Dueling Decades
Jan. 13, 2021

You're favorite Chewlies Gum rep, Scott Schiaffo of Clerks judges this battle between 1977, 1988 & 1999!

You're favorite Chewlies Gum rep, Scott Schiaffo of Clerks judges this battle between 1977, 1988 & 1999!

Yes, I assure you, we're back! Fans will know this week's judge best from his role as the Chewlies Gum rep in the Kevin Smith classic, Clerks. Scott Schiaffo took some time away from getting angry crowds of customers throwing cigarettes and calling clerks around the country "cancer merchants" to swing the gavel for us this week! Not to worry, there was plenty to throw this week! First up, Drew "The Professor" Zakmin is back, and he's got the best "weak" experience of January 1999 he could find. Mancrush drew the year he never seems to have any luck with, January 1988. Will his week be strong enough to get him a win this time? Rounding out the trifecta of nostalgia this week, Marc James jams all the way back to the first week of January 1977! 


Scott was a super awesome funny dude, and his stories were amazing! If you dig what they talked about in this episode with Scott, go grab a copy of his new book Vicious Dogs Attack Me In Sleepless Nights Of Summer! In this episode, you might hear about how Scott almost got arrested before auditioning for Clerks, sodium enriched lunches for the kids, a weird incestual comic book tale, January always draws the short straw for pop culture, a legitimate bootleg gaming system, drunk dialing 976 numbers, Schwarzenegger news, Drew can't stop talking about Monica Lewinsky, the Pinwheel theme almost resurfaces, Hogan goes down on Nash, Lynda Carter says hello in the green room, a band full of retreads, Nixon's testicles make an appearance, Affleck eats animal crackers, hitchhiking is never a good idea, turns out hydrogen bombs are useless in space, tours galore, Keith Richards possibly saved the world, 1993 was a great year for pickle in a pouch, convention life, The Black Crowes, and what does a straight jacket have to do with an audition?


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OCAST NEW YORK S up doing decade is is wax piece of all you guys and thanks for having me on the show, will it be the s or the AIS, Beeni babies or crack babies, really Bene Boda or Madon, maybe bricty? Maybe Whitney. Do you like new little o new wave, dave, ro or Super Dave? I don't know, but now the vatl begins doling decades. Let's see who wins joy as broadguesting from the podcast New York Studios, it's the adult. Only Retro Game Show where the decades Bantel for supremacy, because it's your history, we just fight for it. Welcome back to duling decades. I am Mark James in this week we return with the weak experience I'll be representing the first week of the New Year in Nineteen, seventy seven, alongside the other dellers and the decades they will be fighting for first off and back back back to the s say hello to mancrush. Yes, some back to the s with the week week it it might be w eak this week, experience but yeah. I have a January second through the ninth one thousand nine hunded and eighty eight also joining us on the panel and Rep in the S. please welcome back to the show the professor drew Zachman. How are you guys- and yes, I have the S I have January second through the eighth, and I would also like the second man crashes comment. It is pretty damn weak and, as always here on the show, we need somebody to adjudicate all of this awesomeness. So this week's guest judge is the actor composer an author. You know: Ind Love as the chulies gun, wrap and Kevin Smith's clerks all rise, and welcome, Judge Scott Shiofo, who hahaey guys O arry man. Thanks for having me welcome great to be here, man really thanks, Lidies and gentlemen, the following contest will be held under dueling decades rules. The judges coinflip shall decide who picks first out of the five dueling decades categories, movies, television, music, news and hut products, a judge's ruling will determine who wins each round, allowing the victor to choose the next available category. The first three rounds are worth one point: each with rounds. Four and five worth two points apiece and in the event of a tie. After all five rounds, we will go to a final wild card round. Remember Dewelers, to review the show, listen subscribe and play along at home. It's time for ore S, let's toss it right down to guest judge for the week Scotchiaffo for the coin. Tos All right here we go guys calm, tals, it is head, sir. Ah All right, man crush you win the coin toss and get to select our first category. All right. Let's go with a real fun Oneand, I'm excited to see what you guys have: Let's Go hot products Fr round, one andlet's go to January four oe thousand nine hndre a eight so right at the beining, housand, nine hundred and g eight there was a product. Thet would change the mancrush household in what we ate for lunch, O at least what I fom lunch, an technically the man crushes. Probably we didn't get this item in Ile thousand nine hundred and nine, which is supposedly when the rest of the country got it. But at the beginning one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight a few lucky geographic regions got this sodium and rich gym. And if you were to Google this one, it would actually say that it was introduced in Seattle, whoever I found the first add in newspaper for this product in U Clair, Wisconsin and theyre the leader telegram for the shockingly low price of a dollar. Ninety nine, which is a bit over four fifty in two thousand and twenty one, and it's also weird to say o thousand and twenty one. But this is nuts, because this product now is a dollar. Ninety nine at my local Walmart, because we buy them every now and then for my daughter. So they were ripping people of on thousand nine hundred n eight. Maybe, but in the mid Hes Oscermire, they were looking for a good place to offload their meat to be exactly interested in finding new ways to distribute their balony and other various lunch meats. So they began organizing these focus groups with American mothers in mind and what they found was moms just didn't have adequate time anymore, to get ready for work, make their kids breakfast and pack them a lunch, N thousand nine hundred and ty eight. But I mean that's pretty old fashioned thinking there, but Oscar Myer. They took their findings and they decided to create a prepackage lunch. The would feature two stables of the American diet, meat and cheese and crackers. Luckily, Philip Morris, which is the parent company of Oskarmeier, they merge with craft and the rest his history, that's where they got their cheese from today. There are roughly thirty different variations of lunchables, stuff process, meat and cheeses down our kids, throats and mine because I still eat it time to time. Today they come with lots of options. They got Capri sons, Jello, pudding, butter, fingers, there's little burgers little weeners tons of options. Now, if you were like me as a kid, though, you couldn't just eat one lunchable, so I typically packed two lunchables. If I had to bring it, which is probably why my parents bought me gobots instead of Transfar, because I was eating their budget, but here it is it's I give you lunch ables January fourth, oe thousand nine hundred and eighty eight Philip Morris Ond them yeah. The parent call is shut. Speaking of cancer merchants, good mine, well, plan. All right drew Zachman. What do you have for the hut products round? All right so January? Third, one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine, a new line of Chuli's Gum, was released to all the quick stocts of North Rn, New Jersey, and it was upsetting a string of local cancer merchants who are being sold by Nazis just taking orders Nowi. Sorry, sorry, it's kind of how to get that in there Ma Noi wont play pandering a little bit. I love that movie. You know I love re, some video games. You know. I love me video game emuladers, which you know kind of give you like a one stop shop. I actually built one early on during the pandemic out of an Android TV box and have all kinds of systems on there right. I have an Itendo geneas, ps one. I have Microsoft Doss on there, a love of those things well back on January F, one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine connectics introduced an amazing emulator to the world when they gave us the virtual game station, which allowed so any playstation games to be played on a desktop computer. It was initially released for the MAC, one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine, after being previewed at the macworld eyeworld by Steve Jobs. Now, if you guys ere call early one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine, the PS one was at the peak of its popularity and the virtual game station was ha first PS, one emulator for any platform that enabled games to run at full speecs. That's kind of a big deal. U To be able to do that on a different system, and it was later made available for windows and was decently priced. It was about fifty bucks which isn't too shabby. Now there was a problem as Sony wasn't exactly Scott Step, as they did not welcome this product with arms wide open, but Sony filed ha lawsuit against connectics for copyright infringement, which was eventually closed in favor of connectics. However, connectics was unable to sell the software in the meantime, due to Sony being awarded a temporary injunction, which I mean that was kind of almost as good as winning the suit really, but not long after that. Sony brought the VGS from connectics and then discontinued it, but at that time the PSTWO was Almolsou and people were kind of looking forward to that, as opposed to sticking with the PSONE. So that's what we got. We have the virtual game station. Damn you know W. I just realized to you mentioned Steve Jobs. It looks like Scott is wearing like the Steve Job shirt, almo dhid. He W Nodidn' e Yeah Wu e like way up thatptail going. I don't Knowoh man, Jos Di dide. I don't know I love technology, but I'm not a mat guy. So I'm not that up on jobs. You have sandals on no, no, no all right, sehe's, not he's not dressed like him all right guys for my hut product, we're going to give the old comic rack a spin so January. First One thousand nine hundred and seventy seven. We get the first issue of Miss Marvell Carol, Danverse Miss Marvel. She first appeared in Marvel superheroes number. Thirteen back in March of nineteen sixty eight she appeared. There is a non superpowered officer in the United States Air Force who just happens to get caught up in an explosion with an actual superharo Captain Marvell. Well, his Creda merges with hers and she unknowingly gains all of his powers and abilities, and that's where Missus marvell number one picks up. She moves to New York. She begins work for the daily Bugles Woman's magazine. She hangs out with spider man and Mary Jane and then has another one of her recent blackout spells. You know I'm kind of hoping that was due to the Mary Jane though, and then, luckily she changes into Miss Marvell just before arriving at the bugle after jd Jonah Jamieson was kidnapped by the Scorpion. Of course, she saves the day and j Jonah Jamieson, who hates the fact that he was just saved by a woman, so miss marvell would go on to later be known as binary and she became a staple in the avengers. Well, to this day, Miss Marvell now known as Captain Marvell, got her own movie in the mcu in two thousand and nineteen, so Miss Marvell number one written by Jerry Conway and cover art by the Great John Rameda Wow. You made it sound like she caught a vd from captain marve. She didn't cary like FAC from Captain Marvell, although a few years after this she did give birth to her own rapist. So, yes, I had that fora worst of episode. I think I asked to semp Yes di. I did man, it all comes around, so she got special powers and a cold sore. That's pretty good, an passed it on all right. So, let's toss it down to Scott Chiafo for the ruling on the hot products round. Oh Man! Well, you know the CU. I love the history less Tan in the comic book and the Backstory, and all that came from that not being a game guy, a Gamer guy. I could appreciate that drew, but that's that's a realm. That's I just t I mean again. I appreciate have a lot of friends who are Gamers, but it's not something. Personally. I follow the lunchobles. Things is nuts and has probably created more strokes. Then then I faa in the doing blow I gotto go with the Co. I gotta go and mark on this one. It's agood choice. Well, here's Tho thing I mean be I'm not a comic, I'm, not a comic guy honestly, you know, I know a lot of people that come out of Kevin's world. A lot of them are big comic book fans. A lot of his characters ar moll rats was all based on guys who were comic book. Maniacs Comic Book Men, Seven Seasons of that, but I'm not a comic Book Guy Per Se, I dig the movies. I enjoy a lot of the movies and I enjoy what goes inthe stories and just hearing mark explain all of the backstory and you going back to that was seventy eight or whatever seventy seven. Seventy seven, that's pretty pretty powerful stuff overall and that's goon to get my vote all right. So that means I pick up a point and take control the board. You know what we're going to go to the news round. Next, can't wait so for my new story: We're going to go to the quad city times and Davonport Iowa January second, nineteen. Seventy seven in an article which headline reads an invention to aid the clumsy dyler by Clay Thompson. If necessity is the mother of invention, then exasperation may be its first cousin if you've ever been exasperated by dialing a wrong telephone number, especially on a long distance call you'll, be pleased to learn that a betondorpit vendor has an answer to your problem. Robert Risdell, a former employee of Illinois Bell, is currently seeking a patent for. Did you tell a device that gives a telephone dilar an electronic digital redoubt of the number being dialed? I think I'll save a lot of people a lot of time. It's a basic idea said: RISEDAWL WHO's. Twenty seven years old, his invention once on the market, will consist of a device built into or attachd to a telephone that will use an led light or a light emitting diode to display a number being dialed, while it is being dialed before the connection is made. So this is what I have for my news story. It's something that we have on every single phone now and we just take for granted matter of fact. If it wasn't Wif this feature wasn't working on your phone. You would think your phone was broken. Basically, when you dial a number, but you get to see all the numbers you're pushing in on a display before you connect to the call. So he goes on in the article to say that he thought this had a lot of financial applications, because banks recently had started sending money over telephones and then want to make sure it goes to the right account r to the right person. Unfortunately, I don't know if he actually got the patent or not, because there were a few other people that were working on something similar, including one gentleman who devised the device that would allow you to dial a telephone with a calculator for some reason: Wow, so ver nic, yeah, but taking taking it all the way back, O one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven was something that wellwe all use every day and never give it to thought. Do you remember? I mean I'm sure Scott Remembers this to back in the day, if you dial the long distance phone number remember how much money that shit cost. If you were on the phone o like ten twenty minutes, Oh you pay yeah. There was like a the first minute was always more expensive than all the other minutes, and then it would rack up so quickly. He actually cites that in the article as one of the pros to his invention that way, you're not misdialing and getting the early connection fee every time you doal a wrong number. So I appreciate that. So that's a good quality assurance thing that he was doing that yeah. It is that's pretty cool, that's that's early technology that probably blew their minds at the time but, like you said we take for granted now and I can relate to that whole thing about the how expensive it was to call I used to to drunk dial the eight hundred sex numbers in the and then I would get these outragous bills like like hundred several hundreds of dollars, because I'd be blackout drunk talking to some girl for hours yeah. Those were my early e that wouldn't help me much that Fenton Wuld help me, but I can relate to the madness of that. You could have made more calls yeah. I probabl, I would have maybe stayed conscious of what I was spending with. I would not have. I was two sheets to the wind. Unfortunately, what was the most expensive call you ever had tha, you remember, one was, Oh may tat, seem expensive n in the bigger picture, but it was over five hundred how this one night, it was encurting. One Night I was you, know, binge drinking and see. Instead of using the sex line, I would get on there and just really talk with them and get into it, and they just stay on. Of course they love right so and yes is pretty sad because of course I didn't remember, I would get these bills and be shopped because I would black out literally, you know from all the drinking and all the other substances soisa pretty bad problem. Man Yeah, but the the question everybody wants to know, though, is: Did you finish taking a page out O mo? I don't think I ever got to finish Ur. I was all excited like Te artying with her. You know, osing the line for all the wrong reason: Reen Yoow, it's like he bay, what You'R, wearing and blah blah blah. It was just getting into a conversation and talking about movies and Im drinking and it was craz how much is thisanyway. I don't worry about it s, you ant Tal about TV. We talk about TV, all right drew Zachman. What do you have for the news round? Well, speaking of finishing January E, one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine in Peachmantro begins. After the House voted to impeach Bill Clinton for lying about his affair with Monica Lewinsky, I think he finished I could be wrong is like the third time you've brought up Monica Insky BIS. I think it's like at least the second time. I think this is so so what I'm talking about today is the actual beginning of the Senate trial, but I'm pretty sure I have brought up before, like maybe the actual verdict of what happened, and then maybe I think it was no star report, not wat, I wa or yeah. I forget, there's a lot of stuff going on Bok Clintin back then, but anyway, so quick history, lesson on December, Nineteenh, N thousand nine hundred and ninety eight, the House of Representatives voted to impeach Book Clinton on grounds of perjury to a grand jury, and then they actually passed that one two hundred a twenty eight votes to two hundred a six and then also obstruction of justice, an that one passed to twenty one to two hundred twelve. The second and fourth articles were rejected, which the count of Perjury in the Jones case and then the abuse of power. Now the proceedings against Clinton were for high crimes and misdermeanors involving a sexual harassment, lawsuit foled against Clinton by Paula Jones and from Clinton's testimony denying hat engaged in a sexual relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Now, let's go forward to the date that I have January seventh, Oe thousand nine hundred and ninety nine, and on that date the Senate trial began with Chief Justice, William ranquest presiding, and we eventually got the verdict on February Twe, one thosand, nine hundred and inety nine, as both charges were defeated, not obtaining the two thirds votes required. So Clinton stayed in office and I don't know about you guys, but I missed the times when the worst thing a Guin power did was get helmet from an intern. So anyway, Yeah January, one thousand nine hundred and nineny nine, the Senate trial for impeachment of Bill Clinton began wow again the s are foggy for me. Unfortunately whut I hear that was late S. I thought that was a lot earlier in the S. for some reason. I'm thinking I don't know why that seems. It's surprising me. It was so late in the S, but again you know all kidding aside. The s were wonderful to me, but at the same time I was, I was floating around a lot during those that decade but yeah a you talk about it. You mentioned the Abusof Power Yeah, you think about Onch is happen yeah and we don't need to get in Het. Even I know we doant to get into the political stuff, because it's a mess everybody's got their different thoughts and ideas of Ovinion, but wow that t t a you did. I didn't even remember Ir would not have even recalled that Clintons thing involved a real abuse of power because I guess they felt like he like took advantage. Ou Yeah Y yeah, but I mean she was a consenting, a job yeah. Of course she never cried like it was a rate thing or abusive. She went right along with it right, it was. Am I making it sound good or I'm I trying to clean it up for him. I thought that she dogwish. That was our only problem now, is that somebody got a blow Jo yeah. Do not yeah, I think she I mean she went along with it and it' just until she took that dress and like put it in a ziplock bag. S Like O o, say this for later yeah. Then it got weird quick. Now she makes purses go figure boy, all right, man crush. What do you have for the news round? Oh Man, let's I'm going to knock your socxs off ready January si one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight there's a lot of shit going on in January n Nitd, but this rig this is mega. I came across this little article and it caught my interest because I had no fucking idea that this was going to be a thing, and I've mentioned this forty seven times in the show before there were two movies who were acquired viewing for every young man growing up in the EIES and those are Predator and commando wel. We almost got a followup to one of those and it would have been epic here's the story from the Daily News. The titlist article is commando to on hold. It says don't expect to see commando to plunging into production anytime in the near future. Although the script was completed last summer, arold Schwarzenegger has yet to commit to making the film the follow up to one thousand nine hundred and eighty five commando movie, and as for whether the situation is likely to change soon- and I quote, things are still on a holding pattern. As far as arold is concerned, says screenwriter Steven Dosalza, the man who penned both the original commando that is, and the sequel. So after seeing this article, I had to track this thing down a d find out what this was going to be about. Now. If you, Google, commando to you're just going to get some Bollywood knock off commando, because I guess it was release a couple years ago and that takes up all the search results. But then I kept looking and I found an interview with Steven Desauza, who was the the screenwriter that was talking about before, and he gives the dirty details that we missed out on from commando to. This is what it was going to be about. When me, I quoted him and from this thing this is all from Steven Sauza, he said I did write a sequel. It is floating around the Internet, Frank Dera, bant even did some revisions on it in that movie. I would look at the experiences how they change. People, such as how they didn't die. Hard too, were people reference. How famous John McClean is, after the events of the first film, so for commando too, we figured that Arnold, after blowing up half of Los Angeles, achieve some notoriety. He retires from the army and by the time the sequel occurs is running a security firm. The plot would have seen arnold hired by a big corporation to oversee their security, to protect their executives from being kidnapped and to stop people from breaking into their building and make sure all the computers are secured, but there's a twist, so he sets it up. He hires the most dangerous people to be guards in the building and then low and behold he discovers that the people he's working for are, in fact illegal arms dealers and that's the big corporation. It's just simply a front so by the end of the movie Jenny who 's a Lissamilano is Arnold's daughter in the movie in the first film and Cindy who's, Radong Tong. She was a stewardess in the first one is now a lawyer they're, both trapped inside the building and Arnold has to defeat all the people that he just hired all the meanest toughest guards, as well as all this high tech security systems and guard dogs. Everything would you go see that that, and this is before diehard came out. I would definitely go. You know it has like a little a small hint of Aracer in there Yel yeah. Like is I eight years before raise Oh yeah, so I mean this would have been sick, Oh yeah, a! I would have definitely seen that. What did he do? He did twins. Instead, I get I' twinsas. Eighty eight right was seven or eighty, eight yeah, oh my God, so he could have done commando to this would have been fucking unreal, but I think HEU at that point, though I wasn't, he trying to branch off. You know get away from like the big muscular guy thing kind of get more int like the comedic roles. Well, he did it. He did twins and then kindergartn, Gomtop, Nin, nine ned and ighty yeah right. So, but you side Pick Tas owe sherd in the s he could have fit. That one in did you say, Frank Daryban. It was you talk about the other guy yeah, Frank Darrbot. He did revisions on it, frank, Sho, Shak, redemption, Daribon, that's a big time. Writer Yeah Yeah seem like. I just would be shocked that he would even work and that you know I would never even think of him in that genre. How amazing is that, though, like that is pretty amazing? I mean I love a good. I love Andy Good Hollywood story because I love movies almost as much as I love music. Music is my number one passion in life, but I love good movie stories and you know stalone tells a lot of really hilarious stories about how spworczenager, not that I know any of these guys personally, but that sportunagger was chasing him literally. If he did him, he would do it Arnold's next movie. The title would always be a rip of stalones last movie and like it w's like he er running neck and neck, he couldn't get rid of the guy and the guy was like you know, using him as a springboard. In some sense, I guess I don't know you know how true that might really be, but he I know he cited a lot of really good examples, but wow we got three good ones here, guys I don't know Whit's Goo where to go with this. I really like tr, I like trues. I really like the whole bill. Clinton thing. I love. I was a Bill Clinton Fan. I felt that that really was a. It was a crappy thing that ended up happening onfortunately and then the Clintons are not. There was a lot of fall from grace an and I can't stay onm the biggest Clinton fans now, but I don't know I think I'm going to go with drew on this one. All right man drew over commando two. Well, you know why that it was a little bit of a difficult thing, because I tell you how much I love any story about the making of films action. Films are not my biggest goat to genre, though I enjoy a lot of them. You know I'm a crime drama guy, I'm a comedy guy. Actually now, as I'm getting older, I'm a big documentary. Guy Obut action is a comedy action. Eddie Murphy Comedy Action Movies who didn't love. Those Oh yea, Um Wy didn't mention that Eddie Murphy was actually supposed to be in Doto ythat, woulhave Grat. Because do you know that stalone passed on Beverly Hill Yeah that would have been that would have been weird, though he will that wouneds up being Cobra right yeah, it end up being coled. He wanted a more serious cop, whereas what they were trying to do was you know moral aligned with like a comedy, an Eddie Murphy crushed it? Oh God, God did he ever yeah. Thank God that happened to that would have been a weird movie. I mean cober is great, but I think a lot of people still don't like Cobran cove. Always feels like two movies and one like it's completely different and then all of a sudden there's a cult and everything else and they start mixing things that' the first time we see the white phone screen. No, she was in stuff before he so brigint Nilson. Well, I mean with him with him Yep yeah, that was the big deal of that movie and her best scene is the the catchup on the fries and she's in Beverly Hills, cop to the second Yeah Yeh she's, the bad one, in that, yes, what a lineage we had going on there all right drew Zachman. You pick up a point, but, more importantly, you take control the board and get to select our next category. For our final one point round, all right, I am I'm going to go with television and I'm going to go with January. Fourth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine a date that will live in infamy where a girled man got fingered on live television. Nice, I'm of course talking about the fingerpoke of doom. Now, if anybody doesn't know what this is all about, Ho Hogen was set to square off against Kevin Ash, who were at this point in time, members of opposing factions in the new world order and during the main events WCW a champion. Kevin Nash was facing off against Higwood Hogan and during the match, which lasted all of like ten seconds. Hogan like finger, poked Nash in a chest and Nash fell backwards. verdramatically and Hogan easily pinned him for the win, thus reuniting both new world order, factions and becoming the new WCW v weight champion and people were not too happy about this with the Shinanigans, shall I say also they announce on air that over on raw is war, which actually probably is what I was watching at that time. I was more of a WWF guy, but mankind was set to win the WW championship from the Rock and they actually kind of try. They did spoil it on the air. They actually said. Mankind was set the win, the W ave championship from the rock, as he attempt to get people to stay watching t e WCW, but according to the Neilsad ratings that backfired as over half a million viewers switch channels from nitro which is on TNT. They switch over to raw is war on the USA network, so Eric Bishopf's plan backfired as the overall ratings for that night had rauts war at five point: seven, an WCW Nitro at five Pointo, so January R, tousand, nine hundre and nety nine. I give you the finger poke of doom. I those are like the dark days of WCW, but it's just shows the sign of the Times in Oe thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. The worst of the two shows are doing a five yeah and then we look at like we look at like aw or we look at like smackdown now, what's back down getting like one point: Five now that I've been hitting two yet ther throvering around the low Tus, are they in the low tos or actually I'm thinking of raw raws like around. Like one point, five yeah, it's come down. Quite a bit, it's amazing I's too much on a lot of big names at that time to on, for both of them yeah that dude. That was the funnest time in wrestling, and that agree, my wife all right, man crush what do you have for the television round? Oh boy, let's go January. Fourth, one thousand nine hundred and eigty eight. I love what we get to tie in old episodes into picks, much less shit that I need to explain here so I', since Scott wasn't on the episode with the fellows from the orange years, I'll break down a little synopsis, although if you are a Nickelodeon Vanor, you were a Nickelodean fan growing up. I seriously recommend going out check out the documentary the orange years you haven't seen yet it's fantastic goes over nickelodeon right from the beginning, plus those guys were awesome. Judges a couple months ago, anyhow, one thousand nine hundred and igt eight. This was like well outside of my wheelhouse. By this point it was still a big deal, but by Januarey N H, I already owned my own copy of appetite for destruction. I saw pretty much every horror movie on cable, so kids programming was a thing of the past, even for me a ten years old. So I was this doesn't compute with me, but on the episode that we had a couple months ago, we talked a lot about nicked night. We only broached on this topic a little bit and as I mentioned, I wasn't a big fan as a kid. However, I think for any parent now or even then for a child age. Two to six. This particular programming was greatly appreciated. It was a saving grace and still is much like Ronde Shir was my babysitter on Fridays and Saturday Agh nights watching USA. Up All night growing up, many kids had nick junior as their babys sittare growing up while mom and dad they were doing other shit. So, prior to January, th e e thusand, nine hundred eight nickelodeon they relied like heavily on two particular preschool shows. We've mentioned this before we even serenated the audience with our own devastatingly horrible rendition of the pin wheel, Fam a' not going to do that again, but on January the fourth nickelodon began. Adding new shows on their Nick Junior lineup, and this is where they launche Nick Junior. Honestly, I don't know any of these shows by the time my daughter was born, two thousand and six they already had a whole slew of new shows. However, I give you nick Junor. This is every kid's new babysitter from eight am to two PM Monday through Friday, and that's exactly what every parent uses it for you. Take you put your kid into playpen push that shit right in front of the television and you go like go, don't know, watch porn or Soeng. I don't know what, like you go, do your own thing for a couple hours, while your kids just standing there watching. I don't even know what the names of the shows are anymore. I think my daughter grew up. It was like Dora and Diego. I don't even know. What's on anymore, I love Dora that shows great spongebob was my thing. I'd watch spongebob with her goy Ven thinks Bos was that old? Already, that's like he's like twenty right, yeah late S, it's crazy! Wow! All right for my television selection. Let's go to an episode of wonder woman season. One episode, nine aired January, eighth, anineteen ND, seventy seven! So in this episode the Buxim Badass herself help stop. A Nazi agent named Woton, who has surgically altered, doubles replace a man in charge at the Bureau of Printing and engraving. Now his dastardly planis to steal the two dollar engraving plates and use them to collapse. The American economy sounds like a full proof plan right, well, Tollan, two dollars. Well, actually this episode is loosely based on fact, Durng World War. Two, those Zani Nazis, did attempt to counterfeit the one dollar in one hundred dollar bills, but they were never successful. They did manage to produce about five hundred thousand dollars worth of British five pound notes, luckily never saw the never saw their way into circulation, but this episode marks the first time wonder: Woman uses her Tiara as a weapon or a boomerang hurling in at the villain's raft puncturing it in preventing his escape to see the episode was actually filmed on the cover city backlot the same one. They used in Batman a decade earlier in the bureau where they have all the plates and the Financial Printing Bureau. It's actually the same facade as they Gotham police headquarters. So the complete series was recently released on hbl Max on December, twenty third of two thousand and twenty ahead of the release of wonder woman. Eighty four, so you can now go and check out some wonderwoman on your own and little connection in this Woton. The Nazi villain is played by James Olson, who you'll recognize from the afomentioned commando is Major General Franklin, Kirby, very nice ioo that CIS together, he must have been a total like out of all the bills that you're going to counterfeit two dollar bills got to be like the worst one to possibly taanybody. That gets a two lar bill, stares at it because you never see it you're like. Oh, my God, exactly you want n' know what Youre Lookingoo could be monopoly money fro. You ples you're a paper boy on a BMX Ro. Well, this is tough one, but it's not tough for me only because you said it was Igy Eigt, the episode Ot, the wonder, woman was Wonderhul, Ma Sade, sed een. Seventy seven, my bad, my bed yeah! Well, that's because we're going back to the ultimate right, the Linda carder. Now I just have a great linto Carter story, because you know we do a lot of conventions. I've done a ton of events over the last ten or twenty years. Thanks to all the really wonderful fans of Kevin's movies, they keep us out there. We were out on the road pretty steadily even til covid, but she was a sweetheart of a person and in the green room, where there's all kinds of personalities, you have a lot of different levels of stars. You have people who are you know household names, you've got. You got your Shat ners running around and Bruce Cambell, who I love, and you know there different levels and people have different. recognizability and Linda Hamilton also happened to be in this green room, where we were all breaking for dinner, but Linda came up to me introduced herself, like as, if I didn't know who she was. You know aime of a hi, I'm Linda Carter, like literally and that's sweet. She was just a doll and so down to Earth, and you know when you're in a you know, I'm a character actor and I got very fortunate to be cast as the Julie's Gum guy, because that was one of the roles in that film that really stood out other than the lead characters for sure and being a character. Actor was something that I was really. That was a dream for me. Of course, I wanted to play leads if I had the opportunity, but I knew a good character. Actor could keep working and working and working, and just you know whether he's the best friend or he's this or he's that whatever he is, but so for her to have been that sweet to somebody who she. You know she had relatives, I she might have had a niece or a nephew. Who is a big clerks fan, so she was very sweet about that, but just because she was so sweet and down to Earth. Meanwhile, she's a really big icon and SOM was Linda Hamilton. She was the same thing. You know, we all know who she was. She didn't. She literally came up and introduced herself by name and and that kind of thing it leaves a nice impression on somebody who's. You know on the lower eshelons, like myself, you know calling eight hundred sex numbers. How many of those people that you calle did you ask to play? Wonderwoman, oh good, quakon. Now, like I said you know, never got there with me because it wasn't it wasn't about the sex. I was a phone drunk which I maybe you guys know somebody es a lot of people. You know I like to I like to make jokes about it. But alcoholism isn't a joke and ye know anybody suffering with it. It's a horrible thing: it's a whether it's a friend or a family member. It takes a lot of people hostage. It's a terrible, terrible affliction but and being a phone drunk was a big thing. People who abuse alcohol up on the phone and to tell you the same story a hundred times. I was one of those guys and it was not fun for the people close in my life s. Why would get these women online ot on phone? And I was just happy to have somebody to talk to and drink, but we nev, I never got into roll play and never got ino anything, and I you know I was pretty much tree sheets to the wind anyway, but she was the sweetest thing in the world, so I got to go with. I got to go with de Linda Carter and Mark James on this guy sorry. This is kind of like well, it's combination of a couple things you said, but I read this story about when you went to audition for your role. You want to tell that because it sounds like a pretty crazy story of what happened. Oh, I was on against the myth that is sort of been broken now, but for many years people thought that everybody in the film was a friend or a relative of Kevin's right and that wasn't true. There I's a good good amount of us were just actors that answerd in audition notice. I was from an hour and a half away, I'M WAY UP North in New Jersey, I'm fifteen minutes outside of New York City bridgeer tunnel. I was', you know I wasn't anywhere near Red Bank or Leonardo down the south, where those guys were so. The audition was like an hour and a half drive one way, and I was always super early for anything at that point, O cd, along with the addictions. So I would you know I would be two hours early before. I would be fifteen minutes late, so I got there really early. It was a beach town, the Atlantic Iglands, where they were having the auditions and it was closed. It wasn't that time of year where the beaches were open, I don't believe or from what I remember itwas cold. Actually, I think, but I had wandered out on the onto a Jetti, to rehearse to be alone, and just do my thing so apparently from you know, from the from back on the on the beach there it looked like there was some kind of lunatic out on the Ja Yo gesturing wildly an talking to something back. Then there were no sullpones. You know if you saw somebody talking to themselves, they were talking to themselves, so they thought there was some Madiac who was either inebriated or possibly going to hurt himself out on the JETTI. So you know the security were calling me in and I got really worried because I thought they were going to hold me up to get to the audition. I just said guys, you know please. If you got a hold neor, you got to do whatever you got to do. Let me go to the audition first, it's right up the block and they knew it was legit and when they saw me that I was not inebriated, that was in my right mind. They were just like well stay off the Jetti and go to your addition and good luck and whatnot, but- and I never got to really tell that story for a while, because I don't want to introduce a crazy, weird, negative thing about Meta, because I met all those people. The first time I didn't know Kevin. I didn't know any of those folks. You know like I said again: It's a myth that everybody in that first movie was a friend or a family member RINOL Halleren didn't know him. He auditioned YEP, Marilyn Gigliadi. She did not know them personally, Lisa spoon ours. Sadly, we lost not long ago. Of course, Jame Yus and we all know Jeff Anderson, and you know there weren people that were friends and family working on it, but there were also actors that came auditioned, hoping to get a Gig because back then it's not like. Now you throw a rock and you hit somebody making a movie on their phone back. Then the independent film was still very new and exciting, and it's exciting now don't get me wrong, but it was a lot harde to find somebody shooting t e movie in New Jersey. So when I saw that I didn't care how Har Far I had O drive to go audition, I had to be a part of that. It's great story, though, was there ever talk and we will get back to the game in the middle every time we're in the middle I like to use this time, so I apologize to the people that are listening, but I always I feel like this is always a good fo marks laughing. Sometimes he gives me looks, but I think your character definitely had the opportunity to spin oft into something else, because it was kind of like a real deal character. Everybody knew thet, Chuli's gum guy was there ever talk about doing something like following the Chulis Gum, guy being a scum bag and all these convenience stores and starting riots? And things like that? Did they ever talk about that with you? No not really not. I mean not Kevin only the fans. It's a fanse fans fans with their fan fiction, have written stories at I've, been sent scripts that are based on Julies Gun Guy, which is pretty insane because really we don't know the whole joke is he comes off as this sincere guy who's on some kind of anti smoking thing? WHO CARES ABOUT PEOPLE'S HELF? When really he just wants you to chew gum, he doesn't care. If you smoke ant, you the gum, you're good withim, he doesn't care it's all about the gun. You know and that's how I I mean I played it very seriously, which is how I think it became the way it was written. I was very fortunate. I was very lucky that character in that scene was absolutely written to stand out and to be a sort of flag post five minutes into the movie. To tell people hey. This is going to be a wild rive because the first few minutes you know Dontte gets uplaid. He rolls over. He gets called in you, don't really know what kind of ride you're going to be going on until the gum guy and then you know this is going to be a crazy bizarre ride and I was very fortunate to get that role as a character actor because it really stood out the fans and surprisingly, the fans really embrace him in a positive way, which is weird because he's an asshole eh soon, as you like roll up your sleeves to go, dig into the bag of like yeah e. Here we go yeaheect, perfect stuff, all right so mark you took the point all right, so I picked up the point in that one. Let's see, you know what let's go over to the music round, all right so release new years day, one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven. I give you the eighth studio, album by Santana Festival, we'll go over to the Ottoa Journal in a review written by Chris Cob Headline Reads: The jungle beat has disappeared, santinis music has been exploring new ranges as of late, and this album is indicative of the band's present direction. Since the Woodstock Festival of the lates Carlos Santana has kept, the group buoyant, if not always on the peak of success festival, contains some of the best music Santana has put out. In a long time, the jungle beat is gone, but the familiar style is still there from all angles. The Fast Festival is quite a quality, album full of exciting, innovative music. Perhaps one of the most important things to know is that the old Santanto jungle beat trademark no longer applies. The album is distinctive, though without being repetitive, so this one actually peaked at number. Twenty, seven on the billboard two hundred chart and at number twenty nine on the RNB album charts. I actually saw Santana back in the summer of ty seven and he was tearing it up still. Then they played with bing called rusted rout, Fantastic show, and then, when I was in college, I had a radio show back. Then I actually contacted his press secretary to try to get some music and press materials for my show, and she was telling me that Sanchana was coming out with a new album soon and they're thinking. It's actually going to be pretty big, that album ended up being supernatural, so yeah right slightly biitly basill did all right its AIALLRIO, the coupleoacouple Gorazso yeah. That's what I give you from my music pick Santana with festival, Nice, all right, Druw Zacman. What do you have for the music round? Yeah? I'm surprised, Santana raleased, an album that Erealy in January feel like early Jjanuary, usually kind of like sucks, for when it comes to music releases. Usually, artists, don't put stuff out, you know, usually, then, or if they put it out like at the end of the year. It's usually some kind of holiday, album or early January thes, Youd kind of stay away, fom that so I was surprised that you know somebody of Santana's stature did, but the only two albums I saw were not, I would say ideal, so I'm going to go a different route here. It took a bitter to research this one, but this option actually starts in May of one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven and it really stood out to me now what I'm talking about it's actually aerow Smith and they started their nine lives. Tour on May Eighth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven in Newcastle England and normally when at band tours they tore for about a year or so, which was to be the case with a nine live store. However, while they were out on the OA Ne Thousand Nine hundred and ninety eight thanks to the explosion and popularity of the theme song from Armacgeddon, I don't want to miss a thing that tore was extended and they wound up being on the road from May oe, housand, nine hundred nd, ninety seven until July, seventeenth, Thoua, nine hundred n ninety nine. Now the date I'm going with here is their January. Fourth Concert WHOs in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the Pittsburgh Civic Center- and I have like really nothing to talk about that show other than the tort was pretty awesome. They played a total of two hundred and four shows with two hundred and eighty three actually being scheduled, but forty three had to be canceled in thirty, six were rearranged, namely Dude, a nea injury, sustained by Steven Tyler and also drummer joy, creamer, who suffered second degree burns during a freak accident at a gas station, but during those shows, Aris woth played twenty four songs, usually lasting around two and a half hours, so not too shabby. So that's what I'm going with a concert from January. Fourth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine arow Smith, and they are amazing, a concert I saw them. The get a grip tour was ninety three yeah that was te before this one yeah yeah with Jackal opening, and that was wow. I think I think that was in Pennsylvania. We saw that that was up by Spranton at Montage Mountain. We saw them; okay, they were amazing. It was one of my first concerts as all my actually have a cousin who saw the Joe Perry project years ago. They had played with ace freely solo band. You Know Joe Perry Project Played First Ace. Freeley came out after he was the headliner, my cousins in the front row or like two or three rows back. You know it's all standing room and you know everyone's like handing around a joint, so this guy next to him passes him a joint. He takes a hit off of it passes it back, and the guy looks at Hem he's like so what d you think of that first ban he's like fucking sucked and he looked over at who he was passing the joint to, and it was Joe Perry HPSI and he was like yeah. They did all right, man crush. What do you have for the music round? Oh Man, once again January, for one thousand, nine hundred and eigh eight Mus been a big day in N, thousannineneight er, big slim, pickings his time of the month like Jew as saying we only hit January like once every year and every year I forget like what a void wasteland, especially the beginning of January, is for pop culture. It does everything, goes to sleep it. It really does. I mean, have no fear, though, there's always something to pick like. We all have something it just might not be a Jugger, not you know, I venture to say this pick is probably not as popular as my last few music picks that I've had over the last month, but I hope that you know when we do this, that it spurs a memory for people and maybe it's something you haven't heard of in a long time and you're like Oh shit. I remember that and you go to spotify and listen to it. I think that's if you take anything away from it. I hope that's whet you take away from this, but this album it did actually get certified gold sold over half million copies and it was a studio debut surprisingly, this album it would climb to number fifty on the US billboard, two hundred featured three singles, of which one more reason: Electric Gypsy and my personal favorite love Song of all time sex action. This album it's thirty, six minutes, it's glorious, hair metal from the lates. It's not quite glamb, it's not quite heavy metal. It's not quite rock! I find this is like a pretty in between album between, like the glam metal scene and the medioric rise of grunge like right in nineed ight. It probably leans more towards Glam, but you totally do catch the grittiness in the album of grunge. Like it I mean it's obviously not grudge, but you can catch like grunge elements in there. Where I listened to it today and I was like wow. I never noticed that before now the band itself, it's kind of a project of the Times Yehad the drummer stepen Riley. He was previously of Wasp. The basist was Kelly, Nichols formerly a faster pussy cat, Yehad Phil Lewis, who, as the lead vocalist he's from a band called girl out of the UK, and then you had the former founding member of guns and Roses Tracy guns on Lhe Guitar. They would go through all kinds of lineup changes for ever the matter of fact they still are. But last year sometime, I told the whole story about how Tracy guns they merged the original La guns, with Hollywood Ros, one thousand nine hndred and five to create guns and roses really quick version. If you never heard that basically tracy guns was super close with Axole rose, they were like best friends at time and Tracy guns just believed that the band was becoming a drag and he thought his relationship with Axel felt like it was on the Rock, so he quit and he was replaced by h. The end I mean it's pretty much what happened? He went back to Ali guns and that's it but aevet. This is a great hair, metal album and I'm using hairo metal loosely because I really can't define exactly what it's got. A lot of elements in this, but my take here had they released this album a few years prior t, one thousand nine hundred and eigty eight when they had the opportunity to they left. You know probably late nnin five before guns roses really kicked everything off had they released us in ty, six or so maybe eighty seven, I think la guns would have been a bigger household name than they ended up being, but unfortunately, they re es. INE thousand nine undre Ad Itye, eight and grunge was like right around the corner, ready to beat the shit out of all bands and steal their lunch money at especially hair metal, Dat yeah. Exactly I mean it is wits, but on January fourth, we get la guns by La guns. So Nice not not a bad album. It's only thirty six minutes. If you remember it, go to spotify play the whole thing it'll be over before you know it you'll probably play a second time. That's what I did today all right, let's pass it down to Scott Chiafo for the ruling Tou. This is really hard man, because I av first of all, I'm old, a old AF. I grew up with all of the all the older bands you guys are talking about. I grew up when they were new and their records were just coming out. The first rise of Arow Smith in the S I was you know in my teens, so they were' the they were. They were to guys. They were the new stones, just like guns were the new Arrowsmith and so forth, and so forth La guns. I Love: Are you familiar with album called Hollywood vampires? No, that I was one of the most underrated underheard records. From that era. Great great tracks killer, songs, great playing. I don't know how that album. I guess a lot like Evenla guns themselves, just never got their do. I don't think in a lot of ways and I agree living yeah, it's the Dain is Hollywood. Vam Pars! Is that Johnny Dep? No O? No, that's Hollywood. Vat Pars is name of the album. Oh I'm sorry, yeah yeah, Yeah Hollywood, vampires use the name ofdepp and Alice Cooper and all those guy, okay, Gotcha, Gotcha right Hollywood vampires was the name of an La guns, albumi'm. Ninety eight percent here that came after you know after the second or third album, probably wann't. He change a while to yeah, but man. This is ' going to be a very hard one, because I am a musician at heart. I grew up with all this stuff and it's two point round. This is this: is a big roundo fresher go with the heart who picked Hart Gosh? You know I love Carlos as a player, but he was you know. I respect his work and IV followed him for years, but he was never one of the guys that really hit it home for me, but he's a he's actually a very inspiring person. The way he ran his life and career, but it's it's a toss up between Martin man crushing drew. I don't know where to go, whether we go with La guns or we go with the boys. I guess ultimately, you can do it album versus the last show on a tour. It wasn't. The last show it as the best the best show it was a show it Tewa. It was the best show per me. It was one of the shows that didn't get canceled or rescheduled exactly and it was in Pittsburgh. I mean how lar could have been a rescheduling. He doesn't even know now that Wus, that would was not re scheduled. I know that perfect. You Know Wha, I'm going to go with drew because of the history. Oh sorry, man trash you were close. I'm really glad this isn't all done with music. I'd be tearing my hair out because I music's been my passion, since I was old enough to. I was four years old and my older cousin was literally teaching me the names of all the Beatles. Before I knew the names of my actual family, I mean I grew up on the and s rock became a musician by the s and I literally had a guitar in my hands. If I was awake, seven eight hours right up into my, is until I really caught the acting bug and then I got really fortunate with clerks. What was your favorite pan growing up? It would be hard to pick one, but I grew up with the British invasion, so it was the Beatle Stone Zepplino that those four like to this day. That's a desert island thing for me, because Beatledon Zeppelin, who out of those four t their music, runs such a deep breath of genre styles and before then there was nothing like that. I mean you had Elvis you had Chuck Berry, you had these guys doing rock and roll and the young rascals. I got to say that the rascals they came from the East Coast B, a couple of them came from Jersey. I grew up love in those guys and they never really got their Du next to the English, their English counterparts, but it would be very, it would be almost impossible to have to pick one band I cund, never do it. You'd have we'd have to narrow it down to something else about the bands- and you know it's just about your favorite album. Do you have like one album that you play over anything else? That's just like the pinnacle of all albums. If you can alright put it like this, if there's there's one album you and you can only listen to one album for the rest of your life. Would that album me? You couldn't get anything else. You only had one. Somebody did this to me because I'm in the same boat as you, I am the whole the word, and I think that's why I ask people this all the time, because I have no favorites of anything except for the jets, and let me announce that I am a jets fan again now that they fired Adam Gases, I'm back on board hes back yeah IAM back. That is the only thing in my life like the mets in the jets are the only two things that I know are my favorites. If you ask me like favorite Al Athin, I can't do it. So that's why I like to put people on Spotyou. Just can't there's just too much to it and you know you'd either have to go by decade or by genre or by whatever I don't know, I'm thinking the white album might be one, but after picking out, I'm already thinking like rubber Sol revolver, rubber sel revolvers should have been a double album and then that would have been the ultimate album. But I grew up in the sixte. Might an grew up in the S I was born in the early S. I found music very early, so I came up with all those albums sline family stone, Onis. Reading IO tis is fantastic. That's my sleeping music. When I I throw on yeah my I got these new headphones. If anybody wants the coolest fucking thing, I wish they were a sponsor. It's this! It's his headwrap, that's also an eye cover that has like headphones in the rap. So you can actually sleep with this thing on and it's amazing and od is redding. That's like if I'm going to sleep- and I want to listen to music- that's why I throw on so it as right yeah. So I that'd be impossible for me. I all right so you're in my boat. Neither one of US can pick a favorite for anything all right drew you jumped out to a lead, let's see if you can hold on to it, heading into the movies round, all right. So I from what I saw. I don't think there were any theatrical releases the week that I had n one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. I pulled up some dates. I didn't see anything for movies that ere actually released, so I'm actually going with a DVD release, which came out January fi, one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine and I'm sticking with the aersmith theme here. I'm going with Armygeddin Armagedn was released on DVD January F, Ne Thousand Nine hundred and ninety nine and I fik. Whenever you combine Michael Bay, an and Jerry Brockcomer, you can count a couple things plots with zero holes and tongues of Shit blowing up so and that's exactly what we got in ths, onethousand, nine hundred and ninety one thousand nine hundred and Nitey eight classic flickarmage. and honestly, I don't think you need me to tell you what happens here, but in case you did miss it and astroids hardlin towards Earth and Bruce Willis blows it up along with himself saving us all and there you got spoiler spoile. Yes Pole. This movie was a massive summer hit pulling in five hundred and fifty three million dollars Ba one thousand nine hundred and ninty eight on a budget of a hundred forty million, thus making it the highest grossing movie of Ninety. Eight and I could talk about the cast from this movie and there are a lot of big names, but I found this actually be a bit more interesting. That gut feel like everybody knows like people who are in the movie, but basically in the movie, the plan is Tho Detna an HBOMB on the asteroid does splitting it up, so it misses the earth and the smaller parts will just dissolve in the atmosphere. However, there was a paper published in two thousand and eleven were four post graduate physic students stated the following, and I'm going to read this quote here. A mathematical analysis of the situation found NHETFOR, Willis 's approached to be effective. He would need to be in possession of an H bomb, a billion times stronger than the Soviet Union's big Ivan, the biggest ever detonated on earth, using estimates of the asteroid, size, densityes, speed and distance from Earth based on information of film, the Post Graduate Students from leister university found that to split the astroid in two with both pieces clearing the earth would require eight hundred srillion terro juels of energy and contrast the total energy output of Big Ivan, which was tested by the Soviet Union in one housand, nine hundred and sixty one was only four hundred eighteen thousand tarijuels, so yeah we're fucked basically has what it comes down to. Also I love the commentary and Honow, if you guys have ave seen this, but when ben half like asked Michael Bay, why why it was easier to train oil drillers to become astronauts as opposed to training astronauts to become oil drillers, to which Michael Bay replied shut? The fuck up for my movie pick, I give you ARMYGETN DVD release January, one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine nice all right. Man Crush. What do you ave for the movies round? Oh Man, all right so Saturday, Saturday January TN, on thousand nine hundred and ity eight again the beginning of January, it's literally the worst time of the year, fo movies to be released. Not It's not great. If I had not found this sneak peak that was being played on Saturday, the night, that's why I threw that date out there I would have had to go with the release of the KIP Gilman Classic Scavengers. You guys have heard of the A lag. No, everybody knows that yeah weird I mean, however, since it only has a wopping forty five reviews on IMDB. I forgive all you guys for bullshitting me, because I don't know what the fuck the movie is. Either there was literally, there was like two new movies. So once again, it pays off. Do your research you find a snleek preview saves today, here's a movie that brought in a hundred twenty four million dollars at the box office, which is just over two hundred an seventy six million dollars in w thousand y two in two thousand and twenty, which would make this one of the biggest releases. One thousand nine hundred and eighty eight for those at home, the official, theatrical release date, took place January, Fifteenth One thousand nine hundred and eighty eight. The movie has a great cast. You Got Bruno Kirby Forest Wittacker, Robert Wool and the guy in the lead, roll who puts on the performance of his life too bad. He would end up losing to Michael Douglas for best actor in a lead role. At least he did go on. He got the Gold Globe for best actor and a leav roll. So luckily he got something here. So, if you're in the mood for a very loosely base, script written by a disk jockey the best improvisation of all time, stalking Vietnamese women for dates, Radio that puts podcast to sheeme deep insight into Richard Nixon's testicles and s version of Mash Friendly Vietcong operatives a do. That sounds just like Joe Peshi and Robin Williams inarguably the best role in his life then good morning. Vietnam is the movie for You, wil that is welld on that is, unless you're this Dick Bag Hill Hall Hinson from the Washington Post. Let me read this one: This fucking gym! It's it's beyond compulsory and condescending. It's merely a Robin Williams concert movie, welded clumsily into a plot from an old Danny K picture. It hardly delivers on the promise. Giving us the pure undeluted Williams Williams at is best. What's more, it's not even close to being his best movie. It's not even close to being good hawl Hinson, the Washington Po K. Yep go fuck yourself out, but that's why I got it's a good morning, Vietnam, classic absolute staple of my youth on me time. Favorites Robe Williams is a fucking legend Itm, like you watch that movie. If you don't even watch it for the comedy, if you just watch his Improv on the Mike Yeah, it is absurd because nobody nobody's writing that stife, that's stuff coming right off top of this head and it's amazing. It's a great way to spend a Saturday nightman put on good morning, Vietnam and enjoy Nice Bobby Bot. Beer, Te's, Baren, Vietnam, just Ta Touci Amon Tie while wearing one of that guys suits ight all right guys. If you like, Grind House pictures- and we know you do, then you are going to love hitch hike to hell the film that will put the fear of family values in you and teaches you that, no matter how bad things are at home, theyre way worse on the Road Howard is a mild mannered, mother, obsessed de livery driver who picks up young hitchhiking women hat's a lovestory, and if he finds out, they have run away from home instead of helping them. He rapes and murders them all to avenge the pain that was caused when his own sister ran away devastating his own mom. The killer in the movie is loosely based on Edmund Kemper, who was known as the coed killer, whose killing spre ocur betwe Ene thousadnine hundred and sixty four in O, one thousand nine hundred and seventy three. Now the role of Captain J, W Shaw, a that's the officer in the movie, that's trying to capture you know this homicidal maniac is played by Russell Johnson, who you're going to remember as the professor from Gilligan's island. So I present to you hitch Hihe to hell release January first. One thousand nine hundred and seventy seven gas assograss. Nobody rides for free. Damn, that's not really the Biliheis that the bi I should have been ow that came from somewhere. I amcame from that movie. I've never seen that I've never even heard of that one yeah. Actually, if you're interested in seeing an Arrow put out a blue ray edition, ow Very Ni thet a couple of years ago, I talkd to Miceraer about that one, because we need that on bee. We need that remastered. It's on Youtube. If you're interested give it a spin all right, let's go down to Scotchiafo for the ruling on the movies round. Well, I Goun to tell you it's going to be hard between drew and Mancrush mark. Unfortunately, I could appreciate the professor at seeing the professor in anything other than Gilligis Island, especially a grindhouse thing. I'M gonna have to see if I could find that, but arm againin there's a pop culture story related to Armagenin that I just recently learned. That is pretty interesting, that you brought that ut that movie, because for me, that might not have been a movie. That was my real particular wheelhouse, but Steve Gorman, the Drummer from the Black Crows recently put out his memoir, and I read it a number of times now, because I'm a big black crose fan and it's a really great enjoyable book and basically their whole run. Parallels years that I had gotten into music and stayed in pop culture myself and followed along too. So I really enjoyed the book, but it turns out that they had just signed they had at that point. They had signed with Colombia after leaving deafh America, Jet Defh America Oo records, which was death jam, which was Rick Reuben, which they had a bad relationship with Rick Ruben, initially, unfortunately, but they were hardasses and they did a lot of stuff that they regret obviously made bad decisions and one of those bad decisions was not giving a song from their amarka album to the ARMAGETA soundtrack, which ended up being one of the biggest soundtracks which put them in very bed. standthey would CBS until they went a they toured with plant. I mean Kimmy page rather, which gave them another life, but all that pop cultureness and all that music stuff that I know about the armogettand soundtrack really makes me gravitate to that. For that reason, although Mancrush Ian now, you got to help me because I'm getting old and Ge refently eyes, we what you, what you brought to it oh good morning, go ahead mark you want to do it righ you want to do it. I know mark wants to do it good mark, no, not gonna doyouwantto Docan't. DO IT W SH! This is a reason why I this is one of the reasons why it holds a dear place to me, because I worked in retail when it came out on DVD. I worked in Sam goody chain for a while in my early ies, and we had a we had that on loop for a long time and it became madning. It went from being really funny to like you just wanted to get it off, so I guess there's Hatdi Hell, Hintson work with you in. I worked in the paramage stores. If that means anything to in Bergendo, Hel Hinson was the duch bag from the Washington Post all right right right, all right, I bet. No, I don't dislike the movie, I just it ended up. You know the he go moe oting just I heard it like a thousand million times and at work which both both of those things suck when Youii totally understand it remind me of the forty yearold virgin, where Paul Rudd has to keep hearing my be McDonald, eagt, very similar searia, so because of the for no reason drew, I can't give you the credit only because you picked the movie for a whole other reason, which is cool, but because of all this recent cool pop culture, knowledge stuff. I learned about it by reading Steve Gorman's book and anybody out there who's a black Cros Fan. I would suggest reading it. Even though there's a lot of unflattery things about the Robertson brothers, he never really throws them under the bus in a hateful hurtful way. Those guys were all just like every rock band is a clown call, that's his line, and it's true. You know they make a bunch of bad decisions. The rego gets the best of them and the ones that last it's a miracle, but I got ta go I'm going to go, withdrew and arm Agen Na now right, were you going to he the Black Crowse Tor this past year before got canceled? No, I didn't have tickets or I wasn't even aware of it. I fouyou know I bebecause of covid. Not only did I do my own audio book, but I went nuts reading a bunch of books that I wanted to read for a long time. So, like I read the Anthony Keetis book because I'm a peppers fan, although I love those guys music, I grew up with their music. I'm not the biggest fan of a lot of their antics because they did get caught up in a lot of stuff yeah. That was not too pleasant in Tho meet to movement. There was a lot of lawsuits against them. They were real maniacen. How I didn't I was never thatven, no biger fan of their behavior, but I mean I mean really it's like a salting women wow. It was unnecessary, but I love their music and I love the band, but so I read the Keitis Book. I read Steve Gorman's Book Phenomena, Book Keith, Richard's life. I read all these books a couple of times because here we are in lockdown now going on a year right. Is it true that they use Keith Richard's blood in the the COVID Vaccine Ould? That's why I thought it was Ta generation from Kees rigerd. Very! That's! That's good! I like that that gets a that would be cool like I think, a lot more people would be cool about taking it if they knew keyths rige a Gett, a little piece of c like in the in the kiss comic book. When you got a little bit of Everybod me kind of thing all right drew Zackman looks like you won this game. Congratulations! Man! Hrmacs again this week, man killed what and you have the latest date too. I figured I thought mark I thought the s were going to have this one. When I started doing my research, I was like this's going to be like a s landslide. It's not a worst stuf man. Well, you know. Sometimes I think, especially in the beginnings of the year. I just thought that the sevens would have been stronger, but it's funny so much hinges on your judge. Your judges, a itr and your judges, pop culture, Ben Yeas, yeah, as any of those could have went any way. You guys had a lot of great. You never know, inding things that that was. You know, music. I think there were two albums. I never even heard of the bands I was like. Well, let me try a different avenue, so I was looking up like tours. I was trying to find, because I know you're from Jersey, so a's trying to find like venues like add the Asra Park, invention center or like stone, Pony, Ori Or till or like Tran, or something like that. Maybe there's a conselt. I went to NC banker exactly Yeah Yeah Soi'm, like maybe there's something but that's hy. I wound up getting onto arow Smith and I was like what kind of concerts were going on back things. I'm pretty sure I saw like seven dust like fifteen times in the like lates and twosand. I couldn't find one of their shows, but yeah dude. Thank you so much for coming on, but before you go, Dude tell us about the book. You just talked about it briefly before how you you know, used Covid, to go ahead and do the audio side and for people like me, like I don't have time to read anything mark asked me all the time he's like dude. How do you have time to do some of the Shit? You do it' and it's because I listen to it like. I don't have time to read stuff but like if somebody's reading it to me. So when I saw your book, it's vicious dogs attack me and sleep US nights in summer right and orect I was like and then when I saw the you were reading it. That's that always means more to me when the author is reading it because I think the feel is much different. Thank you for saying that, because that that was audible's, big cell with working with me about, because I was going to do it, we were going to have Brino' Halleran Reading Wee Got Marr and they did. They recorded a lot of the parts Marilan giggliate from clerks red, a lot of people. I know throughout the film and Music Bis we're going to read and I thought we'll make it a cool guest readers thing, but that that idid started to die because it was hubbed off the back of the original clerks three that never happened either about five or six years ago. So the whole idea of the audio book just got shelves, but during that time autible became a huge, huge thing which is very cool and then covided and I spoke with the people at all audible and they said. No, you know it's much better. To get the author to read it you're an actor, it's crazy! You should be reading your book and it's like. I said it's a small book. It's it's! You know it's not a it's a little paper showing audio wee notyou can MKC believ. Oh, my God, anyway, like I said some of the Poms, are literally forced for four lines. Long some of the stories are only one page: it's not hard reading or in depth. Reading there's, like I don't knows like eighty or ninety short little poms and stories, so it went really well. It went pretty quickly during Covid, as we were all locked in it took quite a while to get the masterd files approved because of covid audible had a lot less people working in their CE ING it their quality control department, so that ended up taking the most of the time, because I did all the reading in March April and it didn't really get released until the end of August September. But it's gotten a very nice response from the hardcore clerks people who know my past from discussing my past on podcast and that conventions, and I just feel very fortunate to have had been part of that film because it's lived it's living on and on and on and Kevin goes on and on and on, and we just all got to be in the Reboo, which was nice out New Orleans, and so I just feel blessed because it did help springboard my ability to continue working as a character, actor and as a musician. I did a lot of scorm work for INDE films that I was either in the cast of, or I got to know a lot of indie directors who knew about my music studio and started to use me for their film music. So I just feel very blessed and fortunate, it's so cool and one of the reasons we're huge clerks fans, obviously huge kiven Smith fans of his other movies, but you're. Actually, the third person now from clerks that we've spoken to, I feel like we need to go through the whole class because we had Maryland. I think first man that was probably like yeah four or five years ago and then of course, Brian and then we got to hang out with Brian. It's super cool guy and now you're on super cool back, like I think all the people that were there super nice people everyone's super funny and like what stories do you have about when you were recording and being there because it seemed like you know, the budget was low and you guys just did your scene and you were out. Was it like that for you, or were you kind of around the production for a couple days and see things like go on or whatever? No that's true. I was only there well, he did rehearse so we had rehearsal days where we went down and we were he ehearsed our scenes. While he was shooting, he was rehearsing n in the quick stuff, not the Cro, I'm sorry shooting in the quick step mostly and then at rst video was where that was like production headquarters, where we were hanging out and rehearsing. So I went down for a rehearsal or two, and then it was the it was just one day for me. They ran that scene about four or five times, probably four to be realistic, because he didn't have the luxury of a lot of takes, because film cost a lot of money, even black and white film. So he didn't have the luxury of not only a lot of takes, but he didn' have the luxury of a lot of different shots. Where you get two shots, one shots reaction, shots you know coverage is what they call it. It was shot like a play in a lot of ways because of that reason, so no I was not down there. That much I mean they were all cool people we had fun. Kevin was when I met Kevin and I got to know him a little bit. The first thing I thought was wea'ring great hands because the guy really was hilarious and he had such a command of language. Speaking with him, I felt like I was talking to somebody much older and I was much older than the rest of them not much, but s like six or seven years older than the rest of the cast, the maincast they were all in their earlier is. I was almost thirty at the time, so you know I was very impressed by Kevin just the way he handled himself, how funny he was, and his command of language was impressive to me and but no, I didn't get to know them well and there the goofy story on Seid for me was I had you know what a pickle, an e pouches, no whatis, that you wage. It's literally what it sounds like a at Convuncie, yeah eah. I know what you're talking about Yeahyou know. I reacted to I ou just reacting. I thought it was a sex thing. I never saw that in my life because we were allowed to like grab a yodal or whatever. That was what you had at the quick stop. You wait in between takes, and I saw this pickle in the pauch was like ridiculous to me and I took it home. I still haven't man noit's still in the pouch you's still, okay, it shrunk up a little bit because it's in vinegar, yeah, right Yoll have it which is nuts. I know I know it's Ha, but I took that home because I thought it was the coolest thing. What is the expiration date on that? Vickle yeah haven't looked, I don't know, but because it's in vinegar they probably they're like Keith Richards they're, going to last forever. You have the cur O Covin in TICA. Maybe I also have the Trink ring and I have the bag that he comes out with. Still I kept all that stuff and there's some props people who I know are interested in. It will see maybe I'll work with them, because they're really great people, but I didn't get to know everybody personally until a decade later, when the Convention circuit really became big and the film qaught on as a really big culd thing and we started getting booked inthe conventions that it was like ten years, four R, five times a year on the road with Bryan and Marilyn and traveling around and getting to meet the fans- and you know that's- been a real wonderful blessing of that movie- something I never would have saw coming because in my day that that culture didn't exist, ightconvention culture really was comic books and Super Geeks. It wasn't where it was celebrities and movie people that started little at a time and grew within the s into the twousands where it became you had like filman and artists gallery, and then you had your pop culture, but back in the latesearly es conic book conventions were really just super commen omic right yeah right do you. I know they're starting to do some. Now because we had flisarose on like Idon't, know man, it seems like it was yesterday, but that was probably like six seven months ago and she's huge in the the cons, Anden yeah she's great yeah. I've been in a few shows with her she's really sweet. I'm seeing now that she's going back to some sor. Are you? Are you starting to go back now or I personally? I don't have anything booked well, no. I have there's something booked in two thousand and twenty one. I think it might be Saratova Springs, but you know everybody we don't know. What's really goingto happen, an everybody's gun shy because it's going to have to really take many months of the vaccine, many months of the numbers really going down and then many months of people, believing you're safe in some big giant craverbody at cons wears masks anyway. So well, Thethe Fucki different salad point: it's not it's not funny, I'm going to say, but it there's a thing called con cougfin con flu that was very real before Gotno Shit. No because you're stuck in poorly ventilated ballrooms and a lot of people would get sick, but you get you know you get a calgl for a cold right, O get con cough like. So that was something not big and not deadly, but it was something that would happen to a lot of people and enough. So it's going to take a while, I think, until they're really comfortable in that, and our whole thing is the whole beauty. I think, of what happens at the meeting greets is to hang it out pressing the flesh shaking hands talking getting to take Aselfy, because we do all that you know with the fans we're very fortunate to have them so we're you know the the money clocks not ticking it. The clerks booths, at least never any of the Boosama part of you know. It's super easily priced and you'll get a chunk of our time because we dig meet ind everybody. You know right, yeah, yeah totally. I totally get that w you talk about. Sara Toy Springs. What is that Empire Comican? Well, no! Those are two. That's Tusa. I think it's the same cat. Actually that runs it. I don't know if I should name drop him or not. If he would like that or not, but as a it was called Chaskon, Sara, Toga, springs and empire are actually not non wrong. They're, not the same people, they started becoming competitive because they were like an hour and a half yeah. That's all. I think the other ones altered reality right mark is that the one that we altered reality is the one that we used to do the concercit to, but we haven't done it in a while, obviously because of Covid, but we haven't done in like two years or so right. We used to do them all the time and I totally understand what you're talking about like. If you have a booth for the day, not only can you get cont cough, but you just lose your damn voice after right, and you can hear just me with you guys, I'm, I guess part of getting old something's happening with me, but after I'm really going at it well, it happened on the set of clerks after the third take of that Gumguy scene. Gotme he's losing his mind and really yelling. I had no voice at the end of that night, but I literally was walking around the parking lot of the quick stop in a days because that's how frenzied after four takes of that of the riot and yelling and screaming- and you know so- it was great- It was a muchorerit's amazing scene. Do you have anything else? That's coming up or you just want. You want to plug your website and you're like where to get the book and all that stuff Wel Scotch yaffocom is is a place where you could get links to everything else. It's my name and all the social media, I'm pretty active on social media. It's easier to get a hold of me unfortunate. Like I said, I have more of a grassroots career where I did a lot of indie film vulgar was another one that we did with kevins crowd. You were you weren't, one of Brian's rapist, though no I wasn't. Thankfully whee were you Madin you wer o really that' cript. That is all sort of cringing in what you read that were you, like Hu all right I' got tatry to be quick, because I know we've really taken a lot of time. I I read that script on the flight deck. You know what a flight that Ise of a mental institution when they call it the flight deck, no, the flight deck on any mental Institutionis. Where you go for three days of evaluation, usually in a straight jacket I had goten, I had landed up in an emergency room, and this was very common for me in the s from being, you know, blacked out drunk for days, and I would have a lot of health repercussions from that, and I would end up in the emergency room and quite unrully, to say the least. What happened was they put me in the heartwing I took out the IVS. I went out to the emergency EGS and I went to the local Deli. I got a bran, a big bottle of brandy. I drank it down. I ran back into the hospital tried to go back into the bed. You know blind drunken. Meanwhile, they saw that they put me in leather restrainge for three days, so I'm in the flight that your leather istraints and one of my closest friends says: Hey, you got something in the mail. While you were away, it was the script for vulgar. So I read that scrimp in the nuthouse. Oh my God, what's a story, I guess that needs to be on the IMDV too yeah. That's not ideal, but that's a crazy store, I'm very open about it. Now, because very I'm blessed to be sober. Sixteen Years Gradualy, don't I don't mess around with any inliced substances, I'm not an angel, I'm an older guy. I do have some prescription medications that are very well managed. I don't abuse them, but I don't drink anymore and alcohol was really my main poison. I mean I was the walking dead when I drank so I'm fortunate. So I look back at it and I'm very honest about it because I'm hoping it touches people in a way that again I don't if we have laughs it's just for the sake of finding levity and some of the madness, because it really is a debilitating heartbreaking thing to either Bei an alcoholic or have one in your close circle. It's not a there's, nothing fun or good about. I it's a horrible experience, alcoholics, TAK, hostages, Yeoh! For sure I think, if anybody L, you know they listen your words now and listen to your book again. Vicious dogs, tack me and Sleep Asnight as summer you'll get that through each one of these poems you'll. You get. You know the despair and everything else that you're going through and I think you know. Maybe that will help people. It is it's dark, but at the same time you see you know you come out the other side of it right. Yeah, I'm glad you did. That was one of the Nice things about the book that that I never saw coming either because it's not a it, doesn't apologize for the lifestyle and it doesn't promote the lifestyle it just kind of is what it is and the fact that I was fortunate enough to come through it now and to be able to talk about it. People see some type of recovery and it even though there's nothing about it. That's a recovery book, yeah right you just, but you get the feeling of you see somebody else who can do it. Maybe if you're going through the same thing, Youan go all right, this guy got through it and he was in dark timight, but I thought it was excellent. I mean you know. Obviously, like I said T, it's don't listen to it at work, but you know you if Yyou'r sitting around listen to your car, it's only an hour long, so you can get the whole thing out. You know very quickly yeah before you know your kids are hearing it or anything else, but I had again. I had the luxury of wearing that head thing that I was talking about before, so nobody knew what I was SA. You got to get them as a SPONSORAN. I should I'm sure, like a hundred companies of doing that now, but dude thanks Aganit SCOTF for coming on and please come back on any time like any of you guys. You're always welcome on it's fun talking you guys and your great judgment you got. Ta Get earn, I'm going to speak to Arnio'donal Rickco wee yeah, totally that'll be forhe's a sweetart of a guy, and he doesn't. He loves doing these things. He enjoys them, but he's not of ahis personality he's not such that he walks in the circles of it much, but he does enjoy them when the to collide so I'll reach out to him and tell them about you guys, awesome an. I appreciate it. Well, we'll do a weightlifting episode, Yeah Ernie's, probably been pound for pound in the cast of Mork Kevin Smeth films than even Brian and Jeff an are just as many as almost just as many as Jay. It's crazy. You know BA already POPs up in a lot of different roles in a lot of different movies, Earnie's in red state. You Know Earnie's in Jersey, girl, erne's, the guy in Jersey, girl, that's heckling, a flek yeah, het's kind of like the lawn chaining of the view Askewyeah, but dude thanks again be well and we'll be talking to you man, you too thanks a lot guys godnig Yo, awesome talking to you, take care of Scott. Take Hare brother, all right, deelers! Well, unfortunately, we're going to have to end this episode right here, but thanks again to drew Zachman who won this week. Congratulations Man! If you've missed an episode. You can always head back over to our webpage at dueling, decadescom and while you're on those inner webs Surfon over to facebookcom forward dueling decades, where you can join our private group and share some of your very own Retro Memories. So until next time duelers we're going to bid you a pieace love, lighten an joy have a grateful week. 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