Dueling Decades

Round 3, it's the Hot Products round!
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Welcome back! And if this is your first time with us, hop on in the telephone booth and get ready to explore three of your favorite decades. This week, our good friend Judge David Schultz is back behind the bench to decide this retro showdown. Now that we're also on YouTube (and soon to be PodTV, available on Roku/Firestick/Android/Apple/Web), ol' Judge Schultz wants to be on the show more often to show off his collection of floral shirts. If you don't know what I'm referring to, check out the YouTube video for this episode! Anyway, "The Professor" Drew Zakmin is back to compete and teach us a thing or two about his week in June of 1992. The next contestant, who loathes drawing the year 1981, Mancrush brings a high caliber week in June of 1981. And rounding out the competition this week, our boy Marc James is back, way back that is, way back to June 1972!

Hopefully, by the time this is out, you can also check us out on PodTV. Shootout to Anthony, who said, "Finally get to see the faces to the voices I've been listening to for so long"! If you're also curious, you should check out the video version, we look great on a big screen (my mom says so anyway)! In any event, on this episode, you might hear something about: Father's Day "the redheaded stepchild of all holidays", fake espionage, real espionage, Judge Schultz famously cheated on a spelling bee, paying someone to rewind your video rentals, dudes named Spider, summer replacements, a VHS tape that eluded the Zakmin clan, Marc picks something filthy, uncensored "new wave" mud wrestling, the deal of a century, Sammy Davis Jr stops by for an unexpected visit, the official wedding band of the early 90s, Lamborghini jumpsuits, fat penguins, Marc brings a mouthful, giving it all up for a woman, not Fleetwood Mac, and who the hell brought a roofing product?! All that and more!

Do you agree with "Schulz's" rulings? Look for us tonight at 9pmEST with guest judge Kalie Wolfe from Rivals on YouTube!

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