Dueling Decades

Welcome to Round 4! Time for the Music Round!

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If you've listened to this show before, you know about our deep-rooted love for all things Cannon Films. We don't know exactly what it is about this company, but we can never stop talking about them. Ninjas, Chuck Norris, Charles Bronson, break dancing, sex comedies, Jean Claude Van Damme, and lots of shlock! What's not to love?! So this week, we brought in our new friend, Austin Trunick, the author of "The Cannon Film Guide Vol 1" (volume 2 is coming soon) to judge this all Cannon battle. Following the film guide, we stayed in the 80s for this episode. First up, going back to the early days of Cannon (under Golan and Globus of course), Mancrush brings the best of Cannon, 1982. Smack dab in the middle of this competition, Marc James grabs dons his zipper jacket and delivers the best Cannon had to offer from 1984. Bridging the way to Austin's Vol 2, Mike Ranger brings Cannon of 1986 to this battle!

If you're a fan of Cannon Films, we're sure you'll dig this episode and we totally recommend picking up Austin's book! If you don't know Cannon, you'll definitely want to hear more by the end. In this episode, you might hear something about: faking it till you make it, turbulent partnerships, fancy lunches on styrofoam plates, naked horseback riding, careers we wish we had, video store ninjas, the cure to any computer virus wears sunglasses, hookers on television, the boring BBC, Amanda makes Marc lascivious, music for murderers, the perfect use for a U2 track, Chaka Kahn is a freakshow on the dance floor, Jean Claude Van Damme fables, The Cannon Kibbutz, V8 makes everything sexier, terrorists, uzis, motorcycles, explosions, violence, sex, crabs and a lot more Cannon tidbits from Austin!

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