Dueling Decades
Feb. 2, 2022

Wax bangs the gavel and decides which February ruled 1985 or 1990!

Wax bangs the gavel and decides which February ruled 1985 or 1990!

This week we once again jump into the tubular time machine and this time around we revisit one of our favorite episodes from one of our favorite judges and musical guests!  The one and only Wax jumps back behind the bench to channel his inner Harry T. Stoned and give his rulings on this fantastic February Week-Experience Tag-Team showdown and play us a few songs! 

On this great retro rerun, The team known as Mamalukes made up of Marc and the Mancrush bring the best of February 11th thru the 17th of 1990 as they take on Mike Ranger and Drew Zackmin and the best February 10th thru the 16th of 1985 has to offer. 

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