Dueling Decades

Welcome to round 4! It's time for the News round.

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Hello again, fellow Duelers! Before we get into this week's episode notes. We wanted to remind you that we're now on YouTube! If you weren't aware, your favorite retro battleground is now on video. Matter of fact, some episodes are "taped live with a studio audience", so please go and subscribe (https://www.youtube.com/c/duelingdecades). We hope to see you in the chat! Anyways, we got another good one for you this week! Well, a bad one? I suppose it depends on how you look at it, but we're back with another "Worst of May" match-up! This week, we're joined by the amazing frontman of the band Wheatus, Brendan B. Brown! Brendan tossed some teenage dirtbag out of his chair, grabbed the gavel, and he was ready to judge these contestants: First up, from parts kinda known, Joe Findlay digs deep, and brings us the worst May 1979 has to offer. Next up, straight from a late-night Round House screening, Marc James brings a double deuce of picks from, May 1989. Finally, rounding out the competition, the man voted most likely to not wear JNCOs, Mancrush delivers the worst of May 1999!

Stick around after the competition for a campfire chat with Brendan, AND a live rendition of "Teenage Dirtbag" that will give you chills. In this episode, you might hear something about dirty judges, a boat that should have sank, young republicans that Brendan doesn't buy, Marvel tries again, a ship that DOES sink, models taking dumps, Jim West is not a rapper, 28-minute songs, sweaty cocaine music, television murders, assassinations and riots, the tale of the hero sausage, an operation you never played, Japanese stuff, worthless toys that caused a commotion, and just what is the story behind Teenage Dirtbag anyway?! All this week and more!

Do you agree with Brendan's rulings?

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