Dueling Decades
July 8, 2020

We had a most triumphant time with Diane Franklin judging this worst of duel between 1976, 1986 & 1996!

We had a most triumphant time with Diane Franklin judging this worst of duel between 1976, 1986 & 1996!

We're joined by a real Princess this week, Diane Franklin joins the show to determine who had a "not so excellent" decade! Diane Franklin, the beautiful Princess Elizabeth from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, John Cusack's muse in Better off Dead,...

We're joined by a real Princess this week, Diane Franklin joins the show to determine who had a "not so excellent" decade! Diane Franklin, the beautiful Princess Elizabeth from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, John Cusack's muse in Better off Dead, and everyone's favorite "Karen" in Last American Virgin grabs the gavel and deliberates this "worst of" battle of the decades! Joe Findlay from Miscast Commentary came to battle with the worst of the first week of July 1986! Marc is looking for back to back victories with the most awful first week of July 1976 that he can muster. Mancrush is still looking for his first victory in over a month; so he delivers an inferior first week of July 1996 to get back on the winning path.  

Diane Franklin brings some brutal honesty to this episode of Dueling Decades! Aside from her unwavering judgments, she also tells us what her worst movie role ever was, what her favorite role was, the real reason why you watched Second Time Lucky, the worst Independence Day movie imaginable, the difference between east coasters and west coasters, invaders from another planet, the end of journalism, Bo Derek, Cannon Films rules no matter what, toys that are a step above coal, cooking with chemicals, a movie Disney wishes didn't exist, a "regular guy" heads to Hollywood, mysterious albums, don't touch Marc, fake coups, intergalactic failures, the price is wrong Bob, boring BBC shows, John McNamara screws Roger Clemens, filming awkward nude scenes, life after Mental Health, and who was the funniest man on the set of Better Off Dead? 

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NFORMARYMEDIAPEOPLE ANCA TAP Juelican te Pixin Oplam, but it dot fo him Ranagain on that Apbut tot te power, GOP COM, fite for Wat, O Lowhco topcopeencrita Ba e Te Motoco, would take a crave, a no Bala Ha Tin. I am a TNO. Come Fike Fo what you love, Yon Es roadcasting from the podcast New York Studios. It's the adult. Only recwo game show where the decades battl for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dualing decades. I am Mark James. In this week we bring you the worst weak experience, as I will be competing with the first week of July. Nineteen. Seventy six alongside these men, first off dualing with July nineteen, ninety six say hello to mancrush. That's right! I got July second through the Ninth N Nineteen and ninety six and I'm on the Schneid right now. This is uh, probably about four or five weeks I haven't won, but I think I figured it out n n. If you you remember by most of the times when we record, I would wear my maroon low, SAR shirt. It said Losar across the front and I tore the collar on this shirt. I had it since, like two thousand and one and a collar rip, and I think that's like a bad omen and that's why I start lose so now, I'm actually wearing a podcast New York shirt. There we go MSO, that's going to be your new lucky shirt. I think that's it. I think h getting back on the right track today. I think all right well, we'll see if that luck pays off. Also, returning to the panel this week is the host of the miscast commentary. PODCAST, please welcome back to the show Joe Finley, hey everybody. I am fresh off celebrating a virtual candidatea and I am virtually partied out, but since we 're talking about what we're wearing today, I'm wearing my star wars tshirt and you can't prove what else I am or I'm not wearing. Actually I wanted to ask you about this. Yeah we get started. I noticed on twinter last night that you posted a zoom meeting right to twitter and I immediately saw it we were in the middle of something otherwise would have joined. Yeah but I sent it to mark and I go joe out of his damn mind. I will do have any Weirdo show not last night nd last night was kind of a dead one, but I did this for my for my plad cast last Friday, I went on by myself 'cause my cohost was away and I went on and it started with a Crebi Latino kid dancing for me, and then it was an old man, not clothed and then and then I found a meagle or something I th. That's why I, though I was, I was very curious, I'm like what is this Goinna be like and it it started go. It went crazy fast, but the entire thing is like unedited is on the is in the episode and I got to talk to to a listener and we were reacting to people who were coming in and out as as it was going. It was really really interesting e exae. You too, that's that's on you. Well, the video's not there, because I was afraid of what I was going to find and I was right but the, but you can go there, but then it's what's funny is when I went to transfer that file, so I could edit it it. Something happened and the file got corrupted. So I rerecorded the episode. So you can also hear the Bazaro episode. One hundred six point: Five, where you can hear the bitterness the entire time going an next week, we're doing independence day, you're happy happy lis as SICAND, then I figured out how to fix it. So I just released both episodes because I'm not a waster of contest. Man Well good on you for trying that I'm never going to do that. I'm doing it again because I iam a glutton for punishment, you're, a brave man and as always here on the show, we need somebody to judicate all of this anesomeness. So you will know this week's celebrity guess, judge from her iconic roles and better off dead last American Virgin and bill anted's excellent adventure. She is also the author of the excellent curls of the last American French Exchange Babe of the eighties available now everywhere, books are sold all rise for Judge Diane Franklin, O masty buckets. Thank you Hor, having on and also I am wearing incredibly hot bikini with high heels and sunglasses, and my better off ded Co. O. That's pretty awesome hard to talk so right back. It's like she wears this all the time just walking around the house. IT'S AMTHATM! That's my daily ware! That's when I wear it cleaning Tho hat dino. I enser the door. I Howare you would you like. Some flenge fly all red. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules. The judges coinflip shout the side, who picks first out of the five duling decades: categories, movies, television, music, news and hot products. A judge's ruling will determine who wings each round allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds, four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie. After all five rounds, we shall go to a final wild card round showdown all right, doelers strange things are afoot at the Circle K, let's find out what they are as we play more inte Al Right. Let's go right down to our celebrity gests judge, Diane Franklin for the official cointoss. For My coin. I shall be using the Um clamshell of an extra large clamshell of the last American Virgin, and what it is is that M Hends is going to be the cover and tals is going to be the back all right, thisill be between Joe Finley and Mancrush. Since I won the last battle, you know what man crise you haven't one in a while. You call it ne: Let's go ahead, I'll, go ahead with that that, and let me just say that is like the best oversized clam shell. I've ever seen. That thing is aazin. It's the size of an original VHS player, it's bigger than your head, just for the people, other tit's really really big, and it's the old it's old school, it's the old one, with the Zipper and me in the middle with the guys. It's very quen right ready. There we go guess it's meat, Russin time. OK, all right! Men Crush you win the toss and take control of the board. What category are we going with? First? Well, these all are pretty bad 'cause, it's the worst of months, so I don't really see. There's there's nothing. I could do f o any of these rounds is goint, be any different. So, let's just start with movies. We start from the get with movies and I'm going to go to Independence Day of nineteen. Ninety six and H: here's a movie that I actually remember renting this back in the day solely based on the cover of the VHSA. Do you remember how fun that was we ad to just go to the store? And I actually I pick my wines like that now, an't you gon to Black Eger and E. was that Agryo day I have a local place called Joe's video that I went to and I was like a locen place, her the independent kind of those wete, the Rase. They had the beaded curtain. You know they had like the dirtiest movies. The best be movies cause. If you went to blockbuster, I think you know once theakuster kind of took over. You had no choice and you had to go to blockbuster and it it just fel so bakue it was inmitation compared o those stores but Um anyways. I I'm sure I was disappointed when I watched it back then, because I was super disappointed when I rewatched this last night and ill prevaces pick by saying two things: One: It is the perfect shit movie for quarantine, independent deviewing and two it's available on you to for free, which is doubly awesome. 'cause. I couldn't imagine spending another three dollars to rent this maniac cop rip off. They gotto me once it's not going to happen again. Who is in the movie? Do you remember? Anyn er had nobody that you would know with this movie m. It is a Larry to Imean, but a big like a big pet peeve of mine, especially when it comes to horror, films, just kill people and be a horror. MOVENT, don't try to jam in social commentary. You only have an hour and a half so just get to the good stuff, especially when I, in the case of this movie, you didn't get your first real kill for forty three minutes, which is unheard of for a horror movie. No, that's not no K, I'm not going to say anything more, but it's interesting when you said Hes an Independence Day right. It's not it's not! Independent'e day it came out on independence. T FNG was like wait: okay, that'll actually be good that'll be at. I I'll tell you er as like a pit a minute. I lov that movie didn Havetcas Nobody Billpoen, yet Larry Cohen, did not write independence that he did write this one, and I normally I do like him, but this one misses the mark. They do like the cutaway Cyou know and all the kills o swing. The knife and the next thing the persons day and supposedly had a two million dollar budget, but you're not seeing it on screen here. I'll give you a quick synopiscies and tell you the movie Al Right He's a quick, quick, nices, amazing movie right here you get a bad apple that joins the army. He goes to Desert Storm he's supposedly killed there just for fun. He gets killed years pass or so you think you don't even know 'cause. I won't tell you his family gets the news that he's dead. Nobody cares. The body gets shipped home and forty minutes into the movie. He breaks out of the casket and starts killing Isaac Hases in it wow. That's really good bad! That's Stupor, good bat like yeah, you got SOE qualling bandtuff there, Isaac Hays being in is the best part of this entire movie. They have an independencte day party for this little town and he starts killing all the onpatriotic people that are there and then to top it allong. His nettayew wants to be just like him when he grows up. It's a really heartfelt story: it's the movies Uncle Sam. There was released on July, the Fourth Nineteen D. Ninety six, Not Independence Day, just released on Independence Day, O pantively. Remember this. On v H s because much like another movie, Jack Frost, Ha that really cool anticular cover the face. Exactly and that's why I rented it. But it's it! That's how Jack Fross got me so I'll pass it on to you guys, well that mightthat's good good, bad okay as terrible all right, Joe Finley. What do you have for the movies round? All Right? Well, I'm going to take you to July sixth, nine uteen N, eighty six gotakus to one of our favorite places, inm Ge, to take it a canon films and they went all in on a huge investment that did not pay off. They hired Texas, Chainson massacre, directed toby hooper to a three picture deal, and this was the second of his three pictures. I they hired writer, Danol Bannon, who wrote alien to write this movie and they brought in Stan Winston to deal with all the special effects and he was actually working on aliens at the same time that he was doing this. Just to give you a an idea of quality, I am giving you the eighty six remake of the nineteen. Fifty Three SCIPI filmed invaders from marsfeaturing people like Larie Newman, was in it and bud court was in it. This movie, it cost twelve million dollars to make it made four point: eight million dollars worldwide. It was a gigantic bomb for cannon and for Toby Hooper. It was said that Monoumgolem and Yorn Globus were hugely disappointed with their investment in Toby Whobert. This point, because of the giant bomb that he had with life force previous to that Texas chainge on ascre too, was yet to come for him, and so yes, I mean they got some heavy heavy hitters for this and really put a lot into it. But one thing they did cut the budget fairly substantially on toby hooper. After the H, after losing so much money, they lost more than half their budget on life for life force. So what so? What happened? They ended up cutting this on him. He they basically promised him cart blanche for his three picture deal and they had to start tightening the rains immediately after the New York Times went on to review this and said the Telbe Hooper knows how to construct a horror of film, so I builds to a screaming pitch, but the film becomes lessterrifying once the aliens arrived we get lost in the complexities of the inventions and finally, these seem overdone and overproduced. A variety called the film, an embarrassing combination of kitchen bordon and that the writer's inferior screenplay fails to bring in new ideas or provide interesting dialogue. So yeah. This was a pretty big stinker for cannon. I love cannon, no matter what they give me, but it was a pretty hard fall for such a large investment and that's invaders from ours, wow all right. So for my movie in Eighteen, Sixty Nine Kentucky a young boy and his friend set out to find a treasure trest hidden by his late father in the Florida everglades during the civil war in the movie treasure of Manacumbey release July first, nineteen. Seventy six! This is a g rated Disney film. It's a Disneyfilm! Even I was not too familiar with. I had never heard of this one and for good reason. This is one of those Disney films that has been swept under the rug, because this is the only Disneyfilm to feature the Kuklux clan, an Orose and a burning nowside note. There is a good part of this movie that actually has one of the main characters, who was a young African American boy, throwing mall togh cocktails at the clan during a rally ineggr in a g rated Disney film yeah, it is nineteen. Seventy six sobeyond that beyon the elements of racism treasure of Madacume also includes murder, attempted gang rape and a lynching. So Hey! You can't go wrong with that treasure of Madacumbay released July. First, nineteen, seventy six! That's my worst of movies, Ladisan, GENTLEMEN WWI! I was going to say and Disney didn't even sweep like songs of the South Underneath and then you threw the clan at me, and this is actually considered to be as bad, if not worse, than Song of the South put up on Disney plus last year and of course, the outrage once again started as people remembered this film that well, it should have been forgotten. Let's throw it down to our judge, Diane Franklin for the ruling for the movies round no Thati like not. It was not fair because, like I was ready to go with one and now like Oh everything's thrown I'm. This is all throwing aloo. Okay! So here's my my feeling, okay, Joe Love, you know I have a Pongese for cannon. They at least tried to hire some good people, and God knows maybe if you see it and your stoned ore drunk it could be funny. So I'm not I'm going to say no to that a sorry bachelor number three, I'm not gonotat movie oky! That is not the WORIGHT UM WOW! You Know Nick. I have to say that I I was gonna. You were really up there. I was really bucking for you. You know it sounds like a horrible film UM DID Thath B coming wayway way into the movie way hour and a half later or whatever, like just and the subject matter being making just being sounding like just like. Why and sno there's a lot of wife and no there. Yet there's no explavation to anything hine like do you just feel you watch your movie, you know Nick and you feel like that makes me angry, because I just wasted my time I could have been sleeping. You know I mean it just makes you aay and that's why I said: Don't pay, for it do not pay for it's an hour. Twenty nine minutes by the way hour, twenty nine and they don't get that first kill for forty three yeah so like I would feel really mad and you so I'm going to say you're like bachelor number too. Like I'm sorry like I wanted to give it to you, I wanted to give you a chance to be the worst, but then now this just goes to show you never know. Until the last person comes in and now Mark Youare. You really shocked me. U brought me in with the Kuklexz planing and th rapes and the gang, oh, my gosh, so like. Let's talk about like your movie, is not only the worst, your movie, I I wouldn't even say it's Necesar, the worst T. it's. It should be abolished it she goto now it to it should be like there should be a burning somewhere with fire and, like you know, e Theye work o day where everybody bearns that good movie, I don't know t's like national. I don't. I hate this movie days, so Um so yeah and especially during Tyo Sai Ut. I'm so glad you broner now, because I didn't know people made movies that bad. You know I mean I kdow e, see bad movies. Believe me, I've read some bad movies. I should do some fad movies, but Um Gosh, Thenk, good dei, didn't have to audition. For this one so um there you go the winter. The point is to mark He. Let me ask you: Thou you mentioned that Y. u you've read for bad movies or you've been in. What would you say like since it's a worst one episode, we'Lsl See II, just want to see the honesty here like what what's a movie that you were in that after you were just like n it'sjust now, okay, so, even though I there so many great aspects to this movie and I loved the way it was shot, the script was like so it mixed tones and it was it went from like it's all I can say is it's like Benny Hill meats gone with the wind okay, it's like it's like Te, two or Elik Sack Med like Disney like it was like a you know, it's like the two things like what what Weit, when are you tryingto, gete an ything, and that is second Ti'me lucky. So I have to say that to me that movie was it was great to act in it. I love the characters I mean seriously. Perhaps one of the best rolls I've ever played, because I it's a story of Adam and Eve through time, so I play Adamineve in the garden of Eden. Think I, what do you think Andyeah? It's what you think 'Aus Look, I'm I'm met method, I'm not a method actress, but I'm like I'm into being real and look if you think you're going to wear a figleef in the garden of EAN. It's just not going to be happening. It's just like what are you serious? They didn't think about that and then M, Oh and then Garden Edi iplay. Even then I go to the Roman Times, and then I play a French a nurse and it just goes. I play a punk rocker and a rockband, and but all of them have like this sexual kind of double unthandrathing, and that to me was just at that time when I did it in the eighties that was old. That was, that was a Bann that was like the old humor like double UNTONDRA. You know it just so it was to me old fashioned and what was the last time you actually watched it good call, I actually they actually wound up making um a O, probably I'd, say maybe ten years ago, or something and the reason. Why is because we did a special edition where I did commentary commentary. Well, there am nude well ilver and dude again w okay, there, a lookes, pretty good thot. At least you took something good from it. Yeah exactly you know, the funny part was. I did it with the producer of it. The funny part was he was like watching it trying to be really like serious about it. Like know, we took eight days to shoot this in the mountains of mewguinea whenever you know like this kind of like New Zealand and we Shu this grnic footage and I'm like no one's like looking at that they're seeing my boots, you know I'm running through the garden and I'm thinking no one is listening to hi. No one can hear in Ithey're only Terin EI, now theyre Eine Eyr not, and they want to know what I think and I'm like okay. So, but I really wish I mean honestly, if that movie had no. If there wasn't clean version, I don't know if there was a way to do it. Do you know Mister Science Theatre? Oh yeah comments. I wish they could have made comments about that movie like maybe on the Internet. If you did because that would have been hilarious later Mite, I ater doing that and also a terrovision. If someody had done terroibition, they couldn't do terivision. I think terevision, if should have been rated P G and misty science theater should have done comments to it. 'cause I loved terrevision M, but I think they would have done a great job and it would have been so funny well commentary about things that Arnt PG is kind of my wheelhouse, so mabe o all dever and then You'e got to start your on channel Nowmako inthen you'll get banned off you tube. You can just just block everything pot blocks Overeti, it's a mark. You won that round. Congradulate shob all right, so I pick up a point and take control of the board. You know, I think, for the next category, we're going to do some hot products, goitsome producs, so I had July of nineteen. Seventy six man, so many great hot products out during that time, but unfortunately none of them during my week. So I had to go over to our good friends over at newspapers dotcom to look for an article. So I went to the Indianapolis Star on July, seventh, nineteen, seventy six, which was the last day of my week- and there is an article here that says new products exhibit high point of meeting and it talks about a home and trade show where they're talking about all the new home goods that are coming out. You know common kitchen household items and then the article goes on to mention something that Dupont has just came out with called Silverstone. It was created by Dupont as a plastic coating much like tefflon. It helps prevent the food that you are cooking from sticking. What makes silverstone different from Teflon is that it's smoother and will not scratch or peel or chip. It's like three coatings of this plastic layer that they spray on it still used today, it's pretty popular, but this is when it was announced in the newspaper big, Breaking News Du Pon, putting more chemicals on your food. Is it Goin Totak? That's what I got for a hot product and it's technically. I guess it is really hot. It's a pan. You heat it up on the stoves. That's what I got. Man Crush what Ha e you got for hot products, all right, so let's go to July, Eigth, O o n, nine Huteen, N inety six and it's the nineties. After all, Ye had a Ol, the informations super highway, they're all starting to take off everything's, getting really big. It's nineteen. Ninety six and I found an article there was discussing a website called Newspage dotcom and don't bother trying to go there for your news. Looking back an Arkie got, a word looks like the website might have only lasted a few years before it was bought out by office dotcom around two thousand, which is odd too, because now office. Dotcom is one by Microsoft, of course, and they use it for everything. So it's weird how those Domans is shifted, but what they did in nineteen igety. Six was something that were very familiar with today: You'd go to Newspage dotcom you'd, sign up for an account and you'd select topics that would interest you. They offered more than twenty thousand different news stories per day. So, based on your interests, you can get those new stories deliver directly to what they call quote. Unquote your electronic mailbox, which is funny that's nineteen. Ninety six speak for a Omail and you can get that done every day for six ninety five, a month which equates till about twelve dollars in Twenta twenty, so it's not terrible and after they popped up, then you also had like point cast and Poseeku freeloader and then all of course all the search engines took the news over now. Why is this so bad? It depends on how you're looking at it andyes. It gave us lightning fast news, but it also created the media frenzy that we have today cause these online news sites. They single handedly, killed. The newspaper I mean Mark, I think you degree here. You just talked about newspaper tcom and you spend as much time there as I do. Comparing the news in those newspapers with today. Real journalism is dead. Oh absolutely, I it's dead and that's something we come across all the time on this show and that's why we use newspapers, DOTCOM and go to physical newspapers, because these are real people. Writing these stories, tes Ar neighbors your friends. This is local journalism, N Zo, it's credible sources and what we have now. It's like. It's just a race to see you can get things out. First, there's no fat checking it's just for clickb! It's it's just a race to see you can get it online and these websites that just named this is the beginning of the end of the newspaper and that's why I have that Fror, my haprod, my worst high product of July e hsn, nine hutered and ninety six Kay he mate enys Guy Al Right, Joe Finley, over to you for the hot products round all right. Well, I wan to talk about Tonka. We all remember the GOBOTS. We loved the Gobaz not as much as we love transformers, but we love the gobots. They were great 'cause. They were cheaper, but dthey barly transformed they barely transform. But I'm going to take you even one step further because in nineteen nd, eighty six, a film came out called Gobots Battle of the Rock Lords and a couple of months later, a toy line came out which was a spin off to the GOBOT line, and it was the Gobots Rock Lords and these special gentlemen. These robots, they didn't turn into vehicles or weapons. They turned into rocks. That's it. You could buy vehicles for these guys to drive into because once again they turned into rocks, they could not get around on their own. They turned into things the good guys turned into things like Tungston and gold and the bad guys turned into Quaurtz in Sli. It didn't seem like there was a whole lot of rinaresonbehind behind. Who was what- and there were three series of this line actually were released, but it never did anything to bolster GOBAT's battle against transformers or or any anything whatsoever. They thought they were going to have a a real hot product coming off of the movie. They even released it after the movie had come out. I think, maybe that's what hurt it the most, because when you release something in the line with the movie, you can hype it and you can get people to buy toys before the Mo they've even seen the movie. This time around people saw, the movie h, went and then saw then side robots that turnd into rocks and you're like and so itw's like a pet rock. That barely worked essentially is what we're getting from this guy, but but yea. It still happened to last from the summer of nineteen, an ighty six Thousan, nine hundre n ighty seven had three series: Twenty something figures: All of them turned to rocks, guys rocks theyere Goig. They were going incognito man. What's the best way to hide your key outside your house, like people get the fake rocks yeah, I know, and I'm going to rob all of you because you know this- is he worst stuff episode right? Yeah Rock Lords were amazing. I owned rock Lord. I had the CAURTZ one. It was like kind of transform righ to IRA. He just Wen a little mirrorable. It was amazing Rock Lords. The power of Ignias Rocks Man Im more Ri Thou Riyou I received as one as a gift from a family member, and it was the first time I actually thought of like. Oh my God, they don't love me. DO THEY GEV ye the co one yeah it was it just turned into this Grayish Blue Rock. I don't remember which one it was it just kind of folded up into a rock and I'm like now what and I'm like, I guess, turning back into a robot, so he could be of some use to me. It's like up somebody's coming rock again, I'm like wow whatk, what a life, but that is what I've got, is the Gobat spint off that did not go BOT. I really like te an I wan to stay here forever. Okay, Um! Can I okay? Can I be the judge? Can I get J you ar the judge? Ly G, a JUDG, her come to Ju. So here we go bachelor number one mark your product is is not the worst but e Col for it. So I'm sorry it is the most boring. So I can't even give it the worst. It's missing that Genessa Kuklox Clean Thi, O Oca. Well, I it you, you had it going, but now it is gone. Um! Oh Nick! It's got to be your time sometime, but not this time, and why is it because I really m? I love the fact that, yes, it's destroyed the papers, but I, but I do like my news that I can get in an instant, but I do think it is horrible that it's it's like a real problem like so it's the worst, but it's not a funny worst. It's just worst as in this is really tat. Don't you hind, especially now with news I mean this is how I itht I al take a D aper artigls and I like, and I never know what news is true or not. That's what I'm Sayi like it's almost a job yeah like Wat. You said like it's Um, you guys are talking about. It's make bleve news, it's Um, it's a race, it's Clickby, God bait, that's Gyeah and and also so many times, I'm looking at whose news it is and I go. This is a company that's been made up by somebody. It's made up the title e its are made up, and it's because that the person that supposed newspaper is run by thin. It looks maybe independent, but it's not independent. You know what I mean it'sliidl, that's like you know the dainly Blah Blah Bal, but it's just not. You know it's all mabelieve. So anyway, yours is toos real and serious. I canso the winter is bachelor number three. You won my heart with a toy and M. I use a big. I was a big bionical collector for my son 'cause. I love we love bionicals. I have every single, bionical and bionical card that exists, so I understand the collecting of the little figurines and I understand the frustration of a toy that doesn't deliver and I love the fact that they were rocks, though, because again that would make me laugh. So it is the worst, but it makes me smile. So I'm going to go for number three. I me yet det yet point Aro. You pick up a point and, more importantly, you take control of the board. What category are we going to go with next? Who I was actually afraid of taking control of the BAR ECAUSE I' I'm torn? I think IAM going to lean towards the category of Music Al Right and on July Sixh, nineteen. Eighty six, I know a lot of the stuff is kind of happening all on the same day. For me as like, I did do like real research. I didn't just type in one day and then just like settle on it, but I want to take you to somebody who this is their fifth studio album, but only the third of their albums that was released worldwide. The band had been through a couple of different iterations during their lifetime and they had one their first worlwide release was a big smash, their second one, a little bit less. So this one being their third. I want to talk about Qr three by quiet, riot or quiet riottry as well. I so the album of the of the three of the worldwide release albums. It was the only one that failed to go platinum. It sold less than ten percent of the number of copies of metal health, which it was there. First worldwide release ind their biggest album a review whose headline was at least there's no slade cover here Wen on to say, with qr three, it's safe to say. The quiet riot tried way too hard to try and get their fans back. They sacrificed much of their original style that they were known for in favor of trying to sound trendy. It seemed that they have made another error in their career thinking that the only way to please people was to make their album as slick as possible, which obviously didn't work. They did add a lot of synthesizers and stuff to this album something that didn't exist in their previous works. It failed to chart in most countries it did chart in the U S, because they they had some. You know they ha. They had some good will that got it, but it only topped out at number thirty one N- and it did not last for very long, the only other chart that it made and any of the countries in the World Wash Sweden where it topped out at twenty nine none of the singles from the album charted anywhere and with nine more album releases. After this, they never charted again, they no matter what iteration they went through. They brought back their lead singer. They brought back different members. They replaced different members, all this different stuff, but this was I even to the critics. This was the beginning of the end for a quiet riot and as many albums as they went as many times they were able to get back together. They never got back what they had with metal health yeah. So that's what I've got: Uite riots, Q, R, three all right! So for my music selection, you know I went to over to billboard and I took a look at all the new singles that got released for my week and there was one song that sharted on the billboard charts as a single for one week only a position number. Eighty on the billboard charts the song by the band, the tubes you guys ralld know the tube. They had that great song in the eighties, an everyone remembers called she's, a beauty yeahwell. This is not ie wish. We were in the o. This is off their second album from nineteen. Seventy six and let me give you the chorus to this song, I'm not going to sing it I'll. Just read, you know you have to sing hanwords yeah, not so much onthethe smell of burning leather as we hold each other tight as our rivets rubbed together flashing sparks into the night at this moment of surrendering darling. If you really care, don't touch me there, that's baby, making Nime talking about this song, don't touch me there by the tubes thought you're reading fifty shades of gray. It charted for one week on the on the billboard charts at number. Eighty now the interesting thing about this is you know, I've read you the lyrics. You have no clue what the song sounds. L E, maybe maybe he did not want Um too touches testing no to on Peticlyou, never mind. You probably think all this is going to be like a rock and song pretty heavy 'cause of the subject matter. Well, actually, the song is arranged in the classic wall of sound style by Jacknij, who was the right hand, man of Phil Specter, so it has that sixties wall of sound feel to it. The song is an absolute riot now, a couple of weird links to this song that I never knew about the keyboard player from this man. The tudes was vince well nick, who years later went on to play keyboards for the grateful dead and then also the gentleman who sings this sum. Don't touch me there if the songs that doat well, the gentleman is actually B waybill Lan Faces v Wabell was in bill and Ted's excellent adventure emember like the three wise people he had Clarence Lemons. He was the other guy, a white guy way down on the end that was feeway bill. He was the lead Saer from the tombs who I n nineteen. A seventy six gave us don't touch me there. The song is an absolute horrid gem. I highly recommend you go check it out. You'll crack up man, it's great, don't touch me there, so wild stallions had to save the world after the tubes failed, then becan ethat's. What I have for the worst of music man crush over to you all right. So, let's Go July, ninet, N, nine Huteen and ninety six. It's just like Joe said. It's something that happens, that's sad where a band is big and then they just nobody, cares anymore. It just comes a day where they're albums just they're, not popular, and I'm not sure why that happens. But it does it's almost like an NFL running back. It's been amazing for years, and then he hits thirty years old and teams avoid him like the plague. You know what I'm saying like: That's what it feels like Ayeent. My pick kind of seem deal wat. Is that something like Um when there are two princesses in a movie and then the next time they have the princesses? They have younger, Prince Ectev e. They have young RTI. Oh Oh yeah N, never mind. I don't know whyhe S. pasely is like the same thing I mean they got too old, yeah g head. Maybe that's the reason with this one, because this band that I have this is their fourteenth studio album and it's their first album. I six years, of course, is nineteen ighty. Six. Their first AB was Release Inn. Nineteen, seventy one so they've been around for a long time, but it's also been a long time removed since they're ten times platinum, Mouin, IOM nineteen and eighty high fidelity came out which probably theire most belupright. This album called building the bridge. It's the band's first noncharting album since nineteen, seventy two, that's twenty four years and twelve other albums. Okay, this is where it gets interesting though 'cause they outmust be an absolute embarrassment, because if you go on there, spotify or theire eytunes theyre entire tyscographies there, except building the bridge, skips right over this okay. So I wanted to listen to it before I bashed it, and I wasn't even able to that's how bad it was and I've en round an. I couldn't. Listen to it myself, I had to find a decent review. So I go to this. One website called all music dot com a lot of times to get these reviews, and this is what it says about the sout by the release of nine Huteen. Ninety six is building the bridge singer. Kevin Cronan was the undisputed leader of Reo speedwagon and one of the bands, few original members that was still present long time, fans considered bridge as in more Cronin Solo, album than a real reo release, and this may be true, especially since there's little of the band's early rock direction left in the mix that all enaperated when their Guitaris Gary Richwrath departed and more of the soft rock that Cronin is known for they gave it a two and a half out of five stars and typically and a sit like this. I'd go and I'd find like a user review or a listener of you just a normal person. None zero reviews of this album from anybody. So there you have it's the mysterious building the bridge by Ario. Speedwagons s nobody's reviewed it's not on their spot, ifby, it's not on their e tune, so you don't own it top sho you're not going to be A. is there a chance you're making this up? No, that dude! When I looke own, I was like HMIT's, not onspotified, so my wife has itos music. So when I use musicts not there either I'm like what the Shit it's just gone, they must have be like nouns Arace Nat, throw that away with marks Disney pick just sweeping under the Wreckaino speedwagon releases, an album in the woods and they still Toren it Ey I mean they were supposed to be up in Bethel. I think this summer, but obviously that's not happening but yeah. That's my pick for this round. Nineteen ighty six, all right! Let's go down to our judge, Diane Franklin for the ruling on the music round. Ok, it's the music round and, as usual I will start with uh my bachelors, my nasular number Um one, and that was joe with jovers no Um. Even the quiet riot h didn't pull through. I still ove the eighties, so in short form I'm going to have to pass on it being the worst, because the eighties rock and so Um, maybe they're just having some off time and go crie quite riot, and you know just have to I'm going to give that a pass. So I'm sorry, but it's not the worst. I accept that bachelor number two. So good story about the Billanthead Guy Um Fewat Wans, it Fewa Fwobil, Abel Um, really good story again. Also, I have a I guess. I have an affinity to bill inhead, so I really don't want it to be the worst, because I really like the fact that he was in the movie, regardless of the fact that the music was not happening. So I'm Goingto have to pass on that she's, not touching eithermore Rightwell, that's not the worst. Yeah he's not touching the winter is finally nick. Yes, you know re R, SB wagon wow, you know they've been through a lot and H. I have to see that a lot of times. What I find amazing is you, can love a band, but a band is like a marriage. Okay, these people are married, they really are and when they break up the music will be different nd it may suffer. Sometimes it doesn't sometimes the marriage parts and they start. You know dating and they're like hanging out. The e find the right chemistry, but if it was bad, then that t makes sense that the guy came out with his kind of own style and everybody went wet no, and maybe it was good for him, but the fans were, like you know, you're, not the hat wat. We came to you for so you, so it is the worst I'd have to say we wouldn't know 'cause, nobody could listen to it es yeah. I was an you can't find it either. So that's pretty bad too! Oh sorry, I was checking Amazon music to see. If maybe I popped up there and I couldn't find it there. Oh God, all right, man crush. You pick up a point and that ties the game at one apiece, but we're heading into our first two point rounds. What category are we going to go with? Let's go with the news iwant to see what news you guys are: bringing the stable 'cause Joe always brings like a homicide or a tenside, or something like that. I bring important news. I brought you Sur Noble. I brought you so since I knew Joe is going to go. Really Dark: I'm going really light with some just the worst of news. This week July. Third, nine teen inety six- And this is Americas tabloid King of the early nineties, he's on the move, the New Jersey, bad boy, joy butafuko is packing up. His bags he's Headento, Los Angeles with this family, and why do you ask? Let me tell you why it's in a little article from the Miami Herald and the titllist article is California? Here they come. The movies are calling Joey but Afugo. Let me here you, here's the article. The BOTTAFUCO family is moving west, so joey can concentrate. I his acting career Botafuca, said yesterday, we're well accepted out in California. Botafuga said they have a different attitude there. They can see through all this crap, not the image. It's built up by the media. Botafuko said that the media New York area has portrayed him as a mean guy, an image that is just not true. I'm not a bad guy. Botafuko said, I'm just a regular kind of guy, but a fucco forty gained fame when anmy Fisher, his then underage lover shot his wife Maried Joe in the head in May. Nineteen Nigety, two normal guy stuff fisher, is serving five t five to fifteen years in prison, but AFUKO SERV, four months in jail after pleading guilty to the illegal Leasian with Fisher and was given five years probation, which is crazy that that's what happened in nineteen ninety two, because if that happened now, he'd be going away for a lot longer than four months: illegal, Liasa, illegal lason. If that doesn't sound like an old skin of maximm yeah, I don't Kow what o hold on all right, some more regular, more regular guy stuff. Last year he went back to jail for violating that probation, vicoliciting sex from an USTERCOVER COP in Hollywood and he's going back to California. I wonder why Botefuco said that his family hopes to buy a home in Santa Monica. He said California will be better place to raise his children and another reason for the movie he said is that Fisher is up for Pearl next year and his wife is still afraid of her Mary, Joe, is afraid if Amy Fisher is released, she may come after her again. I wonder why she would think that sinc she shot her in the bucking head, but we have Bocugo said he has three movie projects in the works. The first to begin. Shooting it about six months. Is the underground comedy. That's the name of the movie with Anna Nicole Smits. You know wit's good, but IFUCKO said he's slated to play a mafia type heavy in the second he's supposed to play a bouncer, and the third is a horror. Film called don't open my grave and which he says he has a major part, and I looked as IMDB and he was never in that he was in the underground comedy, got nine credits to his name. He was actually in an episode of perversions of Science. F. You could believe that he was Franki Corellia, that's probably the biggest thing he had he's in better than ever played Ralph an he was in the underground comedy movie. He played sunny finding forester, he was nightman. I don't know that Guy Walking out and he was on an episode of Sun of the beach. He was a trophy. He was. He was in mafia, movieg madness and he played guy. So I don't know if that means guy, like any guy. I don't know IA guy. Maybe he was a French mobster and he was GE, doesn't really look like a panned out for Hem too much, but that's my worst of news for the week of the first week of July, O nine teen n Sixt, I third more specifically 'case. That's what we have I'd still trade with him. He gets to be in movies. I didn't have to be a movie. Did He Allrigtso for my worst news story, we're going to go to July? Fourth, nineeen. Seventy six! Of course this is the Bisentenio Week. America is going nots with all these awesome celebrations, and you know we want a way to commemorate our bicentennial in what better way to show America's prowess than to land. A spacecraft on Mars, for the very first time is a country. So on July, fourth, we sent Viking one. It was on its way July. Fourth, nineteen. Seventy six. It was going to land on Mars, just an amazing achievement for our country. So we go to the San Francisco Examiner in an article that reads no July. Fourth, touchdown the Viking Space Program designed to land a spacecraft on the surface of Mars in search for signs of life, has encountered difficulties from the very start. Miking one's launs was twice postponed because Viking one's primary landing area called a one, showed up to be more hazardous than previously expected. They actually had to move the landing two weeks in advance, so the first moonlanding didn't happen until the twentieth of July. So we had all built up all of our expectations. Fourth of July men, it's our pientennial. It's going to be rock and we're going to land on Mars. No, it was a holtal fail and I left down. All we got was ED mcmann on afloat. It was horrible. You know you got a bunch of parades what's wrong with that. Did he have a big check with him? No, he could have would have made it better, but that's what I got for news. The failed Mars landing on e fourth of July, tough one, but they did end up going o Mars. They did a an old bad. It was already up there. They just couldn't do the landing on Fourth of July. They had to wait a couple of weeks, so it's no Buttafugo goes to California all right. Let's toss it over to Joe Finley for the news round. All right, I will apologize for being so sweaty first off, because I have a man crush on mancrush and his facial hair situation he's got going on today. You guys can't see about holy ship 's doing it. For me, do I don't know if you kept up but like during during the pandemic? I didn't shame for three months and I had I I don't grow hair here or here and I had these huge patches. It's Kinda, like I don't know. If you' e ever seen, CTO reevsis patchy, Chitty looking beard, it wasn't even close to that. It was worse. You Ot definitely some awesome. Facial haire there, you definitey do how I see 'cause the Mike was kind of in your way. So now lo, I left that part. I leftor wit this. You look like your own evil twin, it's wonderful, I D and it looks like I'm in a Dungeon S. like a couple of weeks ago, I I told him Het, looks like a villain from an Aeroflyn move. Come in Washmuckleng with me, Hey all right. So let's kick it down to Joe Finley for the news round. All right, and actually this is of all the bad news I have delivered. This is definitely not the worst news I have delivered as far as body counts and stuff like that, but it does cover a pretty spectacular failure on July sixth ninteeneighty six. We did it again folks, three of my categories July. Sixth, four hundred and ninety armed soldiers in the Philippines, along with fifteen thousand civilians loyal to former President Ferterdan Marcos, occupied the Manila hotel. I take essentially establishing a Oup of the country Fr Mamarcos, vice presidential running mate. Arturo Tolentino announced to the press that he had been given permission from Marcos to take over and reestablish the government and re establish a cabinet. The problem with that nobody cared nobody reacted. Life went on the military, didn't even react to this. They didn't Ta, they didn't come to their side, as was expected, and after thirty seven hours, everybody just quietly left because they were pelted to death by Amelda Marcos's shoeit was it was a. It was a nonviolent coup, it ended in peace and it ended with a thud. Nothing occurred, so no bloodshed, wow violence, but a I know right Jo. Did you keep digging to look for blood 'cause this as not you? I did. I looked up news and I found three things and two of them were Kindo nice and I was like no. It was like. I was like at least I found one where it was a failure, but so yeah, so it started on July. Sixth, it ended late in the night going into July eighth, and it was just a whole lot of nothing which isn't something you really hear about when you're hearing about a cou. So so so that's what I've got is the horrible failure, like I feel like I would have performed a coup is equally as well. It's like I couldn't even bother to have a coup. You know like when your kids having a Tantrom in the store and you just walk away from that's what happened. Coy All right, let's throw it down to Dian Franklin for the ruling for the news round. YTHIS is so hard: okay, ah the quiet, woo or or gosh the failed Mars or the okay Banafugo. Okay, oh I'm going to have to sae bat. Okay, Bachelor number three Joe. It was a good try with the coup, a failed coup. AARIA try was the problem. You know I mean it's, it's good bad, like okay, Goodno Eton, that I's just bad, but it doesn't make me feel anything. I feel B T I feel like okay, I feel bad for the people and Gad nobody got hurt, but I I have to say that it's not like it's like the worst doesn't hit me like or the worst right like it's just it's not great. This is great, then the EG MOS anti to op. So that's probably I don't know it just doesn't move me all right. Sorry, we're going to that' lever. Two is going to be mark mark. You know what I I love the traveling to Mars and I got my hopes up and it was really exciting and great. But again also what didn't happen. You know what I mean it just didn, something didn't happen, and so th again, I feel like T. ere was a lack of excitement to make it the worst. So I'm sorry number two, that's sit's not going to be the worst enough. Oh it is the worst is for joy. BYTE FO could actually consider coming to California hatthe worst like. If you come to California, I mean what are people w you're going to do like he's going to live in Santa Monica and his kids are going to go to school here and he thinks it's going to be all good and okay, but I don't know you know like I don't know, this is just sounds like it's. The worst idea is your initial reaction at that you read something like that and he's like. Oh my God, he's going to think we're. Pears he's got a sad, cart, wh Hes, going to get his sackcard and everything it's just it's the vision of people that are back east to California. Thinking that it's I mean it is very different in California to New York, I'm from New York Long Island. So it is very different, but it's just it's a different bibe and the intensity back east. Is You got a chill here? A little bit more, I don't know it's just got to be were Buti will say this y. In a way I mean I'll. Tell you one thing: If you're from New York and you come to California you're going to do really well because t e people from back east are go getters and they make things happen wherever they go. Like yourself starter, you know how to make things happen. So when you come to California, you can get thing, make things happen? Y? U Can get movie deals. Yo make things happen because you'reself motivated H, whereas you know, if you maybe from another place, that's not self motived, it's not going to be it's not going to happen. It's not going to fall in your lap, you're not going to get discovered. You know what I mean. It's not going to happen. That way you have to you, have tobe Goget her, so you know joy, Jo Se'sto go get her he's just solicit: prositude N daught, Er Yeh! I you know, I I don't think it's going to be as peaceful. I do have to ask an was curious. Did the girl friend get out of jail and what happened she did get out of jail and she was n? Didn't she have a porn that came out like ten years ago or so like she got into Te Bess and she od she got married to like. I think it was. I don't know if the I was. I think he was wealthy. I think she got married to a wealthy guy and then it was like one of them leaked porn tapes where you know it wasn't really leaked, but you know- and I got out there, but I think that's her claim to fame now, which is probably still more than him. Mancrash got the two points a half this day Kay. I think she also celebrity box Tanya harding yeah. We should get that on again all right man crush you, take the lead into this one three to one to one and we're heading into the final round, all right, so the worst that can happen is I go to another tipebreaker and lose. But let's see what happens with the T V round here, all right. So let's go July. Third, nineteen ighty six and IIT's a little bit different than one of my normal television selections, but I felt like it was topical and the whole incident stemmed from the famous game show the PRICEIS right. So on October, twenty seventh nineteen ninety five prices write model, Holly Halstrom she appeared on her final episode of the game. Show and holly had been one of th. You know those beautiful models that he has on prices right. She had been one of those all the way back on nineteen. Seventy seven. She was one of the longest tenured models ever on the PRICEES Rigtan that show's been on for R forever and I'm sure, if you were ever homesick from school, I' guarantee. If you were watching the prices right, which we all did when were homesick from school you'd recognize her. She was a stable of the show, but that was her last episode and she was fired by Bob Barker for being quote: Unquote: overweight, but th. There's more to the story. was she no one who would go like this Yehshyeah like one of those? She actually had a couple different occasions where things happened on the show why people really loved her 'cause. She was Kindof a clumsy like I remember one. She was dancing with a Manikin and it had pants on and the pants fell down and she was dancing with this Pancis Manikin therewas another one wete like Oh, she almost she almost on Efrigeratoor, fall on her actually now. I think it did hit her and she got injured from this. Like all kind of weird shit happened there butnthis. This is bizarre, so once t a fans tof the show they learnd to herd dismissal, they bombarded Bob Barker with angry letters was to why he fired her, since she was probably the most popular model at the time and good old Bob. He never answered those letters but hollydid because on July third, she filed the lawsuit Ehanse Bob Barker for age, weight, medical discrimination, wrongful termination and malicious persecution of prosecution. As the story goes, Bob Barker was going through a sexual harassment suit in the time, and he had asked howly to testify on his behalf and persure, which she actually knew and since she did want to testify after he fired her, for this Bob retaliated by suing her for Liabel and slander, oversaying that she was fired for being overweight. Well, that suit was thrown out and she actually won that he was the prevailing party and he had to end up paying for her lawyer. So after that whole thing happened. She took out this case against him for the wrongful firing right so anyways Holly's case against Bob Barker. It lasted for ten years in the process of doing so 'cause. You gotto think this is just a model on a show going against Bob Barker and C bs. She basically bankrupted herself paying for legal expenses, a matter of fact. She even end up living out of her car for a while, and I qut Hollyhallsfrom. She says I refuse to give up and let that old, evil bastard win well in October of two thousand and five holly ended up winning a multi million dollar settlement and she used some of that money to set up like various foundations, to help out those who don't have the resources to battle like malicious workplace lawsuits, so holly Alstrum. She wins her wrongful termination suit and Barkers a Dick O. that's my my TV for this Raow and I think it's funny because, like this is like mid nineties stuff and you don't like who talks about this ever likeyou, never see Bri. His name come up in the shit, but it happened quite a bit like I started digging and I was like wow. This guy was an asshole, so there's t the first of it. Well, no, maybe not the first, but it's a story that it lasted for a while yeah good, good, good story, hm all right. So for my television offerings you know we're going to go back N, nine teen. Seventy six and we had all this great bice andtennial coverage on TV all week. Of course, we're in the summer some we're getting reruns we're not getting a lot of original programming, but you had all the fireworks displays all the commemorative things going on. So I looke through all of those- and I I found something that I well. I think it's the worst so Kanociea News, Kanosia Wisconsin July third, nineteen, seventy six. We have an article here talking about a television program, that's going to be on PBS called Goodby America goodby America is a ninety minute, dramatization of the final parliamentary debet on the issue of America, before its declaration of independence produced by wnet New York and the BBC, it'll be on t b s Saturday, eight PM on Channel Ten. Now what it is is goodby America presents the parlimentary debate as if it was covered as an actual contemporary live news debat. So what we're talking about here is actors and people getting together to recreate a British parliamentary debate from seventeen seventy six, while PBS newspeople cover it like it's a modern day event. That's how I want to celebrate my bicentenial Ergoodby America presents the debate as it was covered through contemporary live news. Events and it actually presents both sides of the argument from the British side in the American side hoddly enough. It brings up the fact that a lot of British people were not against America getting its independence. It was actually pretty divided and many American school children grew up to believe that George, the third was an ogre, so they take both sides of the argument. So that's what it is Lak by America on PBS CELEBRATING OUR BICENTENNIAL. So that's my offering for television Joe Finley over to you good, sir, all right! Well, summertime is time for some fun sports and we're going to take you to the baseball diamond and we're going to take you to a young man, a twenty three year old, Roger Clemens, who was ontrack to tithe AL record for most winds to start a season at fifteen and oh, he was fourteen an no and he was facing off against the Corono Blue Jays anyway, the just so everybody knows that was only Joe Thot was jeering. Now see, I learn something from being with micaeinslanusty yeah, so clentins is sitting there at fourteen. An O is entrack to to get. This record throws six very strong, inningshe's they're up two to one. A couple of small mistakes end up getting the score tide and they pull him, presumably to protect his undefeated records or he could go and try again the next day he is replaced by back up Bob Stanley, who makes a bunch of arrors in the same inning and those errors. cocaused runs that were then charged to Roger Clemens and it cost him the game, giving him his first lost of the season and costing him the record for the year. So what I give you is a a young man about to set a gigantic record originally set in the fifties and being taken away, not by his own fault, but by the fault of his relief pitcher, so Roger Clemen's losing the Ale, the Ale record, because somebody else screwed up is my TV for nineteed and eighty six, and that was July. Second, you knew else gave him a loss of your New York, mets thanksgill bucker. I like the Ma all right. Well, let's see what else she likes. Let's go down to our celebrity guest judge, Diane Franklin, so wait. Is this the one that's going to break everything? Is it the winner lose we'll see good man crushes in the lead right now, with three points to my one and Joe's one point: I here we go so um t e bachelor number. Three Jo. This is batful very nice. I love the baseball and Thethe Brooklyn dosials. I Love Them Antasti, so you can see how much I know about baseball got ta held of an ormthough. I yeah thank o. You know I feel for Roger Clements. I think it's not. I think it's I feel for him. You know that that is just bad. It's bad and it's and but you know he C. I don't know it's just not the worst. You know I feel like he's still alive and Ezy, so Mya he's Tole Wat, not the whole favor Wen. So as I feel for him and let's, let's just say that everybody who, as WHO's a fan of his, is sad because they wanted him to do it. So people were trying to support him. So what if I lie and say he died the next day because you're alive, Roger Clemens, I'm sorry but number three, it's not going to win now! Yeah! I Love Baseball, but not it's not going to happen all right. Sorry, sir. I LOVE YOU YOU'RE! Wonderful. Now we get down to the last two here: Um Wow, there's some good bad stuff. This is a hard one for me, Um, okay, no, okay, know what to do Righum, so number BACULOR number, two! Here's the deal with you good by America. Yes, that sounds like the worst, the BBC doing that acting and the then I mean they'd den to the acting, but the actors did acting in the BBSET, like the American actors were enjoy. That does sound like the worst, but you're not going to win bathe on me, you're not going to win, but it is the worst it's like so boring and I could descry that's the second time in a month that the BBC has been trashed on this show. Trang is the combination of the worniness and then the acting nd and like and it's the fourth of July people want to eat hot dogs and hamburgers and hang out and and just like drink beer. Exactly you don't want to sit and watch a British parliamentary debate from seventeen. Seventy, sir, you want to think too much and Yo that break in the head to have a little BRAC. You know anyway, that's my personal thought. Okay, so the winner of this round is number one nick non three thwhenever member, the PAC weveon completely partial, and it's because my son's name is nick. You Win Finesumi do happen to likethe the Holy Hulstram story and it's crazy that woman lived in her car and then had to like. You know, then try to do it and good for her for hanging in there, but you Kn, ow those are years of her life. Is it like ten years of her life, an Yoret drawn like you know this, this woman, I mean not to say, there's nothing fair. You know the world isn't fair, but the fact that Um, you know she she stood up for what was right for her and thank goodness she won and she started this foundation. But I would have to say it's just the worst in the sense of it's just not it's just not cool. Can we j, you know just we just treat people like people and ot Ave eses. You know what I mean if you want to date, somebody go ass eout a day. You know, have your own stuff with them, but don't bring it into your work thing. That's what it's getting weird! You can't do it don't you know, and it was easier se than done, probably, but so nick you just win because I say so: Ai Used to actually turnd into a pretty good landslide. After a good, H, H, Shit five weeks five week well deserved good for you, Diane. We have a couple F questions from our listeners. You game to answer a fou Ro, How r they calling in or is it just rior they just savori yeah. They write hem in to us all right. Let's see all right, so this actually kind of pee backs on you said before h, the worst movie you had Thomas comes excellent listener of ours. He said which role? Do you consider your best roll? Okay? That's who I like picking like your favorite child Orwell? Yeah, you just don't do that you just like Douas, o choice and just kill Yoel thanks for spoiling that movie for rakill herself, Okaya Goanyokay. So here's the deal, the movie that I think I did the best in was actually the movie that's out now called amityville murders, which is t e movie that I play the mom at Louis Dafeo and I think it's my best performance as an actress to me like t my best work, but that's for me, but then the movie that I love the most is better Offdet, because I love the role model and I love the character and that Monique is the closest to who I am so. I love that movie and in fact I'm writing a book about it right now, which should be done by Chris Mith. Hopefully Wi just adorned, I just loved the movie, and I got introduced from everybody n the film and not everybody, but a lot of people. It's going to be a great book, it's an awesome book, so people are interested just find me on social media and just stay in touch 'cause. It's Gointo all kind of be word of mouth when it comes out and Um, but then I have a soft spot for last American virgeon, because that was my first film. That character is so. Unlike me, in a lot of ways t it brings out a lot of me, but then I would never have done what Karen did in the movie. Can I just say it is no wonder that Karen is now the Gameit's based on you. You know, did yole learn that women with caren in their name like, let's just think twice, I don't know so there you go. Let Me Picg you back that one then, and since Sheu talked about last American version. Of course this would come from Mikeranger. He said how did you feel about doing a nude abortion scene? Oh that was so stupid. Okay, like I'm, reading the script and then they go and she takes off or cl and like wait, she's about to get an abortion, wait what what Yi mean that was a very um that wou I asaing stupid because it was like Jus. So what is happening out of the Ballpark it was they didn't surprise me. I knew what was going to happen. Luckily, it was like okay, this abortion we're going to have t you know you're going to take the plug Ouf, fom, prety, crying and we're going to GE, get on this metal gearney over here y h like it was like it wasn't like that new it was going to happen, but at the same time it was like. Is this sexy? Like I get sexy like I understand you know, if you have something that'ssexuals Li, you kind of Di Atlank like I get that, but that's not sexy. It's like no. It was very awkward seen a d like just it's hard to watch. It's not even like you would say. I mean in bizarre way t's it's exploitive, but in a depressing, but I don't even understand it so to me like I don't I feel like if a guy is attracted to be in the movie at the beginning, he's going to be turned off by that, like whatthat's kind, O weak. No, I dodn't expect that part Um, but a good question from him. 'cause. You know it is the Zar in the movie. I always wondered whet guys thought of that. You know what it's. Obviously it's, not a sex. He scene W it's one of those ones where it's it's weird like it's one of those scenes where, if you're, if you're watching it, you don't want somebody to walk in the room while you're watching you know you now W at. I don't want to explain that uncomfortable feel. I'm kindo young te Po Yeh. What the fater you ask twelve years old, get back to bed in in honor of that movie, though I got naked for Myasectamy, which was technically millions of abortions. So did they videotape it w? I did that's why my utin went out and then he leaked it. Like that sexing yeah, so yoget crimer all right, here's another one we GOTT AI has she heard any plans for a blue ray release of second time. Lucky, that's Nice! No! No! I haven't and I feel like they. I feel like that. Film has been like you know, put away in right now, like I feel like when we did the special features and the you know the Um Seyea the special features when we did that I feel like that was the end, because the director Michael Anderson, Um, passed away. He was actually an academy O wer winning director and he wrot. He did that film DU or somewhere ACA, but but like Heherehe, I s like Academy Award nominated for around the world in eighty days director there were just a lot of British actors: Whe Re Very Up, you know Higha cupstanding actors and then Roger Wilson was in it. We were you know really. There was a lot of hope for the movie, just like the Cannonfilm, but, and you know who's supposed to do it. Originally. The ndcoigally called the apple and the pair and Baderek was supposed to play. That part, my part Aroer, ok, like this- is a little different. Okay, O dereck passed on this Le's give his to Diane Franklin. Did they watch you to wride horses naked or anything, rainer? No, no naked, Heord, Nono, brain no yeah all right here we go Eri cluly another good listener. He said H, who was more fun, John Kusak or Curtis Arm Tho, Oh wow! Well I love John and he's very sweet, but he's more shy. He was Shyer, but John is funny. Like he's just understated funny when we were working M, I love worknwit John, but Curtis is funnier and he's just freaking funny like Curtis like you you just he does things and you die like the Jello snorting, the Jello I turned to him and is I did not expect that and he killed me I mean so curtis is the actor that does these unexpected things and and he's brilliant curtis is a brilliant actor. So it's just really fun to work with him. was that a plan seen with the snorting the jello thing or was nookad that the other thing there was so many things in that film. That were not if, if it's not dialogued- and it wasn't a newscript like when Cirtis has pig- and he starts- you know hello- doing that kind of thing to the formaldahid pig. That was an indescript. When I walk with the the Um Blindfold and I have John walkb N that wasn't an ascript, I told him to do that. So a lot of little things we put in that made it special, but the director was open to it. You know, and that I think, is the key is that actors are very creative. 'cause actors know the role you know you know we work on our role. We know everything about our character, so if you allow an actor to improvise a little bit in there, what they do you're going to get magic because obviously the director doesn't think is deep into it into the character as the actor. So we just let Curtos go curtis wet. You know he just went off like a laugh. I think that was improvised. Where cutisos couldn't stop laughing. I mean that was great. You know MTAs she shaved before H, Gis, her to good night. Oh, I think you made that otline up, I think th, that M Erran made that up. I think I mean just like amazing, amazing, so yeah so I'LD have too. In that respect, I have to say curness that must have been a blast to do that movie. Let's see wh, we had er nothing. Okay, this is from Rick Malvey, he said was well. You kinda answered this one, but he said H was John Kesak easy to work with also or him in Jeremy Pivon close as they seem, I gung ut, since they were Ye, Tsta or gover that Ay okay. Was it easy to work with? It sounds like Yo said: Yes, you might coice, he was adorable sweet. We just had a great time and it was great kissing him to so. There you go and he took you to dodger Stan he'll jus Sta. somebody just asked as it too late to send a question. I said to ry up by the way I have some things to tell you when we're done about upcoming things, yeah go for it shoot hem out now, while this guys sening his S. socer t thing so: First of all, I have the amidibl murders on on. I think netcould be net. Like some there's stars, I think it's on stars, so you coan find that now really great aplay, Louise Defeo, it's about the realamityville murders that actually happened. Um have a movie called while he got wasted. That's online right now as well, and that's a cameo, but it's Hilarious, sort of like weekend burney's, but with adults, Kinda and I have a Camio and then I have a some. Oh, have a movie called the final interview and it is going to be coming out in a very special wrtten R, like they're, going to put it like special hard metal box like a, I think in August, cdfinally NTTHAT's, a thriller and that hasn't been out a lot. So people are going to be that's going, TA, be like that's like a independent cul movie and a really cool a thriller, and it's The finall interview, itces about a Gud who's about to die and electric chair and my ex husbands is interviewing him and it's just like it's shot like a play. I can't even explain it's like an Artfu, but it is incredible. It's awesome, but coming up at the end of the year, I think, or the beginning of this year is going to be a movie called High High Holiday, and I'm in that is the cameo and it's with Tom Arl Jennifer Tilly and Um Gosh clors Leechman, Oh wow, really, and then there is another movie coming out called a waking nightmare and when you see me in this troll you're going to flip out, you've never seen me play this character. So That's another movie, I'm really excited about they've been holding off for a while a finishing editing, but I just talked to the director and he sent me a piece of it hen. He just said you know: Yo, you kill this movie like you are going to be it's Gonn. You make people crazy, IT'S gonna! It's like a great acting job like something like you've. Never seen me play before. So That's o y powerful and it's CA. It's waking night near because it's about my daughter who is a WHO murders people in her sleep and Berna O it got that edge to it, said Scor and I'm very intreken Fi the story M and shelly rigner from pitch perfect t plays my daughter. She was one of the Bellas and then Um newlander Um, Tsnewnehejmenson, l, newlandr, O Jameson, newletter, Fromhusan, lossboys, yeah and he's great he's Awsol and then the other thing is there. Is there okay there's another movie I just actually booked. I actually booked a movie yesterday and Ihave a tiny scene in it, but it is going to be very big. So I don't know when that'll come out, that's a secret, but I just know that something else is coming out and I won't even give the hints h theres it's like so cool. There's, some very cool things about it. That's going to be a scary movie, then I did a also a clay, mation sombi movie during the pandemic, and that's hilarious you're going to hear about that too. And that might be out in October. But I don't know if they're gon to how they're going to distribute it, but I that's going to be sort of like a you know like the Blab. Do you know what I mean like movies that are like Y, that kind of like over the top, like you know, clamationzombis, and it's going to be really cool. I like that kind of movie, So just the FON popcorn flirk need more of those right now y. Ah, do you have anything with Joyy BUDAFUCO coming out? You know I'm waiting for the call I'm waiting for the phone to ring? U Now I wait when he wants a wife Joey, you gothe's not growt to his wives, yeah you Wanta Rightwene Sai that way and I'll be treated. Ten. Okay, Isul SA talk to I'd L, I'd love that thatwould be cool. I want to play a vampire and I want to play a mobster, the Mosterwafe, a moster vampire yeah. Let's just combine it and you can be a mobster vampire right, Ik d, You'll, never get me out of here. Blod I like is very good. You mentioned before he. He threw his question there, but um you mentione, your daughter kills people in her sleep and three years ago or two years going over the last time we talked to you, you mentioned your daughter Olivia. Is She? What is she up? Tooh my gosh all right Olivia is amazing. First of all, she has her own show that she writes directs acts and edits with a comedy partner called a pocalypse goals, a public schools and it's a comedy. So what a bizarre experience that that is actually something that we could watch now. That will actually make us feel better about our apocalypse right on her episodes. She did the first season on snapchat and these episode are like five minutes long. You could probably see the whole season in an hour and then she just they just- are now playing the second season, so she got picked up for a second season, so it is worth it. It is hilarious and she looks like me and she talks like me. It's really funny. I remember. After the last episode we looked her up and I was like Holy Shit. You guys look just I mean. Obviously, l sister she's much younger yeah, but you culd tell that you're related and everything eens pretty Craz N. I see of her that I go who that looks like me. Like sometimes I mean I, I didn't see it for a l like. Sometimes I really don't see it 'cause. I actually see Yo. I look at it. I see my husband more, but then I see sometimes you know t catches me by the like e'll post, something I'll be like W. is that me nobid? That's her like cool! That's one of the benefits like it. S is very cold when you have kids and one more thing since we're talking about things, my husband well, my husband is writing Nen the museum. He my husband, rode fairly onparents. That was his show Iman Li E. OH no kidding! Okay, if you eve saw young parents, that's Hes, radientise, that's his name, nvl Melvana thing, part of Corus entertainment where I o Ed there. You Go. You know so so um, so he he does that. And then my son Nick everybody go okay, listen! A MOTHER! Now go mother watch my children, my son, Nicholas Delerentus is unspotified and he came out with his first album and he's twenty one and he writes Pimea places on music rights, creates it, but his music is so um poetic and like deep and you he p and he's study classical music. He does like any pleas the upright base, but he's his h also plays in an indi band, called swatches, so he's and he's really handsome, but anyway and bred curly, hair, curly surper, but anyway. So my kids are like really creative and you got a his his album's called good boy, and it is it's really like you can play in the background and like do stuff and listen, it's beautiful. It's just it's mind blowing. So there's all kinds of stuff going on in your house: Ol Thatus, the tip of it there's so much big Omy, and you know what billant is three coming out. Hogh. I just did four interviews this morning for for publications in the t e UK talking about milinties, because they're coming out with a four K, a quality gbd or blue randon, O whic Urreles bitent ixcellent adventures. So it was interesting for me to to see that there we are so many fans in the UK for Billiantene Ohno Geh, so I must have seemed authentic 'cause. That's good thing! I can't tell if you're French are English. It's it's tough, a a very good American accent on Theve Niturean. That's WAT, NOT OEICAN! I don't know this friends saying, but nobody KNOWSI Boae, Geman, yeah, yeah, you're, French, acce T'. It's very mean it's very soun or mean it's very, been lo to sound nice yeah. I guess you can't sound Nice. When you do a French accent. PRIMARENO SAYS H: Do you prefer to work on any specific genre? He loves her comedies, but he liked terevision too, and also ask her for a shout of for me. I think I hod a shout out. So what's his name, his name is Brian Moreno. Don't do it Hay Brindon't, you affican Primereo, your name and yea. You're out there so hello from Dian Franklin, Um, so yeah, I love, I love doing a good character and I don't care if that's a drama or a comedy, and I like doing things that are challenging. So I think the thing that's exciting to me is Um, like I just got spent, for instance, a script recently to play a puritan woman of that was European, and I thought I like that. That's kind of a cool charrentet, so you know, and it was kind of a dark, psychic kind of thing going on l, another movie, that's coming out where I play a medium. I love that, like you know, T for me to play those characters. So I I like characters. That's my main thing. I really would like to do. Maybe some SCIDFI. The one thing I haven't done, which I would really love to do is imagine me an outer space, Ithe, nite stats. I mean on a ship and outer space. I don't know whether it'd be I could be a commander, but I could also be a woman set out. You know to explore it and just put them all together. So you have a mobster vampire that goes to Mars on a failed miscint landing Mishin there you goand, I meet my daughter and we can do commeny together. Right yeahwe could flush th. We could flash this out shut up and take my money just right now, I' Moron O have to do I'. Tellin, you put it together, I'm there she got a lot of stuff going on Y. I do, and the thing is, I think, what's really fun for me is I like the I, like, I love, comedy 'cause. I get it and I get things being very dry. Actually one of the funniest things I've done recently is: If you go on tap talk the ilanchic Dok off Canny. It's called off candy check it out and they asked me to come and teach acting to these guys, and it was one of the first time I ever did um like reality. Like a you know like a reality kind of thing tat, and so they asked me to come on. So I'm like Oka, I got onthe acting to Tenie teachacting, so that was fine, but I don't usually teach th. That kind of thing- and I'm thinking, okay well, this is a comedy thing, they're going to make fun of what I'm doing in a way. So I gotto be straight man, so I made myself you know like the serious, acting teacher who is really like. You know this is what you have to do and stuff, but I didn't want to play it like. I didn't want to play it in the sense that it was Um. Like the acting teacher who was critical. I was the acting teacher that that everything you do is awesome, so it was like they were doing some terribly acting and I'm like amazing. I love the way you actually spoke words Nthen, I faker em with a script and they told me you know I could teach anything I was TGO. Maybe I could teach hem, Shakespeare and stuff and I was trying to be like sensitive to, like you know, theater and students and people tricktak right. So I I found Thi script and I thought Oh, this is really cood I'll yo, now I'll use I'll have them do a scene, that's very serious, but then I'll give them like kind of direction in a funny way and I'd go to find a script and there's a character in the script called Gay Thean was good. HERRECTER's name is gay and the two guys who were doing it. I knew that this is they're goin no rip on it. You know what I mean like they're, going to like take this wherever they again. I didn't know what they were going to do, but I knew that, as a teacher, I'm going to say you're Gad you're playing right anit was, like you know, the routine of Um who's on first WHO's on. Second, of course, that's what it was like, so the Tik top version of it is okay, so you're playing gay and the's like what I'm o k. what's your gay you're playing gay and the other guy goes you're, gay and he's like I'm, not gay he's like. Yes, you are well, you know what I mean Soi'm like, and I play it so straight, and it was it's one of those things I looked at and I went I was actually brilliant, like that was a really brilliant moment. So, if you get to see it off Canny, I think I'm in two two of their little things but its an it. An viral like it went superviral because it wasn't um the most important thing. Obviously you K Ow, I love people are gay. It has no bearing on well. You know, I think it's Awst ANII'm, not somebody like that. It's just a joke, but some people and it's but it one of those. It's those hot words. You know I found a character named gay was just like Bernot finamt. It was phenomenal yeah, it's onn agre. What's the same thing that happened, an joy bought a Fuko and they changed it to God, Pon Him. I would have sa no joey you're, Gay Oky and no, I P O hook. HAV INOIBETTE kill you right, ow wife's, going to kill a no M, my Gofien's going to ce my girlfriend Y, my ex girl, but he's killing. Somebody well. Thank you so much for coming on, though, that's awesome, you have so much stuff going on. We need to get you back on again 'cause as a judge, you're perfect. As you get the game, you get how everything goes and the stuff you kind of appreciate even Ouh. Our News today was the worst. If it was the best of episode, I think you would have had more fun with it. I don't know lo O side, it Tim Morse is really good, and maybe we could even I'll see F my daughters if she has time that would be funny if the two of us were judges, yeah W', we've done that before with two judges at is pretty awesome, because it's always fun to see how two people have you know their opinions different. Then you guys have to argue Itout oe. Who Do you pay? You K O we Gok areone together E, we aso one last thing: Ywen t se O my daughter and I we had little talk, show called on Youtoo m. It was called Livandi in l, a which is live as an Olivia and die as in Diane in La Jon, and you find it and we do like she gave me her social media and let me like what is it the one where you tender she, let me find thy call job. I mean crying laughing. We've cried so hard to see me goingiges wifes wifes wipe he wants to do what? No you know a thinlikeyour mother's, wiping on tender, soap, she's, a great sport, she's Hilarious, so yeah, let's do it, I can't forget: yeah, have your email dress, we'll e'll figure out another day I alarea. I had a great time Di you that Wan so much so I hope enjoyed it nd. Let me know about the feedback on everything too. If Oh Yoore, I all right jewellers. Well, I guess we'll end this episode right here again, I want to congratulate mancrush on finally picking up a victory. No thank you and I want to think our great celebrity guest judge the Wonderful Diane Franklin for coming in and judging this episode. But if you've missed an episode, don't worry deelers. You can always go over to duling decades. Docom, where you can subscribe to the show onspotify on Apple pod casts wherever podcasts are available and then, in the meantime, had over to facebook dotcom forward, slash dueling decades, where you can join the other fifty thousand duelers and share some of your very own regro memories. SOM. Until next time, deelers were going to bid you a pece love Lightan, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone infermedia