Dueling Decades
March 16, 2022

Go Ninja, It’s a Marvelous March Duel between 1971, 1982 & 1991!

Go Ninja, It’s a Marvelous March Duel between 1971, 1982 & 1991!

Dueling Decades is back with an all-new all-awesome episode. On this installment of everybody's favorite adult-only retro game show, the mighty Mancrush returns and steps back behind the bench to judge this Marvelous March Duel!

Marc James jams to the sweet sounds of March 1971 with his selections but will it be enough to defeat the other Duelers?  The “Media King of the North” Joe Findlay brings the best of March 1982 and just a little bit of the sadness. Our third competitor is “The Professor” Drew Zackmin and he returns to the program this week ready to rap his way to victory with March of 1991!

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