Dueling Decades
Oct. 30, 2019

When it comes down to history, which month was worse October 1987 or October 1999?

When it comes down to history, which month was worse October 1987 or October 1999?

On this episode of our show, Jay Sandlin from the What Happens Next Podcast steps back into the ring. Dueling with the worst of October 1999 against the very worst of October 1987 and Brent Hand from the Hysteria 51 Podcast! Marc James serves as your...

On this episode of our show, Jay Sandlin from the What Happens Next Podcast steps back into the ring. Dueling with the worst of October 1999 against the very worst of October 1987 and Brent Hand from the Hysteria 51 Podcast! Marc James serves as your judge for this so bad its good episode of everyone’s favorite retro game show, Dueling Decades!

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You Love Na roadgasting from the infirmary media studios. It's the adult. Only Retro Game Show where the Eighties and nineties do battle, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dueling decades. Let me introduce this week's dolers and the decades they will be fighting for in a worst month, battle, first off in the eighties corner, dualing with the worst of October nineteen. Eighty seven. What is up this is Brent hand of his Stereo, fifty one bogas and I'm excited and a little little lary, it's my first, it's my first worst ob. So we'll see how we do. I found this harder for some reason, but I'm ready I'm coming off a l, Losh, so I' better, be ready and his opponent duaeling with the absolute worst of October nineteen. Ninety nine is tif man on the master debater coming in hard sweating and ready to take on the worst of this month. Hey. This is j Sanlin and you can find me on twitter at J Sanglin undersqare whn read up on all of my podcast at jsanlan dotcom. What happens next to versus, where we've just introduced a brand new card game feature for Ur versus matchup battles with over sixty original car plays, which we may soon have available for you and speaking up available. Here's a cheap plug. My First Comic Book Series for Madcaped Studios over the ropes story of ninety's southern wrestling is coming to you guys in December, so whether you like wrestling comics or both be sure to check it out at your local comic shop or Madcave Studios dotcom. I can't wait to read that I can't wait for you to read it either you're, actually exactly the the market for this kind of book. It's not often somebody says I'm the target market, it's a terrible business plan. Yes, and as always here on our program, we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness so for this battle of the bad I mark James will serve as your judge jury in most excellent executioner. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules. The judges coinflip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories, movies, television, music, news and hot products and or sports a judge's ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: Apiece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all, five rounds duelers get ready to get groty to the Max as we play more juinas o all right guys. I have to flip tonight an actual corner. Oh, let's see J Sanlon. Why don't you call it in the air? Give me some tail O and it is tales. The just calle me sonic. I got tals with me, so J has control of the board. Don't know if that's going to work out in your fever so j. What category do you want to start off this worst of Dul with how about news o all right? Let's see what you got for your first news, offering. I was really glad this was a happy coincidence. I audited a class at Harvard a few years ago about U Religious Literacy and it referred to this event, and I got to discuss it with Um M. my professor online there was a controversial art exhibit that opened in Brooklyn on October. Second of nineteen. Ninety nine and hundreds of people came out to protest. The British exhibit called sensation. Now this was a portrait of the Virgin Mary. Is that Sinazen sinzation this fraid, not Fred, no okay, but it was called sinful because it featured dissected animals and the portrait was smeared with elephant dunk. Now I'll give you the A little more background. But what do you think happened in October of nineteen? Ninety nine, who came out swinging against free speech? It was mayor, fucking, Juliani, sparking Aher sparks his first amendment debate, cause he vows to cutch. I row to cut the city funding to the museum showing that he totally missed the point because the artist was not using. He was not smearing Elephant Dung on the Virgin Mary as an insult Dung in his culture is a symbol of fertility, so mother of God, obviously the ultimate. You know fertility virgin birth, it was, you know, not mint as an insult but went right over his head and he just saw a political opportunity to grab and then later he supported the ultimate grabber. No one's ever heard. Luckily know it's ever heard of Giulianian. We we do not Knowtha Ony, Tho, yeah, wo, wonder what happened to him, wonder what happened about Eliphan Dung, I don't know, and then my second news is Philip Morris in October of ninety nine, the largest smoking company in the world. After decades and decades of disputing the findings of the United States surge in general and literally every other medical authority decides to admit on the rarely visited dial up internet that yeah. Maybe smoking is harmful guys. They acknowledge the scientific evidence. Yes, for the first time the The dawn draper days are over. They acknowledge the evidence that shows smoking Canhay, it can cause lung cancer and, u other deadly diseases, and they were you know the nation's largest cigarette maker. They agreed with the scientific prevailing opinion on what was described in the article, a new Internet sites. You know these new fangled Internet sites and as part of a one hundred million dollar corporate image campaign, they unequivocally state that they are going to work to educate people about the very facts: they'de been denying for the better part of the twentieth century in the last year of the twentieth century. So those are my flops for October of nineteen ninety nine. What war to start off around man yeah? They were pretty throng. Those are pretty bad. I mean how are you going to beat? You know, throwing poop on the virg Ind Mary Weli'll take a swing with October nineteenth ninetneen and eighty seven black Monday, the literal worst day in Wall Street history, the stock market. On that day it collapsed. The Dow plunged twenty two point: six percent, the biggest one day percentage loss ever bigger than the nineteen twenty nine stock market crash that spiraled into the Great Depression and a Dow, a drop like that they say would be more than five thousand points on the current Dow in one day and H: Yeah, that's the worst of all time, still raining champion. So that's fun and th. An number two this one, I think everyone if you're of an age, remember October, Fourteenth Nineteen. Eighty seven, an eighteen month old, Baby Jessica, felt out a well in her aunt's backyard. That's right! She fell down an eight inch in diameter shaft and she was stuck down twenty two feet in the ground and it took fifty eight hours for people to to dig to her and it actually was this huge T. v sensation. People were glued to the t V watching what was going on. There was tshirts that were some were in good taste and some were in poor taste. I actually was looking through some of the ventage shirts and people were selling t that time. Tshirts that Said Baby Jessica well educated by eighteen months, I'm like Oh, my God, Yeman they actually drilled a larger hole next to it, while they actually pumped oxygen and to keep her alive, dug down belowher and got her out, and then people like saying to her and things like that and on the sixteenth of October eighty seven shoes rescued and lived a normal life and now she's married with kids of her own. But yeah it was baby Jessca in the well wow huge news story. She was a meam before they were means right, exactly yeah, exactly wow great job j. You really just gave this roundto Bren, not at all. I mean Alto Relevancy. You just said it's a mean before a mem, I would say I was highly cultural apotially relevant, especially in Hyde. Sit Brent. Basically just gave you the plot to every episode of Lassi is one of his points. Maybe just get stuck in the well Goo. Get it boy well start pumping the oxygen wel we'll go, make the tshirts fo. But let's take t look at these. You know j. You had October, ninety nine, the worst of M and I had to double check. Actually, I wasn't sure if you had October of ninety nine, because I really thought the whole cigarette thing came out before then I thought you were talking. Nineteen, seventy, nine, maybe but no October- of ninety nine wow. That seems like it was like three years ago, yeah, it's pretty bad. How long we hold on to admitting the obvious yeah sometimes and the Elephant Dun on the Virgin Mary, that's absolutely horrible, as Jist the cigarettes thing so yeah for a worse month, solid offerings Brent worst of October of eighty seven, you come with Black Monday and Baby Jessica, both huge news stories from October of eighty seven now when Yo match 'em up baby Jeska versus the Virgin Mary Thats, that's a close one right there, so we're going Ta kindo cancel those out 'cause. You Got Virgin Mary Baby Jessica, so we're goingto go with black Monday versus the cigarettes and come on this. One, in my opinion, is h: Kinda Goin, to get sneaked out by black Monday. I'm sorry J, but yeah actually did give it to Brent on that one with the baby Jesca come in because that kindof pushed it over the edge 'cause. I think black Monday had more of a long term effect on this country than something we lready new you're saying black Monday trumps, the black lung. Here you go. I got the black lungpot 'cause. We kind of already knew that cigarette smoking was bad for you, like you, said the dawn draper days were over and how did that show in his wife got cancer and she died. Ach Flop of the story. Is that it's so ridiculous? How long it just took them to come out and say it yeah. I know exactly is my mind but ey the Almighty dollar. So that's one point we're going to get this first round, O Bren, you get control of the board man. Where do you want to go for round too all right, all right, let's go to music right, so I've got for my first offering October Nineteenth Motley crew releases. The song you're. All I need is a single hell, yea man, I it's crew, it's one of their big things coming out. MTV actually refuses to play it's video, because it's level of violence well, what happens in the video and it's all shot in black and white depicks, a man killing a woman with a knife. They don't actuall, show that offscreen. But then he takes pictures of her off the wall and everything's covered in blood. He's throwing everything in the fireplace and burning it after the murder, Bethe guy breaks down, destroys everything. E paramedics come in and put the Mon woman in a body. Bag She's hauled away in front of onlookers, and it should have been a huge success, but V vh one SMTV decide they're, not gonna they're not going to play it and here's the singles. In order before that, earlier in eighty seven wildside came out huge song, the next single eighty, seven in October is Urall. I need no one knows it, because it didn't get played d. A lot of radio stations picked up on that Tu and they wouldn't play it and then in eighty nine. The next tingawas doctor feel good, huge single. It just killed them on that one, so that was kind of rigt for Motley crew and for m t V, and this was, if you remember right, this was n inside of the whole Tipper Gore pm C, a or whatever twas called the music when they were trying to put labels on music. If, if it was explicit or not, and for a while before they got just explicit, they were trying to name it R, rated PG, pg thirteen and that fell into this whole thing and they they blame a lot of that and a lot of the the lack of success on tip or Gore, the pmr C EMRC. If I would have writt it down, I might have been eeter, but there he got her scounsel and then number two. This was just terrible to me in bullshit, Music News October, tenth, nineteen, eighty seven Mars Song pump up the volume, if you guys remember that one pub up the volume pub up the volume day and dace that one takes the Nember one spot off the billboard, charts over the greatest song ever written and performed. This is a travecy which I think will go down in. History is one of the stupidest and, worse things, Rick Asley's, never going to give you up: loss at spot, FE, Mars, pump up the volume or p Yep pup up the volume. All right saw thid offerings from brank just start off the music category for the worst month of October of eighty sevent J Sanlon Eureupe. Next, with October of ninety nine, what a e you got, man Aright! Well First, I've got the story of Blue Dabid by EIFEL sixty five, so this is a song that totally flopped when it came out. It ended up selling around two hundred records. Well, that's, like you know less than the number of people in my graduating class, and you know what ID happened. IFFEL sixty five shrugged it off as a as a loss and they forgot about it. But there was a strange turn of events that the track got picked up by a small local station in Italy, and then it got airplay on one of the biggest radio stations in Italy and within days it steam rolled into becoming one of the like bigger hits in Italy. Taking this electronic music group touring around there as the song shot up the charts, but it was kind of like what I called the Hassle Hoff effect where music is only appreciated in one country and nobody else gets it so ifel sixty five and theire blue doty D, with the the hassle healf effect in Italy, but only flop. You know selling two hundred records and markets. You know elsewhere. I remember everyone thought there was IM blue. If iod I will die or something like that, yeah, whatever the next one is one. That's you know burning down the house by Tom Jones Tom Jones Um. Actually this is a song by song by the new wave band. Talking Heads purding down the house: Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah, so it it actually became. You know not a bad single when it was released, but the thing about it is that over the years the Um, the cover version of the song, is the one that I'm talking about by the the Tom Jones and the cardigans Yep. Okay, very familiar H, it Wellyou'r. So we we mentioned in the previous point how Tipor Gore tried to reach for the mute button. You know with Motley crew and others which, to be honest, if Tipper Gore is trying to silence your music I'd, call that a great sign of success, not a clot, but this song has been banned by clear channels. List of you know refusing to play it listing. It is inappropriate for most of its stations to play and clear channel owns most radio stations, so that's got to be the biggest flot by default. If clear channel is going to put you on their list, I mean that's like some mcartheism bullshit yea, clear channel also happens to be the renamed parent company that owns ihart media Qa, Ihart, radio, which we are on right now, hopefully you're listening to dualing decades on I hear radio, so I mean come on. That's a little bit bigger than being on CIPPER Gores bad list. Wouldn't you say: Im Jonesman! You can't handle the sexiness of his Tom Jones all right! Well, we'll just start off this round. Wow you guys brought it for the music round you're. All I need from Moltley crew from eighty seven again prent. You are absolutely right. It's a motley cruse song. I really don't know Yo h, no clue what you were talking about, but as soon as you explained it with the other singals that came out before it and after it the time frame popped in my mind, I know right what you're talking about have no clue what the song is so yeah, it's one of the rare cases where a video actually destroyed the single rather than building it up. What's funny, as I was reading on line- and they said Bon Jove, John Bu Jo actually came out and was like this is an amazing song. ND. They were just like fuck, you, John Bun, Jo, we don't have our back in your other selection. You come up with, is H, Mars pump up the volume yeah man I'll tell Ya. Personally, I really dig that tune if you grew up playing basketball in the late eighties, early nineties, that was your warmup song, every high school basketball game ever absolutely, and I love it for that fact alone. So, J. let's take a look at yours October of ninety nine. You had blue by Eiffel, sixty five and h Tom Jones and the cardigans covering the talking heads. I remember when that album came out. I was a DJ and college at the time I was playing that cut 'cause. I thought it was frigging hilarious. I'm a huge Tom Jones fan in an even bigger talking, headsspan 'cause. How can you not like Tom Jones and the talking heads you put them together? It's an absolute fucking mess. It's not unusual! It is not that whole album. I just recommend going up and going online listening to it. Lots of absolutely crazy covers. He covers prints. It's nuts go out check out that Tom Jones Alb, but hey that's a good cu. That's a song that I actually Kinda like. So you bring that one prent you had a song, I kinda like too mbut. You know what I'm Goingto have to go with October of ninety nine on this one, because I do like Mars pump up the volume, but this is a worst battle. I can't stand blue by IPIL sixty five. It drives me nots and it's trivial and in fun is that Tom Jones Song is they just absolutely destroyed? One of my favorite bands of talking heads so October of ninety nine. You hit rock bottom with this round for music. Where do you want to go next? Jy? Let's watch some TV T v TV. I've got some odd ones here. I'm Goin t start. Let's, let's take it back, we all remember ABC in the nineties. What did we watch every Friday night? T, GI, F? Well, guess what October nineteen? Ninety nine is probably the month that killed, t GIS and what did it was American Sitcom that aired only thirteen episodes total and it was called odd man out now it it first air just the week before September, twenty fourth, the pilots, but then in October it aired five episodes in October, all of them named most all of the named after movies. They they name, two of them good, will hunting and then, on October, twenty ninth- They Air Batman forever, there's a lot of reasons that t GIF failed, but this was supposed to be the lynchpin. This was supposed to be what was going to turn them around. The show was heavily promoted in the summer of ninety nine, primarily as like a Hail Mary to save Tji, Tgi F, it had been bought by Disney and back then that just didn't work being bought by Disney was was not saving. TGIF wasn't a good thing like it is now yeah, it's not like they were marvel, so ABC ran commercials. You know really trying to promote this show with the boyband craze that was common at the time, but the commercials l mentioned very little about the show itself. They did not even mention the name until a few weeks before the show was set to debut. So it was that the advertisements they showed were just girls screaming evd and then asking what is EVD, because not everybody heard the girl shout the e they thought they were shouting vd Yeah thisthis show was in October whend. It aired those five episodes that was when of Yiewership, really dropped and just never recovered. Now I I know I handed Brent a cool line earlier with a men before it was a mean. I'm got call my second TV spot from October, ninety nine, the gift before gifts, and that was the infamous episode of Hollywood squares that everybody just knows as the youfol episode. Yes, yeah Tom Burgera Bergeron, whatever pre America's funniest home videoday, is having a really thick head of hair was hosting the show and Gilbert Godfrey was a guest, and he just got into this habit of just shouting. You Fall, you fo, add the contestants whetr, whether they agreed with him or disagreed with him, because the way it will work is they would ask the you know the deelist celebrity they had on the show. They would ask him a question and then the contestant would have to agree or disagree and Godfrey just shouted. You fool at them whether they agreed or disagreed and the pthe people were eating it up and it was. It even became unnotable event on the Wicipedia page in October of ninety nine. So if there had been gifts back then that would have been the gift going for probably four years constantly after that. That's why you call a and hat's really sad, because it just wasn't even that funny wh you get down to it. Everyone just kept cracking up that he kept just yelling, you fool, but at the same time it kind of put the competitors on edge, so it it made the game a little more interesting, and I I I remember that I thought it was great, so all right over to Ubrent with the worst of TV Rom, one Thousad, nine hundred and eighty seven all right. So my my first worst mistake from eighty seven on October, eleventh women in prison, debuts on Fox is ectually. A comedy show the women of Sell Block J of the Bass Women's prison in Wisconsin, and it it was. A college, show the focus on the interaction among the prison mates. It was like a a funny H. Well, it was based off of the the people that made married with children made this show. It was hilarious et, got great reviews, it's considered to have a a fantastic cast and was funny, and it only lasted for thirteen episodes was killed before it found its audience and its groove and people look back at it now and say it was a huge huge oversight by by Fox, because it probably would ave became a monster hit, especially because it was not only four. You know starred women, but it was a women's movement thing and empowered them, even though they were in prison. They were doing things that were head of their time, which Fox at that time was kind of blazing new trails with everything they were doing. FANTASSIC show fantastic reviews, decent numbers as far as people watching it and they they caned it anyway huge mistake and then number two just 'cause. I hate this Guy October, eighteenth, nine htnded and eighty seven, an actor's born and he just destroyed the future F of T V for me, Zac Efron, who Wen untobe in summerland and high school musical and every flop, haired movie from the early two, thousands that was when he was born and he went on to Bein all these madfor TV movies and especially high school musical, which was just got awful. That is th the month an the day he was born October eighteenth, I think Xacathan's actually really cool. I mean you get. We can't judge him by high school musical for the rest of his life. He's done a lot of great work sincethen. I can judge him for the rest of his life. I don't know if he's done a lot of great work since then, but he's done a lot of work. He was in Baywatch the Remai, I loved him in the greatest showman. I think that he would actually be a good choice to play night wing in a DC movie. You know what I kind of agree with you on that I kind of do. I think Hewoul kind of fit that trying to trying to weezle me out of there listen to Hem Wel et's recap this television round, starting off with ninety nine here J, had odd man out how that KINDOF killed Tgi F by a bunch of girls just screaming V d. So that's pretty bad and then y come with your second story with Gilbert Godfrey just screaming you fool in the voice of a little girl at the TV. So it's almost the same story, so I kind o dig where you're going with that. That's a terrifying little girl, that is a terr, really terrifying. That would Hel Tgi F. maybe they should have put that on P, gi, F so and en October of eighty seven Brent Yo have women in prison. It was a fairly decent show, but it only lasted one season and I think sometimes that happens because things are a little more before it's time absolutely abso. It wouldn't be like, almost ten years later until we got oranges, the new black, that's when women in prison got their grooveback se blocks Stella, and then you come with Zac effron being born as a worst thing. So technically you're trying to sell me that a baby being born is a horrible event. I mean llet's, look at Astra in the late eighteen, hundreds Adolf Hitler that baby cut on now, and I I don't know anyone that can't have atoff Hitler and Zack Aperon in the same breath. WOOWAC Fron Ann Hitler. Meanwhile, that Gurun right now is probably like healting helping an orphanage and crap like that. RAPPING OT 'EM ALL RIGHT! Well, YOU OW! This round is actually kindo close, but I have to pick the worst of the worst. So you know what I'm going to have to give it to j sandlon on this one. With October of ninety nine 'cause you're right, odd man out horrible show, unlike women in prison, got great reviews, did not kill the line up and Gilbert Godfrey screaming. You fool come on Gilbert you're better than that so jy you Wuln't this round. That's going to bring the score to two to one. You have the lead heading into the first two point round and Incova insurance. We encircle you with Insurance Solutions. You can trust. We provide coverage to protect what you care about business insurance, including workers, compensation, auto home and life insurance. What makes us unique our superior financial strength, smart technology, a one, stop shop for custom, tailored solutions in Cober, three, sixty our approached to workers, conversation and local decision making. We are in Cova insurance visit in Cova Com for more information, the first two point round: Who boy? Who Boy? Let's do our our odd one? That's it's going to be sports versus products. You did sport. I've got the sports. Yes, and I've got some flops for you here. I M you'll have to make a comparison to products. However, you want, but I will say that they will not be quite as legendary as what I've got here. 'cause I've got two legendary names with some legendary flops in October, O nineteen. Ninety nine, now, first one's kind of a serious swap, it's really sad, wilt, the stilt chamberlain. So, ahead of his time in the NBA, where he played ne Thousanine uteen fifty nine nineteen, seventy three passed away on October, H, Twelfth Nineteen, ninety nine and he was sixty three years old. He was best known for scoring a hundred points in a single game. Was the N B A's career leader in rebounds, with Twenty Three Thousand Nine hundred and twenty four and second and career points with thirty one thousand four hundred and nineteen passed away way too soon at age, sixty three. He got a hundred points in a game, but in life he got stuck on ninety nine. How much of a bummer is that man apparently well I'll, give you a bigger bummer, and this you know the last time I was on the show. We talked about this man, so I had to bring him back, but it was the perfect one to bring him back on Mister Mike Tyson, Mike Tyson fault, Orlean Noris, the name you probably have never heard, because this boxing match on October, twenty third nineteen. Ninety nine was the biggest flop, probably the biggest flop, intyson's career. We all know that Tyson had had his legal and personal issues in the nineties. He was in, and out of you know, prison for various incidents and through a several heavyweight champion contenders he finally was announced to face the former WBA cruiserweight champion Orlean Noris for this October. Twenty third nineteen. Ninety nine bout they had first talked about. Noris is a possible opponent. Ten Years Prior. So you know, both men are considered pretty well pass their primes at this point, but they go into the fight and it would last only one round Tyson came out aggressively kept noris on the defensive throws. You know some power punches, but he just looks slow. You know everybody was wanting to see the Tyson of you know fifteen to ten years before, and then the flop happened, just after the bell sounded for the first round, Tyson landed a left hand, drop Norris on the Mat referie rich Richard Steele deducted two points from Tyson on the judge's official cards for hitting after the Bell, and both men retreated to their corners, but Noris did not come back. He remained seated on his stool in his corner and told the doctor that he had injured his knee and you know just couldn't continue with the fight. So the fight was stopped and ruled a no contest and Tysin was so pissed off. He had to be restrained from his corner by, I guess, trying to take a bite out of Noris beforbecause of his illegal punch. His eight point- seven million dollar purse, was withheld by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for them to review whether or not the hit was intentional, but they ended up giving him the money a week after the fight. So just a huge disappointment for everybody involved and hurt the image of boxing again after the holy field, debachle yeah, absolutely yeah. It was just another series of letdowns from Tyson I mean he had some great matches and some moments of brilliants, and then there was like two or three or maybe a handful of matches that were just hype and let down, and I would argue that this one was the biggest let down. I mean you can say that his holy field- second bout, is more famous, but at least that one was interesting. This was just a flop from one of the greatest heady weights of all time, all right print hand over to you, Oim on hot products, number one very different, very different, well one's very different one's kind of rigd in the nose so we'll get to that in a second neber won my first Ho product that flopped in eighty seven October, a system that I don't know if you'll remember, not the action Max, the home, video game, console using VHS tapes and a light gun. It rapped up to be the the Gochu gift for that Christmas of eighty seven and they spent all their money being the game system in tha movie because they thought it was going to be a huge, a huge Um boom for them at movie that came out earlier, and the other game system wasn't even out. So they put all their money in being in a movie called Lenonard part six with Bil Oza. And if you remember the crazy, like Voodoo Jepsi Lady, her kids were playing. It h spoiler both the movie, and this was terrible h. The actomax system uses a vs tape that it doesn't play. You literally have to have a VCR that it hooks to and they didn't make that well known, so people bought it and that time a lot of people didn't avvcrs, couldn't use it and then the game there was no way to really play them. You just shot the screen and it ran up the the core and at the end you you hope that you got more points than the last one h and itwas also Limi. The fact the only genre is like gun games, too line, there's only so much you can do and it ended up quick decline and then the comedy that made it h believe it was world to wonder end up going out of business within the next couple of years. Because of this and a few other horrible flops and anytime, you put all your money into Linard part six you're, probably going to go down I'mpretty bad. Do you remember that movie? It was horrible? Oh, it was bad milla, but er Yo knowhen. He go the joke that there was no Leonard Part, one threg ive. It was like the first thing he was like they were. It was the CIA. What did it say like the CI, a deemed them? You know top secret or something like that and and that was lost on most people, Yeah Yeah. It was really horrible and what's funny is it. It came out in Linard part six and the consil wasn't out yet the CONSIL didn't launch until October. So when the hype for the Consil was there from this movie, they couldn't even go buy it, and this is the time when people there's not the Internet, to keep it going. People just forgot about it and in went out next one also, and this one is really interesting. I didn't know this story. Until I looked up Mike Tyson in of itself Mike Tyson's punch out, the game is launched in October of eighty seven, and I didn't realize that it it was actually kind of bad fornintendo. It was released. Japan as punch out originally without Tyson, was in a gold card. There was the arcade version to punch out that he was not in as well punch out they released when they were going to release in North America. They paid ungodly amount of money for his likeness and they paid until nineteen ninety for him to be in it and by that time, rape charges and everything were flying against him, so they couldn't or refuse to renew it. They had paid so much money and then couldn't have them in there that it ended up costing the money that he stoped using his likeness even on virtual consoles now. So, if you buy it on one of the virtual consoles or like animal crossing Wor, U can play their games, it's the it's just punch out and he's called. I think it's called Mr Dream MHM so yeah, my Tan S, my brothers were the cause of the Nintendo neck, also that year thatis what they started talking about it that year acute nontraumatic, Torticlit Colosis, that's a mouthful because they said kids would lay on their necks or on their backs. Looking up memorizing the patterns for Mike Tison spungeout and by nineteen. Ninety nine ciropractor Coan told the Philadelphia. They knew that the prolonged strain caused permanent damage in many children. Because of this one game, so Mike Tyson went on a raping spree, they lost money because of him. They rereleased it as punch out without him. Never really did that great, but it's still a fantastic game. So why do you have to lay upside down on your back? No, like N, you lay on your stomach and your head up. Looking up craning up, it h hurts your neck uh, so l you're on your belly with your hands towards the T v looking up and then actually call they call that Nintendo neck. I didn't even know that was a thing. Why can't you play punch out sitting in a chair for whatever reason- and this is what they said- plunch out and supermater brothers were the number one cause of inti. This was from a a article that I found tendo neck and Tindo neck and it's actually called acute non traumatic, torticolosis, Tor, ticoll Proticolas, it's a serious thing once on a girlfriend who Wen a Nintendo neck, but for a totall different reason. O. It's so funny, because you think of Mike Tyson's punch out is this awesome game and it was it was, and it was just for them a huge clusterfok of PR and money and everything. But that's what happens when you and why they couldn't back out is before he'd ever won the title. They had already put money on him because they knew he was going to win the title and then he wins the title and then his his trainer dies and he goes apeshit and starts doing cocaine before matches and they're like. Maybe we don't want his name on this. On top of that Nintindo or or t was it Sega, I think Sega when Buster Douglas beat Tyson, they made a game with Buster Douglas Yeah, yes and invuster Douglas lost his very first titled Offense. So that's because Sega does what Ninton don't that was. That was the whole campaign. Yes, all right! Well, that's a really great point J and I'm going to start off my deliberation about this round. Thinking about that because you know you're kind, O right, Sega did make a game when that happened. The Buster Douglas Game was not very good, whereas the punchout game was fucking, fantastic, Clai or without Mike Tyson. When I picked up the game and started playing it, it was actually after they had taken Tyson out. I never played it with Tyson Inn, and then I went back later and played it really, not that big of a diff I had sunch out without him. It's a thing, an they just put them a gapright yeah, there's no difference, and then you also had the the action MAC system. I went online. I watched some footage of this wow. This thing was a piece of shit just about as bad as Leonard Part, six, so yeah. It's basically like it reminds me of if you see like early eighties, late seventies arcades, where it was like a projection. Video screen like what you'd see now with golf, but you have like a light rifle like you'd, see it a carnival. Ye Hana reminds me of that Ye h, it's almost like they were trying to to grasp onder like you know the laser disk games, where you could es chapters but they're using a vcrs. You can't skip chapters and there were games out that that actually worked kind of not games, but I don't know if you remember kept in power where youwould get the the ships and you'd shoot at the screen and it would it would tell you up. That's the same difference. You didn't need a VCR for that. You just bought the planes that you could actually play with outside of watching the TV. Also so right, you know Um all right, jsanlan! You had the worst of October of ninety nine for sports and you H, you started off with will chamberlain dying, that's a huge story right there, Wilt Chamberlain, Legend, one of the greatest NBA players of all time. One of the best big men of all time, like you said, scored a hundred points in a game. His legacy changed the game of basketball and how the center position would go on to be played and Mike Tyson find ingnoris and a very, very disappointing fight, I'm going to say not only for the fans but obviously for Tyson and his camp 'cause. He was a little pissed off after the match. I think man when it comes down to the worst. You know I hate to do this to your Brent, but I got to give the round to ninety nine just because that punchout game was pretty damn good with or without Mike Tyson. You know and the Action Mac System as horrible as that was, I actually think lener part six might be worse, but will Chamberlayn dying from nine ty nine. That's that's epic, and when you're talking about bad, that's pretty bad. That was a loss of a legend. So unfortunately that means J, Sanlin, picks up the win. Ind this game, it's hard to find losses of legends and hot products. It is. It is, and that's the hard thing I can't compare the two rounds, so I have to compare them on their own standalone Marithra. So, but we're still going to move on and do the final round j you have control of Te Board. Do you want to go first, or would you like to defer? I I'll go ahead, we'RE GOING TO GO WITH MOVIES RIGHT YEAH! It's the only round, we're maging all right! THANK SMART ASS! All Right! Thank you, Ali I'l. You know I'll make ut pretty quick. So my movies are I'm glad I sinch the windsecause. I don't know if my movies were bad enough to to win but October, O nineteen nd. Ninety Nine Rob Ryner directed the story of us, a chickflick, universally panned and bombed starring, Bruce Willis, and Michelle Fifer, two really awesome actors, you know classics, I mean you got John McLean and catwoman are going to get together for some. You know some hot love and it just turns out to be just underwhelming. It's about to a married, a boring, married couple. WHO decides they don't want to be married anymore, but they stay together for the kids and what such an extra flop about it. Despite the fifty million dollar budget and not even getting half that back on release, Bruce Willis was divorcing Dimi more at the time of filming. How depressing do you get in a movie about divorce? You're O divorcing one of the hottest women on the planet, O well that' an acting there, you go and then the second one may surprise some people, especially some of the younger listeners but the second flop of October nineteen. Ninety nine, his fight club, because fightclub originally bombed at its first appearance in movie theatres, a Fight Club actually was panned by many many people, a notably rosy o' donell, who was so personally offended by this movie and just so horrified that it was made spoiled the huge twist ending on her show a week before it came out, there's a twist ending to fight club. If you don't know how it Coul as ye his wife dies of cancer, it's crazy, hygtdivorce yeah, she dies. It's horribe Bradpitt also tried to convince his parents not to see the movie and could not stop them from seeing the movie and when they saw the movie, they regretted seeing the movie. So it had a rough release. Let me see the movie Um, the underwhelming North American performance, a fight club soured the entire relationship between t twentieth century Fox's, Studio, head bill, mechanic and media executive. Rupert Murdoch and mechanic ended up resigning in June two thousand, so it even killed a career Um just awful time, but it was not until video release and DVD rentals and home video that it really found love as a cult classic and frankly, it's one of my favorite films today. So you pick one of your favorite films for the worst of it Wa. It was a flop N in October of ninety nine, the month that I was assigned, it was a flop, yeah and that's Kindaf how it is with some of those fenture films. is they take a little while to linger before people really start to catch onto them? I just can't believe Rosie o'donnall was so personally offended by it that she had to spoil the movie on her show. I think she is offended by everything I think it's in her contract. Actually s people enjoy things Rosye Al Frendhand. What ave you got for movies man O. I got two movies that came out in October, O eighty seven, the first one rolling vengeance in rull, Canada, six brothers, drinking and joywriding it a pickup cause, an accident that kills Jo Russau's, mother and sister and, as it turns out the brothers ore, the sons of an influential entrepreneuer played by ned baby. His name is tiny doil and the go got free. So when Jo's father is murdered as well, they only what they l have to do is for Joey to build a massive monster. Truck and N kill the entire doile family. It actually was departed from the original script that was its initial prevence PREMAS, with a young boy created a special MONTOR truck to eliminate drunk drivers. It had a large budget and it in fact only made at the ther re down here: Thirty Nine thousand five hundred and ninety six dollars at the box office. I was supposed to be roling on this. Is the ned baby time he'd been in tons of movies in the eighties who he ws a big name and it just killed them rolling vengeance, and I actually just downloaded. I haven't watched it. Yet I'm excited for it. My next one is an even bigger flop October. Twenty third theatrical rerelease of scared, stiff, strange visions, come behond, a singer when she, her son and her psychiatrist, turned a boyfriend moven in old colonial house. That is haunted by the ghost of a ruthless slave owner. So that's fun. This one had a budget of seven point. Three eight five million and its box office take was sixteen thousand four hundred and ninety two dollars terrible terrible, and this one actually is one of those movies that they said what it did. It did right. It had the right kind of jump scares, but I didn't know if it wanted to be a horror movie or a slasher movie or a psychological thriller, and it just couldn't come together and they just were considered the some. These are on everyone's top lists of well. These are t the worst money making movies of that year and th the morst movies to come out of that year. So I actually downloaded both of them. I'm excited to watch 'em and they both are. They both are are horror, movies, its the perfect month for 'em, Nice, all Righti, so scared, stiff and rolling thunder to recap and J Sanland. You had the story of us the story of sad depressing divorce, apparently in fight club, you know Brent, I'm Gongta give you the round on this one and not just because you already lost this game. I actually think you have some worset movies, H, Fight Club. It was a bomb you're right about that J, but we've talked about it on this show several times. There's just so many of those iconic movies that that weren't ment for the theater they were meant for that home release. Market Y H, it's Kinda like yeah, that's Kindaf like the whole Mike Tyson's punch out. You know we have these great gentlemans of it and it's a gobut. But when you break it down, it was a terrible thing for the company or for one reason or another, but movies like that R. where we get those you know those c classics. You know movies that don't get understood. It's KINDOF like izrein recently like Constantine with Atareves Peo, didn't really like it, and now people are going aback and going well. This is a really good movie. You know I should have paid more attention to it that just happens H and a lot of times in a movie like Flight Club. People probably didn't really understand it. When it first came out, I think that's the thing you know, I don't think people got it. You know the twist ending every not to spoil fight club for anybody who hasn't already seen it think th twenty years is a good statute, tof limitations. If you didn't read the book, maybe y yeah, it was a confusing movie at the time a little ahead of its time, but I think that's where that kind of movement in modern film ereally started to happen, and that came out in ninety nine. I really think that kind of changed the way dramatic cinema was presented in the two thousands ecause. We saw a little more of those cutting edge movies that you know tried to push the envelope but was still a little safe, so they could get the PG, thirteen or r rating I'll always remember a fight club because you guys ever have a store babbages around you o. You remember that Hell Yeah, so our babbagees rented rated movies and I went in whenever it was and rented fight club and we watched it and I went to take it back and the store had closed literally just closed. It was no longer there score like within days like it was like close up and h. So I still have the the fight club. I A two dislike the special dison in th, the generic babbages. Take you know a rental box ice yeah. I was actually waiting for it to like show up as like on my credit one day like I didn't turn it in, but it never happened. You know seven thousand dollars in late fees, like you were close iapologize j, Sanlin Brenthand, thanks for coming on and playing the show again think you were having me Brendmen, we got TA, get you a wind soon. I know it was just not in the cards for the worst battle. So we'll get you back on the show soon, next time, I'll bribe you it'll work, it'll, work, Jay, congratulations! I'm picking up a win here on dueling decades. Tell everybody once again about some of your up coming projects. You Got I'm just glad to be here thanks for having me up check out my website, J, Sanlan DT com, where you can find out all my releases, Um 'cause. I've got some more things coming up that I can't talk about yet, but the big one is over the ropes my stories of nineties wrestling and a five issue comic series from Madcave Studios. You can preorder it on Madcave Studios, dotcom or from your friendly local comic shop and always support your local comic shop, absolutely and Brendhand. What's going on on hysteria, fifty one man, so we've just started planning next years. toours wee doing some live shows next year, so you can catch us. We've got Chicago planned. We have point pleasant, West Virginia for the Mothman Festival, we're going to be doing a life show there. We've got a show in man, I'm forgetting I got a couple Mo e, oh another, one actually in December, we're doing a show in Chicago Landy. If you guys are going to be around we're doing a CRAMPA show and we got a musical Jumajengas who doesn't love a band base that just plays rock songs about aliens. So we got that going on and every week you can check show out anywhere. You can get your pot gas seri, fifty one or, if you forget, just go to stareafitty one dot com, nice again thanks a lot F guys and think you jewelers for listening along with us. 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