Dueling Decades
Aug. 14, 2019

Which Week in History takes this one? It's the second week of August 1981 vs August 1990!

Which Week in History takes this one? It's the second week of  August 1981 vs August 1990!

Welcome back duelers to another episode of everyone's favorite adult audio retro game show, Dueling Decades! On this episode of your show Marc James steps into the ring armed with the 2nd week of August in 1990. His challenger will be, Mike Ranger and...

Welcome back duelers to another episode of everyone's favorite adult audio retro game show, Dueling Decades! On this episode of your show Marc James steps into the ring armed with the 2nd week of August in 1990. His challenger will be, Mike Ranger and the second week of August in 1981 in this months edition of “The Week Experience”. Reigning Dueling Decades Champion Mancrush takes up the gavel in this duel and call this one down the line. For more great retro content visit DuelingDecades.com

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formaremediapeople in CA, top Jeweli Gans, the pixe o plan, but it dot or a ran again upon that capbut topte power got com fight for what you love, Yon Oco to Poe pe Cope Angreta ba e Te poteco would take e grave, a o Bala Atik. I av made a TN comefit for Wat. You love Yoin, teas broadcasting from the new infirmary media studios. It's the Adultanio, Retro Game Show where the Eighties and nineties do Batnel, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to deweling decades. Let's meet this week's dolers and the decades they will be fighting for in the weak experience this week. I Mark James will step back into the arena of ofsiveness and I will be dueling with the week of August twelfth through the eighteenth in nineteen. Ninety, in my opponent, Dueling with August eighth, through the fifteenth in Nineteen, eighty one is the grizzled video veteran of our program host of the video Rangers podgast and fan favorite to the show Mikranger is back to Shaven Wymy granger I took it off. Looks like I, too looks like a totally different person. Took it all off, shoe'd see my nuts I and that's always here on the show. We need someone to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. So let me introduce to you the man who will keep Lawren order on this episode and he is also the new dueling decades champion. Mancruge Wat'slrigt. Let's get this on an Mike. I have to ask you one question I was just thinking about this is mark, was talking? Have you ever won a singles match? I don't think so. Holy Shit you're becoming like the cocoa beware of dueling decades. I know it's funny, I'm there till the end and then I just get like fucking to squal, but you're good, but you just never win no tolet's see I'm not Gonto, I'm not going to one side or the other, we'll see what you guys have, but it is interesting. You finally get the eighties too you're going with nineten and eighty one I've actually lost with the eighties. That's happened, O aw, yeah dreams do come. True, Wel marks nineteen nineties. He basically has the eighties as well. He's got e nineteen, eighty, nine hangover yeah. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dualing decades rules. The judges coinflip shall aside, who picks first out of the five duling decades categories, movies, television, music news and for the weak experience. Hot Products will be replaced with sports. A judgeis ruling Wi'll determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: Apiece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all, five rounds, listen up, duelers, don't switch the blade on the guy in shades 'cause, it's time to play, Joenos Al Right, all right, so check it out. I'm feeling really comfortable right now and I don't want to get up to uh to find anything to you flip. So what Ame we going to use is something that I use when I go to the gym, and this is called the CN s tap, monitor and what I do every morning when I wake up as I tap this as many types s I can for five seconds and if it's ten percent slower than the day before I don't go to the gym that day, because that means my central nervous system is slow, so wh, I'm going to have you guys do is guest the number of taps that I do whoever's the closest gets. The first pick Ho. What's the time I get, I get five seconds you Goit to see me: Do it right now ready Okga, almost there all right Mike since you're, the perennial loser, gimme a number thirty, seven, thirty, seven from Mike Mark God, I am going to say twenty nine. The answer was thirty: Nine Ohmike, you get it my fucking C N S is on point right now in a row: Hey wherere you going get back here. That's a good question Mike. Where are we going with the first selection? Oh there's so many so many different ways I can. I can fall on my face, let' see where we can start her have a positive attitude. Man I want to hear winning all right. I wantto hear Ubir in the air. We go. Let's start off with something fucking positively. You tell me how positive I should be when I have to start with some like this. Well, let's go with music I'll fry music for the flar Wenou, all right. So on August tenth, nineteen and eighty one Bob Dillan released his twenty first studio, album shot of love. This was dillon's third entry into his attempts at Chris Christian albums. The album peaked at thirty three on the: U S, charts and continued his decline in the states. The album received mixed reviews, but the track. Every grain of sand is a universally considered standut. To never heard of this album, it didn't get very good reviews, but people love that sand song. What is it called? Every grain of sand, every green of sand, huge all right, man yeah, I like you, so I'm Starinlin Bot with a classic. I mean I'm like a big Dealin Fan, but I don't know this alum at all. Well, this this twenty first fucking album by then aio. How many does he have now jude? Who Sh just keeps going? He just keeps going and if you go see him in concert he will not perform anything. You know. No, he just refuses to do it see that's my first bick all right, so you started off the game. Super Hot H in comparison with some other people that have started out the game with like teenage Meing Ingu turtles you've started out the game with Bob dillons shot of love. But what's your second pick? Oh well, let me tell you cause on August Fifteenth N, nine hutdred and eighty one the pretenders released their second album pretenders too. This was the last album with the original line up the single talk of the town and message of love. Where hits the previous year, the album has grown in stature over time and reached half a million copies in two thousand and one. Oh, it's pretty big now. Can you sing me a chorus from the song? Whatever one is bigger, so I know what it's I think message of love is um the bigger song, but I don't actually know any words from it. I bet you message of love is in the lyric. I might be sujust seeing message of love anyway, you want right now. I I can't bring myself to do it. What sorry s wite can mike an freestyle rap battle, but he can't drop three word O and I can't think about it all right, so huge around you started out with Bob Dyllon's shot of love and the pretenders pretenders too, which almost sold a half millin copies. What is markave for the week of all right, so released August fourteenth nineteen. Ninety, the original motion picture soundtrack to the movie pump up the volume soundtrack sold fairly decently, although it didn't have all of the songs that were included in the movie, they did exclude a few of the notable tracks, the big one being the scenario by the beesty boys. You couldn't find it anywhere. It was never an official release H, you could only get it in bootleg, but the album did have everybody knows performed by concrete blond, which was is the Leonard Coen Song, of course, thats feature throughout the movie. That is not on the album. Just T, a concrete blonde version is that's played at the very end of the movie. Also has bad brains and Henry Rawlins covering kick out the jams and cowboy junkies covering me in the Devil Blues by Robert Johnson, just a really good mix of different bands. On here I mean it's got heretic by sound garden on here above the law sonic youth. Much like the movie, it appealed to a mass audience. So that's my first H, entry August Fourteenth Nineteen Ninety, so my second entry was released August, Fourteenh, nineteen. Ninety- it is an e P extended play and it is the only EP released by the Band N Wa. The first album that was released after ice cube, decided to split from the band the big single off. That was one hundred miles in running the tital track off. That EP also had just don't bite it and a few other tracks as well, not the most successful selling n waobum. Although that being said, it did sell over one point: five million copies worldwide and it has been certified platinum, so n, W A's release of their first and only ep one hundred miles running and it had five different songs on it. Relese August fourteen nineteen, ninety damn well, it's pretty interesting, there's only a five solling EP and it's sold one and a half million copies. So that's pretty big right there and n fact: He had the pub up the volume sound track mike the Pretenders pretenders to and Bob Deal and shot of love too totally nonexcitable picks Um. I G I I have to go with nineteen. Ninety here, imeanshocker art th, the nineties start this off, but it is interesting because the stuff that you came up with even the pump up t oof the volume I keep wanting to say pup up to jam buteven that soundtrack, it's just loaded with a bunch of eighties tracks R. So I can give an a sist to the eighties on this one. But ultimeately it's a nineties release so yeah I gotta go with August nineteen. Ninety and what are what are your dates again? T'the, eighth, through the fifteenth, are your Bolth the same thing? No. I had the Twelveh through the eighteenth, moving on so you're you're controlling the board. Now you get to choose where you want to go. Why don't we go over to some news? Hopefully it's better than music. That's it! Absolutely not a matter of fact we're going to start off with some horrible music news. Was this the day that, like snow, released informer? No, not quite that bad! On August, thirteenth, nineteen, Ninety Curtis Mayfield is paralyzed from the neckdown, an an accident and an outdoor concert in flat Bush Brooklyn after the stage and lighting equipment collapses. On top of him, if you're not familiar with Curtis Mayfield, he is a staple of seventys soul and one of the all time, great composers. I gave us the theme song for Great Movies, such as superfly my favorite one of alltime, my favorite song is Pusherman by Curtis. Mayfield was still able to complete jist final album with the help of some some other musicians actually recorded all of the vocals line by line laying on his back it's being paralyzed. Obviously you can't sit up and you can't get all the air you would to sing, so he had to lay on his back to record the vocals for his final labum passed away several years later, andfortunately due to complications with diabetes. That is my first story. My second story is an interesting one. On August thirteenth, nineteen, ninety a federal judge barred the enforcement of the Helms amendment. It was passed hastily by Congress a year ago in an attempt to prevent minors from listening to sexually explicit telephone recordings. What does this mean? Because this law got turned down by a judge and never got put into act? We got all of those awesome commercials in the nineties where you could call phone sex lines in the nineties. The one nine hundred numbers you know call me late at night, talkto candy t e girls of many nations y. We got all of those. This would have never happened if this law got enacted, it was called the helm's amendment. What they wanted people to do was, if you were a company that offered explicit material over the phone, you had to have a written contract from the person signed, stating there at least eighteen years of age. So before you could use their phone service, probably by mail, you had to fill out a form and send it to 'em that would have killed every business. So this this law actually got turned down and we got a booming sex phone industry because of it. Okay, so just declarify. It's the nullification of the Helms amendment correct. It was Gocha, they barred enforcement of the helm's amendment all right, good stuff. At least you came with something positive after you started with a fucking down here, but RME come on ther we're going to take our porn away. I like the streak I like, where going keep it up my stay positive. What do we gothwell? I found an article from August, Twene, Houand, nine hundred and eighty one and the daily news. Titled IBM INVADES THE MARKET FOR SMALL BIS computers. The article goes on to say that IBM has entered the personal computer market today, introducing a computer for use in homes, schools and small business that will sell for as little as sixteen hundred dollars the release of the IBMPC spawnd from a deal made with Bill Gates in July, Nineteen and eighty when gates agreed to create an operating system for IBM's new computer and led to a computer revolution. We know t the OS as MS Doss, so my story is IBM entering the personal computer marget. Well, I didn't write superfly, though all right. What what's your second story? 'CAUSE, usually the second one's stronger, but that's pretty fucking strong. So I'm curious, that's his first story. Well, my second story: I found another Article Ron, the Daily News on August, Eleventh Oanine, uteen and eighty one, and it covers Ford Motors, not publicizing the recall of over two hundred thousand vehicles. Almost all of the recalls were safety. A safety issue for t did send out, recall letters to all the owners but failed to publish it in media and, as a result, most people didn't know about the recall. Both the Fort Escort and the Mercury Lynx had been recalled eight times since the lasince, the fall. The same day, Ford admits to this Chrysler ends up recalling a hundred thousand cars and consumer reports. DODORG has a list of the ten largest recalls wall. Time and Ford is on the list three times, including with this one. So a story isn't there so much that the recall had happened prior, but the storys Ford actually admitting that they failed to make the public aware by publicizing it in the media, and they admitted that they did it because they didn't want to cause a panic, but these worse safety issues within the car right, Goja, okay, so here we o the IBM story is the biggest story. You guys have, obviously that didn't happen. We wouldn't be recording how we are right now I mean we might have, but it wouldn't have started from here and the fact that they went to personal computers. This early, I wasn't aware of the date, so I'm a little shocked that it was that early in nineteen eighty one I was always thinking it was eighty two, that's monumental right there, so I gotta give you that one and then your second story, the the recalls what's really interesting about that is, there's recalls on all of our cars all the time and when they mail us something in the mail. I don't know about you guys any time I see something from the car company. I don't get my bill from them, so I know it's just some bullshit promotional thing usually and I would toss them out now. When you get stuff from the car company and to recall it actually says it on the envelope so you're, you know you're forced to open it and look at it, but even then people look at it and they read it like. They know what the fuck they're talking about and they're like ohthat's steering column. That's fine! Meanwhile you're you're, driving down the road and your ship pops off. So look at those envelopes, people, but same time. You know lookig back in N. nineteen, eighty one, if you were just getting something in the mail mal, was kind of the highlight of the day I ninete an eighty one, but at the same time people were probably just chocking Hem ecause. It probably had nothing on the envelope other than the fact that it was from Ford Motor Company andp ditched it. So that's a huge thing that people didn't know about M and then looking at nineteen. Ninety with Curtis Mayfield thing is s horrible, horrible news story, ND it's! I I kinda just kindo like like that it'ss Lik, IT'S BAD! It's sad! It's not even a death. If you Wule to come to me with a death, I would have been like fucked thiis, a death horrible, but you know it. This happened because the death, no this guy, just had shit, fall on him and got paralyzed terrible. And then he went on to report. Another almand die several years later of something. Well, I'm sure it was related somehow but diabetes of all things. Yeah Yeha his legimputated too, because of the easiest Crisoroh, my God, bringing the positivity Mare James and then your your other story and bringing it back up the h, the nullifigation of the Helms amendment that I's that's huge for the nineties. I think because we all grew up with like up all night, and you know all those late night shows and it you know it routinely started ten at eleven o'clock at night, 'd start to get those commercials like ohm. Now they were always whispering for some fucking reason at', so your mom couldn't hear them yeah Si your mom ca y, they whispered in the commercials. That is exactly why- and I never thought about it to this moment now that I'm forty one duus but yea everywhere yeah they were, they were everything they were in magazines. I just I mostly remember them on USA, yeah 'cause, a that Wase network or along with, like the local, like strip joints W. that's why you get like a nine seven, six evil or there's a really funny episode of growing pains where Ben Actuallyis, like handing out nine hundred numbers to his friends at schools right in the whole, I a plot line to see before Ralin Paine works at a PIAVEX line. Yeah he's looking your balls, it's so cool, though, because like during that time, I know everybody wanted to call them, but I know like in the backs of our heads. We all knew- or at least I did. I looked at it like remember the the swet emotions, video from erosmith n, the girl's supposed to be a she's supposed to be a phonsec operator, and it's just somet like haggard mom, like ironing on an iron board and t hitchin looks a mess. So that's always what I thought of. I call that shit anyhow getting back to it. I gotto give this one back to nd, nineten and eighty one to tie tha shit up we're going August, eight through Fifteenth Nineee. Eighty one took this round. Onedo one hey duelers market man cross here, want to take a second out. Talk you about our new sponsors, blue, chew, dot, CA, whether we're competing here on dueling decades or chewing it and doing it in the bedroom. We are always looking to enhance our performance. 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Wi H, t V, Woo, all right, T V in nineteen, eighty one, there's not a lot on shock me on August, fifteenth, nine unered and eighty one. We had the birth of the eternal world television network or Ewtn a station hopelessly devoted to spreading the Roman Catholic faith, making its debut at six PM central time when the Catholic Church was asked what spark they move to network television. The church replied, it's all about the kids that was touching yeah, but despite the testimonies of several altar boys, ewtn became the largest religious cable network by the year two thousand available in thirty eight nations was this the the network where Swaggert was on I've? No idea? Okay, I never watched it. Never never watched the WT noer, the eternal world television nowork never knew what that's tfor until now. Thank God yeahoh! It's not the extreme wrestling television at Work D. DON'T GET THAT MESSED UP! There are a lot of people falling down on there for some reason, but they're not in a wrestling. Much that's. My first story- Yeahman Yeah, second story's, a little funnier. I think, an article from the Daily News on August fiftetenth aninehutded and eighty one by George Maskine, titled Jenner, from weetes to chips. And yes, I'm talking about Bruce Jenner, a real man's man in nine tee and eighty one Erkosrata was in a contract dispute and was possibly going to leave the show the article talks about how Genner will be brought in as a replacement which did end up happening for six episodes in the fifth season. As genner played officers Steve an M Cliche, I think that's I've actually never seen any of these episodes, but a spokeeron. A spokesman for ASTRATA, said GENERSO. A role would be one shot deal and is quoted as saying Eric has tons of movie offers strata returned after seven episodes. Well, that's better than Patrick Duffy he's he stut out for a whole year and ruined the whole. Show I'm not talking about chips. Of course, just saying it's a like situation, of course, Patrick Duffy, from the Dallas fame, who left for all these movies that he was going to do and that turned out to be what was it a dream in h case that they brought it back yeah? You know he just didn't he needed to learn that he had to take thing step by step, but I digress fer going off on a tangent which we like to do, but I don't even remember him on on ships Bruce Jenner, so he must have been pretty lame. As a character, though thought you were going to say, I don't remember Catlin Jenner on chips, 'cause, nobody why I don't remember Acalen Gen, they might have arrested her at some point. PROSTITUTIONA ring type deal, but I don't remember Bruce on that show whatsoever. I used to watch that all the time, but I haven't watched it in probably thirty years, I'd like to dig those up, I'm sure there's a podcast out there called like chips and chips, and it's about people that like eat chips while watching chips. I G at first when you read the news story and you said: Would you say gener something: Chipo yea the title: The article was Genner from Weadi's to chips yeah. I I actually thought that it was just an article about like how he was switching his sponsorships from weedies to like potato chips or something until like I heard you say orcause that would have been a better story Ey, but you did have ewtn. So, let's see what happens between August twelteh and eighteenth of nineteen. Ninety all right. So my first entry is the ladies on Sweet Street, which H Debt August, Sixteenth Nineteen, ninety and, if you're wondering why you've never heard of this wonderful Sitcom. It's because this was a failed pilot that hered on August sixteenth nineteen. Ninety, it's a failed series pilot about two older, ladies who take up sluthing as their new pastime, starring, forties, film, Star Gloria to haven and Doris Roberts, who was really hot at the time coming off of, of course, Christmas, vacation right in nine uteen and eighty nine. This is well before everybody loves Raymond, not much as known about this show other than it was a complete failure. It never got past the pilot. So that's my first entry, the ladies on Sweet Street. Oh, what could have been Doris Roberts as a sleuth Ohman, that's almost as good as the pairing of Oprah and Sovest stalone that I posted on her facebook es it's like murder. She Baked Aso. My second intry is a a show that was actually premiering during my week. The problem I have with my r week during the summer, as I'm sure Mike Hat, is summers in the eighties and nineties. It was all reruns and the big thing ive found with my month, and I them that I've avoided throughout. All of my picks was during the time of August of nineteen. Ninety. There was one story that was all over the news all over TV and it was the only thing people cared about, and that was the fact that Iraq had just invaded Kuwit, but we're not going to even mention that on this episode good, so we're going to go with TV and there was one show that was actually brand new at the time and that was a show called northern exposure. It was in its first season and on August, sixteenth nineteen. Ninety we got the sixth episode called sex lies and eds tapes there's much to deal with Sicily when shelley's husband arrives with the hopes of taking her back to Suskachewan on northern exposure. I don't know if you guys ever got into this TV show very popular in this episode, actually kind ofsa a lot of the familiar tones that would carry out throughout the series a lot of the ways the characters interacted and dealt with the situations. It became a familiar pattern supposedly. The sixth episode is where it all started, so they say so that's my second pick. Sex lives and ED stapes episodes six season, one northern Exposure- Oh God! I when I thought, when you guys did the music round I was like. Oh, this is going to be a terrible round, we'll just get through it and it'll just go up from there, but I was wrong. This is equally as bad as the music round. It's fucking, terrible and h just to get into this real, quick, we're going to have an episode this month at the end of the month, hat's going to be a worst of the month, which is going to be a fun episode where we go and try to find the worst things and H men. I wish we would have used these dates. We're doing that. On this episode, it's ser no UM. I I'm going to throw out a shocker here, I'm Gong to give this one to Mike. That's, not a shocker and the reason I'm going to do it is because of H, futn. I know it. It's got staying power, man that nineteen eighty one it's still on. It still gets people to watch it. I don't know why maybe like as this s well, I know we're all lazy, not all of us, but society's Lazy. Maybe they just WAN to watch church on T V rather than going or they could d VR or some shit. I don't know isnursing homes and hospitals, man, that's the breater. I swear to like this. This happened when I was in elementary school. I came home from school one day and the way our house was like it was kind of like a galley. So when you opened up the door, you could see right into the living room and you could see ur TV or, like thirty inch, a wood grained, remember those floor. Televisethigway five hundred pounds ecause they had o wrapped around it, yeah shooting on the floor. Their were furniture yeah, it was furniture. I don't even think it was that big. It was probably like twenty seven inch or something it was all wood saying how so I could see as soon as I opened the door, my mom with her hands on the television, and I was like what in the is this pulter guy s like what the fact is going on, and I like open the door and like what are you doing and she's like I'm praying she was legit, praying to the TV like. I was like can't you just go to church or something like tuff fuck, but I guess people do that S. that's the only time I ever saw her do that. Maybe she wanted something she saw on QBC or something she was. I don't know what she was Prant fucking jokes on you, man, the next day, ed mcman shows up in the check. He didn't tell me so I yeah I gotto go with ewtn. I bet you. They get millions of viewers over the years hat's still around, unlike the ladies on Sweet Street I'l like Bruce Jenner's cock, which is not isjust no longer around, he left it on Sweet Street wit TA. He Co. No, he had the surgery that did he gon it. I thought he still had it. I don't know we should we should find out, but I think he he went through with it. Let's Google, this, what did they do with Bruce Jenners Penot? I think it's in the SMISONIAN. Ah, her generals were not removed, but rather rearranged into a form of consistent with a woman's Gia. You guyshy pushed his cock in you've, never seen how they do the surgery, no okay, it is split and four and an Inverte wait a minute way, O ootispack. Why do you know how they fuckin do the surgery? I think it came up, but my wife was in med school o? Okay, I didn't know if you were like watching infro marshals like it's fucking, a visa line or something no. My marks, like I coald, do this myself GD. I don't need a bucking doctor all right to Mike Shockingly pulls this one out say it's two points to one and we're going into the two point round. So give me the good stuff all rigt. I want to go with sports and mine actually Kinda. The stories are kindo intertwined it's going to roll both my picks are going to roll right into Ich Other, oh man shouldn't have been drinking yet in nine teen and eighty one major league baseball had its first work stoppage since nineteen. Seventy two that actually caused cancellation of games. The strike began on June twelfth. The sides reach an agreement on July, thirty first and resume play on August, Ninfth, Withan, all star game, and the regular season resumed the very next day on August tenth, and it is on that day that Pete Rose sets. The National League hit record with three thousand six hundred and thirty one hits previously held by stand MUSL. So my stories are baseball. Returning with a shortened season, starting with an all star game and the next TOR is Pete Rose, setting the nationally hit record, that's a pretty fucking good one man! I like that, all right mark. What do you have for sports all right? So my first one we are going to go to August, fourteenth nineteen ninety and that's when top draft pick Rodney Hampton scored an eighty nine yard touchdown, where the New York giants beat the Buffalo Bills Twenty to six in preseason football, of course, re San football, not the most exciting, but note worthy this game. We would get a rematch of this, of course, when the giants again played the bills at the end of the season in the final game, of course, 'cause they met in the superbowl, but this was the debut of star rookie running back for the giants. Rodney Hampton had about five years where he put up over a thousand yards and then just kinda disappeared after that, but as yo most running back yeah, but was a was a bright star for quite a while. So that's my first entry we get o little bit of preseason football and a a preview of what would be the superbowl that year and then ending on August twelfth nineteen. Ninety we had the nineteen ninety PGA Championship, which was the seventy second PGA championship, and this one was at Shol Creek Golf and Country Club and Birmingham Alabama Wayne Gradie one his only major championship that day, three strokes ahead of runner up Fred Couples and the Fon around couples, led by a stroke after a Birdie on the twelfth hole but then had four consecutive Bogis, while greedy he shot par for the rest of the round, was able to get his only major tournament Whin, so the PGA championship August, Twelfth Nine, teen, N. Ninety, that's what I got for sports, Alli H. One thing I missed on that PG championship was that the first day or the last day, that's the final day. That is the day that wane gradie actually won on the twelve that's the day he won. Okay, it started on the night. It ended on the twelfth okay all right. This is actually fairly simple for me, like I said before, on a lot of these episododes with the sports stuff. Things that happen within is season unless it's something l e extremely monumental like if you would have had that giants Bill Superbowl that twenty to nineteen superbowl, where you know t with the mist, kick at the end. That's huge! Everybody knows that you know everyone knows scottn or Wuld. You know that whole thing, but the fact that this is the preceason game. For that nobody gives a shit. We don't care about the the regular season. preseize him. We just talked about this before we went on the air. I hate precison and now I know why you said to me before this: Oh you don't like preseason games, hot, an Apreson on Yo, and you still went with that Vick and then you did have the PJ championship in nineteen. Ninety, I don't even know whowain gradty is, I thought you said: Wane Brady, I versu a no Wan Grady yeah. I don't even know who that is God for him. We was actually the third Australian boardon player to win the PGA Championship. Oh there was already two other ones. So, yes S, that's not that great, but you only have a week to pick from so but then you look at Mikes and he's got two huge things: The the baseball work stoppage, which basically like fucked baseball for a couple O years. You know until like the mid eighties and then you get the pet rose thing, which was huge in the eighties. The whole thing with the hit it's weird, because if you look at it now with baseball, like guys ageit a lot of hits, it doesn't seem like it's as big of news as it was then remember how big this was with Pete rose. I remember like the later years when I think it was eighty five when he broke the the taicab record theo. I remember him. I had forty one. Ninety two- I don't remember if that was his career or if that was the the break, but I remember the eighty six tops card so in eighty one when he broke the nationally record, I was only like three, so I don't remember that Shit, but still its beat rose and he broke a record and it wasn't a season record. As a you know, it's a huge nationally record, so I got to give this one again. N Ti nineteen, eighty one all right. So what does that make the score that actually makes the score four to one. So Mike is not a loser. We're going to continue on 'cause. I want to see how this plays out anyone, I'm thinking, you're not going to get a lot of movie releases, especially in this week. I'm guessing and I'm thinking mark might get a lot of weird garbage like weird late summer garbage I don't know, I'm just throwing that out there, but I'm interested and we got to keep playing. So, let's go last round movies Mike you won the round, but do you want to defer or do you want to keep you know what I think I think I'll differ all right? What a Gamesman, oh right! So my first movie, I'm actually going to break out a J J, abraams Picture Oro, one housand, nine hundred and ninety we're talking about the classic, taking care of business with Gim Ballushi and Charles Growden. Oh Wyou lose a day planter and your entireooat, the Shit released August, seventeenth, nineteen. Ninety, the movie was actually cowritten by J J Abrams he's credited as Jeffreabims on that Ji Mezirski was the other writer on that picture as well. But Hey you can't go wrong with Jimballushi it's one of those Gimbulushi in baseball movies from the nineties, like he three or four movies right in a row. All of them he's got a cug's hat on and they're somehow tied with baseball, like Mister Destiny, correct yeah, there was like three or four in a row taking care of business, though I can't get over Charles Groowden, not my favorite actor from the eighties, but do love myself. Some Gim Balushi movie gross only twenty million dollars in the box office butnineteen. Ninety dollars, that's not too bad. I found a much bigger market, of course, once it hit the home rental market. My second movie well see stop me. If you know this one. Okay, s tell me. If you heard about this movie, this is a movie that is based on the life of former mobster Henry Hill. You guys know where I'm going with this one. Damn Operation Dumbo drop. No, it is not operation, Dumbo drop and it is not even good fellows. I'm talking about the other movie that was made about Mobster Henry Hill, written by the wife of the guy, who wrote good fellows. That's Nicholas Pelegi's wife, Nora Efron, who gave us my blue heaven in nineteen ninety with Steve, Martin, rickmoranus and Joan Ksack carrocane also Medicameo, and that Daniel Stern really a great performance by Steve Martin and one of my favorite rickmoranous movies. I think he he really holds his on in that movie. Good comedic performance from him, but yeah loosely based on Henry Hil. So it's kind of a comedy take on good fellows. I guess you could say, but absolutely nothing like Goodfullis. I love that movie more like post good, fellows yeah, it's like the continuation. Now. If it was really a sequel to good fellows, we might be onto something that would be kindof cool. True, I love it. I think you're Greati love that Moel his hair yeah for a week. You did very well, you know that's you're, not getting two blockbusters, but you got too solid picks for the week. So I'll I'll weigh this a little bit differently. 'CAUSE! It's not like we're getting the entire month. You guys are getting a week. So that's like you're getting Oscar nominated ship right there in those two picks for a week. So, in my opinion, those are pretty good Mike. What ave you got all right. Well, on August, fourteenth nine teen and eighty one chucknors threw on his action gens and showed movie goers. What makes an XCOP take the law into his own hands n an eye for an eye. Chuknors doesn't need a weapon because chuknors is a weapon. Noris played Seancan, a narcotics officer forced to resign after he goes bzzerk after his partner's murder and becomes a VIGILANNI. The movie grows seven point eight million at the box office. I actually I own this movie, but I don't think I've ever watched it have you go seen it. I have it as well. I actually bought it the day that you and I went to that guys placed thousands of vjust tapes. Oh Yeah, Yep El. Look at that Yehi've! Never seen it! It's not that good! It's a chuck! Norse movie, I'm not surprised it's about as good as you can expect, and it's early Chuck norsh before he thinks he can act. Also, it's like Octagon Er yeah, it's very it's! Actually it might be slightly better than the octagon. Well, I just think you know he didn't. He just didn't realize that you know an I for aneye leaves like the whole world clind. If you watch this movie, you might go blind. No, you know what I'm going to ask you Mike. Yes, does he tell anybody? They have AIDS in the movie. You know W at I don't know, I don't haven't seen it. Juest Chuck Nors, Give Anybody AIDS in the movie. No, I think Sr. If hes ever sto stared truck norse in the face it would probably run. I would say that the sally field in e for an eye is way better. Have you ever seen that one came out in the nineties where her her daughter gets killed? She goes out for vengeance, 's, a good one. I love it when they go out for vengeance. ISIC. It's not yeah. It's not like the seventies eighties. Vengeance, though, and you can't go wrong with young sallly field yea, so that movie, I told you, I decided to recommend me a film that's available on Tha Wason Prime, and I think it's called naked vengeance. neged vengeance and it is takin VEIOVNA. It's not quite savage streets, you know it's not a deathwish, but it's looking. It's KINDOF like it's like a remake of it's a combination, kind of and like last house on the left stuff like that, it's wow, but it was just. I love the pacing of it. I loved how stupid all all th, all the rapist were, it's so bad and the fact that they start the movie off hare husband get it's just like how much man she could happen to somebody and then, like you, know, i'Ingon a quick vacation to get away from it all and I'm just going to be like sexually assaulted, every step in the way I can't even buy fucking meat without somebody bugging with it. Well, ever every guy was just tryg like hitting on her like way aggressive. You K, ow Ir time. Boys will be boys, it's really bad. I guess. If Y, if you, you wan to watch a fucked up movie naked vengeance on Amazon, BRIME AL anyhow. What's your what's your second Cyn I for Niin, big film, my next one is h, just as huge on August, fourteenth nine uteen and eighty one west craven brought us deadly blessing. The film is about a woman whose husband dies under mysterious circumstances and she starts to think the neighboring religious community. Maybe after a young Sharon stone appears in one of her earliest credits. On fact, the bathtub scene was revisited and reimagined later in West Craven's nightmare in Alm Street. The film grossed eight point two million against a two point: five million dollar budget, another one I've never seen Ani was going to ask what was the original and the bathtub scene. If it wasn't Freddy's claw, I was a snake, it was a snake, but I actually, when I was reading about it, Kindof made me want to see it do this. It is I'm telling you one hundred percent exact. You know that that iconic scene of her laying in the tub with her legs, spread the eyed open yeah, it's exactly the same, except Insa the hand it's a snake. Is it? Is it good? I don't remember the rest of the movie. I do remember that I want to see it Um God a deadly blessing. What's his nameis a deadly blessing, the guy from that we just had is one of our Tribia questions, a facebook story, the Duwe Fron othe guy from scate from New York, N brain fording right now, the Guy Um from the hills of es. I tells his name the disfigured looking Guy Michael Berryman, Michael Berryman. Thank you very much. Yes, he he's either in it or he's in the sequel. No He's he is okay, yeah O, remember him and I remember the Bath Im scene, the rest of the movie. Don't remember shit about. I don't even remember Michael Barryman's name half the time, so I can't give any credit on that Marx picks, though, for this round are amazing for that week, taking care of businesses, it's not an amazing movie, but it'll get you through an hour and a half great story like I said before Charles grow and loses his planner. His whole life goes awry and what I like about it- and I think, when you think about twenty nineteen, if you think about a high level executive like he was in this movie, losing their phone, it can almost be the same premiss. Hopefully they don't try to rebote this, but if they were to reboot this they could because it makes sense s, do it with a phone in a case of stolen, an identity, exactly it's a which they did with stolen identity back yeah, just not as funny no its, and I like Jason Bamin too, but that movie was just not that good and then my blue heaven. I still remember number one, like I said before his hairis incredible in this movie. I remember him mowing the lawn in his suit yes and the scene where he goes to the supermarket. You can melt all this stuff. I know it's dangerous for you to be in the frozen food section, it's so great. It's I have to watch that again. I haven't watched it, a l like a long time, but it's really good man. It's actually one of the first D v DS. I got it's like comlike Tha, the cardboard with the Clip Yep Yeah Yep. I hated those 'cause. After a while I say I have a bunch of Hem. Still they get deformed Andoa, they suck and terrible, and then Wie came at me with an eye for an eye and deadly blessing. Like I said before, there's only scenes, I remember from these movies and Ion'l. remember them like very fondly, like I did with my Blue Heaven Yeah, but Steve Moren is no sharein stone, fucksharid stone. Why not? Everybody else has apparently just go with your basic instinct. Well, Gin O go I'm going to go with August, twelve through the at N, Ninehuteed N. Ninety I snio he came close man, it's a closer match up than it looks on paper, and you guys came at me with a lot of just straight shit that I would never think of. Ever and probably after today, I will never think of ever again like like ladyes od sweet street, but I will remember that Bruce Jener was on six episodes of chips, I'll use that at bars and try to impress people with it. Um The EW TN thing: that's it's stupidest pick in this thing, but that's probably the most monumental pick. Actually. No, I take that back. The H, the I personal PC thing definitely gets MVP for this entire episode, but yeah it is what it is you get a week. You gotta pick the best things that week you guys just didn't, have jugor not weeks, but it was good enough and we give it to nineten eight one. That's right congratulation the Mikeranger pulls out a victory here on dueling decades. Finally happened: We have to go back. That can't be your first ever. Did you V knowim on in like other things, but I don't really remember what they are. It's just been a long time. It's been a long time. Yeah, I don't know I always usually fuck it up somewhere. Oh wait! No Yeah you on with J Sanlan when, when John shafted me Oh yeah, I didn't a you're like kind on he street. I remember that that was a good day. This is S. I think this is Mike's. First singles competition when Ono longer the COCO. BEWARE DO EC Ou now! Well, if you've missed an episode, you can always go back on duling decades. Dotcom and you can subscribe, listen play along at home right there. You could subscribe to us on Itunes. Wherever else you get your podcast and if you head on over to facebook dotcom forward slash doing decades, you can check out our private group where everyday we have jeweling decades trivia. If you've noticed here on RS s feed along with the episodes once a week, we have audio trivia where you get a chance to earn some points for the dueling decades leaderboards over on our facebook page every day we have picture trivia, we're just coming off of too big culmination, trivias too, which are really cool. I think I've had the most fun with those. So basically, the way that works is every day like mark said there is a picture. Trivia thit gets posted in our facebook story, and then we have the Audio Trivia. So now what we're doing with these culmination tribus we're giving you a little piece of a puzzle so ther there's a peace in the story. There's a piece in the audio there's a piece in the next day's story, and then you got to piece t'em all together until somebody figures out the overarching theme of the whole thing and the first two that we did the first one was masters of the universe, the movie that one took a couple of days for people to figure out, and then we did one today and it just finished up with it was Kenny logens and not one came down to three guys at the very end. They all knew was Kenny Loggins, but they couldn't figure out what the connection was and the third one they just knew. It was him, so they had to figure out what the connection was really fun. Somebody ended up getting it and our leader board is over threee hundred people. You got to join so, like mark said, come over to doing decades. ZACAM HIT US UP ON FACE book. Do all that Shit, listen to more Gona. So until next time, fellow dewelers we're going to pitch you et peace, love lighting, a joy half a grapeful week, everyone infirmarymedia