Dueling Decades
Oct. 2, 2019

Your Nostalgic Helping of Awesomeness is back with September 1988 vs September 1997

Your Nostalgic Helping of Awesomeness is back with September 1988 vs September 1997

This week Duelers we are back to tag team action as the Mamalukes the team made up of Marc and The Mancrush duel with September of 1988! They take on the team of Carlos from The Be Kind and Rewind Podcast and Joe Findlay from The Miscast Commentary...

This week Duelers we are back to tag team action as the Mamalukes the team made up of Marc and The Mancrush duel with September of 1988! They take on the team of Carlos from The Be Kind and Rewind Podcast and Joe Findlay from The Miscast Commentary Podcast better known as “Revenge of The Turds” and September of 1997! Dave Schultz from The Selling Out Podcast joins us as Judge for this boombastic battle! Check out DuelingDecades.com for more great retro content!


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It's the adult, audio Retro Game Show Er the eighties and nineties do battle because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to dueling decades, let's take a look at this week's duelers and the decades they will be fighting for as we get back to tack team action here on our show. First off in the nineties, corner dueling with nineteen. Ninety seven, hey guys this is revenge of the TURDS and were speaking with Joe Finley Right now from miscast commentary, we're looking for some sweet, sweet revenge against Mancrash, as is my partner Takin away. This is Carls the BCANREWINE I'm here for my vengeance, I'm here to get it brother. Let's do this hold on before we go any further. Didn't you win the last time you were on Carlos? No, I didot by the Skim, my teeth. I was right there. I wonl't see what happened. I was right there, I'm looking for that. First debut man Ei', not feeling good. If this looking for his first one, I know I'm I'm hungry, ditchen and tonight, they'll be taking on the Mamalukes, the team consisting of myself Mark James and this man. What's up everybody man across here, it seems like everybody's got my number and they're coming to get me. Joe Definitely wants to get a little revenge after his troucing. Actually I don't even remember what the score was, but it it didn't feel good. I remember that. Well, you killed me like a couple of months before that and what, in that true crime thing, I can't get out of my mind, but we're we got September of Nineteen D, Eighty eight, which every time we look at the eighties, for whatever reason I always want to bypass eighty eight. I don't know why I think it's 'cause the mets lost to the dodgers that year, when they're supposed to win- and I fuckand hate that year. But let's see what happens tonight and that's always, we need someone to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. So tonight we have the cohost of the popular selling out podcast. Please rise for judge, Dave, Shultz, ey how are Yo and if you're, not rising, I'm rising enough for all YO. Ladies and gentlemen, the following contests will be held under dualing decades rules. The Judges Coin Flip shout aside, who picks first out of the five dueling decades: categories: movies, television, music, news and hut products. A judge's ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point, each with rounds of four and five worth two points. A piece and the winning decade shall be decided by the highest overall score after all five rounds. doelers. If those old ladies really want to know where the beef is it's right here, Onjo Ao, it', Tapid shelts, who has his cawall right, Daveid what you got to flip? Well, I didn't have anything really interesting, so I didn't bring anything interesting. So I said I got a copy of better homes and gardens from June two thousand and nineteen its got some opical great articles, yeah some great articles in here on easy living, which we all know a lot about. So somebode's got to call the front cover and someone's got to call the back cover, which has an ad with a duke that looks like Shak May Not Be Sha al Righ revenge of the TURDS. You guys call it calfor Calars, let's go c: Let's go maybe shack, maybe he het a Pocka jogs AD. There comes to flip, maybe shackwins. Yes, maybe shack. Every time then eat Ewa er, a shack, no, I'm not sure who it is, but he's a very large Manntima. Everyone know her sha made all his money at l Su, so that was anenotymous all right, so you guys control the board. All right, which one do you think we should hop on wth? Oh, I don't know want to start out with the hot products. Let's do that HA products for the men, Alr Wel. What I have came out, N, nineteen, Ninety, seven Setember neteen. Ninety seven didn't give an exact datebut out there. Ninety seven Nano gig pets, it's the other Tamagachis. You know the others form. Apparently they were made before Tamagochis. You know these things were such a huge phenomena. I remember Middle School that all the girls had to run to their run, to their lockers te check or feed their they'r little Tamagachis or their digapat. So it was a huge phenomenon. It was like Tomagachi or gigapets. It was the Pepsi versus you know Cot Coca Cola, so it was kind of a big deal. If you were like twelve, you know, everybody else didn't give a ship, but if you were like twelve thirteenth the time you gave a shit and this was a huge deal and so you know gigapets came around and they were just a little bit cheaper than Tamagaci, so they had, they started gaining a little bit momenum on them in the U S, because they they were out in Japan first, while Tamagaci had a little bit of lead in the: U S but gigapets they they came. They came roing back with their lower prices, but again it's. It was a huge phenomena regardless. I didn't, I don't think it really mattered, who you got it from as long as you just had one. You know this is that middle school mentality, if you just had one to fit in that's it, no one really cared. That's like the equivalent of like gobots to transformers and like Robert Cop to the Robo people wot go by. Are you saying it's superior? Then? No! Well, my trust me. My parents bought me GOBOT. So Lo go. I turned out all right for me. This one just comes in under the wire released September, thirtieth nine Hutdren and ninety seven fall out the very first in the fallout series, the spiritual successor to the nineteen eighty eight roll playing game called wasteland. It was a turn based roll playing game that was available on windows, Mac and DOSS. It started the special system so as an acronom for strength, perception, endurance, charisma, intelligence, agility and luck. Those were all of your different skill attributes that you could upgrade. It was a pioneer in that realm of being able to change and upgrade your attributes to create a unique version of a character for your game. It was a part of a surge of RPGs, I n nineteen. Ninety seven Ultimon online came out that year lands of Loer and it sold over six hundred thousand copies when it was all said and done, and it has led to upwards of numerous sequels but up upwards of ten other games. When you include Spin Offs and mobile cames and the like, I never got into fallout, but I have seen like H, Punco pops and things like that. A fall out. They all look pretty cool, but I have no fucking clue where they are, but it's nice to know that that started in nineteen. Ninety seven shit, some old stuff, a right it's over to us. Man Crush. Oh Man, you sound depressed. Do you want me to go first di? You want to go for Itdon't matter, it's up to you all right, I'll, go first, Starrisi September, tenth, N Nineuteen and Eighty Eight, and let me tell you this one was a bitch to find. I had to dig and dig and dig and dig and dig- and I give all the credit in the world I newspapers, dcom 'cause without them and all the resources we would be able to find half of this shit that we find so props to them all the talk in nineteen. Eighty eight was about tendo entertainment system and all that, but they were still lacking a lot of options and, let's be honest, Computer Games are actually better at the time the quote: Unquote: Graphics, INM, throwing up the the the symbol for the quote. Unquote right now, now you can't see me and the the audio especially was better on the computer. You know, especially when it came to things like commodore and the Amega, so on September, tenth nineteen, Eighty eight we get the electronic arts release of one on one Jordan versus bird and h. You know when you think about a game like this. You need to think nostalgia, first, like how you felt when you're playing it, because for most of these old games like for myself they're nearly unplayable in twenty nineteen, somebody like Mike Ranger still loves the GAMEPLAY. That said, I nineteen eighty eight. This was a hot title. Arguably the two best players in the entire M BA facing off against one another. You could dunk with Jordan. You could shoot the three with bird. It really fun game the game retailed for forty five dollars most places. where I found an ad h for the first week. It was out from a newegg. They had it for thirty, four, ninety nine, which equate to about seventy three dollars in twesn, a nineteen and then Jordan. VERSBURDA did eventually come to NYS, Secogeniss, Gameboy and even one of those Tiger handhelds that the poor kids, like me had with our gobots Byou know what at the time this is the most realistic basketball game. You can get your hands on and before I go onto to mark here, I don't think lrry bird gets enough credit when it comes to these sports games, because here's something that never gets really talked about. This is actually a sequel to the e, a sports first ever game for e. A sports was one o one bird versus DCTR J and those too became the first to ever license themselves to a sports game. So that's pretty damned cool and look at the a sports now fuckin and enormous. So that's what I got. It's one o one Jordan versus bird wow, nice solid pick. I always loved that game. An it was fun nice little half Cort yeah. It was the pretecessor to every basketball game. You know get that Nice half court view it's fantastic. It's taking me back on this nostalgia trip it's great, because my second pick is something that in the research for this show. Sometimes it takes you on this crazy nostalgia trip. So in looking for hot products, sometimes I'll, you know I'll, take a look ou, what what's up for comic books, anything big selling that month, so i Google September eighty eight and what comes up a cover. I notice right off the top of my head. Wow, that's really familiar. I have that issue and it's an issue that I've had since September of eighty eight, when I was a kid and I bought it off the rack, and that would happen to be that man number four twenty three I have it here and I've always had this and I've kept it for years and years. A couple of years ago, did I realize this is io one thousanine hundred and eighty eight. This is one of the very first tod mcfarlin that man covers in nineteen and eighty seven and nineuteen an eighty eight Tardmcfarlin, a young artist, would send out cover samples and drawings to all the major comic book companies. Sometimes they give them some feedback; sometimes they publish some of the stuff. This is one of those early covers in one of his most iconic covers that he ever did and what's crazy about this is, if you look at the composition, I'm going to send this too guys in the Cha yeah. You got to see the side by side. Mark was showing the picture for the people that can't see obviously, but mark is holding it up. He actually has this in his hand, it's pretty remarkable that you'v found that I sent you guys a picture of this. It was it's such an iconic cover that todmic Farlan recreated the cover again years ago for spawn number two, thirty and O Thousan and thirteen, and what's so remarkable about the image, is it's nineteen, eighty eight? But technically you could almost say that this is the first spawn the way that he draws batmen in this. It's so reminiscent of what spawn became years later. You can really see a lot of these signature. Todmic Barlin styles, you have the the Cape, that's kind of AH shooting out seems like it has a life of its own and it's kind of engulfing, a young lady who Batman is is hugging, and then you got a big yellow circle behind it. Tod mcfarlan always loves to use those big round circles. This is nine tuteed nd. Eighty eight it predates spawn by four years and I really set up what would become a legendary career for Dodmcvarlin. So that's my pick that man, four twenty three September, nineteen, eighty eight, I'm really glad you have that issue, but we all know mark you have tons of issues. I do my friend and I jus say that guys I gotta say something to you now. I think eighty eight team, the Mamelukes they just really know how to butter me up. No, I swear to God, because because man crushkivs Larry Birds and props mock here is given the BAPM, I'm a huge comic book Fan. Bringing out that issue is like Hitn me straight in the fields. That's something else. I mean ninety seven. What's IT called Nanogachi pets? You said they were popular when kids were like twelve. The only problem with that was. I was about nineteen at the time, so I was always big II kind, O miss the whole revolution of those fall out. I think, was a fantastic choice. I I would argue, they'd be even more popular with with baked people. You think so. I I've barely had time to like take care of myself and shower, let alone a little digital creature on a key came 'sasking. The joint too is what'. It's not what is it called a gigabit? What dis it called Theun a Nanno, giggle pen, ao gigabet. Oh, I thought it was Nano Gatchi and I'm writing this stuff down all wrong. I must still be baked who they dont Knowhas, going on 'cause. He just took care of himself in the shower. I did IYCA would that man's Cape I this is actually kindof tough, because on one side here like I said that Jordan versus bird lot of research done in that ther's, a great choice is: Is You guys mentiond? It sets up the franchises the sports franchises for the future. I think fall out for ninety seven was a great choice, because, even though I'm not a video Gamer, I've heard o fall out and still carrying on to this day. Oh boy, well, the Giga pes you can't take even though you're out of that realm, it was still a cultural phenomenon for ther earned window of ages there. No, I I agree with you that'. That was also a good choice. You guys are really. I might have to flip that that magazine again when it came out with Tamagaci, I think that's Mabe. She it's it's just a disparity between the two. It's like just thinking about it like if I threw out gobots instead of transformers which I have before by the way Heyyou threw hem out in the Guy Ino. I still have hem they'rrigt over here, but it just di' like the weight. Wasn't there like the difference or you know so I kind of feel. Well, it's a weird thing with those 'cause I was actually I came across those two and they were like the next step in the evolution. ECAUSE TAMAGACI only had one quote: Unquote: Animal, whereas you could Danana Gigo pets, you could buy a dog, you could buy a cat, you could buy a dinosaur, they debte number four on the topselling toys, just behind Ticklmialmo gobots had more gobots and transformers that transformers too I'm just thrown upthat'Sr just saying that the lesser can be better than the other Haf and that's what happened in the situation. All right. Let's go down to judge Dave Shultz or his final ruling on round one guys. You know you just mentioned you could get a dog or a cat or a dinosaur hatit's very impressive, even though I'm sure they all look virtually the same and probably really crappy Um. But you know I, I am a judge. I sit on my high throne, but I am also susceptible to butter, to which I feel tenineteen. Eighty eight just slit up my a so therefore eighty eight windsus round, oh bad squeaker, all right man crush pick our NEX categoryan. Well, I say we go to th News Wen men to start this, one off yeah go for it Al Right September, twentieth, nineteen, Eighty, eight American diver, Greg Luganus wins the three meter springboard gold metal at the Sol Olympics after famously hitting his head on the board. The previous day I mean this is a news story that everybody remembered it kind of incapsulated. The eighty eight Olympics, regular gaines, goes up on one of his early dives does a backflip what had happened if he got his hips a little too forward and it switched his alignment when he sprung off the tip of the board. It moved him back a few inches and as he was going through that first revolution, he could tell he was a little off and he tried to Tuck his hands in and it just didn't give him enough clearance and he clips the back of his head on the diving board. As he's coming down splits, his head open had to get some stitches and get it all patched up, and then he goes on to win the Gold Metal American hero, Greg Luganis after bashing his head, and was that the triple Lindy he was trying to get her. What was the name of the dive? If you have that information, I do not have the name. It was just like a regular like backwards hand, Sprian fucking. I don't even if ick an know, a divers shit just called but like. If you talk about the eighty eight Sol Olympics. This is the only thing that mattered n entire Adian sololipics. I remember an years later, everone was like, Oh, my God. When they found out, he had AIDS yeah, he Bli in the pool yeah. You know how much bleach you gloritis a ATPO man and that's probably where he callt it just kidding a tad doctor. I don't know if that works, like that. All right man crush over to you all right September, twenty F, Urth, nine hutdred and eighty eight just get riaht into it here. Hozean Sako, the other member of the bash brothers, becomes the first Major League Baseball player to ever get forty home runs and forty stolen bases in one season. He actually finished up with forty two home runs and forty stone basins, and it doesn't sound like much, but it's a pretty historical club. As far as records go, I mean, after that they called at the forty forty club and, to this day there's only four people in the club, but even Canseko at the time. He didn't think that it was that big a deal, and this is another reason that it became so special because in spring training of nineteen eighty eight Kanseco actually said I'm going to shoot for forty home runs and forty stolen bases this year and I'm paraphrasing here. But he said I figure. Only five or six players in history of baseball have done that and little no. He would become the first one ever and he called it before the season even started. I'm sure the stebroids gave hem some big balls, but since then three other people have done at Barrybonds, Arod and then Alfonso Seriano did it in two thousand and six, but only four people. It's one of the smallest clubs in all of Major League Baseball. When you talk about records, here's a funny, little story that I found when I was 'cause when I read the names I was like hm, were all these guys on steroids. So I I did some digging and of course everybody knows, Barry Bonds. Everyone knows AROD, but Alfao Seriano, there's really there was a list that he came up on, but that it was never. It was unfounded. So you don't know if that's real or not. So I found this quot from two thousand and six when Seriano actually broke into the forty forty club upon recording his forty and stolen base in the season. In addition to his forty five home runs and gaining entry into baseball's exclusive forty, forty club nationals, leftfielder Alf Fanzaseriano, said that after meeting the other three members Jose Kanseko Berry, bods and Alsadrigez, he now understands why no one has joined the club in the past eight years, and this this is a direct quote from him. From all I had heard. This club was going to give me the opportunity to be among the grats of the game, but it turns out that the three guys here, one of them, this big, dumb guy, who I still have no idea how we got in kept asking me what kind of steroids I take and if he knew anyone else who took them. Syriana said I thought this was supposed to be in a leat club, but it looks like they'll just let about any asshole in Suryata later and nows plans to reach the fifty fifty plateau as soon as humanly possible. So you can get out of this group of assholes in the forty forty club, unfortunately, Ye retired, I think in twenty fourteen or something never made it to that, but uh yeah there. It is the forty forty club with first time ever Jose Cansago Soli, all right Joe. You go first, this ten okay. Well, I actually did come across a mark, McGuire base story, but I figured US Teroiz that doesn't really count his news. You know what I mean to. We. We've had this debate on the show before with like Rangeor, not so much a debate, we're all kind of INAGRIL. That baseball is at its best. When everybody was on steroids, it was a. It was definitly, a crazy time. TAT, fucters, TAK royds cause yeah. This was the year that Um Mark Maguire got his second fifty home run season in in a row tying babe rooth, but they guessed asked aterisk move in ot. We I take you to September sixteenth to a tiny little company called apple computers where they just named Steve Job, int, Steve Jobs, interm CEO. After returning to apple the previous August. He obviously went on to remain CEO and what became the Permanen Co up until two thousand and eleven, and I just you know, let's list the things that have happened since he, since the moment he took over, took backover. He negotiated a deal with Microsoft again in his office. Ond. All of the you know, on Mac products, the IMAC, the macbook, the introduction of the applestores Mac osx, the ipod ituns iphone it goes on and on and on I, the things that occurred under his leadership. My opinions on him notwithstanding. I stand the test of time. It's the most PR, it's it's the most valuable company on the planet right now, and this was really the turning point. Well, not tr, but, like the jumping point t's, it's a turning point. 'cause Theye Hawer at a bit of a stanzy or a shit, show until he came back yeah, so that was the day September. Sixteenth was the day he was officially named intern, CEO. After being, I've been waiting for that to come up because man, this is probably last year, we did an episode and we must have had August of ninety seven or July of ninety seven and the news story that I had that month was when it was innounced that they were looking for a new co and they just put him in as a like a interm basis, and it was going to take over in September- and I remember all that stuff happening pretty much forbade him o what you said so yeah, it's a huge thing, that's huge! So I'm glad that we got news now and knocked that shit out of the way at one point round Carlos what you got man all right. Well, on September th, nineteen ND, ninety seven, we lost a mother herself. Mother Teresa died at the age of eighty seven years old after a long life of eighting, the sick and poor, and but not without controversy, of course, but you can't deny that she's. You know one of the most well known. You know spiritual figures. You know of recent times they opened up missionaries all over the world. Old hundred and thirty three countries had forty five hundred nuns tha. She had help aiding in regards to. They had dispensories mobile clinics, soup kitchens and Fainley counselling, so th t she provided aid for everybody in in different ways and, like I said it was not withhat was controversyin regards to some things. Did you just say, mother, Theresa Rena dispensery. Now she goes mission ere, that's what he said. Where is your head at t? Mother Teresa was Che, was blowing smokeman man thatther, there's a sound bi Um. I just got real question either one of those people, Steve Jobs or Mother Teresa in the Forty Forty Club. I didn't think so. I think tha restings on Heur way is close. Steve Jobs has at least forty steels they're just ideas. You guys you guys got to rout, I don't even yeah. I think. That's the first time a saint has ever been brought up on the showand mother, Theresa Fsait, Jose the patron state of tiny things all right for the official ruling. Let's go over to judge Dave, Sholtz alrighty. Here, H, yeah, I think eighty eight speaking of saints ight need to call in a priest to save this round forum. You know I I I like the sports talk. I appreciate that stuff. We established that Luganis didn't do the Triple Lindy, which is a negative right there, Os Acanseco the forty forty club again, you know I was a big sports fan at that time. I remember that whole era, but like last round, when I said you guys were slipping butter into my nethal regions. Unfortunately, this time was margarine because the mother's Theresa' story- This is going to make me sound like degenerate in the nineties, but I remember that day because I was tripping my balls off an acid. I couldn't believe the news on T v about this Mother Teresa died. I mean I was like freaking out man so hands down. Ninety seven, you win theround. Sometimes you get something we had news mark and I both looked at each other and said this is trash e. We had nothing so all right, revenge of the TURDS. You guys regain control of the board. What category would you like to go with? I don't know what an Yo think you want do. Music. Are we still in the single point categories? Yes, this is the last single point: Category Music, yes, at's too music. Let's do it, okay, so I'll jump in so in September, sixth, nineteen. Ninety seven, we had Elton John Performing Candle in the wind at Prince Princess Dianas Funeral, releasing the song September thirteenth, a peiaked at number, one in the UK. Fourth number one single overall in several countries and the GINNES world record, two thousand and seven stated it's the biggest selling single since records began so yeah it's. It was pretty huge at the time and it's ulting, John God. I wish John Cross was on the show right now for that we've had our fill of the prince's die. Talk like there was a string of about three months. Last year, whe she came up on every fucking episode and he banned all princess die anything from being on so you're actually lucky that he's not here to do. As I say, I didn't get the MI so he's anti Canadian anyway, you ertend to be drawn cross. Oh you get enough for this. Oy fucking princes Doi talk o now I crembamotehakathat's almost porbade im what he said. Really I nailed it all apologies to him in advance. I please continue all right Um, so we're going to jump over to September twenty ninth and a band called the verv released their album urban hems, which contained there. One major hit bitter sweet symphony that song contained a melody. That was also very well known from the rollingstone's Song, the last time the rilling stones successfully sued, and every penny of that song went directly into the pockets of micjagger and Keith Richards. That was a big thing for a very long time. Until this very year, in May of this year, they signed the publishing rights over to the verb and they now are making money off of this song. Finally, so their biggest hit, which they lost, tons and tons and tons of money over because of the similar sounds of their of their melodies and the irony of all this the exact same day that Urbin hes was released by the verb. The rolling stones released the album bridges to battle on hush. I never knew that. Let some Shitrit O Zippin, basically MHM. Oh Man, Sayso hat's n. what's the LE? What's the lead singer of the verbs name again pipe no bird pipes totally different fan Richard Ashcromer Yeah Yeah dudthat guy's got a grey fuckingd voice. He's got some good solar shit out there all right, so you guys came with t e Vere fucking serl yea. I can't I'm not allowed to say it. So just you say: Don't you do it? Don't? Do it Wenka off the tag John and this just so he can listen back. Oh, please, go o! Please don't all right man crush. Who should go first on this I guessi'll start fucit September sixth, nineteen ND, eighty eight little backgrounds o this afternoon I looked at my wife and I said, and she never gives a shit. What I'm doing for these episodes, but I was like fucking, I'm Gont, ask her. I said: Hey guess what what album going to choose for you tonight and she looked at me and said new kids on the block hanging tough and I shnot- I didn't give her a date. Nothing and it's not their debut album. It's actually their second album, but it's apparently a big one and it's pretty much responsible for their success. 'cause, as I read and as she told me, the the label was actually going to dump them after their first album, which is some shit, so you're looking at eight times platinum in the United States, and I might not be buttering you up here. They are boys from Massachusetts. Maybe that's all YOU LIKEYEA! You know what no no there's no butter in Vols othey're. No, I'M NOT PROUD! I from Massachusetts. No, no but carryo they've had some big careers of so eight times. PLATITUM in the United States, Joey Donny, Jonathan Jordan, Danny she made me put that in there became world wide sinsae towards the end of the eighties. Obviously, the album itself sold close a fifteen million copies worldwide spurned off five singles all top ten billward hot one hundred two of them were number one. Hits hanging tough and I'll, be loving you it's actually not too shabby A. I know. Mark was alive and eighty eight Davy was elive an eighty eight Joe Urine, Canada O. I don't know if that counts. Remember I', Take Ivan Metra. Her O call us an the horse was around, but you were small but like this was a fucking cultural phenomenon. These dudes were everywhere. They were the boy band of the eighties like if you asked somebody o name a boyband from the eighties. Obviously I know there are other ones what they're going to say: New Kids on the block. That's going to be the answer. My wife has seen them numerous times. She even wanted to go this summer, while we were on vacation, but we couldn't and it goes beyond this album. You know I like I said it was a phenomenon. They had magazines, T V appearances, obsurd amounts of merchandise, which I almost used for a hot product, but there was so much shit that I could narrow it down to one thing and I'm not even kidding there's tons of shit. These guys had teenage girls running wild for years. Much like my wife, they still are so I bring you September six nineteen, Eighty, eight new kids on the block hanging, tough. When I had the nineties one time was Backstho boy, so taking one for the team here, you gotto give it to hem fifteen million copies Ousay, you talkng to your wife, I feel. Like you mean you talked to your mirror, the backstree POISOS greatcome on. No I'm telling you she's still got her shit in boxes. You had your bad boy, donny letter Jackanon the fustraded strudand yeens. It was Jus Fucka balls hanging out, but that I mean that shit started their entire careers. Those guys are like Megas, successful and they've done all kinds of other shits instead, but that this word started for Dany. Nobody ever cares about dad. He he was an ugly mother fucking. That's why Ou eer see that guy? I want to know the girls that bought his button. They only did it to complete. The set was the only person who had an actual Simpson's mouth. He was the only one that looked like he was like forty five when they were all like. Eighteen, like Anthony Khitas is propestonally stuck in like nineteen Al Anyhow, I digress off to you. MORK ALLRIG man crush I'm kindof glad you went with new kids on the block 'cause. My selection is just like that. Album F course released September seventh, nineteen ND. Eighty eight. I give you the album injustice for all from metallican. If you look online, most places actually have this listted as being released August twenty fifth, Eighty Eight, but if you actually go to Metallica dotcom, it actually is September. Seventh of eighty eight, of course, this album gave us the iconic songs, one eir, the beholder injustice for all Harvester sorrow, the shortest Straw, just one of their iconic albums in the first album to feature new basis, Jason Newsaid, following the death of Cliff Burton in nineteen. Eighty six, although you probably won't hear Jason newsaid much on this album because Larzarek had the base mixed so low into the mix, you actually can't hear the base tracks. So good luck trying to hear what the brand new based player for Metallica sounded like, but one of the absolute most iconic things about this album was when they released the one video which was the big single from this album and to this day, one of their most popular songs. Just about every possible list. You could think of has listed this in the top twenty five greatest hard, rock and or heavy metal albums of ALD time so really September. Seventh, nineteen ND, eighty eight in justice for all from METALICA well mark. Let me just say right now: I'm a little concerned about that release date, because you said you know across the web. It says one thing: M: ATALICA, DOT COM. It says the other thing who should we trust, H, TRUST METALLIC DOT COM? I would say you would go straight to the source, you think so, but they fucking sued Napster for crying out loud well. The odd thing is right, underneath if you go to Metallica dotcom backslash releases and then finds your way to injustice for all it'll say in justice for all release September: Seventh, nineteen and eighty eight right underneath of it listen on spotify and there's Ala here, you go try to make up for it, allright guys, H, Jesus Eighty eight in justice for all mark his right, iconic record. God knows how much I listen to it back in the day during my misguided youth, especially consdering how bad metallica is now h. new kids on the block were a scorge, a terrible thing, especially growing up in Massachusetts, then being local boys and all the girls love the crap out of them, so we're all jealous and ye and that n. Yet I was going to bring that up 'cause during that time period. If you didn't live in it, that's where I was going in the beginning, like we all kind of had this hatred towards them, but looking back thirty years ago and looking at it now, these mother fockers were living large and they built this. You know it's it's pretty nice yeah is Craz. Donnhy still has a career. His brother turned out to be Mark Wolberg for crying out loud. I think his name was Charles before this whole thing started e. One problem with them, though, is Nko. TB sounds like a sexually transmitted disease. To me personally, like I've got a bad case of the n Ko t B notice. That's why I didn't say K TB do yo stay away from. How does it feel it's hanging? Tough? They have a topical cream for that. Well, you got it the right dumb. Let's see revenge of the TURDS, the Eltin John, you know going back to the whole princess. You know who she was. That was like the same week, his mother, Theresa, and I think I was still on the same acid srip. That happened, but that's actually impressive, the numbers behind that, because it was just a rerelease of the song. Basically, he was singing. It live correct. Yes, okay, Um, the verb, the bitter sweet symphany. I remember that being on, like every stupid commercial, I remember the lawsuit. I was on a fan of the band and I was so sick of that song. Hearing that Song You seehem popping in my brain right now is giving me a headache. Oh boy Um, but I think I'm going to have to go with eighty eight on this one n Kotb was a force to be reckoned with and you cannot argue with some of metallicas best material orman crush. That gives us a two to one lead heading into the two point rounds. What category do you want to go with next man uh? I guess it got movies and t I justdo movies, first fucket, all right movies, always in the beginning of the end, let's put it in the fucking middle. Why no Fuckin Sandwich there, you go um! You go first, rreleased September, second, nineteen. Eighty eight, I give you the baseball classic. Eight men out starring John Ksack and Michael Rooker, Charlie Sheen, DB Sweeni. Of course, this tells the tale of the Nineteen nineteen world series in the scandal that surrounded it as the Chicago white socks or as they would become known as the Chicago Black Soks h kind of through the world series got H, tied up ath the mob took some payoffs and the world series got throned and it almost destroyed baseball, fantastic movie, really understated and it isnat underappreciated baseball movie. I think it's definitely in the top twenty five baseball dramas of all time: Ahardy Lier e, Ed, twenty five peaceliknowit's, just underneath the SAM. No, it's got to be better than the fan COMEO. Oh it's way, Bo e, that's aleve! O It's a fantastic movie! I mean it's not a a laugh, a minute like major league, but it's a really serious movie about a very serious thing that happened to America's Pasti Y. It's more it's more of a drama about baseball than a baseball room. Yeah Yeah! It's kind of a sad story. 'CAUSE, you find out focuses on DB sweenes character who he plays shoeless Joe Jackson, and when you learn more about who that character was and how his career developed ind what happened? It's kind of a sad story. So that's what I got: Eight men out September, nineteen and eighty eight llgood one all right going September, thirtieth, ninete nd. Eighty eight, we got the gemes Signarelli horror, comedy the feature: Casandra Peterson in her iconic, theatrical film dBW as Elvira. So some of you might know you know who can Sander Peterson is by her name, but everybody knows Elvira, mistress of the dark and that's the movie that I'm going and s a matter of fact. She just turned sixty eight a couple days back. We posted that to our facebook page earlier this week, so I'm not a stock or anything. It was actually on our facebook. This would be Alvira's first time on the big screen as Alvira she. I know she was in Pewee's big adventure, but she played a biker chick and she was just Sander Peterson. She did not play Elvr, so this is our first time seeing it h. it's actually a good movie and it's worth seeing love it's lots of stupid humor in this movie the thing that really hurt this movie- and this is one of the reason I why to put it in there 'cause. It was interesting- and I like Roger Corman and all that Shit, Roger Coreman's new world pictures- is supposed to distribute this movie and N in typical, Roger Cornman style. Just as this movie is going to be released, new world pictures filed for bankruptcy and all the marketing went out the window for the movie. So, instead of being it was supposed to be all you know, I forgot many theaters. There were n nineteen read it. It was like eighteen hundred or whatever it was. It was only released to like nine hundred or some shit like that's like half. It has seven million dollar budget. So this wasn't supposed to be a straight to video movie, and if you look an IMDB, it's actually got really good. RATINGT's got like a six and a half at a ten with like eleven thousand ratings, which is good for this type of movie and the fact that it's Elvira in our first movie and on top of that, how incredible is it that a woman like this Shehas been able to stay relevant in the constructs of Halloween for her entire career playing one character? That in itself is just fucking blows my mind 'cause? How many other people these days? Can you think of? That's done that I think there's even kids. Now that know who elviras and they've never even seen anything that she's done, but but you can go and you watch this movie Alvira mistress of the dark lots of stupid, humor, good flick, a matter of fact. I think it's on Amazon, prime for free matter of fact. It was a couple of weeks ago so checkd that out Elvira, mistress in the dark September, thirtieth nineteen. Eighty eight all right Carlos over to you, gas man so September. Nineteenth. U Nine, Uteen, N iney seven! My Thirteenth Birthday, La Confidential, was released as Kevin spacy Russell Crow Guy Piers Camp Kimbasing, her it made o e hundred and twenty six million dollars on a thirty five million dollar budget. So pretty solid. It was critically acclaimed holds a ninety nine percent rating on rotten tomatoes and a ninety out of a hundred on medicritic, and it was anominated for Nine Academy Awards, including best picture winning to h for best supporting actress that Kim basing ar on and best. I dabis Green Play Titanic Tust happeneg to win all the other categories that year so yo coul see who they're up against so pretty good company and then in two thousand and fifteen, the United States Library of Congress selected the conlected, the movie for Preservation in the national film Megricy, finding it culturallyhistoricallyanaesthetically significant, so l, a confidential, that's the movie Thay Kan basn got the Oscar, for I just watched the roast of Alek Baldwin and they mentioned that yeah he got shredded and that ifilit was a pretty funny ship. But I had I was like fuck what movie The kidpasing her get a an Oscar for, but all righ get one yeah that was less some a roast and more of an intervention really but um all right. So I want to bring you guys side north of the border with me. Right now got to take you to the Toronto International Film Festival on September elenventh and an nineuteen nd. Ninety seven were a little movie which would actually be released across North America. The following month made its debut at TIFF, and that was Paul. Thomas Anderson's breakout, boogy nights. It actually won the metromedia award at tiff that year and actually tied with L, a confidential believe it or not. For that particular award. It was actually based on the first thing that Paul Thomas Anderson ever made, which was a short film, called the Ddigler Story. This was his second ever feature after Hart Aid, but this was considered his breakout, writing and directing job. The movie itself was nominated for fifty eight awards amongst criticalwards and all these different things winning thirty six of them. It won critics awards for best screen play one criks awards for best onsambl CAST ION oscor nominations for Bert Reynolds, Julian, more and Paul Thomas Anderson's, writing and a Golden Globe wind for breynolds for best sporting actor and is best known as Markwalberg's breakout role as far as being s like being in a serious film, so really large, movie big success. Big Success was huge, a a lot of people in I lot of people. Becme became big stars after this movie, Broad Shining, Star M and just think of Mall Thomas Anderson's career after this came out too basically hit after hit after Ahet an like crinical hit all that yeah Bogunites Dabeus that to turn O International. I have respect for digging that, like I love it, when people go especially with movies, because you could always find the sneak peaks and things like that, if you do the research an can find the day and make it work, and you just did that so a good job on that afantastic movie all right over our judge, Dave Shultz, Hey hey! Let's talk about eighty eight first, eight men out, Marki Kinda said it top twenty five. That is really a abaseball movie. Sorry to say it's not one of my favorites even being a baseball fan. I love sports films as well Elvirah. That whole thing is interesting. You mentioned she was a Halloween icon and that's something to be celebrated, but it also reminds me of something like a catbury cream EG, which is really only specially Easter. You don't think of Elvira all year round. You know what I mean. I know she's iconic. I understand that I get it. She is the modern day, Vincent Price Yeah, so that fucking guy who care he was selling like shrunken head. He coald make out a rotten apple. What kind of career was that o his most damous thing is? Is it gift for Jiff of Cermet the frog biting him on the L way? The future generations will remember of vinceent price. I'm sorry, Um, L, a confidential! You almost lo lost me. The rottend tomatoes score 'cause. I hate those fucking critics, man, but the Oscars are very impressive, but the true winner of this category is boogy Nites, as it is one of my favorite movies of all time that cast that script. The movie was a little bit long, but so wasn't its star. So therefore ninety seven takes it by a Mile Al Right. Revenge of the TURDS takes the lead three to two and control of the board for the final round. Would you guys like to go first, or would you like to differ? Oh I'm leaning toward thefur almost yeah. You know what let's try that I'll see how much how much I have to butter up the JUGAE, Hey! That's the Patriot's way, so you're doing a good job to the New England guy over here yeah, like rman crash thit's over to us. Where do we want to start all right Um, I don't even remember I'm trying to think what you had Goahad you could start 'cause, I totally forgot. hithat defer is working wonders right now, Ethe Marta Ri, this mother fire is mind, is gone. Our guys were ready to party- and I hope you brought lots of Spaghetti so come on in- come to the place where the fun never ends come on in because it's time to party with Garfield and friends debuting in September, seventeenth, nineteen, eighty eight, I give you Garfield and friends, one of the most iconic cartoons of our youth. Of course. This is the cartoon that starred Garfield and Odie and John, but also start all the great characters from U S, acres, which was the cartoon that Jim Davis originally wanted to create. The T V networks said that the cartoon had to focus around Garfield, but the other characters could be the friends of Garfield and friends, so yeah September, seventeenth, nineteen, Eighty, eight, the debut of Garfield and friends. The series ran until nineteen ninety five, which is that's long for a cartoon. After doing all the research of all these, every time we pass through a cartoon even like Gi, Joe and Shit, there are like two or three seasons transformers the same thing until they, like you know, spurn off into you know like some offshoot or some shit like that. But that's a long time for a caurs like Gobot goboxes immortal, I mean I have it right here. It's on the botthering shelf, I'm not even going to get it mancrush all right. So before I begin I'd like to point out that the summer Olympics in Sol Korea, like we mentioned before, was actually going on now it began September fifteenth which is super late for the summer game. So in spite of that, all of our new shows they they didn't begin n. When I'm talking t new shows, I mean like sitcoms and things like that. They didn't begin til October or November, so you're used to listening to the show and US throwing out things like Rosanne or whatever, which actually did debt an eighty eight but later on. They all got bumped back because the NBC had made this deal with the Olympic Committee, where they took all the gold metal rounds and they had hem in the afternoons. So they were all played during prime time during that. So nobody wanted to compete against that people were actually watching the Olympics back then mark and I did't want to use the Olympics for a TV show. So I just wanted to throw that out there for the people that are listning like whereare. The fuckerte shows that's where they were. They just didn't begin because of that, but anyhow September F, t nine uteen. Eighty eight we get the premiere of the syndicated episode of the talk show that was only played in New York at the time, much like they did with Oprah, which a couple months ago I had the same thing happen. One of those picks the networks were looking for local talent that they could put on a national stage. So when Regis Fildman and Cathy Lee Gifford took to themselves to the airwaves on September, fifth, no one knew what to expect 'cause. This was like a local market, New York City thing. They weren't huge stars at the time. Luckily, for US hinesiht being twenty twenty, we know that this show went on to be a staple of morning program and still as to this day, the show alive with Regis and Cathyle started. WWOULD become over eight thousand episodes. Thirty one years and five different hosts after Registond Cath, they parted ways. In the year two thousand and wejust went on to host the show, with Kelly rippa until he retired in two thousand and eleven and since then, Kella Rippe, of course, he's had H, Michael Strayhan and Ryan Se crust WHO's. Currently in that seat- and I know don normally, we talk about nighttime programming, but it's important to remember these other time slots. We did a few months ago N we had the Oprah thing and this one's right about there ecause these two became icons in spite of the show. So that's why I got live with Regis and Cathy Lee all right revenge of the turds over to you guys, all right, Jo, do it up all riht. I startd this one off m. This is an interesting one September, nineteenth nine hutdred and ninety seven, a titan is split. Apart t gifhas been known for the bulk of the decade as the one of the most dominant time blocks on television e Masi Thursday, the Mus TV, Thursday, being probably the other one. But I as far as family entertainment went nothing beat Tgi F and as of the end of the ninety six ninety seven season, there had been some issues and CBS decided they wanted to throw their hats into the Friday prime time ring and they purchased the rights to family matters and step by step which were part of the tjf bloc to start their own block called the CBS block party, so they had those as their flagship and leaving behind the remaining shows on TGIF and they started scrambling and doing some kind of changing their formatting a bit moving a bit younger. It ended up splitting the audience between the two sides and actually killed both time blocks. So this big move by CBS, which they thought was going to be a big takeover, actually destroyed the Friday night family, entertainment CB. S did go on to dominate that time. Block for pretty much then till the present day, with they put on dramatic T v. At that point they stepped away from the family T v I starting off with simpler things like M, Nashbridges and Jag. This is the late nineties. You know what it was like and then just moving forward, but that was the end of a literal era when they purchased those two shows and made them compete against their old home and everything fell. Apart from there, I would say that those shows were all kind of dying at that point. Everyone was getting older 'cause. I remember I grew up with those Tgif in the late eighties, going up until the nineties and I graduated in ninety six, but I'd say by like ninety five. Everyone was getting older on those shows, especially like full House and family matters. The stories were just getting like so stupid, like they, the whole thing was falling apart anyway and they lost their daughters. TEORK GOING IN SP and turning to earth is step on Er kill, so it got so weird isn't that when we had robot IRCOL and Oh yeah, he took over the show, though, for sure for good or bed Ri. Carlos dying o hear what you got. Man All right here, t surroundit off, so I'm going to double dip a little bit, but it's because I'm going for the Gugguler. So this is September S Ixh, nineteen. Ninety seven! This is the eiring of Princess Dianla, Word Wide Oo. Ba Er tprincess did at that's pointy. You can end it after me. It's done we're going to have a rehirement bord o two thousand people attended the ceremony. Thirty two million people in: U K washed it, but over two point: Five Billion People Estimat to watch it rorled wide making one of the biggest estimated televised events in history to this day and of course you know it's Ben, it's been in the news for years. You know different controversies, different different con. You know theories and things like that. So Um, but the funeral itself. You know the royals. Always they always get the the big ratings, W t t e the funerals or with the the marriages, but this one was like t just top all of them did it top her wedding as well? That's a good question. We actually had her wedding as a pick a while back sometime last year and the wedding numbers were huge too and John Shit all over it as well Um. It's it's one of those things and the way that John Explaine it to us, it's big to like people outside of it and then the people that are there like yeah I've got the numbers here and estimated seven hundred an fifty million people watched the wo the Wenning ceremony compared to the two point: five billion for the fit's no live Ed. Tell you that all right over o the judge, Jame sholt boy with a final ruling anverdict for this game, yeah this one's kindo tough. I mean the the princess. Whatever her name is the Carlos brought up here. You know the numbers don't lie, I mean they. They really something else. Theyr phenomenal numbers, the C BS Block party. I mean how stupid could CBSB. I understand that, but I mean was it like a monumental ethic thing to everybody remembers to this day. I don't really think so. You know personally, but that being said over on the eighty eighth side with the Mamelukes, nobody gives a fuck about Garfield and friends either I gotta I got. To be honest, I mean, I think U S. acres was actually a better cartoon than Garfield and Fran O heathcliff. He maybe O I'm yeah. I don't know its the battle of the orange cats there. So, who knows, is the GOBOT to fucking garden Yahand. They were showed back to Bac the same Shi. Let's see, mancrush came with the Olympics, I wat theie said I don't know that, don't you jump over the judge, mother Fucker, you slow your Ole, but then you knocked my fucking socks off because regist and Cathy Lee was so big in my life back in that time, like I, I just remember, loving, to watch them in the mornings athy speaking of time slots. Okay Cathyley was the first slot I wanted to fill she. I had a crush on her. Like you, wind fucking, believe- and I mean you can't argue with how successful that show has been over the years and, unlike some of the other things stay to here, it I think it's fairly iconic. You DO KINDOF get knocked down a pegtough 'cause. You didn't mention what was his name Gilman. Remember all the Prenuser B, Arlin yeah, you shouldhave, thrown him in there. You don't come on he's a guy B Iosaeman. Thank you. A A oo else did yeah well, he said the woman gg Gilman he's like the creature from the Black Lagoon. I don't even know if it's Gilman, I think it's Gil, something it. What is it? No is Michael Gelmanome, Gilman, okay, you say tomato, I see Tomodo, let's call the whole thing off and in the spirit of that I y know here's what I'm going to do, because I kindo did a nasty John Cross imitation earlier and I feel like I should be apologizing for infinity for it and I'm gongto knock down the princees die and I'm going to give the wind to the momaloks wow wowwell, the mwth one of the most viewed things in alof Xalaoinia, five billion. How many people have watched, regis and and Cathy leak? I would argue not to point Ono Millionoh. I I beg to differ an this- is what I would have to say to you. How many times have you watched that funeral after? If fucking happened, how many repeats of forrages and tell a o? I have to watch a repeat we're not talking about every day we're talking about September, Nineteen, Ninety Sai Yeah Leghat. He arguments. How big was this thing? I N Nineten ND ninety seven at the time, and this was arguably bigger than those two things. So that's my is this. Is I obviously watched more regis and cat Le Because I had a lot of masterfading. I watched that so many times compared to the die funeral, but I'm sorry guys the catle he regist and Catil win it for me, handsdown Goin, to give the point. Sorosia legs again cross your legs again. Well on that no duelers we'll end this game right here, thanks alot to Dave Sholtz were coming on the show and being our judge, IG R M, Carlos from the BCOND and rewind podcast, and, of course, Joe Finley, Jo tell us. What's going on with Miss Cast Commentary, Man Miss Cas Commentary, still dropping new episodes every Friday. I was just coming into our October horroific month, so horror, movies, great eighties, horror, movies all month for commentaries and all that, and we do our bonus episode on Halloween an this year- we're doit Halloween three sesas. We just released our our horror list for all of October, and that was the first Friday of October. We had the double features: a Tom ackin's, double future with night of the creeps followed by season. The witch tgesolid. Well, if you've missed an episode. Deelers, you can always go back on dueling decades. Dcome, where you can subscribe to all of our shows on cassbox and on eyetunes also make sure you're following us over on our face book group Facebooke com forward, slash duing decades, where you can play all of our trivia every single day in our facebooks story, and then we have culmination trivia and then we have the audiotrivia twice a week as well. So lots of content going on you can follow all of it at duling decades. Dotcom someone tell next time, dewelers we're going to be you a piece, love Lightin, a joy have a grateful week. Everyone Infirmary Media