and it's kind of the same argument like a lot of people like sequel better than the original but i always have you know like i like the originals better usually but in certain cases like this one i think it's just a better movie so i'd agree with you there it's no outlaw josie wells but well let's hear what our judge tom higginson has to say on the movies round okay so i consider myself a major movie buff like obviously i'm you know successful with my music and everything so music it kind of takes the cake but honestly in my day-to-day life i cherish movies right even with music like i i i'm just a huge movie lover um so it is very sad it's a sad moment for me to tell you guys that the three well two classics and one blockbuster let's just say um that you guys have just presented to me i have not seen any of those three walls oh my god dude i know you got something to do after this wow oh for sure i mean i will say that out of the three um i'm i'm gonna i'm gonna have to go with even even though man crush your store i love the story of the outlaw josie whales uh i'm gonna have to go with mark on this one just because out of those three definitely on my list uh to see would be alien the first one and then of course the sequel and it wasn't the third one didn't they bring in like winona ryder for that one which sounds pretty badass that was the fourth one the fourth one oh the fourth one okay um but yeah that one you could you can actually skip the fourth one yeah winona i gotta see winona you know uh so yeah i'll go with mark just because i feel like of those three movies i feel like maybe alien i don't want to say it was like the most important but you know i don't know i'm not a big western guy clint eastwood is a badass but i kind of feel like you know he had those i don't know is is like outlawed josie wales any different than yeah you know what wasn't he in like the good the baby yeah yeah you know it's it's a lot different

they're different films um it's not in the series and the whole premise around it is different um i think like if you're not into westerns it's tough in westerns i i caught on to later in life like you know when i was younger i just couldn't get into them it's kind of like country music like when i was younger i was like like yeah i can't do it but then as i got older i was like all right this is not so bad uh it's kind of the same thing so i don't know like it's kind of a depressing movie but it's cool i don't know sure well i know it's i don't want to give much away now you haven't seen it it's definitely a class that's not the one what's the movie where he's got like steel plate under his thing like the famous scene where he gets shot and he's got like yeah

yeah okay um well yeah so unfortunately even though the story was great and i love the david geffen being a total dumbass and clint eastwood being a badass but yeah i'll have to go with and you know i'm i'm again i'm right with you trevor with the age and everything and like independence day for some reason it just i missed it and it was like all the hype i think i was probably like ah like that's too high i'm not gonna go see that because it's too hyped up or it's just this big blockbuster it's two pockets and right i mean that's you know but i i i'm sure that the movie is amazing because everybody freaking loves it it's like a no-brainer but let me ask you that because like you you even have a song named parker posey so wow you do your freaking research over yes i like that you guys were were you into more like independent films during the 90s like party girl and i mean dude that's a great great uh you know observation because definitely i mean nowadays i'm i don't know i shouldn't say i'm i'm still i i'm a big independent anything fan right whether it's independent music independent movies um but um i think definitely at that moment right what was it 96 you're saying yeah yeah that would have been my junior year of high school junior in the senior year i guess yeah 96 would have been my junior summer yeah in the senior year so that was definitely a moment of yeah like kind of discovering the cooler the more unknown you know kind of that indie cred stuff and yeah like like you said man crush like yeah at that that that's when i was writing those songs like parker posey you know i think i first saw her in probably dazed and confused and was like oh my god she is incredible and then you know dove into her catalog um so yeah so yeah i think i just independence day might have been just a little bit too like cool i know this is probably amazing i i love freaking wills who doesn't love will smith you know but he's the 90s man we talked about this before on the show he's the 90s so here's here's a clue into my into my will smith i was a big okay the fresh prince but not the fresh prince of bel air dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince yeah yeah that's my that's my will smith and then of course i love you know summer time great great jam um but you know you guys are going to kill me wild wild west terrible awesome i didn't see it i didn't see it nobody did it no people love that movie no dude like dude was it not even that long ago it was like a month ago we did a worst of episode and my worst of

will smith turn down the matrix yeah west wow damn damn yeah so don't know i i just missed all all the will smith blockbusters i kind of was like yeah i'm sure they're great but what are they going to really add you know so so i apologize trevor i know that was a great pick but uh yeah i gotta go with the uh the classic of the three which would be aliens i think and besides sigourney weaver was the better alien ass kicker than will smith anyway i'll give you that i'll give you that mark oh yeah men and men in black never saw that one either never saw it i never got into men in black i don't know why

well the first one was good the second one and third one was actually really good and the international terrible yeah

there you go this is tom from the plain white tees and i love dueling decades this is podcast new york what's up dueling decades this is wax peace to all you guys and uh thanks for having me on the show will it be the 90s or the 80s beanie babies or crack babies will it be nirvana or madonna maybe britney maybe whitney do you like new metal a new wave dave bro or super dave i don't know but now the battle begins dueling decades let's see who wins

broadcasting from the podcast new york studios it's another all-new dueling decades the adult-only retro game show where the decades battle for supremacy because it's your history we just fight for it welcome back i am mark james and this week i will be competing with the best of july 1986 alongside the other duelers and the decades they will be fighting for first off bringing the soulful sounds of the 70s say hello to man crush what's up everybody that's right i have july of 1976 and before we get into the episode i just wanted to give a shout out to our boy andre gower who just suffered a heart attack uh hopefully you know everything is it looks like he went home today so that's good but uh head on over to his instagram he's having he has a great attitude about this whole thing seems like he showed a picture today of his shaved chest and he was like caption this so head on over there if you're monster squad fans and you know andre gower he's been on a couple of her episodes and matter of fact mark was even saying like why don't you contact andre to be on this week yeah and uh man that would uh i don't know if that would have saved him or not but hey get get well man get better soon also returning to the show after being mistakenly locked in the bio dome please welcome back trevor gumbel oh god i was in there with paulie shore and stephen baldwin it was a [ __ ] nightmare oh but yeah i am here with the uh month of july 1996. and as always here on the show we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness you will know this week's guest judge as the grammy-nominated front man of the plain white tease and you can check out his solo project million miler in the new album millie available now all rise and welcome judge tom higginson hello hello hey you guys thank you for having me back this is one of the coolest podcasts i've ever done so i'm excited to be back thank you we need the sound bite there you go this is tom from the plain white tees and i love dueling decades there you go ladies and gentlemen the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules the judge's coin flip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories movies television music news and hud products a judge's ruling will determine who wins each round allowing the victor to choose the next available category the first three rounds are worth one point each with rounds four and five worth two points a piece and in the event of a tie after all five rounds we will go to a final wild card round remember duelers to like subscribe and play along at home it's time for more dueling decades all right let's pass it down to tom higginson for the coin toss to see who goes first this week trevor you call it okey dokey okay oh sorry oh yeah no i was just gonna say i'm going to be flipping um my brand new album on cassette tape um because it is an 80s themed project of course i had to make it on cassette tape you know so right along with bran there um so yeah instead of heads or tails we are going to do a side one and a side two very nice oh what's the what's the call i will do side two okay side two huh let's see what we got i've never flipped a tape before this is good oh it looks like it is side one all right so all right man crush you win the you win the tape toss you take control the board and get to select our first category all right i think this is fitting let's start with music absolutely i like it nice it's so it's so weird not being live and having joe like give me hand signals and like tell me when to do things so i'm just gonna go uh so let's go to july 3rd of 1976 and there were a few ways that i could have gone here i'm not saying that i loved what was released for the month but i did have some options this looked like if i looked at this month of the hole it looked like the official month of compilations and that's just really not my thing so once i came across this story i had to go digging uh this one is good and it's a first all right so we're gonna talk about a real household name at the time i don't know i guess it depends on the types of movies your dad was renting back in 1976 if that was a thing uh but the name here is andrea marie truden and in the spring of 1976 andrea put out her debut album of course this was done under her stage name which was andrea true and the name of that was called more more more and uh this also went by her band's name so that was the andrea true connection and that little album right there it would peak at number 47 on the us billboard 200 and it featured four singles it had party line keep it up longer call me not the plain yt's song called me of course uh and her smash hit single more more more of course the name of the album which would hit number four on the billboard hot 100 1976 in july couple interesting things here for one this album only had five tracks on well there's there's a reason for that i'll i'll get into that but the last track of this this album so there's four singles and five tracks so the only one that was not a single was a song called fill me up it's good good title right anyway in january of 1976 and this is why it's only a five song or an ep andrew's true she was hired to do some uh real estate commercials for some company down in jamaica while she was down there jamaica ends up putting a ban on all asset transfers so basically any may and like any money that she made doing these commercials was tied up and she was only allowed to spend that money while she was in jamaica since she wasn't able to leave with that cash andrew decided to invest the money into a studio demo and she she does a demo they let her out of the country with the demo she finally gets back to new york and she plays a song for some of her friends and she's immediately signed to buddha records to release this five song ep and i mean that seriously it's like kind of like one of them when life gives you lemon story right there because she had a [ __ ] situation she just nails it right the second part of this that's super interesting andrea true would become the first ever porn star to reach the charts and according to the uh iafd which is the uh the porn equivalent of imdb for the internet movie database andrea starred in 64 movies uh and by the time this album was released she already was in like roughly like 44 american pornos and unfortunately they didn't have a list of her foreign films from the 60s so there's a bunch more out there but i give you the andrea true connection with more more and more becoming the first ever porn star to chart on the billboards matter of fact getting all the way to number four and i hope the songs kind of make more sense now after listening to all five five of these songs i i listen to them they're they're pretty lengthy tracks like there's a 10 minute track on here but i would be willing to bet that she wrote these songs if you listen to these i think you would agree she wrote these four porn movies brought them back and just got lucky with this one song and it took off and by the way like more more more it's not like this is a throwaway it was actually covered by bananarama covered this one yeah it's but it's been in a bunch of commercials matter of fact it was one in just a couple of years ago for uh for applebee's i wonder if they actually knew the history of the song before they put it on and it was sampled in the uh the 1999 track by len steal my sunshine that's the beat that they got going on in the song wow wow that's what i give you from july of 1976 it's the andrea true connection more more more all right trevor what did you bring for the music round all right guys i'm gonna take you back to july 30th 1996. uh this album uh was like one of the soundtracks of when i was a sophomore in high school um unfortunately it was released uh not long after not long before the lead singer uh passed away over drug overdose it reached number 13 on the billboard charge went six times platinum uh featured uh four singles uh what i got santeria wrong way and doing time and uh sadly like i said two months actually no it was prior to the release uh brad noel was found dead of a heroin overdose and didn't get to see the success of the album so uh but yeah this was their last album but it was the most successful so for july i give you sublime self-titled album sublime i love that album very nice yup all right guys so for my music selection uh in 1986 this front man was coming off the success of a 1985 solo ep called crazy from the heat which mainly consisted of covers and lounge singing staples when he shocked the world by announcing that he was leaving one of the world's largest rock bands to pursue a solo career so he formed an all-new all-star lineup of billy sheenan on base drummer greg bissonette and for this album he grabbed the ex zappa guitarist who frank's who frank himself called his little italian virtuoso mr steve vi and on july 7th 1986 david lee roth gave us his debut full-length solo album edam and smile the album peaked at number four on the billboard 200 and was named album of the year by karang for 1986. now jeb gottlieb of the boston herald said edema smile has both an immoral and a ridiculous aesthetic like a good cult film big trouble in little china or raising arizona it seems cartoonish unhinged and out of another dimension all right so let's take a look at the songs that are on this album the big single is of course yankee rose it's an over sexualization and a love letter to the statue of liberty fantastic song fantastic songs one of my favorite dlr tracks uh and then we go to in that song and yankee rose also was uh ross third top 20 solo hit it reached number 16 on the billboard hunt 100 chart all right and then we're going to get to the up tempo shy boy now this is where steve bai really dazzles with his solos and all his fills all right and if you liked ice cream man back on van halen one then you're gonna love the track i'm easy uh the rock soul jam ladies night in buffalo is up next and then we got two of my favorite tracks on the album going crazy and tobacco road and the album rounds out with elephant gun big trouble bumping grind not the r kelly song and a cover of the frank sinatra staple that's life overall it's kind of like a fun party album but what the hell what do you know what else are you gonna expect from dave so edema smile july 7th 1986. is this the one where his face is like painted on the cover yes yeah

okay so is that my turn to uh to bring it all in here let's toss it over to our judge tom higginson for the verdict on the music round okay so i will have to say um i feel like mark i love i love david lee roth uh probably more of a van halen you know david lee roth kind of guy me and my son listen to jump all the time he was actually just the other day uh his friend didn't know the song and i felt like i was watching me like as a little kid dealing with my friends because he was like how do you not know van halen jump it's like the biggest song of the 80s you know it was i was i was proud of my boy you know schooling very nice his buddies on the 80s yeah uh but i i think the david lee roth solo album i was i i missed that one um so unfortunately i'm gonna pass on that one um and now this is a tough one

well i mean okay so trevor i feel like we're probably the same age because i was like in high school at that same time um and as soon as you started talking i'm like thinking okay wait singer died before you even told me it was sublime i knew it was sublime you know because i lived through that and that was man that guy uh what a voice bradley noel i mean unbelievable and just uh even the musicianship like i mean as like an as a you know musician and a producer and everything like those albums those sublime albums like no joke they stand up one hundred percent to this day absolutely production the quality the songwriting the vocals everything about those albums are really ahead of their time and really really amazing albums um so as much as i want to choose sublime um i kind of feel like man crush's story i didn't i don't know who the hell andrea true is or whatever and i don't know the song more more more but i gotta say that is a crazy ass story what a what a an interesting take like so she's in jamaica or whatever you said she can't make any money so she puts her money into a demo that then she brings so the demo tape she brings to the states and she i'm assuming i mean if she wrote the stuff and it's hers and had a big hit probably made you know a million millions of dollars off of so what an interesting that alone is is a genius move then throw in the fact that she's a porn star on top of it and all the songs like fill me up and keep it up or whatever the hell keep it up longer keep it up longer yeah i mean it all makes sense what a crazy ass story um and i think when you said you know the kinds of movies your dad rented in 1976 that's immediately where my mind went and i didn't think didn't think you were gonna take it there but you did so uh there weren't too many movies to rent in 1976 after i said that i was like yeah the selection was slim so it's most like in like the the like the crazy part was she went back to porn wow for a couple uh i i looked through her ia i have whatever the hell it's called and uh she had some films into the 80s oh wow never duplicated that success but uh unfortunately she died i think it was 2011 or 2012 in kingston new york which is not that far from me because she lived by uh like around the bethel area where woodstock is um but it said in the article that she lived off of the money from that track for the rest of her life so she did pretty well yeah it's amazing yeah yeah you win this round for sure sweet

yeah i gotta i gotta be straight uh with you guys here i had to um i had a good news i thought i had a good news story set up but uh upon further thought i thought you know what this is kind of a dark story i don't think i want to bring this up julian

you were the boss of that round apparently man crush this game's all tied up we're heading into the final news round all right i'm gonna i'm gonna use the power that i have right now i'm gonna defer oh oh so all right i'll use my deferral and i will go over to uh trevor i'll give you a deferral right here you can bring the news around you can wow tom because tom was around in 1996 so maybe this is your round yeah i gotta i gotta be straight uh with you guys here i had to um i had a good news i thought i had a good news story set up but upon further thought i thought you know what this is kind of a dark story i don't think i want to bring this up um i was gonna my news story was gonna be the olympic park bombing oh yeah oh wow then i thought myself at least we at least we didn't start the episode with that no yeah and then i thought to myself you know what last time i went with a sort of dark pick which was i think the gods and monsters pick i got so much [ __ ] from you guys i'm like you know what i'm not going to put myself up for this again so uh yeah so my pick to quote jeff goldblum these scientists in scotland were so preoccupied whether or not they could they didn't stop to think that they should and this was the first um the first incidence of cloning in uh in history uh first mammal cloned from an adult somnatic cell used in the process of nuclear transfer and yeah a it and it came from dolly the sheep named after dolly parton because you know of course you make that connection um i know it yeah dahlia sheep born july 5th 1996 at rosalind institute in milothian scotland uh died february 14th valentine's day bomber 2003 at rosalind institute middle of the in scotland um she is currently at the national museum of scotland her remains are on display which i don't know i find that kind of creepy yeah i don't know why it's kind of weird they got their brains of a of a cloned dead sheep on display and yeah i mean nah so my new story is the birth of the first cloned mammal dolly the sheep nice you want to just skip and just pick one of theirs tom it might be no that's a good one i i remember i remember as soon as you said clone i thought sheep i remember that story for sure yeah you know it's funny in my i just found my high school yearbook after years like a couple months ago we found it in a box and when they sold i graduated in 1996 and at the end of the yearbook they put like this year highlight section and one of the pictures is of the uh whatever that actually no it couldn't have been but i s no because you were july of 96 yeah so maybe it was when they were planning it or something but that's definitely in there where they have the pictures of the sheep because i remember seeing it in there so she probably hadn't been born yet that was a big story yeah absolutely all right so for my news story we're going to head over to the palm beach post out of florida july 8 1986 where a headline reads joyner shatters world record in heptathlon jackie joyner put on a series of a remarkable performances and shattered the world record in the heptathlon by more than 200 points with the first 7 000 point total in history at the goodwill games yesterday jordana's performance highlighted another big day for the american athletes in the multi-sport festival americans took the lead in the gold medal count from the soviet union 22-21 so today the 7 000 point barrier has only been breached on 10 occasions in history and unjust by four women six of those entries sorry today the 7 000 point barrier has only been breached on 10 occasions and all of that has been done by four women six of those entries all say jackie joyner kersey so in the 1988 she would set the bar high yet once again breaking her own record with a mind-blowing 7 291 point total so the woman's out outdoor heptathlon consists of seven events uh the first four consists the first four are contested on the first day of the of the uh events and this and the remaining three are on day two so you got the hundred meter hurdles the high jump the shot putt 200 meter hurdles the long jump the javelin throw and the 800 meters so the article goes on to say that joyner is the first american woman to hold a world record uh that goes back to since 1938 at the olympic games so years later sports illustrated uh voted jackie joyner kersey the greatest female athlete of all time so i give you jackie joyner kersey bringing home the gold at the goodwill games july 7th 1986. you know what's funny the uh your voice sounds like mine it's gone man it's [ __ ] gold i like in my defense i went to uh my first concert in 18 months on friday and i was screaming like a complete [ __ ] uh got to meet uh brendon b brown was there from wedis got we met uh after they played and uh gutsy living color in the pouring rain who was amazing uh but yeah my voice is completely shot so i dude i totally feel you it looks like you have some uh some like uh tea there i'm drinking a beer it's not really hot by the way uh did you say wedis yeah did we talk about wedis because i feel like maybe he's doing a bunch of podcasts right now as well but uh no but uh brendan was on here probably a month ago about today yeah oh wow well i love teenage dirtbag is legit one of my all-time favorite songs like to the point where it i i will like like that third verse where it's the girl like it literally like i tear up like i i like my eyes water every time i hear that song because there's just something so [ __ ] cool and like you know it's like the loser kid gets the girl because she's a loser too it's like it's the coolest like flip like songs really don't have plot twists normally yeah yeah and so that song just always just killed me and the melodies are so good the lyrics are so good again the production is great um so yeah if you happen to talk to him again tell him that i'm a big fan that's a really really beautiful song love that well i don't know you mentioned kill there so i figured i'd tell you this he told us what that song is actually about and there were teenage kids that killed another kid and they oh dirt bags and he was also a dirt bag because he wore like iron maiden shirts and [ __ ] so he wrote that song back then and this this happened in uh long island new york in the 80s and uh that's actually what it was about because he was telling this whole story about it i was like [ __ ] mind blown i was like wait a minute wow well yeah it kind of makes more sense with the lyric her boyfriend's a dick he brings a gun to school and he'd probably kick my ass if he knew the truth yeah yeah it's it's pretty wild but uh you super cool guy man uh he came on he actually he broke out his acoustic and oh no way on the show like amazing and it was funny because he forgot he had his headphones in he's halfway through and he's like forgot i have my headphones and i hope not like doing this all acapella we're like dude it sounds perfect oh it was great all right man crush well it's over to you to wrap up this game with your pick for the news round all right let's go uh let's go july 20th of 1976. this one right here is shocking to me because of the time period obviously i knew this happened but until i read the full details i i never thought about how amazing technology was in 1976 uh but here's a story about nasa's viking one which if you didn't know this is the first successful mars rover ever and viking one it would last on mars for like six years until 1982 uh they had like a faulty software update or some [ __ ] and it uh it killed the satellite it like turned it the wrong way or something they lost connection and uh years later and i'll get into the story in a second but i found this interesting i think it was like 2006 uh there was another observer or whatever that was taking uh photos of mars and they found where viking one was in the area it was it was only like one kilometer of way from where they thought it was in 1976 which is wild to me uh but this article itself is just insane keep in mind this is 1976 we're not talking about 2021 we're not talking about the 90s it's about 1976. you know like just think about the technology that we had in 1976 video games sucked ass like we didn't have like we're listening to records all right so this is uh viking one lands on mars viking one wrote a parachute and a cushion of rocket power to a smooth landing on mars tuesday and discovered a rocky rolling desert with sand dunes under an unexpectingly bright light afternoon sky this is the most amazing part i obviously can't show you the pictures of this because we're on a podcast or you if you watch this on video maybe joe will be so cool to throw these in but google the viking one mars pictures they're amazing these are they're two amazing black and white photos from this thing just setting down on mars and taking photos and sending them back to earth and not only that this paper that i'm reading this from was from july 21st 1976 so they got these pictures back from mars 214 million miles away in 1976 and they're pristine if you google image it you'll find them and you'll be blown away just keep in mind the year but its first two black and white pictures displaying clarity never seen before from a robot explorer it appeared as if they had been taken at a sunset in desert in nevada it's a very exciting place said astronomer carl sagan his name should be familiar mars is an extraordinarily interesting place the seven foot tall spacecraft landed only 17 seconds late after an 11 month voyage from earth 214 million miles away viking was quickly transformed into a nuclear-powered science observatory bearing the flag of the united states and a bicentennial emblem honoring the nation's 200th birthday uh there was another article that i found though that was even more interesting than that and it was just the the response from around the planet at the time in 1976 that this was happening of course you know we're in the cold war so the the first two con the first country to come out with soviet union we're like wait a minute we've done this already we've done this already well the thing was they weren't successful they they did it and their their rovers just like [ __ ] the bed like immediately so they're talking about these two other rovers that they had because they had two of them at the time that made it and they completely sucked and nobody cares about them because it didn't work but then you had france they had the prestigious lamonde which is like a gigantic newspaper reporting that the vikings landing in a three-column front page headline and then you had a dutch radio report on viking every single hour and the dutch evening newspaper it splashed across their the front page same thing about the lander uh in venezuela radio and television station provided periodic bulletins all about the lander after the morning is landing and then in mexico city uh the newspaper l universal uh graphico uh their headline said triumph of earthling science which i thought was awesome because it's really what it is like yeah the united states did it we we put this this rover on mars but it was really an accomplishment for everybody because i'm sure you know being in the united states we had people from every country that were involved in this and this was actually uh according to this article the mexican newspapers treated the viking landing as bigger news than the olympics that was actually going on in july of 1976 and if you notice i didn't mention the olympics one time until now and it was dwarfed by this story of the viking one lander so it just goes on and on there's just praise from all around the world that you know this was happening and of course we look at it now we've had tons of rovers since not tons but several rovers since then go there and you know do all this stuff on mars i'm not a scientist i don't know what the hell they're doing but it's amazing how far this thing is away and in 1976 we're sending these pristine images back of what it looked like and now we look at these and we get them from the rovers that we have up there now we're just like we kind of take it for granted because we've seen them our entire lives but 1976 nobody what did you know what was going to be on the planet this thing landed everyone was probably like what's there like what it's gonna show and then it shows like a desert you know it's just it's pretty wild but yeah it's the uh the viking one landing fantastic all right let's toss it down to tom higginson our judge for this episode and his final ruling on this game um okay so i kind of like give could give two shits about news normally right so when this was the last category i was kind of like oh great here we go can we do movies again or something you know but i gotta say that all three of these i was like these are these are some great uh you know great moments in history for sure um i'm a big i actually uh you know i told you guys i've got my million miler my 80s solo project um so i'm uh you know it wasn't was joe right it wasn't that her nickname jackie joyner kersey right that was no that was actually her sister-in-law that's for real whole family yeah because oh wait florence joiner she married her just right sure okay so anyway super like like uh iconic again apparently family but you know those names are names that i haven't heard in 30 years but yet instantly i'm like oh yeah you remember that because it's such a big deal and she was obviously a huge deal um apparently i was too young to understand that there was two different people but that's okay um so you know that definitely uh you know hits a soft spot with me with the 80s thing and that nostalgia um i've also got my record label that i put out these albums on is called humans were here and we have you guys probably can't see this but our logo is like a little astronaut humans were here so you know the uh the viking all of that that's super interesting to me just the the just the the the fact like you said the technology in the in the 70s is sending pictures back we're on mars what the hell is going on they just the the the exploration of the unknown is just so fascinating um but i don't know maybe it's just because i feel bad but i mean i don't know dude dolly the sheep that was a big ass deal and i remember that happening and i mean i kind of feel like to this day there's still everyone in the world is still conflicted like cloning like is it is it going too far is it you know can we use it for good is it like you know sac religious you know there's so many levels to the idea even just the the idea of cloning um and the fact that yeah it all started with your story so trevor i'm going with you on this one i don't need your pity no i mean that's like that's a hell of a story man that's a great one so yeah all right why people are against that like just do it i mean especially like over this past year with like covet and everything imagine you could just clone like it's like ah sorry or whoever died we're just going to clone them thank you okay they did clone hillary and gave us lily sobieski i don't think that was real they cloned jeffrey dean morgan we got javier bardem uh no it's backwards i think we started with it we started they gave us

okay all right trevor well you pick up two points this game's all tied up

we're heading over to our final wild card round what are the scores i was even trying to think i'm like wait i don't even remember who's winning right now or what it is currently two to two to two no [ __ ] wow i didn't think i'd need this so we're gonna head to the final wild card round we'll try to keep this one brief all right well you know i went back and forth with my picks for the movies round of which movie i should choose aliens on another choice i had was maximum overdrive and then my third option was this movie which if it's between this and aliens it's a hard choice really just goes upon what mood you're in at the time so wow this one man crush i think you know where i'm going with this one because you know what all jack burton always says that's right i'm going big trouble in little china released july 2nd 1986. it's just one of the all-time classics i think it's my favorite john carpenter film i know that's blasphemous because of halloween but so yeah that's what i'm going with wild card round big trouble in little china with uh good ol our friend uh kurt russell good old uh jack burton i will say i have seen that one so we got that got that

all right man crush what did you bring for the wild card round all right so let's go july 20th 1976. uh hammering hank aaron at the age of 42 in his 23rd season in the league hits his final and 755th home run off angel's pitcher dick drago and that record right there would stand as you know most home runs over the career for 31 years but i would say like matter of fact i would kind of say a lot of people still have hank crowned as that champ since there's no asterisk next to hank's name you know he was just around for 23 years he just kept hitting him there was never any talk of steroids or anything like that he just did it uh but here's the thing that home run ball right so you could take this as you will you it could either be the hank aaron 755th home run or this could be a hot product it's kind of like a double in this one okay double whammy it's a double whammy so that home run ball it was caught by a seasonal groundskeeper named richard arndt all right and art only spent one summer working for the brewers and then he ended up selling this ball in 1999 for 650 000 here's the thing unfortunately hank aaron he suffered like knee issues in his final season so he only played 85 games so at the time no one really thought this was his last home run they just thought it was another home run but dude what a steal for this dude he like he was there he got the ball and made out but yeah at the same time hank hits his 755th home run wow all right trevor what did you bring for the wild card round all right i'm gonna preface this by saying any good will i may have accrued in this past hour or so may just be shot to hell after i give you my pick it was gonna be between my music this is my music pic one of my music pics i was gonna be doing this and sublime um i admit when i first heard this this group i thought to myself yeah it's a catchy little pop song it's not gonna last these peop these this is flashing the if i've ever heard it i was way way wrong um wait this plain white tees were not around better okay just kidding go ahead this single debuted in the uk on july 8th 1996 and

it's it was a phenomenon i mean they had two multi-platinum albums they have their own movie uh there's rumors of a reunion tour and they're a guilty pleasure of mine and i enjoy them to this day the debut of the spice girls

i knew i knew i knew you were going there with the movie i'm like wait move i'm like oh spice girls were you dreading it or anticipating well as we talked about uh i was getting a little indie minded you know in those the 90s late 90s and and the spice girls didn't quite fit into that you guys noticed like that you know there's like a of course there's the 80s resurgence with stranger things and all that kind of thing um but there's this also a little bit of it's kind of leading into a 90s resurgence right yeah but like for me and i'm assuming you guys are all we're all kind of in the same boat i feel like age-wise um like for me the 90s i think of nirvana i think of like grunge i think of like my so-called life i think of you know and i feel like the new like i don't know when people like when kids nowadays think of the 90s it's the spice girls and it's like britney spears and it's like all of that or maybe britney spears would have been two thousand but well you know that no you're right that's that's late 90s late night yeah yeah they go way more to like that pop stuff that i don't know for me at the time was a little bit like not like cheesy i mean dude i'm i'm i love a great pop song you know but like i don't know to me the 90s were were this other thing i don't know do you guys feel that same way yeah no i don't know yeah well to me the 90s was like it was it was a whole variety of different genres um because you know there was also you know i was also into pop i was into indie i was into you know grunge i was into the to the r b and the rap stuff it was it all kind of melds with me it was experimentation exactly it was never just one genre i was i was associating with the 90s it was a whole kind of plethora of genres and i think that's why i kind of connect with 90s music more than um other decades sure and i mean i think that started because nowadays i feel like you you got you ever everybody listens to everything you know and i feel like definitely back in the day it was you were like a punk rocker or you were like you know an indie kid like you wouldn't listen to the spice girls but i feel like you still knew that the spice girls were were [ __ ] good you know you still knew those songs were great and i kind of feel like that started like slowly kind of closing the gap where you could have you know like a machine gun kelly right next to drake right next to i don't know whatever rock you know the foo fighters or something all on the same don't you think it's an availability thing though comparative if you look at you know over time how we consume music now so we consume music now like i just i talked to a friend today i swear to god he sent me a picture and he said i'm burning cds for my party on saturday and it was a picture of uh slaughter it was a slaughter burn cd wow hold on let me grab exactly what it was yeah it's a slaughter burn stick it to you cd he sent me and he's like i'm burning cds for my party on saturday and i was like dude you want me to just like do you have like a bluetooth speaker and he's like no all my stuff is old all i have is wires huh like don't you think like at a point like how we consume music kind of changed what you listen to because if you were listening to like a pop radio station that's all you knew you know like you you probably never change the dials as something else and if you did you just change it to maybe like an alternative radio station and that's all you listen to it wasn't like you were like continuously moving back and forth whereas nowadays we can just you know our kids like i look at my daughter's 15 and she could just throw on spotify and go from one genre to the other seamlessly not need to own anything and kind of cross genres and it's like you know it's completely there's all the lines are gray like do you do you feel like that like as especially as a musician do you feel like that affects music in a good way or a bad way like where everything's kind of like this like where are we going totally i feel like that's a good point like you had to literally invest in the artist that you like or the genre that you liked you know because the only way of hearing these artists were to buy pay 15 for the cd you know back in the day or get into a columbia house yeah yeah well they also had uh they also had singles true true so i had a lot of those so i yeah i kind of went from like like when i was in junior high i was all about like crisscross and boys to men and you know like i said the fresh prince was probably right around there um and then yeah once i got into high school i was just like you know pearl jam and nirvana came along actually i guess they were out already but they were yeah i think my ears i was like i'm like grown up now i have my tastes are refining and i i understood them all of a sudden um but yeah i was like all about it was like that was my world started going to concerts you know started just living that like that alternative rock scene like that was that was that was what i identified with all my friends you know we just go to concerts every weekend and that was our life um so i think that there was definitely a cool there was a you know it was it was a great time and there was a place for that but to answer your question i kind of i mean you know you can't really argue with the convenience that you have now and as an artist i mean of course i'd rather have a million people pay 15 for my album but i mean if if a million people go and listen to a song on their spotify or you know make throw it in a playlist that they have that they listen to when they go to the gym or they listen to when they're on some road trip with with their family or with their buddies or whatever it is it's like that's just you know you can't really argue with with technology with progress um so i mean i just i see the positives i guess as an optimist you know instead of being like damn it i don't get paid as much or you know worse than you are 10 million albums right it's like old man yells at clouds right yeah i i would rather like embrace it and um you know just the fact that like yeah like you guys right now i mean if you wanted to listen to million miler you you easily could in five seconds from now you could be listening to it whereas that's never been the case before that it was impossible before i guess before itunes you know you'd always have to leave your house go to a store or do the columbia house which was obviously a ponzi scheme but um yeah the convenience is definitely like unparalleled like you kind of can't beat that there you go there i am see i'm on your phone right now um it's funny for uh one of my buddies back when hey their delilah was blowing up um they were like they came up with the most genius pickup line they said like oh you should like go up to girls and be like hey like you probably already have me in your phone because they had like hater delilah but yeah that's just it's the the the beauty of it is that anything is accessible um and yeah i mean as much as like of course i would love to get paid more or i would love to you know all of those streaming services they should probably be a little bit more artist friendly with their you know royalties and stuff i've heard i've heard it sucks it sucks but i mean but again it's like like i said you can listen to me right now if you wanted to so that that convenience and accessibility is kind of that's pretty magical so honestly honestly tom like what weighs more to you like the fact that somebody could just pick up their phone millions yeah one million percent would rather have like a million people listen to my song or know know the song or like connect with the song right like that's that's the the utmost success to me like the fact that like a song like hater delilah like it's not just like oh yeah that's i remember that song that was you know heard on the radio people like have a connection i know not everybody of course but like like that's people's favorite song you know i mean it's not just like a song that was hot on the radio for a second like people [ __ ] loved that song and really connected with it that by far outweighs anything the fact that i made some you know a piece of art that that really made people's lives better in some way you know that's that's the real level of success to me so to answer your question yeah the fact that million people right now could listen to my song and or have access to it way cooler than you know selling a thousand albums because i'd make more you know selling a thousand albums than a million streams but i'd still rather have the rather have the million streams because you know you make art to to get it out there and to connect you know so that's what it's what it's all about for me did you ever think about how many dudes got laid by girls named delilah because they i mean dude for sure and i'm always dude the stories i've heard are so great like people always like some dude will tell me yeah dude like i lost my virginity because i played you know paid their veronica to this chick and you know in high school or whatever like it's so funny i had and to me when i wrote that song i was like okay damn i really love this song this is i know this is really good but like no one's gonna relate to it because it's so specific how many people are named delilah new york city you know how many only people like i thought it was so specific that it was alienating you know but obviously it's the opposite it's like because of those details i feel like people like anybody in the world that was like away from their loved one whether it was for a year a day whatever it was it was like they that became their song you know uh and i i never even really understood that in writing it or putting it out do you do you know how many deployment babies you're probably responsible for dude absolutely that was one of the biggest things we we've done we've been able to do some of those like you know um we we have played in navy bases and all things like that all around the world and that was a mind blower to me like these you know you would think i would have nothing relating with these big army army dudes you know firing guns and working out all day but man like they were like yeah like that song like when i had to leave you know away from my girl back home like that song was like what kept us going and what kept us in them like just mind blown that like man i had no yeah no concept that it would it would reach just that that far in into like somebody like that like in my mind probably not going to relate to you but whatever story i told in that song whatever you know those lyrics they like i don't know they made it easier for a guy to be stationed somewhere like defending our country like i helped that guy somehow that's it's pretty pretty i was a couple years off from that when i deployed in 2004 it was uh three doors down here without you i think it was the name of the song so if i had deployed a couple years later my daughter might have been named delilah would have been delilah nice even though her name now has nothing new three doors down but you know it's it's one of those things but i know mark's giving me the signal what do you think for the the wild card round then we'll we'll continue this well you know what it really doesn't matter because as red foreman would call me i'm a dumbass i read the score wrong you know the hot products round was actually worth two so man chris you won this one we never even had to go but we did anyway yeah we did anyway we made it fun that's right and you know what just to be fair i would have probably i was just at a cubs game last night so i would have probably went with man crush anyway with the uh you know the home runs and everything so there you go and to show that this is no hard feelings tom i did just buy a copy of million miler the cassette album no kidding nice no hard feelings dude do you have a cassette player thank you yeah i do oh awesome

you have a walkman still that works mine doesn't work but i do have a cassette player no no i have a i have this lpcd cassette player i got for christmas last year so nice is it crosley by any chance no it's trek sonic okay because i i've had in my little 80s you know revival mode here i've been actually collecting cassette tapes like old tapes yeah um and i've had a real problem finding decent like boom boxes or like tape players that they make now they all kind of sound like [ __ ] but i found this one crosley one i don't know that brand that you just said but this crosley one that i found it was like 30 or 40 bucks pretty cheap and it sounds awesome uh so yeah it is kind of a kind of a hard struggle to like find a good tape player right now i heard i heard the reason that cassettes kind of sound like [ __ ] in recent cassette players is that they changed the mechanisms in them uh wow around like the 90s or something like that they changed the mechanism and now it just makes the it makes the sound just completely not as good as it used to be um i could have been i i don't know the exact date they switched up the but that's why a lot of people will go to like thrift stores for like the old boom boxes and just use those or fix them up totally that's interesting i didn't know that but mark is a pretty sick one actually do you saw that double deck i yeah i got i got i got three of them oh wow my mark is a pretty sick one i had to get a dual deck because you never know when you gotta want to make a mixtape yeah you want to report something off the radar yeah yeah for sure for sure totally totally like john cusack and high fidelity just just make a great mixtape oh yeah now it's a spotify playlist of course you know spotify playlist but i just there's nothing like there's nothing like just a physical copy you can hold in your hand yeah even just writing out like the song titles and stuff on that little like yeah oh yeah totally oh yeah it's kind of like renting movies we talk about that all the time like the whole art is taken out of it by like you could just throw a movie on a netflix and be like you know watch 30 seconds like meh and go to something else there's no skin in the game like the whole it's not fun anymore but anyhow i don't know i don't know about you guys real quick one i know you're wrapping it up but on like for me when i go on netflix it's kind of like i'm i use the video store like mentality like i will search netflix for 25 minutes just to like find the movie to like turn on and then like close my eyes and go to sleep but it's like the fun part is the browsing like the video store like you call your video story how does your son do it how does your son pick stuff because my daughter is like she'll just select something immediately anything yeah um you know it's funny my son he's an old soul kind of like me and maybe because i am like you know so kind of deeply rooted in in those things i really do love you know kind of some of that stuff from the past so he has a lot of that uh you know those characteristics too probably from me um but he's also like he'll put on some random thing i'm like why the hell are you what like this is so stupid and you know it's stupid you know you don't care about this but yet you have it on it's like yeah so he's he's a good mix of both i think i think what would be awesome if if netflix had a layout option where the movies would be listed and the layout would look like a video store where you'd see the cover of a film and if you wanted to see the description of it it would flip to the back and show pictures of it with a description that would be cool but then again i don't think netflix i don't think netflix thinks there's enough people out there that miss the video store format there's the third party developer yeah yeah there's there's actually a group of people that are third-party developers that are developing that for virtual reality right now like a what yeah like a walk through yeah which oh cool bring back the whole event of going to rent something but uh tom we're not we're not rushing you off or anything but like i talked about before like uh we had brendan was on a couple weeks ago he did teenage dirtbag even freaking malachi from children of the corn broke out his acoustic last week and he he did one of his uh his original songs would you do a song for us i mean i do have my guitar right here i just did my my little live facebook thing um let's see do you have something from can do you do anything acoustic from millie i know there's a lot of like 80s song like 80 sound in there so i don't know how it works but i mean it does work acoustic i was uh let me think hang on okay here we go so zuma beach million miler if i can remember my own damn words here we go such a beautiful night you make everything right 2 a.m and there's no other car inside we're just driving along with the radio on pastor malibu's up ahead at this time of the night everyone's in bed


you and me by the show who

is let's make this night that either one of


between the car

under the stars palm trees


here we go nice now waiting background so i can hear you guys

now how weird was that to uh three 40 year old dudes like as you were going i was like he's probably like oh this is kind of weird right well honestly i'm used to doing like like i said i do for plain white keys i've done a wednesday night it's called the wednesday club where i play some songs live on facebook every wednesday and it it was at first super weird to just be looking at yourself the whole time and just playing but i've gotten so used to it so it's actually been it was kind of nice having faces at least looking at me so that that was a good thing dude that was awesome it came out great and it was different hearing the song on acoustic and yeah if you guys are into the song go and check out the album because it actually does have a great 80s vibe to it like everything about it i think it really ties in there it is right there yeah also available for pre-order i'm getting vinyl in in the next two weeks so cassette tape and vinyl for any of those you know vinyl files out there so there you go for the super old people to listen to the show no dude you know what vinyl vinyl is actually out selling cds do you guys know that really that's pretty cool yeah for the first time in forever this year do i have matter of fact right next to where i record i have all my cds they're uh i have a 200 disc player over there it's completely empty oh wow but all the discs are underneath i have like 2 000 cds i can't even move this thing it's so heavy my wife's like you just need to either get rid of them all or like do something with them so no you gotta you dashed you got you gotta hold out because like 10 years from now cds are going to be like the coolest thing ever see the thing is with cds though like cassettes are cool because they last records last cds get cd rot yeah yeah well dude records can get all scratched up and shitty too that's true but like you have to like handle them to do that to see like i pulled the cd out it was uh i don't remember which one it was i opened up the case and the uh the backside of the cd was completely dead yeah like all the stuff just fall yeah it's like it's called it just happens wow it happens in movies too like dvds it happens to so anybody that has all that [ __ ] if you think you're safe just because you have dvds or cds or whatever you're not so check your [ __ ] don't just keep it in the basement in boxes because you'll probably ruin it after a while if you don't play it clean it do any of that fun stuff but tom dude thank you so much for coming on that was awesome thank you for playing the song and please come back any time and we'll we'll do this again if you want to hook it up where like when brendan comes back we'll like get one of you guys if you want to just show up as a contestant and brennan will be the judge hey whatever man hell yeah dude yeah i'm down i love you guys i love the the format the show is great so yeah we'll do it again for sure that'd be awesome all right awesome all right and before you go are you guys are you doing any tours or doing anything like that uh so plain white keys are actually starting up we're we're playing a show next weekend in las vegas so that's like the first our first like you said you just went to a concert last weekend this is our first uh full band i've done a couple little acoustic things very small you know intimate you know uh coveted friendly things um but this is our first full band like back on a big stage with the real crowd uh since the pandemic so it's gonna be cool so yeah stuff like that is starting up looking to book some million miler i've actually got a call tomorrow with our booking agent uh about doing some million miler shows this fall so uh hopefully i'll bring that bring the 80s to some uh you know cool clubs around and see if you could get million miler to open for plain white teas ooh you know i know people

i wouldn't want to steal the show though you know you know maybe i mean believe me i'll i'd love to check it out hell yeah well yeah either with the tease or with uh million miler i'm sure we will eventually you guys said your new york area right yeah yeah yeah well kind of all over the place but i'm in i'm in seattle oh [ __ ] okay yeah trevor's way out there yeah we honestly it sucks because seattle you know we'll go to like san francisco all the time sometimes we'll go up to portland and then maybe you know seattle is just such a for some reason do you have something against me tom is that you know you know i don't know dolly the sheep will always have dolly yeah

well thank you guys yeah i now now i do have to pee i made the joke earlier but now it's getting to that point so all right you go do that before there's a problem bro yeah hell yeah but yeah see you guys soon for sure and in person maybe that'd be dope um all right sweet i look forward to it oh yeah awesome all right take care tom thanks again take care all right duelers well unfortunately we're gonna have to end this episode right here but don't worry you can always go over to duelingdecades.com where you can subscribe to the show on itunes spotify everywhere podcasts are available then remember head on over to our youtube page subscribe hit the little notifications bell that's going to help us out as well so until next time duelers we're going to bid you a peace love light and a joy but not until we kick it over to man crush one last thing i swear to god pod tv.live uh go over to podtv.live if you watch us on youtube and you don't feel like going over your computer watching on your phone and you have a fire stick or a roku or apple tv or any of those cool things just download the pod tv app and we're right on there we they haven't given us a time slot yet but you can go right to dueling decades and you can watch the entire episode which is the cool thing over youtube where we split it up per round this is actually the entire thing so pod tv dot live sorry mark ed no it's all right pod tv is awesome man everyone should be checking that out so until next time jewelers we're gonna bid you a peace love light and a joy have a grateful week everyone