Dueling Decades
Dec. 4, 2019

Will Marvel help December 1980 win this retro battle with December 1995?

Will Marvel help December 1980 win this retro battle with December 1995?

On this week’s show we bring you a hilarious worst of December battle! Dueling Decades Champion, Mancrush prepares with the worst of December 1980 to take on a mystery opponent! Julie from the Flickers From the Cave Podcast makes her debut on the show..

On this week’s show we bring you a hilarious worst of December battle! Dueling Decades Champion, Mancrush prepares with the worst of December 1980 to take on a mystery opponent! Julie from the Flickers From the Cave Podcast makes her debut on the show and duels with the worst of December 1995. Once again a loyal lister to the show and an active member of our online community is back as this week's judge for this unforgettable battle. Dallas Lewis keeps the peace on this episode and hands down the judgment!

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firmary mediapeop Ga Ttui Cav, the Pixur O play but toto a ranagain upon that CAP, but ot te power, GOP com, fiht, for what you love, who come to Poe pe COPI ENPROTA, PA ETE te Poe cap would take grave a o Bal Hasick. I Av Mada Tando comefigt for what you love an a broadcasting from the infirmary media studios. It's the adult only retro game show where the Eighties and nineties do battle, because it's your history we just might for it, welcome back to dueling decades. Let's take a look at this week's duelers and the decades they will be fighting for in a worst month match up first off dualing with the worst of December nineteen. Eighty Heis, the current juweling decades champion. He is the mighty man crush. What's up, that's Ri got December of Nineteen. Eighty I'm excited to do this because this is the first time I've gotten to do a worst of month. So, let's see how bad we can make it. I'm excited bring in the sadness and because mancrush has on quite a few batteles in a row. We decided to bring a little challenge to tonight's game. Mancrush has no clue who his opponent is tonight, so for this special unsanctioned non title matchup, his mystery opponent will be making her debut in Duling with the worst of December, O nine teen. Ninety five hello, I'm Julie, Bazel with flickers from the CGH Pakast, and I am here to defend the worst of December nineteen, eighty five, and as always here on our show, we need somebody to judicate all of this awesomeness. So tonight our judge is a loyal listener of the show, a member of our online community and a trivia mainstay on our leader boards. Ladies and Gentlemen, please rise for Judge, Dallas Lewis, Hey guys, I'm here, you know you wanted the worst you got the worse. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dualing decades rules, the judges, coinflip Shoul, the side, who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories, movies, television, music, news and hot products. A judge's ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four in five worth two points: Apiece and the winning decades shall be decided by the highest overall score. After all five rounds. Duelers, I can assure you it's not a Puma, but it is time to play tontenes all right, let's it over to judge Dallas Lewis for the official toss all right. So I've got my official challenge coin here, so I wo believe it's Lady's choice being the Challenger as well. So I've got one side with the shield logo and another side which has a whole bunch of saying so, choose your size wisely, Thi Shield, please the Shiell! Please, okay, we'RE GOING TO GO UP! Oh M, that some weat, oh jude, it does have some wey and it's on this saying side. So mancrush GETS TO GO FIRST RIGHT: MEN CRUS! You Got Control to board what category would we like? First all right, so I'm gongto kind o go with something. You said last episode where he said: Whoever starts with movies winds all the time yeah, the new strateg ise. Apparently I'm going to go with that. I'm going to start with movies for the worst of to set a boy. Ay, all right so December, nineteenth nineteen, eighty, here's a movie- that's it's directed by an absolute Hollywood, Legend same director behind such classics as Superman, the gooties lethal weapon, and if you know your movies, you know that's Richard Donner the guy's resume s stacked. Perhaps this movie is decent. I've never seen it. It had a fairly short stay in theaters and the sales. A D numpers must be in the gutter, because I can't find anything about it anywhere. The movie's called inside moves and let me read you a Little Synopsis Of the movie. It pretty much sums up why nobody went to see this after a failed suicide attempt leaves him partially crippled 'cause. He tried to jump off a roof and broke his legs and give Mo that Rore begans spending a lot of time in a neighborhood bar full of interesting misfits when Jerry, the bartender suddenly finds himself playing basketball for the Golden State Warriors Rorie and the rest of the bar regulars hope is. Success will provide a lift of their sagging spirits. Will Jerry forget his friends and what about his junkye hooker girlfriend in her pimp? If that doesn't sound like a what thefuck movie, I don't know, what does a guy tries to kill himself crypt cripples himself in the process and his only solace is going to the local bar with other mispits and then the bartender of Said Bar ands AP plaing, professional fucking basketball for the herds dat warriors he and he has a junkie hooker for a girlfriend. and Oh this is good too. The the bartender also has a bumleg. So apparently everybody at this bar is disabled and some basketball player pays for the bartender to get surgery on his bum leg and he becomes a basketball star in the process and leaves everybody behind spoiler. Not that Youud go see this piece of shit anyway. Who knows people seem to think this is a decent movie, but it sounds fucking weird to me. So the first one I'm going with is inside moves Richard Doneflich, Esember, nineteent, nineteen, eighty and the second one gets no better December first and there's no reason in hiding the names, these gems and making guys wait. You don't know the many ows, so this movie is called a change of seasons and actually ended up making about sixteen million dollars in the box office about forty nine million dollars and twenty nineteen. That's pretty respectable numbers, but firstlet me tell you the cast before I go into what it's about. I think, associating the name and faces of the cast th to this synopisis will pn a fantastic picture of this movie. You got boat direct all right, so you know where this is going. They got Anthony Hopkins, Oh Gosh. We thought we knew where this is going and then you have Shirley McLean, and you know what Markd that's a second time in two episodes in a ROA that I've had Shirley mcleane pick so I' have to go back and watch some of her movies. Well, maybe we're going to have to reach out to show the mcleain and see if she wants to come on the show its AE judge. Is She still alive? I have no clue we'd find out. If we reached out, wouldn't we I guess we would sorshe's no longer with us all right. So here's a synopsis of this film self, Centered University lecturer, our boy hadable elector himself and Anthony Hopkins. He looks like a straight up Peto from like different strokes like the bike shop episode o. You know what I'm talking about. That's what he looks like in this moviehe's got like the tented glasses, his ha like everything about him, but he thinks it's quite all right that he's taken one of his students as a lover Baderek, who was clearly out of his league, but is deeply hurt when his wife Shirley McLean retaliates, by taking a similar approach with a visiting carpenter, who's. Also young and shit, so she's fucking, the carpenter on the side, he's banging Boderick and he makes an announcement that he's going to go to his family holiday home for some skiing with boderic. He tells his wife. This allright and he's met by his wife, insisting that she and her new fuck buddy the carpenter, also go so the whole movie. Is it set like at the ski resort and it's just an awkward time with all four of them. If you watch the trailer- because that's all I can really get through with this movie, they give you this build up like it's an adult version of like the teen sex comedies. THAT START US PR run around the early eighties and if you listen to the guy's voice, it's the same guy that did all the trailers for those movies. So it's completely bizarre. It's so miscast! You Got Anthony Hopkins and Chirley McLean who have Oscars in this movie and they have no business being in it. But the thing is like boat dereck at the time was like Super Hot 'cause. She was coming off of ten, where basically, she played the same exact role where she's hooking up with t a middle aged dudlymoore. So what Coan Hou say: She's type cast it, but that's the two movies I have. We have a change of the seasons or change of the seasons and inside moves for December of Nineteen and eighty pretty shidy all right Julie over to you for the bovies Roun. What do you have for your first film? Okay, so my first film is Curo Island gave out December twenty e on n unine hundred and ninety five director Rennie Harlin T has at five point seven on Imdd, it's a terrible movie. I watched it the other day my coworker Barbara gave a copny because she really really likes it so sh she lent it to me. It was really nice of her. I thought I'd like it cause Gina Davis in it, but it's not a good movie. I did Palat cleansit by watching heat and sudden death, which came out this year is welthis month, which are two of my favorites handdown. This movie was the top five worst flaps of all time, everyone hates on waterworld which came out that summer. But this was like way worse than waterworld s, all the costs firaled out of control. They had over three cameras on each set, which ended up costing tons of time and mudding money for editing. It ended up going bankrupt. It bankrupted a production company called caricle, Carlco, Ma'am WITGUNCALCO. We all know in love, ttwo total, recall Rambo series, but between show girls that came out earlier in the year, which one lots of razzy wards and was a super tunrebat and and this it just completely bankrupted Karlko pictures o yeah. I almost spint out my coffee, Lemen, Rhode, island. That's a movie! I have a distinct memory of because I have no memory of the movie. It is one of those movies that you took a date to in high school, and you sat in the back and you really didn't watch the movie. I always thought they shouldhave had a video rental store, called BACC row video and it's all the movies. You can go and rent that you went to the theaters not to watch. If you know what I mean, I hope you stop talking o Barbara. After that I was pretty Lon PT. She was like Oh hey, Julie, you're new here watch this movie come through an Islad's, so good. Well, Parka also gave me a record of Konan e barbarian, so I kind of Blopher, Oh Ma'an, no matter what I said, even's out it was the bribe yeah Um. So yeah, I'm going to be honest, that's my only one! Oh Wow yeah! I went old n nineteen. Ninety five was that good it was. It gets close like ninety five, ninety six, ninety seven, that's where you're getting close to the downfall of everything, absolutely wellalso December. A lot of things come out in September ore like through like November. I feel like yeah, the a I think December of eighty was a pretty decent month. There were some decent movies in there. I wouldn't say any were many time, rewatchable movies, but they were all right, but I think you might have had some better stuff in ninety five. They didn't really have like those event movies in December of Nineteen, eighty, yet e R, no titanics or anything like that. So it is what it is yeah, but your nieteen eighty was an amazing ear for movies, like October, was that when the fog came out and Terrtran Homna man, she's goone all theeof deep cut like Harb selections, I, like it man, you might be lucky that this is a non title. Matchup man crush just saying. Well, I mean she did bring one to the round. I mean that's Gotm Tim Ean, let's find out what our judge Dallas Lewis has to say. So, let's kick it down to him for the judgment for round one, Oh man, so you really were coming with the worst of the worst, because I've never heard of any of these movies. Yes, so ga Richard Donner flop in eighty with inside moves and a change of seasons, but the thing that really sets it over the top is to bankrupt a studio yeah. You know, even though you've got the two movies man crush. Her movie was so bad, literally literally Baktruk a studio that had good movies Yso. I've got to give it to Julie on this one. That is a big one. A oshe started, saying ind. I was like damn that's a good one like and it's one of those movies where you don't event. Remember what year came out 'cause it's such a shitty movie. Ou 're, like I know it's mid nineties, I don't know, but it doesn't matter 'cause, it's jhitty. You know what I hope you drop like a sad track for CRACO BACKENI'm, getting a little misty, all right, Julie, you jump out to an early lead and have control of the board. What category would you like? Next, okay, um? Let's go with TV, so my first television I do have to for Thi son, Isbefore, MTV Tom Green had a canedian public access channel in Ottawa. This was a Christmas special that he had and it was considered lost. Tom was searching for it through social media. For years the idea was to create a live Christmas special wherein the early introductory moment the hos suffers from a meltdown, but continues to broadcast. This is part like ridiculous performance. Are Heart, complete insanity. It has terrible nineties overlays all over it. It looks like a crackhouse Christmas special and the awkward factor is sky. High M. I think I think it's an hour long and I got through like twenty minutes and it's just like you start like turning red and getting so uncomfortable of feeling, his just emotions and in true form. This is Tom. Green's most bizarre Christmas special. I think ever made just intotal h. We he had more than one Christmas mustal an I was wondering. No, I think it's just ar I thougt that incorrectly itwas, just one of the most bizarre Christmas specials ever made Tom Greens like one of those people, though, like you either love 'em or hate 'em, like I love Tom Green Mark, doesn't like Tom Green, like there's no gray area with Tom Green. It's like it's a lover, Hade thing: It's a red, er, green situation. Ite really is the only thing I can remember about him. Is The a MTV show that he had and he drew he had somebod air brush, two lesbians on his mother's Anicle and that'. All I remember they're in love, so aften there'se, so many quotable, I like m that just my humor is like it's such a bar level that it's so bad, but man even Freddy, got fingered. I could watch that movie like a hundred times in Arow, so it's good okay. So round too is the sponge. It's the hundred and nineteenth episode of Seinfeld. It aired on December seventh anineteen. Ninety five Lenna might have been the kindest and most Compassionate girl that Jerry ever dated, but that closet was full of sponges and it said something completely different. She broke up with jury because he changed the tags on his Geans from a thirty two to thirty one. She was fe like messed up far beyond what anyanyone would have known. The moral of the story is when creamer passes you an ades walk list to sign, don't take a chick's number from it. It was one of the worst decisions that Jerry is made that year and he had a lot of terrible girlfriends. He did, oh, my God, so many that's what made the show so great though 'cause ea good friendsright, it's all about Volva. Now we're going to get sued by Jerry, Seinfeld hopfully, not no he's a loyal listener to the show listens in his car, while getting coffee, yeah, Gorry, Ma crush. Let's kick it over to you for the T V round. What do you got? Man All right, Elli'm, like Julie, guarantee, not heard of either. One of these shows this way. It sounds like something that would be so. Twenty nineteen this began as a Moi E in Nineteen D. Seventy four and it s star James- can and Alan Organ. So let's wait six years and let's do a television Aut ofvaptation of the movie and make it a show. Why not B so something that would happen nowadays H. Surely people were flocking to their lazy boys on Saturday nights to watch freebe and the beam December sixth, nine teen and eighty one and it's actually a good movie, but the this ND CBS debts Freebie in the bean. It's a buddy cops ears. It takes place o San Francisco and it starred Tom Mason and Hector Elezando. You would actually recognize elazando he's the guy who plays the headcoach and on a Serry roughness that I just watch the other night. That's why I watched it 'cause I was like I gotta Watch something good that Alesando was in and you this show went on to last for a whole six episodes before it was tossed in t a dumpster fire CBS attempted to put it against the love boat, but apparently ere was no match. They filled nine episodes of the show, but they called it quiz after episode, six on January, seventeenth, nineteen and eighty one wow- and this is great- if you look it up on IMDB. This is what it says all right. This is what it says. The show is about series based on Richard Rushfilm staring James Conn and Alan arcan. Kindo says it all. That's all so, Rim yeah, it really is O. don't look for that one. I actually found an ad from a newspaper and it actually doesn't look bad. It looks like something maybe I would try to give a chance to. Maybe somebody did, but I couldn't even find ratings in the top twenty for this thing, so it was a total piece of she. I bet they cancelled it because everyone started calling it flicking the bean they would have watched IIF. Maybe they watched the first episode and saw like it's not flicking. PTHIS is garbage. What is, is shit boring all right anyhow, let's move on sticking with CBS they're at it again another flop on Saturday nights, also starting December. Sixth. Nineteen. Eighty, this time in the nine pm time. Sot right after freebe in the beans so think about that as a leding getting all of them. frunking ratings Saturday nights. This one was a nighttime so proper that started. The a young, Linda, Hamilton and Lorenzo Lamis CBS was searching for a teen audience a Saturday at nine pm. Why not? It's a perfect time tell a story of midland heights or the secrets of bidland heights to be more exact, show filled with scandalous love triangles and other ages. That's what it says on the post or I don't know what the secrets are. Obviously they weren't that good, because Ceb Shi cin this show in January as well. I made it a whole week longer than Freebie in the bean they cancelled this one in January, twenty fourth of nineteen, ny one without even erring the last two finished episodes. The secret is you'll, never find out the secret hold on there's more so you know fret now with CBS They thought that they had something with secrets of Midland Heights. It just needed a retooling, so they were going to bring it back in the fall. So much the same cast came back, including Linda Hamilton, except for Lorenza Lamis had left. He was going to start Falcon prest, but they they retooled it they put out in the fall as king's crossing, which had nothing to do with midland heights just the same premise. Well, nobody wanted to watch that piece of shit either and that only lasted seven episodes before catching the at and they recorded ten of that one, and they only aired seven. So there you have it it's CB s shitting all over Saturday nights, indesember Nineteen D, eighty wow, I don't even remember the shows names anymore, wt, the FUCA. It was a secret of midland heights and Freebie and the bean not to be confused with flicking the beat or a Freebie in the bean sounds like a crazy morning. Zoo Radio t like the movie is it's a good buddycop movie from the seventies put the show, I don't know, come on just all over the place, all right. So, let's hea down to Dallas Lewis for the judgment for the television round. Oh Man, so I've seen Tom Green when he had his illustrious show on MTV, but the fact that he had a Christmas special, which almost sounds like it's probably up there with the Star Wars, Christmas special that I've only watched once in my life for obvious reasons, texcellent fucking, wookies ill, give you nightmares. I dode I couldn't sleep for a whole week after that Aer told you not to drop that acid ma aain seriously, but you got to give it up to the crappy broadcasting system. I mean CBS. Sorry, I get it especially in nineteen. Eighty for having two shows back to back both getting caned the next month and for the sheer fact that they retoled midland heights to king's crossing and it got caned yet again after seven episodes. So I've got a hand n Ne Thousand Nine Tden and eighty on the worst T v, a right man crushed you'd tie up the game at one point: Apiece Youd regain control of the board. What category would you like? Next man? Let's go with news to ged, one pointer, all right so December twentieth, nineteen? Eighty, I think I don't know- Maybe Dallas has picked this up, and most people are familiar with the show. They know that I'm a diehard new Yor jets fan I've been a suffering fan of these pricks for my entire life and as a jets fan. We have this term that we throw around in describing our favorite team. It's called Soj, otherwise known as seam old jets and then wer go by the sojf, where the Samel jet bans 'cause we're a bunch of assholes, because no matter what it is, the jets will fuck it up one way or or another and all of us Mascust demmands this organization we stick around in hopes of it changing one day and being a fan of this team for forty one years, I can tell you it will never change. Mark knows I've season tickets. I go to these games and I'm like what the fuck is going on, but anyhow that's nowhere here or there, but here's an example. Before I get in n the story. B'cause there's other people they fuck over the jets too. It's not just t a Jut, in example. Nineteen sixty eight. They had the Heidi game. I don't know if you guys know about this, it's a game where the jets are actually beaing, the raiders with like a minute left, and then they decide to switch over to the movie hidy. In the last minute, 'cause, the the jets were winning like twenty seven and twenty three or something and the raiders end up scoring two touchdowns that final minute and they win the game, but nobody ever saw it 'cause. They turned it off. That's the same old gents moment. Well, here's another one, not quite as dramatic as that one, but the jet ended up winning this one against the dolphins. Go figure s twentyetwenty four to seventeen on December twentieth, however, that Saturday night in front of a national audience NBC They Trye to play an entire three hour football game. Without announcers or commentary NBC attempted to pick up moter noise from the football field, almost like some kind of weird smr of football, but they failed. Royally NBC tried promoting the game by telling viewers that they would inlieu of announcers have the experience of actually being in the stadium. Well, it failed miserably. It was such a feilt experiment that it was never tried again by Andy Professional Sport to date, so why not give the same old jets the distinction of putting this piece of garbage in our lineage? Thank you NBC. Another fucking notch on the belt there for the jets that one's not as sad as my second story and that's why I had to start with something more fun December: F, rthnineteen and eighty- and this is an example, something I would never bring to the table in a normal news round. But I bring inthe sadness this week. Mark you see what I'm saying you know what happens when you bring the sed O in e worst of episode. It might be completely different. We're going to find out the titalest story is city in ruins. The stofers in located twenty miles north of mid Manhattan along the Hillside Strip, called the platinum mile because of its concentration of corporate headquarters. The hotel was built in Nineteen, seventy seven or twenty million dollars. Three hundred and sixty six guess rooms, Blahblah Blah. It was basically in proximity of hepsico general foods, IBM, Nesley and Eroelectronics. So people ere always going there for meetings and whatnot anyhow on the fourth at ten. Twenty am a fire broke out just outside in one of the conference rooms on the second floor, and it spread incredibly quick due to lack of sprinklers and the use of the EN's, highly flammable wall coverings and carpet. A total of twenty six people attending a breakfast meeting died in the smoke in flames, including thirteen top executives of Ara Electronics and eleven employees of Nestley Pretty EIRONIC. Here Nestle was actually the parent company of stopers at the time and there was a dute in the building this. This part of the article killed me. This was the second hotel fire with a death pole in two weeks, just thirteen days earlier, fire at the MGM Grand Hotel, Casino, Ind Vega Nevada, killed. Eighty five people and more than seven hundred people were injured. Howard Levin, an employer of Arrowelectronics, narrowly escaped both the MGM and STOFOR fires. When asked, if he consider himself lucky or unlucky, he said I consider myself the former, so this dude was in both of these, like catastrophic fires within two weeks and lived for both of Hem and eme combined. That's over a hundred deaths, it's insane, and then they had they had the wrong guy on trial. At first they thought it was arson and then it turned out not to be, and then there was like a fifty million dollar lawsuit that went to all the families yeah, I'm bringing the sadness with this one, and that's going to be that stoper's in fire over in, I think it was Harrison. New York is where that happened on December. Fourth, nineteen and eighty and then my same old fucking jets December twentieth, nineteen, eighty getting an entire game with no commentary. There's the news for December nineteen and eighty shitty wow, that's pretty bad man crush, but let's see what Julie has, but the news round. Okay, so my first piece of news would be money trained. It came out in November twenty th, nine htdren n inety five m little back story. If you remember, there was a scene where the robbers sqirted lighter fluid into a city, subway token booth and then threatened to toss a match. Wellthroughout the month of like November and December Thi, Ras e line a little bit, but people all over New York were in Fer, because people were actually doing this and while nobody in the movie got hurt, there were multiple people that were burned and on December tenth someone died and this creeted outrage in New York and placed Hollywood in a hot spy. It was during t helection year, so a bunch of politicians got all up in arms and Bob Dole with the front runner for the GOP Iwas, calling to boycott money, train and all of thes subway workers were, of course, heted this movie and herinberiaded about it and had them take down all the posters and it was really big deal and pretty sad. It was Thi, scary time in New York. I remember I actually remember that yeah. I also remember Jelo in that movie. Oh, she was high. They had itthey added a sextcene after they were toing CA. Why? Wouldn't they RA exactly? Well? Also interesting bit of Trivia about that movie, there's over three thousand feet of set that they created in L A and it's one of the longest sets evermaid. They say, wow nod Um, so my second story is out of Australia, Daniel Luther hest. He joins prison and he gets a prisoner, informational handbook, and this guy is just paying attention and he looks around and he realizes that the design for the key was on his prison broshore front cover and there was a pair of crossed keys on the front cover. They were in the shape of an e and swoiler alert. They looked just like the ones the guards were carrying shut out to Daniel who was very smart and he was kind of creepy hot too he looked like mut. Alper was looking up. Bat Us! Well, that's good, that's something! We we normally can't say yeahm, so his fellow int murderer. Shane Baker was pulled into the situation because shening was a jeweler and for some reason he was allowed to have his equipment in the cell, so they broke out together. They made the key and they scaled three different fences that were pretty high and they left a message that said this bird has flown. I guess they were found like twelve days later, but they had twolve days totally pass. I like how you said he joind prison it Iwas like a membership, Ike, l Ke, you joined the gym or something I a gold, memberchip yea, unlimited access to the showers Ahso. You know cege amount of embarrassment for the thirties, Andaustralia there wow, that's a good one, all right, let's go down to Dallas Lewis once again for the judgment for the final one point round: Oh man, so I haven't heard of money trained before until now, but the fact that you had a movie scene that people wanted to emulate not like that happens nowadays in you know twenty Nineten, basically turnd New York City upside down, at least that's what it seems like and just the design flo of the prison broshure in this Australian prison and what was he in there for murder, murder and the fact that they, this prison? Let this other guy keep his jeweler stuff. We it's so w. It is her. You can again the membership yeah keep your Magzie. He was like, like a weapon's armor they're like yeah, just keep all your shit. No, it's mine, gotta Work and then you've got. You know your same old jets fans enjoying the failed ASR experiment, which N BC was way ahead of its time on that so wayey they're not trying to get royalties off of that from all the utubers. You know what's great about that. When I was reading the story. 'cause Ihad, never even heard about this. You know N B C was just trying to be cheapest. Shit and not hihe. comptators is what it boiled ow to 'cause. They were like. Oh, we were, they were actually short on staff, and then they came up with this idea. No, they just didn't want to pay anybody to do the games and they were like if this a wanted to. Do it be honest, a o fuck, a jet game like that on a Saturday, and then you've got the Stofer's in fire that basically kills. What d you say: Twenty six people yeah and one guy manages to escape from it and a previous one. What did they end up? Finding out was the cause of the the fire what they said in n nineteen. Eighty four years later was h. The ladies. They were cleaning use, some kind of cleaning stuff for the carpet or something or spilld some kind of cleaning stuff on the carpet and h a fire had started. They initially had A. I think it was another guy that was like a waiter or something that worked at the hotel. You know those Sternos, he spilled Asterno and then cleaned it up, but they initially thought it was him, but then, like a couple of years later, they they like upheld that and turned everything over and said it Wasnin him. He had cleaned it. It was just the hotel, didn't say anything M, but I think they just they came to the conclusion that somebody doing some kind of cleaning spilled something and lit on fire, and then it just spread insanely fast and the design of the building was complete shit and that's why they had that. Fifty million dollar lawsuit in nine teen. Eighty four, the ended up going to all the families because the building was just set up the wrong way. There were no escapes, there was only one method of egrass. They actually found bodies in a closet after they cleaned up because they said the people they went into the closet thinking it was the exit to the building yeah, but they were there before Iwas, all Jerry Seinfeld's ex girlfriends mark making fun of the Jed asmaterial. Honestly for what you both gave me, you know I've got to give this one to the same old jets. They gotta get something the juts can't win in real life, but they'll win man crush this round, apparently I'll. Take it it's one of those things like here's. This is totally off and I'm not going to get too far into it. But this is a jet thing we sucked ass this year, and now they went on a three game: wind streak. We know they're not going to make the playoffs but they're going to win enough games where theire draft pick will be in the middle of the first round. So we won't get that impact Clayer, that we really need same old yets, but anyhow, all right. So we're going to two point round, so it really doesn't matter where I go. Let's see what do we have left music and hot products yea, let's go music, all right December, tenth, nineteen. Eighty Y, for once I get bring a movie soundtrack to this round and not feel bad about it. 'cause. I think every time we've had a mlike, a movie soundtrack in the music round, I'm always like thes te one. I E about yeah this on. I coul be happy about in the case of this soundtrack one I've never heard of the movie two. I didn't even know that French, Japanese, fantasy films were a thing three really. It has all of seven reviews on IMDB and it's the last thing. The director ever directed I've, seen direct to drive in movies and totally skere movies, get at least three hundred r views. An IMDB seven to me is astonishing. I could get seven on accident. I MDB and the name of this movie is you: May You may no otto or in English 'cause, I'm sure I butcher te Sh is dream after dream, or at least that's how we translate it. I'm sure some, like anomy person, out there Aama what a maingo whatever you want to say, they're going to like write in hour comments like you, fuck an idiot, but that's how I read it. Oh, like I did with the New York enesspe thanks Jena, she has apologized. So she ask yourself why even bother bringing this up? Well, it's because this extremely unknown movie had its soundtrack done by a band that still tours today. Allbei is with a new lead singer, but up to this point in Nineteen D, eighty they had two hit albums selling around eight million copies worldwide. They would go on to sell somewhere in the neighborhood of seventy five million copies over their careers. This album sold two hundred thousand copies in his lifetime and it's sandwich between their album's departure, who sold four million and escape that sold twelve million. It's almost like, if guns and roses had done the theme to Dueling tecades, that's what this is like. Actually, it's probably even worse than that. This is dream after dream, soundtrack done by journey, it's not even on spotify, but you gfind it on you tube and play. If, if you're interested in it, you c want you toan play it, it's completely different than most journeyshit it you listto and you're. Like a couple of songs, you could pick up this journey. Other one's very jazzy, totally weird that it's in this movie that nobody's heard about. I try to look for this movie. I couldn't find it. I did read something that said that it's not even on VHS or d vd And it was never released and it was only played like one son, Japanese television after it was released so wow. Try Finding that one tell me how it is. I even know that's my first one, alright, my second story or my second music thing from nineteen and eighty, and I got to go over this now because we didn't say it before we got the sang on the show. If you bring the sadness you now yeah, it's pretty much foorgoy inclusion that you're going to lose around and that's on the normal episodes monthly week experience the birthday episodes et Ceera et Cetea, the worst episodes, though this is where these stories coming to play. We've in tease last episode about abolishing all the sad stuff. Maybe we do get rid of it and we keep them only for the worst of the month episodes. What do you think about that? Yeah? That makes sense 'cause, then the stories ped in yeah, I think every now and then you're going to have like a huge monumental story. That is a little sad but h. You know, I think, we're all sick of hearing about princess dead, I mean Prince, die, yeah exactly and that's kind of where I M. I was going here this. It's really sad and it's supermonumental December nineteen, eighty, it's really horrible month for music, I'm telling you! You also had led Zepplin calling Iquitz this month, but it was used on another episode S. I didn't want to pick it and double down, but this is equally as horrible, maybe even worse, and I will even go too deep into detail. Aus Everybody knowses December eighth, nineteen. Eighty around ten, fifty pm John Lennon, is shot to death outside of his apartment building in New York City. My even worse than that, in spite of that assassination, there are also several suicides of beadlesfans across the world because bring in the sadness baby. That's that's! EPIC. I've actually been to strawberry fields into the spot in front of the Dakota building where he was shot. If you go to the Dakota building and stand in the front you'll see, if you look down on the sidewalk there's a little sewer grate there, it was right next to the sewer grate where he was shot. It's pretty crazy, like the whole story, like u went there earlier in the day, he actually met them a you got a fucking autograph and it waited there all day to shoot him in the back. I remember I went to New York in ninety seven and now you go into all the little shops and they have all the the T, shirts yeap. There was one there that has the iconic I hart new Yorkshirt, but instead of I heart New York, it was I heart, Oh yeah, that's I couldn't believe they were selling the I'm sure. The guys selling that had a nose, Cockin clue is and I'm glad that they don't have any clue, and I actually didn't even want to drop his name on that, because I don't believe in that Shit when you see that in the news and there's shootings and whatever and they put the shooters name. I don't like that, so you can even bleep over his name. Just do bleaps for his name that Guy Bthere you go. He was supposed to get out of prison last year, but Yokoona put a stop to that. Thank God, Yeah H, ' I heard his enist drags on the ground on a good day. manhow. Those are my two a journey doing some obscure frigging soundtrack that nobody's of a movie that nobody's ever seen, one of their worst smelling records ever and then yeah. Of course, the the death of John Lennon Wow, all right Julie, let's head over to you for the first two point round, what a Yo got so up. First, I have the grapeful dead, announce that the trip is over after thirty years in the making. Of course, you know the death was a jer. Arcio was in August of ninety five, which you guys talked about on a previous episode, four months of Partfal consideration, the remaining members of the band ment, and they came to the conclusion at the long streamed trip of a uniquely wonderful beast known as the grateful dead is over, and it was the end of an error markd crying inside Herar, I'm a little fclumpe, and so for my second round. I have Michael Jackson, collapses December sixth, nineteen. Ninety five, the King of Pop, was rehearsing for an each viwo special that never was HVO was expecting over two hundred and fifty million people to watch this worldwide and apparently he was just nonstop dancing all day long without any breaks, and it was because of dehydration and hurt arytmia slush pharmaceutical drugs. Probably she former SI. It was actually kind of an EMINM's bowl of harmocautical drugs rimix really so he gets rushed to the hospital and the first thing Tha Mj sked for is a posters of Shurley temple. He wanted them all over his his H, his hospital bedroom. I do the same thing every day. It's Jerry Garcia, though Rigat Motel six really looks at me. Strange O got to stop leaving hem behind mark that's the problem, whether once they stick to the wall, you don't want to peel them off. That's just Weirdin all different kind of ways. Why you're a motel six with poasters of Jerry Garsia, there's Taewolf Ey, it's a long, strange trip man. What can you say e? Don't ask don't tell Um so Michael Jackson's wipe shows up a day later and H. Everybody in America is really just wondering if this is the first time that she's seen him in bed and four days later, they got divorced alone. Michael Jackson's, one night, only turne into the worst part, N, nine uteen and Ninehty five. That says a lot bat that was a tough ar for Hem. Oh No, that's when he was married to to Pressley's Murry a W S. That was the weirdest ucking relationship Eber. Those photois are always great, so made up. I'm glad there was never a sex tape that came out called one night and Neverland, Oh God, and Elvis id the soundtrack ohour right lets had over to judge dolas Lewis for the verdict on our first two point round. Oh Man, again, I'm just like amazed at how bad the music round has been. You know you had the grateful dead who had been around for so long, and even one of my one of my family members was definitely a deadhead. He still had some of the old shirts and stuff in his closet, Nice. So you've got that and you have Michael Jackson going and dancing and going going down going down. I was going to say he couldn't stop till he got itouph well Jeuf. He was going down. Why did LISA LEAVE HEM? He wasn't going down on her L, surly Tele costers. I never heard that. That's fucking bizarre, weird, her bazarme manded, basically on surly temple posters in his hospital room, nonethe less. Maybe there were just pictures of seven up in Grenadine at least it wa Om, Tecoy, Culkin posters that would have Te. We we w call the cock and dress as surly Temi Roun there. Oh Man and then you've got the obscure movie. What you say was a French Japanese, the ovas Ar Somthi fan an fantasy fantasy. I I've seen some strange animas in MI. This is live action. Shit though they'egosh. That's even worse. I couldn't find a movie, but I found stills of it and it's it looks weird. I mean it doesn't even the thing- and this is why I picked this one. When I looked at the stills, there's no good production value. So it's like how the fuck did you get journey to do your soundtrack, like they musthave, had some dirty pictures of Steve Perry or some ship I d'T. no, he was on that piano. He was in the same motel sixes more, not really Sharin Room over. He was there wit, Sherry, but the fact that you look at journeys wikopediup age. I don't think you'd see that that was on it. No it's one of those things like. If you have to look past like live albums, compilation, albums, soundtracks and you're like Oh, would they do you? May You may know wherever the fockets go? What and I bet, if you go to the wicipedia page and add this in they'll, just take it right on it. Actually, I think it is in there like under it's all the way at the bottom. It's it's hidden, so I don't think they will ever want that coming back up within any of their stage shows and plus it's not one of their greatest hits. So you've got that and one of the biggest news stories, especially music, wise s, the death of John Lennon and just the fallout from that. Oh, my gosh. If you want to talk about one of the things that was the shockheard round the world, that was one of them for sure you know they talk about the day. Music died, which is actually you know when Richi, Ballans and buddy holly and all them and they all died. But I think this is really the day. Tha Music died. You know when you think about it, yeah, it's it's one of them things. It's really sombre. It's Shitty, well, yeah, and just the fact that you had all these Beatles fans like this was their idol and then all of a sudden you had all these. You know, suicides and stuff like that which suicide is definitely nothing to play with man as much as I like, the grateful dead and stuff like that, I got to agree with you mancrushes that that was the day that music died sad. It's sad that I got Ta win this way. It really is it is. It is but we're still going to go on to the final round, so oh yeah, it gets better. Now it gets worse not to say how can no, you know what it gets. I don't know. Maye N, I don't know we'll see, we'll see these picks ave, b'cause, mine's Pren flucked up, but I'm going to defer my last round in Juli. I don't let ule go first. Well! Thank you. No! What M okay, so my first hot product pick is big John Toy. This came on N, Hou and nine hundred and ighty three. I believe, but it made news one housandnine hundred and eighty five for Christmas. When a little boy wrote the company a letter because he didn't like that, a toilet was called John. The sugan was, what's a matter, big John. You feel and a little flushed you say: You're full of SCUZZIES and you're, going to explode. Just don't explode on me. Explode on the next guy. Put some plastic scuzzis into big John. Then push the randomized handle. Will you flush? Will Yeu Burk? Will he blow? You will never know Whoa Yore to that was the Slokenyeah. Now I'm really confuse what ascuzzy is 'causeo they're, these texturized green little bulbs they're like a gak color and their tiny plastic things, and and they tell you to keep stuffing scuzzies and flushing until someone makes big John Flush of big time, Oso in Decemb, er, nine TNEN and inety five, a nine year old boy named John, took on Parker brothers for his potty eemed game called Big John and Qhe said my name is John and it's an insult to call me a toilet at the end of the sletter they wrote, or he had eighty two different other children for the school sinus I wish so mad. I was at John School. An could have said that John's really shitty. I mean what a cause right. You know so yeah he he recruited all of the the school children, but Parker brothers really didn't care about it. A A replied back fuck off. This is why we can't have nice things. John, take these free scuzzies. I woped! I couldn't find anything on it. So if, if you say Hav replied or not, oh he's an adult. Now we should find him and get hemon the show. Ah Pes du Ho have his last name on there. It Oh it does, even as a nine year old holy sh in ninety five, they didn't give a damn. They were like who, as addressed on there too it's Slowveck John Slovick, I'm going to look for it 'cause, I would be waring get him on just it. Tall yobout wasn't t at the next door. Neighbor on the BERBS at was the CLOPEK mark. It's KINDOF like remember that episode of Poof Culture we had like a long time ago, where I surprised you guys with the dude that was eating a picture of Jason's seagl every day until Jason, Co, R, Yeahi love those stories. Anyhow. G, sorry! So, for my second round, I will choose left behind it, released on Sunday December thirty, first nineten, nnety e sequel to a big job. Think it was one of the Schudues really thetheir back of name was skidmark but theywere like Yo, no fend, another kid, it's okay, skid! So, in an ad that I found it said the end of times or in our lifetime left behind Tim Lefay and Jerry Jingins for the unrependent, it's worse than their worse, bankmare people are missing disappearing. Is it terrorism ufos aliens from another planet? It's the rapture gift value! Fifteen. Ninety seven! Well, this huge turds find sixteen books, alein movie that had two sequels and a remike with Nick Kage. I know it's good. Oh yeah, also a PC game. I don't know if you guys ever played it, but you know so oers called this almost laslaccably, dull, fatuous and boring. I mean this series established Christian fiction as a significant category, so bugree. I love that. Every time I see a pile of clothes, I think that somebody got raptured and I'm very thankful for that. It sold millions of copies, but that doesn't mean it's good. Just 'cause. They made a lot of money. We endond Nineteen D inety five with that release wow. It's only fitting that you would end on a shitty round all right. Man Crush what ave you got for your final round, all right so December. Nineteen. Eighty I'm gong to zip through the first one we get the release of ZORC by personal software. It's a gameant eventually got taken over by Infocom for the Commodore Pet. I believe it was on apple, two, the trash eighty, the Itari ape bit all those like early eighties machines. It was part of a three partcrilogy and they ended up selling about three hundred and seventy thousand copies by nineteen and eighty six, so that one is really shitty. The initial releases work it was sold and distributed in a plastic like a clear plastic bag which included the game and nearly a forty page manual and how to properly play the game, a pretty frigging fancy for nineteen and eighty, nothing like gagetting a game in a sandwich bag. I actually had a copy of this game for the Commodore Sixty four years later, so I figured a lot of people did as well, and I thought Itoud just be cool to remember. I don't think it's that bad, but the thing that sucked about this game- it's really long and drawn out- and there are no graphics it's entirely in text. I actually looked it up on you too B'cause. I wanted to see it again and there was a dude playing this game for forty five minutes. Where he's just typing, it's so boring. All I remember from this game is dying because you died all the fucking time. You would lose all of your items and you have to start over and God forbid, you said jump in the wrong spot, because if you did you'd jump and died, e you'd just jump your death, you Coan, be standing in the kitchen, you say: jumping it'd be like you died oulike. What the folike I jumped in the kitchen woul I hit, but Zork it was all texe like. I think a lot of people might not Benremember this one, but if you go to youtube, just look up B, Zork and just watch some people play it and you'll. Remember it. It starts out. As west of the house, you were standing in an open field, west of a White House with a boarded front door. There is a small mailbox there and then you have to go to the mailbox and you got to open your forty page booklet to figure out what the fuck you're supposed to do. Then you go oh okay, this one will work, examine mailbox and they'll say the small mailbox is closed. Nealyashi, open, mailbox, opening the small mailbox reveals a leaflet. Then you got to go, get leaflet taken. That's how the whole game goes. It's yeah! It's it's one of them games where you probably don't remember it for a good reason, but people are into that. So at what point do you decide? You Know Hey. I wanted to play a game. Not fucking read you Gotto, think about Ithis in nineteen. Eighty, so we're just. We haven't een, really got into the peak of the Itar Twenty six hundred. Yet you know it's coming for another year and then before it dies out, but in the eighty the computer games is whe Y got, but that's not my big one. That's just like kind of a throwaway. My First Picki this one. You guys got Ta bear with me with, and this is why I wanted to go last, because this is so fucked up at it's really hard to explain like these guys must have been smoking, pay oould he or something I don't even know December. Nineteen. Eighty, you got everyone's favorite superheroes these days we have the avengers okay coming at you with Avenger's number, two hundred by some really recognizable names of the time. Yo Got Jim schooter George Perez Chris Claramount, you know they're the notable names it's a special double sized edition. It features Miss Marvel Carol, Danvers Got Capain America Ironman four beast: Hawkeye Vision, Scarlo witch wasp, yellow jacket sounds like it's going to be a good one. Right, like you got all the major players are all SFUCKI. I know mark knows this onc, it's funny to me. I Cam'e an watch ther place. The title of this issue is the child. Is Father too data dot? Questionmark. Let me give you the marvel description before I bring it down. Okay, this is what marvel has Miss Marvlle undergoes a nine month, Gestatian period in the span of a few days completely unaware. As of how she got pregnant, she gives birth to a baby boy which grows to be a full adult in ours and begins to assemble a machine. The adventures destroy believing it's a threat, Marcus who's, the child WHO's. Now an adult explains himself and reveals that he's the son of ammortis and used Miss Marble in an attempt to free himself from limbo. Whoever, with this machine destroyed, his life on earth has failed and he must return to limbo. Miss Marvelle feeling a strong bond between herself and Marcus joins him in limbo. That's what they had to say now. Let me break this down for you. Here's the Non Pec side ofwhat happen in adventures. Two hundred Miss Marvelle is basically kidnapped into limbo by Marcus, where he uses mind control to rape, her and inpragnate her with himself. Then he sends her back to her dimension, where she suffers through a full term: unwanted pregnancy, where she doesn't even know how she got pregnant in three days and gives birth to Marcus, who grows to a full size adult in hours? Okay. So now the guy who raped her, she birthd- and it's now her son, so her now, son, Marcus, who also raped in and Pregnantaer, falls in love with Miss Marvell ohand. By the way, Marcus is the son of a Mordis who's, a longtime enemy of the avengers and basically did the same thing to another woman, so he can have marcus and then burth him in the limbo so back to miss marvell. She somehow falls in love with Marcus, now her rapist, her son and ou lover. So when Marcus needs to return to limbo, because the avengers destroyed his machine, she decides to quit the avengers and go with him, but it doesn't end there it just not in there. On top of it all iron man and Hawkeye waxs poetic after they go back to limbo, right Hawkeye blames himself for destroying the machine that would have let marcus stay on earth, so they could have been happy and then iron man says to him, and I quote: We've just got to believe that everything worked out for the best and Hawk Ey, agree and says, and I hope that Miss Marvelle lives happily ever after forever. So basically they condoned the fact that she was raived gave birth to a rapist, fell in love with the rapist. Slash Sun then quit the adventers n to move to limbo. With this dude mark is by himself IAM almost positive. There was like mushrooms going around or something and marvel, but seriously try watching the captain marvell movie. Now after knowing that story, it totally ruined they fin Ol. It's Toi didn't even know about this whene I saw the movie, but now it ruined it. For me, I'm like what well what ruined it for me is. I watched the movie and this wasn't in there anywhere Y H. No it s a movie would have been so much better if this was in the movie. Well, I mean then clear out. He fixes it a couple of months later right, yeah, that was one of the big things once Chris Clarmont came on to marvell became the headwriter on x, men taking over for stanle. That was one of the first things he wanted to wrecon from marvel. Was this atrocity with Miss Marvele? I mean it. It's horrible, there's even scenes in this issue where WASPD is all happy that she's pregnant and it's like. No, she was right. She thinks it's such a wonderful thing that she's Prat of them did, though, all like I had to go back and I found the the issue online. You could find it if you, Google, it and you'll see every page and if you read through it, you're just supposed to Jus e, like what is everybody thinking like. Is this dude? This ky mark is completely confesses everything to them and they're, just like. Oh all, right all right, actly, Oh man, sorry we busted your machine brow and you gotta go back to limbo and shit. You know like now see I know in the eighties we swept a lot of things under the rug and some things were a little more socially acceptable than they are. Let's say today. This is not one of those things. People at no time is it Oky to be raped by somebody who happens to be your son, so you can then give birth to them and then fall in love with them. That's just not gool people and then quit the avengers on top of it and everyone's like ah man, I'm so sorry destroyed his machine and now they're stuck in limbo because of me Yos, fucking dope. It kind of runs adventures too 'cause. Then you look at Hawkeye like you're, a moron yeah, an Ironman who's supposed to be a genius he's also a dope like what yeah. Those are my two picks and we got zorc one and the God knows what the fuck they were thinking for adventures number two hundred, but it's double size, so you got that it was market Ain Ours, Oh wow, all right, Joni Lewis, we know mancrush has already pulled out the victory in this one, but let's go down to the judgment to get the final score on this match up man that Avenger's number two hundred you don' now about that beforehand. No just Ruwin, the old franceise for you, you just ruin the whole francise. I can't watch another horrible movie for the rest of my life without going. Oh, my gos, Oh man, I was thinking. Let's see Stockholm Syndrome, EDAPUSCOMPLEX T was listing the mental disorders. I think we've got the whole DM s for Oh, they give everything they yeah. They gave you everything in that one. That's why I was the double double thick one. She didn't come out with the cllapse, so that was good. Andi. Think Marcus is the one who actually gave like mushrooms or something to the avengers to be like, Oh yeahjust, ly, just to clarify 'cause. I'm sure there's going to be comic, bookd people and are likesused Amortisis like mark correct me, if I'm wrong its like some kind of like device to a mortus used to work, mind control over people, I believe that yeah and then he used that on Miss Marvelle and that's how we kinda like coned her into having sax and getting her pregnant and the whole thing and the if youwld, look at the panels in the comic it's just like a weird sexlike situation. It's in it's weird, it's fucking bizarre, just go lookitg it. The whole thing's just creepy hit is cold, tricky, colors, yeah, it's it's! It's really well done! Jorge appare actually left marvel right after this 'cause. He was probably like what the fuck did. I just draw yeah. He realized what he had just done: Yeah well, if you're talking about Lembo gotta, have the freaky cool, colors, yeah, yes and Zork, I've never heard of before, and I'm somwhat of a computer game or somewhat not. But it just sounds to me like the original choose, your own adventure game kind of yeah- and I was thinking about that- and I was thinking like when did Oregon trail come out. They may have just retooled and put graphics Zork to make it Orgon trail. So that way, basically, you die almost every time you make a decision, you died of space, typhoid and then for Julie. She's got the big John Toy and the fact that this W he was nine years old, gets his school friends to write a letter to parter brothers, which then Parker brothers, shaft them basically says here: Free Scuzzies for all you, you said scuys into my head, all stinging with ski for some reason: That's Ham, Odayra tack to the Michael Jackson Story. Maybe that's what it was call back and then so being in the social circle that I've had. I'm definitely well aware of the left behind ceries the fact that it had three movies, the original movies, and then you had it come back out like a year or two ago with nit cage of all people. And the funny thing is: If you look for left behind books, you don't have to look very far because a lot of them are at your local good will. They are multiplecop multiple copies of all sixteen bucks in that fact, and so, even though Mancrush has won the game man I to Oh, I'm not going to get the Avenger's two hundred out of my mind, so I've got ta Giv it I in I was trying to find something worse, onjulie's side, but the fact that you have to throw the whole mental illness manual an the Avenger's two hundred Speakspolu mark. I think you should put like a warning right before that, like if you don't want to ruin avengers Ojustysodskip til like an hour and then come back yeah like I've, not read very many comic books in my life except I enjoy the h comic book movies, but that one's going to overshadow a lot of things from now on, not anymore, you don't I'm going to be looking at those harly QUITT novels differently too. You know, what's also amazing about it. 'cause I told Mark about this last night ecause. I couldn't hold this one was like mark. I got to tell you about this. One 'cause I looked and looked and look and Julie could probably attestis when you're looking for the worst hot product. It's not easy to find when you're looking for the best top projuct. It's pretty easy to find, I think 'cause I've been doing it for lone, but like we look for a worst one, I kept looking and looking and looking, I couldn't find shit and I had Zork and I was like it's not going to win met around so I'll, just keep looking and then all of a sudden last night it like maybe eight thirty, eight o'clock, I the last. I was ready to call it quit and I was like ill start tomorrow morning and I found this and I was like. Oh my God. This is like this is ground breaking changes, the entire complexion of the avengers for me, like Captain Bar everything, has changed because of this one comic book that if you're not like a huge fan, you just don't know about that. They did that and man it's pretty fucked. I wonder how they reconned it yeah. I don't remember all of the details on how they did. I I listened to a great pondcast about this on j and miles explained the x men. They did a whole episode and they really broke down everything in detail and all it's disturbing nhess so go and listen to that. If you get a chance, that's a great episode yeah. I don't remember all the details, how they did it, but thank God, Clarmont stepped in and fixed it. The only reason she came back that I remember is that Marcus died of old age. He aged really quickly when he went back to limbo and died, and that's why t they brought her back. So basically she came back because he died. It wasn't like. Oh, she figured it all out. You know, wait a minute, so if he died really quickly and he aged to a full adult within hours, she was probably gone with him for like a week and then he died yeah. I mean it was only a couple of months later and they brought she bro. They brought her back in like eighty one. I think it was march or somewhere around there of eighty one, so aabsolutl sitty all right. Well, man crush pulls out this one, but Julie puts up a great fight Julie, thanks for coming on the show, tell everybody where they can go ahead and listen to flickers from the cave. Please, wherever you listen to Pakas flickers from the cave. We are N, instrogram and facebook as well. So please check us out and thank you so much for having the airs, onored Tober. I've never had so much fun losing. What do you guys recover on flickers from the Cave 'cause a quick story about Julie before we came on the episode and I was trying to remember the movie hands of Steel Wewere talking to Dallas about t, and I could not remember it Su. She came on the show. I said you're going to remember the name of this movie. I started explaining. It gave her like two lines and she immediately knew it. So what is your show about what o you guys do? May We do throw back seventies to nineties, COL action, horror, Um, there's three of us and we all have our different Genras that we love mine's action and yeah. We just have her really great time and a opan to lapse nice check that one out and Dallas. When are you? When are you starting this wrestling potcast wher? Are You doing man? Now you got a Mike. I know I man, I I don't know when I'm going to start the wrestling pod cast ut tomorrow like why are you waiting putting Hem on the spot? Ah Jeez Yeah, you did a great job man thanks for coming on and again, if you guys haven't been on doing decades on facebook doing decades, docom, fordslash, sorry, hes book that Comfotis doing decades, we do Trivia every day we have colbination tributes, audio triviute and all that Dallas is actually one of our Green Zone. Trivial, leaderboard people so he's in the top thirty, and he took us up on the offer to come on the show and be a judge, and I thank you for that. You did ha fantastic job, not just because I won, but you you came across very well went out. You got a Mike in the whole nine thanksalot man. We really appreciate it well, thank you guys for having me and I' got to say I love the Trivia and just the fact that when we go into the new year all the slake gets clean. So anybody can win Yean be on here. Thank you so much for bringing that up. 'cause. We never do. I always forget so doit free pomp, Promo, Yeh, Seriouslyso January. First, twenty twenty were wiping the slate clean so there's over five hundred people on the leaderboard right now it doesn't matter what score they have everyone's getting reset to zero. We are naming a champion on the thirty first of December and we'll stop O thousnd and nineteen right now like right, uptop, it's really neck and neck. If you're down at the bottom, you probably have no shot at winning. At this point, I saypeople in the top, maybe like fifteen ye, got a shot and what we did here. We got a customized wrestling belt, getting made with a doing decades, logo in the middle, and it says leterboard champion and the whole nine it's going to go to one of those top five guys, though I think 'cause, those guys are they're so far ahead. Right now, their neck and neck, oh the they are neckand neck up there, but it's going to reset January first Thais even playing field for everybody. So if you haven't done it yet or if you looked at the leaderboard and you're like there's, no way Wat, Hell's e point of playing just go back, and you know January. First Getininto, the game start from zero and while you're at it duelers, you can head over Tho dueling decades, dotcom where you can catch up on all of our past. Episodes subscribe to the show on spotify and on Casbox, wherever you get your pod casts, and then Lek man crush said, and over to our facebook group face book. Dotcom forward, slash jeweling decades, where you can join our private group post some of your own memories in retrocontent. So until next time jewelers were going to bid you a peace, love lighten, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone inferaymedia