Dueling Decades
April 14, 2021

Which week ruled? Judge Dave Schultz is back for this battle between 1970, 1980 & 1990!

For the first-ever live episode of Dueling Decades, we bring you a most excellent Week Experience battle. Listener favorite Judge Dave Schultz returns to the show and steps back behind the bench for a contentious battle over the best first week of April. Marc James jumps back to April for some of the sounds of 1970. Mancrush is back in black with the first week of April 1980 and Mike Ranger bum rushes April of 1990 with some fantastic selections! 


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this is podcast new york what's up dueling decades this is wax peace to all you guys and uh thanks for having me on the show will it be the 90s or the 80s beanie babies or crack babies will it be nirvana or madonna maybe britney maybe whitney do you like new metal a new wave dave bro or super dave i don't know but now the battle begins dueling decades let's see who wins

scrub casting live from the podcast new york studios it's the all new dueling decades the adult only retro game show where the decades battle for supremacy because it's your history we just fight for it welcome i am mark james and this week i will be representing the first week of april 1970 in this week experience battle in which all of our competitors selections must fall within one calendar week let's meet the other jewelers in the decades they will be fighting for first off bringing back the 80s say hello to man crush what's up what is up and i'll tell you it is awesome to be live and almost every guest over the past year has asked us why is this live on video well now it is and before i get to my dates i just wanted to drop a big shout out to our first ever patron on patreon of course that is uh mr eric fideli thoreau i hope i didn't butcher your name bro but if i did just let me know how to say it correctly but uh thanks a lot man that was super cool you and hopefully we can get more patrons and then we can kick off the trivia and then we can kick off or launch that grimy 7d show which will be a patreon only thing but anyway i am battling today with april 1st through the 7th 1980. also joining us on the panel and bum rush in the 90s please welcome back to the show mike ranger hello everyone i'm mike ranger representing april 1st through 7th of 1990

and as always here on the show we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness so back behind the bench is the brazen badass from beantown all rise for judge dave schultz hey it's been a while and i always appreciate mark's uh nice words when he introduces me you know i'm still looking for that bench i just took a gander here don't quite have it but i will be looking uh for you to send me one in the mail make believe will do ladies and gentlemen the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules the judge's coin flip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories movies television music news and hot products a judge's ruling will determine who wins each round allowing the victor to choose the next available category the first three rounds are worth one point each with rounds four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie after all five rounds we will go to a final wild card round remember jewelers to review the show listen subscribe and play along at home it's time for more dueling decades all right let's go right down to our guest judge dave schultz for the coin toss yeah you know i'm not a celebrity i apologize for this but man crush was talking about patreon bringing in some money to the show right i have brought something tonight that might be worth a literal mint we uh should consider auctioning it off for some sort of charity but you don't remember pogs don't you oh yes yeah well i kind of i made my own little pog here and now easter just occurred recently i know if you guys celebrate or not but i like to decorate eggs with my son and you know those kits that you get those little cheapo kits you get for a couple bucks and they get the little perforation on the back so you can let your eggs dry in them yeah i pulled one out and should i show it to you now maybe you guys are familiar with these things little tabs most people just throw them in the garbage right but not this guy no and uh while we were shooting the breeze before we went live here i decided to do a little doodling and i drew a uh picture of mock james here but wait something's wrong right something's off what's that on his head what's that gnarly moss well i decided to give him some really luscious long david lee roth uh style hair there so caterpillars too man look at that for the eyebrows yeah yeah i know well what can i say i took a little uh artistic license with that i guess but the double chin is intact oh so they left the couple out though oh yeah well but yeah i think this thing is uh flip worthy and awesome in many ways so we have the i'll call this heads of course because uh mark's face is on it or my it might and on the back we have some weird uh words that i don't quite understand because i'm a simpleton but i'm assuming this is the poison that's in the uh dye that i use to cover the eggs that i ate it says mallow dextrin fdnc yellow magnesium uh stir rate so if you're a scientist please get back to me and let me know how much longer i have to live but we'll call that we'll call that tails that's just the gnarly ingredients there excellent all right ranger you have the honors why don't you call it this week well i'm a big fan of tails so i'm just going to go with that all right let's see what we got you ready

and uh magnesium stir rate is the winner so mike tails you got it damn it all right mike you win the coin toss you take control the board and you get to select our first category once again i'm not prepared for my first election so we'll just here why don't we just go with music oh man right yeah we're going to go right to that wow well uh gentlemen due to a complete lack of a better choice i'm going with the debut album by in vogue born to sing hit your local sam goody on april 3rd 1990 the album reached number 21 on the billboard 200 and number three on billboard's r b albums and was nominated for a grammy warren to sing reached platinum status selling 1.7 million copies in its first two years the album had four singles including lies you don't have to worry don't go and their debut song hold on all of which hit number one on the r b charts los angeles times writer dennis hunt wrote that unlike most female groups these four r b singers can really sing and do some passable rapping uh it's not my thing but perhaps this mix of hip hop soul pop and new jack swing was just what the music industry needed in contrast to the gangster rap sound that was so prevalent in the 1990s so uh in vogue born to sing wow excellent all right so for my music selection i went over to the billboard hot 100 for the week ending april 4th 1970 you know to see what the top songs were for the week the number one song in the country was the simon and garfunkel gargantuan hit bridged over troubled water but i'm not going to talk about that song because it always puts me to sleep so the number two song in the country would knock paulinart out of that top spot the very next week becoming the hottest single in the world ahead of its album release and that song was the all-time classic and swan song let it be by the beatles but i'm not picking that monumental hit either my pick is a song from the band mountain and it was uh in in its first week of april 1970 it made its debut on the charts in the number 92 spot for the week now the song eventually reached number 21 becoming the biggest hit for mountain who played just there for who played just their fourth ever show at woodstock less than a year earlier kind of sandwiched in between can he the grateful dead and the impending monsoon of rain their debut from their debut album titled climbing i give you the rock and roll staple of the 70s that seems like it was included in every single tv compilation albert tv compilation album since she taught me everything it's the mississippi queen you know what i mean it's the song that it's not actually about a riverboat but about a seductive woman who teaches the singer a thing or two about the ways of love mountain guitarist leslie west explained how mississippi queen came together in an interview and he said when corki dr when the drummer corky lang brought me the idea it was a one note dance song we got real high we took out a napkin and i came up with the riff and chords and then we put the words over it lang's recollection of the song was i was madly in love with the band so i decided to put a [ __ ] creek feel behind it later on i told levon helm that i felt bad about ripping them off he said he didn't see the similarity at all and we didn't owe him any money so i give you mississippi queen by mountain april 1970.

all right man crush what are you bringing for the music round all right first uh way to go mike on the strategy there um because it's going to play into effect because you're never going to get it never going to go all right so let's go april 1st 1980 uh you know music releases for the first week of april 1980 were pretty dog [ __ ] a matter of fact there was only one album and i wasn't gonna pick it it was not worth it so what i brought here it's a pretty sad story but it turns itself around it quickly becomes a great story all right so this occurs right as the band really hits their stride and honestly now that i say that they hit their strike right out of the gate but off the back of their biggest album to date the band was delivered an awful blow here on february 19th 1980 the lead singer of this band that he passed away at the young age of 33 after a long night of partying and drinking their vocalist he was left by himself inside of a car and he was found dead several hours later there's a whole crazy story behind that there's conspiracy theories maybe we'll get into that on the patreon if we do it but i won't go through that here so now you have this band like fresh off their six studio album which would end up going seven times platinum so that's nothing to sneeze at so now at this point the band's left with like the ultimate dilemma we made fantastic music we made a lot of money do we just call it quits or do we find a replacement right so after speaking to the deceased vocalist's mother she convinced the band that her son would have wanted them to continue doing what they did best and in nearly five weeks the band found their replacement singer and they hired him on april 1st 1980 and just for a second think about how insane that is i've left jobs before and it's taken them over a year to replace my ass this guy like it's crazy these guys they found their guy in over a month it's just insane then they went right into the studio and recorded their next album in april and may and they did of course they dedicated the album to their former front man but what's crazier than that the album was released on july 25th 1980 and it would go on to go this is insane 25 times platinum wow in the united states and become the second highest selling album of all time of course behind thriller i think the claim is like 50 million worldwide where i think thriller had like 66 million worldwide or something but you got the lead singer dies they hire a brand new guy in a month they go right into the studio without ever really playing together i mean think about that for a minute like you go into a job like somebody gets replaced it takes months before you're like synchronized you know and then they released one of the best albums of all time arguably it's the hiring of brian johnson as the new front man for ac dc i don't think i need to say more about that one wow fantastic pic man crush but let's see what our judge dave schultz has to say on his ruling for the music round okay let me look at my notes here gentlemen because uh you gave me a lot to think about uh 1990 and vogue with mike i mean to be honest with you i don't really remember that record i wasn't really into the scene at the time but just the fact that it happened in 1990 and i don't remember any of it is uh not good for you i'm not going to send any lyrics like mancrush did to taunt you you guys can now work that out amongst yourselves um let's see here mark i got a question for you yeah when you were going on there about what you weren't gonna pick you didn't mention let it be by the beatles now why that wasn't within the time frame what was going on it actually had been released earlier and debuted on the charts a few weeks earlier whereas mississippi queen actually debuted on the charts the week i had so i prefer when you say mississippi queen like you're uh with flare like you're singing it mississippi queen oh yeah wow mark is a lot more alive he's built that puppy uh out crush here 1980 you always come with the stories you always come with it with a deep back story that impresses me and i gotta give you props for that but i do have some bad news for you what you did mention that your job that let you go or you quit or whatever the case may be took a year to replace you uh here on dueling decades if you were to possibly get hit by a bus or a piano fell on your head they'd probably replace you the next day yeah well so i'm ready to jump in at any point yeah there you go so i chose here but looking at all this i i gotta say the because i mean ac dc with the singer brian johnson just went on to uh super mega fame beyond belief uh and that decision proved to be quite fruitful for the band and the history of rock music therefore i'm picking 1980 for the win now we can't we can't say anything negative about bonsai i mean amazing what they did you know i'm just saying like i didn't bring them up and i wanted like the albums they had with him are fantastic it's two totally different decades it's kind of like you know sammy and dave you got to judge them totally separate true it's not a plug and play band though they just right they found the right fit and just kept going and they did what they did best i know there's there is knocks on them from some people like oh they just do the same [ __ ] all the time but why would you want them to change right yeah all right man crush you picked up a point in the first round but more importantly you take control of the board what category are we going with next all right let's go with let's go with news in round two uh play a little strategy here hopefully it works out um so actually let me see what data i have so let's go to april 7th of 1980. i stumbled upon this article here and i'd like to think that this is a pretty monumental piece of music history here the title of this article is a star is back by patrick goldstein and i'm just going to recap the article a little bit i'm not going to read through it but in the late 60s this guy right here he owned his own management company music management company and while he was trying to pitch one of his clients which is jackson brown he was like going around town trying to get them a deal he told the head of atlantic records if you sign them you'll make money in response that record executive looked at him and said i'm already rich man you start a label you make a lot of money so in 1971 this dude created asylum records and he made a deal with that same executive at atlantic to distribute for them and over the next few years he signed joni mitchell glenn frye linda ronstadt tom watts john fogarty and somehow he swayed bob dylan away from cbs just to name a few and this guy was also credited with putting together super groups at the time like crosby stills nash young and the eagles so this guy has a track record so now seeing that this young executive what he had accomplished over those five years everybody wanted him to work for them this is a guy that would have taken a year to replace dave so in 1975 he steps away from asylum records and music altogether and he crossed over into film when it was announced he signed a five-year contract to be the vice president of warner brothers pictures unfortunately for him but good for everyone else he was fired in 1978 from warner brothers so with his contract lasting for another two years he was basically forced to sit at home and in his words watch the music industry start to deteriorate but now after five year layoff this brash young record mogul will return to the fold as the head of the new record label yet to be named which will be part of wea records umbrella which includes warner brothers but she was just fired by atlantic records and asylum records which he actually started in 1971. that label right there it would go on to be named after its newly minted head man david geffen of course i'm talking about right here the formation of geffen records uh he did end up signing some music veterans in the beginning he had donna summer elton john debbie debbie harry don henley and the guy we spoke about last episode peter gabriel then of course uh geffen began his success in the rock arena he started adding uh guns and roses tesla uh white snake aerosmith and then with the label taking off geffen creates dgc records and under dgc geffen goes on to sign nirvan so i mean this dude in this span is like mega so we get the return of david geffen the creation of his new label geffen records and just a new movement in the music scene with the signing of nirvana i mean there's other bands too but i'll use them for right now because it stretches so much so it's really hard to picture a music landscape without geffen coming back right here and going into the music business like what would i we would have been listening to disco for another 10 years if this didn't happen so that's why i bring you the return of geffen gaffin records fantastic all right mike ranger what did you bring for the news round well let me uh let me tell you there mark um i have an article that covers uh the injury of tommy lee from motley crue at an april 6 concert uh the article reads a rocker suffers concussion as motley crew goes to war tommy lee a drummer for the flamboyant heavy metal rock group motley crew was hospitalized with a mild concussion suffered when he fell during a concert saturday in new haven connecticut authorities said lee 26 was taken to yale new haven hospital after he fell to the floor while swinging down a rope from some scaffolding on the uh on the stage band member nikki stix says that we don't just play rock and roll we live it we go to on tour we go on tour and we get broken bones diseases the crowd leaves bloody it's more like going to war motley crew is scheduled to perform tomorrow in binghamton amazing as just a few short years later uh pamela anderson would be swinging from tommy lee's dick

uh though uh no concussions uh were reported great now i can't promote this video on youtube either because i don't know if anybody's notices or like if you know anything about youtube but we try to promote our last video we just did a test run with andre gower as a contestant if you haven't listened to that one it's fantastic but they kicked that one back to us for uh shocking content which like what and then when i appealed it they sent it back for gambling so thanks mike sorry you're you're right though tommy lee's dick is shocking surprised they didn't um didn't need to honk

all right guys so for my news story let's visit our good friends over at newspapers.com for an article in the press democrat out of santa rosa california april 6 1970 where the headline reads lsd treated potato chips send 27 to hospital 27 persons who attended a swinging singles party received emergency hospital treatment sunday while they were on an unwanted hallucinogenic trip apparently caused when they ate potato chips that were seasoned with lsd some of them were really climbing the walls but they were really out of it said sheriff's lieutenant benny woodward most of the 27 who who sought treatment experienced mild symptoms such as dizziness but others had full-fledged hallucinogenic trips one one young woman was so stoned she was unable to give her age deputies said deputies believe the chips were the source of the drug because someone who was an informant told them that someone was going around the party whispering hey lay off the chips and the corn chips the chips were confiscated for analysis so let's fast forward about a year later for the rest of the story where a march 1971 article reads makes lsd potato chips gets six years to life donald john henry thought it might be fun last april fourth to put some life into a swinging singles party in the south bay club by lacing potato chips with lsd but los angeles county superior court judge burch donahue didn't see it that way he sentenced the 31 year old bushy here defend it wednesday so it took us to a term of six years to life and henry was arrested four months after the festive affair turned into a hallucinogenic nightmare for up to 50 guests one of which was a former playboy playmate of the month who was one of the guests who testified in court she said that she could neither talk nor hear and that everything and everyone appeared grotesquely deformed to her now whether she was talking about her experiences with lsd or hers experiences at the playboy mansion that's not clear so i give you donald john henry winner of the 1970 laze flavor contest oh good lord all right let's toss it right down to judge dave schultz for the ruling on the news round okey dokey smokey 1980 the return of david geffen that is a very interesting story impressive uh the roster he put together is unmatched i think probably by just about anybody or anybody i can't think of although i i did fail to hear uh he did not sign the drummer from mountain corki so that's just a little lame toss back to the last round if anybody was paying attention yeah i was the only one but yeah yeah so that's a good job hey uh but that's that's pretty impressive stuff 1990 with mike tommy lee uh falls off the rope they they don't just play rock and roll they live it to me it sounds more like gym class uh i don't know if you guys remember having to climb that giant rope yep i don't think they do that anymore oh really no okay maybe it's tommy lee's fault who knows they saw that they saw that one coming now i get it hey 1970 i find this really weird mock for for a couple reasons for one i can relate doing a lot of lsd in my a day um but but i don't know you know i was born in the late 70s i'm not really sure how how chips were manufactured but if you open chips now it's all air so to to taint enough chips for 27 people to trip their balls off yeah you're going to buy a lot of bags of chips holy macaroni this guy the other question is who the hell's going at a party and just dipping your hand in a communal bowl of chips it's 1970 bro it's not 20 21. yeah there was a key party going on back then it was no big deal it's like key chip donald john donald john henry and he spent six years in prison for this huh that's wild did you say six years or six years to life six years to life oh what did he serve do you know i i do not know i have not i was not able to die he could still be in jail today he could be listening to the show right now we don't know i know you guys are really big in uh block c the penals yes league i i get i got to be honest here i like all these stories these news stories i if they were in my news feed today i'd be reading each and every one of them very so much more interesting than nfts which i'm sick of being bombarded with but um i'm not gonna go with with girth on this one because man crush you you came with the girth well i mean mike did too in essence right talking about tommy and i was really impressed with the story from 1970. i like the idea of people just tripping their balls off after sharing some chips and then uh then even then taking the guy to court for it because if you've ever had a horrific nightmare from lsd you you don't want to recount that you don't want to think about it again and these guys are in front of judge wagner doing that whole thing so i'm going to give it to uh donald john henry wherever you are and mark you win is that a is that a throwback to your last songs gone wrong episode is that why you tipped the hat to that one no no those were uh gummies oh and that one never made air so that's a patreon exclusive i'd love to listen that no you wouldn't no all right guys so i pick up a point i take control of the board heading into our final one point round and i'm gonna throw a wrench right into this game because we're going right to the movies round all right so for my movie selection let's go to the boston globe april 3rd 1970 where an ad reads general cinema corporation major studio preview tonight at 7 25 p.m new hilarious comedy starring henry fonda james stewart and shirley jones now a few days later on the first of april in the philadelphia enquirer they said that the national general was moving up the release date of this film to cash in on all the great publicity that jimmy stewart's been getting since he opened on broadway in harvey and his co-star in this upcoming movie hank fauna hank fonda or henry fonda received the same kudos for his west coast appearance in our town i present to you the cheyenne social club directed by singing in the rain's own gene kelly an aging cowboy finds to his embarrassment that the successful business he has inherited from his brother is actually a house of prostitution the shot the cheyenne social club not to be confused with the buena vista social club or the billionaires boys club the cheyenne social club features the only nude scene in a jimmy stewart movie which sadly ends my hopes of a deleted grace kelly cuckold scene from rear window so uh the the social club stars real life pals fonda and stuart who actually went to hollywood together and they saw each other become huge stars i guess you could kind of call them the og matt damon and ben affleck stewart agreed to the to do the film suggesting to the producer producers that they offer the part of harley to his good friend henry fonda where the two characters in the movie would highlight the real life political differences between the two buddies uh the film had its official premiere and june 10th 1970 it was not well received by critics initially but it did find an audience after uh because of repeat viewings on cable so i give you the sh the cheyenne social club with james stewart full frontal nudity full frontal can i ask a question here i usually wait until everybody speaks but uh the nude scene yeah what was it jimmy stewart no no it was one of the problems i i'm not i'm not i'm not tommy lee you see yo you'll make me a cuckold

oh who is that talking that that's just wonderful

all right man crush let's toss it over to you what do you have for the movies round all right so let's go april 5th of 1980. mark selected the dates for this episode so as soon as i saw that i had 1980 i actually cringed uh if you guys aren't aware we post movie releases daily to our facebook and now to our instagram so if you've yet to go there come over and join the other 85 000 fans are over there i swear we share a lot of great content so if you want to check that out take a look at the show notes for all the pertinent links for dueling decades we never tell you guys to do that so i'm telling you do it now go to the show notes we're not spelling them out for you anyway being that i create these uh these movie release posts every morning i'm pretty aware of the movies that are coming out in 1980 it was a wasteland in april we basically didn't get a major studio release in april until april 25th and prior to me finding this sneak preview on april 5th which is a saturday i was also i was almost gonna go with a fetish thriller about a cheating wife who liked to get assaulted so let's just uh yeah let's be happy actually uh eric uh fidelity thoreau he probably would have liked that one so if if you message me later i'll tell you what it was uh but as i mentioned this was a sneak preview and this is also that movie that came out on april 25th so this is pretty much the largest release of that month at the box office this movie it did respectable for a gonzo comedy in 1980 brought in about seven million dollars worldwide so it's around 22 million dollars in 2021 honestly though any movie with bill murray is worth its weight in gold like who cares what the box office is now before you jump to conclusions this is not caddyshack and it's or stripes which is actually 1981. that being considered i would personally say this is his best acting performance from those early years his best one by far i think to get in character for this movie bill murray he went and spent time with the gent that he was going to portray in the film so during that time he was at this guy's ranch in aspen colorado and apparently they just did crazy [ __ ] together they got super friendly so friendly and crazy in fact they also thought it was a fun idea to find out who's the best houdini of the two of them so from there bill murray he gets strapped in a chair and this is not in the film this actually happened while he's trying to get into character he gets strapped into a chair and thrown into a pool while he's tied in this chair and he almost drowns before his newfound friend pulls him out of the pool bill murray he plays his role so well that when he went back to film snl which actually it was season five and it was shooting at the same time as the film was he showed up talking he was like talking funny rather like smoking cigarettes out of those long cigarette holders and he wore a pair of dark framed glasses and there was an anonymous snl writer who said i quote billy was not bill murray he was hunter thompson you couldn't talk to him without it being hunter thompson you know this is funny i wonder if joel murray knew about this from a couple episodes back i would have loved to ask him about it because his story of telling ability was fantastic but uh even uh bill murray himself in a 1993 interview he said that the the persona was tough to shake and he says that there's still a piece of hunter inside of him which is actually sounds a little weird to say but i can uh i can actually see that in his mannerisms and stuff how he goes about himself so if you're in the mood for mostly true stories peter boyle playing an insane lawyer gonzo journalism whiskey iv drips scandalous nurses super bowl seven shooting fax machines illicit drug use things you could do on a plane prior to 2001 arms dealing revolutionaries stolen identities tricky dick and lost soundtracks then the hunter s thompson cult classic where the buffalo roam is the movie you're looking for awesome yeah great performance by him on that one oh he's dude he's amazing it's spot-on yeah alright mike ranger what did you bring for the movies round well mark on april 6 1990 the kevin klein and tracy allman black comedy about love marriage deceit and murder i love you to death opened in u.s theaters with a rating of r for profanity and moderate violence also has a run time of 96 minutes the film also cole sto the film also calls co-stars keanu reeves and river phoenix in their first pairing the two would later star in 1991's gus fan stance my own private io my own private idaho the film grossed over 16 million against an undisclosed budget i found a review in the april 9th edition of rochester new york's democrat and chronicle uh they're getting a lot of play today by jack garner who gave the film a two and a half star review but does say that klein and allman are marvelous as husband and wife who continue to love each other through some amazing circumstances perhaps the most interesting part of this fun but mediocre film is that it's loosely based off of a true story in 1983 in allentown pennsylvania francis toto tried to drug and kill her husband anthony she served four years for attempted murder and was released in 1988 dueling decades reached out to husband anthony for comment who said well i'm living here in allentown and it's hard to keep a good man down i love you to death fantastic that is actually one of the films that we put together just a couple mornings ago i saw that nearly came in my pants

it's actually honestly it might be keanu reeves best acting i used to think it was uh bill and ted but i think it might be this that's actually what connected to me to put it on that six because there were more than six releases that day which is always tough because we only put six so i gotta kind of pick the best of the six or at least my favorite of the six and the reason i picked it was because i saw keanu reeves was in it but i've never seen that oh fantastic the way you just made it sound i i don't know all right let's throw it over to judge dave schultz for the ruling on the movies round i'm amazed i am simply uh flabbergasted here because i'm a 42 year old man who's watched countless hours of useless crap movies tv shows you name it just people on the street whatever you want but i mean i'm talking probably uh three quarters of my life just wasting my time in front of a television and only mike brought a movie that i've actually seen so i i mean we'll just be all you know in all fairness here i am waiting for the cheyenne social club director's cut um i think it's gonna be on hbo max this summer so that's gonna be a big one for me and where the buffalo roam you know what i like what mancrush did was he talked about just about every rad thing bill murray did except for the movie itself you know what i mean very little it was more like yeah he jumped in a pool like houdini oh yeah he was smoking the hunter s thompson cigarette thing and he was in character or whatever but to be honest with you i haven't seen it you know so stop what you're doing just leave right now and go watch it's fun take it easy have joe filling there you go joe you ready yeah go ladies uh now i do have a question though maybe someone could refresh my memory here with i love you to death were they greek or italian uh he is uh kevin kline is uh italian and his wife is yugoslavian okay that's what it was it's very good a catholic country yes indeed and you know what's even better than that even more good is kevin kline's chest hair oh it's marvelous oh my god it's fantastic even though i am slightly biased against him because he took phoebe capes from the world who was a national treasure never to be seen from basically again after they got married so he was also in this movie which i forgot to mention yeah there you go uh i think guys i'm gonna go uh with something i know here and i'm gonna choose mike mike ranger to win this round with 1990 i love you to death oh [ __ ] what you gonna cuss out the judge that never never pans out well that's like you get a stupid you've obviously never read any hunter s thompson or seen any of the movies about him dude i'm like motley crue man i don't need to read it i live it oh i don't know if you live that life bro pretty damn close i bet you you should actually i think you would really dig it i think you would dig a lot of the stuff that he went through and that he did it's insane all right mike ranger you ty you tie up this game heading into the first two point round you get control of the board we have the television rounds and the hot products round left where are we going next man well i guess we're going to go with hot products

shocker yeah well uh on april 4th 1990 released a vhs beta and laserdisc was the 1989 comedy second site starring bronson pinchot and john lauriquette psychic sleuths are on the loose when a boston detective agency pairs a hard-boiled ex-cop with a super psychic and it's going to take all the other worldly powers they can muster to unravel the mystery surrounding a kidnapped cardinal that's right boys and girls balckie bartacomos the sheep herder from the tiny island of mepos is now the psychic whiz in the detective biz and you can take your copy home today for 89.95 on vhs or the low low price of 24.98 on laserdisc second site the movie that will have you scratching your senses you only have to pay like two thousand dollars for the laserdisc player can i put it on layaway that's what i want to know you can but um you actually do get a discount if you do the dance of joy in kmart ah yes only kmart though you might hurt yourself all right guys so my hot product is the granddaddy to a product that judge dave schultz's songs gone wrong partner drew zachman selected a few episodes back so in order to beat general in order to beat ford in general motors in the race to launch a new sub-compact car amc gave birth to the gremlin on april 1st 1970 now to manufacture the gremlin all amc did was they took the existing hornet shortened the wheelbase and the length and then gave the car its signature almost vertical hunchback hatchback feature uh the anc gremlin was born nearly a year before the uh the launch of all of the other competitors vehicles the new economy car would compete with the chevrolet v the chevrolet vega the ford pinto the toyota corolla toyota corona rather and my favorite of course the volkswagen beetle 25 hundred and thirty gram uh 25 300 gremlins were sold in its first abbreviated year on the market now production on the gremlin lasted all the way to 1978 with a total of 671 475 cars leaving the assembly line before it was replaced by the amc spirit am said the gremlin offered the best gas mileage of any production car made in the united states now according to the auto editors in in consumer's guide it actually had an unusually long list of options for a car from that era and they say it's allowing owners to have luxury conveniences typically found in more expensive cars i don't really think of the gremlin and luxury together but a nationwide survey of owners driving the 70 amc gremlin was conducted by popular mechanics and and it actually would conclude that the unique styling attracted many buyers but it was the economy that topped their likes uh the basic gremlin carries the retail price of get this 1 879 which is 40 higher than the volkswagen beetle uh one newspaper newspaper article said the a that amc isn't actually superstitious about releasing a car on april fool's day although they probably should have been so i give you the amc gremlin april 1st 1970. damn okay all right man crush what do you have for the hot products round all right so let's go april 6 1980 and this is probably the least exciting hot product i've ever selected but probably the one hot product that everyone who has ever listened to an episode of this show has used at home and at work and i found their sales roll out from april 6 of 1980 and you could pick up a pack of these bad boys for the introductory low price of 4.37 that's uh 13.95 in 2021 which is a bit crazy because uh if you consider this like now you can go on amazon and you can buy a pack of five for seven dollars and 29 cents and they're twice the size so i don't understand how that all worked out but whatever and uh i hate to break it to uh or i hate to break the the bad news to anybody that was a fan of the 1997 cult classic romy and michelle's high school reunion but uh lisa kudrow did not invent post-it notes nope that that distinction right there would go to mad scientist art fry and it's uh it's always great how all these best inventions they're actually created by someone else and then somebody just slightly tweaks it and they make it work and that's it and back in the 60s there was another scientist by the name of dr spencer silver and he had been trying to invent a super adhesive that was super duper strong however during his experiments it's almost like the nutty professor when i was looking this up but like during his experiments for this thing he had the adhesive and it had very little tack to it but it was pressure sensitive but everybody in the late six in the late 60s rather is like 1968-69 they just thought that it was good for nothing so until like the mid 70s when art fry came up he and he had this genius idea because he was a reader i think he was he was reading the bible matter of fact he's like i'm going to take this uh slow stick or tiny stick adhesive i'm going to put it to the back of my bookmarks and put it in my bible and then after a few years fry began applying it to other scrap papers and then 3m was like this looks pretty good we're going to jump on board and they actually they didn't even do any market research but to come up with the yellow they actually only had yellow in their factory a scrap paper so that's how they came up with the yellow but after a few years of trying to sell the product as a sticky bookmark they test smart they test marketed these little yellow pads like we know them with adhesive on the back and the test markets lost their minds so on april 6 1980 3m began selling post-it notes around the world and the rest is history so now now the next time you go to your own high school reunion and someone claims that uh they created post-it notes you could shame them right out of the uh the building when you uh drop this bomb on them so it's uh i give you post-it notes april 6 1980. wow all right let's throw it down to judge dave schultz for the ruling on the hutt products round i like how uh man crush brought up there was another guy with the idea too but someone else tweaked it made it better marketed it made a mint millions of dollars i don't know back then probably not millions but still made uh 25 off the thing because when i was in i think it was fifth grade i had a science teacher who claimed he invented the the rear windshield wiper on a car and then someone stole the idea from him so that's why he was stuck uh you know teaching us freaking issues son of a [ __ ] dude you know it's funny my uh the very first technology teacher i had in seventh grade made the first american robot and they took it and they put it on a tv show his name was ron hezel i don't know if he's still alive i gotta like that one my teacher's name was mr kruger so that was a double whammy for this poor bastard uh but yeah post-it notes i never use them i don't ever need to remember anything when i use a post-it note come on i don't read the posted notes when please you've used a post dude everybody and their mother has used to post it mock have you ever used a post-it note all the time mike have you ever used the post-it note uh not by choice okay i don't know i guess i'm just the odd man out here i don't know dude i don't know what i need a post-it note for i i really don't but anyway everything creativity what am i gonna do like write some be creative today and slap it on my fridge it's like uh who is it is it bob odenkirk or is it uh larry david one of them when they get an idea he just like writes on a poster he'll be like driving in his car and he like writes it down he slaps it on his dashboard and he's got post-it notes all over the place you've never done that how else are you gonna keep how else are you gonna keep track of all your passwords uh you might want to post a note stick it on the side of your monitor no i'm the guy who keeps getting all the reset emails because i forget all the jam time shopping lists no but listen i understand the importance of the product and that many people use it i also like the fact that you gave me the inflation rate on that yet again you always come with the stats so good for you man uh pack a post-it notes for you as a prize uh 1970 the amc gremlin now mike you said you weren't really sure of the luxury perks for that car yeah it said they had a lot of luxury perks it didn't list what they were but they said it was a major selling feature it was driving or not driving no i believe it was the uh the extra ash tray underneath the hatchback for the kids that's what this was i love the gremlin someone in my family had a gremlin it's like up there as far as like defunct cars with a dodge omni for me as being like the coolest crappy old car but i mean everybody plus the name the gremlin i mean who would ever name their car or something like that you know what i mean everything has to sound sleek or fast or make no sense whatsoever but the gremlin man i was like i don't know if you're a hobbit fan or something you need to own a gremlins now 1990 mike was second sight the vhs and laserdisc i and betamax but what john lara cat fan rushed out to spend 89.95 on that bad boy somebody that loved meatballs part two maybe maybe uh yeah i know that was only really the price for like video stores or what have you but i definitely probably would have went laserdisc myself with that being on a budget you know but let's see all very interesting good products all things i might even purchase myself except for post-it notes so i'm going to choose uh the gremlin in 1970 for the victory on this round rev it up mark well i pick up two points i jump out to a three to one lead heading into the final two point round the television round so uh my television pick is actually going to be the 42nd annual academy awards presented april 7th 1970 starting at 7 p.m 10 p.m on the east coast live from the dorothy chandler pavilion in los angeles california now for the second year in a row there was no official host for the oscars now this should have told the producers something because to date this is the highest rating oscars ceremony ever instead of a host the oscars were awarded in presented by the friends of oscar including bob hope john wayne barbra streisand fred astaire john voight clint eastwood raquel welch candice bergen james earl jones and the lovely elizabeth taylor this was the first oscars to be broadcast via satellite to an international audience the two countries that were lucky enough to receive it were mexico and brazil they received it live an article in the uh poughkeepsie journal from april 7 1970 said that the academy estimates that at least 200 million people in 40 countries will see the ceremony live or on delayed broadcast now now on to the big winners from the night uh but first let's start with the big loser that was uh the jane fonda bruce dern cindy pollock joint they shoot horses don't they that's actually the name of the movie uh it won one award for best supporting actor but it set an oscar record for receiving nine nominations without one for best picture that honor went to midnight cowboy as it became the first and only x-rated movie ever to win an oscar for best picture john wayne would go on to win best actor for true grit and best actress was dame maggie smith from the prime of miss gene brody uh goldie hahn would take home an award as well that night for cactus flower so i give you the 42nd academy awards april 7th 1970 on a b c

all right man crush let's hear what you have for the television round oh it's a post-it note infomercial all right yes i'm your lead demographic all right so let's go uh april 5th of 1980. first off like my streak of mid-season replacements has officially come to an end the last few episodes i was lucky enough to have uh mid-season replacements basically all through march but that's not the case in april uh surprisingly though i did find the end of a particular series which kind of shocked me in a way because this is april 5th which seems like way early to end a series usually they end in may especially like a series finale but in any event this is a pretty big one uh this series right here began in september of 1968 so we're talking about longevity for this show and at the time of its ending it was actually the longest running crime series on television of course that's been dwarfed by a few current shows in the law order lexicon but that's still nothing to ignore i mean 12 seasons for any show is super long it's a super long time this was uh and it was a pretty monumental show in terms of production because prior to the show in 1968 pretty much every series that was on television was done in a back production lot whether that be like paramount or whatever they weren't filming these things on location so when this show became an idea they had little confidence that this thing was going to last matter of fact after six seasons the uh the creator of this show is leonard freeman he died and uh luckily when he passed away the ownership of the show was given to cbs and the main character of the show which is something that would never happen today so it just shows how dated this is but not only that but he also put in his will to give total creative control over to that same actor so i mean along with i think he also made him the executive producer of the show so if it wasn't for that the show probably wouldn't even lasted past 1974 but they gave him that but dave i know you'll love this this one does have legs here multiple times got two legs not only did they plan for a remake in the mid 90s with gary busey starring in this one of all people uh they made the uh the pilot for that but cbs didn't pick it up which is a real shame and it's a shame because they never did it like they started the show in 2010. they brought it back in 2010 like they could have done this in the 90s and just stretched it but they didn't so they they brought this back in 2010 they finally made this remake and it would end up lasting for 10 seasons it only uh ended last year and uh i i don't think it was in april i think it was in may matter of fact so it was a normal ending uh but what could have been and anyway i give you the final episode of the hit tv series hawaii 50. even if you didn't watch the show you know the theme song you people walk around oh book i'm down all [ __ ] you know like just everybody knows that kind of shot and uh a little caveat on this one and i discovered this while i was watching a documentary on this last night this is what we do for you this is what we do for the listeners i watched a documentary on the original hawaii 5-0 it was actually supposed to air i think it did air um on cbs but it was supposed to uh be before the reboot aired and they didn't air the reboot but i watched this whole thing i found the clips of it on youtube this is what i learned from that uh hawaii 5-0 didn't just mean uh for you know police officers or law enforcement the 5-0 also meant 50th state i never knew that ah yeah i was like ah double and shot i got you i got that was a good one but yeah it's the uh it's the end of hawaii 5-0 or how they kept saying huahi in the uh the documentary i watched which i can't say very well

all right mike tv over to you for the tv round well thank you mark uh you know i don't uh i don't know how to say that well you know what i've got wrestlemania 6. so uh i got a couple articles here this one's from the central new jersey home news in new brunswick new jersey on april 1st 1990 it reads a pro wrestling joins mainstream uh bouts don't pull punches phony or otherwise at the bank uh that this afternoon over 66 000 people will pack the sky dome in toronto for wrestlemania 6. the super bowl of professional wrestling in a million homes a super bowl of professional wrestling in a million homes across the united states more fans will gather to watch the pay-per-view and more fans will gather to watch her on pay-per-view television countless others will view the event on closed circuit tv sites throughout the world while many scoff at pro wrestling it has become very big business last year the three hour long wrestlemania 5 card generated over 40 million for the world wrestling federation through live gate merchandising closed circuit and video sales this approach has certainly helped the wwf build a following that is hard to ignore over 20 million people watch wwf television programs every week and over 8 million people each year pay to watch live matches at their local arenas according to wwf estimates um got a quote here from uh bill apter senior editor of professional wrestling illustrated he says uh years ago you would have never seen 66 000 people at the sky dome for wrestlemania uh certainly was a uh amazing event uh record-breaking attendance perhaps best remembered for the ultimate challenge with both titles on the line for hulk hogan and ultimate warrior face-off i have another article here from the san francisco examiner on april 2nd 1990 it's the monday after the event and it reads a the ultimate warrior rest title from hulk before 67 678. uh hulkamania was put on temporary hold sunday when russ world wrestling federation champion hulk hogan lost his title to ultimate warrior at wrestlemania 6 in toronto skydome hogan who was believed to need time off to make a movie missed his trademark leg drop setting up the pin at the 30-minute mark by hogan's war-paint-smeared opponent uh hogan last lost his title in 1988 reclaiming it last year wrestle uh last year's wrestlemania to coincide with the release of his film no holds barred uh the three and a half hour event drew a record 67 678 people with millions of others watching on pay-per-view and closed circuit uh the toronto event was a sell-out with an average ticket price of fifty dollars and a ringside seat costing a hundred and fifty dollars so yeah there we have it uh wrestlemania six wow yeah great wrestlemania man one of my favorites growing up used to watch that one all the time but let's see what our judge dave schultz has to say what is your ruling for the television round well mack i gotta be uh full disclosure here when you were going on about the 1970 oscars you were i mean actors just flying out of your mouth in the movies and everything else but maybe it's because we were talking about hunter s thompson or just the lsd potato chips but i gotta i gotta point this out for your listeners on the podcast format they're really missing out in your background because i thought i was having a flashback while you spoke i was just staring at you and your bad i was getting lost in all that artwork you have behind your uh head there yeah but that also takes you out of the running for this category because i i really didn't know what the hell you were talking about the oscars there was no host i mean i heard it a little bit you know but but still but props for that beautiful background you have there uh let's see here so that brings us to 1980 the finale of hawaii 5-0 and 1990 wrestlemania 6. and this one's actually man crush is going to be so [ __ ] pissed off at me holy [ __ ] because poco beware wasn't even in it i know i know and here's the thing if anybody's ever heard me on your show before the anytime i ever talk to man crush he always comes with wrestling and i'm like i don't give a [ __ ] flying whatever about that stuff don't bring that to my courtroom okay just don't yet mike brings it today and i'm like ooh ultimate warrior versus hulk hogan that's actually not not that bad because i remember being a young kid in 1990 and that kind of crap really got me all jazzed up you know i still into like uh sweaty guys making up fake story lines and uh doing a fake sport you know what i mean but i but you know what yet again to man crush his credit if it wasn't for him i wouldn't know about the montreal screwjob so now he tells everybody yeah you haven't lived until you've watched an ultimate warrior promo on acid man yeah that too right well actually bringing up hawaii five oh that whole thing about being the 50th state i think the person who came up with that may have in fact been on drugs i'm not sure 100 that was the intent i still think it was about the fuzz man well that that's what uh i forgot what her name was she was in the documentary she was one of the uh executive producers in the very beginning when they were talking about bringing up the name and she dropped that like it was the ultimate bomb and i was like you serious i never even knew that so she did mean to say that but uh maybe you're right i don't know was it the 50th state i'm not a geography guy are you asking me or anybody else i don't know is somebody google that

is there anybody in the chat right now yes it was the 50th state i believe was it i don't know anyway yeah we're all dummies nobody in the chat's correcting you

well yeah we'll make it the 50s right now uh but yeah so back to my decision on this yet again hawaii 5-0 like you said you said it's got two legs which is very important that means it can run uh it's been around for a long time and a couple different incarnations here we really humanity missed out without a gary version i don't know who he i didn't see the pilot because it didn't air so i couldn't find it but i wonder who he was supposed to be if he was like the main guy like jack lord's character it would have been dynamite man like why wouldn't you put that out like i just don't understand i think they should remake it now with gary he could be the governor of hawaii fantastic hawaii but uh guys listen in all seriousness here i'm thinking and uh yeah i just when mike came with those stats about wrestlemania it's a huge thing whether you like wrestling or not right it's really big and as far as i'm trying to weigh it out and i'm sure your fans on facebook might skewer me for this who knows they're probably huge wrestling fans and are happy that i'm turning heel i don't know but in all honesty here i think wrestlemania 6 was probably bigger and better than the finale of hawaii 5-0 and therefore i'm going to uh wait a minute i call [ __ ] on that come on you did not pick the montreal screwjob over two pieces of [ __ ] last year and now you're gonna take wrestlemania six that you can't remember a single match from except for the last one and dude it's wwf on wwe wwf that's 66 000 it was probably 26 000. mark can back me up here there was not 190 000 people at the silverdome or whatever the freak they said it was toronto no i'm talking about uh wrestlemania 3. they do this all the time their numbers are [ __ ] so the fact that you switch your stuff man you can't dismiss the montreal screw job and then pick wrestlemania if this is wrestlemania 3 or like something during the attitude era okay wrestlemania six that's like kissing your sister bro man crush don't get your your touch oh no i want it this is listen listen guy like okay you're saying i totally crapped on the montreal uh screwjob no i did not and i also mentioned to you just now has had a lasting impact on my life now sometimes i wake up in the middle of night in sweats and i go montreal screwdriver and i think about you and you inform me you taught me so you know there was anybody i can't remember i can't remember what the other one was but there was more than one because i always tried to bring wrestling for you to try to sway you and every time you wouldn't pick it well maybe this time you should have brought it to work you need to work on your law bro listen to hawaii five-o white guy you know what like i just told you before you don't argue when you get a speeding ticket and you're like oh yeah you're out of order you're out of order we're talking about 22 seasons with two shows put together we got three legs with gary busey and that shit's big that third leg bro it's like phantom limb that's what that is and i knew you'd be upset i need to be mad and you know what the audience set up it's set up what does the audience say is there anybody in the crowd right now that stuck around uh yeah we had some results uh back and actually it was 100 for wrestlemania 6. oh come on this is amazing awful that is awful choice this is equally the best and worst night of my life all right well you know what that means that ties up me and mike at three points a piece we're gonna have to go to a final wild card round so i'll go first on this one it's gonna be between me and mike uh my wild card round we're gonna go to april 1 1970 to talk about some brand new legislation enacted by president nixon now i don't know if you guys know this or not president nixon an avid smoker used to smoke up to six bowls a day of tobacco pipe but he did enact the public health cigarette smoking act april 1 1970. now what is that that was the law that said warning surgeon general has determined that cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health that was the new label that had to be on all packages of cigarettes this is the same law that actually also banned advertisements on american radio and television of cigarettes that's why all the cigarette ads went away now we're going to skip ahead a few years 1981 they actually did a study on this and they showed that it had little to no effect on american smoking habits but that's what we got april 1st 1970 thanks a lot president nixon

comes up again yeah all right mike ranger what do you have for the wild card round well mark uh have a news article here um now uh around april 4th 1990 uh america's funniest home videos had as a mid-season replacement had actually reached number one in its time slot in march and america's funniest home videos mania had ensued probably sold quite a bit of uh home video recording equipment after that uh but i have an article here that said from the rock island can't pronounce that word but it was written on april 4th so that's good um so the article reads don't bother to send in fake videos this article came from phoenix here uh if you've got a plan to video if you got a plan for a video you believe would make america's funniest home videos just forget it if the tape appears to be contrived executive producer won't even accept it it's a procedure that show host bob saget applause most of the tapes we we use are happenstance things that just seem to happen while people are shooting home videos and also goes on to say that while abc's half an hour program which airs sunday solicits home videos they do not want anything that would uh not be an a natural occurrence and what's funny about this is i'm sure everybody that watched that show said to themselves i will just make something funny happen and send it in right so what i like about this article is that it really captures the feeling of the times did you ever send any uh stuff in from america to america's funniest home videos mike uh yes and that's uh why i recently was just released from prison wow there we go yeah there was something at the end of the tape shouldn't have been there if i had a nickel all right well let's go down to our guest judge dave schultz one final time for his verdict on this game guys this one is super easy for me i'm picking wrestlemania six for the win uh no but seriously here come back

listen guys uh both these years the whole thing about nixon banning smoking advertising and then afv saying don't pre-stage your your videos they're both wildly ineffective because i mean i used to when i was a kid i used to smoke butts and i used to freaking see the marlboro man in ads and stuff i used to collect camel cash so what the hell did that law actually do it didn't do anything and they had studies that proved it didn't do anything well i mean i could still see ads so what was it actually banning uh television ads television ads you're not gonna be watching uh you know friends or something and see an ad for marlboro no but i could pick up a copy of highlights magazine and see an ad for a pack of cools you could know what i mean so yeah and highlights for those who don't know is a children's magazine and that was supposed to be my joke and illicit laughter but it did nothing so uh but hey afv 1990 if you think about this deterring people from staging their fart videos or flops or falls probably inspired the careers of guys who got wildly successful like tom green or jackass because all that stuff was uh that was big big big and afv now i believe is just like a channel that just plays uh goofy cell phone videos which are terrible so where did afv go but straight down guys let's see nixon banning smoking but people still get to see some ads and smoking ads and afv this is like timely right spring training is going it just ended the major league baseball season just started the first week people are starting a little slow crawling see these i don't know i don't know what's working for me can i seriously pick wrestlemania six again can i no obviously i'm waiting i knew man crush would pop right up with that see like a groundhog no uh i guess just for well i guess they both affect public health right i was gonna pick nixon so i'm like well maybe you're saving lives by not letting people or not showing people smoking but afv was probably uh you know saving lives because uncle whenever jimmy wasn't taking shots of whiskey and jumping off the garage roof anymore saved a whole lot of people from getting hit in the nuts oh that's true no they just weren't watching the tapes they were still doing it they just weren't watching those yeah so they're doing it you're getting hit in the nuts for nothing for nothing yeah exactly pretty much let's see i think i'm gonna have to go with i don't know guys again i'm gonna go with 1970 on this i'm gonna say nixon banning certain forms of uh smoking advertising was a little bit of a bigger deal than afv sending out a disclaimer wow via the press let me throw this at you because i i think dave just hates me today what like let's just say this went to a three-way tie and we got people in the audience now so let's just say that it did okay it all right so let's go to april 6th of 1980 you got gordy howe playing in his last regular season game as a professional hockey player but hold on he was 56 years old and this is his 26th season and the dude and that's not even the six seasons that he played in the wha so where would you go i i would i would have picked you for the win because i be honest you know no offense mark or mike but those weren't like the big the biggest like hey wild card round i'm pulling the the fatty out of my back pocket we're talking about a 52 year old hockey player here 56 56 sorry even better there you go he's already got a double arp card or something you know that's gonna be your boy tom brady and uh another he's not like four years he's an ex-girlfriend bro he left us but he but you know what it's great that that man crush was so pissed off about this whole wrestling thing that he couldn't even just like take uh a defeat you know gracefully he's like oh wait wait wait before before we're done with the show because you're in my opinion look uh no i'm just i'm just gonna say it like this it's like going to court right and you've been there multiple times you know the judge and you're like this guy i know what he he likes and what he doesn't like you know i'm i'm talking on my phone he's going to hammer me you know for this ticket and then it comes to you and i'm like all right he don't like wrestling he kills me every time i have wrestling so we'll pick wrestling so the time i don't pick wrestling you pick wrestling hold on was there a wrestling event in the first week of april i didn't even know 1980 oh see that i didn't even look because it was you i was like oh it's it's dave if i bring any wrestling he's gonna be like well is coco be wearing it no okay you lost i like coco beware what can i say big fan of the coco it doesn't it doesn't there's no continuity there's no confidence listen guy how can i make this up to you how can i make you feel better about this because i'm talking about it i'm fine i just like arguing with you because when we have guest judges on that are celebrities

i'm glad to be of service but uh anyway back to the show at hand here i picked 1970 to win the wild card round all right so that means i win this game didn't see that one coming uh thanks a lot to our great judge tonight mr judge dave schultz who you know did draw that really nice character of me maybe that was foreshadowing maybe he had already picked this out the fix is in but i want to thank again i want to thank our judge dave schultz i want to thank our producer joe finley on the other side of the glass over there oh hey

i'm having a lot of fun what what is going on in twitch land there uh is there anybody there oh yeah we got some bodies we got some old friends beau beecraft was just in oh and uh a lot a lot of followers uh in there flynn lives 79 stacey 78x pokai poke4td's one game i'm ha i got a feeling that may or may not be somebody in this uh particular game but i'm not gonna get too into that and uh yeah no it's it's good we're working out some bugs there's some chat going over my face right now uh so right right on top of my face whatever you'd like to have it is anybody uh please i hope someone's saying man crush leave dave alone uh you know stop abusing him on air any of that kind of chatter going on absolutely there was a band crush was robbed oh wow

well let us know what you think duelers we're gonna have to end this episode right here unfortunately but you can go over to our social media all of the links are in the description of the show notes head on over to our website duelingdecades.com you can subscribe to the show on itunes spotify everywhere podcasts are available make sure to subscribe to us on twitch now as we'll be bringing you more live content so until next time jewelers we're going to bid you a peace love light and a joy have a great full week everybody thanks for coming