Dueling Decades

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We have a great guest judge this week! This man has been in some fantastic movies over the years. He scared us all to death in Children of the Corn, picked on George McFly in Back to the Future, and even lived next to Tom Hanks in The Burbs! The multi-talented, Courtney Gains joins us this week as our celebrity guest judge! And to finish out the month, he gets to decide which of these contestants had the "best of the worst" month of June! First up, going way back to 1970, Marc James brings the worst June 1970 had to offer! Smack dab in the middle, Mike Ranger is back with the worst of June 1980. And rounding out this battle of the decades, Mancrush spent his week eating at The Max and delivers his worst of June 1990!

Stick around till the end of this episode! Courtney grabs his acoustic guitar and serenades us all with a new track. But before that, you might hear something about Florida banning articles of clothing, Richard Pryor, a band's twist with drugs, fields that make you cry, a tour that will make you cry some more, G-rated shows headlined by X-rated shows, not Fonzie, a network that never sees the light of day, fake news, a double dose of awful albums, Mancrush's wife gives her approval. Acoustic Gains Volume 1, Ripple Street, Queen Bees, cars that slip on banana peels, guys that won't let their relationships die, Russ Meyer, censorship, Phish, murder, and what the hell is in my burrito?!

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