Dueling Decades
July 15, 2020

Who had the best July to kick off their Summer - 1970, 1980 or 1990?

Who had the best July to kick off their Summer - 1970, 1980 or 1990?

This week the boys of summer are back and you won't forget this steamy blast from the past! What year had the best summer to start off the decade? Dave Schultz from the Selling Out Show returns to judge this epic "best of" July battle between 1970,...

This week the boys of summer are back and you won't forget this steamy blast from the past! What year had the best summer to start off the decade? Dave Schultz from the Selling Out Show returns to judge this epic "best of" July battle between 1970, 1980, and 1990!  Will Mancrush’s new lucky shirt turn out to be a winner as he competes with July 1970? Or will Marc James’ selections from July 1980 topple the pack? Drew Zakmin of the One Headlight 90’s Podcast drops some knowledge as he defends the best of July 1990!   


The Dueling Decades gang tunes into some iconic radio and takes a trip down the highway of forgotten memories in everyone's favorite affordable 90's automobile! Is that an Alanis Morrisette song? Other than that, you're going to hear about annoying Nickelodeon show tunes, Playboy bunnies who serve you dinner, long-distance dedications, summer fun with the man in black, the successful acting career playbook, the Cannon group brings you full-frontal, Miller High Life's musical companion, 50-year-old predictions become real life, a new band emerges from the ashes of another band, working with clay, a strike kills an industry, scifi toys that everyone owned, an album full of sexual innuendos, Peter Boyle's butt, and who doesn't like movies about gladiators?  

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NFERMAYMEDIAPEOPLE in case top a Jeweli CA, te pexix OPLAN, but it dot O im ran again upon that cap. Ut got the power, got Com fiht for what you love, who come to Po Topi Ancretatos, baee toporte COP, would take e grave, a o Bala Hating. I av made a TN comfit for what you love Forinteas broadgesting from the podcast New York Studios. It's the adult. Only Retro Game Show we're the decades pandalfor supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dualing decades. I am Markd Jamesin this week, I'll be representing July of nineteen. Eighty, alongside this week's other duelers, first off dualing with July nineteen. Seventy he is the one known as Mancrush Hey. What's up back, it's got off the schnide. You know losing for a month in a row, maybe more, but I won 'cause. I wore the PODCAST NEW YORK shirt. However, I got Marianaro sauce on it today. So we'll see if that changes. My Luck, O also returning to the panel this week, is the host of the one headlight nineties, bodcast dualing, with July F. Nineteen. Ninety please welcome back to the show Dre Zacman ar guys I am beyond excited to be here thanks for. Have me back welcome we love having you on her. We just had this conversation with somebody. Oh, I was talking Tony Cotain, which is bizarre. She gave me Hor phone number and said call me Sbo this upso. I talked to her yesterday supernice lady and she wa. She said she goes wait. Are there other stars on Oris it like normal people? I, as like tjust thos normal people that are on this sihe glass, but then I was explaining to her that we used like the same people so Ho have to explain the rules over and over and over again. Nobody wants to do the research, so we get people that do the research and drews one of those people. So we thank you for coming on and, as always here on the show, we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness so he's back. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Brazen Badass from beantown the host of the SEUTINGOUT, show all rise for, judge, Dave, Shultz, hello, hello, hello. I am back and I'm onored, because lately it's been all e, celebrity judges and me just being a Joschmo. This almost makes me a celebrity by default. Doesn't it I think so I like that yeah I'll, take it. I, like it you're, going to see people at your job and they're gonna be like. Are You judge David Shultz? You're, like God, m right? I am you want an autograph kid. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dealing decades rules, the judges coin, flip Shell theside, who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories, movies, television, music, news and hot products. A judges woling will determine who wins he rownd, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first rerounds are worth one point, each with rounds, four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie. After all five rounds, we will go to a final wild card round all right, dolers free your mind and the rest will follow it's time to play more O. I always look. I love those incos. I A phenomenal job market, those intro Appresur, Thatvideo, Wasyou. Kidd me Vohad, some smokingokay everybody, everybody hit Paus all right. So let's go right down to judge Dave Sholz for the official Cointos, a right man crush. You won the last episode so for this one me and Dre well, compete in the coin. Toss drew. Why don't you call in the Air Tales? You don't even know what I brought to Flipman, it's not even in the air. It not yet t hasn't even been explained, but here's the great thing about it is every time I've judged in the past. I brought something new or unique, something I thought was kind of cool to infact flip, but I'm uninspired and completely lazy, and I think it was the last time I was on. I brought the VHS Clam Shell for flipper starring Paul Hogan, an Elija Wood. I th yeah. I figure I'm ust going to stick with this from from here on in Weit, who was shirtless on the back of that here was a shirtless guy or something no. No. That was something different. I think this one just sa on the BA well on the back het does have. I think we discussed Paul Hogen taking a shower. Shyehnever saw that persion don't know, that's that's the one that came out. It was called slip her, that's why he needs the shower slapp her and on the back. We also have Elija Wood here, he's doing a little tango with Flipper, so yeah. I think it's going to be my go too from now on, but now that's explained drew you said you wanted tales. Yeah give me that back give you life wo, doing tango right. There we go up in the Airdon't crap, oh sh knocked equipment only. I Know Holy Mackerel, but you know what is tales Lija woot doing to tango. There wo go all right, Tru Zakman, you won the coin toss and take control of the board, O I'm going to take control and I'm going to go directly to hot products. 'cause this product is in fact hot, and I am talking about and you guys partly o know what I'm talking about. So I have July I nineteen ninety right July, thirtieth the year of our Lore Nineteen. Ninety was one of the best days ever because guess what guys? The very first Saturn was built, which wonted e being a red, nineutned N. ninety one model year, Saturn sl two. It was original O to be called Thi, Saturn P D, which stood for a Pandydropper, but the MIS ta protege already had that Monicor. So they had to go back to the SLTOO, but these saturns were made right here in the United States of America and Springhill Tennessee, and this car, the SL two massive hog had a glorious one point: Nine Leder engine, and if you went with the single overhead camp, you would crank out a mind blowing eighty five horse power or o slightly quicker than my John Deer tractor at home. Although at least my tractor at home also cuts grass. There was also a double overhead camp option available, which pulled in guess what a hundred and twenty three horse power. Kids that's right! Now it was rat fuel efficients. It did reach forty miles per gallon the highway. So there's that now the SL was a four door Sada. But if you decide to get crazy, you can get tho SC, which was a two door coop and t. If you wanted to impress the ladies and I know you wanted to- and you totally would with this, the SW was a five door station wagon. So, Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the hottest product of all time. Probably Saturn s cl to was that the model friend of mine in high school had one weren't. They made out of plastic right es the the OUTSIDECR somebody kicked S. somebody kicked his fender and put a hole in it. Oh really, and he had that that track yeah this it must have been it was like Maroon, I ges still picturen it s. It waslike, like ninety percent of that were either like Maroon or like Teal Yeah. It had to be Te. It was like one or the other Al Right so for my hut, product H we're going to go over the newspapers, dotcom and the News Harald from Pork Clinton Ohio in a newspaper dated July fifth, Nineteen. Eighty in an article whose headline reads those New Star Wars. Toys may not be big sellers, a new series of Star Wars. Toys are coming out, but toy retailers doubt the new ones will sell. As well as the previous ones, people are becoming a little more discriminating about what star wars things they buy said: Carry Sullivan Manager of Children's Place America within a month. The figure who trains hero, Loke, Skywalker Yota, will be out also coming out, Wi'll be the Hawt snow planet plays set, that's one of the ones that's coming out. I remember this. This thing was awesome because when the empire strikes back, toys came out. That's when you get to Hoff place that you got all of them in their snow gear. It was a great set and of course, I think they were wrong on this. As these toys did sell very well, if not better than the original toys. So that's going to be my hut product. It's the nineteen eighties empire strikes back Star Wars, toys. They had twenty three other figures that were going to be added to that line by September, but some of them had already been on the shelves by July. They said in the article that Star Wars, fans are becoming a little more discriminating an what they buy in nineteen and eighty N. I don't think so. You Slap Star Wars on anything in twenty twenty and people will buy it. What are you saying there about coming out in September, the remaining twenty three new toys or scheduled to be on the shelves by September Gotu Right now in stores what we had was H, ten new figures in the set of the Hawt Ice Planet. So if I have to go with one, I think the hawthice planet was the hottest, even though it was covered an nice. So that's my hot product man crush over to you all right. So, let's Go July. Fourth, Independence Day: Nineteen, Seventy Goway back fifty years ago and I'm Gong to go a little bit outside of the box to this hot project. It is the seventies after all and what's better than a free, hop product right last week, Independence Day here, I was flipping through the channels and I landed on Kelly rippa and Ryan screst, and they were talking about. This particular show is fiftieth anniversary and we're talking major legs here on this one day, coerippa and Y, ah GE, Ri, rest yeah, herlegs are always shiny for some reason, but this this show I here it's absolutely legendary. It's a staple of American pop culture. It's the radio show they gave us the best selling and most played songs, fom the Atlantic to the Pacific, from Canada to Mexico, and I won't beat around the Bush with this one. It was the debut of Casy Casoms, the American top forty and that started on a Los Angeles radio station at six other stations to begin, but this show was so nostalgic. I had a picket right here. It's it's such an incredibly nostalgic show. They still run KC KOM episodes on the radioto thisday just last Sunday, our classic rock steation around. Here they were playing the original American top prty N Houand, nine, ten anty five in its entirety and like, unlike watching, like a rerun of a t, v show or like rewatching, an old movie listening to old radio, at least from like the seventies and eighties and nineties it it's like putting yourself in a time machine, because the audio is is just as crisp as it was when they recorded it o you don't even like get the feeling that it's something old you just and it's really er cause casy Cason is dead, of course, but like he's doing this entire show and he's you know doing it just like he delivered it, giving you a little bit of Trivia and between each Jin between each song and then, of course, you get the the long distance. What ere they called e Long Distance, dedications Longas the edication Ka face. Have you ever heard the outtake of one of the long distance dedications where he had to read a letter about somebody's dog dying and then transition into something else in casee case m loses his shit on the air and he's like what? What do you mean? I' Gointo read t at letter about a fucking dog dying, yt, looking ou an there's, some great casy case out takes it's inc. Man Ol anyhow, like I was saying a day before the show does have legs. Of course, FRIANC CCRUST stepped in for CS CSOM. He was a hand pickd guy back in two thousand and four Cascaseron did the show: F, Om, O N Nineteen, a D, seventy and ND nineteen and eighty eight and then shadow yea h the be movie action, Star, Ao stepen. I Love Shadow Steven who doesn't and he got it till nineteen and Einehty five, and then they stopped it. Ninety five and then they brought Casey back in ninety eight and he ran with it until two thousand and four. But the great thing about the shows initially e. like the industry people, they thought the KC casee an the cocreator t to do buseny that they were just out of their minds because towards the end of the sixties, top forty music was not popular on the radio anymore, like the format was just not good, but by the eighties. This show was like world renown. There were people tune in every week to listen to him. You know, do that Trivia in between and just give you those long distance, dedications, just classic radio, and today it's carried on over five hundred stations around the world and that all began on July, Furt, N, nineteen, seventy- and actually I tracked down the initial top forty and number one was mamma, told me not to come, which is a very bizarre song but Hartsong title rather by three dollar Nigtbut. Then onthis list you had the rolling Stones Rong. Here you had elvis at nine with the wonder of you, you had the beetles with the long wining road, so this really iconic list as well for the first show, but that's what I have America's American forty KC Kson. I love that show. Let's go down to our judge, Dave Shultz for the ruling on the hot products round. Well, I can't get over a shadow, steaver 'cause. That guy was awesome. I don't know why he still doesn't do it. I mean he spelle his name with an e at the end he's like I'm shadow without a W, as if anybody was ever curious about that. But have you ever seen a straight to video movies? Talking? Are they? No? I haven't had the opportunity to see those but yea nineteen t seventy Casey Cassim at the top. Forty, you know, here's something I I have a question for you about because as far as a hot product goes, it is very nostalgic and it brings back a lot of memories. Obviously, everybody was ooing and eyeing when you brought this up, but it's not something you'd ever bring home or something you can keep sure you bring it anywhere you go. It's Ha goes with you forever Iwas, with you forever and ever even beyond the grave. It's still with you, casy's still herro case Ye will always be in her hearts. He will always be in our hearts and actually ws turn on WPDA she'll be on Sunday L. let's look at some of the other hot products here, real, quick, nineteen, ninety, the Saturn and I love. I love it when I still see a Saturn on the road 'cause. I imagine that Dohe's driving with a thirty rack of Red Bowl in the back just living his best life- you know, but true did you happen to catch, how much they originally cost. I did not you suck. I do 'cause, I believe, thitas very affordable, I'm in a guess, Ni, nine thousand nine hundred and ninety five dollars Wai. That's your official guess! That's my official guest, nine, nine thousand nine hundred and ninety five, all rightnineteen eighty empire strikes back hot ice plant it. I don't have a lot of nostalgic feelings for this, because I didn't own a lot of star wars. Toyis. I was that one kid that I eventually in my youth. I found an ewalk in the sand at a beach and I thought that was cool and I kept it and I was like well. I finally have a star wars, toy SOM, other kid left his behind, so s very tragic and scarring, but Um yeah. I don't know guys. This is tough because, like I said earlier, I was I'm kindo like wavering on the the casy Casem, really being something as far as a product. It's more like n entertainment. I think, like a TV show or a movie, you know what I mean, but it's you can't fit into T V or movie. I know it's still. A radio show its tough. I can't pass that up. No, you can't, and for that Panot I can't pass it up either. I'm going to give nineteen seventy to win on this. One hang on one. Second, I'm trying to find th the prices cars CCT. I obe too. This is this an article from July seventh and it s is the sixty mile per gallon subcontact prototype. It became a thirty five mile perhout. So I guess when it was a prototype, it was a six thousand dollar car and then, when it came out, it was- and it was a sixty mile per gallon six thousand dollar car and when it came out it was a thirty five mile per gallon ten thousand dollar COMPA, so that nine thousand nine Hudd and ninety five right on the fucking money. Pretty good price is righted that shit. Well, it doesn't matter either way because much like your moustache casy case and gave me the warm fuzzy feelings and you come away with a win ell. Let's see what happens here. All right. Man Crush you, take control of the board and get to select our next category. All right, no liberties on this round we're going to go to television in N Nineteen, seventy, so we Gad July, eighth, Nineteen, seventy and obviously this being July, we're not going to get any new shows starting in nineteen seventy and we're not going to get any shows that ended. I nineteen seventy and July cable is barely a thing right now, so we get summer replacement season which, like all the fall shows, are on hiadis. So this is a time where the networks get to experiment a little bit and ABC decided to do a ten week summer, series the will feature guests from the music world and that show will be called Johnny. Cash presents the everly brothers, which is a bizarre name since Johnny cash only appears on the first episode of the show, but it's the seventies and shit was just weird. So basically it looks like the show. I don't know if you guys are familiar with live at Darryll's house that was out at huned years ago. Okay, it's kind of the same deal like musicians come in, they shoot the shit and then they just jam out nothing too crazy, but they line up a guest that they had for a short lived show that only lasted ten episodes and it was. It was a ten episode by so it wasn't like cancelled. They were only meant to do ten epsodes, but it's a Hozho of like amazing talent. It's Stevie wonder: Tina Turner, Linda Ronsta, Kenny, Rogers, Ricky, Nelson, all lit Guthrey, Neal Diamond Albert Brooks the statler brothers and a bunch of others. So that's it July. Eighth, you get the premiere of Johnny Cash Presents The everly brothers on ABC. I love shows like that because you geting a little bit of the music a little bit of the story behind and it was like a weird setup. That's why I really. I went back to live at Darryll's house 'cause the set up looked the same. It was like this old cabin looking house and they were just sitting around. I saw some clips of it on you tube and it was kind of cool to see the everly brother is playing with Johnny Cashan. That first episode, but there's not much. You can't go back and find this, but it's it's nineteen! Seventy in the summer, the fuck, do you wan for television. So that's what I get Al Right. So for my television story, man we're actually going to go with the lack of television in the summer of July nineteen. Eighty because as fate, would have it on July. Twenty first, we got a yet another writer's strike in Hollywood, and while that was going on, we also boycotted the nineteen a d eighty Olympics, so all that television coverage from all the networks cancelled at the last minute during a writer's strike. So we really didn't have too much TV. So what happened? Was the television viewers may face a a fall season of reruns instead of new shows as a result of a July? Twenty first strike that has shut down most T V and TV production across the United States. Now one of the big arguments for this was, as mancross mentioned, the incoming of cable television and pay television services. What they ultimately wanted was to receive revenues each time these T v, shows or movies, get showed on cable plus with the new advention of VHS sales for movies and television shows actors wanted a cut of that. It didn't end up getting resolved until like September, but it completely altered how the fall TV season and how the summer TV season or lack thereof, kind of unfolded. I went through all the TV shows everything reruns reruns. The only thing that was live was sports and, of course, we didn't have the Olympics, so we had to come up with the Liberty Bell Games that President Jimmy Carter decided. We were going to have an alternate Olympics and they put about ten million dollars into that. I couldn't even find anything about TV coverage for that. When did they decide that they weren't doing the Olympics in Eity? I don't even know it wasn't. Seventy nine! I believe that really I thought it was like a nee jerk reaction or whatever I didn't even realize it was at first and then all of a sudden we had all the countries boycotted and then all the TV stations boycotted. So that's what I got the lack of TV FOR TV summer of July, nineteen nd. Eighty O, you got fucked in this category, didn't Ye Byoh, my God at least he came with something I remer in an episode once I think it was Carlos who had nothing to pick and just skip the round hewas like yeah. I have nothing nohthat's the beauty of this game. Even nothing s something othing exactly all right. Let's go over the true Zaccman. What do e you got for this round, man all right! I have a staple I as a sad day. This show was a steeple in my house during my childhood and on July, sixth, nineteen. Ninety, this particular show actually ended, and I am talking about one of my favorite shows of alt time growing up pinwheel. I don't know if anybody ever want on Yo pin wheel, Spinin Rin there you go sales antesae wheel in see whoavsee you now nated that show 'cause IA SNG Shtoshsh, I'm forty two and I still remember it. That's how bad it was. No that's how impressive it was. That is how impresson reigned exactly therwere, a total of two hundred and sixty Pinmuale episodesio, one thousandnine Hutdren, and seventy se en H, anine hutded and eighty four and then the show continued in reruns until nineteen. Ninety now thes show ou of B doesn't remember what the show was about, but it was kind of similar to sesame street. They had some like action scenes that took place and around this kind of, like large house, which was the pin wheal house, had a pen wheel, of course, on one of the peaks. This was called Pinwheel. It had live actors and Iracki a puppets, nothing at all to bite off of sesame street at all, but it was still pretty coin and they talked about like you know, various topics and concepts like you know that you would find in children's programn like sharing, be considerate environment wearing fucking mass. You know things like that. Where are you? fucking maskit remains the longest running, nickelodeon show in episodes and hours on air, so it's its in the record books, man and, of course, the theme song. You already knew the Thame Song that', that's ow good, and you talk about legs Dave shols. This, yes, song has some of the best legs in the worldplikin awful panmel lending, I'm glad you explained it 'cause. I didn't remember anything about this. Show whenas soon, as you said, Pinwheel I, the sogs cane, my head, exactly see, I don't remember the song. All I remember, is a group of annoying kids just going tell they could barely speak English ecause. There were like five and there's like a group of like fifty of 'em and they'd show a pen wheel, and that was like your interout of the show Thas a bunch of kids just screaming te they had marbles in their mouth. Jis went to the dentist. Cin know the can like. If there wasn't a picture of a pin wheel on the screen, you would have no clue what these kids are screaming about all right. So, let's go down to judge Dave Sholz for the ruling on the television round. Okay, H, wow! This is a very interesting one to say the least pinwheel. I don't really have many recollections of this show. Maybe I've burnt too many of my brain cells away in the nineties and thankfully that is a race for my memory but drew here's. A thing is, the show ended, but you mentioned it was in reruns for many many years before it was finally taken off the air, correct, yeah, the original episodes ware from seventy seven, an eighty four and then after that, until nineteen ninety they went to reruns. So it was still it was still there, but for six years taglorious earth. I think he meanro had the longest summer replacement seasoned en okynineteen. Seventy Johnny cash presents the everly brothers. A variety show that I do not remember at all. Before doing your research. Did you remember it? Well, I was not born in Nineteen Seventyi know, but I mean HEU never even heard about it like there was no old timer on e Porch, say O. I remember that. Show N I'll be a hundred percent honest when it. When it comes to nineteen sixties or nineteen, seventy nine. I have to do extensive research. I was born in seventy eigh. So, like a lot of things, you know nobody really talked to me about what was on television Shit and as far as variety shows go that I've found so far in, like the seventies and sixties. They made them all the time it was like. There's tons of them, so you O it was just johnny cash had his own show before this, so they I figured they'd just try to like you know, strike iron twice or whatever, and you know do another one. But again it was only done for ten weeks. It wasn't like it was done and canceld they just did this ten week. You know experiment and th n. That was it. It was over Yuw and then mark. Let me tell you man, I have so much respect for you. I was KINDOF busting your balls earlier, but I mean the fact that you really didn't have any T V and yet you still presented yourself as such, like you ha you're, just selling it so well I', I'm turely, I crastd. I really am, and now I'm actually curious, I'm going to start googling. The Liberty Bell Games 'cause IV, never heard of those before h. It was an utter disaster. Even the athletes didn't even enjoy it. They only got a budget of ten million from the government and it was kind of thrown together. At the last minute the track looked like shit. There was only a few hundred people in the sands. There was a billy beer, chug off. That would have been even better man if they exact Ras right. They coulda it couldave been like the Greek Games from revenge of the NERDS only four years earlier in way Cooler Bhat, it was, but it wasn't so I'm going to give the victory to something that has acsual. I don't want to Sek you guys say it so many times on this show it could be a drinking game. You now you know I'm alluding to right. Of course it's got legs wo W WHOA DRINK, but I mean we nly come up with something different. Something else that Kindo like is the essence of longevity here, besides Yio on Il, I only say it now, just to just to be: Oh okay, 'cause, like even when I do say it when you're, not the judge, I'm thanking of you, 'cause you're, the right one that ever says like. Ah It's Gota LIX yeah. No, I yeah. We got to come with something else, something clever and we'll put on a TSHIRT. You guys can sell it really long talk well Amer, but no I'm goingto go with Um. I'm Gonta Give Nineteen Ninety Tho win here. Just because there's a lot of people out there, you guys even were singing the songs together, and I mean really. It was just me: We weren't, seeing it together a we won't know. Mak Did his Po Rul or whatever he did his. I got stung in the lip by a B rendition there. So but yeah, but I mean T, there's a lot of kids out there, who must have lasting memories of this show and learnd something very important and valuable t t they took with them later in life. So therefore, nineteen ninety Wi'll get the win in this category. All right, Trou Zacman you win that route and get to select our next category. Where are we going for our final one point round, I'm going to go with News July, Twenty Sixth Nineteen? Ninety it was. It was a busy day with world news, and while I really wanted to talk about everyone's favorite soap, opera or as my aunt Li sa call m, my shows 'cause she watchd like fucking, seven of them. I don't know how General Hospital recorded at seven thousand episode, which begs the question: how to Fuck TDO people actually have this much free time M, but I'm going to skip that one and instead I'm going to talk about something moderately more important. The Americans with Disabilities Act was signed on July, twenty sixth, nineteen, ninety and you guys aren't familiar with the ADA. It's a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination based on disability and one of the great things about it. You know it covers both mental and physical conditions under five titles, so employment, public entities, public accommodations, telecommunications and miscillaneous provisions, and there was a little bit of pushback on it from you know some companies and churches, because they didn't allow them, didn't either want to spend the money or didn't have the money to help accommodate people like building ramps and things like that. But I do think that this law that was signed by President George Hw Bush is just fantastic and it's, I think, from one of the things he said: I'm not mistaken. He said that this was probably his proudest moment of as being a president was actually putting this law into into effect, but yeah. It's also. It requires coveredn employers provide reasable, accommodations, t employees with disabilities and oppose successibility of requirments on public accommodation, so yeah this was it's a big deal and Lex Friedon was one of the architects of legislation. He was actually paralyzed after a car accident and lived lif in a wheelchair after that and and face tdiscrimination himself, and he said the A da wasn't about health necessarily, it was actually more about civil rights, so it was awesome and and also write so Bush. What he did you know back, then he was getting a little bit of pushback from the right, but he was like not. This is like the right thing to do so he kind of bridged the gap between you know the left and the right, and he got everybody on board with at as best as he could and that's how he h signed us into into effect so July. Twenty sixth, Not General Hospital, seven thousand episode, but the Americans with disabilities act was signed all right sort, O picky back off of that pick I'll, throw out my news story: We're going to go over to the Jackson, son and Jackson, Tennessee July, twenty fifth nineteen. Eighty. I wanted to pick something that was a fun happy news story. Summer of Nineteen. Eighty, like I talked about with the TV strike, wasn't a whole lot going on. That was good news. There was a lot of infighting and arguing not much different. Thanthan ere is today really, but I found this little blurb in the newspaper it's in Wakugan Illinois. I hope I'm pronouncing that right. You're, a patient in the cardiac intensive care unit at Victoria Hospital, a playboy bunny approaches your bed, Thursday tucks a Napkin under your Chin and serves you chicken Saltabucka. Of course the cardiac patients were also examined to be sure that they were able to take any. You know. Extra Excitement said TERRYLO director of the Food Service at the hospital los started a gourmet food program eight months ago for the hospital I' four hundred patients, and on this day the chef from the playboy mansion, Charlie maze came with the bunnies. They all served chicken, salt and Boka to the patients. This was my new storyman. I just wanted something feel good that people were doing nice things for other people and, if you're laid up in the hospital man, what better than to have gourmet food serve to you by a playboy bunny w what is Salabuka? Maybe I'm like not sophisticated enough, but that sounds more like a disease I don't know, but he also said the chef came, so I could be that. Well, it's a SAWTA, boneless chicken breast served on a Sawtede egg plant covered with a slice of ham and cheese. How fucking impressed am I? I don't think it was boneless brow, at's, a lot of Saute. That's what I got from my news story, little bit of field, good news, mancrush stots it over to you, man, all right! So, let's Go July, Twelfth N, nineteen, seventy again like mare, except before wence te newspapers, otcom! It's where I do most of my research. So I noticed a few of the newspapers they're all starting to talk about this new technology that was launch and it was creeping its way around the United States. So here's a little highlight from this article from the daily press, which is out of Viewport News, Virginia N. How far is that from that far from me, it's not too far a couple of hours, all right! Well I'll drop! Something to see if you know the the place that I'm talking about here but UH. This is the little quote from that it, the nineteen seventies will be experts, say the era of Communications, the biggest upstor movement in the field. Right now is cable television. What is cable television? Well, cable television could bring forty or more channels into the home with programs ranging from network specials now listen. How dated this is to an add from a butcher down the block for choice, Sirloyn that the housewife could order on another channel from her home communication center, which is provided by the same cable. Here is a look at the present state of upcoming cable television and its possibilities. That's the end of that Qute. I mean it's wild, this entire page of the newspaper. It's all dedicated to cable television and the marketing guys from the paper were geniuses 'cause they knew dudes would be reading this. That's why they mentioned housewife in there 'cause. They were just like its GIV, you dudes Theng, cable, TV, sports and, like you know, porn or whatever, but I mean that's what they did 'cause on this same page, they put all the mufiads also so in case you wanted to know you can go see the movie Carla owho lives in a triple extreme world at the downtown in Newport News. I don't know if mark, if you're familiar with that at all, but h, that's on the same page, but just to be as upfront as possible. Cable had already been around foroptly twenty one years of this point: N Nineteen, seventy, but it was still like relatively underutilized. I mean up to this point in the seventies the FC C had y. They placed all kinds of restrictions on cable TV because of course, like the local television stations were like staunchly against having these like the competition from cable 'cause. They just could not keep compete with that all hat being said on June, twenty fifth, so this is not part of my story. I can't use it, but I'm all throwed out there, ondue twenty fift FCC, proposed that cable systems will be allowed to import signals from other viewing areas into the top one hundred media markets, which is basically ninety percent of the opuris on the United States, so come July. Everyone's super excited at the possibilities. That's why it's in all the newspapers everyone's talking about cable- and this is my story right here, so they this huge article. The print is so tiny that I had to like go over this thing like four times it was so hard to read, but they they made these like. This is what will happen if you have cable check these out. So this is what h y they thought was going to come up one day everyone will be Wa, everyone will have a walking television station. Will you ware a little antenna and you will be able to broadcast and see other people's broadcasts? The other one they said is you'll have armchair shopping. Then this one's especially good. There will be a soap ox channel for politicians, HM THERE'LL, be video, telephones, newspapers and bills will be delivered. VIAFAC simile into your living room, cable will be hooked to your home computers and you can order directly from commercials. If you see something you like you hit a button on the remote and it orders immediately. So almost fifty years ago, to the day, this article is talking about all these things are possible now and they just they were like. Oh Yeah, you Dou. We able to do that. Every single one of those things fifty years ago. They they figured out someone just brainstorm. Those I like to fact simily into the home yeah that one was a little bit off. I mean there were there were a good like twenty. I would rather o have that. Actually, I think that'd be fantastic Wy to get your bills vfact Simile, like aeer Bot Matrix. I only went it on a dot matrix sprinter, all right. So, let's go down to our judge, Dave Sholtz for the ruling on the final one point round. All right, let me go through these in order. Nineteen. Ninety, the Ada you mentioned Druw that Bush that he claimed out was his most proudest moment during his term is president. Is that correct? Yes, you know why right cause. There was a really good thing that he did well that and he didn't kill fucking Saddam, so he couldn't brag about that. Now could him I mean yeah o're, right, yeah, Ye, H, okay, nineteen hav yeah. I lets move on here, so nineteen, Eighty Mike I'm so impressed that I didn't know what Saltabucka was and you came equipped ready to rock and roll, and you like laid it out to me layer by layer what that dish is. That was very impressive and I appreciate thand now you're going to have to order some get it delivered to your house, so you can enjoy it while listening to the show. Only if you were dressed up like a playboy bunny, my friend come and fade me that might be able to be arranged. I Bet Yo. Could you get the softest hands around fucking weird? It is weird so anyway, Tin Weilet's go on nineteen. Seventy man crush hit us with a story about the potential that cable would bring to all of us, and it was a good story and everything, but, like you mentioned it, wasn't like cable, was indented that month or or anything like that, it, it was more just like a article for some dudes to enjoy, and I did enjoy gave a lot of back story in death yeah. You know like it's nineteen. Seventy, the news in the seventies is pretty harsh and I wanted to skip all that so like that's where I went, and if anybody wants to know what you were just talking about with you know, cable and everything. Nineteen. Seventy two is kind of where everything takes off 'cause. That's when you get home box off so, but I have nineteen, seventy so therethat's, where youget yere right now to make my decision. This is a tough one for me. Ok, because I am always filled with absolute rage when I see someone park in a handicap spot and they have the handicap placard. Yet they get out of their car perfectly abled, but I think drew came with the most historically important piece of news with the signing of the ADA in nineteen. Ninety, Oh snap. I can accept that yeah, absolutely all right! Excellent work drew Zacman. You pick up a point and take control of the board heading into our first two point rounds. Where are we going all right? So I'm going to go to music. I think Y. AH yeahllet's do music here so July, Nineteenth Nineteen, ninety there's a small album. It's not the most popular album out there, but I feel like the legacy this started and has left far surpasses any sales numbers and you'll you'll see what I'm talking about. So I'm talking about the album called apple from a band called mother lovebone. Now mother lovebone was established in in nine hundrd and eighty seven by former Green River members, Jeff Amon, Bruce Fairweather, stone, gozard and Andrew Wood, who was previously in a band called malfunction and then their Drummer Greg Gilbert, who was prevously going to beincalled ten minute warning now. Andrew Wood had a very an absolutely amazing stage presence and was destined for fame, unfortunately, would also had a history with with drug abuse, and he wound up dying literally just days before the album was supposed to be released in March of nineteen. Ninety, the release was them postponed to, as I said before, July nineteenth and Woud Sadly, was only twenty four years old, so Kim nearly from roling stone, so that the album succeeds, where countless other hard rock albums have failed capturing the essence of what made led Zeplin immortal dynamics and giving it a unique Nineti spin. Now in twenty sixteen rollingstone ranked apple eighteenth out of the top forty greatest one hit wonder albums. Obviously it was only in one hitcause Wu died before it was. The first time was even release, so they didn't record anything after that and in Twenty Nineteen, Rolling Stone Ranks Apple Fiftieth in its list of the top fifty grunge albums. Now, like I sayd wile, this album might not have sold like a gbrooks ablum in the ninetye sides. It's legacy with the ripple effects. Just massive mother lovebone was one of the first grudge bands in general, besides Green River, which paved the way for the grunge movement. You know: BASLIG Nivana, alsan chain, sound garden, pro jm Amet and Gosser, as projam and Gossard went on to form Muky Blaylock, which eventually became pral jam, Wood's roommate, some guy called Chris Cornell, who obviously went on to be in sound garden, also Auyoosleape, but cornell teams, up with a pro jam folk to create a band called Temple of the dog, which was basically a band creeted kind of as a tribute to wood, and they released one album in n nineteen. Ninety one now wood was also good friends with Allison Shane, singer Lan Staley and their guitars stery cantre. They dedicated their debut album facelift of wood and also there's song wood, which is spelled, would questionmark aftheir dirt. Album was actually dedicated to Andrew Wood and one lest Trivi bit before I stopped talking. The song far behind from candlebox, was also written about Andrew Wood. So there you have it July nineteenth. Nineteen. Ninety apple from mother love bone drew Zachman, dropping the knowledge. I didn't know that about wood. There you go, I he wa, I mean t s the holy grunge. I mean it's, it's kind of the sounds, but it's also the fact that it was all happening in Seattle and wood was such a central role in that and she was, you know, good friends, with a lot with all those guys pretty much and they all kind of were a tightening group and when he passed away I mean they. I think Centra still talks about it now and it definitely haunted stalely as well. So yeah all right, man crush. What do you have for the music round? All Right? Let's go to July, Sixteenth Nineteen, seventy and we get the privilege of receiving this man's fifth studio, album, arguably their best album. For me, it's their best al because growing up this, I had it on vinyl whe, my sister did, but when she started buying Cassetts in the late eighties, she basically gave me all f her albums and all O er forty fives anyhow this this one right here, it's an all time classic album. You could still hear this being blasted from my neighbor's garage in the middle of the mother fucking day. I've never spoken to him before, but I could tell you he really enjoys his elbum. It's the perfect album for day drinking, so I typically pictured this dude sitting in his garage drinking millor, highlife whill. Listen to this and we'll see, if you agree with me when when I say it, but this oumright here has no bad songs. There's NO FILLAR SONGS! This album it's good all the way through it went to number one on the billboard, two hundred it peatured three singles and the funny thing is the B sides. These singles are just as good, if not better than the single itself. The first single HEU had a reach number two in the: U S, hot one hundred which he had in the seventies and that was traveling band and the B side of that Wris whowill stop the rain and in the second single they had, which renumber four was up around the bend and the beside of that was run through the jungle and third one recember two was looking out. My back door and the beside that, as long as I could see alike as fucking incredible with these are b sides to this t's. That's pretty fucking stellar Y, my four times platinum. Obviously, it's an American classic, it's Cosmos Factory by Creden', clear water revival. I mean just check out this track. Lest Year, you got rambled Hambil before you accuse me: Travel Ind, Ban, UBI Doobi, looking at my back window through the jungle up round the bend, my baby left me who will stop the rain? Then you also had the cover of I I heard through the grape pine was fucking amazing and then long as I could see, the light closes out the whole pucket thing and then on the fortef anniversary, they added a couple more tracks to an. I just, don't remember what they were, but I think they they did like a remake of traveling man. I think Di you have that Onmar, Oh yeah, that's one of my all time, favorite albums and it's one of the only albums I can think of that features an exercise bike on the cover. Yes, very lucking, weird picture. I remember having that in the album n who was actually on the bike. I don't remember who that was, it might have been fovretty, but I'm not, it might have been 'cause. He I mean it is like directly in the front and it's like on of them old school exercise, bikes where it's an actual focking hand, speed man, good shit, but yeah, that's WHA. I got Cosmos factory by C CR. My neighbors probably listened to it right now drinking that fucking high life, all right so for my music selection, we're going to go over to July twenty fifth nineteen. Eighty. This is the seventh studio album by this Australian rock ban, who recently, unfortunately had to replace their lead singer because their original lead singer Bond Scott, unfortunately passed away. healum. Of course, I have is back in black by ACDC it's one of the greatest rock albums one of the greatest heavy metal albums of all time. It's been in all the lists. It came in at number: Twenty Six and rolling stone magazines list of the one hundred nast albums of the eighties. The title track itself Ranked Number One hundred and ninety on rolling stones, five hundred greatest songs of all time list, so this album's legacy just stands up on its own. You talk about track, listtings, Mancrush, Cosmos factory, amazing, this album just as amazing. We have hells bells shoot to thrill. What do you want to do for money? Honey, give a dog a bone. Let me put my Luve into you back an black you shook me all night, long have a drink on me, shake a leg and rock and roll ain't noise pollution, and much like when I selected bad company, a few episodes back, and I talked about how they classified that as one of the greatest heavy metal albums of all time back and black is too and what's really cool for two albums that are some of the best heavy metal albums of altime two of the most danceable songs. So on this one back, an black you got. Of course, you shook me all night long, your neighbor's, probably playing that in his garage too right after Cosmos, factory, 'cause, that'sin Li. You go to any dance cloud O at any party, Rick Cosmos factor. Is it straight through and repeat: Wo Las Yeahit'Sh yeah 't when they hired Brian Johnson in the band they wentover, they went down to Nasaon the Bahamas. To record this album, it was produced, of course, by the legendary Mutlang. They were having a lot of tropical storms and, of course, the album opens with some belchimes to commemorate the loss, of course, of Bond Scott out of curiosity. Anybody here o know how many times the Bell Chimes. Eight hundred and seventy two times. Thirty, three thirty, two corre no erteen times that the bell chimes for bonds. I guess PRICIS right to Hem yeah and for that little cool side story. They wanted to get the right bell sound and you know just a recorded bell like stock or something didn't have the right, so they actually paid to construct a one ton bell actually forged. They would bring it on the road with them. They actually used that in the recording of the album. The Bell wasn't even ready, yet they tried to use a similar bell that was at a church, but that had like birds living in it. So they brought a portable recording studio to the foundry miked up the bell with like twenty different Mikes, that's how they recorded it. For that album. So Asoo seem like back in black. That's what I got for music. When I was in Iraq, I had this staff Sargeont. Every time we went on a mission, he played hell's bells. We had this radio speaker that was part of like or it was. It was a radio that was never used. It was a fucking worthless piece of equipment, so you get hooked up like a radio, too, is just like regular speaker wire, and it was actually pretty loud so like leaving the gate. Every time we left, the gate was fucking Hell's bells or highway to hell, Eione or the other, but yeah facking crazy, but got some special meeting yeah. I have a a trivial question: Does anybody know which relief picher would always come out to that? Songhels Bells Ricky: Bon that John Rocker, no John Rockerjust came out to booze Lynrmand obenidos Ne Vally fingers. Also no Nando Valensuela that'd be great, but no, not Trevor Hoffman, aandiagopadres Yep. You would think I'd know that he had he had hels bells and then Mo had inter sammon Yep. That is right. I ot Tribia all right. So, let's go down to our judge, Dave Shultz for the ruling on the music round, oaky Doky, smoky nineteen. Ninety the lineage cannot be denied of mother. Lovebone dru spoke passionately about the album and its history, and I truly appreciate that thateas an ice history lesson plus you are the trivua master. Apparently now, let's look at Nineteen, seventy and nineteen eighty and I'm combining them, because they both have many similarities with the albums, jus being comple banges and a lot of hits off o each record, but both La vocalists really had no range. Do you know what I mean, but they both had distinct voices right. This is true. No absolutely and that's what I don you don't really need the range. If you have like that sound that I or sound you know yeah, but I mean I don't know man it's just like. If, if a vocalist has no range, can never like kindof get out of the comfort of his of his box. If you will to me it's just Kinda Lazy, I don't know always want to hear Lojohn voger's Dil and got some style row. I mean even left when Solo and did well and John Fogerdy is still kicking ass. Today I follow Hem on you. Tube he's got his own band now with his family. It's like his kids and he's. He don't play guitar too. It's incredible go check. Amout yeah, they just played thereas, like was a pbs, was like showing the fireworks on the fourth of July and DC Ogerdy and his kids were playing his plane gets hars like a guitar Ma out of a fricking back ecause. He was playing cener field, myke dude. That is awesome Dasiol, my kids conplain. I I get what you're saying though Yoi mean it's like. If you did, you know the the J, John Fogerdy and Brian Johnson, both you're right, their voices are very distinctive. You can recognize them right off the bat, but at the same time any song is virtually interchangeable in the way that they sing it and that's always kind of bothere Awi's on the what song it depends on the speed of the song acdcis. One Way, I don't think you'd say that about CCR t, the slow songs and the fast songs. There's tempo changes T at make the song sound differently. So it's Kindo hard to say his voice still sounds the same to me: Man. It is OID UER ye low down. That's what I'm thaying radway sounds the same. I mean you're not going to shit on him. Well, Hey h! No, I'M NOT! I'M NOT! Even though you R Kindaf Tine it back into mother lovebone a little bit with the invention of Pearl Jam. Thanks to that. But listen! I'm Gongta pick my final choice here and again. I'm teter tottering right now, apologies to drew between nineteen, seventy and nineteen eighty, but when I think about like, if I go to a live sporting event or basically anywhere I'm more likely to hear back in black, then I would cosmo's factory I mean unless I et man, crushis house chilling with his neighbor, you don't even have to chill them dude. He. You could hear her from my house. Nir Hihwifnrom. Was He cranking on the Stereo System on his Saturn? I could just picture him outside with a boom box. It's like, say anything oin, CROSSMO factory, trying to get you outside I'm actually going to Pick Nineteen D. Eighty and mark will get the wind with some AC. Dey Say: Hey, don't don't you think Brian Johnson sounds like Donald Duck. Sometimes he he really does. Like I mean I l, I love how he he does that, but like sometimes I'l just I listen to the songs and I'm like that's fucking Donald Dog he's fucking rocking he's really gettig it yeah. And what most people don't realize is that's a falsetto hat's, tough yeah towards the later years. It wasn't a falssetto and that's why he's not singing anymore? A voice like Brian Johnson, can only be created with a fine mix of excessive amounts of whiskey and pall malls. So I mean comeall right so looks like we're going to head over to the movies round Al Right. So for my movie, you know I looked around summer of nineteen eighty, the best I could find was actually a remake, and I know how we hate remakes on this show, but I have to bring this one up. It's a remake of a movie F, one thousand nine Hutden and fifty eight called zero hour. Wonder if you guys have figured this out or not, but we're going to go to an article in the red. Dover advocate an Alberta, Canada July, twenty sixth nineteen, a d eighty talks about the movie airplane. Of course. Yes, I have one of the man crush three here on the shelf from my movie selection. I can't even get them so in the article it says, H, hollowigs success brings instant benefits, airplane, written and directed by Jerry Zacker and his brother David and their boyhood friend Jim abrhams, opened in theaters July. Second, the next day they found they had meetings scheduled with seventeen executives and producers, several of them who had turned down airplane at least once or twice during its first week, airplane sold more than seven million in tickets. The high spirited parody of a disaster movie, which costs three point. Five million has been extravagantly praised by the critics and the article goes on to talk about the rest of their careers and they have an interesting qut. It says H, O we'll keep our next movie below thirty million David Zucker said we'll work for the next ten years. On thirty million easy, the final embellishment is Mr Abrams who's. Thirty seven- and he said you know we'll probably keep our whole careers under thirty million. I went back and looked naked gun one two, three top secret, all of those movies under thirty million dollars they split after a while, like they did like their own projects, which is theyw're still good. I still like Bos like I actually sell like a mal top S or yet top secret with Valcumer that one all the other ones. I love yeah, but that's my pick July. Second, nineteen. Eighty, it's the all time comedy classic, which I still to this date, can't believe it's rated PG, airplane, Roger Roger. What's our vector all right, Dru Zacman? What do you have for the movies round? So I am I'm glad y. What would be next because I have another Jerry zoccer movie now July Thirteenth Nineteen, ninety a date that everyone remembers well, because that was the day we all wanted to take a class and pottery thanks to her good friend, Patrick swezy. So I am talking about the legendary movie ghost yp now as we as much before, Tis, as directed by Juryzocker of airplane, fame and also top secret, this movie grossed over five hundred and five million dollars on a budget of twenty two million t hundred thirty. That's right that five! Oh five million back in nineteen ninety equats to almost one billion today. I think it's like around a little over nine hundred and ninety million, so yeah pretty awesome and ghost was the highest grossing movie of Nineteen. Ninety beating out classtic such as Humbalone, pretty woman dances, I wolves total recall and, of course, everyone's favorite kindergarten com. At the time of it's release, it was the third highest grossing movie of All time, which is pretty crazy, receive five nominations at the Academy Awards and one too for bissupporting actress for it wild be Golberg and best original screenplay I'll see this movie sthred of ucking. Also I love this movie. I feel like I watched when I was a kid and I was like. Maybe I wasn't pag intention, but I watched it. I don't know you know like ten years ago, and I was like this movie is legit like it's really good Patrick's wage is amazing. I miss him dearly me more was awesome in this. I also appreciated Vincent Chevaly. Yeah has little Camo that he had an AR. I always H, Lov when he POPs up in movies and also, if you're around the ninety ninety and had a radio you more than likely heard the revival of nineteen. Fifty five classic from the righteous brothers called unchaned melody. Amazing Song and its placement in the movie is lawless, which in two thousand and four it was rank Numr. Twenty seven on the American film institutes, one Hundred Years, one hundred songs, survey of top tunes and American cinema and that song came back hit number thirteen on the? U S, billboard hot one hundred, so this is nineteen. Ninety, so shadow was telling us about this song, but yeah potery, the pottery scenio. I mean this movie. Had everything awesome, flake ghost there you go yo o all right, man crush. What do you have for the movies round? All Right? So, let's Go July, Fifteenth Nineteen! Seventy and if you're a fan of such gems as Cobra American Ninja last American virsion, which our previous gass judge, Damn Franklin Stars as a matter of fact over the top and blood sports, and this pick is for you, because back in nineteen, seventy, the CANIN group released a film starng Peter boile. That was there first real hit within the American market 'cause without this movie. Who knows what we would have gotten like our childhad favorites than I just listed and all the other ones we might have never got if we didn't get this movie first, so in Typical Cann in fashion. The budget for this Oscar nominated movie was a hundred and six thousand dollars hundred and six thousand dollars. However, it still went on to become the thirteenth highest grossing movie of Nineteen Seventy taking in nearly twenty million dollars at the box office, ter's about O hundred and thirty two million dollars in thusand and twenty, which is an excellent hall for a politically charged drama, especially for a movie. It was done on a hundred and six thousand dollar budget. That's seven hundred thousadolars in thoesand and twenty just think about that. That's penominal numbers a movie in Twenty Twenty made. A hundred and thirty two million dollars of less than a one million dollar budget peopwuld be losing their fucking minds about it. It would be winning all kinds of shit. Also, the film debut of Susan's random, O I'll, throw that in there the movie we have here is Joe Markis already nodding ahead. wherlas going with is and if you've never seen it I'm going to spoil it righ you no dont poil it. You could skip forward thirty seconds, I'm Gong to give you this. This is like the the man crush bucking overview of the movie right. Here's the run down. Susan surranding gets full frontal right at the start of the movie. Her boyfriend shoots a heroine surran in overdoses. Her Rich Dad kills her boyfriend. Then he goes straight to the bar and he meets his blue collar hippeating racist, Joe Joe Figures out that her dad killed a hippie and immediately wants to become best friends. They hang out a couple F times. They Bang a couple F hippies the hippie steel, their wallets. Then they leave Joe an her dad go and find the hippies and they kill them all. His daughter then walks into the hippy hideout where the Masker occurs and her own dad onknowingly shoots her in the back Y athirty seconds. Amazing film, I mean it doesn't sound that amazing, when described that way, but I'll tell you man and again we bring up remakes and how much we hate remakes. This is a film I would love to see. A modern remake on Ou know need to. You can go to prime it's on there for free. I watch it last night. It holds up it wontl out whole frontil, Surrandi, O it holds up well just came back in after skipping that and you got full front Il Surand and you maght go watch it there. You go in our first role. Think about that. It's her first roll. Her first ever seen pull frontal getting into the bathroom yeah she's fantastic in that movie, not even that the nuditypart, the 'lltell Hi d, She just overdoses an shot, ok, spoilers and get shot in the payment. It's one of the most compelling overdoses. I've ever seen. It might be right up there with train spotting. I don't know Jus got better eyes I'll, say but again, if you don't get that B'cause, that's think about the money that they made right there with those kind of films, cannon film started in like sixty sevenish and their films are overseas. So you didn't get the major market that they wanted here. This was their first heat that brought them over here and they made serious coin with this film. They really financed them through the eighties before they started, taking out crazy fucking loans and trying to do thirty movies a year. But I mean this: Is it's like the start of it right here, yeah go out and watch that movie man, it's a trip nowadays, an I think you get a fullash shot of Peter Boil if you're into Thatyeah, I mean it's Al Right, he's thinking about it right now! Only well I mean, since you mentioned it all right. So, let's go down to our judge, Dave Shultz for the final ruling on this game. All Right, I'm going to look at these not in order 'cause, you know drew you said ghost was a fine film and I can appreciate your opinion on this, but I would actually argue that that wasn't even the best movie dealing with the afterlife that came out in nineteen. Ninety, do you remember a little bill? Cosby vehicle called Goasdad wwcome on man. I INI'm not going to give a response to that. That's right up there with Comon O have yeah, I mean personally, I prefer kindergarten cop but different topics. Nineteen, Seventy Joe! You know I'm actually intrigued by a remake because have you ever seen, Susan Surrandon's daughter, yeah she's, like a spitting image of her mother. So you coal just cast her in the roll and you virtually get the same thing she's an complete knockout. You ever see her in Californication again with the full frontal. Yes, I haveshewas polien her Moma spootsteps ot or it was- and I think that was one of her first big acting job. Her Mom said in your first GIG: Go full frontal you'll take her off. You Take Hem, but you got 'em by the ball. Yo Do the more you know I do have to ask. So when we talk about nineteen eighty, have you ever been in a Turkish prison? I don't have my cat, I really do but airplane holy macinoli. I mean I'm a big fan of like the satire magazines, mad and CRACKD, and all that stuff, but I mean even if you're, not airplane, really influenced t a whole generation sense of humor, oh definite. When you think about it, I mean people still receite lines for that movie. His eye just did to this day. I don't know how many people are talking about any lines from Joe G. You don't want me to say helies from Joe. I can start a riot nineteen. Ninety. Of course everybody was joining a pottery class and I apprecit drew bringing that up as well, but I think uh don't ithe cannon thing. I threw I'm not Jusno, you didn't even mention it. You didn't mention it see II like having Dave back here 'cause when the celebrity guesss are on I'm just like Yeah Cool Daves on im like BAF, like that, I don't like Thatyeah. I know you didn't even mention Cannin. I like talk. I I just did. I said it: Cannon Cannon Films. It's been mentioned, O Hollong Yeah so anyway, but you know here's a thing too about man. Crosh is when I do render my my decision he's going to try to second guess me and bring up the reasons why he should be the victor and this and the whole o Oy prob. I got Mariaa O saw on my shirt tonight yeah. I know right, Tia, jinks and a half, but if you couldn't tell where I was leaning with this, I am going to pick nineteen eighty, an airplane for the wind being th. It's part of the man cross three. I get a point right now. I feel like I have to share this wind with man crush. I still don't win. I get two points. Just go suck the Marinair off his shirt witeashus. Do that right on the bottom, too, all rigt! Well, hey thanks to everybody that was an excellent game. Man, Dru Zacman! You brought the knowledge this this time really enjoyed that music pick. Why don't you CS? Normally you? Don't? U So asually, don't man! No! What do I provide? I just I didn't know a lot of that tstuff about mother belovebone. I mean that was SOM. That was some good digging and ID learned something that's the important thing is that I learn somemore. You know more, you know, so why? Don't you tell all of our listeners? What's going on on the one headlight nineties, podcast what you got coming up? Man Yeah eventually, I'm getting my h Shit together and we are going to do a nineties fads. I guess watit was a Julynoled like a July madness for nineties fads m that's coming up. I have a couple of episodes getting ready to come out for kind of a e're inspired by the Michael Jordan documentary, the last dance, so we're go. We actually are talking about some nineties n BA stuff too, so you have a lot of things going on over there and it'll be coming out. I WOULD SAV o the next like two weeks, all right Dave, what's happening on the selling out show. Oh, you know little bit of this a little bit of that just talking about life and how we screw ed up and every turn and it's you know it's humorous ways and stuff B t listen, I'm also working on a new project with the dude, I'm looking at right now, Ma on camera. Look his head is popped up like a fucking go for one there he is drew Dru on everybody's, hail, bat up, Hi, Ey, Yu, how's it going yeah dew. How much can we actually say on air about this right now? What ar we legally able to talk about? Well, it's new, but we can. We can probably tell 'em, ah a little bit. It's calld. We have a new, a new music pocast and that's where H, Nkeyo, guys can't tell at's prober wher. My passion usually lies with music, and I know Dave also is a big music officionato. So I felt like, let's, let's Collab, on something ere, so we have a new POK. Yes coming out. I don't know when, but it's called songs gone wrong and where we discuss hit songs from the seventies eighties, nineties and today, and we kind of go over their merits and basically, we kind of eside. If the songs got a writer, did the songs go wrong and the great thing about our new show is that we have our own votes, but then the third and final vote will actually be up to you, the fans. So I anything else to that Dave H. Well, you call me a music of Fishanato and that's not completely fair. You did pick me for this project. 'cause. I was outside your house Yore saying Pinwheel Si like iti bring hem inside ut. No, I'm looking forward to starting that and working withdrew on. I hope everybody checks it out when it's finally out in two thousand and twenty three: that's right: postpanzemic podcast. What is it OI, man crush? Why don't you tell our listeners about all the exciting things coming up on this show on duling decades Yeh, so we got couple of guests coming on dame in a fantastic job today, but he will be replaced next week, Chris Baron from the spin doctors com in weekend. After that, I just like I mentioned earlier in the episode we got Tony Citin is going to be on and then we're wrapping up the month with Keithkugan. So got quite a couple, quite a few guests coming on now, if you've missed any of those episodes, you can always go back on our website and everywhere. PODCASTS are found and subscribe to the show in I tunes onspot ify and then, while you're on the INTERWEBS. Why don't you head over to our facebook page facebook, dotcom forward, slash duling decades, where you can join the other fifty thousand dulers and share some of your very own Retro Memories, Som until next time, jewellers we're going to bid you a piece? Love Lightin, a joy hale a grapeful week. Everyone inferymedia