Dueling Decades
March 25, 2020

What year had a solid gold week? Was it March 1981 or March 1995? Find out in this back and forth battle!

What year had a solid gold week?  Was it March 1981 or March 1995?  Find out in this back and forth battle!

On this all-new nostalgic episode of our show, the week experience returns. This time around It’s Marc James against the world as he duels with March 12th - 18th of 1995! His opponent this week is the returning Mike Ranger of the Video Rangers...

On this all-new nostalgic episode of our show, the week experience returns. This time around It’s Marc James against the world as he duels with March 12th - 18th of 1995! His opponent this week is the returning Mike Ranger of the Video Rangers Podcast! Mike searches the cosmos and brings the best of March 15th - 21st of 1981! The postman may always ring twice but Mancrush only has one final verdict on this duel when he grabs the gavel for this exciting back and forth battle! Do you think Mancrush got the picks right this time around?  Let us know! Drop us a comment on Castbox, or shoot us a message on Facebook! 







INFIRMAYMEDAPEOPLE ENGAGEJEWLI ECAN the PIXE Oplan, but it ot o I ranagain upon that Cap. I stop the power gopcome Fiht, for what you love, who com to Poe PA COPE. Ten CRITA PA et to Po e CAP would take Grav a o Bala Amsick IAV mad a TNO come figt for what you love, Neos roudcasting from the podcast New York Studios. It's the adult only rentro game show where the eighties and nineties do battle, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dueling decades. Let's take a look at this week's duelers and the decades they will be fighting for in the weak experience. I am Mark James, and for this week long Retrobingh, I will be duling with the dates of March twelfth to the eighteenth. In the year of our Lord Nineteen hundred and ninety five and my opponent, I'm Mike granger and I'll be covering March fifteenth through twenty one on nineteen. Eighty one don't sound so excited O. I can't wait to tell you what I have riting in my can't wait till here, and I can't wait to tell you what I slaved over six hours of work to bring you today and as always here on the show. We need somebody to ajudicate all of this awesomeness. So our judge tonight is the only man to ever ski the K, twelve on three legs: It's Mancrush! What's? U, hopefully, guys are listening to his everyone's healthy and at least this can take your mind off t for at least an hour. Maybe forty five minutes whenever this comes out to be but yeah I enjoy it. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules. The judges coinflip shout deside, who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories, movies, television, music, news and hot products. A judgis ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: Apiece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all, five rounds. Polish, your pistols prepare for battle past the pump it's time for more oenews, all right. Let's go right down to mancrush for the official toss off all right S. normally I use my cns tapper, but I'm a little afraid that my number will be kind of low. Today, 'cause I haven't moved out of my chair from working from home, has fucked my world up and, like I think I took like three hundred steps today. I feeling a piece of Shit, so I have a a Zin coolmins tobacco freecan. Here, six Milogram we got Zin on the Front D. here's nice little plug for these guys. If yew guys hear US maybe pays, is in on the front thiswill be heads and obviously this back white side will be tals Mike. You call it 'm Gonto go with heads, it is heads! You are correct, Nice, all right, mice, Ringer! You take control of the board. What category would you like to go with? First, I think I'm going to go with news mark already, wow two episodes in a row new's always the best. You know, gentlemen, these are strange times. There's a lot of uncertainty out there and people are scared, they're in need of a feel good story, and unfortunately, this week in March, just couldn't fuck and give hem one. So I've got kindo one F, a funny story and one serious one Al Right. This is an article from the Daily News on March sixt, teenth, Anine Huteen and eighty one titled Too guilty in Pot Rap, a long island dentist and his wife face up to fifteen years in prison following their conviction of trying to smuggle eighty pounds of marijuana through Kennedy, airport and Queen's District Attorney. John Satuci announced Orthur kravits forty five ind orthodonist with a home and office at four sixty four old country, road Mellville. I love how they give his address yeah right there. What fortunate guy he's got a home and in office yeah and listen to this, his wife Joyce, who is forty? She has a separate home at one thirty, six Berkeley place in Brooklyn and there's they are scheduled to appear in the Jamaican Supreme Court. On April, sixteenth fir the sentencing by justice, Anthony Savarze Satucci, said I love this Sguy's name. So basically, these guys decided that they were going to smuggle about eighty pounds of pot in their luggage from Jamaica and they were they were caught by some dogs, wow, so you're Noven, talking to Jamaica, Queens, you're, talking actual Jamaica Yeh, Oh fuck, so they're going to court in Jamaica in Jamaica, yes, Nogomaga, queains, now, you're, probably wondering why did I read this story? 'CAUSE? It's not interesting! It's not very pop Culdur! Well, it's because I was looking for some hip Hop News, N, hosand, nine utdred and eighty one, because I figured that would be pretty groundbreaking, and this is what I found well. It is when you said too guilty and pot wrap. I thought it was going to be about a rap, so I think you should come up with a pot rap to give us right now. Oh Man, I don't know if I can do a pot rap, you got ta rap about pot. I don't you know, I don't I've never been much into sculpting 've never made an astray in art class. So I don't know if I oh, I thought that was the rap. I was like like with Hiss Gelo Yeah Hen. He just ruined it. Yeh Sor, that was my poor poor, tempt of Humor Mike Ranger, the man that onts be wax in a rap competition was a fair, showed up with like rehearsal time all right Mike what ave you got for your second news story. So for my second news story, this is my feel good story. If you were to read the front page of the Daily News on March Twentieth, nineteen, Eighty one, then you saw the headline on the front cover that read: One dies: Five hurt on spaceship. The accident was blamed on a premature, all clear signal, while testing on the Columbia space shuttle at the Kennedy, Sface Sandel good story. Well, you don't feel good about it. No, I do. I wasn't fucking there, so five technicians were afphyxiated while setting up a ground test following a successful countdown. The texts were clear to enter the compartment and they walked into a nitrogen filled room. The men became unconscious. One died on the way to the hospital and another. Two weeks later, the space shote Columbia served for twenty two years and twenty seven missions before disintegrating during reentry on February, first two thousand and three yeah, so where's Te feel good park and still waiting again. Why was not there fuckwell thanks Mike thanks for that news, Yeah N Nineuteed ad eighty one bringing it with the weak experience and bark. What do you have n Ou, an nine hundred and ninety five, all right so Mike I'm going to see your space news story and razor one. I'm going to start this one off with a little bit of Trivia s. We Love Trivia here at duling decades and Il ask you guys and all of our listeners. What do you guys think the Max number of human beings ever in space at one time has ever been twenty two Nope Mik Ranger? Seven. It is not seven on March fourteenth nineteen. Ninety five. We actually reached the Max number of people ever in space for the very first time it has been done two other times since with the same number, but for the first time we had thirteen people in space. So we'll go to an article here from newspapers, dotcom from the leader post in Regina Askatchean. It says a human space population of thirteen might seem extraordinary, but now endeavor, commander Steven Oswald, predicts that a virtual colony will be pretty mundane. Within ten years. The number of people in orbit jumped to thirteen in three spaceships, when Norman thaggard and two cosmonots were launched aboard the Russian rocket toward the mere space station. This week, Mer already had a crew of three members and the shuttle head seven. So NASA immediately couldn't say if it was a record when this was written, it was written one day after, but as time shows, then yeah thirteen people was an old time record and Stillis to the state, and that was the first time it ever happened March, fourteenth nineteen. Ninety five, all right, that's my first news story. My second news story is your little bit of a fiel good news story: Man Crush here, you go, bring us good shit, it is. It is good shit and it's technology base, and I know how you love technology, no right now, this week I hate it so we're going March, eighteenth, nineteen, ninety five, a guy sent Affax yeah and it wasn't even like the first facts ever sent. It was just a guy and he sent the facts and it wasn't even an exciting fact. It only had two words on it and it just said: I'm back. Of course, I'm talking about when Michael Jordan facked the Chicago Bulls, im back signaling to them that he was returning from his Haetis from basketball and returning to the Chicago Bulls, and he would actually sut up the very next night to play against the Indiana Pacers and it was kind of an interesting time for sports, because in March of ninety five you know Major League Baseball was on strike. At the time, the NHL was in a lockout were in the middle of the O J Simpson trial and we're all trying to deal with the whole Nancy careagain thing 'cause. It just come out that Tonya harding had hired Jeffcololy so yeah. It was a really weird time for sports and we needed a hero and, on March Eighteenth, a nineteen. Ninety five we got our hero back this time he was wearing number. Forty five though so that's my second news story. Michael Jordan returns to the NBA who's, Michael Jordan, I don't know never heard of Hem. Is there a new story from March seventeenth, where the the M B, a commissioner kind of just looked the other way from all the the gambling problems and Laa well, this is this is when he left to go, play baseball well right. Well, on his own 'cause, he rnted to play baseball all the Suden Um. I wish that would come out one day like the actual story behind why he left to go play baseball with the gambling and everything, and I think it's something we've talked about on the show quite a few times. It never has come out because it would bring up the pet rose debate again, YEP, which it should it man e, should it absolutely should you're a hundred percent right on that, but I mean this is kind of a slam dug for ninety five. I'm ogonna sugar coat. This one mit came with two dopes that try to smuggle eighty pounds pot from Jamaica, not Jamaica, queens and how to go to trial in Jamaica. So I don't even know how that is, sounds Shitty, and then he had some space shit and a death that was supposed totu up two debts e on a wheel, er thing that still counts and then Marky he came with thirteen people in space and Jordan. Coming back, I mean just Jordan. Coming back is just monumental. I think you know we talk about it and that's why we don't really cover sports as a topic that much anymore, because what we noticed was a lot of sports things. They just don't have legs they just you know it was big in the moment and then nobody cares come the next year. It's like who wants your bowl last year. It doesn't matter you, but that one, the one that you brought up, that's a big deal, because the bulls were not as good when he left nd. Of course he came back and they went back on top yeah, I mean at the time the Bulls were actually considering completely dismantling that roster getting rid of Scotty Pippin Bjarmstrong that all changed on the eighteenth. When Michael Study was coming back, they decided to keep the team together and that nuclear together for the rest of the season and well, we all know what happened after that man. I remember his first trip back to the garden, I want to say he dropped like fifty fucking points, Imix God I wish he would have stayed retired Yeh. So I give that one to ninety five Marko Take Control of the board where we going all right. Let's go off to the movies round, early yeah we're going to start off at some movies, so man weak experience, you gotta play the cards you're Delt, so we're going to go with a movie that came out in the week. I had here on March, seventeenth, nineteen. Ninety five. Now this one's a barn burner, it's circle of friends, I'm sure you guys are all familiar with this 'cause. You probably all had to go, see it on a few dates. I'm sure I saw a circle jerk of never mind. No, no, that's a totally different movie. That's the one! We watched last wee no um anyway, so circlar friends, it stars Chriso donall in the enchanting mini driver in her very first movie. This is many drivers debut to the world. In the movie circle of friends, it's Setin nineteen fifties: Ireland. The movie focuses on Denny Hogen in her best friend Eve Malone as they enter their student life at University College. In Dublin, a mini driver actually gained a little bit of weight to play. The role and the thing that I find most interesting about this, and probably the only interesting thing about this entire movie- is because of the height discrepancy between Chris o'donell and Minti driver on the romantic scenes where they're walking in the woods mini driver actually had to walk in a ditch. So crysol donall w be a little taller. HOW TALL IS HE CRYSOLDONALD? I have no clue hang on. Let me look I'm in a guess I' in say five. Seven, five, ten Hesfie Yeah Shit Well Ma driver. What is she six fot? Three seven foot shshedoes' can talk. It says it while somebody's lying here 'cause. I says that Sheis also, five, ten. No, I think crissodonn was lying on thet, I'm yeah, I'm going to go cons, I' Veoi, Tho yeah, definitely even with the ditch so ye. That's my first movie offering circle of friends. That's piece of Shit. What else tgat pretty much all right? Well, my second piece of ship came out ovoutly on the same day march, seventeenth, nineteen, ninety five and we'll go to an article in newspapers, dotcom to review this one 'cause. I found a review for it. So the movie I'm going to be talking about came out March, seventeenth, a n nineteen. Ninety five and that's candy man, farewell to the flesh article written in here by Desman Ryan, says an candy man Ferwell to the flesh. There is a souse shirtless Marty Grass celebrator lying on the ground with a plice scrawled acrossis bare back. It reads: I'M DRUNK! I'm stupid, let me sleep, it's a message that aptly describes the only condition on which this film can be safely watched. If that doesn't sum up, Candy Man Farewell Ho the flesh. I don't know what it does. It was kind of a missstep for the movie. The original concept for the film was that they were going to continue on with the urban legend Kinda story lines and actually not have candyman himself in the sequel, and it was going to be about other stories. The Studio said Hell: No teenagers just want to go to the theaters ton, see candyman hack up some people, so they put candymen back in and the storylines Kindo got diluted, and there was a little bit of controversy when the film was released, because when the poster came out originally they thought it would be a little controversial because it showed a black man hovering over and stolking a a white female, and at the time we were in the middle of the O J Simpson trial. So they pulled the art work from the original poster and Redid. It still didn't make the movie any better. So that's what I got: Katy man farewell to the flesh and circle of friends outstanding, one Thousan, nine hunred and inety five March a week in March of nine teen enty, five Mike that's off to you o GOFOR movies, so hopefully they're better than those to. I think so. I think so. Th You'R don't like this hgoing. To be great, I CA't! I can never tell if you're fullish shit or, if you're serious, oh well, Weo Gan, we'll find out Le Leve me IINERE, I'm going to try to do this. The Best I can so you you're impressed on March twentieth, nineteen and eighty one. The silver screen saw Jack Nicholson and Jessca Lang come together in the Hostman, always rings twices twice yeah. This orotic thriller has a superb plot summary on IMDB, so I figure I'd, read it to you, the talented crafter of words rights, the sensuous wife of a lunchwagon properteer and a rootless drifter begin a sordedly steamy affair and conspired to murder. Her Greek husband I like that, is that why you picked it? Yes, I like it. It's based ONF, O nd, nineteen, thirty, four novel by James M Caine and a remake of he nineuteen forty six film, it grossed forty four million against a twelve million dollar budget and Yeah Jack Nicholson, just just being as sexy as he can be yeah. I said that and if that made you uncomfortable, then that's what you're going Ta feel when you're watching this movie 'cause. That's how I feel when I watched the fucking trailer, I felt uncomfortable D. anybody notice that Lenara Cabrio is turning into Jack Nicholson, sloabut he's not as fucking maniacle. Quite yet, no, no, no he's not getting that. Just the looks his head's like Kindof, getting bloated and he's starting to look more and more like Jack Nicholson, yeah and he's starting to get that large, forehead, receiding hairline wrinkle y. what's imagine he does like a remake of like one flu over the Kgu's Ness, I'd be down for that or the Postman always drinks twice Leo's, one of those guys that as he gets older, he gets better as an actor. So, oh I actually I like him a lot as an actor. I just think he's starting to look a lot like Jagg Nicholson. That might not be a bad thing. No, maybe not somebody's gotta fill that bill might as well be Le Anyhow. What's your what's? You second pick there all right now, on March twentieth, nineteen eighty one in cinemas across America played the final conflict. The last chapter of the Omentrilogy, where the now adult antichrist, Dami and thorn played by Sam Neel, is running his uncle's company and is the ambassador to Great Britain, just like his father in the first movie, the now adult Damien is now aware of his unholy lineage and his destiny. According to He IMDB the film grossed over twenty million domestically against a five million dollar budget a decade later. This proved not to be the final conflict with the fourth instalment of the series omen for the awakening pemiering as a made for TV movie now, viajs collectors can find this ultimate confrontation between good and evil, on Ebay, for about five bucks plus shipping. All Right, I'm not going to sortcoat this round either this. This might be like one of those games where every round one side is just lobsided and I'm feeling that already and it's going back and forth and this one gotta go to nineteen ny one and particularly for Postman, always rings twice, because Jesca Lan got finger Bangd by Jack Nicholson in this movie, spoilers yeah, there's spoiler, there's not enough fingerbanging in movies, that's as graphic as this one is. I remember this because, as a young child, we know the man crosshed three in the RCA discs that wasn't part of the Mancruss three, but I actually watched it quite a bit as a young child which is pretty fucked up, but I do remember the the Fingerbang scene, where he's digging his hand into her Lazy Fan. But you know, interestingly enough, I don't think there's a toples scene in that movie. I think it's just like Jeskalang's big boobs Kinda jutting out of her broad or tops, but I don't think you ever see them Hm. I think as a young child. I probably would have remember that, but I do remember the the pay scene with the little yeah I gotta give that one circle of friends many drivers debut, I mean I know, that's a weak experience and that totally shows it right there because normally on a normal episode, it's like. Oh, this is the movie. It's Adam, Sandler's, dbt or T v show Adams, sandlers, H, dbt or whoever is dbu. We got many drivers, debut yeah yeah in two thousand one that might have been pretty awesome but like in twenty twenty who's, many driver again, H, yeah so uh and Chrystodonnall, and his five foot, seven as sorry, Bro you're, not five, ten D- I just I don't believe it so I gotto give this one to nineteen one Mikeo control o the board. Where are we going from here? I think we should go to hot products- Oh God, in the middle. All Right Dthis is a I'm just going to say this right now. This is what I'm going to say before eeven throw your picks out. Yours are going to be absolute shit and marks they're going to be fucking off the wall, but I'm just we'll see, let's see how it goes all right. I know how to follow that. I've gone an article from March twenty first in Daily News. The article covers the popularity of the muppet show and the newly open muppetstore on Lexton Avenue in New York. Just a few months earlier, the article goes on to list the store's most popular items, leading with a Fisher price, Kermet doll for nine. Ninety Nine Miss Piggy and Phonzie bean bags for six. Ninety five, a thermist lunchbox for six, ninety five and a comforter for a hundred and thirty dollars, and just for fun. The article also attached a list of the top syndicated T v shows in New York at the time and the muppet show was tied for number one with all in the family, wow very interesting kind of a shocker yeah kinddepressed we', never going to crossover with all in the family and the muppet show. I think that would have been kind of interesting th, the Po, the possibilities, I don't think archie would have like Miss Piggy at all sa fat disgusting pig, probably Coll, her Ding Bet all right. So what's your second pick there well. My second pick is h for the record. That's the first time my store opening has ever been a hot product, so excellent on that. Well, it's more so about the toys. I guess, but it's original yeah, it's what I could find we doing this, for we do this for you guys, because we took sports out because everyone was like stop doing sports D, wint e Abou, how products so we're doing hot products, but in the week experience like Mike said you get wha yet oh yeah, for anybody that thinks that you can just go out there and Google. What came out in nineteen and eighty one good fucking luck would di, especially when it's one week, yeah ninetee one good luck, 'cause, there's no good dates on any of the shit. You have to fuck and read newspapers and even then you're fucking Kindo, taking a guess 'cause. I saw some shit where it was like fucking. Oh nine to five came nine to five is available brand new, but how long has it been new? For I don't Fuckin, no YEAHT S it's hard! Last month we uh what? What year did we have again when we had that uh that match up fucking o eighty six and h there was the big VHS Bang and everything came out like jetey came out f course. We missed that and H Rambo came out in like January, missed it on and MISSD UP and h. Then in May you had back to the future coming out so dur. I feel your pain that that's one of the great parts about the game is when you're doing the research for this stuff. It's almost a kick in the ball. It's not almost. It is a kick in the balls when you miss stuff by a day yeah we try to stick to that. I know like I'm sure it's happened before where maybe the date might have been off with other people. I know damn well when I do it. If I miss it by a day, I'm just kicking myself like mother fucker. Why couldn't we get just like one day more to get? This pick always happens too, and you would have loved it 'cause. If I, if I had one more day, it would have been the Premir of RCA's uh, selectivvision ohm man, s yeah, that wouldhave been at all exactly what we're talking about. You know what the kick ing the nuts is too, like you remember, Thi stuff, so like you'd, be like Oh okay, so that came out a day after this pick next time. I have this date, I'm going to go back and find that you never get that date. Again, we've been doing these shows for almost two years now I don't think, there's ever been a case where I've been like. Oh yeah, that's right! I had this sprint down of my note somewhere. Never never don't get it always miss it anyhow. What is your second pack? I mean we might as well skip it. It's that bad, but L we'll just we'll just do it allright. So I found an article from March nineteenth nineteen and eighty one and the courier post titled Sneak Peak at Christmas. The article talks about some of the most popular toys from Mister Petainohead to the star wars line from Kenner, but in between action figures and video games was an electronic table top game from Atari called cozmos the tabletop game that uses inexpensive holographs in its three dimensional navy battles and gunfights. The base machine was going to retail for ninety nine. Ninety five and the game cartridges sell for nine. Ninety nine. The systems debut at the toy far earlier that year managed to get eight thousand preorders while marketed as a table top device. It was also a handheld long before the atary links. This would have been a more impressive technology than the CALICO miny arcades, but in the end a Tory never released the product, though drawing up mockups and all kinds of Aveti advertising. For this thing to finally come out, a few prototypes did do still exist and they're in the hands of collectors, but yeah a debut that never happened. That's what I got all right, yeah, I'm looking at the picture of this 'cause. I never heard of it and it looks like this picture. KINDOF looks like yars revenge or something maybe they're playing it's. You know I I just found out about this fucking thing. It's a weird! Looking system, it kindo looks like a fucking. You know those calculators with the tape from back in the day. Yes yeah. It looks like that without the tae yeah, it's weird and it's a little it's Egh, nineteen n one. So I ' it's kind of advanced for everything else that you're seeing I did catch a couple of videos on you tube that actually went through the whole process of this thing almost coming out. So it's it's interesting. It's it's a lost thing from Atari, but uh yeah didn't actually make it on Tho shelves, but what I ordered and they had to give all that money back. You know Kindo, like the the Curentatari fucking vcs Tha. Nobody can fucking get. Oh really, that's the same shit, that's oing Ong! Now, no, they so the Atari, the people that e runatory now are putting out a new system, and he went on to I forget if it was Um kickstarter or the the INDIGOGO, but they managed to reach and surpass their goals. But this is like three years ago they haven't fuckind mailed any of these things out. Yet tary kick and ass, so atoriis not what it was, and it's also not Atari anymore. It's owned by, like some some licensing commany. What was the last time Atarii was it. The Jaguar was t it like the Atari Jaguars, the last system they came out with, but I did hear that they are going to have some Atari brandid hotels that will have some vintage wood rain. Look to the rooms, yeah wow saxy, to go there for your honeymoon yeah. I wonder if we'll have like a actual legatory twenty six hundreds Neral, I won to surf the web. They give you a fucking, an epic computer h. What was t? What was the model after it was at the forty. Eight hundred you've got the twenty six hundred, the fifty two hundred, which is the one that everybody Wan okay, but that was the one that could play both right M. I don't know if that one plays both. I don't have the fifty two hundred, but the seventy eight hundred can play both and what's cool about the seventy eight hundred is a little closer to like n es style, but that seventy eight hundred was supposed to come out right around the time of the crash, no shit that that's someone I was I was thinking of- I don't know. I got forty eight hundred, I buckin mix they're, so bad at managing their company, like it's just fucking, to fucking mess over there like how do they come up with the numbers? How do you go from twenty six hundred to fifty two hundred and seventy and their computers, ar like four hundred eight hundred somebody in the fucking boardroom is like, let's call it? Seventy eight hundred? No, yes, let's do it. It's great all right! So thoe are a couple. F. Amazing Picks Mark Blow Me Away with your hot product: Rou ND, nine tnen, nd Inety, five right, we're going to go back to newspapers, dotcom, we're going to go to the coureer in Waterloo Iowa in the newspaper dated March, Fifteenth Nineteen, Ninety five in a section that they have called Fyi it's a weekly compendium of information about new products contests and other interesting stuff. So they entering this one says Zbut, he do die washing the car. This spring will be easier than ever with the first AERISOL foaming carwash ziplacks foaming carwash, it's the no bucket system, just spray sponge and rense clean it won't Shriek, windshields and effectively removes dirt grime and has a sheeting action which lessens towel drying time. The CAR WASHIS described as safe for all finishes and is available in four ounce in twenty one ounce arosols, so zip wax foaming carwash, it's the very first foaming carwash. If you look it up, it's still available today, it's owned by Turtle Wax, so it must be good. Yeah March Fifteenth Nineteen. Ninety five, it was announced so here's my other ht product, we're going to go to the Associated Press in an article written March, seventeenth, nine, teen, nd. Ninety five Americans can finally prevent that itchy and sometimes scratchy dangerous right of childhood. The government has approved the nation's first chickenpox vaccine on Friday march, seventeenth, nineteen. Ninety five, we got the P FDA, finally approves the chickenpox vaccine in the United States. How topical is this? We were just talking about it, the other day in our facebook group. If this corona virus thing was around, when we were kids, all of our parents were said, go out play with all the other kids catch it, so we can get it over with so we all die. I remember growing up. They used to have chickenpox parties yeah. I remember this finally ended that horrible practice so yeah we finally get the chickenpox vacine in America, four million Americans, mostly children, get the chicken pox vaccine every year. The article goes on to describe it can be deadly killing up to ninety people a year in hospitalizing, nine thousand three hundred people every single year. I my second news story: Chicken, pox vaccine and ZIP lack foaming. Carwash did H. Both you guys get chickenpox. I did not. I never got it a AH. You did not experience the fucking Itchy noisgusting. It almost looks like uh, I'm trying to think I got it young. I was like five yeah same here. I got it. I remember in I got it in kindergarten and everyone got it. It seemed fucking time, like my entire class yeah, and you come out looking like that kid from the garbage Pale movie with the pimples all over his face. Yeah H, Hur, I'm not nerd, Ni heard. Yes btyou. You have the Natner vaccine come out in n nineteen inety five, that's good shit, the AERSOL foaming carwash, that's some shit because, ah I know it says it's streakless. She said I think everything I've ever read if it says streakless they're lying that totally even we're I'n doing it wrong, doesn't leave streaks, my acid doesn't if huckin every time I use it, I leave streaks yeah come leave, streaks too. There's no disclaimor on that and then w MI came with the mobbet store. Opening and Lexawhich was like close in ninety three. It opened for like twelve years or so, and then e the cosmos tabletop from Atari that never came out, but had eight thousand preorders. So technically it does qualify as a hot product, as you have those preorders and I will say right up off the bat you guys coming with stuff like this in a weak experience. I know you did your your work. Looking for all this stuff, 'cause, it's not nobody's going out and looking for the muppat store, oputting Alexic Tin. Nobody in twenty years has probably talked about the COSMO's table Top, except for a collector and then more coming with the aerosalt foaming carwash, which is which I forgot about. You forgot about the Aerosolt Phoman car wash. Yes, I never even heard of it, but it's a good one. Well, wasn't there like an infomercial for that or m? Maybe I'm thinking of something else. I don't remember. I can't I can't say with any validity if it did or not, but the fact that mar came with the chicken pox vaccine. I mean it's like I said it's like back and forth these round. Where did you find that article I was in the Associated Press? Of course it was that's where you find that's where real news is printed. I was a journalism. Major Trust me. I know andwhat I like also is found. What was it called the FYI section or what was it called? FYI Yeah, it's a cedium of like all the new products and inventions or you know, hot topics see I love stuff like that. If you guys haven't done this yet they don't pay us for this at all, and we mention them all. The time go to newspapers, dotcom sign up for an account. I think it's on by Amazon. Now it's really cool like if you're into nostalgia, and you want to look at stuff from the eighties and h nighties whenever the fuck, you want to look, and it goes back to like the eighteen hundreds, especially if you're sitting at home, doing nothing for the next month. Besides, listening to his podcast, I would say: Go there and check these articles out and sections like that or like my bread and butter, I love that, like Fyi, the the Tgif section that you find in old newspapers that has what's like coming up for the weekend and the stepping out and all that stuff yea, those are fun to look at you now. You could skip all the boring news stories and just kindof go to those sections and flip through look at the movies coming out. That's the best man, it's the ads! It's the Oh yeah, occasionally you'll find like a new story. That's not real news! That's running to look at and read, but like the real news stories like you know, challengor blowing up or something like that, like you just skip over those and you look for like the more finer things that you find entertaining so you haven't done that. Yet it's not that expensive! It's I don't know like five or six bucks a month. I'm thrpulling that strictly out of my ass, maybe it's more! Maybe it's less, but it is a cool service, so go to the newspaper otcom and check them out, but H. we're going to the Zupoi rounds here and Mark has control of the board again he's got a two to one lead: Ohway! Wait! I I didn't win that Ou! Now you? U Imoss miserably on that one hok man, but you know what we're going back and forth. So I'm going to say that mark is going to lose this round and Mike's going to win this one. So, let's see what aps go me all right, so we're going to go to March fourteenth a nineteen. Ninety five we're going to the television round! Ladies and gentlemen, you sit down you're, going to watch, Ome TV OO Watch, an episode of Home Improvement, an episode season, four episode. Twenty, we give you the episode talk to me. Tim Accidentally throws dinner into the trash compactor and then drops jills ring down. The furnace tim speaks to two guys on how to talk to women on tool time and he calls Je an old hen. The two guys that Tim talks to on tool time about how to talk to women were two guest stars on this episode, Dave, Chapell and Jim Brewer, actually Cosar together. This is in ninety five. This is a good three years before half baked would come out. So that's my first installment home improvement episode. Titled Talk to Me Season for episode. Twenty! You get a couple of Nice costars in here with Dave, Chapel and Jimbrewer. Was this either one of their debuts in anything SHAPELDID A SICOM? Didn't he yeah? He had done comic justice. He had done some HBO stuff, so yeah he had been on TV before that he had done deaf comedy jam and Comic Justice. It wasn't his first, but it was up there yeah, I'm looking at it right now. It looks like this is like the fifth thing that Shpel was in yeah yeah. I forgot he was in Robin Hood Men Tights Right that True Yeah Atcho, so it wasn't the first thing it was in, but it was right when Dave Chapel was. You know, starting to get big at the time, so it's his first Sitcom, okay, yeah sure if you WANTTA, if the judge wants to sell my pick that way. For me, I'm looking at this right now he was in something in nineteen. Eighty one really yeah called the end of August. He was kid on the beach uncredited. I love kid on the beach, my favorite role of it, you imagine Dave shapel playing a kid on the beach andnot high allrigt. So my second television offering is we're going to take a look here at the some television network ratings we're going to go to an article March, Twenty Third Nineteen ninetyfive N B cs Seinfeld leads network to the top of the weekly Neilson readings. Seinfeld led four other shows from N BC's powerhouse Thursday line up into the top ten giving the network it's fifth consecutive week, atop the prime time readings for the week of March thirteenth of the nineteenth n BC, earned an eleven point, five rating and had a nineteen percent share of the audience in the episode of Seinfeld. That aired that day was called the Jimmy season. Sixth episode: Eighteen Elan Dates, a man whose habit of speaking and the third person cause a whi causes. A wide array of confusion and George is blamed for the theft of Yankees sports equipment. Now the two really interesting things about this episode is: It is the debut of Richard Hurd as a George's boss, Mr Wilhelm, but the most exciting thing for me about this is when I look back at Seinfeld and particularly the character of George one of my favorite things about George George always had that annoying habit of talking in the third person you'd Ofe, to hear him saying George is getting upset that all started on this episode. This was the very first time George is getting upset. First Time George ever refers to himself in the third person was on this episode, entitled the Jimmy Go check it out. It's a great episode. If you go to IMDB, it's actually ritet a nine point. Oh it is a fan, favorite episode and it was on March, sixteenth, nineteen. Ninety five, you could catch that original arring. So that's what I got for the television round: good ship from nine ty, five Iam so interested to see what nineteen eighty one has to offer, because I already predicted that Mike was going to win this round in a landslide. Let's see what my cast when he got like all right. Well, on March Eighteenth Nineteen, eighty one at four thirty PM, the ABC after squeen special was my mother was never a kid. The Hor wrought t you by kellogs and McDonalds in nineteen and eighty one, a teenage girl named Victoria Martin has convinced her mother doesn't understand the younger generation after she bangs her head on a subway Victoria travels back in time, N N nineteen forty four and meets her mother as a teenager there. She finds that no Martin ever amounted to anything in the history of Hill Valley and, if the similar, and if the similarities aren't enticing enough for you, Victoria actually says this is getting really heavy. Oh Shit. What that I found this to be interesting now I know that back to the future was was written. You know in like the late seventies, early eightes, and I don't think they actually ripped this off, but I just thought it was funny 'cause, actually fucking sat through this. You O and watched it. So I can come on and talk to you guys about it and it it is it's horrible. It sucks. Is this H Leatopson's debt? No, IT'S NOBODY'S DEBUT! There's! No! There's nothing! There honestly like if you watch any of these after school specials, now you're not taking anything away from it, except for a comedic value of how terrible it is. Oh yeah, but this wasn't even fun. This wasn't like scabeo stoned, which is bucking awesome. You know this is just I'm still ever since I had the episode where I had the the AFTR school stesial about dyslexio with the rivers brothers, and I had to watch that. I don't know if anything, Coul top that yeah, I actually have a box set of some of the after school specials El. You should show that to your son when he gets old enough. Yes, iknow lot of good stuff, it holds up yeah I'll, do the one where you know like the the kid's gay and he doesn't tell anybody and kills himself yeah, it's a good one yeah. I know how they just threw that out. There fucking every one of those fucking episodes like somebody's holding something inside and they kill themselves. Thos are the only it's amazing 'cause, all the other ones they overcome. Whatever their issue is yeah and n those they just they just killd these ones. They have to kill themselves so like they leave a mark and like Theyr, the whole school is just upset and they feel bad about it well, but they have like there's like a secondary story in there like H, Jimmy had onprotected sex or something like they always gotta. Add something in there yeah I'm a teenage mother. Some shit like that and my brother just killed himself yeah, I'm a Varsity athlete, but I want to be a dancer. Ou know I just watch. Girls just want to have fun N. I want that to be Ma. I just want to dance all right anyhow. What's your second pick, then all right? Well, so my second one, if you were watching TV the evening of March Eighteenth Nineteen, an eighty one, then you probably found yourself watching ABC at APM to see the premier of the greatest American hero ass. The show follows high school remedial. Teacher Ralph Hinkley, who gets a superhuman suit from some aliens, gives him some superman like abilities. As long as he helps save the planet from destruction, overcoming crime and injustice. The show ran for three seasons and shot a pilot N ne hoandnine hundred and eighty six for a spinoff called the greatest American heroine that never ended up happening. The theme song believe it or not, paqued at number two on the hot one hundred a three issue: Comic was issued in two thousand and eight and a reboot has been in the works but has yet to be picked up. No little interesting factor towards the end of the first season, the lead character, Ralph Hinkley had his last name changed to Hanley. After the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan by John Hinkley on March thirtieth nineteen, eighty one now the in the second season, they did rivert back to the original name, but I remember that allright good Shi. I also sat through this pilot, which was about two hours. I kind of remember the show like, but more so like the the image of him in the suit, not actual episodes, and I so I watched the Pi. I thought it was pretty good. It is it's it's a good show for nineteen eighty, one yeah it doesn't hold up now. You know you watch it in twenty twenty and you have to kind of watch it wearing those h rose color nineteen, eighty one glasses, whereyo like this, is good for nineteen eght, one 'cause. If you try to watch it and you're thinking like you know, the Shit that we watch now, it just doesn't doesn't hold the candle, but just looking at these picks here so Marad the episode of Home Improvement- and I love it when you know we pull up stuff where we have some guest stars that are kind of before their prime, and this is right before chapell and Jabreer and then NBC just killing it. I mean I N Nineteen and ninety five: Do what happened: NBC, nothing, icome, Oni, a n BC, killed it in the nineties and then like they're, just not the same. They they can't keep a good show on like you might like a show, and they just cancel it now. They don't give it enough time to develop kindo like RMEMBER heroes, and there was a couple of other shows. They did the same thing with a couple of shows there a lot canshows that NB C's done that with over the past, like twenty five years or actually past twenty years 'cause when did H, Seinfeld N, ninety seven. Ninety eight, ninety eight ninetyight like right after that and right aft friend, started to die out. I know that's kind of blasphemy to say, but I know the ratings were still there, but tho show itself. As a big friends fan, I felt like it. KINDO STARTED TO PETER OUT: Yeah had already jumped a shark by then yeah. Those last three seasons were, you know, what's crazy about n BC. Is that a and M I know Moran Cheers was like the Leden Rocheinfield, so you're coming you're going from cheers, which is a fucking huge show to Seinfeld to also having friends on at the same time and you've got e r. At ten o'clock I mean they were fucking a that Thursday might doin great Ba theyere, killing Shit, Ye r, a freezer, thead Frese, raiser, aswelf, Yep and YR. That's a good cokings drop yeah. We don't talk about Cosby Roun here, Ey! Listen! I'm still a cosmic fan that guy's funny and I love Jello, interesting and pudding all right. So then we look at nineteen. One Yo had my mother, the whor. Actually I I'm taking notes as I do this, and I mention I said my mother, the Hoar just kidding around and I fuck and rode it as my mother, the Hore of my note wrong after school specialwwasn't. Even again, my mother, it was my mother- was never a kid l s thing, but Havleyathobson had a couple of the a couple of things from thet were interesting, interesting Tians, at least with back to the future. But then you had graos American hero and we ha. I was a huge fan of the show growing up. I owned it on VHS. I think there were copies a matter of fact. I used to Rewatch and UH. Maybe two years ago we had William Cat. Of course, whe played the lead role in this. He was on the show and a week prior to the show even coming on, I was out the dinner with my wife and I look over my phone starts ringing. I look at it and William Cat is calling me on my cellphone and I was like fuck what I pick it up and he's like hey. This is bill. I'm like hey, hey bill, how's, it Goin, I'm like I'm at a pizzarea and I'm talking to William Cat, I'm like hey, theyll, nick, what's going on he's like Um? Aren't we supposed to be recording that's next week, Ro and he's like? Oh Fuck me all right. Well, I'll talk to you next week take car rthen when we had hem on and Markel. Remember this. This is when back when J biglove was on the show Y. AH, and I was mark myself and J and we had William Cat on and she's a little younger than us, so he didn't really appreciate the Graie American hero like we did and we're we're just talking about his career and different things or whatever and Ja says something around like just loosely that sounds like yeah. Your career is dead. You know, like I, don't remember the exact wording, but that's KINDOF. What it came out like and H. Weve Cat was like yeah, I'm a fucking loser like I don' Hea what I said either, but he took it really bad. What J said and he was like William cat like he was so cool. He was drinking wine while he was on. He was on webcamp with us and then as soon as J said that- and this is like I don't know- maybe like forty fifty minutes into US talking to hem. It just changed the dynamic of Thia Turne Ino more like apologetic, but he was super cool. I've tried to get him back on here to judge an episode, but some stuff uh he's been like doing movies or whatever, but I will reach out to him again. 'cause yeah just tell him jy's not on the show anymore. That's my selling point, remember the guy. That said your career was over. When you'll get rid of him, you didn't get t. The part is Luke Skywalker and it went to mark Hamel and you ended up in h. What did you end up? Instead, the bride to Pamafilm Om carry ca a O in carry instead, so t he's Tarti good career man, good Tou, hurry or great actor. Great show that I loved and the fact that this is a debt, and it's a show that I loved, I called it in the beginning, Mike you're taking this round now you have the lead. It's three points to two we're going into the final round, which is music and you have boared hold on to your drumsticks tilt, your pinball machines and cuddle up next to your squeeze box, because on March six teenth and nine hundred and eighty one British rockband the WHO released face dances, the whose ninth studio album this is the first album to feature Drummer Kenny Jones following the death of Keith Moon in nineteen and seventy eight, the album peiqued a number four on the: U S, billboard, charts and features the singles you better bet and don't let go the coat you better bet was also one of the first music videos on MTV when it launched in August of n ninetee and eighty one all right so yeah. That's my first bick an album that h from the WHO that I didn't even know existed. It had a few singleyeah. It's cool that the one of the the first single actually did have a music video that was one of the early videos on MTV. When you have nine studio albums, there's going to be albums that if you're not er, Nake may moon on it yeah you you're, just gon to Kinda have ones that are bac there. It is Kinda like when pearls ant put up by the world and like as a big Fan. I was like like it, but I had to sell myself into it and I probably haven't listened to it in twenty years, but somebody out there is probably their favorite outum. Just like this face. Dance is probably somebody's favorite album somebody now, which second pick all right. Well, on March, Fifteenth Nineteen and eighty one, an episode of solid gold air, solid gold was a music television series that aired on Saturday evenings and shared similarities with American Bandstand and Stol Train. The first season was hosted by Donny Warwick and as well as having performers, they did a weekly top ten list. The PRT this particular episode had a performance from Gemaine Jackson Yeah. The number one song on solid gold is always was taken directly from the weekly Pop Music Chart from the music newspaper, Radio and records, and this week the number one song was John Lennon's woman. For the third consecutive week, woman was a single off the double fantasy, album com. They came out in nineteen nd, eighty Um, so what I've got is an episode of a music show that did a top ten count down in that particular week. In March, John Lennon's woman was the number one so for three weeks and makes sense 'cause. He just died a couple of months prior to that Yeah Inderson, that's a big album, so ye all right! Mark Wow me man! This is your turn Bro! It's go back and back back back back like this. Is You it's going to be a tough one, jees allright guys so for my music selection, you know again I'm going back to the newspapers 'cause. They always cover local musicians in local bans. So I found some news about a local band. I thought I'd bring up in the Atlanta Constitution dated March Sixteenth Nineteen. Ninety five: After a jet setting two months, Ou Ninetneen D, Ninety five members of this stockbridge rock group came home to home new material in a tiny Henry County practice room where the band used to jam before making the big time. Nobody knows where we practice said the basis. Those private sessins prepared the band. For a month, long domestic tour supporting mega rockers van Halen, the TOR kicked off Saturday and Pensacola. Florida much happened to the stockbridge high school graduates. The guitarist will turpin lead, vocalist, ED, Roland, younger brother and Rhythm Guitarist Dean, Roland and Leee Guitaris Ross childress in drummer, Shane Evans. It was a Blur Evans said by telephone from New York, while the band was smoozing with the media during a promotion from its upcoming album in its second album, that is self titled. The band I'm talking about is collective soul, releasing their second album, which was actually self entitled. It became the band's biggest selling date to album going triple platinum. It's spent an astonishing seventy six weeks on the billboard, two hundred charts it gave us the singles December the world. I know in my personal favorite, the first single off that Gell the article goes on to talk about jellsaying. It currently is rolling up the charts and largely because is a single from the new Jerky boys movie, notnumber one. So that's my first album collective soul, collective soul, man. This was a huge obum. I bought this one. I still have 't Ayeah, okay, so I'm in the minority. Here I hated that fucking song, though the world I know I hated the video I hated how a plate on Bowalkin Day I geted it too. The only song I loved on this album was Jell. Oh my God. I could still hear that fucking video is the Wonoi'd, rather listen to fucking, Fiona Apple, I'm going to hold you to that. I'm just kidding! That's not true, I'm sorry, every track that stayed all right. So, let's go to my second music selection. This album was released March, fourteenth a nineteen. Ninety five and again this was another album much like collective soul. That was huge debut at number one on the billboard two hundred charts and held the spot for four consecutive weeks. This album eventually went triple platinum and was nominated for best rap album of the year and Best Solo performance and most astonishingly, this album was released while the artist was in prison. Yes, I am talking about Tupok me against the world. Look it Mites Mace. This album is just it's just amazing. This was the first album a friend of mine had this back in ninety five. He bought it when it first came out. He ws lie. Gotto hear this. This was the album that turned me on the Tupok. There is a certain feel in flow o. This album that you don't find any other twopok album it's very personal. It's an anominally in the world of rapind hip, hop and I'm sure Mike can back me up on this one. So that's my my second album selection Topak me against the world, just a fantastic album. So that's what I got for the music round, some two POK and some collective soul, Oh may, against the world and the world. I know me against the world. I know I like that. I don't know how you guys did it, but you went every round back and forth and I don't think that's at least when I've been judging, that's never happened. I don't think it's happened quite often or maybe ever, but I'm going to go with mark on this round. Obviously, cowow. The best thing that Mi e came with was the WHO face dances. Just 'cause I like a face dance, but I mean solid gold. I I know, like I'm a little confused on that now. This might alter your judgment. I'm not sure the host of solid gold was that Donny Warwick or Don Warwick. She said Donny Warwick did I write Noshit, I'm not sure who Donni Warwick is. You might be a great host that man crush nose and I might lose this round. I don't know no extra points for thatl SA. Let Me F. Let me fugg and figure this over thesir. It's her cousin right, Donny T's, her cousin Donny Donny. He was not in the psychic friense network. Believe it or not. I guess it's Diani Warwirk Yeah Wi it Diani do Yo aydifferent guy. I don't know how to fuck and pronounce it it would be Don Warewick. Well, that's what I had it as Okbut. You Sat Donny, so I didn't know if there was a a donny warwick or every band's got, a dotty was a. It was Donny Osmond. Now I'm confused. Is it donny, Osbond or Donny Warwick or Dion Warwick or Donny Walberg? Whatever it was warwick, it was Donny Walberg, he only nine years old yeah, you guys are missing the point. Gourmain Jackson was ONAT. What Song was he singing? That's what I want to know. I didn't know. I didn't even bother listening to it the episode's available on you too, though I don't know one German and Jackson Song. I don't Nther. If you look up teme Jackson, let's see Jermy and Jackson hits ohshet he's cording a google he's he's got quite a few, but I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus is about the only song that I know that's. The only thing I could think of was the Christmas music they did. But, like I don't know, if you really want to consider those hits, he is a plastic lookin. Dude though he still looks the same now as he did n nineteen eighty one t KINDOF runs in the family, an he dips his face and wax before he leaves Ose that Copui but yeah. I gotta go nineteen. Ninety five. Obviously the Topak thing dear Mama comes to mine. With this, the video for it and everything and, like I said, collective soul I went out. I bought that CD I bought the other CD as well. The one was shying on it. Casomeon a shine Hou got to have that one. What happened to those guys after they did the title track: Inversity Blus they just Kinda paded out yeah. Maybe they went back to the suburbs of Atlanta and they're working on a new album. I don't know, actually I I believe they're still around yeah. I mean they still got a website up, but if you go to their website they actually their logo is the same exact thing that was on the cover of that ALB yeah. Yeah they've never changed it. They put it on this. Album te self entitled album. Most people refer to it as the blue, album 'cause. They had a couple of self entitled albums, so one of those they're still toring. Actually all these tourdates are for next month, so I'm sure that's canceled, yeah, so they're, not touring, so they're, not they're, not actively touring liketheanybody else, yeah, exactly just going through this myself missed the billy jowl concert, which was supposed to be last night. Actually no that was supposed to be tonight was suposed to be the billy jol concert and that got rescheduled, and then I missed out on Romand duddy. They just completely cancelled that whole show think they cancelled the rest of their tour and that's that which kind of sucks I'm not going to get to see it. It sounds like you need to see a performance and if you're going to watch performance, you should be watching your main Jackson's performance on Soli Goin. That's right! We should, on the night of March fifteenth an nine utdred and eighty one mark actually had a great idea, the other night. I know you know right now. None of us can go out. We can't do shit, especially if you live in New York like like I do and like does you know we're pretty much housebound. So are your not going to any shows an Marca Saine the other day he was like. You know. Why don't we do something like on our facebook group, where you know I guess mark. Does this all the time watching Ald greetful dead shows and you know, live- shows, let's, let's see, what's on the facebook universe and hosts like a live concert of something, so people can watch it Thir's a great idea. I think you should do it mark find something you like give somebody something to watch. Yeah, I'm sure, there's some like old guns and roses shows some Pearl Jam shows collective soul, celective soul, gotta be e, collective soul. Andjerma Jackson has to be on that as well On. We could watch German Jackson on solid goal. All is a group. Nobody will watch it, but you can do that I'll, be there. I see what you did I'll be there. I wanto W thssae gold dancers check that stuff out, and you know we're talking about it now. This episode will come out on Wednesday we're going to try to do a live tribue on CAS box this Friday, so the APSOE comes out on Wednesday join us on Friday night. If you're trapped inside you got nothing else to do you watched every show, you can think of you know you're getting tired of watching TV come on we'll we'll have some new trivia on there we'll do it on castbox we'll do it at eight PM Eastern time so come on. There do some trivial with US hang out with us for a little bit. E'll get our mind off all the shit. That's going on right now and it'll be fun. Well in the meantime, deelers, if you've missed an episode, you can always had over to deeling decades dotcom, where you can subscribe to the show on Casbox. You can subscribe on spotify Itunes, wherever you listen to your pod Gass, and then you can head over that facebook dotcom forward, slash dueling decades enjoying our private group, like we ere talking about. Maybe we'll have some of those concerts coming up. We can all chill together at a show, do a little bit of the couch tour, all right dolers, so we're going to end this episode right here. I want to think Mike Ranger for coming in tonight, and mancrush would being the judge and thanks for everybody for listening and spending some time with us stay safe, duellers we're going to bid you a piece, love lighting, a joy have a grape for week. Everyone infermaymedia