Dueling Decades

Greetings everyone, and welcome back to another nostalgic installment of your favorite retro game show, Dueling Decades! This week, we bring back a judge that really loves a good retro deep dive! I mean, who doesn't?! But, he liked it so much, that he requested to come back for more! Tom Higgenson, the frontman of The Plain White T's is back as our guest judge! This time though, he's dropped a new retro-style solo project named, Million Miler. So once this episode concludes (wait till after Tom's great acoustic performance at the end), go and check out his new Million Miler album, "MILLY"! Before all that happens, let's look at our competitors. First up, rotary dialing it back to the 1970s, Mancrush brings the best July 1976 had to offer. Smack dab in the middle this week, Marc James delivers one crazy summer, with the best of July 1986! And returning this week, loyal listener of the show, Trevor Gumbal, and he brings the coolest July 1996 one could ask for.

This episode is a lot of fun! And it's even better on video! So make sure to check us out on YouTube or PodTV and subscribe. In this episode, you might hear something about: keeping it up longer with disco dancin' adult stars, spending time at the pawnshop, a rock icon flies solo, David Geffen can't handle Clint Eastwood, a sequel that's better than the original, Randy Quaid will dust your crops, family fornication with strange celebrities, three days for America, a TV show that's turned into a flaming pile of garbage, Freddie Mercury rules, a sitcom star leads a cult, Mancrush's dad surfs the web, how to make a proper setlist, a trip to the red planet, really fast cousins, sheep science, Marc loses count while aboard the pork chop express, a legend hits his last long ball, music listening habits, Tom's 1990s indie run, and Trevor walks off the set! All that and more!

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