Dueling Decades
Oct. 9, 2019

Which week in history did it worst? First week of October 1982 vs October 1994.

Which week in history did it worst? First week of October 1982 vs October 1994.

This week Marc and The Mancrush go head to head in The Week Experience with the Dueling Decades championship on the line! The defending champion Mancrush comes ready to battle with the first week of October in 1982 while Marc James hopes the first...

This week Marc and The Mancrush go head to head in The Week Experience with the Dueling Decades championship on the line! The defending champion Mancrush comes ready to battle with the first week of October in 1982 while Marc James hopes the first week of October in 1994 will be enough to steal away the title! Judge Erik Cluley returns to try to keep law and order in this great duel!

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Let's take a look at this week's duelers and the decades they will be fighting for in the weak experience. First off he's the current doing decades champion battling with the first week of October nineteen. Eighty two, ladies and gentlemen, it's Mancrush. What's UPLETS, do this, it's finally fall. It's cold outside it's fucking rainy, I'm finally wearing my Hoodie to play this game, I'm ready, let's go and his opponent dueling with the first week of October nineteen. Ninety four is well me Mark James. I have been tanged team partners with mankrust for a long time and tonight the mamalukes explode 'cause, I'm coming for the title. Is this the first time that' ever gone against you? No, and that's always. We need someone to adjudicate all of this awesomeness so he's back las an gentleman, a loyal listener and now part of the dueling decades. Family Judge Eric Clewy, wlconfect Havig back got the calls an emergency, Backo fo tonight, and just remember when he says no, I say yes, you know it worked out perfectly it's a Thursday night right now. It's like you know what Eric said he's free on Thursday nights. Why not? And next week we got a genaroulet as another listener, she's coming on and she's going to be. Our next listener turn judge. So it's a pretty exciting month for us, not nice. Ladies and gentlemen, the following contests will be held under dualing decades rules and is for the duelling decade championship a judges, coinflip sholt aside, who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories, movies, television, Music News and for the weak experience hot products is replaced with sports. A judge's ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: Apiece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all five rounds Duelers, I feel the need the need for joy nows, all right. Let's go down to judge Eric cluly for the official Tossoff I this time I actually knew I had to do a cointoss as it was posted on the facebool page mask was released this year. The Mobile Armored Strike Command. So I have the DVD complete collection, boxit 'm, Goin, to flip that you're flip the box set. Well, I took the DVDs out, so it's just a box. It's not going to hurt anything AL RIGHT GOOD! So it's actually one of my favorite shows from back. Then it's od, it's a fucking great show totally underrated. Show like we posted on it, not T it's Jan transwormer's, combined yeah, you just you, don't hear that much about it, but definitely go back and watch it again, because that kid was ugly but Jesus don't say, he's like a transformer can by with a g Jon, but he he got on that t bar or whatever, whatever it was called and rode debts on bitch anyway, all right so who's golling t mark Markis is a challenger market. You Got Fhrot his heads back his tails. I want the SOB rocky Denisona so give me heads right, Andi, leatit, on its side, we'll go withheads right wo. We got a second flip E, can't wand on its side, aright. Second, lip o whats else. Oh all right, man crush bavyand work marks like of course, of course, that's going to happen. Well, the sorry man crust you got control o TA Board. What category we, starting with all right, we're going to start this works for some people, so I'm going to start out with movies. We'll go with with the strongest first, you know what I'm saying all right: Movies October. First, nineteen, eighty two, you know what this is, why I love the weak experience, because sometimes you just don't get the movies. You typically expect from a regular episode because we have the entire month to pick from, especially with the early eighties. You don't really have a ton of movies. ANYWAYS thoy get released every week. They did it more strategically back then so Ho might get lucky to get a super good week or you might get hung out the dry and then that event, you just got to dig and find something special. So this reminds me of lot of a couple of months ago where how to use hands to steel as a selection. This is a movie that was written by Michael Nesmith same one from the monkeys. He wrote this actually stars a young Fred Ward. So how can you go wrong? Michael Nesmith from the monkeys, Fred Ward, whatever Partsaifi partwestern time rider, the adventures of Lil Swan ended up, taking up about six million dollars in the box office world wise. That's about sixteen million dollars in twenty nineteen. I'd, actually love to locate this and watch it. It sounds like something is right on my alley: Thatis, what it's about maverick motorbike, racer, Lilswan, Fredward, wanders into a top secret time, travel, research, test, site and unintentionally, teleports Im to the mid eighteen, hundreds from there lyle ends up having to fight violent outlaws for his survival. That's my first movie is timerider the adventures of Lyel Swan and we're going to follow that one up with another October. First, nineteen, eighty two releas. Once again, I found some more slock to include because one thing that we really missed these days and mark- and I were just at the drive in couple of weeks back- we missed that drive in experience in the early eties. You know there was still a bunch of these movies that were primarily made for the drivein and I'd categorize, both time rider and my next pick into that category. One of the other things- that's always dicy are the release, dates on these types of movies. I'm getting these right from the newspaper and they say like now playing and things like that. So don't argue with me on this ship 'cause. It's all you're going to see fucking years all over the place, but it's October first, nineteen two! So for this pick I have the sorceress on't know if you guys have seen this one. It's a new world pictures release John Corman, but it was written by Jim Wenirsky. So what does that mean mark if Jim Wennirsky did it? What does that mean? It's got a lot of boobiesit. It's got a othat's right, an only a couple of days into our Halloween watch list. We just had yesterday matter of fact: We had Jimmenorsky's chopping mall on the list, so that gives you a little bit o an idea what this type movie could be about, but this one actually from what I'm reading has a lot more boobs in it than chopping wall. Interesting Tidbit about this movie it bit about this movie. It was actually directed by Jack Hill whowas. Actually, the same guy, the directed coffee, a rot, Andrected, actually coffee and foxy Brown he's actually credited as the one that discovered Pam gareer. I remember when I discovered him who do, and I I called Thim Rog John Corman before I met Roger Corman, but Roger Coreman ends up recutting, the movie himself shocker and he took Jackile's name off the movie and replaced it with a new director, Brian Steart, which is just a combination of Rogercoreman's son's first names which pretty fucked up but, and it actually ended up Being Hill's last movie that you ever did wow yeah. So my two picks for this round. We got sorceress and timerider the adventures of Lilswan Nice. I S! I don't know if my two movies are going to be as slocky as yours, but h they might not be much better. So we're going to GA on October, seventh, nineteen, ninety four and when you think of like action and suspense in the nineties, there's always a lot of names that pop out. You know you had people like Eric Roberts and semesters, talone and James Woods, and they were all great, except when you throw them all in a movie together with Sharonstone released October, seventh. Nineteen. Ninety four is the specialist yeah Rhower scene, great shower scene. If you like, looking at thelone's ass and who doesn't yeah the shower seen's great matter of fact, stalone had a quot about that himself. You were saying you n w. let it be known that he didn't want to do the scene because Sharonstone, I guess she was not cooperating so well on the set N, not so much too into that nudity and she didn't want to take off her towel. So he had to set completely cleared and a she still didn't want to take off the towel. He asked her what the problem was and she said that she was sick of all the nudity in films. So we asked her if she could just get sick of it on somebody else's film, so he went back to his trailer and got a bottle of death vodka that was given to him by Michael Douglas and after a half a dozen shots, we were wet and wild said salone o. So it's just a little trepidacious in the beginning- and that's probably like the highlight of the whole movie- Is the specialist movie s boring as fucking all get out that chage wood scene, where he's in the polic station, makes the bombequick is the dumbest scene ever it'slike Wai Minute s this supposed to be cool 'cause. ' It's not someoll move on to my second movie and it's a movie that I really like action, packed just like the specialist released October, seventh, nineteen. Ninety four, I give you the Academy Award nominated quiz show directed by Robert Redford. I own this movie on v CS. I got a Cockovit right here behind me. I've seen this many times, fantastic, not action packed. I was kidding about that. Of course. The movie stars, John Toturo Ray, finds Hankaarea Christopher McDonald, directed of course, like I said by the Great Robert Redford. It tells the story of Charles Van Dorn, who was on a a game, show called quizshow and the game show was fixed and it's about the the story of how they uncovered the fixing of this game show. Of course, it's all based on a true story. So if you're, really interested in early game shows and or early television and broadcasting like- I am fantastic movie, I highly recommend checking it out a great performance by John Teturro. The movie went on to be nominated for four Oscars for best picture, best actor and a supporting role for Paul schoolfield best director for Robert Redford and best riding and screenplay startng, to see a real theme here with you mark last episode, you had Eihtman out and now this episode Youre coming with Qissho lot of cheatingnt going on. There is a lot of cheating going. You know all my picks before I even give them I don't they haven't been given to me. Yet I don't think he'd have to try too hard to cheat on this one though well, he yeah he'd have to try t pretty hard to figure out my two picks for movies. THAT'S FOR HAM sure! So that's what I got from mine too. The specialist and quiz show so over the judge, Erec cluly Al Right M. my ruling's got to be based sotally on the fact that I didn't see either of next movies. I saw both o the marks and actually liked boththe marks. So it's going to go to ninety four. However, with the caby out that I'm going to go find time, writer we ma have to put an astrics next to this one. I may come back and overrule this later. I beliee you have to say time, Rinrthe Adventures of Lil Swan. Every time you say it, I don't timerider the adventures of Wild Swan now th, the sorceress, I'm not interested in seeing based on your ther're, some weird like. If you read up on the sorceres there's tons of nuity in it I already read and W ll, I'm an adult so wellthe. It's about these twins. I was a twelve year old kin and they get naked with each other andsh. I don't know it's fucking sounds weird check it out. It's it's a Roger Corman, fucking, Jiman, Ersky film. It's made for the driveing yeah. You see it once you have fun. You never need to see it again, exacttell you! What if, if it's playing it the Mahoning, let me know we'll go check it out. All right sounds good to me all right. I C I can get down with that, though markets around one, I kind of figured that's how I was going to go. That's why I started out with movies Al Right, so you know what we started off with movies: Let's go to music for round two M jug or not Kindo, doing the show here and reverse I'm going to start off with my first album released October. Third. Nineteen. Ninety four no need to argue the second album by the rock ban, the cranberries. Of course. This was the album that contained the iconic Song Zombi in a few other hits as well, of course, but Zabbi was really the one song that's stuck out for me. It I think it's, the only cranberry song that I like you can't go wrong with zombicom on. It was inspired by an IRA bombing in Sheshire England on March Twentieith, nineteen ND. Ninety three were two children. Jonathan Ball and Timperry were killed, lead singer, Doloris Roden set Dolorus Ol, anlerden, arerden arered and a re origin, Rian I', got to say word and roarer t an there. You goe're just dolorous the lead singer. Doloris claims that the Song Zammbi speaks out about the Irish fight for independence and that it seems to last forever the lyrics even say that it's the same old theme since nineteen. Sixteen, you know I e I've heard this song a thousand times. I really thought it was about the living dead, not about Irishon Depennsgon, re e for me, but so that's my first album we're going to go with the cranberries, just think about all the people ho just ruined it for wellt ruined it. For me, God dam it Augustthird, nine teen. Ninety four, no need to argue by the cranberries thought it was all about Georgeremaro, oh by the way this album sold pretty well. It went seven times platinum in the United States, three times platinum, United Kingdom five times platinum in l, Europe and Oh, it's also sold seventeen million albums worldwide. So yeah, that's my first entury my second entry released October. Third, nineteen. Ninety four: I give you the album head seed by Mo. I absolutely love this album most, not a ben you're, very familiar with I'm, not surprised. They're, a staple of the early nineties, jambanscene playing with other bands such as the almond brothers Dave, Matthews, fish government, mule, blues, traveler kind of what keeps Mol at the forefront of the music scene as they have a lot of energy in their live, show ferocious guitarrisk, really intricate rhythms. It's kind of a blend of southern rock funk blue grass jam hybrid. It was their second album and it gave us ther hit songs of Kimbo Mexico, Timmy Tucker in Saint Augustine, which would remain staples and their playlist to this very day and appears in all their greatest hits. So you've never heard it, but I highly recommend you go out and check it out head feed by Mo all right. That's what I got for my twopiks mancrush over to you, and this is where I take control of the board back October. Fourth, Nineteen and eight Y two, we get the eleventh studio album from this pop rock duo. The album went two times: Platinum featured three top ten billboard hot one hundred singles of those three singles if features the group's largest hit ever, let me just say, like not too many groups have eleven studio albums and the group I'm talking about is none other than Hallan oats and the albmis ho, but the band went on to release eighteen studio, albums and the actually. This was what I found remarkable B'cause. I never knew this. They were released in alum every year from one ounineteen. Seventy two nineteen and eighty two, that's amazing, then, for some reason they skipped nineteen. Eighty three go figure and this album actually snapped that streak. But eleven albums in as many years is astonishing to me out of all the eighteen alms they had their biggest hit ever man eater was on htwo o that track itself spent four weeks on the top of the billboard hot one hundred and number one UM. Let's just get onto the next one, there's not much like not like the name of your band Mule Mo mow the mule just mo Bo. I'm not. I don't need to like explain how good it is. You just know: fucking haul, an oats all right, but the second one October, first nineteenigh two. This was actually tough because I had two choices to go with and instead of the Solo debut album that I could have chose, I decided to go with the seven teenth and final album from the legendary musician. SEDALM went three times: Platinum sold roughly six million copies worldwide. That being said, I would say it's it's probably responsible for more than six million babies world wide as well. That's because this is Marvin Gay's, most successful album of his entire career, and it includes a two time: Grammy Award Winning Track Sexual Healing the alm appropriately named midnight love, and I would venture to say that sexual healing might be the biggest we're going NA fuck song of all time, or at least it's neck and neck with his other we're going to fuck jam. Let's get it on either way. It's completely timeless. People are still boning to sexual healing thirty, seven years later, fucking kids littered throughout the world because of the Shit and who was it that brought up the roll in tr aoweit as a hot product a couple of months ago might have been Joe all right. Well, this was one of the first albums to use the role in tr, eight O eight. Of course it's the iconic beat machines, sound machine whatever you want to say, but yea, that's what I got for this one: We're gongto go with Halland ot, ht, O and Marvin Gay Midnight Love Damn off to the judges. All O entries yeah this one kind of flips it right back, as he said back in his favor man crush sa. I take this one. Eleven studio, Ofon seventen study, Firi. Second, an asked in RT shocked at how much the canbery Sol that's a fucking huge, album, enormous numbers- oh it it's still parody today, like I still see, means about it almost on a regular basis, but that's ther song, the one, and only that I know of theirs. I think I had both heir albums and I can't tell you another song, O others, and you probably should own a mow album everyone sure now do you fucking soat everybody right H, and you know, I probably don't know Ponos. I know if I hear 'em, but I I don't actually know their music bat. I know of them and sexual healing. I mean I put that on every time alone I told yo I like fuck song, who cares if it's your hand, all right man crash boards back in your control? WHAT CATEGORY A WE GO! You know what like everything is pretty. Even I would say we did movies. We did music. Let's Save Television I sen: Let's do let's do news, some nice middle round for news all right, so we begin October. First, nineteen, eighty two, the article, is titled Center of Futuristic Fantasy, and I read a couple of paragraphs from this article: Real Quick when the gates of Walt Disneyworlds Epcot Center near Orlando Florida were open for the first time Friday morning. Many Americans might not have noticed. Epcot is like a poorly kept, but still obscure secret, with periodic words slipping out to the well tuned ears. No traffic types in Orlando Highways Hotel reservations still relatively easy to range. In fact, Disney officials cautiously and unofficially expected as low as ten thousand opening day gests and many of those were expected to be reporters and they go on and on about the whole thing we all know what Eptot is. I just wanted to read that part 'cause. They didn't tell anybody about this and they still expected ten thousand people to show up and they expected seven million for the year. Just in comparison sake. Last year UPCOT had over thirteen million visitors. It actually ranks. I the fourth most visited team park in North America, seven mmost visited theme park in the world and of all the team parks, especially the ones in Florida, growing up his kid. I remember epcot the most like going nation in Asia, an having my passport stamps going to speceship earth and which, of course, is the giant globe which is you know if you think of Epcot Center, you think of the giant globe. I don't know that's what I remember as growing up as a kid was going to Disneyla or Disneyworld and going to epcot yea we're actually going and doing it in a few months and we're going down to Disney going to epcat epcots the shit and, like I think at the time I didn't really want to do that. I thought it was going to be boring CAS I as just a kid and then as we got going and you go to all the different nations and you see all the different shit you eat all the different food from each place. It was pretty awesome. So that's why I remember growing up which one had that Caracel thing was that in Disney world or Epcot Yo' you're on this carosaltan indoor theater and you go through the decades with this family. That's in the bulk, thatis' yeah, okay, that Apas an UPCO that actually makes me think of duelling decades. When I think of that freaking pace right there, because you go with this family and you go decade by Decadand Shit changes you know for each decki. My favorite part was the very end because you got to choose your journey home and you could choose by going under water by air Y by space. That was really cool. I haven't been there in like ten years, so I can only imagine how much it's I'll, let you know I was there roughly three years ago and it's still awesome. I don't I didn't. Do the whole globe, Planin Earth or whatever it's called, but I ate Mongolian, beat an head drink almost evecontraand. It was amazing that in itself as an adult was awesome ecause, they just changed that at Disney world you weren't actually allowed to have any alcohol. Unless you like, got it like one of the stations, whereas Ebcot you could drink beer and shit there. So it's pretty awesome, Aright Ald, you can go there. I am bound to determine to celebrate four twenty around the ear. That's one way to do it or anyhow, we've been on October, seventh, nineteen. Eighty two- and this for me is new. This is new territory, because we never talk about shit like this, but I had you know what it's so big that and it was so newsworthy that I grabbed an article from a paper in California just to show you how big it was in our area. H. If you grew up in the Tri State area in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, you watch WPIX and wor on the regular. Those were like our local yokal stations, and you probably saw thousands and thousands of commercials over your childhood for cats playing at the winter garden, theater, all the Puckin time. You saw this Fuckin CH, like y. It was on every commercial break. The play itself was routinely sold out all the way until two thousand, when it was finally pulled from the Winter Garden Theater. The show had six million dollars in ticket Presales, which was a record at the time, ran for a record breaking seven thousand four hundred and eighty five shows at the time ten get the longest running. Broadway show until that was broken by fan them in their opera. In two thousand and six in the nineties, there was an analysis done that showed that cats was responsible for three billion dollars in economic impact for New York City. That's fucking inscene for a play, and I've never seen it 'cause plays are not my thing, but it's also coming out as a live action movie in Twenty nineteen. So the Shit Scot legs man, so my two new stories got Epcot Center opening and we got the Broadway opening of cats. What a e you got all right: We're going to go to October. First, nineteen. Ninety four we're South African President Nelson Mandela visits the United States, the South African newly elected president, Mandella made his first state visit to the United States, which includes dinner with President Bill Clinton, and he stopped in to speak with Mayor Rudi Giuliani. He spoke October seventh and a sold out luncheon at the ballroom at the National Press Club in Washington, DC gild Klein recalled the the bedlam that surrounded Manndella as his admirers thought to shake his hand or to speak with him. When I remember most about Nelsamendella was his inner piece, his perfect calmness. There was turmoil all around him. It didn't bother him Klinrote in recollection of the event, so Nelson Mandella one of his many visits to the United States October first, nineteen. Ninety four second new story is October third, Nineteen D, Ninety four- and that is the day that Gary Larson announces that he is retiring from doing the far side cartoon by late nineteen. Ninety four Laron thought that the series was getting a little bit repetitive and he didn't want to enter what they called the graveyard of mediocre cartoons. So, on October, third, nineteen, ninety four- he announced that he would be retiring. The series in the series finally ended on January first nineteen, ninety five, when he was forty four years old since retiring Gary Larston had kind of gone into seclusion, really hadn't, geten l doesn't Gite a lot of interviews to the press and he avoids being on t V, did a few promotional pieces for the far side for the merchandising, but other than that we really haven't seen anything from Gary Larson. So on October, third, nineteen, ninety four- he announces that the far side will be coming to an end. Helomejus point out. I wouldn't be able to pick him out of a line up. He said he hasn't been in Harelitwould, be like I'm Farger Owo. No, nobody could, but it looks like the Amebas shapes. This bodcast is supported by oasis. A paychecks company oasis helps small in medium sized businesses to simplify backoff ise complexities like payroll benefits ar in compliance with oasis. You can continue to run your business fearlessly, learn more at oasis advantage. Com slashpod cast all right so over the judge, Eric cluly for the verdict I tis finally around that isn't so as clear cut and easy Gary Larrson retiring, that's actually pretty big the far side. I remember my kindrgarten teachers always had a farside calendar. You know W, we would review it every day and she ta off and throw it away. Having said that, I'm still going, I'm still going to go with eighty two on this 'cause. I absolutely love EPCAT and I hate cats because of those commercials that you were talking about at the witer card in theater every day a thousand times a day, but I mean that's a huge, a huge part of my life, because I absolutely remember that an the minute you said I was yman suck that Soyou know what's Crazie. It was just on. I think I was watching nxt two weeks ago, Owas it last week and before nx started on the network. It was it on the network. Maybe it was maybe not. Maybe I take that back. It was on VD for spectrum and the commercial was cats before N X, tea, which is fucking. Weird, because nobody that's watching nx T is watching cats. No, probably not. I could still see that commercial like clear as day and ye figued. Eighty two, I was too so it continued long enough that it was still burning its way into my mind and the ship was sold out all the time. I remember like my mom talking about wanting to go to see it, but every time they try to buy tickets' not like today, where you had all these secondary markets where you could jump on stubhub and find a ticket ship was sold out. It was sold out back then, unless you were buying it from a scalper which she wanted to do that shit. So yeah, it's a big deal all right. Man Crush over to you for the next round, ind the start of our two point rounds. Okay, it really doesn't make a difference. Aabout two points: Let's go sports, I don't want to finish on sports 'cause, especially since I loved doing hot procts, and I was almost going to search for a hot product in the week, but I knew it was unfair to you to try to find something too and t s. It would be so hard to find in one week, so we went with sports hotprodctis that my one of my favorite parts of the show too so I was hating in de one week and I'll have to go to sports, but well here it is October. Fifth, nineteen two at the infamous Brendon burn arena. Alright, it's not really that infamous, but if you, if you're like me- and you grew up in this area- you've seen a bunch of concerts there. Of course this is over it. Um East Ratherford, where the the jets playit's an the same complex mark scene, concert there as well. I think years ago you said you saw a iron maiden there, so you know the place the eyes. Oe Yeah were the eyes ad th Bakin. It was brand and burn. So it's a special place for a lot of us, but anyhow we all heard about the myth of the Jersey Devil. So why noth start a hockey franchise and name it. The New Jersey devils over ten thousand New Jersey residents voted on that name, which I think is pretty fucking awesome. I think every franchise should do that. Not Stick us with some bullshit name. They Shou just ask the people, pull us see what fucking name we want and then we'll go from there, but the three times Stanley Cup winning franchise began it all with a three to three tie against the Pittsburgh Penguins on October fift, nineteen. Eighty two, of course they got their first ever when a couple of days later against the New York Rangers Typical Bark- and I both be in Ragor fance Ya. Flyers Fan. Well, I'm sure they didn't beat the flyers this year because they ended up finishing the season. Seventeen, forty, nine and fourteen hey was the second worst team in the League, although I think, probably since the nineties, they become more of the better franchises over the years. Sometimes I wish it was a devil's Fan, but that's where I'm going fror my first new story, O October fifth, nineteen, eighty two, it's the first game for the New Jersey devils and in tideit's I e kissing your sister, almost like the sports round, but this one's Kinda cool. I didn't realize that Franciseis ta young yeah, I didn't either. I thought they were a little bit older than that. Actually they were another franchise before that and they just moved change the name all that phone shit October, thr nineteen. Eighty two with the N fl in the midst of a fifty seven day strike during the nineteen eghtwo season, CBS sent cruise to four division. Three football games: It's contractd with the NC ouble a called for it to broadcast for division. Three Games each year, which I never fucked new or saw, but they were playing NFL reruns during the strike and t e. The ratings were shit, so they were like fucking. You know what? Let's do them all in one day, so on October third nineteeneghty, two CBS's top football anouce or PAT summer all kicked off Sunday afternoon. Football in Springfield, Ohio, we're in the heartland of America, Springfield, Ohio, some ae all said this is the stadium, witenburg stadium, the home of the Tigers. It seats, seven thousand, and today it's just about packed good afternoon and well. We know it's division, three football they're, not as big as the players, an he ad ell for sure, they're, probably not as talented as they are in the NFL, but they still play with the same amount of intensity and they still like the game just as much as whatever they play at whatever level. Believe me, after thirty one years of every Sunday being associated with the NFL, either as a player or broadcaster, it's nice to be on campus and of course he broadcasts that game with his broadcasting partner. John Madden, can you imagine a division? Three football game on CBS on a Sunday with Pat Somerell and John Madden, and the entire crew was out there like everybody at they used for the Games on Sundays. They had at this game as fucking crazy, but the thing about I don't know how much you know about the Strikein, a two: the NFL skipped. Eight weeks they played the first two weeks that season and they adn't come back until around the third week of November. Can you imagine this shit occurred in twenty nineteen and you were watching division three football on CBS ill, not watchindivision, three football! I don't care. I played division. Two football youcould have had a shot at being on CBS, but yeah. Those are my two stopd stories for the first week of October Ninetey eigh two. We had the first game ever for the New Jersey devils and we had division. Three football on CBS on Sundays, 'cause of the N F L Strike Wow all right. Man Crush. Well, I'm going to take your two stories and Kinda combine them into one story: 'cause you had the NFL on strike and you had some hockey in October, firt N, nine teen N. Ninety four, the NHL announce that they were going to lock out the season and go on strike. We're not as many people cared. The lockout was a was subject to a a dispute between the players. Of course, they wanted more conlective bargaining. The owners wanted to help the franchisers that had a weaker market as well as to make sure that they could cap the higher salaries that were continually rising in the NHL. The lockout would eventually lead to two Canadian teams. Moving to the United States, the Quebec nordeks moved to Denver in the summer of ninety five, an became the Colorado Avalanche and the Winnipeg jets moved to Phoenix and becave the Phoenix coyotes. The lockout would ultimately end on January, eleventh an nineteen ninety five. As a result, the league short in the season from eighty four games down to just forty eight. The season would last from January twentieth to May third, which is the first and only time in NHL history that the regular season has extended into the month of May so. The lockout started October. First, nineteen. Ninety four caused some major shakeups in the NHL. That's my first news story. Second News Story Is October: Fifth, Nineteen. Ninety four, the NBA, shortens the three point: Distance to a uniform twenty two feet and an effort to increase scoring the NBA's competition committee voted to shorten the three point line to a uniform twenty two feet from the previous twenty three feet: Nd then what happened with Orlando Magic forward? Dennis Scott set a single season, three point record for the most three poirters with two hundred and sixty seven during the ninety five. Ninety six season sounds really impressive. They shorten he three point line they're jacking up more points, but you know, of course, a few seasons later. They would move it back to the twenty three feet: Nine inches. That would continue on at the extended distance and then, of course, in Twenty fifteen twentan. Sixteen season, steff and curry, would then shatter all records with four hundred and two three pointers at the extended distance. But for that for like two or three seasons, we had a short and three point line scoring went up. Steve Cur was killing it at the line for the Bulls, that's what I got for Sports October, nineteen, ninety four, all right off to Eri cluly for the ruling, this one's actually really close, so Um Jersey, devils, are one of my hated teams, along with the Rangers in Penguins, as a flowers fan, makes sense them going to into existence. You know cursed that day the NN lockout and part of your story, the football strike they cant cancel each other out, but Pat Sommer on John Maddendoing D, three football coverage that is kind of awesome and as a guy who played lower level college football, that would have been amazing. I mean you said they held seven thousand. I did DD two where we held thirty five thousand. I think my stadium held quitlepe over that, but even the fact that my high school held more people than a game at John that and pet sumarall ercoing. That's that's really fun to me. He's a sociology major Om, like th, the great part about. I don't know how much you new, you guys know about John Madden, but he never flew you ould always thank to boss, oh no! No! He wouldn't. He wouldn't fly anywhere so how he actually drove his car to Springfield Ohio by himself. Caus Hi is nineteen too this I before the video games and everything else, it's just him. After the retirement of beeing yeah, there's no bloss the stew, just drout B, Thre Yam ad, a bus with D, three college athletes on the side of it, hes saving them flucking, Turkey, legs and Shit. John Matten pulls up in his little dots and hatch back where, in I park that that's a pretty cool story, somebody who play college football, I I have to go. I have to go with that. Just 'cause, that's just really cool th, the three point line being shortened. I don't care, especially since they moved it back. I think yeah, it's like an onissue. It's I don't know it's like making the cree smaller and hockey like okay, go good for you. I I hope that helps your ratings, but it didn't yeah. I think that's just really cool. Like if I was just playing this little D, three football game, W seven thousand people showing up almost a fool stadium pat summer on Jo Manne e- Be Broadcasting Bok all right, and this was the or this is just one game at their highlighting, but they ite shoul, Hav, four different teams. So that's pretty fucking awesome for a C BS L Ke. Should I blow my jock strip for this one or a freebawl this that that's pretty cool nd. You know those guys if you go back and talk to any of those guys playing that I mi'm sure they're all like clerks or work at them. ahonting drive in or something like that now. But I bet you that's tha highlight of their life pet somere, Ong, Jaen, nd broadcasting, one of their games, man, that's pretty cool allright to that means. I keep the title. 'cause that's four to one, but let's play this last round just for prosperity, Sak! I'm going to let you start this one mark 'cause that that's the kind of guy I'm salt of the Earth, baby, youv, SALTY SACKIR! That's why I use manscaped use the code decades and MANSGAVE DTCOM for ten percent off your order and I'm not kidding that's real, really us it you're going to shave your balls. You need mandscapes go over. There grab that stuff use code decades get ten percent off all right. What you got for television Mark Al Right, dbting October, first, nineteen. Ninety four: I give you wild cats, covert action teams created by Gimlee. Of course, the legendary comic books, artists, Gimlee. It was based on wildstorm, comics and now, of course, owned by DC, but it was a half hour, animated television series that was on CBS for one season between October firt, nineteen, Ninety four and January twenty first nineteen ninetyfive. Of course it was mostly made because of the growing trend between cartoons and action figures. You had the teenage Wan Inteturnle said just you had just hit huge skeleton warriors: he had all kinds of other gragery, charks, astreet sharks, yet sectars Rock Lords Street Sharts treasre love that cartoon Dina wriders, which was my all time favorite, but wild cats. Of course, what made wildcats so special is because it was based off a comic book ancreated by the legendary Gimlee Yo say they were wild ecause. They were Loyl, it was actually the the C Broadway cat people release it to the rest of the world. So do your thing on your own bewild cat and what theater are they playing at the Winter Gorall right? So for my second television selection, we will go to the night of October. Fourth, nineteen. Ninety four, I give you season for episode. Three of home improvement. Death begins at Forty Harry from the hardware store, has a mild heart attack. As Tim Turns. Forty Tim is worried and goes off the deep end about getting healthy. The boys give them a tool. Man figure make out of his tools. That sounds way dearier than it should and Ol gets hem a ride on a jet. I'd rather have a ride on Jill, so ye home improvement. This show was absolutely huge. If you look at the ratings, it was number one for the week. The rating score was a twenty point. Three I mean, then that is a huge number. I actually beat Seinfeld, which also, I think it has like either a nineteen or a twenty, but home improvement just beat it out. It was the number one show for the week. deat begins at forty home improvement October. Fourth, nine teen ND. Ninety four all right couple: deep cuts in there I'm going to go with October. Second, nineteen, eighty two and I kindo wish Mikeranger was here for this IUS. This show is his bread and butter. We get season five of different strokes and season five. We get a brand new character to the mix and she ends up staying all the way to the end. Nineteenig six we get Mary, Joe Catlet. She takes over s the new housekeeper in this searis playing Pearl Gallagher, and I don't know about you guys, but for me out of all the maids o were on the show. This is the one that I personally remember the most. I grew up watching the show in the early eighties, so I really didn't see much of the the MSS Garrett being on there until it was in syndication. Mary Jo, had been on there like all the way to the end from what I watched it with all the Danny, Cuxi Shit and all the other stuff, but she's done a ton of stuff since she's. Also, the voice for Ms Puff She's been that voice for Spongebob since season, one in nineteen, tny, nine and she's still alive and eighty six years old to make sure you guys knock on wood, 'cause, we're mentioning Er right now and I hate when we bring someone up and then they die 'cause, it's happened before so, let's please knock on the. What I'm doing it again. That said this is interesting, though the other two maids that were on the show of Coursecharlotte Ray missus Garrett and Nedra vals, who was Ms Brewbaker, she was the one in the middle. She was the super old one m talking about not a clue. Hoth of them lived into their nineties HRA passed away at ninety two and Nedravalls lived to be ninety four and Mary Jocatl. It's eighty six right now I mean you're talking about those maids reachin, the ninetys she'Sgot a couple more years. Let's see she can get past ninety four, but and it's pretty crazy in comparison when you think about, unfortunately, Dena Plato and Gary Coleman dying so early, you got these other characters at are living so long, pretty nuts anyhow. Well, they weren't the maid. They were't they werent. They were never working as much. He was a working woman October first, nineteen, eighty two we get our first glimpse at the guy they'll become the nineties games bond. I'm not going to be around the Bush too much on this one. It's Runnington steel and the show lasted ninety four episodes, five seasons on NBC before spending the last few decades, N and out of indication. I didn't want to give too much away because I wanted to see if you guys actually knew what Remington steel was about. AD A conversation with somebody a wer. A couple of weeks ago, who' claimed that they watched REMINGTON steel. It had no fucking clue. Runnington steal was about either. One of you guys know what Runis fiels about never watched it never watched it. I could tell you who was in it. I cand see, like the you know, the screen shot of him, but no, I don't know what it's about so pretty much Stephanie Zimbalist, Laura Holt was like the main character of the show with Pierce prosand and she was a private investigator and she wanted to open up her own practice. So she hires Pierce Brosan who's kind of like a con man and his real name is not even Rummington steal if that's like his his Sudo name and he's running the agency. So people go to him, but ultimately it's her. That's doing all the stuff and there's like a love interest between the two of them like on and off, like you know, they're always at each other's throats and shit like that. Kinda like, like a moonlighting type deal how they were so she's the actual company, but she wants him to be the face, the company exactly and that's what it was about. But here's why the show is ultimately important. I just wanted to make sure you guys knew what it was about now that you know watch it if you want whatever, but after the nineteen egty sixties, an n BC cancelled the show so as soon as they cancelled it Cubby Broccoli, the producer for genes, bond films. He Sprang to attention and mmediately offers Pierce Brasin in the role of James Bonn. This is nineteen six, however, NBC decides because they're getting like all these complaints from people that they cancele the show they reversed the cancellation and since they reversed it and Pierce, was still in her contract. Cubby Broccoli pulls the offer 'cause. He didn't want James Bond to be known as REMINGTON steel as well. He wanted James Bond to be James Bond, not somebody else. So we ended up giving the role to Timothy Dalton instead and then, on top of that Stephanie Zymbalist, the Lore whole character. She was actually supposed to be Lewis in Robocop, really yeah and then because this whole thing happened, they ended up giving the part to Nancy Allen. Wow. I didn't know that end yeah. Can you imagine like if this happened there? I wasn't the biggest Pierce brasand fan of James Bond because I was a Roger Moor Guy, but if it had started a little bit early, would we have gotten somebody else in the nineties? Would he have gone from the mid eighties? All the way through the nineties like so much Shik could happen. Yeah, I'm a huge Jamesmond Fan and I love all the Pierce prows ind, the movies, I'm also a huge Timothy Dalton fan so license to kill. Probably my favorite bond film. I think it's a really important story in the franchise, but would I have liked to have seen it with a young Pierce Brosten yeah I kinda would have even though I loved Jimothy Dalton in that movie, it kindof would have been cool to see peeecs in that yeah. So you could think NB C for that one, but there it is remington steel debuting and we had a Pearl Gallagher starting up on different strokes, all right. Well, I guess we don't really have to go over to judge Eric clurly for the verdict on this one, surely do we do, but I guess we'll do it anyway: W Wile cats that was a show th. They there on jets too right, yeah, yeah, therre, a breed of warring alien tribes, really cutting edge stuff. I I I remember the commercials. I don't think I ever actually watched that, though home improvement, I did watch the REMINGTON steel. I never watchd, but I do know of it and different strokes. I I did watch, but I actually, while we were talking about this, I was hooting on my phone to to see Mary Jol was and if you google, her the picture comes up at it looks like she set a stroke. 'cause one eye is closed and one is open. On the first picture, you see: Whas, really cruty N O no, that's Mary, Jo, but a Fuko yeah. This one I'm going to give us tha manincrush and here's the only reason why, because I have never seen reminting steal, but I can picture that opening scene which, for one reason or another, it's stuck in my head, so you gott assume that it has legs at that. So O it's stuck around for five season, so they did something right, yeah and that that's really the only reason uh speaking of mandscaped, a lot of chess chair and H, remington steel. I am sure there was also the best fucking poor name ever it kind of is I I still got to give that one to Peter North Peter North Rumington steel's a pretty solid fucking, an poorn name. I don't know if it's a real poornae, but if it was- and I say this again- Peter North- I know he'v still got nothing on Richard Hammer, yeah classic one of my favorites all right jeelers. Well, I guess we're going to end this episode right here as I receive yet anotherasswhipping. I guess that's what happens when you challenge the champ, but don't worry we'll be back with another episode next week and in meantime, if you've missed an episode, why don't you head on over to dueling decades, dotcom where you can catch up on all of our past episodes? You can subscribe to them on Itunes on Casbox, wherever you want also head on over to facebook, dotcom forward, slash dueling decades, where you can join our private group, continue the conversation online post, some of your own great retro content. Let us know the things that you're interested in also you can take part in our weekly competition. We have trivia going on all week where you can earn points to climb the ranks of the dueling decades. Leaderboards talking about champions yeah, we got Eric Right here. Yeah Eric is the number one point getter right now on the leader board. I don't even know what Yu're at you're over seven hundred points, though fary hanging on, though barely hanging on, it's very close tat. The top butt, if you guys start playing you'd, be just like Eric if you're in that Green Zone, which is in th top thirty- and you want to be a judge- you just let us know how about Brian, making a huge comeback. This week, yeah, we got PRONRATO GENA lot of people come o DJ, Hitdol alriglletme, throw this out there too 'cause. We get this question a lot and then we can close up here if you're thinking about playing the Tribie. If you do already one of the things that pops up all the time when we have these culminations mark- and I set the answer ahead of time, so we have a map to that person ad a time with multiple steps. So whatever we have is the answer? That's the answer. So if you find another connection and we're only like two or three rounds in and somebodys got it and they won, and you have another way, yours is not right, because on the next round, we're going to throw you like a complete curveball and you're going to be like Il Fuck that guy's not in this. It's just that. You guys never get to like rounds four and five and six and seven you guys are too good for that. Usually wrapitg up around. You know what the fourth lile got three or four, and he is speaking directly to me right now. It's not just you Li E. I get it f like there's multiple people that say it to me and H Y, and I find it interesting when you guys give me these other pathways, but then I'll be like I forgot what the last one was, and somebody asked me and I go okay, that's great and they're I was like, but how would Richard Pryor factor into that 'cause? That would be the next thing right Y H, you said that yeah ll, I say it's a multiple people was talking directly to you see. There was one where I was like they were on the simpsons and hes lie yeah, but t e this one. They were on the simpsons all right, but not everybody was on the seds and I was like yes, they were, but we set it up ahead of time. So, head on over to the facebook group join up with all the other compenitors play the Trivia. So until next time deelers were going to bid you a piece, love Lightn, a joy, hey have a grateful week. Everyone infirmy media. This is no ordinary subshoc. 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