Dueling Decades
Feb. 3, 2021

Wax returns with a vengeance to adjudicate this battle between 1976, 1985 & 1992!

Wax returns with a vengeance to adjudicate this battle between 1976, 1985 & 1992!

Welcome to another episode of your favorite adult, retro gameshow! We're happy to welcome back one of our favorite judges, the same man who created our sweet theme music, Wax! Wax brought his unique insight to the bench and a potential movie idea that we began to flesh out pre-recording. Unfortunately, we weren't recording at the time, wuh waah. Anyways, Wax has been here a few times, he knows the lay of the land, and he's up on his pop culture. So let's get this thing started! The first contestant this week, our friend from the Great White North, Joe Findlay brings his best from the final week of January 1992 along with him. Next up, Mancrush is looking to get back into the win column after several straight losses. To do so, he brought the finest late-January 1985 had to offer. And keeping the rear in check, Marc James goes way back to 1976 to complete this trio of retro awesomeness.


We love having veteran judges back on the show. The show may have changed slightly since the last time Wax was on in February 2020, but the premise is the same. Unfortunately, no rap battles this time, but you still may hear about: the reason Wax has two toothbrushes, the American Music Awards becomes an unsung hero, a real-life Mentos commercial in Arizona, Kersey may ride the subway, Blisters down under, Wax's surprising vocal inspiration, the seduction of Tom Skerritt, Ben Vereen dazzles his way to 41 IMDb reviews, politicians are straight shooters, Winter Magic gets hit over the head with a sock full of balls, the law offices of DeFazio-Feeney & Squiggman, unattainable vehicles, two guys go for broke, no one knows who Raphael is, Ozploitation is apparently a thing, a big 10-4 for pig pen, the Hobgoblin doesn't deliver in the clutch, snacks with Wax, back alley Lunchables, tough mall cops, and guess who's coming FOREVER?!


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Ocast New York up doing dagade is is wax piece of all you guys and thanks for having me on the show, will it be the s or the AIS, Beeni babies or crack babies, really Bener Boda, wor Madon, maybe bricty? Maybe Whitney do you like new mittle, O new wave, dave, ru or Super Dave? I don't know, but now the vattl begins doling decades. Let's see who wins Jo as roudguesting from the podcast New York Studios. It's the adult. Only Retro Game Show where the decades battle for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dueling decades. I am Markd James. In this week we return to the week experience as Hou'll, be representing the final week of January nnine Hundren, an seventy six alongside the other duelers ind the decades day will be fighting for first off poping and Lockin with the s say hello to Mancrush, were they popping and locking in the S and t s? Definitely S as what are they whatare they? I always thought that was like a billy blanks thing. I NTAIBO and poping lock dude he's coming back. You see the commercials he's got now he's got like a GICO commercial or some shit, he's kind of oin a big way, but I have the final week of January, one thousand nine hundred and eighty five, which actually flows into the first day of February. So I have January twenty sixth through February Fre, one thousand nine hundred and eighty five also joining us on the panel and giving mad props to the S. please welcome back to the show Joe Finley guys what a pleasure this must be for you, I'm here with the final wek o one thousand nine hundred and ninety two and really it's almost exclusively two days, wellyou'll see when we get into it. But it's a lot of fun, so stay tuned and as always here on the show, we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. This week's guest judge is back once again behind the bench and you can listen to his new album old songs from youtube that weren't on streaming services until now on spotify all rise and welcome back to the show. The honorable judge wax yeah so good to be here. What an! Inter I love that, thank you so much I'm excited to be back and, and your your theme Song Is- has been on countless episodes for the past year. So now the people that are brand new to the show. This is the guy that put together the crack babies. I'm really excited to be here, and you know, like I told you guys before we started filming it. It looks if it looks awkward that I'm in a weird position and I'm dealing with a little bit of an upback injury. So it might be a little visually strange thand, I'm looking like this, but hey. You know, I'm here to judge and I'm here to make somebody win you're, not even the first horizontal judge we've had on the show. So it's all good! That's right! That's true! Right! Tawny, coundtain, Tony catain and me are in the same category yeah. You were both laying down Moy funny story about her, though here I go yeah she was ot o my she told me the day before she was going in for a surgery, and she said please give me a call half hour before we get on the show. Just to wake me up, make sure I'm up. So I try to call her no answer like an hour later. She calls and she's like who is this and tell her, and she goes Oh, my God. I forgot okay, give me five minutes and she shows up and we're the first people she saw and like what was it like twenty four hours she was completely out. Wow were the first people. She spoke to post surgery, hit's a good one. So if you have not listened to episode, go back, I think it was from August the end of August, maybe somewhere around there, it's it's a it's quality, ta o Wen, I'm gonna. LISTEN TO THAT WHAL! She a little wis se a little. You know I mean she d just had surgery, so I guess she was maybe a little out of it little bit. It took her round or two to to get into it. Yea She was tawny. You know, Torni sounds like an adjective. That means out of it yeahs a little tawny that day hey if the shoe fits. She did try to sell us. Some vagina smelling candles, though so yeah Wel, it was kind of cool yeah. She didn't have any. I think who was the celebrity that was doing the vagina smelling, something it was for Goop. It was Guete a Paltro wow yeah, so she said hers would smell. Better Soisil haven't gotten that candle so chokes on all of them. I make my own. Ladies and gentlemen. The following contest will be held under dueling decades rules. The judges coinflip shall theside, who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories, movies, television, music, news and hut products. A judge's ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds, four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie. After all five rounds, we will go to a final wild card round. Remember, doelers to review the show, listen subscribe and play along at home, it's time for more doin as all right, let's Tay right down to our judge, wax for the official coin toss. How do I do a cornsauce thate, there's three options? Well, it's just going to be joe versus. Let's go jovers mark this time. Mark never gets any love, I'm flipping, I'm flipping it and I have no idea what side it is. I'm going to hold up to the camera. Th t a the. What the answer is. Is that Co with Youn Joe Finley? Why don't you call in the air? Okay? Let's, let's go tails. There goes my chance of Bein, a referee Yogofam. What's that say that's tales, it is Tarr all right, Joe. You won the coin toss and you get to select our first category, all right, let's Talt with music, and I'm going to take you guys to Sidney Australia on January, Twenty Fh, one thousand nine hundred and ninety two, the inaugural big day out, festival. Lots of Australian acts lot of alternative acts, an that as people like massappeal and rat cat and the manies, the hardons featuring Henry rollins that day, but it was headlined by the violent, FEMS and Nirvana with never mind only recently coming out. At this point, this festival Hav expanded to four CITYES, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three six cities, n nineteen, four and Rad. Until two thousand and thirteen featuring such bands over the time as near Vona, Pearl Jam, Kanye West smashing, Pumpkins, the white stripes chemical brothers, sound garden, the strokes, Ramstein Marlyn Mans gets there's so many here I can keep listening and we could j. That could be the end of the show. I won't continue to do that, but this was the beginning. This was the very first day of this festival, quite a popular one down under January twenty none, tousand, nine hundred and ninety two all right, man crush. What did you bring for the music round? All Right? Let's go to January Twentyeith, one thousand nine hundred and eighty five and the great thing here: The S in parody. It never stops and it's going to com up again on this episode, but here's the beginning, so on December, thre thousand nine undred and eighty four you had Bob Geldoff amidge or they put together. The Super Goup Group in the UK named Bandad. You guys remember this and they released the the timeless Christmas classic. Do they know it's Christmas, which raised all kinds of money to help put a dent in Africa's huge famine crisis of the time. The single is an instant success and it Profelle it propelled the famine, the whole issue to the world stage. So a month after that release Harry Bellfante decided that one Bandai just wasn't enough, and he recruited Music Madger Ken Kragan, to help him with his ownivagitariaan vision and Kragin, immediately reached out to one of his clients, Kenny, Rogers and Lino Richie, and they joined as a team and then stevie wonder, got involved, and then they Nag Quincy Jones to coproduce and then Quincy got Michael Jackson to help out and the rest of his history here weth they have all these jugenouts on board right now, so you got Michael Jackson, Liol Richie. They banged out the lyrics to this track over the course of the next couple days. After that they laid down the music they developed, the song, then, on January, twenty tit, onethousand, nine hundred and ighty five at the anm recording studios in Hollywood. In roughly nine hours, the track we are the world was recorded and, coincidentally, I was initially going to pick the American music wards for my TV selection, which also took place to same night on the twenty eighth. Many of the performers hav recorded the track. They came directly from the award ceremony, which was at ABC studios in Hollywood, which is why they didn't begin recording until ten pm and it went to like seven o'clock in the morning. So really when you think about it. Logistically this is probably the best thing possible to get all these acts in the same room at the same time. So that's another big part of my week, Hereis the American music awards. It was basically like the Onsung hero of we are the world right here, but the single was released. Marc E, O thousand nine Hunde n Ighty Five, the single one on to become the like the first single to ever be certified several times platinum and also is the biggest single f one thousand nine hundred and eighty five, the record itself, which I remember my sister owned, that it was literally number one: an every charg around the world, literally every single chart, even like the country, music, rock charts, everything by the ND nd Ninetn, six, the proceeds from the USA for Africais what they called it and their humanitaria emission. They had raised over fifty million dollars, which was actually their goal. I think they ended up at like fifty one and a half or something by the ND nd Ninetn, six, so pretty wild stuff. When everybody gets together and does something look, we can happen and we get. We are the world recorded January, twentytineone thousand nine hundred andeighty five fantastic. I actually have a couple copies of that forty five single here in the studio. I found it a few years back now the whole time you're. Reading that storyman CRUSS. The only thing that I could think of is you said they all came from the award ceremony to the recording studio right. So you have a bunch of music industry stars going from a award ceremony straight to the recording studio late at night. Could we or the world be the world's best drunk sing along? Oh, it could have been there's not many stories that came out of it. There was a sign supposedly when you walked in into the leave your egos at the door a I bet. Everyone was absolutely plastered man. Oh I'm sure, that's probably why they probably didn't have like any big problems, but I mean the names ere ther were there. I mean Lino Richie, Stevie, wonder Paul Simon Kenny, Rogers, all tote Turner, Billy, Joll g yeah. I mean all these guys. You go down this list. Dan ackroyd. Thank God, come on drunk and coked. Up Ten to seven is probably wasn't Cokin Bov ispetly us. If you research, who are the one singing at five and six, that's you know. Well I mean Michael Jackson. He actually recorded his part two hours before they even started. Oh really said he recorded his solo at eight o'clock, so nobody was even there when he recorded, so he just skipped the AA. He was like fuck that Ijusogo for him all right guy, so for my music selection, much like the subject matter of this song, its journey on the ht one hundred top forty was up and down, and on the week ending of January thirty, first onineteen, seventy six. It finally hit the very top grabbing the number one spot before its fast descent back down, but not before becoming a gold record. My music selection is love roller coaster by the Ohio players. The hit was the second single fof, one thousand nine hundred and seventy five album honey and has since become probably the signature song by the Ohio Players d. It was even cover dn, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six by the Red Hut, Chili peppers for the beevus and butthead. Do America Soundtrack. Unfortunately, that version failed to reach the top spot installed at number. Twenty two on the top forty charts I love roller coaster, has also been subject to rubers and, oddly enough urban legend, as you can hear a high pitched scream in the background of the song during like one of the instrumental breakdowns now, the source of the screen varies on who you've heard the story from and has theories ranging from a girl being murdered, a bunny that was slaughtered outside of the studio, with the time of recording all the way to a scream from being burned from super heated honey by one thousand nine hundred and seventy four playboy playmate Ester Cordett, who actually appeared nude on the album cover for Ohio players, album honey. So all of those rumors are where that scream came from. Where did it all start? Of course, while a DJ made a joke about it on the air once and people just kept going up to the band members asking him, did you guys kill a girl in the studio? The band took a vow of silence, because well you saw more records that way so for the music round. That's what I give you love roller coaster, but the Ohio players they still don't know. It was just like one of the guys in the band screaming, of course, was it ro lat Gosta of love say why Yo love is like Ron, I'm just picture the Beevis and butthead yea yeah all right. Let's shoot it down to wax for the judgment on the music ground. Well, this is this is this is a really tough one for me, because I actually really enjoyed all this picks. I love the violet films so that first the Australian festival. I was initially going to give it to them because I love the violent thm so much an t at first at first, I was going to give a little bit of a a dis when yo first started talking about. We are the world, he was talking about another project and at first was going to be like oh he's, just trying to get the schmooth points for the whole humanitarian thing. I see how it is it's kind of it's kind of like when somebody goes on showtime it the Apollo and sing the song about Jesus. So they don't get food off the stage. You know what I mean so first I was going to give negative points to we are the wor, but then, when o, when you really think about the impactof, we are, the worldisit really is monumental. But then, when you came in with the Ohio players, there m theyre one of my favorite fans of all time and I was listening to them today. I was U. I was cooking and listening to the Ohi, I wasn't listening to the honey album. I was listening to the the skin tight, album YEP, but they're one of my favorite bands of all time now. Does that mean that the the Successiv love roller coaster is anywhere near the fifty million dollars raised by? We are the world? Probably not, but I either one of those things thave Kot of has got ta kind of beat the violent fens Austra, the Australian, violent FEMS, an NERVANA festivals out apologizt for that. But out of those two things, do I go with my love for the Ohio players, or do I go with the I'm goingto go with the Ohio players? I'm NA go wherre the WR I mean weare, the World Goit the harts to its to it's to is it's too easy. I mean it is one it is monumental, but I didn't listen to that today. While it was cooking now. The only reason I threw out the Bob Gueldorf thing is because it'll pop up again there's just a lot of parody in the as like something successful comes out and they copy it and that's exactly what happened a month afterwards and actually Bob Geldoff is part of the crew. That was that did the second part too. So I've got off the guy from Bruce Ringstein's bands. No Bob Geldoff was who's. The guy that boomtown rack. WE AIN'T GON TO PLAC on city. What's his name, Ronnie Bensan, that's what Isat ne Mi Nonvaan Yep all right, yeah! Well, IT'S WEIRD! The world is crazist and the way that you presented it was really great, but the stars aligned today with the me me listening to Ohi players in my kitchen and I love the Ohio players is matter of fact. sugarfoot bonor is one of my biggest vocal influences. If you actually listen to some of my music and hear them here, my Ad Livs, when I just kind of start singing random, melodies and phrases, I do a lot of like like AU, like like a lot of owls and a lot of woe cute huge influence on MES IM Gono, I'm gong to Rol with the Ohio players on this. One: Hey go from the heart man, no wait straight out of dateand represent Dat all right guys. So I pick up a point. I'm first on the board. But more importantly, I get to select the next category and I think we're going to go over to the news round and maybe we'll hear a story about a gentleman who the stars didn't align for we'll go over to the Arizona Daily Star in Tucson Arizona January. Thirty. First US nineteen. Seventy six, a man wanted for a Leged League, causing a disturbance at a hotel, was arrested when he stepped into a police car under the impression that it was a taxi police, said Prescott, police officer, Jim meardy was sitting in his marked police car down the street from the hotel early on Thursday, when a man came running up, jumped into the car and declared let's get out of here. The pigs are after me, Mari Ardy, who said he realized the man believed he was in the taxhe. REPLIED: Okay, but you'll have to pay the amount on the meter. The man Richard Lewis, twenty four of Prescott Arizona, was taken back to the Saint Michael Hotel, an issue to summons on a charge of disturbing the peace and malicious misshiep malicious mischief. Police said he had gotten into an argument with the front deakh clerk and when he allegedly threw an adding machine on the floor and broke it. So that's what I got for a new story. This guy gets into an altercation at a hotel, runs down the street, jumps into a marked police car and tells the police officer to drive thim away because the pigs are after hem. Well, this is one thousand nine hundred and seventy six so that guy throwing an adding machine on to the floor just ruin their business, O shit's done. I like tha, that's a really malicious mischief is a hard thing to say. TAT's I el Ihiti heard you have a trouble with that. I waslikedamn that's a dif, that's atonmidst mischie! I S Miche Erbit's hard. We got another one of them, an mams down here, all right, Joe Fenley. What did you bring for the news round all right? Well, I brought some warmth. I brought some good news that follows decades of bad news. Ilook at we all know the impact of the Cold War between the US and Russia. I'm not going to talk about all the bad stuff. Let's talk about the awesome stuff. Let's talk about bond movies gave us spy films. It gave us those crazy duck and cover films that we can watch now and go wow. That is bananas, but it was a genuine fear back in those days, because the Cold War was no joke, but on January, twenty sixth, assuming after they listend to the inaugural big dayout festival, an Sittiy, Australia, Australia, porice Yelson and George W Bush or Georgehw Bush, announced that they were no longer going to be targeting each other's countries with their nukes and gave orders to point their nukes elsewhere. So bort Elson stopped pointing all Russian nukes at the United States and the US stopped pointing all of theirs at Russia and the remaining communist countries o the following week, only just a day removed from my week they announced the official end of the Cold War, and this was the beginning, and for the first time, people who lived through the bulk of this for the first time could legitimately you know, have a sigh of relief that those duck and cover videos could be kind of a joke now because it wasn't something that could potentially happen at any moment. So this was the day January. Twenty sixth forth Yelson George Hw Bush, pointing their nukes elsewhere. Wow yever feel like that was just like a yeah sure, totally ca somewhere else. He's got put picks up an Itar like a Itari thing and he's like aapointent right right. They never said they didn't point them back, though we put ot it away for like an hour dude, and then we just pointed them right back. Yeah they're, like I swit just witjust, go back they're gone now. I feel bad whoever they did point him at. Probably all like Canada, fuck US right all right. Man Crush. What do you have for the news round? All Right? So let's go January, thirt, onethousand, nine hundred and eighty five, and this story is so cannon. It's not even debatable. If you don't know the story of Cann Films, I definitely recommend going out finding yourself a copy of electric Bogalu, the wild ontold story of Canon Filmsis, great documentary, it's not on Netflix anymore, but I'm sure you can find I streaming somewhere. If you were a fan of any cannon movie, you will love it. If you don't know who can films is you will be a fan? You have it's one of those documentaries. You have to see it, and also this would be a good time on mention this one restin piece of Dalpokionis AK o zone from the breakin movies, Supernice Dude. We had him on the show a few years ago, yeah Super Funny Guy. He actually passed away December. Twenty ninth of this past year, so first guest we ever had to pass away Tho Pretty Sa think turbo might have passed away while back to, I think they might turbonosowere like a team right or tha on the break in movies. Maybe Turbo Stil live, I don't know, maybe I'm wrong. I hope I mean I hope so I hope there's not another other death in the break in franchise. Yeah ad, I yeah, if he's still alive, Ait that part out seeyoukeep it in because that keep it Iecaus. That was a good laugh. It was kind of shocking, though, to see that one when it popped up, because the dude I like on his instagram, we follow hem and stuff and he looked fine and then right. He just passed away, kindof sucks but ay how this story right here. It's death wish three to roll on in March. It's almost too spooky to be it's almost too spooky to believed what who wrote this tdaily news. As you wrote this, it's almost too spooky to be believed. I think that's what they meant, but Canon films is headed for New York. This march to film death wish three right. In the middle of the controversy involving deathwish gunmen Bernard gets, the film will again star challs Bronson as the movies vigilanniand location, shots will start criding away march, a teeth at various locations around the city. Some of the movie youll also be shot in London, and I quote, we will be shooting all over town, a spokesman for Canon Film said yesterday and another quarter. They said yes, I imagine there will be scenes of Bronson traveling in the subways and, if you ever seen, death wish three. It's a fucking talking about roller goasters. This one is it's crazy, but now, if you're unaware who Bernard gets was he was the the New York City subway vigilanny, on December, twenty en ono thousand nine Hudre ad Ihy four gets was he was being a harassed by four bronx teenagers who approached him on the subway. They demanded that Ey give them. Five bucks gets pulled out, a gunny shot them. He paralyzed one of the guys. So this was like huge nationwide news and he was being touted as the quotaquole death wish gunman, that's what they ere calling before. He turnd himself in that n itself. It's pretty wild story. Just a bridge version gets. He ended up getting off with a firearms charge, and I think he actually ended up running for mayor in like the early twousands. If I'm not mistaken on that one, but it's funny how cannon films you could just picture monocum Golan if You'e seen the documentary, if you know anything about monocagoaland one of the owners of cannon that jumped all over the shit and went right in to film deathwish three to ben it. For from, like all the controversy that was going on totally cannon films, but death wish three comes to New York. Again, that's why I got so wait. So wait was what what incident was the one that occurred on the day? Was it the thing on the subway or was the release of the IT's? Basically, it's just them talking about they're, releasing they're going to do deathwish three in New York City. I was the thing that happened on the date was the article it was the article Yeah ecause okay, this was the announcement of death wish three. Basically, the only reason they did. This was because of Bernie gets if the Berni gets ting never happened. Death wish three would have taken place in like San Francisco again or like Chicago or something but nope New York City, because hey go where the newsis and that's totally CINDOF films. He knew that he can turn a quick buck on that one and he did all right. Let's throw it down to our guest judge, wax for the ruling on the news round. Okay. Well, we got the guy jumping in the in the COPCAR thingainst. The taxi we got the the Borselson and Georgebush senior quote unquote agreement, and then we got the the cannon films. I I don't. I don't know the thing man cross was talking about with this death wish thing I goin to be honest with you. It didn't Pique my interest that much it wasn't really something that I had prior interest in the guy jumping into the cab coming into the police. Car was a funny story. That was a funny story and his name was Richard Lewis, which madme think of Richard Lewis, the camedia I thats all a good picture. In my head, yeah like in Beinbeing Al Naurotic, Thoughtothoughtt WASICA'to riit was cabecause. He was Richard lewss alcoholic. It sounds like something he would have done before. He got off the Wagn, but but you know what I just find the story that Mr Finley told to be funny and probably is going to be my winner, because it is, it is a funny announcement that they are just like they just like agreed like we're not going to nuke each other anymore, because it's so really meaningless. It's like sing. Something could happen. The next day, tat makes them go actually fuck tat. You told US turns out it's not that hard to point these things Peoplei. My Word is bond. Like h t their word is so not bond a it's funny to me. You know I mean like it's kind of like telling your wife, you didn't cheat on her. It's like yeah. You told her that what it's just the silly, it's just silly words, which is what politicians normally do and also bors the Elta Man. I just thinking about more salesan. I thought about one I like it. I like how I like how we thought we thought that was so great, but now Russia is just this crazy dictatorstip anyway, like it. Doesn't all these stupid. These. We realize now that L thes title these titles of, like Oh Theyr, Communist, oh they're, a dictator Sivens, like America, can kind of be a dictatorship in a way. If we, you know at mean right, but all that all that Isay to say Mr Fenley, with his night with the NIIES thing, gets the point for me on this one all right, Joe Finley, you pick up a point and you get to control the board. What category are we going with? Next? All right guys? Well, let's take a little trip to the bagk screen. Let's do movies all right, I'm going to take you to the Sunday ance film festival, just coming to an end fo one thousand nine hundred and ninety two and one of the last three movies to play on the twenty fith was my pick today and it's a doozzy and the movie that was playing was poison. Ivy Starring Drew Berrymore, I the seductive thriller starting, a teenage Drew Berry. Well, teenage Ish Drew Berry Mar and Sarah Gilbert Tom Scarrett a baby face, Leonara DiCaprio in it, and it's about a seductive team defending an introvertede, high school student and scheming her way into the lives of a wealthy family. The film spawned three sequels Partto Start Alisa, Malano and part three STARTE, Jamie Presley part. Four was a straight to TV release and the name of the star of that one doesn't escape me, but did't really matter, so we skippe that, but this actually was nominated for a grand jury prize, did not get it. It was also the same week that reservoir dogs, premiered, of course, that didn't previere with them my week doesn't count but Poison Ivy, a sexy, drewberry more who was of age and the discovery of teenage boys everywhere. This was right around the right time for me to discover this movie, and then they just kept coming after that all right man crush. What do you have for the movies round? All Right? So, let's Go February, Fr oe thousand nine hundred and eighty five and like was talking about before with great parody in the S, and they did it again. So if something was successful, especially in movies like a smaller studio and just jump right in an make their own version of the same movie and like somewhere, total piles of Shit, some had like a great Colt following and some were just a massive joke, and I don't know where this one fits in. It's one of those I'll leave that to you guys to decide o o nine H. Three, we get the hit flashdance right, so ye had Jennifer Beeles she's like a welder r, some shit and she works as a stripper on the side. Something like that and she wants to go to ballet school. So just another story about like the American dream, O on thousand nine Hnrean Ghty four director Lawrence Dane. He took notice to this and he said to the world: hold my beer. So on February fir thos ninetyd. Eighty five! We got the movie that everyone was clamoring for everybody. Everybody wanted this a story of a young single mom working for the man, and then she quits her job as secretary and opens up her own jazzercize, Jym called heavenly bodies. Everybody was clambring because everybody wante visit, and I know that that itself, it's totally riveting story and that woule probably Garner like lots of praise on it's married alone, but Lornd Sdan. He didn't stop there. We get some really awkward, sweaty sexines. We get a battle between two jazzer sized dynamos for one spot on a daily like workout TV show, pretty cool, scandalous business practices and an amazing ending like heavenly bauthes. This raked in two million dollars at the box office. That's five million dollars in two thousand and twenty one. If you think of this movie, it's like a perfect cross between flash dance, and so that's justloans over the top, but in Liou of arm wrestling like the tournament to finish this movie, we're gifted. We are gifted with a jazzer size battle of the century and it's live on television and it's Buille to be bigger than the Super Bowl and the rules are simple. There's two gyms that compete on live TV until one person is left standing, doing jazzersize arour leading lady. I mean she's clearly like the jazzersize equivalent of Lincoln Hawk from over the top she's attacked the night before and during that attack she suffers a scratch on her thigh. Literally that's what it looks like it's scratching, er thigh, and that gives her problems throughout the the pinnacle of the cinematic masterpiece, which is the ending I'm not going to spoil the ending. This deserves to be seen, go and find it, and if it's any consolation, playboy actually co produces gym, so go out and watch yourself. Some heavenly bodies about jazzersize Finta rate pick man crush absolutely the best movie based on aerobics ever handsdown. What about perfect? What makes it even better is there's about seven minutes of dialogue in this entire movie, an a hour and a half. It's all action, all nothing but jazzercise action so made for the modern man. Is this ane and it's it's I'd never seen this movie, it's produced by playboy and Ou said: There's a lot of sex in it. There are two sex scenes and they're both very awkward. You have the leading actress. She gets nude she's, actually in a scene where she's giving a jazzersize class and this dude before he hooks up with her for real. I don't even know if it's like I watch this last night. I don't even know if it's really happening or if he's just fantasizing, that he's having sex with her because she's in front of the class and they keep cutting out to the scene where they're fucking and it's really weird- it's like black and white and they're, both real sweaty and it's like in slow mot like there's no penetration that you could see really happening in the position that they're in it's very weird. But she has a great Bonni, great great body, but yeah it's about jazzersize man. You can't go wrong. WITIT's, probably the best jaserdise movie ever made Y I'Mgonna go out a Lim and say that right now major point deduction, though, for no penetration ightright, we it's it'Snot, imporing, serious cinema, Dude Jazersi. I think the lack of penetration takes away from what you said about it being the best movie bout, Jazzorside, eer, there's a there's, a few jazzersize with penetration movies hand. I say give it e Rod first, money with Poison Ivy, so many people were inside each other. I was like Russian dolls. There is a fight scene too. During the I will throw this one out there, slight spoiler, there's a fight scene between two guys during the final jazzersize battle. That's LIVE ON TV! Can you can't top this? It's like I'm telling you just go and see heavenly bodies all right, gentlemen for my movie selection re going to go over to an article written in the daily World January, Twenty F, one thousand nine hundred and seventy six entertainer of the year ward, winner Ben Verene Stars in a dramatization of an incident in the life of Louis Armstrong when the fame jazz man's life was threatened by Chicago gangsters in Louis Armstrong, Chicago style, the ABC Sunday night movie, Airing January twenty Fifh at eight thirty to ten o'clock PM in one thousand, nine hundred and thirty one young Armstrong played by Ben Verene is playing in a sleezy nightclub on the outskirts of Los Angeles, where packed audiences come to hear. The young black man from New Orleans play his unique style of trumpet this small time. Success, however, is not enough for his manager played by Red Buttons who wants to book him into a Chicago nightclub. When Armstrong insists on staying where he is, the manager secretly frames him on a marijuana charge. An omstrong is forced to leave town in Chicago Louis plays at a friend's small night spot, but when word of his popularity gets around the owner of the mob or intated club makes them an offer. He has to refuse that refusal leads to the beating of his friend and a threat on Louis's life. The movie has a six point: one rating on IMDB with just over forty votes, it's a deep cut of some deep dish: Louis Armstrong, Chicago style, the ABC Sunday night movie January, Twenty Fifth, one thousand nine hundred, and seventy six dude that doesn't make me feel so bad anymore, because I don e Taes o seven hundred and seven Reviewon imdbthat's five point three. It's pretty solid for Jazze! Well! Well, well, gentlemen! Well, well! Well, we got wellverse welvers well anyway. That was, that was a great delivery that was delivering really well the voice that you use, and I will say it's interesting- that we got a jazz movie and a jazzerstize Mo which bakes, which makes me I've, actually always thought. This was Weirdie when, when dance like dance schools, when they're like yeah, we do jazz dancing, they've, never actually dance. So like jets, you know like they don't dance to like when I know they tike they playd miles Davis and start doing DANC OU NI mean it's more like. Maybe they do some some level of like big band swing and stuff, like that, I guess, but you got a jazz jazzbersides with some fighting. You got a jazz with some gangsters and then you got poisoniity the Sol. Obviously, the celebrity the celebrity points are going to go to t e poison ivy, the you know, Louis Armstrong, who doesn't love, Loui Armstrong. You know and back I one housand, nine hundred and seventy six. They did a made for TV movie between eight thirty and ten mean hit's, a short movie. If commercial breaks an hour and a half plus commercial breaks, we're talking about a fifty minute movie, it's not even a movieecomit's like a special blossom. You know, I think I think I think thoug out of all out of all that, I think in this case I got to give it to heavenly bodies. I think I gotto, I think heavinly bodies is going to take this category Ey, because mad crust was selling it so hard. I just felt sympathy for him heas trying to go so ar o the sales bit like you know, Ifyoure a nice person, a d you go to buy a car and somebody's like a you know, you got all these use car salesman, tights, and then you have the one guy that clearly like doesn't really sell. A lot of cars. Doesn't TNOT really supposed to be using com. Cra Man, its it's good cars cipics, are good Soe Fillo sympathy with that sales pitch. That said, I was you intrigue me enough that I really do want to watch the movie. The fact I's. Not It's not terrible, like part of my selling, if I have to put an hour or a half of my life into watching it, I'm going to do my damnd Tis to make sure that it sounds sort of okay and like there are parts of it and I've read some reviews where people are saying it is better than flash dance. It's been a long time since I sawflashdance, but I don't know if I put it in that that Eshelon, but it is a fun watch. If you take it for what it is, it's fucking jazzersise right well, W we made it fun and wereweere just talking about breakdancing. So this is a different. I mean it is stil a battle, a battle, dance movie, and you said there was some some sex in it, which you know it was cool tank that it was mame by playboy and it's kind of I would like if you pitch, if you Pisse flashdance, and then you fish that I would definitely rather watch that would put it over the top is that is the heavenly bodies pun, because it's a it's a pun. That, like makes you think of like planets and there's nothing to do with plans. No I'm saying it makes it. It makes you think it like it aid. Oh, it's an astronomy fun. Is it there's no astronomy obolv. You know I mean so I like that, the weird part going into this movie S. I thought it was going to be like a women, empowerment movie and then maybe like fifteen minutes into it after she opens the gym. She has these football players that are in there they kind of like Challengher, and she beats them all and these exercises, and then this chick just like, gets topless and starts dancing around them in the gym, like just teasing them, and I was like all right. So it's not a woman's IMPA. That's out is totally different. All Right G Roger that there's no movies from the s they were. If you look at them now, were women enpowerment movies like now it there's there there's some there's so baby I mean you got you guys know like you watch some of these ates movies. You can't believe t that the way women were looked at back then you know well, if you're interested it's on Vimeo, it's on Vimeo you can go and find iut was the only place. I was able to find this movie. That's funny. I was thinking I was thinking about how I wou how I was going to find this movie. Then Wen, I'm gonna, an I'm gonna. The fact t the fact that I'm gonna Watch it you win. I willll find it and I'll send you the link and you. Let me know what you fought perfect all right. Man Crush you tie up this game and we got two categories left. We got hot products and we have television. What category are we going with? Next? All right, let's go television first, let's go January, O twont Ne Huan, nine nd five, and not too often do I get to selict a specific television episode. I think the last time I remember doing this was when Boy George is on episode of the Eigteen Yeah, and that was La long time ago. It was like three years ago, but midway through the first season of this hit series. This happens to be a pivotal episode. This is a sitcom season. One episode fourteen the title. This one is guess who's coming forever little background the show this is an ABC gem: it lasted eight seasons hundred and ninety six episodes. It was typically found around the top ten of the ratings, maybe a little bit outside. So we're talking about a pretty solid show. Honestly, I would, I would have figured that the ratings would have been a little bit better than they were for his popular of a show as this was. But you have to think about the competition in the S it was pretty stiff and as much as our listeners hate spinoffs, an and reboots. This one has legs back in August, Sonhe announced the show was coming back to the old boob tube, so beyon the lookout for that one, but before we get too far, let me just ask everybody here: I'm sure you've all seen this show, okay, so on the show who's, the boss, who is the boss? Let's go one by one here, Joe who's, the Bosson whose boss, hey there's an episode of community. That covers us greatly, and the answer is Angela: Bower, okay, all right Mark Mona, clearly, okay, and what about you wax Wenyo, Dansla Bower all day, Angela Barhe, I have to agree with mark. I got ta go with Mona here I mean she told Tony what to do. Yeah she bangd Tony's cousin, Angela. Let her live in her house and paid for her to live in the barn that she renovated for after she threatened to move to New London Connecticut Right. She basically manipulated Angela to do whatever she wanted. She didn't well did she. I think she did have sex with some of Angela's exes she might have. If I remember correctly, I think she did that's dark. I mean that's boss, Shit right there and shit. I remember when Tony was a science teacher, his like towards the end of the series yeah, and he had to leave for something she did. I think she like fucked with the plumber or something an she had a he had to go deal with the plumbers he had Mona, like just watch his science class in middle school and she gave a bunch of middle schoolers a sexead class while he was gone N. that's that's boss, Shit right there that! Well, that's that's it in a nut. Show anyhow, like none of this would ever happend. She would a e never become the boss or even a staple on thes show if it wasn't for this episode. This is the episode. Romona gets avicted from her apartment for owning a dog and she moves into the Renovated Barn for the remainder of the show- and I mean this episode- She flirts with the contractor and his son. At the same time, in the kitchen, which is I mean, N anhy invites or upstairs it's like typical Mottn Armona, I mean I might have called her Monica a couple times, but fucking Mo. So I think, like she's, the boss, man Thi, is where it started. This is hen. She moves in January, O twent, Ne Thousand Nine undred and eighty five. It's when the real boss moves in guess who's coming forever and knowing that this is Mona. Do you think this is like a double entandre here? Of course it is on that name definitel. It has to be it's Gotto, be if it's not a I'm really disappointed Mona was the ultimate puppet master. She was pulling the strings of everybody because she told Angela what to do. She told Tony what to do and well fuck those kids en we e listen to her. They like looked up to her because she would ask Angela something and then angelwould say no and they would go to Monaand, I goant to be like okay caus. They know who had the real power in the house yeah, but Eddie, the water guy. Not having that Shit. I don't know if I don't know, think hat. That is a double one, sandre other whos cu. They must have you're right, they must have. Why would they call it that WHO's CIS? Yes coming? Yes, who's coming comma forever, Joe after watching Poison Ivy, because if it was I it wasn't supposed to be. If it wasn't supposed to be double onandr would be staging or something you know, Caus Eah, you know yeah they slipped one past us coming forever, Ecaus like even Afceu she dies. She did pass away a couple years ago. She did. I need to go watch that, like like she was like, like you know, to my young eyes, she was like an Old Lady, but I bet now, but now she doesn't announce to you like somebody meate on tender or Someofthi. You know I mean you look a lot younger in your photo all right, Joe Finley. What did you bring for the television round all right? Well, when I was with you guys a couple of weeks ago I talked about a super bowl. This is not that but you're going to hear some super bowl related things just go on a journey with me for a minute January. Twenty Sixh one thousand nine hundred and ninety two was indeed a super bowl Sunday, and that year they did a show called for their halftime show. They did a show, themed winter magic, a salute to winter, and it was also a veiled Promo for the upcoming whib Tor Olympics, Brian Vitano and Dorothy Hamil did some skating around. They had bag dancing, inflatable snowman the University of Minnesota, marching band was there. It was a whole thing, but it was very indicative of the Half Times that people experience. I mean younger listeners. Probably don't really even understand this, because they're more used to the more recent type of halftime show, but anything from here all the way back to the beginning was just marching. Bands, Blah Blah Blah and just kind of an opportunity to you know, give the give everybody a break. Give the TV folks a break, give everybody a break, get a couple more commercial breaks in to but Fox the young bad boys said not this. Here we are going to offer for the first time really ever some counter programming for the halftime show, and we are going to steal some of the viewers. Jamie Kellner from Fox actually said. We should do a live episode of in living. Color will make a big deal out of it and we'll convince America to turn the Channel at halftime, and that is what they did on January, twenty in e thousand nine hundred and ninety two at half time Fox cut out of their broadcasting and went to a live episode of in living color with all your favorites keeivery Wayns Damawayans, Jim Carrey, everybody was there. This was in season to of in living color. It was such a big deal when the halftime show when the NFL got word of it. They quickly hastily added Gloria Estophon to the end, because what says winter magic like Miami sound machine and but they did a complete commercial free episode. It was sponsored by Fredoa. They provided two million dollars for the episode to go to air and it featured some of the main stace ketches of in living color. It had the Homeboy Shopping Network Fire Marshal Bill that the usual men on film, but they did men on football. Everything was skewed towards football, the homeboy shopping network. They were actually in the locker room of the Super Bowl, stealing things from the players as they were playing and then fire Marshal Bill was in a sports bar and Man on football. Obviously talking about football, they ablibed because they weren't being censored or it was. It was live, so I mean they can sneak stuff in, but they add libed a richerd gear, Gerbil joke always classic. The best part, though, is basically they had a setup. wher. The president of the network was there and if he felt something went too far, he was going to tap the guy on the shoulder and he was going to Mut the audio on the ten second delay. They didn't have a standards and practice guy there. They actually had the president of the network, but the joke made him laugh so hard. He forgot to tell him to do it, so it made it to Air Raz. But now the question is: Did they steal viewers yea? Damn right they did it had twenty nine million viewers. Nine Point: eight million viewers left the super bowl halftime show that's not a dropoff they ever had, because even if HEU didn't watch the Haff time show you left the channel on until the game came back, so they never had dropoffs before and they had a drastic dromp off this time and that's a big deal in an of itself. But what really is the big deal is what happened after that? Because that was the end of that kind of super bowl. Halftime show the following year: They hired Michael Jackson and they did the whole heel of the world thing and since then, you've gotten Prince Pall McCartney, Birsh Springstean channacheck, it's that was the impetus of the birth of the halftime, show, as we know it, because they didn't want somebody else, coming atthem with counterprogramming, again so January, twenty to one thousand nine hundred and ninety two in living color changes. The halftime show forever wow all right guys for my television selection, we're going to go over to January twenty seventh thsan nineteen nd. Seventy six for the debut of this legendary TV show that debute in the eight thirty time slot as the second half to what is now being build as the happiest hour on television. A few weeks back, I had to show the Tortelles is my pick ind the television round, and it now as far as spinoffs go. That's probably the bottom of the barrel. It was was the Tortelles, but my selection, this week also happens to be a spinoff, but this one became just as popular as the original show it spun off from and by its third season. It has become the most watched American television program. I give you the debut of Lavernan Shirley, with the episode the Society Party all right now. I think we all know Le Vernon Shirley, but it focuses around levern defazio played by the Great Penny Marshall, of course, and Shirley Phoeni played by Cindy Williams, who actually almost backed out of the show. Another actress was cast and footage was shot before she decided to return to the project. The two lovely ladies, were first introduced as bubbly bimbos brought in by Richie and Ponzie. In a previous episode of happy days now, Gary Marshalld, the righter director and brother of Penny Marshall saw something special in the two characters and he kind of developed the show all around them in the same timeline as happy days, sat n, one thousand nine hundred and fifty eight Milwaukee. So this was the first of one of the only two times or Gary Marshall directed the pilot episode of one of his very own shows. So I'm going to give you the debut of Lavernon Shirley with the Society Party January, Twenty Seventh Ne Thousand Nine hundred and seventy six fantastic episode. Levernon Shirley get invited to a really rich and snobby party from an associate at work. Who really just wants to to show his rich grandmother that he smooges with the quote unquote regular folk. So levernon Shirtley go to this dressup formal party and of course they invite the fons who shows up and the two girls, the Vernon Shirley rent quote: UNQUOTE: Rent a couple of dresses from Lenny and Squiggy who actually just stole them from somebody who was at the party. So I guess that the party recognizes the two stolen dresses because they were their daughters, dresses, hilarity ensues and, of course the fawn seems the day in the end so ts, I give you the debut an Le Vernon Shirley e sit on it. You didn't mention Lenny or Squige dll. I did. I did E prented, the dresses from Lenny and squiky Lenny and squiaky claim that they got the dresses from from his uncle who runs a wax museum. What really happened as they broke into these rich people's houses and stole the dresses? Sorry I was I was distracted. I got a message saying that M my dodge coin went up to succense Lih, so I had o jump on that real quick. So I must have missed that all right, let's throw it down to wax for the ruling on the television round. Herwel. Let me let me start by saying it's a it's. I feel like th, there's little bit of a disadvantage to Havin the S, because you know I wasn't around in the s. So while I do have an affinity for for thing, a lot of a lot of things from seventy, such as the Ohio players, for example, that tsaid earlier, I wasn't actually there. You know this is all me looking looking back, you know, so I remember I remember Lebarnan Shirley, of course, but I don't it wasn't. I didn't didn't really affect me like who like say who's the boss. Did I really remember WHO's the boss? I cond thing in the whole theme song. I can picture all the characters you know and then what it was the what was the other one. It was the Fox half time ohright. Now this one, this one I would as soon as you started talking. I remember that that winter magic thing because they always cut to like when they when they talk about how holp o like how haptime sose used to be they always they always cut to that when they go like winter magic and show the marching bands you know as compared to having prints or that one. Then one year where ther was like Brittany, spears and Nellie and Arrow Smith, you now yo o man so so yeah. I remember that the Super Bowl was halftime show as different than but I had never- and I also remember the living color thing and I specifically remember the Richyer Gear Joke swhic. What's Awsom made me think damn like that was ninety two. So for about for twenty nine years now at least Richard Ger, pretty much anytime bhis name is mentioned. Hasto do it. I mean eighty percent of times I heare SOM MON mension, ristard GAR S T has to do with the gerviline. An is Anas, you knowi man. So little now, in fact, prior guest judge of this show Lydia Cordel from too close for comfort, thinks that she started that rumor at at a hairsalon back in like this is what she told us. I think she was. She was making fun of it, but this has come out multiple times in the show. For some reason, every time Richard Gear comes up, you're, absolutely right. Ow All people think about is like tubes of toilet paper and Gerbils. I was not like you know like Gerb, like Ger and ther, like the Indean like Gerble, hear Gerbil, you know it as something like. Why is it it a hamster? You know, but that would be rough well, Gerbill, probably be rough too, but so that anything, a lot of things, first of all, it didn' Mae, feel bad made me feel bad for Richard Gear. Like these things, just thick stick with you and everywhere you go SOM like how many times has they heard somebody make that joke it's just like it won't it'll never go away until he dies. That's and maybe even he probably made peace with I met long long ago. You know I'm saying, but that that also made me think of how it'sthat's another thing, the mental, an film or the maln football is something that like when you watch it now you're like Holy Shit. They could never do this a now you knowten, when Richard Gear dies, it's not going to end they're going to they're going to carve a hole in the back of his headstone that people are just going to continually shop Gerbil right. If you dig up this Tam Son, there's going to be little holes that were gnawled through by the jourmals we'r like now he's not even going to resist but hat's the Gerbil King, the Richard Gear thing the changing of the guard as far as the superhal time show the classicness of in living color. I love that show so much the birth of Jim carry the the story about the censorship plus the fact that you could never do mental film again, but above all, that the part of the story that I never thought about before o nobody's ever told me before was the fact that it was really in living color that made the Super Bowl change the way that they operated as far as the have time show. That tip did right. There I's going to put MSR Finley over the Edd once again and he's going to make the judge Ma. Give him a point all right, Joe. You jump out to a three to one lead, let's see if you can hold on to that lead heading into the hot products round, all right. So let's talk about some hot products. This product appeared in every newspaper. I only got two days in because it kept showing up in different newspapers and I'm like okay. This seems good enough for me. We talk, I don't bring up cars a lot as a hot product. I just Cauz, you know, but this time was an interesting one, because it's a one of the first times, at least in a long time that a concept car became a real car and did so in a very short period of time. So this car was actually released in oe thousand nine hundred and eighty nine as a concept, car and people were climbing forit. They were like this. I want this car, they made a prototype and it became a pacte car in one thousand nine hundred and ninety one, and it was not street legal and it was one of a kind the following year. They release them as a road legal vehicle and in the Pittsburgh Post Casette. They said on January twenty fifth, the dodgeviper isn't a dream anymore. This two cedar with an eight leader, vten engine, was originally concept car. As I said, it was finally released into a Rolegal car that goes zero to sixty an five seconds and zero to hundred to a hundred and stopped in less than fifteen cars were purchased by all sorts of celebrities. David Letterman Jayleno the usual suspects before the first car even rolled off the line, the dealerships began, scheduling demonstration drives in certain cities where it wasn't going to be available yet other cities. It was available as of the release of this article and they were allowing preorders where they were doing these demonstrations drives, but Tom Kein from Kenon wheels. The article that I was reading had a very interesting quote about it and he said the viper isn't for everyone, yet everyone should take a ride in it. You owe it to yourself to at least find out what a genuine muscle car is all about. The car sold for roughly fifty five USAND dollars and it sold out fast wherever they got. Not a lot of them came out initially and they disappeared from every dealership that they showed up in so dodge, Viper from the P Pittsburgh Post, Cazette January, Twenty F, one thousand nine hundred and ninety two nigct all right. Man Crush. What did you bring for the hot products round? All Right? So, let's go February Fer, one thousand nine hundred and eighty five t: Let's go back a little bit so in May o thousand nine hundred and Ihty four yead Peter layard and Kevin Eastman. The owners of a little comic B, Publishing Company called marage studios and they decided to release a small run of a comic they'de been working on for the past year and the duo they named their company Mirag, since there was no actual studio and they were developing thei creations from LAARD's living room. So neither guy they had like no money. So they used Eastman's five hundredollar tax return. They borrowed thirteen hundredollars from Eastman's uncle and Lard chipped in the last two hundred dollars to his name to print threethousand, copies of their first issue and whenever money they had left over, they spent on an adn e magazine that used to get all the time as a kid is I'm how much of a nerd? I was a little kid. It was a comic buyers guide, monthly and at that point they sat and they waited, and they just wanted to see what would happen and both goyses were put basically dead broke at this time, so they had nothing to lose and it turned out the ad worked. So within a few weeks, Mirag sold all three thousand copies of their issue with orders. Now they were like just pouring in from distributors all over the country, the fellows they rereleased a second print of six thousand copies in June, so now lard and Estman. They felt like they were on something here. Initially, the whole thought behind this was this particular comic was just Gointa be a one off is gonna, be one issue: let's see what happens, but the demand was so high. They decided to release issue number two in January ofd, eighty five so right out of the gate they sold fifteenthousand copies of Vishu number two without batting an eyelash and OAU know. This was simple. However: The distributors they demanded that they also produced thirtythousand reprints of issue number one, because nobody got their hands on. There was only what ninethousand of them out there, and people are talking about this thing. So the third print of that comic was released on February F, T one thousand nine hundred andeighty five, and even though they printed thirtyhousand copies the distributors had orders for Fiftyzano copies o they cant even keep up this little comic book. They called the teenage biew and Niga Turtles, and I mean there's no need for me to sell this one up here. However, to date there are six reprints of the first issue from Ma Oe Thousan, nine TNRE, four reprint number three, which we have here was the last one to basically carry the scene cover, as the original the only exception, there's slightly more blood on the second tea in turtles. The only difference of the whole thing, but the third print, it's obviously the easiest of the three, the top three to find. It still goes for a couple hundred bucks between five and six hundred dollars, but the original, if you have it, there's one that sold for forty and dollars freaking crazy. I mean we all know what it built up. It's like a billion dollar industry. This is where it started right. There I mean they just they ramped it up from that, may one thousand nine Hundre N Ighty, four three thousand couldn't keep up printing another sixthousand and they did another. Thirty Thousand February Fr one thousand nine hundred and Ihty five tease Mein inji turtles by the little marage studios, wow cow, Bunga, yeah, all right guys. So for my hot product, I went over to Newspaperscom and I looked up the top selling records for that week. Now the best selling record for most of January, including the last week of the month, which was my week, is according to Rollingstone magazine, one of the one hundred greatest country, songs of all time. The song also spent six weeks in the number one spot on the country charts and one week at the number one spot on the pop charts. The song was so popular and inspired N, one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight movie by the same name and also had a couple of sequels, not the movies, but the song. My pick for hot products is a record that everybody apparently had to own in January: ofn, Thoua, nine Hudren and seventy six, despite the main vocals, not being more than just spoken word. I give you convoy by CW McCall. The songs main story is told through a CB conversation that is riddled with trucker slang. It's about a fictional trucker rebellion that drives from the West Coast to the east coast of the United States, without stopping protesting worker conditions for truckers by the end of the song. They've crashed through several rodblocks set up by the police, as the convoy has grown to almost a hundred trucks, including eleven long haired, friends of Jesus in a Shartruse micobus and a trucker named sod. Duster who's referred to as a suicide jockey because he is driving a truck, hauling explosives. I give you convoy by CW McCall. It was the top selling record the last week of January on thousand nine hundred and seventy six wow. Is that something I'm supposed to know like that? Just flew over my head, or is that just like a really deep gut you've never heard convoid? No, I know all right. So that's that's what I mean like I don't know. I hate to admit it, but I I wish you could play and I feel like it's one of those things where he heard it. Uld Be like. Oh, that yeah we gotat a great big COM, my favorite thing, actually ever with that was t. The first time that entered my consciousness was in the simpsons, where he had some like loudspeaker thing or whatever, and he was singing convoy and everythin yeah. The song became a huge phenomenon. It inspired a movie. The song had a couple of sequels hey. If you're a big Fan of truckers and CB talk, you can't go wrong with convoy man. I am you, don't know what you're missing out on then I mean this brought the popularity of the CB into the mainstream like after this song came out. Everybody was wanted to CB. They were buying them for their homes. I mean that's like the equivalent of drake when he came out with that song about calling you on the cell phone or whatever everybody in America going. Oh, my God, I got to get a cell phone now that was like two years ago. Everybody had I celphoe. Nobody had: U Somen, they didn't know they were fol, but I one thousand nine hundred and seventy six people heard a song about somebody talking on a CB and wanted everyone had to own a CB. At that point I got a CBIN my RV nobody's ever on it all right. Let's toss it down the wax for the final ruling on the hot products round. I really liked. I really like the bit about the drake ibout everybody rushing out to get a cell phone because I heard Rit that's a good bit, but but the thing is that you know, and- and maybe this has to do with what I said before. Unfortunately, I wasn't around in the S and this coboy think sounds like one of those things where it's like it was a huge huge hit and to a certain amount of people, it's also a timeless hit. But to me it's not a time wis it because I'm unfamiliar with it, which I'm ashamed to say. You know, as a guy that likes to be up on musical an things like songs, you're, going to go. Look it up later and you're going to be like Ohat's that fucking song right right. I Love T hat. You said the song has sequels, that's something that, like country, artists do like if something made money like they'll make top they'll do that shit into the ground they're like movie studios in that way, you know what I mean. So we got the Condoy we get the dogs biper. I remember. I remember that. I remember the dodge wipe O bighis huge deal. I did not know that when it first was used as a pace car that it was not actually street legal, that a that I didn't know, and then we got the you know the teenage muting interternales is really a landmark in creativity. It's really something that I think about a lot. I think about the concept of the teenage BUIN Inte turtles, a real triumphant, stoner creativity. You know I mean like the it's, so it's so off the wall like not only are they turtles not only they mutuns. Not only are they teenage but they're also Ninjas, on top of that, their names are old painters and they all like pizza and talk like surper dudes, like the AMOUNTF, the amount of amount of variables that these guys have it's just you know most most superheroes are cartin characters they like. Oh, he can flyt like they got one Dar I mean they have they have so many things in Iti. It just makes you think, like it's possible to think of something really Zany and really off the wall and have some have it be really hugely successful, but the thing that they did the thing that this company that man Crusa talking about did was what a lot of people don't like like when we first before we started reporing s ecause, we all we all had an idea for a movie. We came t the idea for a movie. That was a good idea for a Andare. We going toare. We going to do wit, those guys. What's the name of the company at the riginal Comic Company Barage. Are we going to do what marage did absolutely that speak for yourself? I already I've been writing notes this whole time. Yeah, I GOTAI got a kick starter rolling yeah we would need to kickstarted Wewe need o kickstarted for our movie about. Well, you know what I 'm, not even Gong, no Gie yeah, you cant, you can't talk about talk about it. Yeah Not Gointo, give it away nondisclosure agreements all around. As a matter of fact, what movie we never hadbut the FA. The fact that the teenage Mon I turtles- and that was a good story about how how they, how they rose from you, know having the three thousand the threethousand prints to them. That's it whatever thos numbers were to. We know what it is now you yeah, so I gotta go over convoy and over the Dodge Viper. This is really struck a person, a struck, a personal forrd with me as a creative dude. You know the dodge, bipeare great, it's a car. It goes fast. I mean you know, I don't know if what you build a better engine that it's not like, you did something that e nobody ever thought of. Like you know what it's pan car that goes even faster than other car therturlses, their mutins they're named after painters, they all have a different weapon. They live in the sewer theyre their fosses, a rat theyre like they're. Everything about it is super hypercreative. So, as a creative, individual myself, I have to give this to the teenage muinija turtles and marage comics and Man Cruss, and they actually started out with Japanese names too, but then they they were like yeah hat's not going to work. So that's where they came up with painters names right, so imagine that most people, my age, would not know those painters names if it wasn't for the TEANAE BIN in Turtles. It's sad an I know, Le Lonard Avin. I was no raiel. The fuckinname NAO work name of work by ROB, bio, I don't know, is thes a short stop for the Indians. That's funny! Yeah! There's not you know you can't hat you can't the only thing you coan say about the painter or sculptor. I don't even know what kind of arhy did S he's a freaking enseturt all right! Think Chris, you know what that means. This game is all tied up between you and Joe Finley, so we're going to roll on to a final wild card round all right. So I'm going to do this. One quick, because I did not expect to even tie VORC again solet. Let's go to fe another comic book February: First, one thousand nine hundred and ighty five. It was the release of Amazing Spiderman Number Oue and sixty one, and that was sins of my father, and this is the one where Mary, Jeane Watson and Liz Osborne they've been captured by the HOB Goblin and he's basically threatening to kill them until Harry Osborne turns over the remaining journals of his father, which of course, which I believe I didn't read this whole series, but I think theywere already destroyed by Spiderman in the past. So you really didn't have anything to give back to them at this point, but it's actually a pretty good comic, but I'm not going to go adapt into it. But it's because we're ready we're late anyway, but amazing Spiderman. How could you go wrong, O one thousand nine hundred and eighty five sixty cents? You know mother fuckers are going out to buy this shit. The covers coolest shit too. It's got hob goblins on the cover and he's holding spiderman downs got flames and Shit in the background really dope. Ass Cover H. that's what actually Nad me on this one was a cover: okay, all right, Joe Finley. What did you bring for the wild guard round, all right guys on January thirty? First, one thousand nine hundred and ninety two, and if you look back this is the only day that went past the twenty sixt in my week. I'll give you just the beginning of the trailer first, he got satisfaction is action. Jackson. Now we hits like a hurricane, get ready or get blown away. Carl weathers is Billy Hurricane Smith in Hurricane Smith, also known as dead on arrival, it's about an oilfield worker from Texas who journeys to Australia to look for his missing sister and he encounters some violent, trug smuggling gang along the way. This is an Australian film, where they employed Carl weather's, fresh off of acts and action, Jackson and kind of his heat. You know in action films, you know when Hewas having done Predator and all these things, and so they tried to take that and they brought it down under in what was known as osploitation films. Some of the most well known ones would be things like, madmax and and the like, but there are tons of the osploitation films out there, and this was one of them. It was marketed for the US after the fact, but it was produced for Australia, Carl wethers, Hurricane Smith, or dead on arrival. I preferred dat on a rival man when you said Action Jackson I was like just give it to him, but when you came with that, I was like tat, we'll see what happens all right. Let's hear the final verdict on this game from our judge wax before before. For that its would crackodile Dunde is not considered an awspoitation movie. Is it it's just not that's just a movie with an Australian gotit yeah, that's Aneican, yeah right t right, that's an enormous movie! If you ever look up how much money that movie made it was it's like close to three hundred million dollars, yeah e, a Te movie that year, it's crazy, Paul, Pau, Hogan Paul Oo. What is he alive? He's still alive yeah he di his career died after he did. was that flipper, three or some Shitright Crockinou done d done deal yeah? Actually he just had. I think it was last year, two years ago they came out with another Crocodile Dundee. I never saw it though one number is that four five. I think that Wa OA Fifteen. I think they just waited a real long time between the second and the third one yeah Yeah Crocodile Dundi three. When it came out. Actually there was a really good story behind it because he stole he tried to steal the writing credit. Somebody else wrote the movie and then they gave it to him to put a give a pass and he didn't do anything and he just submitted it as his own, and so the guys had to sue and e like it became a gigantic thing. But basically he didn't write the movie, but he refused for anybody to have credit for it, but him damn. You know. Youi was married to the hot lady from from the original for a long time. Yes, wow good for him. You know thinking about him like a after my little spiel there about the SUCCESSIV teenageuninje turtles. I mean he was a pretty creative character too. That kind of you almost feel like they could have done more with him. They could have done more. Like forget, forget having like it doesn't like. CRAKODIL DUND does not have to have all Hogan. That could be it animated thing. You know they could they could have taken that character further, but but honestly, it s Steve, Irwin kind of became it os. As far as my dumb it dumb American brain thoseblame, it all on Yahoo, serious for killing that that W re you complaininn all that fish or whatever that Ting right yea for killing that whole thing anyway. I think I have a winner in my brain and I'll. Tell you what you know this is going to be find of day. I'm going NA give a little bit of kind of like a hipster point here, because the amazing spider man, you know, that's it's it's Kindof, it's kind of kind of a basic tick. You know I mean spider man superman things like that, whereas Mr Finley, he came in on Australia and he left on Australia started with Yetru. He did. He started he started with the NERVANA and violent fems concert festival, and then he left with this dead on arrival as asspoittastion film. Have you been to Australia, Joe I've? Not They trid not to let me out of the country, but you, but he could. They tried not to let him out of the country be stop. CRASIL DUNDEFOR IS CRAIT OUT FIT cragging O lcruckit out deny Joe Forgets about Australia and fucks off to Disney. So you know what I'm going to go ahead because because of t the little k just just because the obscurity of the wild cart, I whenwen spider man, no, no offense on the spider man choice, I'm just telling you how Howi'm making my decision- I'm just talking it through you know and would have to go with go with Joe Fenley for the winter. That's right totally cool with that, because when I did not think it was going to come, do a tyebreaker G. I got to start preparing for tyebreakers because either I feel like. I have it in the bag, and I don't do it this one. I just didn't even feel like I'd be there, so I was like that. Whatever there's no point so I wrote some stuff down. I was like yeah. This looks good. This cover looks bad ass, but yeah, it's totally fine. You know what, though the end of January- and I was going to mention this during our first pick, the beginning of January, when we did the week experience a couple weeks back- that was horrible. This onewas slightly better, but not that much better yeah, which is on because usually the first week of the month is way better. In this case it was the last week of the month where you saw all the gold was also the beginning of the year, so nothing was going on in that apfor that one right that was tough. That was like a lot of digging this one. There was some digging, but there wase some big ones thrown in there, but like as far as a wild card like what what the fuckers are going to bring. So it's amazing, spidermain, Bab, hey its good as a valunt effort, ta show happens but dude. What's going on with you, like you doing, snacks with wax, I saw and one of the things wher we mentioned this before the show we're talkig about the lunchable thing. Actually, lunchables is my hot product the week that you release that Andi was like he just released lunchables, that's fucking awesome, but yeah yeah. That was but actually hat as that was in abouyfieish. Well, it was, I think you said eighty nine. I said I sent it on there, then, whatever I said was based on whatever with Hebedias tes yeah, so it actually, it did come out. That was when it went out to everybody. I had it in eighty eight, where it was just test marketed in certain areas, but yeah it's. That was a staple of my childhood man. So what are you eating? What are you eating these coming weeks on snacks of wax that people can look out for yeah I get well. I do I do a weekly show called snacks with wax and it's I feel like the show it's just. It's just me and my brother have a twin brother and he is behind the camera bealso, but also talks and get sime front of the camera a little bit and the shows just like we have a snack food every week and we review it and I feel like that pitch is not as good as the show actually is because it's like the brand of humor we do. We do a lot of weird analogies and whatnot and the only the only episode that we have in the can right now, it's kind of kind of sucks, those little back injuries kind of Takeng me out, but I think I think I think I'm on the bend. I think you know even Tho, even the one that I put out yesterday was was or today, which was sour pats. Kids like if you were to see the footage before edited like in between taxts Oine Bacbut, but the only one that we, the only one that we've shot so far, that we haven't released. Yhet is crispy cream dola, but but you know for anybody listening like from that from here on out all the stuff. We do is going to be based on the wreck. The suggestions from the comments you know hat I mean so if anybody wants to wants to do a certain thing, the beauty of the show is like I mean you could do it for the rest of your life, just based on. What's in seven eleven, just in one isle of Sevenene, like there's no shortage of snackods, you know hat I mean so, I'm really having fun doing it. I'm going to try to do one episode every every every week, this entire year, and hopefully at the end of that- maybe some some. I really. I really actually wouldn't mind trying to get some kind of you know I would love to get a job as some kind of host, or something like that. You know maybe, on the history channel Dude, the history shadow, have you seen haveyou eating history? Eating history is brilliant. I have not seen that no, you could be like the new version of eating history eating re recent. It could be like eating recent history. It almost be like your show, so you know what I noticed in your last video, the lunchables Wantet, almost look like you guys went to some like skevy back alley to wrigt those vonchable sit's like where are the SA scrupulous location? That's funny, because I just I just moved. Actually I used to live in Los Angeles. I live in San Diego now and I I went. I rent a room from my friend owns a construction company and luck luck. I got really lucky when I moved down here. He has like a little office space in there, ch which he was renting out a room for a good price. So I have ow I'm my apartment where I'm now, but then I also have a little separate music studio, which is there so out out back. It's like this jokeyard Baiclly, which which yeah it was a weird it's like. Why are they eating? Why are you there? Where are you whya you? It's like the fightout from they live right. Itas, like somebody sold you that, like on the corner they're like Yo, you're, goner, some lunchibles man yeah, let's just nowlet's, let's just duck back in joke S, oall these snak foods and lunchables like dangling from the inside of an Overcoa. You guys ever get any good stories when you're eating, because sometimes you eat on location like wher you're in like a fast food joint or whatever. Do they ever stop you and bother you or likeolike dude? You need to get out. You can't film in here like yeah. We like that yeah when I, because the other show that I my show now. Snacks black is basically a shorter version of what I used to do, which was chain reaction, which was a review show for tange restaurants, and there were certain God. I can't think off the top of my head, but I know t there was places where we got. We got kicked out of Antiann's pretzels Antian presels, which was in the mall, so they had they weren't letting us film in the mall. So we had to go like sit and suff. Some then you just had a find spot somewhere which that that IM was again in an alley. You know, but there was you know there was an extra security guard being cut being kind of like Eing kind of like tough guy with us about filled in our little Pretzel Review. Sur butwhat happens is like is because o all that stuff was done in Los Angeles. They treat that stuff differently there. You know what I mean like like like film filming there, like you got to pay somebody if you want to film somewhere like if, if you're in Antians pretzels in Cleveland nobody's nobody's, bothering you for filming they just they don't assume you're doing a real show they just like. Whatever he's UST somet he's like jus got Ta Fuckyou know I mean, does that make sense yeah. It's also hard to find an angle where somebody in the shot isn't Sag Righin, rit somebody's cheesing. In the background, just waiting for royalty, chep right right, riaht, no didn't. I think I watched an episode you guys did hi is a while back. I think you were a sizzler. Did you get kicked as Sizzler Sizzler? We got kicked out of yes, but we we we got was hilarious, but we got kicked out at the end. We shot the whole episode and we got kicked out at the end. It's if you like, if you do a show like that, and you kind of keep you keep your footage on the downond you and you're, like wrapped you're like all right, we' got everything we need. That's when you can like be like okay. Now we can do stuff that will get US kicked own. You know like like we're like we're just getting sweerd getting like stupid, beerole footage of me like running around the salad bar. Essentially, you know hat I mean and that's when we got kicked out, but we had already gotten the actual reviews where I'm sitting down eating all the food and whatnot you trashed everything I mean you know it's. It was sizzler yeah. It was sizzler. There was a lot of bad stuff on now. I meansi there's so many options, a good thing about CISORSS lot of options, but also so I'm doing I'm doing I'm doing the weekly shows, but I'm also I'm also writing a lot of new music cause. That's my actually primary thing is I do music, you know and I'm working on a lot of t e music felling, creative and whatnot, but I don't know exactly what it's going to come out. You know what I mean. What I just noticed the whole the youtube thing that you put out that what's the whole title Mark You Everitt now it's like eighty seven words long Wi, oh yeah, yeah, and thanks for thanks for promoting a earlier in the show, I put out, guess Idid putout an Albm indmer. It's called Song because because I've been doing doing music on Youtube since, like two thousand and seven and there's a lot of songs on there, that's you know I eer. I never put on spotify now now most people just use botify or some type of streaming service to listen to music, and some of these old songs were like people like I had. I got to go to youtube every time. I want to hear the song, so I did it's called old songs from Youtube that weren't on streaming services. Until now, that's the name of the Albu, so thit's not really there's like there's like one there's one new song on it and then the rest of it are like old, old songs that are on my youtube channel. It's pretty amazing. My my daughter was listening to a song earlier and she wanted to know think she was listening to toothbrush but she's fourteen and shes Liktie toothprush, and she wanted to know why. There's three tooth brushes, yeah, PPE, you know it's futting. A lot of people. Ask Me that question because, like the it's like, it's like the the soln tooth brushes about a girl who kind of like moves into your Hous, basically too fast in the tell Tal signs that she leaves our tooth crush there. You're like wait a second. You leave me set press here already, Youryou're like moving in already and hen the and the song goes. There used to be two brushes now that there's three two crushes as it like. I already had to another three and people like: Why do you have two Tooh Rushans? And I guess that's a good question. I can only say because it runs better, I said: well, maybe he had a roommate at the time when she moved in left theirs. I was like. I don't know I'll ask him which is possible, but SOE some people Maye have to to. I don't know, but there used to be one brush now, there's to rush like it t's either either way it's not that great, but it's just supposed to show tha a difference of one you knowmean. Maybe it's from a previous girl and he's just collecting tooth bruses from all the exgirlfriends and leaving him there for some strangeer stead of putting nazes on hi bedpost. He just keeps the the tooth to truashers. Are you know some? There are people. There are people who o like clean their shoes with the tot brush that'll somof te Sam fornal. I got my tooth brush and I got my tooth bruster hat used for cleaning my shoes, but you don't keep it with the other tooth brush O my tewhich Onwa. That's for Myanis, then you end up using the girls to rus for the shoes and then yeah. You know which is funny because, like my daughter's fourteen and that songs, it's fairly old, like they came out, probably whate what like nine years ago or so yeah about that and she'sshe's still listening when she heard you r coming on, she was like. Oh, this toothbush songs, she's put it on d she's, like I always wondered this like really you wonderd, you wanted I'll ask him. If, if you really want me to, I don't Hav, I wish I could give her. I wish I c Ayod give her a better synopsis, but the Real Synopsis Is that it just Rund Better Mak. I guess at the time. Maybe I had two to prussuns. I don't know. Sometimes you need one. That's firm, O one! That's soft, like I have more than one to for us now, but it's like. I have a too crusted actually just like lives in my backpack, for if I travel somewhere, you know I mean, but it doesn't live an that doesn't count. Yeah you're right I'll, just make a story up to tell her. That sounds good. I Bek, Oh yeah, that's it's an ex girlfriend's tooth brush. It was left there and it'. Just it's like a girlfriend thing. You'll get it one day. Hopefully you're, not the girl that leaves it there you'll get it you'll, get it when you're older is alwaysis always ago to yeah fourteen. I can't really use that too much right. I'm all yeah, I'm getting to the point like she was actually she's watching freaks and Geeks. Right now, and I was like you know, Sam Levin was on the show and she's like who's. That I's like you're, watching him right now, lit's him right there who fluks, whatever just it's fine whatever, but dude, thanks en for coming on Bro, it's always fun when you come on here- and I hope your back gets better and appreciate that yeah, I'm going to send you this link to for this movie and- and I I swear yeah- send it send it the same way you sent e the length of the zoom. I swear, I will watch it that lame and I and- and I mean a ats, actually a double Onanga right now with my back. I'm laming that in that way too, like thet, like e the old school lame. I just I really appreciate. I really appreciate you guys have me on this. Was this was extree. This was really fun just tink. It was last time dude anytime. You want to come. Ont Man, open, Openi Tamp. Whenever Okidn't know Yoa Tony ctain on her now famous Sawe. Do we had a lot of people this last year and there were I through covid. I think because a lot of people had nothing going on, they were doing shows, so we actually had like quite a few people, that I was shocked that we got men good for you guys it's a little bit different too, because it's not like we're doing an interview so you're not getting the same questions and everything you're being a judge for a game show, so some people just don't want to do it at all, but the people that we got this past year. I was actually a little shocked at some of the people that we got so it was pretty cool. So hopefully we can keep that on cool. Well, I'm going to go watch heavenly bodies and I'm going to go to your website and see which cd you had in the Pastom rim really curious about that too yeah go for it. Man Go to doing decadescom and should be able to scrope through it. I just redid it the other day, so it's a little shitty but you'll see it all. I just sent you that enjoy. Let me ltmeaiawesome looking forward to it yeah I wan O twitter, I'm at big Wax Vig wx on Instagram, I'm at big WAXBIGWAX and my website is waxcomcom. THAT'S WAXDOTCOM DOT COM! All Right! Thanks! Do Av Care, feel better race, APRECIAT, all right, doelers! Well, unfortunately, we're going to have to end this episode right here, thanks again to our guest judge, wax and congratulation store winter. For this episode, Mr Joe Finley, thank you guys very much to an a row. That's a rare one for me, I'm pretty thrilled about that! So Yeah, hopefully we'R ging, three Petn this badboy soon and just as mancrush just said, you can always head over to dueling decadescom if you've missed an episode and subscribe to the show on Itunes on spotify, everywhere, podcast are available and while you're on those inner webs head on over to facebookcom forward dueling decades, where you can join our private group and share some of your very own Retro Memories. So until next time dueelers we're going to bid you a piece, love, Lightin, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone ICAST NEW YORK, your be heard

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