Dueling Decades
Jan. 8, 2020

Will 1981 be the King of Kong or will 1998 win in this science duel?

Will 1981 be the King of Kong or will 1998 win in this science duel?

Take out your Pocket Protectors and spark up that Bunsen burner because this week Dueling Decades has a sensational science duel! Joe Findlay from the Miscast Commentary Podcast returns to the show armed with 1981 and ready to take on Marc James and...

Take out your Pocket Protectors and spark up that Bunsen burner because this week Dueling Decades has a sensational science duel! Joe Findlay from the Miscast Commentary Podcast returns to the show armed with 1981 and ready to take on Marc James and the science of 1998! Loyal listener and trivia leaderboard mainstay Erik Cluley returns to man the gavel and judge this epic matchup! Will Marc James be able to keep the winning streak alive and be in line for a title shot? Only one way to find out! Listen, subscribe & play along at home because its your history, we just fight for it!

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I am Ark James and on this episode I will see if I can keep my winning streak alive, as I can pete with the science of Nineteen. Ninety eight and my opponent this week will be thif man happy new year, everybody, my Nean's Joe Finley, from the misscast commen hold on this is all broken. He guys is Jo finly here from miscast commentary. It is great to be back for the New Year hapy New Year. All I am taking on the science of nineteen eighty one and no none of it is cocaine and, as always here on the show, we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. So let me introduce to you tonight's judge, he's back one of our loyal listeners and triviamasterminds. It's judge Eric Cluly, thenks Hrav me back so third shout their times. Charm should be wonderful righty. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under deeling decades rules. The JUDG's coinflip shout the side, who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories, movies, television, music, news and hot products. A judge's ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points: Apiece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all five rounds now doelers, I'm not sure if I was blinded by the light or she blinded me with science, but thanks Thot, Johnny Nash. I can see clearly now so. Finally, we can play more jontenays a right. Let's go down to judge Eric Luly for the official Tosoff, all right so for tonight I have the nineteen ninety six LEDUAZALDA uckerigof time we call the front plate heads back blatetails. How dare you flit that WHO's, calling it Al Rig? Jo, you have the honors go ahead and call it ar I face up so as it is, it is tales. Oh all right. I'd, take control of the board here on this science battle now Joe and I talked out ahead of time we're including science and science fiction, because a lot of science fictions there's some science based in there right suresome of it's wrong science, but you know science on the less all right. So, first category you know what let's go with music. I want to open up with some music Arig. God so for my first pick, I am going to go with an album release February, twenty second nineteen. Ninety eight- and it is these seven studio album by this artist. It is Madonna Ho released the album ray of light. If you look at ray of lights, lyrics, there's a lot of h, scientific light references in there W. I think, she's talking about some crepuscular rays. Perhaps what's really nice about this album is it did incorporate electronic a music. For the first time it has been credited for bringing electronic music into global pop culture. The Los Angeles Times noted aside from its occasional breakthroughs, such as fat, Boie, Lims, electronic music, really wasn't mainstream until Madonna came out with Ray of light now another interesting science fiction tid bit about this album you'r like how is Madonna connected to science. Well, the opening track in the third track on the album. The title was actually inspired by JB Ballard's, post, apocalyptic science fiction, novel the drowned world. I never would have known this about a Madonna album but doing research for this episode. You find out these crazy things, so Madonna's Ray oflight album. It really helped introduce electronic music into the mainstream, had some songs based on a science fiction novel at the Thirty Forty First Annual Gramy Award's rarlight receive four awards out of six nominations. It won best pop album best recording package and was nominated for album of the year, so that is my first selection. Madonna's Ray of light had some pretty good singles off of it, not my personal favorite, Madonna songs, but h. It did give us frozen and, of course, Ray of light and the science fiction. Shong drowned world substitute for love. My second musical selection. You know I'm thinking about science and science fiction. You know how can we find something in music that relates to that? So how about something from another dimension or something that's planetary or maybe intergalactic planetary, another dimension, another dimension. I give you intergalactic by the beasty boys from their fifth studio, album hello, nasty. It was release July, fourteenth, nineteen, Ninety eight and it sold six hundred and eighty one thousand copies and its very first week, debuting at number one on the billboard, two hundred album charts the album on two awards at the nineteen. Ninety nine grammyes for best alternative music, album and best rat performance, and that was all propelled by the hit single intergolactic. Now the song itself, not a lot of lyrics in the song. I think I went through all of the lyrics ind the song. If you've seen the music video, it is based upon a lot of what Mudd Morphan Power Rangers is based upon and that's a lot of th the Kaiju films from Japan. So it's kind of incorporates a lot of that culture, which is science fictioning, so yeah it might be a stretch a little bit, but that's what I got for the Music Round, Ray of light, an intergalacti Ro, one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight all right Joe over to you all right. Well, I am going to take this in a very sound tracky direction and the first one I'm going to talk about is a little bit of home, Canadian film and it's sound track quite popular. I'm going to talk about heavy metal, the sound track ndwas released in July, O nine, ten and eighty one fedred original songs by donfelder from the Eagles Journey. DEVO blueoystric cheep, trik Nazareth and granfunk rail road also includes songs for Black Sabbath Wen during the Rony James Do era and Stevie Nik both of those songs. I believe, appeared on this album before it appeared on their own albums later on. In the year the album itself was number twelve on the billboard, charts and felder's heavy metal in parentheses. Takin aride was number five on the rock charts. This is a very different type of animated film. It is a Canadian picture. Lots of different stars in this movie. John Candy is in this. If you could frink it believe that right, O it's fantastic and every time I think, of heavy metal. The first thing that POPs in my brain is John Ganny saing. There was no way I was going to rock around this place with my door hanging Ou and other stvalums like Ug, Lavian, Jo fla and like it's. It was a happening. It is a. It was a weird one 'cause I remember being young and wanting to see it and my parents and stuff going. No, I don't think you're ready for that ND. I mea not understanding how I couldn't be ready for a cartoon until I saw it- and I was like Oh, I agree so yeah. This was a big, a Scifi fantasy stale movie, with a lot of really good artists and very rare that so many of the artists created songs specifically for the album. So that is my very first one. My second one also a sound track, but it's also a studio album of one band. It is the night studio album from Queen. It is the soundtrack for Flash. Gordon othe original soundtrack in the UK was released in December of n nineteen and eighty, but in the U S and Canada, it was released in February, F, nineteen, eighty one and this soundtrack it made it to number twenty three on the billboard sharts only the theme song was ever released as a single every single song on on it. Both score and songs with lyrics were all written by the band and it was written and recorded during their tour from their previous album, so very interesting stuff. There also the producer, Dina Dellorentis was not aware of who the Queen was. In fact asked who the Queens were to his credit, gave them total cart blache. As long as the music was complimented Bein, the movie, they could do absolutely whatever they want. The album features a lot of worked in dialogue and bits from the actual movie itself. The single version of the flashgordon thene removed all of the dialogue, but it has all been restored several times. It's been rereleased for Queen Fortieth anniversary, for example, and yes, so that is my second one. So we've got Queen's night studio, album, which was a movie soundtrack and the first sound track. They did. They also did highlander a little while later and heavy metal. Already, let's toss it down the judge, Errit cluly, for the judgment for the music round. Well, you both should be proud of the work you did. We didn't do anywor. They wrote the songs, these Ere Tho, four, very good choices mark when she came out with a inticolactic. I was Kinda like Oh that's, going to be tough to beat, but heavy metal and and a flash Gordon sound track. I think I gotta go with eighty one on this. yeahboth of those are solid man. I love the heavy metal sound track. I mean it's not busty boys O, but you know I I't just too, like amazing abbt right there and I give full credit to the connections who doesn't Love Flas, Gordon, all, right Joe. You have control of the board. What category would you like? Next all right, I think we're going to have to go with T V, Welli flip around the channels. In the year of my birth, I forgot to mention that earlier I was born this year, so I mean it should already win O. No. As soon as you mentioned, you were, we know you and your birthdays any listener to the show knows your track record with birthday. So sorry, duelers prepare yourself for sad news, but we're on T V right now and we're a D we've got some. We have happy stuff right now. Oh okay, well, well, happy is subjective, but you might be. You might be a mess. It's not's, not my problem go get help, but so I'm going to start with January. Fifth, Nineteen D, Eighty one so we're just squeaking in at the beginning of the year. I want to talk about BBC for a minute. They did something that was believed to be unfalmable. At the time it had been a radio play that the B BC had done years three years before, but they were bold enough to try and make this bb c produced the very first cleen adaptation of th hitchiker's guide to the galaxy. So it was a six part mini series. It was considered a very bold choice. They actually hired almost exclusively the actors from the B B C Radio series, it ended up winning five awards, including three bafto awards, which is a gigantic deal in the UK yeah, and this was so popular between this and the rainingplace so popular only a handful of years ago. I believe it was two thousand and eleven they did a that seems so much further away. Now that it's twenty twenty it seems like it might Av v been like, but like nineteen inety eight was a couple of years ago, so yeah, that's the truth, H. Actually I I had read today. Somebody wrote two thousand and fifty is just as far away as nineteen ninety and then I put my mouth around my Shokgun, an exhaust pipe for a little while, but but yeah so this stuff being so popular. They did a revival live recradio play with the original cast on stage for the BBC. It was a pretty big deal for them. It ends up being a big deal because the film finally gets made, as you know, twenty years later, almost yeh. So that's it Bab, ses, hchecker's, guide to the galaxy the first time it ever made it onscreen wow, fantastic pickmn, I'm a huge fan of that BBC series. Actually I actually as much as I like the newer version of the film it's nothing compared to the B B cvers and there's so much more story that they left out of the new version. So Ye h, if you can get past the high school play, production values of the BBC play version, it's a well worth to watch just for the extra story you get if you're a fan of the books, so great pick Ho CECKER's Guide IV. Never thank you. So much- and I got to be honest, like that- praise like it makes me feel amazing, like believe it or not, I'm walking on air. I never thought I could fel so for because March Eighteenth Nineteen D, eighty one was the debt of that song. I just sang, which was the bewaltered sing, but spoke, and it was the debut of the greatest American hero S, t e featured William Cat, who was the boyfriend in carry as the main character, who was a high school teacher who gets an alien suit, very green lanterness, as I like, researching and reading up on it. I didn't see a lot of it because it happened. You know when I was zero and but yeah he gets an alien suit he's alongside an FBI agent at the time, and he has to you know, stop the bad gus a so yeah featuring Wen cat. As I said, Robert Culpas, the angient working by his side and also had early performances by Michael Perai of Straits of fire and s billion other movies that were straight to video fame and then has a lot of early guest spots for Apter actors like Bob Saat, Danny Glover, a Tony Cok Mer, belding himself, Denis Haskins, was on this pre, save by the Bell, William Zabka, the real karate kid and was the second ever acting job for Andre. The giantthe movie itself won four enys and its steam song. To my knowledge for a TV theme song, this is the only time it's ever happened. It made it to number two on the billboarn charts, wowso Hi checkers gut to the Galaxy Greti American hero have at it can't go wrong with both of those picks slightly pandering, though, because any listeners to this show if we have a lot of o g listeners to deeling decades, they'll know back on in the poop culture days, we had William cat on the show he's a good friend of the program, so yeah from my television picks. I got some sad news see I hav the sad news for he, my job yet yeah 'cause we got the end of two great science shows that Enden N ninetee and ninety eight, so my first one is a as a remake not of a t V show, though it's a remake of a movie. I give you the N Nineteen ND, ninety four launching and ending in nine teen and ninety eight. U Sa hit TV show weird science. I'm sure you guys all remember this. Of course it is the Remak of the John Hughes Classic now what's interesting about this version of the story line is Kelly. LEBRACC was actually offered to reprise her role in this TV series. She turned it down. So, of course, they went on to cast a Vanessa Angel. All Right, I'm going to say something a little controversial on this show. So if you don't think you can handle it hit the skip ahead. Fifteen seconds thing: I got a hot tape. I think Vanessa Angel is better looking than Kelly, Lebrack and she's a better Lisa. That's just my opinion. Duelers don't jump on me, but I don't wholly disagree with that. You know everybody's all about Kelly Le Brac. I actually prefer Vanessa Angel Right now for sure good call on that one Eric No, I mean, I think the original movie, of course, is way better than the T v show, but the T v show was great, so anybody, whoas big fans of Weird Science and you've, never checked out this TV show please go checking out. Weird science originally aired on the USA network came to an end, unfortunately, on July twenty fifth Ne Tousan, nine hundred and ninety eight. My second piece of very sad news I hate to report- is the ending in the cancellation of a show that one twenty six awards over nineteen my awards, when you talk about science and television, one name comes to mind, LEDs and gentlemen and that's Bill Nigh in n Nineteen D. Ninety Eight, unfortunately, we saw the end of the original run of Billnig, the Scien sky averagely on the Disney channel. This show was just monumental. Now it's really an eighties versus nineties thing. If you grew up in the eighties, you were mister wizzard type of kid. If you grew up in the nineties, you're a bill, Ni type of guy, same type of content there you know, despite a lot of rumors thes, show, was actually not cancelled because he did an episode on evolution. There was an episode on evolution, but there was several seasons after that. So That's just a myth, but Yeah Bill Ni, the science gy I mean- don't really have to say too much about it 'cause. I know everybody grew up watching this show so bill. No, the science ky in weird science definitely check out weird signs if you haven't, but I know you all have checked out bill, Nae Science Guy, and that sounds really weird bill. All right, so thosin from my two movie picks Eric cluly. What is your verdict for the television round? Nip Mark Your shows. This was their farewell season years. Boll shows ended in nineteen. Ninety eight that was, they were cancelled. They were done. They came to the end of the road unfortune. How long did they run in ninety eight CE? They were cancelled. H, weird science went four years, but bilt noithe science guy went from ninety three to ninety eight, but that was only the first inclination of the show. It's come back a few times since no I just mean like did they have like an episode in January, and that was it or they ran the whole year and h they had a full season and then it endd t the season ended in July okayhe's. In five episode. Eighteen of weird science is the final one called ws for it's. When Lisa zaps up an alien race to erace the hate at a high school, and then they decided to attack the high school instead, so yeah atrack Um. I I think the greatest American here Wen wins it out for slightly I deserted out I'm going to go with eny one again, ojoe jumps out to an early too to nothingl. I don't, I think my winning streak at this point is what dod the French say focked. I still got two point rounds GT SE, one one point round left Joe: You maintained control of the board WHD I like to go next man. How long? I stick this one right in the middle, I'm goingto go news, I'm going to defer to our judge. Do you want the good news first or the bad news w? We are talking to you, so I went to bed all right. We are going to do the bad news first and the reason I said that this is going to make. You Laugh Mark, I'm going to read our text conversation right at the end of delivering this news: Okay, okay, so June fifth n nineteen, eighty one five men in Los Angeles, go to the hospital and they get diagnosed with a very specific type of pneumonia. It's only ever president in people with weakand immune systems. They didn't know what it was that was causing. Basically, the pneumonia was a symptom of the disease. They didn't know what it was, so they called it. Gay Related Immune Deficiency, I'm not making this up. This is not a hate crime, so it was grid, as it was called later on the following year. It was called acquired, immunit, Eficiency Syndrome or AIDS. These were thee five peop. The first live people ever diagnosed with AIDS. On the Planit doesn't mean they were the first to get it, they were the first diagnosed. Did Walker tell them about it? This I don't know, but the reason that I thought that this was funny not because it's aids, because I'm going to read exactly what we were discussing when I get the thing so mark, ok, cool. So it's Nineteen D, Eighty one vrsus Ninete, N, Eighty, eight science, you OV, nineteen, eighty one, I say cool my birth year. Are we counting side fiction, yeah, we're cotting SCICE FICTION? You say: Oh no, your birth year, that's bad! All Bad News! My response, this just in AIDS started happy New Year and you hadn't even done the research. Yet I hadn't done the research. Yet I knew it was around that time. I did not know for certain that it was nineteen. Eighty one but yes, indeed Los Angeles, discovers five men all who all of whom are homosexual, which is why they called it gay related Immun deficiency. Also good Lord, like it was still a time in the AG. I know I've seen revenge of the NERDS and that answers a lot of my questions about what people thought about in the eighties, but it was eigty four yeah ex. You know what I mean like Nd. It's just it blew my mind that that was even a thing I was. I had to restencin on multiple sources, just to make sure that that wasn't just something people were calling it. It was in medical term, see I knew it was eighty one yeah. I just thought you gave one of your picks away. I'm like Oh great, I'm fucked on this room, Soi, just God. I did that and I I just like I was head and hands when I when I saw that I was like. Oh my God, I can't believe I said that and I thought the same wittle thing I just came away. One of my picks: that's Hilarious, all right man. What da e you got for your second one, all right, so this is actually very good news. This is actually related to the space program want to talk about commander John Young, who, as an Apollo astronaut and mercury, asteront gemany astronaut, and he was only one of three men ever to have been to the moon twice. He had gone for Papolo ten, and then he was the commander on Apollo Sixteen and walked on the moon. He also went with a rookie astronaut pilot Robert Crippin. This launch actually occurred on the twentieth anniversary of the first man in space when Yeurigargeran went to space and as of this date, it is the only Nassa aircraft who's Maden Voyage was actually flown by man. This was the first ever flight of the spacatal Columbia in April twelfth, so this was actually considered at the time and still to be Naza's boldest test flight ever like I said they have never ever put a man behind the stick, the first time they put, they put a ship in space and they did it with this with the trust of their most experience. ASTERNOT. He was the last member of the apolloprogram still in t e INNASA, and they had a rookie alongside him who had been working on Skylab and all these other things and they put it out there. They were in space for two days testing. You know about a hundred and thirteen different functions in orbit. Originally they had asked to only do an aboart test with John Young, where they were going to launch int the AINTO, the stratusphere. They were going to abort the emission. They were going to separate from the rocket and then land the shuttle safely on the ground and John Young fought vehemently against it and ended up getting his way because if they felt, if they couldn't trust, an Apoll, a man who walked on the Moon, who could they trust? So they go with that and then just a little side note on this. This was actually the inspiration for the rush song catdown and if you look in they're, not liner notes for that specific album where, where the song appears, you will see them. Thank the astronauts Andand NASA for that Song, good giant so aids and space shettle Columbia, good news and batters baby wow a right so fom. My News. You know I'm going to try to keep this a little brief 'cause. It gets a little technical here when we get into the news round. One T OSANINE, Teen D: Ninety Eight but November twentieth, nineteen nd. Ninety eight Zaria, the first module of the International Space Station, is launched nozariais the first module of the ISS. It was launched on an autonomous Russian Proton rocket. Now what it did is it provided propulsion, altitude, control, communications, electrical power, but it lacked long term support functions so and then, two weeks later, NASA module unity was launched above Thi Space Shuttle, flight sts, eighty eight and that attached to Zaria. Now both of those units are still an orbit today and they are main parts of the International Space Station. Still to this day, they were up there two years before people started living on in the International Space Station, but people have been up there for like twenty one years. At this point so November, twentieth. Nineteen and eighty eight, the first pieces of the International Space Station, are launched into space and put in to Ordin. My second news story was named the break through of the year Ne Housanine hundred and Ninety Eight by Science magazine. It is called the SUPERNOVA cosmology project. The supernover cosmology project was one of two research teams that determined the likelihood of the accelerating universe. So, basically, what that boils down to is a this research group in another research group team together to find out the answer to the question if the universe is either expanding or contracting, and if it is expanding, how slowly is expanding, but in January of Nineteen Ninety Eight, the Supenova cosmology project, presented evidence that the expansion of the universe is not slowing at all. In reality, it's accelerating, and by doing this that actually proves a dismissed theory of insteins, his cosmological constant theory, so yeah. This was a huge thing it. Basically, we found out that the universe is rapidly expanding, how they did that you need a light source to measure distance and time and space, so they used lost Supernovas or La supernoves they're exploding stars. They only happen once every couple of thousand years. It's real technical, go check it out, dolers the SUPERNOVA cosmology project. I am super excited that I got through that without calling it the SUPERNOVA cosmetology project. That's what I got for the news round too huge scientific breakthrough, advancements launch of the International Space Stagion in the SUPENOVA cosmetology project, Gamit Al right down to judge Eric clarly for the ruling for the news round. Right H. Obviously, AIDS like a huge deal and the first flight Shutdel, that's also pretty cool but believe it or not. I'm actually going to Geve this one. The mark for ninety eight 'cause, I just feel both of his stories, are much more sciency. I thought you could say just 'cause, you feel bad tthat's it! No! I just the Saria and it's just the themos science. You know, while technically diagnosing ages done, toee scientific means. I think the space stuff outweighs that. Oh yeah, I mean it's only just a disease on one plane and we're talking about the universer Ye. I could give somebody AIDS on another planet. You just wait w. What mission number was was your thing again sts. Eighty eight, you said: Oh mine was just sts one. Just t San well Jeez. I know it's a smaller number. That's! What's going to be on Joe's tombstone here here lies Joe Finley, the first man to spread AIDS, intergolactically hemandn him eventionally, dementionally I'Mi'm, getting a buff, I'm going to give myself AIDS in another dimension, where I don't already have I' just going to stuff it down your worm, hole yeah. All right, I got controlled around here. We got movies left, let's see what o we got, movies and hot products. You know what let's go to the movies round, so my firfirst movie came out in nineteen. Ninety eight, of course, and it's a team of drillers, is sent into an asteroid that it's on its way to strike earth and to split it into two parts. They fly safely past the planet, completely ignoring Newton's. First Lar of motion, an object will remain at rest or in uniform motion unless acted upon by an external force. So the movie, of course I'm talking about- is nineteen. Ninety Eights Armcgeddon the science masterpiece, of course, where it proves every scientific theory completely wrong. This is the movie by explosion, mastermind Michael Bay. Of course, it's stars Bruce Willis, billy, Bob Thornton, Benafflech libtyler. Will Patten Steve, Buchemi Owen Wilson, Michael Clark Duncan Keith David, and the list goes on and on what an unsemble cast on this movie. Not My favorite science fiction film. To be honest, but you know what this movie Bat a BOT ton of money. So obviously somebody likes it. Though the film was released to mostly positive reviews. It did become the highest grossing film, O Nineteen Nd. Ninety eight world wide, so somebody was watching it. It was released on July, first, nineteen, Ninety eight and three thousand one hundred and twenty seven theatrs across the United States. It ranked first at the box office opening week and gross of thirty six million worldwide gross of five hundred and fifty three point, seven million dollars. Other than that. I don't know. If there's anything else, I can say that you people don't already know about Armageddon 'cause, it's on t, BS and TNT every five minutes. So that's my first pick armageddon coming out July. First, nineteen. Ninety Eight, my second film is, you know we're going to have to go back to some sad news. This is another tragic story: It's about a a science lab that actually got a contract from the FDA to do research on medical marijuana to test the potency and if it could be used to treat illnesses at that time there was a janitor who worked there, whose friend actually got arrested because he went on this like really crazy. Munchis run one night after they got high, so they had to come up with a million dollars, so he started stealing the marijuana from the lab. Of course, I am talking about half baked really one N nineteed nd Ninty, eight with Davechape Jimbrewer h this movie's fantastic. You know when you think of science in nine teen ND. Ninety eight nothing says science more than half baked. If it wasn't for that scientist ind that lab Kenny would still be in prison today, man. So that's what I got from Hito movies Arma getting and half baked all right, Joe Finley Ohokay. Well, I got to start with a very popular fan: Favorite Scifi Moevie, on Houand Ninehundre and eighty one. It was released in July, tenth age John Carpenter Hit, and I give you escape from New York movie about New York being turned into a prison which you know say say what you will bout about all that it stared curt Russell as the popular character make pliskin alongside character actors like Lev and Clife Ernestborg, nine e carpenter, favorite Donald pleasants Isaac, Hays and an uncredited voice, job by Jenyly Curtis, who narrates the opening text and yeah. This was a very big one for John Carpenter. It was not a huge commercial success, but it rose to cult favorite over the years. It did Garner a sequel which was escaped from L A and was supposed to actually garder more sequels, but the failure of escaped from Alla stopped that, yes, so John Carpenter kind of ad is you know his early days at his best, so that is escaped from New York. My second one is about a science we haven't disgusted. We haven't discussed very much today and it' and a scientist who studis something we haven't discussed a lot about today, archaeology, I wan to talk about Dr Henry Jones, AK Indiana Jones and raiders of the lost Ark Ratis of the last Ark Steven Spielberg film, written and pr well produced by George Lucas written by Lawrence casden features Harrison Ford hitting another iconic role in his early career also features caronel and John Res Tavi's. Little Note, my son's name actually is derived from John Restamis. His name is rece. Also Alfred Molina. The movie was nominated for nine Oscars and at one four it was the highest grossing movie of of the year. It made three hundred a D, eighty four million dollars. It was so far ahead of second place. It was about sixty five percent head of second place and it almost doubled the take for third place that year it is one of the biggest movie franchises of all time. It is on every list of you know the movies. You have to see it's in the AFI top hundred, it's all over the place. You know what it's not, though Joe. What half biged it's not half Bek, it's also not the matrix weve still no, but that came out in n nineteen. Ninety nine! Oh it did. I thought it was ninety eight O ninet, nine man'cause. I I thought Abo oh either way. Okay, that's great! That that saves me that much more but yeah, and this movie also did because I know some people might go hey, that's not really a science fiction and you're. Just saying! Oh well, he's a scientist. Whatever he says, he's a scientist too an and even when the Saturn Award for best film in the Satura award covers the best infantasy and Scifi, and all that good stuff beating actually, my previously named movie escape from New York, which was also nominated. It also one best actor best actress best director best writing best music by special effects. So it was kind of a big deal that year so yeah I give you escape from New York a calld classic and rate the last Ark, one of the best movies of all time, Al right over to judge Eric cluly for the judgment for the movies round. Our first two point round one question: How many Oscars did half take it? Four hundred and twenty that took me so long to get it. I I mean, I think this one's pretty clear. I think everybody theres going to agree. I mean rat as Los Ars, one of my all time, favorite movies in the world, so wee going ha e to go any one on this. Oh, it was a great year to be alive all right, Joe Finley. You got the last round. Would you like to go first? Would you like to defer now that you've completely obliterated me, I'm going to differ all right now for my hot products, I actually found two hot products that I think all of the listeners of the show actually are going to have in their homes. So that's Kindof what I went on and then I had to find products over science based ND, so August, Fifteenth Nineteen, Ninety Eight apple releases, the IMAC, the marketing and sales success of the IMC g three is contributed to appatls turnaround from financial ruin in the nineteen nineties and it completely revitalized the apple brand. The company announced the IMAC on May Sixh Nineteen D. Ninety eight and began shipping, the IMCG three on August, Fifteenth Nineteen. Ninety eight, now you guys remember these computers. They were the ones that looked like pieces of candy. They were plastic, they came in Blue Teal, green orange. They didn't have a floppy drive on them. That was revolutionary. They figured at that time readable and ritable CDs, where the way to go so they ditched the floppy drive they originally sold for about twelve hundred bucks. You could get some of the lower ender ones for about a thousand. I remember every school in the state. I grew up in just filled with IMX computer labs everywhere through two thousand and four apple reported total annual sales of IMX separately. So we gotto take a look at those numbers a little differently, so taking look at those numbers, ninety eight or two thousand and four- they moved eight point: seven million units of IMX, that's a ton of computers, after that they kind of merged imac sales along with desktop sales, but I'm ax still accounted for about fifty nine percent of total desktop sales. So yeah, that's! My first pick is the IMAC. I mean that was a huge computer. You guys remember that a d looked like a tidepod with a screen exactly you know what I'm talking about. It did and it steep jobs came out and he said that the back of our computer looks better than the front of the computer o most other of all their competitors. So I mean that was kind of the the marketing thing is. It was flashy they totally redid the style of the keyboard and the mouse. It was in that plasticy substance. I don't even know what it was called. Wasn't o like Steve Jobs. First, like he just got back to the company he lon yeah. That was his first big move once he came back and he was still had that intern label at the time which we h d talked about previously on this show, and it was just really a big move for them to totally turn around that company and, of course, after that we saw all the other ey products from Apple. So yeah, that's my first one, the IMAC right, my second hot product in N, Osand, nine hundred and ninety eight, the Food and Drug Administration Approves Viagara for use for treatment for a rectile dissfunction. It is the very first pill to be approved for this condition in the United States. This drug was a runaway success since the F DA approved it on March, twenty seventh nineteen. Ninety eight and it's very first quarter alone, viagara brought in four hundred million dollars in revenue for fiser and now the drug is at one point, eight billion dollars in annual global sales. They they pulled in a cool two billion in sales by two thousand D, eight alone, it had some of the fastest prescription, uptakes in sales of gross of any medication, ever according to good rex, actually, sixty five percent of ED prescriptions filled from December first, two thousand and eighteen to January thirty. First, two thousand and nineteen were for Viagra or its generic version, so still a very topical drug. I'm sure all of our listeners have it in their home. Today, an estimated one and ten men are actually affected by arectal dysfunction or ED. According to the Cleveland Clinic Biagara was the first non envasiv treatment for this, but unfortunately, fires are lost exclusive rights to the drug. In December of twenty seventeen nd, when that happened, a flew of generics entered the market, such as our good friends, blue, chew former sponsors of the program here, but nineteen. Ninety eight, we saw the introduction of fizers breakthrough drug Viagra and the Imac both of those kind of get you hard. So that's what I got for hot products Joe over to you all right. Well, you talked about your product which brought apple back from the depths, I'm going to talk about the product that put it there. Oh No April, twenty fourth Usan nine hundred and eighty one IBM and Microsoft team up to release the IBM. Fifty one fifty also known as the personal computer or, as some might know it today, the PC with the debut of Ms Dos one point: Oh as it's operating system on the inside, it was a beige box that had sixteen killobites and memory, and it was priced at fifteen hundred sixty five dollars, nineteen and eighty one money which wis about forty four hundred dollars today and in a time when people were not buying computers, unless they were, you know little more than hobbyists pretty much. It sold two hundred thousand units within the first year and over a million by the N of nine Teen D. Eighty three, it surpassed apple. The apple two was the top selling computer on the planet and with its IBM compatibility, which became a big thing. There was a quote that said: People don't even ask anymore if something if software is good or bad, just if it's ivm compatible and that basically wiped out all of the excss competition, with the exception of apple which just kind of held on during this period, so yeah, I B M and Microsoft dbt the IBM fifty one fifty and that price too, that fifteen sixty five. That was a bearbrones price that was without a desk drive that was without paripherals. That was just the computer wow. That was that and as we're all right now, I don't think any of us are doing this on an apple, we're all doing this on a PC. Yes, wonderful, H, good good! For me, I go to the next one and the next one we stay into the computer sciences and we move over to video games. I'm going to take you to Japan, where a young man who had never directed a game before his name was Shageru Mimoto and his parent and his bosses at Nintendo asked him to fix a game that was not being received very well and he directs the de the redevelopment of this game and it gets released and the game was called Donky Kong. This arcade machine is one of the most popular video games of all time. It was the hi. I is the fourth highest selling arcade game of all time behind Patman space invaders and street fighter. Two. It was a Nintendo's foot in the door. In U S gaming, it was shegarameamotos first ever game that he was in charge of. He had worked on other games, but he had never been the director of one and this lent him to help the Nintendo become the top of the video game industry and helped develop what we call platform gaming. This was one of the biggest forays into that genre and revolutionized. It also featured some other characters. In addition to donkey Kong, he was holding a woman named Pauline hostage whose boyfriend had to rescue her. His name back in the day was Jumpman. He was later renamed. Mario. This was the first appearance of Mario in any Nintendo game. I don't know I don't have much more to say about that other than it was also the subject of a very popular documentary called the King of Kong, which a bunch of video game experts where chasing the record to this amazing game. Again, you keep pulling out references from this show 'cause. We had billy Mitchell on the show, as well, so William Cat, Billy Mitchell, nice Dulan decades, slash poop culture tie ands Joe Hey baby. What am I, if not doling decades, lash poop culture ti him good stuff, all right? So this are I two right over for the final verdict to our judge, Eric Luly. What Yo got for the hot pronoxs round? Youhas made this very hard, an literally hthe exception of the movies category. I've had to actually think these through quite a bit Um, I'm actually going to go with ninety eight ecause of IAGARA. I thinkwallright it was the hardest thing I had to do: Wet Launch of IMAC and visus PC. They almost cancel each other out and then Viagra versus donkey cong. I mean the Coticol hand an an all. The guys played playing Docke gunger now Onviagara yehand. Also anybody who takes a viagara follows up. I say it's onlike donkey, CO, ihaian very well! Yes, so I'll give up to one to ninety eight all right, not too shabby yeah. I think that one was a total mercy, gimmy right there. I don't think I deserved that one, because you know dockey Cong's huge. So that's a great pick Joe, but thank you. Your stuff was not was not insignificant in any way. Well, sorry jewelers. I guess the winning street does not carry on and the bad news is that Mark James Loses once again, but don't wear holers. You can always go back and check out all of our other episodes out dualing decades, dotcom where you can subscribe to our show on spotify. You can subscribe to it on Itunes and, while you're subscribing to shows go ahead and subscribe to miscast commentary. Are you still just doing the one 'cause you were doing too? I was, I was doing too for a little bit. We we're still doing the outube stuff, just not very frequently we reprucing some stuff. I have some new outube stuff, that's going to be coming ut very shortly, because I got a gift that was cards against Star Wars which came from China, so the the cond, the grammar and Syntax and spelling made it very funny and I'm going to be doing a little coverage of the cards I found in there. But, aside from that, yeah I miss cast commentary is still my baby and we are starting out twend and twenty strong and we're going to be nailing a lot. No a lot more conmentaries out there, so yeah come check us out and subscribe wherever you listen all right, doelers won't! Thank you very much for listening to all of our great episodes and making twenty nineteen a great year for dualing decades more to come in Twesnta. Twenty Eric cluly was one of our top players this year on the duling decades, leader boards. If you had over to facebook dotcom forward slash dueling decades a join our private group every day we got Trivia going on there, wrihting our RS S, feed. If you're listening to the podcast now you'll see that we got weekly audio trivia all year long ar first t season just ended up our great competitor, Brian Moreno won the championship this year. He actually beat out Eric, but Eric's here tonight is the judge Eric we're going to go down to you. How do you feel after this loss? Well I hate it. It was so neck and NEC it was you DJ and Brian Neck and neck all the way to the end. For the last, like six weeks straight, we were all with like a hundred points and then Bryan just went back to back and won like three hundred points, and I was like yeah for such a long time. It was a toss up, but deelers if you haven't got in on it. Yet all the scores have reset. Now it's a brand new game ore going to crown a new champion next year, Brian Morino this year we actualy he actually got a championship belt. We actually had one made he'll be getting that in the mail shortly thanks again for listening and supporting our show. So until next time jewelers were going to bid you a pece love light. An a joy have a grateful week. Everyone Infirmarymedia